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We know her not by her name, but by her deeds, and those are heroic. She aimed, shot and dispatched to hell one Dennis Butler, a career criminal, who was poised to do mass murder in West Virginia. A birthday-graduation party got too noisy for Butler’s liking.

She had a handgun; her opponent an AR15. More crucially, the Lady from Charleston had the male bits and the moral compass that upwards of 19 police officers, hunkered down at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, last month—all SWATTED-up and swaddled in Kevlar body armor—were without.

At the same time, the trapped children cried out to 911 as they were being mowed down. These babies screamed for grown men to quit cowering and pondering bureaucratic distinctions—active shooter or barricaded shooter—a distinction without a difference if the barricaded shooter is also holding the kids hostage and picking them off one-by-one.

Do not rest in peace, Uvalde Angels. Rage from the heavens.

The Uvalde cops had been milling about, in-and-out of the school corridor, since 11:35 AM, on May 24, 2022, waiting on a key to open a door behind which little children had been dying since 11:33 AM.

These cops waited for The Key until 12:50 PM, when “a Border Patrol Tactical Unit officer finally breached the room using a janitor’s keys.” And, no. Despite the gushing on Fox News, that Border Patrol Tactical Unit officer is no hero. Doing your job eventually—when that job is defined by the credo “time is of the essence”—is not heroism.

How overpowering is the instinct to worship. Lawrence Jones of Fox News showed himself a fool, looking to blame 911 for the Uvalde Police’s disgraceful failure to engage an active shooter. However, the protocol is clear. You go to the fight. Law enforcement is obliged to forthwith engage a known active shooter. An assault rifle was being fired feet away from the officers. The sound would’ve hurt eardrums. There was no communication breakdown; only a categorical refusal to respond to reality on the ground.

Cops had come a cropper, refusing to respond to reality on the ground, deaf to the cries and telephone calls of brave babies.

Absent keys, operating under the license of no-knock warrants these state operators, whom we pay for protection, have no qualms about deftly deploying tactical entry equipment, such as battering rams, to kick in our doors on the slightest pretext, and without knowing what’s on the other side.

This time, the cops knew that on the other side of the door, starting at 11:33 AM, more than 100 rounds had been fired into classrooms 111 and 112. In fact, as the officers stood inside the school structure, at 11:37 AM, the shooter fired 16 more rounds.

Forgive the hyperbole, but the “I was only following orders” excuse for evil action or inaction comes with hefty historical baggage. For those whose education comes courtesy of American schooling, the reference is to the Nuremberg Defense.

A society is institutionally and systemically rotten, certifiably so, when the cries of little kids and women being blown to smithereens do not make grown men drop their poisonous progressive protocol and run to the rescue.

“‘Go in there! Go in there!’ women yelled at the police soon after the attack began.” It was worse. As shown in this YouTube clip, watched over 500,000 times, parents writhe in agony, crying like wounded animals caught in a trap as their flesh-and-blood is slaughtered within earshot.

WHAT DOES THE STATE DO? The UniParty state workers–the cops, the SWAT–they do zip for the kids being killed, but turn to tase parents beside themselves with grief, all to prevent them from charging to retrieve their babies.

Evil in action.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz proposed “hardening” the schools by creating one-door schoolhouses. Just you wait for a fire to ignite, the stampede to follow and the bodies to pile-up high before that single point of egress.

No, you can’t fix stupid. You can’t gussy it up. How are you gonna fix a teacher who, on spotting the gunman, runs inside the school and leaves the fortified door wide open for the shooter in-chase? You can’t. How are you gonna fix cops who have no urge to run to the rescue; but, instead, obey evil, unintuitive orders and turn on righteous parents?

You can’t fix stupid. As Ron White, that great satirist from the once-great State of Texas, teaches, “You can’t fix stupid.” “There is not a pill you can take, not a class you can go to. Stupid is forever.”

The Stupid Party says, “Just arm the teachers.” You want to train and arm teachers and faculty staff members to protect your kids? Have you seen what falls under the category “teacher” and faculty? Seen the people who zealously inculcate ungrammatical pronoun illiteracy? Who promote and further entrench systemic anti-white racism and exotic age-inappropriate sexuality? Have you seen these mountains of flesh videoing themselves gyrating obscenely, sexual exhibitionists in flagrante delicto, under whose tutelage “sexual curiosities, once called perversions, flourish”? Give guns to the same “dedicated” pedagogues who took two years off for COVID?

Get your kids the hell out of US schools!

American schools, incidentally, are well capitalized. They have active-shooter training and security protocols in place. What they don’t have is decent human capital.

Decades of feminization, emasculation and preferential hiring account for America’s low-intelligence, self-serving work force. This malevolent matriarchy in-the-making increasingly lacks the higher-order capacity for altruism and heroism.

What was it that Oscar Wilde said about kindness? “She thought that because he was stupid, he would be kindly, when of course, kindliness requires imagination and intellect.”

In Uvalde and beyond, you are witnessing the systemic rot in what Michelle Malkin has dubbed “end-stage America.”

WATCH: “Save Your Kids–Get Them The Hell Out Of US Schools!”

Video Link


Cancelling the Grand Old Party (GOP) was the mission of last week’s “Hard Truth” podcast, undertaken by your columnist, her partner, David Vance, and guest Jack Kerwick (introduced here). And on good grounds. The Republican Party has never stood up for you, will never stand up for you and is not going to do what it takes. Past is prologue.

As Dr. Boyd Cathey has observed, the “party which never conserves anything” had been exposed as such as far back as 1875. “The great Southern author, Robert Lewis Dabney, writing a decade after the end of the War Between the States … expressed presciently this tendency of dominant, post-war Northern conservatism”:

The history of the Republican Party is “that it demurs to each aggression of the progressive party, and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is to-day one of the accepted principles of conservatism; it is now conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will to-morrow be forced upon its timidity, and will be succeeded by some third revolution, to be denounced and then adopted in its turn.”

