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ET Analyses Paris Attacks & Weeps for the West
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In the West, crying and dying is framed as … winning.

Or so an Extra-Terrestrial from Deep Space would conclude, should he look down upon the landmasses that make up The West.

From his worldly perspective, ET will observe that when they are blown up by the Aliens in Their Midst, The West is wont to display mounds of fluffy objects, flowers and candles.

Somehow, this ritual is equated with resilience and triumph.

Could it be that this pasty-faced, tearful people believes that displays of inanimate objects that swell landfills will appease their gods? ET is still in the preliminary stages of his implacably objective inquiry.

To ET, these perennial, robotic, mass-mourning rituals performed after such strikes are a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, to borrow from Winston Churchill. Any rational creature capable of distilling events to their bare-bones essence would concur.

The hobbled West, the poor French, in particular, is grief stricken. One hundred and thirty compatriots were slaughtered in venues across Paris. The coordinated, Nov. 13 attacks were the handiwork of one Abdelhamid Abaaoud and his band of Islamic State sympathizers, Muslims all. One of the eight evildoers was a refugee, some were European nationals, all were recipients of Western largess.

The sanctimonious literati (not a very literate lot) call Abaaoud a local Belgian boy. The enclaves of Muslims in France they consider as French as the beret and the baguette.

But Abaaoud and his brothers, notes ET, who has been around for ages, was Belgian like Jacques Brel was Muslim. (ET’s enormous blue eyes well-up when he listens to Brel’s achingly beautiful “Ne me quitte pas,” sung sublimely by Dame Shirley Bassey. How great was the West, he murmurs.)

The mastermind of the attacks across Paris was part of the young, restive and ingrate Muslim population living on the outskirts of the great European cities and on the fringe of its society; often in housing projects and on welfare, a propensity that doesn’t detract from this group’s prized and protected position in the West.

ET wonders if westerners, a confused lot, believe the Angry Muslims in their midst are gods in need of appeasement. This might explain the furry and fiery offerings on the sidewalks. ET also notes that the Pale Faces have the same crippling reverence for blacks and Hispanics.

With his luminous finger—it works like the Microsoft Surface Tablet pen does—ET scribbles the following furiously: “Are Western ‘leaders’ recruiting this incompatible cohort because they consider them, irrationally, to be gods?”

The lemmings’ leaders—people with names like Obama, Hollande, Merkel, Cameron—use Muslims (as well as Hispanics and blacks), aliens and nationals, to beat their own populations into submission.

Fail to accept the flooding of your communities with people of an incompatible culture and a belligerent faith—and the Cultural-Marxist foot soldiers will ruin you with the following labels:

• Racist
• Xenophobe
• White supremacist
• Extreme rightist
• Mean
• Ungenerous
• Ignorant
• Redneck

ET can’t quite fathom why such phrases and words send the earthlings into painful paroxysms. Nevertheless, an earthling would rather die than be called a racist by cultural Marxists.

From his seat in the heavens, ET can see that the soft nations are comprised of supremely kind people, verging on the sanctimonious. Africa, the Middle East, Near East, Far East: As do-gooders go, there is no match for the giving, gullible people of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Wherever you look, the whites of the world are untiring in doing the world’s good works and saving the planet and its creatures.

Yet every other people aside whites is allowed to claim and keep its corner under the sun. Dare to suggest that China, India, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen, Japan, or South-Korea open the floodgates to aliens who’ll disrupt the ancient rhythm of these countries—and you’ll get an earful. Yet this is what Anglo-Americans and Europeans are cheerily called on to do by a left-liberal establishment, which finds the exotic more sympathetic.

True, westerners have the best countries. But the verdant, lush, lovely West is the way it is due to Western civilization’s human capital. The core, founding populations in these countries once possessed the innate abilities and philosophical sensibilities to flourish mightily.

Yet despite The West’s generosity to The Rest, its people is the only people to be shamed, ostracized, threatened and maligned when talking about the lands of their forefathers, the beliefs of forebears; the faith and folklore of Founding Fathers. (Discussing quilting is OK, I suppose.)

Another of ET’s insights: No sooner do the pale people question the edicts enforced by hostile, hateful elites—that they must effectively and affectingly invite into their midst still more volatile, culturally incompatible, often dangerous aliens—than leaders in politics, media, academia, and “think” tanks start going stir crazy about a thing called “Our Values.”

