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Homeless In Seattle, Part 1: High-Tech & the Homeless
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To expatiate on the subject of homelessness in Seattle, Tucker Carlson regularly invites on his Fox News show a Republican liberal who broadcasts out of Seattle.

Aside from a pastiche of liberal ideas, Sleepy in Seattle has nothing remotely perceptive or probative to say about homelessness in the Emerald City. Eventually, this young know-nothing will read this Column and parrot it back to Tucker.

Then, perhaps, will Carlson’s viewers stop being gulled by Big Tech and the other multinationals who are exacerbating the problem of homelessness in Washington State.

For these stateless corporations are the major importers, into King County and the surrounds, of a high-tech, feudal elite that compounds the homeless quagmire.

If anything, the corporations who straddle the globe rely on immigration ignoramuses to perpetuate the single-cause theory of homelessness: addiction or mental illness.

However, even if drug addiction and mental illness are seen as necessary in causing homelessness, they are seldom sufficient. Substance abuse and mental anguish can, in themselves, be the consequence of other exogenous, existential and intractable circumstances.

Like being priced out of your homeland’s housing market. For good.

Big Tech must be quite pleased to see homelessness attributed exclusively, by the usual cast on TV, to addiction and mental illness—when, in fact, homelessness is driven, primarily, by the systematic and permanent eviction from the housing market of vulnerable, working-class people.

In truth, our country is consigning its economically weakest members to the homeless encampment, through the never-ending importation of a high-rolling, high-tech elite, which, in turn, artificially inflates the price of housing. In perpetuity.

According to the Seattle Times, “fewer than 50 percent of people without homes are addicts.” “There are more families with children than chronically homeless people” in the encampments.

Underlying homelessness are factors such as “loss of a job,” “eviction,” medical bills and foreclosure, the last of which “destroys credit ratings, making former homeowners no longer eligible for loans or, in many cases, rentals.Forever.

“We must no longer allow politicians, policy influencers and the media to get away with the laziness of conflating substance abuse and homelessness,” inveighs Lola E. Peters.

Peters, a local writer, is correct. Alas, while implicating the tech-driven population explosion in our state’s housing crisis, Ms. Peters frames the unrelenting influx from China and India as an organic, natural, made-in-America population explosion.

It isn’t! Seventy-one percent of Washington State’s population growth is attributed to net migration!

In guarded language, the Washington State Office of Financial Management divulges that, “Migration continues to be the primary driver behind Washington [State’s] population growth. From 2017 to 2018, net migration (people moving in versus people moving out) to Washington totaled 83,700, … … The state has grown by an average of 87,900 persons per year this decade, exceeding that of 83,000 in the previous decade.

King County, where the “global beasts with vast balance sheets” live, is the main contributor, with a total growth of 259,000 persons over eight years, compared to 194,200 persons between 2000 and 2010.”

Fueled in large part by the technology industry, an average of 236 people is moving to the Seattle area each day,” seconds, a Seattle-based website that covers tech news.

Only those unfamiliar with America’s work-visa labyrinth would claim that the unremitting population influx comes mainly from other states in the Union, rather than from other countries in the universe.


Certainly, the town where I live is unrecognizable. Costco is like a bazaar plucked from Beijing and Calcutta. What was a small and friendly hamlet is flooded with newly imported H-1B labor, living on six-figure salaries, while young Washingtonians struggle to pay the mortgage, or are evicted when their rental units are demolished to make way for fields of pricey, garish condominiums, to house Satya Nadella’s preferred—and privileged—workforce.

For residents, this lamentable state-of-affairs means the inability to afford homes in a market in which property prices are being artificially inflated.

Young couples lineup to view tiny apartments. They dream of that picket fence no more, as colonies of imported workers, endowed with sizeable salaries, push prices of property beyond the means of local lads and lasses, who simply can’t afford homes in which to raise families. (And, no, H-1B Visa recipients are not cheap AT ALL, unless you call a six-figure compensation package “cheap.”)

“At its root, the crisis is a supply problem,” jabbered an “expert,” in the New York Times.

Really? Whatever happened to the demand side of the supply-and-demand, housing-market equation?

By grant of government privilege, Big Tech is permitted to petition The State for permission to import The World at a price heavily subsidized by the disenfranchised American taxpayer. Through government immigration policies, a ceaseless demand for housing has been generated.

How can such an artificial market—designed to sate the global corporation’s insatiable lust for high-tech talent not American—ever normalize, to accommodate local yokels?

Imagine being priced out of your homeland’s housing market. For good. That’ll drive a person to seek solace in mind-altering substances.

Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She is the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter, Facebook & Gab. Latest on YouTube: “How Democracy Made Us Dumb.”

• Category: Ideology • Tags: H1-B Visas, Homelessness, Housing, Tech, Technology 
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  1. Rational says:


    Thanks, Madam, for speaking on this issue. You are right, as usual.

    The problem of homelessness has one and only one root cause—immigration. This country used to have 250M people a few decades ago, and now has over 300 M, in the same limited space.

    USA is the 3rd most populous nation on earth, after China and India, and the first 2 have almost 0 immigration, but lots of E-migration—to USA.

    India will arrest illegal aliens and deport them.

    Alienism is a crime against humanity.

    Immigration causes congestion, pollution, rising home prices, homelessness, urban sprawl, lowered wages, lower standard of living, feces on the streets, shortages of water and food, inflation, corruption, conflict, disease spread, crime, etc.

    IMMIGRATION is PURE EVIL. Shame on USA for allowing immigration.

  2. The rents are too goddam high the rents are too goddam high the rents are too goddam high. Goddammit.

  3. I like how you don’t like those H1-B immigrants. “Smart” Indians and Chinese are equally as bad as “dumb” mexicans and africans. Turning your hometown into Calcutta is no better than Lagos.

    Finally, a good, intelligent, true article in this rag. Congratulations, Ilana Mercer.

    • Replies: @PorkTastic
  4. Brava, Signora! H1Bs are just another indication of the contempt in which the elites hold the average American.

