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South African Writer Ilana Mercer Explains What the Future Has In Store for America
Dr. Edward Dutton interviews Unz Review’s ilana mercer
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Dr. Edward Dutton of the popular “Jolly Heretic” podcast interviews me about my 2011 book, “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South Africa“; what it portends for America—has the tipping point been reached?—and much more.

Ed quipped that the book has held up “quite well.” I, of course, wrote “Into the Cannibal’s Pot” with a view to boldly outlining for Americans the contours of the anti-white society that will materialize in America if… if…

Alas, that society is upon us.

I suffer the usual glut of Jewy questions, but I get the last word. But don’t go skipping till the end.

Still, Ed and I have a jolly good time of it. Watch:

Video Link

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Political Correctness, South Africa 
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  1. Sean says:

    It is much better to represent the guest for an brief intro instead of asking the person to boost themselves, That Ilana had been selected as a suitable guest entails the host presumably familiarizing himself with her work. Challenging questions once the conversation properly begins are fine, but is awkward to watch the individual be made explain why one ought to listen to them.

  2. Renoman says:

    An hour and a half??? You must be joking. Come on Allana don’t get lazy on us, WRITE and edit and make it short, we’re busy.

    • Agree: follyofwar, Legba, HammerJack
    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Patricus
    , @Republic
  3. Ilana…after after all these years, I have finally realized that it is only one L….

    It’s too depressing and scary to contemplate this future….

    The White American “Men” who continue to sit in NFL Stadiums and SEC Stadiums with very high probability are going to experience THE GREAT NIGHTMARE……..This is what happens when White American “‘men” outsource their manhood to NFL TYRONE-for decades…………………………..There was a mass gang rape of White Women-including quite a few Jewish Women-in front of their husbands on Memorial Day Weekend 1982 at a Syosset Diner on Jericho Turnpike….One of the waitresses was orally gang raped in the kitchen by these black beasts(all of whom were born in Jamaica)………The gang rape spree started off earlier in the evening with the murder of a decorated Polish American WW2 in Westbury Long Island……off to private home in a a town near Syosset where High School Teenagers were having party….boyfriends were beaten and were forced to watch their girlfriends gang raped…… to the Syosset Diner……….The black beast who committed a large fraction of the rapes was a 6’5” inch negro beast who was born in Jamaica…..

    My older cousin was one of the victims at the Syosset Diner….years latter she committed suicide……..

    The future for Native Born White Americans started back on Memorial Day Weekend 1982….at a Syosset Diner on Jericho Turnpike(rt 25)

    The Future for White Americans is:MASS RAPE OF WHITE WOMEN….MASS MURDER OF WHITE MEN….FOLLOWED BY CHATEL SLAVERY ON OPHRA’S WINFREY’S -PLANTATION….It was the proverbial crystal ball…..Syosset…

  4. Realist says:

    The situation is merit is thrown out the window to the detriment of all.

  5. Realist says:

    The stupidity of Whites…destroying their future.

    • Agree: ILANA Mercer
  6. Trinity says:

    This is akin to Ted Bundy helping law enforcement catch Gary Ridgeway.

    Thanks to Keith Alexander, I did not waste money on Mercer’s book.

    Thanks, Keef.

    Cue: Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  7. Emma S. says:

    The future of America is a mixture of South Africa and Brazil.

    • Agree: Automatic Slim
  8. @War for Blair Mountain

    The endgame for White “Men” who watch NFL NEGRO BALL and SEC NEGRO BALL….and ROLL TIDE NEGRO BALL is a thousand years of White Males as Chattel Slaves….And no one is comming to save you…no one…

    And chattel slavery is just around the bend….coming round…the bend…..yeah!!!!

    The US is going break up into micro-states that are raced-based…and this is how it will happen….I guarantee you that the Iranian Military will be occupying California in a few years……so much for all your White “Male” USA…USA…USA…RONNIE REAGAN…USA BEAT THE SOVIET HOCKEY…..sewage….what you were doing were effectively cuck chants….Ronnie Reagan started to import the Iranians LEGALLY into California…..

