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Is Israel Racist? A Reply to An Anti-Semitic Writer (Part 2)
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The Jewish State, by definition, rejects some and welcomes others into the fold.

In “Is Israel Racist?”, a reply to an anti-Semitic interviewer (he bailed), the emphasis was on demonstrating why Israel’s particularism is an extension of the individual’s right as a sovereign, discerning human being, for the freedom to include or exclude is not racist. Rather, it is the inherent right of free individuals, living severally or collectively.”

Jews are to be faulted only to the extent that they deny to other nations the rights they claim for the Jewish ethno-state.

Israel’s particularism, moreover, is not race-based, it’s religious.

As understood in the U.S., racism is more often concerned with discrimination based on distinct physical characteristics. It’s thus important to understand that Jews no longer constitute a race.

Before the two exiles of the Jews from Israel, the first in 586 B.C., I would hazard that Hebrews were likely genetically quite distinct. It is still not uncommon for a Jewish marriage of recessive genes to bring into phenotypical expression certain diseases unique to Jews.

Some scientists suggest there is a “genetic basis for a common ancestry of the whole of the Jewish population.” The Cohanim, descendants of Aaron of the priestly caste, certainly share distinct genetic markers.

Thousands of years hence, however, there are white, brown and black Jews in Israel. In fact, there are Jews from 100 countries, including Yemen, India, the Arab countries and Ethiopia.

In 1991, roughly 36,000 Ethiopian Jews were lifted to safety in a series of daring operations initiated by successive Likud governments, headed by Menachem Begin, heir to founding father Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s classical liberalism. It’s hard to imagine an American government doing the same, say, for the racially persecuted Christians of South Africa or Zimbabwe. At the time, Ethiopian Jews were being oppressed by a brutal Marxist-Leninist, Col. Mengistu Haile Mariam.

While Israeli Jews share a common faith—Judaism—in what way are they a race? Clearly, Israeli Jews are a variegated people – many look just like Arabs and vice versa. The charge of racism as we know it in the U.S. is no more than liberal lather, racial agitation as atavistic and base as the kind that unleashed violence on American cities, during 2020.

By all metrics, Israeli-Arabs are not shunned and “segregated” based on defining physical appearance. The accusation that roughly 18 percent of Israel’s more than 6 million citizens incur “institutional racism” doesn’t pass muster. The same deductive debunking applied to this concept in the column “Systemic Racism Or Systemic Rubbish?” applies in Israel.

Namely, from the fact that distinct racial and ethnic groups are reflected in academia and in the professions disproportionately to their presence in the larger population—it doesn’t follow that they have been disenfranchised. Discrimination is far from the only plausible explanation for the lag in the fortunes of certain homogenous groups.

While (unofficially) rejecting multiculturalism, Israel retains liberal, democratic institutions and accords equal rights and protections to minorities. Israeli Arabs have equal voting rights, freedom of speech, assembly and press, as is evident from the hate-filled Islamic journals that thrive in Israel. Israeli Arabs run for the Knesset, hold government posts, and serve on the bench. Israel is one of the few places in the Middle East where Arab women may vote. Arabic is one of Israel’s two official languages.

The sole legal distinction between the Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel is that the latter are not required to serve in the Israeli army, a perk, some would say. As such, they don’t qualify for veteran benefits and, I imagine, will not get work where military security clearance is required. On the other hand, as the Jewish Virtual Library points out, Israeli Arabs get a head-start in the economy while Jews are conscripted for three years.

In a bit of bafflegab, my Jew-hating interlocuter, to whom this column is a response, related that he had become outraged, after hearing about the woes of “Christian Jews.” His ire was over the fact that, as he put it, “a Jew cannot be a Christian and be considered a Jew.”

I suspect that by “Christian Jews,” my interviewer meant a Christian who immigrates to Israel and is barred from becoming a citizen of the Jewish State. But since my partner in conversation writes incontinently about Jews and claims to know his stuff—I will refrain from so charitable a reading, and simply say this:

Of course a Christian is not a Jew—in the same way that a Muslim is not a Jew or a Christian, and a Jew is not a Christian or a Muslim.

A is not B. If A is a Jew and B is a Christian, then the one is not the other and vice versa.

If a Jew wishes to be a Christian, he must undergo a religious process. The same applies to a Christian: If he wishes to convert to Judaism and be recognized as Jewish, he must complete an arduous conversion that entails both study and ritual.

You may convert to Judaism. You are not a Jew until you do. The tantrum over the un-inclusive nature of Judaism is reminiscent of the pronoun psychosis, which amounts to a nihilistic quest to break down the systems of classification bequeathed to us by the ancients.

More fundamentally, the world is filled with categories of discrete entities. To make sense of the world, we’ve ordered it in such a way. Comes the postmodernist progressive and tells us that there are no categories, everything is intersectional and fluid. How dare you deny me, a flesh-and-blood woman, the right to identify as a daisy. Or, the right of a girl to call herself a boy? Or, the right of a Christian to declare himself a Jew?

How dare you! Racist! Evil-doer! Denier (of something or another)!



That Israel arrogates to itself the right to decide who will join the polity enrages its enemies. They consider Israel an illegitimate entity in part because it is not a true multicultural state, but a Jewish state, to which only Jews have a right of return. There is no corresponding Palestinian right.

The selectivity with which the Jewish State confers citizenship is thus reflexively conflated with racism and “apartheid.” “Nazi” is another sobriquet favored by the far-gone left, which would prefer that its Palestinian protégés be masters in a failed state than a minority in a functioning one.

Nevertheless, there is a strong case to be made—based not on ethnic hate—against any Jew, left or right, who rejects the “Right of Return” to Israel proper of every self-styled Palestinian refugee, yet, at the same time, champions a global right of return to the U.S. for citizens of the world.

Oblivious to the logical and moral contradictions inherent in their special pleading—some Jews work toward rightist political prescriptions for Israelis; but leftist prescriptions for Americans.

These Jews insist that Israel is for the Jews, but America is for the World.

Any Jew who practices this ethical contradiction must be condemned, for promoting for England, America and Europe the national incoherence and multicultural morass he rejects for Israel.

Dedicated to my father, Rabbi Ben Isaacson, son of South Africa, who passed away on December 7, 2020, in his beloved South Africa.

READ Part 1: An Anti-Semite Asks & Is Answered: Is Israel Racist? (Part 1)

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Israel, Jews, Racism, Zionism 
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  1. Good. Thanks. I only wish you could have gotten more Jews to see it this way 25 years ago. Now large swaths of Western Europe and USA have been ruined by multiculturalism. I say down with Barbara Specter and Morris Dees and long live Ilana.

    • Thanks: ILANA Mercer
    • Replies: @Handydan
    , @Mr. XYZ
  2. Curious that you didn’t mention the Ethiopians being sterilized upon arrival. That’s certainly one way to keep the Ashkenazi on the top of the pile, right Ilana?

  3. Condolences on the passing of your father, Ilana … 

    • Thanks: ILANA Mercer
  4. Anon[340] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m afraid that you are incorrect in all you say, Viz;
    Jews are the chosen people (people denotes race)
    A jew is never an American, Englishman, Frenchman or a Russian, asked what he is and the answer is, invariably “a Jew” they therefore see themselves as a distinct race. Jews are only anti racist when it applies to other people, see South Africa where the Jews beat the “all men are equal” drum and hurriedly moved their money and their children off-shore as soon as the 1994 election happened. Shades of Animal Farm much.

    • Agree: Realist
  5. Kerry says:

    Really interesting stuff here.

