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Nazis in Space
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Really interesting trailer for a movie which is premised on a “secret history” where a group of Nazis flee to the far side of the moon at the end of World War II, and are returning imminently in the near future from their exile.

Wired has the back story of how this group of film makers generated broad-based funding for their project. Of course they’re Finnish….

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• Category: Science • Tags: Movies, Science Fiction 
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  1. Hmm, 12 traditional financiers and 52 internet fan financiers with a budget of $8.5 million to make a film about Nazis. Am I the only person thinking of The Producers?

  2. Wow. Iron Sky trailer is literally years old. If they haven’t produced the film yet, it makes me suspicious if they ever will.

  3. Music sounds like the Gathering.

  4. NASA’s last, best hope.

  5. Nazis discovered holed up on the moon is (spoiler alert!) the plot of Heinlein’s first juvenile novel, Rocket Ship Galileo, in 1947.

  6. Lugers, flying saucers, eagles, coal scuttle helmets, motorcycle sidecars, Speer-ish architecture, and MP-40s…
    KEWL!!! When is it coming out?

  7. That is a terrible song. Terrible for the movie, and terrible in it’s own right.

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