    An example of these types of cucked Cucks:Brian Kilmeade of Fox News…an Irish Catholic Cuck… Brian Kilmeade:”‘as long as they come in Legally and obey the Constitution….”

    • Replies: @Trinity
  9. Realist says:

    An hour and a half??? You must be joking.

    Yes, it is long but very informative…well worth it.

    • Agree: Sean
  10. So what is the probability of the following being true?(question motivated by the death of the granddaughter of the inventor of the Born Rule…can you use the Born Rule to calculate this?)


    Or equivalently:That Jennifer Rubin…the probability Rubin harbors the above thought…..

  11. Trinity says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Lots of people to blame with the Jew leading the way.

    Next in line would be Yankees, particularly the New England variety, you know, the self described “race experts” who live in the Whitest part of the nation. Remember when Bostonians showed their true colors during the bus riots of 1975? Rotflmmfwrao.

    Catholics? Yep, from Vietnamese refugees to East Indians to black as coal Haitians, these pompous retards ( white catholics) are willing to practice long distance philanthropy for any non white with all sorts of freebies from free collage edumucation to setting them up in free housing until they gets dey feetz on the ground.

    Protestants are not any better. These Jew worshipping yahoos will muh Israel and muh Jew until the cows come home despite the average Jew spewing hatred and contempt for White Christians 24/7. Franklin Graham, son of Billy, the cuckold preacher not Superstar Billy Graham, the rassler, will go thousands of miles out of his way to Haiti, Africa, or Southeast Asia to feed nonwhites, while he neglects poor Whites right in his own backyard.

    Lastly the non white foot soldiers who attack Whites. As Whites have been psychologically mind f*cked into feeling hopeless, feelings of guilt, cowardness, Blacks have been taught to hate.

    Cui bono? I think the answer is obvious.

  12. Patricus says:

    Ilana is nice to look at but not more than a minute or two. Just a single photograph would be fine. Why is everyone making long tiresome videos? It requires ten times the time to watch vs written words. So many seem to think their own jabbering is endlessly fascinating. The host and guest talk over one another. Got through a minute or so. No comment on the interview because I didn’t watch it.

    • Agree: ILANA Mercer
  13. Pheasant says:

    South African writer? The Jewess has not lived in South Africa since the end of Aparthied.

  14. @Trinity

    Sooooooo,………we had a great big Irish Catholic Family Birthday Party a few years back……

    I was given the job of driving the 80 year old Irish Catholic Nun from Ireland back to the Convent after the Birthday Party……….Sister Mary Nazi complained to me the whole drive back to the Convent how the Ireland she grew up in was being destroyed by Nigerian Legal Immigrants and Cameroonian Legal Immigrants….I swear Sister Mary Nazi was on the verge of saying:”FUCKING GD NIGERIAN NIGGERS!!!”

    True story…..

    • Replies: @Trinity
  15. Trinity says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    What does Sister Mary say about Jews?
    Or people who claim to be “Jews?” Lolol

  16. @Trinity

    Little Old Sister Mary McNazi from Limmerick….which is now infested with highly racialized Paki Muslims……

    Ireland is ruled-over by a homosexual pederast Hindu street shitter….

    • Replies: @Trinity
  17. Republic says:

    Listen to video at 1.5 speed

  18. Trinity says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Yeah, but you avoided the question, (((dude.)))

    Cue: Back Stabbers by The O’ Jays.

  19. We can’t Constitution Tard ourselves out of the event at Mar Largo……

    The raid on Mar Largo was about the Democratic Party flexing it’s nonwhite VOTING BOOTH POWER!!!…..Nonwhites can nullify the Native White American Working Class Vote every Nov 3 POTUS Election time…..and this is exactly what happened on Nov 3 2020….

    You can respond back to what the Democrats did at Mar Largo with jibber jabber about the Constitution……and this will never change…..Tucker Carlson….Brian Kilmeade….Sean Hannity are jackasses with their jabber about the Constitution……It is all about RACE fr0m here on in…

    Harmeet Dhillon’s people…THE SIKHS….are voting whitey into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of post-white toilet bowl America….

