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Hiring Another Swamp Creature for the FBI
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Christopher Wray, President Donald Trump’s FBI director nominee, seems a perfectly nice man. But nothing he has said during confirmation hearings, on July 12, distinguishes him as someone who would reform Barack Hussein Obama’s Islamophilic FBI.

President Trump ran on a quixotic set of ideas about aggressively stopping Islamic terror. Like a fly in amber, the standard operating procedures (SOP) governing the Obama Federal Bureau of Investigation guarantee to preserve the same systemic, intractable failures that unleashed mass murderer Omar Mateen or Syed Farook and bride Tashfeen Malik, to maim and murder dozens of Americans.

From Wray’s comments to the Senate Judiciary Committee, we know how he’ll bravely break with President Trump but that he’s partial to his predecessor, James Comey. To wit, Wray said he sided with Comey in rejecting a domestic surveillance program in 2004, “… not because he knew the substance of the dispute,” but because of his affection for Comey.

Given his unalloyed loyalty, Wray’ll be unlikely to remove from FBI training manuals the fiction about Jihad being a peaceful pillar of the Islamic faith.

To get a sense of how the outfit being glorified by the Senate panel operates, consider this: You hire a private firm to protect you, only to discover that, as part of your protection plan, your protectors undergo sensitivity training to desensitize them to potential perpetrators and evil-doers, thus giving the latter easy access to you and yours. This “strategy” would endanger your life. The company executing this harebrained scheme, moreover, would be in violation of its contractual obligation to keep you safe. If you came to harm, you’d sue.

But first, fire the fools before they get you killed.

Thanks to the president, we can only hope that firing the director of the FBI will become a new norm. For among his many other “virtues,” former FBI Director Comey believes that “unless [his] passport is revoked,” an American citizen who holds an American passport and who has fought for ISIS—maybe even decapitated a dhimmi or two—“is entitled to come back” to the US. We know this because Comey said it on “60 Minutes”!

In 2014, he was asked about the status of the fighters America, unwittingly, exports to ISIS Land. This sanctimonious civil servant, traitor to the people who pay for his keep, promised to “track [the fighters] very carefully,” after he let them in.

At the time, anchor Megyn Kelly had aptly used the word treason, although she applied it exclusively to ISIS-Americans, when they, at least, were being true to their vampiric god. To whom was Comey being true? Certainly not to the law. In Judge Andrew Napolitano’s telling, the federal government’s top law enforcement agent didn’t know the law [or, was willfully ignoring it]:

“[Comey] forgot there’s a statute called providing material assistance to a terrorist organization. So, if he knows that Americans have been fighting with ISIS and he also knows that the secretary of state has declared ISIS a terrorist organization, that is more than enough evidence for him to arrest them upon their re-entry to the U.S. It is crazy to let them back in and wait and see what they do.”

That’s our crazy Comey. And the new guy, Christopher Wray, loves him just the way he is.

Another swamp creature for whom Wray has “enormous respect” is former FBI Director Robert Mueller. “[T]he consummate straight shooter,” gushed Wray.

Both the Muslim Public Affairs Council and the Arab-American Institute would agree. Thanks to Mueller, Comey’s predecessor, these and other special interests were involved in shaping FBI counterterrorism training.

Before Russia (B.R.), when the-now monomaniacal media touched occasionally on an issue of abiding interest to Americans (“murder-by-Muslim-immigrant“), they used milquetoast words. Again, the T-word (being floated for Donald Trump Jr.) would more appropriately describe how White House and FBI leadership invited Muslim advocacy groups to shape American counterterrorism training.

In Feb., 2012, WIRED magazine published an article titled “FBI Purges Hundreds of Terrorism Documents in Islamophobia,” and hashtagged Islamophobia. The magazine took some credit for urging the FBI to scrub counterterrorism training manuals of what sentient human beings would view as undeniable and dangerous trends and proclivities in Islam and its practitioners. Bragged the author: “The White House ordered a government-wide review of counterterrorism training late last year [2011]. A Pentagon document responding to the order cited [WIRED magazine’s series] as an impetus for the effort.”

To better know thy enemy, your FBI had purged the scholarship of the likes of Robert Spencer and Daniel Pipes from the FBI training library at Quantico.

How did this book-burning go down? Enter Director Mueller. In 2012, wrote WIRED, Mueller, who was succeeded by Comey, undertook to excise the FBI’s counterterrorism training program of “anti-Islam materials.” Essentially, Mueller saw to it that Islam was porcelainized.

Soon, the agency was redacting or expunging documents perceived to “stereotype” Arabs or Muslims, to sport “factual errors” (such as that Islam is not peace, presumably), be in “poor taste” (perhaps a less than polite reference to The Prophet), or “lacking in precision.” (Because the “truth” is that no “authentic” Muslim theologian would ever suggest that decapitation of a non-believer could be considered a mitzvah in Islam.)

Guidelines were published to help our comical FBI “protectors” defend against “anti-Islam documents.” You can feel safe. New FBI recruits are brainwashed to believe Americans who fly Gen. R. E. Lee’s Battle Flag are as likely to erupt as Muslims.

It’s easy to see how this frightful situation saw Mohammed A. Malik, friend to Orlando mass murderer Mateen, dutifully report Mateen to the FBI, only to be dismissed. (Just another self-hating Muslim. Hug?) Faithful to Mueller’s mandate, Director Comey personally vouched for the botched investigation that facilitated slaughter in Orlando.

