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A Positive, Anti-Politics Message to 74 Million Patriots
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Republicans and Democrats have tinkered with the country’s composition and character long enough to account for Biden’s America. You know it.”—ilana

I had written what I thought was an inspired column about “Trump Going Into Beast Mode.” It was a post-politics column. It was meant to point disappointed voters away from the crass and crooked politics of democracy, and toward that process Trump always somehow sets in motion.

And that process has been Trump’s achievement. He has blown the lid off the American political system in all its corruption, in general, and, of late, he has exposed the farce that is the “democratic” integrity of the system, in particular.

Trump’s latest, unintentional victory is to unmask raw, ripe, unfettered democracy as a travesty to all, unworkable except in a territory the size of the ancient Athenian city-state, or maybe modern-day Monaco or Estonia.

Democracy is when everything is up for grabs without constitutional limits. Globalism is an extension of that. Globalism Trump has exposed as democracy on a global scale, funded by Americans.

Democracy is toxic, from both party perspectives—especially since we no longer have a republic where the central authority has clearly limited and delimited powers.

Look, you might just have to accept that the Tipping Point has arrived. That the abysmal Biden campaign worked because it targeted a coalition of weepy white women—including those with the Y Chromosome—and the rest of tribalized America.

Joe and Kamala won the un-American, anti-American vote, which is now a majority. Republicans and Democrats have tinkered with the country’s composition and character long enough to account for Biden’s America. You know it.

Readers of the “Beast” column, however, failed to see my process-oriented take as a hopeful one. They wanted me mired in politics, which means mired in the power play of election-fraud thinking.

Nevertheless, here again is my positive, anti-politics message reiterated.

Trump is just now getting into Beast Mode. Dissident Donald will be rising now for real. The presidency was Donald J. Trump dabbling at Establishment respectability. From now on, he’ll be running a populist movement, perhaps a new party—after all, he owns the Republican Party. This operation will run parallel to an administration that’s viewed by 74 million Deplorables as illegitimate.

Under the Harris Administration, “The Process of Trump” will continue. As outlined in my book “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed,” that process consists of “action and counteraction, force and counterforce in the service of liberty.” It’ll see Trump, a political Samson, continue to threaten to bring the “democratic” den of iniquity crashing down on its patrons. And he’ll do so as the parallel president.

The healthiest and most intuitive response to deep-seated, irreconcilable unhappiness—political or personal—is to peacefully exit the abusive relationship.


Above and beyond holding rallies and countering the Kamala Administration policies—Donald J. Trump will catalyze many more creative, informal acts of secession. Young patriots, I hope, will congregate in compounds of likeminded individuals. They’ll migrate virtually to Parler, the free speech social network. And they’ll withdraw en masse from the miseducation system, primary, secondary and tertiary.

Two parallel nations and their attendant presidencies will form. And the low-grade upheaval against the Deep State and its Deep Tech handmaiden will continue apace. All good things.

Happy Thanksgiving to 74 million patriots.

Watch Ilana’s video version of this column:

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Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She’s the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June, 2016). She’s currently on Gab, YouTube, Twitter & LinkedIn, but has been banned by Facebook.

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  1. Yes, I would like two see the second parallel nation come to fruition, but I’m not sure Donnie is the one to lead it. Too old and unhinged. Need a more serious candidate. Also agree that it is time people like us exit American politics. There’s nothing we can do there anymore. Time to move on.

    But note that the un-American America probably won’t let the Patriot America live in peace. They loathe us, you know.

    • Agree: animalogic, ILANA Mercer
    • Replies: @Realist
  2. Rational says:


    One thing we must not forget, before we get fooled by the alzheimer’s patient Biden “won” lie, is that there was massive fraud. Your fraud baked into the system article did not mention that software is just 0’s and 1’s (object code) and it is easy to add code in a large section of code to change votes to Biden easily, simply by remotely typing a command fraudulently named “assess” or some such thing.

    Dem’s fraud:

    electronic voting machines programmed to inflate Biden’s votes, as admitted by the executive on youtube.
    Illegal aliens voting
    Trucks bringing mail order ballots they filled for Biden in the middle of the night.
    Mail order voting.


    So the courts must overturn this election and award the electoral college votes to Trump instead.

    Biden has severe Alzheimer’s disease anyway and should be on his way into a nursing home. He won’t even know what happened.

