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In the West, the Inmates Run the Asylum
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“HEY, it’s me, Salah Abdeslam. Did you see the attacks across Paris? Bismillah, may we have many more like them. Brothers Brahim Abdeslam, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, myself and others pulled it off. I’m still in Paris. I need a ride back to Brussels. Come get me.”

After executing 130 people in Paris, Nov. 13, and maiming many more, Abdeslam called his compadres in Belgium to ask for a lift home. I can’t vouch for the precise wording of the telephonic exchange between Salah Abdeslam and his contacts in Belgium. But the call took place, as BBC News reported. And it must have been quite a relaxed one, circumstances considered.

Still on the lam, Abdeslam knows he has nothing to fear. The French authorities were on heightened alert. The Kufar’s telephones had all been tapped. Yet Salah’s faith in the French fools was unshaken for a reason.

Without court orders, as The Guardian tells it, François Hollande’s socialist government taps phones and emails, hacks computers, installs “secret cameras and recording devices in private homes”; infects French Internet and phone service providers with “complex algorithms” designed to “alert the authorities to suspicious behavior.”

Yet it all—the French Surveillance State—amounts to naught.

Like gun laws, spy laws oppress only law-abiding, harmless individuals.

As in all western democracies, France’s Big Brother surveillance apparatus is as useless as it is oppressive.

France’s “protectors” knew nothing of the conversations taking place under their noses.

Duly, Marine Le Pen would be summoned to appear in Court for “inciting religious hatred against Muslims,” in October. Leader Le Pen, who loves her countrymen and would never harm them, was in court for saying “France for the French.”

Yes, Salah knew all too well—still knows—that offensive speech French authorities would diligently prosecute, all the more so when uttered by a “white supremacist.” But a suspicious looking swarthy supremacist like himself, hellbent on killing his hosts, would not so much as be stopped for an inquisitive chat.

Not on returning from one of many round trips to Syria and back, to Turkey and back, to Morocco and back. And not on returning to the scene of the crime.

Megyn Kelly, whose professional conduct is utterly unbecoming—it’s becoming more like Bawbawa Walter’s journalistic porn by the day—took up an entire segment of her Fox News extravaganza to kibitz about the un-Islamic lifestyle of the architect of the attacks. OMG! Abdelhamid Abaaoud had been swilling whiskey in Paris’ Saint-Denis district, in contravention of Islamic law, moaned Imam Kelly.

The real “breaking news” story Kelly missed.

Abaaoud was thus relaxing and celebrating a day after the successful attacks.

Shortly after the attacks, Abaaoud had managed to return undisturbed to the scene of the crime to mill about among the moronic French gendarmes and survey his handiwork with them.

The “breaking news” here, Ms. Kelly, is the criminally negligent, worse-than-shoddy French police work.
Where were the roadblocks? Where was the rational profiling at the roadblocks? Where was the basic police procedure that used to see cops stop and politely question loiterers at a crime scene?


Thus did Paris’ chief gendarme order the city’s peaceful Jews to cancel public Hanukkah celebrations. Better that, than to stop a North-African looking chap for a chat.

Jews may be removing themselves from Paris’ Public Square, but not Jihadis. Rest assured: With the help of their political and constabulary enablers, Jihadis are already surveying the city for more soft targets, just like the Parisian headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical newspaper, whose writers were exterminated in January.

France is no civilized outpost; it is paradise on earth for Muhammad’s martyrs; it’s hell on earth for their dhimmis.

Why, just the other day a Jewish teacher was stabbed in Marseilles by purported ISIS supporters. And a local businessman was beheaded near the city of Grenoble by two of Muhammad’s acolytes, celebrating Ramadan with an act of Islamic conquest. These French Muhammadans brazenly impaled the poor man’s severed head on a fence.

Other than the U.S. Transportation Security Administration, nobody employs more un-vetted Muslims than the French. According to The Australian, at least “57 workers with access to runways and aircraft were on [a French] intelligence watchlist as potential Islamist extremists.”

One of the assailants at Bataclan, Omar Ismail Mostefai—mercifully, he blew himself to smithereens likely because he knew the gendarmes would take pity on him and slow down his journey to Gehenna—was fingered back “in 2010 as a suspected Islamic radical. Since then, Mostefai appears to have been able to travel to Syria; he may have also spent time in Algeria.”

