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An Anti-Semite Asks & Is Answered: Is Israel Racist? (Part 1)
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Some months ago, a gentleman who pens anti-Semitic tracts approached me for an interview. I agreed. Being a naïve methodological individualist, I never generalize about individuals. That my interlocutor writes crude anti-Semitic boilerplate did not mean I would not give him a chance to reveal himself as someone other than a crude anti-Semite.

After I had already answered his written questions in full, however, he bailed.

Here, then, is my reply to one of many loaded and leading questions I was asked and had answered in good faith.

A leading question is one that suggests an answer. Since I am Jewish, I was considered a priori guilty . Of what? Well, you know: “nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more,” as goes the Monty Python skit.

In his case, the fact that I married gentiles twice was not enough to clear me from charges of “Jewish supremacy.” I was pelted with uncouth, inappropriate, bias-confirming questions such as, “Do you think that marrying a non-Jew was a mistake and you should only marry another Jew?

One of the less flighty questions was, “Do you believe Israel is a racist state?”

I’ve been deconstructing the construct of racism in my latest columns, analytically showing that, at worst, racism is a worldview, a state of mind—often spoken or written, and entirely the prerogative of a free people, just so long as no corporeal aggression is committed.

Gleaned from the gentleman’s own enthusiastically affirmative reply to his question—it was clear that he had failed to draw the distinctions made in the column, “Was The Cop’s Knee On George Floyd’s Neck ‘Racism’? No!

That distinction is, very plainly, that we have no way of divining what’s in a person’s mind—in this case Officer Chauvin’s, as he pressed down on Floyd’s neck, for eight minutes and 46 seconds. All we know is that it was wrong, and that there are laws that address unprovoked or excessive violence.

To extrapolate to Israel: To the extent Israeli soldiers or law enforcement act with depraved indifference or commit felony crimes against innocent Palestinian civilians—to that extent they should be punished and, I venture, are punished.

When all is said and done, however, there is no credible way of inferring racism from Israeli acts of depraved indifference, or from Chauvin’s.

Nor should we, given that “racism” is mostly a mindset.

Thought crimes are nobody’s business in free societies. In free societies, the role of law enforcement agencies is to police corporeal crime—the kind that injures property and person. Thought crimes, when voiced, hurt only feelings.

Anyone who partakes in weaponizing the nebulous racism construct is a progressive—and certainly a bad person, in my book.


Prejudice—here used as the right to pre-judge—is a concept more fittingly attached to the Jewish ethno-state, not racism. The idea of rejecting some and welcoming others into the fold, as Israel most certainly does, is an extension of an individual’s right as a sovereign, discerning human being.

So long as no real violence and aggression are involved, the right to pre-judge and, consequently, to associate or dissociate in accordance with one’s prejudgments—this is the prerogative of a free person, and, by extension, of a free group of people, living in voluntary association.

Is freedom of association racist? Is exclusion racist? Only if you are of the progressive left. Both vicious and violent, the progressive left believes that one is compelled by egalitarian, humanistic dogma to accept everyone into your midst on pain of punishment.

Again, the freedom to exclude is not racist. Rather, it is the inherent right of free individuals, living severally or collectively.

The freedom to exclude is a libertarian tenet of liberty. This, not racism, is the reason many libertarian-minded conservatives were with Barry Goldwater in opposing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as it dictated with whom people may associate or dissociate from—who they employ, serve, sell to, or rent to.

Free people associate and dissociate at will.

To wit, say a retail store selling Nazi insignia and memorabilia opens its doors in my neighborhood. I enter in search of the yellow Star of David Jews were forced to wear during the Third Reich. The proprietor, decked out in Nazi regalia, says, “I’m sorry, we don’t serve Jews.”

“Don’t be like that,” I reply. “Where else can I find a pair of clip-on, yellow Star-of-David earrings?” (My ears aren’t pierced.) The Nazi sympathizer is polite but persistent: “Ma’am, I mean no disrespect, but back in the Old Country, Jews murdered my great grandfather’s cousin and used his blood in the leavening of the Passover matzah.”

