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Progressive Crazies Are Getting the Kids Killed
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Muslim men murder two European women backpacking across a Morocco mountain range and, right away pundits holler, “ISIS, Jihad, extremism, terrorism.”

Likewise misleading are the leads from the intelligence authorities, who seem to confirm that, but for “ISIS, Jihad, extremism, terrorism”—it would be perfectly safe to adopt the improvident habit embraced by the deceased and many young ladies like them:

Wander happily all over the world in the belief that the world is their oyster.

To be sure, Jihad was likely part of the predatory behavior involved in the decapitation of the two young Scandinavian lovelies, in Morocco.

But while potent, Jihad—and the Brownie points accrued for offing infidels—is not the main incentive in operation here.

Freud’s Pleasure Principle is—that atavistic, sexual pleasure derived by predatory males, when stalking and subduing a woman.

You adopt the argument of feminism when you willfully ignore sex, gender, and the man-woman disparities in crimes involving these young, attractive women.

Like many an agenda-driven pundit, the authorities are only too pleased to compartmentalize and abstract causality. They’ll tell you that Islamists, not Muslim men practicing Islam, are implicated in violence against women. They’ll tell you that a lofty ideology, not ordinary sex, was the motive for murdering Maren Ueland, aged 28, and Louisa Jespersen, aged 24. On and on.

It’s up to formative figures like parents to counter the crazies—for those who ignore the power differential that comes with biological differences are crazy. What’s worse, these crazies are getting the kids killed.

So, yes, Jihad. But Jihad is secondary to the probable sexual subjugation to which these mindless young women would have been subjected, as they traipsed around the Muslim Maghreb defenseless.

Please, parents and pedagogues, start teaching young girls that “Beauty and the Beast” is a fantasy; that the world, certainly the Third World, is not their oyster; that women can get raped, even killed, if they Kumbaya alone around the world. Or, around the country, for that matter.

The lesson is universal.

Before being abducted, raped and killed by stalker Jesse Matthew, in September of 2014, Hannah Graham drew the attention of this predator by wandering about alone, late at night, in Charlottesville, Virginia, her midriff so bare as to render her crotch almost visible. In surveillance footage, Ms. Graham can be seen swaying as though tipsy.

Invariably, the grief-struck parents of many a young woman like poor Hannah will demur, “She died the way she lived; free.” No: Ms. Graham and too many girls like her—if one is to go by crime documentaries such as “Investigation Discovery”—die horrible, futile deaths. This is likely because these young women are raised in a society that refuses to recognize the limits imposed by biology, preferring to teach them that their beauty, desirability and fragility place no impediments on their liberty to live la vida loca.

Progressive-minded parents are culpable in many ways for sending their girls into the maw of hell. Canadian Rebecca Jane Middleton was but 17 when she was packed off to Bermuda by her starry-eyed parents for a “trip of a lifetime.”

There, Ms. Middleton was tortured, sodomized, gang raped and then stabbed 35 times. Deceptively, the film about Jane’s ghastly demise is grouped in an “Investigation Discovery” series called “Murder in Paradise.”

Bermuda is no “paradise.” It is one of the most dangerous spots in the world, rated by American and British crime advisories as having “a medium-high crime rate.”


You don’t send your gorgeous, gormless (by definition) teenager to such a place, having taught her that the world is one big, extended family, and that to walk the streets of Mogadishu is no different than to walk the streets of Montreal. For she will “accept rides on motorcycles” from natural-born predators, as poor Miss Middleton did.

And again. In October of 2015, a young Canadian, Audrey Carey, was beaten to death in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. What was she up to? She “was on her first solo backpacking trip,” as relatives of Ms. Carey lamented. It was also her last. Carey had planned on day tripping through Europe, too.

A woman should not be backpacking alone through nature reserves, never mind across continents. Is she free to do so? Most certainly. Should she do so? Most certainly not.