Another Bataclan alumnus, Samy Amimour, a 28-year-old Frenchman, also partook in France’s generous, frequent-flyer terrorist tours. He scuttled to commune with ISIS in Syria without being kept out of France, or deported for good to ISIS Land.

A BBC News headline asked: “Paris attacks: Is bashing Belgium justified?”

An unqualified yes is the answer—provided blame is apportioned between France, Germany, The Netherlands and other European countries, which all keep the revolving door in operation, so that their Muslim youngsters may circumambulate from Europe to ISIS Land and back again.

When the butcher aforementioned, Brahim Abdeslam, commenced his pilgrimage to Syria, the Turks were sharp enough and responsible to send him packing back to Brussels, where he was wanted, but not a Wanted Man.

The best I kept for last: Salah Abdeslam was stopped by police “in his car,” not once, but “three times in the hours following the attacks, on the last occasion near the Belgian border” (BBC News). Abdeslam and two fellow travelers were waved by, because they did not resemble Marine Le Pen.

The little man in charge of France responded in Syria to the presence of ISIS in France. Hollande’s lunacy excited neoconservatives stateside no end. That’s because the inmates are running the American and European asylum, where The People are the real refugees.

Patriots who promise no more than to make the West safe for its people again; the gilded traitor elite threatens with court orders served upon them by Jihadis.

Marine Le Pen’s Front National, the Freedom Party of Austria, and Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom (to be joined, indubitably, by Donald Trump) are outsiders in their homelands. But in France, it’s business as usual for the barbarians.

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  1. True, but not much surprise, i mean we,the west are facillitators and allies of ISIS and the rest of that shit…. I know, lets give another coupla billion to turkey, the terrorist facilitator-in-chief….oh, hang on, doesnt that award go to the saudis or …the US….or….

  2. that’s right, Ms. Issacson. French – and European – borders stay open for Islamists no matter what. Know why? Because, for the Judeo-globalist banksters who own Europe’s debt and thus own Europe’s political class, Moslems are ideal anti-White/anti Western Civ stormtroopers. And if, as you point out, they kill a few Jews while killing masses of Whites, it’s win-win for Zion. In fact, in France alone, for every Jew killed by an invasive raghead c. 1,000 Jews aliyah to Israel…selfsame that’s blowing them out of their own countries

  3. And now, a few words about blowback…….I’m waiting…

  4. Concur all, Ilana. The speed with which these events are forgotten is breathtaking. As the bits come out on these Islamics in California come out, CNN and the rest lose interest because after all, we don’t want Muslims to look bad. This thing is falling out of the news faster than the water over Niagara Falls. By the end of football weekend, all will be forgotten, Islam re-enabled and freshly defended by the libertard media and we’ll be all softened up for the next attack. These mini-cells are everywhere, all over the country, in every city, financed and sheltered by the Mosques which are hate-factories and safe-houses. And we’ll do nothing about it. We’re just going to take the hits and strengthen our police industry so they can “protect” us. It’s an employment avenue for “strong women” in the police and military, too! Everyone benefits!

    The traitorous, liberal morons were right. “We are all France”. I hate being France. Thankfully, Islam isn’t much interested in my little town North of Boston, I can pop corn and wait for the next attack and watch the apologists on MSM. It’s interesting watching the law enforcement industry we pay everything to fail so miserably. They’re really there only to watch and control us and clean up after the mess we make when we are murdered in the attack. Shootings are messy after all. Might as well enjoy the decline for I cannot stop it.

    • Replies: @Jim
    , @Intelligent Dasein
  5. Anti-racism is the central tenet of Western Civ’s Theocracy.

    The Left-collectivist mantra is, “we are all uniform in intelligence, propensity for violence and all other behaviors while our cultures are all similarly uniform in loving peace, prosperity, family and nation.”

    Paradoxically, the Left promotes the members of certain races, creeds and cultures to a kind of nobility, each of whom is imbued with prerogatives denied to the rest of us proles.

