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D'oh! Looks Like Democracy Dies In Diversity
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“Dissatisfaction with democracy within developed countries is at its highest level in almost 25 years,” say researchers at the University of Cambridge. “The UK and the United States had particularly high levels of discontent.”

No wonder. Certainly, America is a severely divided country. “Severely divided societies are short on community,” and “community is a prerequisite for majority rule,” argues Donald L. Horowitz, a scholar of democracy, at Duke University.

Having studied “constitutional engineering” in divided societies like South Africa, Horowitz has concluded that, “In societies severely divided by ethnicity, race, religion, language, or any other form of ascriptive affiliation, ethnic divisions make democracy difficult, because they tend to produce ethnic parties and ethnic voting. An ethnic party with a majority of votes and seats can dominate minority groups, seemingly in perpetuity.” (Journal of Democracy, April 2014.)

The Democratic Party has morphed into such a political organ. It’s responding to the fact that minorities in the U.S. will soon form a majority. This rising majority, as polling trends indicate, will speak in one political voice, for most immigrants to the United States are not from Europe and Canada, but from Latin America and Asia, south and east. And this cohort of immigrants is reliably progressive: It votes Democratic.

Likewise, the poor and the unskilled are well-represented among our country’s immigrant intake. It’s the way we roll. Poor immigrants favor the rearranging of the income curve in their new home.

The policy establishment preaches well-meaning pieties. All these energetically imported, fractious minorities, claims our ruling Idiocracy, will relinquish race and tribe as unifying principles, and adopt our U.S. constitutional design and “our values.”

Democrats know better. Oh, the founding population, they expect, will naively hitch its existential survival to a political dispensation called liberal democracy.

The duped, historic majority of the U.S. will willingly cede political and institutional dominance in return for the constitutional safeguards—for the abstractions—offered by democracy. This, Democrats know only too well.

Moreover, being pushover-passive on matters domestic, Caucasian America is generally pro-immigration, the more exotic and culturally incongruent, the better. It makes for a warm and fuzzy feeling about The Self. But while Americans don’t see race; the people they’re importing see nothing but race.

Take Indian Americans. They’re a relatively new addition to the United States’ top-down, state-planned, multicultural mess of pottage. Most Indian-Americans have “arrived in America over the past two decades.” But they are highly aggressive politically and reliably Democrat.

By the Economist’s telling, “Capitol Hill, for example, is crammed with staff and interns of Indian-American heritage. They also appear to be ‘over-represented’ in academia, the media and other influential posts.” And, it is their indisputable habit to deploy and grow “informal networks, as well-connected Indian-Americans find jobs for each other’s offspring.”

Caste and ethnicity: It’s what the scrupulously candid English magazine is here hinting at, ever so genteelly. As many in the corporate world know all too well—once an individual of South-Asian descent gets into a position of power, he is inclined to hire others of the same persuasion, talent be damned. Meek Anglo-Americans, on the other hand, hire by talent, not by tribe. Honky just doesn’t have that screw-or-be-screwed DNA to do battle with the Other’s flinty duplicity.

This mercenary, extractive approach to politics prevails among the immigrants being imported at a furious rate by the immigration-industrial-complex. Asians, aforementioned, are especially primed to seek, and aggressively extract, advantage from positions of power.

Take Sen. Kamala Harris. Although she “rarely mentioned the Indian side of her family while campaigning,” the erstwhile presidential candidate’s mother migrated to California from Chennai, in southern India. Angry, anti-white, and highly receptive to theories that blacken the West and porcelainize the undeveloped world—Kamala and her kind cannot be trusted to relinquish race as an organizing principle, in favor of a complete commitment to a constitutional design, in the America she and her progeny hope to inherit.

What about that seething Somali, Ilhan Omar, the representative from Minnesota? Who will be the loser in her brave, new, tribal America?

In the context of democracy and its discontents, Anglo-American elites and policy makers have courted and engineered their own demise. No other group expresses such incontinent exhilaration at the prospects of turning their historic populations into minorities.

“The United States has more immigrants than any other country in the world,” states Pew Research. “Immigrants and their U.S.-born children now number approximately 89.4 million people, or 28 percent of the overall U.S. population,” says the American Community Survey (ACS). According to the Migration Policy Institute, “One in seven U.S. residents is foreign born.”

As stated, the foreign-born are, for the most, from alien, often-hostile cultures.