“Yeah,” I reply. “I’m familiar with that blood libel. I assure you my own mother’s matzo balls were free of the blood of brats, gentile or Jewish. No matter. I can see where you’re coming from. Your loss. Good luck.”

There! Did my courtesy to the man’s oddball “sensibility” hurt me? No, it didn’t. It enhanced his freedom and hurt me not at all. (There’s for those earrings.)

It is with the same courtesy and good cheer that I had agreed to reply to my interviewer’s loaded and leading questions. Alas…


In Part 2: Racism, as understood in the US, is more often concerned with discrimination based on distinct physical characteristics. That will be addressed, next week, vis-a-vis Israel.


Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She’s the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June, 2016). She’s currently on Gab, YouTube, Twitter & LinkedIn, but has been banned by Facebook.

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  1. gay troll says:

    The freedom to exclude is not racist. Rather, it is the inherent right of free individuals, living severally or collectively.

    This is a neat way for a “non supremacist Jew” to politically justify something like oh, I don’t know, Zionism. The only problem is that the Jewish Bible – a fictitious history on which Jewish culture is premised – is not about the freedom to exclude. It is about the DIVINE PREROGATIVE of the Jews to INVADE other nations and destroy them totally, on their way to WORLD DOMINATION which is after all the promise of YHWH. The Jewish Bible is a supremacist document and even if Ilana makes no claim to racehood many Jews do; it is after all the basis of the charge of “anti Semitism.” Here’s a question Ilana, are you one of the chosen people? And if not, why do you call yourself one?

    • Agree: Jim Christian, Pheasant
    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  2. Ilana, I ask this in good faith: Is their anything fair minded Jews like yourself can do to stop anti-gentile Jews from ramming their diversity-for-thee-but-not-me down our throats at the point of SPLC’s and ADL’s sword?

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Thanks: 36 ulster
  3. Anon[363] • Disclaimer says:

    Is freedom of association racist? Is exclusion racist? Only if you are of the progressive left. Both vicious and violent, the progressive left believes that one is compelled by egalitarian, humanistic dogma to accept everyone into your midst on pain of punishment.

    Again, the freedom to exclude is not racist. Rather, it is the inherent right of free individuals, living severally or collectively.

    Congrats, Ilana, you are officially alt-right, and one of the first Jewish people to completely satisfy the sensibilities of any serious alt-right person. Assuming the next article doesn’t throw a twist in that changes this entirely.

    But I disagree with part of the above. One of the common definitions of racism is discrimination, so I think that exclusion is discrimination and racism.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  4. Kerry says:

    I always look forward to reading a new Mercer column.

    “Since I am Jewish, I was considered a priori guilty . Of what? Well, you know: “nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more,” as goes the Monty Python skit.” LOL. People do that with Jews it’s true, and it’s ridiculous. It’s like me, I’m half-Italian, so, I guess I’m to blame for La Costra Nostra?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  5. Israel is an Apartheid state where Jim Crow and Jewish White Supremacism are dominant. Half of the Palestinians have been expelled from their country and only one third of those who are still there have the vote.

    Is a country much more racist than the US Jim Crow South of the 1950s and 60s a racist country? It’s such a terribly complex matter for a Jew to decide in only a few decades.

    Everybody who supports Jim Crow is a racist. Everybody who supports Apartheid is a racist. Everybody who supports Jewish White Supremacy is a racist.

    I am annoyed by Democrats who rave like lunatics about imaginary White racist sins in today’s US. Like every advertising victim, they can be relied on to not oppose real racism. It’s so very safe to fight battles won by your grandparents. With no enemies, all wars are safe.

    Opposing racism isn’t the same as crawling to black criminals or supporting racist discrimination in favour of Blacks, Jews or anybody else. [email protected]

  6. Not at all.

    I wish my country – Denmark – had the same race laws as Israel, so that only people of proven Danish descent could become citizens or own businesses in Denmark.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
    , @Trinity
  7. @Anon

    Be careful of that much-abused word discrimination. To discriminate between good and bad is not bad.

