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ICE Agents Prefer Deporting Illegals to Changing Their Diapers
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There were a few tense hours before President Trump’s First Address to Congress. All news outlets were claiming the president would call for an immigration bill in which both sides would be asked to compromise.

Was this Fake News? Or, was the president sending up a trial balloon to test the reaction? Was Donald Trump, who has both Houses, planning to give away the store (and a shot at a second term)? I hope I speak for Deplorables when I say this: The only time you want the president to reach across the aisle on matters immigration is to grab a Democrat or an errant Republican by the throat.

Like many legal immigrants, I’m an immigration restrictionist. As soon as open-border enthusiasts discover this; they tell me to go back whence I came (Canada and before that South-Africa), the idea being that I’m not suited to join “the nation of immigrants.” Agreed. I’ll save them the effort. Americans have little use for a scribe with a love of the English idiom and an oddball, annoying attachment to the American ideas of limited government and self-governance. You wouldn’t want to import too many such subversives, who’ll agitate for the values that made us great and will MAGA.

The only TV personality to have vigorously stood up for the high-value immigrant minority is Tucker Carlson. In 2013, before it was safe for mainstream to speak of any immigration vetting whatsoever—and as his neoconservative Fox News co-panelists (Charles Krauthammer, Bret Bair) noodled on about their Latino philosophical soul-mates—Mr. Carlson blurted this out:

“What is missing in this conversation is the fact that not all immigrants are the same. Immigrants from certain countries go on welfare overwhelmingly. Many Latin American countries send us immigrants who go on welfare. The question is, does the United States need massive new numbers of the low-skilled immigrants in a post-industrial economy? Is that good for the United States? Is it not mindless to say all immigrants are good? They are not. Some are, some aren’t. … the Republican Party ought to be courageous enough to draw the distinction between people who add to the sum total of the American economy, who buy into the culture, who improve the country, and those who don’t. And there is a difference. Sorry.”

Thank you, Tucker Carlson, for being, I believe, the first famous pundit to doff the proverbial hat to those high-value immigrants who not only talk the American creed, but live it; the kind who subsidize the largess Republican turncoats seem so eager to dispense.

Thankfully, the patriotic president said nothing, in his Address, about a “compromise” immigration bill. Rather, Trump rededicated himself to The Wall and to a merit-based point system à la Canada. (Been there, done that. Canada is tougher and smarter than America.)


Judging by the mirth among good people and the misery among the bad, the president has already made progress. It’s just over a month into his presidency and the deportations of illegal immigrants are proceeding swimmingly. The morale among Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has never been higher. Their jobs are becoming “fun, again,” lamented a New York Times reporter, whose job has become a living hell. Joy!

Some anonymous informants for the newspaper-of-record within ICE say they miss the days of doing diaper duty. In 2012, following Barack Obama’s reelection, the men of ICE were forced to babysit Central American minors who rushed the South-Western border, “for the DREAM Act.” (All you need to know about the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act is that it culminates in Green Cards and citizenship for millions of Democrats.) ICE was charged with minding the minors before escorting them in style to their destinations in the interior.

Most agents are, however, over the moon about enforcement. ICE agents “are predominantly male, and have often served in the military, with a police department or both.” While working without women could predispose them to happiness, the agents are likely just overjoyed because President Trump has let them do their job!

By upholding the moral order, President Trump is also restoring the natural order, inverted by his predecessors. The feminist order of Obama had humiliated thousands of American men-of-action by turning them into wet-nurses. Obama messed with their biology. Men who think of themselves as protectors resent looking like child minders.

Dead ringer “W,” currently being rehabilitated by certain conservatives, was more “manly” in the way he emasculated these men. In 2005, George Bush indicted and viciously prosecuted two border-patrol agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. Their crime: Shooting a drug dealer in the derriere, in the process of defending their countrymen.

