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Get Ivanka Out of the White House
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“Donald Trump must get those kids out of the White House,” a blunt South African observer of our politics barked at me, weeks back. “You’re looking more and more like us.” She was alluding to the nepotism on display in the Trump White House.

Since the president started strafing Syria, it has become evident that Trump’s favorite offspring needs to be booted from the People’s House. The British press, more irreverent than ours, seconded the broad consensus that Ivanka had nagged daddy into doing it. For The Kids: The First Daughter was, purportedly, devastated by the (unauthenticated) images of a suspected gas attack in Syria.

Brother Eric Trump confirmed it: “Sure, Ivanka influenced the Syria strike decision.” White House Spokesman Sean Spicer didn’t deny it.

Eric had headed back to the Trump Organization, as he promised during the campaign. Ivanka just wouldn’t go.

Who could fail to notice that the First Daughter, a cloistered, somewhat provincial American princess, has been elevated inappropriately in the White House, while First Lady Melania, a cosmopolitan steel magnolia, has been marginalized?

That Ivanka, now her father’s West Wing adviser, drove the offensive in Syria is but a logical deduction.

Ivanka promises that she and her poodle, Jared Kushner, are in compliance with the law. Clever lawyers told her so. Legalistic assurances pertaining to the 1967 Anti-Nepotism Statute mean nothing. Law is hardly the ultimate adjudicator of right and wrong. Donald’s daughter has no place in the White House, no matter how cutely she “argues” for her ambitions:

“I want to be a force for good.” (Who defines “good,” Ivanka? Limited and delimited government means that it’s not you.)

“I want to pursue my passions.” (Your passions, Ivanka, are not necessarily the people’s passions—or even within the purview of their government.)

Whether she’s tweeting about the accomplishment that is the war on Syria or about inflicting her kids on China’s first couple; Ivanka’s tweets have the insipid emptiness of a contestant in a beauty pageant.

“Proud of my father for refusing to accept these horrendous crimes against humanity.”
“Proud of Arabella and Joseph for their performance in honor of President Xi Jinping and Madame Peng Liyuan’s official visit to the US.”

Such provincialism and solipsism were certainly part of the Obamas’ international persona. Barack and Michelle gave the Queen of England an iPod, customized with images and audio from Mr. Obama’s inaugural and DNC addresses.

Wily Arabs are hip to White House dynamics. They know who’s running the White House and who to flatter. For doing their bidding, Syrian rebels—”we don’t know who they are,” cautioned the Old Donald—have even given President Trump an honorific:

Abu Ivanka al-Amriki: father of Ivanka the American.


I don’t think President Donald Trump’s dispiriting deviation of policy on Syria signaled a lack of core beliefs. What the folly of bombing Syria signals, very plainly, is that what Ivanka wants, Ivanka gets. Republicans and Democrats likely know it, but won’t say it. The former because Ivanka is a woman. Republicans dare not wage war on a woman, much less if she wages war on Syria. The latter because Ivanka is a Democrat by any other name.

In Ivanka you have a point person in an ostensibly populist, rightist administration who has no idea that men, not women, are lagging in the labor force and in institutions of higher and lower learning. Democrats appreciate that.

In Ivanka you have a businesswoman, in an ostensibly business-friendly administration, who has vowed to “close the [mythical] gender pay gap,” on our dime. A business magnate should have grasped the following logic: “If women with the same skills as men were getting only 78 cents for every dollar a man earns, men as a group would have long-since priced themselves out of the market. That entrepreneurs like Ivanka haven’t ditched men en masse to employ women suggests that different abilities and experience are at work, rather than a conspiracy to suppress women.” (“The Week of the Whining Womin”)

Democrat-dominated news networks are mum about the Susan Rice spying and unmasking scandal. GOP TV is deaf and dumb about the clash between the America First faction of the administration (Steve Bannon) and the Kushner couple (Ivanka and Jared). The gentle reader should know by now that there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the standard operating procedure of the two parties and their media.

On Twitter, former supporters of Donald Trump were quick to turn on Jared Kushner. The hashtag #FireKushner gained momentum.

