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Life With Islam and Its Enablers
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As I write, the Russians are hunting down the perpetrator of an attack on the St. Petersburg subway, in which 11 people were killed and some 45 injured. It took Russian authorities no time at all before an image of a possible culprit was circulated.

Vladimir Putin, it appeared, would not be taking a page out of the West’s Jihadi-protection program manual. The feelings of Muslims—who else?—were not being spared. Russians weren’t cautioned about Islamophobia. Officials didn’t beat on breast about their society’s failure to integrate Muhammadans. Mental illness wasn’t floated to exculpate what was likely Jihad.

It looks like the identity of the killer will be known by the time I complete this column.

The quick unmasking of Khalid Masood’s identity, last month, was likely because he was killed quickly. The British knifeman met his maker in a timely manner because Masood targeted the Palace of Westminster, threatening the British Parliament, where an Authorized Firearms Officer (AFO) was stationed.

In Britain, criminals are armed. Politicians enjoy armed protection. The public is forsaken—for the sake of “our values,” they are told. For the good of their “freedoms,” as defined by their political jailers, the English agree to live with certain realities.

The reality of an English soldier being butchered on a London street, for one.

Drummer Lee Rigby was carved up in Woolwich, just yards from the Royal Artillery Barracks, in May of 2013. Slick with the blood of his victim, Drummer Rigby’s emboldened killer then asked the dhimmi passing by to film his splenetic screed. Muhammad’s messenger wanted to say “it” on YouTube.

Like the lone English AFO, American businessman Mark Vaughan did what he had to in September of 2014, when a woman at a Vaughan Foods factory, in Moore, Oklahoma, was beheaded by one Alton Nolen. A convert to Islam, this hate-filled black man then turned on poor Traci Johnson, and began sawing at her throat. Suddenly the CEO, Mr. Vaughan, appeared. He stopped Nolen in his tracks with … a bullet.

Were it not for armed Officer Alan Horujko, also stateside, another bad Abdul would’ve killed some classmates, in November of last year. Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a Somali refugee, drove his car into a crowd, at Ohio State University. Artan needed killing. Alan obliged.

Earlier in 2016, a promising refugee—again Somali; how have we failed these tender souls, and who could have seen it coming!—slithered out of hibernation. An American hero was ready for Dahir A. Adan.

Officer Jason Falconer was off duty, but locked and loaded when Adan began slicing and dicing non-Muslims, at a St. Cloud shopping mall, in Minnesota. Yes, the little Nazi was sorting his kind from ours. Officer Falconer pumped Adan with lead. A lot of it. The end.

Acting individually, Americans are still capable of responding to Jihad by “casting terror into the hearts” of Jihadi believers. Collectively and severally, the British and the Europeans are honing their helplessness.

Certainly when it comes to the agencies entrusted with protecting the people on both sides of the pond, failure is the rule. The response mounted by the people’s protectors across the West is lackluster, to put it charitably.

Be it Paris, Nice, Brussels, or Berlin; Orlando, San Bernardino—the men with mass murder on their minds are Muslim, often with criminal records or with a sudden heightened interest in Islam. That risk factor, Islam, is unacknowledged. Its followers are ignored, seldom stopped, and generally dismissed as misguided by the very intelligence agencies now successfully hobbling President Trump.

Posthumously, Jihadi killers are remembered kindly by a conditioned dhimmi community (ours) and by the complicit community (theirs). Nice guys all.

When these characters come to the attention of the authorities, they’re consistently given a pass for their infractions. Invariably are they interviewed and released, unleashed on innocents, because, somehow, they inspired faith in their inquisitors.

The same interrogators are better disposed to prosecuting patriots for impolite speech against Islam. Dutchman Geert Wilders and France’s Marine Le Pen come to mind. Persecuting another, President Donald Trump, for being too polite to Russia is another preferred pastime of Deep-State operatives, who’ll invariably call-off surveillance of Islamists, as they funnel fungible funds into, say, surveilling Trump Tower.

Following acts of Jihad, suspects slip through European roadblocks with relative ease. Perverse European legislators have instituted procedures that make apprehending and expelling undesirables near impossible.