    “Jews are to be faulted only to the extent that they deny to other nations the rights they claim for the Jewish ethno-state.”

    I’ve heard people say this for years, some of whom I have respect for, but it’s always struck me as b.s. To my knowledge an Israeli leader has never said publicly – “I want America brown and black and Europe Islamic!” The country of Israel has no power over the USA.

    Of course there are some American Jews like Ben Shapiro who don’t “give a damn about the Browning of America,” but there are also Irishmen, Italians and W.A.S.P’s who will spew the same anti-White pro-multi-cultural garbage.

  6. Handydan says:

    How about mentioning treatment of Non-Jews citizens in Israel and how about royal treatment of Ethiopian Jews by the imported European Jews.

    Stop using the old word anti semite (since 1860s) as it is loosing it propaganda value because people are learning thanks to free flow of information turning “Journalist” into endangered species. You should know European Jews are not Semite. They are Khazar from Central Asia. Semites, those spoke semite language, were from Middle East. Can we call the 100 million of so Chinese, Indonesia, Indian Muslim Arabs?

    Would you like to take stab at the story of General Franz Hadler, a Nazi SS officer who was/is the only man receiving medals from Hitler and later from the president of the United States in 1961 according to wikipedia. I

    Write something on the term holocaust survivors. The so called “journalists’ have given the public false impression those who survived the concentrations camps in contrast to jews who were born between 1922-1945 (I could be slightly off about the dates).

  7. Handydan says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    You guys are patting each others back. Let us see if you responds to some questions I raised in my comments below.

    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  8. @Kerry

    Things are a bit more complicated…..

    American Jewry’s Disgraceful Hypocrisy
    It appears to me that the same people who so vehemently call for Israel to be Jewish lack that same vigor when calling for France to be French, Germany to be German, or Sweden to be Swedish. Indeed, a lack of vigor would actually be satisfactory. In fact, it’s not even that: those same Zionists, by and large, fight against the nationalist sentiments in Europe. The establishment Jewish groups in the US, all of whom lock arms for Israel and lobby the American government to categorically support her at every turn, are the same groups that consistently call for open borders in Europe, increased immigration from the Middle East, a full-out embracing of multiculturalism, a weakened national culture, and a diminished Church. They are the same groups that slander and defame leaders like Le Pen in France and Wilders in the Netherlands. They are the same groups that push for the death of Europe and her people.

    Quite plainly, any Jew in the US who calls for American support for the Jewish state but condemns the nationalists in Europe is a hypocrite. He is a hypocrite for the very simple reason that he wants national self-determination for a people in one part of the world but not for another in a different part of the world. He is a hypocrite because he wants his country, the US, to protect the nationalist and ethno-centric aspirations of Israel, his homeland, but not those of Europe.
    Jews, whose homeland is the world’s shining example of the ethno-nation state, should be at the forefront of this fight. Jews, who understand better than most people the importance of continuation and preservation, should be at the forefront of the fight for Europe. It is selfish to stay out, and hypocritical to counter.

    Unfortunately, the Jews seem to be on the wrong side. Again.

    • Agree: mark green
  9. Anon[360] • Disclaimer says:

    “Jews are to be faulted only to the extent that they deny to other nations the rights they claim for the Jewish ethno-state.”
    What doesn’t Israel claim? What doesn’t Israel deny? Nuclear weapons?
    Reparations ?
    Stealing lands occupying lands demo,lining house and expelling families?
    Killing 13 yrs old bystanders? Denying democratic rights?
    Engaging into terrorism?
    Possessing biological and chemical weapons?

    Did Israel give these rights to Palestinian , Syrians , Iranians?

    I see those thugs destroyed when they could and bribed USA do when they couldn’t.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  10. Israel’s particularism, moreover, is not race-based, it’s religious

    OK, Well that makes Israel’s institutionalized and violent ethnic cleansing of Palestinians ok!!! I understand that Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians is religious based, as they are not to be equated full human or national rights because they pray differently and dont bend to Rabbis. Well, if you say so, we should accept that?? Hmmm.

    At the time, Ethiopian Jews were being oppressed by a brutal Marxist-Leninist, Col. Mengistu Haile Mariam

    Sure, oh yes!! Show us some evidence of persecution of Ethiopian Jews. Another made up false libel. The Mengistu regime was armed and supported by Israel.

    While (unofficially) rejecting multiculturalism, Israel retains liberal, democratic institutions and accords equal rights and protections to minorities. Israeli Arabs have equal voting rights, freedom of speech, assembly and press, as is evident from the hate-filled Islamic journals that thrive in Israel. Please stop that tripe that Arab women can vote only in Israel, they vote and are politically active in all countries except the boot licking Gulf oil monarchies, where no one has that right.

    The sole legal distinction between the Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel is that the latter are not required to serve in the Israeli army, a perk, some would say. As such, they don’t qualify for veteran benefits and, I imagine, will not get work where military security clearance is required.

    Are you joiking or trying to be serious to write such non-sense. Israel just passed a law that is is a Jewish Nation!!!!, leaving the native and remnant Palestinians as official second class citizens. Secularism is out the window of course. Freedom of speech, yes when the Shin Bet internal police can incarcerate you and if you are lucky to stand trial in front of ardent Jewish-Zionist judges who will decide your fate, not a jury of peers that might include Arabs. Yes we understand. How many thousands of Palestinian prisoners, arrested outside of any violent context??? Children in jail how many hundreds?? Hmmmm.

    This article is old style Israeli propaganda that has not been used in decades because it does not carry water with anybody. The reality of the truth has long been out, and the Zionist Israelis and their sycophants in the West, no longer care to apologize or camouflage their Israeli reality. They are comfortable in their cocoon and they still have the right to dictate to others.

    Land theft, house demolitions, night round-ups and “mowing the grass” are still daily occurrences for Palestinians in your beloved dystopic concoction called Israel. Since your Talmud and OT give your co-religionists (whether you worship or not) supra-human rights above the gentiles who are defined to be not of your religion, it is all good and dandy.
    So we find Ilana can find common cause with White Nationalists of Europe and US that Israel is only doing what they wish they could do. Ok, we understand, that WN and Euro-firsters should give Israel a free pass as their is common ground. Hmmm.

    Oblivious to the logical and moral contradictions inherent in their special pleading—some Jews work toward rightist political prescriptions for Israelis; but leftist prescriptions for Americans.

    These Jews insist that Israel is for the Jews, but America is for the World.

    Any Jew who practices this ethical contradiction must be condemned, for promoting for England, America and Europe the national incoherence and multicultural morass he rejects for Israel.

    The difference is that WN and Europe Firsters deem themselves to be the natives, like Palestinians. Not necessarily true for N. America, but certainly they can be considered Heritage Americans.

    I am also not sure that WN or Euro Firsters behaved or would behave in like manner to Israel’s founding principles of ethnic cleansing based on massive violence and religious politics, which Israel continues to use till this very day for its development in the midst of an Arab and Muslim region since its founding without remorse or apology. I guess that comes from their religious ideological indoctrination (Talmud or OT) that makes Nazism’s ideological narrative look meek in comparison.

    Ilana, frankly most Israelis dont care what the world thinks about them and what they do. They do as they like and can get away with it, full stop. So why waste your time with such an amazing display of gibberish that fails to persuade.

  11. Wyatt says:

    Debate Ryan Dawson.

  12. What a Sophist this Bitch is.

    • Agree: L.K
    • LOL: gay troll
  13. @Anon

    Sure, Palestinians are cool …

    • Replies: @Tommy Thompson
    , @anon
    , @Druid
  14. Realist says:

    Israel’s particularism, moreover, is not race-based, it’s religious.