But I ask you to study Mr. Kushner. The man’s a mouse. Have you ever heard Jared Kushner utter a word in public? Do you even know what he sounds like? The poor man looks low T—like he might one day go the way of Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn Jenner. (I love LGBTQ, so long as they come in peace.)

Jared’s not wearing the pants in the Kushner castle. Behind every “good man” is a woman. Pushing, pushing. And that woman is the beguilingly beautiful Ivanka.

President Trump’s not listening to his uncharismatic son-in-law; he’s listening to Ivanka. And Ivanka is promoting Kushner, who is channeling Ivanka.

For Ivanka did Donald Trump ditch the policy he promised the Deplorables on Syria; not for her husband.

On daddy’s coattails has Ivanka Trump inveigled her way into the People’s House, where she’ll ambitiously promote her anemic husband and their joint agenda.

More than anything, Ivanka and Jared crave respectability. Both have been scarred by the scandals of their fathers. Befitting young Democrats in high-society, the Kushners would like to be able to press flesh with local and global elites. There will be none of that—no warm welcomes from the gilded and the glamorous at Davos, with Donald’s unsexy, America First agenda.


ILANA MERCER is the author of The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed (June, 2016). Follow her on Twitter & Facebook. Subscribe to ilana’s YouTube channel.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Donald Trump, Ivanka 
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  1. The person who could most likely convince Donald Trump to ignore Ivanka is Melania, and, as the author notes, she seems out of the picture at the moment. She may be preoccupied with their son, and, as a third wife, and someone who married him when he was already rich and famous, she may not be that influential. (It’s better to have a wife “you knew you when.”) The Donald-Ivanka relationship is, at best, complicated because of the way that Donald treated Ivanka’s mother.

    • Replies: @gustafus
  2. El Dato says:

    The British press, more irreverent than ours, seconded the broad consensus that Ivanka had nagged daddy into doing it. For The Kid.

    Getting nagged by his kids into doing Islamists’s bidding as they set up a false flag attack to goad him?

    That would mean Trump has reached “historical sucker level” proportions unbelievably fast. In Internet time, really.

    I get reminded of “Lord of War” where Yuri’s wife, Ava, wants to be “a force for good” and makes her gun-running husband support the (female) blue berets or something.

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Great article. Looking back to Ivanka in the campaign I can now see that what I took for composed and polished was merely a cunning sociopath as perfidious as her pater.

    I was a yuge Trump supporter. Gave lots of my time, money, sweat, and tears to get him elected. Worked for Trump in 5 battleground states. Traveled to the Inauguration. Talked family members into voting for him in both the primary and general. Today I am beyond disgusted with Trump and wonder if Hillary might not have been a better pick. At least she might have a smart U.N. Ambassador rather than a former beauty queen with Clemson marketing degree and fashion merchandising background. Or some Texas bumpkin with only a bachelor’s degree from an average state school. Say what you want about the Dems, but they filled their team with intellectual horsepower. I should have known better than to think working day-to-day in business doesn’t make up for never reading books and not being intellectually curious.

    Other friends and family members who strongly supported Trump feel the same way as I do. They would never vote for him again. Most are in battleground states (PA, VA, WI) so this means more. They believe with his 180’s and bizarre comments, e.g., the missile strike commenced while he was eating a beautiful piece of chocolate cake with Xi, to be evidence that he’s is in the early stages of Dementia. And they would have the background to access this.

    Trump’s perfidy also completely destroyed Le Pen’s candidacy.

    Today I’m leaving the Republican Party and registering as an independent. I’ve been a Republican over 20 years. I stayed in because of Trump.

    On the positive side, I can now once again enjoy Springsteen, Hollywood, and Amazon.

  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    …background to assess this. E.g., being a neurologist.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  5. El Dato says:

    So like being into the second term of Ronald Reagan with less civil-serpent savvy to keep the façade up?

    • Replies: @El Dato
  6. El Dato says:
    @El Dato

    Or maybe a “President Nielssen being manipulated by Colonel Moretti” (just sign down here, Mr. President, let us take care of the details) directly from Frank Miller’s “Give Me Liberty”.

