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We Can’t Police These People
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After a jury found Derek Chauvin guilty on all three counts, people celebrated outside of the Hennepin County Government Center and marched downtown in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on April 20, 2021. (Credit Image: © Dominick Sokotoff / ZUMA Wire)
After a jury found Derek Chauvin guilty on all three counts, people celebrated outside of the Hennepin County Government Center and marched downtown in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on April 20, 2021. (Credit Image: © Dominick Sokotoff / ZUMA Wire)

“Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them.” – Thomas Jefferson

The trial was pointless. We knew the outcome. We knew the threat. Convict Derek Chauvin of murder, or cities will burn. Jurors surely knew they would be doxxed if they didn’t vote to convict; one potential juror was dismissed after he dared mention this fear.

There is a debate to be had about police conduct. I’m not going to back the blue unconditionally after Charlottesville, Ashli Babbit, and the ruthless manhunt for January 6 rioters. Derek Chauvin would have carried out the same orders against us. However, what Derek Chauvin did to George Floyd isn’t even close to what happened to white man Daniel Shaver, gunned down in a hotel hallway by a police officer who was later acquitted and was paid for his mental suffering. This is about race, not police. I expect police will crack down further on law-abiding whites while ignoring black crime.

The howls for Derek Chauvin’s head were primal. I haven’t heard such cries of triumph since O.J. Simpson was acquitted.

Of course, Derek Chauvin was hardly a champion of white identity. In 2018, the Twin Cities Pioneer Press gave a fawning profile to his then-wife, Hmong refugee Kellie Chauvin. She called her husband a “gentleman” and “just a softie.” Less than two years later, just three days after George Floyd’s death, she divorced him. Her lawyer told journalists about her “utmost sympathy” for Floyd’s family.

What’s so striking about the Derek Chauvin case is that it could have happened anywhere. Every police officer (or white person who lives in a black neighborhood) knows about the sob stories, the wailing, the lying, and the sudden switch from threats to begging and back again when blacks face cops. Floyd himself had tried this soft-shoe routine when he was arrested in 2019. Derek Chauvin and his three colleagues had probably seen far worse.

Yet it was Derek Chauvin’s blasé attitude during the arrest, his business-like nature, that doomed him. If he had acted less professional, by panicking or begging Floyd to remain calm, it would have been different. The other officers were just as relaxed. They must feel dumbfounded that their attempts to subdue a raving man on drugs led to something close to a revolution. The prosecutor’s closing argument was something out of a nursery rhyme, denying that George Floyd’s heart problems and drug-taking caused his death, but rather that Derek Chauvin’s “heart was too small.” (The media loved it.)

Whether a routine arrest like this becomes a cause depends on countless factors. If the teenager Darnella Frazier had not taken a video, nothing would have happened. Even with body cam footage, I suspect there would have been no case. Without a simple image to rouse the simple masses, no one would have cared.

The sanctification of George Floyd makes this even more surreal. The #MeToo movement took down powerful men who had made inappropriate jokes or crude gestures decades ago, but a criminal who spent his last moments on earth trying to rip-off shopkeepers and lying to police has become a holy figure, complete with literal claims of miracles. George Floyd’s life and death were practically a caricature of what the crudest “racist” would conjure out of a hateful imagination. A white man with his record would have been treated exactly the same, but because Floyd was black, journalists made him a saint. Most people let others build their reality. Post-white America has a new faith.

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, author of The Bible of Unspeakable Truths and The Joy of Hate, said that even if Derek Chauvin wasn’t guilty of all charges, he thought the verdict was a good thing. “I want a verdict that keeps this country from going up in flames,” he explained. That’s the bravery of American conservatives for you. While the country didn’t “go up in flames,” there were some troubling signs last night that worse is to come.

The guilty verdict didn’t calm the streets. It didn’t even calm the politicians. The President of the United States said that “this can be a moment of significant change.” Kamala Harris, whose parents are immigrants, intones that this won’t “heal the pain that existed for generations.” Barack and Michelle Obama want “true justice,” which requires “that we come to terms with the fact that Black Americans are treated differently, every day.” (I don’t think they mean affirmative action.) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said the verdict wasn’t justice and doesn’t want people to think the system works. Empty-headed celebrities demand that more be done.

The guilty verdicts didn’t douse the fire; it fed the flames. It’s yet more proof: rioting works.

And now, we’ve already had a member of Congress demanding that policing be abolished because it can’t be reformed:

Rep. Tlaib represents Detroit, where the already-ruined city saw a huge increase in homicides and shootings in 2020, just another part of what was undoubtedly the largest single-year increase in the murder rate in American history. Almost all the added victims were black. “The community” doesn’t seem to care, so there’s no reason politicians should.

Let’s hear no wailing about “black lives.” The main victims of the crime wave are black, with victims including children, partygoers, and funeral guests. Voters who elect progressive prosecutors don’t seem to care any more than the “community” does. Do they prefer bloodshed to good police work?

Vox tells us BLM has led to a reduction in “police homicides” in areas where there were protests. Of course, at least some of these homicides would have been justified use of force. Yet the very same research Vox cites says that between 2014 and 2019, there were “somewhere between 1,000 and 6,000 more homicides than would have been expected [absent protests]” in those places. Even if we accept the unhinged premise that police suddenly stopped gunning down blacks for no reasons, the result of BLM was thousands of dead blacks — and nice houses for the movement’s co-founder.

Still, it’s not about blacks. It’s about us. Rudyard Kipling, a poet who wouldn’t get far in our affirmative action world, wrote:

It is always a temptation for a rich and lazy nation,

To puff and look important and to say: —

“Though we know we should defeat you, we have not the time to meet you.

We will therefore pay you cash to go away.”


And that is called paying the Dane-geld;

But we’ve proved it again and again,

That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld

You never get rid of the Dane.

We paid the Dane-geld. We’ve shamefully paid it to people with far less nobility and courage than the Vikings. The Minnesota protester screaming that riots worked is right. They worked because they had media backing. If others ran the press, the Cannon Hinnant case alone could have changed everything. Instead, most whites haven’t heard of it, nor about the others of our race butchered every year.

Our loss of identity leaves us vulnerable to moral blackmail. Whites seem to be in a permanent state of shellshock. White conservatives want to be left alone, with Tucker Carlson saying that what the nation needs “more than anything” is “a moment to catch our national breath.” Really? Conservatives know something is wrong, but don’t dare recognize the real problem. Republicans who collaborate with this rotten system have shut down even halting steps towards white identity.

Meanwhile, over the last decade, white liberals have radically changed their views on race and actively discriminate against whites. It’s more correct to say that new views were inserted into their brains through hysterical media coverage of police shootings. Those who call themselves “very liberal” are hopelessly deluded. A majority think that police gun down over 1,000 unarmed black men a year — almost 100 times the actual number.

Video Link

Statistics can’t compete with sob-stories, and stories give people meaning. I believe many Americans get their moral purpose for life from them.

There are also specific benefits in keeping the system going. Activists and politicians build careers. Blacks get a chance of hitting the “ghetto lottery” (assumed they aren’t killed) and becoming heroes. It’s a strong incentive to turn a petty scam into an epic showdown. Journalists who want to lead a social revolution or just get clicks (or both) fall right in line.

Even as this is written, there is a case in Columbus, Ohio that could be our next George Floyd-style passion play. Officers arrived at a chaotic brawl and shot a black girl. Body cam footage shows the girl trying to stab someone before she was shot. Nonetheless, the image the Associated Press uses for the story is a Black Lives Matter protest. It looks like yet another case of a degenerate “community” causing chaos, attracting the police, and causing a racial confrontation.

This is what the dead girl’s aunt told The Daily Beast:

The police are going to lie. I’m so thankful that someone from the family was actually on the scene,” [Aunt] Bryant said . . . . “The police are going to lie. The police are going to cover up for themselves. They don’t care. At this point, I feel like they’re just out to kill Black people. They’re not here to protect and serve. That isn’t happening. That’s been over a long time ago. They’re not here to protect and serve. They’re here to kill Black folks.

Like many other whites, I’m exhausted. Unlike Tucker Carlson, I don’t think we need a chance to catch our breath or pursue change more slowly. We need radical change.

Every confrontation between a white officer and a non-white criminal is a potential riot. The process is corrupt because judges, jurors, and politicians know that the mob has a veto over the verdict. The rule of law is dead.

The answer is separation. Without it, this will never stop.

Video Link

The strange reality is that there is almost no difference now between being a notorious white advocate or any white guy. Derek Chauvin went, in just one day, from a heartwarming “softie” who married a Hmong refugee to the embodiment of white supremacy. A few days ago, it was a soldier who stopped a black guy from accosting women. He had to be chased from his home. Tomorrow it could be you.

You could try to stop a crime. You could fight back against an assault. Maybe you just look at someone the wrong way. Maybe you do nothing at all. But if you donated \$10 to a cause the media don’t like — or even if you didn’t — you could be the mark for the next great hate hoax.

I write this reluctantly. Many of us become white advocates kicking and screaming, afraid to see the truth. We all get here through experience, usually painful.

However, no matter how far you run, how earnestly you plead, what you say, or even whom you marry, you will always be white to those with power. That means many despise you. At some point, you must decide to stand or kneel, and a society that kneels before the memory of a George Floyd is not one worth serving or saving.

Credit Image: © Matthew Hatcher/SOPA Images via ZUMA Wire
Credit Image: © Matthew Hatcher/SOPA Images via ZUMA Wire

Whites created this country. They sustain it. Without whites, there is no America. America is an extension of Western Civilization, white civilization, on this continent. Whites pay to support people who hate, curse, and sometimes kill us. We gain nothing. They owe everything. What they have, we gave them, through weakness, folly, and good intensions.

People celebrated outside of the Hennepin County Government Center after a jury found Derek Chauvin guilty on April 20, 2021. (Credit Image: © Dominick Sokotoff / ZUMA Wire)
People celebrated outside of the Hennepin County Government Center after a jury found Derek Chauvin guilty on April 20, 2021. (Credit Image: © Dominick Sokotoff / ZUMA Wire)

We deserve reparations for trillions wasted in a 60-year effort to babysit a population that pays us back with violence and hatred. Most importantly, we deserve liberation from this albatross that prevents any kind of real national life. Almost any price would be worth paying if we could be sovereign and free, something our ancestors took for granted.

All the quasi-theological abstractions about “privilege” and “critical theory” melt away before one immutable truth: They need us; we don’t need them. Until we have the will to say so, all of us — including you — are just one “viral” incident away from ruin.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Don’t know who Gregory Hood is but I do know after reading all of his essays, that he is the most erudite writer on race issues. I find him fair and balanced basically sticking to the relevant issue of what ever he is writing about.

  2. SafeNow says:

    “Almost any price would be worth paying if we could be sovereign and free…”

    This essay is superb…but worryingly, only as far as it goes. What, very specifically, is the separation plan, and what is the price that might have to be paid and IS worth paying, and what is the price that is NOT worth paying? The action-plan cannot be safely specified, because we have already come too far for one to safely specify it. Already. And worse is to come.

    Besides individual ramifications, there is this. In Trump vs. Hawaii, Justice Roberts declined to overrule Korematsu (the Japanese-internment case). He wrote that Korematsu had been “overruled by history.” Group internment remains the law of the land.

    And yes, I am too cowardly to speak-out. Again. I was an undergraduate at an elite University exactly when (late 60s) and where this all started. I (and my friends, and like-minded faculty members and administrators) were all too cowardly to speak out, and take action, then. Too much to lose. I apologize to the younger generations.

  3. American Renaissance is a joke. No mention of the (((real problem))) at all. Until we can discuss and point to the (((instigators))) of our present day horror, we will achieve nothing. The funny and ironic thing about all of this is, (((they))) will suffer as much as any White at the hands of the Frankenstein’s monster they created. I guess Whites can take some small comfort in those just desserts.

  4. Katrinka says:

    The U.S. had a good run while it lasted. My plan is to move on. Whites really should consider leaving. Problem is when we establish a new area they will just come to move in on us all over again.

  5. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, author of The Bible of Unspeakable Truths and The Joy of Hate, said that even if Derek Chauvin wasn’t guilty of all charges, he thought the verdict was a good thing. “I want a verdict that keeps this country from going up in flames,” he explained. That’s the bravery of American conservatives for you.

    This is how greed-driven “Jews” (Gutfeld is a partially Hebrew, greed-driven Globalist and stooge for Conservatism Inc) have destroyed the neoconned American right, and ultimately the nation. Having no soul or backbone, brushing it all under the carpet in deference to the Golden Calf markets, Satanic Hebrews like Gutfeld will appease the irrational mob all day long, and then just prior to collapse, invoke their “Jewish” heritage and flee to Israel.

    This us why they are known as Judenrats, and have always been.

    And “liberal” Judenrats are even worse, but had trouble penetrating the GOP until the ((neocons)) came along and sold it on easy-money wars.

    Anything for a buck, no matter how Satanic. Morality never enters into the equation. They’re only destroying animal goyim nations, after all.

  6. Whites don’t need blacks, browns or Jewish parasites.
    The day we refuse to be intimidated and believe the lies is the day we get our countries back.
    Demand that Congress exercise their constitutional power over money creation.
    National strike.
    We need to turn this cancer around rather than waiting for the ship to hit the iceberg. That will be the financial collapse lurking. It is the perfect opportunity for radical reform including constitutional admendments. It will be a blessing in disguise: angry masses looking for soneone to blame. Tptb will try to throw US to the angry masses but we throw them.

  7. Paulbe says:

    The comment above yours expresses well why “moving on” may not be possible. Its not just America they want.

  8. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    We need to turn this cancer around rather than waiting for the ship to hit the iceberg.

    That’s possibly the most sensible statement in this thread.

    Not that there aren’t lots of well-considered views expressed throughout.

    Speaking from the opposite side of the planet, it seems to me that apparently intractable endemic racial frictions in the USA are being systematically nurtured and nourished by malign agents embedded in the American governmental and media frameworks.

    The behaviour and loyalties of your Senator Maxine Waters makes this abundantly clear, beyond any ambiguity or doubt.

    So there is a cancer, for sure, eating away at the American Republic.

    To extend the analogy, the danger with any cancer is permitting it to get past the point of no return, after which the host cannot possibly recover and is inevitably consumed.

    So you better find a cure soon, preferably something holistic which feeds the healthy constituents and promotes healing at the same time as extinguishing the poisonous infections.

    Otherwise Team America may suffer a tragic and permanent demise.

    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @Corrupt
    , @Druid55
  9. Phibbs says:

    Don’t forget that Jews own the media and the politicians. The culture of vicitmhood, cancel culture, “wokeness,” race-baiting and multi-racialism all either originate in the Jewish community or are strongly supported by Jews. Jews brought down white, Christian Russia in 1917 and they are in the process of doing that here. Jews hate us Christian whites and that fact is reflected in their media.

  10. Mighty fine piece of writing.

    • Agree: Bro43rd, TKK, Joseph Doaks
    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  11. unwoke says:

    “All the quasi-theological abstractions about “privilege” and “critical theory” melt away before one immutable truth: They need us; we don’t need them. Until we have the will to say so, all of us…”

    Us who? White liberals don’t want you & don’t need you & never will accept you, let alone agree any hare-brained scheme to ‘separate’ or have a racial homeland. And they’re using Blacks to tell you that.
    And until we have the will to say so, nothing will result from DOA dreams about a separate state for “us”. A separate quasi-theological state abstraction based on race will melt away in immutable reality as quickly as the communist belief in a dictatorship of the proletariat abstraction. You have to make it here; there is no “us” anymore. Get ready for 2022 or civil war as you will, but there’s no escape to la-la land.

  12. ruralguy says:

    In the 1960 census, Minnesota was 98.8% white. In 1973, Time magazine ran an article on the “Good Life in Minnesota.” It really was. We led the nation in education. In 1960, there were 1,400 violent crimes in the State. Now, it is 13,000 to 14,000. What happened? We had mass migration from Chicago. Our Minnesota socialists offered generous welfare benefits that attracted Chicago’s blacks and resettled many refugees from failed countries, like Somalia, to the State. The State went from low crime, highly educated, to much crime, much disorder, and a feeling we now live in a 3rd world country. Today, we have armed soldiers with machine guns on the corners of the streets in Minneapolis. You’d think the woke monsters that censure our news and who form the Chauvin jury would awake from their idiocy, but instead, they censure the facts, portray cops as the bad guys, portray drug abusing criminal degenerates like George Floyd as saints.

    • Thanks: Polistra
    • Replies: @Schuetze
    , @St-Germain
    , @Druid55
  13. It looks like blacks are now untouchable. This can only cause them to increase their savage ways.

    Realistically, wouldn’t it be better if every white person that wanted to be armed could do so, and do so without a gov’t permission slip? The reason we can’t pack a piece is because the gov’t says the police will protect us. I know that’s a lie, do you?

    Get rid of street cops like Chauvin because they are the ones that aren’t there to protect us and end up in Floyd type situations. We should be demanding our Constitutional rights to carry a weapon if we want to AND have the laws changed so if we take out some POS there’s nothing to worry about.

    Just think if a shop keepers in Portland put a shotgun round through their window through the same hole made by the brick some antifa or blm POS threw. All the rioting and destruction would have been cut off in seconds as these miscreants scatter. That’s the only way to handle the low life trash that currently has immunity via a justice system that is broken.

    Eliminate street cops. Demand our Constitutional rights. Tell the gov’t to change the laws that allow for deadly force when attacked by some miscreant.

  14. It was a show trial.

    A witch hunt.

    And the Pollards were behind it.

    Watch as cops refuse to police black areas….and black communities that are already under siege will EXPLODE in mayhem.

  15. Intentions. Not “intensions”. Weird error.

  16. No, Whites cannot police them, just like we cannot educate them. That’s why the only acceptable solution is to expel them from White countries. Any other course of action will mean the end of civilization because their presence is incompatible with civilized life. Fuck them all and their cuckservative fans.

  17. @Katrinka

    Just establish a dead line. Multi cultural nations never survive for long.

  18. @Jimmy le Blanc

    ((((They)))) worship their Golem hoping it destroys them last

    • Agree: Annony Mouse
  19. Thank the stars I’ll probably be dead within 20 years cuz these eggplants are impossible to live w/. Where ever they govern or inhabit in mass is a crime ridden dysfunctional dystopia. This plague on humanity is known as the orc phenomenon. I’m starting to look forward to our impending collapse & future chinese overlords.

    • Agree: WhiteWinger
  20. I absolutely love how you lot rant on a website about what you say you should be doing, but do nothing. Not being in your country, your internal affairs are no business of mine, but I find it very funny that your anger is restricted to ranting online. No wonder the other side is winning.

    (I used to be a supporter of black American rights but I long ago realised that the days of Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali are over. I nowadays really don’t give a mouse’s arse about American blacks any more than I do about American whites, browns, yellows, reds, greens, purples or oranges.)

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
    , @BuelahMan
  21. I consider myself on the side of White Civil Rights (and I’m only half White). Why am I on that side? My White Grandparents who I adored (God rest their souls). My White Aunts and Uncles. My White Cousins and My White Friends. My goddaughter is White with Blonde hair her Father is like a brother to me. My children are light skinned as is my nephew who’s Father is a White Man whom I love like a brother too. My Father is a White Man.

    I was born and raised around mostly working class/ middle class White Folks in California. Back in the Midwest where my Mexican/American Indian side is from all of my Aunts and Uncles married working class White People. All my cousins are Halfies like myself. None of us were raised in traditional Mexican or American Indian culture. All of us were raised in White Working Class Culture.

    Do I love my Mexican side and American Indian side. I do because that blood runs through my veins but I wasn’t raised in that culture. Besides my Mother and Godmother I was primarily raised by and around Working Class White People. I am a little on the dark side but I am one of them and my cousins would say the same.

    I am sure some misguided, brainwashed (in Trotskyite Jew run universities no less) Latinos or American Indians would say to me. You are a Person of Color. How dare you defend White People? I will say where is your pride. You have to grovel like some kind of victim. My Mexican Grandfather would have spit on you. You ask me how dare I defend White People? I will ask you how dare you attack White People. When I see White Working Class Middle Class people I see my Grandparents, I see my Aunts and Uncles, I see my Father. I see my children and I will defend them with my life.

    • Thanks: bomag, RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @SteveK9
    , @Fred777
    , @V. Hickel
  22. Franz says:

    I was an undergraduate at an elite University exactly when (late 60s) and where this all started. I (and my friends, and like-minded faculty members and administrators) were all too cowardly to speak out, and take action, then. Too much to lose. I apologize to the younger generations.

    I was in the service and then the old steel industry at the same time. You wanna know what?

    If you and all your pals had made a ruckus, you would have been replaced, joined lots of us in the unemployment lines, and nothing would have changed.

    Whites have had no agency since WWII ended, and precious little before. The “revolution from the top” was installed and has been heavily guarded since Armistice Day, 1919. They let a few of their pets blow off steam. Most were agents.

    I can tell you how infiltrated the steel industry has been since my GREAT-granddaddy was in. But you probably wouldn’t believe it. And steel guys have an oral history that ain’t never gonna get published.

    It’s sad, but ye gods quit apologizing for not immolating yourself. As it is, you got a few bucks loose (us heroes of the downsize days sure don’t) at least you can support the cause in whatever manner you choose. It’s not nothing. You got tales to tell and the ability to help, even now.

    Never apologize. As much as people bellyache, nobody really wants it.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
  23. Miro23 says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Watch as cops refuse to police black areas….and black communities that are already under siege will EXPLODE in mayhem.

    Can’t disagree with this. Police are bound to avoid situations with blacks – They’re not going to deal with riots or protect businesses – and when the blacks realize that they’re gone they’ll loot everything.

    Even Haiti looks good compared to this.

  24. Wally says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    But he forgot to mention that:

    500 Whites Are Murdered by Blacks Every Year.


    Police are more likely to shoot whites, not blacks:
    Whites Actually Way More Likely to Be Shot By Police:
    Study Concludes White Police Officers Are Not More Likely To Shoot Black Citizens:
    Black Officers More Likely than White Officers to Shoot Suspects:
    This Is Not Genocide’: Tucker Carlson Breaks Down Every Police Shooting Of Unarmed Black Suspects In 2019:

  25. Chinaman says:

    Whites created this country. They sustain it. Without whites, there is no America. America is an extension of Western Civilization, white civilization, on this continent. Whites pay to support people who hate, curse, and sometimes kill us. We gain nothing. They owe everything. What they have, we gave them, through weakness

    Wrong. The Chinaman props up America.

    Without us, Walmart shelves are empty. The black and brown horde will cannibalise white people.
    Without us, your government collapse. We are your biggest creditor and investors.
    Without us, you have no transatlantic railroad, no goldrush…no Zoom, no Tiktot… no computer or iPhones since we invented or makes them. We make everything. White people can’t make shit. We even make all the bitcoins.
    Without the Chinaman, there is no America.

    White people OWES the Chinaman everything.
    What you have, the Chinaman gave you.
    We OWN White people.

    Now, go fuck yourself.

  26. noname27 says: • Website

    Of course you can police them. There’s no WILL to police them and that’s the problem.

    • Agree: Rich
  27. @Jimmy le Blanc

    Sub-Saharans are a very real problem and would continue to be if every Jew made aliyah tomorrow. Whites should face up to the fact that the challenge facing White survival is bigger than one single group.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  28. I will write lot-I hate writing everything every time but it is needed. On a side note this forum needs to evolve and add a friends list and other options which will make the interface easier to navigate. I relate to the minds of so many here and it would be good to be in close touch and not just post randomly on the boards here.

    Anyway so here goes:

    I am from India. I am something of an institution as far as American and Western culture, history and society is concerned. Being well off financially, and not so well off mentally all I have done in the past 20 odd years(since graduating high school) is read, read and read. Then later travelled(stayed in Canada for 8 odd years, Europe) mingled, analysed and formed by thoughts.

    The problem with western people is that you people are obsessed with morality and goodwill.. End of discussion. There is no such thing as morality. Nature is amoral. Life is a competition. This is why I have said this for years and will keep saying this: Instead of obsessing over concepts such as faith, spirituality or patriotism emphasize on biology, geography, history. Use rationalization. The greatness of western individualism is understanding and implementing rationality. It is through these rational elements that we have such great cities, architecture artwork and literature. Nothing else.

    Napoloen, Churchill, Charlamagne, Roosevelt- these are great men. Men who evolve our societies and our species through it. The melancholic, revolutionary mind is borne out of the rational element. No other culture or race is capable of this. Understand this. The black man will always feel victimised. It will never change even if you put all 14 million of them in mansions around Beverly hills or Manhattan. Collective culture is the antithesis of the rational element. This is not sociological blabber-it is an evolutionary and genetic fact.

    Let go of moral delusions. One can say it is this obsession with equality that has gotten the west in the soup it finds itself in today. You must be tough and STOIC. Otherwise, you will be devoured by collectivist masses doesn’t matter it is America or Germany. You must see these cultures from within and understand what makes them what they are. Most of you do not-you put your spin based on your intellect and experience.

    As to what happens to America now-I do not know. It is a steady decline and I am hoping that at 36 atleast I will live my life through before shit hits the fan. It is the best I can do. There are still 60% white Americans in America and I hope my lifetime goes by uninterrupted.

