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N.Y. Shrink Aruna KhilaWhiteMan: A Made-In-America Monster
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There is this New York City psychiatrist. Her name is Aruna Khilanani.

For convenience, I will call her Aruna KhilaWhiteMan. It’s apropos—and “white privilege” makes it hard for me to pronounce her name. (Mind you, my faithful anti-Semitic readers, whose loyalty I appreciate, assure me that as a Jew, I’m not Caucasian. My mother, a blond, blue-eyed Jew, calls it an olive skin. My editor’s wry quip takes the cake: “You’re at least as white as George Zimmerman.”)

In a lecture to the Yale School of Medicine’s Child Study Center, no less, Dr. Aruna Khilanani offered a glimpse into her criminal mind. She likened whites to “demented, violent predators who think that they are saints or superheroes.”

She let the septic tank that is her mind flow over. Said Dr. KhilaWhiteMan:

I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body, and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step. Like I did the world a fucking favor. (Time stamp: 7:17)

For her murderous fantasies against the pigmentally deficient, Dr. KhilaWhiteMan ought to have been criminally profiled by the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. This primitive reptilian brain might be a danger to the community waiting to happen.

Instead, morality has been inverted. Rather than being hobbled by her deviant views and disgusting demeanor, Dr. KhilaWhiteMan has been approved and elevated at every step of her privileged romp through America’s institutions.

Someone in authority invited such scum of the earth to give a talk to the nation’s top university, Yale, an intellectual shithole, really.

Someone high-up approved of, even liked, the topic of this vile woman’s address, which was, “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind.”

A system designed to marginalize America’s finest selected Khilanani to train as a healer, a psychiatrist, ministering to vulnerable others.

This mental pigmy, whose expressed aspiration is to terrorize whites, has been put through America’s professional ringer. Khilanani is a proud product of America: She has emerged from an educational system that has approved of her at every step of the way. Prestigious medical bodies and institutions have given her the go-ahead to ply her profession.

Not unpredictably, Dr. KhilaWhiteMan gained access to top American schools by impressing these academic hellholes with her “mind,” a fount of foul, anti-intellectual ideas and pursuits, which should lead to rejection and expulsion, but doesn’t.

Proudly stated, her professional goal was to take medicine to “where [it] intersects [with] race, gender, politics, sexuality, and class.” Someone in an elite hierarchy thought that a person who wants to dumb-down, tribalize and politicize medicine (and had cut ties with her white acquaintances) was not only fit to be accepted into the fold—but to be unleashed on a vulnerable subset of society: psychiatric patients.

This must be the focus of your ire: The American system, every dank nook and cranny of it, and the people who man it. Know where to focus your fury.


Ugly In America, Aruna KhilaWhiteMan, has been enabled by deep American institutional rot—a contemptible, irredeemably empty human being was espousing racial homicide from a top American academic institution, which rushed to lend her its credibility and its megaphone. Still is. You might think that a demented, diabolical diatribe from this individual, a qualified psychiatrist, would have resulted in a revocation of her license to practice. It hasn’t, nor will it, is my guess.

To the contrary. Yale decided to post the subintelligent, meandering of this Ugly American Mind online. Bustling with pride, Dr. KhilaWhiteMan has claimed that the bile consciously emitted from her unsightly gob is but a therapeutic tool to help “hit the unconscious.” The idiot meant the subconscious.

My point here is that the job of overseers and educators is to select the best people for plum positions, not the very worst people. Or, at the very least, to stop this kind of human detritus from attaining the power of her profession and abusing it.

The American Idiocracy, however, is moving at breakneck speed to equate moral and merit-based institutions with “institutionalized racism.”

So take my point to heart. Hold The System in contempt, do not join it, starve it of your support, of your funds and of legitimacy.

WATCH a video version of this column:

WATCH Ilana’s conversation with David Vance as to why “NY Psychiatrist Aruna Khilanani Is Right: Hatred Of Whites Is Here To Stay.”

Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She’s the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June, 2016). She’s currently on Parler, Gab, YouTube & LinkedIn, but has been banned by Facebook and throttled by Twitter.

