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Why I Don’t Care About America’s Geopolitical Decline
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The United States faces threats in Europe and the Pacific. In February, President Biden declared “America is back” and “diplomacy is back.”

Over the past two weeks, I’ve spoken with the leaders of many of our closest friends — Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, France, NATO, Japan, South Korea, Australia — to being [begin] reforming the habits of cooperation and rebuilding the muscle of democratic alliances that have atrophied over the past few years of neglect and, I would argue, abuse.

He implied that President Trump had destroyed “democratic alliances.” President Trump only wanted European nations to pay their share in NATO. You could argue that Mr. Trump was pro-NATO, because he wanted an actual alliance, rather than a club subsidized by us.

Though journalists and Democrats routinely said President Trump was weak on Russia, it was the Trump Administration that withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF). The Trump Administration also imposed new sanctions on Russia throughout the president’s term. It was European nations that weren’t meeting defense spending targets, not the United States. If President Trump really wanted détente with Russia, he failed, and this is another area in which he seemingly couldn’t control his own administration.

New Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is now visiting Europe. Reuters reported that former president Donald Trump had used “harsh language” against NATO and that the Biden Administration “seeks to repair transatlantic ties.” Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III said he is pleased some NATO nations are spending more now. “Naturally, we want this trend to continue, and we want to see every member of the alliance contribute their fair share,” he said. However, without the threat of American withdrawal or at least American pressure – exactly what President Trump did – why should this trend continue?

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, right, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin during a press conference, March 18, 2021 in Seoul, South Korea. (Credit Image: © Ron Przysucha / State Department / Planet Pix via ZUMA Wire)
Secretary of State Antony Blinken, right, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin during a press conference, March 18, 2021 in Seoul, South Korea. (Credit Image: © Ron Przysucha / State Department / Planet Pix via ZUMA Wire)

Germany is showing signs of an independent Russia policy. The main issue between the United States, Europe, and Russia now is the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which would carry gas from Russia to Germany. The Biden Administration may impose sanctions on companies that help build it, which risks a blowup with Berlin. Most Republicans want even sterner measures. Senator Ted Cruz is delaying confirmation of some of President Biden’s officials unless he takes action.

Hostility towards Russia is one of the few issues that unite Republicans and Democrats – along with support for citizenship for illegal immigrants, interference in Syria, keeping troops in Afghanistan, and thwarting China. We can’t count on Republicans or Democrats to stand up for Americans, but we can count on support for invading the world and inviting the world. This combination of an aggressive foreign policy and indifference towards citizens is why some call the current regime the Globalist American Empire (GAE). It may be based in Washington DC, but it has nothing to do with the historic American nation or its interests.

However, what I call the “American Paradox” may doom this “empire.” It is run by people who seem to care nothing for the country; the empire is built on sand. The Biden Administration gives non-whites preferences over whites, spies on white advocates, is purging the military on ideological and racial grounds, and supports Black Lives Matter. This may play well in the media, but it undermines the empire’s power in two ways.

First, whites have no reason to fight for a government that discriminates against them, replaces them through immigration, and scorns their heritage. Likewise, if America really is plagued by racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other newly invented sins, why should non-whites and leftists support the government? There’s no point at which progressives can say “we’ve won, we are equal.” Blacks support the Democrats, but only if there is a payoff. If there isn’t, they’ll walk away. The Biden Administration’s support is broad (over 50 percent in most polls) but thin.

Co-Chair of the Gender Policy Council and Chief of Staff to the First Lady Julissa Reynoso speaks during a press briefing at the White House on Monday, March, 8 2021. Today President Biden signed an executive order on to establish the Gender Policy Council that will work to advance gender equality (Credit Image: © Kevin Dietsch / CNP via ZUMA Wire)
Co-Chair of the Gender Policy Council and Chief of Staff to the First Lady Julissa Reynoso speaks during a press briefing at the White House on Monday, March, 8 2021. Today President Biden signed an executive order on to establish the Gender Policy Council that will work to advance gender equality (Credit Image: © Kevin Dietsch / CNP via ZUMA Wire)

Leftists always find it hard to be patriotic. There will always be new grievances. Racial differences are permanent because race is not a social construct. We can’t admit that, so we need ever more expansive definitions of “racism” and creative critiques of American society to explain race differences. Will blacks, Hispanics, and other groups sacrifice for a country that academics, journalists, athletes, celebrities, politicians, CEOs, and generals agree is racist?

Serious nations are calling the “empire’s” bluff. The Russians say American dissidents are seeking Russian citizenship. President Joe Biden recently called President Vladimir Putin a “killer.” In response, President Putin smirkingly challenged Joe Biden to a debate and wished him good health. Joe Biden declined President Putin’s challenge, with the White House spokesperson lamely noting that he was “quite busy.” Turkey is now moving closer to Russia, a bizarre partnership that only American incompetence can explain.

Chinese media and officials are also laughing at America’s hypocrisy. It compared America’s support for rioters in China with repression against the Capitol protesters. There was also an extraordinary spectacle at the first major Chinese-American summit of this administration. Secretary of State Blinken lectured China about the rights of Chinese Muslims, economic coercion against American allies, and China’s threats against Taiwan. The Chinese team, which appeared far more serious and capable, called America weak and immoral. Chinese contempt for the baizuo, “white left,” was palpable.

Director of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission Yang Jiechi, mostly without notes, gave a powerful 20-minute speech in which he said that “the United States does not have the qualification to say that it wants to speak to China from a position of strength.” He might as well have slapped the secretary of state in the face. He also said America must not interfere with China’s internal affairs.

Yang Jiechi. (Credit Image: © Tobias Hase/DPA via ZUMA Press)
Yang Jiechi. (Credit Image: © Tobias Hase/DPA via ZUMA Press)

The Chinese are clearly learning from American media. Mr. Jiechi added that the United States is “slaughtering” its blacks and blamed Senator Tom Cotton and former president Donald Trump for anti-Asian violence. How can the Biden Administration reply? Claim that America does not oppress blacks?

The Biden Administration is also in no position to rebut the absurdity of blaming Republicans for attacks on Asians. President Biden himself just warned Americans against being “complicit” in anti-Asian violence. He said “hate can have no safe harbor in America.” I assume he doesn’t mean anti-white hate; otherwise we’d really have to clean house.

Republicans are trying to save the “empire” from itself. Tom Cotton says that the Biden Administration must “adopt a strategy to beat China.” Josh Hawley says the administration is weak. Ted Cruz wants the Olympics to be moved from China. Republicans are clearly preparing to run on the message that Mr. Biden is soft on China.

I wish these “right-wing” politicians cared as much about white Americans as they do for Uyghurs. The Trump Administration, the Biden Administration and liberal journalists are united in charging China with “genocide” because they are destroying the Uyghur identity. China says it is fighting terrorism and extremism. Doesn’t this sound familiar?

Chinese Ambassador to Grenada Zhao Youngchen wrote in June that this was just “de-extremism,” or what we might call deradicalizing. He tweeted in July that the collapse in white birthrates in the United States and Great Britain is similar to what is happening in Xinjiang, the native province of the Uyghurs. “Could it be that these countries are also pursuing a policy of genocide of white people?” he asked. “Absolutely not!”

One can argue that the current System is not consciously trying to eliminate European-Americans. “Deaths of despair” and lower birth rates are unintended consequences of public policy, replacement migration is either not happening or good for us, and “anti-racism” and efforts to destroy “whiteness” are misguided idealism.

Either way, I don’t see why whites must save the Globalist American Empire from itself. Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, and other would-be populists are probably sincere in their desire to defend the Uyghurs. However, their job is not to defend Chinese Muslims, but to defend Americans.

Until we have politicians who care about us, I don’t care about the geopolitical games the government wants to play. I’m glad this decline is happening under Joe Biden, though, so more patriotic Americans aren’t fooled into thinking we have a stake in these squabbles.

Of course, Russia or China won’t “save” us. China is repeating Black Lives Matter propaganda. Vladimir Putin recycles the charges against America you hear on any college campus. He blasts slavery, the treatment of the Indians, and the atomic bombing of Japan. Everywhere, people say that “the other side is the real racist;” even in the Russian protectorate of the Donetsk People’s Republic, I heard Russian and DPR officials say their war was just because Ukraine was run by “fascists” and “Nazis.” Their political vocabulary is trapped in 1945, just like ours.

The Regime’s fights abroad are not our fights. The Regime treats us with contempt. We are not much more than tax slaves and cannon fodder. Why should any nation respect American whites if our own government despises us? Should we therefore celebrate the regime’s failures? If the postwar American order falls, what follows could be worse, but so long as we are subjugated, I’m not sure it matters much whether the orders come from Washington, Beijing, or Moscow.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. hillaire says:

    The governments of western democracies more resemble some middle eastern souk than a polity representing its peoples..

    It all seems very undemocratic…. don’t you think ?, perhaps homo liberalism and it’s brown adherents have let us all down..

    • Agree: goldgettin
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Jake
    , @Frank frank
  2. Bernie says:

    “I’m not sure it matters much whether the orders come from Washington, Beijing, or Moscow.”

    I am sure that it matters. Moscow and Beijing do not hate white people. Washington does.

    We should pray to God for the downfall of the evil empire and help it fall by all means.

    “The Russians say American dissidents are seeking Russian citizenship.”

    If I were in my teens or 20s I would be learning Russian and trying to land a job over there. There is no future for whites in the US.

  3. There is absolutely no reason at all for any American, especially white ones, to fight and die for the Zionist-Washington empire. Even America’s “decline” is misleading. It is the American EMPIRE in decline, not the continental heartland of the USA itself. Don’t join the military.

  4. Have you noticed that every single issue Democrats and Republicans(rino’s) are united on, gives American citizens the finger??

  5. As I stated several times, Gregory Hood, is the most incisive writer on contemporary American politics and unlike people like Pat Buchanan, does not go around the crux of the issue while trying to explain it but gets dead on point. Why should whites specifically, who are being denigrated daily, even care and as I wrote in a previous point or more generally,, has anyone noticed that every single issue Democrats and Republican rino’s are united on, gives ALL American citizens the finger when it comes to this nations foreign policies? Where is our one big happy family politicians always speak of??

  6. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    As I stated several times, Gregory Hood, is the most incisive writer on contemporary American politics and unlike people like Pat Buchanan, does not go around the crux of the issue while trying to explain it but gets dead on point. Why should whites who are being denigrated daily, even care?

  7. GeeBee says:

    If the post-war American order falls, what follows could be worse

    I have always enjoyed Gregory Hood’s take on matters of race and the threat posed by the ‘culture of critique’ and the Frankfurt School to our traditional European (and European-derived) societies. I am not so sure that he has an adequate grasp on the socio-economic aspects of Neo-Liberalism and the hegemonic Finance Capitalist West that this pseudo-political system undergirds.

    He appears not to be able to see, for example, that the ‘post-war American order ‘ that he worries might be replaced by something worse, is already, and has been for decades, just about the worst of all possible socio-economic systems imaginable. One only has to look at its ‘achievements’ since its ‘great victory’ over ‘totalitarianism’ in 1945. What ‘achievements’ is it possible to point at as having benefitted our great European societies? What positive developments might we give praise and thanks for, that have arisen from this ‘post-war American order’, either in terms of our own homelands or further afield?

    The answer is, of course, there aren’t any. On the contrary, what this much-vaunted ‘post-war American order’ has bequeathed to the West and to the world beyond, is consistently awful and terminally deleterious.

    Can Mr Hood really imagine that anything that replaces this uniquely foul ‘post-war American order’ could actually be worse? As two or three commenters on this thread so far have already said, if I were a young man today I should seek to get as far away as possible from the loathsome, traitorous and totalitarian Zio-America as I could. It is this same ‘post-war American order’ that has brought the White race to the brink of marginalisation and extinction, while at the same time visiting the most appalling cruelty, despair, death and destruction on untold millions around the world, whose only ‘crime’ has been their sense of honour and loyalty to their own traditions that has maintained them in their defiance of the bogus battle cry both of the political charlatan and the economic mountebank, which is to say that of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’. This cynical ruse has always been nothing more than a recipe by which rapine and exploitation is peddled to the all too gullible masses by the despicable snake-oil salesmen who have become the new Mastes of the Universe.

    America delenda est!

  8. “I heard Russian and DPR officials say their war was just because Ukraine was run by “fascists” and “Nazis.” Their political vocabulary is trapped in 1945, just like ours.”


    NO, literally the oposite.
    The fucking nazis are running the ukraine, literal nazis.

    So you need to get an education and step out of the Murka narrative bubble a few minutes and do a tiny bit of research on the ukraine and the nazi ukrop scum running it.

  9. neutral says:

    The downfall of the US regime cannot come soon enough.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @annamaria
  10. Alfa158 says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    That’s why I tell people that I am opposed to bipartisan action in Washington:
    We have a two party system, the Evil Party and the Stupid Party. When they do something bipartisan it usually means they are doing something that is both evil and stupid, like deregulation or the Iraq War.

  11. Trump supporters mainly sat out last summer’s ‘protests’.

    This summer they should think about joining the marchers.

    • Replies: @Blackbird
  12. @GeeBee

    I agree but would add the following.
    America is a client state of Israel. AIPAC and the foot soldiers, like Schumer and Nadler (may they die in pain and burn in hell), have sucked America dry. It is a matter of Israel Delenda Est
    and treason trials for the 5th columnists. Why are Jews in the West? They have Israel so they should leave and [email protected] off. We neither want Jews nor need them.
    With Jews gone America can proceed to heal fina finally and spiritually.

    • Agree: Druid55
  13. Gregory Hood lays it out in an effective way. But there’s something that even he chooses to sideswipe instead of address: the jew presence and influence in this war against middle America and Christian whites (especially males). A jewess “doctor” recently commented that we need to give men progesterone and other female hormones to combat COVID – which is funny, indeed, since COVID has a 99% survival rate for individuals under 70 who have no other underlying co-morbidities (like obesity, for instance). Now, why would you press for men to take female hormones for a virus that the vast majority of men will successfully combat without any trouble? Because injecting them with female hormones might lower their natural hormonal levels, stunt their fertility, and make them comparatively docile: what this jewess is proposing has nothing to do with what is in the best interests of these men, but what is in the best interests of jewesses like her – which is precisely why she wants mass vaccination done right away. The entire scamdemic has been a dry run on how to cow and intimidate the public into allowing itself to be chained indoors, kept segregated from loved ones, and denied a chance to make a decent living. Is anyone surprised that jew-run tech companies are doing marvelously well throughout all of this, but Christian-run small businesses have been devastated by the scamdemic? Birthrates are plummeting because of uncertainty, male suicides are through the roof (the large majority of male suicides in America, of course, are white males), and – as thousands upon thousands of American small businesses are closed for good – downtown metropolitan centres turn to rot. It’s not enough that these internal parasites support Israel more so than America: they are actively working to destroy Christian America (you know, the same people who sent their sons to die in barren, far-away places serving Israel’s interests). I don’t see any jews dying for the United States (not unless there’s an israeli angle attached), but I’ve seen thousands of young, Christian, white males die for Israel. The jew super wealthy have grown wealthier through this tragedy, while enterprising Middle Class Americans have been destroyed on an industrial scale. All of this is by design. America will not begin to recover until it knows who its enemies are.

  14. ’Murka delenda
    ’Cuz she cucked the God they hate,
    Facing the abyss.

  15. lloyd says: • Website

    If you are white, the universal assumption by non whites is you are a full citizen of the country you come from. The alternate is incomprehensible to them and they are not interested anyway. Non whites do fight for democracy and freedom but defending the interests of white people is of complete indifference. Why should they think any differently? Whites are not their pets. If you have lived outside your country for twenty years as I have, you become aware how incredibly important it is to keep one’s full citizenship. There is nowhere else that will replace it. For America to be ruled by Russians or Chinese would be unbearable for a once free society. I personally would rather be ruled by blacks than Chinese. With blacks there are at least the benefits of chaos.

  16. Inexpensive sneakers, inexpensive jeans, + inexpensive steel + no oil production + no chip manufacturing = weak United States.

    But oh yes. Sports franchises have exploded in value.

    No math + no science + no computer coding = dumb Americans.

    Edward Manfredonia
    “wired by the FBI”

  17. Anonymous[152] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump only wanted European nations to pay their share in NATO. You could argue that Mr. Trump was pro-NATO, because he wanted an actual alliance, rather than a club subsidized by us

    Wrong. When they pay, the money goes to the US MIC and when the US pays the money goes to… the US MIC – and on top of that their decision-making role in NATO is to shut up and obey. There’s nothing fair in that arrangement. Tony Soprano had better “protection” deals.

    • Agree: Schuetze
    • Replies: @Schuetze
  18. Biff says:

    We are not much more than tax slaves and cannon fodder.

    Duh! Should be first grade curriculum.

  19. Exile says:

    As some others note above, “GAE” is an obvious attempt to avoid the issue of the JEWs. ZOG is a more honest term. Greg and AmRen persist in the self-deception that their refusal to name the enemy will somehow gain them an advantage.

    The ugly unavoidable truth is that everything Greg opposes is taught, supported, funded and propagandized by organized Jewry worldwide.

    The fact that some people are afraid or put off by the truth where Jews are involved is all the more reason to tell the truth rather than hiding behind weasel-words.

    • Replies: @anon
  20. TG says:

    Kudos. Clarity of thought. Yes, if the government won’t stand up for Americans, if the only thing that the US military is forbidden to do is actually defend the border from foreign invasion, then who cares?

    I think someone reported that Trump insulted the dead buried at Arlington National Cemetery as ‘chumps’ – OK it was probably a lie that Trump said anything like that. But perhaps the idea itself is not without consideration…

    • Replies: @Bert
  21. anon[928] • Disclaimer says:

    Chinese Muslims and Hong Kong suckers played by the CIA and media.

    • Agree: Realist, Showmethereal
    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  22. TG says:

    I hear you. There is perhaps some sense to what you say.


    How are the whites of Zimbabwe doing being ruled by their fellow-citizen blacks? Would they perhaps (perhaps) have been better off as a colony of, say, Russia?

    Just thinking out loud.

