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Color-Coded Theory of Crime and Suicide
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A CNN profiler was speaking about the El Paso shooting, on August 6, in which 22 people were murdered by an angry white man.

She blamed the killer’s sense of white privilege. Mass murder carried out by white, young men, the “analyst” was saying, occurs because these young men cannot adjust to a changing society. They cling to the way things were, when the country was predominantly white.

In other words, the oppressor in these young white men wants to continue to oppress.

When whites commit unspeakable acts of violence, it is said to only ever come from a place of power and privilege.

When browns and blacks commit unspeakable acts of violence, it only ever comes from a place of powerlessness and deprivation.

With distressing regularity, we’re lectured that black or brown evil is a consequence of systemic oppression; white evil a result of frustration over having to relinquish the systemic role of oppressor.

For heaven’s sake: Let’s not be insensible to contradictions. Let us apply the same method, irrespective of the perp’s skin color, in uncovering the causation of crime.

It goes without saying that mass shooters all are evil, not ill. No good can come of medicalizing bad behavior. Mass shootings are “a moral-health, not mental-health, problem.

You can’t have a color-coded theory of causation; one for whites; another for blacks and browns.

Ditto for suicide. When a white man offs himself, it’s not because he’s no longer The Boss.

Like the profiler just mentioned, other social scientists implicate a “decline in income and status” in white suicide. It’s discounted and mocked, but, however you slice it, white male misery in America is real.

Better than most media, The Economist’s writers are still no angels. They, too, dance like so many angels on the head of a pin, so as to downplay the effects of systemic hostility toward the white men of America.

The following is from a spread on the decrease of “depression among Americans reaching middle age, hitting poorly educated white men” the worst:

“ … thoughts of suicide were slightly higher on average amongst less-educated whites than other groups.

… heavy drinking was higher amongst whites than other groups.

… opioid abuse along with other prescription drug abuse and illegal drug use remain much higher amongst non-college educated whites.

… research has shown that whites commit suicide at a higher rate than blacks and Hispanics: according to the CDC, white non-Hispanic Americans commit suicide at around three times the rate of blacks and Hispanics, with the highest and growing toll amongst older men.” [Emphases added.]

The same writers cleverly attempt to diminish the dire situation of white men in America by implying that these “poorly educated” white ingrates are, nevertheless, still “better off than women and minorities”—even as the august magazine runs a parallel piece (rightly) celebrating the closing of the “chasm in life-expectancy that once existed [between blacks and whites].

There go those contradictions again.

Then of course, there are the solutions of shallow economic reductionism: Increase the minimum wage. Provide more generous earned income tax credits.

Another such report concedes that … whites are dying of despair. To be precise, the most suicidal populations worldwide are American whites and Amerindians.

We’re besting China! Suicide rates are declining everywhere in the world except in America, where it is 12.8 per 100,000, “well above China’s current rate of seven.”

And, in particular, among white Americans and native Americans.

“There are parallels between the rise in suicide in post-Soviet Russia and the ‘deaths of despair’ in America, identified by Anne Case and Sir Angus Deaton, economists at Princeton University,” observes The Economist.

“Suicide rates among white Americans are higher, and have risen faster since 2000, than among any other group except native Americans. … Rates among people in rural areas are higher, and have been increasing faster, than those among people in towns and cities.”

The Economist is slightly more candid than the likes of the neoconservative and lite libertarian coterie ensconced in D.C. To them, alienation brought about by mass immigration is a look-away issue.

From a tony event, far from the madding working-class, Tim Carney, a Washington Examiner correspondent, recently tweeted a partial explanation for his poor countrymen’s plight:

“The working class has lost access to the strong institutions of civil society that are the infrastructure of the good life. That’s my thesis,” puffed Carney smugly, “to explain immobility, retreat from marriage, and Trump.”

Yes, but what—and who—caused the white working class to exsanguinate socially and economically?

The answer to that lies in state-orchestrated, inorganic, top-down, institutionalized, undemocratic disenfranchisement. For what is mass, Third-World immigration, if not all of the above?

For working-class misery, neoconservatives and lite libertarians, economic reductionist all, will continue to blame everything but mass immigration, state-enforced multiculturalism, diversity (for thee but not for me), loss of community and sense of belonging.

Anything but the truth.


Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She is the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter, Facebook & Gab. New on YouTube: “America Belongs To The World; It’s Everybody’s Home.

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  1. Ilana Mercer wrote in this column something that is obviously false:
    “It goes without saying that mass shooters all are evil, not ill. No good can come of medicalizing bad behavior. Mass shootings are ‘a moral-health, not mental-health, problem.’” In that statement she linked to another article she wrote, the sole focus of which, was this ridiculous statement. The article she linked to that advanced this proposition was titled “School Shootings: A Moral-Health, Not Mental-Health, Problem”. It was posted by her on May 24, 2018 on her website. I read both all of this article I am commenting under, and all of the article “School Shootings: A Moral-Health, Not Mental-Health, Problem”. The entirety of “School Shootings: A Moral-Health, Not Mental-Health, Problem” is absurd and dishonest. She wrote about the reaction to mass shootings:
    “Come to think of it, the structure of argument coming from conservative and progressive corners is the same:
    Conservatives blame mental health.

