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Dem’s Dystopia: End Anglo-America, Welcome the World, Evict the Unborn
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How does one distill the worldview of the Democrats vying for their party’s presidential nomination?

Outrace each other on racial righteousness?

End Anglo-America? Welcome The World? Evict the unborn? Speak Spanish; English is your second language?

All the above—and worse.

On display, again, during the second in a series of Democratic primary debates were the racial (read anti-white) dynamics.

Genial and meek uncle Joe Biden bowed and scraped to his multicultural rivals, whereupon they set upon him like a flash mob; a multicultural mugging, Pat Buchanan called it.

Race—more accurately, anti-white politics—is the Democrats’ central cri de coeur. They have no other passion other than hounding and excommunicating others for what are thought crimes—for thinking, speaking or tweeting in politically unpleasing ways.

But practicing ageism gives these social-justice warriors no pause. There’s no social justice for the aged in Democratic politics.

Leading the purge of the party’s elders was Eric Swalwell, a nasty bit of work who had mercifully dropped out after the first round of debates, late in June. At the time, Swalwell had called on older Democrats to “pass the torch.” “[I]t’s time to pass the torch to a new generation of Americans.”

“If we are going to solve the issue, pass the torch. If we are going to solve climate chaos, pass the torch. If we want to end gun violence and solve student debt, pass the torch.”

Swalwell obviously imagined such ugly sloganeering was a winning strategy. And who can blame him? However, other than a writer for the cause at The Atlantic, the representative from northern California galvanized nobody with his call to expunge Democrats in their dotage . (“The Millennial Left Is Tired of Waiting,” intoned said writer. That magazine is packed with verbally incontinent Millennials, all poised to torch deviationists.)

Mr. Nasty is gone, and Democratic voters are, so far, sticking with the safe bet: Looks like the party that habitually blackens white America is hoping the next U.S. president is an old, white American.

Are these hypocrites suggesting that there’s something confidence-inspiring about this much-maligned cohort?

The women on the stage, the lovely Tulsi Gabbard and the well-mannered Marianne Williamson excepted, alternated between the roles of shrew, scold and bully (of old, white men, naturally).

Following Kamala Harris’ lead, the insufferable Kirsten Gillibrand mooed about an old Biden op-ed in which he had warned that women entering the workforce would imperil the family. Who will write the chapter about women like Gillibrand who enter politics and imperil the nation?

For comedic relief, consider the choreography that must have gone into positioning the oddball candidates, striding onto the Fox Theater stage in Detroit. One could hardly place mini-man Pete Buttigieg—boy, has the military lowered its physical requirements—alongside candidates who’d stare down at tiny Pete from vertiginous heights.

Height, however, did nothing to increase a tall Democrat’s stature. The group’s pathological, self-immolating progressivism was the great leveler, although an unspoken pack hierarchy was certainly apparent among the candidates. Naturally, that pecking order was racial.

The culturally more exotic candidates—Harris, Booker and Castro—were the undeclared top dogs. The commonplace, palefaced Democrats were the political underdogs, with less street cred.

The first round of Democratic debates, aforementioned, saw the Spanish supremacists quickly separate themselves from the English-speaking plodders.

Indeed, disunity and discord were everywhere apparent in these Democratic duels. Separation is the operative word in Rome and beyond, in the provinces. It’s Spanish vs. English; melody vs. maniacal ululation. I am referring here to the dissonant renditions of Christian hymns and patriotic songs.

If only symbolically, even the music spoke to the nation’s disunity. “America the Beautiful” and “Amazing Grace,” first, by Detroit’s Perfecting Church Choir, then, by Flint City Wide Choir, were jarring, atonal productions. One expects a melodic, musical rendition of a much-loved, shared oeuvre. Instead, one got maniacal ululations.

And so it went. The over-crowded Democratic field rabbited on in unison about Trump’s racism and their own grand plans for state-run everything.

Most significant were the contradictions. Bernie Sanders lamented that 500,000 Americans live on the streets, but saw no inconsistencies in inviting the world’s poor to settle the same streets.

The same “quality” of contradiction came from Kamala Harris. In response to Tulsi Gabbard’s evisceration of her record as a fair prosecutor, Harris later told an adoring press gaggle that “people want public safety.” She was not going to shy away from her record in providing it.

How does “public safety” jibe with Harris’s open-borders promiscuity? (Oh, I forgot. Anyone marching 1000 miles to jump America’s southern border is, by definition, not a criminal, “reasoned” Bernie, below.)

Prosecuting illegal aliens is “a crisis of cruelty” alliterated Buttigieg. Decriminalize border crossing, bayed the rest. Illegal crossing should be a civil-law infraction, never a criminal violation.

Immigrants are America, crowed Amy Klobuchar. Anyone who walks 1000 miles to the U.S. is no criminal, seconded the irrational Mr. Sanders.

How can such an insane bunch of sell-outs talk about a “sane immigration policy”?

In a field distinguished by its ruthlessly radical mindset, one can understand how E-Warren—let’s jazz up the senator from Massachusetts a bit—has been described by TV’s activist anchors as strong and powerful.

Compared to the other candidates and the sob stories they foisted on viewers—Michael Bennet tethered his family’s history to the Holocaust; Gillibrand squealed about her daughter’s EpiPen—E-Warren is The Man.

When E-Warren says to expand immigration, we listen. Especially when she bolsters her words with that signature muscular move of hers: make the hair flaps covering her ear tips quiver.

Yes, E-Warren is The Man among the Democratic conga-line of cretins.


One thing is clear: While constituents have ranked immigration as a top issue for 2020, the Dems’ take on the issue was to speak to the need to pry the borders ever wider. Clearly, we have a sovereignty problem, not a humanitarian problem. We Americans have no representation.

In line with their political loyalties, every single one of the candidates practically sang from the one hymn sheet, a lot of it in Spanish: “We have to do more for families looking for a better life.” And they were not speaking of American families.

Duly, Julián Castro had memorized the name of a child and father who drowned attempting to break into the USA illegally and recklessly.

If “drowning exposes the risks of illegal crossing” is a true statement—and it indubitably is—then every American murdered by an immigrant exposes the risks of mass immigration.

But of the sons and daughters of Angel Moms, Castro had no memory. If Mayor Castro can’t spare a thought for the many young Americans dead by illegal aliens, you ask, how about a word of sympathy for an American dog?

Spare a thought, will you, Mr. Castro, for poor little Estrella? She was a helpless mutt, raped to death by a constituent of yours, an illegal alien by the name of Fidel Lopez.

What viewers and voters got from Castro amounted to, Drain and dry that Rio Grande! Level the land to ease the passage of Central America into North America. Let them come in their millions, no, in their billions. Decriminalize crossings. Disband ICE. Deify DACA. Deny no asylum claim. Table a marshal plan for Central America. Immigrants are Americans, only better and more inspiring. “We want more refugees”—so said the nogoodnik who runs my state, Washington.

John Hickenlooper chimed in by calling ICE agents kidnappers and child abusers. An Hispanic anchor, during the first round of debates, even bad-mouthed Obama’s proud record of 3 million deportations. (“Migrant kids who do not have proper claims will be repatriated,” roared Barack Obama, back in the good old days.)

All the above only served to cement the old white guy’s lead in the polls. Ordinary Democrats prefer the doddering Joe Biden to demonic females and their housetrained hombres. Certainly, only media is charmed by Ms. Harris, who is an insufferable scold (with an annoying nasal twang for a voice).

When all is said and done, not even Democrats wish to be governed by the likes of Kirsten Gillibrand and Kamala Harris, who rage as though permanently on the rag.

However this circus ends, let’s hope that regular Democrats continue to be put off by the rude displays coming from the demented, intersectional, social-injustice succubae overcrowding the democratic primaries.

Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She is the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter, Facebook & Gab. New on YouTube: “America Belongs To The World; It’s Everybody’s Home.

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  1. Rational says:


    Thanks, Madam. You are so right. These white people who attack their own white race, call patriots “white nationalists”, are sick depraved evil people. On a moral and civilization scale, I must note that even animals care about their tribe more that these anti-white thugs do. In other words, these Demo candidates are worse than animals, for sure.

    Who owns and operates the Democratic party? The Jewish Oligarchs do. News on :

    A letter sent by National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Emmer to party members identified three “left-wing radicals” that he says “bought control of Congress for the Democrats.” They are all Jewish. ….

    GOP Rep. Emmer Says Soros, Steyer and Bloomberg ‘Bought Control of Congress’


    Rep. Tom Emmer (R-Minn.) accused billionaires George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer of being “left-wing radicals” who have “bought control of Congress for the Democrats.” Soros and Bloomberg……. are Jewish. Steyer’s father is Jewish.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  2. Apart from being a scold and a harpy, Ms. Kamala is mannish and strangely beige, and it is widely known she took the horizontal route (decades ago, not recently) to establish herself in the seedy and dystopian world of California politics. She will not be catnip for the electorate in 2020.

  3. A123 says:

    Somewhat off point (sorry), but I think anyone reading the above will appreciate this.

    It’s a Paul Harvey monologue from 1965, and it eerily, accurately describes today……

    PEACE 😇

  4. You people are so incredibly stupid about abortion. All you have to do is pay for babies, if you want ’em so much. The number one reason women have abortions is money. Give them money for babies. Problem solved.

    But you would rather keep everybody suffering. You don’t really want to end abortion. You like having a dead horse to beat. It helps your clowns get elected.

  5. Abbybwood says:

    Actually, I think most women who are hormonally active rage just PRIOR to the onset of being “on the rag”.

    Thus reactions are the headaches, bloating and general bitchiness a few days PRIOR to the start of menses.

  6. Sean says:

    None dare mention the murders by immigrants.

  7. @A123

    Paul Harvey explained what the nose did to us.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  8. SafeNow says:

    Paul Harvey was an insightful commentator, but this is amazingly prescient, even for him. Thanks for posting. And I think it’s not really off-point — the devil’s multi-pronged program for destroying the country, diabolical and inconceivable in 1965, matches the platform of the candidates. Those too young to know Paul Harvey might wish to hear what his radio broadcasts were like. Good-DAY?! (as he used to end.)

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @hhsiii
    , @Druid
  9. I greatly sympathize with those US citizens who are deadly concerned with the immigration crisis in the US.
    What does bother me is that commentators seem to only concentrate on “pull” factors (ie how easy is it to get across the border ?, how easy is it to acquire a work visa ? etc) You know the Democrats are full of it because they only discuss “pull” issues.
    However to deal with this mess the US must also deal with “push” factors. Many find this distasteful as it smacks of a “free lunch” — & maybe it is.
    Trump’s pressure on Mexico re stopping central Americans is a start at push factors.
    But what is called for, is the US to get in there & stabilize the region.
    No more support for vicious oligarchic dictators (ie Honduras). Push democracy. Push investment that benefits the majority. Stop worrying about “socialism”. Leave Venezuela alone.
    Expensive? Probably. Cheaper in the long run? Definitely.
    Will reduce illegal immigration? Worth a bet at least — esp’ given the shit-storm the country is going through now.

