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America’s Race Reality: Inhuman, Insane, Incoherent
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Racism is a lot of things. One thing it is not:

A white child, aged five, executed by a black man with a shot to the head, as the tyke rode his bike. Ask the cultural cognoscenti. They’ll tell you: That’s never racism.

Otherwise, almost anything involving the perpetually aggrieved black community counts as racism.

Students hoist a “thin blue line” flag in solidarity with police: racism.

A black male is asked for his driver’s license: racism. Of course it’s systemic. Are you stupid, or something?

A white politician proclaims that “all lives matter”: Come again? Are you kidding me?!

A museum curator fails to commit to the exclusion of the art of white men, including, presumably, the Old Masters: not racism; white supremacism. Be gone with you, Rembrandt and Vermeer.

A black student struggles with English grammar. English grammar is ruled racist. Take that, Dr. Johnson!

This, even though, logically, it is more likely that our student is not up to the task or hasn’t tried hard enough; that his tutor is not up to the task and hasn’t tried hard enough—or all of those things combined.

As you can see, accusations of racism are seldom grounded in reason or reality.

Racism, then, is just about anything other than the point-blank execution of little Cannon Hinnant (white), on August 9, by Darius Sessoms (black), and the rape, the other day, by Dejon Dejor Lynn, 25, of an old lady: his 96-year-old neighbor.

From the media industry’s modus operandi, we may comfortably deduce that the raped lady is almost certainly white.

How so?

Fully 73 percent of the residents of Ann Arbor, Michigan, are white. If the race of an unnamed victim of black crime is withheld, she’s most likely white. Were the victim Hispanic, the media industry would say so, and would forthwith withhold the picture and race of the “suspect,” so that the crime became an attack against a “minority.”

Similar black-on-white atrocities are a daily occurrence, documented, “in moving images,” by “the fearless and indefatigable journalist Colin Flaherty.” They are either ignored by the media industry or described as racially neutral.

In a powerful responsorial that is almost religious in cadence, Jack Kerwick, a columnist, commands us to “say their names”:

David Dorn was a 77-year-old retired African-American police captain and family man. Say his name.

Paul and Lidia Marino, a couple in their mid-80s. Say their names!

Wendy Martinez: Say her name.

Jourdan Bobbish and Jacob Kudla: Teenagers tortured and murdered. Say their names.

Karina Vetrano: Attacked, sexually assaulted, and strangled to death while jogging. Say her name.

Phil Trenary: Treasury of the Chamber of Commerce in Memphis who was trying to rejuvenate the city’s economic life. Say his name.

Scott Brooks; Sebastian Dvorak; Serge Fournier; Tessa Majors; Dorothy Dow; Lorne Ahrens; Brent Thompson; Michael Krol; Patrick Zamarripa.

Say their names. (“Remembering the Victims of Black Violence – Black and White,” By Jack Kerwick)

The prototypical American victims of racial hatred were 21-year-old Channon Christian and 23-year-old Hugh Christopher Newsom, of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Their slaughter, in 2007, was dismissed as a garden-variety murder and rape. But there is no finessing the white-hot racial hatred seared into their mangled, white bodies.

Read the description of the crime in Into the Cannibal’s Pot, and pray tell how white America can thus forsake its children by accepting the racial innocence of their defilers:

Five blacks—four men and a woman—anally raped Hugh, then shot him to death, wrapped his body in bedding, soaked it in gasoline and set it alight. He was the lucky one. Channon, his fair and fragile-looking friend, was repeatedly gang raped by the four men—vaginally, anally and orally. Before she died, her murderers poured a household cleaner down her throat, in an effort to cleanse away DNA. She was left to die, either from the bleeding caused “by the tearing,” or from asphyxiation. Knoxville officials would not say. She was then stuffed in a garbage can like trash. White trash. (pp. 35-36)

The object of hate is so often a remarkably beautiful woman or man. It is as if the aim is to forever obliterate beauty unattainable.