    You do something-create a clan, think, implement ideas. I still think a cessesion is the way to go. Some guy had a great idea-He stated that a white majority state like Maine can be used to quarantine and build a society-I agree. Find some state-maybe a state in Canada(Saskatchewan, Yukon) and relocate en mass. Wait and watch…..there are many many frustrated white swedes and germans and english folks- I am sure they will join. All the brouhaha in the internet age is just that- it dies down in a week or so. Take a state or two, only allow whites(anglo saxons) not even Italian or Spanish. Work on this template. Create a new system, a new civilization, or else you will be doomed.

    • Agree: Monotonous Languor
    • Replies: @orionyx
    , @TKK
    , @Absurdio
    , @Anon
  29. And if we wanted any further proof that the republic is now dead? Didn’t our founding fathers detest the very idea of….mob rule? Mmm?

    Fun while it lasted, yes.

  30. @Ray Caruso

    and how exactly will you do this? I liked this response because unlike others who simply rue and murmur it actually has a plan, but…How exactly will you do this? Ship 14 million in container ships to Africa??

    The only solution is forced mass sterilization.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @Ray Caruso
  31. “The sanctification of George Floyd makes this even more surreal. The #MeToo movement took down powerful men who had made inappropriate jokes or crude gestures decades ago, but a criminal who spent his last moments on earth trying to rip-off shopkeepers and lying to police has become a holy figure, complete with literal claims of miracles”.

    Why female suffrage is so devastating.

  32. anon[746] • Disclaimer says:

    We in South Africa have a far greater problem, we are outnumbered 10 or 11 to one. We created the western island on the southern tip of Africa, we built the infrastructure, the education system, the health system, the roads, the water network, the electrical network, I’ve often said that when driving through South Africa nothing you see, on the ground, above the ground or under the ground that was not put there by White ingenuity. Unfortunately this did not suit the west, neither America nor Britain or the Jewish bankers. South Africa now is what President Trump so charmingly referred to as a “shit hole”. However we have valuable lessons for White people world wide, blacks cannot create, they simply wish to destroy, blacks are a companion species to Whites, they cannot exist without us (any small rural town in South Africa will be surrounded by a sea of squatters) and finally, YOU CANNOT APPEASE THE BLACK. They lack the mental acuity to differentiate between kindness and fear (of them). I will also quote Kipling who referred to them as “your new caught savage people, half devil and half child”

    • Thanks: europeasant
    • Replies: @KenH
    , @GomezAdddams
  33. El Dato says:

    Actually what brought Russia down was unsustainable war against Germany with a society that was just in the process of industrialization (i.e. about 50+ years backwards).

  34. Biff says:

    The black community is simply a tool that is being used in a wider class war against sub-populations in America, and this current battle is against the white middle class(deplorables). This show trial is a classic maneuver to sow discord and ramp up the hate(so many dupes/so little time).
    If anything the blacks and white middle class have more common cause against the real enemy(Anglo/Zionist elite) even though, as it stands, their differences do remain large, but that is exactly what is preyed upon.

    White Nationalists should realize they aren’t gonna beat this enemy all alone.

    • Agree: omegabooks
  35. Anon[961] • Disclaimer says:

    This is about race, not police.

    Yes. And the majority, the vast majority, of your race has been able to be trained to enjoy it, or at least be unmoved by it. So, it will go on, till they become training-resistant, or something like that.
    Would you say there’s hope?

  36. Please just come out, say it and be honest.

    You are suffering from something the Asian and Latino world has seldom had a problem seeing.

    “Negro Fatigue” they call it.

    I suffer’d from too even without even watching any propaganda tv..
    I see and feel it on the street.

    It should be in the next DSM the “Negro Fatigue” diagnosis.
    Seems the 13% causes 90% of the problems.
    Maybe Darwin was wrong?

    Negro Fatigue…. The whole world is sick of the plight of the neglected American negro.
    No chance. No opportunity. No special favors or governmentally applied inducements… of course!

    My question is, why have not a half dozen Tomahawk’s. new 16k mph Ruskie hyper’s not been used on the Soros (ie: Voldemort), BLM. Obama/Val J Cape Cod compund and Bill Browder yet??

    Nobody ever cuts off the head of the beast?? Why

    Why has no-one been “waterboard” stressed yet?
    …..or at least led off a plane in a hood to confess?

    All of it is not only bad but it’s worsened by complicity to thwart any truth

    America is doomed…

    As a vet, I actually hope Russia kicks our arse. Not the Chinese tho.. man’s got to have some sense of pride!

    My nation is led by idiots

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  37. 🖕 them all and their cuckservative fans.

    Starting with John C Calhoun and Alexander Stephens.

    “I hold that in the present state of civilization, where two races of different origin, and distinguished by color, and other physical differences, as well as intellectual, are brought together… is, instead of an evil, a good-a positive good.”

    “The new constitution has put at rest, forever, all the agitating questions relating to our peculiar institution African slavery as it exists amongst us the proper status of the negro in our form of civilization.”

    A “positive good”. A negro “civilization”. This is where multiculturalism was born.

  38. @RoatanBill

    Every honest man in the world should have a good dose of Paul Kersey in his ID

  39. @Ray Caruso

    How many Trillions already?
    I think it’s another ruse..
    the Chinese are def. poking that thorn under American “rich” skin
    Useful idiots as Joe and Henry the K quipped.. pre Davos days..

    It’s a lost cause. Napalm it all.
    Or a 1 way ticket back home to the HomeLand…#Wakandaland
    Eternal self policed utopia!

  40. gotmituns says:

    We Can’t Police These People
    Black people are so depraved now nothing but Civil War will stop them. The Republic has been dead for some years now. Chauvin/Floyd case is the Rubicon and we have crossed – Let the Four Horsemen ride.

  41. Low IQ groids posturing with raised clenched fists / thumping chests as they grunt and scream / primal victory dances as flames lick across destroyed buildings / looters frantic as they rush to grab their share of the reparations on offer at shoe stores and liquor stores.

    Sheeeeet. Know wut am say’n?

    …a society that kneels before the memory of a George Floyd is not one worth serving or saving.


    And the jew laughs at how easy it was. How easy it was!

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  42. @Jimmy le Blanc

    Pyrrhic victory at its finest. Unfortunately, many of us will not be here to see it.

  43. TTSSYF says:

    I fear we are fast becoming the Western equivalent of China, where about 90 million CCP members control the lives of the other 1.2 billion citizens. There is a push for global communism / totalitarianism by the party of Davos (for lack of a better description), and the U.S. has to be made to come to heel for it to be implemented. We’re not outnumbered — we’re overpowered, just as they are in China and as the people were under the former USSR. I don’t know how this insanity ends, but I don’t think it ends well.

  44. Bro43rd says:

    Thankfully I live in a state that embraces self defense, open carry & the “castle doctrine”.

  45. I remember a case in St. Petersburg, Russia, a few years ago, when some negro immigrants tried to harras russian women. The men there give the negroes a beating. Then the police intervened – the negroes were beaten to a pulp and expelled from the country. Be like the Russians 😉

    • Replies: @Malla
  46. PJ London says:

    You destroyed Southern Africa because they said “Separation (Apartness) was the only way for peaceful co-existence” and destroyed the names of many good men.
    They were offered equal government of their own choosing. You want a king, have a monarchy. You want communism, help yourself. Rule yourselves however you like and we will do the same.
    But the Anglo-US greed for SA resources caused you to destroy a country. Now the Chinese are gong to go in and restore some sense of order so that they, with much less greed can reap the resources of the countries.
    Benjamin Franklin claimed “only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.” John Adams concurred: “Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
    The simple fact is that the black race has an IQ only 3/4 of the white race. A huge difference when it comes to any form of thinking.
    Their culture and society reflect this. It cannot be integrated with either western thought or eastern thought.
    Anyone who thinks differently is either stupid or delusional.
    The Chinese know better than to try.

  47. Next move. End the “Shoot to Kill” meme most Police Depts. are instructed to follow. It cuts down paper work for the brass but is bad policy and relentless trouble for all of us.

  48. ziggurat says:

    This could be an easy fix.

    We could have a 4 trillion dollar program called “separation reparations”, which would give 100k to any black adult who moves to Africa.

    JFK signed an executive order allowing the US Treasury to print money backed by silver.

    But perhaps a President could issue currency not backed by anything, for the express purpose of “separation reparations” or “separation compensation”.

    The miracle of “fiat currency” has shown us we can print 4 trillion in a single year, without any immediate consequence, except perhaps financial and real estate bubbles.

    Initially, only a few blacks would take the money, but some would. And I honestly think, many would be happier in Africa. Then, others would follow, as they hear the good news. The ones who stay would more likely be those that are doing well in the USA. Keep in mind, a 100k goes a long way in a developing country. The reduction in blacks would increase real estate values and reduce so many costs, including hidden costs due to affirmative action’s impact on meritocracy.

    OK, Let’s Give Them Reparations—If They Go Back To Africa
    Anthony Boehm

    ‘Year of return’: Hundreds of African-Americans resettle in Ghana
    Apr 11, 2019

    A Reader Is Cheered By Stories Of Blacks Abandoning The “Racist” USA. Can This Be Encouraged?
    From: Fabrizio Evola

    ‘I’m leaving, and I’m just not coming back’: Fed up with racism, Black Americans head overseas
    Kim Hjelmgaard – USA TODAY
    Jun 26, 2020

    “But I think there is a way in which this country is, in its history and its failure to recognize it and reckon with it honestly, is suffocating,” she said. “I really don’t blame anyone thinks I can’t take this country anymore, I’m leaving, and I’m just not coming back.”

    The Democrats (BLM, media, black preachers, etc) have brainwashed many American blacks to really believe they’re victims of racism, when in reality they are the most privileged ethnic group in the world.

    So like a judo throw, we can use the energy of the race-grifters against their own interests and in defense of our interests.

  49. gotmituns says:

    were all too cowardly to speak out
    Yes, we Marines in the “DMZ” area of Vietnam wondered at the goings on at the universities at that time. Too late now, but at least you understand your cowardice of your youth.

  50. Schuetze says:

    Mulattos are the chains that bind whites to blacks and with time turn the whites into slaves. Barack “Choomer” Obama is a good example of such a chain. But the sad truth is that once the Blacks have killed off all of the whites, they will turn on the mulattos.

    The answer is separation. Without it, this will never stop.

    No shit Sherlock! But it is about time that all these budding “race realists” finally acknowledged a few key points about US history:

    1. The South had the right to secede in 1860, and if they had been allowed to not only would whites be in a far better position today, it would have set the precedence for secession that would allow majority white states to secede non-violently today. There are no rights to Separation without the right to secession.

    2. Any hope for the US was already lost in 1860 when Lincoln kicked off the war of Northern Aggression.

    3. Lincoln’s “emancipation proclamation”, besides being one of histories greatest feats of hypocrisy, was an act of treason.

    4. Grant, Sherman, Sheridan and the entire Northern Army should not be considered heroes, but branded as nigger loving race traitors.

  51. Schuetze says:

    “What happened? We had mass migration from Chicago. Our Minnesota socialists offered generous welfare benefits that attracted Chicago’s blacks and resettled many refugees from failed countries, like Somalia, to the State.”

    Name the jew for crying out loud!

    • Agree: Angharad
    • Thanks: Ragno
  52. @ruralguy

    Yup. It’s like a bad horror movie that never stops spawning grotesque new sequels. We actually pioneered America’s great imported diversity phenomenon in the Bronx. The model neighborhood where I grew up in the 1940s and 1950s was full of kids from decent church-going families, mostly of modest means. No one needed to lock the front door. It was a totally white neighborhood until the government’s progressive social engineering juggernaught discovered us in the late sixties.

    The suddenly integrated schools became blackboard jungles, a crime wave swept through, old people feared to venture out alone, and families fled en masse to the suburbs for safety. The Bronx literally burned down in the 1970s and 1980s. Now my same formerly segregated neighborhood is 97% non-white. Mission accomplished.

    Apparently no collective lesson was learned here. The transplantation was soon replicated in most of the country’s big cities, notably Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago and now Minneapolis. My brother and I rescued our aging parents from the conflagration. I decamped with wife and kids to western Europe where one can watch the American collapse from a safe distance.

    People don’t learn anything from history, only from sad personal experience. Things can only get worse in the USSA’s new normal. There’s not much hope.

    • Thanks: Polistra
    • Replies: @follyofwar
  53. @RoatanBill

    20 states are now ‘constitutuonal carry’.
    What the media doesnt tell people is that often the jew spew sickness from D.C. can often be negated at the state level. Meaning: be in a red county, in a red state.
    States are working to negate the feds authority on other issues.
    This isnt perfect but it is something.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Polistra
  54. Jake says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    He is simple minded and off the mark. And because that mark is so important, I would not be surprised a bit to learn that he is part of the ADL/SPLC cabal.

    Here is where is is correct: Post-white America has a new faith.

    Here is where he bis dead wrong: “Our loss of identity leaves us vulnerable to moral blackmail. Whites seem to be in a permanent state of shellshock. White conservatives want to be left alone, with Tucker Carlson saying that what the nation needs “more than anything” is “a moment to catch our national breath.” Really? Conservatives know something is wrong, but don’t dare recognize the real problem. Republicans who collaborate with this rotten system have shut down even halting steps towards white identity.”

    He is dead wrong because there is and never has been a “white identity” that has any meaning or can have any meaning that is important to resisting this evil. Thinking white is an identity that can rally people toward meaningful resistance is suicide.

    Russian is an identity. Irish is an identity. Spanish is an identity.

    This ‘white’ identity is the lie that we all can belong as equals to the WASP Elite club, and that it will protect us. When people assimilate to WASP culture, they become accepting parts of the con game that is Anglo-Zionist Empire. And Anglo-Zionist Empire is, always has been, and always will be, determined to the point of at least cultural genocide of all non-WASP white cultures.

    If your ‘whiteness’ is not anti-WASP, then your whiteness is a method to make you more fully into and hold you as a serf to Anglo-Zionism.

    And that means you either are serving Anglo-Zionism or you have a meaningful ethnic identity with which to stand against WASP.

    • Agree: follyofwar
    • Troll: frontier
    • Replies: @Realist
  55. Sirius says:

    However, what Derek Chauvin did to George Floyd isn’t even close to what happened to white man Daniel Shaver, gunned down in a hotel hallway by a police officer who was later acquitted and was paid for his mental suffering.

    This is one of the most appalling cases of police brutality in the US I’ve ever seen captured on video. It is indeed far worse than what happened to Floyd. The officer Philip Brailsford was fired, but essentially got away with it. Not only that, he was rehired so that he would be eligible for a \$2500/month pension (the officer was 26 years old at the time of the brutal killing), while Shaver’s widow can barely make ends meet with the loss of her husband. Absolutely unbelievable. Whether she succeeded in obtaining any compensation for his killing I don’t know, but she did sue.

    Gregory Hood then writes:

    This is about race, not police. I expect police will crack down further on law-abiding whites while ignoring black crime.

    How is this about race? Both officers at the scene, the shooter and the one barking orders, were white. The video, obtained from a body camera, was not made public until after the trial verdict that found Brailsford not guilty. Therefore there was no public outcry before the trial because the public didn’t have a chance to view the video prior to the trial.

    The real problem here is actually police training and police seeing themselves as above the law, and the system rewarding them. At least in Mesa, Arizona it did. Why create a racial narrative around this? That doesn’t serve the country. It only serves to further divide people and promote race hatred.

    In the video that Gregory Hood posted, the officers look like an occupying military, not police meant to “protect and serve”. That’s the real problem.

    Now guess who is in the forefront of developing these deadly police tactics. If you guessed the “State of Israel”, you guessed right. They practice on Palestinians, then export their tactics to police forces all over the US through “security” consulting.

    In that video talk, former Israeli soldier explains how their occupation tactics in the West Bank end up being used on city streets of their sponsor, the USA (your tax dollars at work).

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @fnn
  56. Jake says:
    @Ray Caruso

    No later than the 1830s, both the Brit WASP Elites and the Yank WASP Elites embraced The Negro as the great bleeding heart cause celebre. Why? because the WASP Elites realized that their championing blacks would be a major blow against the vast majority of whites, whom the WASP Elites always have despised and always will despise.

    In championing blacks, WASP Elites were showing how fully trash they saw ‘other’ whites, and they were were feeding the god-complex that comes with Judaizing rebellion against Christ and Christendom.

    The ‘cuckservative fans’ of blacks are being good servants of WASP culture.

  57. unit472 says:

    If you lived through 1968 you’ve seen this movie before. That year kicked off with the Tet offensive in Vietnam. 500 US soldiers died per week in the fighting. Comes April and M.L. King gets shot and real riots break out all over the US as negroes burn down their communities. June sees Bobby Kennedy get assassinated live on TV and the Democratic Convention devolves into one big riot. It seemed the country was having a nervous breakdown but then it stopped. Nixon is elected and the country calms down and the year ends on a high note with Apollo 8 orbiting the moon. The adults were back in charge.

    What’s different this time seems to be the elites ( most of whom were the children of 1968) are egging on the chaos and we are in the midst of an economic crisis the effects of which the government has only managed to postpone but can’t stop. Wait till the moratoriums on evictions and foreclosure come to an end and the unemployment and stimmy chccks stop. What the elites have rooted for will come right at them good and hard.

    • Replies: @Dweezil the Weasel
  58. It’s important to push back with facts.

    Derek Chauvin didn’t want to kill Floyd. He placed him on the ground to stop him from thrashing around and hurting himself. Response time from ambulances in major cities is usually under 5 minutes. When you don’t know what you’re dealing with, its better to let paramedics take over.

    Derek Chauvin’s knee had zero to do with Floyd’s death. Floyd died because of a lifetime of poor choices.

  59. bomag says:

    White liberals don’t want you & don’t need you & never will accept you, let alone agree any hare-brained scheme to ‘separate’ or have a racial homeland.

    Dunno. White libs are plenty conservative in their personal life, and don’t hesitate to choose living in conservative White areas over more vibrant choices. Plenty of California libs flocked to conservative western states, bringing their crappy politics, but with less of an edge for race replacement; gushing about how much better is their new landing pad because, reading between the lines, their old place lost its Whiteness.

  60. @Robert Dolan

    “Watch as cops refuse to police black areas….and black communities that are already under siege will EXPLODE in mayhem.

    You just have to see the real “NO-GO ZONES” in many Scandanavian cities to see what that will look like. It’s so horrifying to see what the Pollards have done to the once beautiful, homogeneous Sweden. It really is downright criminal what they did to this naive, high trust society. The same people are responsible for the importation of sub-Saharan Africans into Ireland. Never Israel.

    Now we know why Israel is increasing their acquisition of Palestinian land apace. There has to be lots more room for Jewish people to flee to when life becomes unbearable for them in the West.

    Where do we flee to?

  61. AceDeuce says:


    Yeah, you’re something else, all right, Mr. Who Flung Poo, or whatever your name is.

    You’re 150 pounds of dynamite with a two-inch fuse.

    You go now!

    LOL again.

  62. Tucker says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    I seriously doubt that the jews at the top of the totem pole will suffer as much as any White will, at the hands of the ‘Frankenstein’s monster’ they worked so hard to create. They will just pack their suitcases and catch a plane to Israel.

    The jews near the middle or at the bottom end of the totem pole might not be wealthy enough to flee to Israel, and it is possible that they might suffer the consequences of their tribe’s obsession to destroy America and unleash the swarms of colored savages upon the dwindling White population of a collapsing, once 90 percent plus historic White Western nation. After all, with only a few exceptions – Farrakan, etc. – most blacks and other colored races view jews as being ‘White’, even though they are most certainly not.

    • Replies: @freedom-cat
    , @JimB
  63. MLK says:

    What’s so striking about the Derek Chauvin case is that it could have happened anywhere.

    This dog bites man aspect should have led you to look more broadly for insight. In this case, the devil definitely isn’t in the details. If it were then it would have played out less, not emphatically more, successfully for the left than the Freddie Gray case, which had a more favorable fact set for them and the prosecution.

    It really isn’t more complicated than when the domestic and foreign alignment planned and executed accepting operation Get Rid Of Trump by any means necessary, after four years of failure they weren’t going to in 2020 by a failure of will.

    . . . and the ruthless manhunt for January 6 rioters . . .

    Referring to overwhelmingly peaceful MAGA as “rioters” is a tell. You should be more careful lest more of your readers conclude what they should have long ago, you white nationalist characters are the gift that keeps giving to Democrats and their controlled opposition RINOs.

    In 2016, a year in which Hillary couldn’t catch a break, she and the Democrats kept drawing royal straight flushes as David Duke et. al. were put on CNN on a weekly basis to endorse Trump. Mere days after Trump won in 2016, and everyone was scrambling to figure out how they could keep him from taking the oath, big gay Richard Spencer pulled this stunt:

    Then we had the Charlottesville set-piece so beautifully orchestrated by that Obama organizer, Biden and you white nationalists are still talking about it.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  64. fnn says:

    The officer Philip Brailsford was fired, but essentially got away with it. Not only that, he was rehired so that he would be eligible for a \$2500/month pension (the officer was 26 years old at the time of the brutal killing), while Shaver’s widow can barely make ends meet with the loss of her husband.

    Wasn’t that cop’s family part of the Mormon mafia in that jurisdiction?

    • Replies: @Sirius
  65. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    The Fed Gov has the final say now. If a state lets someone off for killing a POS, then the Fed Gov will come back with civil rights charges or some other bullshit. Once the ‘justice’ system has their hands on you, you lose because they have an infinite amount of resources and the laws are skewed to convict even an innocent person.

    The Fed Gov is a monopoly. It needs to die off so the states can form 50 experiments on how to govern. Those experiments will rapidly allow people to vote with their feet to a jurisdiction that isn’t insane or, at least, not as insane as the one they left.

    As long as the Fed Gov is there to use money to influence what happens at the state level, there will never be a place that’s not under their control.

  66. Rich says:

    You aren’t wrong, although I’d say an all-White ethno state is possible, it’s a stretch. For anyone who wants to actually win, the key is old fashioned republicanism. Shrink government down to nothing, defund the feds, return to the Constitution. Kind of what Goldwater ran on and Reagan won on, but never implemented. Get rid of all, or most, of big government programs return to law and order, enforce immigration laws and deregulate businesses and suddenly federal citizens and their backers have to work instead of protest and they’ll be too busy to keep up the nonsense. It’s fair, doesn’t scare the more moderate Whites and law abiding minorities and helps build a somewhat prosperous society. Ron Paul’s platform could work, if there was someone charismatic enough to push it through.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  67. @SafeNow

    Well, separation is in the cards, with the alternative our eradication. It is nice to start this conversation from its proper place, which is that the blacks find living among us intolerable. If you disfavor white genocide, then stating the problem this way begins to move you towards a solution.

    I am one who believes, as I do about the Afrikaners, that 400 years on the land makes expulsion immoral. Therefore, the black homeland is going to be HERE. But it will not be ALL OF HERE.

    The perhaps-not-completely Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and the pre-universalist Muslim Malcom X wanted a divorce and five states.

    I say, if they will sign the bill “paid in full”, the price is cheap.

    • Replies: @Marckus
    , @WhiteWinger
  68. Blodgie says:

    The problem is the clueless religious Tradcons who keep joining the military and the police so they can be heroes.

    They are the ones defending the status quo.

  69. Realist says:

    We knew the threat. Convict Derek Chauvin of murder, or cities will burn.

    That could easily be corrected:

    Protesting fine.

    When a person is injured or property damaged. Arrest the suspects.

    If it gets out of control shoot to kill.

    • Agree: Marckus
    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  70. Realist says:

    Jake, are you from State Farm?

    • Replies: @Jake
  71. @unwoke

    But think of the water supply of Flint, MI. That’s the dystopian future every Democratic city, county and state will devolve to. How will they manage without our rescuing them? At some critical future point, conscientious whites will hold the magic key in their hands. As the Dems’ dusky constituents live in squalor and filth, their traitorous whites enablers will turn to us, we the competent, and beg for aid. This will be the critical moment in which we can break away and do as we please. They will be bogged down in their own incompetence, literally dying in their own excrement, ala those videos of life in Liberia. All we have to do is keep our powder dry till then and simply walk away.

    One day, in every divorce, there comes this moment when the abuser realizes with a start that they have driven away the prop that held them up and that life in the future won’t be so rosy.

    • Replies: @Aaron Hilel
    , @anarchyst
  72. Realist says:

    Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, author of The Bible of Unspeakable Truths and The Joy of Hate, said that even if Derek Chauvin wasn’t guilty of all charges, he thought the verdict was a good thing. “I want a verdict that keeps this country from going up in flames,” he explained. That’s the bravery of American conservatives for you. While the country didn’t “go up in flames,” there were some troubling signs last night that worse is to come.

    Gutfeld is a nutless little shit…who is scamming for the Deep State. As many of Fox News do.

  73. usNthem says:
    @Robert Dolan

    And then blacks will complain that no one cares about all the crime and black victims. Cops, and by extension, Whites can’t win for losing.

  74. Jake says:

    And that is the reason that any heresy that even hints at anything Judaizing is to be warred against like the Plague.

    Anglo-Saxon Puritanism was an arch Judaizing heresy. And archetypal WASP Oliver Cromwell made perfectly clear the political, economic, and cultural meaning of that by allying with Jewish bankers, making Jewish bankers indispensable to the British Empire.