“We’re risking American dignity,” crowed the generic, telegenic Mr. Muhamad, on Fox News’ Hannity.

In his formidable intelligence, ET asks: What is this collective “dignity” of which you speak, Mr. Mohamad? Who defines it? This communal “dignity” sounds suspiciously like a catechism sculpted by the State and its supporters, to bring about compliance.

ET is getting hot under the scales about this “dignity” thing: Why don’t the foolish opinion formers, summoned by television program-makers, to wield this weapon, ask the dead in Paris whether they’re glad to have died on the altar of this “dignity,” or would they rather have their full, young, promising lives back, instead?

A species of the “dignity” cudgel is the term “This is not who we are.”

Barack Hussein Obama has weaponized this collectivist phrase. A member of what ET terms The Merkel Media, a clone of the American MSM, waxed fat about her country’s “true values”: “An open, democratic society defined by pluralism, equal rights and freedom of expression, belief in the rule of law …”

If so “free” and orderly, ponders ET, why does Angela Merkel’s Germany jail a German grandma, aged 87, for a thought crime (Holocaust denial), while allowing tens of thousands of strangers (“refugees”) to swarm Germany, riot, litter and vandalize, as they go?

In his implacable objectivity, ET intends to further investigate. His soft, sweet heart pounds for the melancholy, mindless men and women of the West. His working hypothesis, so far, is this:


While the ordinary Pale People are the focus of disaffection, responsibility for the carnage lies with leaders in western lands. Westerners are kicked about and killed by Angry Others because their “leaders”—a likely low-intelligence, parasitical sample of humanity—has adopted a two-pronged strategy with which to beat the Pale People into submission and drain the life-blood from them.

The strategy represents two sides of the same neoconservative/left-liberal coin. It was first described, somewhat inartfully, on a site called WND:

On January 16, 2004, recalls ET, the “Return To Reason” cyber column encapsulated the scheme as, “Inviting an invasion by foreigners and instigating one against them.”

Later, on January 25, 2004, another super-smart earthling, Steve Sailer, “turned [that idea] into a neat slogan,” naming the policy, artfully, as “invade the world/invite the world.” This radical strategy permanently destabilizes the homeland and the world and gives western governments all the power, everywhere.

From his worldly perspective, ET gets the Big Picture: For whites, it’s war abroad and hell on earth at home.

Now he is crying. After all, ET almost died without his people.

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  1. Our allies, their allies, cross-allies…..Can we do without their oil.
    That is the ONLY thing they have to offer.
    Then send all muslims to those countries and have nothing to do with them again.

    • Replies: @Stan D Mute
    , @boogerbently
  2. Eduard says:

    It is a near physical relief to read something which is true and not cloaked in a vomitable political correctness! Congrats Illana. I read your latest book…Cannibals. To survive as a people we need truth. People like you serve to remove the curtains from our eyes!

  3. iffen says:

    I do not like your use of redneck in your list of slurs. Your enemies that you describe are known to bend the language to their political purposes. Do not aid them with your own careless use of the language. Please look at your list and see if you can see the one that is unlike all the others.

    • Replies: @Fake Name
  4. Fake Name says:

    As a confirmed and unashamed redneck, inclusion of the term in this list makes perfect sense. It is a cuss word on the lips of the lefties who define the borders of political correctness. Call a New York metrosexual a redneck, and he will soil his panties.

    If there is anything different about bona fide rednecks, it’s that they are are delighted at being objects of scorn from the libbie-leftie crowd with soft hands and softer heads.

    • Replies: @iffen
  5. bomag says:

    I like to think that this is self-limiting, in that failed policies and leaders will be revealed for who they are and done away with. But, alas, the market in policy can stay irrational longer than we can stay alive.

    Note here that the non-pale peoples have an abundance of “hunter’s empathy”: the instinct to exploit a target’s weakness. Thus, they double down on calling racism, etc; and madly exploit loopholes in immigration policy.

    Also note the dysfunctional use of proportions to judge different populations. Our “leaders” find one nice, gentle Muslim and madly announce that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. Then, they find one infraction by a Christian (usually some minor offense committed during the Crusades), denounce that religion, and call for its extinction.

