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It’s Not ‘Identity Politics,’ It’s Anti-White Politics
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Every time a manifestly racist, anti-white event goes down, which is frequently, conservative media call it “identity politics.” “The left is playing identity politics.”

Whatever is convulsing the country; it’s not identity politics. For, blacks are not being pitted against Hispanics. Hispanics are not being sicced on Asians, and Ameri-Indians aren’t being urged to attack the groups just mentioned. Rather, they’re all piling on honky. Hence, anti-white politics or animus.

The ire of the multicultural multitudes is directed exclusively at whites and their putative privilege. Anti-whitism is becoming endemic and systemic.

Take “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett. Smollett deceived the country and the Chicago Police Department about having fallen prey to a hate crime, which, it transpired, he had crudely orchestrated.

The Chicago Police Department superintendent expressed the requisite righteous indignation that a black man (Smollett) would desecrate symbols of black oppression in the process of framing innocent Others. (A noose had been purchased at Smollett’s behest.)

Nobody, Superintendent Eddie Johnson included, said sorry to the accused group, whose reputation had been sullied: “Trump supporters or white person s.”

“Trump supporters” is indeed a proxy for “white persons.” The conflation of “white” and “Trump supporter” was made, for one, by an anti-white, anti-Trump, professional agitator: Trevor Noah of the “Daily Show.” Noah is neither funny nor very bright, but he is right, in this instance.

Conservatives, for their part, persist in skirting the white-animus issue. The Smollett libel fit the “progressive narrative,” they intoned. (Overuse has made the “narrative” noun a bad cliché.)

It was a right vs. left matter, insisted others.

Smollett was sick in the head, came another obfuscation. What would public expiation and excuse-making be without the rotten habit of diseasing misbehavior?! His antics might still make him a big-time actor, but Smollett is a small-time crook, a common criminal of low character. To disease immorality is a corruption of traditional conservative thinking.

We have here a politicization of crime, reasoned other compromising conservatives.

Come again? What is the hate-crime category if not a politicization of crime? With the hate crime designation, we are essentially saying that a murder committed with racial malice is worse than one committed without it. Is that a normative call or a political one? I’d say the latter.

Some conservatives remarked that the Smollett affair occurred against the backdrop of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Is TDS not a proxy for the white-hot hatred of whites?

Four minutes and 13 seconds in, a video filmed at the Washington State Evergreen College gives way to softly hissed, but deranged, diatribe s by faculty. Theirs is unadulterated, anti-white agitprop. Yet the TV host who screened this pedagogic incitement chuckles lightheartedly about secondary, lesser issues like victimhood chic. Never once is the thing called what is it:

Incessant and dangerous incitement to hate innocent whites for their alleged pigmental privilege.


A recent and jarring anti-white incident involved the curriculum imposed on students by the Santa Barbara Unified School District. As if public education is not sufficiently corrupt, “educators” now contract out to an educational black op. These tax-paid mercenaries come to schools as social levelers to put your kids through an indoctrination boot camp. However, it’s not egalitarianism that the schools are increasingly teaching, but anti-whitism.

“Just Communities Central Coast” (JCCC) is such an “educational” black op. The reported outcomes of the “Just Communities” initiative tell us a lot about the impetus behind the course.

“JCCC’s discriminatory curriculum has led to increased racial animosity toward Caucasian teachers and students,” reported Eric Early, a Republican candidate for California attorney general.

American kids can barely read properly or speak and write grammatically. They’ll never know the wonders of the Western literary canon (banished because produced by the pale patriarchy). But they’ve committed to consciousness ugly, nonsensical, stupid, decontextualized grids that tabulate the ways of white oppression.

Talk about “The Closing of the American Mind”!

Yet, the litigant, a Republican candidate for California attorney general, had a hard time coming out with it. JCCC’s anti-white teachings were merely anti-American, he told Fox News apologetically. Is that all you’ve got, sir?