    Note the Two Minutes Hate in practically every news article over anti-racism, anti-Islamism or anti-immigration. I mean, really, these Two Minutes Hate spasms border on hysteria, yet they saturate every “respectable” discourse.

    Taken as a whole, this is a vast and pervasive vice (in Spooner’s definition: an act undertaken with the expectation of bringing happiness, but that in fact leads to self-harm.)

    Think about it; hive-minded people crowd together, leapfrogging each other in their zeal to express their superiority in devotion to the Church of Universalism. They act like crowds at a race track clutching their betting slips tightly in full expectation of winning a place in The Elect, those who are fast-tracked for entry into the Kingdom of Heaven (on Earth.)

    Undertaken with the expectation of benefit, the actual result is self-destruction.

    Thought it be blasphemy currently punishable by excommunication from work, family and society in general, consciousness of pertinent differences between members of different races, creeds and cultures is the essence of wisdom.

  6. denk says:

    Now that the dust has settled in Paris from the latest “False Flag” mission to herd the sheepleinto a pen of jingoistic fervor, the blood flow coming out of the latest version of Comité De Salut Public would make Robespierre proud. Setting the context, dauntless ex-CIA Michael Scheuer out does his usual perceptive analysis.

    Honoring Paris’s dead and wounded is now being done with crocodile tears, candles, moments of silence, crowds of strangers holding hands, pledges of solidarity, the endless, pro forma singing of national anthems, and bouquets of followers mounded up as colorful, if wilting, temples to the dead.

    None of this nonsense honors anyone, it is simply another meaningless iteration of the made-for-TV, post-Islamist-attack “Festival of the Dead”, an event to which Westerners seem to be intensely attached and are now institutionalizing.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  7. Great minds think alike:

    “The fourth estate, the press, the disciples of Voltaire, had replaced the clergy it had dethroned as the new arbiters of morality and rectitude.

    “Today the press decides what words are permissible and what thoughts are acceptable. The press conducts the inquisitions where heretics are blacklisted and excommunicated from the company of decent men, while others are forgiven if they recant their heresies.”

    –Pat Buchanan

    Clergy. Morality. Excommunication. These are religious words.

    We. Live. In. A. Theocracy.

    The central tenet, the DOGMA of all, is Universalism defined as “all humans are functionally identical.” It is blasphemy to cite incontestable facts that give lie to this dogma, absolutely no less today than it was to do so in Copernicus’ time.

    Talk about collectivism. It seems even the communists couldn’t have tried harder to square the circle of human differences. Marxism married to religious fervor is destroying Western Civ from the inside.

    Only once it is fashionable to confront this reality, or the fashion of cultural Marxism finally passes, will anything remotely improved emerge. Until then, we must accept that our hive-minded zealots of the Church of Universalism will continue to sacrifice themselves, their kids and other people to the heathen gods of Equalitarianism.

    This all promises a future of unimaginable violence.
    Today the zealots of the Cathedral (Moldbug’s term) are feverishly mixing together utterly immiscible peoples, while tomorrow we can expect conflict at the same level as the English Civil War, where people of the same race, same culture and largely the same religion were killing each other over mere political differences.

    Imagine what this means in our now phenomenally target-rich environment.

  8. Rehmat says:

    HEY, it’s me, Itzhak Aviran, former Israeli ambassador to Argentina. Shalom. Did you hear about the attacks across Buenos Aires in 1990s? Shalom, may we have many more like them in New York, Paris, Madrid, and Kenya. Brothers Carlos Vladimir Corach, myself and others pulled it off. I’m still in Tel Aviv. I need a ride back to Buenos Aires. Come get me.”

    On June 30, 2013, Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA), reported that the Jewish former Argentina interior minister Carlos Vladimir Corach (under former president Carlos Menem) is being investigated for bribing Carlos Telleldin, the car bomber, with \$400,000 for blaming Hizbullah and Iran for the crime.

  9. Jason Liu says:

    Democracy, equality, and the values of the Enlightenment have failed the West, haven’t they?

    You may think this is an exaggeration, but could such events have happened without the permissive humanism that the West has mistaken for progress, and come to worship as religion?

    Time for a change, perhaps.

  10. joe webb says:

    a lot of emotion here. fact: cops make mistakes, along with everybody else, including us.