    Modern English Empire/WASP Empire is Anglo-Zionist Empire.

  75. Jake says:

    Yeah, I’m the real white one.

    • LOL: Amerimutt Golems
  76. @Ray Caruso

    Nobody will take them, would you?
    Not even Africa.

    • Replies: @Marckus
  77. fnn says:

    All the institutions of US society are now Woke liberal. Hard to imagine this happening without the large influx of Ashkenazi Jews beginning in the late 19th Century.

  78. @Working Serf

    “As I was saying Gomez—load them up and return them all to South Africa— fob Baltimore –and then watch the USA come together !” that’s Bosley Swain for you —-Bosley was raised in Rhodesia and met Morticia at Walmart just the other day while she was buying a bulb for Fester’s new bulb in mouth routine —-and I was looking for a pet crocodile—-

  79. @Gleimhart Mantooso

    Good point. Even European nations refuse European American immigrants to save room for Third World human debris. No other country welcomes those who break into their country.

  80. orionyx says:
    @RJ Macready

    You make a lot of sense, but it arises out of your background. Most Whites here can’t be rational because their first thought is for Christianity, which is at base anti-rational, and therefore destroys any sensible thinking.
    If you want an Anglo-Saxon-only state, you’re going to have a hard time filling it. I think we should welcome all rational people of whatever color. This would almost automatically exclude blacks and Muslims, but include Chinese, Jews, South American Whites, many Indians, many Iranians. Sure some would form their own ethnic conclaves: we’d end up with something like the Ottoman Empire, which lasted for 550 years by encouraging the formation of such enclaves under the over-arching protection of the Sultan.
    Anyway, most Anglos today are meshuggeh. Among them are plenty with black partners, or caring for half-black kids or grandkids. If you welcome the parents, how can you expel the children? So you just can’t welcome the parents unless they disavow the children. No gain without pain!
    I think what we want will take a couple of generations to build. It can be started under the very noses of the opposition, and grow until it can suddenly burst unstoppably into the sunlight.

  81. Che Guava says:

    The photo at the top of the article was perfect. Took a minute or so and some zooming in to work out that it wasn’t a shot from the fairly recent and very crap ‘relaunches’ of The Planet of the Apes.

  82. Anonymous[639] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m in favor of jury nullification but this was jury nullification by mob rule. Not cool.

    George Floyd being dead is a good thing. It’s sad that Officer Chauvin has to pay for Mr. Floyd’s drug overdose. The judge was an idiot.

    Toucher Joe Biden exercised what would in the military be called “undue command influence”. Of course his family has a long history of not serving in and getting kicked out of the military for cocaine use after being let in on a waiver, special treatment.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  83. Yee says:


    “I fear we are fast becoming the Western equivalent of China,”

    Oh, please…… You’re becoming a rich version of India, your newest ally…

    The only other difference is that the lower castes in the US haven’t settled the matter of their hierarchy. The Indian lower castes have long ago established who are the lowest caste and who are the second lowest caste.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  84. @true.enough

    I’m with you. I see all this stuff from an anthropologist’s point of view. We are all naked apes. Some of us have been gifted with a little more cerebral cortex than others, enough to make us, essentially, a different breed.

    When I comment on George Floyd’s animalistic grunts and beastial behavior, my comments are withheld or not published at all, perhaps because they are viewed as being too provocative. But this is a web site that is proud to proclaim its devotion to Darwin’s Natural Selection so it seems a little incongruous to be censored for taking a naturalist’s perspective.

    While talking with a co-worker about all this, he exclaimed in frustration, “But blacks are human beings! They’re not animals!!!”

    To which I replied, “But they are animals. We all are.”

    The thinking part is built upon and overlays the animal part of our brains. We must understand ourselves not just from the top down, as too much religious thinking (liberal) tends to do, but from the bottom up as well.

    • Replies: @Freedomstillisntfree
  85. padre says:

    Do you think whites, browns and Jews need whites? Or do just the whites matter?You are all living in the land, that belongs to the red people!

  86. Marckus says:

    Move on to where ? You are in no financial position to move anywhere in the US. Besides, you need to stay where you are and serve Jesus. And when those Blacks follow you remember the teachings of the Master. No only turn the other cheek but open them both ………and lube up. Blacks love bible thumpers and Jesus freaks like you. You are are easy meat for them ! Please recite the George Floyd prayer every day, it will do you good ! LMAO

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @TKK
    , @Katrinka
  87. @Realist

    Who cares if cities burn? Literally, who cares? They made their bed, let them sleep in it. Or what’s left of it.

    • Replies: @Realist
  88. SteveK9 says:

    This probably won’t be popular among most of the commenters here, but taking your situation further, what happens to those Blacks that want to join or are already members of ‘normal’ American Society? You can look at Black Conservatives as an example (granted, a small group), who really know the score in terms of race relations. People like Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, Jason Riley, Ben Carson, or maybe the youngest example, Candace Owens. Read anything they have written and I believe you would agree with them. Those Blacks that voted for Trump are another group from the working class.

    But, as radical leftism, and what appears to be its vehicle to power … a race war, gains momentum, then Whites are more and more suspicious, fearful and angry toward Black people, and want to mix with them as little as possible. We were actually slowly heading to integration (at least outside the inner cities), … mixed race marriages, the election of a Black American as President, etc., but this cynical move by Leftists to use race as a means to power, could reverse all of that.

    The separation mentioned here, could happen, in the following way. Many cities become all-Black zones, where the government hands out money and the people live a minimal existence while thoses that want to ‘get ahead’ have the job of selling drugs to, or robbing their fellow inmates. They will become savage dystopias, like many areas of Chicago or Detroit already are. Whites have fled, and will try to maintain various communities free of Blacks, even those Blacks that could integrate into a ‘normal’ society.

    There are people in America who would like to prevent this outcome. Those Black Conservatives would be the best example. But, it seems they are losing the battle. And, the main instigator is the (White) Democratic Party and a leadership that will use divisiveness and strife to gain and hold power. The Democratic Party of today is the most dire existential threat this country has ever faced.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @Ryan Andrews
  89. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    as to your comment regarding greg hood, gregory hood is a pseudonym who has already been doxxed by the fake-leftist establishment…fairly young kid not too long out of college, as I recall

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  90. Marckus says:
    @Crescent Moon

    You state an absolute fact !
    -African blacks have no use whatsoever for American blacks
    -Africa does not want these people, they belong to no tribal group ie they are outsiders
    -African blacks consider them perpetual complainers and as dumb as a door knob
    -A black African ruler would gun them down on the spot if they behave the way they do here.
    -No perks and freebies on the Dark Continent.
    -No hope of reparations

    They do what they do here because we let them get away with it. For an indication of “racism” African style we can check out Robert Mugabe’s use of his North Korean trained contingent to stomp down the rival tribe and of course the 500,000 killed in the Hutu Tutsi slaughter.

    American Blacks would not survive in Africa. We gave them Liberia but would not return en masse and those that did wrecked the place. Deja Vu my friend, just as they did to US cities, the Caribbean and post colonial Africa.

    These people are the shit, scum and sub-humans of society. They need to be relocated to an island somewhere in the Mid Pacific with no air or boat service!

  91. @Jimmy le Blanc

    The Jews had a good thing going in Germany and South Africa and shit the bed there too. Their insatiable desire to destroy the host culture makes no sense, but it’s who they are.

    When the going gets tough, they’ll split to Israel.

  92. TKK says:
    @RJ Macready

    Creating a whites only state sounds like an exciting solution in theory. But in practice, it is impossible to execute in America. We are choked by our own government, in direct contrast to the myth of the “Land of the Free”.


    Let’s say you own a home in a US state. And you want to build a new bathroom onto your home.

    Before you can begin, you have to get building permits. The Building Inspector (BI) has to come out and approve your plans, or you have to take them in to be approved. This takes weeks. You have to pay a lot of money. He may reject them and state you have to hire a General Contractor.

    As you build, the BI comes and checks. If he/she finds something not “up to code”, you have to redo it or he will shut you down and then fine you if you start back up. This could be something as stupid as the studs are too far apart. The BI could be an AA hire and have no idea what the Building Code is- no matter. It is their approval you need.

    You cannot re-start until you get the ok. You finish, and did not get his/her ok? Retroactive permitting. Big money and lots of hassle.

    The BI can go to the County/City attorney and have them file charges or liens against you, at no cost to the them. The tax payer funds the bill. You have to provide your own legal defense.

    The BI can force you tear down your new bathroom, and even ban you from living in your home, based on the entirely subjective standard of “unsafe.”

    This is the reality of America, and this is to build a bathroom on your home.

    Can you comprehend the spider webs and bear traps of laws and regulations if you tried to even design a whites only clubhouse?

    Factor in the relentless hunting and destruction of the January 6th trespassers, and one quickly sees that a whites only enclave- even floating the idea- would be a one way ticket to financial ruin and prison.

    • Agree: St-Germain
  93. @Jimmy le Blanc

    Taylor’s group provides cover for Jewry by focusing on blacks and “liberals”.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  94. TKK says:

    The scariest people I meet are the ones who talk about Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

    The Bless your Heart, I love Jesus, fat, eat at the Sunday buffet, visor wearing, Salt Life bumper stickers (even though they are too fat to actually swim in the ocean) Southerners would slit your throat if it got their kid a new Chevy Silverado. They remind me a lot of your urban blacks, just more pale.

    They have never been anywhere, never crack open a book, cannot hold two opposing ideas in their empty heads – but they know it all.

    What an extreme type of sociopathic narcissist. A supposed Being who made the Pacific Ocean, the curl of a baby ear, a Narwhale….is fanatically interested in the ins and out of their stupid life.

  95. Marckus says:
    @Reactive Reaction

    The fly in the ointment is that one should not separate them on the US mainland. Why ? Because they will screw up whatever you give them and when that happens will be sneaking over the border to coddle up back with the White Man.

    Look, we gave them Liberia. Look what they did to the place. Imagine if it were say a Southern State. A useful experiment would be to buy enough space in Africa and create a new country.

    Not one single Afro American would voluntarily move there. Not one ! In spite of all the braying about white racism these creatures know who butters their bread, who rolls the nickels.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  96. moi says:
    @Chris Moore

    American whitey, starting with the Kansas haberdasher, has loved the Zios who threw out the natives from the land of Palestine. And ever since has supported the Jewish-only statelet against the oppressed and dispossessed Palestinians.

    A peculiarly warped whitey American mind can do that while praying to Jesus. Now, praise the Lord, the wheels are coming off the American experiment.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  97. @Chinaman

    You’re almost certainly going to be fighting a war against America in the next couple of years, so your theory can be put to the test.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if the USAF had to stop a bombing campaign against China because the spare parts they need for the missiles come from China?

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  98. BorisMay says:

    I was part of the Amnesty International team that investigated Nelson Mandela in the late 1970s to decide whether he really was a political prisoner or not. We decided he was a common murderer, considering all the evidence to hand and looking at the killings performed by his relatives and friends.

    A few years later, after I left, the organisation was taken over by Marxists and within a few more years they had turned Mandela in to a political prisoner, and the rest is history.

    Marxists and Jews have no morals using any useful idiot to achieve their ends. Mandela, being a common murderer and having no morals just like his saviours was happy to go along with the lie.

    Floyd, like Mandela, just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and has been used by the Jewish funded Black Lives Matter Marxist front to manipulate all the black and leftist useful idiots like Biden and Waters, down to every dindu nuffin’ useful black idiot far and wide.

    Mandela and Floyd were both amoral violent liars, the Marxist’s preferred useful idiots.

    You have let the Jews go to far already so you are doomed…whites never learn. Your only option now is to round up all the miscreants and put them in labour camps like the German National Socialists had to in the 1930s. Of course, just like Germany, the entire Jewry will declare war on you and after 10 or 15 year’s of freedom you’ll lose another world war…and it will start all over again!

    • Thanks: Peripatetic Itch, Schuetze
    • LOL: Wielgus
    • Replies: @Schuetze
  99. Che Guava says:

    This is clearly injustice.

    I would suspect that any form of justice will never arrive.

  100. republic says:

    Leaving is not the answer

  101. Sirius says:

    I’m not aware of a “Mormon mafia”, but the cop that murdered Daniel Shaver was indeed a Mormon. What allegations have you heard?

  102. @Marckus

    A useful experiment would be to buy enough space in Africa and create a new country.

    Absolutely. Any African nation would jump at the chance to sell a chunk for a billion dollars or so. Build a landing strip or three, surround them with a twelve foot chain link fence, install one-way turnstiles and let the airlift begin.

    Three flights a day from 100 airports, each flight carrying 300 passengers is about 100,000 emigrants a day. Times ten is a million in ten days, times 42 is all of them in 420 days. In just a little over a year we can all be free, free at last!

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • LOL: frontier
  103. @ThreeCranes

    Not really, they will send the Cheka to enslave the technicians they need and shoot anyone who resists.

  104. Bao says:

    Asians come in all shapes and sizes, and have all sorts of opinions. But when it comes to “police brutality” in America, Asians are pretty consistent – why are blacks always putting themselves in situations when a police officer has to resort to violence? If the policeman tells you to give him your license, what is the reason you don’t? If the policeman says to put your hands where he can see them, why would you refuse?

    My sympathy for blacks is gone when it comes to always supporting criminal over those who are trained to uphold the law, which we all are bound to follow.

  105. Thim says:

    Yankees dumping in their depends over this piddling event. I never understand yankees. I have been all over the world and have never seen a people as stupid as the yankee.

    Those of us in the South grew up with much worse than this, and it was forced on us by you godforsaken yankee idiots. I am actually enjoying watching you yankees soil yourselves as the negro walks all over you.

  106. The jew has continually hammered home slavery upon the blacks. The blacks were no different to any other people, who were slaves, but the jew made it a big issue, knowing full well that it would create a race war and keep the majority’s eyes off of them. Worse, the jew created and ran the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, as many will know.

    You will never be able to police blacks, because blacks are an incredibly arrogant people and think that whites ‘owe’ them for slavery. Any negativity, criticism or reprimand towards blacks, by whites, is now automatically classed as racism, or moreso institutional racism. Therfore, their race ‘get – out – of – jail card has now been greatly expanded, at the expense of whites.

    There’s only one solution to this and that is the instant repatriation of all blacks back to Africa. Once that’s done, we remove the jew from all positions of power and authority and exile them, taking DNA from all, so they don’t get back in. If this is not done, then as the black population increases they will kill more and more whites, as is the plan.

    Remove the black and the jew or hasta la vista to you.

    • Replies: @Miha
  107. Referring to the police: “They’re here to kill Black folks”.

    If they were, ma’am, they’d be failing in their task, even in the case of the criminals who trigger it. The MOVE action in Philadelphia in 1985, fully backed by city gov. at first, later resulted in a large payday for the criminals. It is beyond me why any White individual would be willing to police Black-majority zones or for that matter operate a business in one. Blacks are perfectly capable of managing their own affairs, as can be seen in cities such as Baltimore and Chicago.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  108. Thim says:

    Yessir TKK people like John Smith and Christopher Newport, the founders of America, and George Washington, Patrick Henry, Andrew Jackson, and all the rest, had the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior, unlike you, a lost heathen

    • Replies: @TKK
  109. Just require the police to stop killing innocent people and things will be alright. No need for hysterics.

  110. @Gleimhart Mantooso

    South America has its charms, but being fluent in Spansh or Portuguese is pretty much a must for anyone wishing to immigrate here. So too are capital and income for older folks, salable skills for the younger.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  111. rashomoan says:

    Thomas Jefferson, July 27, 1821, Autobiography Draft Fragment, January 6 through July 27, from the Thomas Jefferson and William Short Correspondence, Transcribed and Edited by Gerard W. Gawalt, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress. You may recognize the bolded and italic line as a quote from the Jefferson Memorial in DC.

    “The bill on the subject of slaves was a mere digest of the existing laws respecting them, without any intimation of a plan for a future & general emancipation. It was thought better that this should be kept back, and attempted only by way of amendment whenever the bill should be brought on. [Note 1 Cf. post, with Notes on Virginia in this edition.] The principles of the amendment however were agreed on, that is to say, the freedom of all born after a certain day, and deportation at a proper age. But it was found that the public mind would not yet bear the proposition, nor will it bear it even at this day. Yet the day is not distant when it must bear and adopt it, or worse will follow. Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them. It is still in our power to direct the process of emancipation and deportation peaceably and in such slow degree as that the evil will wear off insensibly, and their place be pari passu filled up by free white laborers. If on the contrary it is left to force itself on, human nature must shudder at the prospect held up. We should in vain look for an example in the Spanish deportation or deletion of the Moors. This precedent would fall far short of our case.”

    • Agree: Bernie
  112. anarchyst says:

    The Flint, Michigan “water crisis” was a result of black city and county officials “jumping the gun” while planning to disconnect from the Detroit water system in order to utilize their (presently unfinished) Karegnondi regional system. Since their regional system, providing water from Lake Huron, was not completed, city and county officials decided to provide water to Flint residents from the Flint river. Anyone who lives in Michigan knows that the Flint river was heavily polluted in the past, from industrial processes. Although since cleaned up, toxins are still leaching out of the Flint river.
    Lead was leaching from the present piping infrastructure as the city chose not to spend \$50.00 per day for anti-leaching chemicals. Once again, this was a city officials’ decision.
    Michigan’s governor and state officials had nothing to do with the decision to use water from the Flint river. It was black city and county officials that made the decision.
    Flint has since reconnected to the Detroit water system.
    Of course, politics figures into this as the Democrat city and county officials do not want to take blame for their own shortsightedness and stupidity.
    Note that Detroit has some of the best water in the country.

    • Agree: ThreeCranes
    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  113. @Reactive Reaction

    And if you believe that five states will be enough, forget it!!!! Sooner or later, they’ll demand a sixth state, then a seventh….

  114. No need to worry. God will solve all problems of humanity.
    (Humans now totally cheap commodity. Supply and demand is very unbalanced.)

  115. Jameson says:

    The seeds of destruction of Western Civilization are already planted deep in the soil and the roots are growing strong. That growth has been made possible by the insane doctrines of modern liberalism, brainwashed into the last few generations, resulting in a citizenry that rejects their own civilization, race and religion. Even if America and the West were to somehow find a solution to the race problem, the seeding of Islam within our borders will ultimately destroy whatever remains, and there is zero chance of working through that. Take your bet on a Constitution written by men a few hundred years ago, or a religion, written by Satan 1400 years ago which has destroyed every civilization it has spread in. The West will be no exception.

    • Agree: Emslander
  116. Marckus says:

    Katrinka is one of that brood.

    And you are right. The minute I hear all this Jesus stuff I become very cautious because I know there is some chicanery in the works. I know one lady who is a “Pastor” always braying about giving communion on Sundays and who is a sleaze in every way. The “Jesus” thing is a smoke screen to gain trust before the con !

    The local christian priests live a regal lifestyle wherever you go, boats, SUV, Motorbikes, campers, house and income. The ones whose religion allow them to be married get to fuck selected female parishioners and the ones like the catholics get to diddle boys and each other. The Churches sit on prime real estate and elaborately decorated.

    Just yesterday I sat behind the good father at a traffic light. On the sidewalk was a homeless man with a sign that said “I lost everything from Corona”. He looked clean and not the druggie or alcoholic type. I said to my wife “just watch, that shit priest will drive right on by”. Sure enough father gunned the Acura at green. The flock is only useful to these people when they have money to clink into the mass time contribution basket. Other than that the sheep are nothing but a damn nuisance. I pulled over to the side and laid some cash on him. It turned out that he was a restaurant worker. The fellow came to the big city to make it but fell on hard times from virus hoax.

    So yes. These religious characters. The minute they start spouting off the prudent man holds onto his wallet and sticks the fingers of the other hand in his ass. Otherwise one way or the other you just know these bible bleaters have something up their sleeve… fleece you and enrich themselves.

    They are thieves and criminals with the divine blessing to be unregistered and unconvicted felons !

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
    , @Katrinka
  117. Che Guava says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Yes. I tried the one-button reply, but my recent comments are too few.

    Really, it is funny, as your comment, though not necessarily in a good way, whatever ‘good’ is to mean.


  118. @RJ Macready

    Where does the number 14 million come from? Unfortunately, there are several times more Africans in the USA than that. Anyway, if many people don’t even have the courage and decency and self-respect to even tell the truth about the ongoing wave of African violence against the rest of us, how will they ever actually fight back?

    But hope springs eternal.

  119. Ross23 says:

    Give any particular group special status and they will take advantage of it, just human nature.

    Many whites have long fled to the leafy quiet suburbs both them and their spoilt brainwashed kids insulated by the harsher realities of multiculturalism.

    That may soon change….

  120. @Ultrafart the Brave

    “it seems to me that apparently intractable endemic racial frictions in the USA are being systematically nurtured and nourished by malign agents embedded in the American governmental and media frameworks.”
    Oh yes — spot on. Shatter any chance of the 99% working together.
    On a slightly different note — April 25 is ANZAC day in Aust’& NZ’. It’s a big deal. 106 years ago Aust’, NZ (& some British & French) troops attacked, by sea, the Galippoli peninsula in Turkey. British planning. It was a debacle. But, the ANZACS (& the Turk’s) fought each other down to their dry bones.
    Naturally, the ANZACS were white.
    But, Turk’s & Aust’s & NZ’s still celebrate it to this day.
    It’s a big fucking deal.
    In WW I Aust’ lost about 57,000 dead — from a population of 4 & a bit Mill’. Diversity has NOT changed that.
    And hey – just to confuse — one of my proudest feelings as an Aust’? When we TWICE, (in WW I) refused, in referendum, to agree to conscription.
    Walzing Matilda.

  121. @Rich

    Love Ron and indeed most of his platform could work — with the exception of the untenable notion that voluntary charity will somehow get everyone access to affordable quality medical care.

    That doesn’t seem even close to feasible (although it would be certainly be easier if we deported illegal aliens and actually enforced the bond requirement / public-charge law against legal residents and would-be legal immigrants — thus lowering the number of people requiring taxpayer-funded med insurance or med care.

  122. Katrinka says:

    I applied for legal residency in Panama. It is a mixed race country, true, but the population isn’t brainwashed by the jewmedia, and there is a large population of American, Canadian, and European expats. I’ve been there and I love it.

    • Replies: @Marckus
    , @Katrinka
  123. Svevlad says:

    Genocide is a viable solution to any problem.

    On which end do you want to be?

  124. Miha says:
    @White Elephant

    All swans are white. But hey, I just saw a black swan. It attacked me! What logical deductions follow? You and a sizeable number of binary-minded commenters hereabouts manifestly fail that 101 test in logic. As Basil Fawlty (of the Towers) might have remarked, “Only thing to do is put straw in their rooms”.

    • Replies: @White Elephant
    , @WSG
  125. If (more likely when) the U.S. crumbles under its own weight and succumbs to Russian or Chinese influence, the retribution for this crusade will be swift. Imagine the first wave of house cleaning where people in “power” or with no skills aside from social unrest are shown the door. This racial “revolution” can only persist as long as society cares to indulge it. Although “freedom” in the U.S. is more akin to illusion; race theories and the division it created will be erased from history when the power shifts.

  126. @ThreeCranes

    I do seriously agree with your proposal, but it will take longer than that and will require massive expenditure to provide basic infrastructure, power supply, clean water, medical and dental care, etc., to the resettled “American” Africans.

    Still very, very, very well worth the price.

    Neither we nor the good and peaceful people among the African-“American” population deserve to live in fear and hatred. Neither white Americans nor non-whites in the USA today are to blame for slavery or post-slavery oppression of Africans, nor are our parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents. (In fact, tens of millions of white Americans, like me, had no ancestors in this country until slavery was abolished and were in any event from poor families who never purported to “own” anyone in Europe or here. That evil was the province of a very small percentage of US residents — wealthy, heartless Brits and Jews, primarily.

    It’s time for the hatred in all directions to stop while we work out a solution that avoids violence. This requires complete separation. And as a commenter noted, the Africans must be encouraged to leave this continent entirely, because otherwise many of them will just come over our border and start preying on whites, asians, and hispanics with constant violence, intimidation, and mockery yet again.

  127. Realist says:

    Who cares if cities burn? Literally, who cares? They made their bed, let them sleep in it. Or what’s left of it.

    Well, my preference would be just that…especially big cities.

    My advice was for anyone who wishes to stop the stupidity.

    • Replies: @SafeNow
  128. @RoatanBill

    Your last thought: as long as……..
    THIS is what I am referencing. It is too big. Yes. It cannot maintain this ‘largesse’- control for long. The debt is too large. The moves against Russia and Cbina are really about a deluded drive to get more suckers under tbe debt tent. This will not work.
    What I am talking about is that precise moment when collapse starts. From that point forward we have new opportunities. How can they make anything happen when they are literally dodging collapsing bricks?
    The use of blax as shock troops is beneficial to Real America. It creates disrespect if not outright hatred for central authority. As that central authority weakens with an impending fiscal meltdown, and it will, who will maintain civilization? The city and-or the state level govt.

