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GOP Betrayal: the Cross Examination That Never Was
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By the time this column goes to press, Christine Blah-Blah Ford would’ve appeared before the coven once considered the greatest deliberative body in the world: The United States Senate.

At the time of writing, however—on the eve of a hearing conducted by the Senate Judiciary Committee to ascertain the veracity of Blasey Ford’s sexual assault claim against Judge Brett Kavanaugh—I hazard that voter distrust in the Republicans will prove justified.

True to type, Republicans will deliver a disaster to their supporters—to those banking on the confirmation of another conservative to the Supreme Court bench.

To question the two adversaries, the psychology professor versus the Supreme Court nominee, the Republicans chose an unknown, unremarkable quantity—a Phoenix-based prosecutor named Rachel Mitchell. Mitchell heads the Special Victims Division of Maricopa County, which consists of “sex-crimes and family-violence bureaus.”

This slipshod selection seemed forensically tailored to Judge Kavanaugh’s alleged crime. It almost suggested Republicans believe such a crime had occurred. Or, worse: These slithering opportunistic reptiles (with apologies to the reptile community) must feel politically compelled to conduct themselves as if Kavanaugh were indeed culpable.

Days before the hearing, this writer had warned that the Republicans did not have the male bits to defend Kavanaugh themselves: “With their choice of sex-crimes prosecutor Mitchell to quiz Brett Kavanaugh and his nemesis, what are Republicans saying? That they think a sex crime occurred?”

A better choice would have been Olivia Benson, leading lady on TV’s “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” Actress Mariska Hargitay would’ve put on a better show than Mitchell and consulted with sharper legal minds for her script. Hargitay is a liberal, but she’s a pro.

Mitchell, a humdrum, minor state functionary, was unlikely to effect a cross examination for the ages—which is what was required if Brett Kavanaugh was to have a fair shake.

For his part, Kavanaugh is oddly obtuse for one who is said to be such a great jurist. Meek, mild and emotional, he does not seem up to the task of defending himself.

Had the Republicans, also the laggards who dominate the Judiciary Committee, chosen to meaningfully fight for their candidate; they might have opted for one of two dazzling legal scholars. (Please, gentle reader, do not, in the same breath, mention TV judge Andrew Napolitano. Napolitano is a left-libertarian mediocrity who, predictably, has taken the Left’s position on the violence-against-women sub-science.)

Jonathan Turley, for one. Now there’s a fine choice for the cross examination that never was.

Another is Alan Dershowitz. A civil libertarian,Dershowitz is now emeritus professor at Harvard Law School, having taught there for 50 years.

Both Turley and Dershowitz are liberal. Both are brilliant. Both would have probably done the cross pro bono.

A fixture on television, Turley, professor at George Washington University professor, had suggested politely that Kavanaugh was not an intellect of Neil Gorsuch’s order.

As exemplars of the “big fierce minds” Americans are unlikely to see on the Court, Turley has cited Richard Posner and Robert Bork, while candidly pointing out that Kavanaugh was not of the same caliber.

As a rule, “Supreme Court nominees … are not especially remarkable in their prior rulings or writings,” wrote Turley. “They are selected largely for their ease of confirmation and other political criteria. Big fierce minds take too much time and energy to confirm, so White House teams look for jurists who ideally have never had an interesting thought or written an interesting thing.”

Consider: Republicans can’t even get a middle-of-the-road mind like Kavanaugh confirmed!

As far as unremarkable goes: Accuser Blasey Ford has certainly distinguished herself in this department.

Other than that she writes as poorly as is expected from an American university professor, and that she speaks like a valley girl (but, alas, doesn’t look like one)— Ford is unremarkable.

But then bad people are often banal.

Since the Senate extravaganza featuring the judge and his accuser were not criminal in nature, Democrats and their pussy-hat harridans have made the case that judge Kavanaugh was not entitled to due process of the law—to be presumed innocent, to be informed of the charges against him, to confront witnesses against him, and enjoy legal representation.

“Look, we’re not in a court of law,” shrieked that monster of a woman, Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii.

Likewise, to justify their philosophical contempt for American constitutional legal protections, hordes of TV harpies, all baying for Judge Kavanaugh’s blood, relied on the same sub-par “reasoning”:

They were not seeking to convict—the offensive against Kavanaugh was not criminal in nature—therefore, claimed the conga-line of cretins presiding over the lynching, they have the right to sully the man in every way possible.

Not that one expects argument from asses, but there is more than a procedural difference or two at stake here.

Just law, as instantiated in the Bill or Rights, constitutes a declaration of the values shared in a society. We afford a man the presumption of innocence partly because the law instructs us to so do, but mainly because it is the right thing to do.

Underpinning the legal protections afforded to an accused in our adversarial legal system are vital ethical imperatives in which our society is meant to share.

In her initial list of demands “to be heard” (that cliché from a cadre of women that never shuts up), Ford evinced utter contempt for Kavanaugh’s natural, Sixth-Amendment confrontation rights.

Blasey Ford had initially demanded of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee that “Brett Kavanaugh be questioned first, before he has the opportunity to hear [her] testimony.”
Among other rights, Sixth Amendment constitutional protections afford defendants the right to confront their accusers and the accusations against them.

Like the sizeable mob that supports her—Blasey Ford doesn’t share a fidelity to and a respect for due process of law.

That many Americans no longer believe all are entitled to equality under the law reveals a great deal about the fault lines that mar and scar our country.


Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She is the author of “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed (June, 2016) &. She’s on Twitter, Facebook,Gab & YouTube

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  1. haven’t been paying much attention to this latest (((DC))) dog-and-pony show

    but, from what I’ve read second-hand on a couple sites

    Miss Lindsey, to the astonishment of all, Manned Up…

    and Kavanaugh came across like Judge Dredd. Or maybe even

    Benchmaster Dalt….who is carried to his deliberations on a pallet borne by 6 blind virgins.

    • Replies: @pyrrhus
    , @Charles Carroll
  2. I’m on your side Alana. But arguing from the constitution? Your Libertarian is showing. The Constitution is no longer in force. It is buried under six feet of “interpretations” and in any case there is none to enforce it. It was written by white men you know.

    The accuser had her say which is more than she would have got from me. Nobody is appeased. Whether Kavanaugh is confirmed or not is still up to the Republicans . Either way this spectacle will hurt the Democrats in the election. The Jacobin/Maoist left is ugly and menacing. Not a winning combination in an election.

  3. Jssh says:

    Dershowitz is far too overtly political to serve as a judge at any appellate court. He’s smart but decidedly partisan. Besides that, no Senate would confirm him.

    I reckon Kavanaugh will fail to be confirmed.

    • Replies: @Amen
    , @Alden
    , @Alden
  4. Cyrano says:

    As bad as the cross-examination was, it could’ve been far worse – it could’ve been The Star of David examination. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    • Replies: @Da Wei
    , @Anonymous
    , @bj
  5. Amen says:

    Agree. Dershowitz once said America “owes it” to the Jews to protect Israel at all cost. I don’t think I want such a person on the supreme court. Plus he’s a registered Democrat and very pro-immigration:

    Townhall just reported Kavanaugh has enough votes to confirm. All 51 GOP senators are voting for him, plus maybe a few Dems.

  6. anastasia says:

    They were too afraid of the women’s movement, and therefore could not bring themselves to challenge her in any way. Interspersed between the prosecutors questions which did not have the time to develop, was the awards ceremony given by the democrats to the honoree.

    But we , the people, all saw that she was mentally disturbed. Her appearance (post clean up); her testimony, her beat up looks, drinking coke in the morning, the scrawl of her handwriting in a statement to be seen by others, the foggy lens, the flat affect, the little girl’s voice and the incredible testimony (saying “hi” to her rapist only a few weeks later and expecting everyone to believe that is normal, remembering that she had one beer but not remembering who took her home; not knowing that the offer was made to go to California as if she were living on another planet, her fear of flying, her duper’s delight curled up lips – all the tell tale signs were there for all the world, except the Senate the media, to see.

    She went to a shrink with her husband in 2012, and it was her conduct that apparently needed explaining, so she confabulated a story about 4 boys raping her when she was 15 to explain her inexplicable conduct to her husband, and maybe even to her friends. She later politicized the confabulation, and she is clearly going to make a few sheckels with her several go fund me sites that will inexplicably show \$10.00 donations every 15 seconds.

    She was the leaker. She went to the press almost immediately in July. They were too afraid to point that out to everyone because the phoniest thing about her was that she wished to remain anonymous.

    • Replies: @QuasiQuasimodo
    , @Da Wei
    , @Swan
    , @bj
  7. Da Wei says:

    Funny, i.e. witty and poignant. Please don’t apologize. Humor is precious air these days.

  8. What is missing from this conversation is the common law concept of natural justice. While a few Republican Senators have danced around the topic by calling the process a disgrace, none has been forthright in condemning the Democrats for their denial of natural justice.
    None of the cowards has used the law to confront Feinstein and her ilk for suppression of evidence. None has demanded her removal from the committee for her failure to follow protocol or her staff leaking information. They had a chance to play hardball with Feinstein and bury the bitch forever, but chose to sacrifice Kavanaugh instead.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  9. “True to type, Republicans will deliver a disaster to their supporters”…. The R’s deliver disaster ? Nonsense ! The 1% got their tax cuts. The MISC are snout deep in an ever deeper trough. What more do the majority of R’s want ? What ? -immigration ? The R’s are delivering there too – plenty of third world cheap labour coming in. Gee, some people are hard to please.

    • Replies: @SMK
  10. From the other side of the Atlantic, for me quite difficult to form an opinion on what happened in that house 36 (?) years ago.
    What exactly did happen, or not, and under what circumstances did teenagers, boys en girls, more or less drunk, I suppose, decide to spend the night there.
    My daughters never did such a thing.
    There even never was an opportunity.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  11. @WorkingClass

    Really – everyone should know by now that in any sex related offence, men are guilty until proven innocent….& even then “not guilty” really means the defendant was “too cunning to be found guilty by a patriarchal court, interpreting patriarchal Law.”