    A red herring for sure. I refer you to:

  15. Forget about Zionists, Palestinians, sacred this or that…. This guy rocks:

    Aliens Exist? Israel’s Ex-Space Boss Says “Yes, And Trump Knows About It”

    Haim Eshed, 87, in an interview to Israel’s Yediot Aharonot newspaper, spoke extensively about the extraterrestrial life, and also elaborated about “an agreement” between the US government and a “Galactic Federation” of aliens.

    Aliens are real and US President Donald Trump knows about it, Israel’s former space security chief has made an unprecedented claim in an interview, stressing they’re keeping their existence a secret as “humanity is not ready for them”.

    Haim Eshed, 87, in an interview to Israel’s Yediot Aharonot newspaper, spoke extensively about the extraterrestrial life, and also elaborated about “an agreement” between the US government and a “Galactic Federation” of aliens. Mr Eshed has headed Israel’s space security programme for nearly three decades, say reports.

    There is an agreement between the US government and the aliens as they wish to research and understand “the fabric of the universe”, the Jerusalem Post, another daily, quoted him as saying, citing the original interview published in Hebrew. This cooperation apparently includes a secret underground base on Mars.

  16. @Bardon Kaldian


    The included video made by a Russian immigrant Jew to disparage the Palestinians, fails miserably.

    It still manages to demonstrate the universal compassion and humanity held by the Palestinians and the ethno-self worship of the Israelis and their oppression of the Palestinians.

    Question? Why have not the Israelis till now tried to seriously reach out to the Palestinians to find fair and equal co-existence. They still have not been placed on an equal rights footing to the Russian Jew that made this propaganda video.

    Thanks Bardon, you need to try harder next time.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  17. anon[319] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    1 “During the interview, Jeffrey told Al-Monitor that the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump wanted to fix a flaw they saw in his predecessor Barack Obama’s policy in Syria, which he said was the containment of Iran.

    “Secretary Pompeo and I convinced people in the administration of this: If you don’t deal with the underlying problem of Iran in Syria, you’re not going to deal in an enduring way with IS. We saw this all as one thing,” Jeffrey said.
    Jeffrey said the U.S. stepped up its support to Israel in their attacks on Syria, after an internal struggle in Washington about whether or not to do so. “We then also had the Israeli air campaign. The US only began supporting that when I came on board. I went out there and we saw Prime Minister Netanyahu and others, and they thought that they were not being supported enough by the US military, and not by intelligence. And there was a big battle within the US government, and we won the battle.”

    2″In his final days as the Israel Defense Forces’ Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Gadi Eisenkot confirmed, on the record, that Israel had directly supported anti-Assad Syrian rebel factions in the Golan Heights by arming them. ”

  18. @Handydan

    She’s defends nationalists rights to sovereignty and denounces hypocrisy, even if she doesn’t name names. Where’s the problem with that?

    Ok … well … I kind of have a crush on her, too.

    • Replies: @Handydan
  19. @Tommy Thompson

    1. the guy who made this video is tendentious, it is evident.

    2. but- if you think that Palestinians, in this video, or other videos, show anything that is short of disgusting, psychopathological & belonging to the stone age mentality- you should have your head examined, and do it very thoroughly. The only man in this video who is not hateful is- surprise, surprise- a Palestinian Christian.

    Palestinians are sincere about their goals, so- they reap what they sow.

    As for the entire Islam stuff, even a bit superficial Hitchens, plus Nawaz is more than enough:

    Israel has its fair share of religious imbeciles, but they are, compared with these guys, enlightened moderns:

    • Replies: @Tommy Thompson
  20. botazefa says:

    I suspect that by “Christian Jews,” my interviewer meant a Christian who immigrates to Israel and is barred from becoming a citizen of the Jewish State

    Maybe he’s talking about “‘Jews’ for Jesus”?

  21. A Very Small Reply to a Very Ugly and Evil Jewess Self-Chosenite…

    How about apologizing to the Palestinian People for the Nakba? Just a start, but at least this much?

    How about apologizing to the Lebanese People for the 2006 War? No? How about Beirut-Shima?

    How about reparations to the Arab People for all the damage done by Jews and their puppets (((USA))) in the Middle East for the last 72 years? No? Nothing?

    How about returning the Hundreds of Trillions of Dollars stolen from the American Working Man [White & Christian, by the way] by Jew Banksters and their Kosher Nostra Allies?

    How about apologizing and begging forgiveness for the Murder and Slander for Two-Thousand Years of the One sent by the Holy Spirit to Bear Witness to the TRUTH.

    Can’t do it, can you?

    Evil Bitch. Burn in Hell.

  22. Trinity says:

    Is Israel racist? Does a bear shit in the woods.

    Are Jews as a whole the most racist people in the world? Hmm, I would say so absolutely with the negro running a close second.

    But are we confusing good common sense with racism? Not in the case of the Jew or negro, who wish to DOMINATE AND CONTROL OTHERS OF A DIFFERENT RACE, the same goes for other groups to a lesser extent. Power over others is unfortunately a sickness in MOST humans and only the BEST OF US look to treat others as we wish to be treated.

    Have Whites been guilty of abusing power in the past? You bet they have, BUT, SO HAS EVERY OTHER GROUP UNDER THE SUN WHETHER THEY BE JEW OR GENTILE, BLACK OR WHITE OR CANDY STRIPE. The Arabs enslaved White and Black alike, but no calls out there about “Brown Privilege” or how about how the African killed and enslaved his own racial brethren long before the White or Arab arrived on the scene. The American Indian did the same, killing off and enslaving weaker tribes.

    The Jew and the negro ( we are talking generalizations here, there are exceptions) are the eternal victims crying out in pain as they place a foot on your neck. There is Jewish and Black racism in spades in America ( no pun intended) and they seemingly dare anyone to complain about it. “White Privilege?” Sure thing, Whites are attacked daily in the streets for being White, no politician even has the guts to dare talk about Black on White violence, let alone do anything about trying to stop it. Tens of thousands of Black on White rape or sexual assault victims each and every year and not a peep from chickenshit politicians. Sure, Trump will condemn crimes committed by illegal invaders who have brown skin, but what about legal black skin criminals, Mr. Trump? Someone might slip up and say the N-word, and all the disciples of (((anti-White(ism))) come out of nowhere, tripping over each other to virtue signal their Jewish and Black masters.

    Sorry for rambling but back to the question of is Israel racist? You bet your sweet ass they are racist. I would hardly give a rat’s ass what happens in Israel IF these Jewish hypocrites would leave their hate and racism at home but we have to listen to their horseshit all over the West. Their horseshit is as phony as it gets, only a fool would believe their agenda of mixing races is meant for the betterment of humankind, it is designed to destroy nations, instigate hatred particularly towards Whites, etc.

    Wanting to preserve your people, your way of life, is NOT RACIST. Looking to subvert and subjugate others with your two face horseshit is demonic. The Golden Rule should be observed and practiced by believers and non believers alike. It generally will work with decent people, however, it will NEVER work with opportunistic bastards. The good MUST outnumber the bad or you will always end up choking on shit.

    • Replies: @Druid
  23. @Bardon Kaldian


    According to you Palestinians are disgusting for demanding their human and national rights. How dare they protest when their land is stolen, homes demolished, their children shot.

    They should be shot like wild dogs, as put by Gen. Sharon, or are like rats as said by PM Golda Meir, or they dont exist as she also once said. Better to blot them out.

