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Candace On Tucker Is Wrong About 'Riot and Rut' Crowd
When a bloodbath becomes a bacchanalia
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In an era where everything is captured on camera; the cold-blooded murder of Gyovanny Arzuaga and Yasmin Perez remains particularly galling.

The occasion was the Puerto Rican Day Parade in Chicago, Saturday last. The location: West Division Street on the Northwest Side, at Humboldt Park.

South Africa style—and for no good reason—a bunch of “fellas,” as Colin Flaherty is wont to say, leapt out of their vehicle , surrounded a stationary car, pulled a young couple out of it and shot each in the head, execution style, while hopping about and gesticulating in feral glee. Watch:

There was no detonating rage or purpose to the act—only heightened arousal. The scene had the ritualistic quality of a voodoo ceremony, minus the wide-eyed ululation. Running commentary offered by the videographer had the same flat affect: Folks, this is good fun, but hey, stay cool. Chill.

“I don’t think this crime will be ‘disappeared’ so easily,” tweeted one “Musil Protege.” “It may be worth watching Tucker tonight. He has developed a relationship with Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez,” posited “Musil.” The alderman is “a reasonable law-and-order Democrat, who has become something of a thorn in the side of Mayor Lori Lightfoot.”

Shortly after the Tucker Carlson witching hour (Tucker is magic), “Musil” was back on Twitter feeling thoroughly dejected.

“My mistake,” came the next tweet. “Tucker Carlson turned to his go-to expert on everything, Candace Owens. Mea culpa.”

Say no more.

Twitter’s “Musil” is right about Tucker’s disappointing tack. The Fox News superstar had intimated that nobody rendered a more lucid explanation for the orgies of black crime on display than the oracular Miss Owens.

In essence—and without fail—Candace contends that the Democrats made them do the deed. The Democrats are the provenance of all the ills of society.

For his part, Tucker was really lacquering Candace’s “The Democrats Made Them Rut And Riot” theory of crime with praise. This was “the crispest summation of a very complex issue,” he ruled, as he conceded the exact opposite: Crime was a feature of human nature (and not a divination of the Democratic Party).

Owens, who was on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to address the “terrifying rise is violent crime and crime rates,” had rattled off something about, “The Democrats using black people and racism as pawns to distract people from what’s going on,” namely a government power grab.

And, “Everything bad is coming from the United States government being controlled by Democrats.”

When Ms. Owens says she’ll “spell it out for us plainly,” we must listen (my tongue here is firmly in my cheek). After all, when she and Charlie Kirk spoke for Brexit in London, circa 2018, they dubbed their visit “the most important American philosophical arrival to [sic] Europe since Thomas Jefferson arrived in Paris.” That was Charlie Kirk, not Russell Kirk.

June 19 saw a shooting go down in Oakland, California, in which one individual was killed and 6 injured, north of the Lake Merritt Amphitheater. The large rave was to revel in the newly minted Juneteenth “holiday.”

The bloodbath soon turned into a bacchanalia. This is the way people expressed how hot murder made them. Watch:

By Candace Owens’ consistent line of argument on Mr. Carlson’s TV slot, the Democrats made some black residents of Oakland CA, simulate coitus and engage in an orgiastic celebration of murder and mayhem around the vans of the emergency medical technicians.

What’s remarkable—and so alien—about these killing fields across our country is the sexual component; the debauchery and revelry that accompany the violence. Violence appears to be sexually titillating to some lower-order reptilian brains (with apologies to reptiles).

As a handgun pumps slugs into the prone victims aforementioned in this column’s lead; pants are pulled down, and lower extremities are thrusting like those of a dog in-heat. (Apologies are extended to the canine community, too, for the unfortunate comparison.)

In all, “the Democrats made them riot and rut” argument is doo-doo. It doesn’t fly, and it’s pretty bad moral reductionism.

NEW Video: “Conservatives MUST Recognize Aggregate Group Differences While Cherishing The Individual.”

This always enjoyable conversation With David Vance was based on last week’s column, “Murray’s Empirical Wisdom Confirms ‘Into The Cannibal’s Pot’s’ Analytical Truths.”

• Category: Ideology, Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Black Crime, Blacks 
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  1. You’re right, the Dems aren’t the cause of savage colored behavior, but they do enable it, make excuses for it, and at this point celebrate it. While most Repubs whistle, hang their head, look awkward, and do nothing about it. The Shitshow States of America.