American and European parents are universally blasé about their kids, girls especially. They’re also stupendously naïve, sending precious progeny, during their most foolish years, to dangerous spots around the world, to soak in the world, armed with nothing but a sweet smile and delusions about the goodness and sameness of human nature.

The grisly murder of the two girls hiking in Morocco was as predictable as the 2017 rape and killing of an Irish lass, Danielle McLaughlin (28), who was trekking solo across India. And if a calamity is predictable it is also preventable.

Ilana Mercerhas been writing a weekly,paleolibertarian columnsince 1999. She is the author of “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed(June, 2016). She’s onTwitter, Facebook,Gab&YouTube

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Feminism, Political Correctness 
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  1. Rational says:


    Thanks for the excellent article. I agree with you.

    The problem is that these white women are brainwashed by the liberal media that we are all the same. They do not understand that colored men are filled with intense lust just looking at them, and will attack them as soon as they get a chance.

    Yes, the parents should do more, but I have heard parents complain that these brainwashed young girls won’t listen. They are told that any criticism or mention of risk of associating with colored men means you are a “racist.” That is the #1 brainwashing tactic used by the liberals.

    Maybe we need to give them articles by other women, like you, and they will listen more.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Truth seeker
  2. Agree with you in general, but we cannot simply ignore any responsibility on the part of the women themselves. At 28 one should be intelligent and independent enough to do research before setting off on a great adventure. The average person is capable of researching the latest gadgets, computers, and automobiles, so I labour to concoct a narrative by which we can absolve them of any responsibility for researching travel destinations.

    In general, white women have to be the most stupid creatures on earth.

    Yes, high average IQ and all that (compared to Somalis), but in terms of naivety and lack of street smarts, they are off the charts. You don’t see Mexican or Asian American women doing this, despite being dosed with the same propaganda.

    White women are, I hate to say it, simply defective when it comes to survival instincts. I’m not sure why they are so extreme compared to women from other ethnic groups. They avoid having children at all costs, think nothing of travelling to third world crapholes, and generally do their best to undermine and destroy their own societies. Simply look at who votes for the pro-immigration parties in Europe.

    (I say this as someone married to a white women, but a white woman who is not naive).

    Imagine investing countless years into raising a child, and then seeing that child deliberately head off into a swamp full of alligators. You warn the child not to go, and the child tells you that she knows better than you do. I feel for the parents, but have no pity for these young women. They should have been smarter.

  3. SafeNow says:

    I have heard the phenomenon called “Jungle Fever.” That refers to white young women dating young black men for the so-called status involved. I understand dating, for “status,” a white young man who plays football. Perhaps this football guy is not the most interesting, decent, intelligent, polite date around. But he’s basically okay in these qualities. The Jungle Fever date will probably be less okay. I can’t imagine what they talk about, what they do, how they have fun.

  4. What Rational said: excellent article. Should be added to Derbyshire’s The Talk.

  5. Anonymous [AKA "Conscientious Backpacker"] says:

    I totally agree with this article. Just taking the underground in a “globalised area” in a large european country is a liability for a young woman. But you cannot part a man or woman from his/her folly. They literally lost their heads, believing the globalist antiracist brainwashing. It’s like the Bataclan terror attack in Paris in 2015. Brainwashed antiracist victims in their mid twenties, early thirties, fighting the ghost of the extreme right or evil racist people that have long disappeared. The reactions of mainstream media to this event in Sweden is also stupendous. Showing pictures of these two girls being slaughtered is likely of prosecutions etc…

  6. Anon[408] • Disclaimer says:

    Stupid shows like Globe Trekker make the world seem like one big playground.

  7. The sad thing is, without the large-scale immigration that has swamped the West since the 1950s, it actually *would* be safe for women to backpack alone in most (but not all) of the Western World.

  8. @jbwilson24

    Non-white women get dosed with the same propaganda, but their daily lived experiences (with their own males) prevent them from actually believing it. White women do not have this daily life experience to rely on.

