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Oh, What Wonderful Wars: The West's Lying Warlords
Africa’s pushback against war with Russia provides some oscillation in the faulty circuit of American hegemony.
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While offering meek opposition to the Ukraine project, the ostensibly “sane” wing of the GOP is ready with an alternative war: China. The base seems on board with the batshit-crazy buildup in American belligerence toward China. I am, however, buoyed by Africa’s resistance to US foreign-policy diktats, the direction taken by African leaders with Putin, to be precise.

“Uganda will not succumb to pressure from former colonizers in the West to turn against Russia,” stated the Ugandan foreign minister, “as longstanding bilateral relations with Moscow are too important.”.

The clownish “colonizer” riff aside, African leaders’ sentiments pertaining to the Russia-Ukraine, American-courted quagmire are apt: America has “cancelled countries, and killed the ancient, civilizing concept of neutrality.” That Africa, but not Europe, is demanding the freedom to choose its alliances is commendable.

Africa’s pushback against war with Russia provides some oscillation in the faulty circuit of American hegemony.

Skepticism is duly in order—“Laughing Out Loud” emojis, rather—when the FBI, apparatus of an “Empire of Lies,” embraces the intentional-leak theory as to COVID’s origins.

As it happens, “FBI Director Christopher Wray,” reports the BBC News, “has said that the bureau believes Covid-19 most likely originated in a Chinese government-controlled lab.” You don’t say. That settles it, now, doesn’t it? Well, no, it doesn’t. Not with the FBI’s lousy track record for veracity, neutrality and reliability.

Coming from the FBI, the intentional-leak theory seems rich—certainly as “intuitive” as Russia blowing up “the Nord Stream pipelines, also some of Europe’s most important civilian energy infrastructure.” By no coincidence, the FBI is currently running interference in a kinetic war with Russia and in a ramp-up to confrontation with China. (Leaks in biosafety level-4 laboratories have occurred both in the USA and in China.)

So, who gave COVID to the world? The bat-eating, Chinese people thus gifted the world. The plague-delivery pedigree of the Chinese is solid. Courtesy of the Chinese, the West got the H2N2 virus in 1957 and the H3N2 virus in 1968. Granted, the Chinese viral supply chain was broken with H1N1 flu; it came from Mexico. But, with the bird flu, SARS and SARS-Cov-2, the Chinese had fully reestablished their conventional disease-delivery credentials.

As conservatives tell it, the Chinese Communist Party is responsible for COVID, rather than the many millions of Chinese, who capture, torture—boil alive—and consume wild animals in ways that beggar belief.

Going by such COVID culpability theories, the steady stream of “China plagues” has had nothing to do with the noble Chinese people, who were just hanging—being the freedom-loving, civilized sorts they are; going about the business of making the world a better place—when, lo and behold, their scheming, communistic government sprung the COVID on them—and the world.

The clincher: If we know anything about the Chinese it is that, unlike the Americans, they do tend to act in the national interest. Covid was, very plainly, not in the national interest.


Jane Goodall, a wise woman, is not the only scientist who has warned one and all against the brutal, barbaric manner in which animals, wild and domestic, East and West, are being husbanded, creating the conditions and the opportunities for viruses to jump from animals across the species barrier to humans.

To me, the fact that the little Covid RNA strand has progressed quite conventionally from virulent to harmless further supports the supposition that SARS-Cov-2 has not been humanly engineered to resist such biologically predicted evolution.

Predictably, the Left chose to forsake animals to the tortures of the Chinese wet market, rather than campaign to close these. And no, Tucker Carlson, wet markets are not only for fish, as the host asserted in the first week of March of 2023. China’s wet markets, set up by immigrants in the US, too, are hell on earth for animals; places where mammals and feathered friends are tied up, stacked in cages and slaughtered on the spot for “freshness.”

