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Why Do Leftists Celebrate White Decline?
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It’s not happening and it’s good that it is.” That sums up progressives’ response to The Great Replacement — the dispossession of whites in their own countries. The most recent census showed that the number of whites declined for the first time in American history.

Michael Moore called this the “best day ever in U.S. history.”

Others added:

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon mentioned the Census. “The results of the 2020 census just came out — for the first time in American history, the number of white people went down.”

His audience applauded wildly. Mr. Fallon looked confused. “Interesting reaction to that,” he said.

A new study from the Pew Research Center found that most people think white decline is neither good nor bad. However, there are exceptions. About a third of self-identified liberals think it is “very good” or “somewhat good.” A slightly lower proportion of the total population aged 18–29 shares this view. One-in-four Asians think white decline is a good thing for society. That’s a higher proportion than blacks, Hispanics, and whites.

The forthright celebration of another group’s declining numbers would be considered “hate” on social media platforms — except in our case. Some fellow citizens really do hate us. No conversation is possible with such people, especially when they think whiteness is an evil power that is ineradicable.

Others may think this is progress. White liberals have a negative bias against their own race. Some are truly broken, but most are probably not “self-hating;” they just have a strong distaste for white conservatives. Some data show that most Americans would be more uncomfortable with their children marrying someone of a different party than of a different race.

However, the image partisans have about their opponents is closely correlated with race. According to research from Nicholas Valentino and Kirill Zhirkov (mysteriously vanished from Stanford’s website, but archived) partisans have developed “racialized” images, or negative stereotypes, of the other side.

Judging from what liberals say about Republican voters, and not just politicians, they seem to think conservatives are dangerous and primitive:

Could blacks be portrayed this way? That cartoon with a leering Steve Scalise is especially interesting; a Bernie Sanders-supporting Democrat shot and badly wounded him in 2017. It was probably an attempted massacre of Republicans, but the FBI said it was “suicide by cop” — to Rep. Scalise’s fury.

White liberals seem to believe white conservatives are standing in the way of a post-racial future in which all groups will be equal. Perhaps they truly believe this will be better for whites, too.

In a cheerful article called “The U.S. Census Paints a Colorful Picture of America,” DC Report says, “It is the kind of shift that should give new impetus to efforts to rebalance long-standing racial inequities in housing, employment, and social interactions.” A recent poll found Americans think race relations are getting worse. It seems that the more America does to “rebalance” the scales, the less people like it. Historical examples from South Africa and Rhodesia suggest this “rebalance” won’t work out well. A future non-white America will not be as bad as southern Africa because it will not have a black majority. Its decline will be more gradual and have more ruling-class racial division. But the white-baiting and white-blaming will be the same.

In a rational world, people would stop trying to pursue fantasy, but it’s hard to talk someone out of a beautiful dream. “Multiracial democracy” is apparently so desirable that even violence might be justified to achieve it.

To see what “multiracial democracy” means, you don’t need to look at South Africa. Just see what’s left of once great American cities. Many whites know what’s coming. More than one-in-four white Americans think the demographic shift is “somewhat bad” or “very bad.” However, some journalists regard these misgivings as threatening, even dangerous.

So, once again, we get an opinion piece alleging “The Great Replacement” is a “racist conspiracy theory.” This time it’s Salon author Paul Rosenberg arguing that when Tucker Carlson talks about demographic change, he is promoting a “crackpot notion that has fueled mass shooters.”

If it’s a “crackpot notion,” Mr. Rosenberg might want to tell his own side to stop loudly celebrating it. He might want to warn Michael Moore not to say that fewer whites means the “greatest day” in American history.

Though Mr. Rosenberg’s article is familiar territory for white advocates, there are two points worth addressing. First, he lists shootings he wants to link to the “conspiracy theory.” Some occurred in other countries; none happened within the last year.

However, his implied claim is striking. He’s suggesting that discussing ideas inspires mass shootings. Nationalists are marginalized and censored, so if people do hear about The Great Replacement, it is probably from leftists such as Michael Moore celebrating it.

Furthermore, if we are going to play this game, it is progressives who enjoy unrestricted access to major platforms, schools, and universities. They shame whites and teach non-whites that “racism” causes their problems. No other factor may be used to explain black and Hispanic failure. Not surprisingly, this incites non-whites. If mass shootings are caused by marginal activists, certainly the current crime wave, which includes deliberate acts of violence against whites, is the moral responsibility of journalists, educators, and corporate executives who have been heaping scorn on white people.

Who commits violent crime in this country? Even the ADL had to skew its own data to try to blame white advocates for violence.