    There is literally nothing actually wrong with white women that wouldn’t be cured by having different experiences.

  9. Renoman says:

    It’s pretty simple:
    The World is ruled by violence.
    Most of the World [including the USA ] is ruled by criminal gangs.
    There are a lot of people out there who have no respect for Human life and think nothing of murdering people.
    Carry a weapon or at least Pepper Spray.
    Learn to Run.
    Do not depend on Government or the Police to solve your problems.
    Make friends with the local gang and tip them heavily.
    Do not go forth in revealing clothing anywhere and unless you are a Muslim stay away from Muslim Countries.
    When in Rome do as the Romans do.
    Hire a body guard when you carry cash.

    Give this list to your Children and maybe they will live to be old.

  10. It’s ironic that despite the moral panic about “rape culture” on American college campuses they are probably among the safest places on the planet for young women to practice risky behaviors such as late-night solo walks and public inebriation.

  11. Mats says:

    Sampling on dependent variable. How much has travel increased?

    A few horrible cases don’t prove a thing.

    But I agree that parents do not teach their kids that Muslim men in group are dangerous, etc

    • Replies: @Sean
  12. Sean says:

    Murders are not all that common because most girls are not so foolhardy about violence, but they are about what is going to happen to them. What is par for the course is young women travelling in these counties are pestered constantly if they are unattached, so they are more or less compelled to get a local boyfriend. Parents do not realise their daughters are going to be trading sex for peace and quiet, and the daughters don’t either when they set off on their adventure.

  13. Progressive Crazies Are Getting the Kids Killed

    This is hardly news. Cf. WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam…

  14. swamped says:

    maybe at 17 you can use some parental (or other) guidance, but at 28?
    “Jihad is secondary to the probable sexual subjugation to which these mindless young women would have been subjected”..probable/would have been isn’t exactly proof positive so motives are still unclear; which doesn’t detract from the inherent danger either way, but it can happen to young men in strange places, too. On the face of it, trekkers & parents might expect Morocco to be relatively safe, since the recent murder rate per 100,000 in Morocco is quite low at 1.24, about the same as the UK at 1.20 and well below that of the U.S. at 5.35. A grisly murder in Morocco was probably no more predictable than in the UK, although maybe a little more so than in Norway with a rate slightly less at 0.51 Trekking across India perhaps such a crime is a little more possible, with a murder rate of 3.22; but still well below U.S. rate. But not nearly as low as the murder rate in Ireland of 0.80. So unless you want to stay home in Norway or Ireland, you’re probably assuming a greater risk just about anywhere else you go, sadly.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  15. @jbwilson24

    We should all be a lot smarter (starting with me, but let’s not go into that). However, we aren’t, and there are legal protections for the gullible:

    A false representation of a matter of fact—whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of what should have been disclosed—that deceives and is intended to deceive another so that the individual will act upon it to her or his legal injury.

    More complete definition here:

    Fraud is bad. Remember that, and take some active measures against the fraudsters.


  16. @Renoman

    Words to live by.


  17. Anonymous[370] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, the parents should do more, but I have heard parents complain that these brainwashed young girls won’t listen. They are told that any criticism or mention of risk of associating with colored men means you are a “racist.” That is the #1 brainwashing tactic used by the liberals.

    They should show them the video of one of the Moroccan killings. The imagery and the sounds would stay with them forever.

  18. @Rational

    Just how racist are you?
    Statistically, white men aged 18-30 commit 67% of sexual assaults and rapes. While the “colored men” you are so scared of are in the actual minority of these crimes.
    You’re clearly blinded by xenophobic fear and irrational thought about anyone you perceive as not white.
    Educate yourself.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
    , @bj
    , @bj
  19. Many of the comments below seem to me to have unnecessarily seized upon the idea that this author is warning young women against non-white men. I don’t see it that way.