    We retake govt by becoming state govt as the greenback dissolves. Tbe issuance of money is key. If it is removed from the Fed-Irs it is over for the parasites. This is the opportunity to undue 100 years of debt-financed war and stock market swindling.
    The moment the U.S. feral govt cant meet its obligations everything is up for grabs. This will e a time of great opportunity. When the Beast is weak it can be destroyed. Then the people have a chance to rebuild something that is functional, just and in accord with Western Civilization not a parasitic golem shuffling around like a fentanyl junkie looking for a fight.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Chinaman
  129. Katrinka says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    I’ve already applied for legal residency in Panama.

  130. Bernie says:

    The past few days have shown the US is beyond reform. If almost all racial violence is black on white and whites are always defined as the racist – and jailed when we fight back – then there is no possibility for peace. Separation of some sort is the best/only solution.

  131. Ragno says:

    Are we all beginning to see what stealing the election would lead to? And much faster than we thought it would….or could!

    The solution (don’t worry, it’s far to late to implement it) was hit upon years ago by New Orleans’ legendary Asian (and “racist”) police chief, Harry Lee, who periodically had to deal with violence and unrest against his cops from an essentially-ungovernable subset of the population (go on….guess which one).

    His answer was you hate the cops? Then you’ll never see another one. And he forbade his officers from responding to calls from the ghetto: let these people police themselves. Within a week, “community leaders” were begging him to restore order.

    Of course that was easy to do in a Deep South city a generation ago, when such orders were completely unofficial yet enforced like holy writ. Near-impossible to pull off now, in a country where Jewish educators and media momzers have ensured that roughly half the white population are out-and-out race traitors (culturally Jewish is my preferred term).

    No people on Earth are as slow on the uptake as whites confronted with race war – most of them are stupid enough to believe that a “race war” can only take place if white folks declare it so; even the RTs (or CJs if you prefer) don’t like to dwell upon the reality that such a war has long since been declared against us and is already ongoing – and they’d be in favor of defecting to the other side!

    This is the kind of war that can not be won so long as whites pretend to be characters in a World War 2 movie, tuning in their contraband radios to hear coded instructions from Tucker Carlson or Donald Trump, because neither of them, worthy as they my be, are ever going to ask the correct question of their audience, mainly: why in the world are we listening to – or currying favor with – the most violent, stupid and utterly useless 13% of the population; people who are net users of – as opposed to contributors to – the public treasury and government largesse? (And true the world over, incidentally, so forget about seeking the real Wakanda – there isn’t one.)

    But it’s probably too late even for those questions to be asked. Any society that looks at the murder rates as parsed by FBI statistics, or analyzes the one-way trends in our education costs only as they pertain to Negro schoolchildren, or turns on a television set (or thumbs through a national magazine or major-metro newspaper) and absorbs the messages being sent not only in the advertising but now, finally, in the actual ‘reporting’ of current events…..who even requires those questions to be asked in the first place … a society that’s been on the conveyor belt to serfhood for quite some time now, without ever catching on to the final destination.

    Need I even say it? As opposed to our own so-called second-class citizens, who enjoy extraordinary amounts of public largesse and kid-gloves treatment, you do not, under any circumstances, want yourself or your immediate family to ever be in a position of dependence upon the black chappies. Grown adults with the minds of spoiled children, who’ll routinely butcher one another over the merest trivialities, will turn you into link sausage without a second thought or the blink of an eye.

    If the immediate aftermath of the Chauvin trial has made up your mind for you that you’re moving out of your overpopulated city, you’re halfway home. But if you’re unfolding a road map instead of renewing your passport, maybe you still haven’t figured it out yet.

    • Agree: gutta percha
    • Replies: @Emslander
  132. red rose says:

    I would agree with you BUT we must NOT allow any Jews to enter the new land. EVER.

  133. @padre

    Anywhere whites go they are followed by opportunists: black,brown, yellow. All trying to avoid the dysfunctions of tbeir own cultures and live in a better society. The jews show up ecause they are parasites who like to live off usury.
    Europeans didnt take the red man’s land. We conquered them. In the battle between civilizations we won. Fair and square. Deal with it.
    Don’t cry to us. Just say thanks for eating our table scraps and be grateful.

  134. @Phibbs

    Jews hate Christian whites not because of their Christianity but because of their race. They own and control Christianity especially in the west. So they basically have Christians in the hip pockets. You can’t find one Protestant pastor who will sermonize on today’s Jews nor will he/she dare criticize them. In fact they will preach that they are the chosen ones, this is called job security. The good Jews lack the power to fight against the zio’s.

  135. Thomasina says:

    Okay, China AND India then. A caste system.

  136. @ThreeCranes

    “Whites pay to support people who hate, curse, and sometimes kill us. We gain nothing. They owe everything. What they have, we gave them, through weakness, folly, and good intentions.”

    There are some possible substitutions for “whites” and “people.” For example:

    Americans pay to support immigrants who hate, curse, and sometimes kill us. We gain nothing. They owe everything. What they have, we gave them, through weakness, folly, and good intentions.

    Men pay to support women who hate, curse, and sometimes kill us. We gain nothing. They owe everything. What they have, we gave them, through weakness, folly, and good intentions.

    The evidence suggests that the white American men of this generation are the stupidest people in world history.

    • Agree: Katrinka
  137. Che Guava says:

    i vaguely recall reading of that. In memory, it is like the SLA, except they didn’t have a supposedly kidnapped Patty Hearst.

  138. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    The entire world runs on fiat currency, not money. It is this fraud that is the absolute root of today’s problems.

    Should the Fed Gov disappear, the most immediate problem becomes what does any one state use for trade. What will your grocer accept from you for a loaf of bread? The states are run by wannabe tyrants, so far less successful than the gang in DC. They will immediately institute some form of fiat by edict to restart the primary problem once again. The dollar could continue to be used till it hyper inflates as foreign dollars flood the market in an attempt to purchase hard goods to shed green slips of paper. Then what?

    If the Fed Gov doesn’t come up with a digital dollar this year, I think rapid inflation will kill the dollar and crash the economy resulting in massive civil unrest and martial law with troops everywhere. This won’t solve anything, just keep somewhat of a lid on things. If it does come up with a digital dollar in time, that just disguises the problem for a short time and will fail once people realize all it’s done is put a technological front on the same problem of a currency moored to nothing tangible.

    The solution is to use money for trade, not phony currency. Real money is needed to trade internally as well as internationally as the US doesn’t produce much of what it needs. That means commodity money which traditionally has been gold and silver.

    The US claims 8,000 tons. Other countries have their amounts. When the real shit hits the fan, only commodity money will allow for a successful restart of world wide economic activity. The days of one country issuing slips of paper or its conjured up electronic equivalent won’t fly any longer. The digital currency, even if instituted, won’t last unless it’s backed with commodity money.

  139. @ziggurat

    Could start small and make it voluntary. Set up NGOs in every African country to help expats get settled, find work, look around, have fun. Offer anyone a free trip there and back if they agree to stay for a certain period of time, doing almost anything they want once they get there. Give out a UBI while there.

    Some will decide to stay. Others will be older and more mature, with less testosterone, when they get back.

    • Agree: ziggurat
    • Replies: @Angharad
  140. Chris Moore says: • Website

    American whitey, starting with the Kansas haberdasher, has loved the Zios who threw out the natives from the land of Palestine. And ever since has supported the Jewish-only statelet against the oppressed and dispossessed Palestinians.

    Why are you conflating all whites with Jew-stooge/Zionist “whites,” half of whom have mixed-Hebrew-Khazar-Gangster/Bankster backgrounds? Pretty racist.

    The Zionist network has been infiltrating and subverting the white-written American Constitution for decades. They’ve infiltrated and subverted the entire nation and its Congress. Whites, certainly, are guilty of being hoodwinked, but so are Palestinians, who were hoodwinked by the same Satanic network. Do you blame them for what the Zionists have been and are doing to them?

    A greedy, soulless faction of Palestinians sold the Zionists their land. Do you blame ALL Palestinians?

  141. @ThreeCranes

    Then seed the newly constructed shithole with small arms and marijuana, put up drones and cameras, and charge \$50 an hour for pay-per-view. We could pay off the national debt.

    • LOL: ThreeCranes
  142. KenH says:

    The answer is separation. Without it, this will never stop.

    That is the only answer. Otherwise, the only way this multiracial hellhole “works” is to enact a sort of nationwide Jim Crow which allows whites to live in segregated communities and allows us to keep blacks and other non-whites out as we see fit while forcing blacks to police themselves in their own so called communities.

    But I think it was back in January when Tucker Carlson sternly lectured us to banish all talk about secession and divorcing ourselves from people who hate us. We’re all in this together whether we like it or not, Tuck chided the audience. Well I don’t like it and want out of the American experiment ASAP.

    That’s easy for him to say as a multimillionaire. It’s also very insulting and very selfish. I think Tucker is concerned that if the nation breaks apart that would affect his status as a multimillion dollar commentator. If America breaks up then people could lose their current status in society but if too many of our elites aren’t willing to take risks then nothing will ever change for the better.

  143. Marckus says:

    Oh really ? No Jews eh ? No brain washing eh ? I would not crow in self righteous joy if I were you. Expats or no Panama is infested by the same bullshit as the US because of its proximity to the US and the heavy influence of US politics on the country. There are the same racial tensions in Panama. You and your ilk just do not understand that anywhere there are blacks there is or will be trouble.

    Why would you ever want to be so stupid to move from one cauldron to another ?

    It might surprise you to know that while you perceive there is a large population of expats in Panama, in fact there is NOT. There is also a thriving Jewish community elements of which you will easily discern if you travel frequently to the country both on the plane and at the airport.

    It will also surprise you to know that there is on the other hand a thriving community of Latins in Florida with many rich Panamanians in Key Biscayne. They keep a foot in both countries and their hands everywhere else. Their money of course is rarely stored in Panama but just washed through the banking system there.

    You are so naive about the ways of the world. Is that what your daily Bible reading and Sunday Bible studies does to a person ?

    Anyway, goodbye and good riddance.

    So good luck with your move. I doubt you will last for very long. Most expats who have moved to Panama DON’T !

  144. Yee says:


    “Okay, China AND India then. A caste system.”

    If you were becoming China, your 1% would have been stripped off their wealth and kicked out of the country…

  145. @Miha

    If all swans are white, then there wouldn’t be black ones now, would there be?
    And the point, precisely of your reply?

    Ah, ok, because the black swan attacked you, you believe that I am in fact sectioning out black people, because they attack whites, even though white swans also attack (swans attack to protect their young/territory).

    So, let’s see shall we Miha?
    Crime figures put blacks killing blacks at the same number as whites killing whites, along with blacks killing whites and whites killing blacks.
    All good?
    Blacks make up under 1/6th of the white population. It means whites are 6 times more likely to be murdered by blacks and blacks 6 times less likely to be murdered by whites.
    That’s a problem don’t you think?

    Another moron on Unz review, which of late has been invaded by minorities and the left. You are clearly one of the two or both.

    You prove you have no logic.

    Shall we go on with crime figures?
    Blacks, on average rape 35,000 white women every year. Whites on the other hand rape 10 or so black women every year.
    That’s a problem don’t you think?

    How about assault?
    Whites and all other non blacks are around 30 times more likely to be assaulted/robbed by blacks.
    That’s a problem don’t you think?

    You see, your stupid analogy about swans proves your stupidity. There is no different aggression level between swan colours. All swans are swans, just as all Europeans are European, some darker, some lighter than the others. But blacks? Well, they have been proven to be more violent, more prone to assaulting, robbing, raping and murdering other blacks and non blacks than non blacks are to blacks.
    More so..
    Crime figures prove that white deaths by blacks are a result of whites failing to protect themselves from black criminality, whereas black deaths by whites are whites SUCCEEDING in protecting themselves against black criminality.

    Bottom line Miha?

    Swans are the same race, regardless of colour whereas blacks are not the same race to Europeans, just as Labradors are a different breed/race of dog to Dobermans and so on.

    You have no argument, other than instantly attacking me because you’re unable to refute my argument.

    And again, the only solution is to remove blacks back to Africa and Jews to an island, locked away forever, before both obliterate the European peoples and then the rest of the world’s nations.

    • Agree: Luus Kanin
  146. @ziggurat

    For each of those Americans moving to Ghana you have many more Ghanians moving to US, not to mention to Europe, Canada, wherever.

    • Replies: @ziggurat
  147. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    We are where where we are with these constant “mostly peaceful” protests (lol) by Antifa and BLM. They started in earnest last year after the George Floyd “incident.” But, as they went on for months with little push back from the government, I put much of the blame squarely on President Trump’s shoulders. He kept saying that the blue state governors would have to ask for help from the Feds. But that is a lie, and Trump knew it. The president has sole jurisdiction to invoke the “Insurrection Act,” which would have quelled some of the rioting, especially if the military had been authorized to use live ammunition. Martial law could have been declared if all else failed. As a result of his inaction, how many white people lost what little faith they still had left in Trump? I know I did.

    It’s been speculated that SecDef Esper and General Milley had told their boss they wouldn’t carry out his order. I don’t know if that’s true, but many former generals, led by the prior SecDef Mattis. were in open rebellion against Trump. The president could have ordered the troops in anyway, even if had led to a Constitutional crisis. (We need a good one, don’t we?). But Trump thought he had a winning issue by blaming all the rioting on the democrats. That didn’t work out too well for him, did it? Now, with the feckless Biden-Harris admin in the WH, cheering on the radical BLM agenda, as whites soldiers are purged from the military for wrong-think, where do we go from here?

  148. @Katrinka

    Go WHERE, exactly? Leftist/Marxist cancer is everywhere. We are the last bastion for freedom on Earth and this IS the hill to fight and die on in order to preserve it.

    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
  149. Pericles says:

    I think we should welcome all rational people of whatever color. This would almost automatically exclude blacks and Muslims, but include Chinese, Jews, South American Whites, many Indians, many Iranians. Sure some would form their own ethnic conclaves: we’d end up with something like the Ottoman Empire, which lasted for 550 years by encouraging the formation of such enclaves under the over-arching protection of the Sultan.

    These arguments seem eerily familiar …

    Anyway, you’re already there, so just enjoy your contemporary multicultural empire. I guess everyone here remembers white christians were slaves in the previous one.

  150. TKK says:

    Re-read and research.
    Washington had no use for a Jewish savior.

    There are many Washington references in his letters to “Providence” and the like, but few specific references to Jesus Christ. Is that unusual or telling?

    There are many historians who feel that the dearth of references to Jesus is a sign that George Washington was not a Christian (a follower of Jesus)—or at least not an orthodox Christian. I’ve spent most of my adult life working on George Washington, but not so much on Washington’s contemporaries. Ideally, to come to a meaningful answer, I think we’d have to look at all the statements by both Washington and his contemporaries and see how his uses of the name Jesus compare with those of others of his class in 18th century America. Having pulled together both George and Martha Washington’s writings relating to religion, I can say that Martha Washington, who is generally considered a very devout, orthodox Christian, refers most often to “God,” occasionally to “Providence,” and never to Jesus. On this question, as well as on so many others, the critics seem to expect Washington to sound like a modern, evangelical Christian, when he was an 18th century Virginia Anglican.

  151. The Illegitimate Biden Regimes plantation masters along with their Burn Loot Murder militant cult of Black Sovereign Nation slaves, in their relentless quest to disarm white Americans, are conveniently and urgently using everything in their power to displace whites with illegal hoards of criminal aliens, black criminal immunity, white gun confiscation via “Domestic Terrorist” designation, Critical Race Theory, censorship, ad nauseam……

    There are only two outcomes to look forward towards within the next few years, perhaps months at the rate of their USA takeover.

    A) Just keep living your life as if this will all pass and we are United by a government who hates everything about the constitution and the whites slave masters who wrote it, and obey and submit.

    B) Wake up and realize we have been attacked with a first trial – stage one bio weapon used to destroy trillions in small business wealth, as technopolies and monopolies reap trillions in profits and power, followed by federal designation of Trump supporters as “white Supremacists” – “domestic terrorists. They fraudulently stole the 2020 election and will soon steal America. By using the January 6 DC rally to round up patriots, with threats for the rest of us, they have declared war with white America. Together we are the greatest army the world has ever seen, divided, they win.
    Fight or die kneeling to your New Woke Burn Loot Murder – Black Lives Masters.

  152. @orionyx

    we’d end up with something like the Ottoman Empire, which lasted for 550 years by encouraging the formation of such enclaves under the over-arching protection of the Sultan.

    Interesting thought, but if you’re using the Ottoman Empire as a model, you need to understand that it was the Jewish enclave in Salonika that brought the empire down. Jews following their Messiah Sabbatai Zevi into Turkey in 1666 were forced to “convert” to Islam but covertly kept their allegiances and eventually became powerful enough to topple the Sultan, engineer the First World War and destroy the empire for their zionist purposes of taking over Palestine.

    As the Young Turks, they even came up with the idea of killing a million or so Armenians to accomplish their goals. And suckered the Kurds into doing a lot of the killing.

  153. @ziggurat

    The miracle of “fiat currency” has shown us we can print 4 trillion in a single year, without any immediate consequence, except perhaps financial and real estate bubbles.

    The reason that is true is because the financial-exchange-system is in a constant / permanent state of cascade-failure due to the broadly-defined payment-card phenomenon.

    Take the following mini-quiz:

    Which of these three (per year) is the largest amount:

    1. The combined military budgets of the U.S., China, and Russia,
    2. The gross income of the poorest 1.5 billion people on Earth, or
    3. The aggregate “small transaction charges to the merchant to cover the cost of processing” payment card transactions.

    The answer is 3.

    In fiscal 2018, for example, the visa-issuing banks alone ran in excess of \$11 trillion of gross throughput or charge-volume through their accounts, and the average 3% concealed “Merchant Discount Fee” generated \$330 billion of bonus revenue for the card-issuers and the people who own them.


    Add in mastercard, amex, discover, debit-cards (and their fixed-amount fees that are about 40-times actual processing costs), gas-cards, department-store-cards, other-retail-cards, etc., etc. and the gross global annual rake-off is in excess of the USD-equivalent of \$1 trillion (\$1,000,000,000,000).

    And because the concealed fees are skimmed from the card-users’ payment-stream, it simultaneously creates a duplicate mirror-image constructive increase in the outstanding balances because the \$3 that the banks skim from every \$100 paid toward billed-balances goes into their pockets instead of properly reducing the true outstanding balance.

    Due to the magic-of-interest-dynamics, after paying in an extra \$1 trillion to accommodate the \$1 trillion in rake-offs – POOF! – we still owe them the same \$1 trillion. Isn’t that special.

    And about 10% of the total, or \$100 billion per year, is a direct rake-off from the aggregate VAT and other government sales-taxes that are run through these accounts. In many cases the bankers are laughing their asses off at us because they are making more money from skimming the sales-tax revenue than they pay in nominal income taxes! Isn’t that special.

    Trying to run a global economy through a 3% rake-off mechanism is regardless like trying to swim in motor-oil as opposed to water. It’s like an electrical circuit that discharges 3% per cycle.

    So without prejudice to the wisdom of doing so, the proposed plan to pay \$100,000 to each of 30 million people as compensation would be \$3 trillion – or about 18-months worth of rake-offs that offend about two-dozen domestic criminal-law and international-racketeering / money-laundering offences every time someone goes ching-ching with their payment card.

    It could be easily done and paid for from just the constructive-trust that the bankers owe to the people from just the past 20 years of sales-tax-skimming.

    I have recently returned from five years in South Africa doing research into the last 400-years of broadly-defined English commercial law. Most of the people I met – Black, Asian, Indian, or White – were good decent people who just want to get along and on a truly-level-playing-field.

    But that cannot happen in a world where during the approximate one-hour that the George Floyd incident unfolded, the global bookkeepers skimmed another \$100-million-plus.

    I’ll let Mr. James Robinson III – the then CEO of american express – explain the situation and circumstances in 1992 that lead to our current global fiscal nightmare.

    From the opening pages of House of Cards – Inside the Troubled Empire of American Express (1992). The referenced newspaper articles all discussed Amex’s fee schedule (required concealed price discounts and corresponding concealed credit fees):

    [American Express president] Jim Robinson was fuming… He stared at a grainy black and white photograph of a restaurant owner who had impaled an American Express Card on the tip of a foot-long butcher knife…. The caption on the Boston Herald photo read “Pointed Protest.” …. The card attack wasn’t an isolated incident. The article in the Boston Herald was one of a dozen that Robinson was studying [from NYC] on that chilly April morning in 1991. They all described at length what AmEx’s staff had begun to call the “Boston Fee Party.” Fed up with exorbitant fees, roughly one hundred restaurants in the Boston area were threatening to stop accepting Amex plastic. “It’s too damn costly” said one protest organizer. For years American Express had charged [US] merchants a commission of 3% to 5% every time a customer used the green or gold card. The “discount fee” had been common throughout the card industry. It had been a key source of revenue to every card issuer. But AmEx’s fee was the highest in the business. Visa, the leading bank card brand and AmEx’s closest rival, charged only 2%.… [actually a range of 2% to 5.75%]” Did you see the paper? Did you see what’s happening in Boston?” Robinson thundered. He sounded panicked. “What the hell is this?”… “In my entire career, my entire career,” began Robinson,…“I have never seen anything as distasteful as this goddamn thing.” … “How could you let it get so far?”… “Do you know how this makes us look?”….”What I want to know right now is what we’re doing,”… “We can’t have our SE’s [concealed price discounts and concealed credit fees] paraded around in the goddamn papers”.

    • Thanks: ziggurat
  154. Chinaman says:

    Start with this video and understand how it all works.

    You just posturing if you don’t understand what is going on behind the scenes.

  155. @Marckus

    If you want to see the lowest leeches wearing religious garb, look no further than Hasidic Orthodox Hebs or their Mohammadan cousins Clerics, while I’m at it, throw in Hari Krishna and Buddhist monks.

  156. Emslander says:

    why in the world are we listening to – or currying favor with – the most violent, stupid and utterly useless 13% of the population

    Precisely. Why did Republicans EVER pay any attention to what the 13% wanted? A political party that made it clear that it would not have credited any sector of the voting public that voted 99% against it with any special attention would have won every election from 1956 forward. Trump seemed to have figured that out and then failed to govern that way. Now it’s too late.

    The only solution will be an authoritarian one. Absent a forced return to governance by responsible interests, collapse will occur.

  157. All these minor problems will disappear. All humanity will change from frivolous to survivor mode.
    Believe or not lack of food is coming.

  158. @Chinaman ??? Top 30 visible bankers, who pulls their strings?????

  159. @SteveK9

    …what happens to those Blacks that want to join or are already members of ‘normal’ American Society? You can look at Black Conservatives as an example (granted, a small group), who really know the score in terms of race relations. People like Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, Jason Riley, Ben Carson, or maybe the youngest example, Candace Owens.

    You can have them in Cuckservativeland. The purpose of the ethnostate is very different from what you seem to have in mind. The ethnostate is not a means to some other end, such as “conservative values.” The ethostate is the end.

    • Agree: The Anti-Gnostic
  160. White separatism might work now that with ZOOM and other platforms anyone can pretty much work from home which might also mean when not working on the job at home, that home worker can home school his or her kids (so that nonsense Critical Race Theory won’t be automatically taught, and other garbage like 2+2=5 since math is “racist”), but truly the only way it’ll work successfully is if ALL WHITES who do not have “white guilt” BS (which is most working class and about half middle class whites) move to rural areas (even in blue states, rural areas tend to be areas where hatred of whites is not fostered even in public schools). Small towns, maybe….just do the research and avoid the libtard ones (for instance, Marfa, Texas, thanks to the artsy-fartsies, not the Hispanic majority there). I think over time if this works, then humanity can get back to normal and drop the race identity crapola which is what the criminal psycho elites want since they do divide and conquer. But if blacks and PoCs no longer see whites they think they have a right to beat up or complain about, maybe then these folks too will get back to being just human, and resist the demonics that rule the criminal psycho elites.

  161. AndrewR says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    While I think Taylor is dishonest for not addressing the JQ, I am now fully convinced that Jews are NOT the main problem. We cannot address the JQ before addressing the WLQ (white liberal question). It’s probably already too late. I can’t really blame the Jews for exploiting the natural weaknesses of whites. Libtard whites clearly are an anchor around our necks.

  162. JimmyBee says:

    ‘Get ready for 2022 or civil war as you will, but there’s no escape to la-la land.’

    Yes there is. Well, a cold la-la land. Here in Canada we have almost no racial problems, so what about emigrating?

    • Replies: @Jimmy le Blanc
  163. Mefobills says:

    Gregory Hood (the author) say this:

    Most importantly, we deserve liberation from this albatross that prevents any kind of real national life. Almost any price would be worth paying if we could be sovereign and free, something our ancestors took for granted.

    Paying for removal (liberation) is pretty straightforward from a tactical point of view, and apparently I am the only person alive it seems, that is advocating for a method already shown by history to work:

    The future pays for removal of undesirables with increased industrial productivity. It is win-win because you remove an albatross from the now and future, while simultaneously improving the economy with money stimulus.

    I get it that the money system is MEGO (MY EYES GLAZE OVER) for most people. I tried to make content at link easy to digest.

    A bill can channel toward any in-group or troublesome individual. In many cases they will want to leave anyway.

  164. @propagandist hacker

    Fairly interesting if he’s a younger man, because his writing style is very seasoned.