So, look forward to epic images of heavy equipment barreling toward the Southern border. The sight of a gold-plated structure going up, as sections of the borderland along Mexico start to resemble Liberace’s backyard: This is sure to warm the cockles of your heart, and make America’s monomaniacal media go berserk. (Let Milo design The Wall. If conservatives can rehabilitate the unrepentant Bush; they can forgive Milo for saying stupid stuff.)

Of course, ordinary concrete would do just fine.


• Category: Ideology • Tags: Donald Trump, Illegal Immigration, Immigration 
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  1. Dan Hayes says:

    Ms. Mercer,

    Imagine ICE agents having “fun again”. This was one of the most enjoyable NYT articles I have ever read!

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Americans are perfectly capable of taking care of their own affairs. Please, Ilana, go back to whence you came in Africa.

    • Replies: @Ace
  3. Well said and I would never suggest Ilana go anywhere, although it’s ironic how xenophobic the left are when it comes to people who play by the rules. Re the wall, Sen. Cornyn of Texas was on Tucker Carlson last night and actually refused to use the world “wall.” He called it a barrier or something. He said Trump’s barrier is not needed along most of the Texas border. Then he used the Gang of 8 buzzphrase: “let’s secure the border,” which of course means let’s do nothing of the sort. How discouraging that even a Republican Senator from the reddest of states is making clear he will fight Trump on the signature issue of his Presidency.

  4. Binyamin says:

    No Mercer, you came to North America not because you are a lover of US constitution and small government but because in the manner of a poor child from Guatemala entering US via Mexico to experience a better life, you did the same. You are also not a very truthful person are you? You failed to mention that apart from Canada and US you have also lived in Israel and you are currently dreaming of emigrating to Hungary. That makes you a serial immigrant. Frankly, I would rather have a educated, productive Syrian immigrant any time than an unproductive serial immigrant whose only contribution to society is spreading hate via her worthless blog.

    There is nothing wrong in a legal immigrant preaching immigration control. Mercer, however, goes much further than that. She demonizes her fellow immigrants and that places her firmly outside the confines of educated, civilized society.

    It is a tribute to the inclusive nature of the American dream that several contemporary conservative icons are foreign born. The names Michele Malkin (born in Philippines) and Dinesh D’Souza (born in Mumbai) comes to mind. Both support strict immigration control but neither preach hatred or associate or idolize the far right, be they white nationalists, white supremacists or neo Nazis. The only thing I would hold against Dinesh D’Souza is that while at Dartmouth College, his girlfriend was Ann Coulter (what, you slept with that gorgon?). In contrast ever since arriving in these shores Mercer has rubbed shoulders with some pretty unsavory characters including anti semites.

    The problem with Mercer is that she has massive transference issues. Ever since arriving in these shores she has transferred her very considerable dislike of black South Africans towards African Americans, Hispanics and increasingly, Muslims. How do I know about transference issues? Heck, like many professionals living in big cities, I see my analyst regularly. During last few month’s sessions I have said nothing but rage about Trump. When after several week’s silence my analyst finally asked what I felt about it, I hit the roof. Dr, The Motherfucker is in the White House and you are asking me what I feel about it? You see, the pure hatred, the raw emotion. Mercer needs therapy to clear her transference issues and heal her hate-filled heart. The civilized world might finally accept her.

  5. mukat says:

    Hi (((Binyamin))),

    What white men do with our American patrimony is none of your concern. America is a nation of settlers, not of immigrants. If (((your))) opposition to us causes a civil war, so be it.

    • Replies: @in the middle
    , @Alfa158
  6. @mukat


    No body is advocating civil war, God forbid! If the Chinese declare themselves our adversaries in military ways, our least problem will be walls, settlers, etc. Once we find out who loves the Country, and I do know several people who don’t, then we should let the Chinese have at them, and occupy ourselves with salvaging what would be left our Nation.
    Truthfully, I do support guess workers for the field work, work that I will not do myself. Once farming work is over, then guess workers leave again, to once again return when needed again. Easy fix. Just keep control of the transit in, and out.

    My humble opinion.

