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Mad, #MeToo Matriarchy Ensnared Bill Cosby
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“The matriarchy is merciless, and it has thoroughly feminized and twisted US law,” this writer wrote, in April of 2018, upon the sentencing and jailing of comedian Bill Cosby.

Cosby had been found “guilty” “of three counts of aggravated indecent assault, for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand at his home in a Philadelphia suburb in 2004.”

CNN gloated at the prospects of the legendary 83-year-old comedian facing up to 10 years in prison. The network, under whose auspices are gathered some of the most malevolent and moronic activist broadcasters, in an already crooked media-industrial-complex—did not feature one dissenting legal opinion.

Actually, with few exceptions, talking heads, right and left, converged on Cosby. So, while decent logic and law came from’s Marina Medvin, the unthinking Kimberly Guilfoyle on Fox News joined the #MeToo mob in raising her pom-poms for this travesty of a verdict.

Those of us who did dissent at the time are thrilled that Pennsylvania’s highest court has vacated Mr. Cosby’s 2018 conviction, after Cosby had served two years of a three-to-ten-year sentence.

The same myopic, malfunctioning media are currently choosing to focus on how the Cosby verdict has been overturned on a procedural or technical matter. A prosecutor, Pennsylvania Republican Bruce Castor, had struck a “non-prosecution agreement” with Mr. Cosby in 2005. Lack of admissible evidence notwithstanding, this prior agreement with Castor barred the case from going to trial.

Now, as the Guardian explains, Philadelphia justices ruled that Cosby relied on the promise that he would not be prosecuted, when he agreed to testify in a civil case brought against him by [accuser] Andrea Constand, without invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Enter District Attorney Kevin Steele. He must have been watching too many episodes of the new, #MeToo “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” where a team helmed by vengeful protagonist Olivia Benson traps men by means fair and foul. Too often, plea bargains and other agreements are struck only to be gleefully and maliciously torn up once the suspect is deceived into compliance, having trusted the integrity of “the system.”

Matters were certainly rendered unclean when, by deception, officers of the law got Cosby to forfeit his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. Once Cosby had done that, in good faith, DA Steele charged Cosby in 2015, using precisely the compromising deposition Cosby was enticed to give in the civil law suit.

But don’t allow the due-process oversight, indubitably important, to distract you from the nub of the matter.

The Cosby prosecution, as I pointed out at the time, rested on he-said, she-said hearsay evidence, on facts that can’t possibly meet the rules of evidence (the ones the United States once abided), or be corroborated for the purposes of a just prosecution, in accordance with the legal standards of Western law (of blessed memory).


The tainted evidence was solicited decades too late, with utter disregard for the statute of limitations. It came from unverified “prior bad act” women (“witnesses”)–unhinged #MeToo hysterics loosed in a court of law–who acted and sounded as though they were demented. Why, even the date of “the crime” could not be established.

The Law must engage in a search for truth. Ultimately, however, courts of law do not deal with what happened. Their judgments must rely on what can be proven to have happened.

Prosecutorial power to bring charges against a person is an awesome power, stress Paul Craig Roberts and Lawrence M. Stratton in The Tyranny of Good Intentions. Backing him, the prosecutor has the might of the state, and, consequently, he must never “override the rights of the defendant in order to gain a conviction.”

Prosecutorial duties are dual. While acting as the plaintiff, the prosecutor must also take pains to protect the defendant’s rights.

This is why the #MeToo judicial “philosophy” undergirding the prosecution of Bill Cosby and many other men is so terrifying.

“Always Believe the Victim” is a ditzy, made-in-Hollywood dogma that goes against the stellar Anglo-American common law legal tradition.

Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian think piece since 1999. She’s the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June, 2016). She’s currently on Parler, Gab, YouTube & LinkedIn, but has been banned by Facebook and throttled by Twitter.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Bill Cosby, Judicial System 
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  1. I was glad when this arrogant negro got his comeuppance and would die in jail, but like OJ Simpson, he’s rich and can afford to have lawyers to review his case to the point of finding technicalities to get him out. There are undoubtedly other women who were raped and hopefully they will come foreward and he can be sent back to where he belongs.

    • Troll: R.G. Camara
  2. I always wondered if Cosby was specifically targeted for being one of the few black celebrities who was not afraid to call out bad black behavior.

    • Replies: @Roger
    , @JimDandy
    , @Uachtar Ard
  3. Roger says: • Website
    @Hapalong Cassidy

    Yes, the judge who released the inadmissible transcript specifically said that Cosby had forfeited his right to privacy because he had called out bad Black behavior in others.

  4. Over 60 women accused Cosby of drugging and molesting them, which was obviously a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. They likely all made it up !! ha ha yes – all of them.

    A more nuanced and correct narrative would be :

    Bill – “will you have sex with me?”
    Woman – “I’m not sure, let me sleep on it”
    Bill – “that’s a yes then”

    Meanwhile, in South Africa only 50% of girls have been raped by the time they’re 18 – and only about 1,000,000 (according to SAP and Interpol) South Africans out of a total population of 55,000,000 have been murdered since the ANC took power. BRAVO !!

    • Agree: BuelahMan
    • LOL: mark green
    • Replies: @Donald A Thomson
  5. Rahan says:
    @Joe Paluka

    I was glad when this arrogant negro got his comeuppance and would die in jail, but like OJ Simpson, he’s rich and can afford to have lawyers to review his case to the point of finding technicalities to get him out

  6. JimDandy says:
    @Hapalong Cassidy

    Yeah, me too. Hannibal Burress definitely went after him for those reasons, and he sort of lit the fuse on the whole thing. I remember that whenever I would express my misgivings about the way he was being tried in the media, a standard response would be “That guy is guilty. Why else would SO many women tell the same story?” Lots of reasons, including money, fame, and, perhaps, genuine reasons to believe that crimes had been committed against them–but at least some of them were coached.

  7. Rahan says:

    Over 60 women accused Cosby of drugging and molesting them, which was obviously a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. They likely all made it up !! ha ha yes – all of them.

    When the globohomo system succeeds in using the crude emotional buttons of heritage american normies to get them to:
    1) support destroying other countries in the name of Israel
    2) support forever wars “to bomb the damn arabs”
    3) support the metoo system dismantling basic mating rituals and disrupting society’s reproductive cycle “in order to get dem niggers”
    4) support the economy getting dismantled and then taken over by half a dozen mega corporation because “otherwise the commies win”
    5) support “showing strength to Russia and China” in spite of being ethnically cleansed by those telling them Russian and China are the enemy…

    One does get a bit dispirited by the cognitive primitivism of the normie and his blind reaction to the bias buttons.