  12. Anonymous[202] • Disclaimer says:

    If Dershowitz once said America “owes it” to the Jews , then he must know his Jew Testament well.

    “For if the Gentiles have shared in the Jews’ spiritual blessings, they owe it to the Jews to share with them their material blessings.” (Romans 15:27)

    Remember, if you don’t worship the Jews, you’ll burn in hell. Jew Testament says so.

    We worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews.” (John 4:22)

    • Replies: @jack daniels
  13. Anonymous[879] • Disclaimer says:

    Star of David? That’s what Jesus is, as the Jew Testament puts it:

    “I Jesus…the root and the offspring of Da✡id, the bright and morning st✡r.” (Revelation 22:16)

    Perhaps Lucifer too, as the Latin Vulgate translation would have a morning star. Sorry, I couldn’t resist either. 🙂

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  14. Realist says:

    Politicians have no interest in truth, justice and the American way…..their interest is only getting reelected, they are the scum of the earth, but then they are for the most part lawyers.

  15. My comment on those proceedings today was this: “This is awful, I’ve never seen a more tawdry, sleazy performance in my life – and I’ve seen a few. No Democrat will ever get my vote again. They can find some other party to run with. Those people are despicable. Details:”

    Later on, I noted: “None of this has anything to do with his record as a judge – and that’s not such a good record: at least if you’re concerned with the Constitutional issues SCOTUS will actually decide. None of it, not one word. It’s irrelevant. It’s partisan harassment, it’s defamation, it’s character assassination, and all of it is *irrelevant*, it’s useless – and in the end it will be both futile, because there will be a party line vote, and counterproductive, because a lot of people will be totally repelled by the actions of the Clintonistas – because that’s what those people are.”

    and that’s my opinion of this charade.

  16. Jake says:

    The Neocons are evil. They despise Middle America almost as much as do the wild-eyed Leftists, just in a different way for slightly different specific reasons.

    But those many who assume that means it’s only a Jewish thing we have to fear and try to get to see the light are hopelessly ignorant. The old line Country Club Republican WASP hates your non-Elite white guts every bit as much as does the average Jewish Neocon.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Rick Sanchez
    , @Anon
  17. mike k says:

    Well it looks like the repubs will get what they want – a woman abusing (like their President) alcoholic defender of the rich and powerful. Fits right into their “elite” club.

    • Replies: @Allan
    , @Johnny Walker Read
  18. anarchyst says:

    The author’s statement “the greatest deliberative body” to describe the U S Congress is laughable at best. I have never seen a greater display of contempt for “the rule of law” from the democRAT side of the Senate. The concept of “innocent until proven guilty” is not a part of the democRAT playbook.
    I have never seen a more spoiled bunch of democRAT crybabies who don’t like what is going to occur with the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh to the supreme court. This is the democRATs last grasp at ruling by judicial fiat.
    It was refreshing to see the republicans finally “growing a pair” with their scathing criticism of the democRATS.
    If I had my way, the democRAT party would be declared a “terrorist organization” and BOTH political parties would be declared “agents of a foreign government”, to wit: Israel.

  19. anarchyst says:

    The Israeli “Star of David” is actually “the mark of the beast” as described in Revelation…
    There are 6 points in the “Star of David”, 6 triangles, and a hexagon (6-sided polygon) in the middle.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Anonymous
  20. mike k says:

    At least nobody has made a death threat against Kavanaugh’s accuser here? But maybe somebody did? I guess the moderator would censor that? Males can get pretty riled up about having their female abuse privileges questioned.

  21. bj says:

    Feinstein, Blumenthal, Katz, Bromwich, Durbin

    It was the Star of David public rape of the last Catholic man.

    It was the iconic battle, before the whirlwind!

  22. After watching the Big Circus yesterday, I rate Ford’s performance a 6 (sympathetic person, but weak memory and zero corroboration). Cavanaugh gets an 8 (great opening statement, wishy-washy and a dearth of straight answers during questioning). Had it been a tie, the fact that the putative event occurred when he was 17 would break it.

  23. chris m says:

    Ms Mercer says on her twitter page
    “I can just imagine who the GOP is hiring to defend a man they don’t have the male bits to defend”

    i think she ought to have said
    “…….it’s more like that they need to grow a spine”

    (you do get to read a lot of funny comments on twitter regarding this tale/saga)

  24. @anastasia

    Good points, but yesterday’s inference is that she became permanently disturbed by the incident 36 years ago…. In my experience, most psychologists are attracted to that field to work out personal issues — and aren’t always successful. Ms. Ford fits that mold, IMHO.

    One thing I haven’t heard is a challenge to Ford’s belief that her attackers intended rape. That may or may not be true. Ford testified about “uproarious laughter.” That sounds to me more like a couple of muddled, drunken male teens having their idea of “fun” — i.e., molestation and dominance (which is certainly unacceptable, nonetheless).

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  25. Much ado about nothing. Attempted political assassination at it’s best. American’s have once more been disgusted to a level they previously thought impossible. Who among us here does not remember those glorious teenage years complete with raging hormones? What man does not remember playing offense while the girl’s played defense? It was as natural as nature itself. No harm, no foul, that’s just how we rolled back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. This one’s for you Chrissy Ford, as I think it was probably written about you.

    • Replies: @mike k
    , @gutta percha
  26. As a foreign observer, I watched the whole hearing farce on CNN till midnight in Germany. For me, from the beginning, it seemed a set up by the Democratic Party that has not emancipated itself from the Clinton filth and poison. As their stalwart, Chuck Schumer said after the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh that the Dems will do everything to prevent his confirmation. They found, of course, a naive patsy in Dr. Ford, not to speak of the other two disgraceful women that prostituted themselves for base motives. Right from the beginning, Dr. Ford played to me the role of an innocent valley girl, which seemed to make a great impression on the CCN tribunal that commented biasedly during the breaks of the hearing committee. It was a great TV-propaganda frame.

    Don’t forget; the so-called sexual harassment occurred 36 years (!) ago. Dr. Ford was 15, and Judge Kavanaugh was 17 years old. But Dr. Ford discovered her “suffering” after she heart from the nomination of Kavanaugh in July 2018. Why didn’t she complain to the police after the “incident” happened in 1982 or at least after the “me to movement” popped up? May it as it is. Everybody who knows the high school or prep-school-life and behavior of American youths should not be surprised that such incidents can happen. When I studied at the U of Penn for my M.A. degree, I got to know American student campus life. For me, it was a great experience. Every weekend, wild parties were going on where students were boozed and screwed around like hell. Nobody made a big fuss out of it.

    On both sides, the whole hearing was very emotional. But get one argument straight: In a state of the law the accuser has to come up with hard evidence and not only with suspicions and accusations; in a state of the law, the accused has not to prove his innocence, which only happens in totalitärian states.

    Why did the majority of the Judiciary Committee agree on a person like the down-to-earth and humdrum person such as Mitchell to ask questions? It seems as if they were convinced in advance of Kavanaugh’s guilt. The only real defender of Kavanaugh was Senator Lindsey Graham with his outburst of anger. If the Reps don’t get this staid Judge Kavanagh confirmed they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    This hearing was not a lesson in a democratic process but in the perversion of it.

  27. Da Wei says:

    Artfully presented and persuasive.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  28. As a foreign observer, I watched the whole hearing farce on CNN till midnight in Germany. For me, from the beginning, it seemed a set up by the Democratic Party that has not emancipated itself from the Clinton filth and poison. As their stalwart, Chuck Schumer said after the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh that the Dems will do everything to prevent his confirmation. They found, of course, a naive patsy in Dr. Ford, not to speak of the other two disgraceful women that prostituted themselves for base motives. Right from the beginning, Dr. Ford played to me the role of an innocent valley girl, which seemed to make a great impression on the CCN tribunal that commented biasedly during the breaks of the hearing committee. It was a great TV-propaganda frame.

    Don’t forget; the so-called sexual harassment occurred 36 years (!) ago. Dr. Ford was 15, and Judge Kavanaugh was 17 years old. But Dr. Ford discovered her “suffering” after she heart from the nomination of Kavanaugh in July 2018. Why didn’t she complain to the police after the “incident” happened in 1982 or at least after the “me to movement” popped up? May it as it is. Everybody who knows the high school or prep-school-life and behavior of American youths should not be surprised that such incidents can happen. When I studied at the U of Penn for my M.A. degree, I got to know American student campus life. For me, it was a great experience. Every weekend, wild parties were going on where students were boozed and screwed around like hell. Nobody made a big fuss out of it.

    On both sides, the whole hearing was very emotional. But get one argument straight: In a state of the law the accuser has to come up with hard evidence and not only with suspicions and accusations; in a state of the law, the accused has not to prove his innocence, which only happens in totalitärian states.

    Why did the majority of the Judiciary Committee agree on a person like the down-to-earth and humdrum person such as Mitchell to ask questions? It seems as if they were convinced in advance of Kavanaugh’s guilt. The only real defender of Kavanaugh was Senator Lindsey Graham with his outburst of anger. If the Reps don’t get this staid Judge Kavanagh confirmed they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    This hearing was not a lesson in a democratic process but in the perversion of it.

  29. @Amen

    ” Dershowitz once said America “owes it” to the Jews to protect Israel at all cost.”

    Not saying whether I agree with that sentiment or not, but generally, when one agent “protects” another it is offered because the recipient is helpless and stands to the first as the disadvantaged to the stronger.
    I don’t see how this template can be applied to the relationship between Jews and the United States.

    And generally, protection is offered as a boon, not a payment of a debt.

    And finally, feeling as though God or the World or someone in particular is in arrears on payment of some moral or spiritual debt to Jews seems to be an attitude which they carry about themselves permanently and which they bring to bear on every encounter with the wider world around them.

  30. Anonymous[121] • Disclaimer says:

    Jewsus hates you too. Hate him back.

