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Real Societies Use Prophylactics, Part 1
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Ideas about liberty have evolved, thankfully.

Egas Moniz, a Portuguese neurologist, received a Nobel Prize for performing lobotomies on his vulnerable, unconsenting psychiatric patients, or victims. Today, he has the contempt of decent mental-health practitioners. (If he doesn’t, they’re not decent.)

The same fate may await Alan Dershowitz’s status as a constitutional scholar for his coronavirus jurisprudence. Dershowitz has stated that the State has the power of precedent to drag you to a doctor’s office and plunge a vaccine-filled syringe into your veins.

Inconvenienced Vs. Violated

Contra Dershowitz’s forced-vaccination violence, social distancing and masking are mere inconveniences. They are not rights-infringing. Being inconvenienced is not the same as being unfree.

That you are asked to sanitize, suite-up and give people space means only that you are inconvenienced. That you are being requested not to encroach upon others—not to rub-up against them, or expel sputum on them: This is but an inconvenience.

In the context of a pandemic, these are quotidian requests, to be associated with civility and comity. They crimp your style, not your rights. The thing that infringes on your natural rights to sustain life and liberty is the lockdown.

Sequestering you so that you cannot feed yourself and your dependents is a violation of both natural and constitutional rights.

But prevention? Please!

Prevention is about delayed gratification. When you go out on the town or to work, you have to make an effort to protect others.

After all, isn’t asking members of society to cover-up and keep a distance as non-invasive as a request can get? Give it some thought.

Real men use prophylactics: Remember that ad campaign?

The Mañana Mentality

Who can deny that we Americans have a mañana mentality? Consume in the present; worry not at all about tomorrow.

The defining characteristic of the Unites States is debt—public and private, macro and micro. America is a debtor nation. Ours is a credit-fueled, consumption-based economy, not one founded on savings, investment and production.

This creed pivots on instant gratification, on the Pleasure Principle. Unless something is pleasurable, it excites suspicion and is deemed unworthy of pursuit.

Mañana certainly epitomizes the state of our pandemic preparedness reserves.

Without going into the perverse incentives operating in the safety-net hospitals, “Making the case for investments in material and hospital planning has long been challenging as most people have difficulty envisioning a major disaster,” admits Dr. Eric Toner, an authority on pandemic preparedness, from Johns Hopkins University: “Hospitals are also under pressure to keep margins thin and eliminate spending on staff and supplies that aren’t used all the time.”

Even if the US government were as enlightened as Singapore’s, which distributed reusable masked to all households—too many Americans would refuse to wear them on the grounds that you can’t take a good selfie, or that it’s momentarily inconvenient.

Look good today, worry about COVID tomorrow. And, “my rights”: If something is not pleasurable, it is often mistakenly considered an infringement of rights.

To equate liberty with petulant incivility is a mistake; it cheapens liberty.

Let us, then, suspend the mañana mentality and think beyond pleasure and convenience. And let us all retain a redeeming belief that, in America, your body is your property alone and nobody can pump you with potions without your consent.



Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She’s the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter, Facebook & Gab. Latest on YouTube

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Coronavirus, Disease 
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  1. And let us all retain a redeeming belief that, in America, your body is your property alone and nobody can pump you with potions without your consent.

    The principle of informed consent for medical procedures is a foundation of modern law. We give informed consent for medical procedures on our bodies and on those of our children. Vaccinations are represented as being generally safe, but there is always a chance, however small, that death or injury could occur. That is why we sign a form to indicate our consent for medical procedures. If the state forcibly vaccinates children—even for public health and the greater good—the legal principle of informed consent is violated, because nobody gave informed consent that had legal authority to do so. To believe otherwise is to embrace statism and to reject the idea of ownership of one’s own body, and the custodianship of the bodies of our minor children.

    • Agree: ILANA Mercer
    • Replies: @paranoid goy
  2. In the context of a pandemic, these are quotidian requests, to be associated with civility and comity. They crimp your style, not your rights.

    This bit of arbitrary quackery pulled from where? No, don’t tell me.

    How long have you been at this?

    If I tell you that you must, once daily, recreate the “Race of atomic supermen” soliloquy from Ed Wood or be locked in a cage, that is the initiation of force—a violation of your right to be free from initiated force. It isn’t cute, nor a polite request for frivolity; it is a direct threat against your liberty.

    No matter the supposed triviality, the state’s ultimate threatened penalty for full noncompliance is always death. That is not an exaggeration. This reality is why the theory of liberty is essentially devoted to delineating when, and to what extent, force is just.

    Hang up the spurs. You had a good run.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
    • Replies: @Exile
  3. Exile says:

    NAP-jihadi autistic fanaticism like this would make any form of government impossible.

