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Conservatives Won't Say It: the Problem Is ‘Systemic Anti-Whiteness,’ Not Marxism, Not ID Politics
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Institutionalized, systemic anti-whiteness, yoked to white hot, hatred of whites:

That is the creed that is fast becoming entrenched across state and civil society in the U.S.

Chiseled down, these are also the building blocks of Critical Race Theory, a specious, subintelligent concoction, originated by subpar intellectuals.

The Critical Race project now pervades private and political life.

A further twist of the screw (or the shrew) was delivered recently by Vice President Kamala Harris, who insists on yammering about white America’s historic racism.

In practice, whites are being singled out for a punishing, institutionalized program of reeducation, subjugation and continued intimidation.

Dangerous in isolation, the entrenchment of anti-white animus is indisputable. It is made worse in combination with the conservative cognoscenti’s inability to come out with it. Too many conservatives euphemize our anti-white culture.

In particular, they will typically deflect from any anti-white outrage du jour by dubbing it identity politics: “Boohoo. Democrats are dividing us via identity politics.” This is an obfuscation.

Here’s why: Blacks are not being pitted against Hispanics. Hispanics are not being sicced on Asians, and Ameri-Indians aren’t being urged to attack the groups just mentioned. Rather, they’re all piling on honky. Hence, anti-white politics or animus. The multicultural multitudes are gunning for whites and their putative privilege.

The tarring of whites is now close to becoming a curricular requirement in education (primary, secondary, tertiary), and from entertainment to technology, anti-white racial “redress” is the all-important object of industry.

When they are not lamenting Democrat-driven, divisive “identity politics”; conservatives will wax to you about Marxism and communism. The anti-white theoretical kudzu enervating every aspect of life is, apparently, just a manifestation of the radical Left’s Marxism. Or, so you are told. This further downplays the anti-white project of the purveyors of Critical Race policy prescriptions.

Put it this way: If your first response to “Kill the Farmer, Kill the Boer,” chanted by South Africa’s murderous Julius Malema, is, “Marxism, identity politics”—you are going to come short in the survival department.

Incitement To Kill In South Africa

In South Africa, inciters of black-on-white violence are known to rile the crowds with this anti-white chant. Born into “freedom,” after 1994, these haters can hardly read and write. Is a complex political theory, Marxism, then driving illiterates to slaughter whites in ways that beggar belief?

This is made-in-America suicidal nonsense on stilts!

American “analysts” have coated the sustained ethnocidal attacks ongoing against white South Africans with this more respectable intellectual patina.

The South African National Congress’s problem, however, is not communism; it’s white-hot hatred of whites.

This is not to say that endemic corruption, statism and state-capture by industry are not economic realities in South Africa. They are.

The definition of “state-capture” is “private actors subverting the state to steal public money.” In the U.S., private actors, Deep Tech, acting with state imprimatur, encroach on the rights of innocent civilians to make a living and partake in the national conversation. Potatoes, potahtoes.


In truth, the ANC guards the goose that lays the golden eggs. South Africa’s economy is not socialized, but is, rather, “based on private enterprise, [in which] the state participates” energetically. The economies of the West are at best Third-Way systems, too, neither free nor entirely state-controlled.

As an organizing principle, however, South Africa’s political, economic and social institutions are firmly anti-white. They imperil whites as a principle.

Theoretical Escapism Retards Action

To sum, anti-white ideology is not to be conflated, as conservatives habitually do, with Marxist ideology. Very plainly, communism did not revolve around the exclusive blackening of whites. Stripped of bafflegab, this is Critical Race’s central project.

Confusing Americans about this anti-white atavism gripping the country does a disservice to the pigmentally cancelled—those affected. For clear language and clear thinking mediate adaptive actions.

Theoretical escapism retards adaptive action.

So, when conservatives insist that Critical-Race based politics in Congress and across corporate America are a manifestation of Marxism or identity politicking—it is more than a hollow exercise in intellectual casuistry: it prevents innocents, (the pigmentally cancelled) from acting adaptively to protect their lives, their futures and those of their progeny.

Crippled as they are by self-serving fear, conservatives have accepted the Left’s terms of debate. Those dictate that, to warn of systemic hatred against browns and blacks is racially virtuous; but to fear the same for whites is incorrigibly racist.

For fear of being dubbed racists, media conservatives simply look the other way, refusing to acknowledge the unadulterated, anti-white hue of American society.

Ditch the intellectual crutches. Concentrate on the crux. You are dealing with anti-whitism. Communism, Marxism and identity politics serve here as respectable intellectual crutches.

In using intellectual fig leaves to conceal anti-whitism, conservatives simply alight on similarities in the methods of current thugs and communism’s mass murderers. The anatomy of thuggery is always similar. The foot soldiers of communism, fascism and the American Left are alike because the methods of thugs are alike, not because Critical Race policies and practices amount to communism.

Ultimately, if quibbling about communism and identity politics becomes an obstacle to facing the reality of systemic anti-whiteness—then these theoretical crutches are an affront to reality and, by default, a grave error.

These thoughts were echoed in brief during a segment on Newsmax TV’s Sovereign Nation, graciously hosted by Michelle Malkin.

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  1. Excellent piece.

    • Agree: restless94110
  2. bayviking says:

    As the continuation of my lovely white life depends on the skilled services of this black, brown, white and yellow hospital staff (everyone gets to work here except the red man whom my daughter is helping in Arizona), I am sickened only by the whiny brainwashed Republican fools that think “their” country is being hijacked. As I have gazed at the Pacific from the 6th floor, I am angered by the powerful Republican operatives that seek to destroy what they pretend is the greatest democracy in the world. Our Oligarchy wasn’t great to begin with, but it has improved over time, but only thanks to massive public protests and blood on the streets. I am grateful the imperfect Kaiser Health Care system kicked insurance companies out of healthcare, where they do not belong. They are the true death panels in the USA. During the Covid-19 outbreak, just in 2020, the largest health insurance company in the USA, United Health Care, pocketed an extra billion on top of thebillion they usually make, all for shuffling paper and denying care.

  3. Kerry C says:

    Great column from Mercer.

    “Blacks are not being pitted against Hispanics. Hispanics are not being sicced on Asians, and Ameri-Indians aren’t being urged to attack the groups just mentioned. Rather, they’re all piling on honky. Hence, anti-white politics or animus. The multicultural multitudes are gunning for whites and their putative privilege.”