    Consider: the Negro has become holy, above reproach. The white is being ethnically cleansed. His society is being dismantled on every level, all his traditional rights are gone or almost gone. One of the instruments is Metoo, where once a man becomes too old and ill to fight back, suddenly a mob is assembled to smear him how he abducted them with his flying saucer and anally probed them back in 1982. This is an attack at the same time against 1) basic anglosaxon law, 2) any man who is inconvenient, 3) basic social cohesiveness and media integrity, 4) the very fiber of mating rituals which when disrupted lead to a collapse within a generation.

    But when packed into “look at that dirty nigga, goy, let’s get him! White knight for sluts and get that nigga! We’re all on the same side here goy!” — the drooling normie does it. He actually starts shilling for the system that is destroying him, when the system motivates him by showing some “hated other” emoji such as some darkie or some commie.

    Today the “dirty commie” (panda emperor) is the only check and balance to the planetary domination of globohomo, and the “dirty rapist nigga” (cosby) is the only guy who kept telling blacks “stop being dirty rapist niggas”. While all other actual criminal niggas are presented as saints. Even laws are changed to allow them to steal more. But it works. The damn crude propaganda works.

    It’s amazing. The cognitive capacity of a hamster.

    • Agree: Hapalong Cassidy
    • Troll: Chris Mallory
    • Replies: @Per/Norway
  8. Kerry says:

    “The Cosby prosecution, as I pointed out at the time, rested on he-said, she-said hearsay evidence, on facts that can’t possibly meet the rules of evidence,” exactly, he was railroaded on claims. Maybe these women shouldn’t wait 20 years to file charges?

    • Agree: Chris Mallory
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  9. Kerry says:
    @Joe Paluka

    This is nothing like O.J., that case was cut and dry, they found blood in his SUV, with Cosby it’s decades old claims that can’t be proven or disproven. It looked like a money grab scheme to me.

    • Thanks: ILANA Mercer
  10. You got it 100 percent right. Though Cosby was freed on a due process matter, the entire trial was a travesty of hysterical feminization of the rule of law.

    We can only hope that this starts a massive wave of reversals and a brutal return to the rule of law in the United States. Prosecutors are out of control. MeToo is a lie. Both need to be reined in sharply.

    • Agree: ILANA Mercer, sulu
  11. KenH says:

    It’s hard to feel sorry for Cosby when he completely bought in to the Tawana Brawley anti-white racial hoax in the mid 1980’s and temporarily teamed with Al Sharpton and other anti-white firebrands before Tawana’s claims fell apart and she was proven to be a liar and probably the very first well known fake hate crime hoax perpetrated against white people.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  12. “Prosecutorial duties are dual. While acting as the plaintiff, the prosecutor must also take pains to protect the defendant’s rights.
    That’s so quaint — it’s almost “cute”.

  13. BuelahMan says:

    Black men (especially America’s first black TV Dad) would never attempt sexual crimes upon a woman.

    Haven’t you seen the latest TV commercials?

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  14. Realist says:

    Speaking of Kimberly Guilfoyle, she was married to Gavin Newsom and is now Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend…she doesn’t seem to know what side of the drum to bang…or does it matter?

  15. sarz says:

    Could it be that everyone has forgotten that Bill Cosby had saved up a shitpot of money and wanted to buy NBC? (Look up Bill Cosby purchase NBC on DuckDuckGo.) Think of what might have happened to Jew control of media. But Cosby had a weakness that could not be catered to at home—fucking white whores on Quaaludes. How much would it cost to round up fifty or so whores, some of whom had actually had sex with Cosby, to get them to declare their sorrow at having been violated by a sly and foul Negro? Almost to a woman these women seemed such obvious lying whores that the prosecution apparently decided to go with just one, the most presentable. And even that failed.

    So how come no one is bringing it up? Going by my own experience on Bulgarian-Jew-owned ZeroHedge that poses as a free speech channel, it’s more like you just aren’t allowed to bring it up. My comment there, surrounded by all the usual inconsequential vulgarity and nastiness that was left untouched, did not last more than an hour. And now an algo puts up a black flag without even looking at what I have to say.

    Ron Unz, how about interviewing Mr Cosby, American hero?

  16. @Joe Paluka


    You mean following the rule of law.

    What is the point in putting an 83 year old blind man in prison? Other than to cost the taxpayers lots of money.

    This whole thing should have been handled as a civil matter. Strip Cosby of his assets, let him live in a elder care facility on his Social Security. Even with Medicaid paying for his room it would be cheaper than a prison cell.

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  17. @BuelahMan

    (especially America’s first black TV Dad)

    Fred Sanford and James Evans would disagree.

    • Agree: Uachtar Ard
    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  18. Trinity says:

    While I hate it here when people blame the women or woman, I do wonder why on earth on what on earth were these White women doing with Bill Cosby in the first place. Like OJ, Cosby seemed to have Vanilla Fever. And like OJ, Cosby was not the best looking guy around, OJ had a freaking horse head, so these women need to stop being turned on by money and fame, chances are anyone, male or female who makes it in (((showbiz))) is a shady character to begin with.

    WHY did these women WAIT SO LONG is my only question. Even IF Cosby serves out his time or served the rest of his life in prison, look at the guy? He has one foot in the grave already so by the time this guy got brought to justice, he has lived like a king for most of his life. Shit, the guy was in PC anyhow and probably lived a pretty good life unlike the average convict. Don’t kid yourselves, this guy was not suffering like the rest of convicts. Was he in a minimum security prison? IF he was not, he might as well have been.

    I THINK he is guilty, but once again, the only thing I wonder about is WHY these women waited so long. IF Cosby IS NOT guilty, it takes a special kind of evil woman to accuse a man of rape when that man is innocent. And IF Cosby is guilty, it takes a special kind of evil man to rape a woman and then get out in front of a national audience and claim his innocence. Whichever, either Cosby is a filthy POS or the women are filthy POS. You decide, I go with Cosby is guilty. Either way, the guy got away with it. The dude looks like death warmed over and has lived a comfortable life. Might as well let him go free.