A point of philosophy arises. From the progressive perspective, society—civil and state—are what shape the human being and account for his conduct. To the extent our world is filled with perverts, grifters, and deviants—they were propelled into misbehavior by societal forces often beyond their control. Or, so goes progressive-style social determinism.

Libertarians, for their part, also often err on the side of a structurally similar social determinism. The State, their reasoning goes, accounts, for the most, for deviance in society. Remove the State and you remove the incentives for people to behave badly.

This Hebrew takes the biblical view tested by time. It is that, as stated in Genesis 8:21 (with thanks to my editors), the instinct of man is evil from his youth. (Or, wackily mistranslated: “the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth.”)

What we observe in the political landscape is a function and a reflection of human nature, acting in aggregate. Over and above the idea that we get the government that we deserve is the devastating reality that this government doesn’t stand apart from us. It is us.

Stated by a reader on American Greatness, “We are culturally rotten…as a country and a people…sick to the core. Without shame, without humility, without prudence or common sense.”

In the aggregate, this is probably true. We evince deep, all-engulfing systemic rot, manifested in public and personal life.

Some questions, however, lingered. Were we and our guest, Dr. Kerwick, being theoretical purists, rejecting or refusing to engage with the political reality as it is? Perhaps conservatives should just put up and shut up about the Only Game in Town? Succinctly put by an Unz Review reader:

“Yup! The Republicans suck. But the Democrats want to kill me.”

To that, David provided the perfectly plain answer, as is his wont. WATCH. So did the late Andrew Breitbart of blessed memory. WATCH AND SUBSCRIBE.

Video Link

David and ilana also get down to some “Monkey Business.” Look, the disease du jour, “Monkey Pox,” is not a concern, although The Powers are itching to make it a lockdown affair. All you have to do is avoid biblically prohibited copulation.

(Oh, last week, ilana went with a woke aesthetic, as viewers of the “Hard Truth” podcast told her bluntly. So, no more unwashed hair on this May 26, 2022 “Hard Truth” episode. Ilana cleaned up “good,” as they’d say in the South.)

Also on Odysee and BitChute if those platforms float your boat.


Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian think piece since 1999. She’s the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter, Gab, Gettr YouTube & LinkedIn; banned by Facebook, and has a new video-podcast.


In his June 20, 2020 J’accuse, Tucker Carlson, for all practical purposes, cancelled the Republican Party: “Property was looted,” he roared, “people were beaten and killed and Republicans joined the side doing the looting, beating and killing. President of the Heritage Foundation and think tanks on the right betrayed law enforcement and ordinary Americans, calling them racists, ignoring the damage done to their property and person.”

Jack Kerwick has been anatomizing just such failures and betrayals dished out by the ConOink establishment for over a decade, writing in January of 2021, of virus-related tyranny that,

“…the country bequeathed to us by the generation that, in the midst of a smallpox epidemic, fought and defeated the most powerful empire in the world in order to be a self-governing union of sovereign states—subjected itself to a nationwide internment.

The United State of America became the Interned States of America as the Constitution of the Old Republic was indefinitely revoked, the economy crushed, and ‘the little platoons’—as Burke referred to those buffers between the individual and the State, those forms of community constitutive of civil society and in the absence of which human flourishing would be impossible—were radically undermined. … And all of this occurred in a country with a Republican President, a Republican-controlled Senate, a Supreme Court dominated by Republican appointees, and a majority of whose state legislatures and governors are Republican.” [Emphasis added.]

As captivated as voters on the right may be by the promise of the primaries, they’d be wise to remember the nature of the Republican Racket—the duopoly or uniparty swindle, for that matter.

You’ve been here before. Elections in our country are a national bipolar mood disorder that sees our side, the right, swing from halcyon highs under the Stupid Party to nadir lows under the Evil Party, except that there never is long-term, real relief.

With a difference. Something huge happened in our country in the past few years. It is not hyperbole to say the republic has been lost. To paraphrase the great Naomi Wolf, we are at a civilizational crossroads, still living under emergency law, the Constitution suspended. We’ve adjusted to tyranny and no one is the wiser.

Certainly not any Republican.

Some of us have long held that the republic of blessed memory was lost ages ago. Others still hold out hope for a small “r” republican revival. Even the most Panglossian among us must acknowledge that a tipping point was reached during COVID.

THE DEMOCRATS have always set the terms of debate; Democrats stand tall for their core principles, as atrocious as these manifestly are.

Consider: How does the illiberal left deal with Republicans? They leverage against their political opponents the full force of the managerial, permanent state, which they’ve captured. They galvanize the DOJ (Department of Justice), the Security and the Surveillance State to destroy as many conservatives as possible. Rivulets of words like “treason” and “white supremacist” soon run through the Democrat-dominated media and through other intellectual means of production captured. Subpoenas are issued. Congressional hearings are hastily begun; impeachment proceedings set in motion. The criminal arm of the Democrat Party is marshaled in quick succession. These vampiric operatives—BLM, Antifa, demented distaff—are soon staking out, stalking and canceling conservatives making life intolerable. Simultaneously, and in addition to utterly demonizing their opposition, Democrats typically plug away at making the country ungovernable, lawless, diverse to the point of distrust.

Against the potency of the Democrats, Republicans offer only impotence. The GOP strives to fit in. The typical ConOinksters—the con artists formerly known as neoconservatives, as Establishment Republicans, as ConInc, or the “Big Con”—their existence consists in pacifying the left and deceiving the right.

