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Driven to Blackface By Systemic Anti-White Bias
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Rachel Dolezal speaking at Spokane civil rights rally, May 2015, one month before she was exposed as being white rather than African American. Credit: Aaron Robert Kathman/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

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Nkechi Diallo was recently charged with welfare fraud in Spokane, Washington State. Back in 2015, Diallo was better known as Rachel Dolezal. She has since rechristened herself.

Rachel Dolezal, if you’re from Deep Space, is the lily-white woman who, in 2015, dared to “identify” as a black woman.

The “Racism Industrial Complex” is populated with frauds, shysters, imposters, phonies and morons; black, white and 50 shades of gray.

Ms. Dolezal had been posing as all of these, teaching mambo-jumbo studies at the bush college of Eastern Washington University.

Our American Idiocracy confers the respect and the authority of a pedagogue on many like her, allowing them to spread the disease to college kids and beyond. So, why not Rachel?

Why, the Age of the Idiot sees killers exculpated, just because they kill. As the faulty reasoning goes, if an individual has murdered, raped, robbed or defrauded—then he or she must have been abused, neglected, racially oppressed (if black or brown); not wealthy enough, mentally ill, lacking in self-esteem.

Anything but plain bad, slothful, sociopathic or parasitical. The more aberrant the crime; the more thrill-seeking, vulgar, immoral or wicked the conduct—the more elaborate, fanciful and scientifically baseless the excuse-making.

This is if B then A, backward, erroneous reasoning. Around it an industry has arisen. It’s called psychiatry. The psychiatric endeavor—voodoo, really—is premised on the medicalization of misconduct.

These days, it is de rigueur to consider everyone who acts immorally to be medically impaired.

But not Rachel Dolezal. Alas, the country is still barking mad at her, forever poised to heap scorn on her box-braided head.

The reason Ms. Diallo, aka Dolezal, has been denied the benefits of this excuse-making industry is that she has encroached on black supremacy’s turf.

To be black in America is more than a pigment; it’s an identity, a politics, an entitlement, a one-upmanship. This protected turf acts as a medieval guild or a modern trade union. In cahoots with the state, the “Racism-Industrial Complex” protects its members from competition by limiting entry into the professionally aggrieved class.

Poor Nkechi, aka Rachel. She painted her face orange, gave herself a Sideshow Bob hairdo, and adopted the ideology of the eternally oppressed.

Big deal.

Most of America’s race-grievance agitators are phonies who’ve never been oppressed. Unlike many of them, Dolezal—by the admission of the president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s Washington-State chapter—had actually done “quality work” to “elevate the issues of civil rights.”

“I just want to feel beautiful, and this is how I feel beautiful,” said this mixed-up woman rather plaintively.

Yes, Dolezal is the white face of parental and societal racial displacement. Why am I the only one to find her pitiful, even deserving of pity?


You see, America is not racist. In America, black is beautiful. To be black is to be more righteous, nobler; carry the heaviest historic baggage—heavier than the Holocaust and the Trail of Tears—and be encouraged to perpetually and publicly pick at those imagined, oozing injuries.

To be black is to have an unwritten, implicit social contract with wider, whiter society.

To be black it to be born with a lifetime of IOYs (I Own You); it is to be owed apologies, obsequiousness, education, and automatic exculpation for any wrongdoing. Reparations, too, if the Democrats have their way.

Why can’t Rachel have some of that? Was not Ms. Dolezal displaced for real in her parents’ affections?

Rachel’s story should begin with parents Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal, who adopted four children, “three of whom were African-American while the other was from Haiti.”

Does this fashionable adoption not send a message to a vulnerable white girl that she and her biological brother are too pale for their pious parents?

Spokesperson for the quasi-black Brady Bunch is brother Ezra Dolezal. Ezra grew up in the diversity worshiping, evangelical, Dolezal household. He now lectures his estranged sister about her shenanigans in blackface. The Chutzpah!

Without a doubt, the once anemic-looking, fair-skinned Rachel was raised with a real sense that she was not black enough for her parents. Why do I say “real”? Because, like Angelina Jolie, Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal kept acquiring kids more “colorful” than their own.

Kids are needy creatures. Parenting is a complex endeavor. However great their reservoirs of love, sense of fair play and goodwill—two parents do not have enough of the good stuff to spread among six kids. Mark my words: Brangelina’s beautiful, biological offspring will also one day display the scars of childhood, anti-white abuse.