“A century ago, more than 80 percent of [America’s] foreign-born population came from Europe; now the figure is only 10 percent. … America is becoming less European,” bewailed the Economist in one issue, inexplicably.

“Inexplicably,” because this (superb) news magazine usually glorifies the ethnic transformation of European societies through exotic immigration.

Confusion born of contradiction peaks in the next issue, where Robert Guest, of the same open-borders Economist, lectures and laments that, “The simplest way to make the world richer is to allow more people to move. Yet the politics of migration has never been more toxic.”

D’oh! While extolling endless migration to the West, the very same, Nov. 16-22 issue of the magazine depicts a world beset by unrest:

“It is hard to keep up with the protest movements under way around the world. … only the global unrest of the late 1960s was similar in scope.”

After much dissembling, it is eventually conceded that the global unrest is engulfing “well-functioning democracies” big time, too.


In fact, “a related phenomenon [in the unrest equation] is the weakening of the bargain at the heart of Western-style democracy—that losers, who may represent a majority of the popular vote, will accept rule by the winners until the next election. The millions on the streets do not accept the patience that trade-off demands.” [Emphasis added]

“A weakening of the bargain at the heart of Western-style democracy”? I wonder why?

Because flooding Western democracies with non-Western people has created societies without social capital, societies that share no enduring bonds other than the quest to extract as much power and possessions possible from the political process.

Western nation-states are now imperiled entities. Their central authorities have worked to erode delicate sectarian and ethnic balance within, and thus hope for lasting comity among disparate communities.

By using their police powers to swamp their already fructuous populations with alien nations—where are the referenda on mass immigration?—governments have undermined exiting ethnic balance in Western democracies, and, with it, the fellow feeling so essential to democracy’s endurance.

Consider: Before Comrade Ted Kennedy’s coup of 1965, America was, by and large, a biracial nation. To quote author Ann Coulter, “From 1620 to 1970, the U.S. was demographically stable. … The country was about 85 percent to 90 percent white, almost entirely British, German, French and Dutch, and 10 percent to 15 percent African American.” In other words, America was largely a biracial compact; never a multicultural “nation of immigrants.”

Blacks and whites were only just beginning to come to terms with each other and with a shared, painful past.

Arguably, by opening the floodgates to mass, Third-World immigrants, the government of the day forever upset the teetering bi-racial balance within America.

Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She’s the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter, Facebook & Gab. Latest on YouTube: “How Democracy Made Us Dumb.

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  1. TG says:

    Nothing new.

    The rich want cheap labor. Slavery is hard work: the best way to get cheap labor is by flooding the labor market. If the natives can’t be induced/persuaded to breed like rodents, well, just import the surplus population from places where people do breed like rodents.

    The African nation the Ivory Coast used to be pretty prosperous. How terrible! So the rich imported massive numbers of refugees from poorer countries, until they had doubled the population and the resulting poetry tore the country apart in a bloody civil war.

    But hey, the rich made a lot of money before that happened, so it’s all good.

  2. Mordecai says:

    ‘Likewise the poor and unskilled are well represented by immigrants in our country’. ‘Our country ‘ , says Ilana Mercer, the liar and fantasist. Readers ought to know, Ilana is an economic migrant, the spouse of a guest worker who is currently unemployed. Ilana was born in South Africa and has emigrated to half a dozen countries, eventually ending up in a shithole part of the the United States bordering Canada. She is a perpetual migrant who loves collecting citizenships of various countries she has lived in. She harbours little love for the country which is currently feeding her and like the useless unproductive immigrant that she is, she has never bothered to study the the history and traditions of her latest adopted dwelling. America was not biracial until the latest ‘hordes’ of immigrants (such as Ilana) arrived. America has had a large Hispanic population, mostly well assimilated, for generations, unsurprisingly, since Mexico has historic links with Southern states as shown by the later’s heritage architecture and cuisine. America has absorbed hordes of immigrants- Italians, Irish, Japanese, Jewish from the beginning of last century till WWII. So, my question is, how on earth did a village idiot retard such as Ilana managed to get through US immigration? Immigration system dysfunctional? It sure is.