  19. Trinity says:

    TNB. Blacks always stick together when all is said and done. The OJ thingie is proof of that one. A running joke back in the day on the (((Howard Stern Show))) was where Howard would have a Black guest on the program and ask them about OJ. The only Black guy that said he thought OJ was guilty was Jimmie Walker aka Jay Jay. I remember the so-called Bible Thumper Mr. T stuttering and stammering but never admitting OJ was guilty.

    Cosby was just another racist Negro who it seems only chose to sexually abuse White women for the most part. How many of Cosby’s victims were Black? Imagine a White man accused of sexually abusing 50 or so Black women? Do you think the (((media))) would play up the race angle? And should they? I mean when all the victims are overwhelmingly of one race, seems like it is racial as well. IF Cosby were White and he sexually abused a bunch of Black women? Of course, White on Black rape is about as rare as the winning Powerball ticket but work with me. hehe.

    Cosby? Same as all those “Black republicans” and “Black conservatives.” They only fool the dumbest of the dumb.

    • Replies: @KenH
  20. This case points up the subjective nature of justice, and how it operates in modern America. Cosby served more than two years in prison for actions that in other eras, or for different victims and a different perpetrator, could have turned out very differently. In the end, as so often happens, the process itself was the punishment. He was held in prison for years for crimes for which he was ultimately exonerated, even if only on a technicality.

    To reach justice in this case, a number of different cultural streams combined. The “good”, Uncle-Tom negro Cosby has been punished a little bit for imposing on a pack of white whores, but not too much. Consider:

    1. The changing definition of rape. Long ago, it used to be that rape meant that intercourse had taken place, and that force was used to overcome a woman’s resistance. A pregnancy might well have been the result. Now however, in an age in which scientific birth control techniques have given women control over their own fertility, women are free to be as indiscriminate in their copulations as men have traditionally been. Children won’t result unless she actually wants them to. With all of this alleged raping going on, where are all the little mulatto Cosbys that should have naturally resulted? Did any of these women have abortions due to their “rape”? Did these “rapes” even involve intercourse? There are, at the least, a lot of missing details here.

    2. Prosecutorial discretion. The first prosecutor turned the case down because he thought it too weak. The second prosecutor decided, within a few days of the statute of limitations running out, to file charges. Why? I suspect it was because a high profile case like this might be a political goldmine for an ambitious prosecutor. And indeed, this prosecutor, Risa Ferman, has since been elected a judge. So in that regard, mission accomplished.

    3. The ongoing self-destruction of the white race. In days gone by, a negro raping a white woman might have been an occasion for a lynching, let alone a nigger that used drugs to rape 60 or more of them. That would have been considered justice back then, but nowadays, hierarchy on the victim totem pole must be evaluated to determine justice. Heaven forbid we even inquire what these white women were doing associating so closely with such a famous negro. Cosby’s negritude ultimately worked in his favor here, though it was an uphill struggle against the revised definition of rape, which apparently now means any time a woman has regrets about having whored herself, even if years later. A white man accused of doing the same thing as Cosby was accused of would probably still be in jail. Weirdly, “white advocates” now hail Cosby’s release. LOL. Not without reason, it turns out they hate the #metoo whores more than the white-woman-raping Uncle Tom.

    Everyone has got a little something from this case, but no one is completely satisfied. That’s justice in America.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  21. @Rahan

    well stated, i agree and have found my self pondering the very same things.


  22. Trinity says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Cosby dindu nuffin.

    Rape is bad enough but how in the hell does a man get turned on by a woman knocked out or passed out? I mean it doesn’t matter if she is 10, if the woman is laying there limp as a dish rag how does a man perform? A man might as well pleasure himself if he has to knock the woman out with a sleeping pill or whatever this guy is alleged to have used.

    Pregnancy? Well how often does a rape victim become pregnant? My guess is Billy’s little goody two shoes act was in fact just that, an act. IF the dude was innocent I truly am glad he is free, but I taint buying this guy is all that innocent. Sad times. I had an old White lady tell me she was glad Bill was let out, and she is a Trumptard. smdh and lololol. So much for Trumptards being wayciss.

  23. the Central Facts are these:

    1) this Negro drugged and raped multiple White women.

    and got away with it. And

    2) the pettifogging Jewess Issacson-Mercer applauds the Negro.

    • Agree: Uachtar Ard
    • Replies: @Truth
  24. I think they went after Cosby because he spoke the truth about ghetto negroes and he refused to push the Jleft line regarding white “racism.”

    So much about the case was OFF.

    First of all, if any of those women had been raped, why did they remain silent for thirty years?

    There were no rape kits, no evidence, no PROOF…..just greedy women doing a shakedown.

    I saw interviews, more than one, where the crazy bitches ADMITTED to having continued to hang out with Cosby AFTER THEY WERE RAPED!

    WTF is that?

    Another aspect that most people don’t understand is that sex and drugs were (sadly) part of social life in the 60/70’s. Ludes, coke, pot were fairly normal back then. Today it’s even worse with meth, heroin, and fentanyl.

    Let’s be real. Those women were aspiring “actresses” and they were out to get career help from Cosby. So….they stop by his hotel room….knowing they will be alone with him…..he says, “Hey, you want a Lude to relax?” She shrugs, “Yeah, okay.” And they fuck.

    I can tell you this for sure (because I did security for VIP’s) a guy like Cosby could have almost any woman in Los Angeles. I’ve seen how women act around rich/famous men. It’s hard for me to believe that he had to force himself on anybody because an aspiring actress/model will fuck you for a job on a TV series.

    Is Cosby sleazy? Oh yeah, very sleazy. What about Bill Clinton? You think Slick Willy will ever see a jail cell? What about the long list of pedophiles that went to Epstein’s island?

    • Agree: RedpilledAF
  25. The best part was how all the women had exactly two stories:

    1. They willingly took drugs with Cosby after going back to his room with him and then slept with him.

    2. They “blacked out”, never saw any drugs, and woke up in Cosby’s bed, and no proof was found that he drugged them.

    In other words, a bunch of jilted groupie sluts are angry years later that Cosby never called them back or helped their careers and want to find some reason to blame Cosby and not be the obvious jilted groupie sluts they are.

    The trial was a farce, I’m happy the man is free.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  26. Trinity says:

    Yeah it seems this is a rare case where SOME women are siding with this old geezer over other women. Odd, to say the least in most cases. What does this tell you about women? Used to be a time when a woman’s word over something this serious was good enough. Have women gotten worse or have men and/or juries gotten smarter? I choose the former. Maybe women back in the day had more honor and integrity therefore when accusations like this were made, people were certain to believe the woman over the man. Maybe all these women Cosby supporters know something men don’t know? I hate to think a lot of men might have been wrongly imprisoned on such a serious charge. Rape is not something you want to be charged with heading into prison from what I have heard. But then again, we all know that Cosby was safer than most of us living out here even in prison. The guy was probably treated like he was in an assisted living place. This guy didn’t do any time. That is a joke.