    Progressives blame the National Rifle Association.”
    Those are completely different reactions. The “Conservative” reaction of blaming mass shootings on mental illness is not only reasonable and practical, it is correct, and disputing is not only incorrect, it is empirically extremely obviously incorrect. The “Progressive” reaction of blaming the National Rifle Association is ridiculous. Whether a gun is dangerous depends on who is using it. A person with a severe mental illness who uses a gun will be very dangerous, but he will also be dangerous even without a gun unless he is in a mental institution. A person without a mental illness using a gun, who also has no evil intent, is not dangerous, and is less dangerous than a severely mentally ill but unarmed person walking the streets would be.
    Mercer also stated:
    “The evidence our tele-therapists advance for a killer’s ‘madness’ is … the murder or murders he has committed.

    Whatever the logical fallacy the psychiatrists commit—circular reasoning or backward reasoning—thinking people can agree: This is bad logic.

    Fact: When they suggest a shooter is sick, they do so based on the fact that he committed murder.”
    Mercer is wrong on multiple levels here. First of all, while it is hard to say what any particular mass shooter’s mental state is like, in general, people with mental illness are vastly overrepresented among mass shooters. Terence McCoy wrote an article in The Washington Post on May 21, 2014 titled “Study: ‘Significant’ statistical link between mass murder and autism, brain injury,” that cited a scientific peer reviewed study from a journal called Aggression and Violent Behavior that stated that autistics, who are 2% of the USA’s population, are approximately 28% of its mass shooters. That is a huge correlation and a huge overrepresentation. It is almost true by definition that mentally abnormal people are more likely to do abnormal things, a person’s behavior is determined by his thoughts, mental illness by definition causes abnormal thoughts, abnormal thoughts by definition are more likely to result in abnormal behavior than normal thoughts. The Jewish Temple shooter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in October, 2018, Robert Bowers, appears to me to have had autism because of his extreme fixational hatred of Jewry, I believe what led to his murdering Jews at their temple was his inability to control his extreme obsession with his hate of Jews, and his father kidnapped, raped and tortured a woman before he was caught by police and killed himself to avoid arrest. Bowers almost certainly inherited mental illness from his father. Bowers made bizarre statements about Jews online before he committed the shooting. Adam Lanza was autistic, he was diagnosed with autism by a medical doctor, and he engaged in bizarre behavior even relative to most autistics. He stayed in his room for literally years without ever leaving and his family would have to bring food into his room, and he would only communicate even with his own family by use of a computer. Jared Lee Loughner had an extremely bizarre obsession with tin foil conspiracy theories and seems to have been autistic. Dylan Roof was certainly autistic, and the Prosecuting Attorney and Judge in his case both offered to be lenient in punishing him if he would admit the role his autism played in causing the mass shooting, but he refused because of pride. These are all anecdotal examples of the link between mental illness and mass shooting, and I have already provided valid statistical evidence for the link from the Washington Post article I cited.
    The other area where Mercer is wrong, and in this part she is probably being dishonest, is claiming the news media react to mass shootings by blaming the shootings on mental illness, to avoid analyzing issues of moral responsibility, the exact opposite of this is not only true, but extremely obviously true. The news media have an agenda to cover up the relationship between mental illness and criminality. The news media is run by leftists and Jews who want to continue justify flooding the USA with massive Third World immigration, the races of the Third World have much higher rates of mental illness than Europeans do, so if people understood the truth about the relationship between mental illness and criminality, it would make people want to end or at least severely restrict the current vast tide of Third World immigration to the USA. Therefore, the media do everything they can to cover up the link between mental illness and criminality. Claiming that the media have a bias in favor of blaming criminality on mental illness would be even more absurd than claiming the media have a bias in favor of Republicans. All of the media is united in trying to cover up the link between mental illness and crime.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  2. Sean says:

    Mass shootings are “a moral-health, not mental-health, problem.”

    They are not mutually exclusive. Prisons are full of mentally deranged people. Many many convicts in prison are on psychiatric drugs and antipsychotics.

    Many mass shooters are crazy talking heavy pot smokers being indulged by family and friends. There needs to be a law criminalising not reporting anyone who even once spoke tangentially about committing a mass shooting. If a family member commits a mass shooting then go after their relatives. They should lose their house as a matter of course (a law to enable the victims to take it in civil courts) and be imprisoned if they gave the shooter access to a gun. That will concentrate the minds of a lot of people about their supposedly harmless eccentric in the basement. Failing to attend a psychiatric referral or take recommended meds should be punished by a permanent ban on having or being given access to a gun.

    Those not completing education, lacking solid work history and having any brush with the law should be forced to prove they are fit to be trusted with a gun.

    • Replies: @Patricus
    , @Paw
  3. Agree with Ilana that multiculturalism, mass immigration, loss of community community & belonging are important factors.
    I also believe psychiatric illness plays a part.
    However, behind all these issues lies the brutalisation of 40 odd years of neo-liberalism & neo-conservativeism. That is/was the driving force behind our current horrors. (ie; at a bare bones level — let’s save lots of \$\$ by cutting back on mental health care – excellent, now we spend ever more money housing the mentally ill in prisons were they will receive little or no therapy — rinse & repeat)

    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
  4. Realist says:

    They cling to the way things were, when the country was predominantly white.

    Yes, when the country has some sense of future.