  5. Biff says:

    Pay no attention to the pill popping, martini sipping elites bathing in (corporate)welfare, and their shilling media prestitutes telling you how homelessness is a “lifestyle choice” of drugs and alcohol, that beg for handouts.

  6. Anonymous[264] • Disclaimer says:

  7. Imagine being priced out of your homeland’s housing market. For good.

    TBF, these people have been priced out of their hometown’s housing market, not their homeland’s housing market. Demoralizing and unjust, to be sure, but it’s not as if there’s no affordable housing: it’s just not where they live.

  8. Why not ask why the locals aren’t getting those jobs? Could it be that they’re too stupid? Could it be that they spent too much time playing video games as opposed to learning how to code, do engineering work or other STEM related activities?

    It is a tragedy that people are suffering, but in most cases they brought it on themselves by not taking advantage of the educational opportunities available. Instead, they coasted thru college and ended up with a degree in basket weaving and hence are unemployable. Then they start having children they can’t properly care for economically. Then some start abusing alcohol and drugs. These are choices made over decades that end up having consequences.

    The consequences should be sending a message to future generations that coasting and expecting a reward isn’t a good long term strategy. Instead, we are being told that being smart is somehow evil IF you happen to be a human born on a distant piece of geography. Face it, the world is getting smaller and the smarter folks are getting their reward for long term effort. That’s as it should be. Rewarding incompetence is social suicide.

  9. @RoatanBill

    Could be? Is that the best you can do? Usually the Legal Migrant comes from a country where wages are much lower. Therefore, working for even half of what the American wage earner makes is a big step up, like kitchen appliances, well stocked grocery stores, and general order.

    This is true for the Turd World Immigrant and Illegal Alien. Many come from countries where the next meal is an uncertainty.

    Because I have traveled and lived in varying levels of affluence, from the street to luxury, and make it a point to closely observe all classes, I can say that the average American worker is not as good or proficient as his predecessors. This was observable in the 1970s, especially with union workers. Too long they were sheltered from economic reality in the post WWII period where the American Continent was not touched by war.

    The American worker of the 1930s and 40s was splendid. Photos of short men with granny glasses outworked any of the World’s workers. They lived a stable life in a family and community that was supported with strong reinforcing mores and norms. They produced offspring.
    This was the time before the “transformation” of America took hold from the Jewish Socialist Communist government of Roosevelt, and passively by Truman.

    By the 1970s, partly as a result of the Vietnam War, Wall Street monetization, and growing competition from abroad, America hit a wall in heavy manufacturing, creating the “Rust Belt”, where inflated wages, low investment by industry, and acceptance of worker sloth, focus on financial quarters, created a deep structural recession. Any “prosperity” since then has come from The Fed’s monetary policies of priming, debt issue and the creation of virtual money. It is the time when the Jewish Financial Elite convinced or forced Richard Nixon to take the dollar off the gold standard, and let it “float” in relation to the world’s currencies.

    Non-Jews can and ceaselessly do blame the other, but they, we, have yet to enter into recovery mode by introspection, self-critique and remedial changes that allowed this extreme minority to destroy us, one small cut at a time. Make no mistake, there have been and continue to be, many non-Jews that enthusiastically pile on in the melee to create the coming Age of Darkness.

    Flash From The Past – 1998: Bill Clinton Tells All-White Audience At Portland State: “Whites Will Be A Minority By 2040” And The Crowd Goes Wild (Full Speech)

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  10. @RoatanBill

    Post secondary education has become a commodity, like bottled water. In order to maximize profit for post secondary education, you need more “buyers”. In order to get more “buyers” you have to create the right conditions, which means everyone who shows up at high school graduates. That requires paying off the people in charge of “education”, to run that scam, so that degrees in basket weaving can be marketed. My guess is that more than 50% of the people attending university, shouldn’t be there.
    In places like China and India, as well as Japan and most of Europe, only the students with the highest marks gain entry to university or trade schools. The competition for those spots is in high school. About 30 years ago I read an article about the “high” suicide rate for Japanese teenagers. Much of the blame was placed on the fierce competition to gain university entrance. One university student said that the academic competition to get in was more difficult than the actual course material in university, and no, basket weaving type courses were not available.

    I have been telling people for years, the Chinese and Indian students coming to North American universities are the dumb ones who can’t get in at home, but who have parents with the wealth to send them here. So, your thoughts are in the right direction, but not for the right reasons. That aside, it doesn’t alter the fact that immigration is the reserve army of capital, and always has been. It is used to suppress wages, lower working conditions, and increase profits, while also raising housing and food costs. It’s the same story everywhere.

    • Agree: Poupon Marx, RoatanBill
    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  11. I <3 Ilana Mercer.

    It's like watching Mike Tyson pummel Don King. So, so good.

    Also, Marry Me, Ilana!

  12. @RoatanBill

    No, nigger. Nobody wants to work in Big Tech because the offices smell like curry as do the employees. Plus, with the neopotism and generally shitty conditions, it is impossible to stick around. Additionally, your fucking shit government will bend over backwards for the demi-niggers and let the wogs get away with murder.

    Howzzat for discouragement from becoming a Techie.

    Don’t be a cunt and stop shitting all over American boys and girls who are being sold up the river by “their” country.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  13. @obwandiyag

    If I had to choose between hombres from mexico and rajeshs from Calcutta, I’d take the former a million times over

    The arrogant caste hindu with his supposed superiority built into his character who looks down on us and use his above average IQ and cunning to recreate little india at work and in his neighborhood is far more damaging to us compared to the latin’x’ folks who more than not assimilate if they aren’t totally MS-13esque

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  14. @RoatanBill

    I’ve actually worked in tech, firmware design and system software to be specific. Left after 14 years when I just couldn’t take the nepotism and deep ethnic chauvinism on display. They don’t just want us gone, after they are done kicking out whitey by making his life hell, they’d fight amongst themselves, trying to make sure their caste/ethnicity stays on the top (did you knew India is part of the sub-continent and they’ve got multiple ethnicities there?)

