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Deplorables, Cancel the January 6 PSYOP!
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The anniversary of January 6 is upon us. In deranged Democrat nomenclature, “It was an insurrection”—apparently the deadliest in U.S. history. To their disgrace, Jan. 6 has indeed become the Democrat’s 9/11.

Deplorables should rejoice for the Democrats are having a fit, and that’s fun. Rejoice, but do not partake in or dignify the production. Ignore Jan. 6 as you would “spam for penis extensions.”

Stay away from the force-field of evil that is the Democrats’ Jan. 6 Psychological Operation (PSYOP). Much like the Russia hoax—it was a plot to unseat a president—the Jan. 6 monomania is meant to overthrow a people, MAGA America.

Since there is nothing much to commemorate, except for the cold-blooded, unpunished murder of an unarmed protester, Ashli Babbit, Jan. 6 must be viewed as a long-term, cynical political strategy. To alert you to this civilian PSYOP, here is my reply to a liberal friend, who emailed late in 2021, still preoccupied with the Trump wrecking-ball:

“I understand why you are unaware of what’s going on in Biden’s America, among regular Americans: As a news-consumer myself who must consume the repulsive, ethics-abnegating, fake progressive media—I see that most of the legacy media’s time is devoted to prosecuting an ex-president, Trump, and maligning into oblivion his Deplorable base, whom they now accuse of spreading The Disease (as the ‘unvaccinated’), and being a source of domestic terrorism. Media report not at all about Joe Biden’s policies and their impact on the average Joe.”

Put it this way, when Trump is dead and gone, the same fraudulent, outlets, conjuring this alternate-reality, will continue to “report” on the “legacy of Trump.” This, these fake-news frauds will frame as the news du jour.

It is the responsibility of thinking people, I urged my liberal friend, to know Trump is no longer president (ya think?) and no longer news. But, in defense of those who have been swept up with mainstream media’s Trump monomania, even the Associated Press and Reuters are similarly mum about the issues defining Biden’s America.

In any event, anticipate an orgy of network ninnies and imbeciles gathering at the scene of Jan. 6, delivering excitable diatribes about the near-demise of American Democracy courtesy of Trump voters. This the likes of Anderson Cooper, of CNN, will do in fussy falsettos. After all, menstrual America now rules MAGA America. And the purpose of a Jan. 6 commemoration is to single out MAGA America as an object for ignominy, while consecrating and celebrating menstrual America: the woke crybabies of Congress and the Capitol Hill cops who wailed the loudest when recounting their professional failings on that day.

Unlike Republicans, who threw Jan. 6 political prisoners in a briar patch from which there is no escape—Democrats admirably stand tall for their core beliefs, as repugnant as these mostly are. The Left most certainly didn’t rush forward to condemn the Black Lives Matter and Antifa louts, as they looted and killed their way across urban America leveling private property—the livelihoods and businesses of fellow countrymen. Instead, Democrats defended the criminal arm of their party. “Riots are the language of the unheard,” they preached, parroting MLK, who opposed violence.

That’s the Right’s blight. The anatomy of every single left-manufactured, network-news outrage sees our side always conceding to the legitimacy of the Left’s argument, accepting the premise of their gripe, and arguing on their terms of debate. And then going on the defensive, instead of playing offense.

Like them or not, our people are the ragtag bunch who would storm the plush seats of state power and corruption. The Democrats’ people are Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Be they illegal voters and criminal aliens, or just good old vandals, rapists and murderers—the criminal class is now the armed and shielded wing of the Democratic Party: Courageously and audaciously, Democrats lionize and give license to their criminal constituents.

Odious Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, a Pelosi poodle and a Republican Jan. 6 reveler, is correct: There is a difference between a crime and a coup. Crimes against innocent fellow citizens are acts of cowardice; a coup against the State can be heroic–just like the American Revolutionary War was a coup against Britain.

Principled, conservative libertarians will therefore distinguish pro-Trump patriots from the criminal arm of the Democratic Party: BLM, Antifa and other riffraff. These weaponized Democrats, immunized by party leaders from criminal liability, romped through America, in the summer of 2020, causing billions in damages. Like locusts, these cultural revolutionaries descended on their neighbors to menace them in places where they shop and socialize, sadistically threatening, and often physically harming innocents, unless they knelt like slaves.

In contrast, the ragtag renegades of the MAGA movement, as misguided as they were, stormed only the seat of power and corruption that is the State. Once!

The pompous Jan. 6 Commissioners, led by that daughter of 60 dogs (an Egyptian expression), Liz Cheney, informs us that President Trump knew about the riot, was monitoring it and liked the way it unfolded.