I read Esquire’s Feb. 12, cover story featuring Ryan Morgan, of West Bend, Wisconsin. Fox News’ Martha MacCallum called it “provocative,” before inviting U.S. Army veteran Darrin Porcher and activist-actor Rumando Kelley to trash “The Life of [this] American Boy at 17.”

The only reason the humdrum story of poor Ryan Morgan was deemed “provocative” is because he’s white. As it transpired from the disjointed “thoughts” disgorged by MacCallum’s two black supremacist guests, “There is [sic] more important people in the world than white middle-class.” (Ryan is not wealthy. He holds a job for which he rises at 6:30 a.m., before school. I’d put him in the working-class category.)

While the one unedifying black supremacist conceded that, “We do need to lend some credence to what a Caucasian man goes through,” the irate Rumando roared that, “Esquire dropped the ball on this.”

Rumando could not quite explain why the experiences of white boys deserved to be expunged, in the era of anti-whiteness and suicide rates rising among this very cohort: white American males.

Indeed, the suicide rate is declining everywhere in the world except for America, where it is 12.8 per 100,000, “well above China’s current rate of seven.” Dubbed “deaths of despair,” white Americans and native Americans are the most suicidal populations in the U.S.


Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She is the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter, Facebook, Gab & YouTube

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  1. Dubbed “deaths of despair,” white Americans and native Americans are the most suicidal populations in the U.S.

    This is only partially true. Indians (feathers) are, unfortunately, matchless in this field.

  2. Indeed, the suicide rate is declining everywhere in the world except for America, where it is 12.8 per 100,000, “well above China’s current rate of seven.”

    WHO stats for 2016 put it at 13.7 … your comment would suggest African Americans are holding us back in the national suicide-rate league tables. Average for Africa is somewhere in the 7 to 8 range, so there might be a genetic component at work.

  3. Much of the anti-white propaganda comes from virtue signaling whites. Once white people become a minority they will be irrelevant. Because of cultural differences, the majority (Hispanics and Asians) will then roll back progress on other white virtue signaling movements of the past few decades like gay rights/marriage and women’s rights, as well as much of the other PC culture points. Hispanics and Asians have never supported either and white liberals will reap what they sow.

  4. Realist says:
    @Mike Zwick

    Much of the anti-white propaganda comes from virtue signaling whites.

    True…those are the ones that must be attended to first.

  5. Just so painfully typical of the hypocritical idiocy of all of you on here, utterly clueless “writers” like this one, and utterly clueless commenters.

    ID politics refers to both left and right. It means that everybody argues about identities, about pro-racism or anti-racism, about this identity and that identity, instead of what matters.

    All the idiots on here are happy to tar the left with the ID politics brush. But then their pro-white politics isn’t ID politics–it’s truth.

    Don’t you understand? You are EXACTLY the same as the “anti-white” identitarians. You are arguing about nonsense while the big guys steal all the money. You are all so incredibly stupid.

    • Replies: @Realist
  6. Good article. The so called conservatives are scared to death to come out and call it what it is they virtue signal instead. They go around trying to prove the left are the real racists and the real Nazis eventhough the left created the game and wrote the rules so they cant win. Look at what they did to Steve King over a Jew York Times interview that was certainly misconstrued. The so called conservatives are useless and only concerned with plutocratic tax cuts, deregulation, massive defense budgets, and aid for Israel. That’s their only true concerns.

  7. Realist says:

    But then their pro-white politics isn’t ID politics–it’s truth.

    Well we agree on one thing.

    What made Western Civilization so great was the vast majority were White. Those most responsible for it’s decline are greedy, power hungry Whites who were and are willing to sell out their race to POC and those that allow it. I5: Integrity, Intellect, Ingenuity, Inquisitiveness and Imagination were fairly common attributes of Western Civilization.

  8. TG says:

    ‘Diversity’ is anti-white racism. Of course.

    And yet.. diversity is also anti-black racism.