    Yes, as they are Goyem, they should not demand to be treated like humans or Jewish immigrants from Brooklyn, they have crossed the Zio line.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  24. @Tommy Thompson

    Even their co-ethnics from Egypt, Morocco, Gulf states, Jordan…. don’t care for them. Arabic culture is a great historical civilization, but Arabophone peoples’ loyalties center on two things: religion & tribe.

    There is not a single one Arab nation in the European sense (French, Danes, Russians,…). Palestinians are just Arabs who happen to live in Israel (or use any name you want)- but they do not constitute a people (no do Jordanians, Syrians etc.). For them, the religion is of primary importance, and then, a tribal clan. Arabic Bedouins don’t give a hoot about “Palestinians”; Arab-speaking Druzes- neither; Arabic Sunnis don’t give a shit about Arabic Shiah.

    Simply, so called Palestinians can live in any part of big Arabic world that suits their preferences, and these are mostly religion & tribe. Palestine is, historically, ethnically, culturally & linguistically no more a nation than Montana or Colorado.

    • Disagree: Truth Hurts the Liars
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @jsigur
  25. Trinity says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Maybe we could convince the Palestinians to immigrate to Arab nations and then have all the Jews spewing horseshit in America and Europe return to their beloved Israel. That way everyone is happy. No sense in Jews having to put up with anti-Semites in majority White Gentile Christian nations when they have their beloved Israel all to themselves now is there? Hell, I would be even willing to swap the Jews in Europe and America for the Palestinians. At least maybe these Palestinians, ( I hear some are Christians) wouldn’t look to control OUR media, academia, government, foreign and domestic policy, finance, and seek to take away our First and Second Amendment.

    haha. Watch how many Jews would choose to live away from all the “anti-Semites” in America and Europe. Just like with all the other nonwhites, these people whine about Whites being “anti-Semitic,” and/or racist and yet Whites could move to Mars and you can bet your sweet ass, the Jews and other whiny RACIST nonwhites would follow us there. Whites don’t need nonwhites or Jews, in fact we do much better without either. Nonwhites, ( besides northeastern Orientals like Koreans, Japanese and Chinese) cannot build their own first world nation, the only way they can live in such a nation is to become a parasite in White nations. At least for now, the Yellow man hasn’t been dumb enough to allow himself to be subjugated like the stupid White man by these parasites.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
    , @Druid
  26. @Trinity

    What the hell are you hallucinating about?

    The topic, as I understand it, is Jews’ right to live in their own nation-state, somewhere in the middle east..

    Do they have that right?

    Well- they’ve earned it. They defeated their enemies. They are recognized by the UN & most other countries in the world. Israel is a reality. It won’t go away just because someone dislikes it.

    Does Israel discriminate, I mean oppress, local Arabs or Palestinians? Yes and no. It depends on the area & a walk of life. The problem with Palestinians is that they want impossible- to boot Israelis/Jews from Israel. They are explicit about it. Well- they may try. They, along other Arabs, tried a few times & every single time they lost.

    Lost wars have consequences. Germans, 13 million of them, were expelled in 1945. That’s how you end up when you lose an existential war.

    And Germans, as a culture, are infinitely more valuable than all Arabs put together. And earth still revolves. Sun still shines.

    What will happen to Arabs in Israel/Palestine- I don’t know. But I don’t see any rational, moral, economical, historical, aesthetic, cultural, scientific…reason to whine over their destiny.

    As for Jews “ruling” in the Western world, especially the US- this is a complete nonsense. They are, certainly, much more influential than their numbers show. Just- let’s entertain the idea that this is true, for the sake of the argument. If host nations- American Gentiles, English, Swedes, French, Italians, Poles, Russians, Irish, …. had let them, Jews, rule over them- they are complete idiots & deserve to vanish from the face of the earth like Tasmanians or Mohicans (if they existed at all).

    • Troll: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Truth
  27. Trinity says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Israel couldn’t do shit without help from America and the West, you lying delusional freak. The Israeli warrior on the battlefield defeating Arabs? LMAO. Yeah right. The Israeli military might is about as real as Santa Claus.

    Son, Israeli or Jewish “culture” is from the stone age just like Arab “culture.” lololol. IF it were up to me, I would demand all Americans get the hell out of that giant sandbox and let the Arab and Jew fight as long as they wish. The most gawd awful scenery in the whole world IMO. Nothing but sand and dirt.

    Give me some examples of Jewish culture, friend. Any Jewish works of art, music, literature, etc.? hahaha. I mean you are criticizing your Arab cousin’s culture, give me some examples of how Jewish culture is superior to even Arab culture much less European culture.

    Oh, and those defeated Germans basically fought the war in Europe on their own. A nation of 70 million or so and about the size of Montana taking on the giant British and Soviet Empires and America. That took military might and guts. It took half the world to defeat a nation as small as Germany. Why Americans and others brag about that event I will never know. Pretty disgraceful to the allies at least, that a nation that small prevailed for so long against overwhelming odds. I guess the American super soldier is as big a fairy tale as Israeli military might. haha.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  28. gay troll says:

    Israel is built on Zionism, both in the modern sense and the original sense. Zionism in the original sense claims that Canaan belongs to the Hebrews, because the Hebrews had been abducted from their land by the Egyptians, and so had the right to return and inhabit it. This is all described in the Jewish Torah, which also provides the foundation for Christianity and Islam. After wandering in the desert for forty years, Joshua (aka Jesus) leads his tribe back into the “promised land,” and, per the instructions of his G-d, overthrows the cities there, deceiving, killing, raping, and burning, saving only the gold for their treasury. The problem with the Torah is that it bears no resemblance to history; in fact it is an obvious fantasy. There is no reason to think there were Hebrews in Canaan before the Canaanites. The walls of Jericho described in Joshua have been shown by archaeologists to not exist. Likewise the fabled kingdom of Solomon. Judaism cannot even be said to exist before the Deuteronomic reform, which happened shortly before Nebuchadnezzar carted the Jews off to Babylon. It’s hard to say for sure, especially considering that the oldest known version of the Torah did not appear until 250 BCE, in Greek.

    The Jewish religion believes they are the chosen tribe of G-d and their membership is defined by genetic descent. This is made obvious by the painstaking efforts that are made to show that there is a common line of descent from Adam to Abraham to Moses to Solomon to David and even Jesus Christ. So even if modern Judaism is not fully defined by race, it is still a fundamentally racist religion. And regardless it is chauvinist in its consideration of being “chosen” to inhabit the “promised land” (and, er, take over the rest of the world). Ilana’s framing of this issue as a matter of “sovereignty” and the “right to exclude” totally whitewashes the fact that Israeli sovereignty is decreed by a spiteful work of fiction and achieved through subversion, invasion, and genocide. So Ilana please FUCK OFF as you are obviously too smart not to know the meaning of your own religion.

    Free Palestine. Hail Lucifer. Namaste.

  29. Truth says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    They didn’t defeat their enemies, YOU defeated their enemies, Whyte Boi!

    The Khazars didn’t have an army in 1945.

  30. @gay troll

    There is maybe a problem in the way this discussion has been set up.

    Ilana Mercer’s article ignores the problem of the *genesis* of the State of Israel. Her arguments concern only the *behavior* of the State of Israel once it was established.

    Your comment, on the other hand, deals with the process of, and rationale behind, the creation of the state of Israel.

    So, those are two different things.

    It would be necessary to write an article connecting those two things.

  31. Druid says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    In other interviews, Jews say a LOT WORSE!

  32. Druid says:

    A parasite needs it’s host(s). Be reasonable! Poor ticks wouldn’t survive on the blood of others!

