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Motormouth Megyn Kelly & the Mad Matriarchy
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 Megyn Kelly at GOP Debate. Credit: Salon/Fox News
Megyn Kelly at GOP Debate. Credit: Salon/Fox News

It’s “R & R for Megyn Kelly,” the Fox News channel announced last week on its website, followed by a gooey note from Kelly herself. Why was FNC broadcasting the vacation schedule of the Golden Goose that henpecked Donald Trump? Had Kelly been licked into shape by Trump? Was she off to lick her wounds?

Since the testy exchange between Trump and Kelly, at the first prime-time Republican debate, in Cleveland, Ohio, the anchor’s eponymous TV show, “The Kelly File,” has covered the meteoric rise of Mr. Trump sparingly. Perhaps Kelly has come to view herself as a kingmaker. Perhaps she thinks that should she choose not to report about a newsmaker; he’ll somehow fade into obscurity.

Full disclosure: At first blush, I was impressed by the quality of Fox News’ journalism, in Cleveland, writing too exuberantly that “the true stars of the debate were the ruthless, impartial, analytical” reporters. Better that Kelly be the one to ask foolish, fem-oriented questions of The Donald than future Dem moderators. It neutralizes the latter. Or so I reasoned.

Moreover, it’s indisputable that compared to previous presidential debates overrun as they were by Democrat journos—Kelly, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace did a good job.

No presidential debate should, however, be gauged by how it departs from debates in which questions such as these are posed:

“Senator Obama, how do you address those who say you’re not authentically black enough?”

“Senator Dodd, you’ve been in Congress more than 30 years. Can you honestly say you’re any different?”

“Congressman Kucinich, your supporters certainly say you are different. Even your critics would certainly say you are different … What do you have that Senators Clinton and Obama do not have?” [Wait a sec. I know the answer: a trophy wife.]

And how about this intellectually nimble follow-up?

“Senator Clinton, you were involved in that [how-am-I-different] question. I want to give you a chance to respond [to that how-am-I-different question].”

“Senator Obama, you were also involved in that [how-am-I-different] question, as well. Please respond.”

The final crushingly stupid question to the 1-trick donkeys debating, in the 2007 CNN/YouTube Democratic presidential debate, was this:

“Who was your favorite teacher and why, Senator Gravel?”

The “journalist” pounding the presidential candidates was jackass Anderson Cooper of CNN.

Before she beat a retreat, Kelly had assembled a studio audience of Republican establishmentarian, to whom she directed another leading question: She herself knew nobody who’d call a woman a pig or a dog. Could they say the same? Kelly was alluding to the litany she had directed at Trump during her Cleveland performance (where she had cast herself as leading lady).

Kelly: “You’ve called women you don’t like, ‘fat pigs,’ ‘dogs,’ ‘slobs,’ and ‘disgusting animals.”

Trump [in good humor]: “Only Rosie O’Donnell.”

Megyn [bare-fanged]: “No it wasn’t. For the record, it was well beyond Rosie O’Donnell. Your Twitter account has several disparaging comments about women’s looks. You once told a contestant on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees. Does that sound to you like the temperament of a man we should elect as president?”

Still under the brain-addling spell of the Cooper-Candy Crowley brain trust, I thought no less of Kelly for that dumbest of questions. Her anti-individualist, collectivist feminism is news to her fans, but not to me. Kelly’s vocabulary is of a piece with the nauseating vocabulary of third-wave feminism.

More irksome was the allusion to the dignity of The Office. A while ago, fancy pants Kelly joined Don Lemon (CNN), Cooper and Rachel Mad Cow to editorialize angrily at Obama for damaging the dignity of The Office. These celebrity journos were, in fact, green with envy over GloZell Green, a YouTube sensation to whom president Obama granted an interview. Good for him.

