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Christine Blah-Blah Ford & Her Hippocampus
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One of many cringe-making moments in Christine Blasey Ford’s protracted complaint before the Senate Judiciary Committee—and the country—was an affectation-dripping reference to her hippocampus.

“Indelible in the hippocampus” was the memory of supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulting her, some 36 years back, asserted Ford in that scratchy, valley-girl voice of hers.

With that, the good “doctor” was making a false appeal to scientific authority. Ford had just planted a falsity in the nation’s collective consciousness. The accuser was demanding that the country believe her and her hippocampus.

All nonsense on stilts.

We want to believe that our minds record the events of our lives meticulously, and that buried in the permafrost of our brain, perfectly preserved, is the key to our woes.

Unfortunately, scientific research negates the notion that forgotten memories exist somewhere in the brain and can be accessed in pristine form.

Granted, we don’t know whether She Who Must Never Be Questioned recovered the Judge-Kavanaugh memory in therapy. That’s because, well, she must never be questioned.

Questioning the left’s latest sacred cow is forbidden. Bovine Republicans blindly obey.

I happened to have covered and thoroughly researched the “recovered memory ruse,” in 1999. Contrary to the trend, one of my own heroes is not Christine Blah-Blah Ford, but a leading world authority on memory, Elizabeth Loftus.

Professor Loftus, who straddles two professorships—one in law, the other in psychology—had come to Vancouver, British Columbia, to testify on behalf of a dedicated Richmond educator, a good man, who had endured three trials, the loss of a career and financial ruin because of the Crown’s attempts to convict him of sexual assault based on memories recovered in therapy.

I attended. I was awed.

Over decades of research, Loftus has planted many a false memory in the minds of her research subjects, sometimes with the aid of nothing more than a conversation peppered with some suggestions.

“A tone of voice, a phrasing of a question, subtle non-verbal signals, and expressions of boredom, impatience or fascination”—these are often all it takes to plant suggestions in the malleable human mind.

Loftus does not question the prevalence of the sexual abuse of children or the existence of traumatic memories. What she questions are memories commonly referred to as repressed: “Memories that did not exist until someone went looking for them.”

Suffice it to say, that the memory recovery process is a therapeutic confidence trick that has wreaked havoc in thousands of lives.

Moreover, repression, the sagging concept that props up the recovered memory theory is without any cogent scientific support. The 30-odd studies the recovery movement uses as proof for repression do not make the grade. These studies are retrospective memory studies which rely on self-reports with no independent, factual corroboration of information.

Sound familiar? Dr. Ford (and her hippocampus), anyone?

Even in the absence of outside influence, memory deteriorates rapidly. “As time goes by,” writes Loftus in her seminal book, “The Myth of Repressed Memories,” “the weakened memories are increasingly vulnerable to post-event information.”

What we see on TV, read and hear about events is incorporated into memory to create an unreliable amalgam of fact and fiction.

After an extensive investigation, the British Royal College of Psychiatrists issued a ban prohibiting its members from using any method to recover memories of child abuse. Memory retrieval techniques, say the British guidelines, are dangerous methods of persuasion.

“Recovered memories,” inveighed Alan Gold, then president of the Canadian Criminal Lawyers Association, “are joining electroshock, lobotomies and other psychiatric malpractice in the historical dustbin.”

Not that you’d know it from the current climate of sexual hysteria, but the courts in the U.S. had responded as well by ruling to suppress the admission of all evidence remembered under therapy.

Altogether it seems as clear in 2018, as it was in 1999: Memories that have been excavated during therapy have no place in a court of law. Or, for that matter, in a Senate Committee that shapes the very same justice system.


Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She is the author of “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed (June, 2016) &. She’s on Twitter, Facebook,Gab & YouTube

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Feminism, Political Correctness, Supreme Court 
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  1. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    “Granted, we don’t know whether She Who Must Never Be Questioned recovered the Judge-Kavanaugh memory in therapy.”

    Not that I believe her, but didn’t Dr. Ford reportedly say that she had been hippocamping with the alleged 1982 assault every day since?

    So how did you recover the memory of your 1999 column?

    • Replies: @John Hanft
    , @bomag
    , @annamaria
  2. Abel says:

    Why on earth does the article talk about recovered memories?

    Ford’s point was that the traumatic memory is stored in the hippocampus and that other memories have been forgotten (which house, how getting home). At no time has Ford claimed that she recovered the memory. It has been a fresh memory for 35 years. I kind of doubt that, but it is besides the point.

    It is idiotic to write a piece talking about recovered memories in this context.

    • Agree: renfro
    • Disagree: Steve in Greensboro
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Jake
    , @EugeneGur
    , @annamaria
  3. Rational says:


    Ford is obviously lying, making up a story, which if true, would have been reported on a 911 call and lawsuits filed within a few hours—given how aggressive she is and the lawyers in her family.

    She is a democrat. Democrats are liars. Look at Clinton.

    Also she is a woman. Most women lie, lie, lie all day. (You are better, Ms. Mercer).


    Her prefrontal cortex is bigger than her hippocampus, like most women:

    “The liars in Yang’s study had on average 22 percent to 26 percent more white matter in their prefrontal cortex than both the normal and antisocial controls. Yang speculates that the increase in white matter means that people who lie repeatedly and compulsively are better at making connections between thoughts that aren’t connected in reality — like, say, “me” and “fighter pilot.”

    Or Me and 2.