    • Agree: 36 ulster
  8. @Felix Krull

    But, Felix, they wouldn’t let you in. You’re German, after all.

  9. Angharad says:

    Yawn. More blather from a jew seeking to divert attention from classic jewish hatred and slaughter of Humans they want gone.

    FYI the “blood libel” isn’t. I suggest every one check out Ariel Toaff’s “Bloody Passover” sometime.

    • Agree: Pheasant
    • Replies: @gay troll
  10. handydan says:

    I did not learn anything from this article, however, have some questions of my own.
    As stated by several commentators on this site the word anti-semite, its origin, meaning, and monopolistic use as propaganda by selected few like Dershowitz and Sheldon Adelson who conveniently use anti-semite protection in case of a law suit against them. Like garlic or Crosses to repel Dracula’s evil sprit

    Why the writer, like many “expert”/writers, did not bother to mention background of word anti-semite. Not to repeat, Semite language was spoken in Middle East and actual semites or descendants of Abraham, were in Palestine, Jordan, Syria (80-90% Palestinians regardless of their religion, Christians, Jews, or Muslims are semites). European Jews (80-90%) or Khazars can not claim to be Semites.

    Thanks to public journalism via the internet people are getting verifiable education/information quicker bypassing the experts including the “journalist and historian”. The cat is coming out of the bag and it is getting harder and harder and more expensive to disseminate propaganda.

    For example, I recently saw a reference to Benjamin Freedman” speech in Washington, DC, in 1961. Freedman was a former jew who converted to Christianity. He came from President Woodrow Wilson era and talked about his first hand knowledge of WWI, WWII, Balfour Declaration in 1917 and US entering into the “Great War (according to some)”, Event on March 27, 1933. of anti-German protest rally (40,000 Jews) held in Madison Square Garden to boycott German products, Hitler government vowing that if the New York Jewish campaign did not stop, there would be a one-day boycott in Germany of Jewish-owned stores,

    On August 7, 1933, Sam Untermyer a prominent Jewish attorney of NYC gave Speech on Radio station WABC in New York declaring “holy war”, against Germany and described the Jews as “the aristocrats of the world”

    Benjamin Freedman’s 2 hour Speech with lots of information

    I learned something about Yum Kippur. On the day of atonement/Yom Kippur, every jew is supposed to recite the holiest prayer “Kol Nidre” three times in a Synagogue. KOL Nidrei is an agreement with God that in next 12 months any pledge, vows, oath will be null and void. 52 mins marker

    KOL NIDREI prayer on youtube

    No wonder most of the US members of congress do not keep their promises.

  11. Trinity says:
    @Felix Krull

    Oh, but the Jew who somehow thinks IT has the right to dictate to gullible White goyim won’t allow you that luxury. Don’t you know that (((Barbara Spectre))) has told you White goyim that Europe must embrace “multiculturalism.” Never mind the fact that Europe is about as multicultural as it gets even when it was all White. Italians, Germans, French, Russkies, lots of multiculturalism there, so maybe that evil witch Spectre should have said that Europe needs to embrace multiracialism.

  12. imbroglio says:

    So I go into the Nazi paraphernalia shop, with my cane and a slight limp, and I say to the proprietor, “I wanna buy that “Tod Fur Die Juden” poster on the wall, the one with the pic of Himmler on it.”

    “Sorry,” goes the proprietor, “I don’t sell to Jews.”

    “But please,” I tell him, “I need that poster to complete my “Tod Fur Die Juden” poster collection.”

    “I’m sorry but that’s how I do business.”

    “I’d bet you’d sell that poster to Reinhard Heydrich, Himmler’s Number Two Man, the Butcher of Prague, and HE was part Jewish.”