Mr. Rosenberg unintentionally makes an arresting point:

[T]he Great Replacement that has actually taken place is the replacement of the ideas, ideals and mores of conservatism. As debased and depraved as those had already become, they have now been supplanted by much darker principles, which have deadly real-world consequences and pose an existential threat to what remains of American democracy.

Who has given up on “American democracy?” California voted against demographic transformation with Proposition 187 in 1994, but a judge threw it out. Was that democracy? In 2016, Americans elected a man who campaigned on a platform to end birthright citizenship, expel illegals, and build a wall to stop immigration. These things did not happen, partially because judges thwarted the president. Is that the way the system is supposed to work?

Today, American dissidents can lose access to payment processors, financial services, and be deplatformed. Journalists campaign against “misinformation” and the federal government works with tech companies to censor ideas it doesn’t like. Free discussion, freedom of association, self-determination, and the sovereignty of the people are all but absent. America is freer than the United Kingdom, but we aren’t a “free country” anymore. What, precisely, does Mr. Rosenberg mean by “American democracy?”

Mr. Rosenberg, Michael Moore, and other leftists quoted above are putting white replacement above other causes progressives used to care about. You can’t protect the environment, increase wages, or combat corporate power while cheering on mass immigration. Samuel Gompers, Jack London, Barbara Jordan, and even Cesar Chavez (whose bust is in the Oval Office) were “far right” by today’s standards.

Progressives may reduce us to a minority in what used to be our country, but it will be a hollow victory. They will be left with just another Third World wreck, full of angry non-whites who can’t understand why they are still poor. There will be no white America they can flee to or blame.

For us, the picture is different. We are a global minority and the West is the only home we have. The Census figures are grim enough; and now people openly applaud our dispossession and potential extinction.

However, we should take hope. Enough whites already agree with us, enough for us to accomplish whatever we want. Countless others are waiting for leaders. There are enough white advocates so that social isolation isn’t the problem it used to be. Those who rule this country must increasingly rely on the selective law enforcement, corporate power, crude propaganda, and underhanded police tactics.

Progressives have given up on free speech and on the American nation as it was and is. They have given up on the traditional symbols of America, her flag, her anthem, her history, and her heroes. Instead, they want an imaginary “multiracial democracy” of the sort we see in Africa, Brazil, and in many American cities. They leave behind desolation and call it diversity.

We have a twofold struggle. First, we must respectably, respectfully, and rationally win over those whites who don’t think demographic change matters. The racial revolution of 2020 continues; most whites are sick of hearing about race, but progressives won’t let up. All whites will be forced to take sides, whether they want to or not. When forced, most will take their own side.

Second, we need to organize the base that already agrees with us. Millions of white Americans are already on our side. They lack practical goals, political representation, and ways to fight back. However, we can see the nucleus of what could be a successful resistance movement in the parents who are fighting Critical Race Theory, young activists confronting political correctness on campus, and most importantly, the white advocates who continue to enter this movement knowing full well the magnitude of the opposition. This gives me faith in final victory.

Don’t let the census discourage you. We have the people we need, but we must act in the most effective ways we can. Support our activists, never apologize, speak the truth boldly. Build community. Do what is necessary to be with likeminded people. The Great Replacement is real, but we are going to stop it, reverse it, and raise our country and civilization to its greatest heights.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. “It’s not happening and it’s good that it is. That sums up progressives’ response to The Great Replacement […]”

    The Left has also this ‘Schrödinger’ reaction to IQ:
    IQ is meaningless or pseudo-science when it’s about Blacks and women – but, suddently, IQ is wonderful when it says atheists, gays and liberals have higher IQs respectively than Christians, heterosexuals and conservatives.

    • Troll: Rosie
  2. R.C. says:

    Most people who have conclusions about ‘race’ have not had any experience with the races that they judge. (And yes, of course, libtard dems are worse) You grow up near or on the bad side of town, you’ve got a lifetime lesson about what the reality is – not some PC bullshit. (And that applies whether you’re white or black or whatever.)

    • Replies: @Mr. Grey
  3. The cartoon with the ballot and the bullet is very sad. I wish we would arm the brown people and loose them on Trump voters. Sort of like the purge, but where if Trumpkins fight back, we lock them up federal prisons to be raped daily by transgender torturers. They choose the traitor’s death they prefer: at the hands of their replacements or at the hands of their brainwashed children.

    I’ve yet to figure out how to incorporate the vaxx into that, but I guess it’s a moot point. The Trumpkins will follow their leader because he’s shilling the Jewflushot now. The dreidel spins.

    Either way, it will pave a bright future for China and Russia.

    • Replies: @Lucius Somesuch
  4. Phibbs says:

    Come on, Mr. Hood. We Caucasian patriots know that the Jews are the chief drivers of this anti-white campaign. Deport the Jews and 90% of America’s problems will disappear immediately — and only revolution can accomplish this as the Jews are so powerful and entrenched.