    • LOL: bomag
  4. anon[107] • Disclaimer says:

    It is idiotic to write a piece talking about recovered memories in this context.

    Agree: Mercer’s approach to Ford’s hippocampus is idiotic.

    Also appears to be neurologically off-base; there’s a much stronger refutation to Perfesser Ford’s dazzling psychological explanation: alcohol wreaks havoc on the hippocampus —

    She can’t remember the house she was in or how she got there/got home because her hippocampus was suffering alcohol poisoning.

    She did poorly in subsequent high school and in early years in college because her hippocampus was pickled.

    Alcohol, Memory, and the Hippocampus
    [In adolescents] . . . cognitive processes are exquisitely sensitive to the effects of chemicals such as alcohol. Among the most serious problems is the disruption of memory, or the ability to recall information that was previously learned. When a person drinks alcohol, (s)he can have a “blackout.”
    A blackout can involve a small memory disruption, like forgetting someone’s name, or it can be more serious—the person might not be able to remember key details of an event that happened while drinking. An inability to remember the entire event is common when a person drinks 5 or more drinks in a single sitting (“binge”).

    . . . The ability of alcohol to cause short term memory problems and blackouts is due to its effects on an area of the brain called the hippocampus. The hippocampus is a structure that is vital to learning and the formation of memory.


    Mercer’s assessment seems to have been skewed in order to promote Mercer’s 1999 work on the Loftus case.
    Nevertheless, Thanks for the refresher on the pseudo-psycho process of recovering repressed memory, Ilana; it has enormous applicability to the creation of the holocaust myth.

  5. “Dr.” Ford and her alleged “memory”

    is the net product of generations of ‘Murkan women now ruined by


    (wiki will then claim that “no such page exists”; of course it does, but (((they))) are blocking it. So when the search page comes up, click again on “List of Jewish Feminists”)

    • Replies: @El Dato
  6. Anonymous[348] • Disclaimer says:

    The whole hippocampus explanation made her sound like she’s been talking to a therapist, but then she herself is a psychologist so she probably doesn’t need a therapist to help her ‘recover’ that memory.

    I think the key thing here are the witnesses. None recalled such a party ever taking place. Her best friend said not only did she not remember the party, but she had never met Kavanaugh. If she had been ditched by Ford that night and was left in a house with 2 potential rapists, don’t you think she’d remember and talked it over with her the next day? That just made her story fall apart.

    • Replies: @anastasia
  7. Anonymous[348] • Disclaimer says:

    Ford definitely looked and sounded like someone who’s had one drink too many in her youth. In her yearbook she bragged about drinking til’ passing out, and chasing boys. The Yearbook portrayed her as a popular cheerleader known for her hard partying. Excessive alcohol on the teenage brain is especially damaging.

  8. renfro says:

    This is a dumb argument…’recovered memories’ have nothing to do with Ford’s memory of the event and her non memory of some details.
    Anyone can have a good memory of a important event and not remember unimportant details connected to it.
    Not too long ago I was talking with a friend about our growing up years and our friends and he mentioned the time in our teens when I had to rescue a girl, Rachel, who didnt swim well and was going down….I remember it distinctly because she almost drowned us both, grabbing at me in panic before I could get an arm around her and haul her out ……but I have no memory of who I went to the pool with that day, whether my mother dropped me off or I went with a friend whose mother took us or what. Its not unusual to remember events, important, traumatic or whatever and not remember insignificant details.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  9. Bill H says: • Website

    Interesting photographic choice for such an article. Trial, whether in a court of law, or merely in terms of destroying someone’s life in the media, cannot be about what someone believes, or can be made to believe, but must be about what the evidence can reveal to be true. Where, when and why did we ever lose sight of that?

  10. It is amazing to me how it is these constitution loving, immigrant pundits drop the ball and have no clue what all of the smokescreen is about:

    The Dems (dims) wouldn’t dare attack the criminal Kavanaugh on the actual facts because it would implicate their goddess Hillary. There are no clean hands at the worm farm at DC, that just doesn’t happen.

  11. Wally says:

    So called “holocaust survivors”, who wouldn’t even exist if the ‘holocaust’ narrative was factual, and their impossible, bizarre, & contradictory stories are perfect examples of false & faked memories.


    False Memory Everywhere – Except in Modern History, By Germar Rudolf :
    Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, Controversial Expert on Human Memory, By Caroline Song :

    much more:

  12. Olorin says:

    Of course many higher ed campuses today would qualify as hippocampuses.

    As for the grandma holding the sign, Christine said it, she believes it, that settles it.

  13. Jake says:

    And that makes sense to you? She has been remembering this life changing event since it happened, but with no details?

    No, this is about the claim of recovered memories.

  14. Jake says:

    She could not do X or Y because alcohol poisoned her hippocampus, but she can remember what is convenient for her politics now.

    Your final stab at Mercer is another that suggests you are one of the Leftist Jewish assassins.

    • Agree: Moi
    • Replies: @anon
  15. @renfro

    Garbage! Who cares what you remember, or do not remember.
    Main thing here is that she remembered to the rest of her life to be careful about the water.
    And also Miss Ford (If she did not lie) must have noticed the house that she would not go into that house ever,

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
    , @renfro
  16. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    Rapid overwhelming increase of adrenaline in bloodstream of human beings and also animals as a result of life threatening or very stressful event leave imprint in the memory lasting a lifetime. It is simply self preserving mechanism.
    And this did not happen to you, It did happen to her.