Blunt is better: Republicans live like you would in a gay bathhouse: on their knees. At every turn, they apologize and expiate for their principles. Their feeble reaction to Democrat depredations, in general, has the effect of normalizing decadence, degeneracy, lawlessness, and breakdown of all standards—the systemic institutional rot that is convulsing the country. Republican reaction to a steady stream of brazen invaders breaking the Southern border, in particular, is to whinge ever-so occasionally and oh-so softly.

By Republican telling, it is the Democrats who made immigration enforcement impossible. Not so! George Bush would still wrestle a crocodile for an illegal immigrant. Collaboration between the parties over the years codified into law that no invader could be turned back. By mutual agreement between the parties, no sooner do these criminal aliens cross into the Unites State and plonk themselves on our side of the Rio Grande—than they must be “processed” and released, never booted. The Wall was always meant as a cheap election ploy to excite the febrile imagination of the voter. That, Donald Trump understood. So, instead, the former president did an ingenious workaround: Trump “erected a bureaucratic wall that expelled unauthorized immigrants on the southern border,” forcing them to bunk-down in Mexico.

Back to COVID: Is there one GOPer running in the primaries who has promised and comprehends how to ensure that no centrally or locally directed lock-down will ever occur again? Any conservative campaigning on a serious examination of lockdown crimes against the citizens and travel restrictions on the unvaxed? Has even one of the Republican candidates traipsing through Fox News’ green room addressed the creation of an unvaccinated underclass (villains all) and a vaccinated upper-class (virtuous)? Who among these contemptible clowns clawing their way to D.C. has even mentioned the fact that we the unvaxed are still being denied access—based not on active aggression we’re committing, but rooted in our peaceful rejection of the corporate, State-mediated aggression against us: We won’t take the Hemlock.

Is a single Republican moron proposing to ensure that never again will the medical idiocracy—bona fides established during the pandemic—come between a dying patient and his family?

Remember how Republicans, during COVID, would prattle about religious exemptions (state granted!) and natural-immunity based exemptions (state granted!)—but had not the faintest urge to defend the natural, God-given right of self-ownership? I do. You should, too! Almost to a man, did most of the Republicans we endured on TV during COVID prance onto the set, boasting self-righteously: “I’ve had the vaccine, I’m for science, but I support the rights of my rube-hick constituents to reject it.”


Let us be clear on what free speech truly is. The words people speak, write, tweet; the beliefs they are known to hold, the flags they fly, the symbolic, non-violent ceremonies and rituals they enact, the insignia, paraphernalia, the goose-stepping, Hitler salutes they dick around with—all that is protected speech, licit in natural law.

So long as these oddities and idiosyncrasies, whether performed alone or in groups, thoughts harbored or shared in public—so long as no violence accompanies such speech or behavior (prohibited here is violence visited on animals as well); so long as mitts stop at the next man’s face: SPEECH. It’s all speech. It should be free, unfettered and as wild and as wanton as it can be.

Spoken, written, preached: Impolite and impolitic thoughts are nothing more than thought crimes which ought to be ferociously protected by a free people. By logical extension, any accusations of Naziism—if leveled at a belief system, rather than at palpable violent actions—is suspect.

Thoughts and words spoken or written that are not politically polite—for example, racism; Naziism—ought to retain protected status as speech beyond the adjudication of law-makers, bureaucrats, mediacrats, educrats and technocrats.

In fact, “In the current climate,” I had suggested—and considering the inherently paranoid style of American politics—it’s worth contemplating special protections for politically impolite, racist speech.”

In 1978, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) ‘took a controversial stand for free speech by defending a neo-Nazi group that wanted to march through the Chicago suburb of Skokie, where many Holocaust survivors lived.” As a free-speech absolutist, a term Elon Musk has revived, I long for the return of what I shall term here the Skokie Standard of free speech and thinking.

In 2022, the once-grand ACLU, however, no longer vigorously defends marginalized speakers and thinkers. Instead, the ACLU defrauds the public about its mission, devoting its resources to the well-popularized causes of the Left’s privileged populations: LGBTQ demands, illegal immigrant claims-making, seekers of abortion-on-tap, looters of property and destroyers of peace and prosperity (in Orwellian speak, “peaceful protesters”).

Thus, other than that the Azov Battalion, a special unit in the Ukrainian military, is oriented toward the ethnic, white Ukrainian nation; other than that Azov insignia and iconography are rooted in national socialism or Naziism—I did not immediately detect evidence in Nebojsa Malic’s well-researched RT piece, “Western media clubs together to white-wash Ukrainian Neo-Nazis,” that the Azov are currently, actively and violently expunging groups such as, say Jews or Roma, based on typically Nazi eugenic ideation.

Azov’s symbols appear to be Nazi, but their actions appear to be merely nationalist, namely a quest to keep Ukraine Ukrainian.

I therefore questioned, during the Hard Truth broadcast, the Nazi designation attached to the Azov Brigade, suggesting that, if Azov are not engaged in acts of violence against the traditional Nazi victims and other ethnics, and are merely a military battalion fighting in the Russia-Ukraine military theater—then the Nazi insignia and paraphernalia are irrelevant. These symbols then fall into the category of ritualistic, offensive speech—thought crimes—the kind for which the Left criminalizes the Right.

This I say despite the fact that, as a longtime critic of American foreign policy, my sympathies here are firmly on the Russian side. Putin’s war in Ukraine is a war for which there are plenty reasons, all of them vindicating Russia (although such a statement must be qualified by saying that reasons for war are not the same as justification for war. A war of aggression is seldom justified).

Since the American Left is forever criminalizing the Right for thought crimes, pro-Russia sympathies notwithstanding, principle is paramount. It will not do to expediently visit the same on the Azov, namely vilifying the brigade for thought crimes.