  27. Trinity: “A man might as well pleasure himself if he has to knock the woman out with a sleeping pill or whatever this guy is alleged to have used.”

    Wasn’t Cosby a frequent visitor to Hefner’s Playboy mansion? In fact, searching the net, I see that one of his “victims” alleged that he molested her there when she was just 15. Hefner used to use quaaludes on his girls too, iirc. Called ’em “leg looseners” or something. LOL. Lucky for ol’ Hef he died before the #metoo craze.

    Trinity: “Pregnancy? Well how often does a rape victim become pregnant? ”

    Supposedly the odds of pregnancy from a single unprotected act of intercourse is about 1 in 100. So assuming all were acts of completed intercourse done without protection, and that both partners were normally fertile, one could well expect a half-ape stand-up comedian or two would have resulted if this guy was as prolific a rapist as some say. Plus, it should be factored in that these types of gold-digging whores would probably have seen the potential and kept the baby, whereas if they had been pulled into an alley and raped the old-fashioned way they’d probably have had no qualms about killing it.

    Nevertheless, years ago, I researched this topic a little bit, and as I recall, an astonishingly high number of women who are raped and become pregnant choose to keep the baby. The vagaries of the human libido are sometimes hard to understand.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  28. Matters were certainly rendered unclean when, by deception, officers of the law got Cosby to forfeit his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

    I don’t think you can forfeit a right guaranteed by the Constitution. Nobody can. Prosecuters might lie about the forfeiture, stating that it had happened when it had not. Or you could be coerced in some other manner.

  29. @R.G. Camara

    Cosby is no saint….he’s not who we thought we was.

    But the women were sluts and grifters.

    If they took drugs….it was their choice to do so.

    Their was never any solid evidence that he raped any of those women.

    We’re supposed to “believe women?”


  30. Trinity says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    I am reminded of the girl who was allegedly raped by Mike Tyson. Tyson’s alleged victim was Black, but someone said that we did she expect going to Mike Tyson’s room at 2 in the morning. One thing you can say about men, or MOST men, it doesn’t matter how famous a woman is or how much money she has, that doesn’t do shit for the average man’s libido. I mean why would a woman choose an unattractive famous man over an attractive man who is not famous if they are just having a fling? Does sleeping with an ugly rock star make it more enticing. That one puzzles me to no end.

    And women, 99.5% of male celebrities, especially a Black one, are NOT into you because they adore you. GROW UP. Some accountability has to lay on the women for showing up at the Playboy Mansion or going up to this guy’s room. Hugh Hefner? At least Mick Jagger had to earn his money by being a musician. Hefner was butt ugly and was nothing more than a glorified pimp. Shit I love Ann Wilson’s voice but do you think I am going to sleep with her because she is a rock star? haha. Women talking about how stupid men are? Really?

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  31. @Kerry

    I have always thought the Magic Knee-grow Cosby was a POS, going back to his stand-up days. Cosby may well have done what is alleged, but there is no evidence of it. Testimony only becomes evidence when it relates to documents or other physical evidence. If it doesn’t do that, then it is an allegation.

    This is the same scenario with the POS Weinstein, and for that matter the allegations of Virginia Guiffre. If there is physical evidence to back up the allegations, terrific, lock these people up and throw away the key. If there isn’t stop perverting the law, it’s bad for all of us.

  32. @Trinity

    I understand that the Negro Felon League has “classes” for the new young bucks warning them of women hitting on them and lying about being on birth control. Many of them are white (I won’t capitalize this time). It’s their version of winning the lottery when child support rolls in.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  33. Jewish Power has to appease its various allies.

    So, when MeToo was hot, Jews favored feminists against Cosby.

    But now, it’s BLM and ‘attack the Karens’, and so Jews sprung him from jail on a technicality.

  34. Trinity says:

    Those “white women” should at least choose butt ugly aging white rock stars over someone like horse head O.J. Simpson. I mean ugly is ugly and at least with MOST of aging white rock stars the dudes would be too old and too frail to slap the women around. The National Felons League and the pathetic NBA should be the last place a gold digger looks. Remember that cat, Dennis Rodman? Good lawd, and here I thought Mick Jagger and Steve Tyler were ugly. haha. Gold digger, do you choose number one the geriatric rock star, number two, the ginormous ugly basketball player number, or is it number three, the handsome homosexual actor looking for a beard?

  35. Bill Cosby was a sexual predator. He had a sexual fetish of drugging women with pills and having sexual intercourse/raping them while they were unconscious. This goes back to the 70’s when “Coz” was going around with a brief case full of pills around Los Angeles “prescribing” pills to aspiring actresses and women he was interested in. He was able to do this first because of his fame. Second because of the image he cultivated. He was this cool hip black dude that naïve and gullible white people(mostly white women) would like to placate and indulge to, well, be hip and cool. He continued to cultivate this image more with his role as Doctor Huxtable on the show that beared his name. Now he was a family man. A black man white people can have some imaginary friend and close neighbor one night a week at 8 o’clock on the TV just as they could have another imaginary black friend, this time five days a week, in the form of Oprah! But the image of the loving responsible black father does not square with reality. The majority of black men(75-80%) who have children are deadbeats who leave it up to our tax dollars to take care of their kids. I can’t think of a show that had so much impact on naïve and gullible white people that believed this is the norm when it comes to black people. With this cultivated image he was able to better situate himself to victimize naïve and gullible white women who were both star struck and believed in this celluloid creation of a black loving father that was going to put a drug cocktail in their cocktail.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  36. I’m trying to remember the interview (was it Beverly Johnson?) where the woman said she was “drugged and raped,” but then continued to see Cosby on a regular basis. How could anybody take those women seriously? No rape kit. No DNA. No proof. A crew of lying Blasey Ford bitches.

    You don’t know that Cosby was a rapist because there was zero evidence.

    The issue is much bigger than Cosby and Weinstein. The bigger picture of metoo is that white college boys get kicked out of school and their lives ruined forever because some dumb cunt says the kid did “something.” And a young man (or any man) accused of sexual misconduct has virtually no way to defend himself now.