    The tide has turned and some folks complain that it does not turn fast enough. The professional liberals are worried, you can see it in jewyorktimes clucking away, calling Trump a fascist waiting to happen (Dothat yesterday ).

    Another article in same paper a day or so interviewed some folks who live around the corner from the last blast. They state, the French, that they don’t interact with the muzzies, fact of life.

    This is the Great Awakening, also here at home. Rome was not destroyed in a day, but in our case, it will not be many years, just a few, maybe 5 or less.

    The Trump effect will carry on even if he is not elected.

    The nationalist parties in Europe are gaining ground rapidly. I mean, I mean…whatdoya want anyway?

    Joe Webb

  11. joe webb says:

    correction: Douthat, not Dothat.

  12. nickels says:
    @Jason Liu

    “Democracy, equality, and the values of the Enlightenment have failed the West, haven’t they?”

    Not so. None of the original supporters of Democracy had delusions that democracy was anything special without the element of Liberalism (of the old school kind, not the modern day totalitarian kind).
    As Von Mises puts it, Democracy without Liberalism is just as choking and tyrannical as any monarchy, autocrat or other authoritarian regime.

    And as for equality, the old school had no delusions of equality of result. Only equality before the law; the law of god, the law of man but not necessarily of nature.

    And for those who push the Enlightenment as the beginning of a historical imperative to anarchy: Marx much? There is no historical imperative for the enlightenment to lead astray. It just happens to be the current direction due to the idiocy of the masses in not seeing the dangers of relativism and critical theory.

    Perhaps the enlightenment opened the door for Marxism to sink its teeth, but without it the tyranny of the clergy would should have buckled under its own weight and to what end?

    • Replies: @IA
  13. Jim says:
    @Jim Christian

    Even with the heat turned up the frog does not jump out.

    • Agree: dc.sunsets
  14. IA says:

    . . . the tyranny of the clergy would should have buckled under its own weight and to what end?

    What tyranny?

    They guillotined the King. The “rights of man” destroyed divine order.

    • Replies: @nickels
  15. nickels says:

    “destroyed divine order”

    Granted I am not expert on the enlightenment (such reading is on my stack), however, I reject the concept of divine order. Whereas I am a fan of Christianity and I see it as one of the most important pillars against the tyranny of Marxism, I see the old church as just another form of intellectual tyranny and hence value the enlightenment.
    I admire the concept of divine order and appreciate the solidarity of a single ideology such as the church, but personally think living in such an intellectually stagnant regime would be miserable.

    I am of the old school Liberalism order, which could not have existed without the enlightenment.

    I reject those that yearn for monarchy and the old school church (pre-enlightenment) as just a different form of utopians, in particular, reverse-utopians, i.e. those who believe in regressing to utopia as opposed to those who view history as marching towards utopia.

    • Replies: @IA
  16. @Robert Magill

    And now, a few words about blowback…….I’m waiting…

    Blowback doesn’t exist. These are false flags.

  17. @denk

    Now that the dust has settled in Paris from the latest “False Flag” mission to herd the sheepleinto a pen of jingoistic fervor,…

    Alert! This one can see!!

    (Drat. Where did he get those sunglasses?)

  18. @Robert Magill

    Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire (American Empire Project) First Edition Edition
    by Chalmers Johnson (Author)
    Read the book.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  19. IA says:

    Old school liberalism: In 1793, Mary Wollstonecraft (mother of Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein), wrote A Vindication on the Rights of Women, considered by feminists to be the first feminist doctrine.

    So, if you white guys just decided you’ve all these inalienable rights why not women too? Blacks? Queers? Huh? Huh?

    Hey, you a male chauvinist pig? Racist? Homophobe?

    • Replies: @nickels
  20. @Jason Liu

    Universalism is not secular. It’s simply Puritanism in a new package.

    The West suffers because Universalist dogma embargoes certain obvious facts. One could call it pathological tolerance….

  21. nickels says:

    Ha ha.

    I get your argument but I don’t buy it.

    I’ll have to wait till I get to reading more about the enlightenment to mount a full defense, however.

