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Coronavirus News (4/29): Clarity In the Age of Chaos
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Very few of my Followers on social media, most of whom are on the Right (for some reason), seem to care about this number: 61,349 Americans dead from Coronavirus. On March 31, it was 3,900 deaths! This is Cancel Culture!

But I care. American deaths account for a fourth of the world’s deaths, including the undeveloped world. Without making you more weary than you already are, I’ll get to the data I find useful amid the white noise—provide some periodic clarity in this age of chaos.

From Barely A Blog:

1. Here Is What Canada’s Outbreak Scientists Knew About WuFlu By December 31 (And The US Was Too Callous and Incurious To Find Out)

2. If you get COVID, and it’s not the mild kind, you want a good outcome. Listen, then, not to the Just-The-Flu cohort, but to the brilliant, heroic, Dr. Richard Levitan:

Dr. Richard Levitan, an airway[s] [pulmonary] specialist who has practiced emergency medicine for over 30 years, is well aware of the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic. When the virus began to overwhelm New York City at the end of March, he rushed from his home in New Hampshire to volunteer at Bellevue Hospital.

The Levitan interview is one of the clearest presentations I’ve watched. I’m honored to share this humble man’s wisdom and intelligence: “Patients Should Be Going to Hospitals Sooner.” You want to avoid the ventilator. And it’s a good time to acquire an oximeter. Listen:

As someone who has a daughter who suffered severe asthma as a child, I recognize the overcompensation Dr. Levitan describes so poignantly. Like the asthmatic, COVID patients compensate to the point of irreversible, dangerous, breathing difficulties. They can be blue around the mouth, yet still walking and talking.
I will never forget my daughter’s South-African pediatrician scolding me, then a young mom: “You waited too long to bring her in! Do you know how heroic these kids are! They learn to function with low oxygen levels.” What passion. The same passion for his patients I detect in Dr. Levitan.

3. Pulmonary specialist and ICU physician Vin Gupta, out of my state of WA, mentioned that COVID-19 is present for 21 days at least in the nasal tract. He noted that, while saliva tests are promising; antibody tests are inconclusive. Why not impart such practical data at the White House briefings?

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  1. U-Turn says:

    This emotional rant is understandable given that it assumes 2 things that have never been proven

    1) A new virus (COVID-19) has been discovered.
    2) The main diagnostic test (PCR) can determine whether a person is sick with the unproven virus.

  2. Sasha says:

    “It definitively came from a wet market” – check
    “Conspiracy theories are dangerous” – check
    “Be afraid, be very afraid” – check
    “My co-member of our mutual admiration society, Dr. Levitan, is brilliant, heroic, humble, wise and intelligent (in that order) – check

    I just wasted 3 minutes of a finite resource on this garbage, and a further minute commenting (that’s my fault).

    • Agree: BuelahMan, Realist
  3. BuelahMan says:

    After being attacked by various media and other hacks, Dr Wittkowski has been vindicated and has the OPPOSITE opinion than this author and her fear porn (although not as bad as Paul Craig Robert’s over the top craziness):

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @Hail
  4. Cowboy says:

    These last few posts by Ilana are instructive in that they provide data points on how women process hysterical events. The female concern for nurture and safety will cloud rational thinking and overreaction will ensue with little regard for unintended consequences.
    When we allow women to rule the overreaction is sure to arise and fascistic declarations like those from Michigan and Maine are the consequences

    • Replies: @Liberty Mike
  5. Oximeter thing is, so far, the only promising stuff…

    Device that checks oxygen levels could be early warning system for coronavirus, doctor says

    King: How do you know, Dr. Levitan, when you should even check your oxygen levels?

    Levitan: Let’s talk about Germany. The Germans have the lowest death rates in Europe. What they do is every patient who has COVID, they visit every day and they check their oxygen and they check their vital signs. And so, what I’m saying to you is if you’re having symptoms of viral illness, if you’re known to have COVID, you should be checking your oxygen. … If you don’t have an oximeter, increased breathing may be a sign of that, but also just feeling worse.

    King: I think most people listening to you will now think, “I need to get an oximeter.” Can you explain exactly what that is and how it works?