On the Dark Continent, the same dynamic was in play when “Hutus picked up machetes to slash to bits nearly a million of their Tutsi neighbors in the 1994 Rwandan genocide.” There,

… tribal allegiance trumps political persuasion and envy carries the day. The Tutsi—an alien, Nilotic African people, who formed a minority in Rwanda and Burundi—had always been resented by the Hutus. The tall, imposing Tutsis, whose facial features the lovely supermodel Iman instantiates, had dominated them on-and-off since the 15th Century. On a deeper level, contends Keith Richburg, an African-American journalist, the Hutus were “slashing at their own perceived ugliness, as if destroying this thing of beauty, this thing they could never really attain, removing it from the earth forever.” (Into the Cannibal’s Pot, p. 43)

Such was the murder of Tyler Wingate, “a 24-year-old man from Berkley [who] was brutally beaten to death after a seemingly minor car crash on Detroit’s west side [in July of 2019]. The crash and beating were caught on surveillance video from a nearby gas station.” (The Unz Review)

Undeniably, it is a kind of race-based annihilation of beauty unattainable, for that is certainly what poor Tyler Wingate was blessed with.

For America to have incorporated and assimilated the unreason of “racism” on such a self-immolating scale, as American society has done, is to be mired in self-contradiction. To the Greek philosophers, to be mired in self-contradiction was to be less than human, less than coherent, less than sane.

This is where American society finds itself: less than human, less than coherent, less than sane.

Patriots, please quit the “rest in peace” platitudes. Tyler Wingate and all the rest rage, rage from the grave.


Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She’s the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June, 2016). She’s currently on Gab, YouTube, Twitter & LinkedIn, but has been banned by Facebook.

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  1. Kerry says:

    The legacy media’s silence on the murder of that poor little boy at the hands of that animal is one of the most blatant exposures of their anti-White agenda that I’ve ever seen.

    So much good stuff in this column that I have to read it again, but straightaway this jumped out at me:

    “For America to have incorporated and assimilated the unreason of “racism” on such a self-immolating scale, as American society has done, is to be mired in self-contradiction. To the Greek philosophers, to be mired in self-contradiction was to be less than human, less than coherent, less than sane.

    “This is where American society finds itself: less than human, less than coherent, less than sane.”

    So true. Unfortunately.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan, Richard B
    • Thanks: ILANA Mercer
    • Replies: @Gene Su
    , @Richard B
  2. jsinton says:

    It’s a 4 gen psyops. It’s getting Black people ginned up to attack Trump supporters. The media is full spectrum dominance Orwellian findmuck. It’s aimed at us. They will destroy America to maintain the grift, “they” being those that really control the world. It never really was our country, after all.

  3. Franz says:

    As you can see, accusations of racism are seldom grounded in reason or reality.

    Seldom? Try never.

    “Racism” is a neologism coined by people who want European Derived people to become extinct. As such the word is a weapon and has been since the start.

    Multiracial and multicultural societies are artificial constructs. After they implode, the words used to control them will vanish. The sooner the better.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @Bill Jones
  4. lavoisier says: • Website

    Patriots, please quit the “rest in peace” platitudes. Tyler Wingate and all the rest rage, rage from the grave.

    But they cannot rage from the grave, they are dead.

    But those of who care for justice do rage, against the criminals and the stupid white liberals who defend savagery and injustice.

    We will not bend the knee.

  5. Deliberate, not-see, not-hear & never speak silence is a Lie. This kind of Lie is like an undiagnosed malignant tumour. As it grows it slowly destroys the whole organism.
    As the old saying has it: daylight is the best disinfectant.

  6. sonofman says:

    Racism is only one thing; a man made concept that erroneously and tragically postulates groupthink over individuality. There is only one type of crime; Perpetrators on victims. Say the name of the victim. Say the name of the criminal. Every time someone uses “black” or “white” to describe an individual in their dialog only perpetuates the myth that behavior is somehow genetically dictated. For the people who actually believe this nonsense, prejudice, condemnation of innocent people and hostility are the consequences.

    • Agree: Oliver D. Smith
    • Troll: Chris Mallory
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  7. Jake says:

    I’m surprised that the SPLC and ADL posters are not here bashing Mercer because of her father while pretending to be ‘white nationalists.’

    Back to the people who made Abraham Lincoln a saint, Elites have used blacks as excuses to attack whites they despise and fear, and as weapons 0f the attack and as tools with which to keep attacking forever. Allowing, encouraging, black murders and rapes of non-Elite whites is central to the culture war.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Robert Dolan
  8. Realist says:

    I’m surprised that the SPLC and ADL posters are not here bashing Mercer because of her father while pretending to be ‘white nationalists.’

    I am still waiting for Mercer to apologise for her recent past articles defending black thugs that were justly shot by Whites.

  9. One of your best ever Miss Mercer!

  10. @sonofman

    Are you going to claim that the blacks aren’t orders of magnitude more violent than white people? Are you going to dismiss the IQ difference between all the races? Are you ignoring the statistical significance of low IQ to criminal behavior?