    • Replies: @MacNucc11
    , @Jake
  31. Catiline says:

    Ilana takes a cheap shot at Napolitano then turns around and boosts Dershowitz. I addition to so many other reprehensible things these people are unspeakably boring.

    • Replies: @MacNucc11
  32. Swan says:

    I think you’ve really nailed it, Anastasia. Watching this farce on TV, a few things were quite obvious to me: Christine Ford is a very disturbed and unhappy woman. The Republicans were afraid to question her. So, they brought on this attorney from Phoenix, who was a total flop. Senator Graham finally rode in to save the day. (I am not accustomed to praising Graham. But he was effective yesterday.) The lead democrats, Feinstein, Leahy, and Durbin, were actually ashamed when senior Republicans publicly called them out for the sham they were perpetrating on the American people. The silly Senator from Hawaii and Dick Blumenthal demonstrated that they had no shame. All in all, it was a low point for the Senate.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  33. Swan says:

    I think you’ve really nailed it, Anastasia. Watching this farce on TV, a few things were quite obvious to me: Christine Ford is a very disturbed and unhappy woman. The Republicans were afraid to question her. So, they brought on this attorney from Phoenix, who was a total flop. Senator Graham finally rode in to save the day. (I am not accustomed to praising Graham. But he was effective yesterday.) The lead democrats, Feinstein, Leahy, and Durbin, were actually ashamed when senior Republicans publicly called them for the sham they were perpetrating on the American people. The silly Senator from Hawaii and Dick Blumenthal demonstrated that they had no shame. All in all, it was a low point for the Senate.

  34. Anonymous[932] • Disclaimer says:

    Also, the Lucifer/Jewsus “m✡rning st✡r” is a bringer of light.

    I am the light of the world. John 8:12

  35. lavoisier says: • Website

    Pretty prescient article here.

    Dershowitz made the same observation.

  36. jleiland says:

    For his part, Kavanaugh is oddly obtuse for one who is said to be such a great jurist. Meek, mild and emotional, he does not seem up to the task of defending himself.

    It appears that Ms. Mercer wrote this before the second half when things were looking bleak.

    Reminded me of Super Bowl 51 at halftime. I even tuned out just like I did that game until I checked in later to see that the Patriot comeback was under way.

  37. mike k says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    Have another swig of that Johnny Walker, rape the girls and go on your merry way. You give a great summary of the repub senator’s viewpoint.

    • Replies: @bj
    , @Johnny Walker Read
  38. bj says:

    The sexual revolution instigated by the Frankfort School of Organized Jewry devastated men,women, and children of Christian civilization. Christine Blasey Ford’s high school year book bragged she had 54 sex partners before going to college.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @SolontoCroesus
  39. @jilles dykstra

    Then you’re a good and prudent father. What is this nonsense about letting teens get drunk, grope each other or more without parents around, and risk pregnancy, disease, and now, false accusations? Our daughters won’t be acting like sluts like this woman, either. Nor will our son be looking to get women drunk and grope them and sleep with them before any real commitment.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  40. anarchyst says:

    The feminists and their democRAT handlers may have “shot themselves in the foot” with this attempted character assassination of Kavanaugh.
    It is long overdue to require rape victims to report the crime within 24 hours…no exceptions. No report=no rape…
    Claiming rape after 36 years is not only insane, but presently puts the “burden of proof” that it did not occur on the accused who quite often is the “real” victim.
    All one has to do is look at the one-sided way that the “Friend of the Court” treats men in custody and divorce cases.

  41. c matt says:

    Well, if it was not a court of law, then immunity from slander should not apply either.

    • Replies: @APilgrim
  42. @jilles dykstra

    With all due respect, why give credence to the notion that ANYTHING AT ALL took place? Why extend courtesy to low-lifes and phychos of her type by taking seriously anything they say or do?

  43. The Lesser Sanhedrin in Washington showcased the following:

    1) The Jews on the panel (haridan Feinstein and sniveling Blumenthal) and their leader Chucky the Schmucky came out for the worst and most likely won’t be able to stack the Supreme Court deck with the 5th Jew or Jewess (Sotomayor the false Catholic being the fourth) to undermine the constitution in their favor excessively…

    2) Mazie Hirono the snarling bitch made one question the need of Hawaii, with its excessive colored population, to be in the Union and the need to bring in additional non-white-Christian peoples to undermine the greatest country ever founded on God’s green earth…

    3) Camela Harris showed that the mixture of a recently decolonised Tamil woman and a long freed black slave descendant doesn’t produce a rational human being…

    4) You can take Corey Booker out of Newark, NJ but…

    5) Whitehouse showed that there is a reason as to why WASP aren’t in charge of their charge…

    6) The old Leahy and Durbin are the symptoms of lazy, underpaid and overworked electorate…

    7) Last but not least, Coon didn’t try to be such a coon after all…

    Did I leave out anyone? Oh, yes! Charles Grassley showed that what a Gentleman looks like…

    P. S. And if Little Lindsay ever committed the sin of getting into the bed with the late Johnny ‘bomb the goddamned world because I won’t live to be in it’ McCain than he ought to be forgiven…

    • Replies: @anon
  44. bj says:
    @mike k

    You are a useful idiot for the destruction of western civilization. Men are not abusers of women, excepting a few criminals. Men protect families from criminals.

    • Replies: @mike k
  45. APilgrim says:

    Christine Ford is a PROVEN delusional, psychopathic liar.

    Senate Democrats are OUTED, for the Machiavellian SHl1ts they are.

    Trump WINS AGAIN!

  46. APilgrim says:
    @c matt

    Congress is exempt from defamation suits and criminal speech.

  47. bj says:
    @mike k

    You have lost your mind…..accusing men of rape!

  48. pyrrhus says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    Yes, Ms Mitchell did a very incompetent job, but it won’t matter. Kavanaugh will be confirmed Saturday, due to his own counterattack and refusal to be a victim.

  49. anarchyst says:

    It is interesting to note that the top 3 senators accusing Kavanaugh are all jews. Feinstein, Schumer and Blumenthal…
    Sorta tells you something…

  50. What we witnessed is one brief episode of an empire in it’s final stages of ruin & decay, with Goths & Vandals moving in to dismantle and despoil what little is left.

  51. Here is the reality!

    Democrats did try to play the same game as republicans did play on them under Obama’s end of term with his SC nomination.
    Deny, deny, postpone, postpone, by any possible means until the November election in a hope that they will have a majority in senate and congress. It did not work out.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  52. MacNucc11 says:

    I love Jesus and he loves me back. Jesus’s relatives and family would not be called Jews today but Palestinian Christians.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @RadicalCenter
  53. Anonymous[178] • Disclaimer says:

    Q: What devastated men,women, and children of Christian civilization?

    A: Christianity itself. Bad things happen when your society starts officially worshiping a magical Jewish Rabbi.

    • 313 AD Worship of a Jewish Rabbi decriminalized.
    • 400–800 AD Various famines in Western Europe associated with the Fall of the Western Roman Empire…population of the city of Rome fell by over 90%, mainly because of famine and plague.

    Think of 313 AD as The Great SJW Convergence.

    • Replies: @MacNucc11
    , @bj
  54. Anonymous [AKA "MerryMurray"] says:

    And your brain has six neurons.

    • Troll: anarchyst
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  55. MacNucc11 says:

    Very good article but this part left me a bit puzzled. Not sure about where this comes from but then was not able to access the accompanying link regarding Judge Napolitano. Not sure how he is described as a leftist, but then again at one point the constitution was really the leftist project with the bill of rights a concession to the conservative anti federalists. If there is a group that has been proved right again and again it is the anti federalists. Should be a national monument to these men with the inscription below, “Told you So” and listing all the abuses that occurred under the constitution.

  56. APilgrim says:

    Regarding ‘Reaping the Whirlwind’.

    Let those foul winds blow.

    It is TIME to Drain the Swamp, Burn the Stubble, & shoot any escaping VERMIN!

  57. Anonymous[259] • Disclaimer says:

    Jesus’s relatives and family would not be called Jews? That’s a lie that you’re telling yourself to get around the fact that Jewsus taught in Jewish Synagogues — and was extremely popular.

    “He taught regularly in their synagogues and was praised by everyone.” (((Luke 4:15)))

    And just like the Jews today, Jewsus had a burr up his jewass about Gentiles and despised their White Patriarchal Society, embodied in the Roman Empire at the time. Read Matthew 20:25, Mark 10:42, and Luke 22:25. If you’re a Gentile, Jewsus despised you, unless you sold out and became a submissive slave-boi to Jewsus Kike.

    “You are now a slave of Jewchrist.” 1 Corinthians 7:22

    No proud white man ever considers becoming a slave of a Jew. So what’s that make you?

  58. APilgrim says:

    Yid (Pseudo-Jews) are OVER-represented in Congress (& the Federal Courts).

    Chuck Schumer & Dianne Feinstein PROVED IT again, yesterday.

    That Senate Lynch Mob should be executed, for espionage, sedition, & insurrection.

  59. MacNucc11 says:

    You seem obsessed with the fact that Jesus and his followers were nominally Jewish but forget that Jesus essentially rejected Judaism and created a new religion that became the foundation of western civilization. Christianity and western civilization are one and the same thing. There is none without the other. In places where Christianity has been eliminated the civilization has disappeared. Our current culture and country are a case in point. Not eliminated but certainly in decline. Where it has been re-established as in Russia prosperity follows. What Christians have built around the world is constantly under attack. This is always the pattern.

  60. @WorkingClass

    The Constitution is no longer in force. It is buried under six feet of “interpretations” and in any case there is none to enforce it. It was written by white men you know.

    Written by white men? Where have you been? Check the Google images for James Madison and Thomas Jefferson in the Hamilton musical cast.

  61. anarchyst says:

    What part of IDF unit 8200 are you with?

  62. nickels says:

    Little miss pouty head cute face was a huge liar, obvious from the second I heard her.
    The kind of chick who can go from a little sad voice to screaming and throwing dishes and brandishing a knife in a heartbeat.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  63. bj says:

    ………….Mixtus Orbis

    The earth is a mix of good and evil.