Moreover, if to believe “the Empire of Lies,” to use Putin’s term for the United States in his epic pre-war address, Russia claimed it went to war to cleanse Ukraine of Nazis. There is little truth in this, however. For where is this emphasized in Putin’s speech? It isn’t. The Nazi ruse is near-redundant, sort of an afterthought in Putin’s cogent address to the nation. The overriding reason for war, to quote Putin, is “the eastward expansion of NATO, which is moving its military infrastructure ever closer to the Russian border.” On the facts, US policy toward Ukraine and Russia has not promoted peace between the two, but sought to sever the former’s centuries-long ties to Russia and bring it into the US-led NATO sphere of influence. Cold War is when conflict outweighs cooperation. Détente is when conflict and friction are reduced. The US has sought a new cold war with Russia. Those were Putin’s salient points.

It is clear: Azov has a fight with the Russians. Its vigilance might also be in support of the Ukrainian white ethno-state. But if this is the case, and the battalion’s war doesn’t involve ethnic cleansing other than their battle to repel a Russian invader—I would put it to the reader that we on the dissident Right should not in any way adopt the Left’s evil of prosecuting thought and speech crimes, and should not be bothered by the Azov’s belief system, flags, goose-stepping and assorted attire, all no more than accoutrements of speech. I do agree with Mr. Malic that it is worse than hypocrisy—treasonous? —for Western press and politicians to ignore the white nationalism of Ukraine’s defenders as they criminalize white nationalists stateside.


In “The Illusion of Liberal Democracy—America’s Long Record of Destruction Continues,” Dr. Boyd Cathey deploys the term the “long march,” generally associated with the Communist Chinese Revolution of Chairman Mao, to describe decades in which successive American administrations have romped through other countries’ institutions in an unabashed quest to impose universal “freedom and equality” à la America.

The use of force in furtherance of American liberties was enthusiastically touted by famed neoconservative writer Alan Bloom, author of The Closing of the American Mind. Indubitably, such a contradiction in terms has become the guiding principle of the American foreign policy establishment. The resulting recreational wars of choice prosecuted over some 70 years, and the regime-change exercises pursued, have caused great, if not permanent, damage to American institutions themselves.

Citing Dr. Paul Gottfried, foremost scholar of the European and American Right, Dr. Cathey traces today’s illiberal Germany, where expression, public and private, is heavily circumscribed in law (in the name of “protecting our [German] democracy”), to the Marshal Plan and to the “denazification” humiliation of 1945, courtesy of the American-dominated Allied forces, during which any expression of German tradition and heritage came to be conflated with fascism.

Cathey laments the party duopoly’s enthusiasm for injecting American boys into conflicts, far and wide, most recently in Ukraine, although sympathy for members of a military that has become a fully coopted global force for misadventures is questionable. It could be argued that it is in the nature of the Anglo-American man to want to be a hero, a rescuer. It can be posited, moreover, that, in his own country, this American, military-minded protector would be maligned and molested were he to patrol his neighborhoods or his nation’s borders. So, off he goes to slay dragons abroad and leap to his death in a lemming’s lunacy. Even so, this generic American grunt does so knowingly. Listening to ex-military officiating as commentators on Fox News—one hears the self-righteous zealotry of the fully converted Global Citizen.

Vladimir Putin, argues Dr. Cathey, has rejected the West’s culturally, racially and sexually decadent ways. For this reason, the Russian president has been targeted by the United States for an excruciatingly slow demise. Led by the US, Russia is destined to be bled dry by the West, the eventual outcome being “regime change” in Moscow (another “color revolution”).

A trickier question for those of us on the Old Right is this: Putin is a Russian patriot. This, in-depth interviews with the Russian president amply evince. He adores and is deeply acquainted with the nation’s “ancient faith,” its history and traditions. But could it be that we of the Old Russell Kirk Right, nostalgic for the very same things absent in our own societies, are romanticizing the Russian people? This writer shares Dr. Cathey’s love of Tsarist Russia’s great culture before communism. (Boyd says Rachmaninov; I say Tchaikovsky’s “Pathetique,” his Symphony No. 6 is a singularly intense and sublime expression of the agonies of the individual, caught between salvation, sin and love of Mother Russia.)

But is this same sensibility present in younger Russians? No doubt, Putin is steeped in Russian culture. But do younger Russians share his traditionalism? True, very many hate communism, but that hatred is devoid of a civilizational dimension. I fear younger Russians are already in the market for a Western life filled with sexual titillation and consumerism.

Finally, although it is possible to justify Putin’s war with reference to the more statist scholastic Just War Theory—the libertarian axiom of non-aggression won’t permit such justification. Putin’s war in Ukraine is a war for which there are plenty reasons, all of them vindicating Russia; Russia is in the right! Reasons for war, however, are not the same as justification for war. A war of aggression is seldom justified.

ON THE HARD TRUTH PODCAST this week, David Vance and yours truly are joined by fearless and learned dissident scholar Dr. Boyd D. Cathey, for a wide-ranging discussion on the aforementioned US plan to bleed Russia dry. While Americans, from their Ukrainian-manned vantage points, seem willing to fight to the last Ukrainian; Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has vowed that Russia “would never accept the global village under the command of the American sheriff.”

Let’s see.


Video Link


Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian think piece since 1999. She’s the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter, Gab, Gettr YouTube & LinkedIn; banned by Facebook, and has a new video-podcast.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, Russia, Ukraine 

In Idiocracy, Mike Judge’s genius of a satire (really a documentary, if you think about it), Luke Wilson plays Joe Bowers, frozen by the military in 2005, “who accidentally wakes up in 2505 to find a broken-down, thuggish America, where language has become a patois of football chants, hip-hop slang and grunts denoting rage, pleasure and priapic longing, where citizens are obese, violent, ever-horny and narcotised by consumerism.” (As I said, a documentary. Citations here.)