    For now the best I can do is to disagree with the concept of ‘historical inevitability’ and claim that is influenced by Marx’s notions of ‘historical progress’. I don’t believe that the enlightenment inevitably had to end at multiculturalism, but who knows what I’ll think after I read more of that era….

    • Replies: @IA
  22. @Robert Magill

    That old Chalmers Johnson wrote a book entitled “Blowback blah blah” hardly constitutes proof that blowback exists. It doesn’t.

    Blowback is a bullshit mind control construct invented by the CIA. Like “conspiracy theorist”.

    These are false flags.

  23. IA says:

    Try Paul Johnson’s, The Intellectuals, if I may make a suggestion. Starts with Rousseau.

    • Replies: @nickels
  24. @Jim Christian

    I have to disagree, Mr. Christian. These events are not being forgotten at all. It’s just that most of us have long since realized that it is pointless to argue about it with anyone even tangentially involved with the political-media-academic axis. We can’t talk about it at work (the upper management are all crony capitalists and Cathedral wannabes and so they toe the party line, and set the tone for the rest); we can’t talk about it at school (the Left owns the professoriate); and we can’t talk about it at church (the Left owns the clergy). Therefore we find other ways to express ourselves, e.g. supporting Donald Trump.

    The change taking place is mostly unconscious, because a lot of it is still forbidden speech. But someday, those who currently occupy the corridors of power will be gone, and men sympathetic to our views will take their place. The truth will out, for it cannot be hid forever.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  25. pyrrhus says:
    @Jason Liu

    When men decided they had become Gods after the Enlightenment, God smiled…He just watched as mankind unleashed every form of deviltry and perversion imaginable, under the guise of material Progress….And then one day, Progress came to an end…

  26. @Intelligent Dasein


    Concur all with the atmosphere on correct-speech. All is constipated. In 100 years, a thousand, who knows; They will ask how such a mighty civilization responsible for all the comforts of the world allow so few and so insignificant, non-contributing members of humanity turn all of it upside down. And we allow the least-significant and productive members enable it all.

    Concur also on your takes and hope for the future. I have a kid and nephews and others out there that have to live in the world and my generation is handing over a hollowed-out civilization rife with rot, violence and destruction. Having served years in the military, worked, paid my taxes all my life I get to listen to nonsense about supposedly “disenfranchised” savages actively terrorizing the civilization while I and my peers and gender have no say whatsoever. It is an abomination. At the root of it all is feminism, ruining all between men and women and deliberately overturning everything that maintains their own comfort and defense. Feminism means never having to admit how stupid you are.


  27. rod1963 says:

    Like gun laws, spy laws oppress only law-abiding, harmless individuals.

    As in all western democracies, France’s Big Brother surveillance apparatus is as useless as it is oppressive.

    France’s “protectors” knew nothing of the conversations taking place under their noses.

    The above statements are pure money so to speak as it surmises the abject failure of the modern surveillance state. It cannot protect us at all, in fact it can’t really do much at all.

    The problem is they take in so much data they are choking on what they do have. It’s always been a problem for those working with massive amounts of data. As to why it’s happening, well it’s quite apparent, there’s a lot of money to be made in selling advanced data analysis software and servers to the government, many billions. And nice kickbacks to the officials who approve such contracts.

    But they don’t fix anything. As to why it’s about the people in managing such systems. They aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed and there’s downside for them if they screw up.

    As the rappers say, “it’s all about the benjamins”. Even sppoks are driven by this, especially them since they are black programs and there is no oversight.

    For the rest of us, it means as Sebastian Ghorka recently stated that we are on our own in terms of providing for our defense. The police can’t do it, when seconds count and the police are minutes away, all they can do is provide the body bags. Yeah they can tag Muzzies afterwards but the damage has been done.

  28. bossel says:
    @Jason Liu

    could such events have happened without the permissive humanism that the West has mistaken for progress

    Funny, that someone with a Chinese family name mentions this. What about Kunming or the more recent coal mine attack? Not much permissive humanism in the PRC, for what I know.

    @ Mercer

    Marine Le Pen’s Front National, the Freedom Party of Austria, and Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom (to be joined, indubitably, by Donald Trump) are outsiders in their homelands.