Our TV narcissists—they live not for the truth, but for a seat at the Annual White House Sycophant’s Supper, or alongside the smarmy Jon Stewart (or his unfunny South African replacement), or next to the titillaters of “The View,” or on the late-night shows—were jealous. Dented was the vanity of the egos in the anchor’s chair.

Besides which the American presidency was pimped out a longtime ago—well before the current POTUS and FLOTUS held soirees sporting disco balls and the half-nude, pelvis-grinding Beyoncé.

Kelly herself has fast succumbed to the female instinct to show-off, bare skin, flirt and wink. She now also regularly motormouths it over the occasional smart guest she entertains (correction: the one smart guest, Ann Coulter). At the same time, Kelly has dignified the tinnitus named Dana Perino with a daily slot as Delphic oracle.

Trump, on the other hand, has proven he can be trusted to beat up on the right women.

Exhibit A is Elizabeth Beck, a multitasking “attorney,” who once deposed Donald Trump while also waving her breast pump in his face, demanding to break for a breast-pumping session.

“You’re disgusting. You’re disgusting,” the busy billionaire blurted in disbelief. And she was. Still is. Accoutered for battle, Beck recently did the rounds on the networks. In addition to a mad glint in the eye, Beck brought to each broadcast a big bag packed with milking paraphernalia.

Had she cared about boundaries and propriety, Kelly would have asked Trump how he kept his cool during a legal deposition, with an (ostensible) professional, who insisted on bringing attention to her lactating breasts.

Writes Fred Reed, who regularly tracks our malevolent matriarchy’s “poor sense of social boundaries”:

The United States has embarked, or been embarked, on a headlong rush into matriarchy, something never before attempted in a major country. Men remain numerically dominant in positions of power, yes, but their behavior and freedom are ever more constrained by the wishes of hostile women. The effects have been disastrous. They are likely to be more so. The control, or near control, extends all through society. Politicians are terrified of women. … The pathological egalitarianism of the age makes it career-ending to mention that women in fact are neither equal nor identical to men. …

Not quite in the league of Elizabeth Beck yet, Megyn Kelly was, nevertheless, in need of a dressing-down and a time-out.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2016 Election, American Media, Donald Trump 
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  1. rod1963 says:

    Meggy showed her true face on Stern’s show, what she said, would even embarrass a bar lady in it’s raunchiness and vileness. It’s obvious she views marriage and what goes on in the bedroom as a joke. You don’t get any lower than that.

    Fox hired her for her looks and mean girl demeanor and she is mean as they come.

    A real she devil.

    In regards to what she did to Trump, it was a ordered hit by Ailes and Murdoch, but you could see that she enjoyed every bit of it like Hannibal Lecter ripping that face off a cop. Even to lead up she was giddy like a debutante before the prom.

    I knew something was up and it wasn’t good. The first question said it all. This wasn’t a debate, it was a take down.

    Beyond that she’s just a entertainer like all the the other barbies Murdoch hired, not a reporter or investigative journalist like Catherine Herridge.

  2. Bill P says:

    She looks like a tranny in that photo.

    BTW, you still living in King County, Ilana? Sometimes I think it would be nice to meet up with free thinking types in the circus down there when I take my kids to visit grandma and grandpa. It’s so normal here in flyover Washington that I get bored.

    • Replies: @guest
    , @Truth
  3. In some ways these modern feminine feminists like Kelly are worse than traditional butch feminists.

    Unlike overtly butch women, they are in denial of their barely suppressed masculine animus, and rather than acknowledging their aggressive masculine side, they snap at any independently minded male who sees them as frosty, attention seekings primma donnas

  4. Pat Casey says:

    Ms. Mercer might ought to read The Megyn Kelly Moment in the NYT from January. Hard not to be impressed, in so many ways, with the nicely named anchor. Fox News quite candidly admits it serves up news as entertainment, and Trump’s intemperate verbal baggage was something everyone, friend or foe, was curious to hear him answer for, since he’s running to be President of a prudish nation, prudish when it comes to strident words said of women by men anyways. Motormouth is a very wholesome insult, but give credit to the sharpest hottest woman in America is what I say, at least as long as Anderson Cooper has a serious job.

