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Gun-Safety Loophole Is A Government Loophole
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It’s award time at the Department of Homeland Security. So fleeting has been the focus on the systemic, intractable failures of the DHS apparatus—that failed functionaries feel sufficiently at ease to move on to the business of backslapping and promotion.

But first, the latest outrage to emerge from Barack Hussein Obama’s Islamophilic Federal Bureau of Investigation is this: It transpires a friend of Orlando mass murderer Omar Saddiqui Mateen had done his duty and reported Mateen to the FBI.

Mohammed A. Malik had also worshiped at the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce and had become alarmed when Mateen openly professed to an infatuation with the videos of Yemeni Jihadi Anwar al-Awlaki. Not only did the FBI discount Malik’s report, but when Malik softened his assessment of the danger his friend posed to others—a natural human tendency—the FBI acted post haste on that assessment. In mitigation of the FBI’s decision to back-off Mateen, Director James Comey even cited Malik’s good reference.

Better that FBI agents watch reruns of CBS’s Criminal Minds, than follow FBI Standard Operating Procedure, dictated by Obama’s administration. Taxpayers would be safer.

The mad farrago got more maddening when Attorney General Loretta Lynch (confirmed by Republican lickspittles) stepped up to assure the public that federal authorities were scouring their contacts with Mateen, and those around him, to ferret out whether they’d missed anything. When grilled about Mateen’s wife, a key figure in the investigation and a possible co-conspirator, Lynch replied that Noor Salman was … missing.

Missing, too, from the doctored transcripts of Mateen’s June 12, 911 call, released by the FBI and the Department of Justice, were the words “Allah,” “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi” and “Islamic State,” to which Mateen alluded during the call.

Still worse: Since the focus is no longer on the “investigation” into two other tender, tormented souls, the Farooks, it’s time to bestow special commendation on those who botched, even thwarted, the probe into the butchers of San Bernardino.

Up for an award for her failings is Irene Martin. Reports the British Daily Mail: “An immigration official who stopped Homeland Security agents from arresting the alleged gun supplier of the San Bernardino terrorists the day after the attack, and then lied about it to department investigators, is to receive an award for her work.”

The agency that rewarded Martin had booted true hero Philip Haney. The soft-spoken, demure, forcibly retired employee of DHS has divulged that the Administration “nixed the probe into the Southern California jihadists,” and eliminated a program he, Haney, developed. That database would’ve helped connect certain networks, Tablighi Jamaat and the larger Deobandi movement, to domestic terrorism rising. Haney’s files were expunged and he subjected to an internal investigation for doing his duty to protect Americans.

Political correctness run amok is how pundits on Fox News have euphemized the FBI’s SOP under BHO.

Treason seems more like it.

Consider: You hire a private company to protect you, only to discover that, as part of the scheme to “protect” you, your guards undergo sensitivity training that desensitizes them to potential evildoers, thus giving the latter easy access to you and yours. Given that this strategy, if it can be so called, would undermine your life, and considering this company would be in violation of its contractual obligation to defend you—you’d first fire the firm. Next, if the negligence came at a cost; you’d sue.

You’d put this “business” and its “business plan” out of business.

One wonders when will honors be conferred on those who refused to dignify warnings about the Tsarnaev Brothers of Boston Marathon infamy. Russian state security twice pleaded with the FBI and the CIA, in 2011, to place Tamerlan Tsarnaev on counterterrorism watch lists. Russian credibility was mocked because, well, “The Russians don’t like the Chechens.” American elites have always sided with the Chechen cause as against the Russians, and have encouraged the former to carve out an independent, Chechen Islamic republic from the Russian Federation. Again, there’s nothing unusual about the mindset or misconduct of these agencies.

By extension, policemen in charge of investigating the pre-marathon murder of three young Jews, likely by Tamerlan Tsarnaev, are long overdue for commendation. The throats of these three youngsters, who happened to be friendly with Tamerlan, were slit on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The mother of one of the slain men “told the New York Times she was taken aback by the lack of intensity in the police investigation into the slayings.”

