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Slandering the Homeless: Mass Immigration, Not Mental Disease & Addiction
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Corporations who straddle the globe rely on immigration ignoramuses to perpetuate the single-cause theory of homelessness: addiction or mental illness.
Through government immigration policies, a ceaseless demand for housing has been generated.

Big Tech must be quite pleased to see homelessness attributed exclusively, by the usual cast on TV, to addiction and mental illness—when, in fact, homelessness is driven, primarily, by the systematic and permanent eviction from the housing market of vulnerable, working-class people.

This is certainly so in Washington State. Homelessness in the Emerald City has been exacerbated by Big Tech and the other multinationals, for these stateless corporations are the major importers, into King County and the surrounds, of a high-tech, feudal elite that compounds the homeless quagmire.

If anything, the corporations that straddle the globe rely on immigration ignoramuses to perpetuate the single-cause theory of homelessness: addiction or mental illness.

However, even if drug addiction and mental illness are seen as necessary in causing homelessness, they are seldom sufficient. Substance abuse and mental anguish can, in themselves, be the consequence of other exogenous, existential and intractable circumstances.

Such as being priced out of your homeland’s housing market. For good.

In truth, our country is consigning its economically weakest members to the homeless encampment, through the never-ending importation of a high-rolling, high-tech elite, which, in turn, artificially inflates the price of housing.

In perpetuity.

According to the Seattle Times, “fewer than 50 percent of people without homes are addicts.” “There are more families with children than chronically homeless people” in the encampments.

Underlying homelessness are factors such as “loss of a job,” “eviction,” medical bills and foreclosure, the last of which “destroys credit ratings, making former homeowners no longer eligible for loans or, in many cases, rentals.


“We must no longer allow politicians, policy influencers and the media to get away with the laziness of conflating substance abuse and homelessness,” inveighs Lola E. Peters.

Peters, a local writer, is correct. Alas, while implicating the tech-driven population explosion in our state’s housing crisis, Ms. Peters frames the unrelenting influx from China and India as an organic, natural, made-in-America population explosion.

It isn’t! Seventy-one percent of Washington State’s population growth is attributed to net migration!

In guarded language, the Washington State Office of Financial Management divulges that, “Migration continues to be the primary driver behind Washington [State’s] population growth. From 2017 to 2018, net migration (people moving in versus people moving out) to Washington totaled 83,700, … … The state has grown by an average of 87,900 persons per year this decade, exceeding that of 83,000 in the previous decade.”

King County, where the “global beasts with vast balance sheets” live, is the main contributor, with a total growth of 259,000 persons over eight years, compared to 194,200 persons between 2000 and 2010.”

Fueled in large part by the technology industry, an average of 236 people is moving to the Seattle area each day,” seconds, a Seattle-based website that covers tech news.

Only those unfamiliar with America’s work-visa labyrinth would claim that the unremitting population influx comes mainly from other states in the Union, rather than from other countries in the universe.


Certainly, the town where I live is unrecognizable. Costco is like a bazaar plucked from Beijing and Calcutta. What was a small and friendly hamlet is flooded with newly imported H-1B labor, living on six-figure salaries, while young Washingtonians struggle to pay the mortgage, or are evicted when their rental units are demolished to make way for fields of pricey, garish condominiums, to house Satya Nadella’s preferred—and privileged—workforce.

For residents, this lamentable state-of-affairs means the inability to afford homes in a market in which property prices are being artificially inflated.

Young couples lineup to view tiny apartments. They dream of that picket fence no more, as colonies of imported workers, endowed with sizeable salaries, push prices of property beyond the means of local lads and lasses, who simply can’t afford homes in which to raise families. (And, no, H-1B Visa recipients are not cheap AT ALL, unless you call a six-figure compensation package “cheap.”)

“At its root, the crisis is a supply problem,” jabbered an “expert,” in the New York Times.

Really? Whatever happened to the demand side of the supply-and-demand, housing-market equation?

By grant of government privilege, Big Tech is permitted to petition The State for permission to import The World at a price heavily subsidized by the disenfranchised American taxpayer. Through government immigration policies, a ceaseless demand for housing has been generated.

How can such an artificial market—designed to sate the global corporation’s insatiable lust for high-tech talent not American—ever normalize, to accommodate local yokels?

Imagine being priced out of your homeland’s housing market. For good. That’ll drive a person to seek solace in mind-altering substances.


Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian think piece since 1999. She’s the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter (barely), Gab, Gettr YouTube & LinkedIn; banned by Facebook, and has a new video-podcast.

• Category: Culture/Society, Ideology • Tags: Homelessness 
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  1. What kind of conservative are you?

    Don’t you know that the homeless are just lazy, good-for-nothing slackers living off of “gibs”? Why don’t they just get a job at McDonalds? Do you know they actually by steaks and potato chips with their food stamps. The homeless are worthless scum who refuse to work, living like kings off the fat of the land.

    Get with the program, you stupid liberal!

    • Replies: @24th Alabama
  2. ‘Education’ is part of the problem.

    People who thought A CLOCKWORK ORANGE is dystopian will find it downright utopian compared to the current condition.

    • Thanks: Katrinka
    • LOL: Legba, bomag
  3. Trinity says:

    No way I could live on the street without alcohol or drugs. Would definitely need something to help me sleep. And how do you sleep soundly even in your car much less in tent city or in a park??

    Instead of flying into space, “rich” billionaire douche, (use appropriate name) how about using your money for portable showers for homeless AMERICANS.

    Instead of sending money to Israel or Jewkraine, spend it on homeless AMERICANS.

    Oops, I forgot TPTB all are wealthy and 99% of wealthy bastards have abused the system worse than 100 300 lb welfare queens combined, and these folk are the cheapest folks around when it comes to giving to the needy unless it is for a photo op.

    Least likely to help poor people?
    Blacks and Jews unless it is their own. Blacks are even stingy with their own. Doprah Pigfrey does give to Blacks ONLY. Non
    whites NEVER help poor Whites, but Whites are working 24/7/365 to help Africans, Southeast Asians, etc.

    Wealthy people. Unless they have something to gain, nada from these people. Rare exceptions.

    Asians whether Paki, Indian or Oriental.

    Most likely to help poor people?
    Poor or working class Whites.

    • Agree: Malla, 24th Alabama
  4. Mark Hunter says: • Website

    Excellent point, Ilana.