  17. Sherlock says:


    Ford, Ramirez, Swetnick …. 3 apprentice Cat Ladies pushing their shopping carts to a neighborhood near you.

  18. Anon[205] • Disclaimer says:

    So, Judaic bullshit (“repression”) used to defile and derail public discourse. Color me unsurprised.

  19. alexander says:

    One has to remember what she said.

    “Indelibly etched in the hippocampus”


    “Indelibly etched in MY hippocampus”

    Implying that traumatic memories are stored in “that” part of the brain, but not stating, unequivocally, for the record that it was HER memory she was recalling .

    Be that as it may, I think Ms. Mercer is flat wrong on the issue of “memory”.

    Consider this,

    I am fifty five years old….and I recall, like it was “yesterday”, the first time I was mugged and beaten to a pulp walking home from school on the upper west side of Manhattan.

    I was twelve years old.

    This was forty three years ago.

    I remember the sequence of events to a “tee”,…..the friends I was with,…the approach of the street gang…the time of day (early evening)….the temperature…..the conversation I had with the ring leader…as he was walking up tight beside me….How each of my friends (quite wisely) ran into nearby stores as we were walking toward the bus…

    ….”Hey”…He said……”.You got fifty cent..!?!”

    “No”, I replied, ….”.I don’t got no….fifty cent…!!”……(of course I had my fifty cents of bus money in my pants pocket.)

    …”You don’t got no fifty cents”, he said,” I am going to punch you in the face !”…..

    …”You punch me”, I said…”.I am gonna punch you right back ! ”

    BOOM !….he popped one off, like lightning, into my right eye….

    Then, I went ballistic…I started punching this guy with “everything” I had….and I was strong for my age too…

    He went into a “rope a dope” position as he backed up to the bank wall….I remember the odd sensation of how my backpack ,crammed with books, started acting as a weird cantilever to my shots,as I was swinging…. thinking ….”what a pain (in the ass).”…

    I remember how his two bigger friends descended upon me….beating me in the head and ears from the left side, …..going down to the ground…being kicked and punched and kicked …..I remember I could not feel any pain….just felt the kicks…….I remember looking up at the bus….forty feet away….the bus drivers face..his red hair….as he sat there with his hand on the door lever…holding the door open…while I took a beating….I scrambled up and ran to the bus….and “yes”…they were “laughing”….when I did……

    They put the beating on me …no doubt about it.

    I remember putting my “fifty cents” in the coin slot…and sitting on the bus….remaining almost “stoic” all the way home….bloody lip…bloody ears….sore eye….

    I remember when I got home…my mom came out to greet me…and the expression on her face when she saw her sons bloody face…

    I remember bursting out crying when I saw her.

    I remember it all … it was yesterday.

  20. anarchyst says:

    Let’s not forget the “false memory” debacles of the 1990s with the McMartin preschool and Wenatchee Washington preschool cases where innocent people were convicted of crimes that they could not have possible committed.
    In the McMartin case, the problem was overzealous parents who believed their childrens’ fantasies, and got overzealous “child protective services” caseworkers involved. Questionable tactics to elicit “correct” responses from the children were used. Rewards, such as ice cream were used when the children gave the “correct” response. The children were badgered by these “professionals” until the proper answers were given. Many innocent peoples’ lives were ruined as a result.
    The Wenatchee debacle was fueled by a rogue detective, who saw child abuse under every rock and was determined to get convictions, the truth be damned.
    The same tactics as in the McMartin case were used to elicit the correct responses from the children.
    In both cases, the mantra that “children cannot lie” was used, along with tactics that would be unacceptable today (but are still being used).

  21. anon[401] • Disclaimer says:

    After a long conversation last night with drunken friends, me being the sober one of course, I had only one beer cuz I’m a good girl, but I can’t recall what was said or how many of us were in the room. Wait, oh yeah.

    We all decided that the seeming wussy response by Republicans was a strategy. Weren’t they all also being accused? If Grassley hadn’t bent over backwards to accommodate Ford and her increasingly violent democrat extremist enablers and all of their ethically challenged dumb followers, they would have appeared uncaring. They gave the Feinstein and Ford crowds serious consideration – no one can truthfully say otherwise.

    There really isn’t much one can say about a woman, or a man, who claimed they were assaulted or abused. Proper respect must be given and investigations must be made. We all know Ford is a liar now. Almost any real victim of sexual assault can recall the details of the assault.

    I think Republicans played it right all along. If she was not deceptive, it would have come out.

    The whole affair was the same as watching Justice Channel homicide detectives patiently wait for their prime suspect to speak until she slipped up and incriminated herself. No dna test for Ford though. In fact, no evidence at all. In the end, she proved herself incredible and all of her apoplectic supporters went off the rails and are making things worse for real victims of sexual abuse.

    The little girl act made Ford look insane.

    Now, the unfunniest comedian in the world, Amy Shumer, who, let’s face it, only got fame due to her Uncle Chuck, is rallying the rest of the moonbats, reactionaries, and liars, aka Democrat nutcases to rally and resist. Resist. Bunch of clowns think they have something to resist rather than working to rebuild a party and find solutions to their problems. Hopefully the democrat party will splinter apart and crawl away like the worms they are.