    • Agree: P. Cleburne
    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  5. @Phibbs

    Deport which Jews? How is “all Jews are evil” or “all Blacks are stupid” different from “all Whites are racist”?

    I agree that rising White consciousness is good. But what the ruling class, or the Jews if you prefer, really fear is rising class consciousness.

    • Replies: @Craig Nelsen
    , @P. Cleburne
  6. Ragno says:

    One day Jared will forget to fasten Greg Hood’s leash and we might get an article like this that’s worth a damn because the Bad Guys, who turn into human FIPS cartoons when they’re driven wild with the red meat of “white decline”, will finally be identified by name in an issue of AR.

    But I’m not holding my breath on that.

    It seems bizarre, that so many millions of people will all work in concert to throttle the golden goose that has given them their longest-ever pause between pogroms, but you have to understand none of that matters to them – it’s all vengeance against the peasants loyal to the Czar. That’s all this is and ever was.

  7. it’s all vengeance against the peasants loyal to the Czar.

    Very helpful. Thanks.

  8. SafeNow says:

    The pockets of sane, polite, proficient, conscientious people are all over the place. That’s the problem. All over the place. I see no path to organize, or unify, so as to resist. The pockets actually comprise half the country in the aggregate, but they may well be squashed. It’s very hard to believe that the insane people will gently smile and leave the pockets alone; gee, it must be nice, enjoy.

  9. Do the folks who want whites replaced against whites or against Christians? Because if it is indeed Talmudic Jewry (and NOT assimmilated Jews, but folks like Chabad) that wants whites replaced, it is only because the foundation of the spread of belief on Christ stems from Europe, home to the white race, and now the US-Canada where whites are the majority still, in other words, it’s because the majority of whites here are Christian, and it is Christians that Talmudic Jewry wants gone, Noahided or otherwise.

    • Replies: @Brooklyn Dave
  10. He might want to warn Michael Moore not to say that fewer whites means the “greatest day” in American history.

    Moore’s departure was the greatest day in Flint’s history.

  11. JackOH says:

    I’d mentioned in previous comments my belief that most Americans in the post-1945 period were too heady with victory and too flush with folding money and consumer goods to tend to political storekeeping.

    They simply dismissed the Left as “communists”, “beatniks”, “nigger-lovers”, “kooks”, “double-domes” and what-not, and, with a snap of their fingers, they could wish away the Left’s long march through the institutions and those grievances that were genuinely and deeply felt.

    Yes, I believe some on the Left do celebrate White decline, and especially White male decline, and they’re able to do so openly. That’s sort of an unknowing tribute to Big Business’s amazing agility in “capturing” the Left’s affirmative action spearhead and turning the greatly expanded pool of labor into an opportunity to beat down wage demands.

    I’m beginning to ramble a bit here (LOL–at me). Maybe we ought to try asking something like:

    Why does the Left wrongly celebrate White decline?

  12. One in four Asians say white decline is good. That’s bad.

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @ricpic
    , @Rosie
  13. BuelahMan says:
    @Jim Christian

    Gregory Hood wouldn’t call out the jew for any reason (his boss at AmRen disallows it). Its why most everything he writes, altho containing some truths, is always suspect for total accuracy.

    AmRen disallows my comments by deleting every one I tried to make (don’t bother anymore).

    AmRen is a cover for jewish power and corruption.

    • Replies: @Getaclue
  14. Jennifer Rubin’s celebration of the decline in the number of whites shocked even me, who figured that’s what liberals were thinking but did not imagine that they might be so blatant about it. Even though her remark was made on Twitter, Mr. Hood is absolutely right that if any other group had been treated this way she would have been fired immediately by the Washington Post. It is vital for white people to let this sink in: the celebration of their loss is no concern of one of the most influential newspapers in the country.

    Second point: Although the number of “white” people in the census went down, given the way the other categories were offered, it isn’t clear to me that white people really did decline.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  15. J says: • Website

    The fading of European Americans is very bad for everybody. Competing ethnic groups necessarily end by preferring dictatorship than maintains a minimum of safety and order. How can be democracy among tribes that don’t like each other?

  16. HT says:

    Until all race realists and white advocates accept the reality of what wealthy influential Jews have done and continue to do to America and whites, they will continue to be wandering lost in the desert. Jews control every major institution in America and they are using their power for a full frontal attack on the white race and not even trying to hide it. And white America is still largely blind to it and will attack you with the Holocaust card if you bring it up. The power of brainwashing and conditioning on full display.