    Now that non whites have started saying the same about deep ethnic nepotism displayed by Indians now that they’ve taken hold of mid management at most (if not all) companies, things will start unraveling. Intel, Cisco and Oracle are all facing lawsuits from non Indians and so is TCS and Infosys

    Since the judges are (mostly) so anti white in these liberal bastions, I don’t have much hope except for the Intel case since that is a Korean American grad student that is fighting. I wish him luck. Do NOT let the dot head horde play sneaky on you in your company. ANd God forbid if an Indian becomes your manager, start looking for another job or learn to mind your steps and be prepared for a long battle.

  15. @Curmudgeon

    Well and accurately put, C. In a more ideal nation or community, Business, Labor, and Government would publicly discuss any changes in the inter-relationships vis a vis each other, with the public approval and consent. This is harmony and balance.

    In fact and in actuality, this is what is done in Singapore, long before by Lee Kwan Yew, The George Washington of the Island State. As many times as I have offered examples and paradigms from the Orient here, On TOO, Amren, etc., they usually are rejected and jeered out of chauvinistic adherence to the reflexive “The West Is The Best” [in everything. Nothing to see, hear or learn from anywhere else]


  16. @PorkTastic

    @Malla said as much of his own ethnic, and sounded a warning of the dangerous deficit of character produced by these people. Such honesty is rare.

    There are, however, Hindus that are the complete opposite. I have known them. They ask not nor expect any favoritism and are completely moral and transparent. Many I have known have married European women. I looked upon them as “White”. And genetically Euro-mans’ genes are spread out to the Russian steps and Northern India. We are, in general, cousins.

    The Hindu faith is similar to Judaism/Socialism/Communism in the principle of hostility to the Other and exclusion based on assumed superiority. The Caste System in Hinduism bears a lot of resemblance to the attitude of the (((Hostile Elite))).

    • Agree: PorkTastic
    • Replies: @Pilgrim786
    , @Reg Cæsar
  17. I have visited Seattle on business many times, and I think the homeless there are a bit different than homeless I have seen in other large cities.

    Many of them appear to have chosen the lifestyle–given the high rents (noted in the article) and a determination to “live off the land” with local government benefits. Then they can use mind-altering drugs and not worry about showing up in the office the next morning.

    Seattle is a strange place. (Ref: The Doors–People are Strange)

  18. @Poupon Marx

    I used ‘could’ so as to let the reader decide. I have concluded that the average US resident, citizen and non citizen, legal or illegal is living on borrowed time. Statistically, the average IQ in the US is 99. That’s plain stupid on a grand scale.
    The counterfeit being issued by the Fed is losing it’s effectiveness and its heroin like quality of always needing more is coming to an end as it’s killing the economy.
    I agree with your general assessment.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  19. @PorkTastic

    I’m a retired professional software developer / electrical engineer. I left the US 15 years ago when I saw it start to seriously turn into a police state. It has only gotten worse over time. The liberal attitude is ruining the society from one side as the deep state and its totalitarian, military & police tactics are killing it from the other end. The financialization of the economy is a way for the elite to strip mine the wealth prior to collapse. It is a pre planned implosion.

    I do think the end for the US Fed Gov is approaching, leaving 50 states to cobble together something new or go it alone as new countries.

    • Replies: @Alden
  20. @RoatanBill

    I see. I presume you want to convince people to think along your lines because or if you have a confidence interval that is high. It is better and more beneficial-if you are correct and your point(s) are valid-to make an affirmative case. Most people will NOT be induced to further search out for the real deal.

    Your assertion on the antecedents of the misfortunes of the White Working Class is only half the story. The other half is deliberate outsourcing by the corporations for more revenue exclusively.

  21. I’m not out to convince people of anything. All I want to do is to have them think about a position, my position, and make their own decisions. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. I don’t want to apply coercion or even psychological manipulation. I just want to present the facts as I see them and let other decide if my position is tenable.

    Despite what the average USian has been led to believe, a corporation’s sole duty is, and should be, to its investors. In my estimation, corporations should be precluded by law from doing anything not directly in the best interests of the corporation’s investors. Specifically, they should be prohibited from any and all charitable work, social experimentation of any kind.

    I’m waiting for General Motors to relocate their HQ to China since they sell more vehicles over there than in the US. I would applaud such a move since it would doom the UAW and their legally sanctioned extortion racket known as collective bargaining.

    Corporations should be exempt from all taxes as in actuality they pay no taxes regardless of their official tax status. Whatever funds they submit to gov’t, they simply make a cost of goods in their product or service, so the end consumer ALWAYS pays 100% of all taxes. Gov’t wants the middle man corporate tax collector so the rubes don’t catch on how much they are actually screwed over for. If corporations paid no taxes, gov’t would have to extract tax funds directly from the people and they might just object to a new very obvious much higher total that includes what corporations were hiding. Competition would guarantee that any reduction in corporate taxes would rapidly lower the costs of everything people purchase.

    If Corporations paid no taxes, they would no longer have the right to a voice in gov’t. Taxation without representation is tyranny, it is said. With no taxation the right to representation disappears and corporate lobbying disappears along with it.

    Corporations aren’t the bad guy. They have been put in a position by law that forces them to do whatever is necessary to stay economically viable, including offshoring jobs, automation, etc.

  22. zapper says:

    Interesting article with some good points. But Ilana, are you not an immigrant from South Africa who might have displaced some locals from the housing market?

  23. Binyamin says:

    Leaving aside the hypocrisy of Mercer-a South African born serial immigrant and the spouse of a guest worker, at least one member of whose family has a dodgy immigration history. Mercer’s extended family lives in several continents and therefore immigration seems to be in her blood. Her immigration restrictionist beliefs masks her own insecurity regarding her immigration status and when you combine this with her extreme bigotry (Mercer is a white power advocate) the combination becomes toxic. When the immigration narrative becomes toxic because it has been hijacked by people who demonize immigrants, reforming the system becomes impossible and American’s immigration system sure needs reforming. No doubt the current immigration system is dysfunctional. How else can you explain a penniless internet blogger who has not made an iota of contribution to the American economy leaving aside any work behind the counter in Seattle, being allowed to settle in the country? If Mercer’s guest worker spouse has retired, shouldn’t she be taking the first banana boat back to her native South Africa?

