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Well, I don’t have as much time for these anymore…but here it goes….

Haldane’s Sieve. A must if you are interested in evolutionary/population genetics/genomics (not that you can keep up with it all, but interesting for a taste). Since it only posts on pre-prints you don’t need academic access to get into the academic literature.

Human Varieties. A blog which discusses relatively taboo topics such as psychometrics (well, OK, topics which are taboo so long as you don’t have children who are entering elementary school, at which point you examine average test scores with the same acuity as Alfred Binet).

Reaction Norm. He’s been hibernating for a few weeks. Perhaps he’s found a job?

America’s Real Criminal Element: Lead: New research finds Pb is the hidden villain behind violent crime, lower IQs, and even the ADHD epidemic. And fixing the problem is a lot cheaper than doing nothing. Obvious why it’s important.

Lead and Crime. Jim Manzi’s response.

My Mom Was Too Old: She had me at 42. She got frail before I was ready. There seems to be a trend of such stories. If you read it in detail you observe that delaying child-bearing has positive results in some ways (e.g., more financially stable). But as your own children grow up and mature their own freedom and self-actualization is hampered by the fact that they have to tend to their parents. I think one major strand of inter-generational tension which is going to become more prominent is the resentment of the children of the baby boomers who delayed parenthood. Because the boomer’s own parents had them relatively young they did not pay the cost of delayed parenthood which they are incurring upon their own offspring.

Did the Pro-Life Movement Lead to More Single Moms? This reminds me of Eric Cartmenez.

GQ’s Hottest Women List Separates Out the Indian and Asian Chicks. One of the weird things as the 21st century progresses is that the public discourse holds that race blindness in attractiveness in normative, but in their personal lives people tend to go with their inner Bull Connor. In fact I’m 99% sure that my friends who admit privately that they are only attracted to race X (usually their own race) would express public outrage at this sort of thing.

How academia betrayed and continues to betray Aaron Swartz. In your heart you know Michael Eisen’s right, even if you do go ahead and publish in Nature!

Harvard professor blasts Neanderthal clone baby rumor on Web. The whole George Church story is a weird fiasco. On the other hand a journalist friend told me a few months ago that Church was floating this idea of recreating Neandertals, at least in a speculative sense, so I’m not surprised that things got lost in translation.

Rump Faker: Is imitation calamari made from pig rectum? A charming urban legend gets its start. No comment.

Web Tell-All on an Affair Brings Down a Chinese Official. With greater transparency due to technology hypocrisy is going to get much more difficult in some domains.

Mathematicians aim to take publishers out of publishing. Now my question is why many humanities don’t follow suit.

War was central to Europe’s first civilization, contrary to popular belief. The Minoans were not peace loving goddess worshipers. I’d already assumed this, but I’ve encountered people who keep telling me that Minoans were matriarchal.

Comments Suck Right? So Why Do You Have Them. The comments of many opinion journals are a cesspool. So what’s the point?

Is the Neurodiversity Movement Misrepresenting Autism? For some reason we have a difficult time calling a pathology a pathology. I know people who have Asperger who have “trained” themselves to be functional. It can be done, but you need to acknowledge the problem in the first place. The issues for low functioning autistic individuals are far different of course.

Scientiam Consecemus!! The Ronin Institute is a cool idea.

Consider public archiving for your dissertation. This seems like an obvious thing to do. Unless Monsanto is funding your whole project.

Study: The New Less-Social Psychology of China’s Generation Without Siblings. One of the biggest social engineering experiments out there in the world today is the trend toward smaller families. China is the logical extreme of this. Why is this social engineering? Societies dependent upon nepotism and familial networks are going to find in the near future that the “circle of cousins” is going to be much smaller and more fragmented.

Germs Are Us: Bacteria make us sick. Do they also keep us alive? Microbiomes are going to be the “next big thing.” So you might as well start reading about it.

Let’s face it: New arrivals are draining the economy. No comment.

Vandana Shiva: Brahmin in Shudra clothing. This post is probably too harsh, but Ron Bailey years ago pointed out that Vandana Shiva is a rather plump woman. This matters because anti-GMO activism is often an a lifestyle choice of the affluent post-materialist set. In developed nations this is one thing, but in nations like India where a significant proportion of the population is malnourished it’s rather galling that the well fed are attempting to constrain the choices of the ill fed.

How a quarter of the cow genome came from snakes. This is one reason GMO does not scare me too much.

Apple Killed the Netbook. I came close to getting a Netbook, but balked at the feature set for the price.

Derailed: The Rise and Fall of Diederik Stapel. I doubt there are that many Stapel’s in science, but even a few can ruin the whole enterprise.

Egg-Laying Mammal: Scientists Discover That for Australia the Long-Beaked Echidna May Not Be a Thing of the Past. The sort of thing that gives cryptozoologists hope.