    • Agree: Sin City Milla
  17. the hilarity of it all is that despite what they might think, jews are also white

  18. Ralph234 says:

    An easy solution is to get white women to start having 4 or more white kids each.

    • Replies: @Rosie
  19. @Tono Bungay

    The irony is that nasty ugly Rubin is supposed to be a “conservative.”

    Small hats have been voicing such opinions for MANY years now.

    Ben Wattenberg said that whites becoming a minority would be a “transcendental moment.”

    Noel Ignatiev said that whites must be erased.

    Susan Sontag called whites a “cancer on the face of the earth.”

    Paul Krugman says that it’s great that whites are losing power and they should just accept it and shutup. (I’m not making this up)

    Mark Potok keeps a running tab of the white percentage of the population on a graph paper on the wall behind his desk. Daily he rejoices in the ongoing ethnic cleansing of white people.

    I mention these examples off the top of my head. I could spend all day on this topic.

    Keep in mind that the ethnic cleansing of whites has been planned and engineered by the nose. Celler and Javitz wrote the Immigration Act of 1965 to open the borders to massive third world immigration…..then claimed that “This bill will not alter the demographics of America!”

    See! Nothing to worry about! Those nice jews always have our best interests in mind!

  20. eah says:

    >Why Do Leftists Celebrate White Decline?

    How many of the ‘leftists’ are Jews? — asking for an anti-Semitic friend.

    Jared Taylor (in)famously won’t ‘name the Jew’, but considering all of the valuable work he’s done, and the intellectual courage he has shown over the previous few decades, it’s relatively easy to cut him some slack about that.

    Today I’m far less inclined to do this for others, particularly those of lesser stature — time is not on the side of Whites, and Jews, including prominent Jews, are responsible for a lot of anti-white rhetoric, and are prime drivers of anti-white politics, in the US today.

  21. Dumbo says:

    Well, let those “leftist” white useful idiots and those manipulating Jews enjoy their Black and Brown utopia… It will be short-lived…

    At this point, the U.S. will get worse than Latin America, because in Latin America, whites are a minority but retain high status and are usually envied, not despised or demonized (although some people want to change that).

    In the U.S., currently, whites are already a despised and hated minority (less than 50%). And Jews will not be completely safe from Black crime, many Jewish girls already have been victims of murder by Blacks.

    • Replies: @eah
    , @Ben the Layabout
  22. eah says:

    In the U.S., currently, whites are already a despised and hated minority (less than 50%).

    No, in the US the population fraction of Whites is approx 60% nationally — in some states it’s smaller (and in some of those significantly smaller, e.g. California), in other states it is greater (in some of those it is far greater, i.e. close to the 90% of America 1.0).

    There is low-key but persistent secessionist sentiment in southern Brazil, which is that country’s whitest and most prosperous region; it borders on Uruguay, which has the whitest/most European population in South America.

  23. El Dato says:

    “Liberal whites” cannot picture themselves in concentration camps looking out while wishing for Yougoslavia to please come quickly and get rid of the Repub-Serbs who are keeping everyone down.

    That’s the power of CRIMESTOP.

    I suspect utter barbarization of the whole demos will be a problem before the white population slips below 40%.

    Liberals who promised that they would relocate to France if Trump were elected but then reneged on that promise will suddenly be rushing to the airports. Hopefully team “Ta-libs USA” will not let any plane leave and handle them roughly.

    There’s a few Stonetoss comics in this.

  24. El Dato says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    There are no blacks in China.

    • Replies: @Craig Nelsen
  25. Leftists are losers and sympathize with other losers. If they are white, they’re probably at the curb level of quality and they know this, they usually come from dysfunctional single parent families and aren’t raised but dragged up by their parents. When they see whites with nice homes, good jobs, nice intact families, they’re filled with rage because they had none of that growing up an still have none of it. Leftist politics are the politics of envy, and the only answer a leftist has to deal with people who are winners is to destroy everything the winners have. Leftism can only destroy and create misery for everyone, that’s the only equality in it.

  26. ricpic says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    I live in a a small city in upstate NY with a significant Asian population and I can feel their hostility.

    Can I prove it? No. There is a great deal that is all too real but can’t be proven.

    The happiness quotient for whites in contact with “the model minority” does not increase.

  27. Rosie says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    One in four Asians say white decline is good. That’s bad.

    More, actually. That fourth was just the ones willing to admit it.

    This is no surprise. They’re not stupid. They know that Whites are harmed by their presence here and that they will be safer when we are a minority.

  28. Rosie says:

    An easy solution is to get white women to start having 4 or more white kids each.

    How are you going to manage that when men only want the standard ~2 kids? Do you want us to “forget” our birth control pills or something?