    • Replies: @Realist
  5. @Paul Bustion

    She stated an opinion. An opinion is a subjective view and all it takes to claim it’s false is to disagree. Your opinions are just as absurd to someone who doesn’t agree with you. It shouldn’t take you 900 words to simply state that you disagree and to state why.

    If you’re going to post 900 words, you really should provide more paragraph breaks. I won’t read a long block of text like your final paragraph.

    • Replies: @Paul Bustion
  6. @Twodees Partain

    It is an objective fact that criminality is linked, at the very least by correlation to mental illness. I gave statistical evidence proving autism is linked to mass shooting. Autism is a mental illness. If you go to any prison and do a survey of mental illness in prisoners you will find a higher rate of mental illness among prisoners than in the general populations.

    Races with higher rates of mental illness also have higher rates of criminality. African Americans have higher rates of mental illness than European Americans, and they are much more criminal than European Americans, pure blooded SubSaharan Africans have much higher rates of mental illness than African Americans, and they are more criminal than African Americans, Aboriginal Australians have much higher rates of mental illness than SubSaharan Africans, and they are much more criminal than SubSaharan Africans. Men have a far higher rate of mental illness than women, and men are far more criminal than women.

    Dr. James Cantor, an expert on sexual perversion in general and peodophilia in particular, stated pedophiles tend to be mentally ill, they usually have intelligence test scores between the sixteenth and twenty fifth percentile of Europeans, that means that only between sixteen and twenty five of child sexual abusers are as intelligent or more intelligent than the average European. They have less white matter in their brains than the general population does, which leads to inappropriate cross wiring in the brain. Thirty percent of pedophiles are left handed, the only other population groups with this high rates of left handedness are autistics, schizophrenics and bipolars. Cantor concluded based on this information that pedophilia is linked to mental illnesses like autism and schizophrenia and the cause of pedophilia is often the mental illness leading to inappropriate cross wiring of the brain’s sexual responses with its nurturing responses.

    Therefore, Ilana Mercer and yourself are either being willfully ignorant on this topic, or you are simply lying, because this is not a matter of my opinion versus your opinion, this is objective fact. You saying that you and Ilana Mercer and her Kool Aide drinkers have a right to the opinion that mental illness is not linked to criminality would be like someone saying he has a right to the opinion that Donald Trump is a space alien, it is asinine to demand such a right.

    Mercer did not state a legitimate opinion, she stated obviously absurd nonsense, which was motivated either by willful ignorance or malicious dishonesty. Ilana Mercer is a Jewess and the organized Jewish community has an ideological agenda to cover up the relationship between mental illness and criminality because they want to justify continuing to flood Britain and America with Third World races that have high rates of mental illness and if people understood the relationship between mental illness and criminality they would want this immigration to stop. So she might be lying because she wants to cover up the relationship between mental illness and criminality. Or she might be willfully ignorant because it makes her uncomfortable to accept the relationship between mental illness and criminality because she might have a relative who is mentally ill and she does not want to accept the truth this relative is disposed to criminal tendencies.

  7. Yes Ilana, this all is right- but what is to be done? We must try to change public discourse & most normal and well-meaning rational people are being suppressed or marginalized.

    I suppose lunacy must collapse unto itself.

    But, there is more to it. I’m astonished by cluelessness of most Americans. A repost of a recent post:

    I have a hard time understanding (modern) American & Western mindset. Although I interacted with a few blacks, it was nothing special, good or bad. Here in Southeastern Europe, the main focus is on the nation, which is a compound of history, culture, language, religion, “sacred land”,…

    As a youngster, I was informed about blacks & it was a usual liberal-leftist propaganda they’re essentially whites with black skin, they’ve been slaves, lynched & segregated & injustice was done to them. Well- I was on their side because any normal human feeling would be: this is not fair, these people have to have equal opportunities in life & a chance for decent or fulfilled human life.

    Then, merely by watching movies, TV & by reading books – not getting anything bad from them, although I’ve seen a few Africans who studied here & was under impression they belong to something very, very, very..unlike “us” – my opinion changed. Not drastically by some accident, but:

    a) you say TV shows & movies are idealizing them, but, in MSM, I’ve seen only completely different human beings with different values, behavior, mannerisms, … & physically alien and somehow, with a few exceptions, repulsive. I could rationalize: well, that’s just looks, but in life looks mean much, very much. And permanent alien looks like race point to – stay away from me. Their individual & collective behavior, as presented in TV series was appalling & I don’t get how could anyone claim they were idolized. Maybe reality was even more brutal, but what was shown in ordinary movies was more than enough to say: these people are a species apart.

    b) I was sorry they – I thought – didn’t have a possibility for education, but even before realistic depiction of their behavior in schools, I’ve read they did have colleges & universities after the Civil war. My sympathies evaporated. I mean- you got universities & if you didn’t make anything of it, it was your fault. Needless to say, I never entertained the idea that all human groups are equal as collectives. It was evident that blacks were better as sprinters, that Italians were musical, that Scandinavians were good at organization & technology,… and that it is natural. That’s the way life is.

    From what I’ve seen, blacks across the globe shared the same characteristics: poor, uncultured, not inventive, always lagging behind any other civilization, not reliable for anything. American blacks were, it was evident, anti- white racists (race riots, ghetto behavior, muggers,..).