    • Replies: @sally
    , @Counterinsurgency
  10. Read somewhere, perhaps at this very website, that during the Kenyan Dark Ages, Lord Ears & Company finally felt the demographics had shifted enough in their favor to jettison working-class Whites.

    The dying gop could become the party of all Whites instead of just crony crapitalist wealthy Whites, but hath neither the imagination nor ambition.

    Better the gop go extinct first, so something new can arise. The shield of candy glass they offer hasn’t conserved or protected a damned thing since Ike.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  11. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    He saw ir clearly 54 years ago !!! , genius !!! , a total inversion of values

    Is there any solution in the short term ?

  12. sally says:

    The simple and

    best solution to the border problem

    is to eliminate the border.. The people on each side are human.. its the nation state leaders, and those private interest that use the national leaders, to create, manage and differentiate the people of both sides of the divides, that are the problem. REMOVE THE USERS, ABUSERS and Operators OF GOVERNMENT but do not block human access to a better quality of life. We humans are in this life together we need to share and cooperate, and if it were not for the leaders of the nation states we would.

    WHEN i HEAR THE DEMOCRAPS OR THE REPUTATURDS SAY ANYTHING, i turn off the volume and blank the screen for fear of being infected by the propaganda disease.. the problem in government is leaders..

  13. John Hickenlooper chimed in by calling ICE agents kidnappers and child abusers.

    What do you expect from a guy whose name translates to “bush jumper” ?

  14. Radek says:

    Ilana Mercer- ‘Bloody immigrant coming over ere’.
    Ilana’s unemployed electrical engineer spouse- ‘Another bloody immigrant coming over ere’.
    Ilana’s daughter- ‘Bloody immigrant trying to come over ere’.
    If you have the patience to scroll the net you may be able to find the YouTube ‘rant’ of a British satirical comedian- ‘ immigrants coming over ere…..’

    • Replies: @Quebecer
  15. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Echoing “Mr. Paleoconservative,” this website’s self-described “paleolibertarian” highlights the identity politics of Team Blue and helps to mute the antiwar voice of Ms. Gabbard. Because the job of these columnists is to get out the Team Red vote in the next Most Important Election Ever.

    Withhold your consent and boycott Exceptionalia’s politics. Or, if you vote, take more than those same two crayons.

  16. DanFromCT says:

    If I were the Devil, I’d keep using Fox News and the Republican Party to strangle opposition so that everything Paul Harvey foretold has now come true and much worse is guaranteed to follow.

  17. anon[267] • Disclaimer says:

    > self-immolating progressivism

    Progressives have no monopoly on self-immolation.

    • Replies: @Wally
  18. @sally

    Yes, in an ideal world what you say might be possible. But, we are no where near that. While we continue with neoliberalism & imperialism it’s simply impossible to have great sloshing waves of illegal immigration.
    As my comment makes clear, it’s better to work towards making all countries livable. Most illegal immigrants would prefer to stay home, with their family & friends given the opportunity to live decent lives.
    One has duties to humanity, but also duties to family, friends, neighbors & fellow citizens, duties which will take precedence.

    • Replies: @sally
  19. Anon[259] • Disclaimer says:

    Only a Nazi — e.g. Hitler—would do that!

    • Replies: @Wally
  20. At this point in time, people need to be concerned about the carnival barker Trump and his gun grabbing REDpublican supporters. If things keep going the way they are, it could be to late to worry about anything by the time the next election rolls around.

    • Replies: @renfro
    , @Counterinsurgency
  21. @A123

    Paul Harvey, just read for us some of the pages from the …Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    • Agree: Druid
  22. imbroglio says:

    Tulsi and Marianne excepted, these contenders may be scoundrels but they’re not stupid. They’ve got their computers and algorithms and staff members who have their fingers on the pulse of the nomination process. If they’re running to the left of most Dem voters, it must mean that the Dem voters to the left of most Dem voters will be choosing the candidate. Then the candidate will tone down the rhetoric in an effort to sway voters in the swing states. Let’s see what Frank Luntz says.

    Meanwhile, if the new arrivals, having made their way to the shores of the Red Sea (the English translation of Rio Grande) can mass about until the election, the waters will part, and when ICE agents try to chase them back, the waters will come together over them. Now in the Land of Canaan (the forty years eclipsed to a media sound byte,) the Army of the Replacement, on the march, will proceed to blow down the walls of Jericho, home of the Depolrable-ites.

  23. Republic says:

    He explained cultural Marxist before that term became known. Also known as the long march through the institutions .

    It takes a long time to destroy a nation. Started over a century ago by the Italian communist Antonio Gramsci and continued by such cultural Marxists as Herbert Marcuse with the Frankfort School

    Harvey is essentially describing cultural subversion

  24. @SafeNow

    His son was mostly taken off the air, it seems. Gee, I wonder why.

  25. @imbroglio

    Imbroglio, do you always judge a book by its cover, a thing by a blurb, or a person by a headline:

    Tulsi, the groomed and pre-sold, dancing bear with a ring through her nose:

  26. Bruno says:

    For the elites, like Richard Gere or Rosanna Arkette, hedging real war against poor white people, with fake white priviledge memes, would be the legit punishment ? Because the squad is pursuing its own ethnic interest wich is legit. Do you think they would deserve death penalty or torture ?

    • Replies: @Bruno
  27. @obwandiyag

    The number one reason women have babies is money. Particularly among PoC.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  28. Bruno says:

    I hate a Gilead like society views wich are advocated by many alt right people , and can be found in Sailer or in a caricature way in Derbyshire posts.

    At the same time, the destruction of the white middle class interests should be severely punished.

  29. Swalwell obviously imagined such ugly sloganeering was a winning strategy.

    I agree with Swalwell that the sclerotic Democrat Party should pass the torch. Pushing 80 years old, these people are 20 years past retirement age.

    Here is someone younger and ready retool America for the 21st century.

  30. Realist says:

    Blacks disproportionately have more abortions than whites. They must be too stupid to use birth control.

  31. Realist says:

    When the revolt happens…the first to be dealt with must be the anti-white, whites.

  32. @obwandiyag

    There is no doubt, for the thoughtful and wise, that God destroys nations that have descended into evil and wickedness. Look at history. Societies are like power plants that either run well and in an integrative fashion or they run DOWN due to neglect, wrong decisions, destructive actions either actively or passively allowed. When the lights finally go out, and everything is silent, then comes the horror, the realization that what you have taken for granted and come to expect automatically, is nothing of the sort. It needed to be maintained, acted on from a basis and reference of Reality, and phantasmagoric ideas and endeavors are not accepted and rejected.

    In the book, The Sand Pebbles, Jake Holman the engineer the keeps the ships propulsion and auxiliary equipment going, is a no bullshit person who has no truck with fluff, “pure ideas” [Nikos Kazantzakis], or raising the imaginary and abstract to the Real:

    “Machinery doesn’t care who a man is, where he was born, or how good his manners are. Unlike the rest of the world, machinery can’t be flattered, cajoled or ordered. It only cares how much you know. If you know how it works, it will perform wonders; if you don’t, if you try to con it, it could kill you”.
    That’s a high standard. If more had to live or die by their words, the problems-especially today-would practically vanish.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  33. Agent76 says:

    Jul 26, 2019 Democrats Accused Of Exploiting Campaign Staff, Hypocrisy Over Low And Even NO Pay For Staff

    The latest in the democratic party’s labor disputes is Elizabeth Warren who is accused of exploiting low level staff into working for free.

    Jun 29, 2019 Democrat Far Left Push Makes ‘Never Trumper’ Declare Support For Trump

    Democrat Far Left Push Makes ‘Never Trumper’ Declare Support For Trump. The Democrats are beyond losing their supporters. In one story published in the Wall Street journal a man who refused to vote for Trump in 2016 has now declared he will be supporting the president in 2020.

  34. bruce county says:

    You mean this horse…You mean the black horse that has no regard for life whatsoever.

    More than 19 million Black babies have been aborted since the 1973 Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision legalized abortion in our country.
    Black women have a significantly higher abortion rate than Whites and Hispanics.
    36.0% of all abortions in the U.S. in 2014 were performed on Black women, however, only about 13.3% of the total population is Black .

    Dont get me wrong… keep up the good work. Thats 19 million less future criminals.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  35. TKK says:

    Marianne is proposing $500 billion reparations to blacks.

    If a white man and a black man apply to work at a federal job, there is a point system for hiring. The blacks get a 10 point head start. Black females get 12 points.

    Blacks are pushed to the front of the line in university admissions, then coddled when they skip class and flunk out.

    The list is too exhaustive to detail the thousands of ways America has wallowed in shame and shelled out billions for blacks here and abroad.

    No bill is due. Indeed, the blacks are in the deep red to the white American tax payer.

    With the loss of textile and manufacturing jobs, this extreme preferential treatment of blacks is a death sentence for white male workers competing for jobs that have benefits and security.

    Williams is a crystal and essential oil soaked airhead who dwells in sentimentality.

    It’s simply that the other candidates are so repellent, she seems less odious. She cannot beat Trump. He would take her lunch money and cause her to ugly cry on national television.

  36. The demon-rats are bolsheviks and are going down the same road as they went in Russia, they were from NYC and sent into Russia to start a revolution and were financed by Wall Street and the zionist owned FED, for details read the book Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution by Anthony Sutton.

    This is going on today, the demon-rats aka bolsheviks are agent provocateurs in American society and are planning to start a bolshevik revolution right here in America , with their terrorist tactics and
    disregard for the Constitution and their push to take away the guns from patriot Americans and remember when the bolsheviks got the guns away from the people of Russia they killed 10’s of millions of people, a real holocaust!

    Anyone who thinks it can’t happen here, think again, it is happening, right in front of our eyes, the demon-rat party has shown it’s fangs and it is coming for we patriotic Americans, the battle is right here in America , right now and the republi-con party is not much different, we patriots are on our own!

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  37. Anon[253] • Disclaimer says:

    I think Paul Harvey is saying what he learned from going to an actual Christian Church and Thinking.

    Yes, Satan is a powerful force that is sly and devious. You cannot let your guard down or Satan will win. Seems like Satan has done very well over the last 60 years taking not only America down but Western Europe as well.

    Perhaps the Chinese are immune do to their following of Confucius and the Russian’s have maintained a strong Christian Orthodox Church of which Putin is now a strong believer and member.

    The Bastardization and Blasphemy of Western Culture, (Which was and is Ango-Saxon White Culture) for money by the Jew is nearly complete. Let the Niggers and Spics run the world. Wow, hope I can find a good place to hide.

  38. @Expletive Deleted

    I don’t know any woman who considered financial gain as any part of her reason for having children. On the contrary, we know women who delayed having children or had only one child purportedly in part due to more-legitimate financial concerns, or in a few cases frankly due to materialism and shorter-term selfishness.

    Single women certainly can get taxpayer freebies by having children, and that defines the African experience in the USA for half a century at least.

    But how do all the married women who have children, “get money” by having those children? Married women, of course, being a heavily white and Asian, and also disproportionately white and Asian, population in the USA.

    I do recognize that more than three-quarters of African births, half of “Hispanic” births (mostly mestizo and indio, not predominantly white European), and a much smaller but still disturbing proportion of white births are to unmarried women. I’m focusing on married women who have children.