  23. @enemywithin

    You are correct to point out that Mr Hood avoids hitting the nail on the head. There’s something, I believe, he does not get.
    Why do US elites “hate” & persecute US whites ? This is the key question.
    Israel, & their domestic enablers is the biggest hint.
    US elites “hate” whites b/c “white” people are the only real potential threat to elite power.
    Blacks may riot etc but they are never an existential threat (they are 13% & have no leadership or ideology that whites — even other blacks would follow.)
    This, as Jew’s have known since at least post war, whites must be splintered, must be reduced in significance, must be set at each others throats — so you get –secret — Jewish support, indeed creation of multiculturalism & anti-racism/black rights etc.
    Many white liberals got on this band wagon — it appears like justice, perhaps, in itself there is justice — but justice was not the exact point.
    So, from the 80’s on, elites take the gloves off with their neoliberal economic & social policies. This is purely self aggrandizement — greed for ever more power & money.
    Come the 21st C it’s becoming hard to deny that many millions of white people have suffered severely from these policies. Frankly, elites could give a fuck for their class enemies, whatever their color.
    However, white people are beginning to wake up — esp post 2008.
    White people, should they organise to protect their interests could be a danger to elites & their open parasitism.
    The answer is already there — easy. These right wing elites will simply USE the tools of their cultural “enemies” — ie the Left. Elites become “woke” with all the contradictions & hypocracies that entails, as a way of fragmenting US society into a 1001 angry identity groups.
    Groups that individually are NO danger to elite power.
    Thus Trump’s election success — whites want an end to being atomised, to being considered deplorable b/c they are workers who may own a gun or go to church.
    The war on Whites is class warfare, writ large.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  24. @enemywithin

    Why are they Jew-run tech companys?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  25. @Per/Norway

    Perhaps you and the two agreeers just didn’t get what Hood wrote, because you said “literally the opposite” and then repeated exactly the Russian discourse.

    • Replies: @GMC
  26. I’ve finally learned that the Jews are a race of people unlike any other. It is they (not all of them) who with all their powerful tools and purchased politicians created and promote the anti-white hatred. They even control (mute) the white Christian churches. Now since the millions of white Christians are taught not to oppose evil just what chance is there besides none?

    Sit down “Christian” soldiers and do and say nothing.

  27. Sean says:

    In 2019 Biden caused dissention from his own supporters when he said said China was “not competition for us”. Now he is saying he foresees “extreme competition” but “not conflict” with China. Biden’s way assumes that American superiority in the moral and cultural sphere will enable it to lead the rest of the West and even remain at number one status economically. Kant said that the good will shines like a diamond, even if it suffers endless disasters, but in reality when people speak of “doing the right thing” it is assumed that such efforts may bring early difficulties and setbacks to be overcome with supplementary effort, but the path of righteousness will be eventually crowned with success. The actual triumphs of manifest destiny may have been self-agrandisingly attributed to spiritual values, but were due to America having the material wherewithal.

    The first disaster that shook America’s confidence in its elite was the 1949 Communist triumph in China, which in no small measure was due to the high mindedness of the Roosevelt administration officials in believing that Chiang’s Nationalists were too impure for the US to support. The unspoken assumption was that only the morally upright can win in the end, because the US had won WW2 thusly, hadn’t it.

    McCarthy pointed out the clouded thinking responsible for 1949 in a speech that was made shortly before the Korean war started. Although not initiated by Mao, the war brought about a huge intervention by Chinese infantry who despite lacking heavy weapons or motorized supply, proved more effective than the Americans had thought possible. Fear of the Chinese intervening in the Vietnam war largely explained the limited way in which it was fought by America. The loss of China and Vietnam dented the morale of US elites but did not destroy the country as a whole’s belief in itself.

    Sadly, nothing that happens in the West–no amount of replacement immigration–is going to demoralise the people that matter. Only when China has clearly overtaken the US and faced it down can the US elite be dislodged from their self serving policies that are running the country (and others of the West) into the ground. I think Biden is the perfect President for allowing China to be able to supplant the US. The thing about China is it only has to achieve the per capita GDP of a mid range advanced country to have the word’s most powerful economy. Xi has set precisely that as a target to be reached by 2035. Dynasties often end with a strong willed dowager, That will be Harris.

    • Thanks: Johnny Rico
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Curmudgeon
  28. Anonymous[344] • Disclaimer says:

    There is absolutely no reason at all for any American, especially white ones, to fight and die for the Zionist-Washington empire. Even America’s “decline” is misleading. It is the American EMPIRE in decline, not the continental heartland of the USA itself. Don’t join the military.

    They don’t usually die. They often just murder others neutralize a threat for their fun and career patriotic duty.

    Yugoslav Troops Devastated by Attack

    BRUSSELS, June 8 – Several hundred Serb-led Yugoslav troops are believed to have been killed in a single raid by a U.S. B-52 bomber that caught them massing near the Kosovo-Albania border on Monday, NATO sources said.

    The B-52 was ordered to drop a heavy payload of cluster bombs on the troop concentration, estimated to number between 800 and 1,200 soldiers. Initial aerial assessments showed such massive annihilation that fewer than half the targeted troops are believed to have survived, according to alliance military sources.

    Geez, thanks brave American pilots for mass-murdering all those Christians trying to protect their land and people from Islamists! I hope your children and grandchildren will live to reap the rewards of your heroic deeds! I hope you get to enjoy the rewards of your deeds as well when you’re old and carted off to some assisted care facility full of third-world caretakers. But at least they won’t be those horrible European Christians like you slaughtered.

  29. Anonymous[330] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Why are they Jew-run tech companys?

    From the incomparable genius Ron Unz:

    …Sometimes it is much easier to notice obvious patterns in a foreign country than in one’s own. In the early 2000s I read The Master Switch, a widely-praised history of modern communications technology by Columbia University professor Tim Wu, who has subsequently become a leading Internet-rights activist. I found the account fascinating, with so many stories never before known to me. However, I couldn’t help but notice that all the powerful mass-media technologies of our modern world–film, radio, and television–had been invented and pioneered by Gentiles, mostly of Anglo-Saxon origin, but in each case control was seized by ruthless Jewish businessmen, who sometimes destroyed the lives and careers of those creators. By the 1950s, nearly all of America’s leading concentrations of electronic media power—with the sole major exception of Disney Studios—were solidly in Jewish hands. In an open society such as ours, these are the central levers of political influence, and over the next generation or so, America’s long-dominant and heavily Anglo-Saxon ruling elite was replaced by a mostly Jewish one, a development I alluded to in my long Meritocracy article of a few years ago.

    Ron took the time to make free audio versions of his work. I recommend them highly!

    Audio Versions, More EBooks, and Gab Button

  30. Realist says:

    Why I Don’t Care About America’s Geopolitical Decline

    I welcome it…time for America first…but for real this time.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  31. Realist says:

    Don’t join the military.

    Only idiots do.

    • Replies: @TKK
  32. Realist says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    I wrote in a previous point or more generally,, has anyone noticed that every single issue Democrats and Republican rino’s are united on, gives ALL American citizens the finger when it comes to this nations foreign policies?

    Yep, both sides of the Deep State coin.

  33. WHAT says:

    And? Ukraine is run by literal khokhlozhid nazis.

  34. fnn says:

    Jews run the Ukraine, the nazis/banderites are low-level cannon fodder. This is easy stuff to find out on the net.

    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  35. @anon

    The Chinese Uighur are full blown Wahhabi /Salafi and quite substantial in ISIS ranks even in
    They (Uighur) were pretty easy going folks until Saudi money and preachers got to them. Their lack of Arabic and isolation made them easy targets by the extremists.
    The Chinese, with their hive mentality, exacerbated the problem and now the Uighur that went to the Mid-East i.e. Syria, cannot return.
    If you catch this particular snake by the tail and follow it, it will lead you to the USA.

    • Agree: Showmethereal, Alfred
  36. Rosetta from Danville, Virginia doesn’t have a clue about American foreign policy.

    On C Span, Mar 23, 2021, commenting on shooting at supermarket in Colorado:
    “If they want to fight, let them go overseas where they’re fighting . . .”

    Does anyone suppose she knows who is provoking the fighting “overseas”?


    MODERATOR: [Bill Scanlan] Rosetta is in Danville, Virginia, a Democrat caller. Go ahead.
    CALLER: Good morning. It think it is a shame that our world is in such a mess with all the mess that is going on. These people with rifles that are killing and shooting, shooting. Something ought to be did about it.
    A person, a citizen lying around in a little small town, I don’t think they should sell in . . .[inaudible]
    If they want to fight, let them go overseas where they’re fighting, let ’em fight over there. Something ought to be done.
    Thank you for taking my call.

    One other thing: How did the perp end up stripped to his boxers?
    How did it happen that the camera captured his whitey-white back?
    What are the chances that a less indistinct front shot would reveal a Latino face behind that beard? Why no name? Because Biden baizuo prefer that you focus on “gun” and not “illegal immigrants” or the glories of diversity?

    • Replies: @Insouciant
    , @Alden
  37. Blackbird says:

    Summer’s here and the time is right
    For dancin’ in the streets

  38. anon[744] • Disclaimer says:

    Young, Christian, white males die for Israel? That’s because they’re taught that Christ is Kang, without being fully informed he’s only Kang of Zion, the capital city of that shitty little country known as Israel, home of the sacred Chosenites. Knows who its enemies are? The foreign Kang of Zion proclaims, “Salvation is from the Jews,” but I say unto thee, Thou wast born right the first time; yea verily, it is OK to be born White.

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
  39. Anonymous[105] • Disclaimer says:

    Only when China has clearly overtaken the US and faced it down can the US elite be dislodged from their self serving policies that are running the country (and others of the West) into the ground. I think Biden is the perfect President for allowing China to be able to supplant the US.

    The “Pivot to Asia” and greater hawkishness towards China began under Hillary Clinton’s leadership as Secretary of State 10 years ago, before Trump was ever on the radar.

    Admiral James Stavridis, former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, was considered a potential running mate by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

    Stavridis has a new book out called “2034: A Novel of the Next World War” about WW3 starting in 2034 between the US and China. Other US elites envision a war starting earlier, in 2025. Note that Stavridis was a critic of Trump and is a centrist Democrat type like Clinton and Biden.

    Here’s a recent piece by Stavridis:

    “How the US military is preparing for a war with China”

  40. @lloyd

    I think the misunderstanding here is not that America would ever be ruled by blacks, but rather America is ruled by a subsection of a White and “White-Adjacent” class that uses various auxiliaries for various (suppression) purposes.

    So, it’s more a question of “Which Caste do you want ruling over you?” Our current caste, while certainly homegrown in some sense, and co-opting quite a few (80-160 million, to even larger amounts on certain issues, and far less on others) does not like the idea of a well-built, prosperous America in a traditional American, Russian, Chinese, European or Indian sense of the word.

    Anyhow, it’s a moot point. Any foreign-rule here is going to just take the form of what happened with the PLC. Various local aristocrats being bought, and voting and making legislature accordingly, like they are now by everyone and everything else with any form of influence.

    It would just be nice, of course, if whoever was doing the buying was interested in making things nicer for the world.

  41. @Anonymous

    For what it is worth, I consider the 1999 attack on Serbia a crime.

    • Agree: Spect3r, annamaria
  42. Sean says:

    In an anarchical system when you publicly rule out fighting you are advertising your willingness to take it up the ass! That article is about how the US strategists are LOUDLY setting out potential grounds for declaring a war with China; it’s just chest beating of the kind that did not lead to anything in the Cold War and won’t now. The US has had two disasters (Korea and Vietnam) against China in quite limited conflicts, they certainly are not contemplating going all the way in with a conventional land war with China. The matter of how to actually fight a war with China in its own back yard of the South China Sea is not something anyone in authority has given serious thought to, because they have no intention of ever doing it. I can prove this very easily: they certainly would need the Russians to stay neutral and the Deep State would not be bear-baiting, which they are.

    Remember what I said about the dissention from his own supporters when Biden repeatedly insisted up to 2019 that China was “not competition for us”. Biden and the geniuses of the elite think that those youngsters coming over the border means America is holding all the aces against aging China.
    Research and development for the first batch of key equipment for the world’s most powerful electron collider, the Circular Electron Positron Collider (CEPC), in China, has made solid progress, according to a leading scientist on the project Sunday.[…] The location for the CEPC has yet to be determined, Wang noted. The CEPC project will reportedly cost 35 billion yuan ($5.05 billion) and will have a circumference of 100 kilometers, with center-mass energy of up to 240 giga electron-volts, both setting a world record.

    The American Deep State think all they have to do is flex to hold China at bay while the US diversity edge allows the US to continue to dominate; hence there is no reason to prevent the peaceful course of events by initiating actual war with China. If Biden and the US Deep State thought America was going to lose the economic competition then it would be different I expect. Anyway, the days are long gone when the US could do a thermonuclear first strike on China and catch them with their pants down.

    • Agree: Johnny Rico
  43. The good Rev. sez:

    If you catch this particular snake by the tail and follow it, it will lead you to the USA.

    I would say it leads to the (((Axis of Kindness))) rather than the USA (which doesn’t really exist anymore). Yes there’s Kwa-Bananaland the homeland of the Rotten Banana Empire (AoK’s muscle) where the (((owners))) have their headquarters and their dancing puppets – including the Vegetable-in-Chief (it falls better than it dances) – running the clown-show for the idiocracy. Just a technical quibble – same difference really.

  44. @Insouciant

    Rosetta from Danville, VA commenting on horribleness of Colorado shooting, on C Span this morning:
    “If they want to fight, let them go overseas where they’re fighting, let ’em fight over there.”


    The supposed Colorado shooter has been identified

    Colorado grocery store shooter named as Syrian American Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa

    Too bad US foreign service operator James Jeffrey was not among Alissa’s victims.

    Jeffrey did everything in his power to make life in Syria as miserable as possible

    “James Jeffrey, U.S. special envoy for Syria, said on May 12 that his job was to make Syria “a quagmire for the Russians,” the remark went largely unnoticed. Jeffrey’s words were not merely, it turns out, intended to convey a general sense of opposition to Russian designs in Syria. They headlined a series of measures intended to prevent the return of normality to regime-controlled Syria, to foment renewed crisis, and thus to turn Syria from an asset to a burden for both Moscow and Tehran.”

    What was that “soulless killer” Putin said to Biden?

    • Thanks: annamaria
  45. anon[427] • Disclaimer says:

TUESDAY, MAR 23, 2021 – 06:50 PM
    uthored by Alexander Rubinstein via,


    Explosive new recordings released by the Houthi government of Yemen pile more earth atop mountains of existing evidence of the US government’s support for the very same terrorists it has claimed to be waging war against for nearly two decades.
The Moral Guidance Department, a branch of the Yemeni Armed Forces of the revolutionary Houthi government of Yemen published last week a number of secret documents and phone calls from the former regime of longtime president Ali Abdullah Saleh Houthi media says al-Shami “pointed out that the Americans used to train their individuals in Yemen and send them abroad to carry out operations for them, and then affix the accusation to Yemen as an excuse to come under the cover of fighting those individuals.”
    Another document from the State Department dated 1998 highly suggests US interests in establishing a military presence in Yemen around the sea of Aden. Saudi-born Ali al-Ahmed of the Gulf Institute, a leading expert on Saudi politics and terrorism, told me that he is not at all surprised by the phone call between George Tenet and Yemen’s former president.
    “I’ve been saying this for a long time,” al-Ahmed told me. “People that think that these organizations; al-Qaeda, ISIS, are organic, non-state-backed organizations are either lying or are completely stupid. The fact that ISIS had all these American weapons, they didn’t come from thin air. This was part of a plan. The same thing with al-Qaeda; the fact that this organization which has been attacked all over the world continues to survive 20 years on, and spread, it’s not by accident. It’s done by security and intelligence organizations in Washington, D.C. and in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and by Ali Abdullah Saleh.

    f”western democracies more resemble some middle eastern souk” They are middle eastern souks drinking same khat and same camel urine .

    “A CIA Inspector General inquiry accused Tenet of failing to do enough to prevent the attacks, saying “by virtue of his position, [Tenet] bears ultimate responsibility for the fact that no such strategic plan was ever created” despite the CIA knowing of the dangers presented by al-Qaeda.
    “Many of the difficulties that were listed in that report today – the inability to share information, the lack of people to support and run operations against Osama bin Laden – those were problems that were brought to Mr. Tenet’s attention as early as 1996 and he never did anything about them,” Michael Scheuer, the former head of the CIA’s Osama bin Laden unit, told the BBC.” from zerohedge

    Its a deep dark shadowy animal like anaconda coiled around the necks of Americans while noose is being forced to loosen up elsewhere . Shock and Awe is now etched permanently on the goat book reading Bush and his numerous holdovers .More shock that it did not work out they way these banal beasts planned the fate of the rest of the world .
    Is it nay wonder that Karzai and Russia and Taliban blamed the rise of ISIS to those who ferried them by helicopter to Afghanistan!

    System of capitalism basing on Opium, enriching of self by promoting wars on Fox or CNN or on Telegraph by some British Con (something ) and creation of ISIS are built on the same principle . Pure banal and evil.

    None will miss these bastards .

    • Replies: @dimples
  46. I do care about the US’s geopolitical decline in the sense that I think it’s a wonderful thing! In fact, it’s one of the real rays of hope for those who care about White survival and decency in general. Long under the rule of a coalition of White-hating Zionists and God-hating radicals, the US has become the worst enemy of the White race and of Christianity. The US has appointed itself the worldwide guardian of predatory capitalism, Zionism, mass non-White immigration into White countries, miscegenation, sodomy, transgenderism, feminism, abortion, and whatever other destructive and malevolent ideology you care to name.

    Happily, US decline and eventual collapse seems inevitable. Our enemies don’t have a grand plan. What they do have is an instinct for destruction. If they were rationally pursuing power for themselves, they would not act as they do. For instance, it makes no sense for the ruling Zioglobohomo coalition to destroy the US economy, which they are in the process of doing by banning the use of reliable and efficient fossil fuels in favor of crappy windmills and solar panels. Once the US becomes Amerizuela, how are they going to dictate to anyone?

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Montefrío
  47. anon[149] • Disclaimer says:

    “The Russians say American dissidents are seeking citizenship”

    ….You ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Russia (the Russian east needs population, is beautiful and massive. Plus they dont hate white people there). Poland, Hungary, Finland, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Austria, Hungary, Belorussua, Australia, Argentina……….there are other nice places on this earth that would be glad to have decent, hardworking, law-abiding young professionals. You will watch their TV news and not hear the phrases “white privelege or supremecy” even once. You will be able to safely walk the streets after day’s work. They actually like Christians……..
    …Id consider taking a hard look if I were still young

    • Replies: @Spect3r
    , @The Real World
  48. What we are seeing is a collapse of the very idea of democracy as a functioning political system. The word has become s synonym for gridlock, helplessness, economic decline, looting of the middle class by elites, self-loathing, exploding crime, porous borders, ethnic hatred, rule by mentally disturbed sexual deviants, n wholesale voter fraud. No one any longer has any use for it, least of all the so-called “Democratic” Party.

  49. Oh God ! How rapidly the Chess board is changing.
    But still.
    Money can overcome all obstacles.
    But how long?

  50. @animalogic

    This fails to answer the question of why Jews pursue this same policy in every country where they have a significant population.

  51. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    Sounds familiar. Could have been lifted straight from a little book called My Struggle. History repeats.