    Seems like you agree with these parties. & you call yourself Libertarian? When it comes to personal freedom, these parties are probably even worse than the current ruling ones.
    Anyway, paleo-conservative fits your profile much better than -libertarian.

    & calling them outsiders doesn’t really fit the bill, either. The PVV is currently far ahead in opinion polls in the NL( ). Same goes for the FPÖ in Austria ( ). The FN is on the brink of winning at least one region in France.

    Then again, facts probably don’t bother you much:

    I can’t vouch for the precise wording of the telephonic exchange
    Leader Le Pen, who loves her countrymen and would never harm them

    You seem to rely more on your own fantasy & prejudice.

  29. denk says:

    in the land of absurd,

    anti war activist kathy kelly was jailed for protesting drones killing in afpak,
    war criminal obama got a nobel piss prize !

    now its cheney’s turn to be honoured !
    why do mukkans revel in such obscenities ?
    is this their way of showing their middle finger to the world ?
    we win, you lose, get over it !!

  30. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    We have a messed-up situation because the West(especially as controlled by Jews and oil interests) have a huge stake in the Middle East.

    Take Obama. He almost never talks about the Muslim Problem. After the recent San Bernandino attack, he blamed guns, not Muslims.
    And there was the whole hype about the Clock Boy.

    Among Westerners, the ‘Muslim’ issue doesn’t involve actual Muslims in most cases. For example, most white progs don’t know anything about Islam and don’t have Muslim friends. Most don’t have any contact with the Muslim community except for going to Middle East restaurants once in awhile. Muslims matter to them symbolically because it’s an ideological piece on the political chessboard against the Right.

    The Cuckservative Right is all for Israel, Israel, and Israel. It’s all about wonderful Jews, noble Jews, darling Jews. So, it goes out of its way to make Jews the good guys and Muslims the bad guys.
    From the Prog perspective, anti-Muslim-ism is a hysteria on the Right. So, their mildness toward Islam and Muslims has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims per se. It’s really about white vs white issue, with progs feeling themselves to be good whites versus those bad ‘intolerant’ whites.
    Indeed, the rising anti-Zionism among progs also has to do with white vs white conflict.
    While white progs may feel uneasy about the Zionist treatment of Pallies, many are passionate about the issue mainly because pro-Zionism seems to be such a big feature among white Conservatives. Attacking Zionism is really just another way of attacking white Conservatism, especially as Netanyahu’s party is so close to the GOP.

    Suppose you and your sister hate each other. Suppose your sister constantly bitches about Peruvians. You may not know anything abut Peruvians but you might come to feel defensive about them and may even sympathize with them for the simple fact that your loathsome sister hates them so much. She hates them, so you must like them.

    So much of the white prog passions have nothing to do with knowledge or real curiosity about the subject matter. It’s rather all about their hatred of white conservatives. Knee-jerkedly, white progs hate whatever white Conservatives like, but of course, the same mindset often prevails among white Conservatives, i.e. ‘it must be bad if white progs like it; it must be good if white progs hate it.’

    Suppose white Cons hate pitbulls. Suppose white progs know little or nothing about pitbulls, but they come associate ‘hating pitbulls’ as ‘conservative’. So, they automatically say they love ‘pitbulls’. As long as they don’t have to deal with actual pitbulls, they can happily go on moral signaling forever.
    But it gets messed up with pitbulls go on a rampage and bite the very white progs who profess to love them. White progs got burned this way with blacks and Muslims.
    Black crime rampage since the 60s made life very difficult for white Libs, especially as so many blacks were concentrated in Lib big cities.
    And now, with Muslims being concentrated in European cities, we are seeing some of the same problem. (Paradoxically, what restored the white prog love of Negroes was gentrification and penitentication. Push the Negroes out and throw them in prison.)

    In terms of foreign policy, the West(especially Jewish-controlled US) is heavily invested in the INVADE(or Intervene) policy in the Middle East. For the West to keep doing this, it must put forth the Narrative that the West is NOT hostile to Muslims. If the likes of Bush and Obama and Hillary and McCain were to make hostile or fearful comments about Islam/Muslim community itself, then it would be a declaration of CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS.
    And that would make the policy of INVADE and INTERVENE much more difficult. West invades in the name of liberating Muslims from tyrants like Hussein and Assad and Gadfly. But if the West said ‘Muslims are terrorist loonies’, their intervention would be seen as wholesale attack on Islamic Civilization. Indeed, Osama Bin Laden saw that way despite Western protestations otherwise after the Gulf War. Despite or especially because of the chummy relations between US and Saudis, Osama Bin Laden saw a Western Crusade against Islam.