    Some immigration enthusiasts know what they’re doing.  Here is Yaron Brook, CEO and board chairman of the so-called “Ayn Rand Institute,” writing in “Open the Borders, End the Housing Glut” 11 December 2008:

    Imagine if the number of annual immigrants increased … to, say, five million.  Virtually overnight we would see money pour into the American real estate market, as millions of new businessmen and workers bought and rented homes.

    He goes on to say that this would “eliminate the oversupply of houses.”  Apparently housing doesn’t command a high enough price for him.

    • Thanks: ILANA Mercer, bomag
  5. our resident Jewess describes the problem,

    but as usual fails to diagnose fundamental cause:

    Zionist/neo-con/corporate globohomo. Since

    the Issacsohn-Mercer is herself a Zionist

    (and a libtardian)

    this is not a surprise.

    • Replies: @ILANA Mercer
  6. AntiDem says:

    This is the kind of nonsense that comes of mindless contrarianism. Yes, mass immigration is bad, for all kinds of reasons. But the connection between homelessness, untreated mental illness, and addiction is rock-solid, backed up by mountains of evidence, and can be confirmed by even the slightest amount of exposure to the actual homeless.

    Look, I know there’s a lot wrong with mainstream conservatism, but letting the desire to distance yourself from it push you over the edge into either horseshoe-theory leftism or denial of observable reality is just plain dumb.

  7. SafeNow says:

    A few years ago here in S. California, a government-conducted survey concluded that 20% of the homeless are mentally ill, and then a non-government survey concluded it is 60%. (I am doing this from memory, but the numbers were something like that.) The moral of the story is that because so many organizations and institutions are lying or incompetent or both, it is very hard to know what the truth is regarding who the homeless are.

    I have a second crucial point to make, but I will stop now, after making that one point. Doctors now delimit the visit by saying “What is the main thing you are here for today?” So I surrender, that’s the way it is now.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  8. @obwandiyag

    People who were careless in choosing their parents deserve no sympathy.
    Just the other day I gave a dollar to a homeless woman beggar and as I
    walked away she yelled, “Fuck you,cheap bastard!”
    My wife nodded her agreement.

  9. Immigration policy (or lack thereof) is at most a very small fraction of the homeless problem, if it is even a factor at all. Ironically (or maybe not) Ilana actually lives on an wealthy Jewish island called “Mercer” Island. Her zip code happens to be ranked in the top 100 wealthiest zip codes in the US. This in and of itself doesn’t mean that a person living in this Jewish ghetto has no idea about the realities on the ground in Seattle, but neither is it useless information. According to her own citations she apparently gets her information about Seattle homelessness from the local Seattle Times rag which in addition to supporting every woke lesbian/faggot nut case in the Seattle city government was in full support of the CHAZ/CHOP insanity, the BLM riots, and de-funding the Seattle police.

    I doubt her forays into Seattle are ever much more than a cruse up I-5 in her Lexus to cross over the 520 bridge to visit one of the other Jewish ghettos in Kirkland, Clyde Hill, or Medina. In any case, even if this is wrong (or merely impolite) she fails to mention that the overwhelming homeless on the streets of Seattle are lily white Caucasians (after you scrape off the dirt). There are a lot of Black bums on the Seattle streets but very few of them in the homeless camps. And, there are no Hispanics and no Asians (to speak of) though there are a small handful of Native Americans which are not hard to distinguish from Asians or Hispanics if you are at all familiar with the people of Western Washington State.

    I have actually visited several homeless encampments. My daughter felt a sense of compassion in her pre-adolescent days and was motivated to do something to help. Not wanting to get branded a heartless hard ass and figuring it a teaching moment, I agreed to take her and a couple of her friends downtown to pass out homeless care packages that they had put together (and I paid for). I’m not sure who learned more, her or me, but I can tell you for certain that 100% of the people we met were mental cases who should have been in a gated psychiatric care facility. Whether they were on drugs or not is largely irrelevant, though I suspect many of them were. They had mental and emotional problems that would have prevented them from ever performing even the simplest of jobs without being under some kind of constant focused supervision.

    Long before Mercer arrived here from Africa, Seattle was a gorgeous, clean, crime free, graffiti free, city with zero homeless problems and a kick-ass police department that would literally ticket you for even J-walking. When I moved here in 1986 from San Francisco, the city was jokingly referred to as “San Francisco for Republicans.” It wasn’t technically true of course, as it was a solid Democratic city, but it was semi-sane, safe and generally well run. And, since Seattle is laid out on Puget Sound similarly to how San Francisco is laid out on the San Francisco Bay, the analogy was at least semi-accurate.

    At that time the airport and downtown parking were free as was downtown bus service. No homeless, no graffiti, clean streets, minimal crime. What happened? Since 1921 Washington State had operated a facility for mental patients in Skagit County just north of Seattle, called Northern State Hospital. It was much more than an ordinary mental hospital. They had a large animal husbandry operation and dairy farm where they taught people to care for animals, particularly cows, and they produced and sold milk and other dairy and bovine products. They had detox and rehab facilities for drugs, which at the time was mostly alcohol and pot, and well as medical, psychological and spiritual facilities and personnel. The setting was (and still is) rural and gorgeous, and set in the foothills of the Northern Cascades.

    I met a nurse who had worked there and who was herself a former patient. She told me her inspiring story of how she was rescued (arrested) off the streets of Seattle for public drunkenness and brought to this facility. She went through alcohol rehab, and in her words was “healed and saved” by working and caring for the animals, being next to nature and placed on a strict routine. A Chaplin at the facility helped her spiritually and she underwent a religious conversion. She later met a man (a fellow former alcoholic) who became her husband and the Chaplin married them there on the site. With help from the state and the facility she went to nursing school and then returned to work there herself when in 1973 the great libertarian Ronald Reagan cut federal funding for State mental institutions for all but the seriously criminal insane and the entire facility was closed down. Patients were literally turned loose with nowhere to go, no help and no funds. Many of them made their way back to the streets of Seattle, and the homeless population has been on a steady incline ever since.

    I seriously doubt there are any homeless people in Seattle that are there because some Mexican legally or illegally crossed the border and took their job. They are there because they have mental and emotional problems and unable to hold a job, and therefore on the streets because there is nowhere else to go. If you want to be factual, it is probably more true that wealthy Jews like Mercer immigrated here and took white jobs from the top of the food chain, and pushed the people out from the middle to the bottom. In any case, she has no idea what she is talking about.