But if Trump misjudged the situation during the short time he had, as he hunkered down in a bunker, then what can be said of the Democrats’ response, for months on end, to their national armies of mobilized rioters, looters and murderers? Democrats knew, too. Progressive leadership embraced, even bailed out, its terrorists as spawns not of the devil but as “Summer of Love” peaceniks.

If Democrats can defend their rioters, the Republican Party must represent theirs and secure them their Constitutional due-process rights still denied.

Above all, MAGA America must cancel Jan. 6; consider it a civilian Psychological Operation intended to “induce” and “reinforce behavior” meant to politically and psychologically pulverize the Democrats’ enemies: us.

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Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian think piece since 1999. She’s the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter, Gab, YouTube & LinkedIn; banned by Facebook, and has a new video-podcast.

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  1. no, Ilana Issacson-Mercer:

    6 Jan. Trumpchumps,

    and all other Trumpchumps,

    should rot in hell. It takes

    a special kind of stupidity

    to believe a Wall Street Jewstooge

    like Trump

    was on our, i.e. , the White side,

    for even a Jew York minute.

    • Replies: @Kerry
  2. I am not interested in becoming your adversary Haxo, but someone or other has come along and stolen your horse sense, kinda like that stolen election that a bunch of people that voted for Trump were angry about last January 6th. I think a case can be made that these people allowed themselves to be used so a protest and riot could be turned into a false narrative of an insurrection by our enemies. You may argue that we should not vote at all, but for people that are not as far down the rabbit hole as you may still believe that their vote matters, and they had no one else to vote for but Trump. I don’t think you would argue Biden was going to act in our interests. Instead of cursing 74 million people, maybe that is a good place to start looking for allies. If you look somewhere else you may get a severe case of eye strain and loneliness.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  3. Baxter says:

    Ilona, honey, this MAGA America you speak of is being replaced and drugging itself to death.

    • Replies: @Troy Skaggs
  4. Renoman says:

    Good article, thanks.

  5. That’s the Right’s blight. The anatomy of every single left-manufactured, network-news outrage sees our side always conceding to the legitimacy of the Left’s argument, accepting the premise of their gripe, and arguing on their terms of debate. And then going on the defensive, instead of playing offense.

    Almost as if recucklicans and demorats are two sides of the same uniparty turd.

    • Agree: Luus Kanin
  6. Trinity says:

    Trump was in on the set up. Trump, the feds, nothing but a trap to dupe those misguided and clueless Trumpsters. As another poster already said there is only one party and that unified party has turned on traditional America. Trump is Emanuel Goldstein.

  7. geokat62 says:

    Shorter Ilana Mercer: it’s the Democrats, goy!

    The fairytales Ilana was taught sitting on the knee of her rabbinical father:

    Tikkun olam for the Ruskies
    Tikkun olam for the Krauts
    Tikkun olam for the Afrikaners
    Tikkun olam for the Americans

    We are on the precipice of fulfilling prophecy:

    1. blot out the memory of amalek
    2. erect the third temple
    3. anoint the Mosiach

    … and achieving our overarching goal, rule over the dumb goyim (2,800 Noahide slaves per Jew) for eternity.

    Baruch HaShem!

    • Replies: @Kerry
  8. Anon[271] • Disclaimer says:

    Darren Beattie at has a piece about how the fencing in front of the capital was removed while Trump supporters were about a mile away at his speech. They were basically tricked into getting near the capital as they weren’t supposed to even be over 100 yards from the building. The man who methodically took down the fencing was taped doing so, but has not been pursued or identified by the feds. Another man with a bullhorn who exhorted people to enter the capital for almost two hours was also taped but not identified at pursued. Along with Ray Epps, these two were obviously paid to facilitate a breach. Nobody there had guns or explosive devices on their person.

    The purging of the military was the intended effect, so that 2024 can be stolen. That has been the effect.

    • Agree: Luus Kanin
    • Replies: @Franz
  9. Franz says:


    It’s the second Revolver article (pictures and video) that make the case. It’s as though they were directing a movie, and now they are hiding the directors.

    Some of these clips have been around. When you see them all in a row, it’s spooky.

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  10. @Baxter

    Thank you Baxter, as a former MAGA American who has attempted the drinking and drugging death trip and stepped away from the “scene”, I can only concur that the PSYOP Ms. Mercer refers to is working wonderfully. The PSYOP is generated by players in both parties. Still, as disgusted by MAGA’s penchant for malaise and manipulation as I am (I am hearing FOX news in the background…), I hold out hope that if an addicted Midwestern knucklehead like me can “wake up”, anyone can. At present I can’t sort out if we’re due for a change of weather or more of the same. Interesting times.