    Even as most Jews around Bush and Obama detest and loathe Muslims, they know that irreparable damage will be done to the Western policy of INVADE AND INTERVENE if the West were to frame it as a CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS scenario. (Also, Jews fear secular modernizers like Assad and semi-modern Iran more than hardline Muslims who will only keep Muslim nations in the middle ages. As for ISIS, theirs is a kind of dark age Islamism. ISIS are fearsome but do more damage to the Muslim world than to the outside world. It’s like Maoism harmed China more than it harmed any other nation.)
    Why did the USSR fail in Afghanistan? Soviet narrative was “we defend a secular progressive socialist regime against the depredations of medieval Muslim lunatics.”
    This made much of the Muslim world side against the USSR and send aid to Mujahadeen rebellion.

    So, it doesn’t matter what Obama and Jews think. Obama is really a toy of Jews who supports homomania. He is NOT a ‘secret Muslim’ or even pro-Muslim. He knows that the Middle East is significant cuz it has oil, is the territory of the ‘great game’, and Israel is there(and Jews have rigged politics that anyone who doesn’t suck up to Zionist interests is a dead man).
    If Obama or the West were to vilify Islam, it will only bring all the Muslim forces together. It might even forge an incredible alliance between Shias and Sunnis.
    For the West to keep the Sunnis and Shias divided, it must go easy on the issue of Islam. West must pretend to intervene out of respect of Islam, not in hatred of it.

    West and Israel see Iran as the enemy, and since Iran is the premier Shia power, Shia power is seen as problematic. That means the West needs good relations with Sunni powers, and that means especially Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Turkey.
    As long as the West doesn’t officially vilify Islam and Muslims, this alliance can be maintained. But if the West officially denounces Islam as the hotbed of terrorism, then it will be very difficult for Saudi leaders to maintain their ties with the West. Saudi royal family’s power is founded on the idea that they are the defenders of the faith. Now, how would they look if their Western allies are officially putting down Islam?

    During the Cold War, things were simpler. It was a case of the ‘free world’ versus tyrannical communism. It was a Clash of Ideologies. All of the communist world was seen as the enemy. To be sure, things did get more complicated when Romania and China became less hostile to the US and even came to friendly terms. Even so, the USSR was seen as such a looming threat that the West could carry on with the Clash of Ideologies Narrative. And China became so fearful of the USSR that it didn’t make a big deal of the ideological differences, especially as it was moving toward a market economy.

    But the same kind of narrative scenario isn’t possible with Islam.
    Ideologies can be defeated, and an ideology can pass from the scene pretty quickly. Look at the fall of Nazism, the fading of communism.
    Religions and historical consciousness, in contrast, have long historical pedigree. It’s like Jewishness is more resilient than socialism. Many former Jewish socialists are socialists no more, but they are still very mindfully Jewish.

    There are too many Muslims in the world. They exist in Africa, North Africa, Middle East(with lots of oil), Central Asia(where US is making its move), South Asia(India has more Muslims than Pakistan), Southeast Asia(especially Malaysia and Indonesia), and etc. US/West would alienate too many nations if it officially declared Islam to be problematic. Think of all the firebrands in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, and etc screaming ‘OBAMA AND HILLARY SHIT ON ISLAM AND ALLAH!!!!’.

    It would destroy US foreign policy overnight and undermine the authority of all the Muslim governments that are friendly with the West.

    Also, as much as Jews hate Muslims, they fear white power ever more. This is why Jews are eager for a deal with Iran. It’s not because Jews around Obama like Iran. It’s because they hate Russia even more. They fear the Putin example. The reason why Jews hate Trump is because he seems Putin-ish, even saying that he’d get along just fine with the Russian leader.

