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A White-Out of Whites: Ignoring the Albino, Dhimmi Elephant In the Room
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Prior to being shot in the head, this week, by four brothers in a melee at a wild party, Sasha Johnson, of the British chapter of Black Lives Matter, had big plans for whites.

Johnson had been “calling for a ‘racial offenders register’ that would see those guilty of ‘microaggressions’ banned from living in multicultural communities and prevented from working in certain industries.”

“If you live in a majority-colored neighborhood you shouldn’t reside there because you’re a risk to those people – just like if a sex offender lived next to a school he would be a risk to those children,” she fulminated.

Johnson’s call for a “racial offenders register” for whites is a perfectly pragmatic application of the Critical Race Theory rot.

And while Critical Race Theory (CRT) was made-in-America—it has, like many a destructive American creed, been energetically exported around the world. British agitators are certainly improving upon the plans hatched for whites by their brothers-in-arms stateside.

To wit, Johnson had once pinned a tweet to her profile which read, “The white man will not be our equal, but our slave. History is changing. No justice, no peace #BLM.”

Believe Johnson and her ilk, for they are dead serious—and deadly.

Stateside, there have been some gains in working to outlaw the CRT poison percolating throughout American schools. Tennessee has led the way. Other states have introduced measures to ban or curb anti-white propagandizing by the nation’s eager pedagogues.

Alas, the intellectual means of production remain firmly under the control of progressives. As part of the lucrative “racial-industrial-complex” (a Jack Kerwick coinage), Critical Race Theory enjoys muscular advocates.

Its adversaries, however, are weak and flaccid.

I’ve watched scores of noisemakers on Fox News “argue” against the Critical Race Theory agitprop in education. There’s nothing but humbug from the channel’s holy men and women. Their arguments against the CRT scourge are characterized by a white-out of whites.

Nobody will utter the words “anti-white,” or articulate the “anti-white” essence of Critical Race Theory. CRT is always euphemized as things other than a hatred of whites and a resolve to blacken them. Always.

Weatherize The Kids From … Anti-Whiteness

White kids are Critical Race Theory’s innocent targets in schools. Yet not one of the anointed critics of the critical-race bile has stated the obvious, and that is that, while white kids are brow-beaten; black and brown kids are buoyed by Critical Race Theory; they come up smelling like roses and punching like knock-out game champions.

Not one of Critical Race Theory’s conscientious objectors has said, “Whites. White kids”: The true victims of the critical race miseducation are white kids, as they are the sole repository of hate and aggression in this critical-race blitzkrieg.

Instead, it’s, “Critical Race Theory is bad for education. Our kids score last in the developed world. Kids are being reduced to their immutable characteristics. I lost a few IQ points listening to the drivel. Critical Race Theory violates the promise of America. It divides us. Martin Luther King Jr. would’ve opposed Critical Race Theory.” Blah. Blah.

During the 2020 collapse of the electrical grid in Texas, we spoke of a grid that had not been weatherized nor winterized in anticipation of a harsh winter.

Wake up. Weatherize your kids against this anti-white hatred.

Start with ending the socialism escapism, for once and for all. Quit intoning like automatons that Critical Race Theory is about socialism, or Marxism. CRT is about and against whites.

In particular, unlike Critical Race Theory, Marxism offers a class-based analysis—it fingers social class as the primary source of conflict in society.

CRT’s True Boogeyman, Not ‘Racism,’ But ‘White Supremacy’

Critical Race Theory, conversely, focuses exclusively on race as the source of all oppression. Not on any race, mind you, but on the white race, or on “white supremacy.”

Honest demons that they are, Critical Race Theory sophisticates generally reject the term racism in favor of “white supremacy as a conceptual framework for understanding race-based oppression,” as Charles W. Mills, a CRT “scholar,” readily concedes.

It is conservatives who cling to the comfortable “racism” generality to describe the thrust of Critical Race Theory. They’re the only dazed and confused sorts to bewail CRT’s un-American, diffuse, generic racism. (The folks at Prager U, for example.)

Strictly speaking, Critical Race Theory is not even traditionally racist; it’s exclusively anti-white. It is pro all races other than white.

Unlike their feeble conservative adversaries, critical race theorists admit as much. These odious individuals use “white supremacy” to describe white existence. Irrespective of lives well-lived, to the critical race critters, whites are on the wrong side of creation.