Lest I be called on the carpet (or the mosaic floor, rather) for deploying the faulty reasoning I previously denounced, let me clarify: I am not here psychologizing Dolezal’s perplexing behavior. No need.

By reality’s standards—not those unscientifically set by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–∞/eternity)—Rachel (and lots of whites like her) was racially displaced.

Ms. Dolezal has thus recreated the primal scene of her childhood by becoming in adulthood—experientially, at least—blacker than her adopted brothers and sisters.

She deserves a break.

Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She is the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter, Facebook, Gab & YouTube

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  1. anarchyst says:

    When it comes to whites adopting blacks, football player Kaepernick is PROOF that interracial adoptions involving black adoptees simply DO NOT WORK OUT. His ungratefulness to his parents and country are “proof” that “you can take the african black out of the jungle, but you cannot take the jungle out of the african black”.

    Small children of every race may be cute and cuddly in their own way, and do look up to their “parents” until they are approximately 12-years of age.

    The problem with black adoptees is that their African DNA starts to re-assert itself, and that their “white” parents bear the brunt of their wrath. They RESENT their white parents, despite the fact that their white parents sacrificed for them and provided them with a much higher quality of life than that of their black “brethren”.

    It is NEVER a good idea for whites to adopt blacks–EVER.

    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @KenH
    , @orionyx
    , @bolin
  2. Rational says:


    Thanks for the great article, Madam. You are so right. I think it is not anti-white bias, but rather anti-white brainwashing by the western liberal media that has led the public into the sewer.

    Having traveled over the world and met and known people from other cultures, I can tell you that most people react to dark skin color with revulsion and disgust, even if it is their own.

    The Indian students at the uni, esp. girls, would ask their parents to send them tubes of “Fair and Lovely”, a cream that turns a darkie into a lightie, so they can find a FAIR spouse to marry.

    They called darker skinned Indians and blacks names like “Dravidian dog” and “kala kutta” and even “kala kak***.” They called white women who went with blacks or Indians “rundi” (ho).

    A SE Asian girl often mentioned that her mother insists she put milk on her face after shower, so she can become fair and find a good boy to marry, because she was too dark and even the dark men would reject her otherwise.

  3. anon[277] • Disclaimer says:

    In every area, a race of ingrates. You’d think they’d get on their knees every day to thank the Lord ol’ great-grandpappy was kidnapped and enslaved, so as to have the benefit of being born here rather than Africa, but no,it’s complaints 24/7.

    • Agree: Realist
  4. Somewhat ironic, is that in 1960s Canada, about 20,000 “First Nations” (Indian) children were taken from their dysfunctional homes, and fostered to, or adopted by middle class Whites. It is now labelled the “Sixties Scoop” and is declared to have been yet another “racist” act by Governments. These children missed out on their heritage, which included extremely high rates of alcoholism, battered wives and children, sexual abuse, and other cultural activities. Of course, the cultural activities weren’t really their cultural activities, they were cultural activities imposed on them by the Residential School system – that genocidal idea that Indians could be educated and integrated.

    Damned Whites!

  5. Angharad says:

    I am glad you wrote this commentary on Dolezal. Thank you. I despise the myriad of Race Grifters, of all DNA varieties – but this one is to be pitied. He despicable parents destroyed her identity, her heritage, her rightful place in a healthy family structure, her mind, spirit and soul. Rachel Dolezal is a martyr to her evil parents’ ego and vanity. I know she’s done stupid, idiotic things, but her parents set her up from birth.

  6. Anonymous [AKA "Jon Taylor"] says:

    I agree, Ilana. Rachel Dolezal’s sins were venial indeed.

  7. Binyamin says:

    ‘Our American idiocracy’- says Mercer. Hmm. Her handful of racialist fans are probably too thick to realise that Mercer is the South African spouse of a guest worker who came here on an O-1 Visa. Mercer alludes to her spouse when she laments the fate of those unemployed Americans with a PhD in electrical engineering. The ‘American’ Mercer’s daughter was refused reentry into the United States by Homeland Security presumably because her papers were not in order. Mercer’s immigration documents are no doubt in order but then the Byzantine complexities of US immigration has always been a mystery to some of us.