The “dumb-a** dystopia” depicted in “Idiocracy” has evolved (devolved, rather) because low-IQ individuals, so robust, have out-bred the intelligent (yes, Judge openly references IQ as a measure of intelligence). Consequently, nothing gets fixed. There are garbage avalanches. A Gatorade-like drink has replaced water in irrigation. Because growers don’t know better, nothing grows.

The most watched show on the “Violence Channel” is “Ow, My B-lls!” The “highest grossing movie of all time is called ‘A**,’ and consists of 90 minutes of the same naked, hairy butt on screen.” Audiences are enraptured. All enterprises are sexualized; Starbucks offers a “full body latte.” Costco is an Ivy-League law school.

Or, a medical school, in my tale of woe. Idiocracy is the perfect metaphor for my own visit to a Washington State doctor’s office.

I had scheduled an appointment with this “medical professional,” in the Seattle area. When done right, these things consume time. There are elaborate forms to fill in, which I do meticulously online (especially given my allergies), in hopes of a better outcome in the office.

And the doctor’s office has become its own obstacle course. Combine endemic, Idiocracy-like institutional rot, with the control Covid has bestowed on some exceedingly mediocre and malevolent minds—and one can never be too prepared.

In the case of this grubby little shop, the pronoun slot alone on the attendant patient forms ought to have been a portend of what was to come. My choice of pronoun would have been “grammatical” had that option been offered. Otherwise, I never dignify the pronoun charade. See below:

Exhaustive though it was, the “ethnicity” slot didn’t offer the “Jewish” designation, which might have entitled me to a wee bit more grace from the graceless. Inappropriately prurient and medically unnecessary, in this context, information was solicited about the patient’s sex life. These inquiries remained unanswered, obviously.

This was a consultation, nothing more. But this was also Washington State! On the Pacific Coast, kindness, congeniality and rationality don’t come naturally. Neither does an adherence, it would appear, to the spirit of the Hippocratic Oath:

I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug.

State-of-Washington-statists are generally aloof, opprobrious, insular, dour and, it would appear, deeply and studiously dumb. Unkind cuts are an everyday occurrence around here, where the busybody mentality prevails, and where difference is deviance.

Stand still long enough, and they’ll tell you how to live. They’ll even give chase to deliver a “corrective” sermon. A helmeted cyclist once chased me down along a suburban running trail. My sin? I had fed the poor juncos in the dead of winter. (Still do. Bite me, you bully.) This, as the first homeless person just ensconced himself (or herself or its non-binary selves), with the accouterments of homelessness, on one of our little city’s main streets, a thing no one, but no one, will protest.

Washington woke would sooner flout the spirit of the Hippocratic Oath than speak ill of the grotesquerie that is unfolding on our streets. Since the term “virtue signaling” has become a cliché—a term insufficient to the task—let me offer an improvement. The progressive’s preening aims to emphasize his or her own providential purpose in the universe. To that end, progressives like to discredit the rest of us. That’s more like it .

When the appointment was scheduled, not a word of warning was forthcoming about the inquisition, the third degree, that would ensue at the front desk on the day of the visit. I’m healthy, masked and without fever. That ought to have been the end of it.

It was not. Shoved in my face on a stark sheet of paper, bereft of the office’s masthead, was the demand for my vaccination status. Well, of course. Doctor Lexus (diploma via Costco) wasn’t owning this disgrace. This was nothing to boast about.

I refused to divulge my vaccination status.

A commotion ensued, as the front-desk collective drew closer, bristling with hostility. The scene was straight out of Idiocracy. An unscannable, a person without a barcode, was loose among the human herd and it was desperate to recover the safety and security that comes with the warm smell of the herd.

Substitute “Covid” in the dialogue conducted between Joe Bowers, the Idiocracy’s protagonist, and the “tarded” Doctor Lexus, who discovers Bowers doesn’t have the identifying, state-mandated tattoo—and you get an idea of the exchange I had with representatives of one of the Evergreen State’s “tarded” doctors (language a bit salty):

Dr. Lexus (IQ around 60), whose speech embodies the best of Beavis and Butthead’s repartee—his affect even better—first “listens” to his patient, Joe Bowers (who, with an IQ of 100, is the smartest person in America circa 2505). Bowers tells doctor he doesn’t know what’s going on. He’s seeing things. It could be because of the drugs the Army put him on. Could the good doctor just get him well enough to get back to base (America circa 2005)?

Dr. Lexus (critical faculties dulled, grinning dementedly but affably):

“Right, kick-a**. Don’t wanna sound like a d-ck or nothing, but it says here in your chart that you f-cked up. You talk like a f-g, and your sh-t’s all retarded. What I do is like (stops for a Beavis and Butthead interluding chuckle as he loses train of “thought”), err, like you know what I mean, like ah ah ah.”

AND: “Don’t worry scro,” Doctor Lexus assures his panicked patient. “There are plenty tards out there living really kicka** lives. My first wife was ‘tarded; she’s a pilot now.”

Time to pay:

Doctor (borderline retarded): “Ok. It will be this many dollars. And if you could just go ahead and, like, put your [Covid] tattoo in that s-it.”
Joe (realizing the date on the bill is 2505): “That’s weird. This thing has the same misprint as that magazine. What are the odds of–”
Doctor (trembling with fear, panic rising; he has encountered an unregistered individual): “Where’s your [Covid] tattoo? Tattoo? Why don’t you have this?”

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All nations now are expected to have found religion on Ukraine. As I pointed out at the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, from Covid submission, we the zombie subjects of the new, global order—for citizens we are not—were directed to shuffle along, shipshape, into a new compliance, this time over Ukraine.

In other words, agree with the US’s Disneyfied, angels-and-demons foreign policy, which has now thoroughly infected the world, or face the consequences.

And, unless Russia is made over in the cloying, sloganeering, self-righteously woke image of America—it will not be allowed to stand. Not in its current iteration. That’s the message transmitted by the Biden Administration, echoed by the Republican Party.

