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Bring In the Feds! Protection of Natural Rights Trumps Federalism
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America circa 2020 continues to erupt in riots, spurred by the death-by-cop of George Floyd. The violence is qualitatively different to the violence that roiled the U.S. during the race riots of 1964.

Whether you thought those riots right or wrong, back in 1964, state police officers were a forceful presence for law-and-order. They did damage to rioters as deliberately as they defended people and their property.

End-stage America” riots, referred to by the malfunctioning media as “peaceful protests,” have engulfed “over 2,000 cities and towns in all 50 states.”

Even Wikipedia has conceded that “most large cities [have seen and are seeing] large scale rioting, looting, and burning of businesses and police cars.” You know how bad things are when such habitual liars for the Left admit to “large-scale” destruction by the Left.

This “mostly peaceful” mob even murdered a man, in Minneapolis, and burned down a pawnshop, all in memory of George Floyd.

Neutered, coopted, infiltrated and compromised—the police force in 2020 is missing in action. In the rare event that they act in accordance with their constitutional obligation to protect innocent people and their property, the police are hobbled—prevented from deploying riot-control tactics and, thus, invariably “hurt and hospitalized.

End-stage America” and its kneeling, pleading police force is the result of institutional rot, brought about because of the Left’s lengthy control of the intellectual means of production (neocons and ConInkers are collaborators).

In 1964, The Law would not countenance the disruption of public order and tranquility. The Law in 2020 has helped invert ordered liberty, so that, in America today, the law protects the outlaw against the law-abiding.

Witness the case of Mark and Patricia McCloskey: Riffraff invaded their grounds and encroached on their residence. The legacy media faulted the St. Louis couple, framing the two’s self-defense stance and deterrence as dangerous aggression. The Law followed through with weapons confiscation and criminal charges.

The police, whose first duty is to uphold the negative rights of the citizens, appear to believe they serve not the citizens but local mob bosses like Seattle’s mayor, Jenny Durkan, and her crooked police chief, Carmen Best. The latter, who seems to worry more about the weave on her head and eyelashes than about the working people of the city, commanded her compliant and cowardly police officers to desert their posts and the people they swore to protect.

Another Black Lives Matter stooge—all-round coward and oath-of-office violator—is Paul Pazen, police chief of Denver, Colorado. He stands complicit in standing down so as to enable the violent attack on author and activist Michelle Malkin.

Ms. Malkin, the scrappiest, bravest woman in America, was physically assaulted at a “Back the Blue” rally, in Denver, Colorado, on July 21. Police were present all right. They watched on as a bulldyke with a baton advanced on a little Braveheart of a lady, who screamed her lungs out in fury, not in fear.

But the boys in blue for whom Michelle stood up, stood down.

Inspired by scenes of wanton destruction openly enabled by elected authorities and their private militia—the police—Chris Cuomo of CNN minted a new phrase for the kind of “peaceful protesters,” who physically struck the diminutive Ms. Malkin and are destroying structures across the country: “Inequality riots.”

“Potato, potahto, tomato, tomahto”: Another morally corrupt celebrity, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrat from New York, has made the Jean Valjean Argument from Bread: Rioters are hungry. Indeed, there are some “heartbreaking videos of starving New Yorkers stealing bread from … a Chanel flagship store on Fifth Avenue.”

The same scenes played out in thousands of cities across the country. Worst of all have been Portland, in Oregon, and Seattle in Washington State.

So, finally, President Trump has sent in the cavalry. The president launched “Operation Legend.” “Announcing a surge of federal law enforcement in American communities plagued by violent crime,” Trump added that he had “no choice but to get involved.”

This paleolibertarian supports the president’s belated defensive actions to launch a counter-terrorism operation with the aim of crushing a violent insurrection against law-abiding America.

It is essential to take back the streets, and to quit misnaming a repulsive specter that is neither democratic nor peaceful.