    • Replies: @Adam Smith
    , @eric
  3. Radek says:

    Kampala Harris may well conceal her part Indian heritage. Nothing unusual in that, especially amongst politicians. Mitt Romney, the quisttential WASP, has always concealed his part Hispanic heritage. When Ilana rants about ‘our country ‘ she conceals the fact the she is not American at all but is a South African born recent immigrant. Barely a few years ago Ilana was based in Canada and pretended to be a Canadian. Before that she was an Israeli. I think it was the former unlamented British prime minister Theresa May who coined the famous saying- ‘if you are a citizen of everywhere, you are a citizen of nowhere ‘. Ilana fits the description. How can you be loyal to any country if you are constantly relocating from one country to another?

    • Replies: @Army of the Potomac
  4. Meek Anglo-Americans, on the other hand, hire by talent, not by tribe. Honky just doesn’t have that screw-or-be-screwed DNA to do battle with the Other’s flinty duplicity.

    Not really. It’s just that we know that if we act on those instincts, the Hammer of God falls upon us, in the form of the EEOC and endless court orders and lawfare to redress “scriminations” and “raycisms.” Everyone but Whitey is not merely permitted, but tacitly encouraged to play to win and “score” for their own people.

    Get the jackboot of the State off our throats and we will do likewise, except for a handful of ethnomasochistic cuckolds.

  5. Realist says:

    Looks Like Democracy Dies In Diversity

    Democracy always dies…just quicker in diversity.

  6. melpol says:

    White people cannot verbally state to a member of another race that because of the color of white skin they are a better human being. This taboo statement would identify that person as a racist or white supremacist.
    Nothing gets 100 million non-white Americans angrier than white privileges. It is a slap in the face to other races. Murderous rages are incited if a white person cuts the line in front of a black person. Thousands of deadly assaults have occurred because of this error. The power structure of American society must change because whites are frightened of ethnic rage.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  7. @Radek

    Genetically Romney is probably mostly WASP. The classic definition never included Mormons though. He has always played the square-jawed preppy WASP role, granted. Massachusetts codfish aristocracy, transmogrified. He is a classic sellout elite WASP, even making dirty money with Wall Street vulture funds.

  8. In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.

    If you look at Lee Kuan Yew’s wikiquote page this ain’t there!

  9. @Mordecai

    So, my question is, how on earth did a village idiot retard such as Ilana managed to get through US immigration?

    Some animals are more chosen than others.

  10. @Morton's toes

    There is a lot of truth in the interview. However, it really only applies if you believe in globalism. China adopted a Henry Ford type of mentality – paying the employees enough to buy what you are selling, rather than the (((Western))) maximize profits mentality. Their internal market is massive and growing, while the (((West))) is shrinking. The comments about moving to where it is cheaper labour is entirely a (((globalist))) agenda. Prior to “free trade” companies built branch plants to manufacture products for local or regional consumption, to defray transportation costs and tariffs. Today, it’s all about how low can you go. Like Mexico has become, Singapore is becoming a “high wage” country, and the globalists will find some place cheaper to set up shop.

    As for the blockquote, I think it distorts the real issue, that being that “diversity” has corrupted the meaning of the word “community” which used to be a geographical area. It now means all people of a particular race or religion, irrespective of residence. It’s a short trip to “multiracial societies”. Previously, “societies” were inclusive of all, recognizing that some people were “social misfits”, irrespective of race or religion. With diversity comes multiculturalism which means multiracial societies, and the demand that there will be no society as was previously. It’s another divide and conquer technique.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  11. Mark Hunter says: • Website

    Mordecai and the other schoolyard bullies make a person sick. One needs the hide of a rhinoceros around here.

    Thanks, Ilana, for an excellent article touching on several immigration patriot points.

  12. anarchyst says:

    Maybe not “better”, but definitely more advanced. For the most part, the inventions that have benefited all of humanity came from white gentile males.
    Despite being less than 12% of the worldwide population, white gentile males have done more to better the human condition than any other race.
    Not bragging, just fact.
    If us white gentile heterosexual males were so “supremacist”, we would have kept our inventions to ourselves…
    Regarding today’s popular narrative, every other race and culture blaming white gentile heterosexual males for all of the world’s ills, maybe we should have…

  13. anarchyst says:

    You make an excellent point regarding “Henry Ford” type capitalism, and its nemesis, jewish vulture capitalism.
    Free trade” is a “race to the bottom” which can only be detrimental to the true human condition. Expecting first-world wage rates to compete with third-world wage rates never works.
    I would hope that people would start to see that Henry Ford was absolutely correct when he blamed the banksters, vulture capitalists, and wall street types for the economic conditions, not only in the USA, but the world.
    People such as “Mitt” Romney whose only expertise is to disassemble viable companies and industries, selling off the assets individually to maximize their “profits” need to be exposed and “run out of town”.
    Adolph Hitler’s Germany was successful because labor in Germany was “monetized”–given intrinsic “value”, unlike what the mantra in business is today, that “labor” costs must be minimized and that the “shareholder” is king.
    The internationalist banksters had to do something to “nip” the monetization and valuation of labor as it would have “upset the (existing) order. Hence, a major reason for the demonization of Germany which continue to this day…

  14. wesmouch says:

    Of course, Jews play by the same rules. Once they gain control of organization they hire their own disproportionately and exclude others. Just look at Ivy League enrollment

  15. There are places in the US that are still 90% white.

    I am moving to one despite the cold and having lived in the warm south all of my 70 years.

    It is the only way I see to keep the wedges of diversity, and the lessons of “divided we fall,” to the absolute minimum.

  16. @TG

    I grew up in Hawaii and the history of the place is pretty much: WASP con men con the Hawaiians out of their islands, then import successive waves of immigrants for cheap labor. Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Filipino … now Hawaii has a huge number of Filipinos plus there are Micronesians as the newest wave of immigration.

    Now it’s still run by the “five families” all WASP of course and things are fine for them. At the ground level racial group is in competition for the jobs, sweeping floors or anything.

    I guess next I’d expect a wave of Africans in an attempt to have a Hawaii minimum wage of \$1 an hour or something.

  17. @anarchyst

    Maybe not “better”, but definitely more advanced. For the most part, the inventions that have benefited all of humanity came from white gentile males.
    Despite being less than 12% of the worldwide population, white gentile males have done more to better the human condition than any other race.

    If we are going to talk about disproportionate impact, that surely Ashkenazi Jewish males have far outcompeted European Gentile males?

    If us white gentile heterosexual males were so “supremacist”, we would have kept our inventions to ourselves

    I think using ‘us’ seems to suggest that White Gentile males are one monolithic group, this is quite obviously not true. It seems the influx of different races paired with the fact that White males (Jewish and Gentile) are still the vanguard of innovation, has destroyed this illusion of White unity. Before the working class White male could delude himself into thinking that he too has contributed to the great advancements of civilisation. But with the incoming racial foreigners, that delusion has been utterly smashed and the low to middling IQ White male is no longer as respected, he knows he is now small and no better than the other races. He can take pride in White IQ being high all he wants, but the reality is that some high IQ White will have no qualms about replacing him with an allegedly lower IQ Mexican if he works in a blue-collared profession, or an allegedly low-IQ Indian H-1B. He no longer feels special.

    This I feel is the reason for the recent surge of right-wing populism, it is not really anything to do with high ideals like avoiding the extinction of the White race as some ostensibly claim, it is pure self-interest and an attempt by White Gentile males to reclaim their place at the top of the totem pole.

  18. Ronnie says:

    It is utterly amazing that she can write this article mentioning the self-serving cooperative racial behavior of Indian Americans and not mention the similar well-know and long suffered behavior of Jews in America and their dramatic overrepresentation. Is this an attempt to protect Jews from criticism? Is she is in fact, by omission, trying to convince us that Jews do not participate in such behavior?

    • Replies: @NYC Girl
  19. Ragno says:

    Once an individual of South-Asian descent gets into a position of power, he is inclined to hire others of the same persuasion, talent be damned. Meek Anglo-Americans, on the other hand, hire by talent, not by tribe. Honky just doesn’t have that screw-or-be-screwed DNA to do battle with the Other’s flinty duplicity.

    Never has a true statement been so false. Whitey’s “meekness” has been conditioned into him by years of draconian penalties – most ending in jail or financial ruin. All umber-hued “Americans” are encouraged to break those same rules, mostly by the (((tribe))) which authored those rules.

    (Oh boy -! Triple parentheses!….we know what that means, shudder All Good Conservatives. But once I saw a reference to “Comrade Ted Kennedy”, alongside no mention at all of “Emmanuel Celler”, it was easy to tell which omissions would mark this analysis. And why.)