    THANK YOU! Someone finally said it. All these Conservative Inc. company “men” is drone on about “identity politics, it’s almost like they’re afraid to say “White.”

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @Jim Bob Lassiter
  4. Over and over I hear the overused rationalization
    that “whites are afraid of being called racist.”
    Why would that be?Let’s cut the shit already.Blah,blah
    blah,blah blah,blah blah etc.,must pay well.
    We/They ARE racist,and denial is making it worse.
    Every species on the planet segregates,But not US.?
    Why would that be?Without chemical,biological,
    and sociological mixing/engineering,would we even be?
    Perhaps,it’s ignorance of reality that should concern us…

  5. cohen says:

    Would you be kind enough to recommend ADL to take some solid actions against these Anti Semite Australian goons. I am sure ADL Franchise has a branch in Australia.

    And how about you writing something about human organs trade by Israeli Businessmen. I am not making it up. Check Israeli Newspaper Haartez if you are interested in human issues.

  6. Jake says:
    @Kerry C

    That is the game as it is played today: there is one Villain for everybody to hate, and the hate is set to be permanent, eternal.

    Blacks being prima donnas of the most violent and the most ‘teenage girl’ jealous sort, it is a given that at some point this All Must Hate Whitey religion will lead to a wave of blacks realizing that Jews easily are the richest and most obnoxious people with white skins, in every corner of the globe. And that awareness will coincide with blacks becoming enraged that Jews may have gotten away with a scam, using blacks as dumbass foot soldiers, which means blacks have not been truly enthroned but have been used to make Jews appear godlike, while blacks have been shown to be goon servants making the super rich super richer.

    And at that point blacks by the tens and then hundreds of millions will erupt Hutu-style to make Jews pay for tricking poor innocent Numinous Negroes.

    The anti-white hate has a perfectly logical origin, if you are anti-Christ. Whites and only whites created and administered Christendom. Being anti-white always serves the cause of anti-Christ, for fear of any revival of Christendom.

    It is either Christ and Christendom or Chaos. You, gentle white reader, must keep that in mind whenever you wish to lay all the blame on Jews and/or blacks. The world is filled with non-Jewish whites who would back almost anything rather than to support a rebuilding of Christendom.

    And you, gentle Jewish reader, must face the fact that the anti-Christ animus that defines your people guarantees all the insanity that Jews perpetrate, which always leads to more horror for Jews.

  7. Thank you Ilana, for this excellent piece.
    You are spot on that current political correctness & anti-white racism have nothing to do with Marxism.
    However, you need to take the next step. Why anti-white racism? Quo Bono?
    Why do many whites encourage hatred against themselves?
    Isn’t that…. insane?
    White people are still a majority in the US. What would happen if they started to collectively reject — actively reject, even rebel against the status quo? Would some — many minorities follow them?
    I think your Elites are petrified of that thought. (in a more sane time these elites would have been pitch forked years ago).
    So – atomise, atomise, atomise. Destroy community. Destroy family. Destroy friendship. Smash society down into bits & pieces. Anomie. Anomie. Anomie.
    And elites (& certain tribal elements) breath a sigh of relief — plans made (no later than 1963, probably much earlier ) are still on track.

    • Replies: @Jerzy
  8. bayviking says:

    Yet, whites remain substantially richer than blacks, browns and reds because of housing values, because feeling and denying ownership to blacks and browns has been and continues to be a common practice. So sticks and loans may break my bones but names will never hurt.

    Total bull in black and white.

    • Replies: @Redmen
    , @fnn
  9. KenH says:

    Blacks are not being pitted against Hispanics. Hispanics are not being sicced on Asians, and Ameri-Indians aren’t being urged to attack the groups just mentioned. Rather, they’re all piling on honky.

    Exactly and if only Tucker Carlson, Ron DeSantis and other so called conservatives had the guts to call out CRT as an explicit attack on white people as whites. But no, Tucker goes mealy mouthed and frames CRT as an attack on people “for how they look” which is confusing to someone who knows little to nothing about it. CRT attacks white people for being white.

    DeSantis is equally as disingenuous in saying that CRT “makes us all hate each other.” No, CRT isn’t a battle royale among every racial group. It makes non-whites hate and loathe whites.

    Critical Race Theory has its roots in the Frankfurt School which was almost entirely Jewish and dedicated to the destruction of Western Civilization. But of course we aren’t supposed to notice that aspect of it. Instead we’re supposed to pretend that CRT is another case of “libruls” doing the darndest things.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Redmen
    , @follyofwar
  10. Bartolo says:

    Amen. Who among the powerful will become the defender of whites?

  11. Mr. Ed says:

    This doesn’t sound like a libertarian-style complaint; libertarians are liberals after all.

    Maybe Mercer should reconsider.

  12. Critical Race Theory=WHITE GENOCIDE POLICY


    POLICY OF WHITE GENOCIDE=Logical conclusion of post-1945 Cold War….

  13. The Democratic Party wants to MURDER!!!!! in COLD BLOOD the Native Born White Working Class American Historic Majority.

    The Antifa and Black Lives Matter are anti-White Death Squads……

  14. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Blacks being prima donnas of the most violent and the most ‘teenage girl’ jealous sort, it is a given that at some point this All Must Hate Whitey religion will lead to a wave of blacks realizing that Jews easily are the richest and most obnoxious people with white skins, in every corner of the globe. And that awareness will coincide with blacks becoming enraged that Jews may have gotten away with a scam, using blacks as dumbass foot soldiers, which means blacks have not been truly enthroned but have been used to make Jews appear godlike, while blacks have been shown to be goon servants making the super rich super richer.

    “Jews” (Hebrew Satanists) did the same thing to whites: flattered their vanity, stroked their egos, encouraged their sin, validated their rage at the world, encouraged them to get revenge…

    Anyone who can be easily manipulated by a Jew is essentially a “nigger” in their eyes, only the Jews call them goyim.

    Whites don’t like to see themselves as “niggers,” but quite frankly, that’s essentially what they’ve become since they allowed the Jews to take over. Actually, they’re lower than “niggers.” Have the “niggers” allowed them to incite World Wars in the heart of “niggerdom” to kill off as many as possible?

    But that’s exactly what the Jews have down, both in the heart of Christendom, and in the heart of Islam.

    The “Jews” (Hebrew Satanists) take advantage of the civilized — the unwillingness of civilized beings to destroy Hebrew Satanists — in order to destroy civilization.