    In any event, no amount of children is enough with open orders. Have you seen Steve Sailer’s most important graph in the world?

  29. @omegabooks

    Most Whites are Christian at least culturally, even if they haven’t stepped into a church in years. I do believe that one has to look at the groups of who is on the left. A guy like Michael Moore, Irish Catholic by heritage, just sounds like a virtue signaling jerk when he gleefully shared his joy across the Twattosphere. Does he really think he could maintain his porcine figure in a Marxist regime controlled by non-whites? The leadership of the American Left has always been largely Jewish, who regardless of their relationship to Judaism see the white Christian culture as an enemy. The Chabad folks I wouldn’t characterize as Leftists – just supremacist Jews. As for the blacks and browns – especially blacks. I really don’t think the overwhelming majority of them (especially on college campuses) who are that ideologically committed to Marxism or any other variety. I think many are delighted to be in a place where they can scream, shout and act out. Once the Left stops talking about reparations, entitlements and other free shit, you’ll see how quickly many black will become disinterested. Non-Jewish Whites (usually the ones who are under 40) are the most pathetic of the bunch. This is the real virtue signaling, sheeple choir who will do anything to get approval. The are the people who beam at other with delight when talking about the last BLM event they went to. As for White people mobilizing, organizing or any other group benefiting action, the invasion of the Covids has severely hampered that.

  30. @ricpic

    So very well said. I can, for myself, get along with just about everyone who is reasonable. I could repeat insults that have been directed towards myself and by almost every culture. In one case, even a physical attack by an Asian person,, believe it or not.. He must have been demented. Suffice it to say, that is what enrages me, only “whites” are singled out as being hostile. That’s absurd. But the media persists giving whites this exclusive characterization. It is absolutely an agenda.

  31. @ricpic

    Yes. I’ve had a few encounters that proved to myself at least, how “loving”(tongue in cheek) this group is in general. Perhaps this isn’t entirely fair but neither is the crap said about “whites:” every day on the toxic news media.

  32. Getaclue says:

    They probably fund it somehow — always a back door….So many phonies out there set up as controlled opposition….Probably Trump was too if you really think about it — so many incredibly obvious “mistakes” and appointments of his “enemies” — Wray etc. — we are to believe this? His Warp Speeding the NWO “vaccine”/poison — I don’t buy he’s just an idiot and was overcome by DC — I read the Rothschilds bailed him — I would tend to believe that especially given the vile Pardons he granted on exiting — he could well have been the ultimate in Controlled Opposition — his “presidency” got us to a place of oppression Hillary Clinton could never have pulled off but he did it by “mistake”…ok then….

    • Agree: BuelahMan
  33. @Dumbo

    Yes, and if you visit Latin America and many other parts of the world, the rich and powerful (often, but not always, Whites) spend most of their time in walled communities guarded round the clock by gentlemen with automatic weapons. Trips out of the perimeter are infrequent, but always with an armed escort or personal firearm, at the least. Being kidnapped for fun and profit is a time-honored tradition, and you have probably a 50-50 chance of being released alive. Coming soon to a country near you.

  34. Richard B says:
    @Jim Christian


    Jews against Whites!

    Whites for Whites!

    We have a twofold struggle. First, we must respectably, respectfully, and rationally win over those whites who don’t think demographic change matters.
    Second, we need to organize the base that already agrees with us. Millions of white Americans are already on our side.

    The best way to achieve both is to put Race first, not ideology, and certainly not social class. It’s myth that we all need to agree or even like each other. We just need to unite in the same way they’re attacking us. As Whites.

    Also, and related to this, is to look at the study of Western Civilization in general and the last 500 years of Western Cultural Life in particular from a non-ideological perspective. For a reason. Hard as it might be, we can not put a stop to our cultural life while all of this is going on.

    What we are witnessing now is wide-scale explanatory collapse. No small thing, since explanations organize our transactions with the world. That’s why so many feel as if their lives have been laid to waste. They can’t make sense out of things. And those who can, well, Yeats said it best, The best lack all conviction while the worst are filled with passionate intensity. And then of course there are the blowhards like Michael Moose. I mean Michael Moore, who is impossible to take seriously.

    The point is, all explanations in the West are in free fall. But, above all, the explanations of the Right and Left that emerged during the Enlightenment. They’re finished. The Right failed at adequately defending the West (maybe they were never really interested in it; maybe they just wanted to stay on some kind of consequence-free, ideological auto-pilot, forever and are now paying).  

    This would explain the hollow victory of the Left that Gregory referred to in this article.

    The Enlightenment metaphysic can be reduced to one principle: Perfect Adaptation.