    Levitan: Basically, you know, you just turn this little button on, and you put it on your finger, and within about 10 seconds or so, it displays your heart rate and your oxygen level. … I think that oximeters in the midst of a respiratory pandemic, and for the next 12 to 24 months, that the public should think of an oximeter the way they do a thermometer. …

  6. Sean says:

    She is saying to not delay getting medical treatment (for anything) even and especially in the current circumstances, which is something Wittkowski has said too. But you go ahead and ignore feeling ill because you think it is just harmless old COVID-19 if you want.

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  7. If Ilana is after scary stuff, I got one: you choose English subtitles if you click on the first button down left (or the settings wheel next to it, and than choose English)…

  8. A123 says:

    It is very difficult to achieve clarity when the Fake Stream Media is pushing fiction like “chinadidnotdoit“.

    PEACE 😷

  9. @Cowboy

    No concern for the costs imposed by their fear. Not very nurturing, in my book.

    • Agree: Hail
    • Replies: @Hail
    , @Cowboy
  10. the generation that did not heed
    the call to Life eternal indeed
    gasps for air in the hour of need
    there is the Gospel if we choose to read
    recompense is according to deed
    unless we repent, stopping to kid.

  11. Hail says: • Website

    Look no further than these two graphs for the full vindication of the Wittkowski/Swedish No-Shutdowns strategy (from “Sweden’s vindication is complete; Graphing the actual coronavirus epidemic in Sweden against the pro-Panic side’s wild projections“):

  12. Hail says: • Website
    @Liberty Mike

    The better way to say it is that many on the pro-Panic side are ignoring the hidden costs.

    Normally (one hopes), rational people are running the ship of state and taking into account hidden costs, not just flailing around in desperate panic over some visible (real or ostensible) threat while totally ignoring hidden costs of a proposed response. Something caused a breakdown in this normal safety-mechanism, and the ship of state sailed straight into a waterfall.

    (i.e. The costs of the Corona-Response are calculable to be hundreds of times worse than anything potentially saved by the response measures. Though unseen in screens blaring corona-propaganda, these costs are very real.)

  13. Mark Hunter says: • Website


    Thank you very much for the reference to Dr. Richard Levitan. Here is a YouTube address for the same video, starting where the interview starts:
    Richard Levitan 1

    And here is a shorter interview:
    Richard Levitan 2

  14. Cowboy says:
    @Liberty Mike

    If it saves just one life government coercion is necessary said every statist

  15. You want to avoid the ventilator.

    Tell me more, please.

  16. SafeNow says:

    Levitan says use a pulse oximeter to monitor for a saturation decrease, but is not quantitative. Is the worrying level of decline a secret? (The answer is online, elsewhere.) Also, he says if you come to the hospital earlier, we can treat you other than by using a ventilator. How? What’s the management? How do the outcomes compare? Nice guy, apparently proficient and thoughtful, knows the answers to these questions, but apparently underestimates the capacity of the audience to desire and understand specifics.

  17. BuelahMan says:

    There have been 5 cases in my county in SW TN. NONE are dead, all have had minor symptoms and now are over it. Just like an extremely minor flu.

    The National Guard with medical help set up a drive-thru testing site where more than 2,000 people were tested (many driving in from elsewhere). ONE was with the virus (.05% infection rate). He is sitting at home with very minor symptoms and doing quite well.

    The entire county is shut down.

    I have been laid off of a job that I was paid a huge bonus last year due to my performance. Things are getting harrowing in financial ways around here but there IS NOT a sickness taking over.

    But you go ahead and ignore the destruction of the economy because you think Covid-19 is a killer if you want. Ignore the thieves removing our wealth with what amounts to a lie. Ignore the population control methods being pushed on us because you can’t understand the depth of the psyop.

    • Replies: @Sean
  18. Sean says:

    But you go ahead and ignore the destruction of the economy because you think Covid-19 is a killer if you want. Ignore the thieves removing our wealth with what amounts to a lie.

    Lets get this straight; Western economies are growing and the wealth of even the poor in Western economies is increasing every year. There is a national deficit, but taxes on the wealthy are being cut so the financial experts are deliberately running the country with a deficit even as they establish a tax system that is in effect flat.

    Only relative to the richest people in a society is the average working family getting poorer, and the effect of the coronavirus lockdown will be no watershed.

  19. Dr. Levi C. Machado’s lecture is clear, thorough, and overall excellent. That’s how a doctor should be.
    Fortunately there are such men.

    The medical knowns and unknowns at this moment are very nicely laid out by this genuine doctor.

    We should wish all doctors were so rational & scientifically cautious, flattering & pandering to nobody.

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