    It seems that women who are unmarried can get money and free things from the taxpayers by having children. Women who are married, with the husband presumably working most of the time or all of the time, not as much, even if he does not earn a lot.

  39. @bruce county

    Sad and terrible thing to say. But based on our personal and national experiences, it is hard to contradict what you’ve said.

    Better if no human being is ever conceived and then murdered by his own mother, of whatever race or color. But we cannot be suicidally naive.

    I’d rather provide huge financial incentives for our very lowest-income population to voluntarily sterilize themselves, with a very low maximum age for choosing the procedure. It happens that that population is more than one-third African/Halfrican).

    In addition, anyone who commits a violent felony, would be eligible to choose taxpayer-funded sterilization.

  40. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Mexican joke : Why there are not coups d`Etat in Washingon DC ?

    Because there is not a USA Embassy in Washington .

  41. After genetic, sociological, personal, psychological, IQ and CQ (Civilization Quotient) screening, it is necessary to offer poor quality humans a fixed amount of money and certain quantity of malt liquor to be irreversibly sterilized. This is so obvious and essential, that no amount of blather, sentimental slop, and balderdash idealism can counter or begin to refute.

  42. Richard B says:

    The DNC = Demonic Narcissistic Communists

    The RNC = Repressed Neo Cucks

    This is what happens when a hostile elite abolishes freedom and the host population lets them.

  43. @Poupon Marx

    machinery can’t be flattered, cajoled or ordered….if you try to con it, it could kill you

    So, we have nothing to worry about with AI…..right…..

    Humans are taking an IQ test right now–and flunking it big time.

  44. “Democratic” party managed to lose 2016 elections to a 70-years old teenager by nominating the least appetizing candidate – the cackling hyena. Looks like they want to repeat this feat in 2020 by sidelining Tulsi and nominating Joe Biden with all the charisma of a brick. Then again, looking at their zoo, one cannot help thinking that it’s all for the better.

  45. Quebecer says:

    I really, really wonder why it is that Ms. Mercer is the only commentator on this website who gets these kind of personal attacks.

    Care to enligten us M.Radek ?

    • Replies: @renfro
    , @Radek
    , @Druid
  46. @Desert Fox

    And the REDpublicans are Trotskyiets. Look how far tRump has fallen. He is threatening to do far more harm to our constitution than the known Marxist Obama ever did. Just sayin’

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  47. renfro says:

    Is Ms Mercer a mystery ..or not?

    A conservative Jew and immigrant herself by way of South Africa and Israel who is against mainly brown immigration.

    Unlike the liberal Jew who is promoting diverse type immigration.

    We know liberal Jews promote immigration because they say they feel safer in a multicultural country.

    A conservative Jew otoh is afraid that growing numbers of non Jewish immigrants may grab some or all of their minority political power and influence.

    I suggest you ignore both Jewish inputs on immigration and figure it out according to American interest.

    • Replies: @Quebecer
    , @follyofwar
  48. @animalogic

    But what is called for, is the US to get in there & stabilize the region.

    Fer God’s sake, not that again. You want the region stabilized, _you_ go and stabilize it. You want experience in that, join the US Infantry.


  49. @sally

    The people on each side are human.. its the nation state leaders, and those private interest that use the national leaders, to create, manage and differentiate the people of both sides of the divides, that are the problem

    Live there for a few years, come back, and you won’t say that. Talk to immigrants about how similar they are to the American natives, and you also won’t say that.

    In the meantime, _I_ don’t want open borders because it endangers the life and livelihood of myself, my dependents, and my relatives. You appear to be willing to endanger on the behalf of people you have no connection to and no direct knowledge of. I’m a person also. Why are you endangering me?

    You are also taking control of the country away from the descendants of one group of people and giving it to another. If all people are the same, why are you doing this?


    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  50. @Johnny Walker Read

    Yet again a post that says “Dump Trump, do nothing else, and your problems will all be over”. Unless “your problems will all be over” means “you’ll be dead be dead” (as it has for so many people killed by politics), the outcome promised seems very unlikely.


    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  51. sally says:

    i don’t buy aninmalogic’s rebuke=he says>” we are no where near that. While we continue with neoliberalism & imperialism it’s simply impossible to have great sloshing waves of illegal immigration.” ..
    but I believe we are nearer to “universal minded humanity” that than ever. If it were not for the leaders in charge of the people containers (nation states), and the private shysters who use those container leaders to screw everybody.. the world would become normal.. Its just that the shysters will do all in their power to prevent loss of top down control.

    I believe the UsA model of governance is so strong, that given the opportunity for the governed to vote on what should be law, and for the voters to personally prosecute all in government who 1) deviate from the laws made by the voters and 2) prosecute all in government who engage in any form of corruption, in a “court-made-up-of-the-governed (not the USA or any government). Such a court would hear cases where governors are charged by private citizens for engaging in activities not approved by a vote of the governed, or cases where a person in government engages in corruption. Such a court will allow the government to function as intended by the voters (after all government should be of the people, by the people and for the people). A people’s court to keep the people in government in line.
    Just eliminate the regime (nation state leaders): and use the existing USA model to all bureaucrats to operate a leaderless government, bottom up directed, bottom up guarded and top down enforced.

    let the people work out their differences and vote on it.. no representatives are needed, this is direct government. and it will work.

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  52. @Johnny Walker Read

    Agree, the demon-rats aka bolsheviks and the republi-cons are two sides of the same coin, has a lot to say on this subject, we goyim/patriots are on our own!

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
  53. @Counterinsurgency

    No, this is a warning for the gullible Trumptards. Either get off your ass and try and stop this moron or follow him right off the cliff. It amazes me how this can be taken any other way.

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  54. @Justvisiting

    Wrong. I’m talking about power generating machinery and all its auxiliary and support systems and components, not a rival system of cognition and information processing. I’m talking about your bicycle, your car, and the elevator you ride on.

  55. Gillibrand mooed about an old Biden op-ed in which he had warned that women entering the workforce would imperil the family.

    Funny how the old op-ed turned out, isn’t it?
    There isn’t an industrialized country on the planet were women entering the workforce hasn’t produced a lower birth rate. There are now as more childless women and couples than at any time in history. All of these imperil the family. We really have no idea how many children have been f’ed up by baby sitting, day care, and other measures put in place to assist “working moms”, and if so in what way. We do know divorce rates are higher since women entered and stayed in the work force after bearing children. No one dares study whether the mother staying in the work force was contributing factor, and, if so, how much of a contributing factor?

    The above debate is impossible to have, in today’s PC world.

    As creepy as old Joe is, maybe, just maybe, he was correct.

  56. Wally says:

    Measured from a few misplaced thermometers in paved, urban locations.

    Baked Alaska? Propaganda film suggests children in Alaska have no snow:

    Record High Temperatures: 3 Facts the Media Don’t Tell You

    100% Of US Warming Is Due To NOAA Data Tampering

    • Replies: @anon
  57. @TKK

    Yassssssss, TKK. Marianne and Tulsi are merely moose shite (less odious), but the rest are pig shite (very odious). They’re all still very excremental full of it. Poupon ’em all.

  58. renfro says:

    Worst image I’ve seen related to the El Paso shooting. TRump with Melania holding the orphaned 2 month old baby of the mother and father killed in the shooting……smiling and giving a thumbs up.
    Disgusting campaign opt.

  59. @A123

    Another warning from a former Colorado governor, a Democrat. From a speech.

    Richard D. Lamm was a Democrat who served as governor of Colorado for twelve years from 1975 to 1987. In 2005, a third-person account of a speech attributed to him, on the perils of multiculturalism, became a viral item online:

    A Frightening Analysis


    We all know Dick Lamm as the former Governor of Colorado. In that context his thoughts are particularly poignant. Last week there was an immigration-overpopulation conference in Washington, DC, filled to capacity by many of American’s finest minds and leaders. A brilliant college professor named Victor Hansen Davis talked about his latest book, “Mexifornia,” explaining how immigration — both legal and illegal — was destroying the entire state of California. He said it would march across the country until it destroyed all vestiges of The American Dream.

    Moments later, former Colorado Governor Richard D. Lamm stood up and gave a stunning speech on how to destroy America. The audience sat spellbound as he described eight methods for the destruction of the United States. He said, “If you believe that America is too smug, too self-satisfied, too rich, then let’s destroy America. It is not that hard to do. No nation in history has survived the ravages of time. Arnold Toynbee observed that all great civilizations rise and fall and that ‘An autopsy of history would show that all great nations commit suicide.’”

    “Here is how they do it,” Lamm said: First to destroy America, “Turn America into a bilingual or multi-lingual and bicultural country. History shows that no nation can survive the tension, conflict, and antagonism of two or more competing languages and cultures. It is a blessing for an individual to be bilingual; however, it is a curse for a society to be bilingual. The historical scholar Seymour Lipset put it this way: ‘The histories of bilingual and bi-cultural societies that do not assimilate are histories of turmoil, tension, and tragedy. Canada, Belgium, Malaysia, Lebanon all face crises of national existence in which minorities press for autonomy, if not independence. Pakistan and Cyprus have divided. Nigeria suppressed an ethnic rebellion. France faces difficulties with Basques, Bretons, and Corsicans.”

    Lamm went on: Second, to destroy America, “Invent ‘multiculturalism’ and encourage immigrants to maintain their culture. I would make it an article of belief that all cultures are equal. That there are no cultural differences. I would make it an article of faith that the Black and Hispanic dropout rates are due to prejudice and discrimination by the majority. Every other explanation is out of bounds.

    Third, “We could make the United States a ‘Hispanic Quebec’ without much effort. The key is to celebrate diversity rather than unity. As Benjamin Schwarz said in the Atlantic Monthly recently: ‘The apparent success of our own multiethnic and multicultural experiment might have been achieved! Not by tolerance but by hegemony. Without the dominance that once dictated ethnocentrically and what it meant to be an American, we are left with only tolerance and pluralism to hold us together.’”

    Lamm said, “I would encourage all immigrants to keep their own language and culture. I would replace the melting pot metaphor with the salad bowl metaphor. It is important to ensure that we have various cultural subgroups living in America reinforcing their differences rather than as Americans, emphasizing their similarities.”

    “Fourth, I would make our fastest growing demographic group the least educated. I would add a second underclass, unassimilated, undereducated, and antagonistic to our population. I would have this second underclass have a 50% dropout rate from high school.”

    “My fifth point for destroying America would be to get big foundations and business to give these efforts lots of money. I would invest in ethnic identity, and I would establish the cult of ‘Victimology.’ I would get all minorities to think their lack of success was the fault of the majority. I would start a grievance industry blaming all minority failure on the majority population.”

    “My sixth plan for America’s downfall would include dual citizenship and promote divided loyalties. I would celebrate diversity over unity. I would stress differences rather than similarities. Diverse people worldwide are mostly engaged in hating each other – that is, when they are not killing each other. A diverse, peaceful, or stable society is against most historical precedent. People undervalue the unity! Unity is what it takes to keep a nation together. Look at the ancient Greeks. The Greeks believed that they belonged to the same race; they possessed a common language and literature; and they worshiped the same gods. All Greece took part in the Olympic Games.