“China plagues” was Donald Trump’s delicious coinage. Trump at CPUKE 2023 promised he’d stop the war in Ukraine, this, as he voiced a decided lack of neutrality in the conflict, even a vested interest in the outcomes for the one side. Mr. Trump continues to offer the same purely fiscal, utilitarian line on NATO, which is an excrescence of US foreign policy and has been instrumental in the latest war: less funding.

Trump also asserted that he never started wars. Well, he was certainly active in Niger, and it only took tears from Ivanka to drop a daisy cutter on Assad, who is an Alawite and friend to the Christians of Syria. Houseboy Jared was likewise overjoyed at Trump’s backing for Riyadh.

As to the Saudi’s Sunni-against-Shia religious war in Yemen, a “U.S.-backed, Saudi-led endeavor: No tears were shed over Yemeni babies dying of starvation due to US-aided blockades of that country’s ports by Saudi Arabia.

ALL THIS AND MORE is discussed on the latest HARD TRUTH PODCAST, , with David Vance and your columnist. WATCH. We appreciate your SUBSCRIBE:

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Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian think piece since 1999. She’s the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter (barely), Gab, Gettr YouTube & LinkedIn; banned by Facebook, and has a new video-podcast.

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  1. Thank you I’ll take covid 19 as a natural phenomenon any day. Of course I would admit to being wrong if it’s proven to be lab-engineered. All I hear is noise, so wait and see, but really, its one of the bugs nature culls us with from time to time.

    What I do have a problem with is social engineering and medical grandiosity.

  2. treacherous Chinese torture, kill, and eat

    our campanion animals: cats and dogs.

    that alone justifies all counter-measures

    short of a nuclear first strike.

    • Troll: RoatanBill
  3. Notsofast says:

    clueless….. covid19 is a darpa bioweapon produced in conjunction with the nih, ralph baric working for both agencies, received a 2015 patent for attaching a bat spike protein complex to an existing coronavirus. this gain of function research was outlawed in this country and fauci and baric moved it to the wuhan lab, then brought it back home in 2017 after changing the law. we knew they had it in wuhan because we have the receipts. your batsoup recipe is a red herring.

    • Agree: Realist
  4. george 1 says:

    Covid 19 has protean sequences that demonstrate it was manmade. There is also a patent on the virus. You can’t patent something natural.

    The virus was created so that the powers that be could introduce their vax. It was all part of their population reduction plan.

  5. @Notsofast

    Ms. Mercer suggests at the beginning of this column that she’s not “on board with the batshit-crazy buildup in American belligerence toward China.” In fact, she continues to do her part, cultivating comments like # 2.

    • She fear mongered about severity circa March/April 2020.

    • She opposed mandated Pharma injections, but evaded inquiries about her choice until finally stating explicitly that she had declined them.

    • She has maintained a steadfast disinterest in your or any other theory about provenance except the “wet market” school, typically expressed with contempt for not only China’s government, but Chinese culture and people.

    Notice, too, that she’s tacking away from Trump, praised here only for his “‘China plagues’ … delicious coinage.” This is going to be another difficult dance for Ms. Mercer — she pushed hard for Trump in 2015/16, but now supports DeSantis.

  6. Trinity says:
    @Greta Handel

    DeIsraelis is the next (((chosen one))) to be (((selected. ))) This Goombah aka an Eyetalian goober, wants to make it illegal to criticize or boycott muh Israel.

    Vote Harder Whitey and God Bless The JewSA.

  7. Realist says:

    While offering meek opposition to the Ukraine project, the ostensibly “sane” wing of the GOP is ready with an alternative war: China. The base seems on board with the batshit-crazy buildup in American belligerence toward China.

    Yes, and Tucker Carlson is earning his keep with the Deep State as controlled opposition.

    While I agree that some Chinese culinary practices are barbaric, Covid-19 and the Nord Stream destruction were planned and implemented by the same avaricious megalomaniac scumbags annihilating Western Civilization.