    So- I simply cannot understand black worship among US whites, particularly in areas with almost 100% white population. What are you, idiots? Every single day, even in mainstream movies, you see that dysfunction, hatred, aggression, hopeless behavior,…

    Also- I couldn’t care less for blacks in sports, not just because I don’t care for that kind of entertainment, but on a collective level- these group of people could not represent me. They’re different. As for other forms of entertainment, music etc.- a) if you let songs & similar stuff shape your world-view, you’re an idiot, b) I didn’t find any African-American music particularly appealing. And even if I did- it wouldn’t mean much.

    So, black worship among some/many whites mystifies me.
    I just cannot get it, both at visceral & rational levels.

  8. Binyamin says:

    Ideologically driven mass shootings are acts of terrorism before anything else. The El Paso shooter is a white alt right terrorist. Say it loud and clear- no need to find excuses. Immigration did not cause the moron to act the way he did since many of the slain were native born Hispanics. Texas has historical links with Mexico and therefore it has a large Hispanic population and rightly so. It is funny how supporters of white nationalism find excuses for unspeakable acts of evil committed by their ideological brethrens. It’s like saying ISIS inspired terrorism is understandable because of Western war mongering leading to massive collateral damage to civilians and infrastructure in muslim countries. No it isn’t. Terrorism is never justified.

    There is despair and alienation among large swaths of poor whites in rural middle America leading to high rates of suicides, drug and alcohol abuse. Immigration has little to do with this since most immigrants gravitate to urban areas. Until the early nineties these communities found well paid work in factories, dockyards and mines. These have virtually all closed and in the handful remaining, the workers are permanently under threat of job loss due to further closures. These industrial jobs have been transferred to the Far East and this process is irreversible. The only work now available to most in these communities are temporary, low paid work with zero benefits such as career development, pensions and health insurance. Poor rural whites are among the worst educational attainers in the country therefore they lack the lifeline to improve their life chances. These communities deserve better schools, better healthcare and better social services. It is no good whinging about immigrants because legal immigrants are here to stay and are not going anywhere.
    Incidentally just an observation- Texas police are notoriously trigger happy but especially when dealing with black suspected felons. Yet they took the El Paso shooter alive. An example of white privilege? I do not like the death penalty but the Texas police decided to let the El Paso moron live for another 25-30 years, the average time it will take to exhaust the legal process before putting the waste of space to death. In the meantime he gets three meals a day at tax payer’s expense.

    • Replies: @Paul Bustion
    , @Patricus
    , @anon
  9. her Kool Aide drinkers

    It’s Flavor Aid, actually, and it is also an opinion.
    That mass shootings are evil, irrespective of their cause, is an opinion. The entire field of psychiatry is an opinion. One day homosexuality is a psychiatric condition, the next day it isn’t, not due to any factual science, rather psychiatrists voted on it. One opinion won out over another. The same has happened with transgender and other flavor of the month psychiatric conditions.

    Just because a psychiatrist offers a medical opinion, doesn’t make it true. A number of years back, an “expert witness” psychiatrist testified that a patient, who had committed murder, was no longer a danger to society. Less than a year later, the released murderer was back in court for a different murder. Which is it: the wrong opinion or the person was evil?

    The examples you give of Africans is only relevant by virtue of what is defined as mental illness. The violent culture of some tribes makes their “mental illness” only abnormal to others, but not to themselves. The same goes for the penchant Pakistani men have for grooming young White females. Normal for them, abnormal for us. Is it evil or a psychiatric condition?

    I find it ironic that you trash Mercer for being Jewish, yet refer to James Cantor’s work. I have yet to meet a Cantor, who was not Jewish, or a Jew around psychology who wasn’t interested in sexual behavior. At the end of the day, Mercer’s condemnation – “will continue to blame everything but mass immigration, state-enforced multiculturalism, diversity (for thee but not for me), loss of community and sense of belonging” is entirely correct.

  10. Patricus says:

    So, who will decide you are not fit to own a gun? Social workers? What level of education should be required in order to own a gun?

    Confiscating a person’s home because a relative committed a crime is quite an adjustment to our system of justice. That actually occurs in Israel when a Palestinian terrorist act up except they demolish the family homes. I don’t know that these policies have diminished violence.

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @Anthony Aaron
  11. @Binyamin

    Paul Kersey wrote an article on this website, titled “Between July 16 and July 28th, 2019, There Were 36 Mass Shootings Across the United States: Blacks Were Suspects in 34 of Them” on August 4, 2019. He showed the data. All crime statistics show that Negroes are massively overrepresented in mass shootings.

    Daniel Engber wrote in his article “Mass Shooters Aren’t Disproportionately White
    Where the myth came from, and what it gets right and wrong about the demographics of mass killings.” on Slate in October 6, 2017:

    “Since 2012, Mother Jones has added 29 more mass-shooting events to its database (and tweaked its definition of the crime to fit with new federal guidelines that placed the threshold at three victims instead of four). In this bigger data set, the proportion of white mass shooters drops down to 56 percent, by my count. Judging by those newer numbers, and the most current census estimate that 76.9 percent of Americans are white, the whites-are-overrepresented-among-mass-shooters meme appears even less accurate. Perpetrators that Mother Jones classifies as Asian make up 7.4 percent of the data set, versus an estimated 5.7 percent of the population, while those MoJo identifies as black represent 17.0 percent of the mass shooters in the database versus an estimated 13.3 percent of the population. According to this data set, then, Asians and black Americans are overrepresented among mass shooters by about the same proportion (a bit more than one-fourth) that whites are underrepresented. This means the population rate of mass shootings by whites (at least according to the tiny sample measured in the MoJo database) is 0.021 per 100,000 people, while the corresponding rate of mass shootings by blacks is 1.7 times higher, at 0.037.”