  7. @Anonymous

    Why do you believe that Trump’s bad decision to attack Syria destroys Marine Le Pen’s candidacy? I don’t see the connection, but perhaps I am missing something. She’s been in politics longer and is probably much smarter than Trump.

    I too am very confused and disillusioned about the Trump decision to attack Syria. But as Jack Donovan over on Alternative Right has said, Daddy is not coming to save us–we’re on our own now!

  8. Ivanka got the Big Daddy to bomb Syria because her in-laws demanded that she show loyalty to the Tribe during Passover… Membership doesn’t come cheap in the premier club! Of course, the real reason behind the hasty tomahawking has to do with the American policy of quid pro quo, vis-a-vis the House of Oil: We help Sunnis topple Shias in Syria and Yemen and the Saudis turn a blind eye…

  9. Avery says:

    {Ivanka promises that she and her poodle, Jared Kushner,}


    Ivanka is the poodle.
    Jared controls her, and thru her, has influence on The Donald.
    Jared did not convert to Christianity when he married Christian Ivanka.
    Ivanka converted to Judaism, and has reportedly fully embraced her newly adopted religion.

    Who then is whose poodle?

    {Have you ever heard Jared Kushner utter a word in public? }

    Why should he? He does all his uttering in her ear in the privacy of their bedroom: that’s all he needs.
    Very smart young man.
    Not a mouse.

    • Replies: @Jim Sweeney
  10. and by proxy her real estate developer husband? I am all for it.

    trump essentially handed the keys to the govt/country over.

    why in the bloody hell can’t trump run the govt instead of handling it to someone else? first it was bannon, now the son in law. who is next?

  11. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Ohhhhhhkay (((Ilana))). Let’s push out Ivanka and totally ignore Jared.

    Who was it that went to Iraq again? Was it Jared or was it Ivanka? I’m guessing there is some jealously showing here as (((Ilana))) did not bag Jared and instead some Shiksa did instead. Did I spell that word right?

    • Replies: @gustafus
  12. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I assumed that Trump put his daughter and son-in-law where they are for reasons of personal loyalty and trust. Being a nice looking pair they’re good for greeting foreign visitors and other such things. However, since their backgrounds are in fashion and real estate the idea that these kids have much to offer on serious matters is bizarre. Hopefully this talk of her great influence is just showboating and gossip rather than having any reality attached to it. Perhaps it’s a ruse to get the Oprah followers to take off their pussyhats and drop their NeverTrump picket signs. Or so I hope since it’s too hard to believe a president would actually take them seriously. Keep them around but only as window-dressing.

  13. MarkinLA says:

    Say what you want about the Dems, but they filled their team with intellectual horsepower.

    Say what you want about stupid Trump picks but remember we are as screwed as we are today that thanks to all that intellectual horsepower from the past, both Dem and GOP.

  14. unit472 says:

    I agree that Ivanka doesn’t belong in the White House as a senior advisor to anybody about anything unless its women’s fashions but there is no firing her. Steven Bannon being on the outs may have more to do with his slovenly appearance ( to Ivanka) than any feud with Kushner.

    If Melania doesn’t want to live in the fishbowl of the White House that is understandable and Ivanka would make a gorgeous stand in for a First Lady. Can you imagine how the press would have gone gaga had Chelsea Clinton looked like Ivanka? She would be on the cover of every magazine in America and the most sought after interview in the world. Well maybe that is exactly what needs to happen to Ivanka. Make her the Queen of the Trump White House and send her out as a campaign and fund raising asset just don’t let her work behind the scenes on her dad.

  15. Talha says:

    Wait, wait, wait…

    Wily Arabs are hip to White House dynamics. They know who’s running the White House and who to flatter.

    OMG!!! She did just say that!!! Wow!!!

    Yeah guys, let me tell ya – wily Arabs totally run the show from the shadows. LOL!!!

    Also – ignore Jared – nothing to see here and he’s probably gay. LOL!!!


  16. @Anonymous

    ” And wonder if Hillary might not have been a better pick”

    This insane statement makes me shiver, Dummköpfe like yourself would better serve mankind by never coming within a hundred yards of a voting station.