    Perfect adaptation was seen as the basis of all intellectual and moral decisions. It’s exactly this that unites the Right and the Left. And if you could still study the cultural history of the West you’d know this. But who today does? Are there any? But it was being taught. Obviously! I didn’t just make it up. Some who knew more than I did passed it on to me and the rest of us in class. That’s what white men do. They share a reasonable amount of knowledge with each other to keep the civilization they built going. 
    And that is what we were doing, even throughout the 20th century. That is, until someone put a stop to it. Guess who. 

    Few today know this, but there were suggestions and even an attempt, not surprisingly small and ultimately unsuccessful, to place the Humanities under the Behavioral Sciences. That would have been a step in the right direction. Which is why it didn’t happen.

    Part of the reason for the failure, aside from the obvious and usual suspects, was that the Behavioral Sciences themselves at the time were already beginning to show signs of being subsumed by the Humanities. Which, as everyone knows, is the situation we’re in now.

    But the other part of the reason was the general cultural impoverishment of the country that was the result of the intense ideological polarization between the political Left and Right, a polarization that increasingly more rigid and inflexible as the century wore on. This was unfortunate and shouldn’t have happened.

    For about 50+ years after WWI the two tendencies regarding theoretical arguments about how to approach the study of Western Civilization from the point of view of its literature were, on the one hand, to severely limit the discipline of literary study, and on the other, to expand literary study into cultural history.

    The second one could have saved us. The first one eventually led to Critical Race Theory.

    The expansion of literary study into cultural history included the history of the other arts, the history of philosophy, and the history of scientific theory (specifically the philosophy of science).

    The next step after that was the attempt to place the Humanities under the Behavioral Sciences. And the reason for this was that those  in the know at the time saw the threat, the very serious threat coming from the promoters of Critical Theory, to the life of the mind and the world of ideas, in short, to freedom of thought, which not a few at the time rightly saw as essential to human survival.

    That’s why the Left gloating about white decline looks a lot like a mutiny where the new ship of fools has thrown half the occupants overboard, even though they were the only ones who know how to navigate the once sea worthy ship. Meanwhile, as they dance and sing they can’t see the waterfall they’re fast approaching. While those they’ve thrown overboard at least have a chance of swimming to shore.

    As one of our many canceled cultural fathers would say, The Readiness Is All!

  35. Which set of ‘leftists’? The fact is precious few true leftists are left. When rich Jews turned leftism from May Day to Gay Day, it pretty much died. When Bill Clinton shifted the Democratic Party away from Big Labor to Big Capital, true leftism was finished.

    A truism among certain rightists is that the left always wins and the American right just follows along. But if this is true, we would be living in a communist country by now. But over the years, the US has grown more hyper-capitalist. The rich got richer, and the so-called gayday ‘left’ is fine with it. If anything, it sides with the Tim Cooks and Zucks of the world and spits on the working class Deplorables. Under Bill Clinton, the Democratic Party became the New Republican Party. Only difference is the New Democrats had no use for traditional values. But its preferred values were not leftist but capitalist-decadent, mostly about the idolatry of cool, narcissism, vanity, and elite sensitivities. If some on the right are socially conservative but economically leftist, the New Democrats became economically and culturally super-capitalist.

    Notice the three most important sacralized groups among the Democrats. Jews. Jews are super-rich and do genocide on Palestinians. Yet, the Democrats are totally submissive to Jews. Blacks. True, blacks are generally poorer than non-blacks, but that isn’t the reason for the Democratic Party’s concern for them. After all, many browns and American Indians are poor. Many whites are poorer than ever due to globalism. But they hardly get any love from Democrats.
    Blacks are idolized cuz they are ‘badass’ and ‘cool’, thus prized by capitalist vanity and narcissism. And of course the homos. No people cater to the rich more than the homos do. Homos are ‘natural aristocrats’ in all their preening ooh-lala tastes. Democrats do claim to care about the immigrants, but them folks come in two flavors. Elite immigrants who dilly-dally with American elites. American rich prefer foreign rich as fellow elites over the American hoi polloi. Also, the low IQ immigrant peons just mean cheap labor and destroying the voting power of Deplorables who still believe in some degree of nationalism and are waking up to the fact that capitalism isn’t necessarily in their favor.

    How about we stop calling our enemies the ‘left’? It only creates the false impression that they are socialist, about universalism, equality, and justice. Just ask the Palestinians if the Democratic Party gives a hoot about them. People like Zuckerberg and Tim Cook love the fact that idiot conzos call the Democrats and the globalists a bunch of ‘communists’. These super-capitalists rake in all the profits but get blamed for ‘equality’ or ‘equity’. It’s too funny. Call them Theftists but don’t call them Leftists. Actually, the Left has its history of crimes but also a noble pedigree of having forced so many necessary changes and reforms on the West.