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  1. gay troll says:

    So she feels about white people the same way you feel about Palestinians. Big deal.

    • Replies: @Mark Hunter
  2. jsinton says:

    She looks like the byproduct of Amy Winehouse and Marilyn Manson intercourse.

    • LOL: ILANA Mercer
    • Replies: @animalogic
  3. @jsinton

    Spot on Ilana. Thanks.

    • Agree: Sean
    • Thanks: ILANA Mercer
  4. onebornfree says: • Website

    “For her murderous fantasies against the pigmentally deficient, Dr. KhilaWhiteMan ought to have been criminally profiled by the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit.”

    Are you serious? Criminally profiled by the wholly criminal, entirely unconstitutional FBI? Isn’t she merely voicing a fantasy- isn’t her speech protected [1st amendment]?

    The only thing wrong about this whole episode is that if I were to say something like: ” I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of Joe Biden, [or Kamala Harris, or Bill Gates, orFauci etc.], and burying their bodies and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step”, then chances are that I would most definitely be “criminally profiled by the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit.”

    Get a grip- perleeze 🙄

    “Regards” onebornfree

  5. She should be a line worker at a chicken processing plant in Hamlet, NC. Then she could have the enjoyment of carving up white skin. But, it sure would impact her male/female pay gap.

  6. Realist says:

    Mind you, my faithful anti-Semitic readers, whose loyalty I appreciate, assure me that as a Jew, I’m not Caucasian. My mother, a blond, blue-eyed Jew, calls it an olive skin.

    I absolutely agree Jews are White. Jews have their own ethnicity, but the White race is made up of numerous ethnicities.

    I very much agree with your description of Yale as an intellectual shit hole. It is amazing that anyone would be stupid enough to send their children to such an institution.

    • Replies: @Currahee
  7. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Compare this:

    “I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body, and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step. Like I did the world a fucking favor.” — Aruna Khilanani, Yale School of Medicine lecturer

    With this:

    “If you are a white male, you don’t deserve to live. You are a cancer, you’re a disease, white males have never contributed anything positive to the world.” — ((Noel Ignatiev, aka Saul Ignatin)) — Harvard Graduate School of Education

    “The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists.” — ((Noel Ignatiev))

    “The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race. Make no mistake about it, we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed, not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.” — ((Noel Ignatiev))

    It all begins with “chosen” race Jews programming their golem useful idiots in both open and crypto Zionism to advance the international Jewish rackets and ideology.

    Arana Khilanani just wants her cut, no different than Noel Ignatiev, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, or George W. Bush.

    Funny how certain whites act shocked — Shocked! — that Arana Kilanani expresses the essence of Critical Race Theory as taught by the mainstream elite. (“Critical Race Theory (also known as CRT) is a race denialist variant of critical theory which views races as only being social constructs.”)

    From the perspective of these sick and corrupt kosher elites, there is only one human race: the Jews and their suckling stooges. All others “races” are subhuman and disposable goyim cattle.

    Arana Khilanani and Noel Ignatiev are just impolitic enough to say out loud what all Zionists (including Donald Trump) think and believe to their rotten black core.

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @anon
  8. Rurik says:

    Khilanani is a proud product of America: She has emerged from an educational system that has approved of her at every step of the way.

    My point here is that the job of overseers and educators is to select the best people for plum positions, not the very worst people.

    president of Yale

    Photo properties: Yale President Peter Salovey Visits Nigeria to Expand Partnership

    Should we Americans consider Peter to be just another white guy, Ilana?

    Or, does his ethnicity have anything to do with someone like the vile slag in the photo being invited to lecture to the Yale School of Medicine’s Child Study Center?


    • Thanks: Trinity
  9. Currahee says:

    “anyone would be stupid enough to send their children to such an institution.”

    Well, anyone who would like their child to enjoy the avenue of privilege which this institution provides.