    A common enemy Persia threatened their liberty. Yet all these bonds were not strong enough to over come two factors: local patriotism and geographical conditions that nurtured political divisions. Greece fell.

    “E. Pluribus Unum” — From many, one. In that historical reality, if we put the emphasis on the ‘pluribus’ instead of the ‘Unum,’ we can balkanize America as surely as Kosovo.”

    “Next to last, I would place all subjects off limits ~ make it taboo to talk about anything against the cult of ‘diversity.’ I would find a word similar to ‘heretic’ in the 16th century – that stopped discussion and paralyzed thinking. Words like ‘racist’ or ‘x! xenophobes’ halt discussion and debate.”

    “Having made America a bilingual/bicultural country, having established multi-culturism, having the large foundations fund the doctrine of ‘Victimology,’ I would next make it impossible to enforce our immigration laws. I would develop a mantra: That because immigration has been good for America, it must always be good. I would make every individual immigrant symmetric and ignore the cumulative impact of millions of them.”

    In the last minute of his speech, Governor Lamm wiped his brow. Profound silence followed. Finally he said, “Lastly, I would censor Victor Hanson Davis’s book Mexifornia. His book is dangerous. It exposes the plan to destroy America. If you feel America deserves to be destroyed, don’t read that book.”

    There was no applause.

    A chilling fear quietly rose like an ominous cloud above every attendee at the conference. Every American in that room knew that everything Lamm enumerated was proceeding methodically, quietly, darkly, yet pervasively across the United States today. Every discussion is being suppressed. Over 100 languages are ripping the foundation of our educational system and national cohesiveness. Barbaric cultures that practice female genital mutilation are growing as we celebrate ‘diversity.’ American jobs are vanishing into the Third World as corporations create a Third World in America — take note of California and other states — to date, ten million illegal aliens and growing fast. It is reminiscent of George Orwell’s book “1984.” In that story, three slogans are engraved in the Ministry of Truth building: “War is peace,” “Freedom is slavery,” and “Ignorance is strength.”

    Governor Lamm walked back to his seat. It dawned on everyone at the conference that our nation and the future of this great democracy are deeply in trouble and worsening fast. If we don’t get this immigration monster stopped within three years, it will rage like a California wildfire and destroy everything in its path, especially The American Dream.


  60. Michael Korn [AKA "Mevashir"] says:

    Ilana pretends to be a libertarian, but you should know that America welcomed her from South Africa where her father was a Zionist rabbi and anti apartheid activist:

    “Ilana was born in South Africa, which her father, Rabbi Ben Isaacson, decided to leave pursuant to harassment by the South African security police on account of his anti-apartheid preaching and activism. (Ilana herself, on return, decades later, fought petty apartheid tirelessly.) The family departed in the 1960s for Israel, where Ilana spent her formative years. She returned to South-Africa in the 1980s, married and had a daughter. The family emigrated to Canada in 1995, and then went on to settle in the US.”

    For syndication rights to or, contact [email protected]. Read more @

  61. Michael Korn [AKA "Mevashir"] says:

    I say about Melania she is no lady and not first, except the first woman in the white house to have been a stripper.

  62. Radek says:

    Sir/Madame, you do not understand irony. I was putting things in context because Ilana is a hypocrite. She is a South African born perpetual immigrant. She has lived in around half a dozen countries. Ilana collects citizenships like some of us collect antiques. I think it was the recently removed British Prime minister Theresa May who famously said ‘if you are a citizen of everywhere, you are a citizen of nowhere’.
    Unfortunately Ilana does get a lot of anti semitic abuse and that is wrong. But there is a saying-‘ what comes round goes round’.
    Ilana’s vitriol towards some of her fellow immigrants has two causes firstly her extreme hatred of black and brown people and secondly her worship of WASP men. She actually believes that in America only white men should have positions of power. She dreams of a return to the era of ‘Mad Men’ when drunken, chainsmoking philandering white men ruled the world. Ilana does not recognize that black and brown legal immigrants have as much right to be in America as other Americans.

    • Replies: @Michael Korn
  63. @Johnny Walker Read

    Either get off your ass and try and stop this moron

    Great plan. No goal, no execution, no stated reward. TDS? I’ll get right on it as soon as I get some more important things done.


    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  64. Though I basically agree with the author’s contention that the Democratic presidential candidate lineup is a circus, with the exception of Representative Tulsi Gabbard and the consistently polite Marianne Williamson, the author’s remarks regarding immigration are completely off the wall.

    First and foremost, there is very little in depth and accurate data regarding immigrant crime statistics since the federal government has done a very poor job of maintaining such data. As the article from Business Insider demonstrates, immigrant crime that can be reported on, is actually lower than crimes committed by American citizens. See…

    At the end of the aforementioned piece is paragraph that stipulates a study in the Criminology Journal, which should be considered as it also demonstrates that the rates of actual immigrant crime are rather low comparatively speaking.

    The fact is is that the majority of illegal immigrants coming into the United States do everything possible to avoid detection so as not to alert authorities of their presence.

    However, this is not the real problem that the author’s piece should be addressing. We have an immigrant problem as a direct result of US deprivations across the spectrum of South American countries from Mexico down. This is all well established fact and has been documented in innumerable research on the issue.

    Instead of understanding this critical factor that underlies the entirety of our immigration problem, what the author presents is another promotion for Angelo-Saxon American culture; in short the White Race is better than the Brown races and why do we need them here.

    As a military hist0rian-analyst I hate to burst the author’s narrowly focused argument but the White Race hasn’t done a very good job historically in developing and maintaining cultural norms as it relates to Humanism, equality, and decency. If you want to get right down to it, Whites have been responsible for the most horrendous acts of war and barbarism in the modern world that has not been equaled since antiquity prior to the rise of the great ancient empires.

    And since the end of World War I, the “White Race” has been carving up the world to their delight with little consideration for who lived in those affected areas.

    So please, enough with this “us poor Whites”; we’re being invaded by the savages!

    However, getting back to the underlying issues to the problem, we can also count on the US corporations to be a major source of angst in this regard. With huge amounts of outsourcing, insourcing, and foreign worker visas that allowed for the importation of cheap labor for corporate exploitation starting in the late 1990s, there has been no end to rapidly increasing inequality and job deprivation across the entire breadth of the US middle-class, no matter the color of a person’s skin. This was piled on top of the massive destruction of the US manufacturing base that no viable nation can exist for long without; again thanks to the greedy, self-centered dirt-bags that make up corporate leadership cadres in this country… at all levels…

    Let’s not also forget the billions of your dollars that are being given to Israel in a never ending stream of largess as a result of massive Israeli\Zionist influence in the United States where dubious people with Israeli duel-passports infest high positions in the US government steering government Mid East policy, our wars there, and ensure that the tsunami of monies keep coming into a tiny little racist nation who hates everyone who is not them. All of this is fully supported by the evangelical Christian nut-jobs who can’t wait to go up in a pillar of destruction, nicknamed the Rapture in order to make it acceptable to all god-fearing lunatics who believe in fairy tales created thousands of years ago.

    Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s also include all of the companies that continue to hire “illegal aliens” by the boat load to work at jobs that no American wants letting such temporary workers be exploited to the fullest by everything from theft to rape on their to-do lists.

    Numerous proposals have been submitted to Congress for legitimate work-visa programs so that not only will such temporary workers be protected by our laws and have their compensation protected but also so that law enforcement agencies can keep better track of such people coming into our country for this type of labor. However, thanks to cretins like Mitch McConnel and his entire ilk across both sides of the aisle, no such bill has ever been developed and created into law as the lobbying by the exploiters was so continuous and overwhelming.

    Last but not least, let us not forget the deportation of violently, dangerous South American criminals who once dumped back in their own countries quickly bring mayhem and terror to the peoples down there while setting up paths back into the United States to return to their criminal activities here.

    You want someone to blame for these problems? Well they are all centered in that cesspool, Washington DC, not in South America. Those people, for the most part, are simply fleeing the mayhem, terror, and political dysfunction that WE caused.

    So own up to it!!!

    Stop thinking that just because you were lucky to be born White you are something special; you aren’t. You are just like anyone else on this wretched planet that is simply trying to survive…

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  65. @sally

    Just eliminate the regime (nation state leaders): and use the existing USA model to all bureaucrats to operate a leaderless government, bottom up directed, bottom up guarded and top down enforced.

    let the people work out their differences and vote on it.. no representatives are needed, this is direct government. and it will work.

    It’s been tried:

  66. @Counterinsurgency

    If all people are the same, why are you doing this?

    I thought everyone knew–some pigs are more equal than others. 🙁

  67. Milton says:

    “Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin.”

    All Four Sins that Cry to Heaven for Venegeance are now fully codified and celebrated in America and the West today:

    1. Murder: Abortion, euthanasia, endless unjust wars and a full embrace of the culture of death

    2. Sodomy: which, in the Old and New Testament understanding, was not limited to homosexual sex and would have to include our Porn-addicted, sex-worshiping culture.

    3. Oppression of the poor: unrestricted Capitalism is just as evil as Communism.

    4. Defrauding workers of a just wage: the robber barons are back, taxation without representation is back, slavery is back. Tribute must flow to Zion.

    • Replies: @Anon
  68. Quebecer says:

    You do raise interesting points ! I think she is Jewish as I am catholic, in the sense that it is how we were raised, but not how our thoughts developped. She is clearly a free thinker, not constrained by any affiliation.
    You may have guessed by my monicker that i am Canadian, but rest assured that i have the same concerns vis-a-vis immigration that our American neighbours have

    • Replies: @Michael Korn
  69. renfro says:

    Conservatives losing the black vote hand over fist…..stupid is as stupid dose.

    Aug 07, 2019

    Texas Police Captured Leading Black Man Through Streets on Rope

  70. @Counterinsurgency

    I guess you are fine with following him off the cliff..Good luck

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  71. @Steve Naidamast

    Stop thinking that just because you were lucky to be born White you are something special; you aren’t. You are just like anyone else on this wretched planet that is simply trying to survive…

    Right you are. Just think of the implications! If I’m just like everybody else, then I get to act like everybody else, with the same constraints (or lack thereof) as anybody else. No more “white man’s burden” and “the primary duty of a Christian is to be tolerant” [1].

    This includes freedom for all that I have no control whatsoever over, like things you cite. If people want to attack me for them, that’s on them, and they’re just another set of irrational enemies, no more, no less.


    1] “the primary duty of a Christian is to be tolerant”
    J. Dobson, “Focus on the Family”.
    I think it was “focus” maybe some similar sounding word. His facts and advice were both wrong, in my experience.

  72. @A123

    It is doubtful if Paul Harvey would be allowed airtime on the radio today. Now the far left is trying to get Tucker Carlson thrown off the air because he rightly said that White Nationalism is not a problem. I’ve read that advertisors are pulling their ads in droves. Do they not realize that, if anti-war advocate Tucker is fired, then it will lead to more of the civil unrest that they claim to be against?

  73. @sally

    We humans are in this life together we need to share and cooperate, and if it were not for the leaders of the nation states we would.