    Anyone on the fence about Trump has now almost definitely jump to one side or the other. Elections will show most people will deny democrats their ambition to destroy what’s left of the Republic.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  22. anonymous[333] • Disclaimer says:

    The ‘recovered memory’ witch trials back then ruined many lives. The hysteria featured a wide cast of characters including reckless and totally irresponsible ‘therapists’ who, for whatever weird reason pushed gullible customers into believing these false induced illusions, the troubled women (all women?Why?) who went on to make false accusations and all the true believers in the form of prosecutors, police, judges and members of the public who accepted this lunacy. Loftus deserves credit for having been one of the few people willing to stand up and take the heat, going against this wave of hysteria. Seems like the US always has had these bubbles of hysteria and panic since the days of the Salem witch trials. This person Ford has been getting all this unwarranted fawning treatment, being continually called ‘Doctor’ and ‘Professor’ which, while true, isn’t the usual treatment accorded to people who have a Phd in one of the social ‘sciences’ or have jobs as professors. Nobody I’ve ever met with those qualifications cared to be continually addressed by title. On the one hand this person is some empowered example to all women, an esteemed ‘Doctor Professor’ who jets around the world to surf the waves at exotic locales yet claims to have some fear of lying when called in and starts to cry when she recalls being laughed at almost four decades ago. Looking at it briefly she leaves the impression of being just plain screwy as well as being a person who lies a lot where lies and facts are interwoven so that one can’t be sure what’s what. What a circus this is.

    • Replies: @alexander
  23. wayfarer says:

    America’s political process/system has become nothing more than a carnival freak show, owned and operated by the world’s richest and most half-baked human beings.

    In this video, observe iconic characteristics of one of this nation’s pathetic wannabe “leaders.”

    Remember, evolution by natural selection no longer applies to the human race.

    • Replies: @Jeff Davis
  24. Want to talk about lost memory?

    How about this lost memory?

    White people who voted for Trump for his Supreme Court list have been duped so many times. First, when Trump promised us “America First!” Voters, apparently content to trust mere words, have ignored Trump’s apparent definition of “America First!” as “America has the right to antagonize Iran and Russia, and launch pointless attacks upon Syria.” Second, when Trump added Kavanaugh’s name to a list of judges after he had gotten into office. Third, when Trump negotiated with scum Anthony Kennedy, who obviously demanded a Kavanaugh nomination in exchange for his retirement.

    Christine Ford is, quite frankly, a distraction from the real intrigue: how Donald Trump motivated his base to support a candidate from the elitist wing.

    But good luck finding conservatives with the balls to publicly point out the truth: the President we elected has stabbed us in the back with an establishment nomination.

    • Replies: @Dave from Oz
  25. Anonymous[388] • Disclaimer says:

    Blah blah Ford tried to wrap her “memory” in the prestige of science, hoping it would place her above question.

    When it comes to the brain, we are suppose to believe the “experts”. These are the psychiatrists and psychologists who take the stand at murder trials and other courtroom drama. They often advocate for “rehabilitation” of teenage murderers, rapists and other criminals.

    They are practitioners of pseudo science.

  26. @alexander

    If you got a few good licks in against your opponents, remember it proudly.

    • Agree: Liza
    • Replies: @alexander
  27. Agent76 says:

    Oct 4, 2018 3 Constitutional Reasons Why Kavanaugh Should *Not* Be On Supreme Court

    The circus that has surrounded the Bret Kavanaugh nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court has been drowned out by 36 year old, uncorroborated accusations of sexual harassment.

    January 10, 2014 *500* Years of History Shows that Mass Spying Is Always Aimed at Crushing Dissent *It’s Never to Protect Us From Bad Guys*

    Jun 7, 2013 William Binney – The Government is Profiling You (The NSA is Spying on You)

  28. Weird how many people believe one side or the other when there is conflicting evidence.
    In cases like this my attitude is ‘I was not there’.

  29. alexander says:

    I agree, it is a big circus.

    Both sides seem to be interested in the truth , only in so far as it serves their respective political agenda’s. Nothing more.

    I was not particularly impressed with the testimony from either Judge Kavanaugh or Dr. Ford.

    I thought the Judge was too angry , whining, and evasive, when he could have been much more precise and pointed in his responses. I was not a big fan of the “calendar”story (true or not) nor his responses to an FBI investigation.

    I think Dr. Ford seemed quite persuasive at certain moments of her testimony , but at other key points..things did not add up.

    I find it almost impossible she knew quite clearly who all the perps were, by name and face, but simply had NO clue who drove her home…. it would have been much more authentic if she had remembered what he looked like (if it was a he) even if she could not recall his name.

    Right ?

    I find it also very strange she wore a “full body swimsuit” under her clothes, to the party …and nobody questioned , WHY she would choose to do that .

    I have asked my daughters and my fiancee how often they wear a full body bathing suit under their clothes when they went out to parties.(maybe it was something a lot of girls do)

    They said they NEVER do….. unless its a “pool party”.

    Not one person sought to find out anything about it.

    Why not ?

    • Replies: @anon
  30. Sure, Democrat women are liars. No problem there.

    But I like how, by implication, the retards on here would have you believe that Republican men are Men of Truth!

    Do you know anything at all about Republican men?

    Anybody who thinks one party is better than the other is the problem. Doesn’t matter which “side” they are on. Anybody who takes a “side” is a sucker. Doing his master’s bidding. With wagging tail.

  31. Z-man says:

    Rush Limbaugh, who I don’t listen to regularly, calls her Christine Ballsy Ford, LOL!!!

  32. anon[107] • Disclaimer says:

    Your final stab at Mercer is another that suggests you are one of the Leftist Jewish assassins.