    Mass shootings are more done by Blacks than by White Nationalists, on a per capita basis.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  12. @Curmudgeon

    “I find it ironic that you trash Mercer for being Jewish, yet refer to James Cantor’s work. I have yet to meet a Cantor, who was not Jewish, or a Jew around psychology who wasn’t interested in sexual behavior. ” James Cantor is a Jew. He is also an excellent scientist. Cantor accepts the reality of mental illness relating to criminal behavior, Ilana Mercer denies it. The thrust of the Jewish community has been to try to cover up this link in order to justify flooding Britain and America with Third World races. I don’t see any irony here. I like a Jew who does honest science and does not allow his political views to interfere with his science, I dislike a Jewess who subordinates truth to her Jewish ideological agenda. It is really that simple.

  13. Patricus says:

    “The El Paso shooter is a white alt right terrorist.”

    Reading about him his rantings seem to be a confused mix of racial hatred, enviromentalism and hatred of corporations. He isn’t alt right (whatever that means). He is too young to have a coherent view of the world. He’s a psycho. Anyone who murders innocents is beyond rehabilitation.

    It is true that heartland jobs have been undermined by emigration of factories and mass immigration of low paid labor. Sympathetic observers say they should get “education” so they can become suburban bureaucrats. Don’t we already have a surplus of these “educated” workers. America is perfectly capable of manufacturing if we stop pursuing policies to undermine the workers. It happenned in the past. We can’t be a nation of government workers, not for long.

  14. Sean says:

    Social workers could refer problem high school students to psychiatrists. If they refused to go or take meds that would be fine but they would be banned from having or accessing a gan

    If you go for a job you have to supply checkable details of your education, references and a resume without gaps. For an AR15 you should need to do the same. Applicants for an air/airline transport pilot certificate must be at least 23 years of age, and have completed 40 hours supplementary training. It should be the same for an AR15.

    Confiscating a person’s home because a relative committed a crime is quite an adjustment to our system of justice.

    So was a law against viewing child pornography, which was long successfully argued by lawyers to be a record of a crime not a crime in itself. Just off Times Square, hard core child pornography was being openly sold in the seventies.
    They changed the law.

    The policies could not eliminate but would reduce mass shootings. The would also diminish suicides.

  15. @Paul Bustion

    Better punctuation, but you’re still insisting on having your own facts. You don’t know me nor do you know Ms. Mercer, but you think you can discern motives based on a written article, or in my case, a short comment.

    Typically, a delusional leftist such as yourself will proceed to psychoanalyze at long distance. You didn’t disappoint in that regard.

    • Replies: @Paul Bustion
  16. @Twodees Partain

    I did not psychoanalyze anyone. Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis is a crackpot theory. And nothing I said about you or Ilana Mercer was psychoanalytic. I did not say I knew her motive or your motive. I said there were two possibilities, you and she are maliciously lying, or you and she are willfully ignorant. You are both objectively wrong about this. Autistics, as 2% of the population, are 28% of mass shooters. That is about as high an overrepresentation as that of Aboriginal Australians in Australian crime. Aboriginal Australians are 3% of Australia’s population, but 28% of its criminals, and I believe Aboriginal Australians are the race with the highest per capita crime rate.

  17. Realist says:

    Should read…had some sense…

  18. @Paul Bustion

    “a journal cmalled Aggression and Violent Behavior that stated that autistics, who are 2% of the USA’s population, are approximately 28% of its mass shooters. ”

    And what percentage of those autists were on prescribed medications?

    And what percentage are they responsible for with all the other killings in the US?

    And what percentage are they responsible for with all the hundreds, thousands, or millions killed by the SOCIAL organization called government? You know, the 260+ million killed by governments in the 20th century, which doesn’t include those killed in wars or caused by government regulations, etc. Autists are not pack animals like the neurotypicals that make up gangs, mobs, and governments. They are not wired for that.

    A much better case can be made for the social-brained neurotypicals as the cause of almost all of man’s insanity. After all, their brain tells them that their way of doing things is the only way or the only right way.