    I have news for you – stereotypes emerge for valid reasons. It is simply observation over time that applies a broad brush initial impression as a mechanism to ward off danger and to avoid unpleasant people.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Thanks: Bill Jones
    • Replies: @Oliver D. Smith
  11. Chris Moore says: • Website

    What’s wrong, Ilana? Do you disapprove of the tactics employed by the Marxist half of your Marxist-Zionist gang, who are simply using ignorant blacks (and whites) as their mindless Golem? But they employ the same tactics wherever they’re in the process of carving out territory for their criminal enterprise, from Palestine to the USA.

    Why do you even still call yourself a Jew if you’re so deeply opposed to Jewish tactics? You mean you actually believe their brainwashing, that you have some kind of immutable “chosen” race DNA? Are you really that vain?

    As a law-abiding citizen, your Jewish identity has you at war with yourself. When you’re railing against Marxism, you’re railing against Zionism. But both are a lie and a fraud, designed to bodyguard the criminal enterprise with “the chosen, who can’t escape their Hebrew rabbis or their Hebrew DNA!”

    But you apparently did, at least half way.

  12. Oliver D. Smith says:

    Are you going to claim that the blacks aren’t orders of magnitude more violent than white people?

    It depends what type of violence. ‘White’ Americans for example are overrepresented in reported arrests for arson; serial arsonists in particular are very unlikely to be ‘Black’.

    Conveniently a typical Steve Sailer fan won’t point out this fact.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Able
  13. TheJester says:

    The culture that I, a classically eduated cisgendered white male, represent took us to the moon and conquered polio. The culture that BLM and other “woke” democraphics represent cannot take us to the edge of town. If we follow or acquiesce to them, we become the new South Africa.

    Is this edgy? No, one has only to look and see.

    Evidently, the cisgendered white male’s “can-do attitude” has been added to list of cultural approbations that make the “woke” world feel bad about their relative lack of accomplishment. It’s part of the plague of “systemic sexism and racism” that makes them feel bad about themselves and, based on that, they condemn Western Civilization.

    Perhaps the “woke” demographic will feel different when there is a pandemic … and there is no vaccine. There is a famine … and there is no food. There are barbarians at the gates … and there is no defense.

    At times, I feel we should let this happen to teach these people a lesson. Darwin would approve. At the end of the day, they would no longer be in the gene pool. The plague infecting Western Civilization would, hopefully, be over.

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  14. @TheJester

    I must object to giving the term “cisgendered” any serious weight via usage, even in a context of obvious scorn.

    Oh crap, I just did it too.

  15. Dont be too fooled by the racism gambit; it’s all engineered to divide and conquer we deplorables of any color and ethnicity. The people at the very top have the discipline and forebearance to set aside their own natural and deeply-held feelings about race as long as they maintain their chokehold on political and economic power. They’re playing a long game which involves the incitement and demoralization of as many of the 99% as possible.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  16. @Oliver D. Smith

    I’m not anyone’s fan.

    Most people aren’t affected by arson, insurance companies are. I doubt most people would classify arson as a violent crime.

    My comment, which you highlighted, is on the violent propensities of blacks. How does your comment in any way reasonably apply to mine.

    Let me give you a fact – the sun rises in the east. Does that have anything to do with arson?

  17. @Jake

    Not to worry….the ADL/JIDF just haven’t found this article yet.

    Soon they will swoop in and submit their gaslight fails.

    You have to give them credit for trying that shit here.

    At any rate, the term “racist” was actually invented by Trotsky and the early marxist filth…..they labeled the innocent Russians as evil “racists” and in doing so they felt justified in the mass murder of sixty million people. The Bolsheviks burned churches to the ground, raped nuns, killed priests.

    In a similar manner, the same crew of marxist jews worked over South Africa and got the same result;

    Now they have turned their attention to America and the entire western world, inciting the low IQ non-whites to assault and murder innocent white people, reciting the same old blood libel lie that whites are evil “racists.”

    Of course it’s absurd and it’s nearly impossible at this point to find any hint of white “racism” as whites now live in an apartheid state as second class citizens and are not even allowed to defend themselves when physically attacked.

    Anarcho-tyranny allows the cold blooded murder of innocent white children because hey…..that child would one day grow up to be an oppressor…..a white racist…..not worthy of life.

    That’s where we are folks…..watching in horror as our country turns into Haiti.