  7. Alfa158 says:

    My family obeyed the law and waited 10 years to get our green cards before emigrating to the US. The fact that benyamin thinks he needs quack medicine like psychotherapy tells us everything we need to know about his mental stability and credibility. A little tough to respect the opinions of someone who feels they need to subject themselves to a regimen that is as scientifically valid as having someone dressed in feathers dance around them shaking a bone rattle and chanting.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  8. Lat says:

    100 years since disaster of communism revolution. Are you planning writing about centennial? Many in countries now free from Iron Curtain hope for more freedom progress and less Russia worship.

  9. @Binyamin

    There is nothing wrong in a legal immigrant preaching immigration control. Mercer, however, goes much further than that. She demonizes her fellow immigrants and that places her firmly outside the confines of educated, civilized society.

    Well said.

    Just another hostile, narcissistic, ignorant, mouthy bigot, and I doubt that any amount of therapy would begin to put a dent in any of that.

    I’ve learned to laugh at the type. Squalling piss ants is all they amount to and they’re always filling their diapers about something.

  10. SteveM says:

    Walls are mostly expensive symbolism. Charging and jailing illegal immigrants who are broke is a waste of time and money. Illegal immigration enforcement should be focused on the demand side, i.e., employers who hire illegal immigrants. I.e., follow the money.

    ICE raiding a restaurant and tagging a handful of immigrants accomplishes essentially nothing and sticks the taxpayers with the bill. Instead stick the restaurant owner with a HUGE fine and let the immigrants (without criminal records) go. If that strategy is applied comprehensively the illegal immigrants would eventually leave on their own.

    Use aggressive worker right-to-employment audits coupled with significant civil fines for employers who violate. That strategy would pay for itself and the need for the wall would largely go away.

    • Agree: Mao Cheng Ji
  11. @Alfa158

    The fact that benyamin thinks he needs quack medicine like psychotherapy tells us everything we need to know about his mental stability and credibility.

    While I agree that psychotherapy is quack medicine, I suggest that there’s plenty of quack medicine all around us. Politics strikes me as quack medicine on steroids and anyone who puts much faith in the nostrums of some politician or pundit may want to reconsider the wisdom of it.

    Also, the initiation of below-the-belt personal attacks in lieu of reasoned arguments tells us everything we need to know about the initiator’s mental stability, mental agility, credibility, judgement and knowledge. A little tough to respect the opinions of someone who stoops to such a low level.

    FYI, no one comes here to read someone’s sarcastic personal opinion of fellow commenters. Help keep UR classy and show some.


  12. shortsell says:


    I am an immigrant myself, I never went on welfare, never committed a crime since arriving in 1996. The main point is , I arrived here LEGALLY, which means I asked for permission to come in this country, I proved I had no criminal records in my country of origin, I proved I had no contagious diseases, I had to also show I had sufficient funds to take care of myself after arriving in the us and lastly , I also had to show proficiency in the English language which is not my mother language.

    So when I read about idiots like Binyamin, I do get massive transference issues. Ironically, liberals who consider Trump to be a barbarian for wanting to put in place a secure border find absolutely no issue with how Israel turned the Palestinian territories into a giant jail with no way out and shoot to kill orders.

    Instead of boring and bothering your therapist/life coach/ANALyst with your stale Freudian rants, I would suggest you pay a cheap prostitute to not take her clothes off and to listen to your nonsensical drivel , concluding the session each time with her giving you a merciful backhand slap to return you to the real world. That would be much more economical and would bring about the same results.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  13. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This country already has over 320M people in it and climbing. It would be an ecological disaster for the population to hit 600M and then 1B. Who wants to live in some anthill of a country? Better to have a more highly educated, more intelligent and more productive populace than masses of favela slum dwellers. Just shut down all immigration except for those with advanced degrees and other high functioning types. We need a moratorium on all of this.
    Bush was never a conservative, however one wants to define it, but was a deception just like his successor was, the two most disastrous presidents in American history. His post-presidency behavior confirms that and more.
    Trump said quite a bit when he said that we either have a country or we don’t. If we do then it has to be maintained and kept up like any valuable possession. If not then we really have nothing.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  14. anarchyst says:

    Binyamin, you need to go back to Israel, join the IDF (if they will have you despite your apparent psychological issues) and leave us (and the USA) alone.