    • Agree: Bubba
  165. @Chinaman

    You communists parasites test released a bio weapon on the world, and we know it to be fact. Once we stop buying your crap, your economy collapses into the shithole it was before you stole your wealth from the white man. A billion of your countrymen and women hate you CommieMan. Your demise is at end.

    • Replies: @Robert Bruce
  166. AndrewR says:
    @Ray Caruso

    Bro you cannot be this dense.

    90% of the problems blacks cause us are due to Jews and Jew-loving whites’ not only tolerating but encouraging and subsidizing the worst black behavior while simultaneously giving the microphone to the absolute worst blacks while censoring and threatening any dissenters.

    I have no illusions about blacks but they would be incomprehensibly more manageable without Jews pouring gasoline on the racial fire.

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  167. Schuetze says:

    South Africa is the reality of Black undertow and racism bitch slapping the entire planet across the face. The pathetic joke here is that low-IQ blacks can figure this out while high-IQ whites are stuck like a deer caught in the headlights. Meanwhile the hebrew sneaks up and cuts their throat.

    There is a civil war going on right now across Europe, US, UK, Canada and Australia. It is Blacks, Jews, Fags and stupid brainwashed white bimbos against European civilization. South Africa and Zimbabwe illustrate exactly where it all ends. Anybody who cannot see this already is not worth the wasted effort trying to “wake them up”.

    There is only one solution for the US and the EU: secession and civil war. The EU will not voluntarily give up power, and the US certainly won’t either.

    If Russia can kick Nato’s ass and bring about the end to the tyranny of the Rothschild money changer central banks, then there might still be some hope.

  168. AndrewR says:

    Uruguay is on my short list of countries to move to. I’m fluent in Castellano but the Rioplatense dialects are not super easy for me

    • Replies: @Montefrío
  169. @follyofwar

    Agree with your whole post. It’s beyond belief when it comes to how far decent basically peaceful and law abiding American citizens of all kinds, have allowed their nation to go so far down. Sure, I’m aware” ‘of how phony the Republican party is in serving conservative interests but it must be admitted that it is the democratic party leadership that is given the go ahead and is financed by the elite to be charged with the task of destroying this country. This last “ELECTION” finally showed up democracy as a farce. The idiotic ex president Bush, of “the jobs Americans won’t do mantra”, has reappeared to babble on about the “nativism” of Americans, etc. He must mean people who want to put their nation first instead of his corrupt globalist shill attitude.

    • Thanks: follyofwar
  170. @St-Germain

    I wonder, St-Germain, do you really think you are still safe in Western Europe? I haven’t been there since my stint in the Army in the 1970’s. (It was the best time of my life!). I envy you for leaving. But, from what I’ve read, things are just as bad there, if not worse, than in the crumbling USA. You have the same problems with uncontrolled immigration, violent crime is way up, your citizens can’t protect themselves with firearms (no 2nd Amendment), and your Covid lockdowns are worse than here. Would it be safer, with a better quality of life, to move to a country with REAL borders, like Hungary, Poland, or Russia?

    But, I agree, there is not much hope left for the polyglot self-destructive USA, decaying from within. Unless he WAKES UP soon and grows a backbone, not much hope left for European man, either.

    • Replies: @St-Germain
  171. @orionyx

    Right. All whites turning to Satanism will solve the problem…. right! Another Christian-hater who thinks he or she knows that “turn the other cheek” actually means. And another thing…didn’t Christ also say “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (and you would have them do unto you since you are allowing them to do unto you….so that if they do unto you evil, return the favor…unfortunately, Christ haters simply don’t get that one….faulty Biblical context could be the reason…or allowing Satan to interpret the Bible could be the other reason…) Bwahahahahahah!

  172. @TKK

    Then you better not ever run into me… You’re scared of me because I don’t believe in Satan….Wow!

  173. AReply says:

    Darkie won

    He’s too strong!

    Whitey is too weak or too stupid to be able to cope. Whitey tried but failed. There’s a long and weirdly proud tradition of white failure, like when whites lied to world that they went to moon. What a joke, what an epic lie and humiliation. But whites don’t much understand or care about being lied to. They enjoy it, take solace in it. If they want to brag “We went to the moon” if they want to grouse “The moonshot was a hoax”. TV can make it go either way.

    There’s only one solution for whitey, one epic and final solution to keep up the illusion of their mastery of the human situation;

    Exterminate all the brutes.

    The bombs are handy, built and ready to use. You just have the courage to…

    Wait, do those rockets even work? …Do they even exist?

  174. LeRoy says:

    BLM bragging in a NYtimes AD: 600 Jewish organizations backing “. Current Day Civil Rights movement”
    No wonder the Diamond District in Manhattan was left alone and guarded by paid BLM volunteers

  175. Mefobills says:

    And yes, I am too cowardly to speak-out. Again. I was an undergraduate at an elite University exactly when (late 60s) and where this all started. I (and my friends, and like-minded faculty members and administrators) were all too cowardly to speak out, and take action, then. Too much to lose. I apologize to the younger generations.

    It started before you. Finance capital demands low price labor so said “capital” can perform. Finance capital is also exported overseas, to then make demands of labor “over there” in what is known as wage arbitrage.

    The colonialists and founding fathers put up a good fight with their “American System of Economy” and Industrial Capitalism, but lost out to (((Atlantacism))) and finance capitalism, especially by 1912.

    The country was especially undone by Wilson’s progressive era acts.

    The 60’s hippy dippy liberalism was only a knock on effect of greater forces beyond most people’s comprehension at that time.

    Even today, most people are brainwashed about the fabric of reality, especially how humans are guided by prices, money, and narrative.

  176. Absurdio says:
    @RJ Macready

    Northern Sask is freezing in winter, and ridden with insects in summer. It is a beautiful place, but there is a reason it is sparsely populated. Same with Yukon, beautiful, but sparsely populated for good reason. Besides, this is an American problem, and they have a huge, gorgeous state to relocate to: Alaska.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  177. @AndrewR

    I live in Argentina in a delightful spot in the province of Córdoba (17 years now), but I’d be hesitant about recommending it to a newcomer. Uruguay is a fine place, albeit somewhat dullin terms of landscape, unless you’re a coastal buff. When my second wife (Spansh) came here after I’d established things, I’d been here five months. The local dialect (“Chuncano”) takes adjustment time. I had to translate for her! The Rioplatense dialects are along the same lines, but with time…

    Perú is another up-and-comer frequently ignored, but it’s quite different from the Southern Cone countries. Great food though! Very friendly folks as well. Ecuador is dollarized, has some good spots, but…

    Best of luck should you decide to make the move!

    • Thanks: AndrewR
  178. Wally says:


    “Whites don’t need blacks, browns or Jewish parasites.”

    But they need whites.

  179. Corrupt says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    “The behaviour and loyalties of your Senator Maxine Waters makes this abundantly clear, beyond any ambiguity or doubt.”

    She’s not a Senator, she’s a member of the House.

    • Thanks: Ultrafart the Brave
  180. The real ENEMY are the Deep State Synagogue of Satan and their cohorts, including those useless white liberal parasites (Malcolm X called the real ENEMY of the black man) that continue to infest, spread hate, propaganda and immorality among western society. These Fifth column vampires and underlings have completely destroyed Amerika and Western society.

  181. Mefobills says:

    Werner is very accurate.

    As a quibble, he advocates for a German Public Bank System i.e. Sparkasse as the model.

    Germans are probably unique in the world, in that they are extremely law-abiding and honest in their dealings.

    So, this one size fits all model may not work in the more corrupt corners of the world.

    I can recommend any of his videos to those who are unaware of “behind the scenes activities.”

  182. White Man says:

    Say what you like but a court of law found the cop guilty as charged.

    From my experience, all coppers are bastards, and that’s a fact of life!

  183. Wally says:

    “You are all living in the land, that belongs to the red people!”

    Easily debunked leftist nonsense.


    Europeans were the first to set foot on North America, beating American Indians by some 10,000 years, new archaeological evidence :
    – Stone Age Hunters From Europe Discovered America:
    The Non-Genocide of Northern “Native” Americans:
    The noble savage is a fantasy, and it was never true:
    ‘Noble savages’ debunked:

  184. Coll Doll says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    yeah, i looked at American Renaissance website and read through the testimonies of how white people “saw the light” on black criminality and bullying. The stories were legitimate but I began to see it as one tribe against another tribe (black v white) without asking what force or what demographic is driving this division? Who created Woke Fundamentalism but the Frankfort School? Who controls the economy that pits people against each other and keeps the two forces from uniting against 1% forces where Js have eclipsed Wasps.

  185. FvS says:

    Without us, you have no transatlantic railroad, no goldrush…no Zoom, no Tiktot… no computer or iPhones since we invented or makes them.

    Approaching Afrocentric levels of revisionism here. Pretty much all modern technology used by the Chinese today was invented by whites. China is really only important on the world stage because of your rare earth mineral supply and because Jewish economists in America convinced our politicians to sell out our manufacturing base. Why don’t we compare what America and China looked like before we reestablished trade relations and see if we can determine who really needed who. But thanks for the gunpowder all those centuries ago.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
  186. @JimmyBee

    Here in Canada we have almost no racial problems

    Hah! Tell that to the Whites in Toronto being robbed and beaten by Africans. Or the Whites in Calgary putting up with the pakis, moose limbs, and other refuse the Federal government has imported. Tell that to the rural Saskatchewan farmer who must watch helplessly as the untouchable natives sneak onto his land and steal his property. Or drive drunk. Or pollute the social fabric of rural towns with their antics.

    Old stock White Canadians are currently being swamped with 350,000+ brown hominids a year, 1% of the total population. Every year. Whites are sneered at as “settlers” by the brown filth, and suffer from reverse discrimination in almost every major institution. Major cities, like Vancouver (christened Hong Kouver), Markham, Ontario, and others are predominantly inhabited by pushy Chinese expats or third world turds.

    Almost all of this tragedy was started by Brian Mulroney, a “conservative”, in the late eighties and early nineties, when he ramped up the invasion from lesser regions of the Earth.

    Old stock Canadian culture, “the True North Strong and Free,” is gone. Cuckanada is now a country run by insane lefty women, faggots, beta males, and brown filth. It is a socialist hellhole. Once the commissars complete their disarming of the citizenry, Whites will be loaded onto cattle cars and transported to the middle of the arctic to freeze and starve to death.

    All Americans need to do is look north to see what horrors await them.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks, republic
    • Thanks: bomag
  187. @Obama's boyfriend

    No, they can drag on for a really, really, lo… time.

    Which is the most mixed, multi-culti country in the world? India. It has been so for at least two thousand years.

  188. Amerika and Western civilization are dead and gone forever. Sadly the only hope for the world is Communist China who most likely will finish off these useless white liberals, but also the worthless blacks as well. At least Communist China has not let those Talmudic parasites infiltrate their government yet. No LGBTQ propaganda being forced fed down Chinese peoples throats. BLM, ANTIFA and the rest of the useless idiots will be eradicated one the CCP gain power, just like the National Socialist eradicated the BrownShirts.

  189. What people like AOC don’t realize, or seem to be conscious of is exactly what one writer knocking her stupidity wrote. ” We don’t need these people but they need us.” Yes, a truth so glaringly obvious and confirmed by history as to leave not the slightest doubt. One would think they would be more modest, more referential towards those who founded this country. It’s cause for sheer wonder, that they aren’t.

  190. @Honky Batch

    China is more free of a market and more free of a society than America. As a foreigner, there are “4 Ts” — verboten subjects — the trade war (soon to be retired), Taiwan, 1989 T-Square Protests, and Tibet.

    In America every facet of your vocabulary and even the tone in which you speak to a minority is grounds for arrest, de-platforming, career destruction, and imprisonment. Your country and your people are a joke. Joe Biden and Eric Swalwell are the only good men in all of DC.

    • Replies: @Honky Batch
  191. JimmyBee says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    ‘The funny and ironic thing about all of this is, (((they))) will suffer as much as any White at the hands of the Frankenstein’s monster they created.’

    Yup. (((They’re))) cunning, but not wise…

    • Agree: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @36 ulster
  192. Dr. Doom says:

    This outdated farm equipment is being utilized as a token army.
    By the very ones that bought and enslaved them in the first place.

    The mistake that Whites make is to imagine these creatures as equals.
    They are merely tribal savages that see an US vs them Worldview.

    Facts do not matter to their childish undersized brains.
    They live in a Wakanda fantasy world dreamed up by their erstwhile slavers.

    The stupidity is a sight to behold. What else would you expect?
    We’re dealing with creatures to whom a 70 IQ is the median and half are dumber.

    You must disabuse yourselves of the notions of using reason or facts with these savages.
    They respect only FORCE and GREATER FORCE at that.

    If you want to assist Whites, then do not engage them as human beings.
    Use them against our enemies. Point out that this is a Jew-run society.

    Point these animals at the Synagogue. Its easy to do.
    The really rich are Jews. Jews are their landlords.
    Jews own the police and they run the courts.

    Point out the little hat people to their would be allies.
    Let them fight! Put them against one another.

    Its the LEAST we can do for our enemies.
    Have them destroy each other for OUR BENEFIT.

    What was working against you, can work for you.
    Its only a question of sabotage and subversion.

    We can do this better than the enemy.
    We can use their own words and actions against them…

  193. @follyofwar

    You are right about all those problems you listed. Next door Frankfurt is more than half non-German. But somehow the Germans have managed to import a lot of eastern Europeans and Russians who immediately assimmilate. So the cities are not quite so overrun as in poor France. Also there is an election year and it looks bad for Merkel’s party. She’s the ony who invited the Middle East and Africa in 2015.

    But you are also right about eastern Europe. And Eastern Germany. It is still looking like the First World. My daughter has already pioneered that move. It may be that last frontier for whites.

    • Replies: @Annony Mouse
  194. @Supply and Demand

    China is more free? Tell that to the Uyghurs, Christians and Falun Gong. 🙄 I don’t think they got the memo.

    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
  195. @RoatanBill

    I agree, we will return to normalcy with a return to real money that is backed by value. It is not just having actual backing to paper money, it is about the rules of its creation. The complete discrediting of the US dollar removes (((their))) power. This whole process can be rapid. A new currency can be issued on the basis of money being a utility, issued by govt not a private central bank (Rothschilds), and this removes the massive loss of paying interest to bankers. With a balanced budget amendment, the parasitism is removed from the system.

    This is the engine of satan: charging the taxpayer interest on money creation. This earned interest makes Rottenkiller rich. With the IRS and FED system the rich banker class used the federal govt war powers and made our governments a mockery AND a mindless killer. We can end this when their system collapses which it will.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  196. @Emslander

    Why did Trump pardon rappers on the way out the door?
    Along with the Jewish Doctor from Florida that was ripping off Medicare.
    Did Jared Kusher tell him to?
    And what would this do for Trump?
    I hope he doesn’t run again, too much sideshow.

    Ron Desantis is a man of bold action, hope Trump steps aside for him but I doubt he will because he wants to talk about black unemployment some more.

  197. SafeNow says:

    But the problem with “let the cities burn” is that progressive idiots and African primitives will move to non-cities. When Buckley reviewed “Camp of the Saints” he wrote: “Will you shoot them? Will you starve them? The only answer is to live in a suburban place AND have private security and fortress architecture.

    Possibly, just possibly, Gov. DeSantis’s plan will be permitted to work. But I doubt that the federal government will allow it to work.

    • Replies: @Realist
  198. @Chinaman

    Yeah, sure.
    It’s funny you would characterize someones actions as posturing. That seems to be 99% of what you do here.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  199. @ThreeCranes

    A fair assessment but I digress on one part of what most people like us tend to think. Like you Im an atheist and tend to see this from a more scientific veiwpoint vs an emotional one. I do agree that theirs a sliding scale in intelligence among the worlds different races and I believe we are at or near the top. Where I diverge is the thought that sociopathic tendencies (which lead to erratic and violent behavior) are more prevalant in any particular race on a genetic level. I believe these tendancies to be more a manifestation of social engineering than anything. I think if african descendants were simply given the educational and cultural stimuli which we can give, they would have become much more productive and emotionally stable than they are now and over time, possibly caught up to us where their is not much difference between our communities. If left to take the booker t washington route, things would be very different today., but instead, the elites decided to manipulate them and brainwash them for their own ends. Its no mystery that black people who are middle class and moderately successful are almost always conservative and tune out the rhetoric from the left., and by conservative, I dont mean religious though many are., by conservative, I mean constitutionally loyal, believe in low taxes and small government. This is also demonstrated in statistics of crime and poverty among blacks in red vs blue states and rural vs city dwellers. These differences would be more pronounced if not for the influence of national media bombarding them with the same narratives the echo chambers do. Black people are capable of more than many of us like to give them credit for but unfortunately, the left wing has turned most of them into their useful idiots. I believe the real goal of the elites is to disposses the middle class of their assets and prevent them from gaining any more political power to prevent it. If they allowed blacks to flourish and join the middle class, they would risk too much resistence. Communism is feudalism rebranded and wrapped in empty promises to the under class. Everything we are seeing right now stems from a global feudalist cabal working in concert to own and control everything on earth. It is exactly how china is ruled., but on a world scale.

  200. Realist says:

    But the problem with “let the cities burn” is that progressive idiots and African primitives will move to non-cities.

    Yes, if intelligent Whites allow it.

  201. Democrats have been pushing for violence and riots, right from the point at which President Donald Trump was elected, in fact, even before that. I continue to believe that people who supports this political party and its leadership are either, totally ignorant, being “willfully” ignorant or are plain evil. There’s no other choices here. Not when the leadership of the left continues to support violence and riots and call them “peaceful protests or ignore them altogether. Americans do not deserve to have to live in this kind of state in their daily lives. It’s a disgrace, if not for stupid adults than at least because of our children and youth who deserve better.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  202. @orionyx

    I think we should welcome all rational people of whatever color.

    You should piss off home to Israel and try selling that bullshit there.

  203. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    No gov’t should have anything to do with money, not its issuance, not its value, not its form, nothing.

    The only money significantly recognized in several thousand years has been gold and silver with copper as an afterthought. The precious metals should be mined by the miner, refined by the smelters and minted by private mints. Once coinage or bars are available, they are the money the entire world can use as a stable form of money. There is absolutely no need for gov’t interference or having gov’t stamp their dead politicians likenesses on what should be world money.

    The entire concept of a currency needs to disappear. Prices should be in G:S:C (Gold:Silver:Copper) by weight of pure metal, not dollars, pounds, yen, yuan, etc. That eliminates arbitrage, gov’t interference in the value of real money and puts the public in better control of their finances and lives and eliminates the control the bankers currently enjoy.

    The absolute worst thing is for gov’t to control what the world uses as money.

    • Replies: @RestiveUs
  204. Oh, believe me, those people could be policed, but the will required to do so is not there. It was pretty much gone after the “Civil Rights movement”.

    Blacks would rather continue to suffer and blame everyone else, than take a good long look in the mirror.

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
  205. bayviking says:

    “what Derek Chauvin did to George Floyd isn’t even close to what happened to white man Daniel Shaver, gunned down in a hotel hallway by a police officer”

    Both are dead. One slowly suffocated, due to lack of oxygen, the other took a five bullets from an AR-15 and died instantly.

    Who writes this kind of nonsense and then gets published????? Gregory Hood’s thinking is so overwhelmingly clouded by the issue of race he is incapable of rational thought. Someone who is afraid they are losing their historical economic advantages over all other people in the world and instead of picking himself up by his boots straps and working harder to get ahead he has decided to whine and cry about it. Just another big crybaby, like our last President.

  206. Realist says:

    The US claims 8,000 tons.

    If the world goes to a gold-backed currency the US would have to prove its claim.

    The days of one country issuing slips of paper or its conjured up electronic equivalent won’t fly any longer.

    Agreed…the sooner the better.

  207. “Almost any price would be worth paying if we could be sovereign and free, something our ancestors took for granted.”

    The Jew won’t let you. Without the White Christians the vampire won’t be able to suck out blood. The negro has nothing that Jooie wants save schizophrenic JAPS who may want to fellate George Floyd type just for pleasure.

    P. S. Derek must be a softie for marrying a Hmong, one of the most primitive people of the world!

  208. jasmin says:

    That’s what really irks them The fact that they can’t live without the white man. Who will build the wealth that brings advanced medical care to them? Without the white man, they would be getting care from which doctors. They would never be able to develop an advanced economy or political system. If the white man went away they would starve after consuming the food provided by the white farmers and advanced farming techniques. They would revert to cannibalism. In short nothing good ever came out of Africa.

  209. Katrinka says:

    I was there. Were you? Jews represent a tiny percentage (.027%) of the population. The Panamanian Constitution states that Panama is a Catholic country, so no jewish takeover. I rode the community buses and light rail trains and felt safer there than I do in the U.S. Yes, it has people of many races, but everybody seems to get along just fine. I am sorry that you are so jealous of my ability to leave. You might want to check out these expat groups…..

  210. @TKK

    The scariest people I meet are the ones who talk about Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

    The Bless your Heart, I love Jesus, fat, eat at the Sunday buffet, visor wearing, Salt Life bumper stickers (even though they are too fat to actually swim in the ocean) Southerners would slit your throat if it got their kid a new Chevy Silverado.

    The big-mouth, bloated evangelikills whose lies, thefts, and hypocrisy make a mockery of Christ will have their reward:

    “But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”
    Rev. 21:8 NKJV

  211. KenH says:


    No. You can’t. African blacks perceive kindness and magnanimity as weakness and it only emboldens them. But too many whites still believe that we can nice our way out of racial conflict with blacks and other hostile non-white races.

  212. @Emslander

    “Precisely. Why did Republicans EVER pay any attention to what the 13% wanted?”

    Because beginning around 55 years ago, the 13% discovered that they could gain wealth and political power and favor by rioting and burning. Since then, they have been given everything they’ve asked for. Of course they’ve squandered all that they have been given, and they will never be appeased no matter how much we kneel to them.

    As long as traditional Americans are cowed by the threat of mob violence, and as long as white people are too ashamed of their race and their history to act in their own interests, the strategy of the 13% will continue to win concessions from us.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
  213. Katrinka says:

    I don’t attend any church because the Christian church is in the apostate stage as predicted in the Bible. Conversing with someone like you is pointless.

    • Replies: @Marckus
  214. @anarchyst

    Thanks for restating the basic facts of the case. Of course the Dems blamed the Repubs and that meant the Gov and state officials–whipepo, of course. Wasn’t the black guy in charge of city water illiterate? One of them was. At any rate, Flint portends the more widespread fate of the nation.

  215. @Obama's boyfriend

    Dead line as in what Andersonville used to keep prisoners in check? All for it. In fact we need to build “Andersonville’s” in every state now.
    For the out of control ORC’s.

  216. @Honky Batch

    As a Christian living in China, their oppression is news to me.

    Pope Francis just worked out a major accord with Chairman Xi last year, which settled the lingering question of Holy Orders approval from 1949.

    I’ve been attending Catholic Mass in Dalian with no issues. If you mean degenerate Mormon or Evangelical sects, China is oppressing them with the 16th century fury that I wish Catholics still had. In fact, instead of disappearing the white Americans who come here to preach, I wish they would burn them at the stake in the Revolutionary Squares like the Portuguese used to do in Macau.

    • Replies: @Honky Batch
    , @aandrews
  217. The entire murder and trial was sham. A fake. A bamboozle.

    The legal system is just the closing act in the play. Once you realize everything you think you know about how the world really works is wrong, you’ll have a chance of understanding the con. Divide and conquer is the strategy and damn does it work well for our psychopathic overlords.

    Welcome to Bolshevik Revolution 2.0 right here in the United States of America. And you thought those pesky (((Bolsheviks))) went away.

  218. Ignore these crazy people who provide distraction from what they are really doing!

    Today starts a forensic hand audit in Arizona, 40 days the report will be put out.
    Supposedly Trump only lost by 10,000 votes they are auditing 2.1 million ballots.
    Not the machines, the ballots.

    DC law firm Perkins Coie is freaking out because of what they are going to find.
    These guys are smart and tough, they know what they will find. These are the lawyers who said to my friend 5 yrs ago “Hillary is a drunk” and she is their client.

    Arizona goes down, they all fall after.
    Joe Biden is not President, he is Resident and Kamala Harris will never be President.
    House of cards falls Feb 2022.
    bet on it

    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  219. Druid55 says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    These psychos and losers need to be expelled, along with all the illegal ALIENS!, which they won’t be called now. Sick of this! I’ve always been non-violent but they are not!

  220. Druid55 says:

    I knew america was capable of falling into an abyss but I never thought it would be judaeo-communism-internationalism.

    • Agree: Katrinka
    • Replies: @aleksander
  221. Druid55 says:
    @Robert Dolan

    I hope so, and I hope they kill each other in the thousands. But keep them out of our areas that want policing. Now the police just won’t respond to black areas! If they do, they’re stupid!