    For instance, given their numerical preponderance in American society over non-whites it’s fair to assume that in America white males are responsible for a majority of violent crimes against women about which this article is written. In other words, it’s the criminality of the assailant’s mind rather than his skin color which determines whether or not he’s a threat to women who are alone and vulnerable.

    As a consequence of this belief, I have long-guarded my two girls like a lion would a cub against both white and non-white hyenas, regardless. Whereas my protection of my girls may to some, and certainly to them, appear to be overbearing and unduly restrictive I grew up in a rough albeit largely white world and know darned well how predatory, criminal and injurious with abandon whites can be. They can easily be as predatory as those of other races and perhaps even more so.

    For me it comes down to this. The world is an exceptionally dangerous place and that goes 2X, 3X or 4X once one finds oneself in a place where the population lives on a dangerous knife’s edge of survival. That can be in some distant land or it can be in the what are called The Wards of Houston.

    Kids don’t know a freaking thing about these dangers and, indeed, sometimes foolishly court them. It’s up to THEIR FATHERS TO UNFAILINGLY PROTECT THEM no matter how overbearing we must be and must seem to be to them.

    Here’s the rule: if you sup from my table, live in my abode, wear the clothes I buy you and enjoy my protection THEN YOU CAN DAMNED WELL DO EXACTLY, PRECISELY, AND UNFAILINGLY WHAT YOU ARE TOLD TO DO AND NOT TO DO…PERIOD, END OF STORY!!!!

    Fathers are not a child’s BFF and never should be restricted to that self-aggrandizing role…as it’s potentially deadly to the child. As a parent, never be afraid to parent.

  20. @Truth seeker

    Educate yourself! so-called “TruthSeeker”.

    The 57% you cite lumps together Hispanic males with Whites–not with “colored men” as you imply. Whites comprise 62% of the population. Hispanics 18% for a total of 80%.

    Meanwhile, blacks, who make up only 12.5% of the U.S. population, commit 27% of the sexual violence.

    So, 80% of the population do 57% of the crime while blacks at 12.5% do 27%. So if White/Hispanic were 100% they would commit 71. If blacks 100% they would commit 216. That’s a ratio of 71/216 or for every 1 rape committed by a White/Hispanic, there are 3 committed by a black.

    To top it off, the black on white sexual assault puts the white on black into the shade. White on black rape is 0%. Virtually all the interracial rape in the USA is black on white, that according to the same Dept. of Justice and Crime Victimization figures you cite. So a fair number of the black perpetrators were preying on whites.

    You have been bamboozled by people who don’t really have your welfare at heart. Go to the primary sources. The Department of Justice statistics are open to any one who visits their websites, though, since Holder’s machinations, they are less transparent (and honest) because of his aggregating Hispanic with white perpetrators (but not victims).

  21. when women act like whores,

    they get treated like whores.

    join THOT Patrol!

    sign up at

  22. bj says:
    @Truth seeker

    The rape numbers are taken from your link and the population numbers are from Wikipedia. Black men are 6.5% of the USA population. White men, including Hispanics, are 38.5% of the USA population. Black men commit 27% of the USA rapes. White men, including Hispanics, commit 57% of the rapes in the USA.


    Black men commit 2.8 times as many rapes as white men for each percent of population. A random black man is 2.8 times as likely to rape a woman, as is a random white man. You are innumerate, hence your emotional accusation of racism and xenophobia. The numbers don’t lie, but the innumerate often do!

    • Agree: Haxo Angmark
  23. Biff says:

    Heart disease, and car accidents are by far much more likely to kill you as opposed to traveling the world, but when selling fear those stats are just not very effective. Mercer is using a chapter out of the Zionist playbook, whipping up the loathing and anger of anything that might be against their cause, and call it terror!

    Men are dogs!

  24. MarkinLA says:

    I doubt the low murder rate in Morocco is because of the extremely law abiding people who abhor killing. I bet it has a lot to do with the vendetta culture that places like that operate under. You don’t kill the neighbor’s kid unless you want to find your own kid killed one day. A westerner traveling through the rural regions of Morocco where there is no police presence doesn’t have someone to avenge them so the killers likely thought they would get away with it.