    Brian Kilmeade is an Irish pinhead….as is Sean Hannity…

    It is a RACE WAR……

    • Replies: @Trinity
  20. Anonymous[381] • Disclaimer says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    You sound like a very weak bedwetter who’s given up. The future will be massive slaughter on an industrial scale and it wont be whitey.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Bardon Kaldian
  21. Trinity says:

    He/she/it is just an obvious (((troll.)))

  22. @Trinity

    She takes a lot of abuse here and never whines.

    Her book is actually very good.

    Everytime she writes a piece we get to hear about how she’s jewish… if we didn’t already know.

    And Michelle Malkin is married to a jewish man.

    And Anglin slept with a Thai girl.

    And Duke was in the klan centuries ago.


    Oh, and Ann Coulter burns coal.

    C’mon. Judge people by their work and their accomplishments. Judge them by whether they are pro-white or anti-white. Jesse Lee Peterson has probably done more for whites than any of the people commenting here.

    Consider also the fact that the people facing the harsh (and usually unfair criticism) are public figures…..they have the courage to speak their minds in public and reveal their thoughts to the world at large, inviting not only social ostracism but financial ruin.

    Anonymous commenters (like myself) lack the moral authority to criticize the people who are sticking their necks out and doing the heavy lifting.

    And if you don’t like a certain writer, then simply skip their work.

    People bitch about Priss writing articles that are “too long.” Okay, then

    There’s no paywall here….you get access to an insane amount of free information and access to some of the big brains in the movement.

    Be thankful.

    Oh, and this is not to single you out Trinity….I’m speaking in general.

  23. a truer picture of the future of Whites in ‘Murka….

    is the plight of Palestinians

    in Jew-ruled Palestine.

  24. Dennis Kearney

    Samuel Gompers



    They gave us

    The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1888

    and you might as well throw in:Izzy Choyinski….who was enabler of Dennis Kearney….during the San Francisco…..Race Riots…..

  25. lloyd says: • Website

    I gave up listening after a few minutes. Her blood thirty talk repelled me. However I recall her criticism of the red neck killers of Arbury. She seemed rather Israeli. She loves robotic killer cops but hates red necks. She seemed to be out by 20 years when comparing BLM riots with South African riots.

  26. Wim Kotze says:

    Right you are. You didn’t miss anything. Her expertice on current South Africa is non-existant

  27. Oh, Jew! Jew! Jew! To paraphrase Scarlett O’Hara, is that all you guys ever talk about.

    ILANA expressed herself in this long interview with all of intelligence, class, & erudition that she usually brings to her podcasts, and was, as always, great fun to listen to. But I’m afraid she didn’t speak to the issues I was hoping to hear about: CRT, black crime, the morass in Ukraine, the utter worthlessness of the GOP, etc. For that I blame the interlocutor, Mr Dutton. He seemed to be more interested, in the first half, to hear about South Africa, in the most minute details too, & we got a little bit more about tribal traits than we bargained for. Or perhaps that’s just me. ILANA has been in America for 20 years, & few writers understand better than her what’s happening here, & it was that I was led to believe would be the host’s agenda. But no, we got a lot of Xhosa & Zulu & Buthelezi—& the inevitable Jew questions. The patient lady rolled with the punches, & handled herself with aplomb.

    When Mr Dutton turned to the listeners’ questions, it became really evident that the fix was in. The first 3 questions came from the same guy. And they all had something to do with the so-called JQ. The rest of the questions were of a similar mouthbreather sort. The final question posited one those hypothetical situations that is completely irrelevant to the way we live now (& will be living a millennium from now), something about a world where Jews can’t hold office. ILANA’s jolly “Fuck off” was triumphant & completely appropriate, under the circumstances. It shouldn’t have been, but it was the best moment in the whole 98 minutes.