    OK bear with me. After WWII, American blacks were starting to make some progress. Sure, they were mostly in lower-skilled jobs, but with a tight labor market, and strong unions, they were moving in the right direction.

    Then, starting around 1965-1970 or so, American blacks were fired em masse and replaced with Mexicans (and other third-world refugees, but mostly hispanic, and of these, mostly Mexican). I am old enough to remember before this point, and I can assure you: the floors were mopped, the trash was taken out, trucks were driven, meat was packed, and crops were harvested. The importation of all these third-world refugees was simply because by flooding the labor market with desperate third-world refugees, wages could be slashed and profits maximized.

    But there was a catch. In order to compensate blacks for slavery and discrimination, blacks got affirmative action. So how can rich white Americans fire blacks and hire hispanics, if the blacks are supposed to get priority status? Easy! Just extend racial priority status to hispanics – even though, as recent invaders they have no claim of past discrimination – and in fact for decades now the majority of the recipients of affirmative action have been post-1970 immigrants and their descendants who have no legitimate claim to these benefits.

    Suppose that American blacks had gotten to keep all of the advantages of affirmative action to themselves? Suppose that all of those jobs stolen by Mexicans etc. had remained the province of US citizens? Perhaps US blacks could have finally been jump-started out of poverty. Or perhaps not. Either way, the attempt at redressing past grievances would have been made in a SERIOUS way and the debt would have been paid. (And if racial preferences were limited to just 10% of the population, the impact on whites would be minimal).

    But rich white Americans don’t like blacks. They prefer Mexicans, because they perceive Mexicans as being less threatening, less uppity, and above all, cheaper. So by extending affirmative action so broadly, rich white Americans are able to discriminate against lower-class blacks, while still chalking up ‘diversity’ status, and getting to preen about how socially conscious they are!

    It’s good to be rich. Not only can you throw your fellow citizens under the bus, you can bask in feelings of moral superiority while doing it.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  9. Anonymous[109] • Disclaimer says:

    Manwhile, Jewish supremacism and Jewish privilege couldn’t be more real. I’m just glad that the goyim are waking up.

    • Replies: @Realist
  10. Pontius says:
    @Mike Zwick

    The affirmative action wars should prove interesting.

  11. renfro says:

    ”….. “educators” now contract out to an educational black op.
    “Just Communities Central Coast” (JCCC) is such an “educational” black op. The reported outcomes of the “Just Communities” initiative tell us a lot about the impetus behind the course.

    JCCC is not really a black op…black ops hide their identity. Anyone can find the identity of the JCCC if they look.
    JCCC in Calf is the regional org of the NFJC , National Federation for Just Communities.
    NFJC has nation wide similar chapters.
    They are funded mostly by we taxpayers and some private corporations.

    The NFJC was created in 2006 by a number of organizations that were formerly regional offices of the National Conference for Community and Justice.
    Which was founded in 1927 as the National Conference of Christians and Jews
    . The NFJC founders were Dan Krichbaum, Diane Schwartz, Jarrod Schwartz, and Ruth Shepherd.

    The Calif JCCC is totally Mexican and Latino staffed. I imagine in other parts of the country we would see their other regional chapters staffed with mostly blacks or Asians or whoever is appropriate.

    Federation, National (February 18, 2008). “National Federation for Just Communities Launches Coalition of Member Organizations”. PR Newswire

  12. renfro says:

    Anyway, they are being sued.

    California parents sue to block ‘inclusivity’ instruction in school

    Concerned parents in Santa Barbara, California, have filed a federal lawsuit against a radical activist group and their local school board over taxpayer-funded “inclusivity” instruction. They characterize these sessions as public-school indoctrination that falsely portrays America, depicting the nation as a cruel, oppressive, and racist country.
    The lawsuit, filed in federal court last month, was initiated by Fair Education Santa Barbara, a new nonprofit created by parents of children enrolled in the Santa Barbara Unified School District (SBUSD).
    The school district and a left-wing nonprofit called Just Communities Central Coast (JCCC) are named as defendants in the lawsuit. According to its most recent publicly available IRS filing, JCCC, created in 2008, had gross revenues of $629,479 and employed eight staffers along with 43 volunteers in 2016.