  2. Of course acts of gratuitous violence get the juices flowing and the tribal coital undulations around the fire started. Do you think Black men act like thugs because black women find criminality unattractive? Steve Urkel style black nerds (a nearly non-existent demographic) surely pass their genes on with more frequency than dead beat players, right? Nothing gets panties wet like responsible, upstanding, intelligent citizenship!

    I wonder what will happen to the nerdy, wealthy jews with their weak and ugly phenotypes when we’re in the South African all-against-all? Are White gentiles, with their stronger constitutions and greater numbers, really going into the cannibal’s pot before the jew? I for one don’t care if White gentiles win at this point: this level of cowardice and stupidity begs for punishment, but as long as I have a blinking eye and and beating heart, do know jew that my entire life now is dedicated to seeing you get utterly rekt and if my entire civilization needs to go down in flames for that end, so be it.

    • Replies: @goldgettin
  3. JimDandy says:

    I do think Dem policies and rhetoric are at least partially to blame for these new levels of black savagery.

  4. @George_Floyd

    “Getting panties wet” is instinctual, not tribal.It’s a necessary ingredient of life.

    Would you rather have the “no orgasm” policy of Orwell’s 1984?

    Or the prearranged matrimony and puritan eugenics of the aberrational religions?

    And seriously,this “jew” thing,what is it?A simple rationalization or construct for every
    malady in the world.? No one else is,or is easier to blame?Seems too simple…

    • Replies: @JimDandy
    , @George_Floyd
  5. Bose says:

    Come on Ilana. You hate Candace Owens because she is everything you are not. She is successful, wealthy, articulate, charming, beautiful and brave. She is brave because as a young black woman who self identity as an American nationalist, she gets a lot abuse from the left but she does not care. Your hatred of Candace probably has less to do with the fact that she is black but because when you were growing up in South Africa, your family presumably had black servants. Your mindset is still stuck in the Apartheid era when blacks knew their place. I have only recently scrutinized your writing (ranting?) and reading between the lines you seem to be a segregationist and wish whites would unite against everyone else. Wake up! You are now in 21st century America, a country you seem to hate but a country on the eve of getting a female president of part African heritage. Colin Flaherty? Is this the same slimy supremacist who keeps telling anyone who would listen that blacks are slaughtering whites in large numbers? I understand he is dying. Good riddance to him.
    Oh, and I forgot, you are now being interviewed on you tube by a British non entity who is currently under the radar of British security services because of his support for anti Muslim violence. A Jewish Nazi lover? Ilana, you need help.

  6. The participants in the Chimpout are Democrats. Chimpouts occur in Democrat jurisdictions where Chimps are a protected species. The murderers of Gyovanny Arzuaga and Yasmin Perez are Democrats. This is political realism. Race is not the only thing that’s real.

    If you don’t want to be a victim of recreational murder, whatever your race, you must relocate out of Democrat jurisdictions.

    • Replies: @Dani
  7. JimDandy says:

    And seriously,this “jew” thing,what is it?A simple rationalization or construct for every
    malady in the world.? No one else is,or is easier to blame?Seems too simple…

    I hear variations of what you’re saying a lot, and it seems fallacious. The subject here isn’t every malady in the world. The primary forces behind the Wokeness/BLM juggernaut are Jewish, and it’s logical to place much of the blame for the attendant chaos and destruction on those forces.

    • Replies: @goldgettin
  8. Mr. Ed says:

    Candace Owens is a fraud who adapted her current politics to make money; she is the ‘token negro’ that appears on all Cuckservative venues. Even wikipedia says this.

    Very disappointing for Carlson to back her. Guess he wants to keep his job.

    • Agree: UNIT472, Realist
    • Replies: @UNIT472
  9. Americans for the most part, just don’t get it. Of course, where I live in the U.S. it wasn’t even on the “news” and that’s a big part of the problem.

  10. @goldgettin

    The comment was an observation of African diaspora mating behavior rather than a normative prescription. Even in some hypothetical scenario in which I or people like myself had complete control over the State’s coercive apparatus, assuming coexistence in the same national boundaries, I wouldn’t see any upside in regulating a hostile outgroup’s dysgenic breeding habits. Why correct your enemy when he’s making a mistake? In fact, I’d encourage morbidly obese White women with room temperature IQs to throw their lot in with the African diaspora population, which is basically what happens in reality anyway. The outgroup becomes a dysfunctional nuisance and a propaganda gift that keeps on giving, and the State doesn’t have to use any force or take any PR flak to neutralize them. You just stand back and posture as benevolent as biology and nature does all the hard work for you.