    • Agree: Ace
  15. @Binyamin

    I’m a USA-born dual-national (EU) who emigrated to South America and has two host country part-Guaraní grandsons. I’ll never return to the USA, but completely support the right of its citizens to choose who will enter their country, just as do many other countries. I immigrated here following the laws of this nation, just as anyone who chooses to become an immigrant to any nation should/must do. The USA is not a nation dependent upon “analysts” and I suggest you make do without one and if you can’t, well, then it’d be best of you stayed silent until your “issues” are resolved; you clearly have quite a few! Trust me, pal, you aren’t in a position to define “the civilized world” and the sooner your analyst helps you to understand that, the better.

  16. So the Jewess speaks for the Deplorables… One should live in interesting times, so said a distraught Fu Manchu. And to boot, she wants that fruitcake Milo to design the Wall… Looking out for the fellow Israelite?

    • Replies: @mcohen
  17. kek says:

    I hope the Federal government asks for citizen wall construction donations, I dearly want to donate to the American Border Wall so I can have my name engraved preferable on both sides.

    Let the Hollywood fucktards have their Walk of Fame I’ll take the American Border Wall all day any day.

  18. @SteveM

    Millions of people come here illegally not to work but to commit crime, deal drugs, and otherwise exploit, leech off, and harm Americans. Those people would be in no way affected by even the strictest workplace enforcement.

    But I wholeheartedly agree with you that we need to prosecute, convict, and imprison employers who knowingly or recklessly hire illegal aliens. They are traitors and should be imprisoned with their fellow un-American felons (many of whom are Mexican and will surely treat them well in prison out of appreciation for their efforts).

    Build the wall AND do daily jobsite / day-labor center raids AND prosecute employers who hire illegal aliens. All are needed ASAP.

  19. Alden says:

    Good for you. I’m waiting for Trump’s ICE to go after Tyson, Perdue, Foster Farms, Armour abd all the rest of the huge companies that employ millions of illegals instead of Americans.

    Farm workers? I drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco about 7 times a year. Except in strawberry season I never see more than 2 or 3 workers actually in the fields and orchards. I do see lots of machinery and 2 or 3 people running it.

    • Replies: @Ace
  20. Alden says:

    I shall take the opportunity to express my hatred, loathing and absolute detestation of all high quality and educated immigrants.
    They and their anchor babies and grandparents on Medicare, SSI and every other senior citizen benefit are even worse than the welfare Hispanics.

    1. They have stolen all the STEM jobs. There are almost no White male American Drs left in California.

    2 . As well as Drs and nurses they gave stolen most of the engineering,computer accountant, math profs and other tech jobs.

    3. There are entire departments and small businesses in Silicon Valley where Mandarin is the language spoken

    4. It’s getting to be useless for a White American make to major in STEM subjects because the STEM employers won’t even interview a White American man. Instead they prefer student visa foreigners and legal immigrants who are not yet citizens. But student visa foreigners are first preference.
    I’ve read that every year there are more engineering and programming grads than there are job openings.

    I can remember when Mountain View, Cupertino, Los Altos and all those Silicon Valley towns were 99% White.

    We don’t need any immigrants for any reason. Instead of ignoring all those White native born American STEM grads every year the tech companies should hire them rather than recruiting nonWhite foreigners with dubious credentials.

    Instead of refusing admittance to White American men because they are White American men the medical schools should accept them.

    • Replies: @Ace
    , @SCG16121
  21. mcohen says:

    good fences good neighbours.3 goats one donkey.6 chickens 1 dog.2 wives one woman.4 songs 1 hymn.4 bicycles 3 cats.hows that.