    Mercer is right about Rachel Dolezal who is a narcissist fraud but then even fake Americans can often be right.

    America is not racist says Mercer- this may be true for most educated Americans living in cosmopolitan urban areas. But most American blacks in the manner of most Jews are intensely conscious of past injustices and rightly so. A foreigner like Mercer has no business lecturing a large segment of native born Americans how the should feel.

    In a sense Mercer is right – There is a racial industrial complex and racial grievance industry in contemporary America- this industry is almost exclusively manned by white nationalists. Who are they? As one conservative magazine recently lampooned, these people are failures -they have a sense of grievance and a sense of entitlement. They blame others for their failure. So true.
    Permit me to add a few more bits- whether male or female-are also socially inadequate, they cannot get dates (hence their fury regarding interacial dating) they hardly ever leave their bedroom and they never have sexual intercourse.

    As my late and lamented uncle used to say- Holy fucking Moses!

    • Replies: @VLADDI
  8. @anarchyst

    Maybe you are right about Kaepernick. I don’t know. But I wonder whether he wasn’t motivated by simple guilt?
    Something like — “I am black — look at all the privileges I got because I had white parents — it’s really not fair — other blacks didn’t have the chances etc I had — I feel bad about this — so how can I “pay back” my unfair privelige to blacks generally? — work in a charity kitchen? Advocate for BLM? Or make myself notorious by making a big fuss about the national anthem….?”

  9. imbroglio says:

    I’ve been saying for a long time that this lady indeed deserves a break. If gender is a social construct, why not race. The young people in my ultra-p.c. town and region are lauded by parents and school for being trans or for “not declaring their gender yet” as we enjoy all the luxury of white privilege while faulting white working stiffs for THEIR lesser degree of white privilege and we (the woke community) happily get away with it. At least Rachel Dolezal put her efforts where her identity is/was.

    I believe the black community has been quiescent about R.D., the honest portion being somewhat sympathetic, the grifters being unsure how to play it.

    The larger question: does hypocrisy ever have to pay the piper? If it does, it’s a shame that the sins of the parents get visited upon the children.

  10. KenH says:

    Small children of every race may be cute and cuddly in their own way, and do look up to their “parents” until they are approximately 12-years of age.

    Interesting point and I recall years ago I had a coworker who worked as a lifeguard at a public pool somewhere in NYC during his summers between college who made that very same observation. He said that black kids, boys in particular, were nice and fairly well behaved until about age 11-12. Then he said at about that age they just turn into little animals calling everyone “muthafucka”, starting fights and becoming hostile towards whites.

    That’s black African DNA at work and neither magic dirt, wishful thinking, AA set asides or reparations can transform their savage nature.

    • Replies: @Logan
  11. Anonymous [AKA "realdeals"] says:

    So let me get this straight: Dolezal has impersonated a black person – to the extent (according to Mercer) that she tried to be “… in adulthood—experientially, at least—blacker than her adopted brothers and sisters.”??

    Is that also the logic that drives all these folks who go around pretending to be WWII concentration camp survivors or who are, at the very least, proven embellishers of their experiences therein?

    I remember that chap who said he met his future wife because she passed him an apple through a concentration camp fence every day and then another one who said he met Mengele at Auschwitz (and some Roosevelts and witnessed Jesse Owens at the Olympics etc. etc. etc.) The later finally admitted he wasn’t even there.

    They all said that their impersonations and exaggerations were merely meant to honour the memory of real victims, but it sure does seem like a strange form of praise…….

    • Replies: @Pissedoffalese
    , @Ragno
  12. orionyx says:

    Kaepernick is about as black as Rachel Dolezal. I have cousins, all of them of pure European (okay, perhaps just a dash of Tatar in there, Russia being Russia) ancestry, who range from a little lighter than Rachel to darker than Colin. So he can’t be used to make a point in this debate.

  13. Oh yes he (Colin) can be used to make a point. There’s more to race than just skin tone.

  14. She is the living embodiment of the belief that race is just a social construct. Yet look how quickly and savagely the same people who spout that nonsense turned on her.

  15. @Anonymous

    Hell, I remember one idiot saying (writing, actually) that one of his friends’ moms was an Aushwitz (sp?) survivor and had both her fucking HANDS chopped off and sewed back on by Mengale (sp?), on the wrong arms. In the ’40’s. Right. They can’t even fucking do that TODAY!

