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Lara Logan: "Conservative" Media’s Latest Blond Ambition
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In 2018, Lara Logan left her perch as foreign correspondent for CBS’s “highest-rated, most profitable and best-known program, ‘60 Minutes.’”

She is currently doing the rounds, assuaging “conservative” media’s appetite for celebrity. The latter have a Uriah-Heep like propensity to fawn over swamp-based, defecting, big-name media celebs.

It’s as though Logan is job hunting, on a blond-ambition tour—for she certainly has no news to impart other than a few banal catchphrases. Logan has “revealed,” first to Breitbart podcaster Mike Ritland, that—OMG! —the media are “mostly liberal.”

Yes, Logan has been pontificating about the tritest of truths: the media are liberal.

Ever in search of defecting celebrities around whom to create buzz, the pack dogs of “conservative” media picked up Logan’s scent and gave chase. Mission accomplished.

In a lovey-dovey, public tête-à-tête, Fox News’ Sean Hannity hinted to his higherups at Fox that they should hire Logan. One wishes they’d do this self-congratulatory cable-news porn behind closed doors. Like we don’t already suffer an abundance of Fake News, No-News and salacious news.

Most remarkable was how quick cons were to decorate Logan with a journalistic purple heart for stating-the-obvious-while-filthy-rich—“a hero, she’s committing professional suicide” went their hyperbole.

Again: Logan left CBS in 2018. She always ran with the intellectual herd. It’s now time to reinvent herself after, likely, blowing up one too many roads.

Is it not obvious that Logan is hoping to fill Megyn Kelly’s stilettoes at Fox News? For there is no way in which she could aspire to emulate old-school journalists like Sharyl Attkisson and Sarah Carter for whom Logan offered plaudits on “Hannity.”

Indeed, it would appear that Logan’s blond-ambition tour is to make herself over in the image of women reporters who’ve always embodied a conservative ethos by doing their work with great refinement. For Attkisson and Carter, it’s about the story; not the cleavage.

Not so with Logan, whose career has been marred by a showy exhibitionism as good as Kelly’s—except that Logan is far and away the less brainy of the two celebrity journalists and the more scandal prone (not that scandal would deter “conservatives,” who’ve practically capitulated to the elastic moral standards of the liberals).

In 2008, the former swimwear model made headlines for her role as … “home-wrecker.” Logan had become embroiled in an affair with a married man, while carrying on simultaneously with talented war correspondent Michael Ware (“just a one-night stand”). Her CBS employers knew the drill: They relocated their wayward correspondent from Baghdad to Washington.

As implied, “the drill” had been rehearsed. To her newly adoring conservative headhunters, Logan has been professing fidelity to the two-source rule of journalism. You verify a story with two independent, primary sources. Little did Logan’s new lapdogs know that CBS had once suspended her for violating the rule on which she harped with Hannity: verifying the hell out of a story. The acid irony is that, while voicing belated outrage over Fake News media, Ms. Logan was relying on her conservative hosts’ lackadaisical research into her own journalistic failings.

Early 2011 saw the uncritical Logan rush to Egypt to slobber mightily over the revolution in that country. At the time, this writer was castigating media over its sickening sentimentality over Egypt, and the impossibility of a happy ending to their celebrated Lotus Revolution, “in a country that had become progressively more Islamic since the 1950s.”

“Mubarak’s dictatorial powers were directed, unjustly indubitably, against the Islamic fundamentalists of the Muslim brotherhood,” I had averred. “Unjustly, but probably quite usefully—for now, much to the surprise of the American Idiocracy [Lara included], Islamic fundamentalists had won 61 percent of the vote in Egypt’s first democratic election.”

Given these facts, any journalist worth her salt would have known how the Lotus Revolution, which is how the West had dubbed the mess in Egypt, would unfold. Not America’s female reporters. With Lara in the lead, they rushed headlong to Tahrir Square to celebrate Egypt’s democratic spring. It was a macho Muslim affair, in the main. But distaff America insisted on showing solidarity—and way too much skin—to the generic freedom fighters, who, it turned out, doubled up as common-or-garden variety gropers and rapists.

“This is about freedom,” chirped the deeply silly Lara Logan, before the freedom fighters piled up on top of her. The sick, predictable, sexual assault of this poor Pollyanna occurred on “the day Mubarak stepped down.”

Such are the reality flouting fantasies of the prototypical, progressive female! She believes in humanity’s civilizational sameness and acts accordingly. Duly, Logan had to be rescued. Her rescuers were a few clever—presumably local—sisters, who were, no doubt, clad in the traditional nosebags.

Local sisters are not so dumb as to dress like Lara had been dressed in a country in which the majority (82 percent) supports executing adulterers. Left-liberal women of the West imagine they can flit around the Middle-East or Africa as free as birds, burdened only by overwhelming affection for the exotic beings they encounter.

More reckless than heroic.

Her uber-liberal former employers have praised Logan as a “determined and courageous” correspondent, who “never fails to see and report the human side of conflict, including some of the most horrific stories of our time.”

