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Who’s Afraid of an Ancient Apocalypse?
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Napoleon wrote in his journal that the truth of history was “a fable agreed upon.” Fables don’t just entertain; they are moral guidance. They are usually the first stories a child learns. Most people want to know who they are and where they come from.

Atlantis may be the most significant myth in our culture after that of the Holy Grail. The folk memory of a lost homeland, a primordial origin, and a fall from grace seems to echo in our blood. Plato may have been using Atlantis as metaphor, but many think there really was an advanced empire destroyed in a cataclysm long ago. The myth could easily refer to a lost homeland in the far north, not just one in the Atlantic.

The Atlantis myth has had a powerful impact on pop culture. Most recently, it’s the undoubted inspiration for the “Doom of Valyria” in G.R.R. Martin’s “Song of Ice and Fire” books and the television programs Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon.

Graham Hancock is now taking up the myth. He is best known for his books on ancient history, notably Fingerprints of the Gods and Magicians of the Gods. These books suggest that there was an advanced civilization in our ancient past that gave birth to future cultures. It’s an interesting theory, even if mainstream archaeologists don’t accept it. It’s hard to believe it would be “offensive.” I don’t think Elvis is still alive, but I’m not offended by people who do.

In his new television series Ancient Apocalypse, the self-described journalist says he is investigating human prehistory. What’s the problem?

Well, journalists and academics are mounting a two-pronged attack. It’s as if they want total control over information, not just about the present but the past, too; as if only their fables may be told.

The two attacks are in a letter sent by the Society for American Archaeology protesting the show. First, archaeologists appeal to credentials. The presumption that non-professionals have no right to research medical, scientific, or historical questions seems to have grown throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The SAA said that “this series publicly disparages archaeologists and devalues the architectural profession on the basis of false claims and disinformation.” These are bold words in an age when “disinformation” is supposed to be censored.

The second argument is that “the theory [the show] presents has a long-standing association with racist, white supremacist ideologies; does injustice to Indigenous peoples, and emboldens extremists.”

This is not the language of science. Whether a theory has an “association” with ideologies doesn’t change whether it’s true. One might as well throw out space flight or campaigns against smoking because of the Third Reich’s contributions.

The letter drips with name-calling:

The assertions Hancock makes have a history of promoting dangerous racist thinking. His claim for an advanced, global civilization that existed during the Ice Age and was destroyed by comets is not new. This theory has been presented, debated, and refuted for at least 140 years. It dates to the publication of Atlantis: The Antediluvian World (1882) and Ragnarok: The Age of Ice and Gravel (1883) by Minnesota congressman Ignatius Donnelly. This theory steals credit for Indigenous accomplishments from Indigenous peoples and reinforces white supremacy. From Donnelly to Hancock, proponents of this theory have suggested that white survivors of this advanced civilization were responsible for the cultural heritage of Indigenous peoples in the Americas and around the world. . . . Hancock’s narrative emboldens extreme voices that misrepresent archaeological knowledge in order to spread false historical narratives that are overtly misogynistic, chauvinistic, racist, and anti-Semitic.

Archeology was one of the last holdouts in the social sciences against the woke takeover, but it has become so determined to unearth Queer Vikings, transgender skeletons, and ancient female warriors, that the best people are dropping out of universities and doing the work of real discovery online and often anonymously.

Journalists have taken naturally taken up the cry against the Netflix show.

That’s the danger of a show like this. It whispers to the conspiracy theorist in all of us. And Hancock is such a compelling host that he’s bound to create a few more in his wake. Believing that ultra-intelligent creatures helped to build the pyramids is one thing, but where does it end? Believing that election fraud is real? Believing 9/11 was an inside job? Worse? If you were feeling particularly mean-spirited, you could suggest that Netflix knows this, and has gone out of its way to court the conspiracy theorists.

Whether it’s a drama series about Jeffrey Dahmer condemned as “exploitative” by the serial killer’s victims’ families, or polarising stand-up specials featuring offensive jokes about the Holocaust or trans people, Netflix has thrown itself into controversy with gusto, time after time. But who is holding it accountable for these decisions? As a streaming service, Netflix isn’t even subject to the same regulations that regular UK TV channels are: when viewers are offended by something on traditional TV, they can always complain to the broadcasting regulator Ofcom. Because Netflix is based in the Netherlands, it falls outside of Ofcom’s jurisdiction. . . . Netflix too often seems to operate under the amoral ethos of the free market: if people will watch it, that’s reason enough to make it.

This article claims Hancock “once was a bit more explicit” that the people who spread civilization were “white.” He’s supposedly backed off. Archeologist John Hoops nonetheless warns readers: “If you pay careful attention, he does talk about ‘heavily bearded Quetzalcoatl’ who arrives, according to myth, to give the gift of knowledge, but he doesn’t mention the other part of that trope, which all of us know about, which is that this visitor supposedly had white skin.”

Are we supposed to pretend the Aztecs didn’t believe Quetzalcoatl would show up with white skin? It seems the problem is not whether this is true or false, but whether it might suggest a white guy did something impressive.

The New Republic seems to think right-wingers have gone mad, presumably by noticing what journalists and academics seem so upset about. “The Strange and Dangerous Right-Wing Freakout over Ancient Apocalypse says the Atlantis myth has “long been associated with racism.” The magazine then gives the game away. “’History’ isn’t just about what happened in the past,” it said. “It’s also about whose stories get told and how we think about them.” In other words, this is about power. Who gets to tell these stories? Who gets to tell us what stories are not allowed to be told?

Arguments about prehistory have important consequences. Zimbabwe, the failed state forced onto Rhodesia by Britain and the United States, takes its name from the ruins of Great Zimbabwe. The question of whether the ancestors of the current black residents built the ancient city was an important political issue. If blacks’ ancestors didn’t build it, Zimbabwe might not really be “their” country.

The story of “Kennewick Man,” a 13,000 year-old skeleton found in North America, potentially posed a threat to the “Native American” claim of sovereignty over the continent. If Kennewick Man was European or even just not related to today’s “Native Americans,” it would suggest American Indians aren’t “indigenous” after all.

As for more modern history, media campaigns promote long-forgotten racial atrocities such as the Tulsa Riot and false claims of Native American genocide at schools in Canada. These stories are used to win political concessions. And how do we treat the evidence? One breathless report about Tulsa says investigators are pawing through gravesites, before admitting that “none of the remains have been identified or confirmed as victims of the massacre.” It’s not surprising they are finding at least some bodies, since they are looking in a cemetery.

In January 2022, The Federalist reported that Canada hadn’t exhumed or even located a single body from a “mass grave” near the Kamloops Catholic school, but this didn’t stop a wave of arsons attacks on Catholic churches. (Naturally, the current pope apologized on behalf of Catholicism.) Indians claim they need more money to look harder, but it doesn’t take corpses for activists to claim that Catholic schools were systematically murdering children.

This past Saturday, relatives of Emmett Till joined with members of the Black Panthers and the Lion of Judah Armed Forces to protest outside what they believed to be the home of Carolyn Bryant, the woman who accused Till of inappropriate advances. The demonstrators called for the 87-year-old’s arrest. Of course, the real story Emmett Till story is complicated, but nuance is lost in the popular mythology.

Finding, exaggerating, or simply inventing racial crimes and atrocities is an important part of media’s coverage of race throughout the West. Americans look for crimes against blacks, Canadians look for crimes against Indians, and Australians look for crimes against Aborigines. It’s an industry. Whites are never called the indigenous peoples of Europe, but the term “Indigenous” implies that Indians have a special right to the entire Western Hemisphere. However, if people not from North America brought civilization, it undercuts “Indigenous” claims to sovereignty.

There may be another reason media attack Ancient Apocalypse. They and academics cheer when non-whites celebrate the ancient accomplishments of their people. They can even invent imaginary heroes, as in “Wakanda.” Scholars may not believe in Afrocentrism or theories that blacks brought forth Western Civilization, but believing it won’t end your career. Books that claim blacks ruled the world, medieval Europe or Greece and Rome are easy to find on Amazon, and plenty of YouTube videos promote the idea. Al Sharpton believes Africans taught us everything we know, and then apparently forgot it all. Ludicrous theories circulate freely among blacks. Even if these theories incite anger against police or against whites, the media do not protest, never ask why this is allowed, or tell readers ways to pressure the theories’ sources. Blacks’ emotional well-being is evidently more important than the truth.

Of course, no one cares about the feelings of whites. They are supposed to be ashamed. Many in authority tell young whites their people did nothing good. They aren’t going to get any real knowledge about their glorious past from most public schools. Might they be tempted to believe they are descended from the culture-creators Mr. Hancock discusses? Mainstream history has been subverted. Sadly, this leaves the esoteric and conspiracy subcultures, who must do what real educational systems once did. That means interesting ideas are mixed with quackery and falsehoods.

The attack on Ancient Apocalypse shows the System’s paranoia. It’s not a “white advocacy” show, and Mr. Hancock is not a white advocate. However, someone has done research without begging permission from the system. Someone questions the myth of progress, telling the story of a “fall” from a higher state instead of triumphant evolution towards superior values of equality and tolerance. If the past was better than the present, it raises questions about the legitimacy of those who claim they are building a better future for us.

I didn’t know anything about the show until I saw that some academics and journalists were angry about it. Thanks to Julius Evola and Traditionalism, I’m familiar with the Atlantis myth as a spiritual parable. I’m willing to explore evidence even for historical theories that seem far-fetched. It’s more reasonable than trusting broken media and muzzled academics.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. JimDandy says:

    I think it’s high time that the overwhelmingly-white Wauconda, IL apologize and change its name. Don’t you?

    • LOL: Realist
    • Replies: @Doug Ryler
    , @Wade Hampton
  2. Franz says:

    Sour grapes I think.

    There was an attempt in the past to get Europe to believe Plato and Aristotle were tutored by Moses. For some reason THAT was okay but saying there was an Atlantis is off-limits.

    This is stupid. Atlantis belongs to anybody. When George Pal made his wonderfully goofy 1961 movie “Atlantis the lost continent” he was careful to show the place sink, then a boatload of black guys go toward Africa, red guys toward America, and so on. It’s whatever you want because it’s a legend.

    Hancock is the latest fellow to support the idea that there were civilizations way, way before we think so officially. There is evidence to that effect. Some very powerful people want that idea shut down, so they’re using “racism” as a weapon. I assume they really are hiding something.

  3. The moron believes in ancients levitating giant blocks of stone.

    He’s a phony.

  4. Yes, myth of Atlantis is dangerous but not because what is said (“there was once advanced civilization”) but what is not said: that gods conspired to destroy it and did not want to save it. You have to admit that Atlantis story without gods would be much better than Atlantis with gods.

    If you are a descendant of Atlanteans, the myth evokes fear of destruction by forces more powerful than famed technology of Atlantis. So, is vril and aurichalk not enough to rule the world, really….? Then how we are to fight with UFOs if they turn vile…?

    • Replies: @Shamu
  5. Archeologists are telling indigenous peoples “Sorry, your creation myths are nonsense. We’ll tell you how you came to be.” That seems WAY more racist to me.

    • Agree: Treg
    • Replies: @René Fries
  6. The things archaeologists dig up are real. It’s the interpretation that they give to those things that are just their opinion.

    I once watched a show where an archaeologist discovered 6 large holes in the ground somewhere in the desert. Nothing else was discovered, but two rows of 3 evenly spaced holes. From those holes, the archaeologist proceeded to create via a CAD system, a temple complex, complete with ornamentation and out buildings as well as the attribution to which culture created the temple and what it was used for.

    It’s the bullshit that they make up that keeps archaeology alive. By itself, the artifacts that are dug up or sites that are discovered are of no value to modern society. They are curiosities at best. It’s the tall tales that are made up that are then used to influence modern society.

    • Replies: @HallParvey
    , @megabar
  7. Everyone wants to control the historic narrative – by doing so control “reality”. Stories, as in the fable, have an important place. To get a grip on historic reality it is best to start with recorded history and deal with solid facts (those facts not in contention). They do point to a real Armageddon, not a Netflix version. But yes, an amateur can have as much insight as a professional.

    • Replies: @Eireannach
  8. The Atlantis myth has had a powerful impact on pop culture

    The so-called “pop culture” has nothing to do with culture [which is – and always has been and cannot but be – respectful of facts or, if one likes, of truth – that is, of science] , a position of mine that is yet again confirmed in the article.

    As to “apocalypses” more generally, there is quite a ludicrous aspect about them one ought not to forget, namely that the (historic) apocalypses were, each and every one of them, but an enraged acknowledgment of one’s own powerlessness [a bit in the way of a powerless child raging about a (real or perceived) injustice]:

    “Au lendemain de cette catastrophe (la chute de Jérusalem en 587/6 avant J.-C.), des doutes [note en bas de page: cf. l’étude classique de P. D. Hanson, The Dawn of Apocalyptic – The historical and sociological roots of Jewish Apocalyptic Eschatology, Philadelphie, 2e éd. 1979, cf. p. 90 “The common element running through the history of the Divine Warrior Hymn, from its point of origin in ancient myth to its late application in apocalyptic compositions, is a scenario depicting the cosmic battle of the Divine Warrior (originally the storm god) and his subsequent temple building, banquet and glorious reign. On Israelite soil the variable is the extent to which the cosmic matrix of the scenario has been impregnated with a new historical perspective…”] se sont naturellement fait jour quant à l’efficacité du Gottesbild tel que formulé par les traditions deutéronomistes: ce Dieu d’Israel était perçu comme ayant été trop faible pour sauver son propre peuple […] (et) pour que la Foi reste pertinente au milieu de cette nouvelle réalité – pas de roi, pas de temple, pas de pays – apparaît la montée du genre apocalyptique (…) // In the period following that catastrophe (the fall of Jerusalem in 587/6 BC), some doubts [foot note: cf. P. D. Hanson’s classical study The Dawn of Apocalyptic – The historical and sociological roots of Jewish Apocalyptic Eschatology, Philadelphia, 2nd edition 1979, p. 90 “The common element running through the history of the Divine Warrior Hymn, from its point of origin in ancient myth to its late application in apocalyptic compositions, is a scenario depicting the cosmic battle of the Divine Warrior (originally the storm god) and his subsequent temple building, banquet and glorious reign. On Israelite soil the variable is the extent to which the cosmic matrix of the scenario has been impregnated with a new historical perspective…”] naturally arose regarding the efficiency of the Gottesbild as formulated by the deuteronomist traditions: this God of Israel was perceived as having been too feeble to save his own people […] (and) in order that the Belief remained pertinent in the midst of that new reality – no king, no temple, no country – there appears the the rising of the apocalyptic genre (…)”.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  9. @Franz

    One curious thing about the Great Pyramid is that it has no inscriptions, carvings or paintings like every other Ancient Egyptian ruin. Don’t you think that the guy who built it would put his name over the door?

    Or if they are tombs, why have a door? Build it 3/4 with an open tomb, when the Pharoah dies put his mummy in the sarcophagus and then finish the job and solidly entomb the King and his treasure – no chance of a grave robbing then.

    • Replies: @Franz
  10. @cool daddy jimbo

    So you believe that “Awonawílono (‘the maker and container of all’) transformed himself into Sun and, of its own substance, produced two germs which it impregnated the Great Waters with. From Awitelin Tsíta (‘the Fourfold Containing Mother Earth’) and Apoyan Tächu (‘the All-covering Father Sky’) issued later the Master, Póshaiyank’ya – (etc)”, Mircea Eliade, Mythes, rêves et mystères, éditions folio/essais Gallimard, Paris 1957, pp. 196-7)

    • Replies: @Cool Daddy Jimbo
  11. @René Fries

    I forgot to give the reference: Die Entstehung einer Weltreligion VI, Verlag Schiler & Mücke, Berlin/Tübingen 2021, pp. 470-471

  12. @Priss Factor

    No, Hancock, doesn’t believe in levitating blocks of stone. If you think so, show in his writings of videos where your claim is validated.

    Hancock simply has the bad manners to show up the degreed archaeologists and egyptologist as just storytellers. He has a different story where he ties in evidence from around the world that suggests strongly that these far flung civilizations had a common knowledge base to produce artifacts that are very similar in many ways.

    Plasma physicist Anthony Peratt from Los Alamos National Lab went around the world to produce his catalog of primitive rock drawings that actually show plasma instabilities regularly produced in a proper lab. I found his documentation titled : Characteristics-for-the-Occurrence-of-a-HighCurrent-ZPinch-Aurora-as-Recorded-in-Antiquity-squatter-squatting-man-Anthony-Peratt.pdf on the Internet. If you were to examine Peratt’s evidence and have any scientific or engineering knowledge, it will make your jaw drop.

    Here is a site that references some of what is available in Peratt’s document.

    Primitive man saw things and scribbled them down as rock drawings. That these drawings show plasma instabilities, especially what is known as ‘The Squatting Man’, is obvious to a plasma physicist and provide evidence that ancient man had one type of common knowledge – what he saw in the sky above him. Hancock uses other evidence that strongly suggests technology was more advanced in the past than what his more modern descendents understood. He simply asks how is this possible and comes up with a common ancestor. This is not far fetched once one examines the mountain of evidence he has amassed and the archaeological community has suppressed.