  6. iffen says:
    @Fake Name

    I am a redneck as well. You and I disagree on some points. Such divergence of opinion may cause amazement in some crowds. You are correct that non rednecks do consider it a slur and use it as one, but then it is never directed toward them. Those most agitated at the characterization will be rednecks who are trying to distance themselves from and not be identified with their redneck families and friends. You are also correct that some of us do enjoy provoking the use of the comment from our lessers.

    Now, the important point: Look at the list and determine for each category how one gets to be in the group. Redneck stands alone and does not belong on the list; it is unlike the others.

    • Replies: @Stan D Mute
  7. An excellent, courageous article. The author demonstrates her unwavering commitment to individual rights, including freedom of expression, by criticizing the Federal Republic’s prosecution of an elderly woman for the heinous thought crime of “Holocaust denial.” Such prosecution is a common occurrence in the soft authoritarian regimes of western Europe which the First Amendment has thankfully spared us in America–so far.

    • Agree: dfordoom
  8. joe webb says:

    I was instructed by a member of the Great Unwashed Brain class of flyover white types: to the righteous who call me a racist! the simple response is, Whats your point?

    Joe Webb

    I don’t know who this author is but it sounds good up to a point. Like I am fond of saying, what’s the big deal of admitting that your are a racist! or racialist.?

    Well, i don;t mind people trying to keep their jobs, but when their jobs are in writing and the writing is, uh, ultimately cowardly like that of Roberts (not jew word from his mouth ) then maybe they should find a day job for money.

    By the best of their words to describe people like me , and I hope, like you: toxic, virulent, odious, etc. These words connote sickness and stink.

  9. joe webb says:

    : and more Fw: At Donald Trump Rally, Ohio Students Become Part of a Lesson (lies of the Jews department , or…)

    Here is a response to my earlier post on just who is shouting who down) If you are on the wrong side of the Jewyorktimes and liberal totalitarianism, you are only scum usually tagged by various adjectives like virulent (usually in the jew connection, vile, repugnant, odious, toxic, grotesque ( lately a tag developed for Trump ): these terms adopted to vilify White Americans, especially white males, who just want their country to be like it used to be: safe, productive, family-based with a mom and a dad, predictable, Christian, and White, like Americans used to be, and finally, since the negro problem is insoluble, at least when before 1960 niggers were behaving themselves and accepting their second class social position, a social peace was achieved. Ok, they were given political rights, but that was IT.

    No special status like affirmative action, quotas, and worst all, the Non-negotiable demand for Equality. There is no natural equality of negroes with whites. That has been demonstrated now for over a half century’s experience of total failure of darkies to measure up to whites and white standards of civility, education, and sexual restraint (although since Whites have degraded themselves after the jew-led sex revolution…I wonder how much difference there is currently).

    The negroes will be beaten into submission if they do not let up and the jews will also be beaten into submission to White Authority. Ditto white race-traitors.
    We will have not only Trump’s registration of muzzies, but expulsion of them, and registration of any Bad negro who opens his/her mouth in defiance. That will happen, or they will just be re-segrated into bantustands, like in South Africa under apartheid, where they can kill themselves off without White cops to protect them from one-another. The new negro enclave will be called Little Africa, and maybe it will be in Texas.

    Meanwhile, the white libs and Jews continue their , say, un-American behavior of treating conservatives like so much protoplasm lying under a rock. They keep up this kind of insolence and contempt for us, and they will be killed off. Nobody is hated more than a traitor. In this case, a race-traitor. The American civil war killed the equivalent of about 13 million white men, per capita by today’s population of over 300 million. With the weapons of today, it will be far worse than in 1860 to 1865. The cops and soldiers will not protect the traitors. There are too many of them, plus the cops are with us tradiltionalists and racialists. No cop is a negro lover, they have seen it all. And it is estimated that there are about 300 million guns in the hands of civilians in the US, almost all of them owned by conservative whites.

    Joe Webb PS

    Happy Thanksgiving…thank you Lord, Nature, for the commencement exercises on the Second American Revolution starting right now, and in part taking its cue from Europe’s rapid realignment toward a White Europe, with the muzzies being driven out, yet again,( 732, 1492, and then a wiki list of 1614, 1683, 1699, and 1878 and up to 1913 as the invading muzzles were thrown back. If you think it is all a joke, we still got it in Albania and Serbia where the muzzies threaten again, and also in Chechnia and Russia…part of the equation right now withe Russia’s jet getting shot down by Turkey. Turkey is muzzie, with an average IQ of 90.

