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Covington Kid: Hated for the Color of His Skin
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WHEN A CATHOLIC BISHOP, Roger Joseph Foys, saw a Catholic boy with a beatific smile, standing athwart an agitated, Amerindian elder and smiling in that pacifist, sweetly Christian way—he and the Diocese of Covington simply had to condemned the kid. Who else? What choice did a man of the cloth have?

The same absurdity typified the reaction of the lickspittle liberal mayor of Covington, Joe Meyer. “Appalling,” he called Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann, the boy implicated in that “daring” standoff, on the National Mall, in D.C.

Had not philosophical giants like Cardi B (once a stripper, now a rapper, always illiterate) and Alyssa Milano (illiterate starlet) shown us the way?

Indeed. “The red MAGA hat is the new white hood” was Milano’s catechism. She went on to implicate “white boys’ lack of empathy [toward] the peoples of the world [in] the destruction of humanity.” (Only 12 years to go, predicts Comrade Ocasio-Cortez.)

The camera pans out to reveal Milano’s empathy oozing non-white men, also on the scene. These big and burly bullies are the Black Hebrew Israelites. Imagine what they’d have done to young boys like Nick Sandmann and his friends, if the steps of the Lincoln Memorial were not teaming with spectators and stakeholders.

But since the Memorial was swarming with demonstrators—some for the life of the unborn and others for the rights of the indigenous—the Black Hebrew Israelites stuck to hate-filled speech: “Child-molesting incest babies, future school-shooters, dirty, racist crackers,” hollered Alissa Milano’s home-team.

“The biggest terrorist on the face of the earth is the pale-faced man, woman and child.” The “Black Hebrew” hate group was speaking to the young, fragile-looking, pale patriarchy.

Hard on the heels of the “Black Hebrews” came actress Cher: “No one is safe in Trump’s America unless’ they’re white or wearing a MAGA hat.”

Another classy creature—she poses as a comedic writer for “Saturday Night Live”—promised sexual favors to “anyone who manages to punch that MAGA kid in the face.”

CNN’s resident philosopher, Reza Aslan, wanted to know if anyone had “ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s [sic].” (His own, perhaps?)

Never original, South African expat Trevor Noah, a privileged celebrity who took “The Daily Show” from funny to facile, riffed on the same theme: “Everyone ‘wants to punch that kid.”

Some regret for joining a mob that went after minors was expressed by the producer of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” “Let’s focus on shitty adults turning out shitty kids,” was his sage suggestion.

The boors of National Review checked Ana Navarro’s Twitter feed and hastened to match her gratuitous hatred for the Covington kids. The gaseous Navarro is a CNN Republican identity-politics activist, a hand-me-down from one of John McCain’s failed campaigns.

On the “Today” show, inquisitor Savannah Guthrie peered down at Nick Sandmann, a mere slip of a boy, with studied contempt. In her grave, vocal-fry tones she inquired: “Do you feel like [cringe phrase] you owe anybody an apology? Do you see your own faults?”

Does this lily-white lady not know any young boys like Nick?

Poor child, so full of hope and faith. With his big blue eyes and rosy cheeks, Nick Sandmann imagined he was safe, so long as he did the right thing. But then Sandmann discovered he was hated for something he couldn’t right: the color of his skin. And while formative figures around him will hide this fact—for his sake, let us hope young Mr. Sandmann remains hip to it.

And it’s not that Sandmann was guilty of the Orwellian “facecrime”—“wearing an improper expression on your face” in the Planned Society. Toxic liberalism, socialism, cultural Marxism, Trump Derangement Syndrome: None of these provides a complete explanation for the venom unleashed on the Covington kid.

Reducing what these lads endured to “the culture wars” conservative talking points is criminal when the pathology, racism, is plain to see and so very dangerous, if denied.

Failing to pinpoint the white-hot hatred of whites percolating throughout America is to endanger these children, to leave them helpless in the face of unadulterated, dangerous, near-institutionalized hatred.

Beautifully spoken and highly intelligent, the Nick Sandmanns of America are of a culture and color that dare not speak its name.