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  18. according to the Jew-pozzed mother of the murdered-by-congoid White 5-year-old boy,

    “my son didn’t see color!”*

    ‘Murkan Whites will go on desperately virtue-signaling the Jews and

    bending the knee to the Jews’ Black enforcers

    so long as they continue to receive

    their daily warm shower of Jewbucks.

    *actually, he did: just before the Jew-owned Black killed him.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  19. @Haxo Angmark

    Yes….it’s called the “Mollie Tibbets’ Father Syndrome.”

    Cucking on a level of ethno-masochism that shouldn’t even be humanly possible.

    This is what cradle to grave marxist indoctrination does to people.

    Thanks jews.

  20. @Franz

    “Racism” is a neologism coined by people who want European Derived people to become extinct.

    It almost worked. They once had the white population of South Carolina down to as low as 38%, with Mississippi and Louisiana not far behind. But those places managed to bounce back.

    Multiracial and multicultural societies are artificial constructs.

    That’s why none has ever worked, except for a handful of corrupt people at the top.

    After they implode…

    Like in the 1860s, when they found out just how completely worthless* their Africans actually were, and always had been. “The garbage of Africa”, in Sam Francis’s words.

    *Except for purposes of draft evasion.

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  21. R.C. says:

    Impolitic Title Correction:

    America’s Race Reality:Subhuman, Insane, Incoherent

  22. Tor597 says:

    So, you are going to use this incident to paint all blacks as savages?

    But I suppose Mercer would not dare do the same comparing the hate crimes of Isreali citizens against Palestinians right?

    Look at the crimes of blacks that are inflicted on America and look at all of the crimes whites inflict on the country. Serial killer, pedophiles, and white collar criminals that bankrupted the entire country in 2008 are massively white.

    White people are also much more likely to rape Asian women than the reverse as well.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  23. Whites in general are bringing a butter-knife to a gun fight.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Mike in Canada
  24. @Reg Cæsar

    It almost worked. They once had the white population of South Carolina down to as low as 38%, with Mississippi and Louisiana not far behind. But those places managed to bounce back

    Retard comment of the day. These states weren’t majority black because of “anti-racists” but because of actual racism; i.e. slavery. 38% black South Carolina was the legacy of the Confederacy.

    They “bounced back” due to the anti-racist efforts of the Northern states and California to attract blacks migrants in the early 20th century and after WW2. Everything you have in life, you owe to a Northerner. Your world is contained within a crystal ball that is in the vice grip of a Yankee God. Without Him, you would be half-black (instead of 1/8th black).

    This article was one of the worst ever published on

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  25. CPB says:

    HONOR DEMANDS VENGEANCE. Be damned the so-called law and law enforcement. When will you people wake up? There is a war being waged against the white people of this country. What will it take to make you all ANGRY? Your dad, mom, brother, sister, uncle, and aunt being tortured and murdered because of skin color no one chooses? What will it take for you all to fight back? DO NOT BE AFRAID, WE OUT NUMBER ALL OF THEM COMBINED. WHAT WILL IT TAKE, YOU PUSSIFIED WHITE PEOPLE?

  26. Able says:
    @Oliver D. Smith

    It’s very like the ‘common knowledge’ that malignant narcissists are disproportionally men. Check the diagnostic criteria and (if you’re even vaguely honest) you’ll see that whilst a man exhibiting those characteristics is diagnosed as a malignant narcissist (because they’re ‘unusual’), a woman doing so is not (because it’s simply so common).

    Arson, the specific crime, your example? Most recorded (narrowly defined) instances are individual people ‘torching’ their own, or associates property for insurance. Riots are where large groups ‘torch’ random properties ‘just because’. So lone statistical outlier (white) people are arsonists, large groups of representative (black) people doing the same aren’t.

    You could just as easily have chosen the serial killer example, overwhelmingly white. Same issue, the crime is so rare as a white behaviour they are simply statistically going to be loners. The exact same behaviours are considerably more common, and acceptable in blacks, so … it’s groups of them doing ‘exactly the same crimes’.

    Mugging? A lone (or one or two white people). Flash-mobs, the knock-out-game (large groups of black people). Going to claim most muggers are white?

    So, be honest for once and compare apples to apples. The crimes, and not the narrowly defined (racially sensitive) legalese contortions to try to hide the truth, are the same. What truth? That blacks (especially, but not exclusively) young male blacks are massively overrepresented in ‘every’ crime. You could claim it’s social, cultural, poverty related, but in ‘every’ society, country (majority white or black), and socio-economic group blacks are ‘always’ massively overrepresented in any crime statistics. Fact!

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  27. anarchyst says:

    All blacks ARE savages.