    “But they ( the Dem s) filled their team with intellectual horsepower”.

    This is perhaps the most absurd and erroneous comment I have ever encounterd here. There is no such animal as a democrat ” Intellectual”, all unredeemable democrats are are low IQ fools and the only result of them being in political power is pandemonia and corruption.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member since 1973, airborne qualified US Army vet, and pro jazz artist.

  17. Rod1963 says:

    Both Kushner and Ivanka are poison. Ivanka being Daddy’s little girl can do no wrong and will always have daddy’s ear no matter how much of out of touch elitist that she is.

    Does anyone think that she’s ever sat down with white working class men and women of the rust belt whose lives have been wrecked by the people she’s normally friends with? No. She’s no different than Hillary in many respects.

    Kushner being a cross between a poof-berry and low-T metrosexual is the true ‘wormtongue’ – a staunch NYC Democrat and supporter of Hillary and has connections to Soros. He is no friend of America or it’s people whatsoever. Yet because he’s married to daddy’s little princess, he’s given a position of great influence. A minister without portfolio if you will.

    And what in the hell was he doing in Iraq? He has no experience in foreign affairs, military policy or Islamic cultural dynamics. Trump had no business promoting this scion of a Jewish money bag to position of adviser. He’s simply incompetent and at best will just the same globalist platitudes that his supports.

    And the reason you never hear him speak is probably because he comes off stupid and lacks the ability to speak extemporaneously on issues.

    One other thing, ever notice the MSM goes real easy on Kushner? Because he’s one of them and they know it. That’s always been a ‘tell’ of the MSM. They always protect those on their side.

    But those two are just the tip of the liberal/globalist iceberg now in Trump’s administration. Trump already installed several other Goldman-Sachs alumni in prominent positions. Thus explaining why Bannon has been sent to sleep with the dogs.

    Even if Ivanka and her beard were to leave today. It wouldn’t change anything. Trump has far too many banking types in charge now.

    • Replies: @KenH
    , @gustafus
  18. KenH says:

    And what in the hell was he doing in Iraq? He has no experience in foreign affairs, military policy or Islamic cultural dynamics.

    True. I think he’s just serving as Israel’s deep throat inside the Trump WH . I read where he’s been granted access to very highly classified information which made we wince since he’ll likely funnel everything to the Izzies.

    There was a time when the FBI would prevent Jewish agents from working on cases critical to national security or involving Israel since some were providing sensitive data from the cases to Israel. 60 Minutes had a story about this around 10-11 years ago.

  19. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    So, who remembers when, on this website:

    Ms. Mercer was telling us what wonderful children Mr. Trump had, while seriously circulating the notion of people like Jim Webb and Ron Paul being named to serve in his cabinet?

    Those of us who questioned the principles and sincerity of Donald Trump were attacked, first as shills for Jeb, then Clinton? (Just to pick out today’s example, Wikileaks is now being attacked by the same man – Pompeo – who circulated its true journalism during the election campaign.)

    I urged all to consider withholding consent, rather than endorse an irredeemably corrupted national government by voting? (“But this is our one last chance ..”. Yeah, right.)

    Hey, I admit to being elated by the Clinton loss. But if anyone around here is still happy about who won, please explain why. President Trump, an opponent who was hand picked by the Clintons as shown in the DNC emails, now seems to be exceeding much of what was feared about Hillary getting back into the White House.

    Oh, and another thing — while Ms. Mercer and her Boys were getting it all wrong about “the Process of Trump,” Linh Dinh called it. Go back and see for yourself.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  20. MarkinLA says:

    But if anyone around here is still happy about who won, please explain why.

    Neil Gorsuch and Jeff Sessions. Although we may get a back door amnesty through DACA if we aren’t holding the feet of the House members to the fire.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @gustafus
  21. Avery says:


    Sessions will be gone in max 8 years, but Gorsuch should be on SCOTUS something like 30-35 years. Assuming he does not change his stripes, he will prevent a lot of damage to traditional America. And hopefully the senile old hag Ginsburg will either resign or be removed due to senility and Trump can find another Gorsuch to replace the anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-male bigot.