Their culture, when practiced, is polite to a fault and passive. They exude Christian piety, which had been willfully mischaracterized as smugness by the aggressive, well-oiled, “multicultural noise machine” that monopolizes discourse.

An Indian elder encroached on Sandmann’s personal space and got in his face. But religious piety and a good upbringing prevailed, resulting in that impossible-to-mistake, passive visual that stuck in the craw of bad people.

Anglo-American manly culture is waning fast. But its quiet, steely dignity still lives in this boy’s countenance, so passive and pure in the face of so much hysteria and malice.

Whether you watched the first 3:45 seconds of the film, or sat through two hours of it—there was never any hidden evidence of wrongdoing to excavate.

The Covington conflagration was never about “due process” denied or about a virulent and viral social- and news media that fakes the news, and rushes to judgement without the facts.

After all, the segment being discussed has a static quality to it. It depicts a noble, not ignoble, reality; one that should be impossible to misconstrue—unless you are part of the corrupt, morally inverse and perverse universe inhabited by America’s cultural cognoscenti.

Pretend those Covington boys were black—conservative, Catholic, pro-life, pro-Trump, black young men, who welcomed with beatific smiles the in-your-face, agitated drumming of an elder Indian. You just know that, were this the case, these black youths would have been praised to the skies.

As they should.


Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She is the author of “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter, Facebook, Gab & YouTube

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  1. alexander says:

    Who the heck are the “Black Hebrew Israelites” ?

    From whence and where did they spring ?

    Does anyone have a clue ?

    Are they some sort of bizarre and fabricated New group ?

    I wonder what either Marc Lamont Hill or Angela Davis would say about the “Black Hebrew Israelites”….Don’t you ?

    Was it not this strange new group, the “Black Hebrew Israelites” , who conspired to stir the pot on this occasion ?

    Was it not the “Black Hebrew Israelites” who mysteriously trotted out the elderly Indian drummer man, directing him, like a faux mascot, to deliberately harass the Covington teenage boy ?

    Why has not one single reporter investigated this….or even “asked” the question ?

    Who, exactly, are the “Black Hebrew Israelites”…..What do they stand for ?…..who pays their way ?….Where did they come from ?

    From whence and where did they spring ?

    • Replies: @J Mosby
    , @Grace Poole
  2. The depth of anti-white hatred is laid bare in this HuffPost article by Rabbi Joshua Stanton, in which he likens whites to Amalek, the Jews’ ‘eternal enemy’. A couple of excerpts:

    ● Now, facing today’s Amalek, we are reminded that the Torah calls us not just to escape Amalek, but to extirpate it. We are commanded to do real, literal battle against the Amalek we face in every generation. That means coming off the bench in the fight against white supremacy, putting our reputations and our money and our physical bodies on the line.

    ● And most importantly for us to remember, Esther did not defeat Amalek in her generation by acting alone as a Jew, but rather in partnership with leaders and other communities, who together comprised the majority. We must learn Esther’s strategy, because it is precisely what we need to defeat white supremacists in our own time. White supremacy is not unprecedented. But the strength, vibrancy, and diversity of a possible coalition against it truly are.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  3. Realist says:

    Pretend those Covington boys were black—conservative, Catholic, pro-life, pro-Trump, black young men, who welcomed with beatific smiles the in-your-face, agitated drumming of an elder Indian


    I have an excellent imagination….but that is beyond my abilities.

  4. Rich says:

    Miss Mercer, coming from South Africa, had to learn the hard way that the color of one’s skin is all that matters to these types of people. I hope these Covington kids wake up now, and other White Americans wake up, too. The overwhelming majority of blacks, and other minorities, hate our guts. From the day they are born they are told that everything that’s wrong in their life, their ugliness, their lack of intelligence, their poverty, is the fault of Whitey. There is nothing we can do to make them “love” us.

  5. Anonymous [AKA "alex d"] says:

    Miss Mercer, Please correct this article, Cassandra Fairbanks is the writer rather than the subject of the referenced link related to the “SNL” writer. While I am not particularly fond of the civic nationalist Gateway Pundit, Cassandra Fairbanks has covered this story admirably and while the slander was no doubt unintentional it should be corrected.