    Some of them are able to control their primal urges and appear to be able to function in western white-run society–the “talented tenth” so to speak. The “talented tenth” description is a misnomer as even less than one-tenth of one percent of blacks will attain such a distinction.

    Not far below the surface of black thought IS the primal urge to destroy anyone not of the race. It’s in their blood and DNA.

    In Africa, identical-looking blacks routinely slaughter others of different tribes despite having virtually identical DNA.

    Attempts to “uplift” blacks by well-meaning whites are abject failures.

    Adoptions of black children by whites are a “time bomb”, these adoptions work out well until the black child reaches 12 or 13 years of age when the black DNA starts to reassert itself. By the time a black is 18 years of age, the black DNA has fully asserted itself. The poor impulse control, instant gratification, and hatred of anyone who does not share the same appearance are all back in force.

    The primal black DNA dominance cannot be stopped or delayed. It is a part of black behavior.

    The only real solution is segregation of blacks, strictly enforced with the ultimate solution being repatriation to the African continent.

    Once they are in Africa, I don’t care what they do. They can create wakanda or slaughter each other. Their fate is up to them alone…

    That being said, it is certain jews who have been using blacks as a weapon in western societies. The same conditions should be placed on these certain jews as well…They can be repatriated as well…

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  28. @JohnPlywood

    Retard comment of the day.

    Obtuse reply of the day.

    They “bounced back” due to the anti-racist efforts of the Northern states and California to attract blacks migrants in the early 20th century…

    …due to the immigration restrictions passed by Republicans in 1921 and 1924. (Don’t say nothing good came from women’s suffrage!) So it wasn’t “anti-racist” efforts but alternately “racist” ones that helped the blacks. Oh, by the way, northern isn’t capitalized. There isn’t a place called “the North”. I know… I live here.

    Everything you have in life, you owe to a Northerner.

    No, northerners. My father (a Michiganian), my mother and stepfather (New Yorkers), my neighbors (t00 many states to name).

    Without Him, you would be half-black (instead of 1/8th black).

    My village is 99% white.

    Your world is contained within a crystal ball that is in the vice grip of a Yankee God. Without Him…

    Lay off the malt liquor.

  29. @anarchyst

    Attempts to “uplift” blacks by well-meaning whites are abject failures.

    Now you’ve just ticked off the neo-Confederates here.

    The same conditions should be placed on these certain jews as well…They can be repatriated as well…

    And the Arabists.

  30. Jaego says:

    Great article. Should I begin to consider attempting to possibly forgive Mercer what her father helped to do to South Africa?

    Or is it six generations too soon?

  31. @Able

    You could claim it’s social, cultural, poverty related, but in ‘every’ society, country (majority white or black), and socio-economic group blacks are ‘always’ massively overrepresented in any crime statistics.

    You went one level too far.

    Most violent crime – of all types – is committed by the poor and stupid (there is much overlap between the two). If you compared poor whites to poor blacks, it’s very likely that you’ll get a better model (assuming you’re interested in explaining actual causes, rather than confirming a prejudice).

    Most people don’t have a good handle on how relatively poor and urban, poor blacks are: additionally, the effects of poverty on black vs white kids is seldom considered.

    Median individual income for blacks is ~68% that of whites (that’s a massive improvement in the last 20 years: it used to be closer to 40%).

    Half of all blacks earn less than $31k, while only about ⅓ of white individuals earn that little. Black households are more likely to be single-income, which is why 26% of black households earn less than $15k (less than 15% of white households earn that little).

    Worse still: a 2- or 3-person black household is much more likely to be a single parent and two children, than a pair of adults. (75% of black households were single-parent – double the rate for whites).

    So the bottom of the national income distribution is heavily overweight single-parent black households – and includes the outright majority of black children and adolescents.

    Furthermore, a lot of poor whites are rural – and so are spatially distributed relatively diffusely – whereas most poor blacks are concentrated in ‘bad’ urban areas (and I absolutely accept that these areas are made ‘bad’ by the inhabitants’ own behaviours). Nevertheless, the cost of living in a poor urban neighbourhood is significantly higher than the cost of living in a poor rural one. (I am currently enjoying the fuck out of an enforced period of rural poverty due to the coronahysteria: I would need an extra $50k a year to have the same standard of living in Melbourne – a third of that would be rent differentials).

    Poverty and educational outcomes have links that might as well be made of concrete: poor children are low-quality inputs into a low-quality process.