  33. Druid says:

    Jew and their negro tools! You said it! Only Farrakhan had them right, though most of his followers are crazy racist nuts themselves! Give them their few states, on condition that they take the J’s with them!

  34. @gay troll

    Hey Ron, are you agreeing with “Hail Lucifer” ???

    The Jew Satanist Faggot Troll one of your buddies?

    • Replies: @gay troll
  35. Handydan says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    How could a hypocrite denounce hypocrisy? What about the human rights of Palestinians (Muslim and Christians), Ethiopian Jews?
    Naming names could be avoidance of truth, a good defense. I am reading about the 6 millions figures invention (USSR conned the West?) Why dont you look into this?

    Like your sense of humor about the crush. More power to you.

  36. I.M. says that Jism isn’t a race but a religion. It’s true that it’s not a race. But it may also not be a religion. If it’s really a religion, why are Js who are atheists still Js?. This would not be the case if Jism were a religion. In fact, even their theologians may say that it’s not a religion.

    Second, she says that there isn’t any discrimination of other groups in The Country. This is not true. There are all kinds of discrimination, even if in some cases people who were discriminated could oppose highly visible forms of discrimination successfully. It’s enough to say that if we had similar laws and practices here in our countries, I.M. would shout very loud against them and call them the worst possible names. She would say, “we don’t want to be treated that way” which is the same way they treat others in The Country. I think the time when people said that The Country is an apartheid country is gone. Nowadays people say much worse things with a lot of good reasons for that.

    • Replies: @Truth Hurts the Liars
  37. @UncommonGround

    It’s a Criminal Tribe.


    There you go. Next?

  38. gay troll says:
    @Truth Hurts the Liars

    Get a grip parrot brain. Even Jesus Christ calls himself Morning Star, which is synonymous with Lucifer (Rev 22:16). The fact that you insist on calling me a Jew proves that you have no power of discrimination or apprehension. You may be a victim of propaganda, but you are definitely a perpetrator of propaganda. By vilifying everyone who isn’t a straight white Christian you show that you are a racist chauvinist prick, inconsistent with the Christian spirit, and much more consistent with the Jewish values you claim to oppose. Here’s something you wrote in October:

    The Jews are driving the Train. Just because Blacks and Fags and Commies are on board… it’s still a Tribal project.

    You seem to think liberalism is a Jewish plot. But it was Jesus who commanded you to love everyone on Earth as if they were your neighbor (meaning also, as if they were yourself). Just because Zionists have hijacked American liberalism doesn’t give you leeway to vilify liberals. Zionists have hijacked conservatism as well. If anyone is working out of Tel Aviv, it sure ain’t me.

  39. Gay Troll


    The problem with the Torah is that it bears no resemblance to history; in fact it is an obvious fantasy. There is no reason to think there were Hebrews in Canaan before the Canaanites. The walls of Jericho described in Joshua have been shown by archaeologists to not exist. Likewise the fabled kingdom of Solomon.

    the best explanation for the lack of any substantive Judaic or Hebraic or OT archeology in Palestine is that as Dr. Kamel Saliba explained in The Bible Came from Arabia is the OT Hebrews were from the Assiur region of north Yemen, part of SW Saudi Arabia today. The Hebraic and Yehwah worshipping Arabs, as that who the early OT Hebraics were, migrated from Yemen to Palestine and on to Syria and Iraq with their trade caravans. They built up a presence in Palestine and by 200 BC was substantial but maybe not the majority.

    Saliba methodically demonstrates how the best fit to the OT tales fit the geography and cultural names of that region. This explains why Islam is so connected to OT tales, but give a different twist to most of them. Tying a religion to a piece of land indicates that something is lacking or weak in the Jewish religious narrative. Belief in any God has nothing to do with the material world, especially sod and dirt, but is tied to elevating the human spirit to the God of choice or the universal powers of the Universe, however one wishes to define God.

    The whole Zio foundation is fraught with fraud and non-sense, but the politicization of the OT and Talmud is what has turned to become the world’s mostly deadly, exclusionary, supremacist and mean spirited cult.

  40. Trinity says:
    @gay troll

    The Jews definitely HIJACKED American liberalism and conservatism as well. I hate when people call these leftist anti-White racist fascists ( enuff names for ya, hehe) “liberals.” That is one of my pet peeves when I hear (((conservative))) talking heads like Pawn Vanity or Lush Limbaugh talk about the (((liberal media.))) The Jewish media is anything and everything but liberal. And as for conservatives, the old line conservatives were always staunchly against foreign wars, not like these (((neocons.))) The Jew controls both sides of aisle and neither is conservative or liberal, but purely motivated by what benefits the Jew.

    Fighting racism = anti-White racism that gives special privileges to nonwhites, PARTICULARLY Jews, and taking away the rights of Whites in their own nations. My guess is that you could count on one hand how many liberals attended the last (((Antifa/BLM))) hate Whitey meeting. The Jewish and negro version of fighting racism is anti-White racism to the nth power.

    Fighting hate = hating Whitey. Yep, nothing liberal at all about Jewish Supremacist groups like the ADL, $PLC, JDL, or NAACP. These groups that claim to be against hate, are themselves some of the most racist and hate filled groups out there. Hell, they make those 100 members still left in the KKK look like choir boys when it comes to hating others who are different from them, these groups hate anyone who is a White Gentile, and will discard even their cuckold White members the minute they disagree with hating their own white skin. Regarding the NAACP, when is white not a color? Is yellow or red a color as well? I mean aren’t all people whether White, Chinese or American Indian, “colored?” Last time I checked my crayon box, white was still a color. The Jewish version of liberalism is anti-White racism to nth power.

    How about a new article titled: Is the ADL, SPLC, JDL, NAACP racist against Whites? Is the pope Catholic. I consider myself more of a TRUE liberal than a conservative btw. I don’t identify in any way, shape or form with these uber Jewish racist, Black and white traitor trash that the people call, “liberal.”

  41. Really Ilana. As we would say in Hebrew – Be’emet באמת!!! I am an ex-South African who went to King David school and an Israeli lawyer who studied at the Hebrew University, and who worked for years with Arabs and Palestinians, I can only say that what you have written is the biggest balderdash! All those “anti-Semites” are right by the way. Israel is not merely a state based on discrimination it is a state that was born and continues to thrive on the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian Arabs.

    The Arabs are not the Africans. African culture is illiterate – no writing, no maths, no philology, no general subjects of world geography, history, written law etc. It is for this reason that Dr Verwoerd proposed apartheid – separate development for people who have developed separately and differently. It was not a put-down. It was actually pretty practical.

    In contrast to Jews, the Arabs come from a great an historic civilization. There is no such thing as Jewish civilization. Jews have always lived parasitically on their host nations, refused to assimilate, but have not hesitated to such the blood when possible.

    Ironically the one field of damage in which the Jews did not harm the Palestinians is in the cultural-religious field. They do have religious freedom. However they are almost totally deprived of political and economic rights other than the empty right to vote. But God forbid an Arab member of the Knesset says something the Jews don’t like, they get suspended from the Knesset.

    Actually it is a shande that someone with your intelligence writes such drivel. Why don’t you read or listen to Ilan Pappe on video?

    • Thanks: Tommy Thompson
  42. @gay troll

    What an ass… now attempting to equate and combine Jesus of Nazareth with Satan?

    No depths of lies and twisted imaginings this Jew prick won’t go. Up Satan’s asshole, I’m sure. Or his up yours… (((fag))).