    Moses had a few moments of hesitation about killing Hebrew Satanists, but quickly lost all inhibitions when he saw how irredeemable they truly are, and summarily went to work. That’s the true Judeo-Christian tradition. All others are fakes, frauds and poseurs.

  15. Realist says:

    No, CRT isn’t a battle royale among every racial group. It makes non-whites hate and loathe whites.

    As well as many psychotic self-hating Whites.

  16. well said and very true thank you.
    The kill black people signs are somehow missing from the streets riots/looting for this brief moment in a long sad US history fairytale of history,it will repeat over and over and so will the holocosts of all colors.
    build more Alamos you are going to need them real soon.

  17. I think it is much more specific than just anti-white.

    It is anti-white Protestant (including Protestant secularists). Catholics for the most part seem to enjoy the bashing of white Protestants as much as anyone else. White Protestants are now persona non grata in the Democratic party, no matter how “liberal” or “progressive” you might be.

    And the Protestants in the Republican party seem to be useful idiots and fodder for the military complex, willing to fight everyone else’s foreign wars and not their own.

  18. A severe labor scarcity must never be used as an excuse to race-replace The Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority across America…….

    If you voted for Ronald Reagan and the fart joke Bush Family you voted for post-1965 Race-Replacement of The Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority….

    Post-1965 severe labor scarcities=high real wage economy for a demographically 90 percent Native Born White American Majority in 2021….and on Nov 3 2020 POTUS Election Night….

    Just a reminder:Senator JFK was personally responsible for bringing Barack Obama’s Muslim Kenyan LEGAL IMMIGRANT Father into America……

  19. Redmen says:

    Total bull in black and white.

    If you’re talking about your contributions to this blog, I totally agree with you.

  20. Redmen says:

    This is totally untrue about Tucker. You must not have been watching him much lately. He’s the only person in all of MSM media who does engage on the topic of race honestly. Does he go full HBD? No. But it’s still a little too early for that on the telly.

    • Agree: follyofwar
    • Replies: @KenH
  21. Now what religion are most religious whites? I think we know the answer to that one. And what religion are most religious ones who want to genocide these religious whites? I think Ilana knows the answer to that one too, even if she’s not among the religious of this group.

  22. That’s why they call them “Cuck-Servatives” beautiful lady.

  23. @War for Blair Mountain

    Barack Obama’s Muslim Kenyan LEGAL IMMIGRANT Father

    He wasn’t a legal immigrant, he entered the US on a student visa.

  24. fnn says:

    They must have put you on some powerful meds.

  25. CRT is really Jews using blacks against whites. And it’s not because Jews like blacks. It’s that Jews know blacks are profitable due to sports/music and symbolically valuable because of ‘muh slavery’. In a way, black success in sports/music adds to the symbolic value as whites feel more sympathy, guilt, and awe about those they deem superior. Many whites see blacks as the superior race and feel more guilt about what they did to them. About American Indians, not so much as they’re seen as stone-faced drunkards who aren’t good at much of anything(even though the Indians are by far the most tragic people in America).

    Notice how CRT is never about the evils done to Palestinians by Jews. It’s always about Jews using blacks and ‘diversity’ against whites. Jews set the basic template of blacks-bitching-about-whites, and so, other group play along as they are generally lacking in agency, honesty, and integrity. So, yellow dogs bitch about whites even though blacks attack them. (But then, whites bitch about China even though Jews are destroying them. It’s all very idiotic but understandable given the fear that goyim have about Jewish Power.) You have Hindus and Muslims bitching about whites even though they can see plain as day that Jews control everything in the US. Jews have done great harm to the Muslim world, but most Muslims in the US ally with Jews against whites, but then idiotic whites serve Jews against Muslims. Why do Muslims ally with Jews? Because Jews are for more non-white immigration. Also, even though Jews are more dominant in the Democratic Party, Muslims find the GOP even more servile to Zionism and Israel. Also, Muslims are a bunch of cowards who go for the strong horse and, of course, they are divided amongst themselves and will side with non-Muslims against other Muslims. (But then, Europeans routinely sided with Muslims against other Europeans, like Germans in alliance with the Ottoman Empire in WWI. But then, UK recruited non-white soldiers in their empire to kill other Europeans.)

    CRT never addresses how many Arabs and Muslims were killed by white soldiers used as attack dogs by Jewish supremacists.

    So, Mercer is half-right. CRT is about anti-whiteness, but where does it come from? It comes from Jews who control media and academia. And its main purpose isn’t justice or equality but to perpetuate Jewish Supremacism. Jews know their power depends on white servility. Jews know physical servility is downstream from soul-servility. To make white souls servile to Jews, the cult of ‘white guilt’ is promoted, especially pertaining to blacks, the race of MLK and Michael Jordan. That is the essence of CRT.

    Always go to the source. Consider two films: MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON and THE RIVER.

    MOUNTAINS is about the search for the source of the Nile. A great river, but where does it start?

    And THE RIVER is a Taiwanese film where water keeps pouring from above in an apartment complex. But instead of dealing with the source of the problem, the characters seek various palliative means that don’t address and solve the real issue.

    Many on the dissident right discuss blacks and CRT and this and that, but many still refuse to address the SOURCE of this pollution. It is Jewish Supremacism.

    • Replies: @Jake
  26. Jews regard goyim as animals, and the current Jewish policy reflects this.

    Consider humans and nature. Humans cannot do without nature. No nature, no mankind and civilization. Still, mankind insists on controlling nature and dominating other organisms be they animals or plants. Mankind build dams and canals to control flooding or to harness nature’s energy in a productive way. Mankind relies on oxygen produced by the jungles but create its own space that is relatively free of the forces of nature. Jungles must exist but apart from mankind. Soil must exist and rain must fall, but mankind built houses to keep out the rain. And farmland are separate from cities and towns where most people live. Mankind relies on ants to enrich the soil, but ants mustn’t be allowed into the house. So, mankind relies on nature but maintains dominance over it or keep its at bay even while harnessing and harvesting its bounties.