    Christianity is not exempt from the nature of things.

    You see the evil, but deny the good.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  64. I often read The Unz Review for the rather excellent international analytical writings. A lot of which not only can be corroborated through other international wires but often takes a rather impartial look at the factual data behind the events being written about.

    However, with the recent atrocity that has been taking place in the current Senate hearings over the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, writings such as this one by Ilana Mercer seem to take on a very sinister, partisan tone that smacks of right-wing extremism.

    From the very opening of this piece Ms. Mercer immediately demonstrates an underlying lack of respect for Dr. Christine Ford (Dr. Christine Blah-Blah Ford) as if this woman came forward for the sheer spectacle of it all. Does Ms. Mercer have some inside information about this women that we don’t. If not, I would suggest that she avoid such derogatory judgements.

    Undoubtedly Ms. Mercer has never been sexually assaulted or has met women who have. I have met several women over the years who have had such experiences and to a person, none of them would ever risk such an event as the recent hearings have demonstrated.

    However, I can understand Ms. Mercer’s overall disgust with the entire situtaion since I can agree with her in several factors; the most egregious being that the Democrats used Dr. Ford as a pawn in their attempts to disallow Brett Kavanaugh from ever taking a seat on the Supreme Court.

    To. Ms Ford’s credit, she never wanted to be there and attempted to avoid it by contacting her own representatives months before Brett Kavanaugh was even selected for nomination.

    I listened to a majority of these hearings and I have to agree with the Democratic side of the interpretation of them; Brett Kavanaugh does not have the temperament to sit on the Supreme Court but I felt this way even before the Ford testimony became an issue. This man couldn’t even answer legal questions directly and obfuscated at every point. This is a man with an agenda who is being pushed down the nation’s throats with many “useful idiots” such as some on this thread have show to be with their unbridled support for the Republican position. But not to worry, you are in good company as most Americans are historically and politically ignorant people in general.

    The Republicans on the other hand were just as underhanded in their attempts to pack the Supreme Court not with what are popularly called conservative jurists but in fact in the actual lexicon of political science are known as reactionaries; some of the most dangerous political ideologues in the US political spectrum today that are only equaled by the lunatic fringe of neoconservatives that has captured the nation’s economic and foreign policy endeavors.

    What is worse is that a number of the respondents to this piece appear to be as ignorant of this event as Ms. Mercer is and promote their own brand of partisan politics with both sets of authors reducing a serious situation in our nation’s political infrastructure to hatred of Democrats with the idea that somehow Republicans are at some level of virtue that has been taken advantage of by the opposition. The classic example of Senator Graham’s tirade against the Democrats, a southern hick if there was one who denigrates the rich history of the Deep South simply by his existence on this planet. Every time that man opens his mouth he says something completely unintelligible that only one that is a classic narcissist can accomplish.

    What is worse is that Ms. Mercer makes fun of the event with her comments regarding Ms. Mariska Hargitay and others as suitable replacements for the vapid Ms. Mitchell, while a number or respondents took her bait and responded in kind. To begin With Ms. Hargitay does the SVU show out of a desire to bring a sense of understanding regarding abuse towards both men and women in the United States as the recent premier of season 20 demonstrates. She is also heavily involved in organizational work that supports those who have experienced such abuse in their lives.

    Ms. Mercer’s comments regarding Alan Dershowitz are even more laughable as the man is a complete clown and is hardly a superior jurist. One just has to read his various statements on subject matter to understand this.

    Believe it or not, the US Supreme Court has been a political sham since the end of the War for Southern Independence or as we Yankees like to call it, The American Civil War.

    If one were to read the voluminous documentation on this court’s history, it could easily been found how much damage this institution has done to US society. For one thing, what type of lunatic thinking provides such an institution with the power of being able to sit on its bench for life with the idea that this would reduce partisanship or eliminate a sitting jurist’s own agendas?

    We have seen how well that has worked out…

    Right now this institution is involved rolling back decades of social justice law (which in reality and Constitutionally was supposed to be left to the states), which if accomplished to completion will negatively effect every single reader of this piece. And the complaints will really roll in. So support Mr. Kavanaugh if you will.

    In the current situation, Trump and his Republican cohorts have made it very clear that they want people on the court who are very friendly to US business and have reactionary agendas (white men rule). And the Republicans have been quite happy to comply with this troglodyte’s inability to reason with anything beyond a candy-wrapper.

    Yet, we have an entire host of respondents to this post who have damned the Democrats without any denigration for the ignorant loons that populate the other side of the political divide.

    Both parties are an atrocious evil in our society and should be abandoned post-haste by all for a more parliamentary system that has much fairer representation of the populace at large. Of course, we can’t do that because we are America and we have our own Constitution.

    Well, guess what? America has become a sociological sewer, which has skewered a Constitution that has never been interpreted as it was supposed to be and instead has been violated on so many occasions in so many ways as to make any reading of it apply to present day political almost an impossibility. The worst of these transgressions began in 1898 when corporations were wrongfully considered having rights at the same level as Human beings.

    I would strongly suggest that Ms. Mercer and her supporters here get off their lazy, ignorant behinds and begin some in-depth studying of our Constitutional history and why we have landed up at this moment in time.

    I suggest that if you do you will not only be outraged but will look at the Republican senators in this hearing as just as vile as the Democrats on this committee.

    And for Ms. Ford… Well, to stand up to such an onslaught of denigration, you should only have such courage…

  65. @RadicalCenter

    Well, good father.
    On a French camping my wife and I slept in the house trailer, the two girls in a tent.
    At approx the appointed time, half past eleven or so, they were home, entered the tent, my wife and I went to sleep.
    Years later they told us that after entering the tent they noiselessly departed again, and returned say at four in the morning.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @Alden
  66. @MacNucc11

    Jesus, if he was a historical figure, certainly was a jew.
    However, what he preached was against judaism, dumb adhering to rules, seeing jews as the chosen people.
    So, was he a jew ?
    Russians overthrew the tsarist state, were they Russians, I suppose so.
    French decapitated their king, were they French, certainly, in my view.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  67. Eighthman says:

    If I were an Alien looking down on these proceedings, I would conclude:

    1) that Earth females are fragile, enfeebled, often traumatized persons inferior to men – as they seem obsessed over wrongs done decades past and emotionally bound to them, without respite.

    2) that psychology is a pseudo-science because it fails to produce strong, resilient, brave individuals even when they are experts in the field. Or even help their spotty memory.

    My mom was a strong independent woman. She would be disgusted.

  68. Jake says:

    Spoken like a Semite.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  69. mike k says:

    Glad you have such a high opinion of men. It feels really warm and cuddly to be protected by the ever vigilant patriarchs. I really appreciate our noble caring men for creating a world at peace by deconstructing the phony image of the noble warrior.

  70. Anonymous[861] • Disclaimer says:

    Jesus essentially rejected Judaism.

    Wrong. Jewsus himself will correct you’re common error.

    Jewsus: “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets.” Matthew 5:17

    Christianity and western civilization are one and the same thing?

    Wrong. History of European civilization didn’t start 33 AD. Ever hear of the Greeks and Romans? European civilization did fine before the Jewsus character was concocted. Ever read a history book?

    What Christians have built around the world is constantly under attack.

    Correct, globalism/universalism/internationalism directed by the International Jewsus is under attack, and for good reason. The following Globalism has failed:

    • John 3:16-17 For Jewgod so loved the universe [kosmos] … that the universe [kosmos] through him might be saved.
    • Go therefore and make disciples of all nations. Matthew 28:19
    • Proclaimed in his name to all nations. Luke 24:47

    • Troll: renfro
  71. Anonymous[861] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m White as the wind driven snow. I’m not a wannabee-Semite, honorary genital-mutilator like you.

    • Philippians 3:3 “For it is we [Christians] who are the Circumcision.”

    Now what, Jew-worshiper?

    • Replies: @Alden
  72. If we needed any further proof that the country is run by dickwads the judiciary committee hearings gave it to us. It is a pity that the well named Mr. Flake has probably ended his political career with the, well, flakiest performance this side of a rice krispie. Now you are going to send the FBI out to prove that something that was not a crime happened somewhere sometime in the summer of 1982.

    But nobody is allowed to heap cow dung on this. Hey, here’s the FBI questioning Mike Judge.

    FBI: so you say you weren’t there?

    Judge: Correct.

    FBI: can you tell us a little more?

    Or how about this!

    FBI: So you say you weren’t there?

    Judge: Where?

    FBI: You tell us.

    Am I the only one who sees this nonsense taken seriously as a breakdown of the language itself?

    Oh and if you saw the hearings did you watch what was going on in the halls? The way people walked? That there were no conversations. No one had any opinion about what was going on inside. A man’s life was being destroyed. It was brainless through and through. It was a parade of hopeless drudges on downers. And Flake! How can he be named Flake??

    • Replies: @Anon
  73. Lot of nonsense is happening on this thread coming mainly from some anonymous people.
    Concerning the nomination:
    There will be delay of the floor vote, to allow FBI to investigate one week which will have to be approved by Trump.
    You silly man I will tell you something about women. (But it is secret and you will have to keep it for yourself!}
    Women do not lie!!!!
    But women do not tell the truth either.
    Women tell what is most beneficial to them at the time.
    (Ages of oppression did teach them to be that way.)

    • Replies: @anon
  74. SMK says: • Website

    The fate of Trump and Kavanaugh, in the near future, won’t matter by mid-century, with the U.S. transformed into a nonwhite-majority country by massive Third-World immigration, supported by all democrats and a majority of republicans in obeisance to their billionaire donors and adherence to their globalist ideology. There are now 3 radical leftists on the Supreme Court, all female and feminist, two Jews and one Mestizo. If Hillary Clinton had been elected president -and she won the popular vote- there would now be 5 radical leftists on the SC. At least one of her nominees, confirmed by Republicans, would have been female, preferably a black. And perhaps both. And if one was male, I assume he would have been a black. In 30-40 years, if not sooner, all Supreme Court justices will be radical leftists, and all will be women, mostly nonwhite, and nonwhite males, blacks or Mestizos-Amerindians.