    • Replies: @Realist
  10. That bitch is whiter than 95% of whites. I think she’s projecting: she hates how white she is. She’s so racist I’d bet she comes from the most racist of racists, the brahman indian. They’re the most unabashed racists of all, followed by feminists of all colors, the worst of those, again, indian, yellow skinned pan-faced orientals, and of course, fat white feminists. All of those are worse than black and hispanic feminists who take their cues from the aforementioned indians, slopes and white cunts, all of them directed by the Jews at the top. That’s all there is to it.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
    , @Trinity
  11. insofar as ‘groids and other POC’s are now murderously anti-White:

    they are as the Jews have made them.

  12. BuelahMan says:

    The noses are the same.

  13. @Jim Christian

    Gee, don’t show your true feelings, bro’.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  14. Realist says:

    Well, anyone who would like their child to enjoy the avenue of privilege which this institution provides.

    I suppose if honor, morals, and integrity mean nothing to you.

    That sure is the case for many Americans.

  15. Trinity says:
    @Jim Christian

    That thang is nowhere near White. Not even remotely. She is about as White as Tiger Woods. Woods is 1/2 Oriental, 1/4 White, 1/8 Black and 1/8 American Indian. haha. Woods who is identified always as Black is actually more White than Black. Go figure that one out.

    Mixed ancestry that passes UNOFFICIALLY as White.

    Linda Ronstadt. German and Mexican. What a cutie in her prime and what pipes.

    Marlo Thomas. Lebanese and Italian

    Heather Locklear * Required on this one. Claims that Locklear has Lumbee Injun blood, hell, it is questionable if this North Carolina tribe is Injun. Indian tribes consider them mutts with a great deal of African American blood. Obviously Heather doesn’t have AA blood in her system. This one could be bullshit, Locklear looks pure Ivory Snow kind of White.

    Nikki Haley. Could easily pass off as a Mediterranean White. Looks as White as Sophia Loren, but not even in the same stratosphere on the attractive meter. However, unlike Loren, Haley is Dot Injun and not Italian.

    Just four quick examples. The Heather Locklear probably shouldn’t belong here because the claims of Lumbee Injun are probably as valid as Pocahontas Warren. Hell, as mentioned calling the Lumbee an official Injun tribe is even questionable.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
    , @Juvenalis
  16. She has a face as foul as her mind. I wouldn’t touch her with Bill Clinton’s hand.

  17. Bose says:

    Ilana- your white privilege.? Sorry to ruin the party but you do not look particularly white to me. You also sound foreign. Where are you from? My guess would be you are a Lebanese, Syrian or Egyptian Christian or have a Middle Eastern background. Aruna Khilanani is in real life much prettier than the fake photo circulating on the Internet. Ironically she is also ‘lighter skinned’ than Ilana.
    Dr. Khilanani sure has said some dumb things lately. Or has she? A highly trained member of New York’s smart set -perhaps she was merely hinting at the hypocrisy of white liberals in the manner of a sophisticated New Yorker. Her incendiary comments has caused meltdown amongst the unwashed and rather dim white nationalist community who do not understand irony.

    • Replies: @Realist
  18. Realist says:

    Bose is a classic example of a troll.

  19. Aristo Boho says: • Website

    Dear Ilana and Others,

    1. LANGUAGE LESSON: No differently than when Mister Edward Bernays after World War I coined the two worded term PUBLIC OPINION to replace PROPAGANDA, from the the 20th to the present 21st Century RACISM and RACIST are replacements WITCH and WITCHCRAFT.

    2. WHITE RACE: A. Ilana is of the White Race, it is as simple as that. A commenter Bose is an imbecile, and this shouldn’t surprise us since this is internet culture: Ilana is totally of the White Race. You Bose are colour blind. Aruna is a half caste and no where near as White as Ilana. And she is ugly not because of race but what is expressed from her corrupt soul. Ilana, The whole first paragraph of your article should be eradicated and the likes of it never to be composed again. You’re a cultured lady and of a perspicacious intellect. You want us to HOLD THE SYSTEM IN CONTEMPT? Then do not allow for writing what many of the dimwits in this at times very intelligent web site, thrive on. To give any attention to how White you are or aren’t is a part of the system we have contempt for. B. The MEXICAN of Misses Linda Ronstadt is SPANISH, hence she’s all European.