    We probably lost our country when we stood idly by while America’s armed forces – and to a lesser extent, law enforcement – were deliberately adulterated with unfit and incapable ‘diversity’ elements. The killing blow these past 20 years, the re-conditioning of both to act as Big Brother among their “fellows” and to emphasize preparedness for their actual missions: the military as world cops, swinging billy clubs against sovereign peoples; domestic law enforcement as cannon fodder for America’s burgeoning (sanctioned) guerilla armies of blacks and antifa. There won’t be any cavalry coming over the hill to save America the Constitutional Republic – in fact, if you hear them coming, run! – they’ll be coming to finish us off.

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  20. Ragno says:

    Most Indian-Americans have “arrived in America over the past two decades.” But they are highly aggressive politically and reliably Democrat.

    Ten minutes’ worth of exposure to that corpulent commissar, Jeet Heer, was all I needed to convince me that having these people loose near where policy is drafted was a disastrous idea. Please, before it’s too late, bring back the British Raj.

    • Replies: @Ragno
  21. anarchyst says:

    If I could agree with you more than once, I would. You are absolutely correct in your assessment that (us) whites have been “conditioned” to accept their (our) dispossession.


  22. Dr. Doom says:

    Democracy never lasts. The fraud and corruption involved are corrosive to politics.

    Dictators are now the future.

    Populism is the last stage of “civic nationalism”.

    Ethnocentrism is the NORM.

  23. It’s hardwired into everyone to distrust people who are different since our minds subconsciously know such people cannot be related to us. Diversity is a terrible idea.

  24. Susan says:

    The demise of white hegemony is exactly what the rulers wanted all along. The civil rights act was never about the uplift of blacks; it’s always been about the destruction of whites. Same with the immigration act of ’65. Divide and conquer, destroy whites, control the world. Whites are the only capable race, capable of building and maintaining civilizations. Get rid of whites and the world is yours!

    • Agree: anarchyst
  25. Indians are a plague. Just take a look at what they are doing to the suburbs of Toronto, transforming it into a third world craphole. Even the best of them, the spelling bee champions, still retain the inherent clannishness, body hair, and love of engaging in various forms of fraud.

    This is a primitive, tribal culture that will lock down key industries (e.g., Tech) with great delight. Fiji let a whole bunch of them into the country and they have displaced the natives in short order.

  26. “Before Comrade Ted Kennedy’s coup of 1965, America was, by and large, a biracial nation”

    That would be Jacob Javits and the Jewish lobby, which had been pushing for mass immigration for well over 100 years before the stooge Ted Kennedy decided to play figurehead.

  27. Boomers like me have a lot to answer for.

    Mass immigration lowers wages and raises house prices — paradise for boomers because they own their homes outright but, growing older, must purchase more and more services to remain in them.

    The struggle against mass immigration begins with assaults on the privileges of the elderly: publicly funded health care and pensions.

  28. anon[416] • Disclaimer says:

    it seem all brown people are very ethnocentric

    arabs,indians,iranians and south europeans to a larger extent too maybe thats the reason while english and french fell soo easily to the jewish yoke spaniard and italians mantained their independence and were able to asimilate the jews , they have a little jew in them like a vacune that let them fell instintively the danger.

  29. (((Mercer))), is your life so empty that you can only fill it by writing incredibly stupid articles like this one? You are not a Western woman. You are a Jewess. You belong in Israel.

    You scribble about Asians and Hispanics voting for Democrats, but you forgot to mention how Jews overwhelmingly vote for Democrats.

    You scribble about the racial composition of America, but you and your rabbi father changed the racial composition of South Africa with your anti-apartheid work. You and your family were kicked out of South Africa because of this. You titled your book “Into the Cannibal’s Pot,” but you and your rabbi father gathered the kindling to light the fire under the pot. You and he then helped the cannibals toss in the whites.

    I’m white-pilled (pun intended) about America’s future. Blacks will get their own state. Jews, Muslims, Asians and illegals will go back. If a person cannot meet Western standards, they will be repatriated or segregated. The West is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim.

    Deal with the diversity problem in your tribe. I put Ashkenazi Jews in the Caucasoid category, but they are not Western. However, 20% of Jews are black/Asian. Ashkenazi Jews have high intermarriage rates with blacks/Asians. Mark Zuckerberg has a Chinese wife and Chinese-Jewish offspring. Chloe Green has a black, Jewish son. There is nothing Western about these people. There are about 14.6 million Jews in the world. The non-Caucasian portion is huge. Regardless of racial category, they are considered Jews. This concept does not exist in the West. A black or Asian is black or Asian, not Western.