    It’s a war on men and “tearing down the patriarchy.”

    It’s just another way the small hats can lower our birthrate by making relationships between men and women impossible.

  37. @Dodge City Pete

    If the average man is on trial, it’s rare that even a single woman rushes to add a false accusation. If he was rich, there’d be dozens. Women can be liars, just like men. Women can want money, just like men. There’s a lot of money in suing the rich.

    Never believe somebody just because they claim to be a victim. The person they’re accusing may be the real victim.

    The Hollywood casting couch was very well-known and women lined up to prostitute themselves for decades. Now they want to be paid again for their services.

    Epstein employed prostitutes. Now they want to be paid again for their services.

    No doubt it comes as a shock to you to find out that women are human too. Actually, all Democrats realise that, for at least five minutes, if they think a Democrat politician may be being targetted unfairly. [email protected]

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  38. Excellent, thank you.

  39. @Trinity

    As the Cos served nearly 3 years of a 3 to 10 year sentence, he hardly got away with anything, did he? In fact, as he was a victim of malicious prosecution, maybe he should be entitled to compensation for his lost income. Also, prosecutor Kevin Steele should probably be disbarred for tricking Cosby into giving up his Fifth Amendment rights, when a “non-prosecution agreement” had already been struck with the previous DA.

    • LOL: Trinity
    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  40. Dogs are often accused of racism. How come White women lack the sense of dogs?

  41. Cosby was innocent. He was railroaded by whores, mentally ill feminists, eunuchs, and cuckolds.

    I mean why would Americans ever hold sluts and mentally deranged whores accountable for their actions and decisions? Women apparently are mentally retarded children that are never responsible for their decisions and are even allowed to make things up and change stories decades later–without facing any scrutiny or repercussions.

    Thank you eunuchs and cuckolds. You have done a wonderful service for America and the West, in fact more and more the East too, by “believing all women” based on your incredible lack of experience, especially sexual, with females, and your general lack of mental and spiritual fortitude.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  42. Thomasina says:

    I think he’s a guilty sleazebag too, but three years and a ruined reputation is probably all the justice we can expect. Some of the women waited so long because as Cosby had been so revered by the public, they thought that no one would believe them. They’re probably right about that. Others may have been lying.

    O.J. Simpson, on the other hand, should have fried.

  43. @Realist

    In other words, a chameleon, that is your typical woman. She can and will pretend to be anything and change her politics for the situation. See Lauren Southern.

  44. imbroglio says:

    If you look at a number of the comments, you’ll see why the point you make about due process and other antiquities of the law is valid but vain.

    “The sleazebag is guilty. Let him rot in prison.”

    What’s legal deception and trickery in the face of righteous sentiment, evidence and proof be damned? The law plays favorites and one needs to be aware of who the favorites are at any given moment. And if one has a college bound son, it’s one’s responsibility to let him know that “he said, she said” is now “she said” and that he’ll have to act accordingly.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  45. @Trinity

    They could have easily been convinced they were raped years later because of #metoo and the general anti-male media. Mass hysteria is real. Metoo was our Salem witch trials phase. I hope it’s over. And there is no chance of any negative consequences today for making false rape accusations. Quite the opposite. It used to be at least the woman would be considered a slut for going alone to a man’s house. But those were saner times.

    • Agree: RedpilledAF
    • Disagree: Uachtar Ard
  46. KenH says:

    Bill Cosby was just one of those “good blacks” like Oprah Winfrey who managed to hide their resentment of white America since that was required for a successful career and to make them rich. As with Oprah the vast majority of his fans in the 1980’s through mid 90’s were white and if he ever let the mask slip it could have ruined him financially.

    Orca Winfrey let her mask slip after she became a billionaire then started openly supporting anti-white black political candidates like Barry Obama and Stacey Abrams and talking about how old, “racist” white people just have to die in order for the nation to move forward.

    Malcolm X believed the rape of white women was a righteous act of racial revenge and even though many black men lust after white women anyway on some level Bill Cosby may have been doing what Malcolm X commanded of black men.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Robert Dolan
  47. Trinity says:

    And Whitey NEVER learns, Whites are a gullible lot and that is what has led us to going from a 90% nation of Whites to this current shithole we find ourselves in. Whitey is playing by the rules the Jew sets for him to play by while everyone else is all in for themselves and rules be damned. Of course in those rules, the Jew must remain at the top of the heap of the (((oppressed,)))) because, well, they have suffered so much for so long, ya know.

    Look how Whitey adopts (((Black conservatives and Black republicans.))) Do you think they will disappoint in the end just like General Colon Bowel, and Orca Pigfrey? Blacks have found out that there is BIG BUCK$ in playing (((conservative.))) Want a ticket to fame and fortune? If you happen to be Black, I hear they are looking for Blacks for Trump over at Fox, News Max and OAN. hehe. Long ago I remember hearing a radio DJ talk about how talk radio was mostly bullshit, no different than someone going for a job at Kroger. “Hey, we don’t have any need for a stocker in produce but could you work the grocery aisle?” Suddenly, Mr. Lefty becomes the second coming of Lush Limbaugh because he needs the bread and the market is overwhelmingly (((conservative.))) Look at how many (((conservatives))) came out of the woodwork after Lush Limbaugh became popular. Of course, Lush was told he always had to announce he was muh Israel and talk about Hitler and “Nazis” between takes of mocking “the reverend” Jackson and blah, blah, blah….. Pawn Vanity, a shill that came along after Lush, modeled himself to be another Lush but he took the knee even further for Jew worship and muh Israel. These cats are clowns, man.

    • Agree: KenH
  48. Okay… are going to tell me (with a straight face) that billionaire Cosby raped this ugly Howard Stern looking lesbian bitch…..when he could have almost any woman in Hollywood?

    It does not make sense.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  49. Trinity says:
    @Robert Dolan

    I can’t tell you how many guys that I have been around that would pork anything. Some of these guys would have good looking girlfriends and/or wives, the attraction was just someone different. Add drugs and alcohol and the behavior becomes worse. And the guys I was around were White, I can only imagine what the standards are for young Black guys loaded with testosterone.

    What does that say for society and particularly women, that someone like Bill Cosby, whose only talent was telling jokes and being a good ACTOR, could score with ” any woman in Hollywood” because of those “talents.” Good gawd, I just thought of that dude, Gene Simmons and his partner Paul Stanley. Talk about a couple of lookers. Those dude’s exude all kinds of sex appeal. Imagine those two geezers if they were not famous or didn’t have money?

    haha. Any woman that goes to Hollywood has to be the biggest airhead around. And half the guys out there are probably gay as well.