    • Agree: Jim Christian
    • Thanks: Trinity
  8. More like Fudgepac

  9. Ron’s American Pravda pieces on Covid tell the tale.

  10. @Greta Handel

    “cultivating comments like #2”

    Haxo has never been cultivated by Ilana the Jewess. He just likes cats, and some dogs.

    however, I did once in NYC have a Chinese GF named Rhett Chang, one of 2 daughters of Nationalist (Taiwan) China’s former UN ambassador. Her sister Tisa was a B-movie actress…catch her on U-tube w Micky Roony and Hugh O’Brien in “Ambush Bay”. Anyways,

    we broke up up ’cause I get tired of her endless, genocidal anti-Japanese tirades.

  11. Mali recently expelled “the West” and invited Russians.

  12. @Notsofast

    Too many on this site refuse to see that the US and China played a part in this.

    China is the wild west in terms of medical testing, so rogue Westerner’s go there to do stuff they can’t stateside.

    Daszak and EcoHealth alliance were prevented by DARPA from doing GoF work on corona-viruses in America, so went and did it at the WIV, this isn’t conspiracy theory, it’s admitted fact

  13. I actually used to read Mercer faithfully, attended two of her “libertarian” appearances in Washington State (I’m actually her neighbor) and even bought her book… before I realized she was nothing more than another typical Jewish female nut case… (the Jewish religion being nothing more than institutionalized and ritualized OCD… a fact which both Marx and Freud actually got right despite their many other limitations and dead ends).

    There are absolutely no rational reasons why the Chinese Goyim’s willingness to eat foods that are religiously disgusting to the Jews is morally wrong or a scientific health risk. I have personally had pig’s blood soup, BBQ dog, and snake pâté and found it all very tasty even if I found it myself to be culturally repulsive. But here’s the rub. The Christian and pseudo-Christian West is grounded in Judaism and few have ever critically analyzed exactly what that means. If you believe the Jews own sacred scriptures, the Jews genocided the late Bronze Age Canaanite civilizations for no other reason other than the Canaanites worshiped different gods than the Jews and they ate “detestable foods.” Today highly respected Jewish archeologists say this never happened and that the Jews were merely lying through their teeth to make themselves look more powerful than they actually were and to inspire their fellow Jews to continue with their OCD religious program.

    It does not make much difference which case is actually true: i.e. whether the Jews were the bellicose and violent Mongols of ancient Mesopotamia or they were (as Jesus said) the spawn of their father the devil who was “the father of lies.”

    Mercer disparages 10,000 year old Chinese civilization because a small fraction of rural Chinese still eat foods she finds religiously “unclean” while she somehow manages to find 245 year old Jewmerican civilization superior because it follows the Judeo-Globo-Homo religious taste in acceptable cuisines and (unlike Chinese Yin and Yang)

    does not distinguish between the male anus and the female vagina as a natural receptacle for the male appendage for the propagation of the species. In the end, the coming war is actually between China and Judaism and Judaism’s proxy, Anglo-Zionist-American Empire.

    Anyone who has spent any time in China (as Mercer certainly has not) knows full well that China, even with all her ancient faults, is a vastly superior civilization to the US on multiple fronts and that China’s “autocracy” is actually more “democratic” than the West’s “sacred democracy.” As Plato (and Moses) taught us, freedom follows form, and a kite without a string will not fly. The original ancient Jews actually understood this as well. Where they went wrong is a matter of academic dispute, but the 10,000 year old Chinese civilization still gets it… and Mercer (her gastronomical disgust notwithstanding) should try to find the point where the two actually agree. Otherwise, the Jews are (yet again) setting themselves up for another holocaust.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  14. Mark G. says:

    I voted for Trump in 2016, hoping that his less interventionist foreign policy would lead to cuts in military spending. I was unhappily surprised when he actually increased military spending once in office. As long as you have a large military, you will eventually end up using it. Madeleine Albright expressed this type of thinking in the nineties when she said the following to Colin Powell while discussing a Bosnia intervention: “What’s the point of having this superb military that you’re always talking about if we can’t use it?”