    The timing of this comment is so-oo ironic, considering the other lead article on Unz this very day (8/9/19) explores the difference in cooperation levels between low- and high-IQ test subjects. Your comment says we’re all alike; the Unz article tells us we’re all different.

    Personally, if given a choice I’d prefer not being surrounded by low-IQ incompetents with their exploding squalling progeny.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  74. @Johnny Walker Read

    Seriously dude!?!? You really need an assault weapon? What’s wrong with you? You don’t know how to shoot a rifle correctly?

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  75. @sally

    You imagine that if government borders do not exist that all borders will cease to exist and that groups of people will not claim territory for themselves and enforce the borders of that territory with violence.

    Tell that to the Mexican gangs who firebombed blacks out of the Ramona Gardens public housing development in Los Angeles in 2014, in order to make it exclusively Mexican.

    In 1969 the Hondurans chased out illegal aliens from El Salvador , leading to something called The Soccer War (AKA The Football War). Mobs beat, raped, and killed immigrants and burnt down their homes and businesses. Just wait until the people we are importing from both of these countries start jostling over territory here in your Kumbaya Rainbow Utopia.

    Remember the Somali pirates? They started partly in response to the fact that after the downfall of the Somali government, no state or coast guard existed to enforce the borders of their coastal waters. Somali waters became the site of an international “free for all,” with fishing fleets from around the world illegally plundering Somali fishing stock. Foreign ships were also accused by local fishermen of dumping toxic and nuclear waste off Somalia’s shores.

    Was that unfair to the Somali people? Should they be allowed to have borders? And, if so, why not Americans?

    At best, abolishing borders will shift, rather than eradicate, territorial disputes. At worst, by creating a power vacuum it will cause an explosion of violence. And, as the example of Somalia shows, a weak or absent state and the inability to police borders will also lead to both economic plunder and ecosystem damage, if not collapse.

    • Replies: @Druid
  76. @renfro

    Those of us who claim to be on the Right would be stark raving lunatics to castigate and reject good conservative Jews like Ilana Mercer and Michael Savage, who are on our side on most of the important issues. It seems to me that their beliefs align very well with the America-first agenda – although I’m skeptical regarding their Zionism. Mr. Trump should have listened to them instead of liberal Jews Ivanka (was she really raised a Christian?) and her slimy husband.

    • Agree: Wally
    • Replies: @mr meener
    , @renfro
    , @renfro
    , @Anon
  77. @renfro

    Fuck orange clown

    Hope he loses in 2020 and rots in jail

  78. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Terrible times .

  79. renfro says:

    who are on our side on most of the important issues. It seems to me that their beliefs align very well with the America-first agenda –

    And what do you think America’s most important issues are?

  80. @A123

    Semi-fake. There’s no way that “metal detectors” and drug-sniffing dogs were written by Paul Harvey in 1965.

    What’s amazing is what he did write in 1965; the recorded version here is his updated script from 1996.

    Checkout the difference:

  81. mr meener says:

    the gall on this jew illana mercer to complain about the bolshevik jews trying to end anglo america when her father along with a group of communist jews DID THE EXACT SAME THING IN SOUTH AFRICA. then once their work was done the mercer family ran out of SA. doesnt she think that people know about her father? another trojan horse jew infiltrating the right

  82. mr meener says:

    you are an insane cuck. mike savage/weiner was the boy toy of the most radical communist jew homo alan ginsberg the guy that started NAMBLA and the main guy who started radicalizing the college youth.they lived together. mercers father was one of the communist jews who started the ANC in south africa and put the senile simpleton in power nelson mandela. both of them are fakes and trojan horse jews in it for the money

  83. Anonymous[160] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Paul Harvey explained what the nose did to us.

    How, by taking away free agency?? This kind of thinking is dangerously heretical and as pernicious as anything suggested by Harvey in his short version of the Screwtape Letters. To blame malum culpae (to use St. Thomas’ term) on something other than oneself— be it an idea, an event, another people— couldn’t be more offensive to God and diminishes his greatest creation, human beings with free will.

    I suggest you read less E. Michael Jones and more Fulton Sheen. Jones has no formal education in philosophy or theology, and it shows.

    • Replies: @Anon
  84. Wally says:

    Except everybody is smiling. Try again.

    • Troll: renfro
  85. Wally says:


    “What Exactly Is ‘Progressive’ About Going Insane?”:

    Any decent psychological detective can conclude why the Left, including especially the Democratic Party — formerly a pillar of our political system — has gone insane.

  86. anon[267] • Disclaimer says:

    With global warming accelerating, the next 20 years will abundantly demonstrate that your hare-brained science-denial websites are as fraudulent as Big Tobacco’s efforts to cover up the science that proved smoking kills. Fact is that Big Oil is using the same PR firm as Big Tobacco to get you to spout bullshit like you are, Wally. And if global warming isn’t melting ice on a global scale, why is the Trump Administration promoting it as something wonderful? Hmm?

    “Steady reductions in sea ice are opening new passageways and new opportunities for trade,” he continued. “This could potentially slash the time it takes to travel between Asia and the West by as much as 20 days.”

    “Arctic sea lanes could become the 21st century Suez and Panama Canals,” Pompeo remarked.

    Pompeo: Melting sea ice presents ‘new opportunities for trade’

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Justvisiting
  87. Michael Korn [AKA "Mevashir"] says:

    No comments about Ilana Mercer the Zionist and anti Apartheid faketivist?

    Why is she allowed to be a spokesperson for American whites???

    You people simply prove to the Jews how stupid they assume you are.

    • Replies: @Quebecer
  88. Michael Korn [AKA "Mevashir"] says:

    As an introduction: I am an American Jew raised in California and moved to Israel after graduating from college. I joined the ultra Orthodox Jewish movement there and lived in that culture for 18 years before converting to Christianity.

    I have written an 80 page report about my experiences as a Jew growing up in the US, within Israeli Orthodox society, and what led me to reject Judaism and convert.

    It is readable online here:

    If you email me I can send you a pdf version of this report, which is about half graphics.

    Shalom Salaam Peace Pax Pacem Mir Irini Frieden

  89. Michael Korn [AKA "Mevashir"] says:

    As someone who lives on the margins of American society and witnessing a steady proliferation of financial and social poverty all around me, I offer these observations.

    The rich people of the world view the world as a giant casino on which to place their bets. They can shift money easily from Russia to China to India to Brazil to America. They are loyal to no society or culture, only to their god mammon.

    These same rich people buy the politicians in every country to do their bidding, to pass laws favoring them, to reduce their taxes to a puny percentage of what they should pay, and to distract the broader public with racial religious ethnic and social strife and agitation. All this is designed to distract us from the fact that they are robbing the economy blind and making off with all the fruits of the system.

    They channel our outrage about their larceny against each other by promoting ethnic strife just as Trump is doing.

    Trump’s buddies on Wall Street promote immigration, both legal and illegal, in order to drive wages down. It’s what Paul Craig Roberts calls labor arbitrage.

    Unfortunately the apparently intelligent readers of the UNZ report play right into this cynical game. Supporting the Redpublicans, reflexively condemning socialism (except for the socialist Pentagon), and anything else that might ameliorate our perilous situation.

    You need to recognize we are screwed either way. The Repugnicans are loyal only to money and power. They don’t care about any of us. Mitch McConnell is called Moscow Mitch but he’s also in bed with the PRC via his wife Elaine Chou.

    We all are being played for dupes, like the fools who go to Trump’s casinos and lose their shirts. Trump has spent his whole life defrauding losers in his casinos and other scams. People on this blog should know better than to fall for his deceptions and those of the Repugnican party.

    There is only one struggle in this world: the rich against the rest of us. They are like addicts, never content with their millions always lusting for more money more power more pleasure more hedonistic thrills.

    Keep being manipulated by the Repugs and yapping like dogs over hot button morality issues. The slaves on the plantation also had a moral lifestyle: no drinking, no abortions, no vacations, no fun, nada nothing, mandatory Sunday church attendance. This is the aim of the Repubs. But apparently most of you are too stupid to realize it.

  90. Michael Korn [AKA "Mevashir"] says:

    Thoughts on UNZ

    I have read that Unz was raised in a strict Jewish home.

    UNZ sounds like Uns which is German for Us.

    US = United States. UNS = UNited States.

    He could really lead a movement to take back our country.

    But why would he want to?

    Why is he different from the other rich casino sheisters who see human beings as simply dogs or horses at the track to place bets on?

    Or dogs at a dog fight to see tear themselves limb from limb?

  91. Michael Korn [AKA "Mevashir"] says:

    She is a rabid Zionist who thinks the Israelis should ethnocide the Palestinians. Don’t kid yourself. She is Libertarian until it comes to foreign aid for U$rael and then the sky’s the limit.

  92. Michael Korn [AKA "Mevashir"] says:

    I lived for a few years in South Africa and actually met Ilana’s father, the Zionist rabbi and anti apartheid activist. I once had a Sabbath lunch at his house. Guess who served the food? A couple of black servants….

    So far as I understand, when Ilana eloped with a Christian guy, her father disowned her. Don’t know if they ever made up.

    But Ilana has some serious problems and you have hit the nail on the head about her Radek!

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  93. Quebecer says:
    @Michael Korn

    I don’t think Ms.Mercer ever claimed to be speaking on behalf of anyboby but herself.

    You can agree or disagree with her, but can you stay away from the kind of insults best heard in schoolyards ? This may come as a surprise to you, but being nasty does not make you right

  94. Michael Korn [AKA "Mevashir"] says:

    MY EMAIL: [email protected]

    As an introduction: I am an American Jew raised in California and moved to Israel after graduating from college. I joined the ultra Orthodox Jewish movement there and lived in that culture for 18 years before converting to Christianity.

    I have written an 80 page report about my experiences as a Jew growing up in the US, within Israeli Orthodox society, and what led me to reject Judaism and convert.

    It is readable online here:

    If you email me I can send you a pdf version of this report, which is about half graphics:
    [email protected]

    Shalom Salaam Peace Pax Pacem Mir Irini Frieden

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
    , @Michael Korn
  95. @Steve Naidamast

    How much good is that bolt action gonna’ do you when the crash comes and you are faced with gangs armed with assault rifles? Not much? I didn’t think so. Time to let go of the elephant slong and start worrying about protecting your family.

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  96. @Michael Korn

    Somebody is too stupid, right.


  97. hhsiii says:

    Page2after this word from Coleman.

    And now you know the REST of the story.

  98. @Johnny Walker Read

    I guess you are fine with following him off the cliff..Good luck

    No goal, no execution plan, no reward. Just Have Faith in Me.

    I don’t, and can’t see why anybody would. In fact, the technique of saying “I insult X, X is weak, Abandon X, Follow Me” used to work (perhaps because the “Me” was a representative of a demonstrably important group that also opposed X, and the “Me” had derivative status. But now the Trump Derangemen Syndrome (TDS) group _lacks_ importance and status because it so clearly has nothing left to offer except threats that it can’t back up except in cities that nobody wants to so much as visit.