    As for Cosby, what the hell has he done for America much less White America? And the real question should be why are the victims nearly all or all White?

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  50. @KenH

    Cosby was an outspoken critic of the black community. In fact, his rants against blacks sounded like something I would do….he voiced all of the same complaints….and it was all true.

    Maybe you missed this, or maybe you didn’t understand just what a big deal this was…..a HUGE black star going off the rails and speaking truth about blacks….he was called a house n-word Tom and much worse.

    Cosby was expected to support the anti-white jew narrative, that blacks are innocent victims of “racist whites.” He was expected to stay on the plantation like Sharpton, Jackson, etc., and when he stubbornly refused to recant…..he got popped.

    I wouldn’t have sex with Andrea Constand with your penis.

    • Replies: @KenH
  51. @Trinity

    What did Cosby do for white America?

    His show was excellent and wholesome for the most part. I wasn’t a huge fan of the show but I have seen a few episodes. I recall Cosby and the wife giving sound wisdom. Cosby’s character modeled decent behavior for both blacks and whites.

    In fact, the show was so wholesome that when the actress that played the daughter….have to go look it up….Lisa Bonet…..when she did the nude scene in “Angel Heart” Cosby apparently chewed her out and told her that she’d fucked up her career. And he was right.

    And as I mentioned earlier, Cosby gave many Jared Taylor like rants about the black community. Hard to think of another black that does that….maybe Jesse Lee Peterson. Such blacks are very rare.

    Beyond Cosby…..the metoo movement says that we must believe women.

    Fuck that.

    Women are human and capable of lying.

    You don’t send men to prison for rape without a rape kit and DNA proof.

    • Agree: follyofwar
  52. @Chris Mallory

    “What is the point in putting an 83 year old blind man in prison?”

    Never knew he was blind, that’s really sad because he will never be able to see himself as Ob/Gyn Cliff Huxtable again.

  53. KenH says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Cosby was an outspoken critic of the black community. In fact, his rants against blacks sounded like something I would do….he voiced all of the same complaints….and it was all true.

    Yeah, I’m aware of Cosby’s previous digs at black ghetto thug culture but just because Cosby did this doesn’t mean that he loves white people. That’s what you don’t seem to understand.

    He was expected to stay on the plantation like Sharpton, Jackson, etc., and when he stubbornly refused to recant…..he got popped

    But he temporarily joined Al Sharpton and other anti-white black bomb throwers on the plantation over the Tawana Brawley race hoax. Cosby became an angry, aggrieved negro seeking to punish whitey instead of the smiling, witty negro trying to sell whitey some pudding. I don’t recall Cosby issuing an apology to white people or the white police officers accused of assaulting Tawana when she admitted she lied and made it all up.

    And what’s this? Bill Cosby quoting Malcolm X on his twitter feed. Strange for someone you believe in your heart of hearts is a “good black”.

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  54. Trinity says:

    Bill Cosby was just concerned with his race. Every single time you hear one of these good Blacks, it all comes back to what is in it for them first and foremost. This is the mindset of the Jew, the Black, the Brown, the Yellow, everyone except Whitey. Whitey is the only one that has bought into this charade, a charade that is meant to destroy Western Civilization in the name of “diversity is our strength.” Hell, even when America and Europe were 90% White, they were always diverse. No other race is as diverse and/or multicultural as European Whites. Multicultural America is fine or was fine when it was a White multicultural nation, now it is the pits because it is a multiracial toilet.

    And here you have these White clowns worshiping some Black comic because he wanted Blacks to act like normal civilized people. We have come to the point where some guy is lauded for simply asking his people to act like normal civilized people. I bet Bill never complained about Black on White rape or Black on White murders. To his credit, I do believe Jesse Lee Peterson has walked that aisle, I don’t know that much about Jesse to be honest. But really, so what if some Negro ADMITS the truth about his own, should we expect less? We are honoring some Negro for telling us something we already know? GTFOOH.

    In the end, even IF Cosby was a “good Black,” that bug-eyed fool did “nuffin” for Whites and he never will. You FOOL Whites who are out there praising and lauding some Black for attempting to live like the AVERAGE WHITE PERSON, save your praises for you White neighbor, why give your love or concern to someone who doesn’t give two shits about you. Maybe for once in your life, look after your own kind.

  55. You are stating obvious shit while ignoring the most important element….because you are unwilling to admit that you didn’t think of the most important aspect.

    As I keep saying (and you keep ignoring) it’s much bigger than Cosby. If you look into the Cosby case, there was no evidence against him. It was the same in the Weinstein case. That’s the essence of the metoo propaganda, that women don’t need to provide evidence, that we are simply supposed to “believe women.” Andrew Anglin has written about this many times and I agree with him.

    This HORRIBLE precedent was then used to kick MANY white boys out of college. There have been a long list of young white college guys accused of some bullshit and KICKED OUT for no reason, and their lives ruined. I recall seeing case after case after case.

    You’re trying to turn metoo into a RACE issue, when it’s NOT. Look at the fucking title of this article.

    The issue isn’t about blacks and whites; the issue is about women versus men. The issue is regarding the feminist (jew) plan to wreck the family structure by making women hate men….by making relationships impossible.

    In this light, your comments are rather obtuse. You’d happily send an innocent black man to prison for a rape he didn’t do, while allowing a white rapist to go free, just to prove what a great white advocate you are.

  56. Trinity says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Well, at the very least, maybe it will make “white girls” stay away from Negroes and fat, ugly Jew Hollywood moguls. Seriously, I guess I don’t see that many female harpies in my neck of the woods so I am no expert on mindset of the undersexed, bitter, vengeful side of the fairer sex. Oops, “they” are vengeful but not more than any male that I know, jealousy is their sin of choice. haha. IF people are that friggin’ weak minded to fall for this charade as battle of the sexes than what can you do. Like I say, I see plenty of White women of sound mind and body and occasionally I run into a dingbat like that old White lady who supported Cosby. You really don’t have much faith in your White sisters out there. Sure, I see the dingbats, like the kind that go off with Black guys with a horse head, but I see plenty of level headed White women as well, hell, look at all those bitter and confused “white” male wiggers out there.