  222. @Absurdio

    Well I would say this is a white problem and the small white population of canada would gladly join the mainstream americans, atleast from what I observed in my time there. But if Yukon or Sask are too cold wouldn’t Alaska also be the same, if not worse? Need to look at a map again and see the latitudes. Regardless in that case one of the american states like Maine or Montana can be used

    • Replies: @Absurdio
  223. @CelestiaQuesta

    Are you kidding me? The virus was more than likely created at Ft Detrick or the lab in Virginia, then sent to Wuhan for study. You can blame the Chinese for lack security measures, but the virus was more of a creation by our betters just to kick off the “Great Reset”. Their thing has always been wrapping up tyranny under the guise of Noble intentions. As for the Chinese stealing from the white man? Please!!! Give me a break!!! Again, our betters were guilty of voluntarily moving our industrial base to East Asia for far reduced labor costs, no labor unions to deal with and the subsequent larger profits that came as a result. Can you blame the East Asians for opening their doors to all of this which gave jobs to their respective populations and helped promote the increase in their industrial base? Never had a better deal been laid at a nation’s feet. The Chinese and their neighbors would have been crazy to say no. Quit being a moron and lay the blame where it rightfully lies with, which is corporate America.

  224. NoneYaBiz says:

    I agree white people need to move to a location and take over or create a government there. Once in charge of the government, ban all other races and religions except Christian. If a Jew wants in NOPE! If Orientals wants in NOPE! If Blacks wants in NOPE! If Asians from India, Kashmir or Pakistan want in NOPE! If Japan, Korea, Israel and other homogenous nations can keep other races out then so can a truly white nation. I will say however, if white people do some how create a nation of only whites, it should be the baddest nation possible. No mercy, no quarter to anyone that would become an enemy. The whites should totally eliminate any group of people waging war against the white nation with no conscience or remorse. The goal would be to ban all socialist of any kind (fascist, communist, etc.) from entering the country.

    The next goal would be to enact severe immigration laws with anyone caught in the country illegally subject to immediate death. No mercy, no quarter, no trial.

    Charities would be welcomed but have to prove their worth on a yearly basis. No remodeling of executive offices with left over funds. Any donations not used for current operating expenses would be required to fund needy individuals on a first come first serve basis. My sister was born in a Catholic Charity Hospital. My parents were very poor. However, they were not charged for the services rendered for the delivery of my sister. This is true charity! No Charites would be allowed to incorporate. NO CORPORATIONS allowed! All businesses would be individually owned with the owner responsible for any an all torts caused by the business. This eliminates the creation of big pharmaceutical concerns since they can’t incorporate. Who ever the owner was would be completely liable for the damage any drug or vaccine they produce. Man would that cut down on the bullschiff pushed by the legal drug dealers!

    Cartels such as the American Medical Association would not be allowed to exist. If one formed the principle parties involved would be arrested, tried and sentence to death upon conviction with the death penalty to be carried out as quickly as possible. No appeals for any sentence of death.

    There are many other caveats to consider when creating a nation of white people for white people. However, the first item on the agenda would be to allow any persecuted groups of white people to enter the country as preferred immigrants. This would include any whites that fled Rhodesia, South Africa or any other area where white people are hunted and oppressed.

    All educational facilities would be privately owned and operated. Any educator spewing hate of the white race or the white nation would be arrested, tried and upon conviction sentenced to death. As stated before the sentence would be carried out immediately. No appeals of death sentences.

    I have great respect for the Founders of the American Republic. However, as a federated government they did not take the restrictions on the general government far enough. It is my opinion that the wiggle room encouraged by the General Welfare Clause and other passages in the united States Constitution were road maps to allow the federal government to become what it is today.

    Another item to consider is when the colonies were still under empirical powers, those powers allowed slavery to be practiced. The slaves were either white or black. To deny there was white slavery is an abomination of the truth. The first slave owner in the American colonies was a black man. The first slaves in the American colonies were white. All slavery is an abomination no matter where it is practice. Yes, it is still practiced in parts of the world. Even in the united States. Sex Slaves exist in the united States and such slavery is illegal. However, that slavery is not prosecuted.

    The new white nation would punish slavery with the utmost importance. Any person forcing any other individual to perform acts or work as a slave would be arrested, tried and upon conviction sentenced to death. The death sentence would be carried out immediately. No appeals on death sentences.

    I know some of the measures I have proposed seem harsh. However, white people are now the persecuted class. Heck a white police officer was convicted solely based on fear that the jurors would be murdered by BLM/Antifa. This is not rule of law this is rule of thugs. The newly created white nation would have to strictly adhere to and enforce God’s word. If you remember God told the Hebrews to trust in his Judgment! The white nation should pledge a covenant with God to follow his laws and enforce them without qualm!

    • Thanks: Katrinka
    • Replies: @Angharad
  225. Absurdio says:
    @RJ Macready

    72% of Canadians are white, 3.5% are black. It’s not a white problem, it’s an American problem. Canadians would welcome civilized Americans who adapt to Canadian laws and culture. American draft dodgers were welcome and did really well and brought a lot of economic benefit to Canada. I doubt Most Canadians would want to join USA.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
    , @anarchyst
  226. Angharad says:
    @Peripatetic Itch

    Negroes can return to Wakanda any time they want – BUT THEY DON’T WANT TO. It’s too satisfying to terrorize and parasite Whitey. They will not leave of their own volition. There is only ONE WAY to make this all stop and every one knows what that is.

  227. Angharad says:

    If you don’t want this White ethnostate to be Jewed – why worship a jewish god? The baby is smothered in the cradle yet again

  228. IreneAthena says: • Website

    The USA needs to be more discerning — especially about the sheer NUMBERS — of new immigrants, but the descendants of Blacks, here not of their own choosing, are here to stay. Americans should’ve picked their own dang cotton. What to do?

    One piece of good news is that that Whites have Black allies (there! I capitalized them BOTH!) in the effort to roll back the craziness of BLM, Antifa, Critical Race Theory, violent gangster culture. Check out the Youtube channels of “Barricade Garage,” “AK Nation,” “Living Room Gangster” for instance.

  229. @Supply and Demand

    China sounds like a good fit for you.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  230. @unit472

    Unit472: Agreed. But NO ONE can with ANY accuracy predict WHEN the economy will go south, vis-a-vis evictions, jobs, and stimmy checks. As long as ALL parties involve cooperate in the on-going Monopoly Game; the debt bucks will still be printed, the sheeple will still have food, clothing, and shelter, and the (((elites))) will be laughing all the way to their next Epstein Island. Sad that.

  231. Anon[409] • Disclaimer says:

    [Stop spamming every thread with those same external Leonard Jaffee links.]

    Reflex explains Gregory Hood’s article. I mean Hood’s reflex Alt-Right-bias that alters any possibly race-involved matter into an imperative of racial/political diatribe.

    Because this is Unz Review, I suppose I must preface my comment’s remainder (and condition its first paragraph) with this “disclaimer”:

    I am not a liberal or conservative, but tend toward (though I do not worship) views libertarians tend to hold.


    For me, always the core and ultimate issue is the intersection of (1) a particular socioeconomic concern and (2) a consideration of which possible solution would produce the most pleasure (and least pain or non-displeasure) for the most people.

    So, in one situation, I might buy a socialist solution, but in another a libertarian or classical capitalist one (limited by readily available, expeditious, and inexpensive judicial remedy of manifestly harmful excesses). I despise BLM and near-all Black “culture,” though my ultimate concern is what a particular human does, not “race” (which is a highly indeterminate category).

    Now the vital points:

    Hood’s article lives in the wrong universe. The only question is whether the evidence-totality (including science) fits the statute-provisions, legal rules, and judicial precedents that require holding Chauvin (and his police partners) guilty of murder. To keep this comment short, I shall not address the matter of the “aiding and abetting” liability of one or two of the involved police.]

    One splendidly unbiased, scholarly article, a two-part article, proves, compellingly, that Chauvin and at least one of his partners did, beyond doubt, commit 3rd degree and 2nd degree murder (and felony assault) against Floyd.

    Yes, Floyd was scum, a past felon, and somewhat unhealthy. But such considerations do not matter. The only matter is applying, dispassionately, to Chauvin and his partners the rule of law relative to competent, relevant evidence. And the competent, relevant evidence and the pertinent statutes. legal rules, and judicial precedents all indicate, clearly, that Chauvin and at least one other cop murdered Floyd.


    Leonard R. Jaffe, George Floyd WAS murdered, by Derek Chauvin and His Cohorts — Part One,


    Leonard R. Jaffee, George Floyd WAS murdered, by Derek Chauvin and His Cohorts — Part Two,

  232. Well, most of this guys writing is just typical rambling and race baiting, the same stuff over and over again. He is right about Daniel Shaver, but he seems to forget that rightwingers in general, and conservatives especially are natural born bootlickers, as he proves with the rest of his article. Most whites will happily defend and make excuses for their own people being executed and dispossessed. No solidarity whatsoever. They whacked Pat Tillman, today, and got away with it, conservatives all ran out and re-elected his murderer. I’m not going to argue about Floyd. Its pretty clear the officer was out of line, anyone could see that. Its not his fault in particular, this is what he’s been trained to do. No different than the Israelis treatment of Palestinians.

    You’re never going to win this game. If there were no blacks, it would be someone else. The Amish, the Mormons, the Eskimos, the poor whites, the incels, the fags, the overweight, the boomers, the fishermen, the truckers, the liberals, the conservatives, the democrats, the republicans… They control the narrative and have the ability to pull your strings and get you all riled up at any moment for any fictional cause. Just look at European history, having all white people does not guarantee peace and stability at all.

    Just when you think you’re winning this race identity politic game is when they got you exactly where they want you. Theres a reason the bosses have always promoted this division you know. Keep the workers divided and unable to organize. Use one group against the other. This isn’t some big secret my niggas.

    I think most of you generally have your priorities backwards. Why are WN’s/Alt-right/Right wingers so willing to protest and even die for a statue of a rich dude that replaced their ancestors with black slave labor? Treated white people like dirt, not much better than slaves. If you could organize Charlottesville you clearly have the ability to do the same for things that are not so divisive and ridiculous.

    Why aren’t WN’s/Alt-righers complaining or protesting about the 100s of thousands deaths of despair caused by capitalism? All the fraud theft and looting by Wall St that are the root cause of much of the black crime. White genocide? You are committing suicide continuing to hold on to capitalism, thinking your owners are gonna be nicer to you if you just keep fighting the other slaves, you still gonna be a slave in the end. You’re no better than a nigger in the eyes of your mostly white ruling class. Fact!

    Why no anger or protests at the economic genocide thats been happening since the CARES Act was passed. Which is probably why they’ve been cranking up the racial tension to 11. Look over there! How about a protest for all the people who die or lose everything they own because of insane medical bills? How about all the homeless, many are white and Veterans. We have homeless camps in my small town in Ga. now, never had any before 2009.

    Why aren’t white nationalists raising hell about the 100s of thousands of whites being murdered with opioids/meth, imported by your own capitalist overlords, none of them said a word when Trump admin helped get the Sacklers off with no jail time. Same problems in black communities for generations, heroin and cocaine brought in by CIA, now they doing it to whtes as well. FBI killing all the black leaders who tried to put a stop to it and change things for the better.

    Alt-right seems to think bringing back a new Red Scare/McCarthyism, or reefer madness hysteria is the way forward for saving the white race. C’mon man!

    Needless to say, but I find it very odd that the alt-right and white nationalists will spend 24/7/365 pointing out every single crime that a black commits, yet ignore the most massive crimes committed by white collar criminals and kingpins that far outweigh and are also the root cause of much of the black crime. Almost like your only purpose is to scapegoat, distract and further divide.

    Youre not gonna play this identity/racial politics game that was 100% designed by the ruling class and win. The end has already been determined, its an artificial narrative and you have no control over it. Right now they’re pretending to favor black people. For many reasons. The empire is trying to clean up its record, its bad for business, thats part of the reason for all the woke anti-racist BS they’re trying to peddle. Inclusive capitalism they call it. Hahaha. Just look at the record of these corporations, politicians, military, the CIA and you’ll know its all a facade.

    “But Hooch the corporations, the Jews, and the Democrats totally support the dindus and the left, Haha imagine having all the corporations and Jews on your side and thinking you’re a revolutionary ahaha”

    Yeah, go read a little about what these “woke” corporations, the CIA, fascist paramilitaries and death squads have been doing to the actual left just in South/Central America or Haiti for just the past 70 or so years. Trying to form a labor union or advocate for worker rights will get you a bullet in the head, or your entire village raped, massacred and burned to the ground. Haiti can’t even elect their own leader without the US/UN overthrowing them and sending in death squads to put down the troublemakers. Keep denying it all you want, it just hurts you and your cause.

    Best thing you could do at the moment is ignore it or support it, even if you don’t. Attempt to build somewhat of a relationship with those they want you to hate. Your problem is capitalism and your psychotic ruling class. They are who you need separation from, first and foremost. Its always been this way. You can dance around it all you want, blame it on this or that, won’t do you any good. The phony race/gender/identity/culture war narratives are just cover for the real class war, you ain’t going to beat them at it.

    Same things applies to the left. Over there they been trained to blame “white supremacy” “white privilege” or poor whites in general. There may be a little truth to it, but it ignores the disease as well, and serves the same purpose. Spoiler: Capitalism will still be capitalism under black leadership. Oprah ain’t gonna treat you no better than Trump, retards. As if Obama never happened.

    No, the solution is not some form of Nazism or fascism, more identity politics or more race politics. The solution is not replacing one group of psychopaths who want to start a race war with another group of psychopaths who want to start a race war. You don’t want to replace one ruling class who scapegoats and only attacks the symptoms of the disease with another group who does the same. Believe me I’ve read enough of your ideas to know what you want, and what/who you blame. Getting rid of blacks, Injuns, eskimos, Mooslums, truckers, fishermen, boomers, who the fuck ever is not going to make them treat you any better.

    Honestly blacks would be smart to separate from these psychos that rule us. If whites knew the future these demons had planned for us all they would be doing the same. You would probably be hugging and kissing BLM right now begging them to help you if you could even imagine the evil they have planned for this world.

    • Thanks: Grahamsno(G64)
    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Working Serf
  233. niceland says:

    We deserve reparations for trillions wasted in a 60-year effort to babysit a population that pays us back with violence and hatred. Most importantly, we deserve liberation from this albatross that prevents any kind of real national life. Almost any price would be worth paying if we could be sovereign and free, something our ancestors took for granted.

    I am confused, is the author talking about the 0,1% that owns the media and has the best politicians money can buy? Trillions wasted – sounds familiar. The powers that actually drive the current events? Or does he really believe black people are running the show?

    How many phone calls from the owners of the MSM to their editors would it take to stop the nonsense and turn things around? Move the Overton window somewhere else.

    Separation? Seems to me it’s already happened in America and 360 millions were left behind to fight each other. A race to the bottom. No wonder the elites are dreaming about colonizing Mars.

  234. Dr. Doom says:

    This failed state has just said that force and violence trumps the law.
    That’s an unforced error they may not live to regret.

    Violence may not solve problems but it makes it go away.
    These folks and otherkins want you dead.


    Those that tell you that the optics of violence is bad are fooling themselves.
    When someone bullies you with force, only greater force will stop it.

    I found that out growing up in the burbs.
    The cities are urban jungles due to the animals that roam there.

    You have a choice. Its your choice.
    Espouse peace and appeasement and the animals will slaughter you.

    Savages see kindness and agreeableness as weakness and surrender.
    They have no better natures to appeal to at all.

    Many of you have purchased arms. You will need them.
    They intend to darken the police as they have no law about them.

    They imagine a dark police force will do anything for pay, and they may be right.
    Law and order are right out. You see what White people get in this failed state.

    You are enemy number one of the Zion Pigs.
    They see you as an obstacle to their mad fantasy of having 2800 slaves each.

    You are not dealing with a rational opponent.
    They are Satanists and they are insane.

    You may not believe in supernatural powers and Satan, but they do.
    They believe they have been given the right to rule by Satan.

    The Anti-Christian putsch and the outlawing of the 10 Commandments are proof.
    Again, they believe it. It matters little what you believe.

    Do not believe that you can talk or reason with them.
    You are an enemy to their Whole Belief System.


  235. @Absurdio

    I disagree. It is a white issue affecting every western nation to varying degrees. And from what I
    observed with my own eyes, there are many many white Canadians sick of their Government. I don’t have to tell you the joke that is their Prime Minister. They are equally frustrated deep down. Well most of them anyway.

    • Replies: @Absurdio
  236. @Robert Dolan

    The police in many urban areas across the country have already implemented their self defense strategy. They answer calls and do the absolute minimum. No proactive policing at all. Take Chicago for example. There were 769 murders in 2020. That is up 274 from the previous year. Chicago police’s motto is “We Serve and Protect”. Their new unofficial motto is ” Stop, Look, Laugh, Leave”. “The Community” hates the police, and the police are coming around to their way of thinking.

    • Replies: @Marckus
  237. 9593 says:

    There is an Israeli program in America to militarize our police, in anticipation of “terrorism”, that includes, apparently, the restraint hold of clamping down with the knee on the neck, applied to Palestinians, with the notion that it would not be fatal. The Chauvin jury was convinced otherwise. The program’s critics in America describe the program as “Deadly Exchange”

    The Attorney General of the United States has announced that there will be an investigation of the Minneapolis police department.

    Any honest investigation of police brutality in America would have to examine the “Deadly Exchange” effect. Wait and see if that will materialize.

  238. ziggurat says:
    @Commentator Mike

    For each of those Americans moving to Ghana you have many more Ghanians moving to US, not to mention to Europe, Canada, wherever.

    That’s why it would help to do 2 things:
    1) stop allowing Africans to move to Western countries
    2) incentive Africans to move back to Africa

    If the incentives are big enough, many of them will leave, especially since many of them really believe Western countries are oppressively racist.

    No one idea will fix everything, but with fewer blacks, their negative impacts will be less.

  239. WSG says:

    I would be perfectly content to have all the black swans live in your house. I would wager that you won’t last five minutes before becoming binary-minded. There are two kinds of the people: those who have lived around the black swans and those who haven’t. Spare us your bullshit.

    • Agree: Druid55
  240. @AndrewR

    Thinking blacks aren’t a problem in and of themselves is what’s dense. As places like Haiti and the Congo demonstrate, blacks don’t need any assistance from Jews to create their customary hells on earth, and guess what: every black neighborhood in the US is a little Haiti or Congo. It’s illogical to attribute places like East St. Louis to Jews when they are exactly what you would expect blacks to create. The reality is that blacks are grossly unfit to live beside Whites, and any country where they form a significant share of the population is doomed, if for no other reason then because miscegenation is inevitable in the long term, thus destroying the genetic basis for higher intelligence. Not being able to perceive that is even more stupid than thinking Jews are a positive force in White societies because it’s even more obvious. Undeniably, Jews play a role in aggravating the black problem, but it’s impossible to quantify how much is due to them, how much to White liberals, and how much to blacks themselves. Your claim that it’s 90 percent due to the Jews is blather from an idiotic blowhard.

    • Agree: AceDeuce, No Tattoos
  241. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Why are you here then? Are you lost? Apparently you took the wrong exit and ended up here by mistake. Did you take the Slauson Cutoff? Maybe it is just your Dissociative Identity Disorder and it really is not your fault, but writing that you have no interest in any American racial groups and then doing the exact opposite by posting comments 500 separate times on a site that consistently examines these issues seems, well, to put it politely, a little erratic and unstable. Maybe time for a check up from your local vet. I do hope for your sake that you get your unfortunate predicament sorted out.

  242. “Policing” is a concept for white Christian people. Kinda like conservation and ecology, and shit like that.

    Policing is costly and blacks are definitely not worth it. Same with prisons.

    I’m pro death penalty. Hang everyone on death row next week. Yea!

  243. @RJ Macready

    As others have pointed out, the actual number is more like 40 million, not 14. However, that is not much of a problem in terms of transportation. A Boeing 777 in all-coach configuration carries 550 passengers. Fifty 777s or comparable planes flying daily equal 27,500. 27,500 times 365 and one quarter of them would be back in the loving bosom of Mother Afrika in just one year! Multiply that by five, to give it some cushion, and they all are.

    Now, I have no illusion any of this will happen in the United States. In fact, White genocide is much more likely, as this odious country, which I curse with all my heart and soul on a daily basis, has adopted negrolatry as its national religion, and negrolatry teaches that blacks are perfect beings whose sufferings are entirely caused by Whites. That having been said, it would certainly be theoretically possible to get them back where they belong. All it would take is a single-digit percentage of the existing civil aviation fleet for a few years.

  244. RestiveUs says:

    What’s to stop the same old artifices from evolving around this original form of money?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  245. Absurdio says:
    @RJ Macready

    It is a white issue, I agree with u now. I wasn’t really getting the context before. It is an issue in every western country. Moving on to some all white enclave in Saskatchewan is not the answer though. That was my beef, really. The best parts of North America is where it is warm.

  246. Dr. Doom says:

    The Jews brought them here.
    The Jews rile them up against Whites.

    Its the Jews that have caused most of this.
    The blacks are just doing what they always do.

    But they would be expelled and controlled if not for Jews.
    Jews see them as a biological weapon.

    Jews use them in many ways.
    The Jews are the ones that profit from these welfare programs.

    The Jews own the properties that these blacks live in.
    Its an insidious game the Jews are playing.

    Those of us who can see, can see the Jews are the underlying problem.

    • Agree: Druid55
  247. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    “Demand that Congress exercise their constitutional power over money creation.”
    You pathologically stupid Dumbfuck, CONgress is a Uniparty amalgamation of treasonous whites, and their quisling black, brown and jewish lapdogs.

  248. Practical Questions

    1. Apart from burning cities, what else can BLM do? What if they enter outer suburbs where many whites are armed? What will the outcome be?

    2. If all whites evacuated major cities, would blacks pursue them?

    3. Black women scream hysterically when they see a squirrel. They have no idea who to pitch a tent. How can BLM occupy outer suburbs or exurbs or rural areas?

    4. Assuming BLM moved into the exurbs or outer suburbs would they have the intelligence to maintain supply lines?

    5. Are BLM afraid to advance further into rural areas where whites are armed & prepared for them? What would the outcome be?

    6. I am an American expat. What if millions of white Americans choose to emigrate from the USA as upper-class South Africans did? What will the result be for black Americans?

    7. What if rural white GOP Americans stop trucking food, fuel & other essentials from rural areas to major cities?

    8. Are most BLM jobless? Are they on welfare? What if welfare is stopped?

    9. What do economics have to do with BLM?

    10. Why are BLM Marxist or have Marxist sympathies? Why aren’t they Republican?

    • Replies: @Marckus
  249. Until politicos fear the people again, nothing changes.

    Until melanoids fear Whites enough to show basic respect, nothing changes.

    On the bright side, globohomo has accelerated Secession, race war, both.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
  250. anarchyst says:

    You are wrong.
    If you are a white American with skills, you will not be accepted for immigration to Canada.
    If you are an American visiting Canada and have tools in your vehicle, Canada customs automatically assumes that you are attempting to “work” in Canada, and at worst will deny you entry.
    Canada customs is very strict when it comes to white Americans and sees most Americans as “job stealers”. Yes, it is difficult for an white American to achieve “landed immigrant” status in Canada.

    • Replies: @Absurdio
  251. Chinaman says:

    If you can’t even tell the difference between trolling and posturing, then you are 100% posturing. Everything I say is backed by emprical facts and an accurate understanding of the world.

    Go watch that video and learn something. Thank me later.

  252. @RestiveUs

    Modern communications has the ability to enlighten people that have the desire to learn. What the bankers, particularly the central bank, has done has slowly destroyed the country in a little over 100 years. People are waking up to that fact.

    Once money (wealth) is used instead of currency (debt), people will realize its benefits. It will take decades to try to subvert honest money and I’m sure the scum in the political class will try.

  253. Very basic question:

    Who is FUNDING Antifa and BLM?

    You know the answer. Yet nobody dares speak it, for THEY will not tolerate the truth!!!

  254. @St-Germain

    Also, there is an election year and it looks bad for Merkel’s party

    What does it matter if things look bad for her party? The irreparable damage this woman has inflicted upon Germany and other countries in Europe is criminal. She literally encouraged more than a million Syrian refugees to come to Germany. Thousands of them have gone back to Syria for a nice vacation courtesy of the German taxpayers.

  255. Of course, this all began when the jews arrived into the west, ages ago, but more closer to current time, the changing time was the creation of the race acts. This one piece of legislation instantly destroyed, any attempts, of an indigenous fight back at, what would become, colonization by non whites into their lands. And yes, you guessed it, it was the work of the jew.

    The jew created this, for two reason, firstly to bring about what is already explained but more importantly, to create an almost invincible shield, which will see to any criticism of jewry as a racist attack. They have elevated racism above the truth and the reason being because they know it’s a matter of time before people cotton onto the truth (and many people are) and need something to trump the inevitable exposure of jewish perfidy. So although it’s predominantly aimed at blacks, with blacks experiencing first class status in the west, it’s really all about the jew and protection of the jews from any harm that can come their way.

    So really, if you want to stop what’s going on, that is the absolute madness that society has devolved into, you need to instantly remove all jews from power and bring common law as the main law of the land. There are no offenses in common law. You cannot be arrested for freedom of speech. In a common law society there are no racism offenses. In a common law society you can’t stop Christians from curing degenerate homosexuals. And of course, in a common law society, the jew is unable to create shields to hide behind, but is exposed, continually for all to see.