  13. Alex70 says:

    I think the real problem that critics have with the series, although I haven’t seen it mentioned, is that the series gives plpausible evidence for the flood. Hancock never mentions it specifically and alludes to drastic change is weather and sea levels but t think the shrieking is because the critics are anti Christianity and the white supremacist angle is a mask

  14. Anonymous[425] • Disclaimer says:

    Have a look at the board of the Society of American Archeologists, mentioned in the article. More than half the bios make it clear they see archeology as a tool for advancing “equity,” “diversity,” and “inclusivity,” and more generally a hardcore leftist political agenda dressed up in archeological cant.

    In other words, the purpose of the SAA is now the abuse of science for political ends. These affirmative action frauds with Crayola PhD’s wrapping themselves in the mantle of the scientific method apparently experience no dissonance between meticulous field research on the one hand and their imposing a constructivist, emasculo-feminist, and anti-white mythology on the findings of that research on the other.

    Whether it’s the editorial board of the New York Times, of the AP, or of PolitiFact, or the board of some pseudo-science group like the SAA, their photos look more like a “before” ad for Zoloft than anything to be taken seriously. These mental cases are a sure sign the end of science, as well as the logical connection between facts and true conclusions, is at hand.

  15. @Alex70

    Look up the work of Randall Carlson, an amateur geologist. Also search for ‘Glacial Lake Missoula’ & the ‘Scablands’ of Washington state and their association with the Carolina Bays.

    To get you started:

    • Agree: JimDandy, Treg
  16. @Anonymous

    they see archeology as a tool for advancing “equity,” “diversity,” and “inclusivity”

    the Nazis saw archaeology as a tool for pushing the Herrenrasse, the Soviets saw it as a tool for pushing the “Proletarier aller Länder”. No need to elaborate.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  17. @Franz

    Hancock is the latest fellow to support the idea that there were civilizations way, way before we think so officially. There is evidence to that effect. Some very powerful people want that idea shut down, so they’re using “racism” as a weapon. I assume they really are hiding something.

    The story we are told by the establishment archeologists and anthropologists has many holes, but no one is allowed to raise any questions – all such questions are simply ignored.

    According to the establishment, the present human race Homo sapiens came out of Africa, like the preceding races; this was supposed to have happened anytime between 200,000 to 75,000 years ago. Then they spread over all the continents; the present race was the first to enter the Americas, because the Bering straights were frozen during the last Ice Age. Then as the ice thawed and receded, humans developed agriculture, around 12,000 years ago, and then metallurgy, and then in the next 12,000 years, reached the present levels.

    I will not go into the issues related to various human races; I will only take up the growth of civilisation story on face value. Gobekli Tepe in Turkey has a stone structure, 12,000 years old, before agriculture was developed, before humans had metal tools, but it shows clear evidence of metal tools. How can we explain this? Various theories are advanced, each more convoluted than the previous one.

    Ok, if humans could develop to the present level in 12,000 years, and they arose about 200,000 years ago, why did not they give birth to civilisations for tens of thousands of years? Some archaeologists try to explain this away by putting an imaginary boundary at about 50,000 years before present, that was the time when humans gained the power of speech. There does not seem to be any evidence to support this, or there is no proof that the other Homo species did not have languages. Humans could have had the capacity for languages for more than 50,000 years; after all, other Homo species controlled fire, learnt cooking, and if I remember right, used clothes as well. This artificial barrier at 50,000 years is to explain away the lack of human civilisations for thousands and thousands of years.

    But even then another question arises: the last Ice Age started about 35,000 years ago and lasted till about 12,000 years ago. Therefore there was a gap of 15,000 years between the development of speech (50,000 years ago) and the beginning of the last Ice Age (35,000 years ago). Humans have not changed anatomically in the last 50,000 years. If humans could develop civilisations in the past 12,000 years, why couldn’t they do so in that gap of 15,000 years? In other words, how are we sure that there were no civilisations before the last Ice Age?

    Much of the coastal lands of the last Ice Age are now sunk under the seas, when the ice melted. This is generally estimated to have caused a rise of about 100 m in the sea level. And humans originally migrated along the coasts (coasts offer better environment in an Ice Age). All those routes and settlements are now under water. Are we searching for evidence of habitations there?

    At this rate these “academics” are trying to silence anyone who studies any subject out of their interest, it will not be long before they propose to confine literacy only to themselves and their descendants. After all that was how the (Asian) Indian ruling classes controlled their societies – by discouraging literacy.

  18. SafeNow says:

    “If you’re interested in going to law school, you need to take this course,” states Kelly who explains that it is a study of cases and provides students with the analytical skills that law schools want. “Yes, this course teaches students about pirates, but it also trains them to be global thinkers, to make those cultural, political and economic connections.”

    That’s Florida university literature professor defending his course on Pirates.
    Courses on pirates, vampires, etc. are now commonplace in college literature departments, even in red States.

  19. Anon[315] • Disclaimer says:

    Please answer the question of when do we all go to war over this? if one man’s truth is another man’s lie and even if the manner of expression is a bone of contention what is to talk about?

    Why tolerate anyone you disagree with? The answer is that you don’t. Not in this age. The real problem with these academics who don’t like this Netflix program is that no one is considering the building of a quasi-military force to take them down. The academics seem quite willing to use force. Why are the victims still talking instead of acting in a similar vein?

    Beyond such acts of self protection why not admit that there is now a split in the sciences and humanities generally and openly construct separate institutions? Such separation is the beginning of secession and secession is obviously becoming necessary. Of course this also requires the building of armies to defend secession eventually.

    The other possibility is war. Organize the battle to destroy whatever. Call it liberal progressivism if you will. Push against it hard. Look for allies abroad such as the Russians, ignore the insults of the enemy and never look back. Use nukes as necessary.

    Indeed, why not do both? There are ages when the only answer is to build good fences and arm yourself to the teeth.

    • Replies: @Legba
  20. JimDandy says:

    He has had an even harder time getting taken seriously, largely because of that Jesse Ventura rube accent he’s working with. Credit to Rogan.

  21. @RoatanBill

    He’s an open borders anti-race-ist and pusher of race-mixing.

    On levitation: 59:00

    Video Link

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  22. @Priss Factor

    His wife isn’t white. I don’t know what ethnicity or race she’s a member of but I know she isn’t white. Therefore, he sees the world a bit differently than you.

    How do his views on things other than archaeology have anything to do with his views on archaeology? Your charge was designed to label him as someone whose opinion on archaeology was not to be taken seriously. You haven’t provided any evidence for your charge.

    Now you want to smear him for his social views. Are you someone to be taken seriously when you can’t separate his investigative work from his personal opinions on other matters?

    • Agree: Old Brown Fool
  23. Legba says:

    It’s almost enough to get me to pay for netflix

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  24. Anonymous[425] • Disclaimer says:
    @René Fries

    No need to elaborate.

    I couldn’t resist. I was thinking along the lines of Boghossian’s ripping the constructivist view of knowledge to shreds in his Fear of Knowledge. Trashing the constructivist view of knowledge with specifics like Wakanda is always good for a laugh.

  25. Greg–you just took one step down the rabbit hole.

    Meet David Icke–the establishment has called him every name in the book–and the poor guy is just talking about reptilian aliens.


  26. Ancient Knowledge of Space, Time, and Cosmic Cycles. | Randall Carlson.

    • Replies: @bike-anarkist
  27. @Priss Factor

    If you could take someone from the time of Newton and show them the technology we take for granted, he would think it was witchcraft or magic. The idea of levitating blocks isn’t so far-fetched, there are some scientific theories about how it could be done. Science has already levitated light objects through the use of sound waves using different methods. One University research lab in England used two or three transducers situated on opposite sides of a styrofoam object, the object rode on the standing waves created. The object levitated as long as the sound waves were produced.

  28. If Hancock declared that all the ancient monuments around the world were built by advanced black trannies from Mars, there would be absolutely no criticism of him. In fact, he would be lauded by scientists and journalists around the world, like he was the new Oprah Winfrey of Archaeology.

  29. @Priss Factor

    He started out working at the Economist. Maybe he is a project to besmirch the Atlantean history. Hancock is an idiot. This fellow tells the authentic article:

  30. @RoatanBill

    Carlson and Hancock are fellow travelers. Testosterone Replacement Therapy would get them homo for one another in a fortnight.

    • Troll: RoatanBill
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Kim
  31. @Emil Nikola Richard

    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.
    Mark Twain

  32. @Old Brown Fool

    Hinduism discouraged literacy far less than both Western Paganism and Christianity in as much as the latter followed the Greek culture’s steps. That is the general remark to make. The Indian caste system as it is caricatured was never the law of any Indian land before the 15th century when it came to be applied onto conquered Hindus by Mogul empires first and then by the Jewish-British East India company. Hinduism as we know it and as it used to be both loved and hated by the British took its acknowledgeable form from the era of Sri Caitanya (15th century) : before that date you may recognize isolated elements but not any way of life now described as typically Hindu.

    Take note among others that the two best loved texts of Indian tradition, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, were not written by Brahmins but by poets of rather low origin. Yoga as a system of magic together with its well-known paraphernalia of chakras, kundalini et al started out as an Indian adaptation of Jewish-Persian magic and acquired its present-day New Age aspect only under the power of the Theosophical Society : under them alone the chakras came to be seven, among others. Anyway before Sri Caitanya Brahmins were not a privileged caste except in their own imagination nor were they the most literate in the modern sense : they were a clergy more interested in austerities and meditation than knowledge. The traditional privileged groups, not yet defined as castes, were the military and the merchants. The brahmins emerged as apparently superior only when India came to be subdued and no longer comprise great military leaders. The Hindu 15th century marked the advent of the transformation of popular Hinduism into a kind of New Age thought as a kind of mental evasion for a formerly prosperous people being reduced by stages into deep impoverishment.

    Last but not least, unless you are very careful, which means mastering a local Indian language before going to India, and making friends among one group before going there, be aware that all Hindu gurus offered on the international (Western) market are surrounded by more exclusively Jewish managers than Joe Biden : Jews alone decide what is correctly Hindu or not for the English-speaking public and who in India can publish for the Western market as well as who in the West is authorized to speak in the name of Hinduism. To sum up the matter Jews (having come from Persia through the Muslim invasions) transformed the culture of India so as to make it globalist and subservient to the forces of finance viewed as deities a few centuries before they repeated the same process with the American baby-boomer generation. Modern fake Hindu India is the ultimate multi-cultural society proposed to the Western World.

    • Replies: @Franz
  33. @Legba

    It’s almost enough to get me to pay for netflix

    It was enough for me to search for “Ancient Apocalypse” on [my preferred torrent aggregator] and click on the magnet link for the webrip version of S01 (2.37GB).

    [my preferred torrent client] did the rest. Six minutes later started watching S01E01 in VLC player.

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about – but for about 45 of my 57 years, I’ve been confortable entertaining the idea that there was a set of technologically-advanced cultures that wiped themselves (and each other) out in unrecorded pre-history. “Gods of Air and Darkness” was a book I recall reading – must look for a downloadable ebook version.

    We had no idea about the Late Bronze Age Collapse until well into the middle of this century. As late as 1974 Tommy Thompson was having people try to fuck his career when he suggested that the Old Nonsense was a myth (pretty much from soup to nuts, but certainly as far as the key players are concerned).

    The idea that some archaeologists can now make declarative statements about which lines of research are admissible, puts them firmly in my “Get Fucked, You Disgraceful Cunt” category.

    More accurately: the behaviour being exhibited by the AAPS towards Hancock fails to get them out of that category – which is the ‘Base Case’ category in my taxonomy.

    • Thanks: Gordo
  34. @Kratoklastes

    And of course there’s an ebook version. LibGen exists.

    It’s a shame it’s a PDF, which means it’s probably an image PDF, which sucks.

    Then again, it’s a 1975 book – so, y’know, small mercies and so on.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  35. Franz says:
    @American Citizen

    One curious thing about the Great Pyramid is that it has no inscriptions, carvings or paintings like every other Ancient Egyptian ruin.

    Right you are.

    And the pyramids just keep getting odder. The base of thirteen acres it sits on is matched by the Aztec pyramid of the moon and Cahokia’s monk mound in Illinois. Dates are strangely our of sync. More, the pyramids found in Bosnia and Greece have been actively messed with, and the Chinese pyramids, said the be the best preserved, have been placed off-limits by the regime. (American Flying Tigers in WWII got a good look at them and said they’re pretty impressive.)

    Something went on a long time ago. There was a standard of some sort that not only the pyramids reflect. These things were not tombs, decorations, or alien artifacts, so us regular people have to ask what the big secret is.

    • Replies: @Legba
    , @GMC
    , @David Homer
  36. @RoatanBill

    Phsicist Anthony Perat is projecting his knowlege into ancient engravings that are similiar to the kind of simple figures, that occur in modern labs. The figures match, the reasons differ. Its interesting that a physicist is longing for deep ancient roots, but not much of a surprise. – See the Napoleon quote at the beginning of Gregory Hood’s article, which has some truth to it.

  37. the reasons differ

    How do you explain the ‘The Squatting Man’? Primitive cultures around the world drew the same figure. Where would they get the template for that figure with the two circles below the outstretched arms?

    I have Peratt’s paper and read the whole thing. The connections he’s making to plasma physics are numerous and their rock drawn occurrences around the world can’t be explained any other way than the ancients saw these figures in the sky above them and recorded what they saw.

    Go find the paper and read it.

    • Replies: @Realist
  38. Göbekli Tepe is an obvious fake, which meshes with Atatürk’s fake—and very persistent— “Turkish History Thesis” (Türk Tarih Tezi) which was largely inspired by Churchward’s “lost continent of Mu” hoax that Atatürk read and annotated.

    But, the origin of the Indo-European people is north—or south of the Black Sea, or, from the region of the Black Sea itself, before the flood of the “Black Sea Deluge Hypothesis.” From that area the Indo-European peoples, with their metaphoric characteristic, tamed the horse and then migrated into Europe, Iran, and India. This connection between the Black Sea, the origin of the Indo-European Peoples, and the “Black Sea Deluge,” explains the myth of Atlantis quite well.

    The word “Atlantis” comes from “island of Atlas,” the domain of Poseidon that lies outside of the “Pillars of Hercules.” Hercules is a Greek adaptation of aspects of the well travelled Phoenician god Moloch (as the Saturnine Yahweh—or “star of Ramphan/Kiyun”— is the Jewish adaptation) and there “are” “pillars of Hercules,” that is, abstract markers in the mind (as well as sometimes two physical columns at the end of the road, as in Brindisi), in the Black Sea (the Straits of Kerch) as well as between Spain and Morocco. (The symbol of the “Pillars of Hercules” went from the coat of arms of Cadix, to the Spanish Flag, to coins in the New World, to become the dollar sign $). These are, respectively, the Eastern and Western limits of the Greek world (before these limits were expanded by Alexander the Great).

  39. @rabbit redux

    Hercules is a syncretic adaptation of the Phoenician god Melqart, not “Moloch”.

    Moloch as a god did not exist, human sacrifice was primarily to Baal and emanations of Great Goddess like Tanit, but the ritual was called moelk, which gave rise to the idea of god obsessed with human sacrifice only, Moloch.

    • Replies: @rabbit redux
  40. @René Fries

    So you believe that “Awonawílono (‘the maker and container of all’) transformed himself into Sun and, of its own substance, produced two germs which it impregnated the Great Waters with. From Awitelin Tsíta (‘the Fourfold Containing Mother Earth’) and Apoyan Tächu (‘the All-covering Father Sky’) issued later the Master, Póshaiyank’ya – (etc)”, Mircea Eliade, Mythes, rêves et mystères, éditions folio/essais Gallimard, Paris 1957, pp. 196-7)

    That sounds every bit as plausible as “there was some carbon and stuff floating around in the ocean, then a fish walked out, played some basketball, and flew a rocket to the moon.”

    • Replies: @René Fries
    , @InnerCynic
  41. Legba says:

    Assuming there are people in 10,00 years, what might they think of Hoover dam? The river will be long gone so it would seem to be a giant concrete thing with no obvious use, maybe it was their religion? The future people start finding these odd structures all over the world and claim they were built by blacks

    • Replies: @Franz
    , @CelestiaQuesta
  42. @SafeNow

    Read Carl Schmitt’s Land and Sea, then see if your disdain for course on “piracy” is justified.

  43. Gordo says:
    @Old Brown Fool

    Humans have not changed anatomically in the last 50,000 years.

    Not so sure about that dude! But agree with a lot of what you say.

  44. @Kratoklastes

    It’s a shame it’s a PDF, which means it’s probably an image PDF, which sucks.

    Nope. It’s a ‘proper’ searchable PDF with a full, clickable ToC, so it doesn’t suck in the least. Made me wonder if they’ve got a decent copy of Jabotinsky’s “The Jewish Front” – the one on is awful, even though it’s searchable-ish.

    Yes again. ePub.

    LibGen is awesome. Sci-Hub is awesome too. Fuck IP – in all its holes at the same time.