    I live in a mega city and awhile ago in between changing jobs I took a month off work and did some volunteering among the homeless, courtesy of a church based charity. It was an eye opener. The pattern I observed may not be repeated in every big city. A certain percentage were homeless as a result of losing their jobs due to factory closure (manufacturing relocated abroad, etc). A much larger percentage were made homeless due to the 2008 Great Recession and were victims of the subprime mortgage loan sharks and subsequent loan providers (if you do not know what a subprime mortgage is, read Michael Lewis’ book Big Short). However, the most surprising fact was the number of returning soldiers from America’s countless wars who were among the homeless. Many were front-line soldiers suffering from PTSD who have disgracefully been abandoned by the state and left to rot. I tried to engage with those who were able to talk and without exception they blamed the system and especially loan sharks as the main cause of their homelessness. Home re-possession due to inability to pay rocketing interest rates-a fact concealed by the criminal loan providers willing to make a fast buck. Interestingly, not a single one of the homeless I spoke to blamed immigrants.

    The top 1-2% in our society are screwing the middle classes and perpetuating their existential distress due to economic hardship including homelessness. A book published last month by Daniel Markovits, a professor of Law at Yale (The Meritocracy Trap) is an eye opener. I now realize that the reality is far worse than I thought. If you do not like reading books -I suspect many people posting at UNZ are in this category, then you can watch Markovits’ summary delivered as a speech to a graduating convocation at Yale-this is on YouTube. The Big Short is also released as a film and maybe on Netflix.

  24. @zapper

    She’s a Jew who fled South Africa after her people, including her own father, ruined it out of spite for Whites by financing and supporting black communists like Mandela and the ANC. Kind of like they’re in the process of doing to America. Don’t be fooled by the “paleolibertarian” nonsense, her loyalty is to her tribe only.

    She belongs in Israel, not the U.S.

  25. @Binyamin

    The fact that you quoted an obvious Jew demonstrates that Jews seemingly are the only ones to really understand the financial system and usury.

    One wonders why soldiers suffering from PSTD do not simply remain at home on their couch. Why add to your stress by becoming homeless?

    As for Mercer, I would have to assume her husband has a decent job. And whites in South Africa from the Boer bus driver to the Jewish bourgeois really have no choice but to try and leave the country. Similar to Haiti. Either the whites left or they were killed. Whites in America can simply move 40 miles from Detroit to Ann Arbor and the problem is solved. Blacks lack the money or initiative to leave the ghetto and really are not inclined to living somewhere in the country or suburbs with no public transport, constant police scrutiny, a tough stance on drugs and a general lack of economic opportunities.

    An odd thing is that other developed countries like Australia or Canada seem to manage the homeless issue better.

    • Replies: @Adam Smith
  26. Ilana

    Tucker Carlson will never mention these two words:NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS…

    NATIVE BORN WHITE WORKING CLASS MALES(White Collar Variety included) are in direct competition with the Hindu “Americans”…Chinese “Americans”…Korean “Americans”….Pakistani Muslim “Americans”….and Iranian “Americans”…for the scarce LIVING AND BREEDING SPACE in America…….And this explains the collapse of 1)White fertility..and ..2)the epidemic of early deaths of NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MALES….

    The scale of Nonwhite Scab Labor=NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS+THE US BORN CHILDREN OF NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS…..and they are enthusiastically voting Whitey into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority-White Racial Foreigner within the borders of America….


    As they say in Real Estate:THEY AIN’T MAKING ANY MORE OF IT……The key to understanding WHITE GENOCIDE….

  27. @Poupon Marx

    NAXALT is tiresome. We love the fact that you have a diverse friend circle, but we’re not going to stand by and allow your buddies and their thirteen thousand cousins to displace our countrymen. This is simply about “goodwhites” like yourself getting rid of “badwhites” by dispossessing them and where that is not possible, giving your Pajeets and other assorted mystery meat friends the whip hand over them. This is repulsive and wicked.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
    , @Alden
    , @Alden
  28. @Binyamin

    So may words, so little substance. It all boils down to “you’re low class, I am high class.” Buddy, Come the Revolution, we’ll send you to the third world you seem to love so much. Perhaps Senegal?

  29. Tucker Carlson’s obvious bullshit:


    So what’s wrong with Tucker Carlsons’ bullshit?

    Answer:NONWHITES VOTE DEMOCRATIC….and are a hostile ant-white separate raced-based Nation LIVING AND BREEDING within the borders of America…..

  30. @Johnny Smoggins

    Every time I read an article by Ms. Mercer you haters come out of the woodwork, condemning her without bothering to address the article at hand. No one of Euro descent who does not possess a dead black heart should tell another of Euro descent (which would include jewish Afrikaners, I think) to go back to South Africa to be killed. Her book alone, “Into the Cannibal’s Pot,” would seal her fate, making her a person most worthy of asylum.

    Should she be blamed for the sins of her father? If that is the standard, then we are all guilty and should be sent back to where our ancestors came from. I, for one, am glad that Mr. Unz publishes her articles and I read many of them. I doubt if you do.

  31. @follyofwar

    Native Born White Christian Americans are completely responsible for what is happening to them in 2019….They allowed the 1965 NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCREASE ACT to pass…when there should have been a 1 million White Mens March in DC before this GENOCDAL ACT was passed and signed into law by Johnson…

    It has been 5 decades of voting for Republican Party Grifters:NIXON….REAGAN…BUSH H….AND HIS HOMOSEXUAL SON BUSH W….and filthy fucking cockroach GRIFTER DONALD TRUMP….Watching NFL and Roll Tide Negro Ball was way more important by many orders of magnitude than shutting down post-1965 Immigration Policy……No one is comming to rescue US…

    NO ONE IS COMMING TO RESCUE US…..think about it…..