    “That’s my policy. Now if you’ll excuse me…”

    I leave the shop and, being a member of a protected class, I sue the proprietor for discrimination under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

    • Replies: @36 ulster
  13. There is no such thing as an “Anti-Semite”.

    It’s a made up term that Jews use to smear those that tell the TRUTH about Jews.

    This bitch knows that, and uses it anyways.

    • Agree: Pheasant
    • Replies: @gay troll
  14. gay troll says:

    Jesus Christ was a human Passover lamb, or a metaphor for such. Although Acharya S argues that theophagy was not limited to the Jews. Many say that Christianity replaced human sacrifice with a harmless “eucharist” and this is an important aspect of the Christian religion. The avatar tells his followers that they can just consume bread and wine to commune with God instead of literally eating his flesh. It’s one of Jesus’s few great ideas.

  15. gay troll says:
    @Truth Hurts the Liars

    Shorter Ilana: race is a construct therefore Jews are not a race and Israel is not racist. If you disagree then you are a racist anti-Semite.


    It’s YHWH himself who insists the Jews are a chosen tribe and that their holiness is hereditary. Isn’t Israel full of Jews only because they believe it was promised to them by the same racist prick deity who considers most humans to be like cattle?

    This article is pure Zionist sophistry. The Israelis stole Palestine from its rightful occupants and they have been in the business of enlarging their borders ever since. Yet Ilana presents their adventurous war crimes as a simple matter of self defense.

    Ilana, this kind of mealy mouthed delusion is a major reason why people develop a strong prejudice against the Jewish religion.

  16. I didn’t read the article, I needn’t read to draw the following comments:

    I) To consider a person an ‘anti-Semite’ for asking “Has Israel an Apartheid-like system?”, or similar, is ridiculous! (Did I Mercer suggest that? I dunno, didn’t read the article as I said)

    II) Jews are an ethnic group in a genetic sense; yes, there are people (goyim) who converted to Judaism, hence they can become citizens of Israel (as far as I understand) – yes (!), it is reasonable (hence, not racist because racism, traditionally, meant illegitimate prejudice) for Israel discriminate in favour of Jews.

    III) People who scream “Racism!” are in a cult – to not associate with someone, even for illegitimate racial reasons, doesn’t leave that person worse off (Lockean Proviso), hence even if Israel were racist, that’s all right. (I understand that 20% of Israel’s population aren’t Jewish, hence, truly, it ain’t so easy… but apparently, the Muslims have more rights in Israel than in Muslim countries; and, anyway, they are allowed to emigrate from Israel if they wish.)

    I’m a Zionist in the sense that Israel deserves a country – I think it was a terrible idea (based on religion) to have put their country where they did, but well… what’s done’s done. Israel ain’t goin’ anywhere (they have nuclear weapons).

  17. chuckywiz says:

    You are right that in some Muslims dont have rights in Islamic countries as than they d0 in Israel. Can you name a few rather than read from the old the script. Friends of Israel like Saudi Arabis, Bharain, Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan and Egypt have the worst human rights record. Next time dont read from scripts but be bold enough to mention names. FYI

    Now you are a proud Zionist, however, not a semite, you have every right to be proud, and follow Talmud you could explain why a Zionist or Talmudist Jewish man is obligated to say the following prayer every day:
    “Thank you God for not making me a gentile, a woman or a slave”.
    Menahoth 43b-44a.

    Talmud: Yebamoth 63a. States that Adam had sexual intercourse with all the animals in the Garden of Eden.

    Please correct if I read it wrong on the internet.
    And stop playing a victims like Dershowitz and Sheldon accusing their opponents of being anti semites. European Jews are not semites. Palestinians are semites.