  43. Anon[934] • Disclaimer says:

    Ilana –

    Before the two exiles of the Jews from Israel, the first in 586 B.C., I would hazard that Hebrews were likely genetically quite distinct. It is still not uncommon for a Jewish marriage of recessive genes to bring into phenotypical expression certain diseases unique to Jews.

    Dissident Israeli says:Next New Comment
    December 12, 2020 at 5:33 pm GMT • 7.6 hours ago • 300 Words ↑

    In contrast to Jews, the Arabs come from a great an historic civilization. There is no such thing as Jewish civilization. Jews have always lived parasitically on their host nations, refused to assimilate, but have not hesitated to such the blood when possible.

    I think you are both somewhat inaccurate, no offense meant, in that there is a large pool of Semitic peoples who shared a founding common language/culture, far beyond just modern Jewish populations, which is from its earliest beginnings as savage as almost every other known culture of humans, both to one another and to outsiders.

    I am not trying to be the guy who engages in “Let me tell you about your culture”, so probably a good source written in non-scientific jargon is Mrs Ellen Coffman, who is herself Jewish and has done a lot of Genetic research from public sources –

    ALL Semitic peoples show predominate occurrences of paternal J1 / J2 Y-dna, and it is in no way unique to Jewish populations. CMH is simply a add-on mutation and not an exclusive one at that. Jewish populations also show large % of E1b, which – for instance – is also the largest, dominate Male lineage in Egyptian males, and commonly found around the eastern Mediterranean.

    Between J1 /J2 / E1b, this is more than 75% of modern Jewish male lineages. Mrs Coffman notes the large-scale, majority occurrence of R1a Y-dna among Ashkenazics bearing Levite-derived surnames, (about 66% of the total) which are effectively Indo-Euro paternal lineages, not derived from Semitic ancestry at all.

    Mrs Coffman places these R1a Levites as likely Khazar origin, although I would say it could also be Hurrian, Gutian, or even Hittite, in various scenarios.

    The Semite kingships across the fertile crescent are extremely abusive toward nomadic or pastoral people in their wastelands or rural regions of influence, and this in my view accounts for the western and eastern Habiru that we today recount as Hebrews, due to the Bible.

    The accounts of Assyrian kings on campaign mention them growing bored of ‘hunts’ of nomadic Arameans, undertaken for no military objective, but simply to massacre for amusement. The Assyrian Headhunter contingents and Babylonian skin flayers sent in to tear to pieces captured civilians after the fall of a city are sources of pride in their records.

    The non-Semitic Sumerians act as the donor source for most of the theology and belief systems, and when the last remnants of the Sumerian culture collapsed, it was temporarily resurrected by Kings who now have Semitic names, but who are now conquest and tribute oriented – no longer focused on the Sumerian trade system, but instead they create a military extortion racket that juices anyone within their reach for yearly tribute, which later becomes the system perpetuated by the Chaldeans, Assyrians and Babylonians.

    This is the point at which we find Abraham of the Biblical account making his exit from Ur.

    The Moses birth story in the Old Testament is an adaption of a well-known Semitic Akkadian (conquered Sumer) tale of Sargon, which is passed on to to other Semitic peoples as the idealization of an infant placed in a reed basket rising through the ranks of the ruling class before becoming a leader himself. Genetically, the modern Semites living in what was Southern Mesopotamia are J1 paternally, like most Semitic peoples, and show an array of lesser Hg which fairly closely mimic modern Jewish males, except for the much lower occurrences of E1b.

    Because the Eastern Habiru faced large, powerful city states, they are folded into those societies (Aramaic Chaldeans), however in the West, the Levant often served as a buffer zone between powerful empires who exert limited on-the-ground control. This makes modern Israel, Palestine, Syria, Jordan more vulnerable to small scale city conquest by nomadic bands, since the interests of the great powers are more distant, and guaranteeing a local city-state rulers dominion is often not going to be worth their trouble.

    In conclusion, the term Semitic is basically a classical term that encompasses a much larger population set than simply Jewish people, since it relates to many cultures across a massive swath of recorded history.

  44. My most sincere condolences on the passing of your father.

    May he live long in your memories and may you meet him again in your other lives.

    • Thanks: ILANA Mercer
  45. Trinity says:

    Jews started the ridiculous themes like “White Privilege” and “Whites have no culture.” LMAO.


    Jews have no culture worth speaking of, as one poster already noted, they have lived most of their existence and continue to this day living as parasites. Yet they manufacture ridiculous propaganda that Whites have no culture. Imagine, a race like the negro saying Whites have no culture or a race like the Jew mocking the White man’s culture. Has the Jew or negro produced works of art by Da Vinci, Michelangelo, literature from Shakespeare, or music from Beethoven? Look at how diverse the White race is, more culture and diversity in the White race than any other race by far on the planet. Go to Great Britain, then go to Italy or Greece, entirely different foods, languages, skin hue, ways of life, music, etc. Even the negro claims of “soul food” is a SHAM. “Soul food” is nothing more than cuisine cooked in the Deep South by White folks, that is where the negro picked up on the recipes. Even in America, the cultures among Whites differ greatly from the Deep South to California to the big cities in the Northeast. Whites have no culture? Only a Jew who has a history of being a glorified gypsy, a vagabond, could come up with a claim aka LIE like that one and only a “collage edjumucated” retard taught by some anti-White Jewish “perfesser” would fall for such bullshit.

    And now we come to (((White Privilege))) or the newest best seller (((White Fragility))), are there any two groups in America and Europe, that enjoy more privilege than the negro or Jew? The Jew is even beyond criticism or reproach, and they are doing their best to label all criticism of Israel as unlawful, surely one cannot attempt to boycott Israel the way the Jews encouraged everyone to boycott South Africa. Where are the rock stars today? Why aren’t they singing, “Ain’t Gonna Play Tel Aviv” like they sang “Ain’t Going To Play Sun City” back in the day. I guess Bruce and Bono and company are too tired, too old and too creaky to sing about Israel now. haha. Jew Privilege and Jew Fragility is VERY REAL and not FICTIONAL, and to a lesser degree so is Black Privilege and Black Fragility. “White Fragility?” MY ASS, Whites are lambasted by the Jewish media, the Jewish publishing companies, Jewish social media, 24/7/365. “Jewish Culture?” haha. Black Culture? If going to prison, having illegitimate children, spewing rap, is culture then there you go. Of course, the old school Black music of R&B and blues was great music. Got to give credit where credit is due.

  46. anon[378] • Disclaimer says:

    The Jewish State, by definition, rejects some and welcomes others into the fold.

    Exactly, just ask any Ethiopian Jew. Skin color matters in racist Israel quite a lot.

    Jewish organizations in Israel work to keep Ethiopian Jews from marrying white Jews, as well as preventing Ethiopians from having any children. This has been going on for 30 years.

    By any Liberal definition, that is racism. It is also Israeli policy.

    Israel is a racist nation.


  47. Personally, I think the Jews are just as racist as any other culture or ethnic group, perhaps maybe a bit more, given that their cultural psychology is that they perceive they are under attack or oppressed all the time, so they always feel justified in taking advantage of and screwing non-Jews over in business and politics.

    Having been to Israel, I see it as a lovely little country with lovely historic roots that deserves to have security against the Arabs who always want to attack it. On the other hand, I felt the Jews there would happily destroy or genocide off all the Arabs if they could do it safely, so deep are the hatreds between them and their neighbors.

    The Israeli establishment would also have no compunction abt using or manipulating other countries like the USA to attack Iran, Syria, instead of doing it themselves, which Jackass Trump almost got himself into, because of his dumbass killing of that Iranian general.