    This isn’t libertarian thinking (which is problematic enough for any practice of sane governance). This is anarchism.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  4. Radek says:

    Three questions Ilana:
    1. –and your medical qualifications are?
    2. When you wrote ‘We Americans’ was it a slip of the tongue and should you have meant ‘We South Africans’?
    3. Are you ashamed of your origin?

    • Troll: Tsar Nicholas
  5. BuelahMan says:

    Imagine a sex driven jewess using the idea of a rubber to ensure people not spit on others, as if that were a problem in any society except Israel, where Christians are often spit upon by rabid jews.

  6. Quebecer says:

    I totally agree with I.Mercer.

    Early, widespread use of masks early on would have made lockdowns more difficult to invoke as essential public health measures.

    But locking down whole population proved irresistible to so many petty tyrants.
    It is disturbing to see how easily we, collectively, went along with this

    • Replies: @Realist
  7. @Weston Waroda

    Thank you for the learned exposition on our legal standing. “Justice is dependent upon the amount of force you bring to the argument”. Now, have you any REAL ideas about how not to get vaccinated? Actual plans, that will work against a nurse with a big smile and two armed cops knocking on every door in the street?
    So far all my legal rights and national sovereignty has not stopped Stopped Bill Gates from killing and maiming millions with his vaccines. Why has that changed? Because you learned some legal jargon? Stop quoting the people you respect, they all hate you anyway.

  8. Realist says:

    Early, widespread use of masks early on would have made lockdowns more difficult to invoke as essential public health measures.

    There is absolutely no proof of your dumbass statement.

    • Agree: botazefa, Tsar Nicholas
  9. @Exile

    You tell on yourself, indicating of self control a discomfort so strong that self-government is not considered government. It’s excluded entirely.

    Coercion-fetishists must disdain non-practitioners, else the dissonance would reach critical mass. Yes, I’m using the language of atomic explosionists; I like it.

  10. Realist says:

    Mercer,,,perhaps you should stick to defending lowlife blacks. Here is a hot one for you:

    The elderly White guy probably accused the black of jogging…go for it.

  11. Expecting another to don a mouth diaper is a manifestation of both ignorance and a lack of respect for the health of the other.

    Wearing masks can be a danger to one’s health. Doing so impairs one’s immune function.

    Check out Dr. Russell Blaylock’s analysis on the efficacy and dangers of wearing fear masks.

    The polite thing to do is never, ever expect others to finance the cost of one’s fears.

    • Replies: @Liberty Mike
  12. @Liberty Mike

    As if one can rebut the reality that mask wearing can cause labored breathing.

    Blocking air , even partially, puts excess stress on thoracic muscles and the diaphragm, causing one to feel out of breath.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  13. I did not expect to see this from Ilana. It doesn’t really square with libertarianism, paleo or otherwise. Not that I set much store by libertariansm, but one ought to be true to one’s own ideology.

    There will be a Thermidorian Reaction to all the masking and social distancing. It just isn’t natural, and nothing unnatural can endure very long.

    • Agree: Buzz Mohawk
  14. @Liberty Mike

    “As if one can rebut the reality that mask wearing can cause labored breathing.

    Blocking air , even partially, puts excess stress on thoracic muscles and the diaphragm, causing one to feel out of breath.”
    Absolutely. This is why 7 out of 10 surgeons & nurses faint or expire during operations. Also, 9 of 10 auto painters will collapse during car painting.
    We have been duly warned.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  15. @animalogic

    Absolutely. This is why

    And… out rolls the straw man fallacy under cover of irony. Forget shame; have you no pride?

  16. I dread when we will get a REAL pandemic, of a REALLY deadly disease like Ebola. Or like the black death of the middle ages, cholera, smallpox. Extreme restrictions on human and civil rights can make sense and be totally necessary for the common good. Mandatory vaccinations made sense for smallpox.
    There is the free rider problem. If everyone gets vaccinated, I am protected, without risking vaccination side effects.
    Now there seem to be serious reasons to wonder if locking down elementary schools -because of the Wuhan flu- was necessary and made sense. If mask wearing, and isolating people at risk would not have solved the problem. If lockdowns only postpone the epidemic, if it only runs out after infecting over 70% of the population.
    Thanks to social media such issues must not be discussed any more. The #PCGagOrder we describe regarding “minority” crime, is now extended on issues of Covid-19. And anything from unz must never be mentioned even on private fb messenger chats, url’s will be blocked.
    @Ilana Mercer elsewhere wrote about the black “minority” in South Africa and their treatment of the 12% white population that does NOT enjoy “minority” status nor protection.