    None of this is to say that the gaping, lawless Southern border is a good thing or that is has no negative economic impact. But the homeless in Seattle (and I suspect almost everywhere else in the US) are by far mostly mentally deranged people that wouldn’t be helped at all by closing the holes in the border. Without saying too much about myself, who I am or how I know this, I can tell you with 100% certainty, that corporate America IT companies DO NOT hire Chinese and South Asians because they are cheap (they are not). They hire them because they are smart and can be counted on to work hard, and get the job done without whining and spitting out pseudo-intellectual bullshit like Mercer.

    And oh by the way, there is no homelessness in evil Communist China. You occasionally see a panhandler hanging out in front of the foreign churches because they know Western Christians will whip out their phones and scan the QR coded card hanging around their necks and transfer some money to the panhandler’s bank account. The streets of cities like Shanghai, which is 19 times the size of Seattle, are spotless, trash and graffiti free, and so safe that small children routinely take the subway by themselves and parents never worry that some sexual perverted faggot or mentally deranged idiot is going to abduct them. Racist Jews like Mercer who talk about China like it was some third world country are so pathetically ignorant I don’t understand why Unz even bothers to give them ink. People who have never been to China literally are not qualified to say anything about China much less make sneering and totally ignorant remarks comparing Beijing to Calcutta. What a dumb shit, all because her brilliant Ashkenazi Jewish husband can’t compete in the IT market place with the Chinese and Indian Goy.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Jefferson Temple
  10. If the homeless need a helping hand, they can relocate to the Ukraine. Vast, really incomprehensible, amounts of US dollars are sloshing about the Ukraine at this very moment. The unemployed could seek work with Burisma, a generous compensation package awaits them.

    Let’s call a spade a spade, the United States is a violent, exploitative “culture”, dumbed down to prehistoric sub-Saharan levels. The US ruling class is engaged in a blitzkrieg like offensive against its founding population. Has been for decades now. If you are a homeless American, consider yourself fortunate. Because they have in mind, far worse torture ahead.

    • Replies: @Mario Partisan
  11. bj0311 says:

    the single-cause theory of homelessness: addiction or mental illness

    That answer is wrong–really? I have seen a lot of homeless people from coast to coast in this country and not one of them looked like the “I’m a fellow American down on his luck, buddy can you spare a dime?” type to me. In fact as someone who in a previous life did professional counseling, I would say that these individuals I have seen are in fact mentally ill and/or addicted.

    The days of the bindlestiff riding the rails because he loves freedom are over, no Big Rock Candy Mountain these days. I would say some of the reasons we have so many homeless today are:
    1. The shuttering of mental institutions and the reliance on outpatient care.
    2. The JewCLU destroying the laws we enacted to protect our communities for indigents.
    3. A general lack of community on a national scale.

    Every country has these kind of people it is just in America we let them run wild.

    • Replies: @Legba
  12. sgal says:

    I agree with the author’s analysis.

    I am formerly homeless and housing is a huge problem in many areas of the country.

    It is also true that many of the homeless are addicts and/or criminals. Some are mentally ill. Not all are any of those things.

    I went into a shelter program and got a job as fast as I could. I saved money as was required to be in the program. When it was the deadline to leave the shelter, I relocated to a part of the country where housing was not so much of an issue.

    For the record, I have no criminal record but I have a problem with alcohol. That is what got me into the situation to begin with.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  13. Trinity says:
    @Antiochus Epiphanes

    Good information on the homeless problem in Seattle. However, how many fleeing Californians, and Jews have “helped” in destroying Seattle far more than the homeless. Without.the fruits, nuts, and flakes migrating from California, and the nation wrecking Jews orchestrating social engineering, I doubt Seattle would look like it does now. I watched Florida destroyed by fleeing Yankees, and Caribbean trash. Of course there were always the wealthy Jew social engineers operating behind the scenes. How many of those homeless developed mental issues because of living in the streets?

    Those brilliant Chinese and Indians were often sponsored by the CuckCatholic church or even Protestant churches to JewSA. Given free education, low cost housing, all kind of gibz, courtesy of working class Whites. The Chinese belong in your precious China not San Francisco, New York or dreary, rainy Seattle. The East Indian needs to go back as well. And the nation wrecking Jew needs to squat in his beloved sandbox muh Israel or hang out in Africa with the Blacks he allegedly cares so much about.

  14. ruralguy says:

    I know what Ilana is saying. It’s hard to express in words the extent to which the Seattle area was destroyed, over the past 30 years. A magnitude 9 earthquake couldn’t have destroyed it more.

    The Seattle area was charming, when I first worked there more than forty years ago. I had never seen a area quite like it in the U.S., even though I had visited almost all states by then. All of the neighborhoods of Seattle were unique and interesting. Traffic flowed. The scenery was exceptional in the Puget Sound, the mountains, and in the agricultural river valleys around it. Other than the constant gloomy rain and overcast skies during winter, few cities could rival it as a place to live.

    But, paradises always attract others. It’s hemmed in by the Cascades and Puget Sound, so there was nowhere for growth to go, except to the north and south and the foothills. First, one of the most beautiful agricultural river valleys in the U.S, sitting under Mt Rainer, was paved over with warehouses, in the 1990s, from Renton all the way along 167 to Puyallup. The rest of the Seattle area quickly followed the same pattern of blight. Today it is all an ugly congested mess, strained with roads that were built to support a 1960 population. Worse yet, those unique charming neighborhoods that gave Seattle its identity are all but erased. Seattle, bustling and fun to visit is now dead, except for a bright pocket around Amazon’s Lake Union campus. The whole Seattle area, even its wealthy eastside is infested by garbage, homeless people, needles in the parks, and crime.

    My advise, based on many decades of living there: flee. That’s what I did.

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  15. Legba says:

    It always turns out that the unpaid medical bill was only one of the many poor decisions that led to their urban camping adventure

  16. Legba says:

    I like to compare what we’re seeing today to the (fictional) Joads and their fellows. Maybe if Ma had just taken a shit on the sidewalk, the Californians would’ve given them a tiny home and some free needles

  17. @Trinity

    Oops, I forgot TPTB all are wealthy and 99% of wealthy bastards have abused the system worse than 100 300 lb welfare queens combined


    As Confucius once said, in a country well-governed, being poor is shameful, but in a country ill-governed being wealthy is shameful.

    In a country as ill-governed as this, one doesn’t get rich without engaging in some form of rent seeking parasitism.

    And when I say “rich”, I’m not talking about the paper millionaires, the small businessmen who busted their asses and put themselves in debt to build up a small business that they generate a modest income out of to live on. I’m talking about the Bill Gatses, the George Soroses, et al.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  18. Good article, but Ilana speaks only of wealthy foreigners who have entered the country legally. How about all the millions of poor who have fled their countries and have illegally invaded Biden’s porous Southern border, looking either for a job or a handout? They swell our growing homeless ranks. I’m sure that many opportunities for housing are given to them instead of homeless Americans.