  52. GMC says:
    @Brás Cubas

    Actually , the Russians use the word Nazi and Fascist today still, it’s not about being stuck in the 40s. They are pretty straight people and some of them, Do live, like in the 40’s 50s 60’s compared to Americans. They all, don;t live in Moscow or Saint Pete’s . Is Zionist Joe and Zionists – Fascists? and did Zionist Joe sign off on funding the Neo Nazis in Ukraine ? Da ! So add me, to those two other – Agrees – Spacibo

  53. Bert says:

    My family’s history shows a precipitous decline in enthusiasm for the military experience.

    1776-1782 virtually all of my male ancestors of military age served, about half of them in most of the larger fights in the Carolinas, and one served across a geographic span from Virginia to northern Florida.

    1862-1865 two of four served and one of those did so only under severe coercion, as is understandable given that he was dirt poor and had a family of six to feed and clothe.

    1918-1918 one served and his father told him on departure “Don’t be no hero.”

    1942-1945 none served.

    1950-1954 my brother joined the Air Force to avoid conscription. I avoided Viet Nam.

    The attitude of my family evolved from “Let’s get them” to “Fuck the Empire (AKA plantation owners, industrialists, MIC, politicians, bureaucrats).” We changed because the country that demanded our allegiance changed. My Revolutionary War ancestors fought under local leaders who led from the front and often took a ball. Not hardly like that now, is it.

    Switzerland should be the model for the United States, along with nuclear deterrence.

    • Agree: Montefrío
  54. Lem says:

    whites have no reason to fight for a government that discriminates against them, replaces them through immigration, and scorns their heritage

    And indeed it seems the US is currently doing everything to make joining the military unattractive to straight whites. What’s the plan?

    Keep this going for another decade and the officer corps will be majority non straight white.

    Then start a war and reintroduce the draft.

  55. The Chinese are clearly learning from American media. Mr. Jiechi added that the United States is “slaughtering” its blacks

    Of course that’s utter garbage, but it’s what the US’s majority political party, mainstream media, academia, and major corporations all say. So why should China argue with it? The worst enemy of the US is the US. That has come to pass as an inevitable result of the cult of “diversity”. “Diversity” means division and as Honest Abe said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” When the US made “diversity” its national creed, it sealed its own doom.

  56. Alfred says:

    The fucking nazis are running the ukraine, literal Nazis.

    Nonsense. These “Nazis” are mercenaries in the pay of Jews and the Deep States of the USA and Canada. Since the Putsch of 2014, Ukraine has had a series of Jewish prime ministers and presidents. Try to explain that.

    It is like a game with a fake Jewish opposition against the incumbent Jewish government. A total joke. 🤣

    The Jews are arguing among themselves as to whom gets to rob the most of what is left of that unfortunate country.

    • Thanks: Biff
    • Replies: @GMC
  57. Renoman says:

    Best article by anyone in quite a while, no mean feat in this group.

  58. dimples says:

    “A CIA Inspector General inquiry accused Tenet of failing to do enough to prevent the attacks, saying “by virtue of his position, [Tenet] bears ultimate responsibility for the fact that no such strategic plan was ever created” despite the CIA knowing of the dangers presented by al-Qaeda.
    “Many of the difficulties that were listed in that report today – the inability to share information, the lack of people to support and run operations against Osama bin Laden – those were problems that were brought to Mr. Tenet’s attention as early as 1996 and he never did anything about them,” Michael Scheuer, the former head of the CIA’s Osama bin Laden unit, told the BBC.” from zerohedge”

    Well of course Tenet wasn’t going to do anything about ‘al-Qaeda’. They were the patsies, silly boy.

    • Agree: Biff
  59. Agree the empire must fall.

    But let’s remember that we might return to the point where randomly dying from a burst appendix would seem kinder than backyard dentistry.

  60. onebornfree says: • Website

    This just in: the government is not going to “save” white Americans, no more than it is going to save black, brown or yellow Americans either.

    No more than it can ensure race, or gender equality, or keep the streets safe, defend the borders/prevent illegal immigration, prevent “illegal” drug use, keep every one healthy, guarantee jobs and income etc. etc., on and on, ad infinitum.

    This just in: Government “solutions” [to any problem] never work, because they cannot work.

    So if white Americans are concerned about their “marginalization”, then they must take matters into their own hands – because expecting a government “solution” to defend them is pure fantasy, a mugs game for government brainwashed fools, no less.

    Again: there are no government “solutions” for any perceived problem- government “solutions” simply never work.

    See: “Why Government Doesn’t Work” :

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Replies: @Eric Novak
  61. anon[744] • Disclaimer says:

    ZOG? Z for Zion, right? Christ is Kang, well um… of Zion, capital city of that shitty little country in the middle-east. Need a hint which country? The Jewish authors of the Jew Testament also named Christ as the “Kang of Israel!” America has over 200 million christmongers declaring their loyalty to the Kang of Zion/Israel. These Zion/Israel loyalists openly admit they have dual “citizenship” in Zion and are “citizens” of Zion, loyal firstmost to the Kang of Zion/Israel, so they can earn an enternal gaudy condo in “heavenly Zion.” Furthermore, these Kang of Zion loyalists have accepted a “hundredfold” bribe to “forsake” their own hearth and kin, so they can live in Zion forever.

    There’s your ZOG — traitorous loyalists to the Kang of Zion/Israel — eventhough people are afraid or put off by the truth.

  62. JVT says:

    Agree with the basic premise of this article-
    “The Globalist Regime’s fights abroad are not our fights. The Regime treats us with contempt. We are not much more than tax slaves and cannon fodder”, though I would define “we” as Working Americans, not as White Americans. One trope I would challenge, since it is so common but rarely challenged, is that Europeans are not paying their fair share. Surely Working Americans should want USA to reduce military spending to European levels (or lower) and not support the Globalist Regime’s pressure on Europe to raise theirs.

  63. Reaper says:

    Thumbs up! Article is fine.

    The US globalist actions are in increasing numbers backfire/ funny.

    There is a recent sanction by the Biden administraton towards Russia:
    – The USA do not deliver any more military arms to Russia.
    Russians were quite surprised.
    – Excuse me – we do not get any since ww2…

  64. Jake says:

    The Western world marches according to the basic tune emanating from DC/NYC/Hollywood. And the Anglo-Zionist Empire clearly intends the entire globe to get in step as well.

    And what does the Anglo-Zionist Empire intend?

    1. It intends to have Jews as the lone racial/ethnic group that is, by group, Elite and untouchable.
    2. It intends to flood the West (and Eastern Europe) with as many blacks, browns, and Moslems, as well as Hindus and Buddhists and pagans, as possible.
    3. It intends to make homosexuality, including transsexuality, a virtually sacred category.
    4. It intends to arrange things economically to make billionaires ever richer while squeezing the white middle classes across the globe toward utter irrelevance.
    5. It intends to make all Christian groups/organizations embrace the Anglo-Zionist Empire vision of the world as the central part of establishing a universalist, relativist One World religious vision that is the ultimate end game of Freemasonic thought.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Richard B
    , @Robert Dolan
  65. “However, their job is not to defend Chinese Muslims, but to defend Americans.”

    More likely they’re interested in defending Israel than Uyghurs or Americans for that matter.

  66. profnasty says:

    Why, pray tell, would Russia invite cowards, afraid to fight for their own country, into Mother Russia?
    I’m sure they have weak kneed men of their own to defend.
    Find someplace else to hide.

    • Replies: @sally
    , @Anonymous
  67. Schuetze says:

    Zato is little more than a branch of the Rothschild army. It is also an army of occupation with bases spread across all of Europe. Poland, like Romania, the perennial jew stooges, actually want to become occupied by Zato and to serve as the front line in any war with Russia that the chicken swingers may dream up. One would think that the Poles would have learned something after having Napoleon, Two Tsar’s, the Kaiser, the Wehrmacht and the Red Army marching, bombing, burning, shelling and shooting their way through all of Poland might have learned something by now. Unfortunately the Poles, just like the jews they seem to worship, are going to bitterly cling until the very end to the lands that they stole between 1945 and 1948.

  68. Kirt says:

    US geopolitical decline is good for Americans and good for the rest of the world as long as the woke US rulers don’t try to reverse it by nuclear war. Putin’s support of American dissidents, while very self-serving, is still to be appreciated.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
  69. @lloyd

    As a lifelong farm girl I have to disagree. Just look at Zimbabwe and South Africa for a black run future. Both countries are black run and tools of British Mining Corporations. Both countries have blacks killing white farmers to avoid the responsibility of their own incompetence, so no thanks. I would absolutely welcome the Russians as liberators, while dreading the Chinese. Sadly both have deep ties to the banking British bankers. Note neither the mining companies nor the banking ones are run by actual blood British.

  70. @Bernie

    We should pray to God for the downfall of the evil empire and help it fall by all means.

    Be careful what you wish for butter cup, as it damn well may happen.

    You now have the correct illegitimately elected, globo-homo El presidente to make it all happen.

    My wish for you is you live long enough to be ruled by either the closet Marxist Putin or Xi Jinping. I’m affraid you will find either one far less tolerable of your whining than than our current pussy hat wearing Marxist we all suffer under, you know, the one who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.
    Удачи товарища

    • Agree: HdC
    • Replies: @Liza
  71. As an old person it seems a bit wrong to root for a collapse that I won’t be cleaning up after. Yet I am. Diversity will make it almost impossible to fix from the inside. Russia doesn’t want us. Israel wants to destroy us because we’re Amalek or Esau or something. The British bankers want to be the only Aryans standing for the great reset. Farm ground is what China will want, and maybe they might be the best option. I assume farmers just might be lucky if they come as conquerors. Too bad we’re all old, and white youngsters are too sensitive to deal with the elements .

    Hint to young people, pick up a trade like farm equipment mechanic or heavy equipment operator. Yeah you make more off social media apparently, but you are dispensable. Also you should note, the arriving Hispanics are taking those jobs you are too uppity to do. Maybe are overseers aren’t quite as shortsighted as we think. Somedays it is hard to root for white people so foolish to think something their ancestors built makes them builders.

  72. Emslander says:

    The Regime’s fights abroad are not our fights. The Regime treats us with contempt.

    When we were still on speaking terms, I was able to discuss the general political situation with a friend who was a flaming Democrat fairly honestly. That was in 2015 or so. We predicted then that either Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump would be the next President, because of the disgust among the vast majority over the economic and moral failures of the previous 15 or 20 years. It didn’t matter which one, because they both went after the same sentiment, which was extreme disgust with the flabby post-war concept of Americanism.

    Due to the pretty obvious inner city vote fraud in key electoral states, we now have a consensus government of the old order, leading us back to the dead horses lying around and trying to beat them into life. The flailing isn’t even very spirited. We all know this and the Chinese and the Russians know this. They’ve both directly called out the current minority regime. The regime is powerless to respond, unless it wants a general nuclear conflagration.

    We did have Trump, who identified the disaffected American voter and identified many of the “issues” of concern, but more than having discovered the tone and the language of our times, he was unable to get to solutions.

    We’re going to have somebody come out of the woods to recapture this country and the old order will be blown away. Maybe literally. Is it 1923 again and are we in Germany?

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Druid
  73. Can we please, please, please stop with the cop and military worship?

    Stop thanking them for “their service”. If they’re cops, their service is to their pension. If they’re military, their service was to Israel.

  74. GMC says:

    Alfred – You know and I know and maybe Bras Cubas that the Jews run the Show but the average Russian will use Fascist , Nazi , Bandera shoepas , or on the TV talk shows they just use the word Americans etc. They seldom use the word Fuckin Yevrey { еврей } Jews , infact they don’t even know the word Jew unless they know – English – I’ve used the word mamy times when talkin politics in a little Russian and a little english – they don’t know the word. This was what I was getting at – so Ya , they are stuck in the 40s but they don’t know it – lol Brat.

    • Thanks: Alfred
  75. geokat62 says:

    Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, and other would-be populists are probably sincere in their desire to defend the Uyghurs.

    Sincere? They’ve warmly embraced a talking point handed to them by their puppet masters to deflect attention away from the only country practicing apartheid in the 21st century.

  76. I reluctantly have to agree with Mr. Hood. China really kicked us hard in the gonads, but I really don’t think the Harris-Biden & Bozo White House has absorbed its full implication. Unfortunately, you will have many white rural kids joining the military because somehow they hold onto some kind idealism and still love what they call “Murica” as well as economic need. As an older guy I shouldn’t say this, but we need to bring the draft back – with no college deferments, very strict reasons why you can’t serve in some capacity, and extreme harsh penalties for draft dodgers. OK traditionally we’ve let religious groups like Quakers and Amish off the hook – that should stand- but nobody else. Yes, all this would cause a tremendous amount of chaos. But is it any better than the chaos we are having now? We will finally go from a nation whose media and academia is obsessed with systemic racism, all sorts of -isms and -phobias, to a nation that will ooze an anti-war movement (however pathetic). Yes, most of us will suffer tremendously, but we will also possibly see the actual collapse of the Anglo-Zionist Empire that has never benefited 99% of Americans.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @Druid
  77. @Ray Caruso

    The deliberate destruction of our people and our economy is totally bewildering.

    I’ve said many times that you would think the zionists would want to nurture their white golem and keep white people strong to be able to fight in proxy wars for Israel.

    But I’m not a small hat and my mind works in a logical manner.

    It’s more likely that they see us as an historical enemy, a competitor for resources, a group that kicked them out 109 times.

    So…..their atavistic fear/hatred for whites trumps all other instincts.

    • Replies: @Druid
  78. @Anonymous

    Note that Stavridis was a critic of Trump and is a centrist Democrat type like Clinton and Biden.
    Give me a break, Clinton and Xiden, the two biggest globalist political whores since Kissinger. Please view the video in comment #72 and tell me what a “centrist” Lunch bucket Joe is. Where I come from Joe would be in prison right now.

  79. @Ray Caruso

    “Once the US becomes Amerizuela, how are they going to dictate to anyone?”

    Ask Maduro. He has plenty of experience.

  80. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    wished him good health

    Putin is having fun here since he and everyone else know the opposite is true and are waiting for the shoe to drop. It’s irony.

    probably sincere in their desire to defend the Uyghurs

    Oh come now, no one in America has any inkling of what a Uyghur is or where they’re at, nor do they care. It’s just a gimmick to use as a weapon to browbeat the Chinese with. If it wasn’t that then it would be something else. Both Russia and China have been projected as enemies of the US and the propaganda drumbeat has been relentless in building them up as such, building this idea up in the minds of Americans. Yet what have they done that’s wrong? Nothing, they’re merely developing their economies. The Russians want to sell their oil, natural resources and other products on the open market worldwide and purchase things they want freely. They’re not invading anybody like the US does but have helped countries like Syria resist aggression which has caused US outrage. China is an economic competitor and are outbidding the US here and there. The US is afraid of getting pushed out of Asia and other places. None of this has anything to do with abstractions like freedom or democracy about which US policy cares nothing. It’s about keeping its hooks in Europe and Asia against the rising regional powers.

  81. anon[744] • Disclaimer says:

    Wow, Jake, I agree with what you say; I’m going to merely expand on your observations. You mention the basic tune emanating from DC/NYC/Hollywood, and I’m sure you didn’t mean to leave out the Jewish-authored Jew Testament, the most influential Jewish media of all time. Yes sir, the Zionist Empire clearly intends the entire globe to get in step, as the Kang of Zion states he’s coming for the whole world, and intends to poz all nations, baptizing them in the name of his Jewish Kang of Zion bullshit narrative. And now to your numbered points:

    1. Jews Elite? The Jews write in the New Testament, “The Jew First!” Always the Jew First. “Chosen,” it says. “Salvation is from the Jews.” Tiresome, isn’t it?
    2. Yeppers, the Kang of Zion magically teleported one of his Jewish apostles to convert the essential Groid from Ethiopia, and soon after according to Acts 13:1, they elevated some Immigrant Jogger into leadership position in Antioch. The Jewish-authored narrative is that the Kang of Zion’s magical powers somehow nullify all racial and sexual differences, “there is neither male nor female” and all that Wokester crap.
    3. Homosexuality? The Kang of Zion begged his male loyalists to slice off their balls, so they’ll make a more feminine Bride for the Jew Kang. Can you imagine attending that guy-on-guy Marriage Supper of the Sheeple?
    4. Arrange things economically? Jew Testament says, “All things were common property to them…distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.” Pure Marxoid Communism! Not surprising coming from Jews.
    5. “Behold, I lay in Zion a chief corner stone.” ZiO-MaSoNiC fer shure!

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @Rich
  82. @Emslander

    Nah….nobody is coming out of the woods to save us….because if such a person tries to come out he will be immediately disposed of by the FBI/Cheka. They are not about to allow another moustache man to gain power.

    Look what they did to Trump! Trump’s a pussy, did virtually nothing for white people, yet they considered him to be a huge threat.

    Yes, we are in a repeat of Weimar to an uncanny degree, but we lack any sort of ability to organize and get the word out. The media does nothing but lie so many of our people live in an alternate reality.

    Young Nick Fuentes came out of the woods, you might say, and already he’s targeted as a “vicious anti-semite.” Of course he’s not that, not at all. He simply asks for America first policies, which is quite a reasonable stance, but the nose sees another “Nazi.”

    The situation is…..nutty.

    The nose is convinced that if white people have ANY voice then it results in naziskillingsixmillionjews.

    White people are so dangerous, so mad dog vicious, that they have to be muzzled and put into straight jackets.

    The nose runs on fear, not logic. The truth is that the Jewish people have never had it so good at any time in all of history but they are totally fucking it by wrecking western civilization. They are not happy to simply rule over most of the world…..they demand to rule over ALL OF THE WORLD.

    • Replies: @Emslander
    , @Ragno
    , @Rooster11
  83. nsa says:

    Intel Drop: was rolling down I-5 past Boeing in Renton and spotted Air Force One next to one of the service hangars being equipped with a giant wheel chair lift.

    • LOL: Zarathustra
  84. @Brooklyn Dave

    Dear Doctor!
    How would treat a patient that has multiple diseases simultaneously?

  85. ‘ It [the Empire] is run by people who seem to care nothing for the country’

    That’s because few if any are men descended from the stock that built America.

    • Agree: Katrinka
    • Replies: @Miro23
  86. Piglet says:

    Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III said he is pleased some NATO nations are spending more now.

    When NATO countries are urged to “spend more,” this isn’t a call to increase the wages of their soldiers (typically rather small compared to those of US soldiers), engage in larger and better training exercises, or even buy office supplies.

    (Sidebar: At the compound of a German Army Airborne battalion in the 1980s, a German lieutenant friend of mine was writing down a list of requirements to qualify for an award called the Leistungsabzeichen, which you can find here:

    Another American there suggested that my friend simply Xerox the list, using the page from which he was copying to provide the information in handwritten form to the Americans. My friend asked what he meant by “Xerox” and the guy replied that it meant using a copier. My friend smiled and replied that no such machine existed on the entire compound and that “The German Army is a poor one.”