  32. See my sustained comment on homelessness, #21 at

    In summary, in casual research I quickly found a 50% correlation, state by state, between proportion of foreign born and proportion of homeless. Also, I cited other data that both Hispanics and the foreign-born are homeless only in proportion to their population size. In other words, those categories seem to be driving the homelessness of other demographic groups.

    There should be scholarship on this, but there is almost none.

    Was visiting a smaller west coast town a bit ago and people asked why are housing costs so high and why are there so many homeless now. The reason is obvious, but people’s minds have been shaped in a way that the immigration hypothesis cannot even occur to them.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  33. POTUS Old Farting Boomer Granny Elizabeth Warren will wage a Scorched Earth Policy against THE WORKING CLASS NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY….Who could be more qualified than a Boomer White Granny from an American Heartland Working Class Family….

    Elizabeth Warren sold her soul to LUCIFER….

  34. @Pilgrim786

    I believe you are talking about coconuts while I have been discussing gas turbines. My topic, entirely, was about ethnic groups being self critical. That’s it. Full stop.

    If you want to discuss immigration, based on certain considerations and parameters, than please do so in the proper context. I have never advocated immigration into the the USSA to displace American workers of any description. Got that? I do not advocate any immigration that does not ADD to the overall good affect and benefit of the country. What I have said elsewhere is that all immigrants should be considered one-by-one and carefully evaluated and than given a 10 year probation period. I only favor immigration where there is a shortage-a real shortage-of workers in a special field or category.

    That would certainly not include ALL the HB-X visas given to IT workers or those Americans who are out of work, while greedy companies import cheap Third World labor.

    I have no idea what prompted you to inmate your characterization of me as you did. Now that I look at some of your other posts, I see you are a low person, of public vulgarity and of obvious little knowledge. You reek of intellectual sloth and low character. I would label you as “swinish”.

  35. @New Dealer

    The crazy housing prices (particularly on the west coast) are due to a bunch of factors (including the immigration nightmare).

    Environmental regulations, NIMBYism, archaeological rules, historical site restrictions, building height restrictions, local taxes (permits) and other “fees”–all have expanded to insane lengths in the last few decades–and made it very difficult to build new housing at a reasonable cost. Developers are not in the business of losing money.

    Another factor is artificially low interest rates that allows more people to qualify for big dollar loans. This artificially increases effective demand for high-priced housing.

  36. @follyofwar

    Dude I hate to break it to you but she probably won’t read your comment, let alone track you down and fuck you for your white knighting.

  37. M.Anthony says:

    The company I work for (privately held) has H1-B “tech” workers. I deliberately put tech in quotes because besides even being able to speak good English, these people couldn’t program their way out of a paper bag. When some of them don’t work out, the company just brings in replacements and the cycle repeats itself. Funny too, the company I work for markets itself as a “process automater”, however still has mountains of manual tasks that it has to bring in “temps” to do because automating those tasks are according to them, “not a priority”.

    My uncle, before he died, spent three decades in programming at an insurance company in Hartford, CT. His company made him have to train the H1-B’s that ended up taking his job. Once that was done, they let him go, just like that.

    At the end of the day, it’s all about shareholder profits and the folks at the top. Even the president of my company got up in front of us all at a meeting and said, “We’re a bottom line company. My job as president is to make money for the Board of Investors.”

  38. lloyd says: • Website

    You were their life line. That is why they didn’t blame immigrants. You would be reporting back. Also they are vulnerable to physical attack by destitute immigrants.

  39. @PorkTastic

    Pork you described my experiences in (large tech co.) in the 80s, that’s still a large tech co. now. Racism is allowed as long as it’s against whites. Every dept. head only hired those of their own race so the different departments are like different tribes as the top person in the dept down to the latest hire will all be of the same race.

    Whites are tolerated in things like phone work for their good command of English, sales, or things like IT because someone has to keep things actually running. Things that require a work ethic and actual competence.

    This is why programming has become so “white” here in Silicon Valley by the way – if you’re white and were raised middle-class, you were not allowed to make excuses. If you said you’d mow the lawn, you had to actually mow the damn lawn. The white middle-class, a dying breed, are the last echo of the WWII and moon landing ethos, get ‘er done or there will be consequences.

    Your Asians and Indians who were middle-class enough to learn programming, all grew up with servants to do the chores and yes, actually take whippings for them when they misbehaved. A white programmer will, if something’s not working, crawl under their desk and fiddle with the wires and get back to work. An Asian or Indian will sulk until “the help” takes care of it and there got an afternoon or a week.

  40. Mark Hunter says: • Website

    Ilana can be my guest, permanently, so there.

  41. Substitute Austin Texas for Seattle and you have precisely the same situation. No solutions in sight–just keeps getting worse.

  42. @Pilgrim786

    You know, I’ll bet you could have really insulted him if you’d added a few more cuss words. Good thing he didn’t pop off like he did while he was in arm’s reach of you. ahaha

  43. @RoatanBill

    Smdh… and giving your country to a hostile foreign elite is the path to social paradise? Hey genius, I could probably find 370,000,000 people outside of America who are more intelligent than 99% of America. Do they deserve to replace Americans? Funny, I thought the USA was a country and not a corporation or an elite university.

    This post encapsulates everything I hate about Americanism. Americanism is the most poisonous ideology in the world today. “Our people aren’t good enough? F ’em! We’ll replace them with the 3rd world like I replaced my old Nike’s which also come from the 3rd world.” Your post smacks of Boomer conservitism. You people have done just as much to destroy the USA as the left ever has.

  44. How does a software engineer translate into a ‘hostile foreign elite’? Your post assumes facts not in evidence.

    But to your point that “Our people aren’t good enough? F ’em!” – yes, that is my position. I believe that rewarding incompetence and failure is not the way forward. The country is full of people on welfare, dopers, mental cases, fraudulent disabilities, etc, all sucking on the gov’t teat. That teat is sponsored by the hard working people paying for all the loafers.