    On another note, it’s ironic that, just this morning, I read a NY Times article about hundreds wealthy Americans fleeing to Southern Europe where housing is cheaper, and the lifestyle is better. The natives have the same problem as working-class Americans. Rents are skyrocketing and salaries of young people are insufficient to rent an apartment, so most continue to live with their parents into their thirties. This is causing growing resentment toward rich Americans (as well as rich Asians), who are driving up housing prices beyond affordability, and who also get generous tax breaks for relocating. At some point this suckers gonna blow.

    • Replies: @Face_The_Truth
  19. @AntiDem

    the connection between homelessness, untreated mental illness, and addiction is rock-solid, backed up by mountains of evidence

    Evidence from how long ago? The dynamics of homelessness appear to have changed radically in recent years. Ordinary, everyday people are now finding themselves homeless through no fault of their own. Here are just a few examples from my own metro area. Multiply this by thousands and you will get an idea of the magnitude of the problem:

    I myself was similarly dispossessed a few years ago and, even though I have a prefect rental history, prefect credit and no serious criminal record, was lucky to find another place to live. And no, I am not an addict or alcoholic and I did nothing to violate the terms of my lease.

    denial of observable reality

    “Observable reality” is what led people to erroneously believe for thousands of years that the earth was flat and stationary and the Sun revolved around it. This is why we have something called “the scientific method” that we rely on instead.

  20. Trinity says:
    @Herbert R. Tarlek, Jr.

    Well put by Confucius. We live in the latter for sure and this rot can MOSTLY be laid at the feet of the (((usual suspects))), although (((they))) have had plenty of help from run of the mill “elite” white traitor trash. Good thing though, no one doesn’t really own anything but there soul. All “wealthy” men die. All physical marvels turn into decrepit old men IF they live long enough. My guess is George Schwartz and Bill Gates need to invest in a few fans. It gets hawt down there.

    Mark 8:36

  21. choxopox says:

    Can you put five quarts in a gallon jug? Of course immigration displaces natives. True, the homeless are almost all going to be marginal people, crazy and addicted or not. Not too bright, poorly educated, lacking foresight. So what? Does having an IQ of 90 mean that you don’t matter? In my lifetime they were able to do useful labor and support themselves. Now we import Mexicans and MS13 to do that necessary work for less, and now we have large Mexican enclaves and our policies are aimed at benefiting them, not our own poor people.

    There will always be an underclass. The bell curve is real. Why must we piss on them to save a few bucks? And for the purely self-interested, do you really want that underclass to be united by hatred of Whites?


  22. There is a small grain of truth to the Californication myth. However, being from California myself, I can tell you that most of the people fleeing California are fleeing in search of sanity. Do some of the nut cases migrate? Yes, of course, but not that many. By far the majority who relocate are solid people looking for political and social terra firma. The local resentment is mostly economic envy. Because real estate is so pricey in California, when people sell there and buy elsewhere they often find that they can pay cash for the same or better house in a comparable or better neighborhood and have money left to spare. So when they relocate they move up a notch on the economic scale but laterally on the social, educational hierarchy, and often even have to take a cut in pay because wages are higher in California. But being debt free gives one a sense of freedom that spills over into other areas of life and local people still caught in debt traps often resent that freedom and interpret it as “liberal,” “wacky” or whatever.

    The number of Chinese immigrants getting help of any kind from either Catholic or Protestant churches that are not themselves Chinese is next to zero, mainly because non-Chinese churches rarely speak Chinese. The number of Indians doing the same is even less, since most Indians, even though they speak fluent English, are Hindu and wouldn’t darken the door of a Christian church of any flavor. There are a number of Protestant Chinese churches that do help foreign Chinese (or others) who are either studying here or immigrating. The reverse is also true in China. Protestant English churches in China reach out to English speaking people in China who need help. When my son was teaching in China he got a lot of helpful assistance navigating the local culture, legal and economic system from a Protestant Church, plus he made some good, lasting friendships. Catholics do most of the assistance to Mexicans because most Mexicans are Catholic. duh Jews naturally help their fellow Jews. Not all Jews are evil and/or insane. Ron Unz the host of this website is a Jew. I am ethnically half Jewish myself. My dad was a Czech Jew my Mom an Irish Pagan. I am a Christian (Protestant).

    Would you prefer the state perform these services to foreigners? No? I see you just want everyone to go back to where they came from. OK fine, that leaves only the Native American Indians who are actually Asian/Eurasian Mongols and Siberians. Are you one of these? No? OK, you should go home yourself. The world has constantly been in a state of migratory and genetic flux. Some people adapt and learn to thrive in this realty and some do not. The Jews tried to wipe out everybody in the Ancient Near East (Canaan) who didn’t agree with them, worship their God, and eat their food. Once it became obvious they couldn’t rebuild and maintain the cities they squatted in after the Bronze Age collapse the Greeks and Romans ran them out. They have been wondering the globe ever since looking for the next promised land. Meanwhile Chinese civilization has been growing and adapting for 10,000 + years. Americans… who, I think we would both agree, are not doing very well, have been around a whopping… 245 years! Who do you think will win in the end?

    In case you haven’t noticed, Eurasia is reuniting under Sino-Russian leadership. It won’t be a recapitulation of the old Mongolian Empire but the boundaries will be much the same. And if India and China bury the hatchet (and I predict they will) Genghis Khan will be laughing in his grave… and a United Eurasia can and will give the middle finger to the militaristic, angry, confused, overweight, indebted, drug addicted and divided Judeo-Faggot-Tranny-Redneck America.

    • Replies: @AKAHorace
    , @Jokem
  23. @follyofwar

    Ilana Mercer is correct to point out the impacts of over 90,000 a year H1-B visa-holders entering and permanently settling in the United States as well as bringing in their extended family-members and contributing to increased homelessness due to over-priced housing and rental problems that ordinary Americans face daily.

    For American corporate employers, H1-B visa-holders provide a discounted wage-expense year after year by not having to pay FICO taxes to the Internal Revenue Service of the United States Treasury Dept.

    That’s a huge savings for American corporations in terms of billions of dollars in annual payroll tax-avoidance scheme created by the United States Congress and the Senate.

    So, if one has to blame someone for H1-B tax-avoidance scheme, please blame American Congressmen and American Senators in Washington, D.C.