    Around that same time another friend was the commander of an Airborne company in northern Germany. He had absolutely no supply of blank paper for writing documents and was reduced to using the reverse sides of papers sent down from higher headquarters.

    Facilities on Bundeswehr installations were also very “spartan” compared to those of American bases in Germany.)

    When American political “leaders” call for more spending, do they mean NATO countries should buy copiers and reams of paper? That better facilities should be constructed for their troops? No, they’re demanding that these countries buy much more military junk, even if they don’t want it and don’t need it, from US manufacturers of the MIC who control their puppets in DC. And when Uncle Sucker gets into another war he’ll demand that NATO countries come along for the ride, even if it’s completely against their own interests.

  87. TKK says:


    Working class white boys that can’t find a job other than making minimum wage at Dollar General or Wal Mart, managed by dumb female buffalos with the IQs of turnips.

    It is desperation. Not ignorance. They have no options other than take usury loans and attend “college” to emerge an indentured servants.




    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Realist
  88. @Johnny Smoggins

    They are always being thanked for their services. But they are not defending America from attack, only empire building.

  89. Here we go again with the ‘white’ card; ‘American whites’ which god damn american whites? Do they have a name you are afraid to mention, or do you really believe that ALL white Americans are racist………………yes, there are a group of white racists in the USA most hold duel citizenship and are loyal to a forigen shithole of a coutry, know which one?………..first three guesses are free!

  90. Director of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission Yang Jiechi, mostly without notes, gave a powerful 20-minute speech in which he said that “the United States does not have the qualification to say that it wants to speak to China from a position of strength.” He might as well have slapped the secretary of state in the face. He also said America must not interfere with China’s internal affairs.

    I remember when DJT/Lighthizer and co were conducting “trade talks” (= demands) with China, posting on zero hedge that in my humble opinion the USA would come off second best in this two-horse race. Howls of outrage, bomb Three Gorges Dam, democracy in HK, cheap chinese crap, give nukes to Taiwan etc etc …

    This was only a couple years ago when China which whatever one may/may not wish to say about policy, pursued a culture of Harmony both in policy (win-win vs bombing) and in public diplomatic discourse (absence of shrieking, understatement and restraint vs demands as to Mr Sassoon’s opium coolies).

    Given that Chinese (and others) regard Americans as only semi-civilised, yet likeable withal, the statements above can be seen as a significant departure from the usual pattern. They now openly regard ZUSA as a paper tiger, manipulative/deceitful and therefore untrustworthy, but a spent force. When one regards the photos of the ludicrous masked figures plus the Gender person, they seem to have a valid point.
    Not to mention corrupt ZUSA politico’s and an Alzheimer president …
    America did not used to be this way, the deadly hand of zionism has turned it into a blustering figure of foolishness. A great Shame.

  91. SafeNow says:

    As I have posted before, the U.S. ranks internationally between 25th and 30th in most aspects. This includes the recently released Democracy Index of The Economist (Norway was number one). China and Russia understand this reality, and will do everything possible to simply let incompetence take its course. The long game. Their only worry is that governmental ineptness, miscalculation, systems-error, and belligerence will unravel into a war. They try various strategies to mitigate this risk, so far without success. China plays at bumper-boats in the western Pacific, and the U.S. sends a carrier group.

  92. America’s geopolitical decline is no coincidence. Let me remind here a fragment of Heaven’s plan: “And both these kings [Great Britain and Russia. In 1882 British troops occupied Egypt. Great Britain then took the role of “the king of the south”. Around the same time, Russia expanded its influence in the region, which previously belonged to Seleucus I Nicator, and took the role of “the king of the north”], their hearts (will be) to do mischief, and at one table (they) will speak a lie; but it will not succeed. Indeed yet (the) completion to (the) appointed time. And [the king of the north] will go back (to) his land with great wealth [1945. This detail indicated that after the previous victories Hitler will attack the Soviet Union and will fight to the bitter end]; and his heart (will be) against the holy covenant [Soviet Union introduced state atheism and believers were repressed]; and will act [it means activity in the international arena]; and go back to his own land [1991-1993. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. The troops from the Soviet military bases returned to their land]. At the appointed time (he) will return back [this means strengthening Russia’s position and a significant weakening of the United States. Russia will again have military bases outside the country. Furthermore, it also means crisis, which will eclipse the Great Depression. Not only the eurozone will break up, but also the European Union and NATO. Many countries of the former Eastern block will return to a military alliance with Russia].” (Daniel 11:27-29a) All the details of this vision are being fulfilled from the time of ancient Persia spectacularly and in chronological order. And it’s not a coincidence. (Jeremiah 1:11, 12)

  93. As to no 84 mr Dolan. If whites had a force to be reckoned with such as brownshirts, the military and police clowns in washington would go slowly. As to mr. Hood he never names the tribe that drives the destruction of america.

  94. @Ray Caruso

    Yes it’s total garbage. Unlike the illiterate dysgenic stooges facing them, the Chinese obviously knew their Sun-Tzu. I saw more whites on billboards and other ads when I was in China a couple of years ago than I did in Kwa-Bananaland. There were plenty of Chinese of course but zero blacks. Your earlier comment (#48) was right on target. The sooner the empire collapses the better. As the historical Chinese would say, America has lost the mandate of heaven – which is the only one that counts.

    • Agree: Ray Caruso
  95. Emslander says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    I’ve worked in the big city criminal justice and imprisonment systems and, though most of the cops aren’t too bad, the system is designed to recruit, encourage and develop career criminals for the perpetual creation of lawyer jobs for the stupid kids of Democrats.

  96. Emslander says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Yes, we are in a repeat of Weimar to an uncanny degree, but we lack any sort of ability to organize and get the word out.

    In Germany in 1923, a leader was radicalized by being jailed. That was like a vaccine for him. It created antibodies that made his ideas pretty resilient in a society looking for answers. There was comparatively little violence in his ascent after that.

    Who knows where the leader will come from. I know that he will have a very large and enthusiastic following.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
    , @dimples
  97. @nsa

    I heard a rumour that air traffic and the pilots are already calling it ‘Roosevelt2’.

  98. @Per/Norway

    Completely wrong. The so-called Nazis are just useful fools for the Usual Suspects whose primary enemy (I’m not sure why) is Russia. Just look at those who own the media and wealth in Ukraine and you’ll find it’s the same people who have provided Presidents and Prime Ministers since ‘independence’ in 1991. The small hats could stamp out the ‘Nazis’ whenever they want.

  99. Here you ignoramuses.
    European people do not believe in wars anymore. Nothing to gain and there is too much to loose.
    Except the Jews, Brussels, and English.
    That is why they do not care about militarism. That is why all generals are women.
    Lets think a little bit.
    Why would Russia want to take over Europe? So they should share their resources with Europe for free?
    Is Russia out of its mind?
    I do not think so?
    They do not need to move too much and the money is poring in.
    Russia is fine with the setup as it is now. No complaint!

  100. Alden says:

    Does anyone know why the shooter was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts? Day time temperature in Boulder this time of year is around 40F, sometimes lower, seldom over 50F

    Very weird he was dressed like that. Obviously the officers would search him throughly. But they’d let him get dressed.

    • Replies: @Tony massey
  101. @fnn

    Exactly! Just add ‘own’ the Ukraine as well.

  102. Alden says:

    Even fewer medical computer tech engineering and education jobs for White men college graduates. No White men teachers, nurses Drs dentists engineers accountants computer programmers in California any more, especially in the Silicon Valley that White men built.

    • Replies: @Realist
  103. Miro23 says:

    However, I couldn’t help but notice that all the powerful mass-media technologies of our modern world–film, radio, and television–had been invented and pioneered by Gentiles, mostly of Anglo-Saxon origin, but in each case control was seized by ruthless Jewish businessmen, who sometimes destroyed the lives and careers of those creators.

    That’s how it works. If there’s growth and cash flow – fix the politicians – attack the corporations – take control and loot them. And not just in the US.

    When they wormed their way into power in Russia (under Yeltsin), the place was looted wholesale under the “free-market neo-liberalism” banner. Current US Jewry’s hard feelings against Putin are rooted in him refusing to be their tame pet ( turning on his oligarch sponsor Berezovsky) – and even worse – arresting and imprisoning their Jewish oligarch top person Khodorkovsky who was busy collecting political power.

    • Agree: ebear
  104. @Sean

    Biden has been incoherent for several years. At this point, I don’t think he dresses himself, much less think of moral values and culture.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  105. You didn’t give an explanation as to how America is declining. It isn’t.

  106. @Ray Caruso

    It ain’t the people or media or corporations who created the diversity creed. It’s the powers that own and control that have. The ones that cannot be criticized, the eternal victims.

  107. annamaria says:

    The limping gangster: “Washington’s Delusion of Endless World Dominion:”

    in that series of failed, never-ending conflicts, the old military formula for “containing,” constraining, and dominating Eurasia was visibly failing. The Global War on Terror proved, in some sense, a long-drawn-out version of Britain’s imperial Suez disaster. …

    Beijing has acquired special access through loans and leases to more than 40 seaports — from the Straits of Malacca, across the Indian Ocean, around Africa, and along Europe’s extended coastline … With its growing wealth, China also built a blue-water navy … That growing force was meant to be the tip of China’s spear aimed at puncturing Washington’s encirclement of Asia. …

    By grasping the geopolitical logic of unifying Eurasia’s vast landmass — home to 70 percent of the world’s population — through transcontinental infrastructures for commerce, energy, finance, and transport, Beijing has rendered Washington’s encircling armadas of aircraft and warships redundant, irrelevant.

  108. annamaria says:

    Stavridis is exactly the type described so well by the honorable General Smedley Butler.

    War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. … Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.

    “Stavridis is currently an operating executive with the Carlyle Group and chair of the board of counselors at McLarty Associates:”

    The Carlyle Group is an American multinational private equity, alternative asset management and financial services corporation. It specializes in corporate private equity, real assets, and private credit.

    McLarty Associates:

    Our work lies at the nexus of business and policy. We understand the complexities of international markets and help our clients navigate the strategic and operational challenges they face around the globe.


    One of the key elements in the military component is a series of “red lines” to which the U.S. would respond militarily. … [including] any major Chinese hostile action in the South China Sea to further reclaim and militarize islands, to deploy force against other claimant states, or to prevent full freedom of navigation operations by the U.S. and allied maritime forces…

    … in the context of a U.S.-China strategy, the Marines will be resolutely sea-based and able to sail into the waters of the South China Sea, well inside the island chains China relies on for defense. … The Chinese militarized artificial islands in the South China Sea would be juicy targets, for example. In essence, this will be guerrilla warfare from the sea.

    He is a classic war profiteer.

    • Agree: Bert
    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
  109. Alfred says:

    when was the last time you visited Norway?

    When I lived in Oslo 28 years ago, the only blacks I saw were distributing newspapers before people woke up. Drummen was already having big problems with Somalis.

    My Norwegian son told me that his friends and he had stopped going out to discotheques because Pakistani males insisted on grabbing Norwegian girls and dancing with them. In Grønland, near the railway station, gays were assaulted if they walked through this Muslim quarter.

    I doubt if things have improved since.

    • Replies: @Spect3r
  110. annamaria says:

    Stavridis claims to be of Greek origin, which seems rather doubtful.

    ADM James Stavridis, USN (ret.) Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander and former Commander of U.S. European Command; Chairman, Gemunder Center U.S.-Israel Security Task Force.

    Stavridis belongs to the JINSA, along with the assortment of the most rabid zionists.

    The Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) is dedicated to educating Congressional, military and civilian national security decision-makers on American defense and strategic interests, primarily in the Middle East, the cornerstone of which is a robust U.S.-Israeli security cooperation. JINSA believes that a strong American military and national security posture is the best guarantor of peace and the survival of our values and civilization.

    Stavridis has been at the forefront of the mass slaughter known as the implementation of the Oded Yinon Plan for Eretz Israel:

    From 2002 to 2004, Stavridis commanded Enterprise Carrier Strike Group, conducting combat operations in the Persian Gulf in support of both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

    Stavridis “oversaw operations in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria.” In short, this prominent racketeer is dripping with the blood of hundreds of thousands of the victims.

  111. Papa says:

    Until we have politicians who care about us, I don’t care about the geopolitical games the government wants to play.

    Well said.

  112. ebear says:

    “The Russians say American dissidents are seeking Russian citizenship.”

    Not just Americans. I looked into this a few years ago when it because obvious to me where things were headed in Canada (a mirror image of the US, just a bit less extreme). Was planning a trip to investigate when this virus nonsense began. Haven’t given up on the idea, just pushed it back a bit. Still studying Russian. Not easy, but I’m getting there.

  113. @Alden

    They ordered him strip to reveal he wasn’t strapped to an explosive device
    Apparently,it wasn’t a suicide mission.
    Maybe he wanted to live?
    He can still do hair club for men from prison.
    No doubt that’ll be his right.

  114. @Johnny Smoggins

    100% correct.

    Cops do whatever the leadership tells them to do, and much of today’s leadership is leftist. They allowed BLM and Antifa to run wild and did nothing.

    Michelle Malkin got an education regarding cops when she held a rally on their behalf and the cops allowed leftists to attack her. I bet she will never look at cops with the respect she used to have.

    Totally agree about the military as well…..they fight for Israel….not for the USA. Most of the military are not savvy enough to understand who and what they are fighting for, and I feel bad about that, but I don’t feel the need to reward them for activities that are not in our best interests.

    I have a buddy that did two tours in the ME and saw action, and he is always trying to get me to stroke him, even though I have told him repeatedly that his service was in vain. If we had a real country the military would be targeting illegals at the border and for that I would give thanks!

  115. @Emslander

    Who knows where the leader will come from. I know that he will have a very large and enthusiastic following.

    That leader better develop some serious tech to protect their movement from Deep State snooping–otherwise, their movement will be strangled in the crib.

  116. Realist says:

    You and I have been through this before.

    The military does nothing to help Whites, or POC, succeed in the civilian world…it is a waste of two or more years.

    And worst of all you can end up like this man who was suckered into the military:

    He did get a spot on the Oprah Winfrey Show. There are plenty more like him. They are now incapable of doing a productive job. They live off the pitty of other people.

    The best options are:

    Take an entry-level job, work hard learn the ropes and move up.

    Go to a trade school and learn a useful trade.

    Go to college and study an employable subject.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Realist
    , @Bert
  117. Realist says:

    No White men teachers, nurses Drs dentists engineers accountants computer programmers in California any more, especially in the Silicon Valley that White men built.

    Any White person that lives in California, is not very bright.

  118. @Realist

    400,000 of our men have permanent brain injuries from the stupid wars in the ME.

    That’s 400,000 American families devastated in wars for a foreign nation.

    It’s nutty.

    And just today I see that the DHS has declared that half the people of this country are criminals.

    Ironically…’s the right half of the country that supplies the military with cannon fodder for Israel.

    So, if they can’t get you shot or blown up in Iraq, they plan to just put you in jail here.

    Talk about Kafkaesque.

    • Thanks: Realist
  119. @Alfa158

    For the Middle East there is only one party, the Zionist Party, with Democrat and Republican factions striving to outdo each other in providing benefits to israel on behalf of israel’s American friends.

  120. Realist says:

    The Marine featured in the video I posted, Tyler Ziegel, was horribly disfigured at the age of 22 and lived a life of hell for 8 years before he died at the age of 30.

  121. Ragno says:
    @Robert Dolan

    The situation is…..nutty.

    The nose is convinced that if white people have ANY voice then it results in naziskillingsixmillionjews.

    It’s a lot like the feeble-minded man who absolutely did not steal the election wrapping the Capitol with razor wire and keeping 5000 troops on hand just in case. Why would this man – so beloved by 80 million people they stayed away from his campaign stops in droves – do such odd and unprecedented things?

    Because the wicked man flees when no man pursueth; that’s why. Ask anon[744], he’s hip to all the boss Jew scribes!

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  122. “….whites have no reason to fight for a government that discriminates against them, replaces them through immigration, and scorns their heritage.”

    This is perhaps more true and more dangerous than the author realizes.

    In the US Army the combat arms-infantry, armor, artillery, combat engineers-are staffed at the enlisted level mostly with patriotic middle class whites from rural backgrounds. Support jobs like cook, field wireman, supply clerk, etc. are populated with folks having a different socio economic profile.

    If the very people the USG-and especially the current Administration-are doing their utmost to alienate stop enlisting and reenlisting, well, who is going to pull the trigger?

    • Replies: @By-tor
  123. sally says:

    memory is constructive <=false narratives can be externally implanted and used to deny reality <=this is something everyone on this list needs to engage. <=Its fascinating science and IMO explains the danger of allowing MSM to continue its daily misinformation campaigns.

    It explains how the oligarch use the nation state and the MSM to create for themselves global hot spots and to establish false and misleading talking point to use to force on -those the government governs,. demands made by the wealthy Oligarch or by one his many globally private corporations. Just like the two shootings (which I am not sure about) are being used to develop propaganda designed to make it obligatory for the members of congress to allow laws that will deny the right of Americans to keep or carry guns; laws of that type contravene the Bill of Rights, (Amendment II of the Constitution, the 2nd section in the Bill of Rights attached by amendment to the USA constitution ) which says:

    " the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”.

    Just licensing guns, requiring training, identifying the person in possession of guns to the guns they possess, taking gun owner and users fingerprints as a condition of a permit, or requiring permits, is an infringement? I don’t see anyone arresting the members of Congress for the laws they wrote that infringe on “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms” nor do I see anyone screaming for impeachment because the white haired Article II person.. is stumping and supporting propaganda designed to bring about legislation that is designed to infringe on the Bill of Rights guarantee that the people have the right to keep and bear arms.

    I agree with profnasty. Russia probably wants those who refuse to hold the government to its promises.

  124. I have just read the first 10 comments on this thread so far, and I am surprised and enervated. what do I see developing here!!! an American spleen and back bone!!? can I begin to legit capitalize America again?.

    as I noted several times in the past americans should long have been out on the streets in their millions taking back their country and making social choices to fashion their nation the way they want, not what the elites are making of America.

    the popular american revolution is long past due! I mean the democrats know this and are so afraid of it happening now, on their watch, triggered by their stolen election, they wont let the army go home but are keeping it in washington indefintely.

    great sign this here but the revolution must move fast…faster than the elites can vaccinate the entire population

  125. Richard B says:

    Good list.

    I’ve seen many different kinds of lists and they all seem to point out something worth knowing and keeping in mind as time goes on. And your list is one of them. Very good.

    However, I rarely see people question their ability to maintain power. Probably because they’re too impressed with the way the hostile elite have been acquiring it.

    Never the less, it’s important to also keep in mind that the kind of thinking, planning and action, necessary for acquiring power is entirely different from the kind of thinking, planning, and action, needed to maintain that power once it’s acquired.

    I think it’s pretty obvious that, though they might have been good at infiltration, subversion, radical ingratitude, insane hatred, compulsive lying, scapegoating, victim-blaming, betrayal, destruction and death, they’re no damned good at social management.