    • Replies: @Paul Bustion
  19. @Curmudgeon

    ” The entire field of psychiatry is an opinion. One day homosexuality is a psychiatric condition, the next day it isn’t, not due to any factual science, rather psychiatrists voted on it.”
    Homosexuality does not interfere with other aspects of mental and behavioral functioning. There are obviously homosexuals who are otherwise mentally and behaviorally normal or even superior to the average person. Autism, schizophrenia and similar mental illnesses cause the person holding them to have great difficulty perceiving reality correctly and behaving socially appropriately and often even cause difficulty obeying the law. Autism, schizophrenia and other mental illnesses are mental problems that objectively interfere with social functioning, homosexuality is not. So that is a retarded comparison. I would rather be homosexual than be autistic. You thinking comparing homosexuality and autism makes any sense shows you are not reasoning correctly here. Currently in our society, autistics, schizophrenics and other mentally ill people are among the most privileged groups in our society, mentally ill people can commit murder and be let off with a slap on the wrist because of mental illness, even Jews do not have that kind of privilege. Yet despite autistics being one of the most privileged groups in Britain and America and most other western countries, 85 percent of autistic college graduates never get jobs, and these are the more intelligent autistics since they are college graduates. I read this in the article “Most college grads with autism can’t find jobs. This group is fixing that.” by Nicole Lyn Pesce published on April, 2019 on the website “Market Watch”. Pesce stated: “a whopping 85% of college grads affected by autism are unemployed, compared to the national unemployment rate of 4.5%.” That is an objective fact that mentally ill people have trouble getting jobs. Similarly mentally ill people tend to have behavioral problems. And I already posted the objective data showing that autistics, 2% of the general population, are 28% of mass shooters, and I posted my summary of Dr. James Cantor’s stated evidence for the link between mental illness and pedophilia. You are just being willfully ignorant and Culturally Marxist if you reject this overwhelming evidence. I was accused of psychoanalyzing falsely before in the comments section of this article, but now I will actually psychoanalyze. I think that you and Ilana Mercer and her Kool Aide drinkers can not cope with reality, you desperately want to believe people have free will and that people have equal potential, so you people lie to yourselves and deceive yourselves into rejecting the importance of the proof for this, and convince yourself all people are equal and that people freely will their acts and their abilities. You, Ilana Mercer and her Kool Aide drinkers create elaborate mental defense mechanisms so that you can avoid the unpleasant reality that knowing some people are just born with mental illnesses that will make them criminal unless they are in mental hospitals would force you to accept if you did not have these defense mechanisms.

  20. @animalogic

    “However, behind all these issues lies the brutalisation of 40 odd years of neo-liberalism & neo-conservativeism.”

    Try millions of years of alpha-male hunter-gatherism and 10,000+ years of top-down chain of command governments. Both are adaptations from the animal world.

    “Civilization is the process of setting man free from men.” Ayn Rand

  21. @Drapetomaniac

    “And what percentage are they responsible for with all the hundreds, thousands, or millions killed by the SOCIAL organization called government? You know, the 260+ million killed by governments in the 20th century, which doesn’t include those killed in wars or caused by government regulations, etc.” I said autism correlates to certain abnormal kinds of crimes, such as sexually abusing children and mass shootings. You are trying to argue that because some governments have killed millions of people, and these governments’ leaders were not autistic, that somehow refutes my point. Hitler’s mass murder of four to six million Jews in the Holocaust, and the Jewish Communist regime in Russia’s mass murder of millions of its subjects, and Mao’s mass murder of millions of Chinese people, while they are ultimately much worse than child sexual abuse and mass shootings, obviously do not relate to mental illness, I never claimed otherwise. And I never claimed that things like the Holocaust are not worse than child sexual abuse and mass shootings. Obviously autistics would either never or virtually never be political leaders, so I readily admit that none of these mass murders had anything to do with autism. I never said all evil acts, or even the most evil acts, are a result of mental illness. I said abnormal, pointless crimes such as mass shooting and sexually abusing children tend to correlate to mental illness. What you said in no way argues against what I am stating. You said something completely irrelevant to my point.

    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
  22. @Paul Bustion

    “Hitler’s mass murder of four to six million Jews in the Holocaust, and the Jewish Communist regime in Russia’s mass murder of millions of its subjects, and Mao’s mass murder of millions of Chinese people, while they are ultimately much worse than child sexual abuse and mass shootings, obviously do not relate to mental illness, I never claimed otherwise.”

    Many of the leaders of these killing regimes hardly killed anyone. The psychopathic supporters in the general population did the killings. You know, the ones you consider sane.

    262,000,000 deaths outside of war, 20th century

    Approximately 50,000,000 deaths in wars

    Another 100,000,000 deaths (and untold. suffering) due to banning DDT (thank you idiot liberals)

    And you could add another fifty mil or so for incidental deaths – like not allowing sales of European beta-blockers, 50,000 deaths, or transferring wealth from the lower classes to the elites. Poverty decreases lifespan by about seven years, about the same as smoking.

    So the question I have is this: do you think that the people, in and out of government, that caused all these deaths are not mentally ill? That they are not psychopaths?

  23. anon[339] • Disclaimer says:

    > police are notoriously trigger happy but especially when dealing with black suspected felons

    Wrong, kike.

    “The officers were three times less likely to shoot unarmed black suspects than unarmed white suspects and took significantly longer to decide to shoot armed black suspects than armed white suspects.”

    Academic Research on Police Shootings and Race
    Heather Mac Donald, Washington Post, July 19, 2016

    • Replies: @Binyamin
  24. Paw says:

    When Castro needed to empty Cuba psychiatric asylum and jails every USA president helped a lot.. Humanism and the human rights for Cubans and endless crimes for Americans.. This to be repeated.
    Young people do not see any future. They can not even create their own life..Adults and not normal ones , do not permit it since they are born….
    They are more sensitive and they know they have no future… They are not permitted /and repressed brutally/, to fight for themselves .
    Elite keep very old pensioners, as the puppets, rule everywhere…. Hillary, Sanders , Biden etc..
    And not normal..