    The liberals squawk about registering muzzies. The muzzies should not just be registered, they should be expelled. Also, they can have the White liberals, take them all, including their children whom they can enslave for all I care. Get rid of those liberal genes once and for all.

    So, the great wheel turns, and those who cannot see it will be crushed without knowing why. Some of us Whtie Nationalists will die fighting, but we will know why and thank Evolution for selecting us as fighters.

    Joe Webb edification and enjoyment below. For denying free speech to us, liberals will pay big time, never mind their lies.

    from a friend:

    Subject: Re: Fw: At Donald Trump Rally, Ohio Students Become Part of a Lesson (lies of the Jews department , or…)

    George Wallace was unable to deliver a speech at any Ivy League college.

    He was always shouted down and prevented from speaking.

    So much for “the marketplace of ideas.”

    The adoring media praised the “protesters” and oozed about the “right to dissent” and their “freedom of speech.”

    Never a word about the systematic denial of Wallace’s right to speak.

    Almost no one when I was a student saw what malarkey this was…that it was Wallace’s and his supporters’ freedom of speech that was being denied by organized disrupters.

    If anyone on our side had done something like this to a speech by Coretta King, the media would have been outraged, the Justice Department would have launched an investigation into conspiracies to violate civil rights, a platoon of FBI agents would have been dispatched to concoct evidence to prosecute every White segregationist remotely connected to the event, a Dees-like lawsuit would have been filed and every disrupter as well as other sympathizers not even involved would have ended up in jail and bankrupted.

    Amerika….”with liberty and justice for all.”

    That kind of self-congratulatory lying just made me want to barf back then and I have even less use for it now.

    Is there anyone who hates the Regime in this country or holds it in greater contempt than I do?

    69 years of seeing this kind of stuff is enough.

    • Replies: @Bliss
  10. Realist says:

    Another excellent article by Ilana.

  11. Wally says: • Website
    @Ralph Raico

    I’ve seen it said here many times, the reason for Thought Crime laws against “Holocaust denial” is that it is an unsustainable house of cards that has been driven by special interest profit motives. It cannot last. Much more to come on that.

    • Replies: @Stan D Mute
  12. @Ralph Raico

    Dear Dr. Raico,

    You generous comments means a great deal to me.


  13. @boogerbently

    Then send all muslims to those countries and have nothing to do with them again.

    “Send” them? In boxcars I assume? This is the price the world pays for turning Hitler into the most evil thing ever. We may not expel aliens regardless of their behavior, because Nazis. We must have state funded dysgenic welfare programs while the productive middle class cannot afford children and the wealthy are too selfish to have children, because Nazis. In every white country except America, it is a crime to say “while Hitler certainly committed much evil, so have many others in history and we mustn’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.”

    And while some on the right call this “Hitler’s revenge,” the sad truth is that it will certainly spell the end of the Jews. Once the white nations are sufficiently weakened (or destroyed), how long do you think Israel will last? Remember the Moslems already have nukes in Pakistan. And they have limitless money in the Gulf which will buy plenty of American, French, or English nukes once the whites lose control of those nations (unless the whites nobly dismantle their nukes on the way out as the Afrikaners did).

  14. @iffen

    Redneck stands alone and does not belong on the list; it is unlike the others.

    I disagree. Redneck does not equal “Cracker.” One may be born a Yankee and choose to become a Redneck. All in the list are used as pejoratives despite the fact that only in the most rare cases do they describe anyone with objectively harmful behavior or beliefs. One who acknowledges the facts of HBD and wants public policy based on those facts is called a racist. One who acknowledges the public health risks caused by sodomy is called a homophobe. One does not need to be born in the South to be a redneck, nor does he need to be a laborer – it’s a state of mind.

    • Replies: @iffen
  15. iffen says:
    @Stan D Mute

    I told you once before Stan, the reason your Mom cried was because of you.

    • Replies: @Stan D Mute
  16. @Wally

    the reason for Thought Crime laws against “Holocaust denial” is that it is an unsustainable house of cards that has been driven by special interest profit motives.

    I don’t have enough facts to know the truth. I’m not sure anyone does. So much was anti-German wartime propaganda and so much hidden behind the Iron Curtain after the war. The “official” story too has changed several times. The one thing of which I am absolutely certain however, is that truth needs no protection in criminal law. It’s not a crime to claim that water is dry or that the sky is down. One isn’t threatened with prison for asserting that cars ride on wheels/tires. The “Holocaust” seems rather unique – if the story is true, why is it a crime to question it?