    If The Hildabeast were POTUS, we’d get 1 or 2 more anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-male Sotomayors/Kagans to suffer under for another 30 years.

  22. it has nothing to do with Ivanka. Zionist advocate Issacsohn-alias-Mercer is trying to obscure the fact that Trump has been a Zionist tool for his entire adult life. The populist mask that he put on to run for Prez has now peeled off entirely; it’s not for nothing that the Donald has been Grand Marshal of the “I Love Israel Day” parades in NYC and Miami Beach about 14 times. As part of the Greater Israel Project, Netanyahu and Co. want to ‘jack southern Lebanon up to the Litani river. Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shi’a militia, is in the way. Hezbollah, now a ferociously effective fighting force, can be defeated only if the Shi’a Crescent is broken in Syria, thus cutting of Iranian arms resupply. But Assad/Putin are in the process of defeating ISIS and the other Isramerican-backed Sunni terrorists in Syria, and the latter desperately need an Air Force. Evidently Trump has decided to do the (((neo-conz))) bidding and give them one. Even if it risks a nuclear war with Russia, for whom Syria is a vital national security interest. The (((neo-conz))) and Pentagon warmongers are confidant – with no good reason – that Russia will back down at some point in the escalatory spiral. If they’re wrong, the remaining northern hemisphere White nations will be destroyed in one bright flash. Any maybe that, after all, is the Tikkun Olas’ ultimate goal.

  23. gustafus says:

    “INFLICTING” her kids on the Chinese Premier? … hey, if you don’t like Ivanka, okay.

    Some of us really like her, and admire Jared as well. It’s the same ole same ole obbligato from the political class. Tasty zingers for those we hate….. lusty praise for those we love.

    I hope Ivanka becomes president. I actually want a dynastic Trump era… Trump, then Jr., maybe Ivanka AND Jared….. It’s certainly better than the Murderous Windsor dynasty of inbred buffoons.

    Not to mention the Bush embarrassment. Georgie WAS the last straw.

  24. gustafus says:

    3 hankie documentaries about Latinos sent packing. Jeff Sessions. Pence. Gorsuch, ZERO tolerance on the southern border. Jeff Sessions. oh, and Ivanka, and Don JR.

  25. Binyamin says:

    The Alt Right savages supported Trump during the election. They were mostly too thick to realize that the clever megalomaniac was cynically using them to get into the White House. Trump is clever, no doubt about it. His brilliant winning strategy was to appeal to the poor white’s sense of grievance and victim hood and play the race card and indulge in white identity politics. Even a high school pupil of average intelligence could have told them that it was psychologically impossible for a man surrounded by wealthy New York liberals all his adult life to subscribe to the Alt Right or white nationalist ideology. This is in no way to exonerates Trump. He remains a liar, a hypocrite and a manipulative, unprincipled opportunist. He is also rather unbalanced and therefore might end up blowing up all of us by accidentally pressing the nuclear button. One might ask if Trump is not a white nationalist then why is it that the Rasputin like figure of Steve Bannon continues to barricade himself inside the white house? After all when it comes to white nationalism, Bannon is Kosher, no doubt about it. I would say Trump is using Bannon to bluff the alt right crowd into believing that he is one of them.

    Now lets come to Ivanka, Trump’s sensible daughter. Mercer, the Alt Right thicko’s rant against Ivanka displays a foreigner’s ignorance of modern American history. Ivanka, with all her attributes, is a creation of Trump. Trump sent all his children to exclusive upper state boarding schools, knowing full well that these places are stuffed with wealthy, socially liberal democrats. Regardless of his own views, he wanted his children to grow up as tolerant, intelligent people with an international outlook.

    Once the Alt Right realize that they have been hoodwinked, one hopes they will be too distressed and simply go away. I am hoping their leader and poster boy, the neo-Nazi hoodlum Richard Spencer will emigrate to Putin’s Russia and take his ugly Russian wife with him.

  26. gustafus says:

    what YOU said….

    Trump is a savvy old guy, and his kids are terrific. AND LOYAL. I want them close by and all ears.