    Also, by vilifying the left, the implication is we must be entirely rightist. But that’s dumb. Truth comes from fusion of left and right, the ideal of fascism. And it is the secret power of Jews. Jews are very modern but rooted in the past. It’s idiotic for whites to think in zero/sum mentality of either/or, as if one must be merely leftist or merely rightist. That’s tarded.

    At any rate, among the so-called current ‘leftists’, the Jews among them love white decline cuz they want to control whites than be confronted by them en masse. Jews want whites as the cuck-managerial class, technocrats, and warriors(much like the British once used the Sikhs).
    The whites among the so-called current ‘leftists’ love white decline because their mush-brains are totally programmed and controlled by Jews. They ‘think’ as Jews want them to. So, Jewish love of white decline is sadist, whereas white love of white decline is masochist. Jews and whites, it’s a case study of sado-masochism.

  36. ANON[377] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Before anything happens, the jooish problem must be dealt with. Zero joos involved. Their track record is genetic and undeniable. With what they do to Palestinians, they will do to mericans if YT is destroyed.
    The good news is the joos have built a house of cards based on lies. And even if 100 million whites refuse to resist, 1 million will. That is more than enough. YT is the world’s most dangerous predator when awakened.
    The joo has done a good job this time in subversion, infiltrating gov and media, using blacks as a weapon against YT and crippling the population through propaganda (education). But it’s a high stakes game. Their next failure could be their last.

  37. GeneralRipper [AKA "The Griffins"] says:

    One word.


    Jews have always spearheaded the Left and financed the various Masonic malcontents.

    Throw in a good portion of mentally ill, indoctrinated self-hating Whites, as well as a heaping helping of envious, entitled minorities and… Viola’! you have the perfect stew.

  38. martin_2 says:

    I have posted this many times on various sites. It might be helpful to someone in debate. (With necessary changes, since it refers to England and not the USA.)

    England, by becoming diverse, is not pioneering some brave new multiracial world. Brazil has been multiracial for centuries, with Spanish and Portuguese, Africans and native Indians in the mix, and it makes sense to look at what conditions are like in Brazil to see where we in England will most likely end up.

    Brazil has huge wealth inequalities. The Gini coefficient, a statistical index of wealth inequality, shows that Brazil is one of the most unequal societies in the world, and quite possibly the most unequal of all outside Africa.

    Brazil has minimal welfare provision, the shantytowns or “favelas” testify to this.

    Brazil has a phenomenally high crime rate. Here are some figures.

    Brazil in 2016 registered a record 61,619 murders, an average of 168 per day! (The number of violent deaths last year in Brazil is approximately equal to the number of people killed by the atomic bomb the US dropped on Nagasaki.)

    The number of civilians killed in police operations was 4,224 in 2016.

    The number of police officers killed was 437.

    The number of robberies in which the victim was killed was 2,514.

    To provide some perspective, the UK has roughly one third of the population and has roughly 600 murders in total in a year.

    Despite centuries with the different races living in the same country, Brazilians are not all one chocolate colour. And the Races are, to some extent, segregated, with blacks and multiracial individuals tending to live in the North and whites in the South. Brazil’s political and business elite appears to be almost all white. Brazilians celebrate the classical white Western standards of beauty, if their celebrities and beauty queens are anything to go by.

    Political corruption is an issue in Brazil. Brazil lies in 76th place out of 168 countries on the “Transparency International” corruption index. For perspective, India and China rank one and two places below them.

    Brazil has a strong patriarchal culture. There is pressure for men and women to behave according to (Catholic) societal norms. Men are expected to be strong and powerful. Women, in contrast, are considered weak, and are expected to defer to men. There are many articles on the Internet written by young white women who have visited Brazil and who describe the shock of being accosted and even physically assaulted by men who won’t take no for an answer. Brazil has the sixth highest rate of female murders in the world. In 2016, 4,657 females were murdered.

    It seems at least to be a reasonable hypothesis that Brazil reveals to us how a multicultural society will evolve over a sufficiently long period of time. De facto racial segregation. High levels of corruption. Massive disparities in wealth, with the most affluent living in secure, gated communities, and very high rates of crime, especially violent crime, affecting the quality of life of everybody else. Brazil has not given much to the rest of the world in the way of technology or invention. They don’t have any great universities, and have never won any Nobel prizes in the hard sciences. (They do have a successful football team , however.)

    • Agree: Malla
    • Replies: @Franz
  39. Mr. Grey says:

    So true. I grew up working class, and ended up living in Oakland as a teen and for decades after. I worked with black ppl and had many positive interactions. Met some great people but I also became aware of the violence and disfunction in black culture. It’s ironic that I did this during the crack epidemic of the 80s, butI can’t see doing that today with the racial resentments that have been stoked by progressive race hustlers. Of course the S.F. trust fund hipsters would call my views ‘racist’.