    Not Jewish. Being called a “Jew hater” is what activated my, um, hippocampus (or endocrine system) to dive deep into what makes Jews tick.
    Too gutless to be an assassin.
    Classical liberal but so far from Leftist my right side gets lonely.

    I just don’t find Mercer’s writing that impressive or persuasive.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  33. Art says:

    Oh my – once again – surprise surprise – look who’s doing it!


    Schumer – Feinstein – Blumenthal – are guilty of leading the mindless Dems chaos – ripping America apart.

    Jews breed hate between men and women. Jews seek political power through divide and conquer, hate and chaos.

    Go to Israel Jews – we do NOT need YOU – leave us to fix our problems in our own way!

    Enough – take your money and run!

    We will recover and be better then ever.

    Think Peace — Art

  34. “Ford had just planted a falsity in the nation’s collective consciousness.”

    I’m beginning to believe the conspiracy contingent in regard to Mrs. Ford; that someone planted a false memory in her noggin. I also believe that something evil befell Ford in her younger years; something that emanated from the CIA-FBI-private sector espionage nexus that surrounds her family and friends. If she is a trauma-based asset sleeper, that means this entire hubbub is about something deeper than abortion.

    By the way Ms. Mercer, the British Royal College of Psychiatrists banning methods used to recover childhood sexual abuse memories is telling: the British elite system is filled with pedophiles.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  35. anon[107] • Disclaimer says:

    I find it also very strange she wore a “full body swimsuit” under her clothes, to the party …and nobody questioned , WHY she would choose to do that .

    I don’t recall the term “full body swimsuit;” I thought “one piece swimsuit” was mentioned.

    She had just come from a day at the country club pool; it makes perfect sense that she still had her swimsuit on. Based on my experience as a lifeguard, a day at the country club pool often involved more hours lounging on the deck, in the sun, rather than in the water, meaning that her swimsuit was dry; more trouble to change than to pull a shirt & shorts over it.

    In the good ole days when girls were indubitably chaste and modest and would not permit even a hint of cleavage, bikinis were something seen in California or Florida, not in Bethesda, MD, and we know with a metaphysical certainty that Christy blah-blah and her Holton Arms cohort were the models of modesty and decorum.

    But your query begs the question: where was her beach bag, her change of clothes, her undies, sunscreen, lipstick and hairbrush? Did she never retrieve her lipstick? Did her mother never ask her what happened to her beach bag?

    • Replies: @alexander
  36. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    Yes, Elizabeth Loftus’s work is the bane of “witnesses” who recognize (the present-day versions of) their Holocaust concentration-camp torturers seventy years after the (alleged) events.

    But if it’s profitable enough, I can remember practically anything that sells, and so could you. Of course, your price might be higher than mine … or lower.

  37. alexander says:

    Thanks for clarifying that.

    I did mean a “one piece” in saying “full body swimsuit”, sorry about the incorrect phrasing.

    I did not recall her testimony that she had spent the day at the pool club…..I started watching the hearing, live , about 40 minutes in or so…So it must have been mentioned before I started watching.

    So there is a good reason she was wearing her bathing suit under her clothes.

    Otherwise it would have seemed a bit strange.

    Thanks again ,for clearing that up.

  38. @alexander

    Let me guess. The three guys who mugged you: a Jew, an East Asian and an East Indian spelling bee champion. Right???

    (If it’s any consolation, I got mugged by three guys also. Bearing pistols and a shotgun. I know it’s traumatizing. I don’t mean to make light of what you went through.)

    • Replies: @alexander
  39. EugeneGur says:

    Ford’s point was that the traumatic memory is stored in the hippocampus

    Actually, it isn’t, and she, being a psychiatrist as I understand, should know that. It was just an attempt to give a scientific ring to her story.

    • Replies: @anon
  40. alexander says:


    Those were not the three guys….

    No worries , ….I don’t know how much I was “traumatized” by it either…I just remember it very well.

    • Replies: @alexander
  41. Obviously if the limbic system is strongly engaged during an event then it does make that event more memorable. In that respect Ford is correct, you are a lot more likely to remember a rape than something more mundane. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean such memories are reliable, or are less easily corrupted than less emotionally-charged memories. As Loftus points out in her You Tube videos, crime victims often get important details wrong and misidentify attackers. Add in the corrupting effects of alcohol and time in Ford’s case and her memories could be way off target.

    • Replies: @alexander
  42. alexander says:


    If all three guys were holding “shotguns” to my face…I would have probably given them my “fifty cents”…and walked home.

  43. alexander says:
    @unpc downunder


    I wonder what the percentage of victims of crimes get the details wrong as opposed to the victims of crimes who get the details right.

    I really do.

    I had a bizarre incident where a young man came knocking on the back door of my house at around 11 pm. (this was about 15 years ago ) it was a big , full glass,french door..I could tell right away he was injured and in distress…So I let him in, cleaned him off, gave him a drink of water, and asked him what happened,….He said he was beaten up by a (rival) gang of boys and tossed in the woods….he did not want me to call the police…just to give him a lift into town and drop him near the park.

    So I did.( I felt sorry for the guy.)

    The next afternoon, a police detective arrived at my front door and informed me there was a break in at my neighbors house (about a quarter mile, or so ,away) The perpetrator stole the cell phone, a set of keys, and tried to steal my neighbors truck…but smashed it, hard, into a pair of trees…The truck was totaled.

    I told the detective about my incident…and he asked me if I could identify the guy…I said “of course”.

    He came back from his patrol car with two sheets of photographs, each sheet having about 16 photos of possible suspects, asking me to identify the guy .