    So no, this humble servant won’t be preaching Jay’sus and the missionary position to Shaneequa.

  11. @Bose

    Why would you paint Colin Flaherty as a supremacist, when all he has done is document the extreme violence many blacks are involved in when the so called legitimate media does not, or hardly does? Even if he were some kind of supremacist, it’s got nothing to do with the truth of the stuff he investigated. What is true, is self evident, right on the video’s and pictures, no matter who posts them. Does one really need an explanation of how evil the murders of those two people were?

    • Replies: @Jtgw
  12. Get tired of the endlessly looped deflecting slogans Candice Owens and other Con Inc. creations are stuck in. “It’s the Democrats!” “Democrats are the real racists!” No. It’s black behavior, culture and governance.

    • Agree: Realist, lavoisier
  13. Rurik says:

    In all, “the Democrats made them riot and rut” argument is doo-doo. It doesn’t fly, and it’s pretty bad moral reductionism.

    how long until Hollywood makes another slavery movie?

    how long until the ADL or SPLC promotes more of their brand of ‘social justice’?

    here’s something I read long ago

    We really should learn something from the difference in the way the media — which is to say, the Jews — have responded to the ethnic cleansing going on in Rhodesia today and to the ethnic cleansing in Serbia a year ago. The Jews really were determined to wreck Serbia, to force the Serbs into line, to make them accept the New World Order. And so they reported the cleansing of Kosovo with emotion, with detail designed to rouse the emotions of viewers against the Serbs. I’m sure that you can remember that; it was only a year ago. Compare that with the coverage of the murder and expropriation of White farmers by mobs of Black savages in Rhodesia today. The difference is like that between day and night. … … The difference is in the attitudes of the media bosses, of the Jews. They don’t want us to get excited about the Rhodesian farmers. It doesn’t serve their interests for us to get excited and agitated about Whites being murdered by Blacks. To the contrary, it might interfere with their racial plan for America.

    You can easily substitute Rhodesia with South Africa or America today, as they’re all, (just like Europe) slated for hatred, murder and genocide.

    But Ilana is correct, isn’t the Democrat party that is foisting all of that on the dying ((murdered)) West.

  14. Realist says:

    Yes, Carlson is amiss when accessing black actions, as is Owens. The reason blacks act in a primal manner is, that of all the races, they lack the mental development of self-control, their emotions control their behavior, they are not able to logically foresee the consequences of their actions.

    Carlson seems to be incapable of comprehending the possibility that melting pot America is a chimera. He is adamant that the only way America can survive is for everyone to intermix, compromise, and get along…the old Rodney King supplication People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along?.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  15. Realist says:

    I take it Bose is a nickname for Bozo.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  16. UNIT472 says:
    @Mr. Ed

    Sad but true. The reality is ANY moderate negro who wants to get elected or make a living as a political pundit HAS to espouse Republican positions. The Democrats don’t need them and the CBC won’t have them. Tim Scott couldn’t get elected to the Senate as a Democrat nor could any negro elected to the House without doing so from a Republican district.

    I gave a little money to Kim Klacik last year for her run for Elijah Cummings old seat. The GOP gave a her prominent place at the Convention, made sure she was well funded and had an excellent media campaign. She was young, attractive and promised to change the way Baltimore was being run. The Democrats, scared she might actually flip the seat, brought out of retirement the old war horse, Frizzel Grey, aka Kweise Mfume. That Frizzel, like Elijah, had presided over the decline of Baltimore into the urban combat zone of today didn’t matter. Negroes don’t care about anything but race and Klacik, because she had a R after her name, wasn’t an authentic negro so she got trounced 75-25.

    Its time the Right tells conservative negroes your help is worthless. You can vote for us but we can’t waste our firepower getting you elected or representing us on TV when all that does is displace a more genuine conservative candidate from getting elected to that seat or representing the right on one of the few pundit slots the media allocates to the right. We’d be better off offering support to a few Asian or Latino conservatives ( if they can be found) since they might actually be able to generate support in their communities for the right.