    • Replies: @Eureka!
  3. Ilana Mercer pumps for social media site Parler here

    Tho Parler is somewhat more censoring than Gab … and yet Parler, despite doing a halfway job of censoring the alleged ‘anti-semitic’ posts … is still under fire heavily by Jewish-led censoring groups, demanding that companies supplying Parler’s internet infrastructure cancel them etc, just because it is not always 100% Jewish-elite-supporting

    Much as Jewish-led thought police worked hard to smash the previous Labour party leadership of Great Britain, with claims that anyone even slightly friendly to Palestinians being attacked and killed, is ‘anti-semitic’

    If Biden-Harris take office, Parler may well be either quickly shut down or rendered entirely useless

    We really have a giant problem here … anyone even slightly off-message from the dominant oligarch / Jewish / woke-ist / corona-panic etc programmes, is under massive attack, the oligarch gangsters trying to get them altogether deleted and unable to function

    All internet infra-structure services denied, all financial services denied

    Anyone questioning Israel / heavily-Jewish-involved agendas, even merely critically naming people who are Jews, are ‘anti-semitic’

    This perhaps is a painful topic for Jewish Ilana Mercer, as it is for her follow thoughtful, election-fraud-confronting intellectual Jew, James Howard Kunstler

    Similarly, anyone questioning covid hysteria, is ‘spreading false medical information endangering people’s health’ etc

    If Donald Trump is not President and tries to set up ‘alternate media’ – which as I recall was also a stated, then thwarted & abandoned, goal of Al Gore after he got denied the Presidency in 2000 –

    Trump himself will be hit with all the same stuff … Trump is unable to fight his Twitter censorship right now even tho he’s President … what on earth will Trump be able to do, if he is not President anymore, and the internet infrastructure people and financial services all join to totally block him?

    • Agree: GreatSocialist
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  4. @brabantian

    The people that control the world’s DNS system have the most and easiest control over what is and is not seen by the world’s people. Second to that are all the Internet routers with built in firewall capability that’s controlled by their own ISP companies. The major ISP’s could firewall at the end user Internet router level or at their main level and make sites invisible.

    There’s not much an individual can do if the main pipes decide to not let you see a site.

    Trump should have started his own web site that became active when he was declared the winner in the 2016 election. He wouldn’t have needed Twitter. He could have done something unique and not brought in any advisors that have subsequently stabbed him in the back. He could have refused ALL requests for interviews from the MSM opting instead to talk to the US population through his own site. That alone would have kneecapped the MSM’s ability to skew his message and slant their reporting.

    If I can figure this out lots of other people figured it out and then the question becomes why didn’t it happen.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  5. Realist says:

    Democracy is toxic, from both party perspectives—especially since we no longer have a republic where the central authority has clearly limited and delimited powers.

    A republic is a democracy with lipstick. Any form of government that allows idiots to vote is doomed.

  6. Anon[363] • Disclaimer says:

    Dang, I had no idea Ilana Mercer was so hot. She’s bae as f***

  7. sonofman says:

    They have knowledge of history, but they still repeat the mistakes. With the all too obvious and disgusting vote fraud, they have awoken the rage of a sleeping giant that only the actions of President Trump during the next four years will be able to assuage. They made the mistake of attacking the President with lies, deceit, division, cancel, censor, chaos and violence, correspondingly ignoring that the People took the brunt of suffering. And vote fraud is a massive fuck up against the people. The President’s immense power comes from his base of Americans who are still defined by the ’76 spirit of heart and mind in symbiosis with God, and who are now traumatized and equipped to become an army to defend their freedoms of choice. It’s their own fault. Their despicable dictatorial behavior (and the President’s Twitter) raised awareness and created even more President Trump supporters to stand against such infamy.

  8. gay troll says:

    There is no democracy in America, that is purely a marketing term used by the private political parties who select presidential candidates. If there were democracy in America, Bernie Sanders would be president.

    Democracy may have its pitfalls but that is not what we are experiencing. Not sure what Ilana dreams of replacing democracy and globalism but I can take an educated guess. We get it, chosen people love a good Daddy figure and would appreciate 4 more years of him enlarging the borders of Israel while blaming all the world’s problems on communist conspiracies. Unz Review has turned into a de facto Trump fanzine despite the editor’s protestations. Newsflash: the globalism that is being implemented even now, which has been abetted and not opposed by DJT and his band of useful nationalists, will have nothing to do with democracy, but will be an extension of the current power base, which is fascist. How easy it is to get white goyim to support Zionism as long as they are promised a homeland of their own. Hilarious to see commenters decry Jewish chauvinism while beating their pom poms for white nationalism. They may get their racial purity; they may get their new Fuhrer; they may get to keep promoting their crucified Jewish messiah, but their nation will be taken from them and given to Zion.

  9. Rahan says:

    I myself am kind of drained by politics, and will be disengaging, at least until the spring, I think.