    They never have been and never will be.

    That’s why what we’re witnessing is The Pyrrhic Victory of The Hostile Elite.

    • Agree: Alfred
  126. augusto says:

    “Will blacks, Hispanics, and other groups sacrifice for a country that academics, journalists, athletes, celebrities, politicians, CEOs, and generals agree is racist?”

    Stop putting the cart before the horses.
    So you mean that hispanics & blacks were previously accepting sacrifice for the country BECAUSE formerly the politicians, academics and CEO s were not giving a damn for the exixtence of any significant racism in US society?

    And now they wont anymore?
    I of course conclude the best course of action for upper classes exploitation is AGAIN returning the old ‘no racism’ amoang us policy.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  127. the key issue here of course is that the standing up is developing in a skin color or race mode. I don’t mind! its better than what has been the case for far too long – ordinary subservience to the rapine state

    let it go then! let it develop! it will arrive at its proper resolution in the end. all the ingredients are there to ensure true revolutionary resolution of the stage. it will have to go fully democratic or it will not succeed, the people will be defeated leaving nothing between the people the pure hell the rich will impose on us all with no limits at all on their power

    this is the final qualitative stage for all that went before, everything this time must change into one of the available options. for the people the option is democracy. for the rich/elites it is Brave New World

    there we go then…cant be stopped. life moves on regardless, resolved into its optional potential, dialectical potential, one or the other

  128. dimples says:

    “Who knows where the leader will come from. I know that he will have a very large and enthusiastic following.”

    Another commenter with a messiah fantasy. Probably the new glorious leader will last five minutes before the FBI takes him out or the Jew media finds or makes up compromising information about him. Maybe he will be a poof, in which case he will be okay and have the requisite large and enthusiastic following.

    Think of it more like ‘Atlas Shrugged’. The US and the rest of the whitish world has succumbed to socialism, or in the modern case extremist identity politics. Perhaps somebody will come along with the Magic Motor which disappears unless you take the Pledge. In other words, the answer is not political but technological.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @dimples
  129. anonymous[273] • Disclaimer says:

    Now we know the identity of the 800 pound diversity gorilla in the room.

  130. If Julissa Reynoso represents Global Homo, their problem is not how many gender types they can squeeze out of the alphabets (LGBTIQPWXYZ), but how to put a pretty face on a gender type. So far, they failed with her and newly confirmed Dr. Rachel Levine, the new assistant secretary at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

  131. HVM says:

    What exists is anti-racism racism. A better word for it is racial communism. Civil Rights is the tool to dispossess the majority of this country and expand the power of the corporate state over the economy. The end game of racial communism is total white submission. The Jews are the intellectual fathers of racial communism and have benefited from playing victimized Jews.

    Material conditions have prevented any real resistance to the implementation of racial communism except among the white male working class. Yet, even the white male working class is somewhat co-opted. Many of them (or their unions) remain corporate bodies in the corporate state employed in government construction jobs. A grand infrastructure debt-boondoggle will further buy them off. Thereby, white working class males along with the college “educated” white males will not put up any resistance to the racial communism (PCR’s insouciance), despite the fact that the system is rigged against them. To get a job they must go along with the racial communism in their public thoughts even if their private thoughts are different (the Soviet aspect of what is happening in the USA). Ironically, there is only one thing that keeps the liberals, the queers, the Jews, and the women in power and that is the cadre of white male mercenaries who do the enforcing for them.

    I would not call it communism yet though. It is corporate fascism with elements of welfare socialism. The regulatory state has the power to impose its will on the free market to implement this change, but it is not total – yet. Maybe we are in a transition stage. The greatest problem is that the U.S. is beyond broke. The Fed keeps pursuing financial repression which creates widening divides in wealth, ironically (more irony), leading to greater government intervention. If for any reason the bond market or inflation caused a demand for higher returns on Treasuries, the cost of government will go up and the house of cards will collapse. The government will be forced to restrain spending which will hit all of those who are benefiting from the current state of affairs. Riots will ensue.

    Biden’s current foreign policy is an extension of the failed Obama era Full Spectrum Dominance. After 12 years in Vietnam, 12 years in Iraq, and 20 years in Afghanistan, the U.S. military does not command the respect it once did. First and foremost, the U.S. will be extremely vulnerable economically in any future conflict.

    The Chinese are not afraid of this house of cards. They paid off Biden’s corrupt whoremongering son for access to the president. They know that we are not going to send the Marines to defend Hong Kong or Taiwan after the circuses in Iraq and Afghanistan. They send their students to our universities, and their STEM students who are math and engineering majors. They surely go back to China laughing their asses off about the sociology cunts lecturing about transgenderism at universities where tuition is $60,000. Those students encounter affirmative action Negroes firsthand and know damn well Negroes cannot engineer spacecraft or a bridge over the Yellow River.

    It is ironic (irony is everywhere) that the USA destroyed its currency to buy cheap Chinese products, so that the Chinese could have a massive military force and multinational corporations could censor the public and tell it that the USA is based on systemic racism. It is interesting to see how the U.S. has come into a military alliance with Japan, but less than 75 years ago we nearly annihilated them in a war initiated by FDR. Now, we are allied with the Japanese against the Chinese and it is ironic that we aided the Chinese to oust the Japanese only to install a Chinese government in 1949 whose inception was and is hostile to the USA. Triangularization along with the recognition of China to get out of Vietnam only opened the door to offshoring (Rockefeller-Kissinger qui bono?) our economy into oblivion within 15-20 years of our withdrawal. In the long view, the U.S. balance of power politics in Asia resembles traditional British balance of power politics in Europe prior to the Second World War. When British chose war in 1939, they also chose to collapse their economy and empire.

    Russia sees the same in Biden and the USA. Putin is no fool. He has a mostly homogeneous country which will unify against U.S. aggression. He has Germany in his back pocket with the Nordstream 2 project. The U.S. has nothing to gain in the Ukraine unless the plan is to control the oil from the Caspian Sea. The problem with this strategy is that the U.S. public will not support any more wars for oil when the U.S. can be energy independent on its own (thank you Democrats for that balls up). Half of the U.S., particularly the patriotic half, are not going to go along with a Biden war especially when they see Biden as a corrupt fraud who treats them like domestic enemies. Even if Biden were compos mentis he would lose any debate with Putin over who was the greater killer. The U.S. is certainly no innocent in the Twentieth-Twenty-first Centuries. If we were allowed to honestly debate the historical facts in public (without Jewish censorship) even more wool would be pulled from the public’s eyes regarding the U.S. foreign policy since 1917. It truly is rich that the Biden administration has the gall to go around the world lecturing about democracy. Regardless, Putin certainly showed the world that the emperor (Biden) has no clothes.

    Until someone gets a backbone and says “stop” (as Schlesinger said in the Disuniting of America – this is Schlesinger the liberal, I add), the U.S. will simply be re-arranging of chairs on the Titanic based off false notions of systemic racism (which in reality is racial communism), until the weight of its debt or an exogenous event sinks the USA . Green energy with no idea whatsoever how to provide an infrastructure to replace fossil fuels, the inflationary currency and the Ponzi-scheme stock market, and endless unskilled Third World immigration in an era of fewer jobs cannot go on much longer. Another war for Israel or against China or Russia would do it, too. The history of a century ago indicates that there were a lot of stupid, arrogant and insulated elites who, in 1914, had no idea that the war would last until 1918. It reminds me of the Biden administration. Maybe it is the arrogance of his Jewish appointees (nobody had more than FDR until now), thinking that they are God’s chosen people.

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
  132. @dimples


    The white world has NOT “succumbed to socialism.”

    The white world has been WRECKED by jewish supremacists that fill our people’s minds with bullshit and lies.

    • Thanks: anonymousperson
    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
    , @KenH
  133. dimples says:

    I seem to have indulged myself in magical thinking there please forgive. This is as bad as expecting a messiah to arrive. Well Ayn Rand the original objectivist did the same thing.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  134. JVT says:

    Agree with the basic premise of this article “The Regime’s fights abroad are not our fights. The Regime treats us with contempt. We are not much more than tax slaves and cannon fodder “, though I would define us as Working Americans not White Americans. But challenge the trope that Europeans are not paying their fair share. Certainly Working Americans should demand the US Globalist Regime cut military spending to European levels or lower, not support the Regime forcing its vassals to increase their military spending.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
  135. @hillaire

    Undemocratic? I think people are missing the fact that it’s not even a democracy, it’s an inversion of democracy, regardless of the fact that it’s not supposed to be a democracy in the first place.

    What democracy has anyone ever heard of where the minority totally dominates and subjugate the majority? … regardless of the fact that literal invading foreign nationals simply overrun the country with the assistance of enemies, foreign and domestic … who are also overtly threatening g and aggressively attacking the native population of people whose forefathers created and built what is being pillaged and plundered.

    What we are really watching here is the sacking of Edom, the whole west, which just like the original, Rome, happened over a long period of time. Only a certain number of people in London know how long it’s really been going on, but it seems that the plunder and sabotage of America hs been going on for at least 180 years and in Europe the initiative has been probably been going on far longer, since the lead up to the French “Revolution“. Anyone who still thinks the French Revolution was just some random set of events that crescendoed, or WWI for that matter, is just not a serious person.

  136. @dimples

    “Probably the new glorious leader will last five minutes before the FBI takes him out or the Jew media finds or makes up compromising information about him. Maybe he will be a poof, in which case he will be okay and have the requisite large and enthusiastic following.”

    This was very accurate.

  137. @anon

    How many of those countries have you actually set foot in?

    How many do you think willy-nilly allow foreigners to come live in their countries indefinitely?

    Have you checked the duration of winter and the average temps of the northern countries you mentioned?

    Not insurmountable but, you’d have a large language challenge in all but one of them.

    It is indeed fun to imagine life in another, perhaps better, place but the hurdles to selecting well and making it a success are vast.

  138. By-tor says:

    In the US Army the combat arms-infantry, armor, artillery, combat engineers-are staffed at the enlisted level mostly with patriotic middle class whites from rural backgrounds. Support jobs like cook, field wireman, supply clerk, etc. are populated with folks having a different socio economic profile.

    If the very people the USG-and especially the current Administration-are doing their utmost to alienate stop enlisting and reenlisting, well, who is going to pull the trigger?

    Hopefully, it will be Re’derrik, Enrique, Mohammed, Aahan, Chao, Stevie ( formerly Sally ) and Juan.

  139. AndrewR says:

    Sadly, it remains to be seen how many people get the memo.

    I got talking to a guy at the gym today and he said he had been in the Marines. He definitely looks like the type. I mentioned how I’m also a vet and how until last spring I would not necessarily have advised anyone to stay out of the military. As much as I’ve hated US foreign policy for decades, I still think that individual people can benefit from military service.

    But the black supremacist frenzy after George Floyd died took hold of the military in a way that surprised even me. And then the unauthorized Capitol tour upped the ante even more. The US government is demonizing the very backbone of the US military – right-leaning white [men] – to an absolutely astounding extent. It’s like they are trying to collapse the empire. Maybe they are.

    Anyway I brought all this up with this guy and he just said “I don’t really follow all that.” And for every uninformed and apathetic vet like this guy, there are probably a few uninformed and apathetic 18 year olds who want to enlist. Perhaps the saving grace is that these boys (and girls) will not reenlist like they used to, thus starving the military of NCOs, or at least white ones.

    Good luck Uncle Shmuel: you’re gonna need it

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  140. @Realist

    USA needs a REAL populist president, not the fucking orange clown that is trump.

    • Agree: Realist
  141. American Renaissance has done important work, but it is ultimately useless because it pulls its punches or willfully misses what should be the main target: Jewish Supremacist Power. Take Jared Taylor’s commentary of the US military in the video below. It’s pure Pat-Condell. He blames everything but will not name the power behind the mess. Shhhh about the Jews.

    At this point, why should Taylor lament that Mexican-American soldiers proudly display the Mexican flag? Why not, when the US flag represents nothing abroad but ‘twerking’, Jewish supremacism, Wars for Israel, mindless animus toward Russia, ridiculous paranoia about China, nonstop hatred toward Iran, complete nonsense about Venezuela, BLM stupidity, and global dissemination of globo-homo ludicrousness? Americanism meant something when Anglo-Americans(and those properly Anglo-Americanized) ruled the nation with pride and confidence. Then, Americanism was based on the Great Compromise: A move toward a more merit-and-rule-based on the part of Anglo-Americans who took the land from the Indians, brought blacks in chains, and encouraged mass-immigration to develop the land. In return, non-Anglos would acknowledge the Anglo-foundation of America and try to be Good Americans. That compromise is no longer relevant because the US is now totally Jewish-supremacist, meaning the New Americanism is predicated on just about everyone and everything revolving around the question of “Is it great for Jews?” If Jews want it, they get it… eventually. No wonder the First and Second Amendments are now hanging by a thread. Jews don’t like the Constitution now that they got total power.
    Other than Jews, Jared Taylor should be blaming his own Wasp kind. Why did they hand over power to the Jews almost completely? That was the beginning of much of the rot since. Taylor bitches about blacks, Mexicans, and etc. not being properly patriotic in the new order, but who created the new order? Jews spearheaded the making of New America, but Wasps just played along. If Wasps are such worthless cucks to Jews, why should it be surprising that nonwhites would no longer respect whites? Of course, given that most nonwhites would find it odd if Jews told them, “Americanism = Jewish Greatness”, Jews encourage the next-best-thing, which is anti-whiteness or ‘scapewhiting'(scapegoat whitey for everything), as it unites all nonwhites with Jews in the War on Whiteness. War on Whiteness or WOW is great for Jews as it morally shames and paralyzes whites into having no pride and prestige, which translates into having no will and agency. Filled with shame and ‘white guilt’, whites become mired in mode of redemption, the terms of which are decided by Jews who advise Total Support for Zion, More Wars for Israel, More Diversity, and More Globo-Homo(proxy of Jewish Power).
    The source of the problem is the Jewish-White relations. When whites handed over power to Jews, Jews made the key decisions, and those have been premised on whatever-necessary-to-secure-Jewish-power. #1 priority for Jews is then White Submissivism to Jewish Supremacism. If Taylor will not discuss Jewish Power, it’s like complaining about the smoke without mentioning the fire. Also, does it make sense for whites to bleat about blacks, browns, yellows, and etc. when whites themselves cravenly collaborate with Jewish Power? Whites, especially the elites, don’t stand for what is good for America as a whole. They suck up to Jews and support Jewish identity & Zionism. When whites act like that, why should nonwhites be good American patriots? Whites have led the way in betraying the original Americanism. In some ways, nonwhites, such as blacks into black power and Mexican-Americans into Mexican pride, are more admirable because, at the very least, they are tribal-patriotic about their own kind. In contrast, whites have betrayed both White Power and Traditional Americanism. They are now allergic to anything white-and-positive but also utterly lack a general sense of Americanism. White ‘liberals’ love to virtue-signal by supporting blacks, diversity, & globo-homo, AND white ‘conservatives’ love to cuck-signal by waving the Israeli Flag & yapping about how Israel is “America’s best, greatest, closest, and dearest ally.” Both groups fail at simple generic patriotism based on rules and principles. For white ‘liberals’, blacks are higher than other groups, and for white ‘conservatives’ it’s Jews-uber-alles. In the current order, Jews encourage nonwhites to wave their own identitarian flag AGAINST whiteness while encouraging whites to wave the Zionist flag. In a way, one might say this Jewish strategy is foolish. After all, if nonwhites are made to be anti-white and if whiteness is made to be synonymous with support-for-Israel and praise-of-Jews, might it not lead to nonwhites being anti-Israel and anti-Jewish as well? After all, if whiteness = love-for-Jews whereas non-whiteness = anti-whiteness, wouldn’t it lead to non-whiteness = anti-Jewishness since whiteness is so closely associated with cucking to Jews? Jews bank on two factors in this strategy. They figure (1) nonwhites are too dumb to connect the dots or (2) even if nonwhites connected the dots and became more critical of Israel & Jewish Power on account of whiteness = support-for-Zion, it will draw whites even closer to Zion as white-knight-defenders of Israel against the rising tide of darkies. We see scenario 2 play out with both Mitt Romney and Jared Taylor. They hope that powerful Jews will like them more if they stand with Jews against the ‘antisemitic’ darkies. It’s like Jews encourage Ilhan Omar to be anti-white while white conzos beat their chests as noble defenders of Jews from ‘Anti-Semites’.


    Also, we must keep in mind that Jews are using white-elites as the template for goy-elites around the world, and of course, once the elites in other countries are turned, it’s only a matter of time before the masses are turned as well. Consider the spread of Christianity in Europe. The elites adopted the new faith, which then spread among the masses as well. In a way, anti-white-ness in the US seems to weaken America. When the white elites of the majority population are so blamed-and-shamed into self-abasement mode, it does seem weak and pathetic indeed. How can America exert power abroad when it’s so full of self-doubt? And yet, white cuckery is meant to serve as the template for other elites around the world, especially in the satellite countries. Indeed, look at the impact on Japan. For the longest time, the Japanese Way was seen as the opposite of the American Way. But Japanese elites(and those of Taiwan and South Korea) take cues from white elites, and they too promote ‘diversity’, globo-homo, mass-immigration, and ‘anti-racism’, i.e. opposing foreign invasion is ‘xenophobic’. So, the white-weakening also serves to weaken the goy elites(and masses) of other countries that still take cues from the White Way. This is especially significant in East Asia, the only non-white part of the world that substantially caught up to Western standards of development. As these nonwhite elites come to worship the same gods(controlled by Jews) that white elites do, they also grow weak and fall under the sway of Jewish Power. White elites used to be gloriously race-ist and made common cause with white masses. Nowadays, white elites claim to be ‘anti-racist’ and look down on white masses as ‘deplorables’ or ‘domestic terrorists’. And such attitude has spread in East Asia as well. And of course, it’s the Standard in Canada and EU with ‘leaders’ like Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron. So, the white-weakening doesn’t necessarily lead to a weaker America vis-a-vis other countries. If anything, precisely because most elites around the world ape the White Standard, they follow the White Way and weaken themselves… of course to the total delight of Jews. If only whites were affected by PC, the West might grow weak relative to the rest of the world. But insofar as the elites of the Rest ape the elites of the West(who now cuck to Jews, celebrate homos, and idolize Negroes), White Weakness is leading to Goy Weakness across the globe, which is just what the Jews want: All the goyim weakened. Now, Russia, China, and Iran are relatively free of Western Power, but this is only politically and militarily. Culturally and intellectually, many educated people over there still look to the West as the standard of ‘progress’ and whatever is thought to be ‘more evolved’. Indeed, notice how most of the children of Russian, Chinese, and Iranian immigrants in the US and Canada turn into mindless minions of PC.
    Another way that White Weakness can actually be a boon to US global power follows the logic of Christian morality. Christianity was about humility and guilt, and one would think such an ethos of passivity would have led to Western Decline, and indeed, some made the association between Christianity and the Fall of Rome. But later, this cult of humility filled Western Folks with spiritual-and-moral righteousness. Their sense of sinner-guilt before God made them feel holier-than-thou, thereby justified in conquering and converting other peoples. A similar kind of logic is behind PC. It’s true that, on the one hand, it fills white Americans with guilt, shame, and doubt about their entire history and heroes. Whites now cuck before Jews, Negroes, homos, and even trannies. And yet, such cuckery also fills many whites with righteous indignation. They believe America and the West are better, superior, and more justified precisely because they kiss the sacred Jew’s ass, wash the holy Negro’s feet, and suck the tranny’s magic-dong. Some of the most zealously aggressive whites are the ‘woke’ ones who feel that precisely because they cuck so hard to the Holy Three of Jews, Negroes, and Homos, they are better than not only ‘racist’ whites but many peoples around the world who aren’t so ‘woke’ or keen on revering the Holy Three of Jews, Negroes, and Homos. After all, Chinese don’t wash the Negro’s feet, Russians don’t bend over to Holy Homo, and Iran doesn’t suck up to Jews. Today, the ‘woke’ US military is dropping lots of bombs in the Middle East painted with BLM and globo-homo symbols. Negroes are especially useful to Jews because Negrolatry has become the Moral Currency of the World. If there was a truly global currency, it would feature MLK or Mandela(or George Floyd). America says, “We’ve come a long way because we now feel so sorry about what was done to the Negro”, and China, Russia, & Iran say “America is tainted for its ‘racism’ against the Noble Negro.” So, China, Russia, and Iran, in using the Moral Currency favored by America, fall into the trap of Negrolatry. Thus, they too fall under the sway of the gods controlled by Jews.