  40. @WorkingClass

    But what the ruling class, or the Jews if you prefer, really fear is rising class consciousness.

    I don’t think so. Even if the proletariat is multi-racial, it won’t be difficult to identify the class enemies as the “rich” white Christian middle class–the same people who comprised the hated bourgeoisie the last time the Bolsheviks gained control of a nation.

  41. @El Dato

    There are no blacks in China.

    That, apparently, is no longer true, with Guangzhou, alone, host to an African population of 100,000. As China colonizes Africa, they, too, may find out the downside to colonization.

  42. Franz says:

    …There are many articles on the Internet written by young white women who have visited Brazil and who describe the shock of being accosted and even physically assaulted by men who won’t take no for an answer. Brazil has the sixth highest rate of female murders in the world…

    Yep, the part of my family that went to Brazil when they were inviting Europeans to build shiny new cities in the jungles have all left… well, quite awhile ago.

    But you cannot tell liberals often enough: End of white majority? Beginning of the worst sort of patriarchal excesses. All the gals inviting the Third World into the First are utterly screwing their future counterparts. And after two generations of feminism, not many suicidaly chivalrous men will want to defend them.

  43. @Supply and Demand

    Of course, they made the avatar of progressive utopia a svelte Asian qt in a baby tee instead of a bloviating diabetic DayEmmVay Kwain, Aghan refugee, or Hollywood pedotwerp. One suspects in the cartoonist a bit of wish-fulfillment.

    I thought Trumpkins were taking the whoflushot because Trump was shilling it, not the other way round?

  44. Tucker says:
    @Jim Christian

    While I have met a few of these racially suicidal White cucks, I must add that none of the ones I have met actually come out and openly express their desire to see the White race rendered extinct.

    What usually reveals the racial suicidal sickness of these people is when I bring up the topic of race and express my desire to see the White race prosper and NOT become extinct – and add that this takes a concerted effort on the part of Whites to avoid behaviors that are certain to accelerate the extinction of White European people. Behaviors such as miscegenation, drug addictions, abnormal sexual behaviors, poor diet, lack of regular exercise, succumbing to the endless white guilt that our enemy controlled media constantly peddles, aborting white fetuses, etc. This is usually where these racially suicidal, virtue signaling, self-righteous White cucks will decide to flash their cards and reveal themselves to be A-Ok with white genocide – and start to try to demonize the idea that miscegenation is somehow destructive. Or, that abortion is destructive to the survival of White European people.

    Every time I encounter these racially suicidal Whites, I remember something that George Lincoln Rockwell once said about the #1 enemy of White Europeans. I forget the exact quote, but it went something like this: “The master stroke of our enemy is when they figured out how to switch off the racial survival instincts of the White race.”


  45. KenH says:

    The white leftists and Jews celebrating white decline live in supermajority white neighborhoods. If they live in a majority non-white city then they live in sections of the city with the least amount of diversity.

    They need to put their money where their mouths are and accept high density, low income government housing projects where they live so they can be enriched.

  46. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    Love to see it. The less white people the better.— Mark Feinberg

    “Love to see it. The less Jews the better.”— Himmler

  47. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    Whites need to stop acting like Chicken Little, grow a pair, unite…and fight.

    Whites were “minorities” on plantations. They still ran ’em.

    Whites in the USA aren’t like their brethren in South Africa…whose numbers are (relatively) miniscule. A nation that is 40% white means whites have clout.

    Who can defeat united whites: Shaniqua and Tryone? Shlomo and Jezebel? José and Juanita? Hapu and Binta? Chunking and Suzie Wong?

    Plus unlike South African, millions of white Americans have guns and know how to use ’em.

    Any US military used against “whites” will also be filled with whites, many unwilling to use force against civilians. Those who DO will have families living in the USA…whose whereabouts will be know to any/many in a civil war.

    Most farmers, truckers, workers are white. A one-month strike by white truckers would turn most cities into Biafra.

    The point is to unite…which the Left doesn’t want whites to do. Whites need to unite as whites on college campuses, fraternities, etc. If Harvard has black groups it needs to support white groups, too. or be sued.

    HINT: When you are routinely demonized for being white it’s time to unite as whites.

    Finally, whites to stop stop being fear-filled. Do something safe-but-effective to start…something to show unity and power. Like a campaign to buy no Coke products for a year.

  48. @WorkingClass

    not every raindrop will hit you if you go outside when it’s raining, but you still wear a raincoat and carry an umbrella.

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