Maybe “The Big Sort” Never Happened. Reanalyzing social science truisms is important.

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There have been some good posts at Gene Expression Classic you might want to check out. In particular:

Synaesthesia and savantism and Where do morals come from?. The second is a review of Braintrust: What Neuroscience Tells Us about Morality by Kevin Mitchell

Natural selection and the collapse of economic growth and Natural selection and economic growth by Jason Collins.

Earliest Art in the Americas: Ice Age Image of Mammoth or Mastodon Found in Florida. Claims that the a rendering of a elephant-like creature in Florida is at least ~13,000 years old because “this is the date for the last appearance of these animals in eastern North America.” If this is based on fossils probably you can fudge that a little lower, since first and last fossils tend to be a subset of the real interval of time.

The Michael Hecht-Rationally Speaking affair. Jennifer Michael Hecht is making accusations of plagiarism against Massimo Pigliucci and Julia Galef. One can’t render final judgment on this sort of thinking without digging deeper, but my personal experience is that most perceptions of plagiarism and copying have to do with the fact that the web is very, very, big. And, you tend to anchor upon and self-select segments of the web which are intersecting with your own interests and biases. People who produce similar material and share a similar world view are likely to also generate ideas and concepts very similar in structure and even style to yours. In other words, I think there can be sincere perceptions of plagiarism which are mistaken.

Do Kids Prefer Playmates of Same Ethnicity? Since the study is based out of Montreal I conclude that French culture is just racist.

Wild Cuban Crocodiles Hybridize With American Crocs. Some of you care, I don’t too much.

Psychologists Find Link Between Ovulation and Women’s Ability to Identify Heterosexual Men. Really this is kind of boring. I want really weird correlations. I’m sure they can find them.

Post-Hoc Supernatural Punishers. Some good skepticism of ahistorical tendencies which crop up in explanations for religion. For example I’m tired of people explaining to me that an awesome afterlife is the reason for religion, when Sheol and Hades kind of bit. A nice afterlife is a relatively recent cultural innovation.

Koi Assisted Birth. This is happening.

As Greece Ponders Default, Lessons From Argentina. I like how the reporters emphasized the fact that the commodity boom has been a boon to Argentina. That condition doesn’t hold for all nations.

Why Do We Like the Taste Of Protein? Jonah Lehrer, delicious prose as always!

What is g?

Phylogeography of a Land Snail Suggests Trans-Mediterranean Neolithic Transport. I think this sort of thing is going to be more common. With the confidence interval this seems more a “first pass.”

Sexting and Infidelity in Cyberspace: Humans Are Still Social Creatures Who Need Face-To-Face Contact, Study Finds. In other words: study finds earthlings are not Solarians.

InTrade And Jon Huntsman: Why the Media’s Faith in the Internet Betting Ring Is Foolish. There’s a tendency to allocate too much precision to quantities.

Women Freezing Their Eggs To Make Babies Later. This seems like a rational investment for many couples.

Ancient links between Siberians and Native Americans revealed by subtyping the Y chromosome haplogroup Q1a. “…this lineage appears to be closest to the extinct Palaeo-Eskimo individuals belonging to the Saqqaq culture arisen in the New World Arctic about 5.5 Ka. This finding suggests that Q1a*-MEH2 likely traces a population migration originating in Northeast Siberia across the Bering Strait.”

Low Fertility in Europe Reversed. Still below replacement though.

Newcomers’ Arrival Scares Up Tales of the Mayan Apocalypse. Very amusing confusions. We’ll see more….

On Funny men, Intelligence and ‘Mating Success’… Many of you will be able to guess one of the paper’s authors.

Dutch Court Acquits Geert Wilders of Hate Speech. Good.

Ten Percent of Middle-Aged Europeans Are On Antidepressants, Study Suggests.

Dogs Discriminate Identical Twins. Cool, but not surprising.

The evolution of conscientiousness. As important as intelligence. Smart people can be evil more effectively.

Mechanisms for the Evolution of a Derived Function in the Ancestral Glucocorticoid Receptor. Great paper where Sean M. Carroll is the lead author.

How Serious Is Son Preference in China? A minor note: it is important to remember that son preference tends to shift to daughter preference in developed societies with small families. This happened in Japan ~1990, and it is happening in Korea now.

Saudi women threaten to breastfeed drivers. People have different values.

Female extrapair mating behavior can evolve via indirect selection on males. Blame the men when women stray! Pretty funny.

All brown everything. An article which profiles Brown Pundits. Since Secular Right has also been profiled by the media, it would be interesting to see if anyone ever takes an interest in this little weblog I’ve been running on genetics for over 9 years in various forms….

Instapaper accuses FBI of stealing data in raid. Pinboard also got caught up in this. Basically the server where these sites were stored also hosted a scamware site. it happens.

Goolu. Don’t know if I buy this argument, but interesting.

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