    Still Fred Reed seems mainly right. And what seems to be happening is sort of like a redux of highschool gossip writ large across the media landscape, with professional women being petty and only listening to themselves declaim. One blonde on Fox News recently complained about the dismissive blonde jokes about Fox News anchors, but you had to suspect she mostly made the point to repeat an accusation of sexiness aimed in part at her. I don’t know if I actually believe this, but perhaps what you have is a bunch of Jewish men mostly running things, and maybe they’re reluctant or deferential to pretty gentile women who aren’t completely through with high schoolish contretemps. If Pat Buchanan wasn’t one man, its hard to imagine his ilk not calling a spade a spade and making these women who are more rabid than Eleanor Clift feel rather puerile.

    But always its always single words, which ought to be watched especially closely by the sex that writes less poetry. Danna Perino never struck me as a tinnitus, but then maybe I’m biased, or maybe Ms. Mercer is. I’m certain though that a mature writer would not on their best day ever chisel that the Presidency was “pimped out a long time ago.”

    • Replies: @boogerbently
    , @guest
  5. guest says:
    @Bill P

    I don’t understand the inclination to describe women with features in any way masculine as trannies. That’s too far. Kelly is somewhat mannish, or at least she falls short of the feminine ideal, in that her chin sticks out too far and her forehead is too wide. If you were twisting my arm, I could also find fault in the prominence of her nose, largeness of her mouth (though she is a professional blabbermouth [or a professional blonde in low cut dresses who talks a lot]), and thinness of her lips. But she is pretty, and she more resembles a space alien than a man.

    • Replies: @Truth
  6. Marian says:

    Although I agree with the malevolent matriarch theory and its negative impact, it’s hard to feel all that sorry for men. For the easy lay and exposed skin, they sold their souls to women. It really is kinda anticlimactic when you consider the male accomplishments. And guess what? Women aren’t happy with the power and the subsequent male wussiness. Hence the anger.

    It is nice to know that the Donald is a still a fearless alpha male after multiple divorces. Poor Megyn is probably salivating in both anger and desire. My guess is her house hubby/ author is soon toast.

  7. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I got a kick out of seeing all those white knights sally forth to defend the honor of milady. The one who was later shown to have enjoyed engaging in bawdy talk with the vulgar Howard Stern. She apparently tried to bait Trump into saying something that could be used to make him look bad but he simply brushed her off like an annoying fruit-fly. It’s hard not to perceive someone as a lightweight when they apparently put so much effort into shaping their looks as in her ridiculous puffed up day-glo hair and heavy makeup.

  8. Truth says:
    @Bill P

    Yo Bill, I see you workin’ (wink).

  9. Truth says:

    Serena Williams with a lighter dermis and bleached hair.

    • Replies: @Deduction
  10. Heavy makeup is pretty standard on TV performers of both sexes, and I think Megyn looks great. Channeling the Dem “War on Women” canard at Trump wasn’t her finest moment, though. The simple answer that Trump missed is that calling Rosie O’Donnell a fat slob, etc., is an attack on Rosie O’Donnell, etc., not an attack on women in general, and that the chief enabler of Bill Clinton will have a very hard time from him if she gets into that kind of subject. And a little opposition research by Trump directed at Kelly could have proved profitable as well: Is someone who chooses to go on Howard Stern and engage, rather than cut him off, when he launches into his known fascination with the subject of penis size really have the “temperment” for a serious job like moderating a Presidential debate? The answer is that context and detail is everything, and that all she really said was that she and her husband hadn’t had a problem in that area (as opposed to Stern’s speculation about “seven inches”, to which she did NOT respond). The idea that if he said something bawdy as an entertainer it means he can’t be a good President is absurd.

    Not that I think he would make a good President. Probably better than SOME of the clowns he’s matched against, though.