    PREAMBLE: Do any of you realise, for a moment of a moment conceive, how serious the situation is for all of European Man? This isn’t about, “Well imagine if a White person said what she said, all hell would break lose. It would never be permitted.” I myself depart from a Metaphysical foundation; Doctoress Aruna Khilanani is nothing more and nothing less than a deranged pawn who is a necessity for the end game of controlling our lives by the elimination of our culture and its history as well, and I firmly state, our slaughter. I am neither a conspiriologist nor paranoid. I do not place the blame on Freemasonry, Jews or the Society Of Jesus. There are other players but I can not name them; my intuition from my own life’s experience. That personages from the three aforementioned red herrings can and have done harm, this is without a doubt. How could anti-Semitism not take place with a maniac like Misses Barbara Specter-Lerner? The average Jew needs her as much as he or she needs arsenic for a sore throat. Who permits and finances her, and why is there not a position of overt indignancy on the part of Orthodox Rabbis about this legitimised psychotic. where is the COMTEMPT for this systemic malady? Misses Specter-Lerner along with Doctoress Khilanani and the latter’s satanic world of Psychiatry are part and parcel of the rot that governs us everywhere, and the likes of the fifth consecutive non-Pope, Francis I, who is the first of the five without any sacramental validity. Father? Mister.

    What I am pasting herein is a COMMENT I had intended to be part of a conversation on Ilana’s Barley A Blog but it seems that there is a glitch. So I am including it herein for you Ilana, and all. You must comprehend that a Khilanani and similar are the human materials necessary for a structure and system with a clear cut agenda. I elaborate more on this in my COMMENT after Ilana’s excellent video lecture on YOU TUBE.”NY Psychiatrist Aruna Khilanani Has Murder On Her Mind” which can be found above after her excellent essay.


    What we have here is the legitimization of the logic of evil as a source for goodness as to how life should be. Namely, Ponerology is the path to salvation for those who are the new saintly: The Psychotics. Insanity reigns for the good of mankind. Ooops! Itkind. I’m not at all surprised this is taking place. It has been inherently with us in most of our holier than thou institutions run by mattoids for years. When one looks back at how the Rockefeller Foundation financed the deranged sexual studies of a Doctor Alfred Charles Kinsey, and his insane books on sexual behaviour became number one best sellers, this one example of many should not surprise us of the likes of a Doctoress Aruna Khilanani.
    The seeds that gave root to the brainsick mind of a grotesque monstrosity like Doctoress Khilanani were planted years and years ago. Awhile back I read a brilliant hidden work, “Reality Police: The Experience Of Insanity In America” by Mister Anthony Brandt. America the Land Of The Free And Home Of The Brave? Outside of a Communist country, one of the worst countries was Kansas and its Menninger Institute in Topeka. Tell a psychiatrist, anywhere not just there, you can overcome your problems with your faith in God and he could consider you dangerously suffering from Delusional Disorder and have you institutionalised, with just one flow of ink from his pen. And in these clinics for mental health, an entire staff, from the head administrator down to the janitor, and I’m serious, would commit the most vile acts of inhumane treatment to a helpless individual. Just look up what happened for one example to the film actress Misses Mae Clarke back in the 1930’s in beautiful young California. Treatment as in let us treat ourselves to this defenceless beauty of a gift. All of this is inter-related; I assure you I’m not diverting.
    Now I respect one of our fellow commenters above, Mister Fred Kremer. But the systems are failing is the wrong verb tense; nor is it the systems have been failing: the systems were deliberately programmed to evolve and develop from the very beginning
    the rancid fruit and putrefying stench of a Doctoress Khilanani and a Doctor Donald Moss, who is another severely mentally disordered physician sanctioned to give aid to the psycho-emotionally tormented, the malady of the human race: we Europeans and our entire existence. I should IMPLORE all of you to read a little book of greater than great value by Mister Paolo Lionni, “The Leipzig Connection: The Systematic Destruction Of American Education” .
    I’m not exaggerating or being hyperbolic when I state herein Ilana that we must be ever vigilant, unfailingly stoic: “Behold I Send You As Sheep In The Midst Of Wolves. Be Ye Therefore As Wise As Serpents And Simple As Doves”. Be brave and when you have fear remember it is the greatest proof of courage. I wouldn’t be surprised if Khilanani and Doctor Moss are not portents of a future culling of we who are White. In fact I’m not. I believe this to be true.
    God Bless, Aristo Boho