    I would trust Ivanka or Jared, Don jr, or Eric…. to have his back, give him sound advice and be the eyes and ears in a town filled with back stabbing enemies. Like the nasty Jewess who wrote this piece.

  27. gustafus says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    The comments on this board are ridiculous. Melania Trump is not sidelined… she appears to have very little interest in swamp dwellers.- the author included.

    That family is tight, guarded, and functional. The Clitnons – the definition of debauchery… I don’t remember anyone worrying that Chelsea daddy Hubbell might have too large an influence.

    Or the Bush embarrassment that went on for decades. Absent social media, cheerleader Georgie was able to hide behind and within the skirts of the Amazons who ran the joint.

    As to Barry and Mike, be glad they returned the faux family and can get back to scaling sky scrapers and swatting planes.

  28. gustafus says:

    And Barry’s experience? How about Georgie? And as to influence… okay, I’ve read Culture of Critique…. I get it.

    But the world has 1.6 billion bigger problems with Islam. Jews don’t look so evil by comparison.

    Before we rid ourselves of Islam, I do hope their push back might rid us of the Bezos, Blankfein, Icahn, Simon, Zuckerberg, cabals…. Muslims might even bring enough pressure to bear, that this bunch loses its grip on our ec0nomy and future.

    We need Muslims to rid us of Jews… we need Jews to rid us of Muslims. So far, its a cage match we might benefit from

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  29. Barack and Michelle gave the Queen of England an iPod, customized with images and audio from Mr. Obama’s inaugural and DNC addresses.

    Far more insulting from the British perspective was Obama’s treatment of Gordon Brown. When they came to exchange gifts, Brown presented Obama with an antique pen-holder carved from the timbers of a slave-ship-hunter. Obama gave Brown a set of Hollywood movie DVDs – formatted for North American DVD players!

  30. observer of our politics barked at me,

    Since you are an Israeli/South African , US politics are not “yours”. You are not part of “our”. You are an immigrant who should not have a voice or a vote in US politics.

    • Replies: @Andrei Martyanov
  31. Sean says:

    I think it was Robert Locke who said that the main reason countries disappear as a political unit is ingress by foreign powers. So keeping potential enemies as weak as possible is essential.

    All the libertarianism in the world won’t tell you if others intend to live and let live once they are strong enough to stop us living. Trump has bec0me the first to use a fuel air bomb in combat because Ivanka wanted ? No, Trump is doing what any American president has to do, if he cares about America’s future.

  32. @Binyamin

    ” He (DT) is rather unbalanced”

    No friend YOU are totally unbalanced, and the bizarre blather which you are posting only conforms with the fact of you being a german leftist, which then again explains your mad tirades.

    Die Welt hat mehr als genug unter deutscher Besserwisserei und Wahnsinn gelitten, basta.

    Authenticjazzman ” Mensa” society member since 1973, airborne qualified US Army vet and pro jazz artist.

  33. Anonymous [AKA "Jeff Boyle"] says:

    you can never enjoy springsteen again

    • Replies: @Andrei Martyanov

    There can never be enough Messias-Denier influence in the White House if one is a Christian Catholic and so out with Bannon and more power to Jared and his wife who used to believe that Jesus Christ is the Messias, but whatever as the prophets used to say.

    The Syria attack. Cui Bono?

    ISIS, Israel, Saudia Arabia

    What is perplexing is that so many voters believed Trump was a man of his word when it is clear as day he is a man looking up at a curb; he is a man who has no transcendent belief (like Obama he doesn’t think he sins)

    The sole benefit of Trump as POTUS is he will provide us with some belly laughs.

    The Chocolate Cake Missile Strike on Iran, er, Syria (Each country has an a, r, and an, i; so..) is pure magic.

    Hey, Assad, try and blow out these candles

    I liked is so much better back when Russia was the Evil Empire…..

  35. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    you can never enjoy springsteen again

    Each time hear now Born To Run I have an image of transgender bathrooms in my mind. Isn’t it Bruce’s latest shtick–to fight for those bathrooms?

  36. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website
    @Chris Mallory

    Since you are an Israeli/South African , US politics are not “yours”. You are not part of “our”. You are an immigrant who should not have a voice or a vote in US politics.