    • Replies: @guest
  11. Her inner ugly shines through.

  12. Flower says:

    ” Had Kelly been licked into shape by Trump? Was she off to lick her wounds?” Ilana, you seem to have an oral fixation on Ms Kelly, not that I blame you, but why is that?

    Since when did the news readers become news worthy? I must have missed it. I am surprised that Kelly didn’t have a sound track of spurs making that “cha-ching” sound as she strolled out to the high noon showdown. She was going to put DT in his place, by golly, ’cause Megan has some dirt to share! Unfortunately, after having been conditioned to believe that she is the righteous, vengeful hand of Mother God, Megan Kelly forgot that, in a gunfight, the other side gets to shoot back.
    I swear, if Edward R Murrow were to do his famous “London Blitz” reports today, all that Americans would notice or even talk about would be how trendy Murrow is, whether he should be allowed to say anything at all because he smoked (think of the children), whether he should even be allowed to broadcast during a bombing raid as that might set a bad example, and on and on about anything and everything except what was being reported. Of course, if it were today, Murrow, being the professional journalist, would never have made it to London any way, as DHS would have him on numerous “watch lists”, so he would never have gotten off the ground, the State Department would have revoked his Passport (and fixed it so that the Murrow’s next 3 passports would also be revoked), and Bill Paley would be getting calls from the WH by the minute.
    Megan Kelly is an intelligent person, she has wit, she has a moderate ability to size up a situation quickly and with reasonably accuracy, but she is hardly unique. Don’t kid yourself Megan, the only reason that you can get within punting distance of a news anchor chair is because you have passable tits and a pretty face. Don’t believe me, ask Candy Crowley. But America has forgotten how to reward ability, we only know how to worship fame.

  13. Realist says:

    Catherine Herridge ‘reports’ what the government wants said.

  14. Kelly Megyn would have been pretty hot in 1970, before HD TV. Today, however, she wears half an inch thick makeup to hide the fact that her face is just wrong. Her eyes are too near the sides of her skull, giving her a reptile appearance. And she has no feminity at all.

    Trump let her off easy on her PC takedown attempt. A fact he acknowledged by commenting on it for days afterward. I wish he had said something like, “I call them like I see them. Calling a fat ugly woman fat and ugly is a statement on THAT woman and obviously has nothing to do with my wife, mother, or any other women. Perhaps Kelly Megyn if you worked as hard on your listening and reasoning faculties as you work on applying face paint to disguise your reptilian manlike appearance, you wouldn’t have trouble comprehending this.” Now that would have gotten him some votes!

    • Replies: @Ozymandias
  15. Biff says:

    So your saying she needs an addadictomy?

  16. @Stan D Mute

    “…if you worked as hard on your listening and reasoning faculties as you work on applying face paint to disguise your reptilian manlike appearance, you wouldn’t have trouble comprehending this.”

    Man, if I had a nickel for every time I’ve said that…

  17. @Pat Casey

    What would be the accurate word for a writer if they remained “unaware” that the presidency “was
    pimped out a long time ago”.

    • Replies: @Pat Casey
  18. el topo says:

    I thought she was fine on Stern’s show. She was playing along with Stern’s sleaziness without losing her dignity, and showing herself to be a devoted and appreciative wife in the process. It’s her feminist she-devil side that’s offensive, not her wifely/sexy side.

  19. aeolius says:

    On the marauding matriarchy.