  22. turtle says:

    Have another shot of whatever you are drinking, Ilana.
    It obviously agrees with you.
    Ein prost.:)

  23. mcohen says:
    @Pachyderm Pachyderma

    the white man is the new israelite.all bones of contention will be uncut.

  24. utu says:

    Exactly. The demand side is the only effective solution. It will not be implemented because it actually works. Immigrants legal or not are here to depress wages. Even if Trump really wanted to deal with it the Republican Party will not allow him. The only person around Trump who would like to do something about it is Steve Bannon but he will be gone soon. Actually if Trump wants to sail through his presidency he must get rid of Bannon and also Miller and then just keep cutting taxes and reduce regulations, i.e., follow with the usual Republican platform. Otherwise he will be removed. Perhaps they will let him build the useless wall to keep his shortsighted and easily manipulated electorate happy.

  25. utu says:

    You are correct. She is a hater. Quite common among Jews.

  26. Ace says:

    Take off, you hoser.

    Actually, “Americans” did a horrible job of managing our affairs in the last eight years and certain Americans did a horrible job in the 20 years preceding that time.

  27. Ace says:

    That was like turning over a rock. Probably an experience your analyst has every session you have with her.

  28. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Quality over quantity. Absolutely!

  29. Ace says:

    Give him time. He’s only been in office 42 days. Another two weeks and he’ll probably have Tyson et al. hogtied and contrite.

    Most illegals work in other than agricultural occupations, all such work involving a job stolen from an American.

  30. Ace says:

    That’s the essence of our problem. We don’t need ANY non-European immigrants.

    We have done untold damage to America by enacting the Immigration Act of 1965 and slobbering over the “nation of immigrants-propositional nation” garbage.

  31. SCG16121 says:

    Ilana, you’re going to anger the left by suggesting that immigrants are not all the same. Don’t you realize that if not for the nefarious exploitation of Western Europeans the whole world would be equally prosperous? You must be some kind of racist or something. People are all same! They are all the same! Anyone who says otherwise is a bigot or a racist or some kind of awful ‘ist’. People are all the same! THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!!!! If I say it enough times it will be true. No, I have to use caps. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!!!. Isn’t there something more emphatic than capital letters? I know, more exclamation points : THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. SCG16121 says:

    When argument fails you, you can always fall back on name-calling. She made the case that the quality of immigrants can differ. You did not refute it. You find it distasteful, do you? But is it true? If not make the case. You exposed the lack of a case by resorting to ad hominem.

  33. SCG16121 says:

    Correct, except I don’t have any personal hatred for them. They are just people looking for better opportunities. I lay the blame on our leaders whose loyalties lay with foreigners ahead of their own countrymen. It’s very strange this self-loathing. Not the companies that hire them. They work cheaper, so that’s understandable. No I mean the policy makers who know that the imported workers will displace equally qualified Americans. It’s really infuriating.

    What is truly bizarre is that these policies have created a sense of entitlement among the world’s workers to American jobs. America is viewed as not a unique separate country like all the others but as a sort of miscellaneous bucket of people from all the other countries. Like anyone can go there. As though all the other countries in the world got together and formed America as a joint venture and everyone has a right to go there. That’s almost how America is viewed around the world. It is truly bizarre and I’m glad someone is finally putting a stop to it. I mean no one complains when Japan, or Korea or Argentina or Saudi Arabia looks out for its own. But when America does it it’s somehow a betrayal. It’s just very very strange and I’m incredibly frustrated that it has come to this.

  34. mtn cur says:

    I wonder how many people have to point out that dirty employers are the real problem, before their pals in the congress face the facts. I use cantalopes to trap woodchucks and marshmallow for coons in my garden, fat cats use money to attract illegals and bribes to promote the catch and release program.

  35. A viable immigration policy would balance the needs of business, labor, the economy and the immigrants themselves and it would be rigorously enforced. All of this would require enlightened and honest governance. So forget about it. Build a wall instead. The Game Of Thrones has the model. The wall should be Gi-Normous. Visible from Jupiter. An imperishable monument to futility, failure and human limitation.

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