    ILANA is an individual, coming at issues from an individualist’s perspective. At one point, she did say that, as far as identity was concerned, she was an Old Testament (she would call it the Hebrew Bible) Hebrew, with all that that implies with respect to embracing the truth, & raining hellfire down on your enemies. I thought that was pretty cool. Certainly an original perspective. She’s always been an original, you know. I scarcely know where the second-handers would be without her.

    Now a lot of you will say how she ignores the elephant in the room, doesn’t say who’s behind all the evil in the world. You have the right to do so, & it’s a testament to Mr Unz’s love of free speech that you can do it here in the most colorful & imaginative ways possible. Personally, I get the enjoyment of a weekly wager with a friend, who also reads ILANA’s columns. We each try to guess how many JQ questions will turn up in the Comments before the next column is posted. The loser buys. We’re both getting pretty soused.

    • LOL: ILANA Mercer
  28. dimples says:

    I tried watching this video but the interviewer Dutton seemed to have taken a handful of speed pills beforehand and was trying to do an impression of Elmer Fudd at 2X with bonus frenetic handwaving thrown in. Ms Mercer came across as intelligent and well-spoken and quite good looking as well, although we do not get to see her from the neck down, which is of course all important when dealing with the looks question.

    • Replies: @Quebecer
  29. Republic says:

    Yes,she is good looking. Her exact age is hard to find on the web.

  30. @Trinity

    The yankees you’re referring to aren’t Catholic nor Protestant for the most part. They’re mostly atheists who cloak their atheism in a “church” they invented for that purpose: the Unitarian “church”. Hillary Clinton joined in with them as junior senator of New York, though she isn’t a New Englander, except by ancestry.

    Clyde Wilson wrote a good book titled “The Yankee Problem” in which he called Hillary Clinton a museum quality specimen of the yankee.

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
  31. Trinity says:
    @Twodees Partain

    Isn’t Hillary “I beeze no ways tarred” Clinton from the Midwest? Hillary be a “real” nicca,

    To be fair, there have also been priviliged white traitor trash from the South that have done damage.
    List of some trash from the South, a few examples
    Bitch McConnell
    Lindsey Graham, what a fairy, huh, and a kosher approved cawk sucker
    Strom Thurmond fathered a mix race baby that was kept secret
    Bill Clinton
    Jammy Carter
    Anderson Cooper, ancestors owned slaves, then as now, creeps like this always dump on poor Whites

    Lots of rich Southerners would sellout their own mother. People in general follow what is fashionable or what benefits them.

    All those mentioned above along with Yankees, general white traitor trash, etc., would be uber “Nazis” if someone like Hitler rose to power. These people have no principles, just whores when all is said and done.

    Cue: Payback by James Brown

  32. Quebecer says:

    Go to her website. Look at her gallery. Her ‘from the neck down’ looks are as good as or better.
    As for her age, hey, do you really care about her birth certificate ?

  33. Trinity says:

    Funny thing is Enoch Powell was hip to the future back in the late 1960’s (1968) and Jean Raspail (spelling?) was writing a “fictional” account of Europe’s future in the early 1970s .

    David Duke was talking about America’s border with Mexico in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s while Trump was still just being a Manhattan socialite and grabbing big hair broads by “the pussy.”

    Funny how all “the kooks, racists, blah, blah,blah are ALWAYS RIGHT.

    McCarthy was right.

    Hitler was right about Jews holding the Germans down, stabbing them in the back and trying to take over Germany as they had the Soviet Union. Did a blood plot await the German people?

    Powell was right. I saw an old Dick Cavett show from the Seventies where Cavett, a wannabe NYC hipster from Hayseed, Nebraska, along with his (((stacked leftist audience))) would heckle or mock guests like Powell routinely. DICK did the same thing to former governor of Georgia, Lester Maddox. Add Maddox to the list of ” nuts” who have been proven right. Maddox was debating Cavett, and serial woman beater, Jim Brown, the burly fullback who could beat women but was decked by a smaller White man named, Rod Taylor. Lolol.

    Caveat was the quintessential “White guy talk show host” of that period. A small, non threatening sort, bookish, nerdy, who would routinely cozy up to Black athletes, Jewish fake intellectuals like Norman Mailer, etc.