    Luckily dumbass Trump got cold feet and pulled his gaped flabby white ass away from Netanyahu’s dick and backed down like a cowardly whipped dog after Iran bombed his Iraq base.

  48. Your father who (together with a bunch of other jews, and others) helped to destroy the once-great nation of South Africa. I’ll be withholding my condolences.

  49. @Kerry

    Those Irishmen and Italians aren’t Americans any more than the wandering rootless cosmopolitan that wrote this article.

  50. Usual, mostly moronic, comments as expected. I’ll leave a list of a few worthy & readable books on the topic (and close issues) for those not yet braindead.


  51. At the end, nothing better than ordinary amazon comments on a book by a Palestinian American author:

    Palestinian Identity: The Construction of Modern National Consciousness

    by Rashid Khalidi


    Fabricated History

    Maybe, Rashid Khalidi can explain the following: “Palestine” is an English name invented by 19th century European Christians based on the Latin name “palaestina” the Romans renamed Israel in the 2nd century, referring to the Philistines who were ancient enemies of the Jews, originating from Greece. The Roman Latin name “palaestina” derives from the Hebrew name “Peleshet” appearing in the Jewish Bible, also referring to the “land of the Philistines,” meaning invaders to Israel.

    Exodus 15:14 The peoples have heard. They tremble. Pangs have taken hold on the inhabitants of Peleshet

    Why would so-called palestinians, all of whom are Arabs and most of whom are Muslims, identify by a European Christian English term for a Latin term that was imposed on Israel by Roman pagans based on a Hebrew term in the Jewish Bible for Greek invaders [Philistines] to Israel?

    One has to admire such Deep Digging BUT

    The Fact is the Arabs themselves did not have any such consciousness save for a Few intellectuals.
    So that even after Arabs lost the 1948 War and had possession of the West Bank, Jordan ANNEXED it.
    Only ceding it to ‘Palestinians’ after they lost it.

    post-1967 War Resolution 242 also doesn’t even mention ‘Palestinians’ but the only the vague ‘refugees’ of Both sides.
    (which is why They Rejected it, not accepting until pressured in the run-up to Oslo)

    People’s who Are people’s don’t need to search for crumbs, they know it.
    Jews, Tibetans, Japanese, and Ironically Arab-oppressed Kurds, etc, have Real and long history, (and Ethnicity, Language, etc) not as Palestinians, an anti-history. (reaction to Israel)

    “Palestinians” [are an] Arab people no one heard of before 1967 before Israeli governments certified this piece of propaganda… As has been noted many times before, prior to 1948, that is before Jews had begun to call themselves Israelis, the ONLY persons known as “Palestinians” were Jews, with the Arabs much preferrring to identify themselves as part of the great Arab nation.
    – David Basch

    “…Palestine does not belong to the “Palestinians” and never did. They did not even call themselves Palestinians until the middle 1960s. Before that, the word “Palestinian” meant “Jewish,” while the local Arabs called themselves simply “Arabs.”
    The creation of the PLO by Gamal Abdul Nasser in 1964 was a brilliant ploy to distort the parameters of the dispute, largely for propaganda purposes.
    It was inconvenient to have a conflict between 20-odd Arab states with an area 530 times greater than Israel, a population more than 30 times greater than Israel’s and enormously richer natural resources.

    Far better to invent a “Palestinian” nation that would be the eternal “underdog,” – a nation consisting partly of Immigrants from Syria and other Arab countries who came to benefit from the rapidly growing economy Zionist Jews created…”

    “There is no such country [as Palestine]! ‘Palestine’ is a term the Zionists invented!
    – Auni Bey Abdul-Hadi, a local Arab leader, to the Peel Commission, 1937

    “..There is No language known as Palestinian. There is NO distinct Palestinian culture.
    There has Never been a land known as Palestine governed by Palestinians.
    Palestinians are Arabs, indistinguishable from Jordanians (another Recent Invention), Syrians, Lebanese, Iraqis, etc. Keep in mind that the Arabs control 99.9% of the Middle East lands. Israel represents one-tenth of 1% of the landmass.
    But that’s too much for the Arabs. They want it all. And that is ultimately what the fighting in Israel is about today. Greed. Pride. Envy. Covetousness. No matter how many land concessions the Israelis make, it will never be enough….””
    – Joseph Farah, Arab-American journalist

    So before the creation of the State of Israel, who were the Palestinians?

    Until 1950, the name of the Jerusalem Post was THE PALESTINE POST;
    the journal of the Zionist Organization of America was NEW PALESTINE;
    Bank Leumi was the ANGLO-PALESTINE BANK;
    the Israel Electric Company was the PALESTINE ELECTRIC COMPANY;
    All these were Jewish organizations.
    – In America, Zionist youngsters sang “PALESTINE, MY PALESTINE”, “PALESTINE SCOUT SONG” and “PALESTINE SPRING SONG” In general, the terms Palestine and Palestinian referred to the region of Palestine as it was. Thus “Palestinian Jew” and “Palestinian Arab” are straightforward expressions. “Palestine Post” and “Palestine Philharmonic” refer to these bodies as they existed in a place then known as Palestine. The adoption of a Palestinian identity by the Arabs of Palestine is a Recent phenomenon.
    Until the establishment of the State of Israel, and for another decade or so, the term Palestinian applied almost Exclusively to the JEWS.
    – Peacefaq

    “…As the eminent Arab-American historian Philip Hitti described the common Arab view to an Anglo-American commission of inquiry in 1946, “There is No such thing as Palestine in history, absolutely Not.”
    This fact was keenly recognized by the British authorities on the eve of their departure. As one official observed in mid-December 1947, “it does not appear that Arab Palestine will be an entity, but rather that the Arab countries will each claim a portion in return for their assistance [in the war against Israel], unless [Transjordan’s] King Abdallah takes rapid and firm action as soon as the British withdrawal is completed.” A couple of months later, the British high commissioner for Palestine, General Sir Alan Cunningham, informed the colonial secretary, Arthur Creech Jones, that “the most likely arrangement seems to be Eastern Galilee to Syria, Samaria and Hebron to Abdallah, and the south to Egypt.”
    – The British proved to be prescient. Neither Egypt nor Jordan ever allowed Palestinian self-determination in Gaza and the West Bank — which were, respectively, the parts of Palestine conquered by them during the 1948-49 war. Indeed, even UN Security Council Resolution 242, which after the Six-Day war of 1967 established the principle of “land for peace” as the cornerstone of future Arab-Israeli peace negotiations, did not envisage the creation of a Palestinian state. To the contrary: since the Palestinians were still not viewed as a distinct nation, it was assumed that any territories evacuated by Israel, would be returned to their pre-1967 Arab occupiers — Gaza to Egypt, and the West Bank to Jordan. The resolution did not even mention the Palestinians by name, affirming instead the necessity “for achieving a just settlement of the refugee problem” — a clause that applied not just to the Palestinians but to the hundreds of thousands of Jews expelled from the Arab states following the 1948 war.
    At this time — we are speaking of the late 1960’s — Palestinian nationhood was Rejected by the entire international community, including the Western democracies, the Soviet Union (the foremost supporter of radical Arabism), and the Arab world itself. “Moderate” Arab rulers like the Hashemites in Jordan viewed an independent Palestinian state as a mortal threat to their own kingdom, while the Saudis saw it as a potential source of extremism and instability. …”

    • Troll: Chris Mallory
  52. “Israel’s particularism, moreover, is not race-based, it’s religious.”