The Tunisian migrant, Anis Amri, was finally put out of his misery by an Italian policeman, near Milan. But not before Amri had mowed down 12 men, women, and children at the open-air market in Berlin, Germany, last Christmas. He injured 49.

Amri was a known felon, suspected of “possessing explosives” and defrauding German welfare authorities. He had been caught with a fake ID, had been incarcerated before and was being “monitored,” for what that’s worth. Amri’s missives, intercepted and debated, more than hinted at his future “aspirations.”

Yet no deportation proceedings were initiated, because sly Amri made sure never to carry valid papers. He knew Prussian bureaucrats put politically correct piety and protocol before the lives of innocent Germans. You know how bad things are when the leader of the Muslim World herself, Angela Merkel, calls out bungling officials for posing a “security risk for people in all Germany.”

With equal ease did Tunisian-born Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlelon cross the security perimeter set up to protect crowds celebrating Bastille Day, in Nice. Mohamed Blah Blah had no problem plunging his lorry into the crowds, killing 84 and gravely injuring 202.

An Israeli security expert, Aaron Cohen, could not conceal his contempt for the gendarmes entrusted with protecting the crowds on that fateful day, in 2016. From the easily breached perimeters, to the lack of spike strips or tire shredders on the roads, to the pitiful darting done by police in an attempt to flag down the truck, once it commenced its two-mile mayhem: The French police had earned Cohen’s contempt.


Confirmed it was by the UK Mirror that police allowed Mohamed Blah Blah, aforementioned, “to stay on the busy road for almost nine hours before the attack and failed to check his vehicle.” When the (manifestly) swarthy Islamic supremacist told police he was delivering ice cream for the petits, police at the checkpoints had simply waved the enormous truck through.

Libertarian Julian Assange called the FBI and offshoots “America’s political police.” Europeans have their “political police.” The English have MI5; it declared Khalid Masood halal, kosher, good to go.

The “political police” is helping its political masters to achieve a goal. If political actions are indicators, then the aim is to acculturate Americans and Europeans to life with Islam.

Are politicians working toward this goal reflexively, rather than as a matter of collusion and conspiracy? Is the institutional ineptness documented “helped” by Islamic infiltration into politics and policing? These matters are not easily adjudicated.

What patriots in the West need to know is that life with Islam is life under Islam and its enablers.

Oh, and the culprit in the bombing of the St. Petersburg subway was Akbarjon Djalilov. His birthplace: Osh in Kyrgyzstan, “where the role of Islam is particularly strong.”

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  1. anarchyst says:

    Islam is not a religion, but is a foreign political and social system that governs all aspects of its adherents’ lives. There is no “wiggle room” when it comes to Islam. Harsh punishments are proscribed for all who transgress against its “rules–for both adherents and outsiders. Outsiders are seen as “less than human”, to be taken advantage of by believers, if they are permitted to live.
    As such, there need be no Constitutional “protections for this foreign political system.
    There is another foreign political and social system that has thoroughly infested (infected) the United States, and much of the world, that deserves extensive scrutiny–Zionism. This foreign political and social system also considers “outsiders” to be “less than human” to serve at the pleasure of its “parasites” who subscribe to the Talmud. Zionism is much more dangerous as it is insidious in nature, always hiding behind legitimate social systems, but always dragging out that “holocaust ™” card when threatened with exposure.
    There is one major difference between Islam and Talmudism–the perception of Jesus Christ.
    Talmudists regard Jesus Christ as a heretic, boiling in excrement for eternity while his mother Mary, is considered a harlot who conceived Jesus Christ with a Roman soldier.
    Islamists regard Jesus Christ as a great prophet–not the “Son of God” but a great prophet nonetheless, while his mother Mary is given a place of high regard, being specifically mentioned in the Qur’an.
    True to form, while Islamists generally fight their own battles, it is the Talmudist Zionists who ALWAYS get others to do their “dirty work” for them.
    Witness the jews getting Pontius Pilate to crucify Jesus Christ, who washed his hands of the whole affair, while the jews themselves took full responsibility, taking Jesus’ blood to be upon them and their descendents. Fast forward to later times, when WW1 and WW2 were fomented by these very same Talmudic Zionists. Add to that the so-called “holocaust ™” in which “deals” were made to get as many jews to Palestine as possible, while perpetuating the “holocaust ™” fraud for generations.
    I used to chuckle when I heard my brethren discuss the “Zionist Occupation Government”, but no more…

    • Agree: druid
    • Replies: @druid
  2. Yes, yes and yes. Still. Don’t you think it would be a move in the right direction to stop murdering Muslims in the thousands daily, monthly and yearly?