    • Agree: Female in FL
    • Replies: @NightTrain
  17. @UNIT472

    Have to agree. Blacks are never going to give up their identity politics when that it is how they have made political and legal gains over our rights or complete destruction of them(freedom of association) in the name of racial equality. Blacks securing government coercion and punishment of the white population for non-compliance of government enforced forced association is at the center of their ideology. Government institutions willfully carry out and enforce this ideology as a moral imperative. We will never win them over when this is how they have been empowered by the use of power by the government against the white population. No conservative fantasy of winning blacks over with things like PragerU videos or Jack Kemp “black empowerment” seminars and conventions has worked and never will. It’s too late for whites to play the same game of identity politics. Their survival on this continent will not depend on how they make the system work for them when that system is now firmly entrenched against them. Their survival will depend on them fighting for it and bringing about a new system that encourages and insures it.

    • Replies: @Ancient Briton
  18. SafeNow says:

    The “biological imperative” is the set of behaviors that an organism will engage in in order to be successful, so as to perpetuate its line. Territoriality, group-forming, sex, etc.

    For people who evolved in Africa, the constellation of behaviors is different from what it would be in other places. In fact, geneticists have written about “the warrior gene.”

    Now, as for Candace. I’ll stay with genetics. Somehow, she wound-up with what I call “the talking gene.” This is almost always a Jewish gene. Man, she talks fast! But I don’t know how smart she is. Tucker never asks her questions that would reveal the answer; perhaps because he himself is not that smart once the monologue is done and he would have to think on his feet.

  19. @NightTrain

    “The values of the weak prevail because the strong have taken them over as devices of leadership.”
    – F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power,§863 (excerpt).

  20. Lussier says:

    I was born very close to Humboldt Park, and as is the general rule, the truth is no longer known unless you were there to see it yourself.

    Humboldt Park was still considered a major shopping / commercial area when I was a little kid, and was entirely built by ‘white ethnics’ – mostly Norwegians, Germans, spillover from Andersonville / Ravenswood / Lakeview, and some Italians. Today the white population is something like 5%-10%.

    Andersonville / Ravenswood / Lakeview (not Humboldt Park) are still today some of the most valuable residential areas of Chicago, because the quality of construction, masonry and woodworking is often unbelievable. You can go into even old rental buildings from the turn of the century and commonly find marble fireplaces and carved wood features that would today be consigned to luxury mansions.

    The truth of Humboldt Park is, it was literally conquered in a race war driven by racist Puerto Ricans against the native white population. Everyone who was there at the time knows this.

    The ‘Latin Kings’ street gang was literally founded for this purpose, and no one was safe as the P.R. ‘conquista’ was underway.. I recall driving in my aunts caprice convertible, as a child, through Humboldt, and having a random Puerto Rican adult on a bicycle ride up to her car and begin smashing it against the side of the car repeatedly. Our crime was being white in the neighborhood they wanted to (and succeeded in) driving the white residents who had built the area out of their homes.

    The only group who even attempted to fight back were almost all white southern migrants who had moved to that area in much smaller numbers than the P.R. Latin Kings, and the gangs that the whites founded to fight back were in no way competitive in numbers. If you drove through the area back during the P.R. race war, you would see ‘Simon City Royals’ graffiti, which were the southern Whites fighting back against the ‘conquista’. SCR soon turned into mere gangsters themselves, and then almost totally faded away as the area was lost to safety / white people, entirely.

    In the end, the water returns to its natural level, so to speak. The falsity of of equating all ‘immigration’ as the same ignores the fact that only populations that can build their own neighborhood and society can actually maintain it. Populations who immigrated to open space and created viable cities out of bare land are not the same as opportunists who want to backfill what some other people created.

    The ‘Latin King’ savagery waged against the white people who had built Humboldt has simply come full circle and long since begun eating its own, its just that only a few of us who were actually there recall how this actually began..

    • Agree: 36 ulster, Ray Huffman
    • Replies: @Ray Huffman
  21. Kerry says:

    Take an overdose of soy today, man? Jesus Christ.

    You said that Ilana needs help? That’s called projecting.

  22. Kerry says:

    Good column.

    It’s nice to see the former doxer of the right-wing CONdace Ownes being called out.

    Owens isn’t stupid, and she knows that being the based black girl of the Right pays big dough.

    • Replies: @Ian “Red” Rivers
  23. @JimDandy

    You make good points,and very correct,but for,assuming the subject is “every malady.”

    My point was…there is, and always has been more to reality than simple explanations.

    “The forces”…is the question,and are they truly only jewish?…Logically unlikely.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  24. BuelahMan says:

    And seriously,this “jew” thing,what is it?

    It is a simple recognition of the obvious. Something jews will not admit to for whatever their reason is.