    Sure we have wiggers, mudsharks, oil drillers, and “white guys” with Yellow fever down here, but most to them are snowbirds. We country hicks just are not as susceptible to Jewy psychology. haha. The OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of White women are not going to accuse you of rape if it is consensual. Hell, most will ask you back for more if it is good. lololol. Quit believing that the majority of White women are out to get you, because they are not. Most want White men to START BEHAVING LIKE MEN AGAIN.

  57. @Hapalong Cassidy

    but he didn’t just “tell it like it is” or give real advice to anyone, it was more of a pander to his white audience – he was scolding young black people, the way boomers accused todays workers of being slothful for not having their good fortune. I’ve noticed he has a big audience of white cucks who think his retarded routines are funny, conservative white old boomer cucks love him.

  58. @Robert Dolan

    you’re citation of Anglin here is like citing the Onion as a source, he is a satirist who frequently informs the reader that his writing is 100% satire. Rich celebrities are exactly like politicians in their sexual habits and appetites, but the politicians have more limits. Do you think an innocent man would have a creepy staff and legal team of grimacing white women by his side at all times for every photo? He’s a slick nigger who you mistakenly think is worth defending because some jews gave him free air-time and contracts, as he shilled jello pudding and kodak film, and Sheky Shapiro brainwashed kids into thinking blacks were doctors (ob-gyn no less) and good fathers. That is alll OBVIOUSLY a LIE and fantasy. Cosby and Floyd are the same fucking guy.

  59. @Robert Dolan

    I’m also hugely skeptical of the narrative “many good boys falsely accused of rape .. getting KICKED OUT OF COLLEGE, sacre bleu, He dindu nuffin. College is a scam for people who want more money and power, doing less work. College prepares people for a life of grifting.

  60. KenH says:
    @Robert Dolan

    As I keep saying (and you keep ignoring) it’s much bigger than Cosby. If you look into the Cosby case, there was no evidence against him.

    That all depends. In the deposition Cosby agreed to provide he did admit to giving Benadryl or Quaaludes to women he wanted to have sex with. Where his story diverges from Constand’s is that he says the sex was consensual while she says it was not.

    To be fair that deposition was not supposed to be used against him and it was.

    It does seems awfully strange to me that Cosby admits to drugging women he wants to have sex with. Personally, I’ve never given women I’ve slept with sleep inducing drugs before the act but maybe you have which is why you’re defending Cosby like a whirling dervish.

    You’re trying to turn metoo into a RACE issue, when it’s NOT

    It sort of is when most of Cosby’s victims are white and when team Cosby has turned this into a racial issue by depicting Cosby as a black victim of an unfair justice system. When the going gets tough always hide behind your race. Even the “good blacks” do it.

    If a white celebrity drugged and allegedly raped black women don’t you think it would be a major racial issue? If the white celebrity was let out of prison on a technicality you can bet the Jewish AG Garland and the IRS would be looking for ways to charge him with something federally to mollify the black and left wing mobs.

    Your screeds are evidence of why whites are losing in America. Lots of white people like you, even if they’re pro-white, have an aversion to racializing and personalizing every current event. Our racial enemies don’t suffer from that problem which is why they’ll likely inherit America.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  61. @KenH

    While there are many statements which Malcolm X made in his life which deserve disagreement (and a few of these he even himself retracted in his last year), it’s hard to see how anyone on this board could disagree with the quote which you give. Media influence, and the manipulation of it, is a very fundamental issue. The one good thing about the internet is that it has punched a lot of holes in the old type of media blockade which used to seem impenetrable. Bill Cosby can be criticized for a lot of things, but this quote is a valid point.

    • Replies: @KenH
  62. @Trinity

    While I hate it here when people blame the women or woman, I do wonder why on earth on what on earth were these White women doing with Bill Cosby in the first place.


  63. Be as it may, I’ve never heard black public figures say:

    1. black slavery in the Americas was just a part of that historical phenomenon (Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas,..)

    2. Europeans had not been catching Africans; instead, local African chieftains made a big business by selling captured other African individuals and groups to various Europeans. These groups would otherwise, in all likelihood, either stay enslaved in Africa or be executed.

    3. why do you ignore much substantial Arab Islamic slavery business with Africans?

    4. how come most human races, not just whites, have a distaste or outright hostility towards African- Americans (east and south Asians, Native Americans, Hispanics of any color, ..)?

    5. What is so fundamentally wrong with black or African racial-ethnic groups that everywhere they reside, from Africa to both the Americas, Middle East and the Caribbean- they can’t build sustainable & relatively functioning modern societies?

  64. Trinity says:

    The sad part about this is it might have been an old White celebritard who passed along the tricks of the trade to Cosby. That old 70s/80s phrase ” A Lude Puts You In The Mood” might have started as an inside joke among (((Hollywood males.))) Cosby like O.J. hung around Whites, hell it seems O.J. rarely even associated with Blacks. Say what you want about Ali, but at least he kept to his own, and IF he had sex with White women, it was kept on the DL.

    Lest we also forget the time and period the Coz was pulling this shit off. In the 1970s & 1980s Black male and White couples were still not common, they existed but not like now. Of course JEW run television has all these mixed race commercials now, trying to really amp up their game. While there are mixed races couples out there, they are not nearly as common as on these lame Jewy commercials. Hell, even into the 1990s Black and White couples were still rare enough to make you stop and glance, and MOST White women would shame another White woman at least privately for being seen with a Black male. I remember once I asked a White girl probably late 1990s/early 2000s about having sex with a Black male. She twisted up her face and said, “hell no, that is nasty.” haha. I guess White girls had good sense back then or at least the vast majority did.

    So maybe that is why a lot of these women held back over the years. Believe or not, these Hollywood airheads” might have been from places like Indiana, South Carolina, Iowa, etc., originally and this would not have been a good image for pops and moms to hear about back then. Even “Hollywood airheads” have some sense of morality once in awhile.

    I wonder how many White and Jew Hollywood scumbags aided and abetted Cosby , or taught him the tricks of the trade? Lots of Jews were “snared” by #MeeToo. Cosby is probably guilty but he could be the sacrificial lamb to take the heat off all the Jews that were accused during this #MeeToo hunt. Those idiot White celebritards are such cuckolds that they love posing and partying with Blacks for the camera. It is good for the image, it is like, look at me, I gotz skreet cred and I ain’t rayciss and sheeit, yo. Idiots even went to bat for Jew Slimestein knowing full well that Slimey was guilty as sin.

  65. Truth says:
    @Joe Paluka

    LOL, wait a minute, Betsy Sue, you’re supposed to take the Man’s side here.