    • Replies: @Alden
  75. Anonymous[373] • Disclaimer says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Jew-worshiping Christians pride themselves on choosing a side in Jewish infighting, between Rabbi Jewsus and the other Rabbis, while despising the one White person in the Bible that acted with honor — he didn’t give a rip about Jewish infighting, and washed his hands of the matter, like any self-respecting White man should do.

    Must I add that, in the whole New Testament, there appears but a solitary figure worthy of honour? Pilate, the Roman viceroy. To regard a Jewish imbroglio seriously — that was quite beyond him. One Jew more or less — what did it matter? (Friedrich Nietzsche)

    Next, the Jew-worshiping Christians will attack the White man Nietzche for being insane, even though the Jew they worship was insane himself (Mark 3:21). Between Whites (e.g., Pilate/Romans or Nietzche) and Jews, Christians always go full Jew.

    They blame Whites (Roman soldiers) for all sorts of concocted offenses presented in the Jew Testament. They blame White civilization for trying to defend itself against Jew-worshiping Christianity. They bang on about the poor Martyrs, which is the original Holocaust/Shoa pity party for Jew-worshipers. They’re basically race traitors.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  76. Agent76 says:

    *EPIC* Seeks Injunction to Compel us Release of Kavanaugh Records

    EPIC has filed a motion seeking a preliminary injunction against the National Archives to compel the release of Brett Kavanaugh’s White House records about warrantless surveillance and the Patriot Act.

  77. Anon[296] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Cleaner

    On identifying those “dickwads” on the Judiciary Committee:

    dickwads (n.) niggers and kikes

    With Jews, you lose.
    Around Blacks, never relax.

    Now they’re ruling us in the Senate, and mocking our Fasces in the Senate Chamber, the symbol of White men banding together as equal brothers to defend their nation.

  78. bj says:
    @Steve Naidamast

    Does Ms. Mercer have some inside information about this women that we don’t.

    It is my opinion from observing Dr. Catherine Blasey Ford is that she is an asset in a psychological operation. Her body language and opportunism suggests cynical manipulation of the political process. This observation is supported by her and her families connections to the CIA and her research in the area of mind control.







  79. bj says:

    More on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s body language……

  80. Allan says:
    @mike k

    Show evidence, please, then consult the 6th comment, by anastasia.

  81. @mike k

    Never abused a woman but I’d love to abuse you powder puff.

  82. Major1 says:

    She was suggesting Turley or Dershowitz be selected to conduct the cross-examination of “Dr” Ford, not to be nominated for SCOTUS.

    • Replies: @Alden
  83. anon[360] • Disclaimer says:

    Lot of nonsense is called “naming the Jew.” The Jews don’t like it. Neither do the Jew-worshipers. A Jew-worshiper, even a wannabee-Jew, aren’t you?

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  84. @Anonymous

    What is wrong with you????
    Jesus was not Jewish.
    King David was not Jewish.
    King Solomon was not Jewish.

    They are all descendants from Rachel.
    Rachel was not Jewish! She had a Jewish husband. He died. So she with her children and mother in law went back to Israel.
    Jewish law states that Jew is the one born of Jewish mother.
    And BTW I did talk to quite few Palestinians.
    They all were absolutely offended by claim that Solomon was Jewish king. They all claimed that Solomon was Palestinian king.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Alden
    , @Alden
    , @Allan
  85. @bj

    Thanks for bringing E Michael Jones into the discussion.

    Teen boys and teen girls have fooled around since the beginning of teen boys & girls, but elders — even those elders who behaved the same way in their youth, imposed restraints of various kinds.

    As Jones explains, a certain group has made a practice of destroying those restraints. While the Senate scurries to memorize their scripts and adjust their stage make-up to inform fawning media of their own virtue, and coincident outrage at the treatment meted out to victim Ford (btw “blah blah Ford” was Ilana’s one bright phrase), nobody talks about how (((entertainment))) and (((media))) have systematically corrupted family life and male-female relations, in the name of destroying life lived according to Logos.

    A number of years ago, at House committee hearing chaired by Dan Burton, Benjamin Netanyahu urged the congressmen and women to “beam in Beverly Hills 90210” and similar TV trash, to young people in Iran: “Make them want all these clothes, and swimming pools, and big houses . . . That’s subversive.”
    The audience as well as the Congressional panel tittered.
    The most amazing thing is that it did not seem to register with the Congresscritters that THEIR own young people were being “subverted,” to consider behavior like a 15-year old going to a beer party without, apparently, parental knowledge or permission, to be normal.

    It is, of course, ludicrous to attempt the claim that “da joos made me do it.” Kavanaugh and blah blah Ford made their own choices.
    But as Hillary told her devotees, “It takes a village . . .”
    When the Village normalizes “subversive” behavior, young people who are properly in the age and situation of testing and developing their own mores, find themselves all at sea for boundaries and appropriate norms.
    In the Catholic world that I grew up in, we recited, perhaps without fully understanding, that “lead us not into temptation” meant that we were to “avoid the near occasions of sin.” That applied to everyone, from child to teen to adult; and for the Adult, it meant that one must never set out to be the source of temptation — of “subversion,” because that unbalanced the life of reason and moderation — of Logos.

    In my opinion, those who have made fortunes, and gained advantage, by fragmenting those boundaries — “subverting” cultural mores and Logos — are the ones whose lives and families should be shamed and shattered.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Marat
  86. The absolute best thing that could happen for the Democrats, and the worst for Republicans would be to get Kavanaugh in and have him overturn Roe vs. Wade. Anybody who doesn’t understand this is a dumb cluck. Abortion is the only issue on which Republicans get elected. Abortion is the only club clueless Republicans have to beat Democrats with. Republicans absolutely love Roe vs. Wade. It is their meat and potatoes and cherry pie all rolled up into one. Without it, the Republican party will just fade away. There can be no doubt of this, if you are not blinded by irrational emotion.

    What will happen then? All states but hillbilly states will pass laws legalizing abortion. If a woman wants an abortion, she just takes a bus from, say Kentucky to Illinois. Eventually, the hillbilly states will fall in line. And that will be it for that “earth-shaking” “issue.”

    So all right-thinking people, especially democrats, support Kavanaugh all the way!

    • Replies: @anon
  87. Anonymous[575] • Disclaimer says:

    You’re in denial. You worship a Jew, called a “Rabbi” throughout the Jew Testament, who taught in their Synagogues. But you don’t want to admit the truth. You’re embarrassed. You have enormous contradictions to resolve. I doubt you’re honest enough to try.

  88. @anon

    No I do not want to be wannabe Jew. I could have been a Jew. I was invited.
    I did decline. I knew that in the end Jews will loose and they will be persecuted.
    History repeats itself. (I do have some Jewish blood in me.)

  89. @Haxo Angmark

    The Constitution was replaced by the Patriot Act.

  90. Alden says:

    I believe that was either Ruth or Naomi
    One was the Jewish mother in law. One was the non Jewish wife of her son.

    Rachel was both parents Jewish the sister of Leah. Their father tricked their husband into marrying both of them after 14 years of slavery.

  91. @jilles dykstra

    Nobody’s perfect, parent or child. You sound like you have common sense about the risks to your children and are not dangerously naive or indifferent like many parents today.

    • Replies: @Alden
  92. Alden says:

    The supremes have been radical anti Whites since 1971 the Griggs case affirmative action.

    Idiot Whites making \$150,00 PA obsess about tax and environmental laws that benefit monopolies and applaud that the anti trust laws haven’t been enforced for 70 years. They pray that the satanic supreme scumbags will overturn Roe vs Wade so the black population will soar to 35 percent instead of 12 percent and Hispanics soar to 70 percent

    And they don’t realize that although they managed to circumvent affirmative action they can be laid off any time and never get a job again because they are White.

    Or why I’m not a conservative which is a synonym for loser.

    I hope Kavanaugh makes it but only because it infuriates the Democrats.

    But like the rest of the supreme satanic scumbags, he will vote in favor of affirmative action if it comes up.

    Last but not least, where were all the professional White collar men when the Cleveland Ohio construction labor unions and the Kaiser steel mill workers union and San Francisco firemen’s union and a few police unions acted like White men defending their White race and filed anti affirmative action lawsuits?

    I’ll tell you where the White professional white collars workers were,
    sitting in their cubicles taking s**t from their obese black sow affirmative action managers.

    In union there is strength. One for all and all for one.

    No wonder Marx and Engels had such contempt for the bourgeoisie.

  93. Che Guava says:

    I would never consider them ‘the greatest deliberative body in the world’.

    Bunch of self-important posers, sure.

    Ford is funny, all of the photos before the hearing made her look vaguely presentable .

    Then you see the reality, triple-chin, premature turkey-neck, obvious wig or dyed hair.

  94. @Alden

    Sorry; then it must have been Ruth. (I positively remembered only firs letter.)
    She said something like this to mother in law: Your people will be my people and your God will be my

    • Replies: @Alden
  95. CMC says:

    Yes, who wouldn’t have wanted Dershowitz or someone like him to have given the rhetorical version of a Mike Tyson first round knockout?

    Maybe that would have been possible.

    What I’m wondering about is who agreed to limit the questioning in terms of time —both the five minute segmentation, but also the apparent two-hour or so total time limit? Has anyone reported on the nitty gritty of that deal? ‘Every battle is won or lost before it is ever fought,’ the Art of War line goes. Given the time limits —and again, who wanted them? Who agreed to that? Ford’s own personal attorneys? If so why aren’t the Republicans putting that fact on blast? But, again, given the time limits, what more could be done?

    Maybe the GOP plan was or is to agree agree, then power the nomination through, and then, if necessary, challenge her more on the better ground of an impeachment proceeding/trial? An impeachment trial, which, I understand, would be, by definition, more of a trial? As more of a trial it would have different presumptions, and one might conduct a longer, uninterrupted, and more thorough and possibly devastating examination of the accussor?