    I looked them over , twice, …and said, nope, he is not anyone of these guys..,, The detective seemed dismayed…and I remember trying hard, for his sake, to point out and ID the guy…but his face was just not there…

    I almost felt bad I couldn’t do it….Thinking maybe I had ,somehow, mis-remembered what he looked like ….But I didn’t.

    Two days later , the detective came back, with a fresh sheet of faces……It took me a half a second…”That’s the Guy !” I said, pointing to a pic….The detective did not even ask me twice, because he knew I was sure,…..he also knew the suspect….

    He was picked up later that week and came clean on the whole incident.

    I doubt there are “that many” victims of crimes who mis-remember what occurred, I imagine there are a few, …..but not very many.

    Not very many at all.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  44. El Dato says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    wiki will then claim that “no such page exists”; of course it does

    Nope, “they” did not need to add special code to freak people out.

    You must not add a “slash” at the end of the URL as the resource to fetch is not a directory, it is a page. This works:

  45. El Dato says:

    activated my, um, hippocampus (or endocrine system)

    Emotional reactions come from the amygdala, don’t they?

    • Replies: @anon
  46. anon[107] • Disclaimer says:

    “. . .she, being a psychiatrist [1] as I understand, should know that. It was just an attempt to give a scientific ring to her story. [2] ”

    She’s not a psychiatrist but a psychologist with a doctorate (PhD) degree: world of difference.

    A psychiatrist goes through medical training — i.e. is trained and qualified as a medical doctor with a specialty/special training in neurological/brain-related/bio-medical/psychological/mental disorders.

    The field of psychology, even at the PhD level, is looser-goosey: one can acquire a PhD in psychology thru on-line and also proprietary schools.

    However, despite her traumatically impacted hippocampus, Blasey Ford appears to have checked a lot of boxes at credible institutions:

    “She [Blasey Ford] earned an
    –>undergraduate degree in experimental psychology in 1988[4] from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.[3] She received a
    –> master’s degree in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University in 1991.[4] In 1996, she received a
    –> PhD in educational psychology from the University of Southern California.[4] Her 1995 dissertation was entitled Measuring Young Children’s Coping Responses to Interpersonal Conflict.[13] In 2009, she earned a
    –> master’s degree in epidemiology, with a focus on the subject of biostatistics,[14] from Stanford University School of Medicine.[4]”


    Nevertheless, AGREE that she tossed in psycho-jargon to “give a scientific ring to her story.”

    • Replies: @Russ
  47. anon[107] • Disclaimer says:
    @El Dato

    Emotional reactions come from the amygdala, don’t they?

    I’m an accountant.
    Emotional reactions come from the P&L statement.

  48. alexander says:
    @Rosamond Vincy

    Thank you.

    I wouldn’t actually refer to them as my “opponents”:..more, I guess , as my “assailants” ….but I did get some “licks in” against the guy who popped me….that’s for sure…..

    To be honest, I think he was in shock at how quickly I hit him back…..He went into full “rope a dope” defense… I didn’t care…..I was going to hit this guy until he crumpled…. or my arms fell off…

    It was only after his two “big ” friends joined in the fray , clocked me hard from the side and sent me to the pavement…that he started kicking me..and laughing… I finally got up..and ran…to the bus..

    In all honesty …they beat me up…

    They kicked my ass..

    and I remember it all , very ,very well.

    • Replies: @Rosamond Vincy
  49. @anonymous

    Maybe because there is written documentation.

  50. @alexander

    Trust me, so does he. His friends may have come to help him out, but they never let him forget that he needed help. Since it sounds like they were strangers, not school @\$\$#0/3\$, you never got a chance to see how his status faded, but it did.

  51. renfro says:

    Garbage! Who cares what you remember, or do not remember.

    Garbage! Who cares what your opinion is. LOL

  52. bomag says:

    didn’t Dr. Ford reportedly say that she had been hippocamping with the alleged 1982 assault every day since?

    It seems she has been hippocamping it since she needed an abuse story to bolster her cred in therapy circa 2012.

  53. Russ says:

    “Nevertheless, AGREE that she tossed in psycho-jargon to “give a scientific ring to her story.”

    One answer after pleading ignorant of the meaning of “exculpatory,” no less.

  54. Anastasia says:

    Why are all Senators and the entire media calling this woman credible? How do they determine credibility?
    A melodious voice? She did not even have that. She sounded like a whiny 8 year old.

    The Democrats are liars, but so are the Republicans. They want to maintain objectivity, they say. Concluding she was credible is self-contradicting.

  55. Anonymous[128] • Disclaimer says:

    You’re right. In 2012 it was a confabulation made up for her therapist and husband to explain her inexplicable conduct with her family or friends, or both. In 2018 she decided to politicize it. It was just a plain ole lie.

  56. anastasia says:

    The second door to the house and the bathroom was made for a woman therapist who had a business at her home, not because of her PTSD.

    The therapist who rented the place specialized in helping victims of abuse recover th eir memories.

    • Replies: @anon
  57. anastasia says:

    Why do people keep saying she wished to maintain her anonymity. The first person she called was the Washington Post. She certainly did not want the accusations to stay secret.

    Later, on July 30 she sent a letter to Feinstein, and gave her name.

    Even before the letter to Feinstein was mailed out, she was taking polygraphs and retaining lawyers. Does that sound like someone who plans on staying anonymous?

    I think she only wanted to stay anonymous until her plan was completed.