  18. There is no way to deny that Israel is extremely racist, and far more so than other countries strictly by its policies alone. Racism is the law of the land in Israel. Palsetinian of Christian and Islamic faiths do not have the same rights as Jews do. Both are strictly referred to as Arabs in Israel and are lokked upon with disdain and contempt. Most Christian politicians that and government employees are oblivious to this, and wrongfully equate the reference of Arabs with Muslims, because they are Christian, and not Arab, nor are the majority of Christians in the world. Netenyahu wants it both ways all the time. He does not ask people to insist that Israel is a Semetic state, he asks people to insist that Israel is a Jewish state, because Semetic defines language and and tribe of the Semites, descendants of Shem, and the Arabs, Assyrians, Babylonians, Armenians, and Phoenicians are Semites, where as the majority of Jews in Israel are not Semites, but Ashkenazi. One could reasonably claim that Jewish is not a race, and I would agree with that, but many Jews state that Jewish is a religion, a culture, and a race. However, Netenyahu also wants to define Jewish as a race, for the sake of those who are atheist or agnostic, and wants Jewish discrimination to be referred to as anti-semitism for that purpose, but even that is illogical since many atheist and agnostic Jews consider Jewish to be a culture and a race.

    Andrea Iravani

  19. A thoroughly dishonest article. Mere straw-person nitpicking. The point, dear Mercer, is whether “israel” had and has the right to invade Palestine, murder Palestinians, and steal everything.

    • Agree: Orville H. Larson
  20. 36 ulster says:

    And you’d probably win in court. And another small business bites the dust.

  21. Antiwar7 says:

    I would think enforced demolitions, the vast majority of which are of Arab dwellings, not Jewish ones, might constitute “corporeal aggression”?

  22. the Mercer-Issacsohn, a racial Jewess,

    mourns rightly good’d Congoid thug, then

    defends murderous Jewish racial state in Zionist-occupied Palestine.

    any other news? BTW,

    seductive Jewesses are often exogamous for a generation or two.

    soon enough the offspring marry back into the Tribe,

    bringing some useful genetic camouflage with them.

    • Agree: Pheasant
  23. anon[625] • Disclaimer says:

    • Replies: @Kerry
  24. Kerry says:

    You think Israel controls the U.S. border? C’mon dude, get real.

    I hear this a lot, – We, meaning the U.S. wants the same border wall and security as Israel … and yeah, so do I. But, it’s the fault of the Congress, the Senate and the President that we don’t have it, not some tiny nation in the Middle-East.

    • Replies: @anon
  25. “Racist” is like the boogyman under the bed. It scares the weak minded, but it’s just a tool.

  26. I am rather tired of Israeli/Jewish stuff, so I’ll try to put it in this way:

    1. in my opinion, one should clearly differentiate between racial consciousness & racism. First is acceptable, the second…not so, because it involves something more, not just hurt feelings. For instance, is “sexist” to push men into all-female colleges (yes, some still exist)? It goes beyond financial troubles of these institutions; many (female) students freaked out when their colleges became co-educational? Were they “sexist”? Theoretically- yes. But, it is proven that female students do better in all-female learning environment, so why insist on male students (who, by the way, didn’t care)? Why this forced integration at all?

    2. then, a much more serious question, racial de-segregation. Whites, we all know, don’t want to go in schools with blacks (no need to expatiate). Why force them? There is always this situation: one group wants to be near another, and other group doesn’t want that group among themselves. They may have their reasons, but they do not hurt another group. But- how can we organize a sustainable society without some kind of segregation? Schools, suburbs, villages, ….. frequently don’t want “others”. And those others are, as a rule, bad news- they don’t behave as wished, they’re frequently violent, leeches, annoying, loud, alien….in other words, undesirable.

    Should they, then, be explicitly banned from a school or a suburb? Personally, I’m for it, but I don’t see it could work in a society that is somehow democratic. I see this with Gypsies, where nothing can be done with them. They remain leeches, have 5-10 kids & are mostly thieves or some kind of petty smugglers.

    3. and what about when others are highly capable, well behaved- but terminally alien? For instance, in Vancouver area, I think, whites are now less than 50% (and they used to be 100%). Why let all those Chinese & Indians in?