    Again, who agreed to the time limits and why?

  96. Alden says:

    America is the official magazine of the Jesuit Order in America. It is ultra, ultra left and always has been. Of course it is in favor of affirmative action even all it does in America is run prestige high schools and many universities. One would think that they would be against affirmative action because they run those prestige high schools. But they are liberals, eat their own, endorse affirmative action for unqualified black Protestants while White Catholics are discriminated against. I guess they don’t know realize that Jewish liberals hate Catholics on the Satanic Supreme Scumbags because of abortion. Jesuits are like all Catholics supposed to be against abortion.

    AMERICA The Jesuit Review


    Politics & SocietyEditorials

    The Editors: It is time for the Kavanaugh nomination to be withdrawn

  97. @Amen

    “Townhall just reported that…”

    apparently not:

    there’s a neat tells-ya-(((who)))-rules photo showing the (((Feinstein))) literally pinning Lisa Murkowski to a wall and issuing orders. Flake was the other Judas.

    Trump, meanwhile, tweeted that was “deeply impressed” by “Dr.” Ford’s “testimony”. Thereby shooting his own appointee right in the head.

  98. Alden says:

    The Jewish part of the bible is just incest rape seduction lying cheating trickery and genocide. I
    Slay is the most used verb and enemy is the most used noun in the entire book.

    I was appalled in first grade Sunday School

  99. gutta percha [AKA "gp"] says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    “that’s just how we rolled back in the late 70′s and early 80′s. ” That’s what I’ve been trying to tell people. The ones who did not live thru that era simply do not believe me. America transformed, beyond recognition, beyond memory.

  100. gutta percha [AKA "gp"] says:

    The ladies see the monsters of their feminine psyches. The cucks see another path to appeasement. SJWs see blood in the water, the opportunity to strike at whites, males, conservatives, normals, liberty, and the caricature of frat culture that lives in their heads. Rational people see the abandonment of logic, evidence, due process, orderly procedure. This is the biggest public mania since Tulip Fever.

  101. Suddenly I did hear the flashing of the toilet. I did look but all I could see was Maga hat turning and than disappearing. And then I have seen Me too finger on the #2 flush button.
    Good night USA.

  102. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    No, Ilyana, not the same.

    The republicans merely refused to hold a vote on garland’s nomination.
    They did not falsely accuse Garland and try to destroy his reputation forever.

  103. @MacNucc11

    Deluded. Jesus was Jewish.

    Not only was Jesus racially Jewish — he would have been vastly more Semitic / Middle Eastern in Genetic terms compared to today’s Ashkenazi “Jews”, who are heavily european (almost universally they are a large part Italian, and to a much lesser extent in many cases Germanic or Slavic). I’ll again cite Jon Entine’s column about the substantial Italian genetic contribution found by a genetic study of Ashkenazi Jews, found at the website of Genetic Literacy Project.

    Either accept that a Jewish man was the saviour sent by God, or don’t, but either way he was racially, genetically Jewish. And if you believe that God really did send him as a saviour of mankind, that he was even divine himself, then to a Christian why would it matter that God chose someone in a Jewish body?

  104. Alden says:

    Solomon didn’t exist. The Palestinians were right though. The warlords and headmen of Palestinian 1,000BC were the ancestors of the present day Palestinians.

  105. Does anybody know if Kavanaugh is a Bonesman?

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Alden
  106. Alden says:

    Dershowitz is a defense attorney. Using a prosecutor was better because prosecutors have to prove every charge they made.

    So she kept asking questions Ford couldn’t answer which made it obvious Ford couldn’t prove her charges.

    It was an excellent idea. And the experienced rape prosecutor announced that she would never file rape charges based on Ford’s accusations

  107. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Ruth, from Moab, was the daughter in law of Naomi. Naomi was Jewish.

    Rachel was not. Neither was her sister, father and mother. Her mother in law was also her aunt, sister to her father. They were Aramean.
    Jews were still a long way off.

    I understand there are Christians who think that Abraham and Moses were Jews. Which could not be further from the truth.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  108. Alden says:

    Oh, the Bible quoting Christian hater is back. Having no interest in the Bible or religion I always skip your posts.
    For a long time I thought you were some fundamentalist evangelical trying to convert us.

  109. Anonymous[364] • Disclaimer says:

    Abraham and Moses are fictional characters. Anybody but simple-minded magic believers realizes that now.

  110. Alden says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Sounds familiar. When my boys were 11 they’d sneak out at night and go play Pac-Man at the nearby stores. They got jobs selling newspaper subscriptions for money to feed into the PAC MAN machines. They had an Atari but preferred the thrill of sneaking out.

    I thought they were such good boys, obedient sweet polite did the laundry and other chores.

  111. Alden says:

    Do you know anyone who has children under 21?

  112. @Steve Naidamast

    “And for Ms. Ford… Well, to stand up to such an onslaught of denigration, you should only have such courage…”

    I think her GoFundMe is already over a half-million \$ … that plus future book and movie rights will help ease the pain, just like it did for Anita Hill.

    BTW, if SCOTUS is such a farce in your book, why bother wasting so much time to vent your spleen?

    This is naked politics by both sides, but the soulless Dems are so much better at it that the brainless Republicans. One more week of delay gives the party that counts among its supporters the best graphic artists and sound engineers in America plenty of time to produce hard evidence.

    BTW, saw Chappaquidick on a flight today … talk about getting away with murder. They’ll probably run Kavanaugh off a bridge before they let him be seated. Can’t wait to see how ballistic they will go if Trump gets the opportunity to replace Ruth Buzzi Ginsberg.

  113. anon[694] • Disclaimer says:

    Honestly this whole Roe v. Wade is made into something much bigger than it really is. The Dems care a lot about it, but I think a lot of American conservatives these days are much more concerned with immigration than abortion or guns. Only a small minority of really religious people still care about RvW, and only a very small minority of gun toting hicks still care about the 2nd amendment, and most of them don’t vote.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  114. anon[694] • Disclaimer says:

    Doubt that somehow. He got into Yale law and graduated #1 from Yale Law School, you don’t get that kind of academic career by partying all the time. As he said he busted his butt in undergrad to get into Yale Law.

  115. anon[694] • Disclaimer says:
    @Spartoi Dragon

    2) Mazie Hirono the snarling bitch made one question the need of Hawaii, with its excessive colored population, to be in the Union and the need to bring in additional non-white-Christian peoples to undermine the greatest country ever founded on God’s green earth…

    Agree. Went to Maui recently, it was like going to a 3rd world country. Even the poshest part with 4 or 5 star resorts on Kanaapali beach were totally run down. Expensive hotels on the beach served almost inedible food and charged a fortune. Old junky cars are abandoned everywhere, even along the freeway. Supermarkets are disgustingly dirty and everything cost a fortune. Service is bad wherever you go. Development is completely unplanned, cramped, crowded and everything felt old and run down.

    I’ve been to 3rd world countries that are better developed, with much better food, service and cost 1/10th of what Maui costs. Not rushing back anytime soon.

    Plus they got that shit head judge Derrick Watson who’s always blocking Trump’s immigration EO’s. Cut these guys loose and let them go form their own independent nation.

  116. Alden says:
    @Steve Naidamast

    Ms Ford and her brother are third generation CIA. Grandfather was an assistant director, father a CIA contractor who ran a CIA bank.
    Brother worked for Black Rock Fund a CIA investment fund. Ms Ford is director of the CIA recruitment center in Palo Alto California

    She is a CIA employee doing this under orders of the CIA.

    Her sponsor in all this mess is Senator Feinstein. It was recently revealed that a Chinese spy was manager of Feinstein’s San Francisco office and her personal driver. Feinstein’s husband is a multi billionaire who made his money from Chinese slave labor factories.

    I’m a woman. Like virtually all women things have happened to me. My main beef with men is the incessant approaches when I’m out and about in public. I know it’s just friendly flirtation when it happens constantly it’s very irritating.

    I too, like all woman was mauled while “making out” as it was called. He did apologize a few days later. A man was in a parking lot pulled a gun on me and told me he would kill me if I didn’t get into his car so he could rape me. Gun was pointed 2 feet from my stomach. I screamed and he ran away.

    Almost all women have been mauled by a date. And almost all women have a serious rape attempt or their life Sometimes it happens when we are 16. Sometimes it happens when we are 60 But eventually it happens to most women Get a group of women over 40 together and 8 out of 10 endured a rape or rape attempt.

    In addition to being a woman I was a probation officer and had the rape case load for many years .

    I didn’t do the investigations of course but it was a small county and criminal courts police probation district attorney morgue jail all in the same building So we all knew each other ..

    I did this before and I’ll do it again so you, who are completely ignorant of criminal investigation of any crime can learn how a criminal investigation is done

    If you don’t understand the difference between accusation and charge I’ll explain the difference.

    Accusation is A claims B did something.
    Mommy, brother hit me. Brother, no, you hit me

    A charge is made when police decide there is good reason to believe a crime has been committed and arrrsts a suspect. It doesn’t mean suspect is guilty of the crime, just that there is good reason to believe suspect committed a crime

    The next charge is when a district attorney, after an investigation decides there is enough evidence to prove that the suspect committed that crime in a trial The standards of evidence in this country are very high.

    Ford was questioned by an experienced rape prosecutor who informed the press that there was no reason to prosecute whatever Ford claims happened to her.

    Ford claimed that when she was 15 she was at a swimming pool and heard about a party and decided to go. She first claimed it was a big raucous party lots of kids

    She claimed Kavanaugh dragged her into a bedroom shoved her on a bed and both kissed her and put his hand over mouth to stop her from screaming. She escaped. She has about 6 versions of how she escaped from the locked room

    Later she changed her story. there was no party. Only she and 4 others cane to someone’s empty house. The others were Kavanaugh Leland Keyser her school friend a girl and Smith and Judge 2 boys. They went right upstairs into a bedroom and Kavanaugh shoved her down on the bed

    professional investigation and evidence

    The 3 people the lying witch claimed were in the bedroom and witnesses all hired attorneys who wrote letters to the committee that it never happened Therr was no party or the 5 arriving at an empty house and going right upstairs to a bedroom.