    So take care everyone here on Unz, and till later!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. @RoatanBill

    To your point about the people running the DNS system, it won’t be long before they clamp down on and turn off platforms of which they do not approve. The writing is on the wall for Gab, Parler, and any platform Trump might establish, assuming, that is, that he stays out of Saint Sing.

    You had better get acquainted with the Dark Web if you want to see any unapproved content.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  11. A real river of MAGA tears in this section.

    Trump lost in a landslide, he lost like a dog, and America rejected him.

    In the next few years, this deluded conman will be in jail for financial crimes or tax fraud, or in a mental institution drooling and half gaga, like his dad.

    Never a hero, but now he is certainly a zero, with a big “L” branded on his forehead, that will never come off.

    He did a good con-job to get bitter and tired americans to vote for him, but the job of POTUS was too big for him, and he couldn’t handle it. He was pathetic and an embarrassment to America.

  12. @The Alarmist

    IFRC the US gave up control of the DNS system a few years ago. I don’t know if that was the official position and they still have their claws into it world wide or if it was done legitimately.

    If DNS is as distributed as its made out to be, then pockets of resistance to US control, or anyone’s control, are possible.

    If DNS gets compromised, then DDNS (Dynamic DNS) may get an upgrade that makes it more mainstream. All the Windows and Apple boxes are controlled via their walled garden of allowable apps and their update / upgrade mechanism. Windows and Apple users haven’t got a chance should the SHTF. Their boxes will totally comply with whatever TPTsB decide is appropriate for them.

    The Linux community is a completely different animal. I’ve been exclusively Linux since 1999 and have written code for it and authored a BASH book to try to help out. I wish people would wise up and run Linux and leave their intellectual prison behind.

    Linux runs the Internet. The Linux developer community is largely anarchic in temperament and should TPTsB decide to screw with them, they will respond. Linux developers are scattered throughout the world and no one has control over them.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  13. @RoatanBill

    I agree with you on Linux, but it gets old having to write drivers whenever I want to add a new piece of kit, so I use Apple Mac for mundane things or things where your life is vastly simplified by buying off the shelf.

    I downloaded Atmel Studio and made an ISP (programmer) to program the chips I’m using to run the automation in my garden and greenhouse. No way I was going to trust that to Amazon or Google implementations of IoT. Next up, lighting & heating in the house, which are still manual.

    Have you ever wondered, BTW, why ISPs (providers) don’t want people to have static IPs?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  14. @The Alarmist

    We’re getting too off topic. Last comment.

    Static IP’s make it possible for people to run servers (email, ssh, ftp, etc) on their boxes if they know enough how to do so using stand DNS entries. ISP’s in the US typically firewall those ports to make it impossible on the expected port numbers. Running servers on alternate ports is doable but a PITA for end users.

    DDNS is supposed to make it possible to run on non static IP’s but the ISP’s firewalling the ports on their end make trying that route mostly futile. Many sites won’t send or receive mail on anything but the standard SMTP port, for example.

    • Agree: The Alarmist
    • Replies: @botazefa
  15. Bravo, beautiful lady!

    • Thanks: ILANA Mercer
  16. There is a long term strategy available to opponents of The Regime: Nurture distrust of its legitimacy

    That is a realistic strategy, because the political establishment is so obviously and widely corrupt.

    For instance, was John Roberts lifted to chief justice because he is vulnerable to blackmail? Hillary Clinton? Ask Vince Foster.

    Poor Epstein: Hanged himself.

    • Replies: @Realist
  17. Charles says:

    Whites will either care about their history and their future or they – we – won’t have either one. Unless at some point we care about keeping, for example, books, indoor plumbing and an intact power grid, not all the George Washingtons or Rob’t E. Lees in the world can save us. And both of those kinds of men are in short supply.

    • Agree: Realist
  18. onebornfree says: • Website

    “That is a realistic strategy, because the political establishment is so obviously and widely corrupt.”

    This “just” in:

    “Because they are all ultimately funded via both direct and indirect theft [taxes], and counterfeiting [central bank monopolies], all governments are essentially, at their very cores, 100% corrupt criminal scams which cannot be “reformed”or “improved”,simply because of their innate criminal nature.” onebornfree

    “Taking the State wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators and beneficiaries from those of a professional-criminal class.” Albert J. Nock

    “Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure” Robert LeFevere

    Regards, onebornfree

  19. botazefa says:

    DDNS is supposed to make it possible to run on non static IP’s but the ISP’s firewalling the ports on their end make trying that route mostly futile. Many sites won’t send or receive mail on anything but the standard SMTP port, for example.

    If ISP’s blocked IP traffic wouldn’t they run afoul of their claim that they are non-censoring common carriers? I’ve had no trouble running SMTP/IMAP/HTTP over standard ports on Spectrum, Time Warner, AT&T, and Suddlink.