  25. Cohen says:

    OK. You could not come up with an answer of Mr. Eleeeee Weasel missing tattoos from Auschwitz.

    How about him not mentioning gas chambers in his book Night (Ist ediction) and remembering the horrible wooden doors gas chambers in the 2nd edition). Unfortunately, that the innocent children in US schools are forced to read Weasel master piece. That is a crime.

    What happens when these children grow up and enter the real world finding out the deception of Weasel and the propaganda machine of Hollywood. They get disenchanted and start hating the cause you Zionist are trying to promote. I know personally two of such cases. Here is one for you about Auschwitz. How you guys are going to stop such material??????

    Video Link

  26. Cold blooded murder, something that I haven’t the slightest doubt, Derek Chauvin did not intend for George Floyd, despite the despicable charge that he intended to murder him. Sickening.

  27. JimDandy says:

    Soros… Susan Rosenberg… The Mainstream Media… Academia…

    In general, I think the it’s often logical to blame things on whatever group has the real power, but this accusation is even more precise: The Woke Movement is part of the organized “Intersectional” attack on traditional white culture. This has been a long-game assault, dating back to The Frankfurt School, and it is arguably the central focus of Kevin Macdonald’s body of work.

    • Replies: @goldgettin
  28. @JimDandy

    “Attack on white culture”?”Long game assault,dating back to”…? The Romans?
    Aboriginals?Egyptians?Ottomans?Persians?What about Socrates?
    Blaming the “jews” just seems too easy,though “organized and intersectional”is obvious.
    We have to call “them” something,whatever or whomever, “they” are…ALIENS?

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  29. @Realist

    He knows, but he cannot say.

    Although Ilana is right, tactically it is better to blame Democrats- but only if you have a real strategy (something which I doubt). In modern world, anywhere, you cannot say the truth about blacks. Not even in such highly racially conscious countries like Japan and China.

    As I said earlier, the entire world order should be reshuffled & the UN turned into some type of confederacy of 4-8 racial/religious/cultural zones, with different standards of behavior, ethics & expectations.

    But it is not possible.

    What is possible, in theory, is some kind of soft re-segregation & real equality of opportunity, without Negro worship that has been poisoning the Western world for more that half a century. Blacks simply cannot alter their nature. But, promoting people like Booker T. Washington & local black leaders who are realistic about their expectations would make a healthier climate.

    Here, Israeli policy is, in my opinion, sound. Evidently, local Arabs are not as smart as local Jews. But, they don’t say this open & loud. They don’t go into IQ-ethno wars. Although Arabs lag behind Jews in PISA tests- I wrote about this – they just mention it in some local papers & give additional lessons to Israeli Arab population, so that Arabs now constitute ca. 20% of students at Israeli universities.

    Though- I don’t see it is applicable to blacks. Arabs are, whatever you may think, heirs to an old civilization, while blacks ….

    • Replies: @UNIT472
    , @Realist
  30. UNIT472 says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Unfortunately America is cursed with this historical residue.

    BTW, his father was a career criminal too!

  31. JimDandy says:

    I wasn’t blaming “the” Jews. I was blaming a Jewish movement that was explicitly intent on destroying the dominant host culture in America, dating back to, like I said, The Frankfurt School. This subject is, like I said, one of the central focuses of Kevin MacDonald’s work. They consciously worked to take over and dominate American academia and used it as a mechanism for the instillation of those ideals. Higher education was a highly effective bottle neck for infecting the future leaders of wide variety of American sectors.

  32. @Kerry


    Couldn’t agree more on Owens. I’m predicting that before the new decade turns, she will go all Michael Steel and write a book about all the racism (sexism, misogyny, harassment?) she experienced at Faux News & among the Con-Inkers.