    One semi-positive effect of the standard ‘child-warehouse’ educational model used to be that it taught children to sit still and shut up – that is, it inculcated very rudimentary impulse control. That aim has been abandoned, as the quality of individuals who become teachers has tanked (and teachers in poor inner-urban areas are often barely literate themselves).

    There are proportionally more poor black children than white – it might even be that poor black children and adolescents actually outnumber poor white kids (it’s hard to get good enough data to make that statement definitively).

    It’s hard to get decent data on race-income statistics for violent offenders, but the best prior would be that spatial considerations (living in a ‘target rich’ environment, which leads to greater criminal opportunity for blacks) explains most of any difference between poor whites and poor blacks.

    I’m not interested in exculpating black thugs, and it’s clear from the data that African descent Granger-causes impulsivity (as does Polynesian descent: I’m part-Polynesian… specifically Maori – which is the best and worst type of Polynesian, depending on what has happened in the last 15 minutes. Compared to Maori, an angry Samoan or Tongan is an effeminate pussycat… ).

    Anyhow… the best social-policy response to the presence of a social subset that has innately-higher propensities to impulsivity and violence, is not to push them into ghettos, reduce social infrastructure quality, and generally make all authority a valid target for rebellion.

    Inner urban black youth doesn’t understand that the ham-fisted attempts at forcing “discipline” on them is ‘for their own good’: they’re not that cognitively sophisticated.

    It’s not clear that the problem has a policy solution. In a world without grifters, a less-cynical version of the type of ‘strong integrationist’ approach that happened to the white poor in London in the first half of the 20th century (the ‘slum clearances’) might work. Local slum communities [sic] were upended holus-bolus, and their dwellings demolished and replaced with more salubrious dwellings that they could not afford. The problem was made much more diffuse – the poor were basically cleared out of the old slums, and often re-housed in completely different parts of town or even in different towns. Still, it made huge inroads to reductions in locally-focused crime.

    The thing is: the moment that happens, grifters descend and ‘housing reform’ quickly becomes a property developer’s wet dream.

    • Replies: @Able
  32. Bosco says:

    Don’t care anymore about who, what, where, or why. Just getting ready with my people for the implosion of the system, then it’s only target and engage, target and engage, target and engage… If we survive that then just maybe we can avoid the same mistakes. A mountain of communist/collectivist/undesirable skulls might help remind future generations but I’m not to hopefull. Until then just gathering intel and recording for posterity. And yes I’m well aware it will in all probability get completely out of control. Still don’t care, we whistled past the point of no return generations ago, the debt can only be paid in blood now.

  33. @Franz

    The OED has the first usage of racism as recently as 1902 by an aptly named Pratt.

    “Segregating any class or race of people apart from the rest of the people kills the progress of the segregated people.. Association of races and classes is necessary to destroy racism and classism.”

    Richard Henry Pratt

    Like the Lazarus bint his remains should be exhumed, pissed upon and fed though the wood-chippers.

  34. Able says:


    Yes and no.

    You’re basing your analysis on purely The US. Compare and contrast The UK (since you referenced London).

    Your data regarding ‘violent’ crime is essentially correct (both US and UK) but I’d suggest your assumptions are not.

    (Apocryphal example) I’m in enforced Coronahysteria lock-down in a Northern UK city. That city is a lone urban centre for the surrounding rural county. It had a number of ‘estates’ of poor (mostly factory and mine workers) tenement and (ubiquitously British) terraced housing. All but one of those estates was clean, safe and law-abiding (the archetypal example of the poor unable to afford luxuries but still buying soap and scrubbing the door-step). The estates were recently (within 20 years) ‘regenerated’ (cleared, demolished and new ‘gentrified’ housing built) with streets, where families had lived together for decades (with true communities, in the original sense of the word), separated to new ‘manufactured communities’.

    The one crime-ridden estate (traditionally where ‘problem’ families had been housed) was cleared and the residents separated. Spread between the other regenerated estates, ostensibly ‘temporarily’ but in reality a social-engineering attempt to ‘motivate better behaviour in those problem families by example of their new neighbours’.

    Guess what happened? The result has been a crime-wave spread city-wide with these ‘pockets’ of dysfunctional families exacerbating the destruction of decades old communities (which offered support, and perhaps as important, censure for unacceptable behaviour). Both of these ran concurrent with the drastic reworking of the welfare system to encourage (rewarding women who separated with more money and better housing) single parenthood.