  45. roonaldo says:

    The “Wokestream” cries of racism are not a new thing. Zawi Hawass, Egypt’s long-time head honcho of antiquities, said the same regarding anyone doubting the official story of the Great Pyramid having been built by hordes possessing little more than copper tools, stone implements, reed boats, rope, and wooden levers.

    Hawass’ right hand man, egyptologist Mark Lehner, staged a deceptive farce that PBS played up in its “This Old Pyramid” production of 1992. This is the same Mark Lehner who authored in 1974 the quite interesting short book “The Egyptian Heritage Based on the Edgar Cayce Readings.”

    Before Graham Hancock published his works, the incredible monolithic structures of Sacsahuaman and Tiahuanaco and those in Lebanon and elsewhere were well documented. The submerged ruins of Yonaguni are most impressive and obviously manmade.

    Spectacular ruins were found off the western tip of Cuba in 2002 by a Cuban exploration company (owned by Zalitsky and Weinzweig) at depths between 2,000 and 2,400 feet. They followed-up their side-scan sonar work by picking up stone fragments from the seabed and by recently deploying a 1.3 ton remotely operated vehicle (ROV). It seems the Cuban authorities and the National Geographic Society (to which, I think, the Cuban govt. awarded exclusive foreign exploration rights) are intent on tamping down research and publicity. Nevertheless, Zalitsky, Weinzweig, and a Cuban historian named Iturralbe opened up to the intrepid Linda Moulton Howe in her Earthfiles of July 2002.

    The “Wokestream” denigration of Ignatius Donnelly and his 1882 work “Atlantis, the Antediluvian World” represents their usual stupidity. I have a 1973 edition by my side, and there is much to admire in it. Early researchers record and preserve things that would otherwise have been lost or destroyed, and they diligently refer to works of those in preceding centuries–something inconceivable to woke babblers.

    Donnelly refers to an account of Lewis and Clarke of a Mandan legend that I will apply to the Woke Horde, where an underworld population are climbing vines in an attempt to reach the light, when “a corpulent woman, who was clambering up the vine, broke it with her weight, and closed upon herself and the rest of the nation the light of the sun.”

  46. Realist says:

    So you believe Aliens from beyond earth have visited?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Anonymous
  47. @Realist

    Where do you come up with this question?

    • Replies: @Realist
  48. @Another Polish Perspective

    Melqart is one export model of Moloch, under his external aspect. Melqart is Moloch, Moloch is Melqart. Yahweh is another. “Baal” is a generic title for various divinities; for example, Marduk is also known as “Bel.” The “tophet” for child sacrifice in Jerusalem was set aside when the Temple priesthood decided after 628 BC to ally and remodel their operation with that of the Babylonians. That is why they wrote Deuteronomy to imitate Babylonian models with divine revealers, and why they sent Josiah to fight the Egyptian Pharaoh Necho, who was one his way to help the Assyrians against the Babylonians, Medes, and Scythians. That turned out to be the major blunder known as Armageddon which resulted in the destruction of the Judah state. The people preferred the Egyptians to their own priestly tyrants and the Babylonians could not save their allies from the popular revolt. The temple was destroyed, the people went to Egypt, the nomenklatura went to Babylon. Until Ezra tried to recall them to come back under new management.

  49. roonaldo says:
    @rabbit redux

    You say “Gobeckli Tepe is an obvious fake.” That’s pure ignorance. Get a grip and lay off the lobotomies.

    • Replies: @rabbit redux
  50. Franz says:

    Assuming there are people in 10,00 years, what might they think of Hoover dam?

    Good example. Because if they KEEP digging they’ll find remains of other dams all over the world and even begin to think there was one great global civilization that built them all.

    Then blacks will say, yeah, it was us.

    • Replies: @Legba
  51. Franz says:
    @Francis Miville

    Modern fake Hindu India is the ultimate multi-cultural society proposed to the Western World.

    Didn’t do so well in the 1970s. There was even a book called Karma Cola in which the author, Gita Mehta, skewers the “spiritual package tours” rich fools were taking in that era. He noted that by the time they got finished it was, pretty much, Vedic flavored Jesus.

    Worth it for the laughs.

    • Agree: René Fries
    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  52. Thoth: was the god of the moon, sacred texts, mathematics, the sciences, magic, messenger and recorder of the deities, master of knowledge, and patron of scribes. His Egyptian name was Djehuty, which means “He who is like the Ibis.” He was depicted as an ibis bird.


    Thoth’s Prophecy Read From The Hermetic Texts.

  53. Legba says:

    When was the age when the answer wasn’t to build good fences and arm yourself to the teeth?

  54. Realist says:

    Where do you come up with this question?

    I guess I miss understood a comment from another reply you made to this article.

    Hancock uses other evidence that strongly suggests technology was more advanced in the past than what his more modern descendents understood. He simply asks how is this possible and comes up with a common ancestor. This is not far fetched once one examines the mountain of evidence he has amassed and the archaeological community has suppressed.

  55. Legba says:

    That it was the blacks, well that’s settled science right there.

  56. @Old Brown Fool

    In satellite view, look up 11.221234, -82.709753 on Google Maps.

    It shows a straight line structure under water that goes on for about 40 km. There’s a smaller parallel structure to the north of it with the same width. To the north east there is a circular structure. That long structure appears to have equally spaced depressions on both sides of it. If you look carefully, there may also be intersecting structures almost exactly twice as wide.

    My eye tells me these are not natural. Long rectangular structures, parallel structures, circular structures in kilometer dimensions must be man made IMO and they are off the coast that might have been above water at some time in the past.

    I sent this information to several archaeologists including the universities of Nicaragua and Costa Rica since it’s in their neighborhood, to Dr. Robert Schoch, Graham Hancock and the Smithsonian. No one bothered to reply.

  57. gay troll says:

    I read some crazy website arguing that Napoleon and his army of scientists built the pyramids at Giza. The author suggested the blocks are actually some kind of poured concrete.

    • Replies: @Moms Basement
  58. Neuro-Surgeon Shown Truth About Re-Incarnation (NDE).

    • Thanks: roonaldo, Sarah
  59. @rabbit redux

    Marduk is indeed Bel, but Yahwe is not Moloch, and Baal was a god with many avatars (eg. Baal Hammon), but none of them was known as Baal Moloch.

    Baal Hammon had a flower pot on his head, which allows us to see him as a prefiguration of Serapis; the flower pot meant that like Adonis he was connected to fertility cult – similarly the Great Goddess/Tanit, later in the triad Demeter/Aphrodite/Artemis.

    Hence, the modern rendition of human sacrifice, Stravinsky “Rite of Spring” (originally to be called “The Great Sacrifice”), celebrates “Earth” (Demeter/Great Goddess) and spring (fertility). However, the biggest riddle is why no one in the 20th century seemed particularly fazed by the cruelty of this theme of Stravinsky, whereas everyone was scandalized by its music.

  60. @roonaldo

    Is the tooth fairy another favorite belief of yours?

    • Troll: roonaldo
  61. So: an ancient, advanced civilization which was destroyed in a single great catastrophe?

    Isn’t that just the so-called “palace culture” of Mycenaean Crete, a highly advanced culture which was destroyed by a volcanic eruption, and followed by something like a 1,000 year dark age of technological backwardness and illiteracy?

    Plenty of time for people to forget what it really was, and make up crazy myths and stories about it.

    • Agree: TelfoedJohn
  62. @Cool Daddy Jimbo


    (personally I would put Numbakula above Awonawílono, but that’s only a matter of personal taste)

  63. I completely buy into there having been ancient civilizations far into the past that were wiped out by an a massive cataclysm. What I don’t buy is this idea that different civilizations couldn’t have arrived at different advances independently of each other, and they had to have been taught it by some ancient traveling forerunners that survived the apocalypse. Take pyramids for example. Far flung cultures independently building pyramids is no mystery. I’m no architect, so someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe a pyramid is the most stable structure you can build. So it makes sense that different civilizations would have figured out how to build them on their own. Oh well, at least Hancock doesn’t claim that Aliens taught them everything, which is the theory that the History Channel has inexplicably milked for over a decade.

    • Agree: Catdog
  64. @Hapalong Cassidy

    A pyramid is not only the most stable structure you can build, it is also a) the most useless in practical terms and b) the most architecturally simple-minded thing you can build — it’s just a glorified pile of rocks, probably evolved from primitive burial mounds, which literally were just a big pile of rocks. No load-bearing walls, no pillars, no arches, no flying buttresses, not a lot of math involved.

    What the presence of a pyramid indicates is the presence of a) a society with a priestly caste, and b) a lot of agricultural prosperity, and hence a massive labor surplus. All those extra hands need something to do, so, why not get them to drag around massive stone blocks in order to glorify the gods, or the king?

    If aliens or Atlanteans visited Central America and Babylonia and Egypt just to teach them the art of piling up rocks, then that’s a waste of a perfectly good interstellar overdrive.

    • Replies: @Beagle
    , @Alrenous
    , @nokangaroos
  65. That whole Indian residential survivor school tripe is undiluted bullshit.

  66. The takeaway from the Atlantis fable is that humans achieve wonders and then lose everything because of their hubris and/or decadence. The same idea runs through everything from the Tower of Babel and the Cities of the Plain to Tolkien’s Numenor.

    It’s a fundamemtal moral that the most hubristic and decadent humans might have an interest in downplaying. Far from a source of pride, it’s a cautionary tale about getting too big for your britches and getting slapped back down by nature.

    • Agree: Beagle
    • Replies: @Observator
  67. No one knows what happened in the past, we are told the latest prejudice is history. Those that control the narratives don’t want Hancock to spread an alternative to their programming.

    A good exercise of determining the past is your own life. I can barely remember what I did last week, let alone, last month year, or when I was 10 years old. Can you reconstruct with accuracy exactly what you did when you were in 7th grade? I can not, and I now keep records as an adult to determine how I spent money in the last 12 months. This week I was looking at my own receipts for stuff I bought trying to remember why I bought that thing this year.

    So this idea we know what happened in the ancient past is just a pipe dream. We can piece together certain artefacts and then project what we think was going on, but we can not know for sure what happened to some ancient culture thousands of years ago. We can not determine how they built the pyramids, let alone who built them. Sure they will tell you this pharoah did it as a monument to self, but then The Orion Mystery comes along and says the pyramids were built 10,000 years earlier when the sun was in Leo, held together that the layout of pyramids matched the Orion belt in the sky then.

    The biggest mystery is how humans came to be. Zacharia Sitchin overturned the evolutionary out of Africa theory when he said ancient astronauts (Anunnaki) came to earth to mine gold, then 250,000 they cross bred the local hominens with their own genes to make a slave race, humans. The bottom line is we will never be allowed to know about aliens creating us when our own government keeps hidden it’s own interactions and treaties with aliens. We are kept in the dark on purpose, by the owners who wish to control us, and Graham Hancock is trespassing on some great truth that they do not want revealed.

    • Agree: InnerCynic
    • Thanks: Etruscan Film Star
    • Replies: @Emil Nikola Richard
  68. If todays WOKE anti-white culture had their way, Atlantis would have been ruled by a Black overlord who directed his/her/it ancient culture to openly embrace every LGBTiQPWXYZ known and unknown.
    They would also make sure that Jews were the administrative guardian class that oversaw values and culture by which humanity must adhere to.

    As a white culture that invented civilization, there is nothing in todays academia that would point to our contribution to a righteous society based on common law and order and the prosperity that derives from it.

    Take that white supremacists. /s

  69. Kim says:
    @Emil Nikola Richard

    I don’t trust any man with forward head posture.

  70. The bigger question as to our ancient past is what was lost or censored when the library of Alexandria was burnt, and what was salvaged and hidden from humanity. Now that is something I’ve never read or debated in any book or documentary.
    Change my mind?

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  71. Beagle says:

    Anything near peak glaciation 20,000 yrs ago before our present interstadial is now under 400′ of water. Do we doubt trained professional archeologists know everything about that depth across the entire planet with only 20,000 years of depositon inclding only one huge theorized catastrophe?

    Trust the science.

  72. Beagle says:
    @The Germ Theory of Disease

    Building the Great Pyrimid would be a massive challenge now with our tools. How did people only given copper chisels by so-called experts create the massive smooth blocks and fit them together along with smooth linear very hard stone? The amount of that kind of work in Egypt could fill football stadiums. Archaeologists who’ve tried to test their theories of construction did so poorly, estimated time for completion: the heat death of the universe.

    Understanding the Mohs scale makes all this laughable. A four can’t work a six.

    Balbek has 1000 ton blocks at its foundation. The 1000-ton Great Obelisk was partly completed by people who could move it. Sacsayhuaman is one of many ‘Inca’ sites with huge polygonal masonry at the bottom and easier construction on the top. My archaeology prof said the Inca only put their good work on the base level. That’s when my eyes rolled so hard I pulled a muscle and got suspicious.

    Not that moving 1000 ton blocks is that hard. Just use one of these:,control%20system%20with%20CANBUS%20technology.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  73. Alrenous says: • Website

    I’m fairly sure Satanists hate the Atlantean Apocalypse story because it’s true. As per the name, they react to truth like vampires to garlic.

    Ever consider that if you leave Plato’s cave, your pasty cave skin suffers Plato’s sunburn?

    What if you swear undying allegiance to the false shadows? The more true something is, the worse it burns.

    The folk memory of a lost homeland, a primordial origin, and a fall from grace seems to echo in our blood.

    Happened again with Rome. See also: the Bronze Age Collapse. By now the European races have lots of experience living in the ruins of buildings they cannot imagine how to construct.

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  74. Alrenous says: • Website
    @The Germ Theory of Disease

    I’m not sure about the pyramids specifically, but many related buildings are made of nonstandard nonsquare blocks.

    Can you afford jigsaw masonry? One of many benefits: near-immunity to earthquakes. What you would you have to pay a modern company to get a wall built freestyle? What would you have to pay to get a freestyle (jazz?) wall built to such tolerances that you don’t need mortar?

    The incans built temples which return a clap as a bird call. They did this without CAD. Not to mention without cheap cranes. What, did the designer just intuit a theory of acoustics?
    “This will sound super neat once it’s built.”
    “Trust me bro!”

    These folk wouldn’t bother to level the bedrock. They would cut the stones to fit the bedrock, like they were a tailors working with cloth.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  75. Sim says: • Website

    Remember, archaeology is not a science.

  76. Alrenous says: • Website

    Using modern laser tooling, you can carve lines into rock that rival the straight lines the Egyptians used routinely.

    So what, did they have organic lasers that don’t show up in the record, or do you need thousands of years of science and a globe-spanning empire to match what Egyptians could do with copper tools and determination?

    Are any of your buildings going to be around in 3000 years? Are any of your buildings beautifyingthe neighbourhood and raising property values now, never mind millennia from now?

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  77. There is a telling observation Hancock makes in one of the episodes that might worry (((certain))) folks who perpetuate the largest 20th century myths for power and profit.

    “Why are conventional historians so opposed to new evidence?
    Changing a paradigm is no easy business. When a particular mindest has become the preoccupation of a group of “scholars” in a particular field, they are very reluctant to let go of it, they become existentially attached to it, and an attack on the paradigm becomes an attack on them and they vigorously defend it

    Unwilling to risk their reputations few objective, independent scholars have truly investigated the evidence”

    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  78. @RoatanBill

    In one of his books Hancock acknowledges the assistance of his partner Santha Faiia, who appears to be his second wife. She might be Indian, since several of his children have Indian names.

  79. buddy X says:

    Define ‘advanced’.

    Homo Erectus ruled the earth for a million years or more.

    The point is to survive.

  80. GMC says:

    The pyramids in Crimea – another link ? To think we were the only ones that came along is idiotic. But we know for sure that many clues of our past has been stolen, kept and hid away for control reasons. Shutting down the free thought and free thinking process, making it highly illegal to question the new BS – is one of the keys to starting a new civilization. Possibly – mRNA + 5, 6, 7 G = an internal mother board for further control ?

  81. @RoatanBill

    Tony Hancock should weigh in here —touch of long overdue humour. I once saw Wilma Flintstone levitate when she accidentally stepped on Dino’s tail when Betty Rubble knocked on Flintstone’s front door. The Bedrock Amusement Park –has it been uncovered yet –should be a couple of miles East of Muskogee.

  82. @Beagle

    The pyramids were not man made. They were constructed by aliens from outer space–the planet Zork comes to mind– prior to the reign of Hatshepsut– long before Joe Biden;

    • Replies: @Beagle
  83. @CelestiaQuesta

    Likewise in Merida –Mexico – Yucatan Peninsula -North America’s oldest University. When the Spaniards arrived and their priests saw this huge library they deemed it the work of the devil and burned it all. These books kept the bon fires in high gear for a fortnight. Now—the world was safe –“Now I lay me down to sleep—we are now a flock of sheep—”

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  84. @Sollipsist

    All cultures have myths of golden pasts, when things were better than they are today. People tend to project memories of their childhoods onto the larger world, of a time when life was easier before they shouldered the responsibilities of adulthood.