    How about arguing on the merit of Ilana’s thesis? Hey, Eric Holder altogether identified certain segments of Americans as “my people”. and, boy, do they have a voice. No really, some of them have outstanding voices.

  37. Anonymous [AKA "Pondering_my_next_move"] says:

    if only everyone had paid more attention to Mark Levin and Glenn Beck like you did, Mr. Binyamin, We’d all be better off. Kudos to having the Cuckservative talking points nailed down pat! You didn’t miss a one. You’ve nailed it! Glenn and the Great one would be proud of you,

    You tell them racists and nazis what’s what!

  38. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    To get Ivanka out of the WH you’d have to get her dad out as well. The only people he trusts are his family.

  39. Realist says:

    The Deep State has neutered Trump in less than 100 days.The Bruce Jenner of national leaders.
    He will now be known as The Caitlyn.

  40. Agree 100% and have been saying the same thing for weeks. Get ivanka and hubby OUT of the White House NOW. Let Ivanka follow her passion in fashion or through an NGO — NOT US government policy for crying out loud. OUT!!!

  41. Ivan K. says:

    This is all risible. It’s virtually a soap opera chatter:
    A woman made the (ex-)”great leader” go to war. Solution: let another woman lead him!
    Oh, Kushner is a traitor. Evidence: on the level of accusations by NeverTrumpers.
    If Kushner is a Zionist agent, why does he, as Cernovich claims, oppose ground troops in Syria?
    Ask no questions. Call for Trump to be left more alone surrounded by types like Pompeo.
    Calls for Kushner to be rigorously vetted? None.

    First Lady Melania, a cosmopolitan steel magnolia, has been marginalized

    cosmopolitan ~> globalist

    steel => inflexible

    magnolia (plant) -> brainless

    That Ivanka, now her father’s West Wing adviser, drove the offensive in Syria

    I dunno. Thanks to Styx, I laughed out loud about that:


  42. @Avery

    With her at home, I’m not surprised Jared is low-energy in public. What really surprises me is the opposite, i.e.. the public energy of the President considering what he has at home.

    • Replies: @Avery
  43. Elizabeth says:

    Jared Kushner is of the Lubavitch Chabad cult which is a strange and sinister Jewish sect.

    He owns a building in New York No. 666, Fifth Avenue.

    There are pictures on the Internet of these Lubavitch Chabad Rabbis surrounding the desk of the President of the United Sates of America watching him sign into LAW the so called
    “Noahide Laws.” These “laws” cannot be put into effect unless The Constitution is set aside – as it would be during Marshal Law.

    Those so called “Laws” they pretend were made by Noah – (except that Noah’s real name was Ut-Nish-Patim and he had nothing to do with any Hebrews or Jews.)

    These “laws” call for the beheading of all those who practice “idolatry” and who blaspheme – and that means all Christians because they believe that Jesus Christ is God.

    There are pictures on the Internet of long white trains with UN painted on the sides. They are made of carriages which are three tiered and fitted with metal benches and they have ankle chains welded to the floor. They are obviously for prisoners and people call them “FEMA Trains.”

    In between every few of these carriages are flat bed trucks and they have guillotines on them which are said to be stamped “Made in China.”

    ps. The Saudi “royal” family are Jews and their Wahhabi cult is actually Judaism pretending to be Islamic and it is they who are the terrorists trying to destroy the wonderful ancient Syria – where there is a great deal of history the Jews wouls like to be kep secret. For instance, the story of Abraham was a hero myth of the Syrians and nothing at all to do with any Hebrews or Jews. There was no Moses or Solomon or David either.

    Look into the Youtube video called The Walls Come Tumblin’ Down.” or read “The Bible Unearthed by the great Israel Finkelstein.
    Or read the new book byAshraf Ezzat called “Egypt Knew No Pharaohs or Israelites.”

    We have a lot to learn and we need to do so quickly so that we can get free of the tyranny of five thousand years of The Money Power!

  44. Avery says:
    @Jim Sweeney

    {i.e.. the public energy of the President considering what he has at home.}

    The Donald is no Mick Jagger.
    Only very few 70+ year old males can……..rise to the occasion.