  58. anon[107] • Disclaimer says:


    Got sources?

  59. @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    Voters, apparently content to trust mere words, have ignored Trump’s apparent definition of “America First!” as “America has the right to antagonize Iran and Russia, and launch pointless attacks upon Syria.”

    Trump doesn’t have the power to stop the wars. The US underwent a quiet military coup during the second half of last century, and now the MIC and the security apparatus does whatever it damn well likes with the world and with taxpayer dollars.

    The only thing that might stop the wars is a direct and unambiguous order for a complete withdrawal, with the full backing of congress and the supremes, and at least a few generals and admirals facing a firing squad for mutiny when they decide that they simply don’t have to obey it.

    It ain’t going to happen. Nope – what will happen is that the USA will continue losing wars and haemorrhaging money, until the Chinese government finally chooses to deactivate all those electronics using the hidden firmware etched into every piece of silicon they permit to leave China.

    You realize, for instance, that all the internet routers talk to each other in a subchannel beneath TCP/IP? That that’s how Cisco pushes out upgrades? A few keystrokes, and we are all back in the 1950’s and the west just doesn’t have the people or the equipment to age a 1950’s war anymore.

  60. MarkinLA says:

    I also believe that something evil befell Ford in her younger years;

    Yeah, she had a crush on some guy and he didn’t ask her to the prom.

    How about this. Miss Pussy-hat visited her friend and over a few drinks one said to the other. “I wish there was some way to stop the Kavanaugh nomination”. The light bulb went off and they started brainstorming. Jokingly at first but they soon realized that it just might work. Once they had a viable plan they called the congress critters who helped put together the team to make it happen.

    Everybody on the team knows this is bogus and everything was done without any electronic communication.

    • Replies: @Jeff Davis
  61. Passed through University of Massachusetts (UMASS) Lowell Campus yesterday, a few intrepid fatties were carrying their rape-culture signs, although there were thousands of them down in Boston yesterday. It could easily be renamed Hippo Campus. Blah-Blah Ford could come cut the ribbon. If she could introduce recovered memories, maybe the Hippos could remember the dozen donuts they ate an hour ago before they sit down to the next dozen. These ‘protestors” (most of whom WISH someone would rape them) are the single ugliest group of females ever seen outside of a stockyard for hogs. They’re fat, but these porkers, with their extra weight, look twenty years older, even though they must be in their teens and twenties. Same with Blah-Blah Ford, Jesus, she looks 75. Hillary is an old, old 71. And Feinstein, she’s aging by the minute with this evil she’s done.

    Does angry feminism make its practitioners age faster? In a time of greater longevity for women, is victim signaling aging them faster? Or is it their drinking and gobbling up the M&Ms of the Depressed that does it?

  62. She wanted anonymity until gofund me dawned on her. Twas an inspiring Chardonnay.

    ‘Blah-blah ho’ could enter the vernacular.

    Prediction: come November, blah blah will clinch the deal for the GOP.

    These femitwat issues are becoming a wedge issue between decent women and whores. Democrats are having playing the race card blow up in their face. Damage control is picking MIC candidates. 1/2 of their new congressmen are CIA/FBI. Wow. When deep Feminism fails go deep state. It’s definitive now: the Democrats have no souls. They sold them for whatever gets them power. There is no other solution than to drive a stake through its heart and restore America to greatness=whiteness.
    I wonder when Jews will feel afraid enough to start moving to Ukraine? Good times ahead.
    Practice your knots, perfect your crafts (beer, whiskey and hand-loading) and keep your shivs sharp and your powder dry. America baby!

  63. KenH says:

    Leftards were really impressed with her “indelible in the hippocampus” utterance and ascribed instant credibilty to her story. Ron Unz was almost moved to tears. Hell, she almost won me over with her mastery of brain anatomy.

    Kavanaugh should have fired back that he sometimes had cerebellum problems in high school, so was physically unable to assault a girl. That would have evened the score and put leftards on the defensive.

  64. annamaria says:

    “..but didn’t Dr. Ford reportedly say that she had been hippocamping with the alleged 1982 assault every day since?”
    — And then she forgot to tell about these memories to her boyfriend for six (6) years?

    “The former boyfriend, whose name was redacted, also said [under oath] Ford neither mentioned Kavanaugh nor said she was a victim of sexual misconduct during the time they were dating from about 1992 to 1998.”

    Guess, the Freudian fraud is still too lucrative to become obsolete.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  65. annamaria says:

    “… the traumatic memory is stored in the hippocampus…”
    — It does not. Read some good book on the cognitive neuroscience.

  66. annamaria says:

    “…the unfunniest comedian in the world, Amy Schumer, who, let’s face it, only got fame due to her Uncle Chuck, is rallying the rest of the moonbats, reactionaries, and liars…”
    — Agree, Amy Schumer is not gifted as an actress. Actually, a mediocre person is mediocre in everything (and she is not even moderately attractive).

    But there is a delicate Q for the noisy MeToo crowd that is overwhelmingly pro-Mrs. Clinton: How it would be OK to have Bill Clinton, a famous philanderer and frequent flyer to Lolita island (where the teens were sexually abused on industrial scale), as a First Husband in the White House? This is the same Bill that had ordered the bombing of Yugoslavia: “NATO forces led by the U.S. under the command of General Wesley Clark committed the worst war crimes in the Yugoslavian conflict that climaxed with NATO’s 78 day aerial bombardment of civilian targets in Serbia and Kosovo in 1999. Serbians were more often the victims of “ethnic cleansing” by U.S. allies, rather than its perpetrators.”