    We almost invariably understand past cultures through the lens of our own cultural conventions, mistaking our conditioned responses for something universal. It’s hard to grasp how radically differently other people have understood themselves and the world they inhabited. I have in my library a sixteenth century English Bible with an engraving of Joshua clad in the armor of a contemporary English soldier, which to me sums it up perfectly. Today we can hardly conceive of, say, offering your first-born child to Moloch as the most profound spiritual experience of your life, as it was for the people who did it, rather than the unspeakable horror it seems to us to be.

    If anything is certain, it is that people will look at us a hundred or a thousand years from now and wonder how apparently intelligent beings could have treasured such bizarre and senseless ideas as we seem to have done, judging by what fragments of our culture will have survived for them to draw their inferences from.

    The root of the Greek word for history means simply “to tell a tale,” and the taller they are the better we tend to like them. Critical history is a very recent phenomenon that has upset many a fantasist. I have personally seen archaeology becoming astonishingly more multi-disciplinary and accurate than when I first studied it half a century ago. Like it or not, we are growing up.

  85. anon[152] • Disclaimer says:

    It comes down to the fact that suppression of history and human origins and civilization benefits the ptb. They think they should be worshiped and obeyed, and given all the money. Anything disrupting that paradigm is to be crushed and discredited. Worship globohomo and keep your mouth shut. Stop asking all of these pesky questions, don’t you know your place. Two hundred thousand years of human history flushed down the toilet by the self annointed. More and more people are waking up and its pissing them off. Too bad.

  86. @RoatanBill

    Santha Faiia:

    Photographer specialising in ancient cultures and monuments, born in Penang, Malaysia. She is married to British writer and jounalist Graham Hancock.

  87. @Franz

    They don’t want anyone looking into or asking inconvenient “questions” while they’re beating you over the head and enslaving your mind with their racial “truths”.

  88. @Herbert Norkus

    Sounds like the medical profession and their defense of vaccines… even fake ones.

  89. @Cool Daddy Jimbo

    Evolution takes as much faith as any other religion.

  90. @RoatanBill

    In satellite view, look up 11.221234, -82.709753 on Google Maps.

    I have NO idea what that is, but it’s pretty crazy.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @HallParvey
  91. @Priss Factor

    Phonier than “official” archaeologists and historians? Most of what we “know” about ancient history is based on speculation and “educated” guesses. The things that we don’t understand aren’t less real b/c we don’t understand them. Instead of deciding what is phony and what is true, why not let the public be judge?

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  92. andyay says:

    Graham Hancock’s wife, Santha Faiia is from Malaysia, in South East Asia. Its natives are largely ethnic Dravidians (from southern India) with some commingling of Portuguese and Arabic DNA.
    Santha Faiia was a highly-regarded photographer in her own right, before she married her husband. Her work is featured in at least a couple of Hancock’s books, including the sumptious photojournal, “Heaven’s Mirror” for which she is accredited co-authorship.

    The complaints of the Society For American Archaeology are ludicrous and strike me as childishly petulant. I have no doubt that their public statement was a diktat, insisted upon by their paymasters and enforced by the usual threats.
    Hancock v archaeologists is yet another false dialectic, among the many, intended to the control of information by mediation of academic credentialism. Consensus-management.

    I’ve read five of Graham Hancock’s books and enjoyed them all. He is certainly no crank. On the contrary, he’s an exceptionally accomplished writer, of rare lucidity in the field.

  93. Shamu says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    Many years ago, an older man told me about his encounter with a professor of Philosophy who equated any talk duo the possibility of any actual truth behind the Atlantis myth with Nazism. It occurred during the 1950s, in small town America. It was the site of a fairly new state college which had not graduate programs – it existed to train people to become normal Americans in normal jobs.

    The professor was Jewish of immigrant parents and had been raised in NYC. He had great contempt for Plato, which seemed to stem from his hatred of the Atlantis myth. When asked by the then student why, the professor had explained that the Atlantis myth was bad not just because it taught that some people are intellectually superior but because it taught that a god or gods would wipe out a civilization for becoming evil. He sneered about the silliness of the Noah myth. That confused the then student, because he was a standard middle America product of Methodism and so saw Jews as a people who dearly believed in the Bible.

    What the then student had learned some years later was that the Jewish professor was both queer and and a Trotsky-focused Marxist. So it made sense that he would become incensed at any talk about decadence leading to civilizational implosion. It had to be rejected as silly talk of simple minds.

    Look around us. Is it any wonder that the people in charge HATE everything that might warn people about the path of our civilization?

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  94. @cool daddy jimbo

    When I first noticed this area, I immediately thought of a Roman style aqueduct with those 4 depressions as where the arches are with more arches completely covered in mud along the length. Then I noticed the scale and there’s no possibility of that. Next, I thought of submarine pens, but there’s no way anyone built them without the world noticing.

    The scale of these things is enormous and I have no clue what they could be, but I’m certain they aren’t natural. What’s needed is a tropical storm to move all that mud around to uncover more of the structure. I doubt any attempt by man to do that is possible. Sending down robotic vehicles might give more of a hint as to what’s there, but no one seems interested.

  95. Archaeologists eat their own children. They used to believe whatever Hibben said. Not so much now.

  96. FifthDim says:

    Like meteorology, archeology is just an opinion; they get it wrong most of the time and get paid for it.

    • Replies: @Realist
  97. Hardrock says: • Website
    @Old Brown Fool

    OBF – Where did you get the 50,000 date for anatomically modern humans? I have done superficial reading on this same topic and found that some anthropologists suggest that it could be as early as 200,000 years ago.

    This date would give even more credence to your questions.

    If a pandemic/comet/etc kills us all tomorrow, our civilization would have flourished and died in 12,000 years….how many other civilizations could have arisen (and died) in 200k years?

    • Replies: @John Pepple
  98. Awhile ago I listened, read, and watched folks like Hancock. As far as I’m concerned it’s harmless entertainment until it morphs into stuff like Heaven’s Gate, etc. I stopped to free up mental bandwidth for more useful and important information.

    Regarding prehistory: As a biblical Christian I believe human history begins with chapter 1 of Genesis so I don’t spend time looking for “prehistoric” civilizations,”ancient” aliens,” or queer Vikings although it can be an entertaining diversion listening to those who do. I reckon I might check out this series.

    • Replies: @Shamu
  99. Catdog says:

    I am sympathetic to the antediluvian civilization hypothesis, but I don’t think most of Mr. Hancock’s evidence is compelling. Especially the pyramid obsession. He argues that any large mound, even ones that aren’t pyramid-shaped, are pyramids.

    I think it’s likely that in 50 or 100 years, some real evidence of antediluvian civilization will emerge. Or else already-known but overlooked evidence will be pieced together. But I don’t think that the civilization they find will be “advanced” in the sense of flying spaceships around, or even regularly traveling between continents.

  100. @GomezAdddams

    Now we have Aztec and Mayan ancestors do to us what we did to them, invade, displace, replace, ban and censor, for whites are the work of the devil.

    This is also happening to every ancient culture western civilization destroyed, they’re invading us with impunity demanding reparations and starring roles in movies, advertisements, basically white replacement.

  101. @RoatanBill

    It’s the tall tales that are made up that are then used to influence modern society.

    Conning the suckers. If prostitution is the worlds second oldest profession, then conning the gullible is the second oldest use of language.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  102. @cool daddy jimbo

    Captain Nemos’ hideout. It’s obvious.

  103. P.T. says:

    The presumption is that uneducated, instant experts should not be assigned credibility.

  104. Treg says:

    In my book, Jimmy gets a gold star for finding Atlantis… putting all the rest to shame.

  105. @Yukon Jack

    Those that control the narratives don’t want Hancock to spread an alternative to their programming.

    He is on netflix. Millions views.

    Either the controllers are losing their group or he is part of it or something something.

    My favorite Hancock episode is him on Rogan and him telling Rogan he had to quit smoking weed because he was stoned all day every day for ten years and that is just too much.

    Then ten minutes later Rogan whips out the weed and they get stoned. It was one of the greatest moments in internet history.

    • Thanks: Yukon Jack
    • LOL: InnerCynic
  106. Watcher says:

    Atlantis, along with many other cities, was destroyed in the great flood. The signs of this flood are earthwide, including Egypt, the Middle East and the United States. Since the flood, civilizations have developed on top of these previous existences. In these days, fire will destroy it all again.

  107. @RoatanBill

    I would say a transform fault filled with mud slumps – geologically this
    is a piece of Pacific ocean floor pushed through, the Isthmus in its present
    form is only 3Ma old.
    Oh. and the synthetic lighting is the wrong way (conventionally from the above left)
    i.e. what looks like a dam is the flat bottom of a depression.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  108. “Atlantis may be the most significant myth in our culture after that of the Holy Grail.”

    Properly speaking, the Holy Grail is no myth. The divinely-inspired writers in the New Testament of the Bible, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Paul, testify that a cup was used by the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, when he instituted the sacrament of his body and blood on Maundy Thursday. Thus we are assured with divine certainty by the Holy Spirit himself who inspired these men.

    A separate matter would be this: Did this cup, the Holy Grail, survive?

    “In 1915, when some Arabs did excavation work in Antioch… they found in an old ruin, the foundation of a very ancient church, this chalice, which was on exhibition at the World’s Fair in Chicago, 1933. This chalice is supposed to have been used by the first Christian congregation of Antioch, at the time of St. Paul. There are really two cups: an inner cup, roughly hammered out of a single sheet of metal, never gilded, its upper edge bent; and the holder, a highly ornamental openwork of very artistic workmanship…. Some scholars have inclined to the belief that the inner cup is the one Jesus used at the institution of His Holy Supper” (F. Rupprecht, Bible History References [Saint Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1935], page 525f.).

    Obviously, the deduction of these scholars was this: Why would anyone go to the unnecessary trouble of inserting a plain metal cup into a highly embellished one, to be used in the sacrament, unless this plain cup had some supreme significance to it; that is, unless this cup had been the actual one that was used on Maundy Thursday.

  109. Truth says:

    “If you pay careful attention, he does talk about ‘heavily bearded Quetzalcoatl’ who arrives, according to myth, to give the gift of knowledge, but he doesn’t mention the other part of that trope, which all of us know about, which is that this visitor supposedly had white skin.”

    “We Wuz KANGZ!”

    • Replies: @Anon
  110. Atlantis is stupid, but a bunch of jews screeching that you can’t mesmerize retards with fables of Atlantis is infuriating.

    • LOL: Old and Grumpy
  111. Shamu says:
    @Enemy of Earth

    Was the evil civilization that God destroyed with the Great Flood pre-historic? If not, then where is its writing?

    Human history cannot begin with a work of writing that asserts it is telling you about the Creation. The event narrated certainly came before the working about it. Therefore, there is always a pre-historic ‘history.’

    • Replies: @Enemy of Earth
  112. @Alex70

    The great flood (post ice age) challenges the current religion of climate change even more.

  113. @nokangaroos

    First, this is the Atlantic Ocean, not the Pacific. Perfectly straight lines for about 40km is not natural. Another structure perfectly parallel with what appear as similar dimensions is not natural. That circular object with a several km diameter is not natural.

    What synthetic lighting? These are satellite photos of a huge area. How would one possibly provide synthetic lighting for thousands of sq km?

    Some of geology makes sense. Lots of it is just opinion. The dates are complete nonsense.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  114. @The Germ Theory of Disease

    Good points …
    though I admit to the occasional guilty pleasure (it´s good exercise to de-rust
    the old reasoning apparatus) of some of the viler Flat Earth and Electric Universe
    sites, little of it amounts to more than organized appeals to Dunning and Krüger;
    Donnelly spawned the genre and Berlitz and Däniken gave it modern (American)
    Outside the US where everything humanity is soaked in Boasism – obviously
    leading to cognitive dissonance – , archeology actually is a science.

  115. Kapyong says:

    Gday all,

    Curiously, one (rather silly) theory about Atlantis points to the Sea of Azov :

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
    , @Catdog
  116. Anon[105] • Disclaimer says:

    “Well, journalists and academics are mounting a two-pronged attack. It’s as if they want total control over information, not just about the present but the past, too; as if only their fables may be told.”
    Well financed media has always wanted control over everything they would or not publish. From the git go.
    The only thing which has changed it that these very rich organisations have now taken complete control of the internet. With money. And we no longer have a media to discuss things rationally.
    We have been overrun by greedy dipshits top to bottom .
    All ‘Alternative’ sites are controlled and run by monnied capitalist people. As in ‘We own those sites and we will continue to fry little bacon to keep the minds of those sites on tiny issues which don’t concern us.
    The beauty of the internet, which to my mind was the ability of people all over the world to communicate freely, has been destroyed.
    BTW I give thanks to the above commenter because he phrased in lesser words with more accuracy.

    • Replies: @Anon
  117. Science knows that there was one large land mass at one time. This would also confirm why people said the land was flat with water all the way around and nothing else. Old myths tell of the war and the destruction. In my myth that I’ll share with you is that the only way to get rid of the resulting flood waters was to fast freeze it, fast frozen Mammoths, leaving an ice age, where the water melted back into the oceans slowly allowing life to survive. This may also be why people thought that the next cataclysm would be fire, maybe they thought that’s what was needed to melt the ice and snow? Anyway it seems more a self-fulfilling prophecy now as the world is just hell bent on destroying itself. Now if I could just build that time machine.
    Your Welcome
    you can send donations to me anytime, please get my name correct.
    Thank you

  118. @Alrenous

    Instead of Homo Sapien to Homo Luminous evolution, they want Homo Sapien to Homosexual-Degeneratus who descended from monkeys who enjoyed sex orgies in trees.

  119. @RoatanBill

    (… the geological boundary to the Atlantic is the Puerto Rico trench;
    not that it makes a difference – the nature of ocean floor is more or less
    the same everywhere)
    Holy Saint Gambrinus – and you complain no one is responding to you?
    You wouldn´t have made it through the first half hour of our remote sensing
    course; this is not a satellite image (there is no way of doing that), it´s a
    CGI model of the ocean floor, and the synthetic lighting is added to make it
    look 3D (a technique used in maps for only what, a century?).
    Pardon if this sounds harsh – just opinion 😉

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  120. @Kapyong

    I always liked Jürgen Spanuth´s (Atlantis = Helgoland) better, but this one
    has the undeniable advantage of coinciding with the Urheimat 😀

  121. Anon[105] • Disclaimer says:

    Tell ya something:
    I was a truck driver in the oil industry somewhere and we all got sent out to a job to control an H2S leak. H2S is a gas which can kill you if it is even 500 ppm (parts per million)
    We sat there in our trucks waiting to be of service and our alarms were going off to either evacuate or DO SOMETHING.
    Alarms going off and having no leadership I turned to the other truck drivers and said, ” This is getting pretty toxic. Our meters are already reading over 300 ppm. If it get up to five we are going to drop like so many sheep. So I am leaving. Do what you want to do but I am leaving.”
    And walked, turned around 20 seconds later and everybody was following me. We all survived,
    I am no heroe. it is just that there are some oil companies and some trucking companies you can trust and lots of other ‘fly by night’ companies you should never trust.
    Make it clear to you: I was driving for a ‘fly by night, make the owner rich by blaming safety on the drivers’ outfit. Was never happy with the truck I was driving because they would never supply me with parts to fix my own truck. So it was never safe. Kept politely pointing out to them and they just ignored me. So I quit and this huge manager came out to the rig and acted like it was my fault. Gave me a ride back to ‘civilization’ insulting me the whole way. I had to get right after that company to get my last two weeks pay. Took a few months but I went to the BC Labour Board for help and the company realized they are not going to win. I had to drive over to the owner’s mansion to collect my check. Sometimes you need a word like Compass to direct your response to being illegally manipulated by ‘fly by night’ companies.
    I ain’t any longer a driver; though I still have my class one and can probably do many things off road which you can’t, it’s just that I don’t want to do dangerous and often illegal stuff.

    • Replies: @Anon
  122. AWoLsco says:

    “Instead of deciding what is phony and what is true, why not let the public be judge?”

    Which is what academics (the new priestly class, ‘the few set aside to bless the many’) are supposed to do, according to the tenets of the ‘enlightenment’.

    Cedric Leonard, an American historian and linguist does just this. In his book…..’In Quest of Atlantis’ he sets out all that he has acquired on the subject, historical, geological, biological and linguistic…and in the finest academic tradition, for which I salute him, leaves his readers to decide……and for the record …..I have decided……There was an Atlantis and it’s there in our everyday lives….the 60:60 division of the earth, the 24hr day. The inch which is a 250,000,000th of the earth’s polar radius…..
    and you’re telling me that a bunch of tent-dwelling camel-shaggers in Babylon dreamt this up.

    C’mon let’s get real. This was the invention of a great MARITIME CIVILISATION that needed such a thing. A bunch of camel-shagging landlubbers would have no need for such a sophisticated system of measurement and means of navigation. …and, as we all know,,,,,necessity is the mother of invention

    This is a system for the WORLD, not some Middle Eastern shithole.

    • Replies: @Anon
  123. @nokangaroos

    I know it’s a model. I do 3D CAD and in modeling it’s called shading. When you mentioned lighting I thought you were talking about the satellite acquisition for the data. When you get into ray tracing, then lighting comes into the picture.