    • Replies: @Trinity
  20. Trinity says:
    @Aristo Boho

    I stand corrected on the lovely Linda Ronstadt who I consider the female Elvis. She is as you said, all European it appears. I had thought she had a touch of Mexican, hell, she claimed Mexican, I guess she was talking about nationality and not racially.

    Jews ARE NOT White, just ask them so. It seems Ilana is claiming White, but the Jew claims White when it is advantageous and that they are NOT White when it is advantageous. Even if we go with the claim that the Jew is White, the same is true for the Arab. I got into an argument with a Lebanese co-worker who was always putting down “Blondes” to the “bruthas.” Damn, this guy said he hated Jews but dig the Jewy behavior he was exhibiting. We got into it, the union steward who was Black broke it up. I told the union steward I was sick of this guy, (the Lebanese shit stirrer) talking about Whites. The Lebanese guy look startled and said, “but I am White.” lolololol.

    Regardless, that New Yawk shrink, ( psychology is Jew horseshit btw) is just parroting the script her Jew masters wrote for her. This is not HER WORDS, but the words of (((others.)))

    Back to Ms. Ronstadt.

    Cue: Hurts So Bad by Linda Ronstadt. * Ronstadt like Elvis always made their covers sound much better than the original hence Linda is the female Elvis.

    • Replies: @Aristo Boho
  21. anon[374] • Disclaimer says:
    @Chris Moore

    Arana Khilanani is doing what the Zionist did in 60s inserting themselves in the middle between the segregated blacks and the whites. Jewish leader and newspaper themselves acknowledged the benefit that accrued from this civil right fight and flowed directly to the Jewish hegemony . Expected positive result escaped the blacks, ruined the inter-race relations, created corrupting Zio -sycophants black elite and weakened the righteous white gentiles but empowered the Zio and increased the leverage of the Zio .

    There is now a similar attempt by the Zio trying to balance itself as the interlocutor between the muslim and the christian ,between Arab and European between Arab and Americans .
    Hate speech is their route to reach that goal as are the promises of rehabilitation of the Saudi and UAE and Sudan.
    Self- loving and entitled self -worshipping Jews have turned the “rest” into “self-hating rest”: Self -hating Arab/muslim , self hating Christian , self -hating whites .
    Arana is trying to eke out a livelihood in this situation which doesn’t allow any deviation from the culture of orthodoxy hoisted by the Zionist on the rest.

  22. Trinity says:

    Turks, Armenians, “Jews,” Arabs, a scant few East Indians, (some are Blue Black) are white but NOT White.