  17. Speaking of Steve, he’s featured on CNN, with a reference to, and its not negative. The world is turning upside down…

    Now I’m looking forward to seeing Ilana featured on Slate, although I won’t know about it if it isn’t picked up by Google news, my last link to what remains of the msm.

  18. Bliss says:
    @joe webb

    The negroes will be beaten into submission if they do not let up and the jews will also be beaten into submission to White Authority. Ditto white race-traitors.
    We will have not only Trump’s registration of muzzies, but expulsion of them, and registration of any Bad negro who opens his/her mouth in defiance. That will happen, or they will just be re-segrated into bantustands, like in South Africa under apartheid

    You must be one of them supremely kind white do-gooders the jewess Ilana speaks of so cloyingly in her supremely silly article.

    Does she really believe the lily white nazis of europe slaughtered millions of her fellow middle-eastern tribesmen (and women and children) out of the supreme kindness of their bleeding hearts? What a nutjob…

  19. @Ralph Raico

    Disagree was in error. attempt to cancel it didn’t work.

  20. @iffen

    I told you once before Stan, the reason your Mom cried was because of you.

    What a brilliant retort! Your logical presentation of fact and deductive argument is without peer. And, with that, I withdraw and add your name to Ron Unz’ greatest achievement – the “commenters to ignore” list. There you shall be enshrined with your fellow member adherents of the ad hominem debate club.

    • Replies: @iffen
  21. joe webb says:

    There is an over concern with Jews on this list. The center-stage is now in Europe…a spectacular historical event is unfolding before our eyes.

    Secondly, The Trump Effect is , while maybe not as important right now, is just as important for our future and if he wins, will release a great deal of energy for renewal along the lines of a traditional America, if not Norman Rockwell’s America, at least a large movement toward it.

    The tipping point has apparently been reached in both Father Europe, Mother Nature, and its Prodigal Son , America. The Counter-Revolution has begun, and you can see the liberals trembling in the pages of jewyorktimes, as in today’s digital edition with Fear And Trembling from the White twit Egan. Trump is actually going to compel us to say Merry Christmas, or go to jail he suggests.

    Let the liberals squirm. Unfortunately it Was the jews who gave us Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. But in the Christ spirit, we can forgive them

    Merry Christmas, at least to whites and those who care about Christianity, even if they be agnostics like myself. I want Christian churches around because it is the religion of my people. And it is also a genetic expression of my people, once it got free of the Magian and became influenced by Greco-Roman genes, and yes, it started with jewish converts who became Hellenizers cuz their genes had enough of the Christ principle in them to break away from a totalitarian and mad warrior god…Jehovah.

    We can therefore thank some jews for this. Unfortunately their fanatic cousins never forgave them and still hate us and Jesus or the Jesus Principle.

    Joe Webb

  22. iffen says:
    @Stan D Mute

    CTI is great and you have been on mine since he put it in place. He needs to make it so that anyone that is on your CTI list is blocked from replying to any of your comments. That is why I had to use show comment for you. Don’t bother to reply to any of my comments and I will continue to afford you the same courtesy.

  23. OMG!!!!!!! This is almost surreal, that is if it wasn’t so true. You, my dear respected lady/writer are absolutely fantastic in the way you display your thoughts and purpose. I don’t know about the rest of America, but for sure I’m your biggest fan in the Heartland! Very few writers cause my heart to beat with purpose in such dark days. It has been a rough morning for me as I’m left alone and enduring the news of the passing of a friend’s son.

    Today, you have given me purpose, breaking this ice of despair. I once again feel like going on the attack against those who would destroy our civilization, our need, our want to live and be productive with liberty in a free society.

    How often do I have to say, “You have just out-done yourself?”

  24. Always nice to know that you enjoyed my comments:) I’m not trying to be nice, I’m trying to be honest…and share my exuberance over your article! Ok, maybe nice too, but that is not my purpose. But in reality at 63 and being a bit disappointed with the world, “My idea of an agreeable person is a person who agrees with me.” (Disraeli) Yes, this is true, but your writing inspires me. Top o’ the list today, that is for sure.