Countries that wish to remain neutral on Ukraine, moreover, find themselves in a political pickle. For just as corporate America cancels citizens it deems too reactionary; the American State can, and will, cancel entire countries.

But, what do you know! Some countries have opted for political neutrality in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, choosing the classically liberal position—it opposes sanctions, as these are as useless in achieving political ends as they are ruthless in their effects on the most vulnerable. As far as their ultimate outcome—embargoed are counterproductive. What works is high-level diplomacy.

Chief among the countries that wish to remain politically neutral toward Russia and commercially engaged with it—while urging a diplomatic resolution to the conflict—are Hungary, Serbia (which sagely “bans its citizens from fighting in conflicts abroad”), China and India.

Spurred on by puppet President Volodymyr Zelensky and his American puppeteers, these countries, especially China and India, have been menaced by the Biden administration for maintaining military and commercial ties with Russia.

The concept of neutrality is an important part of Western Civilization. As expounded in one scholarly tract, “the concept of respect for neutrals appears early in Greek history and remains a nearly constant feature of Classical wars.”

By threatening to punish nations for practicing detached political neutrality in the matter of Ukraine and Russia, even as these neutrals call for comity between countries, and urge a diplomatic, peaceful resolution to the conflagration, things China and India have done—The Empire is working to sunder, as in obliterate, the time-honored, civilizing concept of political neutrality. Judging from its silence, the Stupid Party seconds the Evil Party on the matter.

From the elephantine impact of the United States around the world, to the elephant in the proverbial room: Before our very eyes we see a peaceful, almost-seamless integration of millions-upon-millions of Ukrainian refugees into Poland, predominantly, as well as into surrounding countries such as Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. How so? No one will say what is so plain to see.

Those fleeing and those welcoming them with open arms are all almost exclusively of the same Slavic European racial groups, sharing similar habits, habitat and history. It’s both natural and easy to welcome people so like you into your midst. For their part, grateful Ukrainians are already begging their benefactors not for handouts but for … jobs. Clearly, in homogeneous, smaller societies, the trust quotient and fellow feeling among people is high.

“Social capital” is how social scientist Robert Putnam termed this. Social connectedness, as in the “networks of organized reciprocity and civic solidarity,” is high in these similar, smaller societies. If you doubt this statement of reality just imagine the uproar that would have ensued if 3 million Syrian and Libyan refugees were preparing to flood Poland.

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Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian think piece since 1999. She’s the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter, Gab, Gettr YouTube & LinkedIn; banned by Facebook, and has a new video-podcast.

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Based on observing The Empire’s workings over decades, I’d hazard that President Volodymyr Zelensky is probably being fiercely guarded by Americans, possibly by a private, paramilitary security company. Something like Sean McFate’s DynCorp outfit, or Russia’s Wagner Group. Or even perhaps Ukraine’s own Einsatzgruppen, the Azov regiment.

MORE in support of my assumption, for that is all it is, is a revelation of some of the plans his American puppet-masters’ have for Zelensky. Via NBC:

Biden administration officials have discussed plans with the Ukrainian government for President Volodymyr Zelensky to leave Kyiv in the event of a Russian invasion, according to two people familiar with the discussions. Under a plan that’s been discussed, Zelenskyy would relocate to Lviv in western Ukraine, about 50 miles from the Polish border, the people familiar with the discussions said.

My opinion—probably a solid guess—is bolstered by Zelensky’s relaxed, cocky showman’s demeanor, inflamed as it is by wildly enthusiastic Western reinforcement of the Ukrainian leader’s bloody bravado.

I say “bloody” because of the inverted values with which the Empire and its handmaidens in the West have blanketed the Russia-Ukraine conflict:

To normies, a leader who doesn’t plead for the lives of his people is a failed leader. Diplomacy, negotiations, a cease fire: that’s the nomenclature clear-thinking people ought to wish instinctively to hear when they see the immiseration of Ukrainians and their cities. To my knowledge, not before the war and not now has Zelensky initiated, or partaken in, or been urged to pursue serious, high-level talks with Putin.

And while there is some indication that Zelensky might be inching closer to acceding “neutrality for Kyiv and security guarantees for Moscow,” publicly, Zelensky has done nothing but snarl his contempt for Russia, roaring at the Kremlin to “hold peace talks now or suffer for generations.” This is not diplomacy, but yet more political posturing and provocation. (But then Zelensky, an actor, could be prepping to appear before the central, universal seat of asininity: Hollywood’s Oscars.)

The Hebrew Testament (though “Old,” it’s never out-of-date) is bedecked with examples of leaders pleading, even bargaining, for the lives of the Stiff-Necked People. Abraham haggled ingeniously with The Almighty over Sodom and Gomorrah. Queen Esther petitioned mighty King Xerxes (Ahasuerus) on behalf of Persian Jews, and Moses did the same for his enslaved people before Pharaoh. Another Hebrew has written that “he who saves you from war is better than he who sends you to war.” That’s what real leadership is about—uphold and fight for the people’s natural right to live peacefully.

By these reasonable and rational criteria, Zelensky and Biden are failed leaders for doing nothing but bait and goad the Russian Bear.

Make no mistake, if the American people (an inchoate meaningless phrase I countenance here for the sake of argument) were invaded as has Ukraine—American leaders would hold court from their safe rooms and underground luxury bunkers and give cheery addresses (in syntax as fractured and similarly studded with non sequiturs), while the bombs fell on We The People.

Churchillian they’d rate themselves.

To the American Jacobins and their Ukrainian Zelenskyite puppets, talking ‘our values‘ is all it takes to make a good leader. Talk the neocon talk.