  23. Aristo Boho says: • Website

    Dear Trinity,

    Most Jews are White. So I disagree with you. I have known Jews very well both in America and Europe. And I know very well the type of Jew you’re referring to who says he, or she, usually a she, isn’t White. Remember, we are really dealing with a religion, Judaism. If you or I converted to it, would we cease being White? You know the answer. I do believe we are Aryan, and that there is an Aryan Race, but my major position on this is the same as that of Baron Julius Evola: if it isn’t spiritual and just biological then we are lost in another form of materialism. Now, the reason why there’s another type of Jew who does not claim to be White, in so many different words, is that there’s a particular tribal factor sociologically that makes them not feel a part of European Man, partially their own fault. It has caused a psychological dilemma of paranoia, as with a friend, a woman I know. She once told me, “I agree with a criticism of a Jew when he is wrong or Israel but I always feel it’s directed at me.” Some of this might even be more of a factor after World War II. Before that unfortunate event. which destroyed quintessential Europe forever, and for which I put the blame on The Americans, British and French, Jews in Germany, the average Jew, not The House Of Rothschild and the bankers and so forth, would give their last ounce of blood for the Fatherland. In New York, back in 1904 for example, at a Lutheran Church, culturally not specifically religious, like that of Saint Mark’s Lutheran Evangelical Lutheran Church, all Germans in Manhattan would gather there for it was a center for German social gatherings. Not just those who were Evangelicals, the proper name for Lutherans in Germany, but also Jews and Roman Apostolic Catholics. In that year of 1904 was the biggest loss of life in New York previous to 9/11, that by the way, two days from now, will be the 117th anniversary-commemoration of the fire and sinking of it: The Paddle Steamer Slocum, killing 957 out of 1388: all Germans regardless of religion. Now, if a German is Hebrew or Polish racially that is basically a person who is German but not of German blood, yet they’re Europeans. No one dare misunderstand me when it comes to the non Whites: a Mongoloid, Negro or sub-Continental Asian born and raised in a European country is not White and never will be. One other point: in pre-World War I America were common Germans who were of the Jewish faith who supported whole-heartedly the man of literature Mister George Sylvester Viereck’s “The Fatherland” publication. One last point of the above tribal factor. This is a big problem and it has nothing to do with World War II. In America there is a political correctness that has always existed whereby one who isn’t Jewish and criticises something Jewish or Israeli political policy, can find oneself out a job and their careers totally ruined. Only in America! There is a very strange elite here, and I don’t consider it only Jewish that allows and wants this to pervade. Do you know the full story of the United States Ship Of Liberty? Hush hush. This can not all come from only a Jewish power. No Gentile European runs collectively to defend his own kind from such an action: German, Irish, Italian, Polish.

    The grate misfortune is that to-day a nationality is judged by documentation legalities: citizenship and passport for example. It’s the coloured races that represent the danger, are the danger: As far back as 1920 Benito Mussolini spoke of the Negro danger because of their fecundity which outstrips the Caucasian at unforeseen rates never before known to European Man. He had even made the statement, which word for word at the moment I do not have on hand, that Premier Josef Stalin was not the danger but China and the Yellow Race was. Once again I must emphasise the name of a psychotic Barbara Specter-Lerner for she’s the type of Jewess you speak of. And many top Zionists from the beginning have salvated with joy whenever Jews have faced extreme duress, including murder, so as to further stoke the fires of their Zionist Design. And let us not forget the Red Diaper Baby! Orthodox Rabbis once again should have inveighed against them. Neither of these three deranged entities are Misses llana Mercer: a woman of the White Race! And a great gal who has been shunned from mainstream culture, including by quite a few fellow Jews.

    I have always loved Elvis Presley. Bravo. God Bless, Aristo Boho

  24. Jihadijew says:

    Pardon me for asking a couple of questions?
    Jews had been doing fine via deception and cheating the Christians just following the Holly Book of Talmud. I would apologize if you prove the following is not from Jewish sacred book.

    Jews must always try to deceive Christians.” -Zohar 1160a

    People like you and this Zionist lady are delusional to think that your cheating continue to roll forever. Sorry. Thanks to internet and easy travel to all corners of the world the deceptive mask is melting and easy to see how people have been deceived through centuries. Remember you national religious cry. Holohox? The evergreen figure of 6 million since early 1900 Jews dying even before the WWII started.
    According to you national news papers in Israel at Auschwitz the number of Jew killed is reduced from 4 million to 1.1 million. The new improved plaque at the Auschwitz entrance reads 1.1 million Dont just there take a look yourself. This 1.1 million figure includes Gypsies, Polish, and war prisoners…

    What dont you pot heads ask the US Federal Government to put the right figures in Holohox museums in DC. Dissemination of wrong information is crime. Back to Cheating….

    why dont you Zionist explain about the missing tattoos of your peace loving hero Elisly Weisel what did he with his tattoos. how he managed to erase those? He could had made bundle of money by patenting his process of erasing tattoos. Imagine all those misspelled words tattooed on peoples arms, face, butts etc.
    Can you guys or any one what exactly happened to Weisels tattooes?