    Of course, mankind doesn’t only control nature but itself because, left unrestrained and unregulated, mankind may well overly exploit nature and pollute/destroy everything, thereby destroying mankind that depends on nature as well. And so, there are environmental laws and all sorts of rules that regulate human behavior. Still, look at any map, and mankind favors its interests far above those of other organisms. US is a huge nation, but most of the land has been turned into cities, towns, farms, and etc. Relatively few areas are left to wilderness. Even so-called National Parks are heavily intruded upon by mankind. And there are only few sanctuaries left for animals deemed dangerous to mankind: bears, wolves, cougars, and etc. The bias is overwhelmingly in favor of mankind. Mankind totally dominates but is prevented from absolute exploitation. Meanwhile, wildlife is allowed to flourish unperturbed only in a few areas.
    Indeed, mankind’s magnanimity toward organisms depends on total domination. It’s like the US could be nice to Germany and Japan only after total defeat. It’s like white Americans could be kind to American Indians only after they were totally crushed. Compassion follows compulsion. Because there is no danger of Indians scalping white folks any more, whites can look upon Indians with sympathy. Because there’s little danger of wild animals devouring us, we can speak up for nature and defend wildlife. But if animals roamed all around us and routinely attacked us, we wouldn’t be so nice.

    This is why Jews reacted so hysterically to the rise of populism. To them, it was the equivalent of mankind being challenged once again by nature. In the Jewish mind, Jews are humans whereas goyim are closer to beasts and animals. Goyim exist like dogs and cattle to serve Jews as the mankind. Goyim must either be domesticated(and turned cucky-wucky) or, if unwilling to be trained or neutered under the Jewish whip, be kept away from the Jewish-human domain. In the current US, Jews offer carrots to the cucky-wuck whites and use the stick to push ‘antisemitic’ white goyim into the outer-zone. No jobs, no banking accounts, deplatforming, censchwarzship, and even prison. If you’re a white dog, you must obey. If you’re a white wolf, you must be cast out and even hunted down as ‘domestic terrorists’.

    Jews rely on goyim just like mankind relies on nature. But just as mankind insists on controlling and dominating nature, Jews insist on controlling and dominating goyim. Mankind can have nice feelings about nature AS LONG AS it doesn’t encroach on and challenge man’s dominance. Even the most fervent environmentalist wouldn’t want wolves to enter his town and eat his dog/cat and attack his wife and kids. Likewise, Jews believe goyim are tolerable only when they are totally in the control of Jews. If goyim take on minds of their own, Jews get awful pissed as it challenges their sense of total dominion.

    The difference between whites and Jews comes down to this. Even though whites were ‘racist’ in the past, their Christian value system has an ameliorating effect. So, even they were ruthless in invading and crushing the Other, once the dust cleared and whites won, whites could be somewhat generous and conciliatory. Even a bit remorseful. This was also because whites became the solid majority or the overwhelming power. In the US, whites came to outnumber the Indians by a huge margin. Over Japan, US domination was so total that the US could make nice.

    In contrast, Jews have nothing like Christian values. At the core, they are animated by tribal supremacism. Also, Jews are fated to be a small minority even in countries where they gain great wealth and power. Thus, they feel paranoid about the day when the goy mobs finally awaken and come at them with pitchforks. Also, the Jewish racial personality is nastier than that of whites.
    So, if white domination had some limits, there is no limit to Jewish domination. Unlike whites, Jews never feel, “We have enough and should make nice with the Other.” Just ask the Palestinians. After having taken most of the land, Jews are now even carving up Palestine. And Jews allow ZERO sympathy for the Palestinians(or Syrians and Iranians) in the media that they control. It’s always poor, poor, holy, sacred Jews. If Jews feel zero sympathy for the Palestinians, a truly powerless people, imagine how they feel about whites. Jewish feeling is a combo of fear, hatred, contempt, resentment, paranoia, arrogance, and greed.

    Unlike whites who came to concede that the peoples they defeated also had their prides, reasons, and justifications, Jews insist that only they are right while all their rivals, enemies, or whatever are totally wrong. Jewish attitude toward goyim isn’t much different from Hitler’s attitude toward Slavs. “We rule, they obey”, and that’s that.
    In the end, American Indians got some respect from whites. But Palestinians get NOTHING from Jews.

  27. Jake says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Senator JFK brought Barack Obama senior to America? How stupid are you?

    Obama senior came to the US on a student scholarship. It was NOT a US government program. It was a Kenyan program to promote Kenyans getting college degrees in the West. It did have a very large number of American citizens, especially rich blacks like Harry Belafonte and Sidney Poitier, who made donations to it.

    The American citizen who did the most for Barack Obama senior, in fact may have paid for almost his entire time tin the US, was a woman named Elizabeth Mooney Kirk. Her religious background was Disciples of Christ and Episcopalian: Mainline Protestant. Associated with Elizabeth Mooney Kirk in a lifetime work of promoting literacy in Africa, and helping Obama senior, was Canadian born Helen Emery Roberts, who was also religiously Mainline Protestant.

  28. Jake says:
    @Priss Factor

    The source of “this pollution’ is Jews?

    If that were the case, then Abolitionism would have been founded by Jews and only by Jews. But Abolitionism was founded by WASPs and only by WASPs, both Brit WASPs and Yank WASPs. And Reconstruction was conceived and administered by WASPs and only by WASPs.

  29. @Jake

    Dear Moron Jake

    The Kennedy Airlift

    The Student Airlift to America

    • Replies: @Jake
  30. “Anti-whiteness” IS identity politics.

    What the fuck are you talking about.

  31. Jake says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Barack Obama senior was not part of the group of Kenyans whose airfare to the US to attend college was paid via a one time donation by Joe Kennedy to a Kenyan program to have top Kenyan students earn US college degrees.

    Joe Kennedy made the donation to help secure JFK’s nomination, because Joe knew that the WASP establishment and its Jewish lawyers, bankers, and shrinks all but demanded payouts for Negroes in order to be allowed to run for high office Federally.

    That program was a product of, part and parcel of, the US foreign policy that aped British foreign policy. It was central to the same WASP imperative to uplift the Negro that would lead almost immediately thereafter to the UK booting South Africa from the Commonwealth of British Nations because of its racism.

    Joe Kennedy, it cannot be stressed enough, was the man, as Ambassador to the Court of St. James (ambassador to the UK), who learned that the English and Jews in all English speaking nations were planning a world war 2 and who informed FDR, who fired Joe Kennedy.

    Are you making stupid assertions about JFK to cover what WASPs and their then 300 year allies Jews did to make certain we had a WW2?

  32. @Jake

    The anti-white hate has a perfectly logical origin, if you are anti-Christ. Whites and only whites (* *) and administered Christendom. Being anti-white always serves the cause of anti-Christ, for fear of any revival of Christendom.

    This is the great insight you’ve provided vial this comments forum, Jake.