  24. Trinity says:

    About 20 years ago I drove past a Catholic church and I must have seen 50 East Indians mulling around in the parking lot. The “churches” and (((gubmint))) brought in all sorts of Vietnamese and Laotian refugees and hooked them up with all sorts of gibz after the Vietnam War. Wonder what kind of gibz, Pakis and Muzzies roaming around London receive? I personally knew a Vietnamese family who came over courtesy of the Catholic church. They attended the Catholic church but I think that was only for appearances. I am sure JewSA gave plenty of Koreans opportunities in America that many less fortunate AMERICAN White and even Blacks didn’t receive. The Black man wasn’t enjoying Black Privilege after the Korean conflict, that would come after (((The Swindle Whites Movement.)))

    • Replies: @Antiochus Epiphanes
  25. However, being from California myself, I can tell you that most of the people fleeing California are fleeing in search of sanity.

    Being an Arizonan, I know this is purest horseshit.

    The only thing that most Californian transplants are in search of is a lower cost of living. They want to replicate everything about California in their new states of residence except the high cost of living. They can’t square that circle because the lower cost of living is baked in the red-state cake, but they can sure as hell ruin the circle trying. Ask any of the locals in Colorado or Oregon.

    Also, I don’t give a damn if they really are in search of sanity. A candyman is only in search of a good time; that doesn’t give him the right to have his hand down some kid’s diaper. Regardless of your political views, you Californian bastards are still committing an economic rape of our housing market which is beggaring lower-income residents who have lived here their entire lives. If every single one of you were an Unz reader, we would hate you just as much. Go the fuck home.

    • Agree: Jokem
    • Replies: @Antiochus Epiphanes
  26. I like the anecdotes about how some suburban asshole goes down in his idioticly huge SUV and meets some homeless people for a few minutes and then informs us that all homeless people are mental cases. As rightly he should, because the non-mental-case homeless hide themselves better.

    Here’s the real logic. In a country where all the rents are over 1500 and the average income is much lower than the reported 40K (phonily inflated figure), many hard-working, god-fearing, non-insane, non-drug-addict people are going to end up on the street or in near proximity. It is a simple arithmetical fact.

    • Agree: Trinity
  27. @Just another serf

    Soon to air HUD commercial featuring Zelensky: “Homeless in America? Relocate to Ukraine! Why sleep on a bench, when you can die in a trench?”

  28. @Trinity

    20 years ago you drove by a Catholic Church. Um, I can see your research is about as thorough as Mercer driving up I-5 in her Lexus… or was that her husband’s Tesla? What were you driving? Your pick up truck? Let’s see I was in the Navy at the time but I forgot. Who was it that started the Vietnam War? You are obviously totally ignorant of the fact that South Vietnam was and still is heavily Catholic?

    The Yellow Peril: (good thing we took care of those Gooks. You know if we had lost, they would have taken over the whole world.)

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @obwandiyag
  29. Trinity says:
    @Antiochus Epiphanes

    Haha. These people were/are Buddhist, believe me. I can’t afford a truck so I just drive a plain old Toyota. How many of those East Indians at that Catholic church do you think were playing “Catholic?” haha. Remember what I said about Orientals , East Indians, sharing common traits with Jews??

    Ahem. Btw, America did lose in Vietnam. Korea was a stalemate and Japan was ??

  30. @Herbert R. Tarlek, Jr.

    Last I checked, Unz still lives in California. I estimate 50% of my Washington neighborhood is from California. Most of them are armed to the teeth Trump voters… and probably a quarter of them are Asians and/or Mexicans… which is what probably really pisses off the restless natives more than anything else. These brown and slant eyed people are not supposed to be able to get ahead. How dare they increase our net worth without our consent by raising our real estate valuations!

  31. @Haxo Angmark

    HEXO WANKO, You are a leader among the “Little Men” on this thread—the kind who hides behind his email handle, nipping at the heels of a woman he doesn’t know, yet hates.

    You do so in fractured, mangled sentences, using nothing but ad hominen, and Jewy conspiracy illogic, for that’s all you are capable of: hate, and an assassination of the English language and the rules of reason. You are not OF THE WEST; you are a disgrace to the West.

    If made to come out from cowering behind your keyboard and face the little woman (all of 160 cm)—I assure you that you, little keyboard coward, would run for your life. For you are, well, The Keyboard Coward (KC).

    HEXO WANKO (otherwise known as Haxo Angmark) is simply not working with much.

    And, it is not your hatred, moreover, of a person you do not know, me, that makes you so loathsome. Oh, no. It is not your online trolling and harassing of a woman that makes you so repulsive (for—news flash—real men conduct themselves properly around women).

    The thing that makes you so irredeemably grotesque is your ugly, atavistic, reason-defying fulminations. You, very plainly, are deeply stupid.

    The following here is standard HEXO WANKO logic:

    If B then A: If Jewish, then evil. Always, irrespective of evidence to the contrary.

    If past is prologue, we know, too, that few are the men AROUND HERE on these threads capable of disagreeing with a Jewish woman and still retaining their civility. Or, standing up for civility to a writer.

    But let me ask you and your cowardly cohort “one question”: “Do you feel lucky?” Is any other flaccid, limp, keyboard coward; Jew-hating freak like you—the kind who trolls a woman because born to the Jewish faith (and proud)—FEELING LUCKY? Go on. Make my day.

    You’ve chosen the wrong woman to menace!

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
    , @Realist
  32. @SafeNow

    a government-conducted survey concluded that 20% of the homeless are mentally ill, and then a non-government survey concluded it is 60%

    Half the problem is that the very definition of ‘mental illness’ is completely determined by the political objectives of the person doing the defining.

    If a government wants to reduce spending on ‘mental health’ services for the homeless, they make absolutely certain that the people doing the survey understand that mental illness should not be found to be a problem.

    By contrast: people whose corn-pone depends on the depth of the bucket of cash for ‘mentalhealth’ service delivery to the homeless, want a survey that tells everyone that it’s an immense problem (and so needs more money).

    In a world where conditions are well-defined, and so can be measured with a decent level of precision, the prevalence of a condition can be (roughly) determined by whether the proportion of ‘sufferers’ in a sub-population is greater than the proportion of ‘sufferers’ in the overall population excluding the subpopulation… in such a way that the difference in proportions is statistically significant.

    But when definitions are not worth the paper that the prescription for Zoloft/Seroquel/Xanax is written on, that sort of analysis fall apart.

    The green-haired imbecile in the video posted by Priss Factor is a stark case in point. She’s a spoilt, entitled, infantile fuckwit. At some point she has convinced (or been convinced by) some charlatan that she’s “schizophrenic”… thereby acquiring an excuse for every antisocial impulse.