The military has its own Jihadi protection program. It kicked-in, most memorably, to cover for “Major Nidal,” as he was fondly known. Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan of the Army Medical Corps committed fratricide at Fort Hood in 2009, where he was permitted to openly proselytize for his faith. Coupled with a substandard professional performance, preaching Islam to the traumatized U.S. veterans in his care did nothing to hinder Hasan’s rise through the ranks. He continued to enjoy a high employment status, a six-figure income, and secret security clearance. Hasan even breezed about the base in a Jihadi jumpsuit. About Holy Hasan, the wise monkeys of the military saw no evil, heard no evil, and most certainly spoke no evil. To his higher-ups, Hasan was a Muslim driven by devotion to a peaceful Islam.

Look, the conservative-minded among us love the military. But the military as an institution should not be conflated with the men and women who man it. The military is government: it works like government; is financed like government, and sports the same inherent malignancies and perverse incentives as government, down to the racial- spoils system.

Well known is The Navy Affirmative Action Plan (NAAP), matched by the Department of the Army Affirmative Action Plan, which practically demand preferential treatment for recruits like Hasan.

When Aaron Alexis, a former Navy reservist with a checkered past, gunned down 12 military contractors in the capital, in 2013, liberals demanded to know, “Why was Alexis able to buy guns?”

Again, ask the government.


Gun sellers must use the FBI-run National Instant Criminal Background Check System for background checks on customers. Sharpshooters Small Arms Range, from which Alexis bought the Remington 870 shotgun used in the crime, was in compliance. The shop checked Alexis out with the Feds. The Feds gave them the go-ahead.

Democrats have just wrapped up a sit-in on the floor of the lower chamber, demanding their way or no way on gun legislation. The greatest deliberative body in the world has joined the anti-Trump, my-speech-or-no-speech, rioters, the Black Lives Matter (Only) mobs, and the Occupy Wall Street encampments.

Down with this Third World impetus was Hillary Clinton, who tweeted out: “This is what leadership looks like.” In agreement too was “moderate” Republican Senator Susan Collins.

Collins, at the time of the Washington Navy Yard shooting, had questioned “the kind of vetting contractors do.” All roads lead to Rome, Mrs. Collins. Not contractors and not gun-store owners conduct background checks; government does. “The government maintains the final approval authority,” said Rear Adm. John Kirby to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

And for government officials, no infraction committed by the characters aforementioned was too egregious to ignore.

Mateen may have been a latent homosexual, but he was out of the closet about his Jihadi orientation. While he failed to flag anyone, Mateen made earnest attempts to be noticed by the FBI. Witnesses and friends reported that Mateen celebrated 9/11, boasted of family ties to Bin Laden, swore fealty to al-Awlaki, to al-Baghdadi, to al Qaeda (or any other Jihad org that would have him), took fieldtrips to Saudi Arabia, cursed out infidels, and hobnobbed some with suicide bomber-to-be Moner Abu-Salha.

Gun shops are not the problem; government is. Agents like Haney are punished if they dare zero-in on or rationally profile the logical target population. If anything, gun-store proprietors are the solution. A gun shop owner contacted the nation’s spooks when Mateen sought to purchase military grade body armor at his establishment. (It should be obvious by now that Lotus Gunworks’ warning was ignored.)

In fact, gun stores would be perfect to the task of stopping the Mateens of the world. Private enterprise has far stronger an incentive to avoid becoming known as the business that armed a mass murderer. To be branded as the business that weaponized such a man is bad for business.

Conversely, who took the fall for Attorney General Eric Holder’s gun-running, “Operation Fast and Furious”? Nobody took the fall for that, other than Agent Brian Terry and the many Mexicans who died at the hands of criminals armed with weapons supplied by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The gun-safety loophole is a government-safety loophole.