  11. George 1 says:

    I enjoy reading your articles Ms. Mercer. You seem like a nice woman however you must understand the Republicans will not be reformed. They are part of the problem. The powers that be have decided that most of us must die. The deaths will come from various sources but I suspect that the “vaccine”, wars and starvation will do the trick if our overlords are not forced to stop their operations.

    NATO has just dismissed Russia’s very reasonable demand for no more eastern expansion. The fools (U.S. and NATO operatives), are trying to overthrow the Government of Kazakhstan like they did in Ukraine. Russia seems to have learned a lesson from the Ukraine experience and is said to be sending forces to put down the attempted coup. So it looks like the neocons running the world may get the war they desperately want. It may be more war than some of them bargained for. As for the Republicans? “Let’s get them Ruskies!!”

    I was a Trump supporter. Many still are supporters of the former President. No one can explain to me why I should continue to support Trump or any Republican when they are all in denial (or worse) about the “vaccine.”

    If Trump, or for that matter the National Republican Party, can’t figure out that something is very wrong with the “vaccine” then they can’t be trusted. They are either stupid or part of the plot. I think I know the answer.

  12. @Franz

    Your use of “spooky” is apt.

    One needn’t be a Trump enthusiast or even sympathetic to his supporters to appreciate the apparent orchestration of this relentlessly hyped event.

    Thanks for posting this link to first rate reporting, not to be confused with contemporary “journalism.”

    Who in 2021 can review this evidence and still rely on Establishment media?

    • Agree: Franz
  13. The question for me is whether our rulers know what they are doing or just doing what they know.

    I have a feeling that they don’t have a clue what they are doing. And that is what gives me hope, that when the old regime collapses they won’t know what hit them because they will be so busy doing what they know.

  14. Kerry says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    Look kids, it’s the non-sensical ravings of a lunatic mind.

    I’ll translate – “Jew bad. Jew Bad. Jew Bad. Trump likes Jews. Bad Jew.”

    If you’re going to be critical of a column, and it’s your right to be, at least try and bring something intelligible to the conversation.

  15. Kerry says:

    This obsession you seem to have with the Talmud and goys and bullshit has nothing to do with this column or January 6th. You seriously need to take a break from the internet for awhile and reevaluate your life.

    • Replies: @Andrew Callinan
    , @geokat62
  16. @Kerry

    Mmmm, I like Ilana’s periodic columns (if you will) and writings; she talks nicely (it helps if you’re from a Commonwealth county, as I am) , talks sense and presents herself well.
    I don’t understand the vitriol directed against her by certain quarters, as she is certainly not “the enemy” by any means that I can ascertain.
    Am I wrong?

  17. geokat62 says:

    This obsession you seem to have with the Talmud and goys and bullshit has nothing to do with this column or January 6th.

    Speaking of obsessions, I just quickly perused your comment history and out of the 43 comments you’ve posted thus far, 41 were under a Mercer thread.

    My comment has everything to do with this column and January 6th. Perhaps Ilana would be kind enough to tell us if she’s a big proponent of Tikkun olam and a proponent of Jewish Supremacy?

  18. Trinity says:

    Truth to be told, Trumpstein and his creepy Jew loving family loathe working class Whites. Look at how Trump did everything for his rich Jew and rich white traitor trash friends while not only throwing working class Whites under the bus but also betraying them by duping them with the honey trap now known as the so called insurrection.

    Creepy Joe and Dandy Don are nothing more than white traitor trash bought for 30 pieces of silver.

  19. The masters of the internet have a problem. Ray Epps is trending in searches, and more people are reading Revolver news.

    We’re about to see some epic circling of the wagons and doubling down on calling the Fedsurrection a conspiracy theory.

    The Fedsurrection and the Domestic War on Patriots is bigger than Watergate. The Dems have to contemplate the unthinkable: asking Christopher Wray to fall on his sword and take the blame to protect Pelosi and Schumer.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  20. geokat62 says:

    … asking Christopher Wray to fall on his sword and take the blame to protect Pelosi and Schumer.

    Schumer definitely needs protecting, especially after making these absurd remarks:

    Chuck Schumer says Capitol mob shouted ‘there’s the big Jew, let’s get him’ as he recalls being within 30 feet of ‘nasty, racist, bigoted insurrectionists’

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