    Though I rarely watch TV except for Mets games, I have a little game I play.
    When watching ads I perform a little experiment.
    Who belittles or shows up whom. And rate the degree of of stupidity of the target.
    No surprise there. White men of course are on the bottom. Although for well-tanned couples the men still have a little more standing. Black couples are interesting. There used to be the usual gender bias. But since “Black Lives Matter, it seems that Black men have been raised in stature and wisdom.
    Father child relationships follow a similar pattern. Female children are given free rein to break the psychologically important parental barrier and best stupid Dad at will. Boys are not allowed to criticize nearly as much but boys openly smirk at the Schmuck who perhaps sired him.
    Do boys and fathers ever bond? Or must Dad always play catch with his daughter? The one exception I have seen is a intact Black family with Father and son bonding.
    Political correctness seems to me to be Cultural Thalidomide. Giving birth to psychologically deformed youth

    • Replies: @animalogic
  20. Pat Casey says:

    A naif. The issue isn’t the point but the style, which is one voice but one that veers, from upbraiding old maid to attitudinizing iconoclast to scorch-earth b. And I’m surprised it doesn’t offend the editor’s sensibility. Stewart is smarmy and Perino is the Delphic oracle? She falls short and overshoots, veering all over the map. She strikes me as an enraged… matriarch. But her heart is in the right place, and my advice is free.

    Besides which the American presidency was pimped out a longtime ago—well before the current POTUS and FLOTUS held soirees sporting disco balls and the half-nude, pelvis-grinding Beyoncé.

    That simply does not even make coherent sense.

  21. Deduction says:

    I think both are very attractive. I must not be as spoiled for choice as all you internet cassanovas..

    • Replies: @Truth
  22. haha, that debate was like an interrogation with the suppose mediator doing the torturing.

    I was very surprised there was so little backlash against fox.

    Still am.

  23. Feminism requires a totalitarian government to implement successfully.

    Women don’t see it that way, and that is why women were not permitted to vote in national elections until recently.

    Almost all women vote for totalitarian government, but they can rationalize doing it as achieving “fairness”.

    Women are the majority voting faction for diversity, a national victim class supremacy cult.

    Among many other things, the diversity scheme presupposes that men always oppress women.

    • Replies: @Existential Confusion
  24. Jefferson says:

    Megyn Kelly is overrated in the looks department. I think the most attractive Fox News Blonde is Martha MacCallum. She is a very underrated beauty. As for the most attractive Fox News raven haired Brunette, I will go with the Italian Lauren Simonetti.

    • Replies: @Truth
  25. guest says:
    @Pat Casey

    “what seems to be happening is sort of like a redux of highschool gossip writ large across the media landscape”

    Things get more and more gossipy, in part because technology like Twitter makes it easy. But by and large the what the mainstream media talks about and how was settled long ago, before women were as directly involved and certainly before they outright won their kulturkampf. See Daniel Boorstin’s “The Image;” the tweet is a perfect “pseudo-event.”

    • Replies: @Pat Casey
  26. guest says:

    “The simple answer that Trump missed is that calling Rosie O’Donnell a fat slob, etc., is an attack on Rosie O’Donnell, etc., not an attack on women in general”

    Is that a point anyone needs to make? Does Trump also need to clarify that in disparaging McCain he wasn’t going after all white Arizonan males with creepy grins who say “my friends” too often? No, because that’s not a group with the official protection of the PC shield. Veterans are, in certain circles at least, as are the elderly (“ageism”) and the partially crippled. But those are nowhere near important categories as womanhood, which is the only reason why you’d hear such questions. Saying you were only going after the individual is no defense against political correctness because in PC land there are no individuals except the ones who alienate themselves through incorrectness.

  27. Jefferson says:

    Comparing Rosie O’Donnell to pigs is an insult to all pigs. Pigs give the world juicy delicious bacon strips. What does Rosie O’Donnell give to the world?

  28. Pat Casey says:

    Yeah I like Boorstin more than Baudrillard (sp?) and I actually think Steve has made the best point of all on the subject: the way political reporting these days largely consists of analysis of the way pols craft the message that will be palatable enough to manufacture consent, as if the media is telling us we are being manipulated so we can go on being manipulated…or something. It’s objectively bizarre. And probably says something about Trumps appeal. Forget the lawyers, the first thing we do is kill the PR guys. (lol) I would disagree though regarding the extent to which the trends in media are driven by women. The guys I know who use twitter gain a timely benefit from it in their jobs. I don’t think I know any women who use twitter for other than social/special interest functions. And the basic trend is pretty much just constant overreaction and verbal claptrap–female nature on autopilot. True though there are broader trends motivated by powers that be or whatever.