    The men went to school and knew Kavanaugh. The woman, her friend had her attorney stating that the attack never happened and that she didn’t even know Kavanaugh.
    Ford is lying and only an ignorant naive idiot would feel any sympathy for the CIA employee doing what CIA higher ups ordered her to do.

    Soooooo Let’s pretend it’s summer of 1982 and I’m a sex crimes detective in the Maryland town the 15 year old lying witch lives in. Let’s say it’s Silver Springs. Her mother brought her to the police station the day after the liar says something happened.

    The uniform on the desk calls me to come and take the report I’m me, a woman cop who delights in arresting rapists and collecting evidence that will convict them. I work closely with the prosecutor as I investigate.

    Q. What happened?
    A. Kavanaugh assaulted me last night.
    Q what’s his description address?
    A Can’t describe him don’t know address.
    Q what exactly did he do?
    A pushed me down on a bed either kissed me or out his hand over my mouth then I escaped.

    I decide it’s some kind of 2nd degree assault after going over take off clothes grab breast frottage etc

    Q where did this happen
    A at a party
    Q I mean where was the party house beach where
    A it was at a house but I don’t know where
    Q what town silver springs Potomac Chevy chase
    A I don’t know what town
    Q you’re 15 can’t drive how did you get there?
    A I don’t know
    Q walk drive take a bus bike?
    A I don’t know
    Q any witnesses?
    A Leland Keyser my girl friend 2 boys Smith and Judge friends of Kavanaugh
    Q what’s their phone numbers and addresses?
    A I only know Leland’s

    At this point I’d type up a statement and have the lying witch sign it.

    I’d get on the phone books of south eastern Maryland looking for Smiths and Judges Also the property records and utility bills DMV registration. Well I’d look for judges, not Smiths

    About 2 I’d leave for her friend Leland’s house If her mother was home I’d go in and wait. If no one was home I’d wait till a teenage girl arrived ask if she was Leland and ask about the non party non assault.

    I’d go back to the station call the mother and tell her no witness no evidence no case.

    Then I’d finish my report no witness case closed. If Ford had not been obviously a lying witch I might tell the mother I’d keep trying to track down the boys

    I was a probation officer and had the rape case load for many years. I know a lot more about it and how to investigate it than you do.

    How dare you defend that lying witch who works for the CIA. It’s obvious it’s a CIA operation. She was selected as victim because she went to girls schools Holton. Kavanaugh went to Georgetown Prep at the same time and the schools held parties and events together

    That’s how same sex schools arrange things. The school administrators arrange parties for the parties for the kids and the kids date each other

    So the CIA wanted to attack Kavanaugh. They searched and searched for any woman who worked with or knew Kavanaugh who would come forth as a sex assault victim.

    They couldn’t find one. Finally they searched law school then college finally law school. Probably searched their own personnel records. CIA checks go all the way back to grade school, even for 3rd generation employees and contractors.

    So they found that a CIA employee went to what’s known as a sister school to his school Georgetown Prep.

    You sympathize with her, the lying CIA witch traumatized for 37 years about something that never happened.

    I thought I would die and leave 4 babies, 4 month old twin boys and 2 girls 16 months old and 28 months old.

    But I’m an arrogant tough proletarian deplorable redneck and did what we do. I opened my mouth and screeched a banshee howl and the rapist ran

    Then I took pen and paper out of my purse wrote down his license plate. Then I drove to the police station and made the report. Then I drive home and forgot about it.

    The lying witch Ford I faking all this delicate flower c**p. She’s CIA for gods sake.

  117. Alden says:

    Don’t bother replying to Anonymous bible quoter He hates and despised Christianity because it is based on Judaism. He’s memorized the Bible and just posts the Bible.

    I thought he was some kind of fundamentalist evangelical Christian. But he posts the Bible quotes to prove Christianity is based on Judaism and that the earliest Christians were Jews

    Big whoop. He seems to think that Christians don’t know about Judaism and early Christianity.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  118. Alden says:

    Dershowitz is a White hating pro criminal anti law and order ACLU ADL AJC NAACP Israel Uber alles liberal Jew.

    Nuff said

  119. Alden says:

    If he is a Bonesman, the Jewish attack on him proves that the WASP elite is not just dead but buried

  120. Alden says:

    Who cares, like every republican conservative satanic supreme scumbag, he will vote in favor of affirmative action if it ever comes up again.

  121. Alden says:
    @Steve Naidamast

    What about the denigration of Kavanaugh you unspeakable liberal POS? I bet you think OJ was innocent because he’s black and the detectives are White.

    Every detective and attorney in the country who has ever dealt with everything from the most horrible rape and murder to exposers is falling off the couch laughing at Fords ridiculous accusations and the media coverage, including me

  122. Alden says:
    @Steve Naidamast

    Sinister partisanship that smacks of extremism? So you think the Democrats and the paid mobs that roamed the grounds and the building were well behaved?

    Ford, the CIA employee doing her job has courage. Did you hear and look at her? She was on some combination of Prozac and Vicodin to keep her tranquil.

    She’s got a go fund me half million and growing every minute Half probably coed from Feinstein’s slave labor factory operator husband.

    The witch has courage? Every year thousands of women manage to fight or scare off men who are bigger more muscular and armed with knives and guns.

    That’s courage, not acting out a script her employer write doped up and supported every inch of the way within a million dollar go fund me at the end.

    She was the one who insisted on that circus you uninformed fool. The republicans offered to go out to California and let her tell her story in total privacy, just her and the committee.

    She refused and insisted on acting out the CIA script.

    The CIA and the liberals will probably kill Kavanaugh. What about his wife and young daughters?

  123. Alden says:

    It’s getting worse. The state of Maryland abolished the statute of limitations for all sex offenses from rape to a rub on a crowded subway.

    The State of Maryland and the Montgomery County sheriff plan to open investigations into the sex life of Kavanaugh from childhood on.

    This happens to many Whites in the workplace. Once the liberals go after you it’s all over. I knew a woman a liberal Democrat by the way very sympathetic to blacks who the third day of a new job was summoned by the HR gestapo feminazis and fired because one of the obese black sows claimed she called the sow a the n word . I explained about blacks in the workplace; men lechers women worse pure evil who work one hour and gossip intrigue bitch and complain argue fight throw tantrums and are constantly taking time off to go to their thug sons and boyfriends criminal
    trials and bail hearings.

    Instead of the n word I use ObsoleteFarmEquipment pronounced Ofee

  124. @bj

    I congratulate you on your ability to read body language with reliability significantly above random (even amongst most professionals like police who may receive training which is meant to help). Did you not wonder about the voice over interpretation that made something of Ms Ford opening and closing her mouth? How about inquiring if her nasal passages were blocked enough to require her to breath through her mouth from time to time?

    • Replies: @bj
    , @Zumbuddi
  125. @QuasiQuasimodo

    OK but you should have been more careful than to say “good points” to anastasia’s crazy rant which gets the basic and critical facts completely wrong. Incidentally, even if it had been rape why would Anyone think the “hi” to the offender a few weeks later was strange?

    Unfortunately the possibility of middle class boys from a Jesuit boys school c. 1982 behaving with such crude ineptitude with a teenage girl after drinking alcohol is not implausible. Nor is it implausible that a girl, possibly primed with lots of sensible advice, all based on the male being so much stronger and not necessarily tame and civilised, should suffer a kind of long lasting PTSD despite not being raped or even injured. (I rely on the advice of mature women who know how it happens and that only some can shrug it off).

    As identity is apparently key I would like to know about the contents of the counsellor/psychiatrists notes of 2012 and any other early occasion of allegedly naming Kavanaugh. Have I missed something? On reflection my thought that her prima facie credibility (for those not blessed with superior body language reading skills) would be hugely enhanced by showing that she had named Kavanaugh many years ago but, on reflection, one would want to explore possible reasons for that as well as how consistent her earlier confidential account was with her testimony. Anything known?

  126. @Da Wei

    Not vitiated by her blatant errors? See #119

  127. @Swan

    See my approx. #119 or #120. I am surprised at the partisan willungness to overlook weaknesses.

  128. @nickels

    I had missed your prior claim (before bj) to outlier skills in the notoriously unreliable skill of body language reading (at least as an aid to detecting lies). What do you say might have been the reason for her opening and closing her mouth which was thought so significant by the anonymous commentator? What odds against a stuffed up nose?

  129. @SolontoCroesus

    Mores change and in many ways can be argued to have declined by standards we would like to uphold as objectively superior. But could you not wear another hat, manipulated with mental dexterity, and see what you wrote as Old Fogey’s stuff from one who had the blinkers on about post WW2 middle class prosperity plus opening of opportunity and aspiration to women plus – the really big one – the pill? Vatican ll surely made quite a contribution too as educated Catholic women like Germaine Greer (“The Female Eunuch”) joined the revolution.

  130. @Curmudgeon

    I have absolutely no desire to support the Democrats behaviour (though, en peasant, considering their contributions as speeches to the nation, I thought Kamala Harris several cuts above the rest) but I wonder if you aren’t muddled. Anaiogies to legal principles of natural justice (hearing both sides, notice of what is alleged, but….independent adjudicators???) can rightly be invoked for a proceeding where it can be said that the Senate owes it to the country to do justice – subject perhaps to a higher duty to make sure that no unsuitable candidate is appointed to SCOTUS. However you seem to be calling on Republicans to jettison natural justice when attacking Diane Feinstein.

  131. @mike k

    And you have another pull on that pork sword. I’m sure no woman ever had to worry about your gender-confused ass.

  132. @mike k

    Thank God Democrats are saint’s such as Bill “cigar” Clinton. I have a list of your “angels” if you dare to have a look.

  133. @bj

    Thank’s for sharing this bj, Iv’e been meaning to search for a video on cute little Chrissy’s body language. I heard just what I suspected I would.