    I’ve never complained that no one is responding to me. You must be confusing me with someone else.

    You haven’t been there and yet you already claim to know what things are. Amazing ability from your desk. I’m impressed.

    • Thanks: nokangaroos
  124. Anon[105] • Disclaimer says:

    Since I am also ‘driving’ here on a few drinks (first step of advice, you never drive on drugs or alcohol. And I never did. No exceptions. Not even drivers I have met who carry ‘bunny paws’ and get stoned to drive all the time and actually think they are the ‘bunny paws’ of their industry) Wrong!
    That’s off the point I would like to make, which is that real professional truck drivers are way underrated. They are hardly rated as a trade, much less a profession. Don’t know about hi-way drivers, but where off road drivers, (mining and oil drivers) are concerned, it is definitely a profession.
    Say one more thing – If you are lucky enough to land a job with a good company, target yourself to be friends with the best operators there. They will often be a group, and that is the group you want to join.

  125. @Shamu

    I don’t usually engage in theological debate on forums like this one but you raise good questions so I will offer my opinion.

    Human history can and does begin with the self-attesting Word of God recorded in the bible. Strictly speaking, human history does not begin until the sixth day of creation. One could say the events prior to man’s creation are prehistoric. The evil civilization destroyed by the Flood was composed of the descendants of Adam and Eve. They were utterly destroyed, excepting eight people. Maybe any writings they may have produced were destroyed with them. These people were post-Creation thus I don’t consider them prehistoric.

    As I said, I normally do not engage in extended theological discussions on forums. I responded out of courtesy to your reply. I would be amenable to personal email correspondence if you wanted to engage in further dialogue along these lines.

  126. I stumbled upon the fact that hundreds of ancient Roman coins were unearthed in the Americas at dozens of places over hundreds of years. Most were fakes or hoaxes, but there are several cases with enough evidence to consider it likely they were transported to the Americas prior to Columbus. Of course the guardians of history and archeology never accept changes to the official narrative, no matter the evidence. Most have authored books that would become outdated should official history change.

    There was an excellent paper online that I wanted to share:

    But that has been removed, probably since it is now racist to write about hard facts. I googled the link and it took me to an MSU course on fake archaeology.

    I wanted to search is archives for the paper, but it seems most of its archives have been removed. Here is a recent video where some banished free thinking professors discuss a recent paper written by a professor who had grown up in the Soviet Union. She said the USA has devolved into that same communist system, where people are afraid to talk about things and banished if they challenge the official government narrative.

    • Replies: @anon
  127. @gay troll

    At present, I think the most reasonable explanation for the building of the pyramids and other megalithic monuments is that put forward by the physical chemist Joseph Davidovits, in “Why the Pharaohs Built the Pyramids with Fake Stones,” published by Institut Geopolymere, 2009-2017. Davidovits presents evidence that the pyramid blocks were poured in place as reaggregated limestone created by mixing limestone fragments with approximately 15% geopolymer cement, a type of cement he has discovered (rediscovered?), but which could easily have been used in ancient Egypt – the ingredients all readily available along the Nile – as he has proved by going to Egypt and pouring a one-ton block if my memory serves me right.

    Stone reaggregated with geopolymer cement is very difficult to distinguish from naturally occurring stone, whether the stone being reaggregated is limestone of even granite. NMR studies of the pyramid stones support his idea. Still, there are many unknowns!

    • Thanks: Alrenous
    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  128. @Anonymous

    Bonnie: “I have a lifelong interest in fostering an inclusive archaeology, and that is the value I try to bring to all my SAA board duties and decisions.”

    In other words, white Atlantean Gods were evil but black Wakandians were the salt of the earth.

    Now I know why kids are confused about gender and origins of who they are and where they came from.

  129. @Franz

    The Pyramids were built as Temples primarily and sometimes as tombs. It has taken decades for Egyptologists to gain a better understanding of the inscriptions but a more recent understanding is that they were built to take initiates through a ceremony where they promised to adhere to certain covenants. If they proved to be faithful they were eventually taken through a ceremony where great knowledge was given to them along with a promise that if they remained faithful they would be granted even greater knowledge either later in life or after death. This knowledge and faithfulness would allow them to dwell with the Gods for eternity. Not all Egyptologists agree with this interpretation but it makes the most sense to me.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  130. Panadechi says:

    Whitey-goys have been asleep for over 70 years.

  131. Alrenous says: • Website

    “My foundation split!!!1”

    “Eh…the other stones will hold it together even if it is.”

    And again I invite you to estimate how much such a wall would cost using “modern” tools. Are you sure you’re the rich one and they were poor?

    Can you estimate how much money buildings would save on not having to maintain rotting portland cement? Not enough, sure, but…how much?

    • Replies: @TheMoon
  132. Alrenous says: • Website

    In general Plato is well worthy of contempt.

    The Atlantis thing isn’t his, though. He was merely passing along what he was told by another.

    The other really good part of Plato is his description of Democracy, which doesn’t merely sound uncannily like America, but is in fact just America. (It has a few remnants scraps of Plutocracy.)
    Of course folk like your Jew absolutely hate it, because Plato says the cause of Democracy is your polity losing all wisdom, all courage, and all loyalty.

  133. @Anonymous

    Haha, excellent, i was curious about those characters as well and clicked the link in your comment. And indeed, it’s again the usual polished mix of humanities studies types and a few betas and zio’s to manage accounting and PR. They sell a lot of books and do lot of lectures and meetings and other events. A smooth running academic money train that doesn’t like amateur debris on the rails. Not a bunch to be in awe of or to lose a second of sleep over.

  134. Alrenous says: • Website

    Hancock very much mentions it specifically. In particular he says an icy comet hit the North American ice sheet and likely melted about half of it in a matter of days.

    He points to the fact there are properly-sized sand features openly displayed (no digging necessary) in American badlands.

    It’s the ripples you see in the muddy bottom of steady streams, except so big you can’t see them as anything similar from the ground. They look like rolling hills until you get in a helicopter.

  135. If thei wasn’t history Donovan would not have written song about it

  136. @Moms Basement

    It´s an interesting idea for the Nummulites limestones of the pyramid mantle,
    yes; they would, if poured, be really hard to distinguish from quarried.
    But how about the (bigger!) granites and dolerites? Forget about pouring –
    besides the quarries including the half-finished stones are still there, 600km away.
    IIRC a French construction engineer postulated the Great Gallery was a Bremsberg
    i.e. the main ramp where the stones were hauled using ropes and counterweights
    (which sounds a lot more realistic than Zahi al-Hawass´shadouf – except there
    are no visible traces of that either; maybe as we learn more about the pyramids´
    internal structure …).

    • Replies: @Moms Basement
  137. TheMoon says:
    @Priss Factor

    I watched the show and read some of his stuff. He goes out of his way to avoid woo woo stuff.

    I like his approach- humanity was just clever. No aliens required.

  138. Well, well, the Power that used Antifa and BLM to carry out pogroms against ‘Trump America’ is now moving against the thugs cuz they’re no longer useful in JAB(Jews-around-Biden) America.

    Video Link

  139. @Legba

    I overheard some niggaz at my local KFC discussing Wakanda and Vibranium and they believe it’s real.
    Will they change the name Atlantic Ocean to LaShonra Ocean. Most niggaz I know can’t swim, so if they’re chasing you jump in water and wait it out.

    • LOL: RJ Macready
  140. TheMoon says:

    He does cover the Younger Dryas impact event, but also how “scientists” will ignore anything because it happened to get a mention in the Bible.

    It’s why I like science, but don’t think much of our current crops of scientists who act like retards much of the time.

    I like reading old stories from the late 1800s and early 1900s where scientists really fought over new ideas. Now they sit around like poofs claiming non-existent “consensus” on everything.

  141. TheMoon says:

    Brien Forester has a YouTube channel covering this stuff. Old walls built with precision, and the crappier walls on top like there was a widespread disaster of some sort and they rebuilt. He also conducts tours if you want to go see it for yourself with a good guide.

  142. Catdog says:

    Plato said that Atlantis was a vast continent in the Atlantic ocean. I don’t get how the black sea has any connection.

  143. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Niggaconda, the black serpent, is the only achievement that came out of Africa.

  144. What a pamby.

  145. Realist says:

    Like meteorology, archeology is just an opinion; they get it wrong most of the time and get paid for it.

    Archeology and meteorology are very different. Meteorology is one of the most physically complex endeavors humans have undertaken. Data-gathering, the development of atmospheric equations, and supercomputers have improved weather forecasting immensely.

  146. jimmyg says:
    @Joe Paluka

    remember how they crucified velikovsky?

  147. @Passing By

    I got nothing against speculation. Nothing against revision and new paradigms in our understanding of the past.

    But ancients levitating giant slabs of stone? No Way! That’s just crackpottery.

    Worse, the fool doesn’t believe in race. It’s all just ‘skin color’.

    In fact, the rise of civilizations has everything to do with race. The reason why blacks created so little civilization is they are racially different and overly funky wunky.

    Blacks were given cities like Detroit on a silver platter. It was once called the Paris of the US.
    But it now looks worse than Hiroshima after WWII.

    Race isn’t just about skin color but soul-color. Black soul is just wilder. Of course, it can make for some nice dance music, but it’s not the stuff of civilization.

    Problem is civilized people are into leisure and get a lot of pleasure from black sports and rap/funk. So, the most anti-civilizational race is most lionized by civilized folks. And that will lead to the downfall of the West.

    • Replies: @Ris_Eruwaedhiel
  148. salandria says:

    huge ortogonal structures which could be something like a metropolis

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @nokangaroos
  149. @Alrenous

    Correct and democracy inevitably degenerates into a tyranny, a country full of tyrannical individuals ruled by a tyrannical ruler. His description seems to be what we would call psychopaths.

  150. @Priss Factor

    Sub-Saharan blacks are a different species from non-Africans.

  151. @salandria

    I’ve also noted repeated patterns on the ocean floor and wondered what they were. Off the coast of Colon Panama, there are straight lines radiating out to the north and northeast for very long distances. At higher magnification, they appear to be ridges, but why in a straight line? It reminds me of the ejecta on the moon that scatters debris from the point of impact, but all that water resistance makes that impossible.

    Maybe the geologists have some story they made up about these, sans proof, that we are supposed to believe, given their “authority” on the matter.

  152. Sarah says:

    The second argument is that “the theory [the show] presents has a long-standing association with racist, white supremacist ideologies; does injustice to Indigenous peoples, and emboldens extremists.”

    So, according to this, white Europeans are not indigenous anywhere, not even in Europe?

    So where could they be indigenous? On another planet somewhere in another galaxy, from which they came ?

    In addition, don’t use the word “racist” : it’s a ant-While slur (and more and more anti-Asians also, as they are the next target).

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  153. Alrenous says: • Website

    Europeans are not indigenous anywhere, not even in Europe?

    Except, neither is anyone else. The indigenous species are are H. ergaster and H. neanderthalensis. Everyone else is a genocidal conqueror.

  154. anon[196] • Disclaimer says:

    [First the] SAA said that “this series publicly disparages archaeologists and devalues the architectural profession on the basis of false claims and disinformation.” These are bold words in an age when “disinformation” is supposed to be censored.

    The second argument is that “the theory [the show] presents has a long-standing association with racist, white supremacist ideologies; does injustice to Indigenous peoples, and emboldens extremists.”

    This is not the language of science. Whether a theory has an “association” with ideologies doesn’t change whether it’s true. One might as well throw out space flight or campaigns against smoking because of the Third Reich’s contributions.

    It is becoming a pattern that whenever due to boredom I type in and read one of the top featured articles, I can not get past the first few paragraphs, before hitting a nugget such as the above that strongly dissuades from further wasting of my i am bored time on such drivel.

    “First”, they tell you that they consider the proposition to be based on false claims, lack of academic grounding in relevant studies, and (as alleged manufactured poo) “disinformation”.

    “Then” they go out to point out that this sort of disinformation is associated with a certain group.

    So we see that this has nothing to do space flight or campaign against smoking, since space flight is an accomplished fact, danger of smoking an established fact, so it has nothing to do with the amateur theorizing about a long lost civilization is “based on false claims”.

    And so we see that yet another random sample of unz,com fare turns up lemons.

    You know Mr. Hood, I read this very interesting article from ’40s by this very intelligent female journalist. It’s called “The Problem Child of Europe” and you can find it in the archives of Foreign Affairs.

    I bring this up because she made an observation, among many very interesting observations, that events like the rise of Nazis give a platform for the “second rate” or worse and catapults them. And‘s roster of writers definitely fits this bill. Second rate garbage using rabble rousing and very bad logic towards fanning social discontent and disharmony.

    • Replies: @Hulkamania
  155. megabar says:

    > It’s the bullshit that they make up that keeps archaeology alive.

    In a prosperous society, the less useful an activity is, the more well-regarded it becomes. Thus, we turn to humanities professors and movie stars for truths about humanity.

    It’s one of those quirks of human nature that doesn’t handle modernity well, and might be one of the reasons that successful societies eventually fall.

    • Thanks: RoatanBill
  156. Readers can learn at this site that No Jews Were Killed by Saint Hitler, and how the Moon Landing Was Faked.

    Now we find are told that Atlantis really existed.

    In the interest of Equal Opportunity Intellectual Diversity I propose that it’s time for an author to tell us about the true state of the local universe – the Sun, planets, and all the stars revolve around a Flat Earth.

    Hopefully this person won’t forget to mention Superior White Christians in his presentation.

    • Replies: @René Fries
    , @Passing By
  157. JR Foley says:

    Great point indeed ” do not do onto others” OR is it “do onto others” ——reap what a person ( Nation) sows —-what goes around indeed comes around—————-however at Tulum –the Mayans were intellectual —-the roads leading to the pyramid and the concept of 0——-the later Spaniards zeros burned all that knowledge and erased a HUGE part of their system—a real pity and shame !!!

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
  158. @Franz

    Another consequence of phony Beatlemania? They seduced people in the West to take those spiritual package tours in India, I would imagine.

  159. @anon

    intelligent female journalist

    Three words that never belong together.

    events like the rise of Nazis give a platform for the “second rate” or worse and catapults them.

    Germany at the time could hardly be called “second rate.” They led the world in pretty much everything.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  160. “White” race is a hybrid of several different prehistoric populations. It did not exist during the ice age.

  161. Skeptikal says:

    I don’t have any dog in the Atlantis fight—don’t watch Netflix and haven’t read the Hancock book—but PhilosifiCat is a very charming, intelligent, and articulate young woman.

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  162. @Skeptikal

    Yep. I was just about to express my gratitude for including Philosophicat’s video. Hadn’t seen her in 3 or 4 years. She’s a genuine beauty, aging like fine wine. And she always addresses interesting topics.

  163. Alrenous says: • Website

    Thus we find that, even if you really truly place first place, it doesn’t matter if the venue in question is a midget fight. Sorry, still not tall enough to ride.

  164. @Priss Factor

    ‘The moron believes in ancients levitating giant blocks of stone.

    ‘He’s a phony.’

    So? Lots of people aren’t Colin-approved.

    I guess now we’ve got one who isn’t Priss-approved.

    I have no intention of watching the show, and you’re welcome to not watch it either. If others want to, they can knock themselves out. Fine with me.

    The attacks on the show — and their precise content — worry me more. We’re entering a new Dark Age, made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of a perverted political rectitude.

    That’s what we need to worry about, not some pop speculation about this or that. The censors shut down all discussion.

    Take Kennewick Man. Indeed, he seems to have turned out to be not Caucasian — but the evidence is that he was some archaic form of Homo Sapiens, quite unrelated to modern North American Indians. Exploring that rather interesting possibility — and the implications of it — has been shut down by our new guardians of orthodoxy.

  165. @Joe Paluka

    ‘… One University research lab in England used two or three transducers situated on opposite sides of a styrofoam object, the object rode on the standing waves created. The object levitated as long as the sound waves were produced.’

    At least at a casual glance, nothing about that strikes me as too remarkable. Sound is molecules in the air vibrating — presumably something very light could be held off the ground that way. After all, sonic booms can break glass — obviously sound can exert some small amount of force.

  166. tom says:

    So all fiction or myth must now conform to the Satanic woke paradigm aimed at destroying western culture and thought. The tidal wave of censorship has been plainly visible, and 1000s of books, movies and old TV shows will be “history” – no pun intended. I guess one of the first sciences to be politicized was anthropology by Franz Boas and acolytes during the Hitler regime. In the decades that followed, they all started falling like dominoes. It’s a great article, but certainly not shocking that such vitriol results from the usual suspects using the missiles of racism, sexism, blah blah blah.

  167. @Zachary Smith

    In the interest of Equal Opportunity Intellectual Diversity I propose that it’s time for an author to tell us about the true state of the local universe – the Sun, planets, and all the stars revolve around a Flat Earth.

    Up to that point, one cannot but agree: those “facts” are plain rubbish.

    Hopefully this person won’t forget to mention Superior White Christians in his presentation.

    Here I am puzzled. Simply because without some Superior White Christians (Augustinus, Etienne Tempier, Nicolaus Cusanus, Raimundus Lullus, Thomas Aquinas to begin with) not a single one of all folks currently living would even exist.