Upholding rights to life, liberty and property is a government’s primary—some would say only—duty.

Belatedly, and in furtherance of the violation of individual rights, Democrats frequently rediscover American federalism. (In fairness, to promote their political agenda, Republicans are as opportunistic about deferring to the division-of-power bequeathed by the Founders. Rather than mandate facemasks to save people from dying and killing others; Republicans have left local leaders to supervise the killing fields of COVID.)

The reason the president’s domestic counter-terrorism operation is warranted is because the people’s rights to life, liberty and property are being systematically violated.

And natural rights antedate the state apparatus. Federalism is an excellent principle, but it is not a religion.

Michelle Malkin has a natural right to walk about unmolested and speak her mind free of bodily harm. If Colorado officials will not uphold her inalienable natural rights in Colorado, and mine in Washington State, then bring in the feds. Better still, free armed citizens to do the job their representatives, ostensibly bound by the Constitution, have shirked.

What a shame that a debate that ought to be about inalienable individual rights is straitjacketed into statist terminology.

We are told that “federal authorities from the FBI, U.S. Marshals Service, DEA and ATF” have arrived in our states to protect federal property (court houses, in the main), when their true duty is to uphold inalienable rights undermined.

The level of decision-making is immaterial; what matters is the decision. No one has the right to threaten lives and livelihoods (that includes the Internal Revenue Service). By logical extension, it matters not who upholds those inalienable rights to work and walk about Seattle and Denver unmolested—which state or federal official—just so long as someone does.


Yes, suddenly loathsome local leaders like Seattle’s Mayor Jenny, Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler (who was tear-gassed by federal agents on Wednesday night), Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D), and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) are decrying “a blatant abuse of power,” given that policing is the purview of “states, and governors and locals officials.”

To repeat, natural rights antedate the state apparatus and the federal scheme. And although federalism is an excellent principle, it is not a religion.

In their appetite for destruction, these liberal “leaders” have rediscovered principles for which they’ve hitherto had nothing but contempt.

In the liberal vernacular, States’ Rights are synonyms for racial hatred and discrimination. Now Democrats are shrieking louder than Dixiecrats ever did that the intervention by the Federal government in state affairs might undermine this “cherished” principle. (So, they know about the 10th Amendment?)

What’s next in liberal two-facedness? As they shield lawbreakers and attack the law-abiding, will Mayors Jenny, Lori and Ted lecture that, “We are a nation of laws”?

These confused casuists, whose reasoning is even more meager than their morals, don’t know that the long tradition of English and American law and the Christian religion favors the preservation of life, liberty and property over their forfeiture.

Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She’s the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter, Facebook , Gab & YouTube

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  1. ruralguy says:

    Good article, Ilana. The left is very clear that they do not respect free speech nor any view that differs from their own. They no longer respect the transfer of power after elections. They shout down and violently harass anyone who oppose them. We no longer have a republic, so the first to seize power will win.

  2. Kerry says:

    The best column I’ve read all week.

    “It is essential to take back the streets, and to quit misnaming a repulsive specter that is neither democratic nor peaceful.”

    This says it all. I hate how some on the Right are saying, in so many words “Let the Democrat run cities burn,” no, this is more than just the petty D vs. R nonsense.

  3. lloyd says: • Website

    I don’t support looters. But one can qualify if deprived of income and threatened with homelessness, otherwise reasonably law abiding people might loot to fence later. I assume Ilana has never been in that situation. A capital society without capital is a nightmare as is now looming over the lives of millions of Americans. The Democrat Congress woman of New York has or knows of such people.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  4. @lloyd


    AOC does not know even ONE poor person!!!!!!!

    The bitch grew up in a wealthy neighborhood, went to an expensive college. She has NEVER known one moment of poverty and she doesn’t hang out with any poor people. Have you seen the way that cunt DRESSES? Her outfits cost THOUSANDS.

    You are an imbecile.