    • Agree: Sam Coulton
  25. A similar take on the notion of mental health vs. moral health or guns vs. moral health appears in today’s ZeroHedge —

    As here, the argument can seemingly go both ways, although I tend to agree with the notion that the decay and downfall of our nation that permits such great numbers of murder and of suicide is far more a moral health issue than a mental health or gun issue.

    Our national leadership — both formal (government) and informal (education, media, press, etc.) have contributed greatly to the moral decline of our nation by permitting one atrocity after another to become part of our psyche — in my view, any nation that permits more than 60 million unborn children to be murdered since 1973’s Roe v. Wade is a nation in serious moral decline.

  26. @Patricus

    Our Constitution prohibits corruption of blood even in the case of the serious act of treason against our country. The only person to be punished for a crime is the criminal — not his/her family or relatives or children.

    Common sense 101 …

    • Replies: @Patricus
  27. @Paul Bustion

    Mass shootings are more done by Blacks than by White Nationalists, on a per capita basis.

    Not to defend Blacks and their blatant disrespect for life, handguns and expensive ammunition, but redefining mass shootings in terms of an arbitrary number (four, now down to three) completely skews the term mass shooting. A mass shooting is Virginia Tech. Vegas, the kids in Connecticut a few years back. A gunman goes into a venue where everyone is seated and completely vulnerable and kills as many as possible, as quickly as possible and he has his reasons. A mass shooting isn’t a number, it’s an intent and it’s always more serious than the three-victim shootings that take place 40 times a night nationwide in choice garden spots as Chicago, Newark, Baltimore, Detroit. These drive-by shootings are obecause someone dissed someone, for completely idiotic feral reasons. The Navy Yard Black that killed a bunch of people in DC years ago, THAT was a mass shooting, he had his reasons, gripes in the workplace, long-range thinking went into his murders. Drive-by shootings, even if three or more are hit or even killed, that’s not mass murder, even Blacks would argue, “that’s just a buncha niggahs got shot”. All routine in such feral communities.

    Assigning mass-murder status to the dozens-nightly three-person shootings of Groids in lost neighborhoods in the urban filth is a flattery to drive-by shootings, if you ask me. Speaking of drive-by shootings:

    Clop, Clop, Clop, BANG! BANG! Clop, Clop, Clop.
    What is it?

    Amish Drive-By.

  28. Binyamin says:

    No sir, your so called source is fake news. You quoted from American Renaissance, a truly toxic white nationalist/supremacist website devoted to demonising America’s native born blacks and immigrants of colour. They rely on crude stereotypes. They, together with VDare and several other toxic sites on the dark web work round the clock in their attempts at on-line radicalisation of young, disaffected whites- the failure types, by telling them that their woes are all due to affirmative action and immigrants of colour. They use (or more accurately misuse) statistical data by twisting things around to fit their nefarious ideological objectives.
    In my professional day job I use data significantly and have to explain data trends during board meetings. I know statistical data can be used and misused.

  29. Renoman says:

    Ah yes Whitey is a great curse. Just watch how fast it would all fall into a pile of rubble without Whitey. Take South Africa if you will or pretty well all of Africa. Europe is starting to tumble and many other places. If you want a safe civil place to live go somewhere that Whitey is running, the rest of the World is mostly a giant shit hole.

  30. @Paul Bustion

    Your use of the term ‘mental illness’ should read ‘low IQ’, as that’s what you’re implying.

    There is no definitive empirical test for any of the ‘mental illness’ diagnoses listed in the DSM; not one. Psychiatry is a fraudulent ‘profession’ that was saved from extinction by big pharma that knew they could make a fortune selling chemical crap via the frauds in the ‘mental health’ field. The very existence of the field is proof positive that the educational system is corrupt. No one should be able to get a degree in anything that’s just an opinion devoid of empirical evidence.

    • Replies: @Paul Bustion
  31. @RoatanBill

    “Your use of the term ‘mental illness’ should read ‘low IQ’, as that’s what you’re implying.” That is not what I intended my statements to mean. When I said “mental illness” I did not mean simply low intelligence, I meant abnormalities of mental functioning such as autism, schizophrenia, Attention Deficit Disorder and so forth. While those mental dysfunctions tend to correlate to low intelligence, they are distinct from low intelligence, because it is possible, although unlikely, for a person with autism, for example, to be highly intelligent, and there are a few autistic people, although not many, who are very above average in intelligence. There is such a thing as mental illness. I have autism and it has made my life one of complete failure both in school and in terms of trying to get a job. My Full Scale Intelligence Quotient is 98, which is the 44th percentile for Americans, that means I am more intelligent than 44 percent of Americans and less intelligent than 56 percent of Americans. I am not intellectually disabled, my intelligence is average, but I still can not succeed in school or get a job because of my autism. So autism is a legitimate mental illness separate from low intelligence.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  32. @Paul Bustion

    The vast majority of violent criminals are of low IQ. The fact that they may have some made up illness like Attention Deficit Disorder, schizophrenia, etc, for which there is no empirical test, is a secondary and possibly completely bogus view.

    I’m not claiming that mental illness doesn’t exist; it does. What I am claiming is that no one has the ability to diagnose it as there is no test but the BS opinion of some anointed mental health practitioner with a fraudulent degree. Anything based on consensus OPINION is BS with a halo.