    This, from King Lear, just after his two daughters have told him he gets nothing from them although he gave them the kingdom, is a lot like your last few posts. Lear loses it:

    I will have such revenges on you both
    That all the world shall—I will do such things—
    What they are yet I know not, but they shall be
    The terrors of the earth. You think I’ll weep?
    No, I’ll not weep.
    I have full cause of weeping, but this heart
    Shall break into a hundred thousand flaws,
    Or ere I’ll weep.—O Fool, I shall go mad!

    and the only person who hears him is his professional fool, who loyally (sort of ) stays with Lear throughout the play.



  99. @imbroglio

    “Tulsi and Marianne excepted,”

    Nah. they’re scoundrels, too.

  100. @TKK

    “Williams is a crystal and essential oil soaked airhead who dwells in sentimentality. ”

    I would describe her as an overmedicated bliss bunny.

  101. @Justvisiting

    Damn, son. Talk about missing the point…

  102. @Johnny Walker Read

    Assault rifles are good for assaults. So what is an assault?

    Ordinarily, every effort is made to inflict casualties on the enemy at range. That’s what artillery does, same with tactical air (which can be thought of as long range artillery). On a good day for the infantry, the enemy never gets close enough to be a serious threat.

    However, the enemy knows that’s how US force work, and tries to close (“grab their belt buckles”) with US infantry. When that happens, the infantry force has things to attack the enemy without overly risking themselves: explosive ordnance, close in artillery fire, and barriers that slow the enemy down and permit ranged fires to be effective longer. The infantry unit also has light machine guns (LMG) that are effective against enemy in the open.


    But let’s suppose that the enemy finally stops in improvised firing positions close to the US unit, too close for any ranged weapon and well enough protected to resist the light. The US unit now has nothing much to stop the enemy’s fire. Neither infantry rifles nor the LMG can penetrate the opposing infantry’s cover in this scenario, and the US infantry unit can’t be resupplied without casualties to the resupply unit, and possibly can’t be resupplied at all.

    In that situation, the book answer is an assault. This has three phases:
    a) Establish fire superiority. That is, shoot rapidly and accurately enough that the enemy drops behind cover. At this point, the enemy cannot see you.
    b) Leaders yell “Assault”, everybody stands up, and maintains a steady fire while walking towards the enemy. The LMG ordinarily accompany the assault. If enemy stands up or peaks over their cover, they are shot at.
    c) Upon reaching the enemy line, US infantry switches to automatic fire and kills those who don’t surrender quickly enough. The “quickly enough” comes from the lethality of even a single enemy soldier to the upright and exposed assaulting troops.

    The above assault is avoided these days. Back in WW II it often worked because enemy troops would panic and run; it was like an old bayonet charge in that regard, and a variant is for everybody to fix bayonets (b).

    The more often used variant of this is that the US infantry unit has been ambushed, and attacks the ambushing unit by switching to full automatic and running through the enemy line. Hits here are random, from instinctive aim rather than use of sights.

    OK, so the assault rifle is good for assaults. It was the ambush situation that was responsible for adopting the M16A1; the M14 couldn’t be controlled in automatic fire mode during such a situation. Us forces were consequently unable to match enemy forces (using AK47s, for example).

    The M16A1 had lighter rounds, and the infantryman could carry more of them than he could carry M14 rounds. This is just as well, because the M16 was very often used in full automatic mode. Marksmanship training back then was poor, and in any case jungle warfare often presents no visible target, so firing through the foliage is the only chance there was.

    So: M16A1 was good at assault, good at close range combat, but was just not effective at range (although it was rated for 800meters for area targets). The rounds were only 55 grains, and lost wounding power as they slowed down from air friction. The deficiencies of the M16A1, however, were compensated for by the ability of US infantry to call in ranged weapons of various sorts from other parts of their combat unit.

    Now, if you’re playing the other side of the coin, shoot and scoot, long range ambush, maybe an assault rifle isn’t quite what you want. Maybe you want something at a slightly longer distance from the conventional forces you’re attacking. You can’t afford more than two or three shots anyway; conventional infantry can sometimes respond very quickly. Bolt action rifle with a long range round might be just the thing. _And_, you can use it for deer hunting.

    Or maybe you want to try a close ambush. In that case, you want an assault rifle and a bunch of friends and competent leadership.

    Firearms aren’t magic. There’s a reason for most things. As with everything else, there’s a proper tool for the job.


  103. @Michael Korn

    I think you would be interested in

    • Replies: @Michael Korn
  104. renfro says:

    but can you stay away from the kind of insults best heard in schoolyards ?

    I just noticed this comment and wanted to point out that Mercer has quite the insulting potty mouth herself:…”the insufferable Kirsten Gillibrand mooed about an old Biden
    mini-man Pete Buttigieg, the English-speaking plodders”

    • Replies: @Michael Korn
  105. Kurt says:

    This is what passes for journalism here? What a joke. Begin with a false premises and embellish it. Lead the audience into whatever idiotic direction you want – they’re not bright enough to catch on anyway.

  106. renfro says:

    Jews like Ilana Mercer and Michael Savage, who are on our side on most of the important issues.It seems to me that their beliefs align very well with the America-first agenda –

    I’ve said everything I can think of to say to those like you that have no idea what is going on re the Jewish agenda-immigration- Islam- Trump.
    In the past I have lost my temper and called your kind, ignorant, uneducated, one eyed brains, too lazy to do the work of putting the pieces together and too stupid to even know how or where to look to get the full political picture and agendas.
    I’m not going to do that again because its bad behavior on my part and futile.

    If you are young and going to live for another 50 years you can read about these decades in history books and maybe then you will understand what was going on.

    • LOL: follyofwar
    • Replies: @follyofwar
  107. Michael Korn [AKA "Mevashir"] says:

    Indeed. I don’t think I wrote anything derogatory about her. Just the plain truth so you can know who she really is.

    • Replies: @Michael Korn
  108. Anon[233] • Disclaimer says:

    How, by taking away free agency??

    For fuck’s sake, Jewish blame the victim bullshit is never ending except when they are the supposed victim.

    You’re right. No entity has ever before been subverted, enslaved, betrayed, controlled, falsely imprisoned, made a scapegoat, genocided, etc without it being their fault. Your logic and understanding of personal agency is flawless. Your statement makes perfect sense.

    Personal agency is the free will of the individual to make decisions, numbnuts, nothing more. Its also limited to the individual, by definition, and does not apply to group political competition. Even the tightest, most cooperative political group (ie: Jews) can not be spoken about in terms of any formal definition of free agency. Its a concept relegated to the individual. Groups can be spoken about in terms of group conspiracy, strategy, etc…sure. But not free agency.

    It also has nothing directly to do with group or even individual success or failure in the face of forces that are not supposed to be competing within a nation, which compete in secret with the help of mafia-like facilitated oppression of competition against them, and which compete against groups that have been systematically fractured over a period of hundreds of years. It solely has to do with an individual’s free will to make decisions in the context of their person. It does not imply the success of a group. No soldier has won nor will win a war because of his free agency.

  109. Anon[233] • Disclaimer says:

    You’re too clueless to be posting on this board. Lurk more and learn more about the Jewish religion and its self-stated aims.

  110. @Counterinsurgency

    Assault rifles…switches to automatic fire…switching to full automatic… M14 couldn’t be controlled in automatic fire mode…very often used in full automatic mode…

    Is it still considered an “assault rifle” even if it isn’t fully semiautomatic? Will a semi-auto still work if you yell “assault” while shooting?

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  111. Eckbach says:

    Pass the torch ?
    Bend over…here it comes.

  112. VLADDI says: • Website

    DEMS = Hypocrites projecting their own hypocrisy onto each other as usual. Virtue-Signalling is SUBMISSION to group-might-makes-rights extortion! Virtue-signalling indicates one is a good slave to the group, that one will go along with the usual criminals’ lie that pity for everyone as equally-helpless fellow victims is the highest virtue while angry “hate” at criminals for committing crimes is the most vile “sin!”

  113. VLADDI says: • Website

    The left (libertine “liberal” criminals who choose to always be delinquent and criminally negligent towards their one and only responsibility, to not attack thereby innocent others first) are professional hypocrites – as they choose a perpetual model of paranoid masochism to pretend they are always right, and always victims, while everyone else is always wrong, and oppressors, no matter what the cause-and-effect circumstantial situational facts. Embracing such a biased and prejudiced static model alibi excuse for their victim-blaming crimes of slander, in stead of embracing the dynamic reality of life, used to be known as “idolatry.” Nowadays it’s fobbed off under the equally static alibi known as the “diseased victim” or “mental illness” model to excuse their criminal desires and actions.

    ALL masochists habitually pretend to be able to “control” their fears, BY causing and/or by criminally, negligently allowing or inducing others to cause those very same worst-case scenario problems which cause the pains they fear the most! This way, the real pain cancels the “additional” pains of the fears. So masochists aren’t brave, they’re still no more than pathetic (and potentially dangerous to others) cowards at heart.

  114. Wally says:

    Except you cannot refute what I posted, comrade.

    Simple stuff really. Have some more:

    Dr. James Hansen, the man who invented the global warming scam, said 30 years ago that the globe would warm up by two to five degrees by 2018. Obviously, nothing like that has happened. Despite the fact that millions of folks believed his prediction in 1988 and continue to listen to him today.

    Global greening is happening, not global warming not as predicted by leftists, and it’s a good thing
    “The amount of vegetation growing on the earth has been increasing every year for at least 30 years.”Green areas are the areas in which the vegetation has increased since 1982, massively in some areas. Infografic: Boston University

    NASA Data Proves Trump Right to Exit Paris Climate Accord:

    • Agree: Counterinsurgency
    • Replies: @Hippopotamusdrome
  115. @Counterinsurgency

    I am not surrendering one more God given right to a tyrannical govt. This is as much about red flag laws, as it is about so called “assault rifle” bans. Your constitution is being shredded before your very eyes, and you don’t seem to care. You go ahead and surrender all your weapons and your right’s cause it’s the politically correct thing to do and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy if you so choose. Maybe Judge Andrew Napolitano can explain the difference between freedom and tyranny to you because it looks like I’m failing miserably. Have a nice life.
    P.S. AR platforms come in many calibers and make great hunting rifles.

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  116. @renfro

    Renfro, I see that you are one of the know-it-alls on this site who have all the answers, and who like nothing more than to call other commenters you do not agree with idiots, as you spew your blind hatred. I will no longer respond to any of your comments. If you don’t respond to mine either, it might be better for your mental health as well as your blood pressure. Better yet, just don’t read them.


  117. @anon

    When east coast coastal property prices start dropping like rocks, I will take “global warming” or “global climate change” or whatever they call it tomorrow seriously.

    Watch what the elites do, ignore what they say.

  118. @Michael Korn

    I don’t see a lot of support for the republicans here. Maybe you do because that’s all you’re looking for. Maybe you’re just a shill for the “other team”. What I see most of here are comments that are critical of both wings of the one party that governs the US. They aren’t actually governing, though that’s the claim by the controlled media, they are ruling over a populace that is hard pressed to even understand what they are doing.

    Until you have something useful to say, nobody here will benefit from reading your little diatribes against the wrong enemy.