  6. alexander says:

    When I first got wind of this event….the media made it SEEM as though an “ultra violent”, racist gang of “white supremacist” thugs had maliciously surrounded a frail old Indian fellow…who, somehow ,summoned the courage to keep playing his little drum in defiance of this evil, menacing “white” horde.

    When the curtain was pulled back ..and as I watched the full video for myself , I recognized that the Main Stream Media had proven to be utterly fraudulent and deceitful in their narrative.

    This teenager was on a school trip, minding his own business….and the elderly Indian, was pushed into the scene by this strange group of “Black Hebrew Israelites” .

    What a total fraud.

    Who are these “Black Hebrew Israelites ” ?

    Where do they come from ?

    Who finances them ?

    Who instructs them to engage in such malicious, deceitful activities ?

    Shameful !

    What a disgrace to human decency.

  7. Pretend those Covington boys were black—conservative, Catholic, pro-life, pro-Trump, black young men, who welcomed with beatific smiles the in-your-face, agitated drumming of an elder Indian. You just know that, were this the case, these black youths would have been praised to the skie


    Imagine the white Kentucky kids were a group of DC black hoodrats and Philips was a white tourist minding his own business who accidentally bumped into one of the rats. How many broken bones would Philips have gotten if he had even survived the encounter? How quickly would the beat down be pushed down the memory hole?

    • Replies: @dante
  8. These boys are victims of the racist left. Turns out their school, their town, and now the Pope are part of said racist left. Who knew?

    I feel sorry for white Catholics. They will have to choose between their Church and their self respect.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  9. Kids now have lawyers lined up to sue for libel, etc. There is a long list of people who may find that they will have to pay for the pleasure of joining a mob of abusers.

  10. Anonymous [AKA "Steven S"] says:


    You are the only one that calls a spade a spade! This was all about *white* kids. Their religion was secondary if not irrelevant. Like South Africa, there is a war on whites here in the USA (only not de facto yet). Of course, if they were Marxists, they would never have been attacked. As for the “black Hebrews.” They are so ashamed of their African origins, that they have to steal the Jews’ history for themselves, and blame the Greeks and Romans as well for “stealing” the “black” Egyptian history.

    I say to myself: “White man, think before you sink.” One wrong syllable is enough to crucify those of the Caucasian Persuasion. And no. One need not own a white sheet or swastika armband to state the obvious facts.

  11. anarchyst says:

    There’s always SSPX which is a pre-Vatican II Catholic sect…

  12. imbroglio says:

    If you live in a crime-ridden neighborhood and you go blithely about your business, leaving your doors and windows open, you bear some responsibility for when you come home to find your TV, computer and sound equipment gone. Likewise the Deplorables bear some responsibility for the political and media hatred directed toward them.

    Who are America’s farmers, mechanics, teamsters, trainmen, longshoremen? Who keeps the grid going? Who works in law enforcement? Who are the folks trained in the use of firearms (and, other than for hunting or at the shooting range, would never use them but for the protection of their loved ones?) At a certain point if they don’t “shut it down,” they have themselves to blame.

    No need for violence or incitement or foul language or race or gender bashing or anything so pathetic. A peaceful, respectful, national strike would do it. And teach us all a much needed lesson.

  13. Technomad says:

    I have wondered if that “Native Elder” would have been so stroppy if those kids, instead of wearing MAGA hats, had been wearing (for instance) Hells Angels colors. My guess is that he’d have been a lot more hesitant about getting in their faces. And apparently this creep goes all over the country “protesting.” Where does he get the money for this, and who is funding him, and why?

    • Replies: @anon1
  14. Cher, Milano, and all the other media critters the Mercer-Issacsohn cites,

    are mere shabbatz goyim:

    they spew the murderous anti-White poison required by their (((Hollywood/MSM)))

    Jew paymasters

    or they don’t get paid.

    somehow, the (((Mercer-Issacsohn))) neglected to mention this

    saliant fact.

  15. anon1 says:

    I said the same thing to my liberal brother the other day. He seems to think Shitting Bull is some kind of hero. Apparently he goes into churches and does his drumming thing. Like to see him go into a Hells Angels clubhouse and try that. And where does he get his money from? He looks like he would have zero employability skills.