    Gregory Hood’s article is ultimately pointless because it is Jaredy-Taylor-made to cuck-to-Jews, of which there are two kinds: The Loud-Cucking of Conservatism Inc. that gushes about Jews as the greatest, noblest, wisest, most tragic, & most awesome people that ever lived AND the Silent-Cucking that remains mute on Jewish Power as the main source of anti-white politics. All said and done, what’s the point of complaining about PC and censorship if one doesn’t name the source of the problem? It’s like complaining of the foul air without looking for the dead animal that is causing the stink.
    Whatever pluralism that may have existed does no longer in the American Argument. We are told the US is more diverse than ever, and that is true of the population and middle-management, but the upper echelons of power have become more homogeneous or monomaniacal than ever: Jewish Supremacist globalist Zionism. Long ago, Anglo-Christians were on top. Then, things loosened up after World War II and especially in the Sixties. As Anglo-Americans lost their grip, other groups took on bigger roles, what with Irish Kennedy becoming the first Catholic president. Back then, Jews were powerful and rising fast. Still, they didn’t dominate like they do today. And Catholics carried considerable cultural weight. And as the nation was less homogenized by mass media of TV that in time became the centerpiece of American identity & culture in all fifty states and every small town, power was regionally more dispersed. With Wasps waning and with other groups/forces ascending, the second half of the 20th century was probably when the US was most pluralistic at the top with various vying for influence or at least their sphere of influence. But over time, Jews or BUGS(busy urban globalist semites) gained at the expense of all others. Why? Jews took over the key levers of power. Also, Jews understood in the 60s that the youth, the boomers, were the key to the future. So, while the power of other groups was based more conservatively on tradition and community — Irish or Italian patriarchy, traditional hierarchy rooted in the Old World, Catholic moralism, etc. — , Jewish power was based on winning the hearts and minds(or mindlessness) of the young whose eyes and ears were glued to TV, radio, movies, celebrity-idolatry, and etc. The end-result was Jews not only controlling the key institutions and industries(media, finance, law firms, big tech) but controlling the gods and idols that came to mean most to the boomer generation and ones that followed.

    We now have a country that indeed is more diverse than ever in terms of mass-demography, middle-management, and celebrity/idolatry/iconography but is also more mono-tribal-and-thematic than ever at the very top. Just look at Joe Biden’s administration; the so-called ‘adults in the room’ with the most important positions are almost all Jews or total cuck-puppets of Jews. And what was Obama? A street-organ-monkey for the Jews. Kamala is an even bigger whore of Zion, if such thing is possible(and yes it is).
    There was a time when feminists had something like real power. Today, Jews have all the on/off switches and decide who’s-hot-and-who’s-not at the moment. So, Jews can favor globo-homo and push blacks to the back of the bus. But when Jews needed black support again, they engineered the George Floyd riots with their control of media and deep state. So, in 2020, homos had to take the backseat to Negros who were allowed to indulge in Black Sack in the name of BLM. When Jews needed women to be hissing at Trump and everything he stood for, supposedly ‘male chauvinism’, they greenlit the Pussy March and the #MeToo movement. So, feminists, who’d been sidelined by globo-homo and gender-bender nonsense for some years, were brought back in force.
    Of course, all these had unforeseen or problematic consequences for Jews. #MeToo ended up bagging some prominent Jews, especially those in media. It also exposed the power of Jewish men who act badly and get away with it. And BLM riots ended up harming some parts of cities where Jews dwell or work. But Jews see it as worthwhile gambit. Lose some but gain more, and they were hellbent on losing some to gain the White House from Donald Trump who, despite his obsequiousness to Zionist Power, reminded Jews of ‘antisemitic’ demagogues of the past. BLM and blackness became especially important in the Trump Era because what Jews fear most is WGTOW or whites-going-their-own-way and stop doing as Jews tell them to. Jews thought, “What can we use to elevate ‘white guilt’ to unprecedented levels so as to morally, emotionally, and spiritually browbeat whites into remaining on the Jewish-Supremacist plantation?” Jews figured it’d be BLM. Homos are anti-conservative and have a corrosive effect on whites(or any community), but globo-homo doesn’t quite promote ‘white guilt’. True, white homos are among the biggest collaborators with Jewish Supremacism, but Jews needed something stronger. What about feminism? After all, it’s been useful in setting white women against white men. But all said and done, white men and white women still marry and have children together. Also, what with so many powerful white men being Jewish, something like the #MeToo movement showed how anti-male politics can easily end up hurting Jews. What about the Immigrants. But no matter how much the Jewish Media tried to caricaturize Trump’s border policies as akin to Nazis rounding up the Jews, the great majority didn’t buy the nonsense. Also, even if it’s true that many non-white immigrant groups did suffer terribly at the hands of whites(Anglos or Spanish), they simply lack the idol-factor that blacks have due to sports and rap. No one really cares about the Guatemalans at the US-Mexican border. And so, Jews figured they must play up BLM even harder to perpetuate ‘white guilt’ and paralyze white agency. But, in the end, it’s all bait-and-switch. Whites are made to feel guilty about blacks but then made to serve Jews. It’s come to whites bemoaning Jim Crow in the South & denouncing Apartheid in Old South Africa and making amends by… supporting ‘Jim Crowitz’ and ‘Aparschweid’ in West Bank. Indeed, it’s downright surreal that the very people who most loudly denounce ‘racism’ of White America then go about recruiting whites to support Jewish tyranny, wars, and semi-genocides in the Middle East and North Africa.

    When Jews favor a particular group, it thinks it’s on the rise, gaining real power, but it’s really a ruse, like the workings of Hollywood. A certain star may think he or she is the hottest stuff and unstoppable, but Jewish bosses can bring him or her down at any moment. Jews giveth, Jews taketh away. This is truer now than ever as Jewish Power is the only game in town in the academia, media, big tech, finance, laws & courts, and etc. Also, as Jews control the gods and define what sacred-vs-profane, even the many non-Jews in important institutions ‘worship’ according to Jewish commands. Most goyim simply lack the will and/or aptitude to think outside the box constructed by Jewish Big Minds. Jews have their fingers on the spigots. The spigots get to say who are the bigots. Spigotry is where the real power is, and the Jews are the biggest spigots around. When the spigots are turned on for your group or side, you think you are riding high… but when the spigots are turned off, your plan fades into a mirage in a desert. It’s like how Jews toy with blacks. If some Negro badmouths whites, Jewish spigots give him water. But if he also badmouths Jews, the spigots are shut off… unless he repents and attacks only whites while sparing and praising Jews. When the spigots were on for #MeToo, the feminists thought they had history by the balls. They were unstoppable, but the Jewish spigots said, “Enough of that” and turned on the water for the Trannies who soon put the feminists back in the kitchen to bake more ‘woke’ cookies from the globo-homo recipe. The problem is less bigotry in America than Jewish spigotry that plays thumbs up or down on the Current Year Winners and Losers.

    There’s all this talk of US vs China, and once again, Jews are up to no good. Jews are turning on the spigots for the China-bashers in the spirit of ‘Better You than Me’, or ‘Better Chu than Jew’. Jews figure that, just as ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ has the so-called ‘left’ focused on the Russian Menace than on the real Jewish tyrants in the West, ‘China, China, China’ will keep the so-called ‘rightists’ busy with hysterics over Fu Man Chu & Ming the Merciless than with the real Jewish Power behind globalism. And as most ‘conservatives’ are craven cowards and cucks, they go where the water is. As Jews are turning on the water for the China-bashers, all these craven conzos who never stood up to black thuggery, Jewish tyranny, and globo-homo degeneracy are making big tough-guy noises about Bad China. (Of course, Asians in America are no better. A bunch of yellow dogs, they are always stuck in Model Minority mentality. The great irony is that their rejection of the Model Minority monicker is just another expression of MM-thinking. After all, what is a ‘model minority’? It is the one that makes the least trouble for the Ruling Power and sucks up to the prevailing norms & dogma. As Jews got the most power and push anti-white victimology among nonwhites, yellows with their model-minority-mentality do their best to conform to those PC expectations. They do everything to appease the Jews as the top power, and as such, are stuck in MM mentality.)

    In a way, China, especially 19th century China, is worthy of comparison with the US. Now, this may sound absurd because there are many more differences than similarities. China in the 19th century was the ‘Sick Man of Asia’, in some ways in worse straits than the fast-declining Ottoman Empire(which would have fared far better with German victory in World War I). In contrast, the US in the 21st century is the richest and most powerful nation on Earth and will continue to be so for the rest of the century(and the century beyond that). The US with its land, resources, population, and talent pool(drawn from all parts of the world) can’t help but to be powerful REGARDLESS of which peoples rule it and populate it. If, say, all Americans today were replaced by Hindus, the US would still be a great superpower. Of course, if US were to become all-black, it will fast turn into a Third World nation with nukes, but that isn’t going to happen.

    What US in the 21st century and China in the 19th century do have in common is the politics of demoralization or dehumanization of the majority population. China then was ruled by the Manchu dynasty. In some ways, they were ‘Chinese’, in other ways, they were rulers over the Chinese. Jews occupy a similar position in the US and the West. They are ‘white’, but they are not white. The Historical Narrative makes Jews out to be victims of ‘antisemitic’ whites, and current reality has Jews as the rulers over whites. Jewish-American Power is said to be American Power, and it’s deemed ‘antisemitic’ for anyone to suggest that Jewish interests aren’t aligned with American interests, let alone hostile to American interests and, as such, constitute a virulent anti-Americanism. Jewish Power glorifies America as a dream and hope but only in accordance to its own grand design. When it comes to White America, Jews are usually insulting, derogatory, and hostile.
    Indeed, Jews even suggest that White America wasn’t the real America because it betrayed what it really should have been(according to Jewish wishes or Jewishes). Jews argue that America was founded on justice, freedom, and equality, but whites really practiced a form of ‘white supremacism’, and therefore, historical America isn’t the Real America, which is only now truly coming into being under Jewish auspices. And yet, Jews are full of BS because they pressure all Americans, especially whites, into supporting Jewish Power Uber Alles — just ask the Palestinians — and have created a hierarchy of who’s-hot-and-who’s-not that isn’t all that different in kind from the List by the KKK Guy on the Howard Stern Show.

    Also, isn’t it odd that Jews mostly leave out the American Indians from the Moral Narrative. Jews say that whites were ‘racist’ and ‘evil’ for not allowing More Immigration to All Peoples(especially Jews) from around the world but say almost nothing about what mass immigration did to the native population(and later to Palestinians). Also, on the occasion when Jews do fuss about the tragedy of indigenous folks, it’s a game of Blame Whitey. Thus, whites are made guilty of two crimes: Invading the Indigenous Folks and Not Sufficiently Inviting the Jews & Non-White Folks. But if mass invasion from the Old World led to the erasure of the American Indians, wouldn’t Jews and nonwhites(such as Chinese who built railroads and Japanese who worked on farms in California) also be complicit in the Great White Crime of destroying the Indigenous Folks? And didn’t Jewish merchants sell guns and ammo to cowboys? But no, the Jewish Logic doesn’t work that way. Rather, it says Whitey Is Evil, so whitey alone must bear the moral burden of both wiping out the indigenous tribes and holding back the immigrant hordes. So, even though Jews and nonwhites rode on the coattails of white conquest and settlement of North America, they get to huddle with indigenous American Indians as ‘fellow victims’ of whitey. As nutty as such moral logic is, it makes perfect strategic sense. Jewish supremacism depends on white submission, therefore anything that fuels ‘white guilt’ and paralyzes white pride is good in Jewish eyes.

    What Jews have done to whites, the Manchu rulers once did to the Chinese. Just like Jews claim to be American-like-everyone-else and part of Western Civilization, Manchus played up their credentials as rightful rulers of China and upholders of tradition and cultural prestige. And yet, they always reminded the Chinese of the difference between Manchus and the rest. Manchus were conquerors, victors, & overlords, and the Chinese, as the subject folks, better not forget it. Thus, it was more a case of the Chinese upholding Manchu glory than Manchus serving China.
    Likewise, Jews insist upon an America/West where whites support and serve Jewish Power than where Jews serve whites or partner with whites on equal basis. As the Chinese outnumbered the Manchus many times over, the Chinese had to be reminded who’s the real boss… lest they summon the collective will to throw off the Manchu yoke. Indeed, the real progenitors of China as the ‘Sick Man of Asia’ were none other than the Manchus, a semi-barbarian people who, with the aid of Mongol archers, conquered a China in decay. China had history, tradition, culture, and people but was in disarray, ripe for an invading power to fill the void. In contrast, the Manchus had martial spirit and will-to-power, that is until they eased into complacent Chinese Imperial sensibility, leaving them vulnerable when the Europeans arrived with bigger boats and guns. Anyway, in order to keep the far more numerous Chinese in line, the Manchus had to humiliate them, and one of the ways was to force all Chinese men to grow and wear queues as sign of subordination to Manchu authority. The failure to do so was a death sentence. Any Chinese male who lost his pigtail risked losing his head as well. Over time, wearing queues became the New Normal among Chinese men. It was as if they were born to serve the more virile and martial Manchus who came to own the Mandate of Heaven. Perceived as such, the Manchus controlled the gods.

    US today is about Jews and Queues. Of course, whites wear figurative ‘queues’ than literal ones. Jews have the power of Manchus or ‘Manjews’, and whites at a moment’s notice must show total loyalty to Jewish Power. When white cuck politicians(as well as non-white ones) make pilgrimages to Israel, don yarmulkes on the goy-kop heads, and stand before the Wailing Wall(and slip in pieces of paper into the crevices with messages like “I suck Jewish cock” and “I love to take it up the ass from Jews”), it’s hardly different from Chinese men wearing queues and bowing before the procession of Manchu warriors on horseback.
    Jews and Manchus are similar in that they have an ambiguously dual relation in regard to the larger population, much like Macedonians over the Greek World. Jews are, at once, Americans-like-any-other and the Rulers of America whom the lesser goyim must obey. They are both ‘white’ and non-white(or victims of whites). They are admired as victors and pitied as victims.
    Likewise, Manchus were ‘Chinese’ and the conquerors & tyrants over the Chinese. They were both defenders of Chinese prestige & glory and repressors of Chinese national will, not least when the Chinese were clamoring against Western encroachment. Faced with the Western Threat, the Manchu ruling dynasty walked a thin line of leading the Chinese resistance to the ‘foreign devils’ AND collaborating with foreign intruders to keep the Chinese people in their place, one of subservience and obedience. In a similar vein, the Jewish Rulers of America both inflame chest-beating American Rage at foreign powers, especially Russia, China, & Iran(though Venezuela also joined the list) AND work with other nations & globalist elements to undermine sovereignty & autonomy in America(and just about every European nation within the US sphere of influence). Jews constantly bang on the war drums. Russia! Russia! Putin as New Hitler is attacking US democracy! Jews made a big deal of War on Terror. The Muslims attacked the US on 9/11 and good patriotic Americans must fight these Wars for Israel, I mean ‘War on Terror’, against the baddies. It was Chuck Norris Time all over again.

    But then, these Jews, who call on American ‘patriotism’ to invade and attack other nations, then embrace the peoples displaced by these very wars, bring them to the West, and urge them to join the Democratic Party to combat American ‘racism’ and ‘white supremacism’. Jews hoodwink white patriots into fighting Wars for Israel(branded as War on Terror), and then put their arms around Muslim refugees as comrades in the war against ‘white terrorism’. Jews have worked with the Chinese to further the globalist agenda, the main beneficiaries of which are urban professionals, financial wizards, and big tech oligarchs. The Western 1%, among whom Jews are prominent, has raked in most of the rewards of globalism. Yet, lest the goyim in the West wake up to what’s really going on, the very Jews who worked so closely with China(and India) encourage anti-China-bashing so that the blame for the problems of globalism will fall on the Chinese.

    One thing for sure, globalism has pushed many whites to the breaking point, not least because the Internet has allowed the dissemination of ideas previously checked or suppressed by Jewish monopolization of the media. Jews had less reason to fear Free Speech in the past because, minus something like the internet, it was very difficult for dissident or alternative ideas/views to gain traction in a world where all the academic institutions and media industries were in the hands of Jews and their puppets.
    But as information flows freely across the internet, anti-globalist views spread far and wide, and Donald Trump ran on them in 2016. Initially, Jews welcomed the power of the internet. They saw it as a tool for weakening nationalism and goy borders as people around the world would form trans-national communities online, and to a large extent, this has been true. Consider how the internet has eroded the sense of national identity even in Japan. And the power of the internet has transformed Russia, Iran, and China as well. People there have gained accessed to news and views from the outside, and of course, most global information and idolatry are controlled by Jews.