    AOC says that people are rioting and looting because they have no BREAD?

    Are you SHITTING ME?

    They are rioting and looting and KILLING people because they are ASSHOLES and SCUM.

    And if that stupid bitch cared about her constituency why did she keep Amazon out? That cost her district BILLIONS of dollars.

    My God…’re as dumb as she is and that’s an accomplishment.

    • Replies: @lloyd
  5. jsinton says:

    Trump is walking a tightrope right now. He has been since taking office. He dodged the Russiagate bullet, the impeachment scam. He’s still dealing with plannedemic, although I think he’s in on the vaccine scam. The race hype panic is now front & center. Liberals are all out of kitchen sinks to throw at Orange Man, so they’ve pulled the hydrogen bomb nuclear attack with an all-out war on his base. The queer scam didn’t pan out, they couldn’t sell Mayor Pete. Nobody is too crazy about illegal people stealing their jobs. So the last kitchen sink is a full frontal attack on white people, because they’re all racist and rich, being led, conducted, financed privileged white middle class know-nothings and their Jewish media enablers. The rulers of the madness are hoping Trump engages in some sort of martial law exercise so they can prove what they’ve been saying: That Trump is Hitler. My sense is that Trump wins if he does nothing, since America knows the leftists are destroying America, and the media and the corporations are cheering them on. Burn those cities down, they’ve already been destroyed by Democrat policy anyway. People will flee to the suburbs and vote Republican. The cities will turn into dead zones, with no one producing, only sucking resources. History tells us it worked for Nixon, why not Trump?

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  6. onebornfree says: • Website

    “In the rare event that they [police] act in accordance with their constitutional obligation to protect innocent people and their property, ”

    You are living in a dream world! There is no ” constitutional obligation to protect innocent people and their property,” for the police, at least according to the criminals in the Supreme Court. And no I’m not going to provide links, do your own research.

    And as to the “federal government to the rescue” general idiotic bent of your entire piece, John Whitehead gives a more than adequate response to your shilling-for-the-Feds lunacy:

    ” The Federal Coup To Overthrow The States And Nix The 10th Amendment Is Underway”:

    …so I feel no urge to further elaborate on his [as usual] excellent article.

    “Paleolibertarian”? More like ” just another [federal]-government-to-the-rescue” fantasist!

    No regards, onebornfree

    • Agree: mark tapley
  7. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    Living in Chicago I’m quite happy to see Trump bring in the feds. Not that I think it’ll make a major difference but because it challenges the rotten politicians bemoaning it. It shows them there’s still a fightback out there. The mayor, attorney general and others are pro-criminal as part of their racial solidarity with looters and criminal gangs. It’s just flat-out race with them. Others such as the governor and senator Durbin are incompetent and refuse to protect the law-abiding citizens. Durbin went so far as to compare Trump with Putin, a tired subject by now. Things are heating up.

  8. Cowboy says:

    The cities are gone the deal is done. Spinning out ideological arguments about natural law notwithstanding. The plandemic was brought on first so you people would be trained to work at home and don’t come downtown. The negroes who run and jump and make lots of money don’t want you breathing on them so don’t expect to watch them in person. Just stay in your banal suburban hellholes and do as the govt tells you.

  9. Realist says:

    America circa 2020 continues to erupt in riots, spurred by the death-by-cop of George Floyd.

    Again you are assuming the video tells the whole story. We’ll see what the body cams and the trial show.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  10. I’m just happy to read that someone else made note of the blatant hypocrisy of invoking states’ rights and secession now. Seems like the last time something like this happened, the president’s well-documented white supremacist views and blatant violations of the Constitution were forgiven to make him one of the country’s biggest mythic heroes. Does this mean we’ll have a Trump Memorial in DC by 2050?