  33. More likely than not, the murders of Gyovanny Arzuaga and Yasmin Perez are hoaxes and this is a psyop. Usually in politically/racially charged murders like this, the case is a hoax and many of the actors involved, sometimes all of them, are relatives. I have been researching the alleged murder of Mary Phagan in Atlanta in 1913 and I learned that almost everyone involved in the circumstances around her alleged murder and the trial and lynching of Leo Frank for that alleged murder was related to each other, except for Frank. For example, Frank’s defense witness Lemmie Quinn was a third cousin, one generation removed, of EP Dobbs, one of the men who lynched Frank. Frank’s defense attorney Luther Rosser was the dad of Luther Rosser, Jr, who married Sarah Dorsey, the sister of the prosecuting attorney in the murder trial of Frank, Hugh Dorsey, and who was third cousin, one generation removed of Hugh Dorsey. Hugh Dorsey and Julia Connally Rosser, Luther’s wife and Luther Jr’s mom, were both descendants of Thomas Connally and his wife Mary Price. The main witness against Frank was Jim Conley, who was descended from the Connally slave owning family whom Hugh Dorsey and Luther Rosser, Jr were descended from. All the people involved in this case were Jews. This was a Jewish psyop to cause conflict between Jews and White Christians
    Derek Chauvin’s case is similar. He and George Floyd worked in the same store before their alleged altercation, and I bet that they were cousins of each other.
    Kyle Rittenhouse’s case was also similar. Rittenhouse is a Jewish name and it seems likely that he was related to the man he allegedly killed, Rosenbaum, and that everyone in the case was related to each other.
    In pretty much every case of this kind of racial and political controversy that I have investigated it seemed to be a hoax or psyop and there seemed to be relatives involved.
    This case seems to be a psyop for the purpose of generating racial and political conflict. Yes, Black and Brown people are violent and belligerent, but this case still does not seem like a real case. It seems like a psychological project to divide and conquer society.

  34. Realist says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    He knows, but he cannot say.

    Then he is ineffectual. While he is probably the best of the MSM pundits, his inability to be more specific leaves his usefulness to Whites…lacking.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  35. @Realist

    What would you do?

    The truth is: blacks, everywhere they reside, tend to be low on IQ & high on crime and uncontrolled hormonal sexuality. Put them in any environment, strict environment – and they’d have behaved more or less the same.

    It is also true that their savage behavior Ilana writes about in this masterful piece is not limited to them. Anybody who knows history is well acquainted with unspeakable atrocities during Mongol conquests in the 13th & 14th C; closer home, Soviet soldiers raped and frequently murdered 2 to 4 million German, Hungarian,.. women in the 1944-46 period: also, WN crowd tends to overlook that German forces had raped more than 10 million Russian, Polish, Ukrainian ..women- brutally, pathologically, deadly in many instances. Won’t even mention the Japanese in China and Korea.

    But these are situations where men are out of their minds with fear, aggression, alcohol, drugs… actually- deranged.

    In the Puerto-Rican case, it was a typical black wilding, violence without real cause, bestial brutality just for fun & not fueled by stress of exploding howitzer shells nearby.

    And what to say?

    That blacks are naturally prone, at least a significant segment of them, to such animalistic behavior, so that stricter measures need to apply to them as a community.

    One cannot put this in law.

    But- what one can is to expose, visually, this type of violence so that, without going into IQ, hormones, evolution, whatnot … much more people, any race, should be disgusted & say- I’m tired of this savagery. Do something.

    In short- TV presenters’ words don’t matter much. Images and videos are crucial.

    Morality and Abstract Thinking : How Africans may differ from Westerners – Gedaliah Braun

    Another aspect of African behavior that liberals do their best to ignore but that nevertheless requires an explanation is gratuitous cruelty. A reviewer of Driving South, a 1993 book by David Robbins, writes:

    Victim of Rwandan violence.

    “A Cape social worker sees elements that revel in violence … It’s like a cult which has embraced a lot of people who otherwise appear normal. … At the slightest provocation their blood-lust is aroused. And then they want to see death, and they jeer and mock at the suffering involved, especially the suffering of a slow and agonizing death.” (Citizen [Johannesburg], July 12, 1993, p.6.)

    There is something so unspeakably vile about this, something so beyond depravity, that the human brain recoils. This is not merely the absence of human empathy, but the positive enjoyment of human suffering, all the more so when it is “slow and agonizing.” Can you imagine jeering at and mocking someone in such horrible agony?

    During the apartheid era, black activists used to kill traitors and enemies by “necklacing” them. An old tire was put around the victim’s neck, filled with gasoline, and — but it is best to let an eye-witness describe what happened next:

    “The petrol-filled tyre is jammed on your shoulders and a lighter is placed within reach . … Your fingers are broken, needles are pushed up your nose and you are tortured until you put the lighter to the petrol yourself.” (Citizen; “SA’s New Nazis,” August 10, 1993, p.18.)