  66. Truth says:

    You’re more attractive than Cosby and OJ?

    We need a photo bro, first a headshot, then one of you deadlifting 400lbs.

    • LOL: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
  67. Truth says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    1) this Negro drugged and raped multiple White women.

    and got away with it.

    These scenarios are sometimes…complicated… bro.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  68. KenH says:
    @Patrick McNally

    it’s hard to see how anyone on this board could disagree with the quote which you give.

    That wasn’t the point. There are many people who’ve been critical of the America media over the years yet Cosby chose a quote from Malcolm X among probably hundreds which tells me he agrees with X on a great many things. So this dispels the claim that Cosby is a “good black” who doesn’t resent white America just because people identified with his TV persona.

    Wonder what the reaction would be if a famous white celebrity quoted George Lincoln Rockwell or William Pierce regarding the media? It would be national news and they would intantly lose their Twitter account but Cosby’s tweet was greeted with a yawn.

  69. Trinity says:

    Actually I am or rather WAS. I am now an official old fart and the years are showing like on everyone. No doubt in my mind that I am or more accurately was better looking than those cats. O.J. Simpson was or is a horse head and Bill Cosby was or is bug eyed scamboogah. No ego, just stating facts.

    Deadlift 400lbs? Well, I never said I deadlifted 400lbs but I bench pressed that. Chicks deadlift 400lbs dude. hahahaha. Hell dude, I just lift to stay somewhat toned up and just the other day I was incline bench pressing with 275lbs for 2-3 reps, which ain’t shit, but for a 60 year old it ain’t bad. I don’t deadlift, hell, I might lift once a week at that just out of habit.

  70. Trinity says:

    Hey Troof, I just thought about that dude, Rick James. “I’m Rick James, beyotch.” hehe.

    Dude, remember that classic, “Super Freak?” Every time I hear that tune I think of Wilfred Sycpion, who was shadow boxing to that tune before entering the ring. Anywho, remember in that song where Rick Baby talks about waiting in Rm # 714?

    I wonder how common place this shit was in the entertainment world back in those days and even before? How many women were “screwed over” ( no pun intended) by creeps like the Coz and other “celebrities” like actors, rock stars, singers of all genres, athletes etc.? Shit, as for Hollywood, I bet there are probably male victims of rape as well.

    Hell, I have to spin this one by request for da Troof, da Coz and the late Wilfred Scypion. You played it for her, you can play it for me, so play it.

    Cue: Super Freak by Rick James, beyotch.

    • Replies: @Truth
  71. Truth says:

    Here you go.

    Oh; you said you were better looking than Heff too. You must have been Rick Springfield in your prime.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  72. Trinity says:

    Rick Springfield? Think bigger, chap. Hugh Hefner? Dude, that little weasel is or should I say was a worm. Is he still alive? I don’t keep up with shit like that so I have no idea if the dude is even still around. Typical little pervert that takes advantage of gullible and shallow women. I despise his type more than I do an O.J. or a Cosby.

    Cue: Jesse’s Girl by Rick Springfield for Troof.

  73. @follyofwar

    The non-prosecution agreement was why the Supreme Court of PA overturned the conviction. The agreement was part of a deal allowing Cosby to testify in a civil trial. He was given immunity and then a later prosecutor ignored the agreement.

  74. What the bleep do you *really* know about Bill Cosby?

    When I was a young actress he propositioned me and turned nasty when I refused to spend the night with him.

    I literally ran away from the restaurant we were in to escape from Bill Cosby.

    • Replies: @ILANA Mercer
    , @Truth
  75. bayviking says:

    Does anyone seriously think that Clinton, Cosby, Epstein, Weinstein, Trump and their ilk are not powerful serial rapists? Their behaviors afterwards speaks for itself, putting lawyers and stalkers on their payroll. But no one should be sentenced to life for rape, because murder is worse.

  76. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    Bill Cosby was a sexual predator. He had a sexual fetish of drugging women with pills and having sexual intercourse

    As if women aren’t sexual predators!

    As if 60+ women didn’t seek coitus with Cos to further their careers!

    As if female teachers don’t rape young boys!

    As if women never use aphrodisiacs when boinking Afros and others!

    Think Jagger, Tyler, and other rockstars didn’t have beer, wine, whiskey, pot, LSD, quaaludes, and other drugs on hand when groupies asked to ingest things to make their vags tingle and fundaments loosen?

    Cosby’s crone accusers were all aged, over-the-hill former skanks…jealous that Bill hadn’t dumped Camille for them.

    The real movement was called #Imawhore2.

    Women demand that men make all first-moves sexually…the better to punish guys if things don’t turn out perfectly.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  77. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    In the deposition Cosby agreed to provide he did admit to giving Benadryl or Quaaludes to women he wanted to have sex with

    CORRECTION: “Cosby agreed to provide Benadryl/Quaaludes to women who asked for them prior to having consensual sex with him.”

  78. Trinity says:

    The only way a male can be PHYSICALLY raped is by another male. Teachers and male students 14-17? Hell, every guy I know growing up would have loved being hot for teacher, that is every young heterosexual male’s favorite fantasy, or at least one of their favorite fantasies. IF the male isn’t willing than little Herbie down there isn’t about to rise to the occasion. WHY any male in his mid to late teens would complain about having sex with an older woman or teacher is beyond me. Yes, Virginia, there is a difference between the two sexes and yes, there are only two sexes, male and female.

    Not all female teachers are in their mid 30s, but a significant number were when I went to skoo. And even right now, IMO, that is the age women reach their absolute prime for looks. Really young chicks, no thanks, you can have the baby fat, just a little aged look is super sexy to me. Of course when you are 60, those 30 something hotties call you sir, then you know it is over. hehe.

    Cue: Hot For Teacher by Van Halen

  79. @Elena Haskins

    Bravo: You managed quite well without whining and running to the cops, asking that they jail a man because he behaved like a pig.
    You used your faculties as an adult woman. I can’t recall the number of times I did the same back in the day. Who goes home with a man who has a bad reputation and who one doesn’t know? An ambitious idiot.

  80. Truth says:
    @Elena Haskins

    Well isn’t this a co-ink-ee-dink.

  81. Anonymous[382] • Disclaimer says:

    Cosby, because he is a Negro, failed to get the non-prosecution agreement in writing because that would be acting white and he is stupid. He deserves to spend more time in jail but at least he got a while and is closer to death.

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