That Zelensky did in his cameo appearance before the US Congress, where the man deftly drew on all the cliches of American life in the shallow end, banalities now made global:

Volodymyr Zelensky droned on about democracy, our values, and MLK (Martin Luther King), offering his incoherent, bizarre twist on the “I have a dream” ubiquity:

(In truth, democracy has “made us dumb,” for what menaces mass society is a tyranny of mediocrity. And values “in the classical conservative and libertarian traditions are private things, to be left to civil society—the individual, family and church—to practice and police.”)

Said Z: “I have a dream. I have a need. I need to protect our skies. I need your help, which means the same you feel when you hear the words I have a dream.”

Translated: When Zelensky tells you he needs your help, you should feel the same as when you hear MLK’s “I have a dream.” Or, something.

I have a dream. I have a need, too. Some quid pro quo, perhaps, Mr. Zelensky? In 2011, during the US-facilitated Egyptian Lotus Revolution, I reminded tea partiers, now termed Deplorables, of Alexis de Tocqueville’s admonition in the mid-1800s.

When he wrote that he knew “‘nothing so miserable as a democracy without liberty,’ he spoke for me. I find myself unable to get lathered-up about democracy for others, while I live in the democratic despotism that contemporary America has become. …”

…More often than not, Americans who yearn for the freedoms their forbears bequeathed to them are labeled demented, dangerous and undemocratic. I’ve yet to hear liberty deprived peoples the world over stand-up for the tea-party patriots [now called Deplorables]. When they do — I’ll gladly galvanize on their behalf.

Zelensky is America’s perfect, prototype Jacobin puppet, beloved by both political factions, because he is the creation of the foreign policy of the UniParty.

The Republican faction has reverted to the neoconservative mean.

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The masses crave an opiate. Their political overlords know how to exploit the attendant and innate tendency for groupthink. As soon as the usefulness of one faith (Covid) expires; another takes its place (Ukraine), courtesy of the ruling elites, and with the complicity of the crowds. Now that Covid conformity has been replaced with the requirement that we all find religion on Ukraine, debunking the bunk becomes all the more important.

The finding of American-installed WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) laboratories located in Ukraine, near the Russian border, is certainly a reminder of the extent, the depth and the gravity of the American State’s lies about this conflict and its genesis. Put it this way: If Russia had American privileges, namely the right to invade sovereign countries while retaining its virtue; these biowarfare facilities—copped to by Victoria Nuland, one of the American architects of the February 2014 coup in Ukraine—would have served as casus belli (provocation) for war.

I abhor what is, on its face, a Russian war of aggression. However, knowing the history of the conflict leaves no room for doubt: The Russian Bear was poked, and poked and then some.

I had framed the duty of diplomacy and statesmanship at which Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has failed so miserably and with such grave consequences for his countrymen as realpolitik.

Realpolitik is practical politics, the art of getting along, differences and all, in a real world in which reality, especially power differentials, is accepted and dealt with. The onus was on the Ukrainian president to practice realpolitik with his powerful neighbors, the Russians, I argued. Zelensky ought to have shown Putin respect and negotiated an agreement with him, one that would have appeased Russia with respect to Ukraine’s outsized, idiotic NATO and EU aspirations. Promise the Russians “a non-aligned, neutral Ukraine,” is how Col. Doug McGregor put it.

What I call realpolitik, political scientist John Mearsheimer terms “great-power politics.”

“When you’re a country like Ukraine and you live next door to a great power like Russia,” he posits, “you have to pay careful attention to what the Russians think, because if you take a stick and you poke them in the eye, they’re going to retaliate. … States in the Western hemisphere understand [great-power politics] full well with regard to the United States.”

With his fatigues, simplistic jingoism and facility with TV optics and social media—Zelensky certainly appeals to the war channel females (Fox News) and to distaff worldwide. But he has been worse than useless in the grander scheme of things. As Mearsheimer points out, matter-of-fact, Ukraine is going to lose more territory, its economy has been wrecked as are its cities and infrastructure in ruins. Eastern Europe is becoming more unstable. China and Russia have been thrust into each other’s arms.

The West claims the blame lies solely with Putin, to whom are attributed assorted phantasmagoric expansionist programs and projects. According to this angels-and-demons Disneyfied storyline, Putin plans on claiming the Baltic states of Eastern Europe “out of a longstanding desire to resuscitate the Soviet Empire,” even though the Russian president has disavowed the creation of a greater Russia and certainly doesn’t have the economic wherewithal to mount protracted invasions and occupations.

The truth is that, starting in 2006, the West made the decision to continue to expand NATO to the Baltic states and eventually to Ukraine. Russia had “swallowed” this initial NATO expansion, but made it clear as early as 2008, that thereafter, expansion would constitute an existential threat to it. But the West had always intended to include the former USSR territories within NATO and the EU and turn them into what Mearsheimer dubs “pro-American liberal democracies” in the (miserable) mold of the USA, usually nudging them in that direction rather energetically and certainly manipulatively via color-coded revolutions.

To all intents and purposes, America had made Ukraine a de facto NATO member, arming and training them, explains Mearsheimer. So it was that in February of 2014, a coup, supported by the USA, in Ukraine, saw a pro-Russian president being replaced by a pro-American prime minister.

Indeed, prior to Russia’s invasion, the US had been arming the very Ukrainians who had been clashing regularly with the Russians in the Donbass region. And while by necessity “America has [in recent weeks] rushed to reinforce eastern Europe with thousands of troops and dozens of warplanes”—still more revealing is that, “American special forces had been training potential partisans in eastern Ukraine” for some time now.