    Unlike other insane anti-Semites, I do not blame present day Jews for our problems. Present day Jews are not the chosen and no longer have a covenant with God. They are not related to the Jews of the Old Testament or when Jesus lived. Our problems are caused by cucked Western males who are not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim. It is the cucked Western male who is causing our democracy problems.

    • Agree: Haxo Angmark
    • Replies: @Just passing through
  30. @attilathehen

    You are jus jealous that Western males have had enough of Western females, who are abolute entitled sluts by the way, and are making high-IQ hapa kids with Asian waifus whose generics mean their skin ages less and they remain attractive for longer. You know the Western female can no longer match the Asian waifu when it comes to feminity, the Jews have inculcated your type with empowerment which means working in an office all day and complaining about being a woman.

    The future is hapa! Whites will go extinct and the Gaps empire will rise from the ashes and maintain its benevolent rule.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  31. @Just passing through

    Another Asian poontanger. Hi-IQ hapas is an oxymoron. Derbyshire’s barely mediocre Chinese offspring are perfect examples of what happens when a Western male degenerates and goes native. His Chinese woman and daughter like the negroids. They voted for Obummer.

    Except for Japan, Asia is a shithole. If you are a Western male involved with Asian females and live in the West, leave.

  32. Ragno says:

    For a typical example of Toxic Indians – though this one isn’t “American” (yet) – I warily commend you to the Guardian’s predictable knife job on the late Sir Roger Scruton:

    Of course, the Left can barely hide their glee at each new opportunity to shit on a good man’s obituary….but when the mission is particularly distasteful, send an Indian. (In this case, Kenan Malik.) Their immunity to human decency, masked in devotion to leftist ideology, can’t quite obscure the enjoyment they take in savaging their betters. And of course – the deader, the better!

    • Replies: @Johan
  33. Johan says:

    You and me and others will be writing about thousands of such instances, not seeing the wood through the trees, as long as the ideology of democracy rules the contemporary minds, mistakenly blaming it to the political opposition. Articles like this also consist of believers writing about isolated instances, not seeing the wood through the trees. Hence media like this and other alternative media get to be daily filled.

    “Democracy, will soon degenerate into an anarchy, such an anarchy that every man will do what is right in his own eyes, and no man’s life or property or reputation or liberty will be secure and every one of these will soon mold itself into a system of subordination of all the moral virtues, and intellectual abilities, all the powers of wealth, beauty, wit, and science, to the wanton pleasures, the capricious will, and the execrable cruelty of one or a very few. ” ~ John Adams

    • Thanks: SeekerofthePresence
  34. NYC Girl says:

    BINGO, and it’s vital to remember the author herself is Jewish.

  35. the worm in the heart of the White West isn’t

    invasive shitskins. The worm is

    the Eternal Jew, who

    debt-bombed the political class into open-borders submission.

    the wandering Issacsohn-Mercer and her invasive Tribe

    are the core problem.

  36. eric says:

    I appreciate her posts and think she’s just the type of immigrant the US needs. I know lots of Unz readers are aware of Jewish cosmopolitans treating goyim an outgroup, and I believe such people exist, but all groups contain individuals that are profoundly diverse: they have different values, abilities, priorities.

    As per Kamala Harris, it seems common for a biracial child raised solely by the non-black parent to present themselves as black. This is really pathetic because a rational response is to resent the parent who left, but because they see the political advantage of being black, they create a new identity totally foreign to their white/Indian upbringing.

    If being black was so horrible people who have the ability to choose would not choose to be black, but they do. And not just in these political cases, in general, those with mixed-race identify as black.

    • Replies: @ssorkcir
  37. ssorkcir says:

    If being black was so horrible people who have the ability to choose would not choose to be black, but they do. And not just in these political cases, in general, those with mixed-race identify as black.

    You are naive about white American culture. In many cases black people, or the children of interracial unions don’t get to “choose” that they are black. White society assigns them to that category and treats them accordingly. Some children of interracial unions for example find greater acceptance and or better treatment among blacks than whites, which is one key reason they identity with being black. Anyone who doesn’t grasp this is indeed naive.

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