    Trump said he would drain the swamp but to drain the swamp you have to reduce funding for it. Trump did not cut government spending while in office and ended up adding another eight trillion dollars to the national debt. When evaluating presidents, don’t look at what they said. Look at what they actually did.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  15. Malcolm X says:

    The clownish “colonizer” riff aside,

    This statement is the reason no one takes your white right outcries seriously. The only question is did the Anglo-American project colonize other countries or not. The answer is an unequivocal YES! This fake absloution the white west tries to give itself behind the accusations of blaming Jews and stupid Shabbos goy politicians.

  16. “Lying” is at the core of the growing world war between, primarily, the West against a Sino-Russian front. That should not be a surprise: wars are built on the premise of a lie. All wars are fought over power, but power is an illusion: no hegemon has held it forever, every empire has eventually the war it was trying to avoid – its own destruction. That’s where mankind is now as it faces into the abyss of WW III.

  17. Trinity says:
    @Antiochus Epiphanes

    BBQ dog is wrong on so many different levels. I just met a Grizzly Adams wannabe who ate beaver ( real beaver, not that one), otter, bear, and who knows what else. The freak even had pictures on his phone of the bear and beaver, in addition to the butchered meat.

    “Grizzly” was buying sardines. I told him so you eat these smelly things ( I eat them for my health only) too? Nope says Grizzly, I use them to bait otters. I say, Griz, how can you shoot a cute little otter? Griz says that “he’s a man and he is raising his sons to be men.” haha. Nothing more macho than shooting a black bear with a rifle from a safe distance or cutting down gluttonous otters who have the temerity to eat fish out of your stocked pond. I saw Grizzly later picking out lunch meat. Haha. Beaver are not meat eaters so? Eating a beaver is like eating a giant rat with a funny tail.

    • Replies: @Antiochus Epiphanes
  18. @Trinity

    Explain how eating a dog, an animal that the West believes to be a taxon ranked only slightly below humans, is any different than eating a cow which the Hindus believe to be sacred? The French like snails and turtle soup both of which I found totally disgusting until I tried them at a very high end restaurant in Paris. Its all in the mind and a matter of your cultural and religious perspective and what you have grown accustomed to. The early Christians and all of the disciples of Jesus were all Jews who, like Mercer, were repulsed by eating any animal other than fish, beef, goat, sheep… all the biblically kosher foods prepared in a kosher way. Some of this may have had a semi-valid basis in caution given the hot, dirty desert environment that birthed Judaism. But caution taken to an extreme and mingled with the clinically very well documented Jewish propensity for OCD and then further combined with the Jewish propensity to kill everyone who refuses to enable their neurosis ends in holocaust. The very early Christians (Jews) believed that God (the Jewish God, Yahweh) told them that eating detestable “unkosher” animals was just fine. (Acts 10:9-16)

    The Jews would have done themselves a favor by at least considering whether Peter’s vision had some validity rather than listening to their psychotic self serving rabbis who whipped them up into a diabolical mob and sent them on a rampage to kill Jesus.

    Pigs do tend to get pretty filthy and will themselves eat garbage. They do occasionally get diseases that can spread to humans, especially if raised in low hygiene environments. Dogs will eat other dog’s feces and cats have disgusting parasites that can actually cause schizophrenia which infects the Jews more than any other race.

    While cows tend to be “cleaner” animals internally and externally, Bovine spawned diseases are way more common than most people suppose and lets not even talk about poultry. The Jewish laws of kosher had more to do with the Jews neurotically trying to separate themselves from others than anything biological or spiritual. The Chinese also have their superstitions but unlike the Jews they do not expect others to follow them and it is a part of the best in Chinese culture to respect the religion of others. Rural Chinese who have poured into the cities by the millions should have been discouraged from bringing their dietary preferences with them. This is now slowly being done. Educated Chinese do not eat dogs and snakes but neither are they religiously repulsed by it unless (like the Jews) they are trying to separate themselves on the social hierarchy.