Privatize background checks. Let America’s stunningly fecund business men and women conduct background checks, tailored to the perceived threat. Gun owners (check) would gladly shoulder the initial costs if it means lives saved. As is the case with market capitalism, a proliferation of the service will introduce competition among providers, all of which will bring down costs. Benefits in costs and security will redound to consumers.

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  1. Gun stores refusing to sell to Muslims, blacks, Hispanics, etc. (even only disproportionately) would be crucified by the Department of Justice for racial, religious, etc. discrimination. Just ask the real estate industry.

  2. “Privatize background checks. Let America’s stunningly fecund business men and women conduct background checks, tailored to the perceived threat. ”

    That might have worked in the good old pre-Cronyism-rules, pre-Trial-lawyers reign Democratic Peoples’ Republic, but they have gone out their way to destroy small businesses like gun shops and created an atmosphere of intimidation to ensure that no small business person still standing dares to say no to their pet causes.

  3. That’s all so horrifying it needs a lot of chspter and verse evidence to be wholly credible starting with the “FBI’s standard operating procedures dictated by the Obama administration”.

  4. Rehmat says:

    Mercer darling, Obama Hussein Barack always attended Church since he lived with his grandmother in United Sate as a young boy. when he grew up, he was surrounded by Chicago’s Jewish crime mafia. Even though, he killed more innocent people around the world than Dubya Bush – he was awarded ‘Nobel Peace Award’ on the recommendations of world Organized Jewry.

    The US Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, and NYPD are all run by Zionists and their agents are trained by Israeli Mossad and army officials – in Israel and the US.

    So what’s your problem with Omar Saddiqui Mateen, a gay born into a Muslim family, who like Obama never attended a mosque, or Abu Bakr al-Baghdai being born into a French Jewish family and trained by Israeli Mossad?

    Well, Obama’s Islamophobe FBI did admit that Omar Saddiqui Mateen killed Antonio Devon Brown, who was earlier killed in 2013 in W. Virginia during a bank robbery ……

    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  5. Dr. X says:

    Privatize background checks. Let America’s stunningly fecund business men and women conduct background checks, tailored to the perceived threat. Gun owners (check) would gladly shoulder the initial costs if it means lives saved.

    Are you kidding me? How about NO background checks?

    Your constitutional right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed unless the government can prove in a court of law that you are a prohibited person. That’s called “due process.”

    Would you agree to a background check before you published an article, Ms. Mercer? Would you agree to background check before you could attend your temple? Would you agree to a government background check as a condition of becoming a rabbi? Would you agree to a government background check before you could travel freely or gather with your friends for dinner?

    • Agree: Jacques Sheete
  6. @Rehmat


    I, too, got a kick outta this, …”Barack Hussein Obama’s Islamophilic Federal Bureau of Investigation…” I suppose Obama’s drones are “Islamophilic” as well since they seem to be so attracted to “Islamic” types so consistently. Or maybe it’s tough love er sumpin.

    I also agree with your our comment about the Chicago Jewish mafia and in fact, Russo’s book, “Supermob” came to mind when I realized she was whining about selective “justice.”

    Who does this chick think she’s fooling?

    UR, really, can’t you do a little better?

  7. How does this play out? Banning so-called “assault weapons” didn’t work for the ten-year sunset provisions, but we can assume that a new, more restrictive “assault weapon” ban will soon be put in place permanently — along with all sorts of procedures for “authorizing” real citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights (har har).

    That ban won’t work any better than the first one did. (Well, not with ATF giving away assault weapons to Mexican smugglers, per the usual monstrous sequences of FUs proceeding from Administration by the Finest of the Elite Kleptocrats.) Thus, within ten years, we must segue into a total weapons ban, then a long and drawn-out confiscation fiasco that strips real Americans of their last (forlorn) defense against an evil and corrupt government.