Platitudes are what media, liberal and con, offer about their own drab homogeneity. A fellow South African expat, the well-to-do Lara Logan has not used her influence to expose the horrors unfolding in our homeland of South Africa. Had Logan done so in 2011, she’d have been authentically heroic.

It’s certainly too late for Logan, who’s been mum about the systematic murder of whites in the country of our birth, to be a hero to South Africans.


Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She is the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter, Facebook, Gab & YouTube

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  1. imbroglio says:

    Am I first off the block? Woo!

    What happened to the other blonde bombshell Hannity was touting?

    What puzzles me is why Tucker, Hannity and Laura focus so much of their attention on what the legacy media are doing, at least the times I’ve seen them. That attention only makes the media more prominent and, in a way, more credible. And why does Tucker waste his time with his usual liberal stooges when he’s actually got something worthwhile to say? I suspect his employers require it.

    Last nite, at the pub, friends were talking about those horrible racist kids from Kentucky who taunted that poor Native American man at a demonstration in D.C. where the kids had gone to make trouble. (I live in one one of the identitarian epicenters of American P.C.) What it came down to was that my friends, who are good people, have been conditioned, over a lifetime, to believe that (in this case) wearing a MAGA cap is a truly criminal offense and that smirking (“facecrime,” as the Orwellian term is now being applied) only makes it worse.

    I feel Ilana’s frustration. At least we can console ourselves that NPR isn’t our sole source of contact with the outside world — if there IS an outside world.

  2. You must not have listened to or watched the podcast: Logan trumpeted very proudly her heroic efforts to end the era of Apartheid in Zuid-Afrika.

  3. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Uh-oh, going blond again….

    Someone needs to post Ms. Mercer’s pic with a compliment.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Haxo Angmark
  4. Your always effective irony gets a big extra when the target is a certain class of female 😏.

  5. TheOldOne says:


    Sounds like your friends, “good people” though they may be, are pretty stupid.

  6. @imbroglio

    It’s everywhere. Most people are easy-to-program devices, who go on spreading in their turn the ideological viruses that have been installed in their minds.
    You program one, you get ten more programmed via that first one.

    Saw more than a female reviewing a classic book of the 1910s where a mature man has both love and sexual congress with a 17-year-old woman writing they had enjoyed the read ten or twenty years ago and where shocked at the pedophilia upon reading it now. (There’s also, of course, the unconscious bile of post-reproductive age women for female blossoms enjoying their green years, but that’s part of it and not the whole).

    Thinking with one’s head is too much of a handicap to be selected for and become natural, whilst there is nothing as natural as joining the majority and agreeing with authority — whatever the case.

  7. Anon[243] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    More madness

  8. Anon[334] • Disclaimer says:

    Mrs Mercer does indeed seemsunaware of her owm handsomeness.

  9. @imbroglio

    Regarding the “liberal stooges” Carlson has on his show, apparently they have contracts to appear at regular intervals so that Tucker can use them as punching bags. The interviews, no matter how seemingly contentious, always end with smiles. They are no doubt paid a pretty penny to get a Tucker tongue-lashing.

  10. I never cared much for Logan, feeling she was too much of a self-promoter. She did publicize her near rape in Muslim Egypt, though it was undoubtedly real and traumatic. As Mercer said, Lara did not dress appropriately.

    Not to sound too sexist, but it seems to me that she is badly losing her looks, which is all that counts on TV. In the recent interview I saw in which she called out the liberal media, her hair is now brown and looked very stringy, like it needed washed. But, what I mostly noticed was her ample nearly bare breasts, which left little to the imagination. As I said, always self-promoting.

    Rather that Fox hiring Logan, I’d rather see Megyn Kelly brought back in some capacity. She was fired from ABC for her harmless blackface comment only because her contract was too high and her ratings were too low. Kelly, a lawyer, is undoubtedly very smart. Bring her back in place of Hannity, whose tiresome show is the same thing night after night.

  11. tsk, tsk…sucha catfighter…

    the vain yet ever-envious (((Mercer-Issacsohn))) piles on yettanother (see also: Coulter, Kelly, etc.) Legally Blond female shiksa aryan woman. Now go to

    and note extremely Jewy b/w pic at top…it used to grace her website. But, a few days after this page appeared @ TSJ, she replaced it with a much more goyische color shot.

    I hope she doesn’t stoop further, like dye’ing her hair blond or something.

    • Replies: @Mike Tre
  12. Mike Tre [AKA "MikeatMikedotMike"] says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    Great website.

  13. Ilana,

    You are one of my favorite female writers. So many women, like Lara, tend towards the leftist marxist culture, and it’s embarrassing!!

    So, I really like reading a rational and logical thinking woman.

    The representation of Lara in the Middle East with her “sexy” attire on, during an extreme revolutionary moment, couldn’t have been more precise.

    One of her recent interviews she had her boobs hanging out of her shirt. I risk being called “jealous” but that is not it…it embarrasses me as a woman to see these liberal air heads making spectacles of themselves and representing Western women this way.

    • LOL: atlantis_dweller
  14. I feel like a brontosaurus. I simply can’t keep up with American pop-culture trends & don’t know who’s who….

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