    Her behaviour is like watching a badly-raised 4 year old being told they have to eat their vegetables – even in the little details like a rising inflection in key words in her protests.

    Now… is this arrested-development retard ‘mentally ill’? Is there any accepted therapeutic mechanism that would reliably stop her being a spoilt, entitled, infantile fuckwit? Absolutely not.

    People like that whining attention-whore irritate me no end, because they ‘muddy the waters’ on mental illness. Plus, they’re almost all on multiple psychotropics, which have awful long-term effects on impulse control and mood.

    It may surprise people to know that as long ago as 2006, more than a quarter of over-65s had prescriptions for psychoactive medications recognised as having “abuse potential”: that number will be higher now. And if it’s 25% of 65+ people that will translate to ~60% of 65+ white women, just by dint of socioeconomic status differences (blacks can’t afford prescription pharma and are skeptical; white men prefer to drink).

  33. Let’s concede that the causal relationship between immigration and homelessness is tenuous at best,but Mercer accurately contrasts the two groups.The Government is committed to providing “cheap” tech labor for the Seattle, Silicon Valley and
    Wall Street oligarchs.

    Senator Mike Lee ( Rep.,Mumbai) has been a full time advocate for Indian brain drain.This multi-generational scion of the Mormon elite is imbued with a strange infatuation for H1B visa holders,leading him to betray the LDS techies back in Utah.Unrequited love is always sad.

    We can only hope that the army of white-shirted Missionaries pester the shit out of the Hindus and their dot-head brides.

    • Thanks: ILANA Mercer
  34. You people are obvious retards. Or else liars. That is the only choice. One or the other.

    Homelessness is a housing problem. Period. End of sentence.

    Anyone who thinks differently is, wait for it, either A. a retard, or, B. a liar.

    I’m just going to prove it with the statistics you assholes are so fond of:

    • Thanks: ILANA Mercer
    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  35. @Antiochus Epiphanes

    They’re better off in Vietnam than the US nowadays. Tempus fugits.

  36. Seattle had class—the World’s Fair –great event. Earlier times St Louis had a World’s Fair-met the same fate as Seattle.

  37. @ILANA Mercer

    Are you using #5 to broadbrush

    the “Little Men” on this thread

    the men AROUND HERE

    you and your cowardly cohort

    and evade the substantial refutation of your column from readers like Antiochus Epiphanes?

    • Replies: @Realist
  38. What about Trailer Parks?

    I can’t speak to Washington but, here in North Carolina they were essentially banned in the mid to late 90’s. Only those that existed prior have been allowed to continue and, if they stop being trailer parks for 6 months they are denied that use in the future.

    No all you hear is “We need more ‘affordable’ housing.”

    Other building codes were promulgated that require brick fascia and more. In other words, in the 90’s regulations and codes were adopted that drove up the price of housing. Now, with the influx from around the globe, low wage earners can’t afford a roof over their heads.

    The “visionaries” and “leaders” got tired of seeing the rabble around them and decided to legislate them out of existence. They got their wish and now get to posture as “caring” for the homeless.


    • Agree: The Anti-Gnostic
  39. Trinity says:

    Well somehow the gubmint “manages” to house border jumper Blacks and Browns in hotels in expensive cities like New Yawk. Ronnie Meatball of Florida and that phony fool/tool in Texas make sure they crackdown on the border problem by making it even easier for the rapeugees, and WMD. The invading Blacks and Browns “campout” in the Big Apple, probably after a buffet breakfast take in a few sites in the big city, decide it is too cold and crowded, board the “dog” at the Port Authority and scat back to the Sun Belt state that suits them.

    The homeless problem and the orchestrated border jumper problem CAN be fixed, but “they” like things just as they are, so vote harder Whitey. Ronnie Meatball 2024!! You taint likely to “vote” your way out of this mess, America.

  40. Realist says:
    @Greta Handel

    Ilana may or may not be evading Antiochus Epiphanes’s refutation of her column. Still, she is correct that this blog has many Little Men…some of the goofiest bastards here are anti-Jewish to the point of psychosis. They are obsessed with the idea that Jews are the epitome of evil.

    • Thanks: ILANA Mercer
  41. Realist says:
    @ILANA Mercer

    Yes, it has always struck me as odd, maybe even fishy, that this blog has many pathological Jew haters.

    • Agree: Mark Hunter
    • Thanks: ILANA Mercer
    • Replies: @Jokem
  42. Katrinka says:

    Seattle and Portland were veritable paradises back in the day. Beautiful cities, the weather not so great but many things made up for it. Truly sad.

    • Thanks: Realist
  43. Trinity says:

    Probably both cities would have been nice 40-50 years ago IF you could deal with rain. Seattle gets a bad rap about the rain but it can’t be worse than Atlanta. Matter of fact I believe Atlanta tops Seattle in rainfall received annually. Another negative with that area of the country is that it seems to spawn serial killers, lack of sunshine maybe?? Like a lot of White areas, MOST of the Whites who live in the Northwest were/are completely out for coffee when it comes to race issues.

    Cue: Rainy Night In Georgia by Brook Benton

  44. Jokem says:

    And any attempt to show there are many of Jewish blood which have acted to block the decay of the Republic are ignored.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Thanks: ILANA Mercer
  45. AKAHorace says:
    @Antiochus Epiphanes

    Not sure what I think of your political opinions. Not all immigration is bad, many immigrants have done a lot for the countries that they immigrate to, this is all true. The problem is too much immigration, beyond a certain point it drives down wages and pushes up house prices.

    But, thanks a lot for the links to OTYKEN. A great cross between techno, throat singing and Russian. Made your post worth it for me. All the best.

  46. Who could possibly maintain their sanity in a world where you are constantly lied to and gaslit on a daily bases?
    The realities of reality itself are like that old tv commercial by a credit company… denied! denied! denied!

  47. Jokem says:
    @Antiochus Epiphanes

    I think the Californians are looking to get away from the situation in PRoC. The problem is they do not see that the oppressive regulation and tax situation there is responsible in part for their situation.
    So they go to another state and take their attitude with them. This means the state they move to gradually begins to emulate PRoC.

    • Replies: @Antiochus Epiphanes
  48. Jokem says:

    The oppressive tax and regulatory environment in the USA has driven companies to seek relief by using illegals, which are not regulated (in reality) and not taxed. At least there are no requirements to provide unemployment insurance, FICA or other requirements of that sort.