  13. Realist says:

    I’m just glad that the goyim are waking up.

    That is yet to be determined.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  14. blacks are not being pitted against Hispanics

    I don’t know how much longer this will be the case. Outside of politics there’s a great deal of hostility between these groups. Hispanic workers compete with blacks for low-skill jobs, Hispanic street gangs compete with blacks for turf, and blacks get their clocks cleaned on both fronts. In jails where whites, blacks and Hispanics separate themselves along racial lines, Hispanics side with whites against blacks when a full-scale melee breaks out. (I have this on good authority from my [white] stepson, who has spent several months in such facilities.)

  15. Anonymous[109] • Disclaimer says:

    No, that’s a fact. The only question is how fast it will continue to spread. It’s virtually impossible for a JQ red-pilled goy to go back to the Matrix farm so it’s only a matter of time.

    • Replies: @Realist
  16. @Mike Zwick

    WHITES? Or “passing as White” Jews.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  17. White Privilege, like christian.zionism/rapture, is a carefully engineered and designed psychological attack on White Christianity. The inventors of both are deviously evil. Those who believe these things are unquestioning idiots.
    Spreaders of the “White privilege” MYTH are mentally ill. They have Low Self Esteem, and Negative Self Worth, and need Mental Counseling. Those who promote this hate-message are Passive Aggressive cancers attempting to kill off the Healthy Life around them.
    “white privilege” is CHILD ABUSE ….. it is is a deliberate RACIST attack on the self image of White children.
    “white privilege” is pure Racist Bullying …… tearing down others rather than lifting yourself up.
    “SJW” spreading the White privilege” MYTH are bullies and mind rapists who use their position of “authority” to create Low Self Esteem, and Negative Self Worth in the minds of those entrusted to their care. They are deliberately damaging your children. These SJW’s are the “kin” of priests and athletic coaches who use their positions of “authority” to sexually assault their wards and SJWs also belong in prison. Those who promote this HATE-message are Passive Aggressive cancers attacking the Healthy Life cells around them. Any professor spouting this “mind rape” should be hung off their Ivory Tower.
    What is to be said about the mental health of those who denigrate and despise their own ancestors in order to feel good? Too shallow minded to consider things from their own ancestor’s viewpoint … they would not even BE save for those they despise.
    How about a psychiatrist write up a study on the mental state of people who hate their own people …. who have such low self esteem and loath themselves so much they just want to destroy themselves ….. “White self- HATERS” are suicidal.

  18. @Realist

    Typical. Another commenter on here who can’t read who thinks that whites are smart. Nice contradiction.

  19. Anonymous[219] • Disclaimer says:
    @william chandler

    Mostly the latter. “Fellow white people” is a well known internet meme by now.

    • Agree: Haxo Angmark
  20. Lou77777 says:

    “Take “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett. Smollett deceived the country and the Chicago Police Department about having fallen prey to a hate crime.”

    Jessie is not the only one faking crimes these days. In 2012 a Federal Law was passed which allows the Federal Government to LIE to the American people. This law is being used to the fullest. MOST “school shootings” are Training Exercises where NO ONE is shot; at least during the “school shooting”. People have been murdered during the coverup phase of these Anti-Gun Propaganda operations.

    Please take a couple of hours to see how it works.

  21. NO IT’S NOT “ANTI-WHITE POLITICS”: It’s identity politics. The exact same kind as whites play with their “ANTI-BLACK POLITICS.”

    Both games are exactly the same. There is no difference.

    The nightmare of our owners is that the proles of all races forget their differences and work together to overthrow them.

    They can sleep soundly thanks to articles like this.