    Yes, I do say F ’em. Compassion for the ‘less fortunate’ stops when it becomes their life style determined by their life choices. They are less fortunate because they squandered their opportunities. F’ em.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Adam Smith
  45. Upzoning: An Opportunity for Conservatives

    – or –

    How to Build a Mini-ghetto in a Limousine Liberal’s Neighborhood

    In July, Oregon became the first State that effectively bans single-family home zoning. This has been done in other localities but not State-wide.

    Upzoning is a liberal/progressive goal. Touted benefits include: increase the supply of affordable housing in a high-cost area, make it easier for people to live closer to where the jobs are, as well as reduce environmental harms that come from long commutes as well as wastefully large housing.

    I’d like to ruminate upon the likely impacts to those of us who live in (formerly) strictly zoned communities. I try to make the case that even rich folk, specifically elected officials, should have some low-income housing in their neighborhood.


    Housing discrimination has a long history in the USA. It’s curious that certain groups long ago discriminated against, Jews, Japanese and Chinese, now are the most successful Americans, even more so than whites based on average IQ, income and better crime statistics. If we are honest we can’t call ourselves white supremacist. We may be white racists but we are not supreme. Put that on your cross and burn it!

    In this essay, I will often refer to blacks but unless the context means them specifically, it may apply to other minorities too.

    Alas, nothing comes without a price. Those who value local government power, not only conservatives, will observe with dismay that exclusionary zoning exists precisely because local governments, and the citizens they represent, wish to maintain a certain quality of life where they live.

    Liberals moan that exclusionary zoning is racist or at minimum elitist. Certainly, there is historical merit to this claim: until the mid-20th century, minorities sometimes were restricted from renting or purchasing property. An old home’s owner yet may read with misty-eyed nostalgia such a now unenforceable covenant on his property deed.

    Ironically, the loss of rigidly segregated neighborhoods was a major factor in the present problem of too-expensive housing: Wealth and income replaced race, religion, etc. as the primary sorting mechanism. By requiring a home of a certain size and a certain amount of land, the price is effectively increased, reducing the possibility that less-desirable people will live there. Lower-income whites suffered. But blacks did too: those who could often moved out of poor areas. Whatever stabilizing effect better blacks had had upon the rest of their community vanished. The nig-, um, neglected poor left behind deteriorated into the mess we’ve had since WWII. Is society better off? Not judging by crime and other statistics of dysfunction. Violence and other ills are multiples of what they were in 1945.

    Oddly, even historically black neighborhoods may oppose upzoning. They know that it will lead to re-development. Old buildings go down. Newer, much more expensive apartments or McMansions go up. Taxes and rents definitely go way up. So even if it was an older shabby community, long-time residents resent being squeezed out.

    Progressives in Oregon cheer the new law. At last! Affordable housing in former bastions of White privilege! Ah, but not so fast. If my scheme has any merit, some Conservatives may be having a few laughs at the expense of the I-love-everybody crowd. Read on.

    Why should it only be only government-funded housing authorities or socialist nonprofits that would build the new slums (excuse me, homes)?

    There’s an opportunity here for a well-financed conservative, or a group of them, to give the liberals a black eye. Or better yet, some black neighbors!

    My proposal is very simple:

    A privately-funded (most likely) nonprofit that would obtain rezoning, then build at least one multi-family dwelling in targeted neighborhoods of Progressive politicians that voted such a silly law into place.

    Probably a huge urban monstrosity of the 1960s (e.g. a Cabrini Green) is too much to hope for. Even public housing’s most ardent advocates have disavowed such failures. But even a modest set of duplexes offers many possibilities to monkey with a community.

    I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a public housing project by any other name, than liberals! The Elite that rule over us all too often evade the consequences of the regulations it imposes on the rest of us. My goal would be to force the plutocracy to share in the consequences, at least to a limited extent.

    First, we need someone with a lot of money. The overall goal will be to have built the highest densities allowed on at least one lot, and here is the important point: in the neighborhoods of politicians who voted for the new law. Perhaps one property in each district, for each politician. Who would dare oppose such construction? The very politico who supported the measure in the first place? He’d find it difficult to explain why he didn’t want in his area, a program he saw fit to impose on others. Conservatives who got the project built could claim that they’d been won over to the progressive side.

    Who would the new tenants be? Why, Liberals’ perennial champion: the poor. Of course, non-citizens need priority over citizens. Some people actually work for a living, although this seems to be a dying breed. Many of the best jobs are in high-tech areas with limited and very expensive housing (think Silicon Valley). Thus many new tenants will be employed in the tech area. Local multi-billionaires will be pleased that their HIB visa imported staff, willingly working cheaper than Americans, could live less than a hundred miles from the office. Instead of crawling along in rush hour traffic, Mohammed or Apurinam will have more hours to work hard, get his green card and eventually import his enormous extended family to the States.

    When foreigners have been taken care of, perhaps Americans will be aided, if any funds remain. (Or any Americans, for that matter!) The unemployable marginalized that liberals love can all have fresh government-paid housing: be they bogus economic migrants (“refugees”) awaiting their hearing and/or permanent residency and/or next amnesty, multi-generation welfare mothers and their spawn or the impoverished elderly and disabled who must black-market their opioids to make ends meet, in addition to miscellaneous riff-raff.

    The working poor will find more employment opportunities in a wealthy area. Even a welfare mother might find work. Instead of that expensive live-in Icelandic nanny, rich families could drop the brat off for Consuela or Ta-Shaqueeza to watch along with her little ones. Hispanic men could hang out at the local convenience store, or wherever the local pick-up spot for day labor is. If no job materializes that day, they can still drink beer, hang out with their friends, and urinate on the side of the building.

    If a large enough housing project is perpetrated, the wealthy would also find buying drugs or hiring a whore more convenient. No more long drive to a dodgy part of downtown. The Hood comes to you!

    I’m not sure that white trash would benefit greatly. Mobile home parks are not economically feasible in expensive areas. Also deer hunting, moonshining or meth labs are unavailable, desirable or both in expensive neighborhoods.