    When guns are banned, and citizens stripped of all defense but butter-knives, what will be the officially-recognized “news” blurbie headline when Muslims gun-down American citizens and perhaps a few of the statistically more populous generic illegal messican, asian, chinee, haitian, sudanese, etc?

    Will anyone ever mention that, from the beginning, the only thing necessary was to enforce existing laws?

    Probably not.

    • Replies: @boogerbently
  8. JackOH says:

    My Mom once defended herself successfully in the 1960s against a possible violent attack with a cheap .22 caliber revolver she’d bought mail order pre-GCA.

    The gun grabbers don’t have the stomach to argue for abolitionist or confiscatory policies. They do have problems with property rights, Constitutionally defined liberty, citizen-sovereignty, and the moral autonomy of ordinary folks acting in lawful defense of themselves and others.

  9. joef says:

    Politically Correct madness has gripped the thought process of our political leaders at all levels, as well as their respective administrative leaders. Because the PC mantra has painted themselves into an intellectual corner they are forced to ineffectually blame alleged racism, and objects like guns. They do this because they have nothing else. The left is attempting to create a blame whitey coalition, but with disparate groups who each have their own agenda and who do not necessarily agree or get along with each other.
    But it goes further – – big govt wants private ownership of guns off the table. And this is done despite knowing that criminals/terrorist can always obtain firearms through blackmarket means as proven by areas with strict gun control (nationally/internationally). That even if we were able to magically exclude guns then knives and explosives would be used. That the Federalist Papers and various state constitutions enumerate gun rights. It begs the question is big govt obtuse or disingenuous?
    They attack guns, they attack ammo, but they also attack your right to defend yourself (eg Trayvon incident). This includes police justified use of force – – if they take it away from police officers, do you think they will allow you to use it?
    If you had a struggle with 300 lbs robber for your gun and shot in the hand in the process and the robber is still coming after you, do you have a right to defend your own life?

  10. woodNfish says:

    A few other facts about the FBI:

    The FBI took over the seige of the Branch Davidians in Waco Texas and proceeded to torture the Davidians for 51 days before murdering them en mass. The FBI also lied about the Davidians abusing children in order to defend their illegal torture and slaughter of the Davidians.

    FBI agent John Conolly in Boston helped Whitey Bulger murder people, and was convicted of murder.

    The FBI does not deserve any respect and should be considered a hostile thug agency of our criminal thug government.

  11. @John Jeremiah Smith

    Assault weapons are automatic, these were not.
    So, if they ban these, which are not automatic, then they can ban all non-automatic weapons, which would be 99% of the weapons out there. (which is their goal).
    Give them an inch, they’ll take a mile.
    ALL recent “terrorist” murders, here, were performed by muslims that were known to the FBI, but weren’t acted on. These terrorist acts were allowed to be carried out, then, the terrorists were all conveniently killed. We don’t even know these things happened for sure.

    • Replies: @John Jeremiah Smith
  12. @boogerbently

    Assault weapons are automatic, these were not.

    Definitions being malleable things, “assault weapons” are arbitrarily defined. “Automatic” means different things to different forms of Believer.

    Suffice it to say that, had an AK-47 been used in Orlando, there would have been a lot more dead faggots, especially if Mateen had popped for JHP ammo instead of FMJ.

  13. Rehmat says:

    “Treason seems more like it.”

    Lol ….. I wonder if Mercer ever heard of three greatest American traitors for whom many Jewish and Zionist Christian lawmakers and Israeli leaders are still crying, WOLF, wolf, wolf …..

    The are Julius and Ethel Rosenberg executed in 1953, and Jonathan Pollard who was released last year after living great life for 30 years in jail on the expenses of US taxpayers.

    Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it a “dream come true”.

    “As someone who raised Jonathan’s case for years with successive American presidents, I had long hoped this day would come,” said Netanyahu

    Pollard’s ex-wife said she always thought Pollard was innocent, and was persecuted because of being Jewish.