    • Replies: @Gene Su
  22. Gene Su says:

    Two questions to ask are:
    Why do whites allow themselves to be pushed around?
    How is the left so successful at marginilizing whites?

    I think the Unz review needs to republish Ilana Mercer’s thought-provoking essay “Why do WASP societies wither?” What I will say next will both agree with and challenge the conclusions of that essay. Ms. Mercer asserts that WASP societies wither because whites would rather allow ethnic outsiders to walk all over them rather than see themselves as unjust oppressors. That is slightly off. Let me repeat some experiences that I, an Asian boy, had while growing up during the 1990’s only 15 miles from where Robert Weissberg grew up.

    I used to be bullied a lot in school. I remember being warned that I had better not fight back. Heck, when I was ganged up on, the teacher wouldn’t lift her fat finger and sometimes gave me a hard time. My experiences can be summarized by this conversaion I once had:
    “If someone throws a spitball at me, can I hit him back?”
    “Or else what?”
    “Or else I will take away your snackies.”
    “If someone shoves me, can I hit him back?”
    “No, or else I will take away your snackies.”
    “If someone throws a rock at me, can I hit him back?”
    “No, or else I will take away your snackies.”
    “If someone punches me, can I hit him back?”
    “No, or else I will take away your snackies.”

    My point in stating this exchange is that American boys (and especially those from the upper class), for the last 50 to 100 years, have been taught these two lessons:
    1. It is never okay to fight back when you are being bullied or attacked.
    2. It is never okay to walk away when you are being bullied or attacked.

    These two lessons are absolutely essential to maintaining our public schools and all school-like institutions such as day-care and summer camp.
    1. If kids fought back whenever they were bullied, our schools would be in daily chaos.
    2. The only way to usually avoid being bullied is to play hooky (not attend school).

    These two lessons were in the back of my mind when I heard about the Kansas Witchita attack when 2 white men refused to fight back in any manner against 2 black male attackers (albeit they were armed). I also thought of them when I heard about that Central Park jogger being attacked in broad daylight and hearing the response of the on-lookers – “We thought that someone else called the police.” The modern American male is conditioned never to actively defend himself in any respect.

    Please note that public schools are an invention of Prussia – now Germany, that most WASPy of countries. But if white American males are conditioned to be wimps, please also note that most bullies in our public schools are not black but white. This is because there are still 6 times as many white people then black in our country. Thus, the media is able to hide the racial easter egg from us.

    P.S. My bullying experience culminated when a black counselor pulled me off some white punk whose nose I bashed in for throwing a rock at me. Black care-taker protecting a white bully from an Asian boy? That goes agains the theory of an anti-white conspiray that Ilana is peddling.

  23. @TG

    I think you are headed in the right direction on the course of social history. But you might want to take a look at the impact of the women (especially white women) and oddly enough the small community of same sex practitioners.

  24. Anonymous [AKA "Attaburnsinhell"] says:

    Columns like this stereotype us whites as scared little lambs of the darker ”others out to get us!” Mostly it’s grist for the white supremacy pity party
    Im white, Ive lived all around America, Ive seen no such level of hostility to raise such an hysterical alarm
    Grow a pair, mingle with ”the others”, those fears go away

  25. Gene Su says:

    NO IT’S NOT “ANTI-WHITE POLITICS”: It’s identity politics. The exact same kind as whites play with their “ANTI-BLACK POLITICS.”

    I would like to remind you that there are 10 times as many black on black homicides in this day and age as there were white on black lynchings during the bad old days of Jim Crow. In the unlikely event that Richard Spencer or one of his groupies gets some significant political power, I can’t imagine them inflicting any more abuse and misery on ghetto blacks then the state they are already in. To paraphrase a certain Israeli politician: When blacks treat one another as well as whites treat them, there will be peace in America.

  26. Anon[253] • Disclaimer says:

    Noah only got the job cuz hez Black. Well the sexual favors for all the boyz didna hurt either.