    Why on earth the German would bring people, put tattoos on them and then kill them immediately. Does it make sense. Immediately is relative term and Nazi’s intentions were killinh innocent people then why bother registering them meticulously using IBM latest technology and killing them. Why you guys shy away from answering such simple questions. Instead you guys violent and use your favorite weapon of choice Anti Antisemitism. European Jews are not Semites. They are fake Semites. Palestinians are Semites.

    Cheating is your national duty. There is an interesting oxymoronic termed Jeudeo Christian. According to your Talmud

    The Jewish Encyclopedia (Exhibit 274). Jesus is in hell where His punishment is “boiling in hot semen.” (Talmud, Gittin 57a; Exhibit 202).

    You guys had been receiving billions from American Tax payers majority Christians. And in return you guys ridicule Jesus Christ on Israeli children TV. Is this a way to show your gratitude.

    Video Link

    I would love to hear from MS Mercer or any Zionist about question raised. When the bullies are confronted they run for cover.
    Have a blessed day. I will be glad to tell you more about Zionist cheating. My favorite is your super hero Einstein, a plagiarist, a racist, and wife beater and taking credit for all her work. But at least he gave her the money that he recieved for her work. He should be given credit for that one. Am I am Anti smite. I have lot Jewish dear friend. May be I dont like the deeds or cheating of Zionists.

  25. imbroglio says:

    >>Turks, Armenians, “Jews,” Arabs, a scant few East Indians, (some are Blue Black) are white but NOT White.>>

    Folks who think like this aren’t going to be persuaded otherwise. Leave them be.

    This Kill a Nanny, who’s of Indian (as in India) ancestry, is gaming the system, saying what’s necessary to get tenure and advance her career. People like her turn on a dime when the wind blows the other way. Then she’ll pass for white and claim Indo-Aryan descent.

    A certain number of people, white and non-white, are obsessed with the Jews. It’s like being obsessed with Trump. It’s an illness that they lack the strength or the desire to battle to overcome and it usually renders them ineffective in life or, like Farrakhan, blunts their genius.

    • Replies: @Bose
  26. Bose says:

    A certain number of people such as yourself and Ilana are obsessed with blacks and browns. It’s like an illness they lack the desire to overcome and it renders them ineffective and delusional. Talking of delusion, Ilana genuinely believes that many of the key ideas of white nationalism and racialism in US originated from her as if you can copyright hate. If you don’t believe me, check out her latest twitter rants. Mercifully, these attract around one or two replies which shows that despite her best efforts, Ilana is generally ignored by the white nationalist community. Sadly, Ilana wrote some brave pieces around 2003/04 when she was still a proper journalist, condemning Iraq war. She continued to condemn the callous killing of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. Imbroglio, in a sense you are right that persistent hatred towards one’s fellow human beings be they Jews, Blacks, Browns or anyone else is a form of illness. Just look at how Ilana deteriorated over the years from taking such a brave anti war stance to becoming a prized useful idiot for white nationalists, segregationists, and neo Nazis.

  27. Mark Hunter says: • Website
    @gay troll

    His username describes him very well (troll and the up-to-date version of “gay”).

    More quotes of Aruna Khilanani at

    • Replies: @gay troll
  28. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Gee, don’t show your true feelings, bro’.

    Hey, feminist blue city chicks from the racist and sexist academic tyranny sicken me, bro. They’re toxic as can be. Until they came along, I never thought of any women like I do think of them, given their towering levels of depravity, hatred and destruction, especially and ultimately, to themselves given how many of them are cat ladies at the end. They deliberately cultivate repulsive physical characteristics with the obesity, tatts, piercings, day-glo hair and the rest. But somewhere along the way comes my revenge, they have to look at themselves in the mirror and ask what the hell did they do to themselves. I’ve met several and they’re seriously damaged by the time they reach mid-life, pushing 50.

    In the meantime, they do plenty of damage, it’s there to see. Believe me, Jim Bob, they hate you, too. Especially if you have a wife and kids. Because guess what THEY don’t have?