    The new residents will enjoy the novelty of no longer living in a “food desert.” They’ll take advantage of stores closer than several miles from home, with ample shoplifting or, in a pinch, shopping opportunities. Thugs will have a naive citizenry to assault and rob and homes to burglarize. The non-violent will find relatively pristine public spaces to loiter and sleep in as well as more affluent passers-by to panhandle.

    Kids who previously languished in a horrid ghetto school will have a chance (albeit a slim one) to succeed at a quality public school. The school’s average academic performance is sure to slip, but can anyone deny that these schools will have excellent football, basketball and soccer teams? Existing students will find exciting new extracurricular activities (e.g. gangs.) Area private schools will see booming demand.

    The only downside I foresee is that such a private effort will be costly. Even if they only purchase one property per politician’s district, the cost per lot will tend to be costlier than the usual remote parcels where such structures are relegated. A conservative should consider the risks of investing his wealth in such a project, as well as the social or political ramifications of such a decision.

    Who would be a suitable investor? Let’s see, how about a billionaire with a history of real estate investing …Hmmm …Donald Trump in 2021 or at the latest, 2025, perhaps? Celebrity is not required but money is. Consider the following: except in the case of government-owned public housing, rentals of all qualities are generally owned by wealthy investors, be he an individual or corporation. The only novelty I’m pitching here is that said investors would invest in new construction in rich politician’s neighborhoods. The property itself might be a good investment. However, rental income would likely be limited due to lower-income tenants. Still, a wealthy conservative might gladly enjoy a negative cash flow for decades, solely in the delight of having brought a bit of reality to dreamy liberals.

    As an aside, it’s worth noting that certain government programs such as AFFH (“Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing”) exist to move the poor from the slums they live in to ghetto-free areas. Apparently the hope is that by moving welfare mothers, ill-behaved children and the men who father them to a “nice” area will magically transform into productive members of society. Programs like AFFH will at least have the effect of reminding the citizenry of why they wanted to live far away from the newly-imported populations in the first place.

    It is my fond hope that other States will watch Oregon’s results and consider similar measures. I’d love to see future legislation provide requirements similar to what I propose here, in particular, that, after each election, a minimum of one property in each State-level politician’s district (ideally, his home neighborhood) be mandated for rezoning. This, to me, seems a reasonable starting method: for a given district, accept “bids” from would-be developers. Select one or more properties by some impartial method, perhaps at random. In the case where no voluntary proposals are put forth, an impartial committee would choose a suitable property to develop. Since I’m daydreaming here, why not even force the State to develop a property if no private investor steps forward? Government-owned and operated housing virtually guarantees even lower quality tenants, which is precisely what I seek. Furthermore, backward States that lack the political will to adopt such progressive dreams might at least pay to have certain of their residents move to Oregon or other States that graciously provide such nice housing for the downtrodden. “Tired of living under a bridge? Sign up today and we will pay you to move yourself and your possessions to Portland, the promised land!”

    I think that this would be a triumph of democracy over old-fashioned neighborhood segregation, more specifically, “Champagne Socialist” segregation. Imagine how the Elite’s eyes would be opened if only they could have day-to-day contact with not only the lesser-privileged of this land but of the entire world.

  46. Alden says:

    We the people have no say in who immigrates and who is hired. Judges make the immigration laws that allow anyone in.

    Businesses prefer to hire non White immigrants for every job from Dr to dishwasher and everything in between.

    Yesterday one judge issued an injunction stopping enforcement of President Trump’s executive order forbidding immigrants from becoming public charged to wit; on welfare.

    It was judges that decrees that any immigrant who presents ID claiming to be over 65 is entitled to full social security and Medicare benefits although they never contributed to those funds.

    It was judges who ordered city and county housing authorities to ban poor homeless Americans from public and subsidized housing but house illegal immigrants.

    It was judges who ordered city and county welfare departments to issue welfare benefits to illegal immigrants.

    We the people can’t change the judicial supremacy established in 1804.

  47. Alden says:

    Judge George Daniels Southern District New York State issued the first preliminary injunction against the public charge executive order. There are hundreds of lawsuits in every state seeking injunctions forbidding enforcement of the public charge order. It’s been overturned already

    That’s America. Neither the voters or the elected officials including the president have any power. All laws are made by judges. Legislative and executive laws are routinely overturned by just one lower court judge.

  48. Alden says:

    Steve Sailer lives just a few miles from one of the major settlements of drunks drug addicts as mentally ill dysfunctional people in America. No one knows quite why they are the way they are. Perhaps their occupation makes them mentally ill. Perhaps their occupation drives them to drugs drink wife beating assault and battery and other signs of dysfunction. Perhaps only mentally ill drunks and drug addicts are drawn to that occupation.

    The settlement is called Malibu Ca.

  49. Alden says:

    Wait till an immigrant gets your job.

    It’s not 1919 anymore. It’s 2019 and it’s against both the laws of affirmative action and corporate policy to hire White Americans

  50. Alden says:

    Translation you left because you were laid off at 50 or so because your company was laying off all the White Americans and replacing them with Indians and Chinese who worked 80 – 90 hours a week for 40 hours pay.

    Because all the tech jobs were going to Indian and Chinese code coolies you couldn’t get another one because you’re a White American

    So you sold your house cashed in your 401k pension savings and moved to Latin America or a Caribbean island where you can live on 2,000 a month.

  51. Before retiring, I was competing with folks that weren’t even in the US. I’m a professional software developer. My competition lived in India, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia and numerous other places full of smart people.

    That’s the way it is because the world is now very interconnected.

    When an employer needs talent, either it comes to his place of business or it is outsourced. Either way, the job may go to a foreigner with the skills required. If that means bypassing an equivalent person in the US, that is a shame and shouldn’t happen, but probably does for salary reasons. Most of the time, however, the foreigner gets the job because the USian to fill the slot can’t be found due to lack of skill in that particular field.

    Let’s be honest. The US educational system has been deteriorating for decades and the students have been slacking off for at least as long. The H1B visas are typically for engineering talent that US kids don’t usually have because ‘math is hard’ as Jimmy Buffett says in one of his songs. All those morons coming out of college with degrees in essentially basket weaving deserve to feel the market’s wrath for being slackers and I don’t want to support their sorry asses.