  49. @AKAHorace

    To be honest, I am not sure what I think of my own political opinions. :>) All of my adult life I have been Paleoconservative/Paleolibertarian, socially & culturally traditionalist, small government, right-wing… About 4 years ago I spent some extended time in China and I have never been the same since. What I realized is that all along what I had really been interested in was civilization and I believed that max freedom would get us there. I no longer believe that. In fact, I believe the exact opposite… but I have no answers. Freedom only works among people who who hold the preponderance of civilizational values in common. As Plato said (and Confucius implied) a kite without a string will not fly. Nobody “likes” the string until you realize it is not there, or you live in a place with string and you suddenly realize that what you thought all along was freedom really wasn’t. It sounds insane, but I never felt so free in my life as I did in China. People who have never been there will never get that because all they can see are the strings they have read about or they hear the naughty words they were taught never to say: “Communism” OR “Socialism.” If I was advising the Chinese government I would advise them to drop the Marxist language and just call themselves Chinese Democracy or Confucian Democracy or something like that. Instead of “Socialism with Chinese characteristics,” I would say “Democracy with Chinese characteristics.” Or (borrowing from Kant) “Freedom within the limits of reason alone.” The American monstrosity would be more accurately called, “Democracy with Jewish mental characteristics.”

    No strings, America max freedom:

    Strings, China a lot of freedom but tethered to a rational string:

    The Otyken band is great, glad you like them. Rumors are they may play in Borneo (Sarawak) later this year. If so, I will try to see them. They are from the Chulym tribe in Siberia and close cousins of the Native American tribes. Conservative and traditionalists within their Pagan/Russian Orthodox context. Very popular in Russia and Asia.

    • Replies: @AKAHorace
    , @24th Alabama
  50. @Jokem

    No I think they do see that. But what happens is that when you short California and go long somewhere else, you get more house, and your taxes drop and you get so excited you just lose perspective. So you say (with California still in the back of your mind) “hey these taxes are really not so bad here.” It’s the frog in the slow boiling pot deal.

  51. Bill Meyer says: • Website

    Ilana, your analysis of the tech oligarchs and their made to order immigration plantation in the lib hive mind cities is sound. In southern Oregon it is a little more to the addiction “thing” as Oregon voters stupidly approved Measure 110, decriminalizing street drugs. Between the illegal dope grows staffed by illegals (which we can’t arrest, sanctuary state) it’s amazing how many have showed up to our area because it’s well known you’ll rarely if ever be arrested. (small jail, always overcrowded) The soft-headed homeless non-profit rackets continue to harp on the exploding cost of housing which is keeping the gentle un-housed from shelter. However, observation tells me the “clients” passed out on the Bear Creek Greenway in Medford with needles stuck in their arms aren’t capable of holding down a gig and pay rent no matter how affordable the housing.

  52. AKAHorace says:
    @Antiochus Epiphanes

    Thanks for the long and considered post Antiochus. I don’t have time to give an equivalent reply, but

    All of my adult life I have been Paleoconservative/Paleolibertarian, socially & culturally traditionalist, small government, right-wing

    We have similar views. We are in roughly the same place but got there by different routes. I am a Social Democrat, but to make Social Democracy work you need social cohesion and a sense of community. Modern leftists don’t want to see this.

    If you liked the social cohesion of China you might also like the Visograd countries. I suspect that they are a better place for westerners to live long term than China.

    All the best.

  53. @obwandiyag

    If the problem is just lack of housing, then buy them cheap houses in flyover country. Problem solved, right?

    Most homeless are crazy, addicted or both. They can’t budget, hold a steady job, or competently cook, clean and repair. They start grease fires, get in drunken arguments and kill or injure acquaintances. Their living spaces get run down and filthy. A substantial number are tramps or hobos i.e. “happy homeless.” If you stick them in an apartment they’ll leave the next night.

    Maybe 10% are zeroed-out from medical bills, criminal records, financial mishaps, etc. That 10% group is the only homeless with a true housing problem. Get them up and off the streets, get them a job, and there’s a good chance the case workers never see them again.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  54. @The Anti-Gnostic

    Too stupid to read statistics, eh?

    I understand. Stupid is as stupid does. Just go with your dumb ignorant prejudices, that’s the ticket.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  55. @obwandiyag

    I’ve interacted with plenty of homeless. My experience comports with Noah’s delicately-tweezed statistics: a third of the homeless have severe mental illness. Another third have mental illness which while not categorizable as “severe” is still sufficient to preclude them from the job market or ability to maintain a clean, safe residence. Then there are the addicts and the alcoholics and the people who will no more stay in a permanent residence than a feral cat.

    Again, if homelessness were a housing problem, then all these wealthy progressive cities with affluent tax bases could just buy the homeless some housing. Homeless people could get menial jobs, roommates, shack up with family or friends. Elderly people could rent them rooms in exchange for chores. Boarding houses could make a comeback. You and Ilana could rent out your garages and basements to the homeless. This doesn’t happen because the homeless are not pleasant or stable. They will assault their neighbors, generate filth, start fires, etc.

    The breakdown I’ve seen is CATO 4321: 40% Crazy, 30% Addicts, 20% Tramps (the happy homeless), 10% zeroed-Out. You are only going to find 1 out of 10 homeless people whose problems you could actually solve by getting them housing.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  56. @Antiochus Epiphanes

    The freedom to be debauched, dissolute and drug-addled is sacrosanct in America. The homeless may freely assemble in tents on the streets, parks and gullies and crap any place they wish, even as they exercise their rights to free speech and vote.

    They are free to steal since the cops are afraid of being infested with scabies and bedbugs if they arrest them. The medical clinics and welfare offices are somewhat more welcoming as they greet them in hazmat suits.

  57. bert33 says:

    You wonder sometimes if the people crying about homelessness have ever worked a labor job, or any job, for that matter. The digi-verse is collapsing, big tech shedding jobs, and some people are going to have a hard time making ends meet when the fallout from all that precipitates through the banking mess. There might be a lot more homeless here pretty darn quick and some of the loudest ones are likely to end up eating humble pie, if they can afford it, that is. Spoiled air-conditioned soft-handed whinybabies who couldn’t set up a tent to save their lives. Thank god more people didn’t die in the cold this last winter. God bless US poor and homeless may he hold them in his love and care.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  58. bomag says:

    …the connection between homelessness, untreated mental illness, and addiction is rock-solid

    Multiple things can be true at the same time.

    These are a reliable component of homelessness. But not every homeless. Our frayed social safety net is a thing.