    And thanks too for that introduction to Jacques Brel. I am from the provence originally, so I’m not as well versed perhaps as a true coastal, esp. an East Coastal, but I’m getting there. And having studied a bit of French (but never getting close to fluency) and having visited Belgium numerous times in my youth, I enjoyed the fusion of Brel, ET and your usage of words such as “sanctimonious literati” to describe the PC, social-Democrat liberals of Western Europe. And of course, we have the same intellecutal tribalists here in the states. They are called Democrats and “Establishment Republicans”. That’s why I’m for Trump – he could be our Netanyahu.

    I once told Jonathan V. Last at TWS (The Weekly Standard) how much I enjoy his column (Cold Open) I receive in my inbox – “You remind me of George Will (and Wm. F. Buckley, Jr.), I always have to have my dictionary handy when reading.”

    The same goes for you! You expand my vocabulary, but you also excite me with a passion for right ideals – not every writer can do this.

    Certainly I cannot receive everyone’s “heads-up” columns in my email inbox, but I will not give up yours!!!!

  25. @boogerbently

    So in attempting to NOT appear like Hitler, we achieve what he could not.

  26. Ramsey says:

    The garbage being shoved down this countries throat could be stopped tomorrow if people acted in unity. 200,000 men willing to do whatever it takes to put a stop to an unprotected border and traitorous activists, judges and federal and state legislators, could stop it in 24 hours. Any surviving parasites would crawl back home or back under the carpet and hide for 50 years.

    It is immunity from prosecution that is needed. No governing authority is going to offer it, so mass action has to serve as defacto immunity. Otherwise, its individuals sitting at home, fuming, but paralyzed to act because they know they will end up in chains for 20 years if they do what they know needs to be done. The problem is the nation cannot wait forever.

    As impractical as it sounds, the first step is for someone with credibility to call for a meeting of concerned citizens somewhere on public land in the western US, so the discussion can begin. A place that can handle 50,000 people for a few days needs to be identified. Sure there will be infiltraitors, but so what? It has to start somewhere. If the second meeting grows to 100,000, the powers that be are going to begin to quake.

  27. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “If so ‘free’ and orderly, ponders ET, why does Angela Merkel’s Germany jail a German grandma, aged 87, for a thought crime (Holocaust denial), while allowing tens of thousands of strangers (‘refugees’) to swarm Germany, riot, litter and vandalize, as they go?”

    The two seem related.

    Germans have come to worship the Holocaust. They must atone forever and appease the Jewish gods.

    So, Germany must sacrifice free speech & even imprison old German ladies for heresy on the Holocaust and also allow in lots of foreigners to make the Jewish globalist elites happy.

    It is primarily because Europeans worship Jews and Jewish-promoted ideology that they invite in all kinds of non-whites.

    Jews convinced Europeans that homogeneity(esp white) is Nazi-like while ‘diversity is our strength’. European lemmings follow along.

    Jews can do anything. After all, there is NO call on Israel to diversify.
    Jews are above the law.

    In retrospect, it seems the terrible deed of Breivik was the logical pre-counterpart of what happened in Paris.

    The western elites(at behest of Jews) use mass invasion of non-whites to harm the white masses.
    So, Breivik decided to harness white mass rage and strike out at the white elites.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Gabriel M
  28. geokat62 says:
    @Priss Factor

    Speaking of Breivik, here is an exchange I once had with Sam:

    Apology accepted. Now that I have demonstrated that I condemn hate-speech, are you willing to do the same?

    Specifically, are you willing to condemn the vile hate speech propagated by the likes of Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and the Clarion Fund, (a Zionist front group that produced the trilogy of films that inspired Anders Breivik to murder over 70 Norwegians) whose sole objective is to incite in the goy Islamophobia?

    In short, are you prepared to condemn the real haters who are intent on causing death and destruction or is your angst limited to those who call into question the morality of the actions of the Zionst project?

  29. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    if u directed that at Sam bcz he’s jewish u should know that a lot of roman catholics — mostly irish, are huge supporters of Geller, Spencer, and also Steve Emerson.

    someone recently wrote about wm donovan. there’s a close connection between jews/zionists and tammany hall – irish, a connection that brought franklin roosevelt to power.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  30. geokat62 says:

    if u directed that at Sam bcz he’s jewish..

    I directed my comment to Sam because we were discussing the topic of hate speech.

    … irish, are huge supporters of Geller, Spencer, and also Steve Emerson.

    I say shame on anyone who supports these hate-mongers, regardless of their ethnicity.