    Another one was raised by wolves.

    Apples through the fence is at least vaguely believeable.

    Anymore, I believe NOTHING if it’s put out by MSM. I look at what website something came from, and if it is mainstream, I skip right over it, knowing it’s not reliable, sorta like I used to do with or the Enquirer.

    Anymore, both Rense and Enquirer are more reliable.

  16. Duke84 says:

    Dolezal is really no different than Elizabeth Warren.

  17. Any chance we can get to work on some real issues? Like preserving the life sustaining oceans, lakes, rivers and streams. FFS, we have like 2 whales left and the Japanese started hunting them again.

  18. The reason Ms. Diallo, aka Dolezal, has been denied the benefits of this excuse-making industry is that she has encroached on black supremacy’s turf.

    Exactly. She is blacker than Kamala Harris. If she had pretended to be a man she would have been richly rewarded.

  19. KenH says:

    I do sort of pity Rachel Dolezal/Nkechi Diallo. From what I recall her parents showered more love and attention on the congoids they adopted than their own white biological daughter during her formative years. She felt left out by not being black. And contrary to the claims of congoid and leftist liars and propagandists blacks are often put up on a pedestal in schools with white majorities of 80% or more.

    My public school district was about 97% white all throughout my K-12 years and it was very common for a few of the tiny number of black kids to be voted to homecoming court owing to white guilt and black skin privilege. The black kids and other minorities experienced almost no racism and any they did experience was trivial compared to what white kids suffer in majority black or black and latino schools.

    Rachel Dolezal or whatever her current name is learned growing up that that blackness commands more sympathy, respect and attention than being white. And since white kids aren’t given a sense of racial identity and racial pride like everyone else she felt that there was nothing special about being white and if anything it was shameful, hence her decision to become transracial.

  20. Without a doubt, the once anemic-looking, fair-skinned Rachel was raised with a real sense that she was not black enough for her parents. Why do I say “real”? Because, like Angelina Jolie, Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal kept acquiring kids more “colorful” than their own.

    I happen to think these people have destroyed I don’t know how many lives….

  21. Dolezal is just like Donny “the Swede” Trump – who tried to hide his family’s German blood by calling it Scandanavian.

    What a shyster.

  22. Logan says:

    However great their reservoirs of love, sense of fair play and goodwill—two parents do not have enough of the good stuff to spread among six kids.

    Disagree. Lots of people have successfully raised larger families than this. In fact, this used to be a rather average to small family.

    Which doesn’t mean Rachel’s parents were right to do what they did.

  23. Logan says:

    It’s called puberty.

    • Replies: @KenH
  24. buckwheat says:

    Committing welfare fraud, and having the brains of a turnip seed qualifies her as black in all 50 states.

  25. seeanddo says:

    Well, failing that, Dolezal could: cheat on her taxes; cheat her contractors and employees; cheat her lenders; serially cheat on her spouse and/or occasionally rape her; cheat her voters by betraying their interests to the foreign and alien State of Israel.

    Then, she would merely be herr drumpf – “Swedish” member of NY’s real estate tribe.

    Lucky her! After all, who needs a minstrel show when the RBNY cock-tail party is at hand?

    • Troll: Chris Mallory
  26. bolin says:

    You do not realize that the parents hate white and they raise the child to hate white. nothing to do with DNA. new African migrants have a lot of respect for white people simply because they were not raised to hate them.

  27. Anonymous[252] • Disclaimer says:

    She doesn’t deserve any pity. She deliberately made up race hate hoaxes to smear the white community she was living in. And you can be sure she was teaching anti-white bias to students at Eastern Washington State. My only sympathy is that she was singled out whereas TalcumX (Shaun King) got away with it. Maybe the sistas objected.

  28. Ragno says:

    No one should ever render a judgment or opinion – or even a passing reference! – to Rachel Dolezal/Diallo without automatically adding one about Shaun King, a far more toxic, far more malevolent race-faker whom the Dolezal-dismembering media have agreed, via digital secret handshake, to look the other way in the interests of letting him get away with it.