    And here is the Lolita Express story re Clintons: “Between 2001 and 2003, while Hillary was serving as a US Senator, Bill took a number of “extended junkets” around the world with the hedge fund manager [Epstein].
    The flight logs showing those traveling with Clinton on board the plane, which reportedly had a bed where passengers had group sex with young girls as young as 12, included socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, who prosecutors believe procured underage girls for Epstein.
    Epstein served 13 months for soliciting “prostitutes” as young as 14 and is now a registered sex offender.”

  67. anon[107] • Disclaimer says:

    From one California-based Democratic political activist to another

  68. anonymous[114] • Disclaimer says:

    Why did you truncate my question? I said, “Not that I believe her, but …”

    Ms. Mercer wanted to recycle an old column that had no pertinence to the claims of Dr. Ford. She’s no more entitled to deference or respect for a poor job than your late hero, Mr. Lang.

  69. annamaria says:

    Colonel Patrick Lang is a true American patriot. His blog is publicly available. His name is well known. The leading ziocons hate Colonel W. Patrick Lang (wonder why…)

    What are your achievements, anonymous[114] ?

    • Replies: @anonymous
  70. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m usually [340]. You may remember me from Mr. Lang’s retreat at Comment Ridge, and then from The Unz Review.

    My other accomplishments around here include (i) hounding phony and/or mediocre columnists and (ii) using the correct REPLY button when engaging other commenters.

    I have no interest in yours.

  71. She made claims at different times that the assault happened in 1982 when she was 15, the mid 80s and the late 80s when she would have been at least 20. Surely there is a retard out there who will reply that they are confused whether something they did was when they were 15 or when they were 18. She is a poor liar. So is every one of her supporters who claim that no woman ever lies. [email protected]

  72. my2cents says:

    This article is so incredibly dumb that it will cause me to question anything this author has to say in the future.
    Traumatic incidents stay with us for the rest of our lives. They are not recalled, they are THERE.
    Inside this old woman is a war child. I have memories of certain events that will NEVER leave me. Peripheral memory around these incidents leave us the trauma never does. That is how the psyche works. This author is disrespectful of Dr. Ford and insults herself with her ignorant comments. It is hoped she will never suffer a real rape. but if she does, that she may have at her disposal a caring Minister and his wife who took me under their wing and had me repeat over and over again my brutal violation (while sleeping in my own bed, which landed me in the Emergency room)) for 50 maybe 70 times one afternoon. He had a psychology degree and he was determined that I should not suffer lifelong repercussions from that violence. I shall be for ever grateful for his wisdom and caring. I do not remember the name of the street the house was on but am relatively certain I will find it when I get to that town. Long after the Minister’s death his wife asked me how I had dealt with the issue. I was able to tell her I had NOT suffered any remaining psychological issues from the event and was able to recall it in an entirely detached fashion. She confirmed that THAT was her husband’s purpose in questioning me the way he did. Few victims were as lucky as I was. obviously Dr. Ford did not and is still to this day haunted by the event.
    So shame on this author and shame on those ignorant and clueless males who agree with her. May you never have to endure a daughter who was so violated.
    To Annamaria, I would suggest you study Psychology before spreading more nonsense here.

    • Replies: @anon
  73. anon[107] • Disclaimer says:

    Sorry about your traumatic experience.

    Christine Ford experienced nothing like that.


    PS Get over it. Grow up.
    Nobody promised you a rose garden.

  74. @wayfarer

    I would bet… that this creature, Berky in the video, has learned and practiced this “technique” throughout her life: manipulation-by-feigned-panic-and-hysteria. It probably worked repeatedly on her parents from the time she was a small child, a child with a “talent” for tantrums. But not with this cop, who has no doubt seen the whole spectrum of emotional strategies aimed at getting out of a ticket.

    And I have to commend you, wayfarer, for identifying the same technique practiced by Berky here as practiced by Blasey Ford. I would bet Ford’s parents, her father in particular, were weaklings when it came to discipline. In consequence of which she would have learned to feign emotional distress until she provoked sympathy, and then she would have continued to “suffer” until she would have been “placated” by getting what she wanted.

    Go to the video of Ford and watch how quickly she transitions, at the end of her prepared statement, from a state of childlike distress, her voice quavering, to almost gleeful, smiling celebration as she happily hoists her coffee cup in the air. The woman is disturbed. Disturbed no doubt by the emotional damage wrought by a life of habitual deliberate insincerity, a life of manipulative dishonesty.

  75. @MarkinLA

    Which is why her social media accounts were deleted along with the internet records of her high school yearbooks. Which show the unsurprising over-the-top wild party culture of the all-girl Horton school.

    I’m not the least bit judgmental about the sex/drugs & alcohol/rock & roll culture of the time. My generation — Boomers — practically invented it in the late 60’s. And remember, the pill freed up girls to have sex if they wanted, without shame or risk of pregnancy. And they wanted.

    The notion Blasey Ford would have us believe, that she was prim and proper, is laughable. The kind of nonsense — ie a teenager’s necessary deception — that she would have employed to keep her parents in the dark about her teenage “adventures”. (Though what sort of parent doesn’t know — or at least suspect — the truth, having been teenager themselves once?) But trying to sell that “prim and proper” nonsense in Senate testimony broadcast to a national audience was nothing short of delusional. (That said, the “sexual assault/attempted rape” accusation is a very powerful, and very powerful as a lie.)

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