  59. Trinity says:

    A good deal of the people out there have “titles” and not an actual job. From the affirmative action mascot to 2 star Generals in the military to all those welfare recipients in Washington like (((Schumer, Nadler, Schiff))), Biden, Bitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, etc. The affirmative action mascot isn’t qualified and does little, the 2 star General with the ridiculous rows of FAKE medals on his uniform who has never spent one minute in combat, the pedophiles, homosexuals, crooks, in Washington who never had a real job, etc. Admittedly, I don’t think I would last long on the streets, but how long would these folks last pulling a 12 hour shift where they had to actually WORK.

  60. @The Anti-Gnostic

    You don’t know shit. You’re just an internet liar.

  61. Mac_ says:

    Many comments on thread are bs, comment nine and similar should be ignored or viewed in as bs, regardless the long drawl and seeming specificity it’s nearly all bs and I can knock down nearly every claim but won’t bother unless someone wants to argue which I suggest not.

    The northwest corner has been fam area since before the cons slobbed their ‘wa territory’ label on it much less ‘wa state’ bs. Have photo from 1800’s of fam logging skid with thirteen horse team. There aren’t words enough to describe the rape of this territory since then, and whole continent, and vile selfish ignorance of people and thereby guilt in destruction. By the way stop calling it ‘mother’ nature, con label same as ‘gaia’ bs. More accurate would be brother nature. populn is the situation, imo around 12m now, four to six times twenty years ago. Obvlously the cons lie, including bogus ‘census’. Remember being disturbed when was one million in the seventies. I don’t blame fam from original days, there was nothing here. The cons scribbled their bogus ‘state and paper ‘law’ claims sereptiously, then later slickly slid by, people no doubt assuming wouldn’t make much difference, they would be wrong of course. Understand this, nothing is different today than it was then, every con claiming to be govt or state is an invader on each persons natural law abiltiy or right, though if not used, means nothing. Though no one person can do the part ‘of’ others, personally have sacrificed and made the effort of many, expecting others would their part. The failure of people to share and make effort must change.

    Comment thirty, supposed ‘real estate ‘value ‘added to by immigrants’ is psycho fraud. ‘real estate’ is zero ‘value’ because dupes sat for fraud ‘wars’ and ‘bailouts and kelo v new london, private to private, and you dont own what you can’t defend. If anyone wants to ‘own’ anything or more important, be alive, better get busy against the cons schemes. Comment fifty six, spewing as if ‘rights free speech’, paper laws are a con as milions know and more are going find out. Whatever supposed ‘free speech’ people assume is under final bash down as the anti ‘hate’ cons are scribbling laws to shut mouth, and will use drones to back it. Ability to speak or do anything else requires more than repeating con memes until the cons jerk the rug and people recognize what natural law is. Natural law, might is right or effort is rule. That’s all there is.

    The article point on influx popln and rent, should be seen as main and situations combining, the homeless being visible edge of whats larger, the crush from every angle as the cons do their cons and people sit. As for the homeless specifically they don’t contribute to the death machine and fake ‘life’ veneer selfish ignorants do as the cons close in which is more than can be said for people who bch about the homeless.

    Appreciate the article.

  62. @Antiochus Epiphanes

    I don’t know about the rest of your narrative but I guarantee you that Reagan did not cut funding to mental institutions in Washington in 1973.

    • Replies: @Antiochus Epiphanes
  63. @Jefferson Temple

    I stand corrected. The Reagan federal cuts were in 1980. However, he made the cuts in California (as governor) in 1967 and, as most things in California, those cuts started to have ripple effect in the rest of the country, especially up and down the West Coast.

    I honestly do not know what the legal process was for the funding cuts at the Northern State Mental Hospital (I was in California at the time) but you are technically right. However, in 1973 Washington State actually had a Republican governor (Daniel J. Evans) and Olympia has always been in lockstep with Sacramento.

    My main point was not necessarily to pen the blame on Reagan (who I actually voted for) but to point out that if a society does not wish to invest in taking care of their mentally insane, there is a price to be paid… especially when the country’s proud slogan to the world is: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  64. @Antiochus Epiphanes

    I remember back in the 80s when people were complaining about Reagan’s federal cuts for the mentally ill. It’s a tough call, especially when you see how it turned out for some of the people who needed that institutional help. The state hospital that you describe sounds wonderful. OTOH, there were other institutions that were more like One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Those places did more harm than good and some patients would have had the experience of MK Ultra type experiments. Ar this point, I wouldn’t trust any place that relies heavily on prescription pharmaceuticals to heal mental and spiritual wounds. Just another insurance money grab if you ask me.

    • Replies: @Antiochus Epiphanes
  65. Trinity says:

    Well if sexual deviants, pedophiles, sociopaths, sadist, megalomaniac misfits, are mentally/emotionally ill, then Washington is full of head cases who certainly cost the taxpayer more money than the homeless. Some of these empty suits probably need to be doing time for rape, sexual assault and/or rape of a minor (Epstein clientele), and God only knows what else, even murder maybe.

    Addiction? Alcohol to drugs to sex with children can be found among these welfare recipients who run “our” nation. One thing these creeps are not addicted to is work.

  66. @Jefferson Temple

    Yep, totally agree. In my humble opinion, there is no solution to this problem in present day America. When the constitution was written, they were not thinking about homelessness and mental illness. They were thinking about how to keep a tyrannical monarchy at bay. It wasn’t as if homelessness and mental illness didn’t exist (AKA “Prairie madness”) but since everyone’s life and home was somewhat sitting on the knife’s edge, by necessity it was swept under the rug or individual families dealt with it as best they could. (There is a good story about this in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s 4th Little House book, “These Happy Golden Years.”)

    The religious communities could have dealt with a good bit of this back before it exploded. But they cannot constitutionally get government funds, and a single mistake (in a field where mistakes are pervasive) and they get sued and trashed in the press. Couple all of this with the total disaster that is modern American healthcare, gender-sexual insanity, police hatred and defunding and there is no way this can possibly do anything but continue to metastasize.

    American’s would never accept the Chinese solution (forcible removal and “re-education”) so neither will they ever have China’s sparkling clean and safe cities. There are no free lunches. Everything has a price.

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  67. @Antiochus Epiphanes

    There is no perfect way. The Chinese way is one approach. Another way would be the true liberal way- reduce the size of the federal government by reducing its scope and budget. One reason why communities can’t take care of these troubled people locally, where it makes most sense, is that they are taxed to the breaking point. Reduce the federal budget by at least half and let that money stay with people who need it, to run local shelters and care homes. Easier said than done, I know.

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