  27. NYMOM says:

    I utterly agree with this article and let me take it one step further: Terrorism ( at least in Europe and the US) and even a certain amount of anti-semetism is also morphing into anti-white attacks….I mean Jews have intermarried so much into the West that I am not sure if they even qualify anymore as Semites…So to return to my point: attacks on Jews (at least in Europe and the US) to be fully understood must be seen as another facet of this anti-white propanganda…

    Which is why I don’t get so many of your website continuing to side with people who attack Israel or Jews anywhere in the US or Europe…it’s like they are helping these anti-white idiots who are trying to destroy Western Civilization…

    It’s another form of virtue signaling…like white Liberals voting for all these democrats who then go on to destroy their neighborhoods and schools putting them and their children under threat…

    Please wake up people!!!

  28. NYMOM says:

    I also want to say that those Jews in upstate NY aggravating everyone with their weird insular behavior (which I get they can be a-holes) are trying to protect themselves from exactly the sort of behavior that some of your posters write about all the time…Those Jews are internal refugees from NYC (Crown Heights to be exact)…and they left there for a reason…they were under seige from blacks slow-moving riots going on daily until it became a full fledge high speed riot under Mario Cuomo and David Dinkins…They were trapped for three or four days before it was finally brought to a halt with rioters actually invading their homes and the police department letting the rioters have a “day of grace” to continue their assaults…I know this for a fact as my daughter was trapped in Queens for almost four days not able to take the train home since her route would have led her and her babysitter thru the impacted areas. BTW, when they called 911 for help they were told to ‘ask God for help’ by the operators or hung up on…

    So can we have a little sympathy for these people…. please.

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  29. @NYMOM


    Jews brought this on themselves when they weaponized the Blacks against Whites.

    ditto re Browns and Muslims:

    you’ll just have to accept the fact that, from time to time, your pet orcs will get off target

    and straighten a kaftan or two.

  30. NYMOM says:

    “Jews brought this on themselves when they weaponized the Blacks against Whites.”

    Is it really fair to blame the dyfunction of black people in our society on Jews alone???? Especially with what we are just starting to find out about the possibility of IQ being heritary and the difficulties that low-IQ presents to functioning in modern societies such as the US…

    I think many believed until fairly recently (myself included) that providing anyone with an education would lead to a leveling out between the races and almost everyone could achieve a decent standard of living here.

    Sadly this doesn’t seem to be the case, but people didn’t know this back in the 60s when this all started. Again there is no one to really blame for this…the question is what do we do with this information now that we have it…How can we make our world better with this new knowledge.

  31. NYMOM says:

    I mean I accept that Asian students will generally be the top performers in most schools probably due to higher IQs. So what does that mean for all of the other kids, both black and white, in obtaining their goals in education…what do we do about these sorts of issues…As a resident of NYC and a former parent and now grandparent of children in the public school system this issue is very relevant to me…

    As is the issue of safety for children who are constantly bullied by black children in schools when the people in authority seem unable to address the safety issue adequately…

  32. @Realist

    You are absolutely correct! ‘real’ americans put their faith in people who looked just like them, they were thinking that would be enough. Well, it’s not. They are tired of propping up the white men who won’t go back to school for more education to improve their chances of succes in the work force. Tim Cook from Apple stated white men are not educated enough and think they should be paid much, much more than their Chinese counterparts but they are not worth it. These white men want what they saw their father’s had. A white man taking care of his family with one job. A bricks and mortor home, wife at home, raising the children, vacations every year, a new car when he felt like buying one and being able to send his kids to college, not having his kids signing away their financial future to pay back these crazy high student loans. They must come to understand that China did not take their jobs. They were given away by people who look just like them who did not want to pay a living wage and benefits. Allowing companies tax breaks moving off shore. They seem to be unable to see actually put them in these ‘depths of despair’. It is not AA’s or Hispanics. They use migrants to keep pay lower for all ameriicans. People who look just like them put them on the road to financial ruin and moral destruction.

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