    My point? Being ‘poor’ is not an indicator of a propensity to commit crime (it is in fact both a disingenuous and down-right offensive assumption towards the vast majority of poor. I personally, considering my own straightened upbringing, take considerable offence on hearing the excuse ‘they committed this crime because they were poor’, ignoring the fact that the vast majority of their neighbours and just as poor peers … did not!). There are simply those who will commit crime, and those who wont. Does being poor limit the means of how those crimes are committed? Yes. The implicit underpinning of that assumption that material wealth precludes crime is about as laughable an assertion as its possible to make (there is just as much, if not more crime in ‘rich’ communities it’s just the methods, means and opportunities differ).

    Following New Labours treacherous immigration ‘reforms’ (with the explicit intent of destroying British culture) even this small city has seen massive influxes of foreign nationals (yet is still predominantly British, unlike London which has not only a minority white population, but only a tiny minority of those whites are British). These immigrants (as is simple human nature) have mostly self segregated into national ‘enclaves’. The largest groups are Portuguese and Polish. The smallest, black of all nations/cultures and muslim (mostly Pakistani).

    The behaviours, and crime (both types and rates) within those communities is illustrative. The British and Polish have predominantly a small but noticeable drink and drugs related crime wave (drunk and disorderly, minor one-on-one fights between drunks, petty theft and driving offences make up most of the rest). The Portuguese have a significant welfare and fraud crime wave (petty theft, domestic ‘disturbances’ and burglary the rest), as do the Pakistani (since their ‘sexual’ crimes began being dealt with on a more ’street’ level). The tiny, almost insignificant (by US terms) black community (who in common with all immigrants are given priority for welfare and housing, as wells as preferential hiring and promotion practices – just as in the US, and can not then be categorised as poor in relation to any but the richest minority) have a major issue with violent, opportunistic crime (not one-on-one drunken fights as the rest of the demographics occasionally exhibit, but regular groups attacking lone or small groups of victims) and proportionally they commit ‘every other type of crime’ at higher rates than any other demographic (and despite the assumptions, young black ‘females’ have the worst record).

    As you stated “It’s not clear that the problem has a policy solution” but I’d respectfully suggest ‘It’s clear policy can exacerbate the situation’ (Government can’t solve problems, but they can sure worsen them). Education, as you state, is massively important but with the ‘long march’ and, more importantly, cultural approaches (whether your culture even values) it is a symptom now rather than a cause.

    My own belief? Welfare is the main cause of almost all the problems we see now (that and – and please at least consider objectively before losing it at me – universal suffrage, specifically giving ‘all’ women the vote*). What it boils down to is ‘consequence free behaviour’ and specifically, and considerably worse and more destructive, ‘rewarding’ destructive (individually and societally) behaviours. Currently, making the right decisions/choices, ‘doing right’ means you are punished – your money and labour stolen to pay those who chose wrong. Remove that ‘safety-net’ and reward system and almost all the problems would resolve themselves … eventually.

    I don’t believe I am prejudiced. I don’t believe blacks are any more inherently criminals than anyone else. I simply believe the destruction of the black ‘culture’ is further along is all, and is exacerbated by the excuses, cover-ups and ‘justifications’ for their current disastrous (for all) behaviours. I don’t advocate for ‘special’ treatment for black criminal behaviour – I advocate for the equal treatment (which would mean even higher levels of punishment and incarceration than we see). [They have received special treatment for decades. They are less likely to be stopped, arrested and punished because anyone who does is immediately a r*cist. They have been hired, promoted and excused over everyone, because r*cist. So? Hows that working out?] Why do you (personally) not commit a crime? The consequences, punishment and how your peers and community ‘see you’ are the major factors (we’re all more social animals than we’d care to admit). Black culture has become so dysfunctional that they now (like the tiny minority white culture) view crime as a ‘resume builder’, something to be ‘proud’ of. (consider their ‘heroes’ almost exclusively they are criminals and thugs, and worse, they attack and disparage anyone who isn’t).

    Like others here I don’t think this can be ‘fixed’. I do know that lying about the truth isn’t going to help matters though.

    (Incidentally, the rural/city poverty divide is, yet again, due to welfare. If you are poor you cannot afford to commute, most work is in metropolitan areas. Most supported housing, in cities. etc., etc. So it’s not that there are more poor, or poorer in the cities, but that the poorest are encouraged/required to be there. We could to-and-fro about rents and supply-and-demand but I’d suggest a major driver on rent levels is, yet again, welfare – more single families, rewarding those who have families they can’t support, guaranteed income levels for landlords, etc.).