    It’s a profound and irrefutable truth you first expressed here years ago and shows nothing’s changed since the Jews of the oral tradition which became the Talmud murdered Christ Jesus and almost all his apostles.

    The existence of that oral tradition with the Pharisees its priest class is the underlying historical fact unique to any source to which this reader’s been exposed which you’ve also provided. Would be fascinated to learn the source where you gained this knowledge, be it traditional Catholic Church doctrine, the work of E. Michael Jones, if there is a distinction, or wherever.

    Omitted the word “created” from the block quote above because it seems “*populated*” is a far better word as obviously the creatures who were those historic Euro Christians were created just as Christendom was by the Triune God.

  33. @War for Blair Mountain

    Our 44th President is not a descendant of the Kenyan Barack Obama.

    President BHO was sired by a black man born in Kansas in 1905 by the name of Frank Marshall Davis who was actually in retrospect a very insightful political writer in the Negro press of the Depression era who explained contemporaneously that FDR’s New Deal dollars permanently bought Negro loyalty away from their emancipators, the Republicans, to the Democrats.

    FMD or the father of the white teenager he impregnated drafted the Kenyan into the mix to use his name as a cover story for the adulterous conception manned by FMD who was married to a white woman of a prominent Chicago family. The Kenyan was willing to cooperate because he knew he wouldn’t be in Hawaii or the USA for long due to his foreign student status.

    FDR fathered BHO 44 as surely as Bill Ayers ghost-wrote “Dreams from My Father”, the book the Jews’ Media used to establish the intellectual genius of the candidate. It was FMD’s use of his Chicago connections which led to Ayers’ father and other Chi power brokers promoting his offspring all the way to the Oval Office.

  34. Avianthro says:

    Better that we focus on the reality of socio-economic status…

    “Average net worth by race
    The racial wealth gap is apparent in America’s average net worth. The average Black family still has a net much smaller than the average white family, based on the most recent 2019 data.
    Here’s how the average net worth changes by race in America:
    Race Average net worth Median net worth Average net worth change compared to 2016
    White, non-Hispanic \$983,400 \$188,200 -1%
    Black \$146,800 \$24,100 -3%
    Latino \$203,300 \$36,200 -19%
    Multi-racial and other identities \$486,800 \$74,500 20%”

    Whites are still on average at a much higher socio-economic status than blacks, hispanics, and others. Social status envy-jealousy is standard behavior among all social primates, especially humans. It is therefore to be expected that whites are the targets of hate much more so than other races and that blacks aren’t attacking hispanics, vice-versa, etc…a very sharp observation by Ilana, as usual for her.

    So, what’s to be done about it? How can the socio-economic status gap be reduced to a level that will not invoke a level of jealousy such as we now see?

    The whites on average in the USA started out in the course of US history with a massive head-start at much higher SES than the other races had when they started out in the USA, especially, of course, most of the blacks, folks like Obama being the exception since Obama was not a descendant of an Africa slave. It takes special attention/social engineering and/or just lots of time running with natural processes to reduce such large initial-start gaps since those in the lead have the resources in their control to stay in the lead and don’t want to give up their lead…Rich get richer principle.

    Skin color and other differences in physique are easy and instinctively natural identifiers, but have nothing to do with why whites (better we say Europeans?) were the colonizers of America and Africans their slaves. The nations that colonized America were European and Europeans had a huge edge in technological development, especially food production and weaponry, due to reasons explained by Jared Diamond in “Guns, Germs, and Steel”…geographical determinism.

    So, what ideas have already been tried for social engineering and why do we still have the gap in spite of what’s been tried so far? Were those all bad ideas? Were they poorly executed? Is it any wonder that a higher-ranking SES group, the whites in the USA, might not be totally enthusiastic in supporting social engineering that would effectively lower their own relative SES? (Is this natural resistance what may be called a sort of systemic racism?) For that they’d really, deeply, at subconscious level, have to see the blacks as fellow humans like themselves (even though they’re not exactly alike), and so there’s a thing that needs to be given more media push, to help reduce natural feelings of us-vs-them induced by physical differences, but probably only lots more intermarriage can resolve this effectively. Then yes, there are also cultural-epigenetic differences…African culture not the same as European and hence epigenetic variation to be expected, and then the descendants of African slaves were turned loose into a European culture wherein they would need a lot of time to adapt, be very difficult to integrate. History sure confirms that.

    Any new ideas? How about media campaigns to encourage intermarriage? Perhaps the reduction of the gap to a small-enough magnitude (how small?) can only occur via long-term natural processes? Perhaps the US economy will collapse well before those processes have a chance to close the gap? Right now, with economic forces tightening and the gap still being so large, things are most likely to just keep getting more internally stressful…not enough economic prosperity to help anyone up without cutting someone else down…can’t have a win-win and nobody wants to lose, right?

    By the way, isn’t it natural for the Marxists-Communists to jump right in there with the blacks simply because they are seeking to equalize SES for all? The higher-SES whites are therefore a common enemy, or at least a group that can be used as an enemy to gain the friendships of the blacks.

    In a troop of baboons or chimps, guess who’s often the most-stressed? The ones at the top who are forced to constantly fight to maintain their status. Nevertheless, their drive for SES keeps them fightin’ just as, conversely, the lower SES members are constantly driven too by their SES envy. Questions start coming: Should the whites also just keep on fightin’? Should the blacks? Or, is it time for the whites to lower the stress and come down a notch or two, and/or for the blacks to chill out and get more spiritual? Can either do anything other than follow their basic drives? Are the Marxists, or other political power players, using and even encouraging the blacks’ SES envy, enlisting that energy for their own ends? But of course, and the irony is then that the Democratic party and the corporations (and their boardmembers) that support BLM are mostly white and are gaining political power and SES that goes with it by taking a knee for the blacks.

    Yes, Ilana, whites are under attack, and with reasons to be expected from evolutionary psychology. This nation-internal stress is building and causing the US socio-political-economic system to become more and more disharmonious-dysfunctional, ultimately harming everyone’s SES. What are we gonna do about it? Well, first, making sure that everyone’s aware of the situation and understands it more clearly, as you are helping to do. Second??

  35. KenH says:

    Tucker has never called out CRT as an attack on whites as whites and a blood libel. One or two of his guests have characterized it as anti-white but to the best of my knowledge Tucker never has.

  36. BuelahMan says:

    Not a word about the jews who are the instigators in the attack on whites. I wonder why?