As opposed to Marxists, then, critical race theorists identify race, the white race specifically, as the “primary contradiction in society.”

It’s Dhimmitude, Dummy

Socialism is most certainly not central in the BLM list of values; socialism hardly rates a mention in the larger scheme of priming whites for dhimmitude—reeducating, intimidating and subjugating whites qua whites.

That truth, very plainly, is the albino elephant in the room.

Critical Race Theory’s central project is to make whites accept dhimmitude, not socialism. (If the practitioners of anti-whiteness, who already practice capitalism as consumers and producers in a market economy, were converted to theoretical capitalism—would their anti-whiteness dissipate? Naturally not.)

If you imagined dhimmitude means life as a second-class citizen—you were dead wrong.

Dhimmitude,” according to Jihad Watch, “is the Islamic manifestation of the barbaric practice of extracting benefit or pleasure from someone whose life is already forfeit.”

Differently put, white lives matter less.

If anything, for its failure to finger whites for all the ills of society, Marxism is viewed as incompatible with Critical Race Theory by CRT’s leading sophisticates, as observed by a critic, Marxist scholar Mike Cole. (“Critical Race Theory and Education: A Marxist Response.”)

It’s as simple as all that: For conflict in society, Marxism fingers social class; critical race saddles whites. Deal with it! Denial is a deadly defense mechanism!

On video: A companion to the column is ilana mercer’s YouTube discussion with David Vance: “Whiteout For Whites: The BLM Monomania.

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  1. Who cares if Martin Luther King jr would oppose Critical Race Theory. I doubt that he would. Saint Martin would chase Jeff Bezos’s
    ‘\$\$\$\$\$\$. Tucker Carlson is always playing the What would Saint Martin say game.

    The Capitalist Pig Class funds Black Lives Matter….The North Korean Commies aren’t….

  2. I think you are way overanalyzing this. The masters have found the dumb black man and brainwashed him to think this way. I highly doubt these BLM morons have the acumen and IQ needed to contain such a degree of schadenfreude. They are low IQ apes that must be contained by force and eliminated if need to. Brainpower and energy to think and analyze must be utilized for better means.

  3. Cuckservatism toward Jews is much like BLM among progs. Even though blacks are top criminals, white progs choose faith in tragic-magic Noble Negroes. So, never mind the actual facts about blacks. There is this blind need among white progs to revere and worship blackness against all evidence.

    But cuckservatives are similarly stupid. No matter what Jews do against whites, despite all the Jewish hostility, and regardless of the Jewish War on free speech, financial access, and gun right for whites, these cuckservatives blindly cling to the faith in Jews as the very best friends of the white race and Christian folks. So, before conzos denounce the stupidity of BLM, they need to look in the mirror and realize how irrational and delusional they themselves are with their own fantasies.

    Blacks are top killers, but white progs choose to see blacks as top victims. Jews are most anti-white, but white conzos choose to see Jews as the best allies. Idiocy here, idiocy there.

    • Agree: Bill Jones
    • Thanks: Trinity
  4. Thanks Ilana. “Cultural Marxism” has always been incorrect terminology.
    CRT is correctly ID’d by you for what it is — pure hatred of white people as a “race”.
    I would add that the first cause behind CRT was & is “tribal”.
    That white people should be reduced to circumstances something like those of the Jew’s in Germany 1933–45 is not an unconscious irony for some who espouse the CRT lie.

    • Agree: Notsofast
    • Replies: @Realist
  5. Just like a small,innocent,naive child,I’ll ask,WHY?
    Seriously,why,why,and why?Karma?Destiny?War?
    Evolution?Guilt from the “original sin”?Aliens?
    All of the above?Maybe it’s God’s will?Yeah,that’s it…

  6. Bartolo says:

    It is so obvious, yet almost no one else is pointing this out. Thank you, Ms Mercer!

  7. Realist says:

    Until Whites put an end to this goddamn bullshit…it will continue.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  8. Realist says:

    CRT is correctly ID’d by you for what it is — pure hatred of white people as a “race”.
    I would add that the first cause behind CRT was & is “tribal”.