    The author of an article in the Chicago Tribune, describing the equally gruesome way the Hutu killed Tutsi in the Burundi massacres, marveled at “the ecstasy of killing, the lust for blood; this is the most horrible thought. It’s beyond my reach.” (“Hutu Killers Danced In Blood Of Victims, Videotapes Show,” Chicago Tribune, September 14, 1995, p.8.) The lack of any moral sense is further evidenced by their having videotaped their crimes, “apparently want[ing] to record … [them] for posterity.” Unlike Nazi war criminals, who hid their deeds, these people apparently took pride in their work.

    Where Amy Biehl was killed.

    In 1993, Amy Biehl, a 26-year-old American on a Fulbright scholarship, was living in South Africa, where she spent most of her time in black townships helping blacks. One day when she was driving three African friends home, young blacks stopped the car, dragged her out, and killed her because she was white. A retired senior South African judge, Rex van Schalkwyk, in his 1998 book One Miracle is Not Enough, quotes from a newspaper report on the trial of her killers: “Supporters of the three men accused of murdering [her] … burst out laughing in the public gallery of the Supreme Court today when a witness told how the battered woman groaned in pain.” This behavior, Van Schalkwyk wrote, “is impossible to explain in terms accessible to rational minds.” (pp. 188-89.)

    These incidents and the responses they evoke — “the human brain recoils,” “beyond my reach,” “impossible to explain to rational minds” — represent a pattern of behavior and thinking that cannot be wished away, and offer additional support for my claim that Africans are deficient in moral consciousness.

    • Replies: @Realist
  36. The very fact, that Nancy Pelosi, or any of the democrats so heavily invested in politics in Chicago, have not said a single word about this cold blooded murder of two people, ACTUALLY SAYS ALL ONE NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THE DEMOCRAT PARTY LEADERS.

    This is the kind of stuff we hear happening in third world nations but even in those places this kind of violence mostly goes with political upheaval. Defund the police, use race baiting as a default way of doing politics. Slam white kids in schools with anti-white ideology. I repeat, any white person that continues to support the party of Pelosi, Schumer and company, is an extremely ignorant white person.

    White people who are this stupid and support the left just to remain in some leftist group of friends or organizations don’t give a shit about their kids their friends and certainly not about the nation they live in. There are no excuses. Give me a break.

  37. Realist says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    What would you do?

    I take you to mean if I were a pundit like Carlson. I am not trying to be critical of Carlson personally, just his effectiveness is limited by his dependence on the owners of his platform.

    I and many others on this blog are trying to get the word out about the demise of Western Civilization, some are even suggesting possible solutions. We are able to do this with the pleasure of Ron Unz who is much more tolerant than large corporations. The UNR is the best blog of its kind bar none, for numerous reasons.

    I certainly agree with your comments.

  38. “Rut” is the right word. How are these sheboons twerking alongside the EMT truck any different than the tribal dancing seen in early movies of African tribes?

    What’s really happening is that as whites retreat from imposing their cultural standards and mores upon blacks, blacks become less Europeanized and more African. They’re simply reverting back to feral type, just as a domesticated animal would if freed from the constrictions of farm life. I don’t say this with any malicious intent. It just is. Freed from the order imposed by the farmer in the barnyard, pigs go feral, dogs go feral etc.

    Blacks are just becoming who they really are. This is very hard for goodwhites (most of whom grew up in cities and have had no experience with animals) to process. They refuse to see it or, if they do, blame it on whites through some all-too-familiar-to-Unz-readers contorted logic. Goodwhites assume that blacks, left to their own devices, would be just like them. Little do they know blacks. Blacks themselves reject this notion. How many videos have we seen over the past two years in which radical blacks disclaimed any connection with the white Antifa rioters?

    Blacks don’t want what neutered, gender bending Antifa wants. Blacks want to get high, boogie, rap, twerk and rut; preferably in some public dance ceremony, just as they did in the old country. Just compare the new with the old videos. Roots!

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian
  39. @Realist

    No, Bose is probably an heiress to the Bose Audio empire.

    • LOL: Realist
  40. KenH says:

    One thing about Tucker is he’s going to give his audience a heaping dose of Candace especially when it comes to explaining racial issues. I think he has a rule that when he talks about race and black crime in the cities he’ll need to bring on black guests who agree with him so that he covers his fanny from charges of “racism and white supremacy”.

    Candace always tells us that Democrat policies are hurting blacks and causing the violent crime spike but Tucker never has her explain why her stupid, white hating bruthas and sistas continue to vote Democrat again and again and again.