  31. aml says:

    Obviously, the author is not very well informed about what the mood in Germany is like at the moment. I really don’t wanna discuss the “Merkel is a marxist” agenda in the comments since it is a completely unsubstantial and uninformed claim, but would like to discuss some other parts of the article instead. First of all, the laws against Holocaust denial have existed since 1958 and are not work of “Merkel’s Germany,” but simply part of the German judicial system. Moreover, the rhetoric used is soaked with nationalist ideology. You label a holocaust denier as a “German grandma” in order to create a certain closeness (which nationalists might find appealing), while you label refugees coming to Germany as “strangers.” The sentence implies that the Holocaust denier is a person with a background and a story, while the refugees labeled as “strangers” are just empty human beings people in the West cannot refer to (which is ridiculous, of course). Second, rather are refugees terrorized by German Neo-Nazis than the other way around. There have been multiple attacks on refugee hostels which had a xenophobic background. And the German judicial system has some real problems with that since, to a large extent, they do not really make an effort to catch these, as I call them, terrorists.
    Another problem is that the article does not break with binaries or categories and thus does not create a new framework to tackle the issue. What is left is not a creature from outer space discussing the refugee crisis, but only the point of view from the political right sold in a more creative way. Since you use the same labels West vs. East, white vs. black, and make use of the nationalist framework, the article does not break down any barriers and does not bring in some new points into the debate and stays in a very simplistic line of argument. I could turn the entire “argument” around and provide E.T.’s-as you call it- “cultural marxist” point of view- since the article has nothing to do with objectivity. Looking at the article from this standpoint, there’s nothing left but hot air.

  32. Gabriel M says:
    @Priss Factor

    If you knew anything about what you are talking about, you would know there are plenty of calls from Europeans on Israel to “diversify”. Even if you have never met any Europeans and have no familiarity with the continent you could simply find that out with 5 minutes in google.

    Hell, if you weren’t in some weird 1980s echo chamber you might have noticed that there is plenty of criticism of Israel form American leftists as well.….0…1c.1.64.img..0.34.1109.78XqUjvK660

  33. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “If you knew anything about what you are talking about, you would know there are plenty of calls from Europeans on Israel to “diversify”. Even if you have never met any Europeans and have no familiarity with the continent you could simply find that out with 5 minutes in google.”

    Yes there is, from leftist ideological quarters.

    But the powerful institutions in Europe apply no pressure.

    Individuals are nothing compared to institutions

    Institutions are firmly on the side os Israel to remain Israel.

    How many European leaders and institutions are calling for Israel to use Golan Heights as a refugee center?

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  34. @Priss Factor

    “How many European leaders and institutions are calling for Israel to use Golan Heights as a refugee center?”

    Or Saudi Arabia? Or Kuwait, Qtar, UAE, Dubai, Iran? Afghanistan? Any of those? Ask the question of the Persian Gulf States and all you’ll hear is crickets. THEY are actually the problem, robbing the region of the wealth in the ground and applying it to their own Princely hedonism. Israel has tried to diversify and it became a bombing zone, so they had to re-segregate. Not bad advice for the United States with the Muslims and Blaxx.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  35. geokat62 says:
    @Jim Christian

    Not bad advice for the United States with the Muslims and Blaxx.

    Spoken like a true Christian, JC.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  36. @geokat62

    I’m a realistic Christian. And besides, it just happens to be my name. I fear not. We coddle and empower certain groups that oughtn’t be. From the festivities of California and Paris (Muslims) to the absolute ruin of the big cities handed over “No Charge” to Black America, we ought to have known better. Keeping them in their box at this point would be the solution, but no. From living in peace and building prosperity to maintaining infrastructure and running good schools and government Muslims and Blacks cannot fathom how to maintain and live within a first-world environment.

    And somehow, someone thought “empowering” them is/was a good idea, every bit of evidence to the contrary, a body of evidence built over 50 years now. And just look at us now.

    If examining the recent history of your country with a critical eye is faulty Christianity, God is going to have to just deal with it.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  37. geokat62 says:
    @Jim Christian

    I’m a realistic Christian.

    I guess that’s how members of CUFI refer to themselves these days.

  38. Well, I don’t think about you folks at all. I do like it when Liberals, anti-Christians all, pass judgment on Christians to try to score a political point, however. Cute, but pointless.

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