  37. @Jake

    You forgot to mention that JFK and RFK forced integration on Southerners-at gunpoint…documentary film footage of the phone call from the Oval Office…

    If JFK had lived he would have signed the 1965 Immigration Reform Act into law….

  38. @KenH

    Hi Ken H, though I generally agree with your comment, I think that Redmen’s rebuttal to your dig at Tucker Carlson is correct. Tucker would be crazy to get too explicit with his language. If someone cannot read between the lines of Tucker’s excellent opening monologues, he doesn’t have much intelligence. The only thing stopping from him getting fired is his vast and loyal viewership.

    Recently Tucker took on despicable Jonathan Greenblatt of the despicable ADL (who has tried repeatedly to get FOX to fire him), and issued an open invitation to that Jewish Supremacist to come on his show to debate. By taking on the powerful ADL, Tucker is obviously walking a fine line. Just this week Tucker exposed all the thousands of deaths that these rushed Big Pharma Operation Warp Speed vaccines have caused, and the fact that it is being covered up by Big Media, Big Tech, and the Biden Admin. Tucker may be a lot of things, but a “mealy mouth” he is not.

    • Agree: Pat Kittle
    • Replies: @KenH
  39. Juckett says:

    Intelligent article. What is taking place is a group with an infantile mentality wanting REVENGE.
    They are given free reign to do so. By Whom is the question. The Melanin mediocrity are tools in a larger game. POCs are so full of hatred they are willing to comply. So when will the once proud White race tire of this? When will the self defense mechanism finally kick in? Or will my people vanish because of their flaw called altruism? Stay tuned.

  40. JFK was an enthusiastic supporter of the Kenyan Student Airlift which paved the way for Barack Obama sr. JFKs enthusiastic support for the African Student Airlift gave him the Black Vote which gave JFK the Election-a very close election.

    Larger point:if you think the Cold War was worth it… voted for post-1965 WHITE GENOCIDE race-replacement immigration policy.

  41. If Nixon had defeated JFK in 1960 and if Nixon had won in 1963 he would have been around to sign the 1965 Immigration Reform Act-and Nixon would have. It didn’t make a difference who had won in 1960 and 1963…JFK or Nixon would have signed the 1965 Immigration Reform Act. The 1965 Immigration Reform Act was a creature of the Cold War…as was the 1964 Civil Rights Act which ushered in the 1965 NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCREASE ACT…..

  42. One of the millions of things that the ignorant blm and other black racists don’t understand is that they are being used by the mainly white Marxist Totalitarians to intimidate and even terrify the rest of the population but that once they’ve accomplished what their masters want, they will be eliminated. Since blacks have the highest school dropout rate and therefore the highest illiteracy rate, the highest illegitimacy rate and the highest rate of violent crime, and they consistently score at the abysmal bottom of intelligence scores among races (Asians scoring highest with Caucasians close behind) they are easily manipulated by their masters. The main reason for the hatred which blacks have for all other races is their deep down, desperately hidden and often sublimated awareness of their inferiority. Having the worst segment of 13% of the population wagging the dog has to stop. Revolution to remove the Totalitarian masters has to happen and damned soon. It will be as awful as Civil Wars always are but it is necessary if we are to take back our power from the degenerate political class and the Tech Masters who provide much of the cash for those degenerates. Rise up, remove the ruling class by any means necessary, take back your power or condemn yourselves, your children and grandchildren to lives of slavery.

  43. Gryphon says:

    The antiwhite “Race Hatred”is being Fomented by the judeo-communists, to Destroy the White Race, that they HATE.

  44. Jerzy says:

    Post WWII the Western ruling elites feared the rising tide of Communism. The battle for hearts and minds forced them to grant the working class a rising standard of living and quality of life better than for workers in Communist countries. The Cold War was the Golden Age for the working class in the majority white Western Democracies. With the collapse of Communism their fears are over, with no need to battle for hearts and minds the ruling elites are now taking back the “undeserved privilege” they were forced to grant to the working class. Massive increases in immigration has been the key to reducing workers living standards, suppressing wages at the same time as hyperinflating the price of housing. Anyone who does not support this is branded a “racist”, a “xenophobe”, if you don’t support whites becoming a minority in Western Democracies you are a “white supremacist” seeking to preserve “white privilege”. The ruling elites aren’t losing any privilege, they have never had it so good. Their assets are appreciating, profits rise as workers get less and executive salaries skyrocket.

  45. Ilana says…

    “Conservatives Won’t Say It:
    the Problem Is ‘Systemic Anti-Whiteness,’
    Not Marxism, Not ID Politics.”

    the Problem Is JEW SPONSORED ‘Systemic Anti-Whiteness,’
    Not Marxism, Not ID Politics.

  46. JFK was early enthusiast-the first one-for importing Kenyan Students….and it was all very legal…which makes them LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Senator JFK was an early enthusiast for demographically transforming America….he wrote a book about his enthusiasm for this-paid for by the ADL.

    JFK would have signed the 1965 Immigration Reform Act into law-Oct 1965-if he had had been assassinated by Oswald..

  47. @War for Blair Mountain

    Correction:‘if he had not been assassinated by Oswald…..”…..but maybe a dead JFK did sign the 1965 Immigration Reform Act using ghost ink….

  48. Yeah, but it remains inexplicable why this lunacy is not clearly exposed.

    Isn’t this some specific Anglospheroid pathology? Or American?

    Because, no important white ex-colonial power will demonize its achievements (Portugal, Spain, France, Russia, ….). And certainly no influential media or public discourse groups will try to stigmatize an entire race as something diabolical- especially themselves.

    This level of ethno-masochism is something unbelievable …..

    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  49. @Bardon Kaldian

    This level of ethno-masochism is something unbelievable …..

    It’s a (((mystery))) all right.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  50. @Pat Kittle

    No, I don’t believe it. There are influential Jews in France, Brazil, Britain etc.- and no one promotes critical race theory. Not among Jewish intellectuals in the US, either.

    Critical race theory is a product of a few Gentiles, most of them black (Derrick Bell etc) & has nothing to do with much maligned Frankfurt school, which was, in some areas, a serious- although very flawed- intellectual edifice (Adorno, Benjamin, Fromm, ….). Marcuse, who was the most influential of all, was on his own in the 60’s and later.

  51. KenH says:

    Tucker would be crazy to get too explicit with his language.