    There’s nothing wrong with Hispanic alderman Ray Lopez but apparently Tucker thinks he’s the only alderman in Chicago. It would be nice to hear from a white alderman who doesn’t like Lori Lightfoot and who abhors the negro crime wave but we don’t get to hear from them.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
    , @Dani
  41. @KenH

    What do you expect from them? To retell Russian/Persian/Aesop’s fable? You’re waiting in vain.

    The Scorpion and the Frog

    A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream and the
    scorpion asks the frog to carry him across on its back. The
    frog asks, “How do I know you won’t sting me?” The scorpion
    says, “Because if I do, I will die too.”

    The frog is satisfied, and they set out, but in midstream,
    the scorpion stings the frog. The frog feels the onset of
    paralysis and starts to sink, knowing they both will drown,
    but has just enough time to gasp “Why?”

    Replies the scorpion: “It’s my nature…”

  42. Jtgw says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    We shouldn’t even be asking that average cognitive differences should be the only factor we consider – only that it be one factor to consider among many. So unfortunate that even such a modest demand should be put beyond the pale.

  43. Dani says:

    Honestly, whether we’re talking about “chimpouts” that involve looting, arson, rioting, flash mobbing, or especially that vile disgustingness displayed at the EMT vehicles, the most savagely primal barfarific display one could hope to never see, I do not believe the participants are “democrats”…in fact, I’d wager a rightly sum the majority of the participants, regardless of the chimpout activity and the city it is taking place in, is a “person” who has never voluntarily voted in his or her (its?) entire life.

  44. Dani says:


    You said:

    “I think he has a rule that when he talks about race and black crime in the cities he’ll need to bring on black guests who agree with him so that he covers his fanny from charges of “racism and white supremacy”.”

    Compared to the type of comments I come across here on a regular basis, I am just insecure enough to often come away with feelings of sub-par intelligence. Whether this is the case or not is debatable. That being said, I wish I could say I know you meant this sarcastically – as if anyone needs telling there appears to be a rule nowadays only black guests are allowed to appear on “conservative” programs (Tucker, Sean, Laura, et al) when feature topic is CRT/”white supremacism”/racism, in general,/racial crime statistics??? This was abundantly obvious to me some time ago and I don’t even watch television other than on the most sporadic of occasions (visiting parents home) – In fact, I’m sure it’s more than an “unspoken” rule – the idea of that even sounds silly – of course, it has been discussed and written into contracts, formalizing it in every possible way.

    I found it charmingly annoying at first (handful of viewings caught over a one year period, Fox News night time programs) – in some cases, I was glad to see ANYONE saying some things that needed to be said and didn’t really care it was coming from a “conservative black” – that wore off a long time ago. I CRINGE when I hear white people gush over said blacks. I have lost respect for a few I’ve followed for years, as they continually, out of desperation, mirror and forward videos/podcasts/articles of “conservative blacks” whose information they are positively beaming over. It’s really sad and pisses me off.

  45. @Lussier

    When it comes to obnoxiousness, Puerto Ricans are probably tied for first place with Israelis. They make Mexicans look like fucking Episcopalians. Screw them.

  46. Anonymous[170] • Disclaimer says:

    Come on Ilana. You hate Candace Owens because she is everything you are not.

    Too true. Owens is a grifter.

    Candace is the female version of con-artist Tariq Nasheed. The difference is her race-hustling is FOR “The Man”…and shekels!

    For years Owens called herself “Caribbean,” not black. And hung around/dated whites.

    Then she changed direction.

    For shekels.

    A brave and bold, fierce and feisty, equal-to-any-man female, she used the Race Card to punish a white ex who’d hurt her feefees. She grifted nearly \$40,000 from her highschool, pretending to be a horribly harassed, endlessly “oppressed BLACK female.”

    Oh, the humanity!

    When her plans (funded by rich Daddy’s money) to become a world-famous dancer failed, she created a website to dox children: “Social Autopsy.”

    When that created a shitstorm, she ran away, hiding for a year.

    Then changed direction. Again.

    Seeing the attention former feminist Cassie Jaye’s film (THE RED PILL) got…

    …Candace reinvented herself a la Zionist Charlie Kirk. She called herself Redpill Black, literally cashing in on Trump’s supplicating to blacks…burying her prior “Caribbeaness.”

    Since then, she not only married a rich white beta, she now sports “white” hair. She went from this…

    …to this:

    Tree of Logic has/had Chameleon Owens’ number from the git:


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