Come 2021, in what was the height of provocation, the US flew strategic bombers over the Black Sea, forcing Russia to scramble its fighter jets. There were other such showy provocations along “the NATO-Russia frontier,” performed with U.S. Air Force B-1 bombers. For their part—also in 2021—the British had set sail in destroyer vessels in Russian territorial waters. “Innocent passage” they called it. However, the Black Sea incident, “[a]ccording to leaked classified documents,” “was a calculated decision by the British government…”

Said a Russian military official:

“We don’t have a border with Ukraine. It is America’s border, because they are the masters there, and all these…are vassals. And the fact that they are pumping them up full of arms and are trying to create nuclear arsenals—all this will cost us in future. …”

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THE HYPOCRISY and sanctimony playing out over the corporate media outlets about Putin’s savagery is galling. For example, on Feb. 28, Sean Hannity proclaimed that a murdering thug of a leader who invades a sovereign country and kills innocent people needs to know that he will be forthrightly removed. Mark Esper, Trump’s defense secretary, concurred. “For the sake of what is decent in the world,” seconded Sen. Ben Cardin, a Democrat, Putin must be taken out.

Putin is savage alright, and his is a war of aggression. But how dare we?!

Remember the little Iraqi boy with a charred torso? ( Uncle Sam did that.

What about this armless Iraqi child and thousands like him?

Did Putin disarm him? No; an American-dropped dumb bomb did. ( )

Look at little Shakira, a Pakistani tot “burned beyond recognition by a U.S. drone and left for dead in a trashcan.” ( ) There were thousands of these children, every bit as precious as Ukraine’s.

If Putin belongs in the Hague’s International Court of Justice, so do Genghis Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice and their countless culprits. Colin Powell is already in the Hadean afterworld for his role in the invasion of Iraq.

America is still the undisputed leader in attacking sovereign nations and killing their kids. Russia’s foreign meddling since the early 1990s is insignificant by comparison.

Nevertheless, it is always asserted, never argued, that the difference between, say, a Putin invasion and an American one is that the latter is by good people for good causes. Alas, the broken children we’ve shown you, now adults, have not regrown their limbs. Iraq has been destroyed for good. Not counting the number of refugees displaced internally or exiled, children orphaned, women widowed, people plunged into permanent poverty, birth defects and environmental contamination—between 183,535 and 206,107 Iraqis were killed directly due to the unprovoked American invasion. This estimation is a most conservative one. Likewise, Libya is a failed state with a vibrant slave-trade. Who can argue with such a record of moral superiority?

Another insult to the intelligence is to have to endure conga lines of cretins expatiating on foreign policy—from Fox’s Harold Ford to Gillian Turner to Kayleigh McEnany—when we still have Pat Buchanan. The wise and brilliant Pat has borne witness to the events of history that have shaped the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, has chronicled the run-up to this war of aggression and repeatedly and futilely counselled on how to avoid it:

We were warned. Surround Russia with NATO members, refuse to negotiate in good faith and Putin will go to war. Yet, the stance on both sides of the Atlantic has been dismissive, even contemptuous, of Putin’s reasonable, long-standing security concerns. Writes Buchanan:

“When Russia’s Vladimir Putin demanded that the U.S. rule out Ukraine as a future member of the NATO alliance, the U.S. archly replied: NATO has an open-door policy. Any nation, including Ukraine, may apply for membership and be admitted. We’re not changing that.”

Certainly, the U.S. has remained wedded to an ever-accreting, ever-inclusive, open-door, liberal vision of NATO membership. What for? Cui bono?


Indubitably, good-faith negotiations with Putin could have averted the invasion of Ukraine. Instead, the president of the Russian Federation was discounted and demeaned. Now, the failed leaders responsible should be made to eat their words.

There is something utterly obscene—as rudely shocking as the front-row viewing of the “Shock and Awe” visited on Iraq—about watching the displacement of people and the destruction of innocent lives in real time, on television, without lending a hand.

And I don’t mean a military hand.

Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky—who is the toast of the town simply because he did not skedaddle from the mess in which he mired his country—to this ass with ears goes a special award for recklessness. Not fleeing a situation largely of your making does not a hero make. Curiously, we Americans have offered Zelensky the coward’s way out, when we ought to have forced him to sit down with his foes.

Granted, America, as British paleolibertarian Sean Gabb quips, is “some kind of zombie apocalypse plus nuclear weapons that might not yet be past its use-by date. It has not won a war against an equally-matched power since it defeated itself in 1865.” However degraded, the onus is on the USA, the only so-called responsible superpower, to calmly negotiate with Putin on behalf of his innocent, weak victims. Instead, world leaders watch the suffering on TV and bemoan the fate of the sufferers. Both sides are a disgrace and a failure to have brought us thus far. Ditto NATO and the EU.

This is precisely what President Joe Biden should be shamed into doing now: talk to Putin; thrash out a cease-fire, ASAP; haggle for the lives of the population under siege because led by imbeciles.

Ukrainians, for their part, are tireless and wily lobbyists in Washington, way more cunning than their American counterparts. To all intents and purposes, Zelensky, head of the corrupt American client statelet that is Ukraine, had tethered the fate of his country to America, NATO and the EU, constantly trying to bend these foolish and feckless entities to his will; too much of a clown to look out for his countrymen’s safety, rather than his own popularity in the West.

Having sat out the ‘67 and ‘73 wars in Israeli bomb shelters—I still remember what old-school diplomacy and statesmanship—realpolitik—sounded like. Diplomatic tools like substantive talks, a cease-fire, and an agreement between warring sides, however, have been absent from the repertoire of the two tools, Presidents Biden and Zelensky.

Good old realpolitik is what Zelensky should have been practicing with his powerful neighbors and historic brethren, the Russians.

Realpolitik is practical politics, the art of getting along, differences and all, in a real world in which reality, including the differences between people and their political systems, is accepted and dealt with.

Ilana Mercer
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ILANA Mercer is the author of "The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed," (June, 2016) and “Into The Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa” (2011) She has been writing a popular, weekly, paleolibertarian column—begun in Canada—since 1999. Ilana’s online homes are & Follow her on

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