    *Women and men (in the grossest generalisation) have different philosophical approaches. Womens (shades of grey) approach works best within the family. Mens (black/white) within society as a whole. Consider crime and punishment, you wouldn’t punish a family member for ‘stealing’ a cookie the same as you would a criminal for stealing the same from a store. A man who did would be vilified, yet women do exactly that … the criminal is allowed the same evasions,‘excuses’ and leniency as a child would have been. Consider welfare, the size of government (to deliver that welfare), judicial ‘reforms’, etc. and they all occurred immediately after women began voting en masse (Oh, not exclusively, the ‘… see they can vote themselves largesse from the public purse …” no-skin-in-the-game voters didn’t help either, but they ‘were’ a minority until women voted with them).

    [I shall now carefully climb off my soapbox]

  35. @Robert Dolan

    You mean the moment when Blacks seized power for good in Haiti under François Duvalier with his Black Power ideology? Well even though it started as a campaign of rampaging against everyone that was White or played White, it rapidly turned mostly against affirmative action intellectual meztizos of the preceding regime, while the Whites proper just adapted to that regime exalting crime as a way of life worthy of their own pirate ancestors and got back in power. Things will go really bad for Blacks when Whites start joining in droves the same kind of criminal organizations.

  36. Gene Su says:

    The legacy media’s silence on the murder of that poor little boy at the hands of that animal is one of the most blatant exposures of their anti-White agenda that I’ve ever seen.

    There was a short-lived cartoon series in the 1990’s based on Lee Falk’s superhero “The Phantom.” One of the characters in this cartoon (which had a not-so-subtle politically leftist overture) was a web video journalist who was obsessed with proving that the Phantom was a very Bad Guy. When he sees the Phantom saving the lives of some innocent people, he puts the cover on his camera and says “If I didn’t see it, it didn’t happen.” How eerily prophetic!

    On a less juvenile note, here is a powerful written after a riot during 2001 that explains the media’s disgusting double standard. It references Fred Reed.

  37. Richard B says:

    So much good stuff in this column that I have to read it again…

    Couldn’t agree more. I look forward to reading it again.

    Though there are times when I find myself in disgareement with some of Illana’s key points, the articles are always well-reasoned and well-written.

    The one part from this article that jumped out immediately for me was this.

    It is as if the aim is to forever obliterate beauty unattainable.

    So true.

    People who shriek about social justice while ignoring the very matrix of society (and character), the family, have something wrong with them.

    Instead of engaging in some self-reflection and saying, “Let’s restore our families.”, they indulge in unreflective projection and scream “Let’s destroy the country.”

    This didn’t come out of nowhere.

    Post-WWII America has seen the formation of an Axis of Evil that was firmly in place by the 1960’s and hasn’t stopped since.

    The Axis of Evil is

    Privileged Whites, Entitled Blacks, and their Opportunistic Enablers.


    The last group played along, never quesitoning the policies and programs of the first group, or the inexcusable actions of the second (a possible fourth group would be those who cowered in silent fear).

    All three worked together to create its own country within a country.

    They not only demanded to be

    1. placed above criticism
    2. loved unconditionally
    3. blindly obeyed

    but they had the power to effecuate those insane demands.

    And they are insane.


    Because those demands represent a sharp break with reality.

    The reality we all live in.

    A gritty, recalcitrant reality that doesn’t give a damn what we believe.

    That’s the beauty of reality.

    And that is the beauty of the West.

    A beauty unattainable to the country’s Axis of Evil.

    The West at its best is not perfect. On the contrary.

    The West at its best knows that life is dynamic, not static, and we’re imperfect, not perfect.

    So the only reasonable response to this would be a dedication to reality through continuous learning, change and growth.

    That’s why the Western world created the university.

    Another unattainable beauty The Axis of Evil has destroyed.

    But what about us?

    What about those of us who love and aspire to beauty, truth, and goodness?

    Obviously, this isnt the place to answer that question.

    But it is a question that we’re going to have to answer, sooner than later.

    One thing’s for certain.

    This insanity isn’t going to stop itself.

    The whole system as it is right now would have to completely breakdown.

    And we are the ones who will have to do it.

    We’re the ones who will have to break it all down so that we can breakthrough and recovery our freedom long enough to restore us to sanity and resume our pursuit of the virtues of beauty, truth, and goodness.

    But, to do that will require another virtue. Courage. Lots of it.

  38. Possibly one of the most brilliant essays I have ever read with regard to today’s American society. Thank you Ilana Mercer.

    • Thanks: ILANA Mercer
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