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
    • Replies: @anonymous
  119. @Michael Korn

    “But Ilana has some serious problems and you have hit the nail on the head about her Radek!”

    You’re providing some comic relief by responding to your sockpuppet, hasbara shill.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  120. @Johnny Walker Read

    Hey, guy. I’m tired of people using the term “assault rifle” without knowing what either an assault or a rifle is. I’ve given a guide, which you (and they) can read or not. It’s orthogonal to whether assault rifles should be widely used or not. [0]

    When the authors say “machine guns” they include sub-machine guns and assault rifles [1]. They really mean “fully automatic firearms” In current law [2] fully automatic firearms are very tightly controlled, although perhaps not quite as much as the authors imply. You’d need a net worth in the million dollar range to afford the care and feeding of a fully automatic firearm without seriously impacting your daily life and future financial standing. Some people and businesses still can and do own such fully automatic firearms, and some ranges offer “the full automatic experience” for those who want it (as does the infantry part of DoD, and some gangs if i read between the lines a bit).

    However, the bulk of people don’t have access to fully automatic weapons.

    OTH, the bulk of gainfully employed people don’t really have access to _any_ firearms or bladed weapons [3]. Sure, they can buy the firearms or bladed weapons, but they can’t afford the time and cost of training or the pre-paid legal services or the gear (a useful load-out costs over two thousand dollars) or, for that matter, the range time. Current laws effectively prevent anybody _who participates in and supports_ the US political system from armed self defense.

    Nor does possession of firearms and obeying law necessarily give any protection. Ask the surviving Branch Davidians [4], or, for that matter, consider Jeffry Epstein (who was arrested, and is now dead [5].)

    So complete banning of firearms wouldn’t make that much direct difference to most people. OTH, having a sink for the bad guys (who would tend to be wounded / killed more often) would make a difference. I’ve seen a theory that pointed out the reduction in European historical murder rate after concealable pistols were invented and became widely used. To against one is decisive when both sides have bladed weapons, when the defender has a firearm, though, “victory” is apt to mean one attacker dead or seriously wounded, even at two or three to one odds. And if you don’t have immunity from law enforcement, a three or more person team is a bit conspicuous.

    There’s another factor. Assault rifles are good for assaults. When engaged but not assaulting [6], the US Army advises use of aimed semi-automatic fire at a rate of 1 shot per second to prevent overheating the barrel and changing the rifle’s aiming point. Even so, troops these days tend to wear gloves to prevent burns from hot weapons.
    And if you practice, you can get off a pretty good rate of fire during assaults just by squeezing the trigger rapidly. Bump stocks are smoke for people who like gadgets, in my experience.

    “I have read the above, and am none the wiser.” That may be so, but you are at least better informed. So much for facts (as i see them)

    Now, what do I think? Well, its pretty obvious that disarming the civil population has worked out very badly.
    The cities probably had to disarm, because they imported the bulk of their population precisely because the imported population was (as a population) incapable of performing paid work in an industrial society. Even for H1Bs today, their kids tend to be either incapable of such work or else to see the government of an industrial economy as a great opportunity for private enrichment at the expense of the organization’s formal goals. It seems likely (from the present anti-incarceration move) that the firearm ban was primarily a safety measure for these groups [7] to reduce the lethality both of intra-group conflicts and of predation on other groups. The realtive stability of NYC before, during, and after the “stop and frisk” campaign would seem to bear out this assessment.
    The cities want to disarm the countryside from a different motive. Cities controled the government until quite recently (I read a _NY Times_ columnist at one point about 5 years ago bragging that NYC had one Supreme Court justice per borough, for example). The motive is, as in the Branch Davidian affair, establishing full spectrum escalation dominance over the countryside. Clinton & co. dropped back after the Davidians and Ruby Ridge affair. Had the two groups involved surrendered without a fuss, the Federal suppression of such groups would have continued. As it is, in recent years California cities have been suppressing such expressions of independence as off-the-grid houses that had been considered legal for (apparently) decades prior to the code change that makes off-the-grid per se illegal.

    As for the countryside, it’s (no kidding) filling up with refugees from the city, and has very cohesive religious groups that are armed well enough to prevent home invasions by untrained but experienced raiders equipped with small arms. The same government that utterly failed to subdue the countryside of Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, even given a secure logistical base in CONUS, probably cannot subdue the countryside as it now exists. Just protecting the electrical grid, railways, and Interstates would be utterly beyond it, even if it had loyal domestic troops carrying out the operation [8]. Should there be a complete ban on firearms, though, the existing rural stock would start dwindling. Eventually, it would dwindle enough to make effective resistance to gradual police and criminal gangs (Mexican cartels, for example) subduing the countryside feasible.

    Hope you’ve found this informative.


    1] AR platforms can be chambered in other calibers, true enough. The military / law enforcement AR platforms, and the sporter versions of these platforms, tend to come in 5.56 because it’s best for the application. 5.56 is a bit small for hunting deer; the animals tends to run after it’s hit, and you get to walk a mile or so while tracking blood signs before you find the body. They you get to drag at least the meat back to the car. Some advocate 6.8 mm rounds for military application because one gets more one-shot immediate stops that way, but I’ve been advised that they have too much penetration of building materials for use for home defense. A bolt action rifle in 5.56 (.223) could be used for long range varmint shooting, and that’s how the cartridge was developed. A bolt action rifle is usually intended to hunt deer or more (or for training, like a .22, or for varmint hunting as above.

    1] “fully automatic firearms”: not “fully automatic weapons”, a term that would fit military/FBI drones, robots, and the like if the meaning of English words were to be respected.


    3] “weapons” here mean an artifact intended to cause physical harm to another person on demand, and usable as a threat. Pistols, knives, and acid are weapons, poisons are not. Napalm is a weapon if it is in a flamethrower or other delivery device, but not otherwise. An example of a bladed weapon would be a dagger, which is pretty much useless except as a threat.

    4] Contemporary news reports (that I heard) claimed the ATF raid was started because an _ATF official_ saw an an image that appeared to be a plan for a sub-machine gun while leaving the compound after an inspection tour that had revealed nothing illegal. Such a plan, which was apparently never found or mentioned again, would not have been illegal.

    5] The Epstein suicide reads like cheap escape fiction. The evil bad guys who are running the world avoid a minor inconvenience by asking the prison organization to kill somebody who should have been on suicide watch. Unfortunately, we appear to live in cheap escape fiction, except it’s horror fiction and it isn’t fiction.

    6] And assaults are just as much a shambles as you’d think. Both sides take casualties, it’s just that the losing side takes more casualties.

    7] although I’ve seen it written that the New York Sullivan Law (no pistols) was originally passed to ensure that only Tammany organization members could be armed at the polls.

    8] If foreign, especially Chinese, troops were brought in, they also would lack the physical ability to win and would greatly exacerbate the US political situation. Besides, having won the war, they would be extremely unlikely to reinstate the current political class, even as puppets. Chinese have been accused of many things (including outsmarting themselves), but never gross stupidity.

  121. @Hippopotamusdrome

    Taking your questions seriously (which is probably a mistake) you can assault somebody with your bare hands. Happens every day, and in civil life it’s a recognized crime. You don’t need rifle, and you don’t even need to yell.

    Is it still considered an “assault rifle” even if it isn’t fully semiautomatic

    The term “assault rifle” is a category of rifle, in the same way that schooner is a category of sailing vessels. Schooners don’t have to schoon, and assault rifles don’t need to assault anybody.

    The actual firearms were developed by Germany during the latter part of WW II. The German army at that time used a semi-obsolete bolt action, single shot, “not fully semiautomatic” rifle. They were up against a US Army that used 45 cal sub-machine gun (a carbine that fires pistol rounds as long as the trigger is pressed and the magazine has rounds. Pistol rounds have less recoil, so the sub-machine gun can be made lighter than a light machine gun and still remain controllable) and a semi-automatic (one round per trigger pull but rifle ammunition, more energy/round) rifle. The Soviets ended up using a semi-obsolete bolt action rifle, but also a sub-machine gun firing a 7.62 mm pistol round. In actual WW II combat, it was found by the German army that troops using that troops (mainly Soviet troops) assaulting with a sub-machine guns were superior to German troops using bolt action rifles. In an assault, one fires accurately while walking towards the opposition. The more fire, the more the other side keeps its head down, even if the fire is “just” pistol rounds. Also, once the assault force crosses the enemy line, automatic weapons fire is more effective at killing the opposition infantry behind their cover than are either bayonets or single round rifles.

    Trouble is, the sub-machine guns have very little effective range, and an individual infantryman can’t carry both sub-machine gun and rifle.

    The “assault rifle” was intended to be a combination sub-machine gun and rifle. Its bullets are lighter, and thus make less recoil per shot and are controllable under full automatic fire. Its bullets are very high velocity (about 1 km/sec at the muzzle for US 5.56mm), however, and have much more energy than pistol rounds, hence a longer range. And, of course, like all compromises it has the disadvantages of both: less range and energy than a rifle, so less ability to penetrate cover and less knock-down ability, but a longer barrel than a sub-machine gun. The current issue arm, the M4 Carbine, is much more like the old time sub-machine guns than it is a rifle. Rifle fire at a distance is now the province of designated marksmen. If you want to consider room clearing as an assault, the M4 is a specialized assault rifle/carbine designed for use by mounted troops in room clearing and built up areas.

    So, in answer to your probably intended question: if it isn’t “full automatic, is it an assault rifle”, the answer is no. It isn’t in the same way that a sailing ship without a keel isn’t a schooner.


  122. Druid says:

    The devil is the talmudist haters!

  123. @Counterinsurgency

    My point being, which was actually (sortta) serious, is what are called “assault rifles” by gun control Democrats are actually semi-auto rifles that cannot fire in auto mode. The “assault rifle” moniker is given to make them sound more dangerous. After you deprive the “assault rifle” of it’s automatic mode, all you have left is its lighter, less powerful round with less stopping power than its battle rifle or hunting rifle predecessors.

    My (ok, rhetorical and facetious) question was, would, according to military science, an infantry unit, equipped with semi-auto rifles with no auto mode, but however, firing smaller, lighter rounds than a semi-auto battle rifle, be considered equipped with “assault rifles”.

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  124. @Wally

    the globe would warm up by two to five degrees

    Do you think agriculture yield per acre would increase if that happened? Less world hunger?

  125. @Johnny Walker Read

    Sorry, that’s un-American

    Sec. 1. Be it enacted,…That no freedman, free negro or mulatto, not in the military service of the United States government, and not licensed so to do by the board of police of his or her county, shall keep or carry fire-arms of any kind, or any ammunition, dirk or bowie knife

  126. Druid says:

    Because she is an obfuscating Jew from South Africa who like all Jews raped that country and then we’re first to leave. I know, I am originally from there

  127. Druid says:
    @Stunned Billionaire

    This Sally is an idiot not worth responding to more than once!

  128. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:
    @Twodees Partain

    “I don’t see a lot of support for the republicans here.” Boy, I do, particularly of the “it could have been Hillary” type that remain loyal Trump supporters.