    The Donald has seeded his genes aplenty, with 3 different wives.
    So now he gets to play POTUS, the Ultimate achievement with The Gorgeous Melania as the FLOTUS.
    What is there left to achieve?

  45. scoops says:

    springsteen sucks! long live judas priest! lol

  46. @Anonymous

    Hillary would have been Merkel on steroids. Nonstop rapefugees, with you paying for it all.

  47. Ivanka The Idiot – STFU SNOWFLAKE – Your name wasn’t on the ballot paper, princess.

  48. JohnDough says:

    The Kushner’s are about as close as Zionist/ Jewish supremacy has come to a standing POTUS. They are his family. They are the ear and mouthpiece of this cloaked global power. Power by proxy, always. Witnessing the continued attacks in the Middle East is evidence of this. Along with Gary Cohn from Goldman Sachs which profits from war America has hit a new low. Probably quite a number of Zionists there. Certainly not the American way to be sure.

    Nothing good will come of this betrayal to US citizens. There’s a recent video on YouTube of Horst Mahler 2017. I’d suggest those interested watch it and listen very closely to what he says. Absolutely harrowing! We can’t even exercise our human right of free expression anymore. Totalitarianism is here but this time the “victims” are in charge.

    • Replies: @TheJester
  49. anarchyst says:

    Actually Jews and Moslems are “two sides of the same coin”. Both groups have very similar ideas about the perceived supremacism of their respective groups, relegating outsiders to be no more than “animals with souls” (livestock) to be used for the benefit of each respective group–second or third-class citizens, if permitted to live. There are virtually identical passages in the Jewish Talmud and Islamic Qu’ran that state as such.
    Your idea of allowing them to annihilate each other is an excellent one. The whole world would be better off.
    Now if we could just make it happen. Nukes flying in opposite directions in the middle east would do it…

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  50. mcohen says:

    i know for a fact that ivanka donated money to a charity for the family that lost 7 kids in a fire.

    instead of writing crap why not donate some of the money you earned for this article to the charity for the sasoon family.

  51. Corvinus says:

    “Your idea of allowing them to annihilate each other is an excellent one. The whole world would be better off.”

    It’s actually an asinine idea. Please explain how one is able to support the death of young children, since that would be an outcome, while proclaiming their faith in Christianity.

    • Replies: @Talha
  52. Talha says:

    Hey Corvey,

    We got our extremists, you got yours – ChrISIStians. They wouldn’t know the Beatitudes if they hit them in the face. Blessed are the peace makers??!! Pfffsshhh – what kind of wuss pinko commie nonsense is that??!!

    Maybe we can get these guys all on an island or something to…uh…work out their issues; axes or staves? Bets on who gets to be Lord of the Flies?


  53. TheJester says:

    Yes, the ((( Tribe ))) got to Trump, which opened the door to the Jewish Neocons, the Jewish financiers on Wall Street, a more friendly Jewish-controlled MSM, and a more friendly Jewish-led Democratic Party. In short, Trump is now “Obama Light” … and the Deplorables be damned.

    Definitely, the elevation of Trump’s son-in-law and daughter, Jared and Ivanka Kushner, to senior advisors to replace Michael Flynn and Stephen Bannon was a warning sign. However, the clincher was the leak that The Donald has also made up with Janet Yellen who will be allowed to stay as the head of the Federal Reserve Bank. In short, the Jews will also be allowed to continue to control the Federal Reserve.

    “Let us control the money of a nation, and we care not who makes its laws.” — Maxim of the House of Rothschilds

    In the end, nothing changed where it mattered to ((( those ))) in power.

    What if …?

    What if turning Trump was a deal to accept Donald, Jared, and Ivanka in New York’s best social circles? I sense that this would be especially important to Ivanka. The three have always been on the “out” with this crowd and advocating for the Deplorables in the Great Flyover did nothing to help them in this regard. Indeed, with the recent turnaround, The Donald and his family might finally be invited to join one of their country clubs.

  54. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Ivanka makes me think of Veruca Salt from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. (“I Want it Now”)

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