    CRT is being used by the Deep State to foment racial discordance…another tool for control.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  9. @Realist

    “CRT is being used by the Deep State to foment racial discordance…another tool for control.”

    • Replies: @Realist
  10. MarkU says:

    In a sane world the people promoting critical race theory would be prosecuted and punished for stirring up racial hatred.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  11. CRT is a re-hash of Third World theory. Replace first world for whites and third world for black, brown, whatever, and you have CRT for countries.

    Salazar once said: Communism is both a faith and a technique.

    They might not be seeking socialism or communism, but the technique is the same.

    In the end, communists and socialists are never seeking socialism or communism anyway. Notice how they act like and say it never happened? So what did happen? It happened what they seek.

    • Replies: @Malla
  12. Not Dhimmi, it is Goy or Goyim. That is what this is–another club to beat the goyim.

    “Jihadwatch” is a shabbos goy enterprise.

    Everything that black racists/supremacists say about whites is near identical to what Talmudic Jews actually believe about goyim, especially whites as the most powerful goy unit in the modern world (17th century until today).

    All of what is happening is a Talmudic Dialectic. A Talmudic Dialectic is purposely created false dichotomy. The false dichotomies are created in multiple series and directions. The truth is so thoroughly buried in this maze of pilpul and baraisa, and thus many fallacies are presented as truth.

  13. Malla says:
    @A Portuguese Man

    Can you recommend a book (translated in English) about the last days of Angola and Mozambique? About maybe Wall Street funding and Communist arming of “rebels”. I had read Douglas Reed’s work about how many of the movements against the European Empires there as well as Rhodesia and Aparthied South Africa were all fake and funded by Wall Street and armed by Soviets, Communist Chinese and North Koreans. About brutal massacres of Portuguese settlers and natives by these “rebels/ freedom fighters” never reported by the international press. But fake massacres by the Portuguese and colonial forces cooked up by the same international press. About traditional African chiefs opposed to these Marxist rebels (who were supported by the UN and “international community”), as those chiefs wisely realized that they would bring destruction in the lands.
    Maybe books by Portuguese officials etc… in those places. I want to know what really happened, on the ground and behind the scenes.
    “Official history” is mostly leftist propaganda anyways.

  14. @MarkU

    Right. It’s hate speech.

  15. Not Dhimmi, it is Goy or Goyim. That is what this is–another club to beat the goyim.

    “Islamofascism” is another one they like. “Those other goyim over there are the REAL problem!”

    “Jihadwatch” is a shabbos goy enterprise.

    I guess Spencer is, but as far as ownership/ funding:

    Jihad Watch is a far-right[7] anti-Muslim[13] conspiracy blog operated by Robert B. Spencer.[9][14][15] It is affiliated with the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

    Jihad Watch has also received funding from donors supporting the Israeli right,[16] and a variety of individuals and foundations, like Bradley Foundation and (((Joyce Chernick))), wife of (((Aubrey Chernick))).[18] Politico said that during 2008–2010, “the lion’s share of the \$920,000 it [David Horowitz Freedom Center] provided over the past three years to Jihad Watch came from [Joyce] Chernick”

    But yeah, it’s kinda similar to Geller/ Gatestone/ Gates of Vienna etc. Gives the J Left some “Islamophobia” to whine about, without actually accomplishing anything. A burqa ban will solve the problem, goy!

    • Agree: RedpilledAF
  16. Someone tried to keep chickens, ducks, snakes, foxes, lions together in the same compound.
    Experiment failed, forcing owners to SEGREGATE them.

  17. @Realist

    At first I thought your sentence was a case of simple minded “stating the obvious”. But then I saw the refutation of that thought when you said “Whites”. That made it clear.

  18. anonymous[486] • Disclaimer says:

    “Dhimmitude,” according to Jihad Watch, “is the Islamic manifestation of the barbaric practice of extracting benefit or pleasure from someone whose life is already forfeit.”

    Two birds with one stone. A study on how to conflate hatred of blacks with hatred of muslims.

    This juden harlot picks a definition of an Islamic concept from an Islamophobic site and passes it off as the truth. You vermin are pathetic.

    Anyway, given this definition, it appears that the whitevil supremacist scum of the earth follow a version of their racist “sharia” much more diligently, than their Muslim enemies follow their own. Lol!

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