    Bull-fucking-shit. Israel is about as secular a place as can be. You’d have to visit a porn production studio to find a more secular place.

  53. Mr. XYZ says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    Morris Seligman Dees isn’t actually Jewish, FWIW.

    BTW, @Ilana Mercer, it’s worth noting that allegations of Jewish exclusivity are also based on the fact that Jews make it extremely difficult to convert to Judaism and thus wish to maintain the traditional demographics of the Jewish community (so, for instance, *relatively* few blacks or Amerindians–especially in comparison to whites and Middle Easterners). Yet if Westerners want to preserve the traditional demographics of their own countries, they are denounced as hateful bigots, including possibly by some Jews! 🙁

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  54. jsigur says:

    One could claim there is a better case to be made that the land of Israel is for the world given that three different religions have their roots there.

    In reality, the Jews tell the goy how to live and scream bloody murder if a goy should do the opposite and this works because of their media dominance in which all their causes get lots of publicity in the press in mostly a positive light while arguments countering them can be censored and ignored or written up in such a way to promote a Jewish spin to the answer.

    By the tone of the article I am having to believe Ilana is part Jewish?

    There is a huge argument as to whether Jews are their own race. I believe in general they do prefer to keep to their indoctrinated others and are the only ppls I know that can keep their solidarity so spread apart as they do

    One wonders if the diaspora is a word Jews use to hide their colonial nature (for they do try immediately to take over any place they move to and have methods of behavior honed from centuries of experience as to the best ways to do that all passed down hidden within the mindset of the Talmud which to me seems not to be a religion at all but their primary takeover manual though I agree I am not an expert on the subject)

  55. jsigur says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Do they pay you to shill for them? Palestinians aren’t a nation and most Jews aren’t semitic which as I recall is the main reason why Jews claimed and still claim divine right entitlement to the land of Israel-Palestine
    Jewish influencers count on the goyim not being aware of anything except the next big game to win their arguments. Then, when you make it clear that Jews will create any slander to remove you from office if you don’t toe their line, well, the politicians will always vote for Israel often while pretending not to and the goyim will never know that they are second class citizens to the state of Israel and the whims of Jews

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  56. Exile says:

    It’s self-admitted that Jewish identity is more than religious. Israel performs genetic tests for a reason.

    Jews have deliberately cultivated a protean outward-facing identity that seeks to conflate the reality for outside critics, but Jews know who’s Jewish and who isn’t – and it’s not based on religion alone. Many if not most American Jews, strong majority Ashkenazi, are atheists.

    “British” spy “George Blake,” for instance, looks a lot more like Netanyahu than anyone sired by generations of actual Blakes. Google what he said about loyalty and identity.

    The only way Ilana can argue around this is to say “no true Jew” or some other form of particularism or NAXALT.

    To non-Jews, there is no good faith debate over Jewish being a racial/ethnic as well as a religious identity.

    Jews can choose to NAJALT and reject that identity but Jewish identity is real and it’s very strongly enforced and obeyed by the vast majority of genetic Jews.

    The blinders and rationalizations required to deny this are why I left libertarianism and Objectivism. You can’t honestly say you’re committed to a reality-based worldview when you deny the reality of ethnic identity and how it shapes societies (which are more than simply a bunch of individuals) and their individual members.

    When 90% of a population acts a certain way, it’s a legitimate heuristic for everyone else to recognize that pattern & treat them as a group.

    At the very least, the burden is on the outlier to demonstrate why they should not be judged by the stereotype.

    And when it comes to Jews, there are only a small minority who aren’t strongly shaped and motivated by the toxic anti-White/Euro elements of Jewish identity.

    Not every Jew supports White genocide, but almost every group that does is led, inspired and/or financed by Jews.

    Antisemitism is a rational response based on pattern-recognition and the evidence in our daily lives, including the statements of Jews themselves.

    Ilana, Ron and other Jews here are exceptions to this well-evidenced, necessary and morally legitimate position to the extent of not being anti-White – but when they argue against antisemitism and engage in Talmudic sophistry like “Jewish is a religion,” they’re proving our point.

    • Replies: @notoneofthem
  57. @Mr. XYZ

    Morris Seligman Dees isn’t actually Jewish, FWIW.

    No, he worships Baal.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  58. @Reg Cæsar

    Who cares if Jews are a religion, ethnicity, nation, race, whatever? They know who they are and the rest are goyim. And Jews hate the goyim, discriminate against them, exploit them, and parasite off them. In Israel the Jews are in charge and the Palestinians are the goyim that feel the full brunt of being under their inhuman and inhumane rule. The fact that Jews are not uniform and have their own hierarchies, intolerance, discrimination and racism among their own is their own business. Don’t let them confuse you.

    And you should all feel for the Palestinians and support their struggle unconditionally because what the Jews have done to them, dispossessing them of their rights, dignity, lands and properties they may do to you one day … or maybe they already have … or are in the process of doing.

    Caveat: not all Jews – but it’s for them to decide which side they’re on. Sure it’s tough on those decent Jews (as it was for Bobby Fischer), especially in Israel, but that’s the way it goes.

    P.S. Not specifically a reply to Reg Caeasar but to all of you.

  59. Nobody wants to “convert” to Judaism. It is not that kind of religeon. Who would want to be circumcised as an adult? The Jews are more like a “People” or a “Tribe” that you get born into rather than a “Religeon”. A people set apart . Jews don’t proselytize and try to win “converts” like other religeons do. The only reason anybody “converts” to Judaism is through marriage, so theres almost always some element of heredity involved in who is a Jew. I have never heard of anyone going out and suddenly saying, I think I am going to convert to Judaism.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  60. @Exile

    It is accurate to say “Christianity is a Religeon and not a Race or Ethnicity” but to say the same thing about Judaism, that is not accurate.

    Christianity is obviously not a way someone looks. But you always hear people say such and such person “looks Jewish”, or looks Italian, or whatever because those are racial or ethnic types that have certain physical characteristics as well as mannerisms, a culture whatever, they are a type.

    Although there is some variation within those groups, there is still a “type” that persists.

  61. @notoneofthem

    I don’t know about converts to Judaism but I think adults who convert to Islam are not required to get circumcised. Anyway most Americans of whatever or no religion are circumcised (for hygienic reasons) so no problems for them – ready to go.

  62. Caruthers says:

    Fatuous apologetics.

    Jews and Israel use the exact same criteria in determining “Jewishness” as did Nazis. In both cases, “Jewishness” is determined overwhelmingly by ancestry based on synagogue records, with the occasional convert also included (the Nuremberg Laws included “anyone who believed and practiced the Jewish religion” as a Jew). Hence, Jews (who discriminate based on the Jew/goy dichotomy) and hence Israel are as racist as Nazis.

    Moreover, many Jews are militant atheists (or Buddhists) and practice no Jewish religious rituals, but nevertheless identify fanatically and, as Gilad Atzmon points out, “primarily” as Jews, and are unconditionally accepted as chosen by other Jews. This identification is racial in nature. They may not use the word “race”, nor have a precise scientific concept of race, but their conception of “Jew” is nevertheless racial in nature, in
    that it is based on a (perhaps largely mistaken) concept of “common ancestry”. In this again, they are similar to Nazis, whose operative ideology was racial but not scientifically precise. The very fact that a militantly atheist Jew (based on ancestry) who ridicules Jewish religious rituals is still consider a Jew by religious authorities demonstrates the strong racialistic and genealogical component of the religion, as does the aversion to converting goyim, as well as the Talmudic injunction that converts and their descendants should not be in any position of power over other Jews (i.e., racially pure Jews) for 10 generations.

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