    • Replies: @Roger
    , @bike-anarkist
  168. @Zachary Smith

    Who’d have thought that the North Sea wasn’t always a sea and that Great Britain wasn’t always an island, and I’m not talking of the time of Gondwana or Pangaea? Yet,

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  169. Mr Gen says:

    I am an indigenous person. Can I have my reservation now because I want to build a casino?

  170. Eireannach says: • Website
    @peter mcloughlin

    You’re right. Evidence for a cataclysmic event at the end of the Pleistocene has been known since at least the time of George Cuvier, the founder of paleontology. However, this evidence has been systematically censored from the textbooks over the past century. There was no lost civilization, but there was a cataclysm. Scientific censorship and the politicization of science is nothing new.

  171. Beagle says:

    If you say so.

    Personally, I’d like a single credible answer to those facts nobody disputes.

    Use the Google.

  172. Roger says: • Website
    @René Fries

    “Here I am puzzled. Simply because without some Superior White Christians (Augustinus, Etienne Tempier, Nicolaus Cusanus, Raimundus Lullus, Thomas Aquinas to begin with) not a single one of all folks currently living would even exist.”

    Wow! What an incredible statement. I am beyond puzzled, I am flabbergasted. Without some, that is a few, superior white Christians, nobody on Earth would be alive today. Where can I get that kind of power? If I had it, I could save the world.

    Really? How did these named individuals, et al., manage to stave off the complete extinction of the human species? Without their influence, exerted on their own contemporary societies and cultures, everyone, world-wide, would have just stopped doing what comes naturally and the earth’s population would have begun to dramatically and inexorably decline into the Mother of all Death Spirals. Demographics would insist that the downward trend had already begun to manifest at the time they lived or there would be no way that they could be credited with the salvation of the human species.

    If no one alive today existed, by extension neither would their parent’s generation, with maybe only a few exceptions who simply did not procreate. Nor their grandparent’s. Nor their great-grandparent’s. This brings up the obvious question which is, of course, unanswerable. Which was the terminal generation? The last one? It is impossible to tell, since this mass extinction event simply did not happen.

    I am sure that the men mentioned were prolific in their writings, teachings, and abilities to shape society’s direction, but when it comes to determining their power to convince people to breed children to avoid a 100% suicidal tendency, I have my doubts. I have more faith in the natural instincts of man to reproduce.

    Compared to Thomas Aquinas or Augustine, et al., Bill Gates is a piker. He ought to change his tactics. Instead of trying to diminish the world’s population via “vaccines” and other control methods, he should just concentrate on erasing and obliterating everything known about “those disruptors”. Everything, in toto. Light the Mother of all Book Burnings and in just a few generations, his dream will have been achieved.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  173. Anon[368] • Disclaimer says:

    The reason archaeologists are so sensitive is because they have to justify keeping our ancient history under lock and key. Under the moniker of “preserving” history it is all kept in basements where you can’t access it. Even more are in “protected” sites that you aren’t allowed to dig, but the dogs have become such a cash-cow that the pace gets ever slower. Private collectors have loads of stuff but they can’t add it to the communal knowledge pool without getting charged like criminals, so their pieces lose context and meaning. It’s hard not to conclude that the university wants to erase the past

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  174. eudion2 says:

    The Atlantis Myth is based on the ancient Minoan Civilization that was primarily located on the island of Crete.

    Plato’s account comes from the Solon, a prominent Greek who visited Egypt centuries earlier, around 600 BC. Solon in turn got it from the Egyptians, and apparently there was a translation error involving numerical quantities. Because if you take the size of Crete and multiply by ten, you get the size of Atlantis. If you take the distance from Egypt to Crete and multiply by ten, you get the distance of from Egypt to Atlantis.

    Minoan Civilization was destroyed around 1500 BC when the nearby island of Thera experienced a major volcanic eruption and buried the earthquake-devastated Minoan cities beneath ashes and tsunamis. This was 900 years before the time of Solon. If you take 900 years and multiply by ten, you get 9000, and Plato’s account says that Atlantis existed 9000 years prior to Solon.

    Given these highly improbable coincidences, it seems likely that Minoan civilization in Fact is Atlantis in Myth — due to a mistranslation (mythtranslation?) by a factor of ten of a symbol for numerical quantity from Egyptian to Greek. Or, maybe Plato inflated the numbers himself to make his fable more dramatic.

  175. I do believe in a few credible but unverifiable documentaries showing the existence of a secret NASA program called Solar Warden. A special military and top secret arm of NASA. Sufficient evidence was for a short time gathered by geeks who hacked into video transmissions from NASA space platforms to earth. The intercepted signals show that laser like weapons do exist on hidden platforms in space and have, in the past, intercepted incoming meteorites with apparent success. This very advanced technology was gleaned by the reverse engineering of crashed UFO’s such as the one in Roswell, NM. I believe that the Russians share in the staffing and military application(s) aboard these “hidden” platforms armed with laser-like beams. In the cold war period, the CCCP would deliver UFO’s that had crashed in Russia to NASA for reverse engineering experiments. No doubt that secret Russian/American treaties exist that outline the deployment and restrictions by these invisible space craft perpetually circling the globe. For additional details visit:

    ASIDE: Keep in mind that the atomic bomb Manhattan Project lasted for many years, was supported by thousands of technicians and scientists, yet this grand effort would remain unknown to the outside world until the first atomic bomb detonated in July 1945.

    Of course my suggestions imply that the current (fictional) crisis due to a prolonged and totally unnecessary cold war stance, was mutually agreed to by both the Western Occident and the recently resurrected but modified Sino-Soviet block. A shared effort to protect our world from meteor threats reveals the absurdity of preserving WW II command economies that submit endless resources for a Military Industrial Congressional Complex(es). This, despite that fact that the USA is importing more Russian oil than ever and avoids sanctioning Russian aluminum mine extraction and production (among other commodities).

    However there is a random element of chaos built into this bizarre geopolitical arrangement. The element is commonly referred to as pixies, brownies or (eastern) version jinni aka NeoCons certain Zionists who love to rend and tear everything apart..just for the sake of doing it, provoking disorder-which is all they know.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  176. @loner feral cat

    Oh dear! Next to be cancelled.
    Would never want the masses understand how the elites make decisions.

  177. @René Fries

    Do you also eat non-whites with a Chianti?

  178. anarchyst says:

    The same clannish blindsightedness is also evident in hydrocarbon energy sources.
    Far from being “fossil fuel”, hydrocarbons are not only plentiful but are being created by yet-unknown processes deep within the earth.
    The term “fossil fuel” was coined in the 1950s when little was known about the processes by which oil is produced. Oil is “abiotic” in nature, as even depleted oil wells are “filling back up” from deep below the earth’s surface.
    Oil interests are drilling wells at 5,000 feet, 10,000 feet, and 15,000 feet and deeper, and coming up with oil deposits way below the layers and levels where “fossils” were known to exist.
    As Russia gained much expertise in deep-well drilling and coming up with oil deposits far deeper than that of the level of “fossils”, abiotic oil at extreme depths was actually a Russian “state secret” for a long time.
    Keep in mind that oil deposits at extreme depths “pick up” remnants of “fossils” when the pass through fossil layers; hence the misguided scientist’s claim that hydrocarbons are “fossil fuels”.
    Not only that, but there are planetary bodies in which hydrocarbons are naturally occurring (without fossils).
    “Peak oil” and “fossil fuels” are discredited concepts that environmentalists and others are latching on to, in order to display their hatred of oil being a renewable resource as well as to push prices up.
    Follow the money.

  179. @elmerfudzie

    ‘…The element is commonly referred to as pixies, brownies or (eastern) version jinni aka NeoCons certain Zionists who love to rend and tear everything apart..just for the sake of doing it, provoking disorder-which is all they know.’

    That, unfortunately, does describe a certain Jewish tendency. It was tolerable — perhaps even useful — when their power was limited. ‘Two Jews — three opinions.’ How cute. Jews as in Woody Allen’s parents as portrayed in Annie Hall are fine. They can be that way; I’m not about to try to fine-tune every culture in the world.

    But what we’re seeing now is what happens when Jews get into the driver’s seat. It doesn’t work so well.

    • Replies: @elmerfudzie
  180. roonaldo says:

    Well I’ll be darned, those clever ancients not only quarried, dressed, and transported phenomenally massive stones with which to casually construct magnificent edifices using but copper tools and tenacious fingernails, they nonchalantly and precisely mapped the entire globe with only rudimentary math and no clocks for calculating longitude. Had they bronze implements and a chronometer or two, they’d have surely flown to the moon!

    In the 14th century, medieval sailors acquired accurate sea charts, mostly of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, known as “portolanos,” such as the Dulcert Portolano of 1339. In 1929, the Piri Re’is map of 1513 was rediscovered, which traced the shores of the entire Atlantic Ocean. Oddly, many of the lines on these maps radiate like spokes on a wheel, and it appears the lines were to help mariners find compass courses. The mariner’s compass had come into use in Europe about the time these charts appeared.

    There is no discernable development of these charts–the ones appearing in the 14th century were just as good as those that appeared in the 16th century. A leading authority in the field, A. E. Nordenskiold, who compiled an impressive Atlas of these charts, pointed out that they are much to accurate to have been drawn by medieval sailors, and concluded they must have originated in ancient times. Nordenskiold saw that all the portolanos were copies of an unknown original he termed the “normal portolano.”

    In his classic 1966 work “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings; Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ancient World,” Professor Charles Hapgood and his students analyze these maps, which portray features of all continents, deciphering the type of projection of the original and other details. Many could only have been produced using spherical trigonometry.

    Hapgood enlisted the aid and sought the opinions of military cartographic analysts. The book contains letters from Captain Lorenzo W. Burroughs,Chief, Cartographic Section, 8th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron (SAC), Westover Air Force Base, Massachusetts, and Harold Z. Ohlmeyer, Lt. Colonel USAF, Commander of the same outfit. There is enough technical and mathematical material in the book to stir the blood of even the coldest, most calculating Unz curmudgeon.

  181. @Colin Wright

    To Colin Wright from elmerfudzie. Keep in mind that not all Zionists practice Judaism, some of them have Jewish sounding surnames but are at bottom, atheists and or humanists. These so called “Jews” never cracked open a Torah, know nothing of the first five books of the Christian bible nor are they familiar with the commentaries of the Midrash.

    My response to your “fine-tuning” comment is basically this, Zionism can be interpreted as secularization of the messianic idea, with Jewry of today taking the first step forward for the sake of fundamental global changes rather than wait for the Messiah to come. Unfortunately these same Zionists use the tools of war and hate speech rather than make great leaps of progress through acts of love, generosity, voluntary sharing, tolerance, anti-usury, these combined with a competitive spirit and interstate commerce based on Capitalism not Bolshevism. Instead, these apocalyptic “Jews” and their cohort so-called, “Christian” fundamentalists promote themes like the end of the world is coming and “competition is a sin” a phrase issued from the lips of that American icon of industry, John D. Rockefeller. His descendant, Jay Rockefeller added that creating the Internet was a mistake. The moguls of today who are successors to the five Rockefeller brothers share a bottomless desire for population control, raw power (militarization), social credit systems, mass surveillance, digital currencies to trace every purchase or transaction. A dystopian nightmare scenario that has little to do with what practicing Jews (liberal, orthodox or conservative) or real peace loving Christians are doing on a day-to-day basis. The moguls are a bunch of nut bars, who truly believe they can corral humanity into debt slavery and indentured servitude while gathering feudal riches and power for themselves.

    These same moguls are derived from every race and ethnic group and suffer from group think and psychosis. Over the last one hundred years have consolidated into fewer and fewer hands (via two world wars) financial and military power and are about to initiate another world war for a god called Nihilism.

    I hold little hope for our future and can only advocate intense prayer for peace -no matter what deity one may believe in. Get on it, time is short!!

  182. Anonymous[377] • Disclaimer says:
    @David Homer

    Not a single pyramid has any evidence of having ever been built for or used as a tomb.

    And there are no inscriptions in the pyramids. None.

    Stop spewing BS.

  183. Anonymous[377] • Disclaimer says:

    The Z-pinch being observed in the sky doesn’t imply aliens, it implies electric discharges between heavenly bodies.

    I suggest you look into the Electric Universe community. Anyone with a year or two of electricity and electromagnets classes can see that they are on the right track and that the mainstream cosmology is very much off the rails.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  184. Anonymous[377] • Disclaimer says:

    Piracy is still an ongoing problem in the Caribbean, Malaysia, the Red Sea/Horny of Africa, and other locales to this very day.

  185. Eireannach says: • Website

    I’m privileged to hear that option about Plato from a philosopher genius like yourself.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  186. Blissex says:

    The most interesting ancient text for me is this description that was written and translated well before modern tech:

    22. And Ahura Mazda spake unto Yima, saying: ‘O fair Yima, son of Vivanghat! Upon the material world the evil winters are about to fall, that shall bring the fierce, deadly frost; upon the material world the evil winters are about to fall, that shall make snow-flakes fall thick, even an aredvi deep on the highest tops of mountains.
    23. ‘And the beasts that live in the wilderness, and those that live on the tops of the mountains, and those that live in the bosom of the dale shall take shelter in underground abodes. […]
    27. ‘Thither thou shalt bring the seeds of men and women, of the greatest, best, and finest on this earth; thither thou shalt bring the seeds of every kind of cattle, of the greatest, best, and finest on this earth.
    28. ‘Thither thou shalt bring the seeds of every kind of tree, of the highest of size and sweetest of odour on this earth; thither thou shalt bring the seeds of every kind of fruit, the best of savour and sweetest of odour. All those seeds shalt thou bring, two of every kind, to be kept inexhaustible there, so long as those men shall stay in the Vara.
    29. ‘There shall be no humpbacked, none bulged forward there; no impotent, no lunatic; no malicious, no liar; no one spiteful, none jealous; no one with decayed tooth, no leprous to be pent up, nor any of the brands wherewith Angra Mainyu stamps the bodies of mortals.
    30. ‘In the largest part of the place thou shalt make nine streets, six in the middle part, three in the smallest. To the streets of the largest part thou shalt bring a thousand seeds of men and women; to the streets of the middle part, six hundred; to the streets of the smallest part, three hundred. That Vara thou shalt seal up with thy golden seal, and thou shalt make a door, and a window self-shining within.’ […]
    39. O Maker of the material world, thou Holy One! What are the lights that give light in the Vara which Yima made?
    40. Ahura Mazda answered: ‘There are uncreated lights and created lights. The one thing missed there is the sight of the stars, the moon, and the sun, and a year seems only as a day.
    41. ‘Every fortieth year, to every couple two are born, a male and a female. And thus it is for every sort of cattle.

  187. Blissex says:

    «Ok, if humans could develop to the present level in 12,000 years, and they arose about 200,000 years ago, why did not they give birth to civilisations for tens of thousands of years?»

    That is a more serious question than it looks, because it is related to another question, why didn’t the “industrial revolution” happen for thousands of years?

    The latter question is part of the topic of “development economics” that has been systematically erased in many Business Economics departments and institutes, as contrary to the capitalist/libertarian propaganda that history is a linear progress from savagery to the “Washington Consensus”, at which point it ends, because the most perfect system has been reached under USA’s “pax americana”.

    There are many attempts to explain the “industrial revolution”, and they usually mention both enabling factors like population density, labor scarcity, discovery of cheap fuels, and contextual factors like cultural and religious climates that make it less dangerous to change established economic and political structures,

    Given that it has taken only 100-200 years for the “industrial revolution” to happen, the questions are:

    * Not just why it happened just once since the Sumerians, but why it has not happened ever before.

    * If it did happen before, where are the traces of it having happened.

    As to the latter question, the environment is a lot more changeable over the long period than many people realize: ocean levels can go up and down by 120 meters, deserts turn into jungles and jungles into deserts, huge volcano eruptions create global autumns or winters, underwater slides create massive tsunamis, etc. etc. etc., all over a modest scale of thousands of years or dozens of thousands of years. The 11000 BCE meteor impact, or the 75000 BCE Toba eruptions, may have obliterated some civilizations. Since the oral record has memories of some obliterations, I suspect that 11000 BCE saw indeed the end of an “industrial revolution” level civilizations, and perhaps more than one.

  188. @Hardrock

    The linguist Noam Chomsky has, I believe, latched onto that date as the time when some mutation occurred which allowed us to have language.

    I have never been impressed with his views on linguistics, and others have given what I believe is strong evidence that earlier hominids had language, even if it wasn’t as sophisticated as our languages are.

  189. Roger says:
    @René Fries

    So, I took your advice and started following links deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole and found nothing at all to substantiate your wild claim as seen above in Comment #174. Instead, it appears that you have expanded said claim to include the Germanic peoples, who can now be assumed to have “saved” humanity from absolute extinction. In everything which I read, the quote below is the only thing I found applicable, but this actually changed the narrative. The appropriate phrase is “we, the creators of modern civilization”.

    “Après nous, le déluge.”