    Stating the incontrovertible fact that CRT is explicitly anti-white is not exactly going out on a limb. Tucker has said numerous times that FOX executives never tell him what he can and cannot say on his show so he has no excuse other than squeamishness and not wanting to be accused of taking his own side.

    Tucker has no qualms about calling out Harvard’s student admissions policy as anti-Asian (it’s equally anti-white) so he should at least extend the same courtesy to his own people when it comes to CRT.

    Tucker’s show is outstanding but that doesn’t mean that he’s beyond constructive criticism from time to time whether you agree or not.

  52. Tucker’s show is the only one that I watch. I tape it and watch it later so that I can buzz thru the commercials. Tucker has commented on CRT many times, perhaps it is the main reason why Trump belatedly banned the federal government from teaching it. I thought that he mentioned more than once that its ideology was anti-white (specifically anti-white MEN), just as he called out that book, “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo. But, without having access to the tapes, I’m not sure of his exact language, but it was obvious to me what he was getting at.

  53. @Kerry C

    Apparently there is something going on with Black on Asian racially animated violent crime.

  54. Anonymous[234] • Disclaimer says:

    Dear Ilana,

    You are absolutely right that the core of “wokeness” is hatred of whites. And your wrote an excellent piece. However, you are wrong that it has nothing to do with Marxism. Let me explain:

    Marxism and Wokism are siblings, movements united by their modus operandi in their fight for power. All of it is a fight for power, from A to Z.

    So, replace oppressed proletariat with oppressed BPOCs and replace inherently evil bourgeoisie with inherently evil whites. That’s it – the two become close to a carbon copy of each other.

    Once that is understood, it should become obvious that eventually, inevitably, Wokism will follow (or, at least, try to follow) the same footsteps as Marxism – into brutal violence. Blacks can’t do it by themselves, of course – they will need comrades to help. Who is going to offer the help? Asians? Jews? Does anyone ever learn anything from history?

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  55. More important than any theory is the question of WHO CONTROLS IT? If Critical Race Theory were controlled by Palestinians, it would focus on Zionist villainy. If it were controlled by the so-called Dissident Right, it would focus on ‘race-realism’ and pro-white identity. In a way, what Jared Taylor does is a kind of Critical Race Theory but from the vantage point of Hu-White Interests. Of course, the ‘right-wing’ discussion of race is currently closer to the truth than the ‘left-wing’ kind, but it wasn’t always so. One could argue that National Socialists were one of the first modern Critical Race Theorists, and they got too much about race wrong.

    The Frankfurt School wasn’t about race but class and culture(though they were plenty racial in their sympathy for Zionism). The classic left disdained discussion of race & biology, preferring to focus on social forces, economics, and culture(in some cases). It was the Right that insisted on biology. The Left insisted that all races were more or less the same and that apparent racial differences could be overcome with new laws and policies. The Frankfurt School was about Critical Theory, not Critical RACE Theory.
    The introduction of the element of race is actually an appropriation of rightism into leftism, just like so-called Multi-Culturalism appropriated from rightism the element of culture. Classic Leftism, especially stemming from Marxist Theory, focused on economics and material forces of history. Culture was seen as a product of economic forces than an influence, let alone determinant. So, those who focused on culture were missing the point. The real prize was economic power, and then, the rest, including the proper kind of culture, would follow. Turn the economics leftist/communist and the culture would follow and reflect the new reality of economic justice.
    But Antonio Gramsci dissented from this dogma and emphasized culture as a shaper of the future. Even so, his view of culture was ardently leftist in that, by ‘culture’, he meant the arts, literature, propaganda, music, and etc. He didn’t mean culture as in ‘cultural heritage and identity’.
    But that is precisely what Multi-Culturalism did. It argued that Liberal Capitalist society was robbing people, especially minorities, of their cultural identities, heritages, and roots. Therefore, people must keep their cultural identities separate and intact from the mainstream culture dominated by the majority. It sounded like a program of mini-traditionalism for the minorities against the cultural imperialism of assimilation of minority into the majority.
    Of course, it was a bait-and-switch as Multi-Culturalism wasn’t really interested in different cultures and identities but merely served as a rallying point against whiteness, Western prestige, and/or Christianity. It was a Jewish ploy to use Diversity against the White Majority. In the end, Multi-Culturalism didn’t encourage the various minorities to cling to their roots but to indulge in trashy pop culture, demented feminism, decadent globo-homo, and mindless Afrodolatry. Still, Multi-Culturalism was a leftist appropriation of the Right in that it used CULTURE or cultural identity as a weapon against the mainstream. Classic Leftism encouraged the abandonment of traditional cultural identities, customs, and values in favor of universal theory of justice for all brethren and sistren.
    Now, with Critical Race Theory, the so-called ‘left’ went another step and adopted the element of race from the Right. If the Classic Left was about the need to overcome the notion of race, Critical Race Theory and the ‘neo-left’ are about discussing and determining everything through the prism of race, race, race. Of course, ostensibly CRT is about overcoming the legacy of ‘systemic racism’ and ‘white supremacy’, but it is really based on two convictions that CRT proponents dare not spell out but deeply feel in their core:

    1. Despite all the new social policies and programs, racial differences remain. Blacks underperform, drastically in many cases, vis-a-vis other races and, therefore, RACIAL solutions must be found to address the problem: More ‘affirmative action’, more ‘diversity’-mongering, more paeans to blackness, more ‘white guilt’-peddling, and even reparation(to be followed by many more as blacks will take the money and waste it on bling, weaves, flashy cars, crack, and fried chicken). This part of CRT is based on black inferiority. No one dare say it, but the assumption is blacks need extra help or HEP forever and ever cuz they just can’t cut it on equal footing with others. In the past, stuff like racial remedies were proposed and defended as temporary measures that would aid blacks to gain equal footing, but with CRT, they are meant to be permanent fixtures because it is widely assumed that blacks will never catch up and require special attention indefinitely.
    We know, they know it, but no one dares say it cuz it be “racis’ and shit”. Thus, CRT is a paradox. It is based on racial differences but theorizes to pretend otherwise. Boiled down to essentials, it says blacks need Extra Hep cuz they be less intelligent but theorizes about ‘white supremacism’ and ‘systemic racism’ to justify the Extra Hep. That way, CRT gets to be racial and anti-racial at the same time. “Honkey, gibs me extra gravy cuz I is a dumbass Negro… but dat be hurtin’ my bigass ego, so, let’s pretend you is racis’ & shit and dat’s why I’s gots no money, sheeeeeeiiiiit?” Blacks get something from this, but so do white libby-dibs in their endless ‘virtue signaling’ about BLM.