    If you do not do this, then you will watch as the jew creates legislation to make it illegal to be white. They will make it so that it’s 24/7 hunting season, with absolutely no punishment, whatsoever, for the murder of white people. The jew was behind Mandela and the destruction of white, South African nation state. It was behind the rise of Mugabe and his subsequent actions in Zimbabwe. Wherever you are seeing whites being murdered, there’s a jew behind it.

    Remove the jew.
    Remove the black.

    This is what needs to be done and if blacks and jews don’t like it, well that’s tough luck. You’ve had ample time, to resist what’s going on, but you haven’t. It means, overwhelmingly, that your inaction is complicity. You are therefore a threat to the wellbeing and safety of white people. And when I say ‘remove’ I’m not talking about killing. Good God no! Simply put the blacks on a ship back to Africa and the jews, in a landlocked island, never to be allowed out, with any contact outside. Monitor them 24/7 to see their not making WMD’s to kill the world’s population and leave them there to parasite off of one another. That’s the only, humanitarian, action that can be taken against the jew, to stop it from destroying the western civilization and after that the rest of the world.

  256. Marckus says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Very interesting questions Jeff. The answers:

    -Without the white man blacks are nothing.
    -That means we would have a Liberia in the US !

    If Sub Sahara Africa were all white the Region would be a powerhouse. If the US were all black it would be a shit hole like every other black run country, state, city or ‘hood.

    And the result would be that wherever blacks are they would want to come to where whites are. We already see this in US cities where blacks move into white areas as soon as they are able to afford it.

    Side note: I understand Floyd’s family want to live with the white racists, oppressors and descendants of slave owners. No Jigger area for them ! LOL

    The same holds for every other race. Indians and Chinese are nothing without us. How many whites pay smugglers to load them onto containers in order to sneak into Chink A Poo land ?

    Even the Gooks infesting this site would never huddle near to a black area. They recognize the superiority of the white man and want to be with us.

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
  257. Fred777 says:

    “But Trump thought he had a winning issue by blaming all the rioting on the democrats. “

    It was a winning issue. The democrats simply kept adding non postmarked mail in ballots until they had the needed votes.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  258. Marckus says:
    @Luus Kanin

    If you ever tried to contact any US government agency and a black voice came up at the other end, just hang up. The citizen gets the run around from one Afro employee to the other.

    The Police should do the same. The minute they hear a black voice screaming for help, put them on hold and transfer them here and there ad infinitum.

    Look, they want to defund the Police, hate the Cops and shit, even Lebron says blacks are fed up with the Puuuuuhleece “hunting them down”.

    Its a free world Kanin, and black taxpayers (well I am being polite here) have every right to have their needs met and desires respected. The Police here should take a note from African countries when dealing with calls from their residential areas.

    -Sorry no officer is available
    -Sorry no vehicle is available
    -Sorry no gasoline available
    -Sorry, the same applies to paramedics and ambulance.

    -Leave a message at the tone !
    -Click !!!!!

    As a white person I do not want them to be unhappy. The Police make them so and service to their areas should be terminated in order to keep the peace.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  259. Blodgie says:

    Conservatives at their core want to sacrifice themselves for inscrutable abstractions.

    When the symbol of your religion is a naked, humiliated, murdered man… and you are told THAT is who you should emulate…there might be something wrong.

    And that is why nothing will ever change.

    Ned Flanders conservatives have too much ego investment in fairy tales of being a Good Man and a Gentleman and a Man of Christ that they are getting steamrolled by the larger society who sees them as the ineffectual, feminized pussies that they are.

    And they like it because it’s what Jesus told them!

    • Thanks: Angharad
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  260. BuelahMan says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    At least we have you ranting on the same website. Funny.

  261. Marckus says:

    Katrinka, nobody cares what you do. where you live or even who you fuck ! You seem to think that your life and how you worship is interesting, relevant and important to the denizens here on UR. It is not.

    On the contrary it is a colossal yawn.

    All the Bible this and Jesus that you continually spout is quite frankly BORING ! As for Panama, it might interest you to know that just about every Latin American country will let you stay on a tourist visa, some for six months. With any independent income of \$25o0 a month one can live very comfortably in every country in turn…….on a tourist visa In just about every country Immigration never asks you how long you are staying. They dont care !

    I have been to Panama many times and one year shuttled to Curacao every two weeks on Copa Airlines. I can tell you, both countries, have a fingerprint and facial recognition right at Immigration at the airport ? You have been there once or twice, reviewed some facebook posts and you know the place. better than anyone else. I have been there long enough and many times such that it is not the place I would make my permanent residence.

    I dont really give a shit where you live, your reasons or whatever and the reason you cannot converse with someone like me is because your sense of sanctimonious self righteousness and self importance may be impressive to you but is sheer nonsense and irrelevant to me.

    Y ahora, buena suerte con su nueva vida en Panama y tambien chingale !

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  262. JPfires says:

    I think Jefferson appealed to the Book of Faith, the Bible, not a book of fate.

  263. PJ London says:

    When the horrific genocide took place in Rwanda and several million were murdered, the international community rushed to help.
    Thatcher offered hundreds of doctors and nurses to care for the wounded and homeless.
    Reagan Offered Millions of dollars to rebuild homes and fund schools.
    HF Verwoerd said “For every person killed, we will replace with two from South Africa.”
    For some reason they only took the nurses and the money.

    • LOL: europeasant
  264. Erectus runs amongst us behold this creature the Olympic rules had to be rewritten in order for this thing to compete and win.

  265. @Druid55

    Surprised that Judeo-communist-internationalism is America’s downfall?

    Not me.

    Forgetting about God and embracing a godless government has ALWAYS been the problem and cause for downfall, from the very beginning.

  266. anarchyst says:

    For almost 150 years the United States has been conducting an interesting experiment.

    The subjects of the experiment: black people and working-class whites.

    The hypothesis to be tested: Can a people taken from the jungles of Africa and forced into slavery be fully integrated as citizens in a majority white population?

    The whites were descendants of Europeans who had created a majestic civilization.

    The former slaves had been tribal peoples with no written language and virtually no intellectual achievements.

    Acting on a policy that was not fair to either group, the government released newly freed black people into a white society that saw them as inferiors. America has struggled with racial discord ever since.

    Decade after decade the problems persisted but the experimenters never gave up. They insisted that if they could find the right formula the experiment would work, and concocted program after program to get the result they wanted.

    They created the Freedmans Bureau, passed civil rights laws, tried to build the Great Society, declared War on Poverty, ordered race preferences, built housing projects, and tried midnight basketball. Their new laws intruded into peoples lives in ways that would have been otherwise unthinkable.

    They called in National Guard troops to enforce school integration. They outlawed freedom of association. Over the protests of parents, they put white children on buses and sent them to black schools and vice-versa. They tried with money, special programs, relaxed standards, and endless hand wringing to close the achievement gap.

    To keep white backlash in check they began punishing public and even private statements on race. They hung up Orwellian public banners that commanded whites to Celebrate Diversity! and Say No to Racism. Nothing was off limits if it might salvage the experiment.

    Some thought that what W.E.B. DuBois called the Talented Tenth would lead the way for black people. A group of elite, educated blacks would knock down doors of opportunity and show the world what blacks were capable of.

    There is a Talented Tenth. They are the black Americans who have become entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors and scientists. But ten percent is not enough. For the experiment to work, the ten percent has to be followed by a critical mass of people who can hold middle-class jobs and promote social stability. That is what is missing.

    Through the years, too many black people continue to show an inability to function and prosper in a culture unsuited to them. Detroit is bankrupt, the south side of Chicago is a war zone, and the vast majority of black cities all over America are beset by degeneracy and violence. And blacks never take responsibility for their failures. Instead, they lash out in anger and resentment.

    Across the generations and across the country, as we have seen in Detroit, Watts, Newark, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and Ferguson, rioting and looting are just one racial incident away. The white elite would tell us that this doesn’t mean the experiment has failed. We just have to try harder. We need more money, more time, more understanding, more programs, and more opportunities.

    But nothing changes no matter how much money is spent, no matter how many laws are passed, no matter how many black geniuses are portrayed on TV, and no matter who is president. Some argue its a problem of culture, as if culture creates peoples behavior instead of the other way around. Others blame white privilege.

    But since 1965, when the elites opened Americas doors to the Third World, immigrants from Asia and India people who are not white, not rich, and not connected have quietly succeeded. While the children of these people are winning spelling bees and getting top scores on the SAT, black youths are committing half the country’s violent crime, which includes viciously punching random white people on the street for the thrill of it that has nothing to do with poverty.

    The experiment has failed. Not because of white culture, or white privilege, or white racism. The fundamental problem is that American black culture has evolved into an un-fixable and crime ridden mess. They do not want to change their culture or society, and expect others to tolerate their violence and amoral behavior. They have become socially incompatible with other races by their own design, not because of the racism of others – but by their own hatred of non-blacks.

    Our leaders don’t seem to understand just how tired their white subjects are with this experiment. They don’t understand that white people aren’t out to get black people; they are just exhausted with them. They are exhausted by the social pathologies, the violence, the endless complaints, and the blind racial solidarity, the bottomless pit of grievances, the excuses, and the reflexive animosity. The elites explain everything with racism, and refuse to believe that white frustration could soon reach the boiling point.

  267. anarchyst says:

    There is a cable show series that explores American prisons in various states called “The Big House”. Two “plantation-style” prisons that this series covered comes to mind and are relevant in the current discussion.
    Angola Louisiana which is the location of the Louisiana State Penitentiary and Parchman Mississippi which is the location of the Mississippi State Penitentiary are two “plantation-style” prison farms which use convict labor to run normal day-to-day operations within the prison system. Very little mechanical equipment is needed as there is a large prison population available to perform manual labor. From planting and picking crops to caring for livestock, there are plenty of “warm bodies” available to complete the needed tasks.
    In both “plantation-style” prisons, the series noted that from their inception, the black population comprised over 75% of the prison population at both facilities.
    When slavery was abolished, blacks were free to commit crimes which they did with wild abandon.
    The situation is no different today, both Angola and Parchman having a surplus prison population, most inmates being black.
    The more things change, the more they remain the same.

  268. @Blodgie

    That may not be fair to a large number of Christians, but there’s some truth in what you say. The pastor at the church we had been attending in SoCal not only “scrupulously” enforced the anti-social distancing and face-diapering mandates to the hilt — he actually kept the restrictions in place after some of them were struck down in court. The man was afraid to “let” us sing without masks on, even with “distancing”, for Pete’s sake.

    Then in sermons over the months, the pastor inserted admonitions about “Christians’ duty to follow lawful authority”, as if one-man edicts from a governor, a mayor, or a “county health officer” are lawful under our Constitution or any non-tyrannical conception of society.

    The pastor is a very nice man. He’s even a good man, better than I in some important moral and relational respects, I’m sure, and that’s not sarcasm. But I still conclude, regretfully, that too many decent regular people who are generally in the non-left, non-globalist, somewhat traditional camp don’t have what it takes for us to regain liberty.

    I’m talking about small, lawful efforts, such as simply NOT using sermons to urge submission to liars and bullies, NOT enforcing even more “mandates” than our rulers purport to require.

    If a guy can really dream, what if more pastors et al. had the guts to simply do peaceful things to non-cooperate with the unconstitutional and disproportionate mandates? Yes, even here on the Left Coast, we could have had 50,000 small family businesses and churches and schools all over California simply open up one morning in defiance of the lockdown (a prison term before this) and let their customers, students, and congregants breathe free and live free. There would never be enough police, proseutors, judges, and jail cells to hold a fraction of us. Pile it on. Then surround the courthouses and jails with peaceful constant demonstration, 24/7 in shifts, to let the “rulers” know that the people are in charge and that it is they who risk being prosecuted and imprisoned.

    For now, we donate a bit to churches that are resisting the police state in court, patronize restaurants that are resisting it in court, favor stores that don’t enforce the mask and distancing nonsense.

    Nah, “Christians must submit to lawful authority.” Even when it’s not lawful. Or something.

    • Replies: @Angharad
  269. Malla says:
    @George Kovachev

    Same thing happened in India.

    India: African students mobbed by attackers in Delhi station
    Three African Students were harassing an Indian woman on a metro train in Delhi and received a beating from an Indian crowd.
    And Europe’s got a bad name thanks to its leftard elites and their policies. They have made Europe a laughing stock of the world!!!1
    Check out what one of the Indian commentators wrote
    “Anyone who gets caught harassing women or stealing in public gets similar treatment in India. If you want criminals from countries to roam free.. then goto europe”

  270. Neck says:

    …or as the old story went, if you can only afford to take half of them back, take all of them half way.

    Game, set, match.

  271. Pain teaches and we are not yet wise. The burning cities are places I have been know the people and am glad to see it.

  272. To meet the incomprehensible stare

    Of violent accusation, they needed

    The confidence of undefeated

    Men, and this they found in finding

    They were living testaments, binding

    Once and future greatness of the nation

    Whose blood drove them, as by divine action,

    To become who they were, and are:

    Sons of the sun, fathers of another star.

  273. Chinaman says:

    For almost 150 years the United States has been conducting an interesting experiment.

    The hypothesis to be tested: Can a people taken from the jungles of Africa and forced into slavery be fully integrated as citizens in a majority white population?

    The sociological experiment is whether white people can overcome their innate parasitic and genocidal nature to enslave and dominate others..and live with other races in peace. This hypothesis have been refuted.

    The scientific experiment is how dysgenic is unmitigated miscegenation amongst lower class proles whites, brown and blacks, when there is no evolutionary or selective pressure and how many generations does it take before the passing on and accumulation of deleterious mutations lead to genetic collapse and the end of the American experiment.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Angharad
  274. Another former President, the moron George Bush is now claiming to be concerned about all of the untruths, mainly Republicans are pushing. This, from a clown who neo cons led by the nose into Iraq, a conflict that practically bankrupted the U.S. and caused untold pain to both American soldiers and innocent Iraqi civilians, two plus million of whom were homeless because of his war. The war of course, that he lied everyone into, so concerned was he about the spread of “untruths”. ALERT: of course all of this tripe is coming from him at a time he’s trying to get a new book published. Something is terribly wrong with all of these presidents, since all of them feel the necessity of pounding on Americans after they retire from political life. Carter has been doing the same thing. It’s utterly bizarre.

    • Agree: Angharad
  275. Dumbo says:

    I swear, at first I thought that the person in the picture was Michelle Obama.

  276. anarchyst says:

    You are confusing gentile whites with jews. Of course, in many cases it is difficult to tell the difference.
    It is jews who are the supremacists…

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  277. Angharad says:

    You pastor is not a “nice” man. He’s a passive aggressive “sheep herder”. He’s a monster. Kristardinsanity is a slave “religion” designed to turn Humans into SHEEP.

  278. Angharad says:

    Hello. Hymie! How’s the weather in Tel Aviv?

  279. @Marckus

    Marckus, as usual you have some great ideas. There is an old saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”. It is the same thing with a large percentage of the black community in America. Our country can give them every opportunity to succeed, and yet they don’t. Every other race on the planet can come to our country and within a generation they will be better off than when they arrived.

    This is our incurable problem. We can’t put 45 million people on a boat to Africa. There is no solution other than separation. I think a large percentage of black people already want that, because just like whites, they self segregate. They don’t like or trust whitey because of the poverty stricken situation they find themselves in and because white society demands of them behavior that is impossible for them to attain. They blame whitey because of slavery and racism. They really believe that white people hate them just because of their skin color and not their actions.

    It is much easier than having to look in the mirror to find where their problem really lies. They are a people with a culture that is not conducive to success in Western civilization. This is an objective fact. All one needs do is look for a country with a majority black population that has a robust society. After your scan of the earth, you will have your answer.

  280. bomag says:

    A succinct example of why we shouldn’t do business with China.

  281. Absurdio says:

    U r correct in the specific sense; it is indeed a difficult and long process to be admitted to Canada as a landed immigrant. I was speaking in a broader sense: if some deal were to be brokered with Canada to form an all white enclave of skilled and beneficial American workers in Canada, then Canada would likely welcome and support them if the benefit were worth it to Canada. Presently though, unemployment is pretty high where I live in Alberta, so I can’t see this happening anyway. Moreover, white Americans need to reclaim their homeland and rid themselves of the present scourge they are suffering.

    • Replies: @Resartus
  282. St. George the Breathless:

    America’s freshly MSM-minted patron saint of social destruction and upheaval……..

  283. @Katrinka

    ‘Establish a new area’??!! On the effing moon, I hope. Whose land are you proposing to steal this time?

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
    , @GomezAdddams
  284. Anon[794] • Disclaimer says:
    @RJ Macready

    The problem with western people is that you people are obsessed with morality and goodwill.. End of discussion. There is no such thing as morality.

    Says the third-worlder.

    Have you ever stopped to consider that morality and goodwill are necessary ingredients for a functioning civilization? That if Westerners were predisposed to failing to maneuver the pitfalls of game theory like you and your kin, there would be no modern world? No quest for truth? No reflection on the nature of being and no worthwhile path to a better world? No exploration? No science?

    Your third-world, cut-throat approach to dealing with the prisoner’s dilemma is exactly why dark people destroy everything. You have chosen to live in civilizations built by those who, in general, held fast to tenets which you look down on. Your lack of investigation of this obvious truth is telling. You’re a third-worlder at heart and can, at best, take advantage of the civilization created by Westerners. You and yours could never build it. Your attitude precludes anything like it. Your attitude results in India. India has only been aided by adopting technologies and standards created by Westerners. We don’t need you. You need us.

    (((Global trade))) and (((mass media))) are tools used by stealthy traitors and which are recent and sweeping enough to avoid the relatively muted self-preservation instinct of Western people. We aren’t as tribal as other groups, we aren’t as dishonest as other groups, we aren’t as cruel as other groups. That modern technology, invented in the West, has been turned against us is a test. The most difficult we have faced. This will go one of two ways. Either the West is able to fight back and regain its sense of self-preservation (as well as its sense of morality and goodwill) or the West fails. In the first case, maybe humanity reaches the stars and continues to refine its understanding of being and God. In the second case, the world plunges back into another dark age with people shitting on the streets and hunting each other for food.

    Fuck off with your criticism of our morality and goodwill. Move back to your homelands and write us a postcard about how great it is to inhabit a civilization which lacks both.

    • Troll: RJ Macready
    • Replies: @RJ Macready
    , @Anon
    , @The avatar
  285. Resartus says:

    Not an English speaking enclave….
    Brazil has a city of Confederate Descendents….
    Not sure how big it is, or the % of Descendents….

    Should be plenty of places….
    Central America is opening a lot of space sending their population
    to the U.S……

  286. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    “I continue to believe that people who supports this political party and its leadership are either, totally ignorant, being “willfully” ignorant or are plain evil. There’s no other choices here.”

    I agree, and that being the case, Republicans must cleanse their party of the “go along to get along” attitude of so many current office holders. Polite and gentlemanly opposition is only appropriate when dealing with gentlemen, but with the Democrats we’re facing liars, criminals and traitors — call them what they are. Get involved locally, become an active party member and a delegate to the Republican conventions — county, state and national — primary the Rinos and nominate MAGA candidates. Start now, the enemy never rests!

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  287. @anarchyst

    So basically what you are implying is it is all down to biology and genetics. And I agree wholeheartedly. I have written often….you westerners are obsessed with irrelevant crap like sociology, spirituality and patriotism when you should emphasize on biology, geography and rational implementation of actions. Great post anarchyst

    • Agree: Polistra
  288. @Anon

    Yeah get your head out of your ass. You must be one of those delusional jesus freaks. All this diatribe you just vomited shows you know nothing of what I meant to imply. So I wont bother replying. And no, science and creativity is bereft of moral considerations. The greatest scientists were beyond the laws and rules of society and morality.

    • Replies: @Anon
  289. @Crescent Moon

    I suspect that when it finally becomes obvious we have a fraudulent President in the White House, the lawsuits will start. And after all the dismissals, appeals, writs and contradictory rulings in the various Federal Courts, the Supreme Court will finally agree to take the case on January 20, 2024 and rule that the issue is moot by now anyway, so never mind!

  290. Anon[825] • Disclaimer says:

    The third-worlder refuses to respond and, instead, labels me as a troll.

    Defend yourself, pajeet!

  291. Anon[825] • Disclaimer says:
    @RJ Macready

    Whence science, then? In your third-world view? Was it not dependent upon a Western worldview in which we inhabit an intelligible universe? One in which God is almost synonymous with “reason”? “Logos”? A theogical viewpoint that your chaotic mess in India failed to notice? Why did Indians fail to notice?

    Maybe Indians would have managed to advance technologically had they a better framework to work within. Unfortunately, you were busy deifying multiple gods without a thought for the natural world. Shitting up the streets in order that future Indians would move away from their home.

    Spend the time to think up a scenario in which a civilization lacking the concept of morality does anything worthwhile.

    After that, reflect on the fact that you have abandoned your own people in order to live amongst those who hold dear that which you laugh at.

    Third world is third world. We can allow you an escape, but you are still it. Shame on our kindness.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
    , @RJ Macready
  292. @Katrinka

    They will beg you to let them in and your liberals will let them in and shtf again

  293. @Anon

    I am a third worlder and I agree with you, I admire the west, they are closer to islam Than we Arabs are.

  294. @Anon

    First and foremost there are no MY people. We come alone, we leave alone. I create my own framework based on my experiences in life and the faculties that I developed because of them. India was once upon a time a great society(by the day’s standards), but I am not one of those internet Indians who blabbers and vomits stanzas due to his own delusions and inferiority complexes. But it was a great society in places and in time many centuries ago. I am a Brahmin-the highest class, and as wrong and immoral(see-haha) as it sounds I firmly believe it was the mixing with the lower classes that destroyed the masses here. Biology is more important than you think it is. The lower class-the dalits- are a lower set of people- as are the African Americans. Its not culture its genetic.

    But as the rules of life and civilizations dictate-anything that goes up must come down. You guys were jumping on trees in Europe when Nalanda University was at its apex. Same for ancient Mesopotamia or Egypt- what was Europe then? But with time they withered away and your race came into a lot of already provided tools by ancient cultures(there is a strong debate on how influential ancient Arab astronomy was to the great European astronomers). It was a chain of succession and you guys were the latest and last people to get hold of knowledge and power(which you implemented in a rational and correct manner I might add). So take all this third worlder bullshit somewhere else. The world is one today- globalization and capitalism has ensured this. Nothing that you or “your people(LMAO)” or I can do to change this.

    Now coming onto the question of morality-of course morality and goodwill are needed. But it must not be given precedence over everything else which is what Christianity(and every other religion) does. The pillars of any society should be strict rules and regulations and based upon that a moral and civic code should be created. Oswald Spengler writes in his seminal work “The decline of the west” that democracy is inherently flawed and it would lead to a Caeserian man taking control. A Caeserian man, in other words a benevolent despot CANNOT arise in the moral chains of the system you scribe to. This is the problem with most people-they take words at face value. The hate Ayn Rand gets is hilarious. Sure she says being selfish is good, but ofcourse she does not mean do not help the poor, or look away from a beggar. All she means is live for yourself and then assist others if that is what you want. The problem with morality is only a few tend to be moral(usually the middle class). The rich, the men who make the rules are by nature amoral or even immoral. I don’t have to tell you this. There have been innumerable studies done that show the CEOs and top honchos of companies are usually sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists. That’s how they got to the top.

    And puh-leeze-Christianity is the worst thing to have happened to the west. Every great western man from Napoleon to Churchill questioned Christianity, and you know deep down it is all mumbo jumbo bullshit for the fawning idiot masses. All religions must be discarded, but Christianity should go first.

    I just understand the rules of life-This is a game. A challenge. Heck, a part of me wishes I was Jew for they know what this life stands for and they make the best of it. The Chinese who are, like it or not, the real Superpowers of this century and the future even go and study the Jewish way of life and their holy texts. What does your Jesus teach? Forgiveness and a loaf of bread LMAO!!! It feels good to convince oneself that you are a good person. Doesn’t work in the real world.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Anon
    , @Chinaman
    , @indocon
  295. @Anon

    “Was it not dependent upon a Western worldview in which we inhabit an intelligible universe? One in which God is almost synonymous with “reason”? “Logos”? ”

    LMAO You are a retard aren’t you? Ever since your mumbo jumbo Jesus bullshit cropped up the last thing people have associated it with is reason and logic. Go read your history books(not that rag you call Holy bible *puke*). Religion, especially Chriatinity is anti rationality, anti common sense, anti science and ANTI LOGIC! Maybe go watch George Carlin or Ricky Gervais.

    There is NOTHING wrong with abortion. It is a bunch of cells. I have personally aborted many christian fetuses(many unwillingly) , partly because I want to ensure the west is absolved of this faith and partly because it makes me feel GOD- See, anon, this is what power is. You should try it sometimes.

    “Maybe Indians would have managed to advance technologically had they a better framework to work within. Unfortunately, you were busy deifying multiple gods without a thought for the natural world. Shitting up the streets in order that future Indians would move away from their home.”

    Now this I totally agree with. My land is filled with religious nutjobs, the most self obsessed, self centered people on earth. I never said it any other way. The better framework is what I refer to as “rationality”, something you white boys mastered in the past few hundred years.

    “Spend the time to think up a scenario in which a civilization lacking the concept of morality does anything worthwhile.”

    Morality comes after civic rules and regulations.