    Or, even clearer: Israel automatically grants citizenship to Jews only. This is some kind of ethnic engineering, not so based on classic race, but on a historical religious-cultural identity. Fine. But we all know it has its limits. What if a bunch of Africans converted to Judaism, say 3 million of then, and wanted Israel to let them in & grant citizenship? We all know it wouldn’t work.

    Why wouldn’t, for instance, Denmark or Italy explicitly bar blacks or Muslims or Hindus from settling into those lands, simply because blacks or Muslims cannot become Danes or Italians? Why create a trouble when there was none?

    • Replies: @anon
  27. And, to be clear about this Israeli issue, for n-th time (although I think that real issue is how to avoid undesirable ethnic groups to be pushed upon you against your will and how to do this within bounds of international law- if this is possible at all, or the international law should be changed in “racialist” manner?). So, a c-p.

    1. Palestinians are just a bunch of Arabs migrating around that area.

    There is absolutely no reason why would they be there, instead in, say, Saudi Arabia or Jordan. The entire “Palestinian” cause is a pile of dung, where dominant Muslims have cleansed Christian Arabs of that area. Be as it may, Judaism is primal Kebab; Christianity is an Europeanized Kebab where anything historically worth is not of mid-eastern origin, and Islam is Kebab on steroids.

    I don’t see why would whites, Europeans, be on any side in that conflict where two ethnic-religious groups struggle for the same piece of land. Let them sort their affairs themselves.

    Real peoples like Tibetans, Kurds, Copts, …are oppressed & nobody is much concerned about it. Why would anyone care about these Islamist morons spreading like cancer anyone where they appear, is beyond my comprehension. They are just a religious group cleansing other supposedly co-ethnics, but of different religious persuasion.

    2. Identity is not ancestry, and Jewish identity as rooted in history, language, culture, religion, calendar,…. is much more important & historically justified than that of Arabic invaders who conquered what is now Israel more than 1500 years after Jews had built Jerusalem. Identity is national destiny, and Jews from Europe are historical descendants of those people who dwelled in Jerusalem 500-1000 years BC, while Palestinian Arabs are mostly newcomers, identifying themselves with a prophet/conqueror from the Arabian peninsula, and not with historical Hebrew nation.

    Ashkenazi Jews Are Indigenous To Israel, Not Europe

    3. While I detest globalist Jewish activism (not Jews as such), I simply cannot comprehend all this whining about Palestinian Arabs.

    They are a part of pan- Islamic occupying horde; they are immensely more pernicious to the West than anything Jewish; and- right, whatever it may be, is not on their side. Actually, some abstract right is neither on Jewish Israeli side. These are two peoples, Jews and Arabs, fighting for the same piece of land. Arabs are absolutely intransigent, they hate the Western culture in all aspects, they behave according the pre-medieval mores (honor killings, forced conversion of Christians, terror in intimidating & killing journalists, terrorist killing of white civilians,..) & no European or white would have want to have anything to do with such a pest.

    Get real, you anti-Judaist idiots. Israel’s situation is their own problem; but Arabs & Africans are the very threat to the West, along with populous Asians of various kinds, and only morons think otherwise.

  28. Bartolo says:

    Yes, this is the right framework. Racism is only an odious state of mind and no biggie as long as no one is hurt.

  29. anon[363] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    1. in my opinion, one should clearly differentiate between racial consciousness & racism.

    In your opinion, has the government and the citizens of Israel treated black African Jews in a racially conscious way or a racist way?

    What if a bunch of Africans converted to Judaism, say 3 million of then, and wanted Israel to let them in & grant citizenship? We all know it wouldn’t work.

    I can see you have done extensive research on the topic, as is appropriate to a man proud of his PhD.

  30. KenH says:

    If we apply the criteria to Israel that diaspora Jews apply to Western nations then without question Israel is a racist and racially supremacist state.