    Jews hate Muslims, but Jews are also eager to win over Muslims to hurt Russia. Jews are working with Central Asian Muslims to hate on Russia. Jews are working with Saudis to hurt Russia economically.

    Also, it’s like what Michael said in THE GODFATHER PART II. “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.”
    Paradoxically, it is precisely because Jews want to suppress the power of Muslims and Islam that they use people like Obama, Bush, Hillary, and McCain to insist that there is NO clash of civilizations between the West and the Muslim world.

    For example, in order for US to mess up Iraq, Libya, and Syria(in the interest of Israel), it needed the support or at least the tolerance of nations like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the Emirates, Egypt, and etc. This would be much more difficult if the West said, ‘Islam is the problem’.
    The military government of Egypt relies on Western aid. Suppose the West shat on Islam. The regime would seem like a toady puppet of the anti-Muslim West, and that will fuel a Muslim resistance against the regime.

    Why did the Shah fall? One reason was the feeling among many Iranians that he was a stooge of the West that was hostile to Islam and Iranian society.
    Why did the Soviet-backed Afghan government fall? It was seen as a puppet of foreign power that was hostile to the cultural and religious heritage of Afghanistan.

    This is why Erdogan is clever in making himself out to be a modern Muslim leader. That way, the Muslim hordes cannot target him as a Western toady. He doesn’t want to appear the Cuckslim.
    Putin also understands the need to have religion and tradition on his side. He watched communist ideology vanish into the thin air in a few yrs.
    Ideologies don’t last but culture, religion, and tradition do.

    Since Islam is a such a big factor in Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia(and increasingly in Africa), it would be diplomatic suicide if the West said ‘Islam sucks’.
    And even though Israeli existence/policies make a lot of Muslims angry and even though Jews hate Muslims as much as Muslims hate them, Jews are globalist-minded and they want to meddle in all parts of the world. Jews use the West to do this, and Jews know that if the West becomes officially hostile to Islam, the West will lose its leverage in the Muslim world, and that means Jews will have far fewer pieces to play with.

    Imagine if West says ‘Islam sucks’, and Saudi Royalty(as toady of the West) loses power and Saudi Arabia is taken over by those who are truly hostile to the West.
    Saudis have their own paradox. Saudi regime wants good relations with the West(as counterbalance against Iran and Shia powers), but in order for it to remain in power(and continue with its pro-western policy), it must win over the radical elements by providing funds. Some radical elements are bought off this way, but some take the funds and go too far, even leading to terrorism against Western targets.

    As for Muslims going nuts in the West, that is bad stuff but somewhat understandable(if not justifiable). While Muslims are generally treated nice(even too nice) in most Western nations, Western foreign policy has been devastating to the Middle East and Muslim world.

    See it this way. Suppose the West is weak while the Muslim world is the most powerful and prosperous region in the world. Suppose your poor family in the West moved to the Muslim world for jobs and welfare. Suppose you see in the news of how the powerful Muslim nations are routinely invading and dropping bombs all over the Western world. Even as Muslims treat you nice in the Muslim world, you see news of how Muslim intervention in the West is leading to massive displacement of peoples, children killed by bombs, sanctions starving 100,000s to death, endless wars, and etc. How would you feel about the Muslim world even if you settled there and most people treat you nice? You are gonna be filled with hatred. You might easily become radicalized. If we can understand Irish terrorism and violence over Northern Ireland, then we can surely understand Muslim anger after Western policy has turned the Middle East and North Africa into a hellhole. Obama, Hillary, and McCain must answer for Libya and Syria.

    All this invade/invite and disrupt/displace madness were the policy of the West, especially at the behest of Jews.

  31. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    This is what is so surreal about American politics.,7340,L-4734987,00.html

    Jews dominate the Democratic Party, but 50% of Democrats are anti-Jewish.

    Jews hate white Conservatives of the GOP, but Republicans grovel to Jews.

    Something has to give. This isn’t tenable forever.


    And in Europe…

    Can bimbos save France?

  32. Holy shit, Priss, that was long.

    I tried to read it. I always try to give DA JOOS a listen. But seriously, take a play from the crafty Jew that you hate/admire so much, and learn how to sell your point of view. I suggest you start by cutting about 90% of that and only keeping the most impactful tenth.

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