  3. druid says:

    Agree with all you said. Except about Islam. The people that believe in “There is no compulsion in religion”. The prophet never punished non-believers. He also taught that they may one day come to believe on their own. What’s done nowadays in places is Wahhabi style Salafi religion, which is very intolerant. I group up in a community of Muslims/Hindus/Christians. All got along and never once did I hear of a Muslim being punished in any way for his beliefs, in-beliefs, actions.
    The people that do these things at like ISIS, most of whom by the way are not even decent muslims and among them are a lot of thuggish characters who never fit in with society.

  4. With amazing regularity we have begun each new century of our existence as a nation by warring with Muslims. At the start of the nineteenth century, the fledgling United States, still unable to pay the debts incurred during the Revolutionary War, equipped a small fleet, manned by marines, to do battle with Barbary Pirates operating from North Africa. This was our first overseas military venture but would, of course, not be the last. more

  5. Russians weren’t cautioned about Islamophobia. Officials didn’t beat on breast about their society’s failure to integrate Muhammadans. Mental illness wasn’t floated to exculpate what was likely Jihad.

    Unfortunately, that’s not really the case.

    You don’t really see the self-flagellation that you have in the most “cucked” Western countries, but one MP did say that the bombings are “the agony of terrorists in response to an effective war on terror” (almost as good as Trudeau’s musings on how if you kill terrorists, they win), and there have been absolutely no moves to address criticisms of just how the terrorist acquired Russian citizenship (when many ethnic Russians in the Near Abroad can’t) or to debate the open borders policy with Central Asia.

    Mental illness was used to literally excuse and deport an Uzbek nanny who beheaded the child in her care and wandered the streets allah akbaring.

    • Replies: @Ivy
  6. This woman needs to add the word “patsy” to her vocabulary.

  7. Ivy says:
    @Anatoly Karlin

    Any excuse will do! Realpolitik takes many forms, as needed, not just as allowable.

  8. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Thus speaks the queen of drivel.

  9. Boris N says:

    Vladimir Putin, it appeared, would not be taking a page out of the West’s Jihadi-protection program manual. The feelings of Muslims—who else?—were not being spared. Russians weren’t cautioned about Islamophobia. Officials didn’t beat on breast about their society’s failure to integrate Muhammadans. Mental illness wasn’t floated to exculpate what was likely Jihad.

    If you do not know Russian, do not read the Russian media, do not know the reality, what the layman people are saying (and not RT), why on Earth are you offering your silly superficial opinion? Dear Americans and other Westerners, please, shut up and do not bring your opinion about Russia when you do not speak the language and have little idea about the country. Such Western arrogance and ignorance are explainable and excusable for the establishment media, they are a bunch of propagandists, but it’s hardly excusable for the alt media. Your overpositive ignorance is hardly any better.
    P.S. Anatoly above has explained why.

  10. anon • Disclaimer says:

    “Politico ran a piece excoriating “Trump’s troll army,” in rebellion against their ostensible leader’s policy, as racists and conspiracy mongers; the New York Times denounced anti-interventionists as representative of “a “small but influential white nationalist movement” on the “far right,” while the Washington Post described them as holding “racist, anti-Semitic and sexist” views.”

    Get the picture ??

    • Replies: @anon
  11. The focus should be on the Jewish enablers.

  12. Corvinus says:

    The problem is not with Islam, but of Muslim extremists.

    The problem is not with Christianity, but Christians who tout their religion is superior.

    The problem is not with Judaism, but Jews who believe who are holier than thou.

    That, my friends, are the risk factors.

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