    If all these shooters records were released as to what prescription drugs they were taking, only then might we find out just how dangerous the mental health profession really is. My bet is that big pharma and their mental professional con artists are the real cause of the shootings.

    “Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.” – Henry Ford

    Today, kids are being taught that they are transgender and then they act on that diagnosis as though it was real. They are playing the part that was scripted for them because they are too ignorant to know they’re being played. All the mental diagnoses are in some way a self fulfilling prophesy because people have a misplaced trust in a fraud in a lab coat. Their lack of critical thinking, call it intelligence, casts them in the role of the mentally disabled and they accept it.

    • Replies: @Paul Bustion
  33. Patricus says:
    @Anthony Aaron

    Exactly right Anthony!

    Our friend Sean seems to have a yearning for totalitarian government. Doesn’t seem to like the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution either.

  34. @RoatanBill

    “The vast majority of violent criminals are of low IQ. The fact that they may have some made up illness like Attention Deficit Disorder, schizophrenia, etc, for which there is no empirical test, is a secondary and possibly completely bogus view.”

    The vast majority of schizophrenics, autistics and people with Attention Deficit Disorder, have low intelligence, as measured by Intelligence Quotient tests. Autism means when a person has abnormally intense mental obsessions with things that are socially unacceptable to be interested in and also has very poor social skills and repetitive thought patterns and behavior. Schizophrenia means when a person has an inability to perceive reality correctly. Attention Deficit Disorder means when a person has trouble focusing. All of these things can be diagnosed by psychiatrists by examining a person’s past and present behavior, and seeing if it fits in with these definitions. These mental illnesses are real, they are not social constructs. My Full Scale Intelligence Quotient is 98, which is approximately the 44.69th percentile, my Verbal Intelligence Quotient is 111, which is about the 76.83rd percentile and my Performance Intelligence Quotient is 81, the 10.26th percentile. Mental retardation means an Intelligence Quotient below 70, about the 2.27th percentile, so I am not mentally retarded. But I have completely failed in being able to succeed in school or get a job. I have never been able to hold down a decent job. The average Aboriginal Australian who participates in the labor force is able to hold down a job, and their average Intelligence Quotient is approximately 60, which is about the 0.38th percentile of European Intelligence Quotient, so less than one percent of Aboriginal Australians are equally intelligent as or more intelligent than most Europeans. “Between 2005 and 2010, the overall Aboriginal unemployment rate has remained at around 15% or above. In 2010 it was 18%. The unemployment rate was 16% in major cities, and 23% in regional areas.” “Aboriginal employment, jobs & careers
    Aboriginal unemployment rates are 3 times the non-Aboriginal rates. Some web-based services exclusively list Aboriginal jobs.” by Jens Korff February 8, 2019 So it was more difficult for me to get a job while having an Intelligence Quotient in the 44th percentile than for a large group of people whose Intelligence Quotient is below the first percentile to get jobs. That proves there are other issues besides intelligence and Intelligence Quotient in a person’s ability to get a job. The other factor in my case was mental illness, I have autism, so no one would hire me because my autism makes me unable to handle a job. Autism also caused me to fail in school. Saying autism and other mental illnesses do not exist is retarded.

  35. To treat illegal immigration as the main source of alleged unhappiness among poor whites makes little sense. When people flourish, they are happy; when they struggle and fail, they are unhappy.

    Why does Ms Mercer think (illegal) immigration is the fountainhead of economic troubles? Because that is her pet issue.

    Too bad she doesn’t pause to think about the massive barriers thrown up against free enterprise and capital accumulation by ravenous government spending and the coercive means of its funding. It’s sad she ignores the roadblocks to producers imposed by the regulatory state.

    Poor people and everyone else depend on free enterprise-on its remnants now days–to eat, get housing, to live. This is lost on Ms. Mercer.

    For if she really grasped this fact, she would also understand that an influx of new workers does not cause a net loss of jobs. It changes the constellation of demand for employees, who must from time to time adjust to to the exigencies of modern life by learning new skills.

    • Replies: @Mark Humphrey
  36. @Mark Humphrey

    Actually, the I doubt the fact poor people (and everyone else) are dependent on productive enterprise is lost on Ms. Mercer, who advocates for economic freedom.

    But she seems to ignore what she knows about all this in attributing to immigration the big cause of difficulties for people who are poor.

  37. VLADDI says: • Website


    There is no “Patriarchy” of men conspiring to oppress and control women because they allegedly fear their intelligence. Women made that slander up to blame men to other women for their own boyfriend-poachings.

    No guy would ever let or encourage other guys to monitor their women for them – but all guys, in order to curry favor and get laid, would be quite eager to assert that all other guys would indeed do such things.

    Women know men want to defend and protect them and so will always fall for their damsel-in-distress acts.

    This allows them to extort men, not only as individuals, but also as a group on a massive societal scale, while also knowing that most individual men, will even go along with them in that extortion, as a group!

    This is why many men feel free to virtue-signal “feminism!” to deprive other men of their legal rights. This includes all male politicians, lawyers and judges. Even cops.

    And this is why men have been backed into corners where they can no longer flee, so they have no choice left but to fight.

  38. Lesley says:

    If everyone else’s crimes are explained by “mental health” and “a difficult childhood”, while white hetero men are the only ones who bear full moral responsibility, this means that only white hetero men have agency, as in free will.

    This means only white hetero men should have the right to vote.

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