    That’s literally what seems to happen if by “nous” (NOT “vous”, in the original French saying) is meant “we, the creators of modern civilization” – that’s to say, essentially the Germanic tribes of Western Europe, see . ALL other tribes, Chinese (Han), Indian, Inca, Maori, Kalmouk, Bantu etc etc have contributed exactly NOTHING to the said modernity. Now, let all those folks be promoted as the paragons of the Future, then the said déluge certainly will happen. Could be the big surprise for those BIPOCs that they themselves will be swept away in the first place.

    Now, saying that Germanic tribes produced modern civilization is one thing. Claiming that they are solely responsible for the fact that there are people living on Earth today is something else entirely. In fact, it can be argued from your logic that modern civilization alone could have saved humanity from extinction. Without such civilization inspired by those tribes, the population of the world would have just dwindled away until there was no one left.

    This is ludicrous. The population of the world has risen and fallen, ebbed and flowed, over time from the very beginning, even before so-called modern civilization was even a “twinkle in its creator’s eye”. It will continue that way until the very end of the world, whether or not “modern civilization” remains. Even if humanity regresses all the way back to the Second Stone Age, people will live and reproduce and they will do so naturally, with or without promptings and encouragement from so-called superior races.

    One thing which cannot be argued, however, is that modern civilization HAS produced the means and the power to end life on earth, not just human life, but ALL life. If modern civilization is the result of centuries of “enlightenment” by Germanic tribes, then it can be said that they will be responsible if those means are used to destroy the planet and everything in it.

    One more thing. If said total destruction occurs, it will begin in the House of Modern Civilization at which so many people worship.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @René Fries
  190. ‘Female Warriors’

    Blame Neal Stephenson and his commentaries, scifi novelists who is their need to placate and tend the feelies of their (book buying) female readership , promote the laughable idea that females routinely went into battles against men.

    Women buy and read more books than men, therfore everything ‘book’ has to cater to female feelies.

    I am reading Stephenson’s Mongoliad triology (Frankish knights on a secret crusade against the Mongol Khan) at the moment, the female shieldwarrior thing is a big thing in these books. Also Binders, a female secret agent society. Think Dune and the Bene Gesserat.

    Apart from the book describing longswords and longbows a hundred plus years before they were invented or used, a great read.

  191. @Blissex

    The industrial revolution took 2000 plus years to happen. from the Greek science through the Roman engineering, the European medieval information gathering from many cultures and schools. then it happened. The British industrial revolution borrowed heavily from the ruins of the French economy.

    Look how many early old industrial words are French not English.

    The Indonesian culture prob stone maybe copper bronze , then the ice melted and the flooding swamped and destroyed their civilization. their artifacts are buried a hundred feet down and rotted away.

  192. @John Pepple

    A reason for language is necessary for language to evolve and grow.

    I invent a new gegaw, it has a round end not a boring triangular one, so it gets called roundgegaw, then gets shortened to rogaw because people are lazy and deaf. voila a new word is born.

    Hence the push for PC conformity, and restricting free speech today, Orwell describes the reason in 1984.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  193. @Beyond the pale and fedup

    Humans have always had two languages:

    Language 1 is the language of the common people. It grows chaotically to meet the needs of everyday life.

    Language 2 is the language of the elites/ruling classes. It sings their glories and teaches loyalty and obedience to them. It is spread by propaganda and intimidation. It mocks the language of the common people.

    Language 1 survives the collapse of the empire to influence the future.

    Language 2 dies when the empire dies.

  194. hankjr says:

    “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

  195. anarchyst says:

    The question:

    why didn’t the “industrial revolution” happen for thousands of years?

    ..deserves an answer.

    Most people (even supposedly educated types) overlook the utilization of energy.
    Until approximately 300 years ago, the horse and oxen were the premier “tops” of the energy market. Animal power was the apex of energy production. The ability to cultivate large farming operations and move massive loads was the primary use of animal energy, on a large scale.
    The next step was steam engines. The first hydrocarbon revolution was on with the use of coal as a heat source.
    Enter liquefied hydrocarbons about 150 years ago. The amount of energy available in hydrocarbons relative to the size and compactness of hydrocarbon products was massive and helped fuel the industrial revolution.
    Not only that, it fueled societal changes as well. From energy production using coal and natural gas to the creation of the automobile utilizing gasoline, hydrocarbons have done more to liberate mankind from a 19th century existence to the abundance we have today.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  196. anarchyst says:

    Total destruction will occur at the hands of the jews.
    Look up the “samson option”.
    Jews would rather destroy humanity than let loose even one shekel.
    You see, jews are even more rabidly anal about “disrespect” than even blacks due to their jewish supremacist and eternal victimhood positions.
    Israel’s nukes are already in place in cities around the world and ready to go at a moment’s notice.
    Jews already exercised their nuclear expertise with the destruction of the WTC on 9-11.
    The amount of heat generated (for months) by the destruction of the WTC can only mean one thing–nukes.

  197. @nokangaroos

    It´s an interesting idea for the Nummulites limestones of the pyramid mantle,
    yes; they would, if poured, be really hard to distinguish from quarried.
    But how about the (bigger!) granites and dolerites? Forget about pouring –
    besides the quarries including the half-finished stones are still there, 600km away.

    Thanks for your reply. I went back and reviewed the book. Here are a few tidbits from Davidovits book which may clarify his point of view:

    The formation that the Giza pyramids sit upon is comprised of a nummulitic, marly limestone sandwiched between two layers of much harder nummulite. The softer, middle layer is unsuitable for carving but de-aggregates in water very quickly because of its high kaolinite content. It was quarried at outcrops about a quarter-mile downslope from the Giza pyramids themselves.

    Since kaolinite swells when exposed to water, the whole stone breaks down in a few hours without having to be crushed. Once de-aggregated, small amounts (.5-1%) natron and 1-2% lime – abundantly available in ancient Egypt – can be added to the slurry to form a mixture that, because of the high kaolinite content in the quarried stone, eventually hardens to a much stronger state (geopolymer) than found in modern cements, cements which, incidentally, require 15-20% binder versus the 2-3% binder needed for the geopolymer pyramid blocks. Compression studies have shown that a one-ton geopolymer block can support 700 one-ton blocks above it, giving a safety factor of 3 to 1 for the great pyramid.

    Optical microscopy cannot distinguish the micritic ground matrix of geopolymer concrete from that of naturally occurring rock. However, scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) can make this identification. SEM and TEM studies, in addition to NMR and paleomagnetic studies from various research groups, have confirmed that the majority of stones in the Giza pyramids must be re-aggregates of the geopolymer type, although the precise compositions differ between the harder casing stones and most of the stones in the interior.

    In the Cheops pyramid, there are also granite ashlars above the Kings Chamber as well as some hewn stones along the base of the pyramid, particularly along the NE side. According to Davidovits, use of hewn stone in Egyptian monuments had a particular religious significance associated with the god Atum, who carves the world into existence, while use of re-aggregated stone as a significance associated with the older god Khnum, who kneads the world into existence. Monuments that employ both traditions of stone work may have promoted religious reconciliation in some circumstances.

    With regard to size of maximum size of geopolymer blocks, Davidovits has examined a 500-ton block found in the mortuary temple of the Chephren pyramid. The block seems to have been originally plated with something to make it appear as granite. Today, the bare rock reveals a layered structure, with layers considerably thinner than those of the quarried limestone. The layers also show a particular wavey pattern uncommon in naturally occurring sedimentary rock but common in cements poured in layers, so called “lift lines.” It would appear that material was poured into an enormous wooden form in successive days, allowing some hardening or thickening between applications.

    Having digested some of these points, I started to wonder, “has anyone studied the Baalbek pregnant woman stone or the megaliths of South America from this point of view? At the website of the Institut Geopolymere ( I found an update: SEM and TEM studies of the stones at several sites in South America show the use of geopolymer techniques, even in the case of an anorthosite object, which was shown to contain high amounts of organic material, impossible in naturally occurring anorthosite rock formed at magma temperatures that would vaporize organic compounds. The presence of organic compounds confirms the legends of the locals that the builders used herbs to “soften the rocks,” i. e., help de-aggregation, I suppose. The South American study also identified a 10-meter long block of what appears to be red sandstone to actually be a geopolymer block. There is also an article on why alkali activation alone is not geopolymerization, “a common mistake made by civil engineers.”

    • Thanks: Alrenous
    • Replies: @Alrenous
    , @nokangaroos
  198. Alrenous says: • Website

    Honestly I have to applaud the sarcasm. Perfectly executed.

  199. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Passing By

    Don’t forget the time the Mediterranean sea woke up one day, got a cup of coffee, and refilled from the Atlantic ocean.

  200. Alrenous says: • Website

    You’ve misunderstood the question.

    Yes, energy usage blah blah etc.

    The question is: why didn’t anyone think to burn coal to run machines? Why didn’t Hero think to hook up a gear to his engine? According to the Progressive (Egalitarian) orthodoxy, humans have been anatomically modern – as in, having modern IQs – for between 50,000 and 150,000 years.

    Speaking of the Greeks (who the heterodox know were clearly much smarter than modern man) they almost thought of the theory of evolution by means of natural selection. However, after treading a few miles down the path, they got bored and wandered off instead of walking all the way to the end. Likewise Democritus’ atomic theory was in fact quantum chromodynamics…except the part where the shapes involved were a couple orders of magnitude too crude. Again, the only thing lacking was persistence. According to Orthodoxy, there’s no particular reason we couldn’t have had quantum theory in like 98,000 BC.

    You’re not supposed to think about it. Haven’t even bothered with a cope story.

    (Sadly such a misunderstanding is very much in-character. I expect the misunderstanding to persist.)

  201. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Moms Basement

    Is the middle layer what the eroded enclosure of the Sphinx made of?

    • Replies: @Moms Basement
  202. Richard B says:

    Archeology was one of the last holdouts in the social sciences against the woke takeover, but it has become so determined to unearth Queer Vikings, transgender skeletons, and ancient female warriors, that the best people are dropping out of universities and doing the work of real discovery online and often anonymously.

    That’s a step in the right direction for two reasons: Amateurization and Economics.

    1. Western Civilization (the land of whiteness) was created by people who today would be classed as amateurs. It is being destroyed by people who proudly (and pretentiously) identify as professionals (after all, the phrase credentialed mediocrity is well known to TUR readers, contributors and commenters for a reason).

    Remember, Kant was the first professional philosopher. Which means philosophy was around for well over 2,000 years before the first professional appeared on the scene. How did that turn out for philosophy? Well, less than 100 years later, though he acknowledged Kan’t enormous contribution, Nietzsche ridiculed professional academic philosophers, especially the timid conformists who believed that the state was the highest goal of mankind. Saying that any worldview, which is what a philosophy amounts to, that believes that the problem of existence is touched on, not to say solved, by a political event (or party) is a joke – and a pseudo-philosophy.

    And he was talking about 19th century Germany, where the intellectual standard was, well, there’s no comparison, because there at least was an intellectual standard. Whereas the university in the US (and Europe) in bowing to the anti-scientific, pseudo-intellectual, pre-modern verbal cancer that is Woke Supremacy Inc. has abandoned any standard today. Which is why instead of the university being The House of The Intellect is now The Home of Barbarism, and why an “A” at Harvard today stands for “Average” (an august institution is the last thing Harvard is. And not just Harvard).

    Also, Darwin himself was, by today’s modern “professional” standards, an amateur naturalist of a very traditional English sort. Anthropology was founded by Edward Tyler in 1871 with the publication of his massive work, Primitive Culture: Researches into the Development of Mythology, Philosophy, Religion, Language, Art, and Custom. But it wasn’t until 1896 that Oxford fully recognized the new science, established a professorship of anthrophology, and gave it to Tyler.

    And, of course, it was the amateur tradition that was so vital in the life of Geothe. Just as it was that tradition that helped convince Wordsworth and Coleridge that to be poets at all they’d have to be philosophers and critics. Say what you want about them in that regard there is no question that they both held themselves to the highest possible standard imaginable at the time. A standard that, again, doesn’t even exist today. Which brings us to the second reason for why I regard the last clause in the above quote above to be a step in the right direction. The economic impact on our social institutions.

    2. Since it takes a far greater capital investment to revitalize a deteriorating social institution than it does to start a new one, it would be far better for all involved to allow the university to go its declining way and instead start new institutions dedicated to the cultural values that are so essential to human survival.

    And since not just our teaching-learning institutions, but all of our social institutions are in free fall in large part due to the overevaluation of professionalism, which has been anything but a mixed blessing, it’s time to praise and practice the virtues of amateurization while mocking the many failures of the professionals – or, the credentialed mediocrity.

    What is meant by the phrase cultural values will be addressed in a follow up comment.

    • Agree: René Fries
    • Replies: @Richard B
  203. Richard B says:
    @Richard B

    Cultural Values

    Put bluntly, and to cut to the chase, by cultural values is meant a culture’s adaptational values. The values that satisfy a culture’s interests. And by interests is not meant motive or intention, but adaptational interests. The interests that improve a culture’s ability to adapt to the world and adapt the world to itself, since any culture or individual must do both. That’s why there’s always a conflict between the interests of the individual and the group. A conflict, moreover, that can never be solved by deciding in favor of one or the other.

    If a culture values its survival in a world such as ours, which is more complex, unpredictable, and problem-laden than every before in human history, the culture must train its individuals in problem-solving techniques that better ensure its survival. And that includes enhancing the quality of life. Since, obviously, if the quality of life is low one is far less motivated to fight for their survival.

    Such an education was in place in the West, but it was more implicit than explicit. In other words, its value was taken for granted, but never really articulated or properly understood. But by the second half of the 20th century we began to develop a richer comprehension of human behavior and acquire a far better knowledge of exactly what is meant by the term high culture. In other words, it was given more theoretical and empirical content. The reaction was predictable. It was either ignored or attacked. Over time, Supremacy Inc. simply eliminated high culture from higher education, while appealing to the lowest common demoninator by lowering standards and fanning the flames of race and religious hate, effectively ending higher education. We are living with the consequences today.

    The most obvious and devastating consequence is that both individual and institutional behavior is becoming progressively more maladaptive and therefore poses a genuine civilizational threat by undermining even the relatively normal functioning of its social institutions.

    In any event, simply put, training in high culture consists of prolonged problem-exposure and solution postponement, so as to prevent the premature termination of data-gathering. These, together with emotional detachment require high intelligence, the ability to withstand severe intellectual pressure, and of course delayed gratification, not to mention the capacity for self-criticism without anxiety (something no member of Woke Supremacy Inc. possesses) The result of such rigorous training is the ability to tolerate the cognitive tension, psychological disorientation, and emotional distrubance that comes with all problem-solving.

    In this way the culture, as it were, develops a better, more adaptive habit of mind by training itself to search for and solve its problems, not run from them by virtue signalling.

    Higher education – real higher education – entails training the individual to engage in longer and longer periods of explanatory or theoretical discourse together with a steady reduction of value statements, especially unanalyzed value statements that are used to terminate the problem-solving process itself, because those who indulge in this destructive practice can not tolerate the tension, disorientation and disturbance that comes from any problem-solving, let alone high level problem-solving. This is why such people are so dangerous whenever they get into positions of power, like they are now.

    That’s why, to repeat what I said in the previous comment it would be far better for all involved to allow the university to go its declining way and instead start new institutions dedicated to the cultural values that are so essential to our adaptational needs. That is to say, to human survival.

    Naturally, given the current cultural situation, those institutions would more than likely be founded by amateurs. Of course, one way for the professionals to atone for their many crimes against humanity would be to fund such institutions. Of course, none of this is ever likely to happen. But you’ve got to admit, the thought does have its charms.

    • Agree: René Fries
  204. @Moms Basement

    Thanks …
    the “polymer” part put me off initially; so the dood is a cement engineer
    with delusions of grandeur but lays the finger on a major chasm:
    The geologists know how to find and evaluate cement marls but have only
    nebulous ideas what the Kabbalists with the pointy hats do with them,
    while these start with the calcinated product and watch what it does but have no idea
    how rock forms naturally, and neither of them can talk to the archeologists.
    Mixed field courses go a long way but have become harder to get funding for
    (we once did Roman ceramics for the Ancient gals, and it was manna from Heaven
    for them 😀 )
    – Overall, it doesn´t pass the smell test … the oh-so-misunderstood secret genius
    trope is thick with this one (and disputes over apocryphal samples! Holy cow.);
    in addition:
    – The organic compounds I´ll believe when I see them (and not a DTG but a GC-MS)
    – Cement phases are unstable and should show different weathering behavior, and
    – they should show easily enough in the XRD

    • Replies: @Mom's Basement
  205. @Alrenous

    Is the middle layer what the eroded enclosure of the Sphinx made of?

    Yes. The sphinx is located down-slope from the Giza pyramids. The body of the sphinx was left over from excavation of the softer, light brown limestone in the middle section of the Mokkatam formation. The excavated material may have been used to build some of the temples in the area.

    The head was carved from an isolated prominence of the harder, grey limestone at the top of the Mokkatam formation. The soft body of the sphinx rests on the hard bottom layer of the Mokkatam. So, the soft material sandwiched between these two hard layers.