    Mailer? What a hack that clown was. Funny video floating around YouTube where actor Rip Torn and Mailer brawl on the set of some flop movie. Torn’s facial expressions remind you of Charles Manson. Torn is definitely high as the clouds.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  34. Trinity says:

    did a Holodomor await the German people. Not ” blood plot.” I guess you can’t even type in Holodomor without the computer changing the word. SMDH and lol.

  35. Perhaps Dutton’s writings are engaging, but I would certainly hate to have to sit through one of Professor Dutton’s classroom lectures. Especially if my grade point average was exposed to an adverse outcome for failure to grasp whatever content was in that day’s lecture.

  36. Trinity says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Anglin is a (((work))) which is obvious by his yeller fever, anti White woman/ anti Baby Boomer Jewy tactics. Hell, the kid even looks Jewy. Same vulgar humor as well that is popular with the tribe.

    Malkin is totally (((controlled)))

    Coulter is (((controlled))) She blamed the 1965 Immigration Reform Act on Ted Kennedy, her a Jew mentioned in her book, Adios America

    David Duke? Only one of those you mentioned who I even lend an ear to or respect.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  37. Trinity says:

    not a Jew mentioned, not “her Jew”

    Typo or computer. Sorry, amigo.

  38. Enough says:

    Hey Trinity and the rest of the ignorant crowd. Do some history on the Boston busing crisis. This was implemented by a very liberal Judge who lived in a very affluent Brookline. I bet he would change is ruling if they were bused to his district. One of those typical Rules for Thee but Not Me. So back to eating your pork rinds and aligator suasages,

    • Replies: @Trinity
  39. Trinity says:

    Yeah right. Met many Massholes while living on the Gulf Coast of Florida, talk about “white trash.” How “you people” can poke fun at rednecks is beyond me. Lived next door to a Masshole couple who were shacking up together while in Tampa. Both were overweight, didn’t hardly ever keep a job for longer than a month or two, nasty and unwashed, etc. If I remember right, they were on the same level as a wigger. Ever priced alligator? Hardly cheap but not my cup of tea. I love steamed crabs only they are too pricey now, no way I am paying that.

  40. Trinity says:

    Masshole snowbirds continued. In private, White Massholes will say stuff that will make a Grand Dragon of the KKK blush, but around “colored people”, they will put on their best RFK impression. Lololol.

    Look at that Maine ” hillbilly “, Stephen King. Rotflmmfwao.
    Freak has a home in Sarasota, Florida. Native Floridians despise New England ” white trash.” Along with Cubans Haitians and other “diversities”, these fleeing Yankees have helped ruin Florida. Welcome To Florida, Now Go Back Home.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  41. Trinity says:

    Ileana missed her calling. She should do ASMR videos. Another ” Queen of Serene.” teehee.

    If you could tune out the annoying “perfessor” this video and Mercer’s voice will put you into dream land. I might start using her vids for ASMR.


    Almost as relaxing as the late Bob Ross. RIP

    The “perfessor” is equal to someone scratching an old chalkboard.

  42. @Patricus

    Audio/Video is for when you can’t read.
    In my State reading while driving is frowned upon.

  43. bert33 says:

    Eventually there will be no more white people and the ethnic activists will have to find honest work and someone else to blame when the lifetime entitlement checks no longer clear the bank. We are on our way to 8 billion people worldwide and hard times ahead and the people hit worst by privation will do the locust swarm thing only to find the fields have already been picked clean and the farmers long dead. Big cities will become ghost towns and life will be not-fun. Internet probably wont work either. Should we really worry, or just keep on living, probably just keep on living…

  44. @Trinity

    In private, White Massholes will say stuff that will make a Grand Dragon of the KKK blush, but around “colored people”, they will put on their best RFK impression.

    Correct–and the dirty little secret is that the state’s suburbs and exurbs and country towns are almost all true Whitopias.

    Their environmentalism is just NIMBYism in disguise.

    I know some folks in this town–check out the demographics:,_Massachusetts

    0.5% Black.

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