    As for the lower pay an Indian is willing to work for, for example, that problem starts in the US. Why is the cost of living so much higher in the US? Could it be the Trillions wasted on military misadventures? Could it be the Trillions wasted on supporting and encouraging welfare slackers? Could it be wasting money on Union wages gotten through legal extortion? Could it be the cost of the unnecessary Federal Behemoth? …

    Jettison the entire Fed Gov and everything that uses it for life support, like the Federal Reserve. Lower the cost of living in line with the rest of the world and the employment issue gets fixed organically. Don’t blame some innocent person wanting to feed his family when the real problem is US policy that US voters say they want by electing one jerk after another. Stop voting in Federal elections and help kill the beast.

  52. I’ve been self employed for the bulk of my working life. I own businesses in retirement and work every day to support myself. I’m never going to stop working.

    I was the employer, not the employee. I hired whoever was available to do the job in the local area. I wasn’t big enough to need foreign workers but I understand the dynamics. I hired lots of US dolts before discovering their inadequacies and firing them. The talent pool for software development, white hat hacking, operating system level tech support, etc is very shallow in the US due to demand and lack of skills. To some extent I competed with the big names you know for employees and I couldn’t possibly match their benefits. That’s called competition and is a good thing even when it hurts.

    Yes, the laws are skewed to hurt white people. Keep voting for your ‘leaders’. However, this narrow minded focus as it being the only or primary reason for USians not getting jobs is bogus. The average US person has an IQ of 99 statistically. That’s incredibly stupid in today’s world. Life choices matter. Playing video games or knowing all the ins and outs of Android doesn’t mean you can write the code to make the magic happen. The entire culture in the US is one of instant gratification and slacking off by the vast majority of students because they get away with it. Chinese parents, Indian parents, etc kick ass to make sure their kids are above the average. They win.

    I left because I knew a police state was coming after 9/11 and I was right. I left because I was tired of paying for things others got due to law. I left because I want no part of the murder done by the US military morons world wide. I’m a white guy with a white wife.

    The imminent economic collapse of the US just might usher in a new set of rules to make the US states function again after the states get together and eliminate the bloated and 100% detrimental Fed Gov. Competition between 50 new countries will determine winning and losing policies obvious to all. It’s the lack of competition due to Fed Gov monopoly idiocy that is your primary problem, not a hard working foreigner.

  53. @Poupon Marx

    The best Indian immigrants by far are Catholic priests from Kerala. With their lack of family, rectory housing, and vow of poverty, they are actually relieving rather than causing a strain. And they’re jolly people to boot.

    Perhaps if we made celibacy a requirement for immigration…

    • Replies: @Adam Smith
  54. @Jeff Stryker

    One wonders why soldiers suffering from PSTD do not simply remain at home on their couch. Why add to your stress by becoming homeless?

    Is this some sort of typo? Did I miss your humor? Sarcasm?

    I’m sure “simply remaining at home on their couch” is not an option for the people who “become homeless”.

    No one who has the option of “simply remaining at home on their couch” is going to choose to “become homeless”.

  55. @Reg Cæsar

    Perhaps if we made celibacy a requirement for immigration…

    Perhaps if we made sterilization a requirement for immigration…

  56. @RoatanBill

    “Our people aren’t good enough? F ’em!” – yes, that is my position.

    I love your empathy, But…

    Don’t blame some innocent person wanting to feed his family when the real problem is US policy

    I think your immigrant empathy should extend to native born white people…
    Even if their IQ is only 99.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  57. @Adam Smith

    21% of the US population is on some kind of Fed Gov assistance. That doesn’t include State assistance. With one fifth of the population reaching into my pocket for decades, I decided enough was enough. I left.

    If you want to contribute to the never ending stream of moochers, baby factories, dopers, mental cases, etc, you’re welcome to it. What was a good idea to help the really needy became a pigs trough for every slacker that could vote themselves free stuff.

    My empathy goes for people, citizens or foreigners, willing to help themselves throughout their entire lives, to become productive individuals, not on the dole. Let the houses of worship pick up the tab for all the truly needy and turn off the Federal money spigot before the entire country goes belly up in debt largely do to corporate welfare and social entitlements that forever expand who is eligible.

    • Replies: @Adam Smith
  58. @RoatanBill

    I agree with you. You are absolutely correct. The current system is not only unsustainable, it is downright evil.

    The bureaucrats masquerading as “government” should not be “giving” cash extorted from productive people to the never ending stream of moochers, baby factories, dopers, mental cases, etc. I agree that the corporate welfare and entitlements are out of control, but I think the country is in debt mostly because of fractional reserving, fraud, greed and imperial overreach. Welfare for humans, even the baby factories, is a drop in the bucket compared to the glorious war debt.

    Like you, I have been self employed most my life. While I haven’t left the country, mostly because I don’t want to move somewhere only to find myself in a place on the receiving end of regime change, I’ve otherwise mostly checked out. I lost faith in the goodness of most Americans years ago. Their minds are too colonized, most can’t be trusted. I think 99 average IQ is overly optimistic. I learned early that I would never get back anything they stole from my pocket. I’ve figured out a way to live well and keep their hands mostly out of my pocket. I boycott all forms of “government”. I do not deal with terrorists. I do not sign their paperwork. They are not my master. I am not their slave or human resource. I do not ask permission and I do not report in. I live a leisurely life because there is no incentive (and plenty of possible penalties) for me to work harder only to have my labor stolen to feed the war machine and the baby factories. If I worked too hard I might have a harder time flying under the radar. There is really nothing I can do to end the insanity, but I do not have to participate in or contribute to it either.

    So I sit atop my mountain and enjoy the sunshine.

  59. @PorkTastic

    I worked for a large POS terminal company and each dept. head, whatever race they were, everyone under them was that same race. Except if you were white you were not allowed to do that. Whites were being pressured out, in fact.

  60. @Johnny Smoggins

    The greatest mitzva (good deed) is to live in Israel so …

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