Both men, role models to the new guy, were clearly Eric Holder loyalists. The attorney general had declared that the FBI harbored “systemic” anti-Islam bias and needed a fix.

One such “fix” entailed ridding the FBI of heroic men like Philip Haney.


Forcibly retired from the Department of Homeland Security, the soft-spoken, demure Haney has since divulged that the Obama Administration “nixed the probe into the Southern California jihadists” (Syed Farook, Tashfeen Malik and their network), eliminating a program he, Haney, had developed. The Haney database would’ve helped connect certain networks—Tablighi Jamaat and the larger Deobandi movement—to domestic terrorism rising. Haney’s files were destroyed and he subjected to an internal investigation for doing his patriotic duty to protect Americans.

Political correctness run amok is how pundits on Fox News had euphemized the FBI’s SOP under BHO. Treason seems more like it.

This is the Mueller and Comey FBI. How does President Trump imagine Christopher Wray, who looks up to the two and swam in the same polluted waters, will fix it?

Ilana Mercer is the author of The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed (June, 2016) & Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011). Follow her on Twitter, Facebook,Gab & YouTube.

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  1. You could bring every member of ISIS to the US and they would not do half the damage that the members of AIPAC have done to America.

  2. Realist says:

    This is Trump crapping in his own nest. He has made poor choices himself and allowed those around him to make poor choices which are contributing to his down fall. Stupid is as stupid does.

  3. unit472 says:

    I’m not saying Wray is my idea of an FBI director but he has to be confirmed by that most Swampy of Swamps, the US Senate, so you can’t just give candid answers to the puffed up gas bags who pose the questions and not lose more than the two vote margin the GOP has.

    • Replies: @Realist
  4. Realist says:

    I agree and that is just one of a hundred reasons democracy doesn’t work.

  5. The Issue with the FBI is that it is philosemetic. There are hundreds of thousands of Jewish criminals from Greenspan, Bernanke, and Yellen to Ginsburg, Schumer and his ilk still roaming free in DC and envivirons.

  6. Rod1963 says:

    Excellent article.

    Mueller is a evil man, before all this, he covered up the mass murder of women and kids at Waco by the military and FBI.

    Thanks to him and that babbling, whiny Comey they’ve insured we’re defenseless against Muzzie terrorist attacks. The FBI was proven useless under Comey, totally useless.

    For example when the Tsarnev brothers father was first interviewed from Chechnya, in the background you could see the black flag of ISIS. No one in power paid any attention to it. Even the newscasters were oblivious, f**king idiots and enablers.

    That being said, Trump has no choice. The GOP controlled Senate is still slow walking his appointees like its going out of style.

    The fact is most of the GOP is hostile to Trump and want him to fail. This is why they are silent on the Russia episode and refusing to fix medical costs. Think back to the campaign, Trump was treated horribly by the GOP establishment and got very little support. Even Fox News put on a parade of grotesque GOP hacks to demonize Trump – and they still do.

    What your article and others like have laid out for the reader is that the political class and establishment(deep state) is very much anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-family and essentially want us killed off. It’s not possible to read it any other way given the policies they support – which are for all intents antithetical the white people’s existence.

  7. Svigor says:

    Comey has thoroughly outed himself as half-traitor, half-moron, half-woman. I’m amazed at the number of FBI half-traitors, half-morons, and half-women who are proud to show their loyalty to him. Trump should start firing people at the top of the FBI until he has a group that has never worn a “Comey” T-shirt to agency barbecues. While he’s at it, he can fire all the lawyers, too. FBI is a law enforcement agency, not a lawyer agency. It should be led by people whose background is field agent, not lawyer.

    Mueller’s another swamp rat. Comey’s BFF (very telling), co-conspirator, crippled by conflict of interest with his Comey BFFness, colluder in leakage, hirer of Democrat Party Donor All-Star team. Trump is crazy not to have already appointed a special prosecutor to investigate Mueller and his team of partisan hack shysters. Or to not have started mass firings at FBI/CIA/NSA/Swamp Alphabet Soup, for that matter.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  8. Svigor says:

    You could bring every member of ISIS to the US and they would not do half the damage that the members of AIPAC have done to America.

    *Rocket Raccoon voice* “That is also true!”

  9. Svigor says:

    Also, I’m tired of hearing Feeb brass (lawyers all) express their “loyalty to the Constitution only” and “dedication to the independence of the FBI.” Read the document you’re supposedly loyal to, you idiots. It says that the president is the Executive Branch, and the Executive Branch is but his representative. Further down the chain (the FBI is not important enough to appear in the Constitution), it is specified by law that the FBI is part of the Executive Branch, not an “independent” agency. PotUS is your boss, you do his bidding as far as the law allows, that is who you are and what you do, anti-American, illiterate twits.

  10. KenH says:

    Wray sounds like another slimy, political DOJ hack and Comey’s mini me. The FBI’s very special relationships with the ADL, CAIR and other racial and religious pressure groups will continue, so Wray can spare us the promises of “independence”.

    Trump’s promise to drain the swamp was just another empty campaign slogan.

  11. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Trump should start firing people at the top of the FBI until he has a group that has never worn a “Comey” T-shirt to agency barbecues.

    Last year, when Comey tried to whitewash Hillary’s crimes, a bunch of FBI agents submitted their resignations. I’ve always hoped Trump would be smart enough to send someone to interview them and maybe even recruit them to untangle the FBI part of the swamp. Alas, that was then.

    Maybe they’re making him dumber. Assassination is way too risky but what’s stopping them from cooking his brain (a little) with some hidden microwave ray-gun?

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