    If your ISP is port filtering you should call them to get an explanation. Maybe file a complaint, but who has the time for such hopeless tasks!

  20. imbroglio says:


    Pay attention to what brabantuan and his/her ilk have to say. You will always be suspect. Once they become aware that someone is a Jew (not Jewish, a Jew,) that’s all they need to know. They could be dying of covid but if the cure came from a Jew, they’d either choose to die or they’d grab the cure and, when recovered, stab you in the back. They are fortunate that the Jews are so small in number else they’d have no future on this earth.


  21. Realist says:
    @Mark Humphrey

    For instance, was John Roberts lifted to chief justice because he is vulnerable to blackmail?

    There may be videos of Roberts banging little girls.

  22. Trump just posted that there was no way Sleepy received 80M votes.

    There’s no way Biden received > 12.

    Not 12M. 12.

    Oh, and Kamela is not eligible for VP.

  23. RudyM says:

    You have no roots here, yet your advice to us is just to give up and, at best, dissolve our country, rather than fight back against obvious election fraud. Anyone who does not support overturning an illegal election now is irrelevant.

  24. lloyd says: • Website

    I noted Ilan Mercer did not wish all Americans a happy thanks giving. President Donald Trump did so. It is perhaps not a small point that those brought up in the Jewish culture, do not generally wish humanity happy festivals. Their animosity extends to every day of the year which creates a general mental poisoning and rigidity of ideology. I saw recently on CODOH a quite serious comparison between believing in the Holocaust and believing in Santa Claus. To children, the discovery that the adult world has been universally lying and cheating them creates genuine stress and confusion. They all grow out of it after the second grade. However they retain a sentiment for the Christian festivals which they pass on to the next generation and that fosters toleration and humanism. But Jews retain their childhood literalism to the next generation

    • Replies: @SMK
  25. All I see is a great river of MAGA tears in this article.

  26. SMK says: • Website

    Yes, the Harris administration. As vice-President, she’ll be the de facto as opposed to de jure President as long as Biden survives, and then President, likely in 2 or 3 years if not earlier, when “uncle Joe’s senility and dementia becomes so acute and salient that he’s forced to resign or is removed from office under the 25th Amendment.

    If not for massive nonwhite immigration, a mother from India, a father from Jamaica, Harris would not only not be the soon-to be vice-President, and then, almost surely, after replacing Biden, the first woman and second “black” President, nor a Senator, nor an ex-AG of California and DA of San Francisco -she would not have even been born. She would not exist.

    Imagine; Harris will soon be President, the “most powerful” woman and person “in the world,” as they say -a woman who’ve career in politics was launched by an adulterous intrigue with Willie Brown and was so unpopular with democratic voters that she was the first or one of the first of 17 hopefuls to withdraw from the race for the 2016 democratic nomination.

  27. SMK says: • Website

    Why should anyone who supports Trump and doesn’t hate the country and most of it’s white populace “wish a happy thanksgiving” to people of all races who hate the country and most of its white population and voted for Joe Biden as President, a sui-generis “gaffe-machine” and senile and demented buffoon who often doesn’t know what city or state he’s in or what year or decade he was vice-President, a serial plaigerist, liar, groper, hair-sniffer, and grifter, a consummate “swamp creature” and corrupt and greedy shyster and criminal who engaged in bribery and quid-pro-schemes in the Ukraine, China, and other nations to enrich himself and his family, especially his crack-addict son Hunter, and who supports open borders and massive legal and illegal nonwhite immigration, globalism, black racial revanchism, police and prison reform, and much else that will destroy what’s left of the “historic American nation.”

  28. Do you think your credibility is enhanced by the gratuitous cleavage and the silly glasses?

    • Replies: @Radek
    , @anon
  29. Radek says:
    @Reasonable and Responsible

    No it does not. She reveals herself as a rather constipated, sexually frustrated harpy, ranting about ‘us Americans’ in a funny foreign accent. you can photoshop your looks to make yourself appear North European but you cannot photoshop your accent. Her Maga tears are hypocritical. Ilana hates America as it is. She supports the enemies of America- Julian Assange, Russia and Iran.

  30. Eureka! says:

    Biden will not be president. The court won’t overturn an election because the election is not certified. They will rule in Trumps favor, and the left will lose their collective, dim-witted minds. They are in a hurry to create the impression it is all over but remember, Algore thought he was president for 36 days.

  31. anon[682] • Disclaimer says:
    @Reasonable and Responsible

    Dude, those are problem glasses. If she was like 25 they’d be hot or at least cute.


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