    Don’t know much about eating beavers and otters though the “other” kind of beaver while pleasurable to eat, definitely as its health risks if not properly cleaned and prepared. 🙂 Frog legs are delicious. Alligator is out of this world and on par with lobster in my opinion. Rattlesnake steak is also very tasty. There used to be a restaurant in Denver which specialized in unkosher wild game. You could be guaranteed it was 99% Jew free. I’m not sure whether it survived COVID or not.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  19. Trinity says:
    @Antiochus Epiphanes

    Eaten gator and snapping turtle, I’ll go with the turtle. Done frog legs as well. Owned dogs my whole life and none ate poo. I have known people who claimed their dog would eat poo though.

    Shellfish are delicious. Steamed crabs, steamed shrimp are delicious. Catfish are scavengers but are delicious when fried. Snakes? No thanks. I hate snakes, about the only animal along with rats that I can’t stand. Asians ( don’t know which Oriental tribe) eat cockroaches?? Good lawd, man, how sickening is that. Cue: Papillon w/Steve McQueen.

    Animal lover particularly dogs so I almost equate eating a dog with cannibalism.

    • Replies: @Antiochus Epiphanes
  20. @Trinity

    I am also a dog lover. I only ate dog meat in China because it was available and I wanted to see what it was like, and I can clearly see why people like it. That being said, while I do not advocate it, I see absolutely nothing morally wrong with it per se, other than it offends Western sensibilities… sort of like Jew advocated and protected faggotry and trannyism offends Eastern sensibilities… only I would argue that on a biological, psychological, sociological and moral level faggotry and trannyism are clearly moral and mental deficiencies that presage the end of a corrupted and dysfunctional civilization. Whereas eating dogs and snakes are not moral failures but rather indicative of a developing level of civilization struggling for survival. Once survival has become more certain and secure and stable food supply chains are in place, more reliable protein sources become normalized and eventually preferred. This is exactly what you see in China today. What pisses me off is emotional cripples like Mercer who pass themselves off as enlightened and “libertarian” and then look down their hooked noses at a race like the Chinese who not only predate the Jews by several thousand years but have actually established themselves as real viable civilizations whereas the Jewish parasites have NEVER established a civilization of their own and have always and forever only survived by attaching themselves to real civilizations and leeching off of them while lecturing them morally. They succeeded in doing that in ancient Canaan and have been trying to leverage that success in every other country they have migrated to ever since. It won’t work in China which is why they are now trying to get their American serfs to go to war with China.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  21. Legba says:

    Eating a hot-dog is even less appetizing than eating a real one if you think about it.

  22. @Greta Handel

    This is going to be another difficult dance for Ms. Mercer — she pushed hard for Trump in 2015/16, but now supports DeSantis.


    Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Monday […] asked several “2024 GOP hopefuls” whether opposing Russia in Ukraine was a “vital strategic interest” for the US and shared DeSantis’ response on Twitter. The governor stated that the US had many “vital national interests,” such as securing its borders, addressing the recruitment crisis within the US military, achieving energy security and independence, and “checking the economic, cultural, and military power of the Chinese Communist Party.” [RT]

    Further proof that no viable candidate can afford to threaten Uncle Sam.

    Electoral politics in the 2023 USA is a bipartisan art of keeping sheople (i) voting at each other with curated strife over transgender statues and Confederate bathrooms and (ii) stampeded into synthetic, militaristic patriotism with fears and moralizing outrage about foreign wolves.

    Purportedly dissident TUR authors like Buchanan, Derbyshire, and Malkin in fact help sustain the Establishment by framing discourse and reinforcing Exceptional! narratives. Ms. Mercer, too, is playing her paleolibertarian part to keep “[t]he base … on board with the batshit-crazy buildup in American belligerence toward China.” Expect her to ignore or rationalize DeSantis’s warmongering as she continues to support his election.

    Those who want this to change should withdraw their consent. Stop voting, peaceably step as far away as you can from a system that couldn’t care less for you and your family, and let the wobbling tower of blood, filth, and green ink collapse as gently and soon as practicable.

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