  29. Realist says:

    Why all the ad hominem attacks. She is a sycophant for the neocons leave it at that.

  30. MarkinLA says:

    Megyn probably got a call from Murdoch that there was a network gig in it for her if she could be the woman who took down Trump. Instead, she ended up the loser. Hopefully, her show won’t recover and she will fade into MSNBCdom.

  31. @Joe Franklin

    Women are the majority voting faction for diversity, a national victim class supremacy cult.

    In addition to The Federal Reserve Act and the Revenue Act of 1913, which reintroduced an income tax, Woodrow Wilson endorsed the Nineteenth Amendment – giving women the right to vote – and it has all been down hill since then.

    Gee, thanks Woody 🙂

    • Replies: @Joe Franklin
  32. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Even my late feminist aunt once told me that “when a woman acts out, you gotta put her in her place.” And Trump did.

  33. @rod1963

    I was very impressed with Catherine Herridge when I used to watch TeeVee. As I recall, she was a no nonsense interviewer. I’m sure Catherine could cross and uncross her legs with the rest of the Fox (ahem) ladies but she was a field reporter then.

  34. Truth says:

    I think both are (somewhat) attractive too, and when I look at Kelly, Serena is the first thing I think of. They each got an extra shot of testosterone in the womb, so there’s no surprise they were able to get to the top of competitive fields.

  35. Truth says:

    Megyn Kelly is overrated in the looks department. I think the most attractive Fox News Blonde is Martha MacCallum.

    LOL, she’s the only one more masculine than Kelly. Are you sure you’re not learning something about yourself here, Jeff?

  36. Pacific says:

    A Timely World Declaration

  37. I think salon described her perfectly.

    I had never even seen Megyn Kelly. She struck me as a very strange person. She’s like a cyborg constructed in the basement of Fox News. She’s very striking, but very metallic, very cold. Her eyes are very cold.

    She is an over-engineered robot given the prime directive to attract and steer white males into Rupert’s neocon, cuckservative concentration camp and keep them there.

  38. @Existential Confusion

    Don’t forget the 14th amendment which has been grossly misinterpreted by federal judges, always in favor of victim cult people.

    Then there is the ridiculous 17th amendment, a scheme to disenfranchise state governments and transfer their former power to influence the USgov thru the US senate to the ignorant mob of diversity voters.

  39. If Trump can speak his mind according to the 1st Amendment so can Megan Kelly, regardless of who thinks what? Enough PC crap, free thyeself, hark yee!

  40. cipher says:

    The picture of Ms. Kelly atop the essay captures her inner indulgences beautifully.

    Part white princess/lawyer/very important talking head.

    Part trash talk-spewing angry ghetto mamma.

    The system she represents is doomed just as surely as the Bolshevik/Menshevik system was.

  41. @aeolius

    Down here, in the southern hemisphere domestic violence is the current government hobby horse ( i never, never knew, but apparenly its wrong). Listening to a program on the public broadcaster, i was interested to hear that the vast bulk of domestic violence is actually emotional “violence”. Ok. Fine. Emotional oppression isn’t particularly loving. However, every victim they presented was female, every perpetrator was…yes, you guessed it, male. Yes, say no more.
    The other wonder, is just how common it is to see a woman physically assaulting a man on tv commercials and programs: its just so “funny”. Nevermind, what’s a bit of hypocracy going to harm…..

  42. Megyn is hot, an attorney and a top choice for her sojourn at FOX. I mean, she is a FOX boob girl with credentials I see no problem here! She confronts Donald Chump on a pattern of practice then all of a sudden, she is persona non grata! I wonder why?

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