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Razib Khan
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artistAt the moment I am taking a break between non-internet related professional obligations. No real time to write something interesting, though I now plan to write a post with the tentative title of “the pagan kafir origins of Islam.” This, inspired by my quick reading of Warriors of the Cloisters: The Central Asian Origins of Science in the Medieval World. I figured I should read this book before getting to The Shape of Ancient Thought: Comparative Studies in Greek and Indian Philosophies. All part of my attempt to practice what I preach in obtaining a wide portfolio of quasi-competencies.

I have probably posted the picture to the left before. I don’t know. I was four years old in it. I’ve been revisiting old pictures of myself as my own children have been maturing. I can see my daughter particular right now when I look at these images. It’s all rather strange.

(for those of you curious as to my severe mien, it’s a cultural norm not to smile too much in pictures in Bangladesh, at least during that period)

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Razib Khan
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"I have degrees in biology and biochemistry, a passion for genetics, history, and philosophy, and shrimp is my favorite food. If you want to know more, see the links at"