  134. Anon[350] • Disclaimer says:

    How many “old line Country Club Republican WASPs” do you know/Have you known/have confided their thoughts to you? Have you read some private correspondence? In short what is the evidence which you rely on to make it sensible for reafers to treat your view of what they hate as having any substance?

  135. @Alden

    Very interesting if that CIA connection is correct. How do you suggest we should check/verify?

    What is the CIA’s motive to interfere with the Kavanaugh appointment? It has to be something pretty big.

    My scepticism was set off by your saying that Black Rock in one of whose funds I have a modest investment is closely connected with, even owned and controlled by the CIA. I’ve done a bit of checking and still think it makes you look a bit off the planet which is not the usual impression you convey. I hope you’re not becoming an annamaria type believer in mad stuff from all over the internet.

  136. Allan says:

    I think that you have generalized incorrectly about Jewish law. First, Karaites reject matrilineality, and they were more prominent in the past than they are today. Karaites reject also the Babylonian Talmud and the Jerusalem Talmud. So it’s false to suppose, as you imply, that there is a single unified system of Jewish law, i.e. Jewish way to walk. Given that Karaites have their own system of instruction and learning, it’s reasonable to add that there is a third Talmud in addition to the two just mentioned. You might also notice that Karaites share Jesus’ disgust with Israelites who place their own sectarian traditions above Torah. See Mt. 15:6-7. (Read on through v24 for an important announcement about the intended beneficiaries of Jesus’ mission.)

    Second, how is descent traced throughout much of Tanakh? Was this done matrilineally alone? or do we find evidence of an important patrilineal tracing of descent?

    A third weakness of your claim is evident from the Gospels published under the names Matthew and Luke. The authors and editors were concerned to show patrilineal descent from Abraham and David, and Luke traces all the way back to Adam and God. Why would Matthew and Luke do this if matrilineality is the primary means of establishing tribal membership among Israelites? Your claim, if correct, appears to make the evangelists guilty of inserting unisraelite notions into the concept of the messiah and the prophesies through which the Israelites promised a messiah to theirselves.

    • Replies: @Steve Naidamast
  137. @Alden

    So what’s your point??? Except that you believe Dr. Ford is a “lying witch”. Big deal…

    As to Dr. Ford’s connection to the CIA I found that a simple Internet search will provide nothing of credibility on this subject. All of it was nothing but pure speculation, innuendo, and propaganda.

    When I see an in-depth article with credible analysis on this matter, I’ll let you know.

    As I said in my own response, I find the The Unz Review’s articles on international issues very well written. However, when I see such articles as this where people can begin taking sides based upon speculation and morality, the nut-jobs come out of the woodwork…

  138. @Allan

    A very interesting response.

    I was under the impression that the Karaite Jews only abided by the Old testament. That being said I did not read anything to suggest that they developed their own Talmud.

    On another interesting point, I read a document a number of weeks back (However, I have not corroborated this information.) that Adolph Hitler exempted the Karaite Jews from any consequences from the Nuremberg Laws and they were not to be harmed. This may explain why it was found that a Jewish hospital was running in Berlin throughout the war.

  139. bj says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    You are intellect! Lawyers are selected and trained to restrain instinct which apprehends body language. You do not respond accurately to tells, as your intellect over rides the instincts of the natural balanced human being.

    Your lack of awareness of your limitations and programming do not give you license to mock or ridicule the capabilities of more balanced human beings. A robot does not understand the world and capabilities of a human being. Your posts strike me as robotic, sterile, and pompous.

    In short…..fuck off.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  140. MBlanc46 says:

    GOP Betrayal. That is a redundancy.

  141. @anon

    No they do not.

    Republicans get elected on abortion and abortion alone. Without it as a club to beat Democrats they are out forever. You understand nothing.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @Anonymous
  142. MarkinLA says:

    Trump got elected on immigration and not abortion.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  143. Anonymous[364] • Disclaimer says:

    Pray tell the boon of worshiping Jews.

  144. Anonymous[364] • Disclaimer says:

    “Just posts the Bible.” So how does just posting the Bible make one a Christian hater? Care to explain?

  145. @bj

    Well I hope I’ll have you as one of my benefactors at the poker table who thinks I don’t respond to tells and indeed has picked up from some fake facts site that lawyers are trained to ignore body language. Lawyers, one trusts, have all been trained to, and become practised at questioning all supposed evidence and reactions to it.

    You might benefit from reading up some of the research on who can read body language. And you might consider how happy you would be to rely on the instincts of juries of 12 that convict people on a unanimous vote and are later found to have got it wrong.

    BTW this is an interestingly different view

    If you can’t get the whole without a subscription, do as I did and put just a few of its words into Google. I was able to open the whole from one of the links that turned up.

  146. Anonymous[205] • Disclaimer says:

    I voted Trump, and I’m glad for abortion being in big cities keeping the nigger population from exploding. I am against white girls getting abortions, but they don’t much anyway. Tiny, tiny issue.

    I’m a one-issue voter: 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. That’s it. Makes politics real simple. Trump delivered everything I voted for with the first Supreme nomination. Anything else is just icing on the cake.

    Immigration is a huge issue, but the 2A takes care of that too, eventually.

    The violent nationalists who WILL address the problems you caused are no more to blame for the necessity of their terrible actions than white blood cells can be blamed for the diseases they attack.

    Your skin is your uniform

  147. Anonymous[205] • Disclaimer says:

    2A single-issue voter for Trump here. 2A takes care of immigration and its proponents when the time comes.

    Deliver our nation from immigration.
    Deliver our people from invasion.
    Deliver us from Arab, Black, and Asian.

    St. Breivik, pray for us.

  148. Dan Hayes says:

    To One & All:

    Ya gotta give Ilana credit for her prescience in correctly predicting that Rachel Mitchell’s performance would be a dud verging on fiasco.

  149. anon[337] • Disclaimer says:

    Her most vivid memory was the two boys loudly laughing?

    If someones intention to rape was thwarted, what is funny about that? Shouldn’t he have been angry?

    Kav was very achievement oriented. I don’t think he would have just given up.

    Why was she traumatized for life? She won, no?
    Its not automatic that surviving a life threatening event is a major trauma. People are frequently elated afterward.

    All we have is her practiced narrative about her feelings.

  150. Zumbuddi says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Re Ford’s Fear of Flying: does she take lresctiption medication to relax her in those traumatic situation

    Re Ford’s Polygraph exam: per her teztimo y, it was conducted in a hotel co ference room near Baltimore Washington Airport just after attending her grandmother’s funeral, and just before boarding another flight.
    She said she was “crying.”

    Had she taken pre-flight relaxant?

    What is the protocol for admi isterjng a polygraph in a situation of such high stress?

    Aren’t most people told that best lrep for lie dete tlr test is to be well rested, relaxed, no drugs or alcohol?
    Who made the decisions to administer polygraph at just that time and circumstance?

  151. Marat says:

    “It takes a village” only if the nuclear family has been blown apart and you want to re-engineer the family structure. “Modern Family” is one such edutainment supplement in case anyone didn’t get the memo. “Will and Grace” wasn’t broad-based enough after gay marriage was passed. Love Wins!

  152. APilgrim says:

    Far too many YIDS are crucifying that Kavanaugh Christian Judge, IMHPO.

    Bloomenthal, Schumer, Feinstein … your Sanhedrin is showing.

    Some Jews DESERVE Gassing! IMHPO

  153. APilgrim says:

    So, the Yiddish crucifixion of Christian Judge Roy Moore is ‘Off Topic’?

    Meanwhile Christian Judge Brett Kavanaugh is being crucified, by YIDS.

    As was Christian Judge Clarence Thomas and Christian Judge Robert Bork.

    Seems ‘On Topic’ to me.

  154. APilgrim says:

    Christine Margaret Blasey Ford testiLIED to the Senate last week.

    It was not a very convincing performance by the delusional liar. There is no physical evidence and no corroborating testimony to support her FICTIONS. All correlations have been negative. She LIED about Lie Detectors, Kavanaugh, and everything else. “Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.”

    Who falls for that kind of Cheap BS?

  155. APilgrim says:

    Christine Margaret Blasey Ford lied about Lie Detectors in her senate testimony.

    Or was that her te\$tiMONEY?

  156. @Anonymous

    I’m not much of a bible scholar, but E. Michael Jones says Saint Paul declares the Jews to be the enemy, in some sense. Maybe it depends on how we are translating the relevant terms. Christians have a duty to be kind to all people whatever their faith or non-faith. Is there a special duty to support Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs?

  157. I got the feeling that neither party was very interested in the Truth. I myself was worried that Kavanaugh might be guilty and not be confirmed i.e. I desperately wanted to get a pro-life majority on the court. But the Truth can be a powerful force for good. I would happily trade the possibility that Kavanaugh would be proven “guilty” for the chance he would be proved innocent. Think how beneficial it would be if we could look the Dems in the eye and say, “So there! Your accuser is a fraud.” And that is the only way, I fear, that he CAN be confirmed, since the pressure on Flake, Collins, and Murkowski to vote him down is enormous.
    Republicans have failed in their job by refusing to do everything in their power to prove Kavanaugh is telling the truth and Ford is lying or severely deluded. It’s almost as if they wanted to get Kavanaugh through without embarrassing Ford. That is too ‘surgical’ a strike to be pulled off by a party as inept as the Republicans. By insisting that Kavanaugh’s accuser always be treated with dignity they undercut the reasonable assumption that one of the two is lying. Dems are happy to act on the assumption that Kavanaugh is lying, so once again we get the asymmetry: One party is trying to win and the other party is just as happy to lose.
    The GOP is crippled by the leftism of its big donors, who are only conservative on the issues of Israel and tax cuts. They encourage the GOP to use the evangelicals and Catholics as a “vote plantation” to whom they make promises they don’t intend to keep. You would think the conservatives would wake up but they never do, in part because their leaders are getting paid off.
    Even if Kavanaugh gets on the court we should devote every free minute to demonstrating his actual innocence of Ford’s charge. That is more important even than the midterms.

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