    Shaun King’s name should forever be attached to Dolezal as if leg-shackled to her; particularly as his blue-checkmark Twitter status acts as a constant reminder that all this “respctability” could be Rachel’s, too….if only she were openly motivated by loathing of whites, and spent her days and nights doxxing innocent whites (before gutlessly deleting the Tweets) , accusing innocent whites of child murder (before gutlessly deleting the Tweets), openly cheering on terrorists and would-be mass murderers (before gutlessly deleting the Tweets)…..and even the pettiness of digging a premature grave for Tom Brady during halftime of Super Bowl 51 (before….yup, you guessed it! … gutlessly deleting the Tweets).

    In the end, Rachel Dolezal is merely a somewhat-predictable road marker of American decline….sad but essentially harmless. Shaun King is everything wrong with pretending that activists are “journalists” if they say so – and the coddling and appeasement he enjoys from the six- and seven-figure Bolsheviks in the media represents nothing less than a game of “chicken” being played with our nation, and our way of life, teetering on the edge of the abyss. In a sane world, she’d be ignored out of charity and he’d be in voluntary exile, far from an army of determined process-servers; short of that sane world, we should never utter her name except as a preamble to circling his, in black magic marker.

  29. KenH says:

    It’s called puberty.

    White boys don’t turn in to hate filled animals at puberty.

    • Replies: @Logan
  30. Logan says:

    Some them damn sure do. I unfortunately went to school with some of them.

    It is of course possible that proportionately fewer of them do.

  31. Charles says:

    Rachel (or whatever) does indeed, at least for me, evoke pity rather than anger. It would seem impossible for a psychologically healthy person to not just start this kind of charade but also to stick with it for so many years.

  32. Dolezal has every right to be black if she chooses! People who deny her that choice are the racists.

  33. VLADDI says: • Website


    Hypocrites have to use emotion because facts will never support their double standards.

    And those emotions include that same “Hate!” which their double standards decry in others.

    All hypocrites disguise their common hypocrisy (intentional criminal choices) in many “idolatrous” ways – in psychology, as the “diseased victim” model (and even worse, as the falsely anthropomorphosized models of fear, greed, and hope known as the Id, Ego, and SuperEgo); in religious terms: “The best trick the Devil played, was to pretend he didn’t exist” (because he’s really only God’s victim, for whom you should have sympathy, not antipathy) and in politics as Robin-Hood-like champions of “The Poor” and “the racially oppressed” (by whitey alone, who for some reason is so stupid as to “hate” all “diversity!”).

    Concerning the Literally thought-killing, PSYCHOTIC hypocrite Liberals vs Conservative brains:

    At most, Conservatives wil assert that “We really don’t care what you think” (because your pwecious feewings are not relevant) versus the inevitable leftopathic response: “We DO care that you think, because we hate ALL painful, fearsomely fearful thinking in both our selves and in all others! So: STOP THINKING – OR ELSE!”

    Our right to free association also includes a right to NOT associate with people we deem incompatible. That right, plus our brains’ common pattern-recognition ability, is why “racism” exists – but that’s not a bad thing, because, without “racism,” NO RACES COULD EXIST AT ALL – including those poor swarthy People-Of-Color races liberals keep as pets!

    But to libocrites, forcing everyone to rub elbows until they learn to “tolerate” their differences – even the differences between predatory criminal aggressors and their innocent intended victims – is the right thing to do, because after all, life is too complex for us to ever have to painfully think about it, much less then be able to understand it without thinking, and so it’s also too complex for anyone to ever really be able to form self-reliant, free-will choices or criminal intentions, and so there are no real crimes nor criminals, and so in the end we’re all really ever only equally helpless fellow victims, to be pities, and never angrily )or “hatefully!”) condemned for those supposedly bad choices which in reality we were never able to have made in the first place! Whee!

  34. VLADDI says: • Website

    Wrong. Just as “male feminists” throw all other men under the metaphorical bus, (claiming that “Of course there’s a patriarchy, and all men are oppressively misogynistic chauvenists – except me, of course; I’m the only sensitive guy left in the world – please sleep with me?”) so also do all so-called “anti-racist” and “anti-fascist” activists (and all such libertine “liberal” extortionists always seem to be whites/Jews, don’t they?) throw all the other whites under that same proverbial bus, to virtue-signal how non-racist/fascist they themselves are – to ingratiate their racist, fascist selves with those very same black swarthy victimal “People-Of-Color” pets whose violent animal instincts they so-rightly fear. In other words, such people as your own fine self, are nothing more than self-serving hypocrites and traitors to rationality and Civilization.

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