    “After that, reflect on the fact that you have abandoned your own people in order to live amongst those who hold dear that which you laugh at.”

    There is no my people. There is no your people. There is power and there is money. This is why the Jews rule and the Chinese will rule henceforth.
    Good day

  296. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    This is the future of the world actually. Seen that movie Elysium? The rich will most likely live on orbiting space stations or least the Moon in the future and Earth will be a third world turd, awash with fire and gloom and chaos. A part of me, obsessed with scifi and astronomy wants this to happen. In this hopeless sad world ELON MUSK livens me up. God I love that dude! Although I still think Mars is simply not possible to land on, let alone flourish into a human habitat/

  297. @Tucker

    The Israeli Jews cannot make it without a large White supportive group, though. No whites, no Israel. It would simply be over run by their enemies.

    The Jews in USA, are definitely behind much of the manipulations in race-baiting, but I think there’s a huge White population that adores Jews, such as some of the Zionist Christians, so they are the problem and don’t even know how much serving Zion is working against them.

  298. Anon[825] • Disclaimer says:
    @RJ Macready

    First and foremost there are no MY people.

    First and foremost?

  299. Alden says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    Amren focuses on black on White crime. It’s an excellent site to raise White consciousness

    There’s really no White organization. At least half of the Whites in this country are anti White. And the anti White Whites are the ones that run the country.

    • Replies: @throtler
  300. CCZ says:

    From top to bottom, can’t be policed:

    • Thanks: Polistra
  301. Anon[437] • Disclaimer says:
    @RJ Macready

    First and foremost there are no MY people. We come alone, we leave alone.


    The problem with western people is that you people[…]

    I am a Brahmin-the highest class

    I firmly believe it was the mixing with the lower classes that destroyed the masses here. Biology is more important than you think it is. The lower class-the dalits- are a lower set of people- as are the African Americans. Its not culture its genetic.

    I think I understand. You’re not part of any heritage unless you’re part of a good one. The fact that your homelands are a shitshow is irrelevant. The fact that you, yourself, single out groups of people as genetically similar is irrelevant. When it comes to YOU, you have no people. You are set apart from the universe as a special boy. You may pass judgement upon others as members of groups but you… not you! You are special! Not a member of any group!

    I hear the streets are fine for shitting in today, Pajeet! Tell your non-group!

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  302. v Steve says:

    Blacks/people of color can’t function in the civilized world. They need to go back to the 3rd world country they came from. There is no white 3rd world country.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  303. @redmudhooch

    “Needless to say, but I find it very odd that the alt-right and white nationalists will spend 24/7/365 pointing out every single crime that a black commits, yet ignore the most massive crimes committed by white collar criminals and kingpins that far outweigh and are also the root cause of much of the black crime.”..

    Excellent analysis… Then why don’t ever take their gripes from the hood to the white collar gated hood?
    And make a difference there instead of attacking each other and everyone else around them as an easy mark??

  304. Chinaman says:
    @RJ Macready

    I am a Brahmin-the highest class, and as wrong and immoral(see-haha) as it sounds I firmly believe it was the mixing with the lower classes that destroyed the masses here.

    Interesting. Thank you for that honest comment.

    Does Brahmins have an higher IQ and if so, how did it evolve? Was there a selection pressure for Brahmin to evolve higher intelligence? ( putatively, as Jew did)

    Are Brahmins whiter in general ? Were they aryan white at the beginning of the caste system and miscegenation still somehow seep through that made them more “brown”?

    I am fascinated by how the caste system and associative breeding can lead to discernible difference in physical and mental attributes,

    I appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with you since this line of inquiry is impossible nowadays.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  305. @Anon

    I don’t know what to say to you. I am on your side or camp and understand your frustrations with what is happening to the west in general and the US in particular. That is all I can say right now. Good day

    • Replies: @Anon
  306. Total agreement here. Negros don’t belong in civilized, White society, and reintroducing segregation is the most logical answer that I can see. That won’t happen, though, so now what? Where are we headed, to an all-out shooting war? I can definitely see that happening, as the inner city zoos will quickly run out of food with the inevitable and imminent collapse of the US dollar. They’ll flee the ghettos en masse and storm the suburbs for food. Only then will Whites reclaim our once-great country.

    • Agree: Katrinka
  307. Chinaman says:
    @v Steve

    According to one of your own, “White civilization is just veneer over savagery”. This ring true ever louder now as we have seen with how whites respond to COVID and non-stop violence in America. White people is just a bunch of pedophile and psychopaths.

    America was a very bad mistake. A bad dream.

    • Troll: Joseph Doaks
    • Replies: @Alfred
  308. indocon says:
    @RJ Macready

    You have it in complete reverse. The IVC probably marked the top of Indian civilization, there were no brahmins there, they came latter with Yamaya migration. UP brahmins have the least similarity to IVC DNA. Brahmins instituted the caste system about 2500 years back, DNA studies back that also now, and India has been going downhill ever since.

    The IVC people moved south after likely sever droughts and settled in Krishna/Kauveri delta, the kappas and kammas of Andhra have highest similarity to IVC DNA. BTW, the south has much better socio economic indicators than the north, that is lingering effect of IVC heritage.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  309. @Chinaman

    I guess I’m not interested in nit picking the point ‘Chinaman’. Nothing you think interests me. I’m not interested in your trolls, games, postures or how often you rape your sister, ‘Chinaman’
    Fuck off.

  310. @RoatanBill

    The way you put that makes complete sense and cuts through all the bs around this topic.
    It actually reminded me of something I read around a year ago. This company had found a way to make a note (debt) into actual wealth the bill itself is made from gold or silver and is the same size of paper money. I haven’t followed up on this. I’m going to see what I can find out about it.
    I hear people talk about digital currencies but I really don’t see how bitcoin or any digital currency can have a value unless it is directly tied to something. The only way it has a value is from the utility of having a private currency to avoid the prying eyes of government.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  311. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    All the crypto currencies use the ‘mining’ metaphor to lure in the weak of mind that crypto is just like mining gold or silver. If one compares crypto mining with traditional gold, silver or any actual mining, the metaphor instantly breaks down.

    Real physical mining is labor intensive, requires huge capital outlays and first needs to locate a spot on the planet where whatever it is they are looking for exists. Crypto mining requires a source of electricity, an internet connection and a computer set up to do the number crunching. Real mining requires million of dollars worth of overhead and years to establish a working mine. Crypto miners can set up for a few dollars in an afternoon.

    With Bitcoin now valued in the 50-60K range, how much sweat and electricity actually goes into manufacturing one Bitcoin? Compare that with physical gold or silver to gauge where the fraud lies.

    All the crypto players are there for speculation only. No one in his right mind can claim that some coin conjured into existence for a few dollars worth of electricity can be worth multiple tens of thousands of dollars via the cost of production. The precious metal miners CAN make the claim that it costs a significant fraction of the retail price to produce. That’s where the value in the metals comes from.

    The crypto space will continue until it collapses. If one wants to speculate that they can find a bigger fool, then they can take a chance on future appreciation. The real money is being made by the miners and the intermediaries. Those that got in early, got a windfall and then cashed out also made out quite well. The rest will ride this tulip mania all the way down to zero.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  312. JimB says:

    They will just pack their suitcases and catch a plane to Israel.

    Arabs in Israel are looking to blacks in America for inspiration. The Arab Lives Matter movement is just an Israeli-Arabic George Floyd away.

  313. Resartus says:

    Arabs in Israel are looking to blacks in America for inspiration. The Arab Lives Matter movement is just an Israeli-Arabic George Floyd away.

    But can you imagine a U.S. Police Force, after killing a felon, sending in a bulldozer team and giving whoever is living in the guys house an hour to leave, then razing it to the ground….

    Israeli’s have it right on some fronts….

  314. @Joseph Doaks

    I agree with you!! The Republican party leadership that is still concerned about being true representatives of conservative Americans, need to carry out a radical purging of who is a member of their club. So far, dozens of RINO’s won’t cut it when it comes to battling the toxic and traitorous democrat party leaders.

  315. Druid55 says:

    Dish you wash it today?

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  316. A man of genius makes no mistakes; his errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery.
    James Joyce

  317. @RoatanBill

    Except that real money is also made out of nothing; someone with authority to do so adding zeros behind some numbers on a computer database. They don’t even need to print those dollars anymore and chop down the trees and make paper, or invest in all that, that they once had to in order to make money, even if without any coverage like a gold base.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  318. @Commentator Mike

    If you don’t know the difference between money and currency, then you’re in for a world of hurt.

    I suggest you look up ‘Hidden Secrets of Money’ on YouTube and go through all the videos that Mike Maloney produced.

    If you’re stuck with green paper currency (not money) when the SHTF, you’ll be holding toilet paper.

  319. 20% Denisovan genetics in blacks. 20% prehuman apelike creature. A different species. Coexistence is not ever going to be possible and there is now 150 plus years of proof.

  320. Anon[340] • Disclaimer says:
    @RJ Macready

    I am on your side or camp


    The problem with western people is that you people are obsessed with morality and goodwill.. End of discussion.


    Which is true? Are you teaching the West how it ought to be, now? You? You???

    If the West gives up morality and goodwill then there will be nothing left of the West. The West needs to give up foreigners who fail to understand the importance of morality and goodwill. We need to send you and everybody like you back home.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
    , @RJ Macready
  321. Perhaps the most brilliant missive about the death of Lord Floyd and white [beige] culture. Hats off to Mr Hood for his important insights and foresight as well.

  322. Polistra says:

    Meaning: be in a red county, in a red state.

    You’re very right, but that’s not enough. In the sense that I moved to a red county in a red state and first the state turned blue then even my county did. And this is a place where just twenty years ago you’d have sworn it’d be impossible. But the rot, it spreads, and it spreads fast. It spreads from places like NY, LA, and DC, and third-world migrants just seal the deal.

  323. @Anon

    Are you teaching the West how it ought to be, now? You? You?”

    Yes, I am teaching the west ASSHOLE!!!

    And no…..I am not going back! Neither are people of my kind who have taken over every little hamlet and town that your ancestors built!Bwahahaha!!
    What the fuck are you gonna do? Preach your bible to them-bwahahaha………….and no asshole, there is no HOME! This is home. Home is money, home is capitalistic Darwinism. But you and your kind will be sent to oblivion…bwhahaahah. Mark my words….Your kind will be obliterated and thrown into the black hole of no return because assholes like you are obsessed with a system that never existed. Got that??? You don’t know 5% of the shit that goes on in Toronto and New York and LA and Mumbai. We own you. And push comes to shove-mark my words we wouldn’t hesitate to end your lineage and creed. As I said- I abort Christian babies and make a lot of money doing it……I wouldn’t mind opening fire on your ilk and kind. you took this land from the natives…… it’s coming back to us one way or another….bwahahahahahaha\
    Behave, obey….or the anglo saxon race is OVER!!!!

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  324. @indocon

    No. You are wrong partially. Trust me I will not sit and debate this with you. IVC was nothing but a basic beginning. The caste system originated much much later. It was a fantastic system based on rational principles but it did not last long. I agree with your statement that India has been going downhill ever since(or since eternity). But I feel this is the nature of all cultures and societies. Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt collapsed due to similar reasons. The evolved man-the next step in evolution will be beyond useless concepts such as patriotism and religion. But for that to happen one has to be cynical, treacherous, and outright evil. Which is what I am up to…..power and money is all that matters. Nothing else-NOT IQ nor CULTURE. Westerners have set up the hive for us-we need to simply take it. Not brahmin, not hindu-but the evolved man! The UBERMENSCH

  325. @Chinaman

    This is a discussion for private! You can email me on to talk. I will answer you in a minimum now.

    Does Brahmins have an higher IQ and if so, how did it evolve? Was there a selection pressure for Brahmin to evolve higher intelligence?

    I believe so. I believe that a sect of people pushed to a task attest themselves to it-this is basic evolution. Basic brahmins were asked to keep records(which they failed to do) of lineage and culture but the nature of the tasks made them manipulate culture and society because words, texts and knowledge was held up to the highest standards even back then! In other words, they realized the nature of life and pushed their importance at any opportunity. The next caste to brahmin is khsatriya which means a warrior. They evolved in time to obey the brahmins even though they had the power and courage to be on top. This is the story of India even today- people do not know their potential individually but simply go by what the system expects them to.

    Are Brahmins whiter in general ? Were they aryan white at the beginning of the caste system and miscegenation still somehow seep through that made them more “brown”?

    No. Again I think external factors such as climate and time zone matters- South Indian brahmins are dark, but they have a distinctive look. Many men that I have observed are chiseled and tall(think that Mohinder Suresh guy from Heroes). Many brahmins I met from Kerala and Tamil Nadu(Southernmost states of India) were tall, statuesque, and chiseled(at least in their young 20-40 age). The women however are all fair. Even the ones in the south- they were fair, kinda like the Meditteranean women. Even today you’ll see fair women who are brahmin and from the south. North Indian brahmins are almost always fair(not totally white like anglo saxons but like Italian or Spanish american. )

    “I am fascinated by how the caste system and associative breeding can lead to discernible difference in physical and mental attributes,”

    I am fascinated by this too. My father says the caste system was fantastic. Everyone was given an opportunity to prosper based on their class. There were 4 major classes. But then he is a hardcore Hindutva so I am not sure what to make of it. The classes were all respected but this can be expected for a race back in the day(even hugely populated India didn’t number much in the bronze age). India is old as dirt, keep in mind so a lot of the things are lost in translation. But there still resides a proud bunch of brahmin sect in almost every Indian state and community today.

    “I appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with you since this line of inquiry is impossible nowadays.”

    Thank you. And please eep in mind the words I pen for other people(the anon dude) is not what I mean. I am an admirer of western culture and something of an institution on their art, history and literature. It irks me what is happening there, but the only solution is to have a knowledge of what life is, and what one must do to entail we survive and prosper-something people like anon cannot seem to understand.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  326. @Jimmy le Blanc

    “American Renaissance is a joke.”

    Jared Taylor is the product of a missionary family. As such, he will never be able to quite get past that. Carrying a Jewish name (Jared) is one telltale sign. He is what he is, and I think he has taken us about as far as he can. And that was a considerable distance. But it’s time for a new direction. Whites must know that their backs are against the wall. If they don’t know, they are not worth speaking with.

  327. Chinaman says:
    @RJ Macready

    Those are usually my lines but that’s fine…

  328. Chinaman says:
    @RJ Macready

    Thank you for the response.

    Fascinating indeed.

    I heard that the members that was in the India nuclear programme were all Brahmins. This was what pique my interest in the first place.

    Please allow me to ask a few more questions here. I think many residents here are intellectually curious about the subject.

    Is it acceptable for Brahmins to have sex with Dalit prostitutes? and would marrying a Dalit negate a Brahmin’s status ? Or are Dalits really “untouchable” literally?

    What is the caste of childern that was born between members of different caste?

    When a Brahmin and a Dalit, who are strangers to each other, interact socially ( after knowing their surnames) , is there an implicit understanding that the Dalit is to act deferential to the Brahmin and cater to his needs in this day and age?

    Thanks. Don’t worry about the white supremacists hicks here. You are quite harmless and you will have a lot of fun trolling them.

  329. Blacks hate whites because we’re successful and they aren’t .

    Lincoln himself said blacks and whites cannot live together in any kind of equality.

  330. The real problem is blacks are so extremely inferior mentally. Most cannot read and cannot be taught how to read. We are told the average black IQ is 85 which means 65 though 85 is bad enough. All they have for careers is crime , welfare, or maybe a phony affirmative action job.

    1. Black-americans come in last in all standardized tests. Asian-americans do fine on all the tests so it’s not due to cultural bias in the tests.

    2. Africa is by far the poorest and most backward continent on the planet. All of black africa is now controlled by blacks and has been for decades so it’s not due to racism.

    3. No black has ever won a Science Nobel Prize unless you count one in 1979 for the semi-science of economics. They have won many nobels in non-brain fields like Peace and also in Literature so it is not due to racism.

    4. Out of 1552 chess grandmasters in the world, only THREE are black.

  331. Zoe says:

    Move where? Poland, Hungary, maybe Russia. There’s nowhere else.

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  332. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Try Australia or better yet Canada. Morticia’s second sister’s brother in law’s father says they are ready for huge work with Australia. Western Rockies full of watershed soon to be torn down to get at coal and 4 big Australian coal companies are going to pay an incredible 1 Billion in royalites over the next 23 years. Only problem is —the key province now is 100 billion in Debt (but was 0 in 2004) and I think this math is coming from Virginia where Math is now under review and hard math will soon be outlawed —NO PHD left behind.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  333. @anon

    “The suspect in the attack is described as an adult male with a dark complexion. He was wearing a black jacket, black pants, white sneakers and a multi-colored cap.

    It is the second brutal kicking attack on an Asian person within a month on a New York street. On March 29, a 65-year-old Filipino woman was kicked numerous times on a Midtown Manhattan street outside of an apartment building as two doormen watched and did not intervene.”—-
    Dark complexion indeed indeed indeed—-

  334. @anarchyst

    “Detroit is bankrupt, the south side of Chicago is a war zone, and the vast majority of black cities all over America are beset by degeneracy and violence”

    The west side of Chicago is way worse than the south side. That’s my only dispute with your narrative.

  335. anarchyst says:

    The freedom you have is the freedom you TAKE. Arm up anyway, permit or not. It is your Constitutional right as enshrined in the Bill of Rights.
    Due to “public education”, most people are unaware that our “rights” are not “permissions” and cannot be abrogated. Our “rights” are endowed by our Creator and are non-negotiable.
    The Bill of Rights is merely a re-affirmation of our rights that existed even in pre-Constitution days.
    Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is null and void.
    Arm up, don’t disclose your armed status to anyone else, (in other words, keep your mouth shut) and you will do OK.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  336. Marckus says:

    LOL. No Bible quotations today ? No love your neighbour ? No religious sermons ? The soapbox in the repair shop ?

    What religious freaks like you do not understand is that your veneer of bible regurgitation bullshit is easily stripped away. It is all a fake, a smoke screen of righteousness that is blown away with a gentle fart.

    As you can see, a little trolling, some insinuation mixed with a good mocking of your intelligence, religious beliefs and your misguided sense of self importance tore away the shine and revealed your vulgarity. You are a FAKE !

    My task has been accomplished ! I have done the work of the Lord. Hallelujah. LMAO

  337. Marckus says:


    We owe your old lady a load. YOU can then take the sheets to the Chinese laundry to wash them up. Make them nice and fresh for her next trick.

    As your Daddy would say “No Dickie, no Laundry. No laundry no Doggie. No doggie no food for Chiney”

  338. @anarchyst

    I agree with your sentiments completely. It’s a shame it’s gotten to this point where most people haven’t a clue about what the original intent was in the founding documents.

    My point was to get the legal system fixed, if possible, so that carrying wouldn’t be risky with the cops, prosecutors, judges and most people frowning on the practice.

    The supreme court ruled that the 2nd references the people’s right, not the militia’s right as some want to assert. We need to have that right reaffirmed by getting rid of absolutely all gun laws as those laws are clearly unconstitutional when reading the 2nd as any law infringes by definition. Since licensing is a ‘title of nobility’ also expressly forbidden, all licensing and permitting laws need to go.

    The NRA, Gun Owners of America, etc are all bullshit organizations because they should have brought this to the supreme court decades ago.

    • Replies: @Hang All Text Drivers
  339. @RoatanBill

    ****The NRA, Gun Owners of America, etc are all bullshit organizations because they should have brought this to the supreme court decades ago. ****

    Why is it that even conservatives think every issue in this country should be settled by the UNELECTED judges on the supreme court.???

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  340. @Hang All Text Drivers

    Why is it that even conservatives think that elections matter? Democracy and elections are bullshit.

    As an anarchist, I’d be perfectly happy without the Fed Gov. However, in the spirit of trying to cooperate with the non anarchists, the only option is to challenge the laws in court, trying to use the admittedly corrupt to the core system to change the system.

    If you don’t like my suggestion, what’s yours?

    • Replies: @Resartus
  341. throtler says:

    Amren is anti-female. They will delete your post if you offend the males too much.

  342. @Marckus

    No BS here…

    Pure wonder put into song by a great mind and heart.

  343. Resartus says:

    If you don’t like my suggestion, what’s yours?

    Yes, good to work with non-anarchists…..
    The idiots pursuing it, through social violence…
    Have no clue how easy the “Law Abiding” would
    eliminate the violent ones, once there was no constraint on it……

    Unlike the movie “Purge”, the bad guys had better be hiding in the
    deepest holes they can find……

  344. ccoffer says:

    All that is required is us telling the truth. The truth will get you banned for life from septic tanks like twitter and facebook, but that is no reason to not speak the truth. You’re already being called a racist, so why bother trying to appease these lying scum?

  345. aandrews says:


    Evidently posting stickers around town, with 2066 printed on them, will get you arrested (and your electronic devices confiscated) in Airstrip One.

    • Replies: @aandrews
  346. aandrews says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Well, they cook dogs alive (cooking them alive makes for tasty dog), so maybe you’ll get your wish.

  347. Katrinka says:

    Why? Do you want to kiss it for me?

  348. Katrinka says:

    I could move to Poland because I have lots of Polish ancestry. But, alas it is too far. I opted out for Panama. Not perfect, but better than the U.S. going forward frankly.

  349. Katrinka says:

    You just like to argue. As a Christian I have every right to defend myself.

  350. Dyhhjkh says:
    @Chris Moore

    Gutfeld was being satirical.

  351. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    Randon Wilkerson killed his white cop –not too far from where Amtrak Joe resides. The white cop leaves a wife and 12 year old son who wept his eyes out on hearing the news. The white cop arrived to assist an elderly couple in their home ——-Wilkerson –was not an invited guest—and now Wilkerson will get 10 years and then return to action stomping on some Asian in the big apple like his hero Jarrod.

  352. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    WAKE WAKE UP —and I’m not talking Jehovah Witness jive. Your enemy ( both white and black) resides in Washington –employed at the Capitol —Senate –Pentagon and CIA. They live in gated comunities –earn big dollars—make war—earn big bucks for lobbyist and hedge fund family members and WE —that is YOU and I and the dog named Blue—are its laughing stock. Now all the action in those gated communities evenings is watching TV mayhem on mainstreet —white against black—black against white—-we on Main Street have been duped —the 1% in DC are the enemy —what’s taking us so long to clean shop—haul all these useless dregs out for a July 12 meeting with the drums rolling and swoosh —the big blade drops——“ashes to ashes –dust to dust —cleaning up DC is a Must “!!

  353. Resartus says:

    Only way to cure all the crap in the US…
    Throw a huge party for all the Democrat Politicians…
    Hire “Jim Jones” to cater…..

    • LOL: europeasant
  354. 36 ulster says:

    One of the Tribe, David Cole, has written frequently in Takimag about the this unwisdom. His columns from the previous year about Golems makes for reading that is at once informative, entertaining, and despairing–and not just for The Chosen, who could benefit from his warnings about this Dangerous Liaison or Valse Macabre with their Vibrant Golems.

  355. @Anon

    You still there wiseass? I don’t hear a rebuttal lmao. Maybe you and your kind need to buzz off. Survival of the fittest means adaptability-clearly the ilk you come from isn’t up to the new America. Try Panama or Puerto Rico-nice tropics that will heal that brain of yours. and next time come prepared ASSHOLE!!

  356. This entire “race thing,” in my opinion, is nothing but a distraction from what really is bringing down our country. Namely, the non-stop illegal and immoral wars and the corporate welfare (and tax breaks for the rich) that are taking place.

    Add to this the untold trillions of “dollars” that the Federal Reserve (a privately-owned CORPORATION) prints up year after year, making the American dollar worth less and less.

    The United States is rapidly becoming a washed-up empire; a Banana Republic of the rich owned and controlled by the rich. According to accepted accounting principles, the United States is BANKRUPT, as are most of the states in our country,

    The United States has gone from PRODUCING useful things to a country that perpetuates various scams, such as the financial “industry” and the phony “war on terror” and the “war on drugs.” About the only things of consequence that the United States now produces is armaments, which allow countries to keep fighting each other and thereby making the bankers even richer.

    Wake up America!

  357. Resartus says:

    The United States is rapidly becoming a washed-up empire; a Banana Republic of the rich owned and controlled by the rich.

    Which in a few years, because of immigration, will have more of their citizens than several of the Latin American Countries….
    There will rise a President, who will bring Colonization back and Latin/Central American will become US Territories/Colonies….

  358. Alfred says:

    Dear Chinaman,

    What the Chinese did to each other during their numerous civil wars is much worse than anything the West or even the Japanese ever did.

    Please read your own history.

    List of Massacres in China (short version)

  359. Where ever blacks go it’s a mess. That’s the plain and simple truth. They know this and that’s why they make a big fuss about everything. They know they cant keep up with whites in anything. Low IQ and rap culture, not to mention idolizing criminals tells you all you have to know.

  360. R.C. says:

    Excellently written and sadly undeniably true.

  361. ANON[526] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Without the jooish problem none of this happens. Joos have wrecked every host they’ve had. A plague upon nations.

    As it stands, there is no justice system. Just jooish mass media.
    Even they have to be pleasantly surprised how effective their subversion has been. Maybe 110X is the charm.
    Wait till blacks see what the joo really is. Any POC who wants to know what their future holds, see the Palestinians.

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