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g--a Brief History and Overview
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It was brought to my attention that perhaps there is some confusion on the idea of psychometric g . I wrote a brief article about it in a student newsletter a few months ago, that does a brief explaination. My stuff starts on p. 11.

For more in depth, I suggest reading:

Jensen, A. (1998). The g factor.

Carroll, J. B. (1993). Human Cognitive Abilities.

Deary, I. (2000). Looking down on human intelligence.


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  1. So – what was the response from your fellow students?

  2. The response from the article was well received. Jensen has had a huge impact in school psychology (he was the advisor of one of my profs!), and, with the work of Carrol and others (especially the Internatioanl Society for Intelligence Research), is pretty much accepted….or at least is the standard by which an alternative must measure itself.

  3. i’m re-reading the g factor now btw, in conjunction with an anti-jensenian tract. nice contrast.

  4. Do you have an electronic version of the anti-jensenian tract? I always am interested in what “the other side” is thinking/propogandizing.


  5. no, it’s this book: race & intelligence-i’ll start giving a chapter by chapter summary, starting this weekend on the first chapter.

  6. Do you have an electronic version of the anti-jensenian tract?

    If you have Netlibrary through a local university, you can read it online as an ebook for free, Alex. Your school probably has the service. That’s how I read it anyway.

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