    Can you believe the US controlled by its 2% Jewish population – persecuting fellow Jews. May be we all should become Jews!!

  14. Da-Mith says:

    Boston and Orlando were both false flags so WTF is this women taking…and why are the muppet commentators all singing along….

  15. J.Ross says: • Website

    Brilliant as usual except for the final suggestion for privatization. Our dawa-enthusuastic traitor government is not against business, it is against independence. It’s perfectly happy with any business it controls, even if that business cannot profit. Privatized background checks under these traitors would go to Matiyn’s own G4S or to any of the numerous public-private cartel projects spawned by this rising totalitarianism.

  16. Binyamin says:

    If I call Ilana Mercer by the name Ilan Isaacson Mercer, then I will be unnecessarily referring to her Jewish origin since Ilana does not wish to be called by the later name. I will therefore be indulging in odious anti semitism (in the manner of countless posts in this website). In similar vein when Ilana calls the President Barack Hussein Obama when Obama never uses his middle name she is needlessly pointing at Obama’s ancestry which is irrelevant for the sake of rational discourse. Unpleasant, hate filled bigotry? Geddit? No I don’t think she does.
    Mercer is a funny specimen of political extremism of the right wing variety. Despite being a Jewish immigrant from a non western nation, in America she associates with a motley crew of extreme right wingers who call themselves race realists-there is a very fine dividing line in the chain of causation between this group and vile white nationalists, white supremacists and closet Neo Nazis. Mercer hangs around them even though they despise her. Year in and year out she gets anti Semitic abuse in the comments sections of the right wing websites where she posts her articles (mainstream media, whether online or otherwise would not touch her with a barge pole, hardly surprising).
    Mercer opposes identity politics in her homeland South Africa, presumably because the majority segment are black. She supports identity politics in America (she calls it tribalism) presumably because at this moment at least whites form an absolute majority.
    Despite having no legal training, Mercer has set herself up as an expert on US constitution among her motley crowd of lunatics. Heck, she is a Canadian National and a compulsive immigrant to boot! Is there such a thing as a fake American? Frankly, you couldn’t make it up.

    • Replies: @joef
  17. joef says:

    Clever writing. It is true that some comments get into weird antisemitic conspiracy theories (if they were true there must be some poor jews wondering why they were not included!). Collective guilt is usually just a fiction, for even if a majority of a group behave in a certain way that does not mean everyone is guilty. Alas that is a technique also used by Leftist against whites (we are all responsible for racism, slavery, and white privilege without distinctions). Leftist have been trying to create a blame whitey coalition since the 60s with mixed results. They simply ignores human nature that each of these groups have their own concerns and priorities, and do not necessarily get along with each other. And that is why there was such cognitive dissidence regarding the Orlando incident where it was demonstrated that generally devout muslims do not approve of the gay lifestyle; thus the excuses are made en mass in order to try to explain it away.
    Now dismissing all racial realist as just a bunch of lunatic cranks basically is the same thing. Is any control on illegal immigration always racist? I think not. We all know that most of them have come from economic hardship to economic opportunity, but what about the criminal gangs among them (who happen to prey on their own people)? – – does it help anyone to simply ignore that issue.
    This nation is slowly going to the route of a stagnating economy like Japan, and many States and Cities are becoming Greece and or Venezuela. But add to that is the unnecessary balkanization that Leftist have created among the populace. By always blaming whitey, where does whitey go? African Americans (notice I am referring to the ethnic group not the race because African immigrants do not subscribe to the same attitudes) have completely incorporated this attitude. I do not subscribe to myth that I owe them because I was not born into this world owing anyone but my parents. Reparations were paid back through the death of 600,000 whites during the Civil War. And the racial realist have a point when data indicates that African Americans commit more violent crime than all other groups. The left do not want them accountable and rather ignore this. But add a deteriorating economy with the irresponsible balkanization of Afro Americans and what do you thing that equals to?

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