    Nor do I read Mevashir as supporting Team Blue. I, too, received a lot of “shill” accusations starting in 2015 when questioning Mr. Trump’s bona fides and urging people not to participate in national politics.

    The core (commenting) audience for Ms. Mercer sometimes treats dissent like cooties in their tree fort.

  129. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:
    @Twodees Partain

    And I heard this accusation, too. It’s like “get a handle,” a cheap way to avoid substantial discussion.

    Mevashir really hit your button.

    • Replies: @Michael Korn
  130. Michael Korn [AKA "Mevashir"] says:

    Thank you for your supportive words.

    And to the others who defame me without knowing anything about me, read this before accusing me of being a Zionist troll (Mevashir is my blogging name but Michael Korn in the article below is me):

  131. If you vote for Trump… are consenting to the GREAT REPLACEMENT…..So don’t vote…it’s the first step…..


  132. Michael Korn [AKA "Mevashir"] says:
    @Michael Korn

    If Ilana presents herself as an advocate of white nationalist interests, you have a right to know that she was an anti apartheid agitator in South Africa and an ardent Zionist.

    She claims to be a libertarian opponent of government giveaways, but when it comes to her beloved Israel she believes American foreign military and economic aid should be unlimited.

    • Replies: @Quebecer
  133. Quebecer says:
    @Michael Korn

    Don’t you think she might have been rather young to do much ‘agitating’ in SA ?

    And I’m under the impression she’s always been critical of unlimited aid to Israel.

    How about focusing on her post itself instead of her biography ?

    • Replies: @Michael Korn
    , @anonymous
  134. Michael Korn [AKA "Mevashir"] says:

    This is from her own website:

    “Ilana was born in South Africa, which her father, Rabbi Ben Isaacson, decided to leave pursuant to harassment by the South African security police on account of his anti-apartheid preaching and activism. (Ilana herself, on return, decades later, fought petty apartheid tirelessly.) The family departed in the 1960s for Israel, where Ilana spent her formative years. She returned to South-Africa in the 1980s, married and had a daughter. The family emigrated to Canada in 1995, and then went on to settle in the US.”

    Given all that, and barring an apology or explanation from her, I don’t trust her. It matters not what she has written here.

    I like consistency. Most folks here seem to be anti Zionist. So when you sing Ilana’s praises, I find that bizarre considering she is an uber-Zionist.

  135. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Now that you mention it, how young is she?

    Ms. Mercer does cultivate attention to her looks and background. (You may recall her column last November 8, under which we discussed this.) What goes around…

  136. @Hippopotamusdrome

    My (ok, rhetorical and facetious) question was, would, according to military science, an infantry unit, equipped with semi-auto rifles with no auto mode, but however, firing smaller, lighter rounds than a semi-auto battle rifle, be considered equipped with “assault rifles”.

    OK, short answer is “no”. Why? Infantry can’t assault as well with semi-automatic rifles as with rifles that are capable of short bursts of automatic fire. Not long bursts, short bursts. The AR platform (field manual says) best used at 1 round /sec average. That’s probably why initial issue was 20 round magazines (enforce cooling after every 20 rounds while magazines are changed), and why the magazines on M-4 are limited to 30 rounds, and and I would think are associated with over-heating, apparently due to over-heating. Their purpose is to arm the individual soldier to win short range short duration encounters (ambushes, assaults on dug in enemy forces once fire dominance has been achieved) while retaining enough range to protect infantry should support weapons be unavailable. That’s all the’re good for, except for maybe wall decorations.

    But before this explanation makes any sense, you have to know what an assault is, and what a rifle is, and why the assault rifles of any sort (e.g. AK) aren’t much like previous military rifles, and why the M-4 and related platforms are as they are. Once you know that, the above is a reasonable summary (I hope).

    Anyway, your question is very apt, and thanks for asking it.


  137. @Hippopotamusdrome

    “Full semiautomatic”

    Gee whiz! For that to make sense, there would have to be a “part semi-automatic”. “Full semiautomatic” is a word combination that’s just not used.


  138. Michael Korn [AKA "Mevashir"] says:
    @Michael Korn

    On another note, the word Hebrew come from the ancient word (I believe Arabic), Hibiru. This word means, disruptor of the public order, thief, bandit, liar. In our current day vernacular, we would simply call such a person an “asshole”…

    I thought it comes from the biblical word Eber, meaning One Who Crossed Over, referring to Abraham for leaving Mesopotomia and crossing over the Jordan into Canaan?

    I can’t remember his name offhand, but an Israeli historian I believe has stated that the modern Jewish religion has been completely re-written in the last 200 years. If true, it was probably done to cover up much of the hate for the “other” that is so inherent in the original belief system.

    Maybe Shlomo Sand?

  139. It’s too late and all of the moaning and groaning will not stop the inevitible eternal takeover of the US by the party of blue-haired crazies as it is only a matter of time until they are back in the WH and whence they will resume their relentless drive to convert the US into a dysfunctional marxist crazy-house, such as is now transpiring in Germany the epicenter of human insanity.

    Germany , where the goal at hand being first off the elimination of all privately-owned motor vehicles, and then the total break-up of heavy industry, and the transformation into a “Fahrrad Republic” : Bike-Republic, plus the reduction of electricity and prohibiting of all meat consumption.

    I could go on and on depicting the leftist madness which radiates from Germany to the rest of the hapless planet : Antifa, green-madness, communism, psychology, heroin, authority-worship, the list is miles long, of the abberations stemming from Deutschland, and as said above : It’s too late to even try to bring it to a halt, the US is doomed.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained since 1973, and pro Jazz artist.

  140. Add to this constellation the amazing warefare against the US gun laws being waged in all of the German media, which are demanding that the US alter it’s constitution so as to forbid private gun ownership such as in Germany, and plus the relentless demanding of the German “intelligenzia” that the US eliminate it’s electoral college which caused their Liebling HC to lose the election to tha most hated person in post-war German history : DT

    One does in fact arrive at the conclusion that the fucking Krauts somehow think that they had won the war, and they are now called upon to dictate US internal policy, and to push the US to a transformation into a “Links-Grün” madhouse such as in their own deranged nation.

    WC’s “Boots or throat” axiom is now as then to be considered as a warning as to what may transpire if the psychotic Teutons are not held in check.

    The Germans worship the ground BC/HC/BO walk upon , which lends evidence to their lunatic mental status.


  141. I am all for abortion, I do not understand why anyone would condemn the Democrats for supporting abortion. The races that use abortion the most are the ones that commit crime the most, and if we ignore race, individuals using abortion the most also are the ones that commit crime the most. The Democrats are right on this issue.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  142. Well lo and behold: Just after I posted my monologue yesterday on the role of Germany in the world-wide drive to install communism, Rush L come up with the very same theory as to Germany being the leader of this march to a communist mock-up utopia on his daily show posted from yesterday.


  143. @Paul Bustion

    ” The Democrats are right on this issue” : Yes and no, as they most certainly are not promoting abortion for the purpose of reducing their own voting block namely blacks.

    Their main impedus on this issue being fictional withheld “women’s rights”, and they assume women in general are relentless fans of abortion.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US army vet, and pro jazz artist.

    • Replies: @Paul Bustion
  144. @Authenticjazzman

    ” they most certainly are not promoting abortion for the purpose of reducing their own voting block namely blacks.” I agree. I was writing clumsily, I meant to say that I agree with the Democratic position on the topic, that is all. Of course they are not pushing it to reduce their voting bases, which include groups that use abortion more, not only Negroes but also Hispanics, Jews and criminal and mentally ill Europeans. But I do agree with their reason that women should have a right to an abortion also, even if abortion were more common among Europeans and people lacking criminal behavior I would still oppose laws against it. The fact abortion reduces the birth rates of groups that cause social problems and of criminals is just a bonus that makes me support it more.

  145. @TKK

    “Williams is a crystal and essential oil soaked airhead who dwells in sentimentality.

    It’s simply that the other candidates are so repellent, she seems less odious. She cannot beat Trump. He would take her lunch money and cause her to ugly cry on national television.”

    No Democrat whose name is not Joe Biden has a chance of defeating Trump, because all the Democratic presidential candidates other than Biden give off crackpot vibes. That is why I support Biden. Marianne Williamson gives off an extreme New Age crackpot vibe, she can not possibly win. I have no idea why you would say she was better than Biden as a candidate to run against Trump.

  146. ” That is why I support Biden”

    Look I will be very candid and specific with you : I consider anyone who would even consider voting for a Democrat to be out of their fucking mind.

    Democrats : The party of blue-haired nut-cases , and nitwit grifters : Maxine best example.


    • Replies: @Paul Bustion
  147. @Authenticjazzman

    I want Jared Kushner’s puppet out of the White House at any reasonable cost. If Bernie Sanders or any of the Democratic candidates for their party’s presidential nomination who are not named Joe Biden were the nominee, I would vote for Kushner’s puppet, because all of them are crackpots, but Biden is preferable to Trump, because he will Jared Kushner’s reign.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  148. @Paul Bustion

    Look apparently you did not grasp the gist of my last post and that being : I consider anyone who would for for any Democrat to be totally insane.

    No Democrat should ever get close to the WH period, as they are fucking crazy and they can only bring pandemonia and destruction. Do you get my point now?


    • Replies: @Paul Bustion
  149. @Authenticjazzman

    If Trump is re-elected the USA will invade Iran. Biden probably will not invade Iran if he is elected.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  150. @Paul Bustion

    “Biden probably will not invade Iran”

    JFK , Democrat, ramped up Viet Nam to a full fledged war, with thousands of American fatalities,
    Truman, Democrat, same thing Korea.

    Roosevelt and Truman both Democrats, fire-bombed millions of people to death in Germany, and Truman , Democrat, dropped two Atomic bombs on Japan , incinerating untold numbers of women, old folks and children.

    Apparently you are a historical ignoramous, and a bloody fool to boot, as you simply do not know what the fuck you are jabbering about, and again I say to you : anyone who would even consider voting for a Democrat is hoplessly insane.


  151. @Authenticjazzman

    Political party affiliation is not relevant in this case. The only people pushing for war with Iran are Israel and it’s political lobby in the USA. Even among the Israelis and their political lobby in the USA, it is particularly the extreme right-wing nationalist/Zionist elements pushing it, not the “normies”. Jared Kushner is an extreme right-wing Jewish Zionist, and he is Trump’s son in law, and he is Trump’s puppet master. Biden is very influenced by Jews, of course, but the Jews who influence him are not extreme Zionists who are obsessed with obtaining Israeli hegemony in the Middle East. Biden has no equivalent to Kushner as an associate. I believe it is reasonable to assume that Biden is less likely to invade Iran than Trump. The push for war with Iran comes from right-wing extremist Jewish Zionists, not from either the Democratic or the Republican Party, so political party affiliation in this case is not relevant.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  152. @Paul Bustion

    ” Political party affiliation is not relevant in this case”

    This is by far the most stupid comment I have ever encountered on the net in twenty years of surfing.

    Party affiliation IS the most relevant factor, and if you cannot comprehend this, then there is no hope for you.

    Your vacuous mindset is specifically that which drives people to vote for such lunatics and dummies such as within the ranks of the Democrats.


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