    2. If one side of CRT is really based on black inferiority, the other side is based on black superiority. Every people have a tragic history, but why do blacks get extra attention? Same reason Jews do. Shoah is deemed more tragic because Jews are the superior race of Albert Einsteins and Carole Kings. No one quite says it like this, but they feel it.
    Same goes for Negroes. Because of the song-dong-strong factor(rap music, sexual prowess, and athletics), blacks are fetishized as a special super race, which was the point of the movie GET OUT where white liberals love blackness so much that they take over black bodies. Of course, as CRT grew out of leftist Critical Theory, it can’t honestly and blatantly express its racial bias, but the bias is clearly there. Would people care so much about blacks if not for their prominence in music and sports? When blacks howl about CRT, they are not talking about mere justice but yapping about how they done deserve the most money, respect, power, privilege, and etc. because they be the superior race of song-dong-strong factor, and besides, they gots them bouncy booties dat be ‘twerking’ and shit. Black women think, “We be twerking, and dem white girls be imitating, and dat means we creative while white folks be stealing and shit.” That is how they really ‘think’.

    So, CRT is a strange racial theory of both black inferiority and black superiority. At the core, it’s about ‘blacks need reparations cuz they be dumber’ and ‘blacks deserve more blings cuz they be cooler’, but both racial propositions are paved over with politically correct ‘theory’ that pretends that black problems are the product of ‘systemic racism’ and ‘white supremacism’. And this is good for Jews because they get to use blacks to milk ‘white guilt’, which is then used to make whites obey Jews and support Zionist tyranny and terrorism in the Middle East and North Africa.

    Rather than examining CRT, we need to look into WHO CONTROLS IT, and it’s the Jews, far more so than blacks. Jews think, blacks drink. It’s like the fate of communist ideology ultimately depended more on who controlled it than what it preached. No wonder communism in the USSR and communism in China turned out so differently. And CCP under Deng moved in a very different direction than CCP under Mao. Officially they were all Marxist-Leninist but the theory could be molded into whatever by whomever had control over it. Same with Christianity. It could be anything from Russian Orthodox Church that served the Tsars to Liberation Theology that allied with Marxists in Latin America against the oligarchy backed by US power.

  56. @Anonymous

    Marxism has nothing to do with “Wokism”. For instance, Marxism is all about science; even more, it tries, unsuccessfully, to establish scientific “laws of history”, while Wokism is anti-rational & completely imbecile.

    Then, Marxism loathes gender ideology & homosexuality. Marx himself was contemptuous of non-European civilizations & did not whine about colonialism, because he, along other Marxists, thought that, whichever colonialists’ motives, they are the locomotive of progress, while stagnant cultures like India (Africa was never even a culture) only degrade human beings. Engels supported annexation of Texas, while Marx applauded to French occupation of Algeria.

    If we focus on central Marx’s ideas, we have this:

    a) the proletariat as the collective Prometheus who will liberate the entire humanity through some kind of apocalyptic Revolution

    b) the establishment of a classless society where there will be no private ownership of the means of production

    c) the utopian ideal where man’s essence, work, will become one with his existence & insufferable dichotomy between essence & existence will be abolished, along with all other forms of human alienation.

    Marx’s vision is misinterpreted today through so-called Cultural Marxists: without the chosen class that will emancipate all mankind, without work as human central essence, without final great apocalyptic showdown, without abolition of private ownership of companies- this is not Marxism at all. His troubled anthropology is rooted in Neo-Platonic split between essence & existence. Marxism is basically a soteriology, where the force of salvation is the (Western) proletariat. Real & imagined sufferings of races, women, peoples… do not interest Marx. The fundamental alienation of human existence can be “cured” only through the revolutionary activity of the (Western) proletariat.

    Moreover- and this is crucial– Marx’s thought is just an extension of Hegel’s in this respect. History has a purpose & the inescapable ingredient of final imaginary triumph is tragedy; the dialectics of history are based on strife, suffering & struggle. Not all oppression is “bad”. This can be seen in frequently neglected Marx’s comment on the role of British imperialism in India:

    Now, sickening as it must be to human feeling to witness those myriads of industrious patriarchal and inoffensive social organizations disorganized and dissolved into their units, thrown into a sea of woes, and their individual members losing at the same time their ancient form of civilization, and their hereditary means of subsistence, we must not forget that these idyllic village-communities, inoffensive though they may appear, had always been the solid foundation of Oriental despotism, that they restrained the human mind within the smallest possible compass, making it the unresisting tool of superstition, enslaving it beneath traditional rules, depriving it of all grandeur and historical energies. We must not forget the barbarian egotism which, concentrating on some miserable patch of land, had quietly witnessed the ruin of empires, the perpetration of unspeakable cruelties, the massacre of the population of large towns, with no other consideration bestowed upon them than on natural events, itself the helpless prey of any aggressor who deigned to notice it at all. We must not forget that this undignified, stagnatory, and vegetative life, that this passive sort of existence evoked on the other part, in contradistinction, wild, aimless, unbounded forces of destruction and rendered murder itself a religious rite in Hindostan. We must not forget that these little communities were contaminated by distinctions of caste and by slavery, that they subjugated man to external circumstances instead of elevating man the sovereign of circumstances, that they transformed a self-developing social state into never changing natural destiny, and thus brought about a brutalizing worship of nature, exhibiting its degradation in the fact that man, the sovereign of nature, fell down on his knees in adoration of Kanuman, the monkey, and Sabbala, the cow.

    England, it is true, in causing a social revolution in Hindostan, was actuated only by the vilest interests, and was stupid in her manner of enforcing them. But that is not the question. The question is, can mankind fulfill its destiny without a fundamental revolution in the social state of Asia? If not, whatever may have been the crimes of England she was the unconscious tool of history in bringing about that revolution.

    Then, whatever bitterness the spectacle of the crumbling of an ancient world may have for our personal feelings, we have the right, in point of history, to exclaim with Goethe:

    “Sollte these Qual uns quälen
    Da sie unsre Lust vermehrt,
    Hat nicht myriaden Seelen
    Timur’s Herrschaft aufgezehrt?”

    [“Should this torture then torment us
    Since it brings us greater pleasure?

    Were not through the rule of Timur
    Souls devoured without measure?”]
    [From Goethe’s “An Suleika”, Westöstlicher Diwan]

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