  16. J Mosby says:

    The black Hebrew Isrealites are the reason that the United States is doomed to destruction. These are the people who know exactly what happened to the children of Israel according to Biblical theology…I automatically assume that there will be some white person who will jump the gun and say, White Europeans are the new Hebrews based upon a new covenant and Jesus the Christ. They will do this by totally ignoring the fact that they have never been transported and enslaved, nor have they been trod underfoot by all of the other tribes, nor have they been universally hated as the scriptures explained. They usually tend to live and breathe Blue and White like the Zionist entity, while quoting convoluted Christian theology and racism that does not quit. They could not wrap their head around the fact that the Lord God of Israel is real and very vengeful, and what happened to Blacks during the trans-Atlantic slave trade was actually a punishment of Biblical proportions and that the sons of Edom are next.

  17. dante says:
    @Chris Mallory

    I was thinking the same thing

  18. Jett Rucker says: • Website


    … is a verb, now?

  19. MarkinLA says:
    @Johnny Rottenborough

    It’s people like this that make me laugh when people on conservative radio like Hannity or Mark Levin whine about all the anti-Semitism, especially that from the looney left. I should call them up and ask them why I am supposed to give a shit, but don’t want to waste any more time that I already did by listening to them.

    As an aside, Limbaugh said he was giving a talk to a large Jewish crowd and tried to associate abortion with the holocaust and got booed and jeered. He said he couldn’t understand. Imagine somebody in the game of politics so stupid or willfully ignorant.

  20. @alexander

    You’re on to something. Alexander.

    What are the relationships between

    Nick Sandmann : : Black Hebrew Israelites : : Right to Life rally


    Virginia gov. Ralph Northam : : 30 year old racciz photos : : infanticide

    “Black Hebrew Israelites” claim that THEY created Western Civilization, and it is true that Herodotus observes that Greeks paid tribute to Ethiopians as the smartest people of the era, and that Greeks acknowledged that they piggy-backed their ideas on those of Egyptians, with whom Greeks were in conversation and commerce.

    One of zionism’s supreme goals is to cement the “Hebrew Scriptures” as the blueprint for Western Civilization, giving Jews pride of place and priority over all others.

    One of National Socialism’s major crimes was its exploration of the pre-historic origins with its. highly developed civilization of Germanic peoples; another mortal sin was National Socialism’s attempt to scrub from “German Christianity” linkage to Hebrew scripture.

    in other words, these knife-cuts on the primacy of the Anglo-Zionist “scriptural” narrative simultaneously undermine the primacy of Hebrew mythology, the pillar of the zionist project, and also contribute to the erosion of the holocaust narrative.

    Ergo, the enterprising photojournalist who snapped Sandmann’s “smirk” managed to deflect from the “Black Hebrew Israelite” knife cut.

    And he’s Catholic, no less.
    At a Pro-Life rally.
    A Three-Fer: take down Catholicism — a zionist obsession; advance abortion, a zionist obsession; distract from the tawdry and contrived “history” of zionism, extending back, as it does, no more than about a century (very insightful comment on an earlier thread about how the “Hebrew scripture” was compiled by way of cultural “borrowings” at Alexandria in the first century Anno Domino).

    As for Northam: just after the governor of Virginia, a pediatrician. announced his advocacy for infanticide — a position Progressives/Democrats and zionists seem to support but that they don’t want to talk about so openly, ya know — how convenient that someone just tripped over that photo.

    As I recall, the Northam campaign was VERY close.
    That photo did not just emerge out of nowhere, it was kept in waiting. Rile up the Darkies; it always works for Jews.

    Yet, I think we all need to learn more about “Black Hebrew Israelites.”

    And also about the ancient origins of the Germanic people — they whom the Anglo-Zionists deliberately destroyed in the wars of the twentieth century.

    Let it all hang out.

    Or to paraphrase Bush the gratefully Dead:

    Let a Thousand Knives Cut

  21. Ragno says:

    All it would take is the whites of America rising up in righteous wrath for every weaselly power-Jew to act mortally insulted to not be considered white. Before long we’d be seeing “documentaries” about all the Jews who served as US combat troops, and proudly loaned money to the Confederacy back in the 19th century.

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