    And yet, the internet, in allowing everyone to participate, has also made people more aware and anxious of the rapid changes afoot. And, more people than ever, at least in a long time, have been awakened to the JQ. So, Jews value the internet as a spreader of globalism and seek to ensure that it will spread nothing but globalism. For Jews, the internet should be a free-flow-of-information-approved-by-Jews. It’s like Jewish neo-definition of ‘free speech’. You’re FREE to agree with Jews and spout their favored narratives & dogma. But if you dare go against the Jewish Decree, you are not practicing ‘free speech’ but ‘hate speech’. You are a ‘hater’ and must be silenced. You must be denied financial services. You might as well be labeled a ‘terrorist’. So, ‘free speech’ means you are ‘free’ to suck up to Jews, and ‘free-flow-of-information’ means you can freely exchange ideas and views approved by Jews. If not, you end up like Donald Trump on Facebook and Twitter. If they can do it to the President of the US, it means your freedom is kaput in the Jewish Supremacist or ‘Manjewrian’ World.

    The ‘Manchurian Candidate’ invokes the danger of prominent figures in America serving a malevolent foreign power, even unwittingly or unconsciously. The concept goes far beyond the notion of ‘useful idiots’, who are always a dime-a-dozen. It plays on the paranoia that figures in key positions could have been ‘manufactured’ or ‘constructed’ abroad at the psychological level. As such, they don’t really know that they are tools because the manipulation has been at the subconscious level. In the famous movie, a patriotic war hero has been programmed to follow any instruction when placed under hypnosis triggered by a game of Solitaire. In that regard, he is anti-American only under the spell and only for specific operations, like carrying out assassinations. He and his comrades, who’d also been ‘brainwashed’, haven’t been made to consciously work against America. In contrast, the manipulation is far subtler, thereby more profound, in INCEPTION. There, a certain young man has been subconsciously modified to believe his conscious decisions are entirely his own when, in fact, they are manifestations of the alteration. As for the guy who carries out the inception, he wants to go home to his children so badly that he’s willing to do something that is ethically dubious, to say the least. But then, the British soldiers end up betraying their French comrades to scramble for home sweet home in DUNKIRK.

    The current political reality is closer to INCEPTION than MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE. After all, it’s not as if most US politician and goy elites are patriotic good Americans MOST OF THE TIME and act against their own nation/people only under hypnosis. No, they are traitors 24/7. They betray their own race during waking hours and probably in their dreams as well, in which they probably cuck even harder to almighty Jews. But why? Because they’ve been shaped by the academia, media, entertainment, and idolatry-iconography controlled by Jews. Jewish control has penetrated so deeply into their psyches that they can’t differentiate the manipulation from their own minds. They truly believe that what they think and do is good and the product of their own agency and will. It’s like Justin Trudeau is a pathetic cucky-wuck dork-maggot of Jewish Globalists but truly believe that he’s a good guy and that ‘Canadian Values’ are really about Diversity, Jew-worship, Negro-worship, and Globo-Homo.
    Granted, much of Jewish manipulation is far from subtle, but when something is so pervasive, it becomes persuasive by volume alone. It’s like even non-Christians get into the ‘spirit of Christmas’ in a society where most people are Christians who take Christmas seriously. Jews are, of course, of two minds about Christmas as well. For them, it is a big cash cow, too good to ignore or let go. But, it’s also the one celebration shared by all Western and European folks. French, British, Germans, Russians, Americans, Canadians, and etc. have different dates for national holidays, but they are all united in observing Christmas. This angers Jews, but there’s just too much money to be made. But then, Jews did everything to commercialize Christmas as much as possible, and it is now more about rioting at Walmart during the shopping season than observing Jesus’ birth.

    Current Jewish Power configuration is the most perverse thing in the world, maybe in all of history. Has there been anything like it? The most powerful power in the world controlling the US as the Lone Superpower but hidden from sight(or is it hidden in plain sight?), but few dare speak about it. Just like codewords such as ‘teens’ and ‘youths’ are used for blacks, people prefer to talk of ‘leftists’, ‘globalists’, ‘communists’, ‘Soros’ & gang, ‘oligarchs’, and etc. than speak of Jews. On occasion, some may critically call out on Zionists, but few dare to name the Jew.
    Granted, Jews could pull this off in the West because they sufficiently blended with the European race to pass as ‘white’. Whiteness is both a target of Jews and their protective shell. Take Jews and South Africa. Jews control the diamond mines, the banks, and much else, BUT they can always hide behind whiteness. Jews-as-whites means white goyim tend to see them as Fellow Whites or Special Whites and go easy on them; Jews-as-whites means that blacks will tend to attack them as ‘whites’ than as Jews. It’s win-win for Jews. It’s the same in the US, e.g. the #HollywoodSoWhite. Jewish Privilege wears a white mask. As such, many whites go easy on ‘white’ Jews as fellow whites, whereas nonwhites attack Jewish-run Hollywood as ‘too white’. So, even as or especially because Jews bash whiteness, it has great value to them. It serves as scapegoat for all the bad things Jews do, all of which can be blamed on ‘whiteness’. White conzos tend to eye Jews favorably as Fellow Whites whereas white libby-dibs & non-whites see ‘white privilege’ wherever Jewish Power dominates. Thus, Jews win with both sides with ‘whiteness’ that can be seen as a blessing or curse. Jews get to be ‘zeligish’ with whiteness.

    One reason Jewish Power has gone unnoticed or pretend-unnoticed is due to its viral nature. If Manchu conquest of China was violent, Jewish infiltration of America was virulent. Manchus conquered the entire land and people; Jews penetrated and gained control of the goy elites who then colluded with Jews against their own kind on condition that they would keep their wealth & privilege(and win more prizes) if they play second-fiddle to the Fiddler in the Ivory Tower. When someone beats you up and takes control of you, you know you’ve been beaten or ‘owned’. Whether man or beast, it’s visible and obvious when he or it attacks and destroys you. But germs go unnoticed when they enter the body, and Jewish Power gained access to power that way.
    Jewish attempt to gain supremacy over goyim didn’t begin in America, but the themes of American Pride and Holocaust Guilt did wonders for Jews. In the past, when Jewish bankers tried to take power by financial machinations, the goy elites might eventually tire of them, call them out as ‘blood-suckers’, and toss them to the goy mobs who reviled them as ‘Christ-Killers’. But the Holocaust Guilt made ‘antisemitism’ an unforgivable ‘sin’ and ultimately even a crime. Thus, it became ever more difficult to call out on bad Jewish behavior as ANY negative aspersion about Jews, however justified, came to be denounced as ‘antisemitic’. And Jews especially gained from America’s self-perception as the land of the free, land of equal opportunity, the land of meritocracy. American Ethos set itself against the Old World deemed oppressive, discriminatory, and tyrannical. In contrast, ANYONE could make it in America with hard work and respect for the law. Jews flattered the Anglo-American elites for having created such a wondrous system, and Wasps fell for the flattery… even though Jews had designs on Wasp power itself. Jewish praise of White-America-as-paradise was a set-up to deconstruct it as White-Betrayal-of-American-Principles, thereby delegitimizing White America’s authority.

    Of course, just like white cells notice the germs entering the system unbeknownst to the human eye, the white goy elites couldn’t help but notice that Jews were making headway into elite institutions. Jews were gaining at such rapid pace that quotas were implemented in the most prestigious universities and Wall Street firms. The white elites could see up close what was happening as they held the power and privilege. But, in the end, they didn’t band with the white masses or volks against Jewish power but formed a partnership with the ascendant Jews as Fellow White Elites in the hope that Jews would reciprocate in kind as they gained in power. But Jews insisted over time that white elites become the Bitch of Jewish Power. Just like a white inmate takes it up the ass from the stronger Negro in prison, white elites have to bend over to Jewish Power. In that sense, the Jewish promotion of globo-homo is apt. Jewish elite power buggers the white elites who f*** White America in the ass. Just look at the cucky-wuck faces of the likes of Mitt Romney, and it’s so disgraceful. He always looks like he’s been sucking Zionist penis when no one’s watching.

    Anyway, that’s how US in the 21st century is like China of the 19th century. But there finally came a time when the Chinese finally began to stand up and cut off the queues. It’s about time White America cut off their mental queues and demand liberation from the Jews. Under the current system, all white goy males must grow and wear mental pigtails of ‘white shame’ and ‘white guilt’. Sadly, many whites carry this shame with ‘pride’. Being on the mental plantation of Jewish Power, they’ve been conditioned to believe that whites are especially guilty and must atone for their ‘historical sins’, especially in relation to Jews and blacks. So, they use every opportunity to virtue-signal about how ‘woke’ they are. It is akin to the dog pride in serving the master. But then, a similar social phenomenon happened in China under Manchu rule. Though initially made to wear queues as sign of obedience to Manchus, many Chinese got so accustomed to the style that they couldn’t conceive of life without one. So, even when the time came for the Chinese to rise up and cut off the pigtails, they clung to theirs as dear to life. It is then no wonder that so many whites cling to their mental pigtails of ‘cuck’ and/or ‘woke’.

    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Miville
  142. John Hagan says: • Website

    I have written of the decline of the US likening it to a malignant tumour yet the recent gaffs with Russia and China make it likely the hospitalisation of the patient may be more urgent. Regarding sanctions and thier use on poor countries ….
    Goya and Sanctions: with some satirical nudity. Satire is a bellweather indicator of the sophistication and progress of a civilization. When satire and humor dies history teaches us so will that civilization. Sadly I don’t expect this video to be allowed on US youtube.

  143. @Curmudgeon

    Thankfully he isn’t capable of operating the nuclear briefcase and entering the codes.

    • Replies: @Sean
  144. Spect3r says:

    Indeed they haven’t improved.
    I lived in Norway from 2008 to 2014. When my cousin visited me and we went to spend a weekend in Oslo she was shocked how we would go through some areas where you wouldnt see any white people.
    If no one told you that was Oslo, you wouldnt had figure it out by yourself.

    When i registered to take Norwegian classes, that i was paying, a few days before the course started i was informed that i have lost my position to someone because they had refugee status… WTF?? I am paying and still i dont have priority? Their reply… but you are European, others need more than you.

    Every other ad has a mixed couple, every company makes sure their image, etc is associated with “diversity”.
    Seriously, is no different from Netherlands, France, etc

    • Thanks: Alfred
  145. anon[122] • Disclaimer says:

    This government is no longer legitimate. A military occupation of Washington by Russia and China might well be an improvement. Given the vicious nature and incompetence of the regime we should all celebrate.

  146. Anonymous[374] • Disclaimer says:

    The US government is demonizing the very backbone of the US military – right-leaning white [men] – to an absolutely astounding extent. It’s like they are trying to collapse the empire. Maybe they are.

    A “regime protection” force is effective at controlling its own nation’s civil population, but very bad at combat. It is not willing to take casualties and does not think in terms of combat level force.
    A “combat” force is effective in combat, but ineffective at controlling its own nation’s civil population. Either it refuses to do so, or it employs far too much force and makes more effective enemies than it kills.

    Concept of the operation is to turn the US into a South Africa or Zimbabwe analog: not influential internationally, but with a regime protection force and no law to speak of. To do this, the US military must be turned from a combat force into a regime protection force. The US Army has largely given up direct combat employing conventional infantry, has realized that special operations don’t have a strategic effect (it’s essentially a force multiplier, an analog to the “forlorn hopes” of medieval warfare). That is, the US Army is no longer a combat force. It is not, however, a regime protection force and cannot be with current personnel. It would have to be re-populated (as was academia) before it can be fully converted into a regime protection force.

    • Agree: By-tor
  147. KenH says:

    Whites who don’t hate themselves should welcome America’s geopolitical decline and eventual displacement. Anything that weakens this anti-white satrapy leading to its total collapse is a good thing.

    I used to be angry about the anti-white purges but if it leads to fewer white deaths as a result of our pro-Israel foreign policy then that’s great. Since this nation now belongs to non-whites, queers and trans people let them fight and die for it. Let them get their limbs blown off. When those groups comprise 75% of battlefield casualties instead of white men I will be happy camper.

    • Agree: USA1943
  148. @Robert Dolan

    One could not understand this war if one did not always keep in mind the fact that International Jewry stands behind all the unnatural forces that our united enemies use to attempt to deceive the world and keep humanity in the dark. It is, so to speak, the mortar that holds the enemy coalition firmly together …

    From Joseph Goebbels (1945) “The Creators of the World’s Misfortunes”

  149. Jake says:

    It is hard to tell from your posts whether you are a Christ-hating Jew or a Christ-hating Mohammedan, but your emphases and flourishes have a very long history in both anti-Christ Semitic traditions.

  150. Anonymous[149] • Disclaimer says:

    Not the OP, but I’ll answer. American expat here. I spent years trying to get people to at least talk with me on issues. They just wanted to watch TV and eat fast food and let the plutocrats run things into the ground. So I left, 10 years ago, to seek meaning and adventure elsewhere. Haven’t looked back.

    I settled into a “third world anti-freedom authoritarian regime”, where I enjoyed all the freedoms I hadn’t realized I had not known in America, and built a life for myself. When I’d talk to people back home they’d tell me I was crazy for wanting to stay in an “authoritarian nation”, and ask wasn’t I afraid? They didn’t understand why I didn’t want to come back home. I haven’t visited America in ages. I can no longer relate to America’s Afro-centric, virus-mania culture. Turning on American MSM shows is like watching the news from Mars.

    Would I leave the life I’ve created for myself to go back to the place I grew up and help save the people there if I thought there was enough of them willing to fight? Maybe, if I could do it without jeopardizing my family here. A part of me would like to.

    But the sad reality is, the people in the United States do not want to be saved. They’re comfortable. Half the people I talk to back there brag to me about the vaccine they got. I just talked to one who boasted how it “wasn’t available to the masses yet” and she had to trick her way into getting an mRNA shot. 130 million doses have been administered in the US already, to a nation of 330 million. That doesn’t seem like something “unavailable to the masses.”

    So, do I want to go back to the US, to stand there screaming at people on the street like some homeless bum as they line up to get their COVID shots, as armies of them march with #BlackLiveMatters signs, surrounded by police protection, as the idiots on the left scream about Russia and the idiots on the right scream about China, while nobody talks about the #1 foreign influencer of American public policy by far, because to mention its name is to have one’s life destroyed? I have better things to do with the precious few years I get on this Earth.

    When enough of the people wake up, when they are ready to be led, I may yet answer the call to leadership when that call seriously goes out, 15 or 20 or 25 years from now. But at the present moment, the American people are still so far from wanting anything other than football, fast food, and racial equality that it really is not a place I have any interest in being, nor one I have anything much to offer.

  151. Still no answer to my question .Why not try the brownshirts. Give it try all you internet warriors

  152. @augusto

    You cannot pack Blacks and Hispanic together. Those two are fundamentally different. Hispanics create their own societies with their own culture and they generally do not attack white societies.
    Blacks are not capable to do that. Blacks continuously attack white societies and they want to change them to their perception.

  153. Rdm says:

    This is really interesting perspective. Rarely do I see a well thought-out comment here in Unz. I’d give my observations on the nature of humans and up-in-arms verbal jabs happening here more recently.

    Regarding your sentiment on whether or not to fight for the country where you grew up or the country that adopted you for a long time, I found it interesting because from the evolutionary perspective, we humans operate in a way that we still uphold the abstraction such as order or system. From my years of experience, it’s always there. No single person can fight against it.

    Hollywood might extol the single individual hero that completely changed the course of human progress. However in reality it all goes together with herd mindset.

    Looking from your comment, you’re in the camp of not taking the covid vaccine. I gather that it’s not because you don’t believe in science, but because it’s too early and a part of you don’t believe in the process. I must say I’m also in the camp of not still quite convinced that we need to take the vaccine. For all I’m seeing here is like this.

    1. We don’t know if all world leaders take the vaccine.
    2. Putin said he won’t reveal what kind of special vaccine he’d take.
    3. Philippine President said he won’t take the vaccine soon.
    4. Pfizer CEO said he’s not taking the vaccine because he didn’t want to cut in line.
    5. Moderna CEO said he’s not taking the vaccine.
    6. Pfizer is saying that 3rd jab would be necessary.

    A mountain of evidence are there. But in a social setting where lots of people are taking, you do come out as anti-vaxxer sentiment. That’s where social pressure builds in and some weak mind cave in or Some took it because their career is on the line.

    There’s only 32% of healthcare workers getting the vaccine here in the States. It’s like the MSM and some people from higher up are pushing the idea that vaccination is a must and suggesting the vaccine passport.

    What in the world, the United States of America, the beacon of Truth, the land of the Free, pioneers of Science caved into this idea of vaccine must be administered to everyone?

    The same can be said for all other social phenomena as well.

    We all do have prejudice and some tainted biased view on certain races. But when it comes to George Floyd, kneeled down by a police in public, it’s our humanity that calls for our action. We might join the BLM march, but it doesn’t mean that we’re all for diversity here and there.

    There are things that require excessive merit.

  154. bayviking says:

    Trump was a skunk. I’m deeply suspicious of his secret unrecorded conversations with Putin. I’m sure that he sent his secretary packing because he was up to no fucking good for the USA anyway. But Diplomacy isn’t back yet. Biden’s unbridled “killer” rant against Putin tops anything Trump said to the Russians and anything ever said of the Russians during the never ending cold war. Is Biden even aware of how many innocent Iraqis his support for that invasion sent to their graves? But that’s not all, oh no, next comes his diplomatic team to Alaska to meet with China wherein they launched another tirade against the Chinese who threw it right back in their face. This behavior is counterproductive and can only lead to more isolation.

  155. waw says:

    The sooner America collapses, the safer the rest of the world will be, excluding the Ashkenazi
    Bolshevik Khazar Satanists of Israel.

  156. @Anonymous

    Thanks for your comments.

    There is a tendency among human beings to falsely believe that what they see is legit and reality based. It is terrifying for most of them to contemplate how fast something can change.

    It is quite possible that food stocks will be deliberately reduced to create a famine within 1-2 years. One needs to look somewhat closely to see this is being pushed for. I first heard of changes in agriculture from ‘ice age farmer’ a year or more ago.

    I am pretty sure that if I dug deep I would find that there was manipulation of food stocks prior to the French Revolution.
    It is quite possible that a big kill off of people by a combination of disease and famine is the plan by the Vermin at the Top. It may be specific to America and Europe or it could be world wide. Modi is going toe to toe against his own base in India. Why? He is trying to let corporations do a ‘Mexico’ to India’s farmers. Once corporations have control over the movement of food between field and table they ‘middle’ everyone but can also shut it off. So Modi’s actions are a betrayal that only makes sense given other considerations, ‘elite considerations’. Modi also demonetized the economy a couple years ago and managed to pull that one off for his masters.
    In truth, ‘authoritarian regime’ means traditional society with little if any financialization of the economy. Burma is looking better And better. If America complains about a country then it must be doing something right.

    • Agree: Brooklyn Dave
  157. Rich says:

    You have obviously never read the New Testament. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, says that the Jewish leaders are the “sons of their father, the devil”. He calls on good Jews to reject these evildoers. Living in a community, sharing, is a common European value. Christ plainly stated that sexual union was between a man and a woman, there is absolutely no room for argument on this issue. You are lying.