  29. @Trinity

    When we talk skin-tone (I don’t give a shit 1/2 this, 1/8 that), these women (It’s ALWAYS the women) screaming about race are whiter than I, half-White Scot and half Greek.

    The racism bitching they do is an attempt to claw jobs and privilege from the men and take it for themselves. When they talk about a great replacement, it’s mostly about what the women got out of all this, white feminists especially. N.O.W. and the rest had nothing to do with women of color, it was about what wealthy white women get, women of color not invited. I saw and heard this in the 80s when we installed a phone system at N.O.W.’s national headquarters in DC. I dated a few of those harpies back then and when I mentioned that unlike every other lobby in DC, there were no black chicks, nor even Hispanics. Their story line was, minority women would bring their racial discrimination issues in and distract from WOMEN’S issues in general. Translation to me and proven correct over the decades: Feminism is about the goodies WHITE and JEWISH women could claw away from the men. All others not invited. Sure enough, it’s all white women at the top, few of color.

    I keep waiting for women of color to focus on the real racism, that of white and jewish feminists and the really-racist asian women riding feminist coattails. They’re the privileged ones now. AOC and Omar and the rest of the muddy-skinned female squad/crew are cowards, they know who their competition is. They’re harping on White men seemingly blind to the fact that their privilege has flown off to white and jewish women.

  30. gay troll says:
    @Mark Hunter

    Your screen name is equally apropos, “Mark Hunter”. A synonym for a con artist.

  31. Juvenalis says:

    Linda Ronstadt. German and Mexican. What a cutie in her prime and what pipes.

    Marlo Thomas. Lebanese and Italian

    Mexican is not a race. The Spanish had a detailed castas system and even a whole art genre of painting castas so illiterates could figure out which racial casta they belonged to. The upper class of Mexico to this day is still dominated by White European Spaniard-descent criollos or castizos, not brown mestizos or indios who hop the U.S. border. Look at all of Mexico’s presidents, whether AMLO, Peña Nieto, or 6’4″ tall Vicente Fox…would any of them fit in as stereotypical squat brown Mexican mestizo in a sombrero playing in a mariachi band?

    Lebanese Christians (mostly Maronite Catholics) are genetically distinct even from Lebanese Muslims—ethnically far removed from typical Arab Muslims across the Middle East. Lebanon was about equally split between Christians and Muslims til recent years; interreligious marriage (amounting to interracial/interethnic marriage) always forbidden by both sides.

    Lebanese Muslims mostly mixed descent to varying degrees with Arab Muslim conquerors from Arabian Peninsula who conquered Levant in 7th century AD. Lebanese Christians mostly descended from pre-Arab indigenous ancient seafaring Phœnician peoples; even some traces of mediæval European Crusader DNA. Lebanese Christians in America don’t stand out as looking particularly “POC”, e.g. activist Ralph Nader, Congressman Darrell Issa, Fox News host ‘Judge Jeanine’ Pirro (née Jeanine Ferris), 1960s “King of Surf Guitar” Dick Dale ( Richard Monsour), et al.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  32. Mind you, my faithful anti-Semitic readers, whose loyalty I appreciate, assure me that as a Jew, I’m not Caucasian.

    Caucasian? Hmmmm….

  33. This obnoxious import is no different from Priyamvada Gopal of Cambridge University.

    Like cornstarch and corn flour their nonsense comes from the same source – CRT which has Jewish origins.

  34. Trinity says:

    Judge Jeanine? haha. I first I thought she was Puerto Rican, might have been the New Yawk accent, but no, I never thought of her as White. Ralph Nader, or Danny Thomas? You DEFINITELY KNOW THAT THEY ARE NOT PURE WHITE. Desi Arnaz? Looks like a dark haired White guy. I once worked with a Cuban with the last name of Gonzalez who was whiter than me, had light colored eyes etc. Seen more than a few of these types while living in Tampa.

    Arnaz = White

    Nader, Danny Thomas, and Judge Jeanine = Not White but white

    Bashar al-Assad = Not White but white.

    Barbara Streisand = Not White but white.

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