    Israel routinely refers to itself as a Jewish state to the raucous applause of Shabbos goyim in Congress and the kosher conservative media. If prominent Americans began referring to America as an Anglo-Saxon state it would be swiftly denounced as racism and white supremacy by the same people who clap so long and so hard for Israel as a Jewish state.

    Jews in the media regularly have coronaries when white citizens get uppity and reject the self hate narrative.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  31. @KenH

    I understand your anger- but it is fault of your political elites who betrayed your, so to speak, core people. I don’t think it was intentional, but, the results are visible…..

    I don’t object to Israel’s law at all. To me, it sounds perfectly rational & here in Croatia, we have something even more explicit:

    Article 11 of the Law on Croatian Citizenship allows emigrants and their descendants to acquire Croatian nationality upon return, without passing a language examination or renouncing former citizenship. In addition, Article 16 allows ethnic Croats living outside Croatia to “acquire Croatian citizenship” by making a written declaration and by submitting proof of attachment to Croatian culture.

    Anyone who wants to be a Croat & has some proof s/he is of Croatian background, no matter how long ago, can come & become a citizen & a part of the nation. But you have to prove you are not a complete foreigner & don’t intend to live some separate life (schools, ghettos,..).

    In fact, Israel’s “racialist” laws are stifling: they, I think, include only 1 grandparent at least; also, they treat spouses or descendants as some kind of foreigners who need a religious conversion.

    This is small minded & stupid.

    Here everyone with a trace of ancestry, as well as their immediate family, can become a citizen & is expected to fully integrate into the nation.

  32. Illana, drop the mental gymnastics. Your country is ethno-nationalist, blood and soiled based, but you don’t want Europe/America to go down that route because it would disadvantage your ethnic kin, half of which is based in Europe/U.S/Canada. I find myself in your shoes. I wouldn’t want the West to go ethno-nationalist, however, if things become intolerable I have my ethno-state (Somalia) and your kin
    which will have Israel.

  33. Trinity says:

    I think it is high time for Israel to embrace multiculturalism, after all all these Western Jews tell White nations that “diversity is our greatest strength.” I think it is a damn shame that Israel deports African Jews. I mean isn’t being a Jew a religion thing, I thought that being a Jew had to do with ones religion. Judging by Israel’s actions, being a Jew is only about being a Jew by bloodline only. Sounds damn racist to me. Jewish professors and other leftists can’t remind or berate Whites students enough about how the White man took the Indian’s land, well, which he in fact did, no one is arguing the truth at least I don’t. But speaking of the truth, why don’t those same professors talk about Jews taking away Palestinians land? Hell, at least acknowledge that Jews treat Palestinians like second class citizens even if you believe in the concept that the land belongs to Jews. Would it be right for Europeans or White Americans to treat nonwhites like second class citizens in OUR LANDS? Yes, the White man took the Indians land, BUT, the White man was the one WHO BUILT AMERICA, not the Jew, not the Arab, not the Mexican, not even the Indian, and certainly not the Black.

  34. Of course Israel is racist. Absent racism, the whole Zionist project would be nonsensical.

  35. Anonymous[401] • Disclaimer says:

    How many billion\$ does Uncle Sucker give the Cosa Nostra annually?

    How big is the Cosa Nostra lobby in DC?

    Do we regularly destroy sovereign nations to please the Cosa Nostra?

    Does the Cosa Nostra have nukes?

    Does the Cosa Nostra use tanks, guided missiles, jets, warships, attack-helos, cluster bombs, phosphorus munitions, DIME weapons, drones, artillery, etc. on trapped others lacking such weapons?

    Does the Cosa Nostra kill US sailors and citizens with impunity?

    Has the Cosa Nostra stolen land and occupied it for the past 72 years?

    Does the Cosa Nostra continually whine about past invasions by Greece, etc., demanding….and getting…billion\$ annually?

    Does the Cosa Nostra have mafia museums in every country?

    Were Cosa Nostra members booted from 109 nations?

    Does the Cosa Nostra control Hollywood, Google, Instagram, YouTube, etc.?

    Just asking for a friend.

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