    • Agree: Miro23
  158. KenH says:
    @Robert Dolan

    E. Michael Jones is great on the Jewish question although I think he he believes they can be saved and their destructive nature transformed by accepting Catholicism (they can’t). Jared Taylor is great on race but bad on the Jewish question (the Jews look huwhite to Jared so they are).

    • Agree: Druid
  159. Sean says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Trump used to answer about any question and follow up one esculating into an impromptu press conference even the ones shouted to him as he was walking between the helicopter pad and the White House. Biden’s people realise that even for Trump getting into such exchanges just led to fact checking and exposing verbal stumbles. It was great for the reporters and they wish it to continue but Biden isn’t going to. I think it is already clear he is going to be very carefully protected. He is not really bad for his age, when considering his extensive brain bleeds and other medical history he is really rather good. I think it is a general aging process both physical and mental; he is just too old. The first press conference shows him as a bit shaky, but I don’t see evidence of anything that could be diagnosed yet. I think he has a few years, he’ll probally not be allowed to risk himself like this again.

    Reagan made jokes about burning the midday oil, but he was faced with stagnant collapsing Russia, not dynamic China. Biden has actually said that China is doomed to collapse and already in decline because–get this– the Chinese are not young enough. Those Fortune 500 companies most of which incorporated in Delaware did not do so for patriotic reasons, but to avoid tax and government regulation. The elites (38 to 58 year olds) running America or at least largely determining who wins the elections are more interested in making money on their Chinese investments than US primacy; Trump was a merely a blip and the future of America is pretty much set on relative decline now. From an absolutely logical perspective hitting China with an all out thermonuclear first strike may actually be the rational thing to do for America.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  160. Druid says:

    All of this post the big lie of 911! America was lost when it fell for that big lie. The perpetrators are still around and responsible for all the ills that have befallen us. And only on UNZ do people know who they are!

  161. Druid says:
    @Brooklyn Dave

    If you want the draft, idiot, it should be only for all Jews and their followers! And the blacks who are led by their noses by the NOSES!

    • Replies: @Brooklyn Dave
  162. Druid says:
    @Robert Dolan

    They’re like a wave that starts small, increases in size and then cannot itself!

  163. The picture of Julissa Reynoso is hilarious!

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  164. Bert says:

    An addition to your list:

    Buy a couple of acres outside of town. On weekends build a house over a year’s time. Plant fruit trees. Sell the place, buy a larger piece of raw land, build another house. Three iterations and a 30-year old would have a good-sized place where he can live for the rest of his life mortgage free.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Miro23
    , @NC
  165. hk416 says:

    Let us establish some facts.
    Fact 1 Liberals/Leftists/Communists do not read this website, nor do they leave comments.
    Fact 2 IF the above mentioned Leftist weirdo does comment he is taken apart as the troll he is.
    Fact 3 There is even an option to label a comment as “trolling”

    These facts reduce the commenters here as somewhere on the Right of Center of the political spectrum. Which leads me to my comment.

    The 30 of those comments here where conservatives are insulting, mocking, hoping death and suffering against existing Servicemen and Veterans are quite eye opening.
    Since the election of 2020 was the most fraudulent of any election in american history I have rethought every single one of my political beliefs. I used to consider myself a typical conservative and a race realist but no more.
    I am a %100 disabled Veteran and a retired Master Chief. So it has been REALLY interesting to see here at UNZ all the conservatives insulting those who serve.

    You have made your opinions clear here. Now that you civilian conservatives have made your bed, now lie in it.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @Peter Akuleyev
  166. Treg says:

    When u write “literal nazis”, could you bullet point that equalization out for us? As in 1930 german nazis…. 2020 ukraine nazis?

  167. @Druid

    What I want is an end to Americans fighting useless wars for the NOSES. The only reason ghetto blacks follow the NOSES is because they are promised entitlements (FREE SHIT). No free shit – they won’t follow. Many blacks have fought in these useless wars as well as whites and others – but hardly any NOSES. I am just saying what would be a realistic way to wake America up from this nightmare – a draft, maybe or maybe not.

  168. Rubicon says:

    While the UK & Others are blaming the Chinese and their Ughar population, it needs to be countered with:
    American having the largest INCARCERATION RATE of many nations combined.
    Supposedly, the US has 2.13 MILLION PRISONERS in cells, but we’re skeptical. It may be more like 3 MILLION.
    Don’t forget, like everything else in the US, their PRISONS ARE PRIVATELY OWNED. Meaning a few US multi-billionaires are making big money off the backs of these prisoners.

    China & Russia should slap those numbers back and throw them at the faces of Xiden and that Blinkon Jew.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  169. MarkinLA says:

    I used to consider myself a typical conservative and a race realist but no more.

    So somebody not giving what you believe to be the correct respect to the military changed your political views? If so, maybe you really weren’t a conservative and race realist after all.

  170. Miro23 says:

    Buy a couple of acres outside of town. On weekends build a house over a year’s time. Plant fruit trees. Sell the place, buy a larger piece of raw land, build another house. Three iterations and a 30-year old would have a good-sized place where he can live for the rest of his life mortgage free.

    Superficially attractive but the reality is that the neo-Bolsheviks will also go local and root out these survival systems.

    The answer is not to atomize, but to cooperate. Build a local community (including a defense force) that can protect its own independence in the most solid (extreme) way.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @NC
  171. @Miro23

    You certainly have something there. Building organized communities is the way to progress.

  172. Rooster11 says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Oh I believe there’s another mustache man coming… but he’s going to be brown/black and we’re going to be public enemy #1. He’ll have the full weight of .gov behind him along with most the blacks/browns and half the Whites. However, if he doesn’t succeed in full on extermination, the blowback from the remaining red-pilled Whites will be biblical, and from that comes our own mustache man.

  173. NC says:

    No, communities depend on competent individuals and members who are capable of contributing. It’s members can’t be dependent on a government and corporations that despise them as a basis for their culture, livelihood and education. Communities must have some place in the physical world and economic viability to survive. Freelancing as a professional or self employment in the trades combined with land ownership and family formation from an early age are what we need to be pushing on the right at the individual level now. Realistic real world stuff like this is way more important and effective than all of us huddling together behind the walls in some remote, isolated compound would ever be.

    But I’m not interested in some chicken vs egg argument here about individuals and communities and what comes first. The more fundamental issue is that outside of EMJ the American right has no coherent conception of what community even means. The fact that we’re all ethnically mixed european which is the organizing principal Amren has been pushing for the last 20 years isn’t good enough, not by a long shot. Frankly any movement that is not explicitly Christian in its culture and goals at this point is a waste of time. Anything less is just ideological masturbation from racist liberals that will never amount to anything.

    Whenever, I hear blackpill talk about how we all need to move to Russia or form militias in Idaho, I try to remind people that the US is a huge place and that this late stage empire insanity can’t last forever. When these people burn themselves out, the country will still be here. Trannies, gays, self loathing whites and racial minority zealots aren’t the building blocks for a successful, enduring culture. These people don’t have children and won’t leave anything behind but insanity and chaos, which we need to isolate ourselves from until it passes. The future belongs to us, as long as we’re willing to do the unglamorous work needed to ensure that we’re still here.

    • Agree: Bert
    • Thanks: Emslander
    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @Miro23
  174. NC says:

    Not bad, but initial cost in 2021 for that is, what, 30-50k? That’s maybe possible for many 20 somethings, but how do they for pay property taxes, vehicles, food, etc. living way out in the boonies? I’d suggest a prefab polebarn that could be used as a shop for auto work, welding, etc. that also had room inside to park a trailer for living quarters. About 5 acres ~40 miles and a couple counties away from some red state metro would work well and allow someone to work jobs and maintain a storage locker in the city for sales, and from that base they could build a real house or expand their business and property.

    The most important thing is that we wean people away from the notion that I grew up with that your highest goal should be to move away from home for 4 year college, get a corporate job and live in a 5000 sq ft. suburban mcmansion in the suburbs. Everything about that education/career progression and lifestyle at this point is extremely poisonous.

  175. @Rooster11

    The people who make everything work: Europeans.
    We have the brains. We have the empathy. We will, one day, have the wisdom.
    The hardest thing to do in life is to go against your own nature. In our case it is to be brutal and relentless as opposed to kind and merciful. When we are able to get our morality and instinct for self-preservation in harmony we will be able to purify our societies. The results will terrify parasites who will be ejected by sheer momentum.

  176. Smith says:

    Used to care when Trump was onboard.

    He’s a jew shill but his politics make a lot of waves, now it’s just boring empire stuff.

    Now video game news make me care more.

  177. @NC

    I was thinking that we are talking about communities with common interest, which one day will make a revolution. Naturally government does not make difference between communities and conspirators.

    • Replies: @NC
  178. Miro23 says:

    Communities must have some place in the physical world and economic viability to survive.

    The US already has proto-communities in its Counties and States. Some states are larger and more populous that many independent European countries. For example Texas 29 million people vs. Europe (Holland 17M, Ireland 5M, Sweden 10M, Belgium 11M, Switzerland 9M). These European countries are viable with their own governments, taxation, frontiers etc.

    As a first step US states could start with emergency planning. In other words planning for running their own schools, healthcare, justice, police etc. with their own taxation – should central government collapse/no longer be viable. Also look for self sufficiency at county level and establish shadow executives.

    Frankly any movement that is not explicitly Christian in its culture and goals at this point is a waste of time.

    There’s Christianity and Christianity. The early version (that appeared in the Late Roman Empire) offered a solid and simple ethical framework for the defense of Christian communities/families (from the surrounding sleaze). Nothing at all like the later medieval version with its giant buildings, taxation, bureaucracy, Papal dictatorship and weirdness (such as celibacy, original sin, vows of silence etc.)

    • Replies: @NC
    , @Alfred Muscaria
  179. Jiminy says:

    Maybe while Biden is front man, other countries should be pushing for dismantling of the US nuclear weapons program. Is it safe to have a dementia sufferer with all of that power at his disposal? Maybe not. Maybe now is the time to get the ball rolling.

  180. NC says:

    Revolution at this stage isn’t worth thinking about. The Trump presidency and the enraged resistance to even the milquetoast reforms he proposed prove that our entrenched power elite 100% support crashing the country into the ground with zero survivors. This coalition of weirdos isn’t going to last long enough to fight a revolution against. Ok, they might destroy the US or alter it to an extant that it becomes unrecognizable (not necessarily a bad thing), but the sort of Weimar degeneracy they embody is so inherently weak and unstable that it won’t last.

    What’s more dangerous is the atomization and functional nihilism that’s become the norm amongst white americans. As a people we’ve achieved a complete state of demoralization. People need communities, but they have to be based in reality. Communities must have true cultural, ethnic, economic and spiritual bonds. This cohesion is a precursor to any consideration of organizing in our own interests much less forming an ethnic state.

    • Thanks: Zarathustra
  181. NC says:

    The US already has proto-communities in its Counties and States.

    In terms of raw politics this is true. Look at the electoral map and you see vast swathes of red with islands of blue. The best possible outcome would be a large state like Texas seceding and taking neighboring red states cascading down to a county level until the only blue areas left are pozzed and isolated coastal city states. This can start even at the county level by red counties in blue states voting to secede and join neighboring red states, like the red counties in Oregon voting to join Idaho. Even if this doesn’t succeed outright, it establishes that the blue cities are hostile and antidemocratic oppressors and delegitimizes their authority.

    There’s Christianity and Christianity. The early version (that appeared in the Late Roman Empire) offered a solid and simple ethical framework for the defense of Christian communities/families (from the surrounding sleaze). Nothing at all like the later medieval version with its giant buildings, taxation, bureaucracy, Papal dictatorship and weirdness (such as celibacy, original sin, vows of silence etc.)

    Do you like Swedish state funded Christianity with atheist lesbian bishops? Because what you’re saying is how you end up with Swedish Christianity. All the great culture that people associate with europe (music, art, architecture, etc.) was funded by the popes. If they were corrupt (and some of them were) then at least they had better taste than our current leaders. You only think that celibacy is weird because you are a fish that has become acclimated to swimming in sewage. Celibacy is the natural state of men without women. Jacking off to pornography 5 times a day until you are still awake at 4AM with 30 tabs of porn open in your browser is unnatural and degenerate. Celibate monks preserved the classics and provided care to the poor and sick. They were the backbones of their communities. The eviction of monks and seizure of church lands by the crown during the reformation in various european countries was a disaster for the welfare of the common people.

    • Agree: Emslander
    • Replies: @Liza
  182. @Sean

    This is why China needs to, must have 100+ tsar bomba size nukes aim at Israel.

    Zionists have their fingers on American nukes, not Americans.

  183. @Miro23

    “There’s Christianity and Christianity. The early version (that appeared in the Late Roman Empire) offered a solid and simple ethical framework for the defense of Christian communities/families (from the surrounding sleaze). Nothing at all like the later medieval version with its giant buildings, taxation, bureaucracy, Papal dictatorship and weirdness (such as celibacy, original sin, vows of silence etc.)”

    Christianity was subverted by the Cult of the Bastard/Isis in the early Middle Ages which might as well be the female version of Baal/Molech worship.

  184. Liza says:

    The eviction of monks and seizure of church lands by the crown during the reformation in various european countries was a disaster for the welfare of the common people.

    You could go back further in time to discover the actions of the early Christians against pagan populations.

    I’m not disagreeing with your comments in general, though. Just saying that human history is shitt down the line.

    Jacking off to pornography 5 times a day until you are still awake at 4AM with 30 tabs of porn open in your browser is unnatural and degenerate.

    There’s gossip that BillyBoy Gates was so crazy over porn, just like you describe above, that everyone around him was getting concerned, so they found Melinda for him and urged him to marry. LOL. Just gossip, you understand.

  185. lulu says:

    Non-Americans find the “Exceptionalism” of US is its so-called democratically elected congressmen and senators, who care much more about foreign countries and foreign people than their own Americans.

    They’d annually make the public pledge of their service and loyalty to a foreign country (Israel) by sending away billions of US tax payers’ money.

    They’d dedicate almost all their awaking time by putting forward laws and pouring hundreds of millions of $$$ into projects about Russians, Chinese (HK, Uyghurs, Tibetans, Taiwanese), Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians, Ukrainians, Koreans, Myanmar people, etc.

    They’d be happily send the American daughters and sons to fight bloody foreign wars in foreign lands for foreign interests.

    While they hardly show any genuine interest and dedication, apart from some political theatrical shows, to solve the real domestic problems average Americans facing, such as, jobs, immigrants, health care, debts, safety, etc.

    It’s really absurd.

  186. Miro23 says:
    @Irish Savant

    ‘ It [the Empire] is run by people who seem to care nothing for the country’

    That’s because few if any are men descended from the stock that built America.

    Well, the US elite is a mix of Jews and Gentiles, but they all care about Israel, either because they’re Jewish or it’s a condition of their employment. The people in power dictate who gets the money, care and protection.

    And it doesn’t have to be Jews. The multicultural Austro-Hungarian Empire was run by ethnic Germans for the benefit of ethnic Germans. That all fell apart after 1918 (defeat in WW1) when the various ethnic groups finished with the German elite and formed their own independent nations.

  187. @onebornfree

    Affirmative action and mass immigration are government programs that work perfectly.

  188. @hk416

    Since the election of 2020 was the most fraudulent of any election in american history

    No, it was not. Trump is massively unpopular, it was only a surprise that he even kept it close on the electoral college level. Why would an American veteran believe in the moronic anti-American lie of a stolen election?

    • Troll: Alfred Muscaria
    • Replies: @Icy Blast
  189. No Russian ever called me a racist, white supremacist.

  190. I heard Russian and DPR officials say their war was just because Ukraine was run by “fascists” and “Nazis.”

    And it is not the case?

  191. Icy Blast says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    Apparently you have to live in a fantasy world just to cope with life. This tragic condition is common among those Americans who watch TV everyday and believe they are being informed and educated by doing so. Very sad.

  192. Archie Bunker had a Black neighbour–Jefferson. Actually Jefferson and his son were bright—more intelligent than Archie –more on par with Meathead–. Now just read that Jefferson –Thomas at Montecello— had 6 Black off-spring. Imagine what Archie would say that neighbour Jefferson was descendent of the Third President of the United States of America—

    • Troll: Alfred Muscaria
  193. How’s the weather in Tel Aviv? You’re the most obvious Israeli Kahanist mouthpiece on this site. The profile of “Israel-loving white nationalist” was rolled out on internet forums like 8chan back in 2014 concurrent with Netanyahu making overtures to the Eastern European Right and inveigled himself as its greatest ally.
    Replacing the Nazi with Israel’s monkey used to look like a clever strategy.

    Also, it looks like the Gaetz thing has legs – this new Epstein didn’t “hang himself” in the lock up.

    Give my best to Mr. Zemmour!

  194. Miville says:
    @Priss Factor

    Yes, the Jews proceeded to a violent conquest of America. As they are the victors, the call it not an ordinary war of conquest, but the glorious Revolution of 1776, itself a sequel of Cromwell’s glorious Puritan revolution which was the first Jewish take-over of the Anglo-Saxon world. All successful conquerors, including Julius Caesar who was the first to coin that very word in that very sense when he started building his empire in transalpine Gaul before going back to Rome as the first at last and no longer the second, call their conquests revolutions, not invasions, and that is what the Manchus did in China : a radical Confucianist revolution that actually destroyed as much of previous culture as Mao’s Cultural Revolution would do. Just realize and get informed that 1776 was not a people’s revolution : the taxes that were refused were mostly a refusal to pay and take care of the multitudinous victims, dispossessed and cripples the Seven Years’ War had needed to make to oust the French (the conquest of Quebec killed more Anglo-Saxons than French and Indians combined before being acknowledged as a victory). This revolution was an act of social security gutting in the North, turning the veterans of both Seven Years War and 1776 Revolution into hobos, as a foretaste of what the present-day ones are undergoing, and of protection of the institution of slavery which most Europeans cried to phase out. The financing was 100% Jewish and beyond a certain level of command the proportion of Jews was higher than in Petrograd at the beginning of the October revolution. The reason they don’t want you to know it too much is that all these Jews, then Sephardic, sided with the Southern cause up to its fag end. Not only was this so-called revolution (a very anti-popular one : the modest classes were for the Crown as most rudimentary social programs that were to be gutted, such as the Poor Law, claimed of royal bounty) a submission to the king of Israel (then virtual) in replacement of that of England, it was also a quite explicit satanic pact that aimed at combating Catholicism and Catholic peoples this time not even pretending to do it in the name of freer Christianity but of explicit anti-Christianity. The satanic pact promised two centuries of economic prosperity like no other nation would enjoy in the world, to be followed by the giving back of all riches thus gained to the Jews that had been called as the kabbalistic priests of the celebration of that pact. That prosperity for the general people stopped growing in 1976 and ended for good in 1991, didn’t it?

  195. Che Guava says:

    As a newb commenter, you are hilarious. What is your employing agency in Israel called? Do they pay well?

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