  17. Kerry says:

    I’ve been thinking long and hard about this, and I have come to the conclusion that after COVID-19 has burned out and masks, gloves and social-distancing is no longer required, I’m going to keep wearing rubber-gloves in the supermarket, not out of fear of a cold or virus, but to avoid people’s unwashed hand residue.

    If there had to be PSA’s to remind the populace to wash their hands, then something is terribly wrong.

    As for social-distancing, that’s my default anyway.

  18. And let us all retain a redeeming belief that, in America, your body is your property alone…

    So how do you feel about circumcision, Ilana?

    Real men use prophylactics, but when you cut off our protective foreskin without obtaining our permission, you increase the chance of reduced sensitivity and therefore difficulty with condoms. (Which are bad enough as it is. Try kissing someone through a plastic bag.)

    We’ll put on a mask for you. (An N95 from the hardware store, because real men use them. We already have them for the dirty jobs we do.) But could you please ask for our permission before cutting off part our dick?

  19. Cowboy says:

    I see Ilana is still suffering an acute existential crisis over coronaporn (naturally these things affect females more deeply because of their instinctual attributes though even men like Unz will also suffer for varying reasons) and this is causing severe cognitive dissonance regarding her self identity and so the paleo libertarian label is clearly is no longer applicable and coming to that self understanding is difficult but necessary for her own intellectual honesty let alone being honest with her readers.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  20. @Cowboy

    A Mercer fan from long ago, was a shock to watch the quality erosion here, going back ~2+ years. If it emerges she was phased out while experimenters trained a poorly coded AI to imitate her, I will not require overmuch persuasion to believe it. This Mercer is unrecognizable compared to its superior version.

    If she still includes her parrot in videos, it may provide a clue. No, scratch that; the bird would’ve been the first replaced. What to do?

  21. Realist says:

    Ten times the number of blacks were killed…by blacks, in Chicago over the most recent weekend…than in the Arbrey incident. Where is your outrage???

  22. Ms Mercer has wandered off into the Land of Foggy Thinking.

    She argues that it’s good for government to force wearing of masks, to force social distancing, and to force people to shun crowds and quite often company. This is all trivial inconvenience, she believes.

    But the rationale for decreeing the wearing of masks and distancing etc. is claims of “public health” bureaucrats who intend to run our lives. It isn’t the wearing of a mask or having to distance from others that is the end of it all. It is the fact that public health “officials” now decree what is true and what is false as concerns “science”; what is acceptable behavior or wrongful; what facts may be decreed or ignored, invented or buried.

    From what natural source did these ordinary folks get the authority to think for the rest of us?

    What is mere inconvenience to Ms Mercer is devastating to restaurants, gyms, airlines, cruise ships, hotels and many others. For if social distancing should be forced by the State, then those enterprises cannot make money. If the State sought to “encourage” social distancing and denounce associations, then if most people complied…or actually, obeyed…enterprises would still still go broke.

    The “public health” technocrats have repeatedly lied: about the danger and mortality rate of this virus, in counting everything under the sun as coronavirus death, in pretending that testing is reliable and all worked out, in exaggerating the contagiousness of this virus, all to instill fear and dependency.

    They have provided political cover to politicians Born to Rule.

    When those charlatans and dopes decree social distancing, Ms Mercer is all ears and smiles, eager to obey, and quick to criticize as hedonists those who don’t want Nurse Ratched running their lives.

  23. “When those charlatans and dopes decree social distancing, Ms Mercer is all ears and smiles, eager to obey. ..” I wrote that in a previous comment of mine criticizing Ms. Mercer’s views on the coronavirus “rules of good behavior”.

    But my characterisation was not really fair at least in context of all she has written. It made her seem like a grinning idiot, which she is not. I should have pointed out that her exhorting us to keep our distance and mask up is out of line, in light of certain facts.

    First, public health bureaucrats are not scientific experts; they are political operators with an agenda who make claims about science. The are not honest when honesty gets in their way and have not been throughout this crisis. So to question, challenge and perhaps disobey their injunctions is responsible and sensible.

    Second, if Ms Mercer believes the public health people are authoritative and reliable, so that she wants to comply with their rules of behavior, okay. But she is no infectious disease expert. She ought to pay her respects to the right of other people to act in ways they decide are responsible and preferable, in light of their own risks and situations.

    If someone’s sick with something serious and contagious, they should stay away from others as much as they can. People know that. If someone’s vulnerable to infection it is their responsibility to watch out for themselves. People know that too.

    People are perfectly capable of reaching their own decisions about risks and opportunities.

  24. Final point. I had the impression Ms Mercer approved the use of force by government to induce people to wear masks and keep their distance. But it later occurred to me that she might simply mean people ought to follow those rules and stop complaining, without explicitly sanctioning force.

    I don’t know which approach is hers, so if I misrepresented her stance, sorry.

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