    The head, composed of harder limestone, has withstood erosion for eons, but the softer body has been severely eroded by water even though buried in sand for much of its existence. The mechanism of water erosion is still controversial. Perhaps related to procedures involving disaggregation with water during quarrying?

    • Thanks: Alrenous
    • Replies: @Alrenous
  206. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Moms Basement

    You still have a long row to hoe if you want to say it’s anything but rain. I was merely thinking that if they’re heavy in kaolinite then surprisingly little water would be needed to explain the observable erosion, meaning there’s a wider variety of plausible models. Perhaps a modest number of freak storms could do it; that sort of thing. It’s not like it never rains in the desert, it’s merely very rare.

    Otherwise you have to go back to 12,000 BC when it was much wetter in Egypt. That’s the tail end of the true ice age isn’t it? Beginning of the interglacial?

    If you want a fun myth, perhaps the Sphinx was quarried-in-place back when it was rainy in Egypt, which, when it rained on it, is how they found out the aggregate limestone was easily disaggregated. Also why there’s only one statue carved from the bedrock and everything else was built on top.

  207. @Roger

    Claiming that they are solely responsible for the fact that there are people living on Earth today is something else entirely. In fact, it can be argued from your logic that modern civilization alone could have saved humanity from extinction. Without such civilization inspired by those tribes, the population of the world would have just dwindled away until there was no one left. — This is ludicrous.

    I by no means claimed that “they are solely responsible for the fact that there are people living on Earth today”. There would have been people OF COURSE, but not we ourselves. You seem to have overlooked the following SELF-EVIDENT statement “So, the said ‘interrelated set’ precisely is what made possible the existence of each and every human being currently living, insofar as without the said set, none of the modern scientific achievements would have been possible. This concretely means that without the vaccinations commenced around 1800, a great many of our direct ancestors wouldn’t have survived, which concretely means that the ‘dissemination of genes’ would have taken another course in each family, which concretely means that you and I and your and my neighbors simply would not exist.”

    BTW, Mircea Eliade has shown that “(…) l’expérience de l’espace sacré rend possible la ‘fondation du Monde’: là où le sacré se manifeste dans l’espace, le réel se dévoile, le Monde vient à l’existence // (…) the experience of the sacred space makes possible the ‘foundation of the world‘: where the sacred manifests itself in the space, reality unveils itself, the world comes into existence”, Le sacré et le profane, éditions Gallimard, Paris 1965, p. 60, italics in the original, bold writing mine – – – in other words, without that “sentiment sentiment propre et isolable, celui du Sacré” (no translation needed) spoken of by Rudolf Otto in Le Sacré, Petite bibliothèque Payot, Paris 1969, humanity probably would have been a complete failure long ago. What’s more, R. Otto says that “les éléments non-rationnels qui restent vivaces et vivants dans une religion la préservent de dégénérer en rationalisme. Les éléments rationnels dont elle est abondamment saturée la préservent de tomber dans le fanatisme ou le mysticisme ou d’y demeurer et l’élèvent au rang de religion qualitativement supérieure, cultivée, de religion de l’humanité. La présence de ces deux éléments et leur saine et parfaite harmonie forment un critère pour mesurer la supériorité d’une religion, et c’est là un critère proprement religieux. D’après ce critère aussi, le christianisme a une supériorité absolue sur toutes les religions du monde // the non-rational elements that remain vivid and living in a religion preserve it from degenerating into rationalism. The rational elements of which it is abundantly saturated, preserve it from falling into fanaticism or mysticism or to remain therein, and elevate it onto the rank of a qualitatively superior and cultivated religion, the religion of Humanity. The presence of these two elements and their sane and perfect harmony form a criterion to measure the superiority of a religion, and this is a strictly religious criterion. Following that criterion also, Christianism has an absolute superiority over all other religions of the world”, op. cit., p. 194 – the said superiority, even for “unbelievers”, being amply and conclusively demonstrated by the fact that it was Christianity (and NOT Buddhism, Zûrvanism, Shintoism, Voodoo, Islam etc) that produced modernity, as I have had the pleasure to substantiate. Be it said in fine that up to the Renaissance +/-, the term “Christianity” was synonymous with “Europe”, as one can see by reading original documents such as, for instance, G. de Villehardouin/R. De Clari, Ceux qui conquirent Constantinople, éditions 10/18, Paris 1966, the word still being written, back then, “chrestienté” (nowadays: “chrétienté”).

  208. ivan says:

    I recall being impressed by Hancock’s first book or at least his first popular book, since he was bringing to common knowledge certain “facts”. His later books though were repetitive and his publishers seem to have a penchant for “padding”. Overall I find Hancock quite the propagandist since he ignores certain obvious explanations in favour of breathless speculations. He certainly is no scholar, just someone with some stories to tell.

  209. Steven80 says:

    I don’t want to destroy the mystery, but I think there is an explanation at least for some of the phenomena:

    “When you see strange grid-like formations on the seafloor while using an online mapping tool, what you are really seeing is two (or more) different maps layered on top of each other. One map may show a large, low-resolution picture of the ocean floor. This map will show little detail and will look smooth. The other map, or ‘data set,’ often looks like a bunch of grid-like lines overlaying the smooth, low-detail map. The path of the lines show the paths traveled by the ships that gathered these higher-resolution sonar readings of smaller patches of the ocean.”

    Saying this, there is a huge discrepancy between satellite and sonar mapping. And if there were cities, the scale will be probably smaller, those lines on the maps are just huge, and sustaining life and civilization composed of such large creatures seems unlikely, not at least their number will be limited.

  210. Episode one of Ancient Apocalypse is entertaining and interesting, whats missing is details of what is claimed for demographics, for example how big a population, and many people would be required to build a stepped reinforced earthen pyramid as in that Indonesian one. And what time period.

    Thta mortar looked more like vegetable matter than cement, give us some chemistry details.

    What tech level did they likely achieve before the comet and sea level apocalypse, stone age or were they metal workers, if so then theres likely to be evidence.

    What was found in those cultural layers.

    We now know from research and educated guesses from civil and mechanical engineers and architects as how the Egyptian pyramids were constructed.

  211. S says:

    * If it [an industrial revolution] did happen before, where are the traces of it having happened.

    That’s a good question. Unfortunately, there are those who want something so badly to be true, that they will hoax it or interpret it through the lens of self-deception, such as pre-Columbian Vikings in Minnesota, or Roman’s in Arizona, which invariably have been proven false. Has anyone ever verified the reported ‘batteries’ being discovered in coal seams, for instance.

    The truth is interesting and fascinating enough, such as Vikings were in New Foundland in 1000 AD and there was that Greek ‘computer’ from about 2000 years ago.

    Unfortunately, people want to add to it all too often and then one has to separate the wheat from the chaff.

  212. @nokangaroos

    Perhaps it is premature, based on presumed egotism of one researcher, to dismiss, a reasonable explanation for the building of the pyramids without resort to levitation or dragging all of the almost countless multi-ton stones up ramps. All serious researchers concede the some types of stones were dragged up ramps – the ramps are there; some stones still sit in quarries, etc., but dragging all of the pyramid stones to their present locations over a reasonable period of time is a stretch.

    As I recall, one computer simulation has suggested that, without the poured stone technology, 80,000 workers would be required on the Giza Plateau in order the finish the Cheops pyramid in the 20 years claimed by Herodotus. By contrast, pouring of geopolymer concrete would require a little over 2,000 workers over the same time period. Archaeologists have estimated the population of the pyramid workers village to be about this number – a tad over 2,000.

    Besides, there are a number of researchers other than Davidovits who have come to the same conclusion concerning poured stone. Two geophysicists with no direct association with Davidovits, Tunyi and El-Hamley (the later working at an institute in Cairo), in “Paleomagnetic Investigation of the Great Egyptian Pyramids”, Europhysics News, 43/6, pp. 28-31 (2012), based their conclusion upon a paleomagnetic study of pyramid blocks versus quarry rock. Of the four pyramid blocks sampled, three showed orientation of ferromagnetic particles in the same S-N direction one would expect for stone poured and hardened during geologically recent times. Only one pyramid stone differed – it was oppositely oriented, N-S (showing that not all stones were poured or that some were rearranged at a later time). None of the 30-million-year-old Eocene quarry rocks from three quarry sites showed the present S-N orientation.

    More recently, the Belgian physicist Guy Demortier used 35 rock samples from the pyramids and quarries, collected unofficially by 10 researchers, including physicists, chemists, an engineer, a geologist, a geographer, a biologist, and one Egyptologist, for PIXE and PIGE microanalysis. From these measurements, Demortier was able to construct computerized 2-D distribution maps of various elements in pyramid-block samples and quarry samples. 2-D maps of pyramid samples show quite heterogenous distributions of many elements consistent with rapid mixing and solidifying, whereas 2-D maps of the quarry rocks show uniform distribution of those same elements. Differing overall element concentrations were also noted. Demortier was humble enough to admit, in retrospect, that high-tech X-ray diffraction studies are not actually needed. It has now proved sufficient to lick the stones – the pyramid stones are salty; the quarry stones are not.

    It’s a shame that researchers have to go to such clandestine lengths to obtain sufficient sample numbers. This can be blamed on the Egyptian government itself, which in 1981, on the heels of the announcement by Davidovits that the pyramid blocks might have been poured, strictly prohibited any gathering of samples, even by qualified researchers.

    A very famous Egyptologist and government official, probably responsible for the ban on sample collection, once imperiously proclaimed that the chemists and other researchers who want to study the stones are “STUPID” and “INSULTANT.” Here is where the delusions of grandeur are to be found. I suppose it’s an occupational hazard of stewardship over so much ancient wonder.

  213. I finally started watching this episode last night. I am a little perplexed because the contentions made by the journalist have been part of an argument that stretches back more than twenty years. That in fact, there are civilizations that were advanced that experienced some Earthly catastrophic event.

    I am not sure why this hard to accept as a possibility . . . the Earth’s forces are such that no man made structure could withstand the earth simply opening up and swallowing whole hundreds of miles without so much as a blink. I am finding the program interesting but I will make this observation . . .

    Those who believe in the Ancient Astronaut Theory seem to have gotten there some time ago — every site save one has been featured and discussed by those that claim, the wise man who arrives to restart or initiate human civilization are in fact visitors from other planets.

    Continental Drift was once thought nonsense.

    Imagine a Krakatoa in Detroit Michigan or Paris . . . Newbury Connecticut. The quake of 1806 is said to have completely reversed the course of rivers. And by description represents one the most if nit the most powerful quake in North America.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  214. @EliteCommInc.

    Note: I am not a subscriber to either position, but considering how many times science has had to do about faces, completely closing doors on unique perspectives as opposed to debating them seems to counter the academic principle of the dialectic.

  215. anarchyst says:

    What archaeologists, geologists and other “scientists” miss, either by arrogance or outright deception is that the utilization of energy is what drives the advancement of all of humankind.
    The greater the ability to harness and utilize energy sources, the higher the level of civilization.
    Humankind has graduated from utilizing fire from dung, wood and anything else that will burn) to using coal, coke and other solid hydrocarbon fuels.
    With the discovery of solid, (coal and coke) liquid and gaseous fuels (oil) with a much higher energy content, it was now possible to utilize energy to power much more massive machines.
    First of all, let’s get rid of the term “fossil fuels”. Naturally-occurring hydrocarbons are “abiotic”. Hydrocarbon products are constantly being created deep within the earth by yet-unknown processes well below the layers that contain fossils. Keep in mind that hydrocarbons migrate upward and pass through “fossil layers” picking up remnants of “fossil” material; hence, the present-day scientists’ erroneous, mistaken assumption that hydrocarbons are derived from “fossils”.
    Naturally-occurring hydrocarbons have done more to advance civilization than any other influence.
    “Peak oil” is a discredited concept whose only purpose is to raise oil prices, nothing more. Follow the shekels.
    Now, we have the ability to create and control nuclear energy, which should elevate mankind even further. We are on the cusp of creating and utilizing nuclear fusion which should further elevate humanity. However, just like any other energy source, there are those who HATE the utilization of ANY source of energy, exposing their Luddite roots.
    It is the discovery, creation and utilization of ENERGY that propels civilizations upward and onward.
    As to manufacturing and product creation, hydrocarbons will be with us for a long time as most products either use or are created by the use of hydrocarbons.

  216. Date correction

    The Midwest earthquake that I referenced occurred in 1811.

    Wholly unintentional

  217. Anon[108] • Disclaimer says:

    What do you mean by this?

  218. Anon[108] • Disclaimer says:

    This is factually in correct. First of all just b/c currently west Asia is in poor conditions doesn’t mean anything to how it was in the past. And yes the base 60 system comes from west Asia. Iraq and Iran primarily. Also this isn’t some controversial mystery. The earth has 360+ days in a year. Almost 24 hours in a day. It makes sense that ancient man decided to use a base numerical system of 60 since it makes the most logical sense and is easier to do calculations for harvesting season. It shouldn’t be surprising that where the first recorded human civilizations arose that we currently get our basic usage of time from.

    And for most of recorded history Iraq was a jewel of human civilization. While most of the planet was far behind it.

    I can’t say anything about the origin of the inch since I haven’t researched it.

  219. oupeter says:
    @Old Brown Fool

    I have been interested in this area of “science” for a long time now and have noticed a few things. Many have been mocked for their views of ancients using astronomy and designing buildings to facilitate this. Now it seems that this is becoming accepted and even published in main stream science DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2215615119 as the Aztecs used the heavenly clock to guide their agriculture. Now in DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.ade1248 we find that there are projectile points from 16,000 years ago that are similar to others found in Japan. Now it has been published that people were living in the Americas at least 22,000 years ago because their fossil footprints have been found DOI: 10.1126/science.abg7586.
    The point is we don’t know what happened before and science is reluctant to go out on a limb to publicly entertain alternatives because its their career at stake.
    No I have no problem with the ability to hold the idea that there were older tech societies that went and taught the “primitives” because that is what we have done, isn’t it.
    There are also the stories of society collapsing and new societies forming from the Mayans. The press and associated idiots made a big noise about it as if the world was going to end at that time and date predicted, but like Y2K, letdown. But life is a cycle and that date could be the start of the change, we don’t know because for one we can’t go back and discuss it with the Mayans or read their books. Thanks religious fanatics.
    Another point that seems to be forgotten is that if you were going to move from place to place when there were “mile high glaciers” everywhere why on earth would you climb over them where there is no food and a strong likely-hood of early death? What is wrong with the sea shore? Warmer, plenty of food and if as suggested recently people had boats 200,000 or more years ago to move to some island groups in Asia. Boats are help you further faster than walking. Both of these ideas are not seriously considered by most archeologists because they have no fossils supporting this. Yet. It doesn’t help that they are not looking where the evidence should be, ie underwater. That doesn’t make them look any smarter either.
    Don’t you think it strange that most of the buildings discovered were of higher ground and survived a flood. Incidently there is a good geological record of glacial floods all over the world including Europe, S America, and the Middle East. As for the Americian “scablands” Hancock visits, well there is another in Russia.
    The hallmark of Critical Thinking is to be able to hold two opposing ideas and judge them on their merits. Archeologists have been dismissive of others and their ideas, but are slowly coming around to see the light.
    Were there places like Atlantis, probably, tech civilizations before us, probably, will we destroy our current civilization, looking at the world now, probably, will we leave many fossils and lasting monuments like those “primitives”, no.
    Will we be an unlikely hard to prove myth, probably. But that won’t prove we were not here.

  220. BlackFlag says:
    @Old Brown Fool

    Why is it that agriculture could not be developed until after the ice age? The ice didn’t cover the whole surface of the earth from 35 – 12k ya. Plenty of crops have been domesticated independently. You’d think there’d be at least a few biomes capable of supporting agriculture during those 23k years.

  221. Anonymous[291] • Disclaimer says:

    Some of Graham Hancocks theories seem to have been debunked:

    (World of Antiquity – What Graham Hancock Gets WRONG about Flood Myths)

  222. Atlantis is White Supremacist? No wonder I like it!

  223. @Joe Paluka

    If Hancock declared that all the ancient monuments around the world were built by advanced black trannies from Mars, there would be absolutely no criticism of him.

    Mmmm, maybe not. Mars looks like a wasteland but it was once said to have canals, which could only have been built by whites and therefore, by definition, white supremacists.

    The pyramids and similar were surely the work of gender fluid persons of color from Wakanda.

  224. Tsigantes says:

    Caught up with this rather late.
    From my Greek point of view here in Athens I’m astonished that yet another Atlantis documentary could raise any controversy at all, let alone much interest outside of the small minority perenially invested in occult speculation.

    The one thing we do know is that when US institutions launch an attack, it’s because they are either hiding something or who / whatever is under attack somehow contradicts their orhodoxy. So what on earth could be at the bottom of this manufactured outrage? Diversions like ‘racism’ and ‘equity’ don’t cut it here.

    Could it be that Dark Journalist and Joseph P. Farrell are on to something when they discuss the ‘Hot Zone’ ?

  225. @CelestiaQuesta

    This is also happening to every ancient culture western civilization destroyed, they’re invading us with impunity demanding reparations and starring roles in movies, advertisements, basically white replacement.

    Screw them.

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