  11. lloyd says: • Website
    @Robert Dolan

    I wait for the day you will find yourself without funds to feed your family and waiting for your Trump bucks. She is likely hearing stories of deprivation and illegal acts to keep families fed. But of course up against people like you, she can’t give examples. But by the time it reaches you, the deprivation will be middle class and the Government wil consequently bail you out. Unless America collapses completely. I am reminded of the Dylan song, Like A Rolling Stone.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  12. Keep the feds out. Let blue cities burn and let blacks kill blacks.

    • Agree: bruce county
  13. Mercer should know about fake Floyd. Floyd and the cop worked together as bouncers at the same bar. Another Zionist psyop like the Arbery incident and Breonna Taylor. Like Los Vegas and Sandy Hook. The Zionists have to have conflict and hatred to make progress. The fake virus is another example. Without the mandated masks, isolation and fear mongering by the CDC drug pimps and the Jew MSM, people would have forgotten all about it. The Zionists are conditioning the goyim with the fake virus, fake test and fake numbers so the cucks can be lined up for the fake and dangerous but highly profitable vaccine scam.

    The riots are part of the Zionist program originated in the Jew Frankfurt School instigated to demoralize and destabilize the western countries. They want to create enough chaos so that people will demand that the federal gov. step in. This would then be used as an excuse that the elites would take advantage of to impose martial law and get rid of the local police in order to employ a federal gestapo accountable only to the elites. These riots should be handled by the local authorities and local police. If left wing mayors want do their job, they need to be replaced.

    Another motive being exploited here is the violation of property rights. The Zionists know that when people lose their property rights they will lose the rest of their rights. The abolition of property rights is the first plank of Marx (Moses Mordecai Levy) communist manifesto for the same reason.

  14. @jsinton

    You got one part right – Trump is in on it. Trump is just a puppet actor for the Zionists. His job is just to put up a conservative facade in the left right paradigm while all he really does is rubber stamp whatever the Zionists want done for Greater Israel and the Zionist agenda. He has always been controlled by the Zionist Jews and they are his primary donors. He was bailed out of his personal debt of 1.2 billion by the current Sec. Commerce Jew Wilbur Ross former managing Director of Rothschild Inc. for 25 years.

    The zionists have controlled the presidency since Woodrow Wilson. They have to maintain the facade of a dichotomy between the Rep. and Dem. but at the top they are both controlled by the same Zionist elite. That’s why no policies of any consequence ever change. The Russia nonsense as well as the supposed impeachment are just diversions to focus the goyims attention and make them think that the two parties (really only one -the Zionist, socialist) are fighting. Just like the Bush family Zionist crooks and the Clinton Zionisgt crooks, they are all friends.

  15. @Realist

    Fake Floyd “I can;’t breathe” was staged just like Trevon Martin and the recent Arbery and Bronna Taylor. Same Zionists that did 911, WMD’s, global warming and all the other fake viruses including the current one. People should be able to spot all of these false flags by now.

    • Agree: Realist
  16. @lloyd

    The gov. is bailing out the super rich under the fake virus fraud. That is where over 95% of the money has gone. This indirect tax will be paid by all of us and including the unborn while the Sovereign banking cartel transfers the country’s wealth to the top.

    This was all planned well in advance. The fake flu was exposed by reporter Harry Vox in 2014 from documents of 2012. Gates had 201 pre pandemic meeting in 11-18-19 and shortly after the Senate had closed door meeting then alerted big donors. They pulled their money out at the top, tanking the market as the fake virus was sprung, then as the money started flowing in they began buying back.

    This is another wealth transfer as in the bailouts for billionaires of 08-09 when Obama shilled for the banking cartel after they set up the real estate bubble. Now the Jews at Black Rock and other insiders will come in and scoop up bankrupted businesses and property dirt cheap while at the same time consolidate more assets under their control.

    OAC is just another Zionist operative in the Obama mold, set up in order to deliver her “useful idiot”
    constituency into the hands of the Zionists she fronts for. See her real origin and history at – Miles Mathis on AOC.

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