  25. Assignment for a Sociology class project: post this article on a site where feminists lurk and count the “Blaming the victim!!” screeches in the comments.

  26. Brutus says:

    Nice to see Canadian youth travelling abroad. Here’s an original Canuck encouragement to such youth:, now annual & international. My heart swells with, well, perhaps not ‘pride’.
    Any comment on U of T Prof Dr. Jordan Peterson in noting that make-up serves to increase sexual attraction & thus has no place in the workplace?

  27. @Renoman

    Pepper spray is wise to carry if you live somewhere that largely prohibits anyone outside his own property from carrying a handgun openly and from carrying it concealed, like California.

    Otherwise, there is no substitute for a handgun, and the advice should be, ALWAYS have a handgun. Our girls will.

    Hiring s bodyguard when carrying cash is, of course, unaffordable for almost all of us. In any event, women especially will be targeted by these animals without any big concern over whether they have cash on hand.

  28. @Biff

    You will be a dangerously naive parent if you are not already.

    If your daughter goes hiking in an african, Arab, and/or Muslim country without a firearm, is she more likely to be raped and/or murdered, or is she more likely to die in a car accident or heart Disease during the trip?

    • Replies: @Biff
  29. Biff says:

    If your daughter goes hiking in an african, Arab, and/or Muslim country

    These places don’t have an exclusive on murder and mayhem – nor does Chicago for that matter. Anywhere and everywhere can be deadly if you don’t use your head, and maybe that should be the point of the essay.

    Why does it seem so much worse if a person gets whacked far from home than just around the corner?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  30. Anonymous[362] • Disclaimer says:

    Why does it seem so much worse if a person gets whacked far from home than just around the corner?

    Because, in their own 99.99% white environments they are 99.98% safe and they are indoctrinated to approach a 20% non-white not-safe environment like it’s the same. People like you have their blood on your hands.

  31. @Biff

    Woe be unto the insurance underwriter who hires Biff as an actuary. Hosteling around the world’s shitholes is typically a one to two year thing in a person’s life that occurs before age 35. Heart attacks are typically the culmination of many more years of living. The typical white American spends far more hours driving a car than hosteling the world’s shitholes in a lifetime.

  32. As to the article itself, there have been quite a few stories of late of young women accompanied by their starry-eyed soy boy toys and they both get done by Mohammed or Iggoobadoo.

  33. cokeefe says:

    I’m going to be hiking in Europe. Preferably with a friend but very likely alone. I’m planning on East Europe, such as Hungary, Poland, but also UK and Northern Spain.

    Sure, I might get attacked, even killed but that can happen anywhere. I refuse to live in fear. Even older women, from 60-80s, have been raped and murdered in Europe, usually by Migrants, lately.
    The key is to have a weapon, be vigilant, don’t go off with anyone you just meet, and stay out of bars and heavily migrant areas. Even then, one must always be vigilant.

  34. Lucy says:

    When my daughter was growing up (privileged, in a privileged place in W. Europe), I was appalled, at mostly UK teachers, never mentioning anything to girls about how to behave to protect themselves. I was shocked that NO ONE was concerned about protecting young girls.They acted and swore like boys. “.(In the 50’s and early 60’s in the US, we were terrified of getting a “bad reputation” and everyone was more civil.)

    Luckily, my shy daughter had built-in common sense not to trust boys ( all nationalities). One of her best friends ended up in rehab for drugs and alcohol at 18, the other in India in a hospital at 19. They were beautiful white girls with huge potential who amounted to nothing. I’m watching and hoping my granddaughters won’t believe that the world is their playground. I went off with the American Red Cross to Vietnam at 22 thinking it would be worthwhile and “fun”. In two days I had become a new “realistic” person.

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