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Was the Fight for Irish Independence Pointless?
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The Irish struggle for independence was not peaceful. It was also not fought to establish a proposition nation. Ireland was an ethnonationalist state born in blood. Some will say the revolution was monstrous, others that it was justified and heroic. All should agree, however, that if today’s Irish leaders give their country away to the Third World, it was ultimately pointless.

“Physical force republicanism” has a long tradition on the Emerald Isle. The 1916 Easter Rising was unpopular at the time, but soon achieved mythic status. Just six years later, Irish revolutionaries won the Irish Free State after a successful insurgency. The Free State, which was still nominally subject to the British Crown, still wasn’t good enough for some of the most dedicated activists, notably Eamon de Valera. A brutal civil war then erupted between those who supported and opposed the Irish Free State, leading to the assassination of Michael Collins, a revolutionary hero and chairman of the fledgling state’s Provisional Government. On both sides were hard men fanatically dedicated to a nationalist ideal. After the war, de Valera founded Fianna Fáil (“Warriors of Destiny”) and became Ireland’s dominant political leader. He defended Irish independence and neutrality for decades.

Civilian children watch soldiers amid the rubble and ruins of a Dublin street during the Easter uprising of 1916. (Credit Image: © Mary Evans via ZUMA Press)
Civilian children watch soldiers amid the rubble and ruins of a Dublin street during the Easter uprising of 1916. (Credit Image: © Mary Evans via ZUMA Press)

The subsequent campaign to unite Ireland was mostly a leftist movement, but even the socialist Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) couldn’t help voicing ethnonationalist sentiments.

Bobby Sands was a PIRA commander who martyred himself in a 1981 hunger strike. In his prison diary, he wrote that Ireland’s right to “sovereign independence” included the right to “armed revolution.”

“Foremost in my tortured mind is the thought that there can never be peace in Ireland until the foreign, oppressive British presence is removed,” he added, “leaving all the Irish people as a unit to control their own affairs and determine their own destinies as a sovereign people, free in mind and body, separate and distinct physically, culturally, and economically.” You can even buy a propaganda poster featuring this quote and the image of a masked guerrilla fighter holding an M-16, along with the word RESISTANCE emblazoned across it.

A state for “a sovereign people” that is “separate and distinct physically, culturally, and economically” is by definition an ethnostate. It is de facto white nationalist. Using violent rhetoric to call for a white people to become “separate and distinct physically, culturally, and economically” is almost unimaginable today.

In Ireland today, questions about immigration are inseparable from Irish nationalism. The reason Northern Ireland is even an issue is because the British deliberately settled religiously and ethnically distinct pro-British colonists in the Irish resistance’s onetime center. The Plantation of Ulster was an intra-white “Great Replacement,” and it worked for centuries. It arguably still does, because it ensures British control of the north.

IRA terrorism against the British is remembered almost fondly in the United States. Slate reported in 2020 that memes and songs celebrating the IRA’s campaign had suddenly taken off on TikTok. “[S]ome might be relishing the idea of extreme and direct political action after being disillusioned by the failure of America’s two-party system to lead and take care of its citizens throughout the pandemic,” it wrote. Former Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams, an alleged murderer, likewise enjoys a popular social media following, with respectful coverage from VICE, The Guardian, and the Irish Mirror. Mr. Adams most recently made headlines for saying he wouldn’t have stopped the 1996 IRA bombing attack on the London Docklands even if he had known about it in advance.

You can easily find songs about the Irish using surface-to-air missiles and Armalite rifles against the British. Popular streamer Hasan Piker can play “Come Out Ye Black and Tans” for a laugh. You can also find these songs on Spotify. Few are calling for censoring these relics of Irish history on the grounds that they could incite violence.

This reverence for propaganda about fighting the British from the not-so-distant past seems odd in the context of Ireland’s current immigration policies,. Since 1996, Ireland has been a country of net immigration. The Migration Policy Institute reports that this is due to economic growth that “created an unprecedented demand for labor across a wide range of sectors, including construction, financial, information technology, and health care.” The Financial Times reports that tech companies are promoting the same “diversity and inclusion” programs in Ireland that plague the United States. Ireland now has Black History Month and a Black Lives Matter movement.

In the short time since its independence, the Republic of Ireland was foolish enough to admit Afghans and other non-whites, thus giving the United Nations an opening to complain about “the lack of adequate redress for victims of racial discrimination and systemic racism in Irish childcare institutions between the 1940s and 1990s.” It wants “full reparation to the victims.” Ireland is now on the same road as the United States and other post-Western countries to a non-white majority. The Irish Times reported in 2005 that the president of Dublin City University expected that the “indigenous Irish will form a minority” in their country by 2050. However, he claims that immigration is still needed “if we are to remain prosperous.”

The prosperity argument isn’t compelling. Ireland went into a recession in 2008 and has arguably never recovered. The country faces a housing shortage. Despite this, the Irish government has reportedly allowed 20,000 non-Ukrainian asylum seekers into the country in 2022 alone, along with 50,000 Ukrainians. The government has moved migrants into unused buildings and schools without telling local residents. Despite protests, Integration Minister Joe O’Brien said that the “small but sinister element” won’t stop government policy. This may be just the beginning. Ireland’s minister for children, Roderic O’Gorman, says Ireland must now be ready to welcome refugees from “climate change.”

A nationalist movement is developing. The National Party, the Irish Freedom Party, and other groups are leading protests against refugee settlement, in such places as Ballymun and Drogheda. Breitbart reported that “the latter of these demonstrations were disrupted by leftist activists, who shouted ‘racist scum’ repeatedly while waving LGBT and transgender flags, for some reason.”

The Irish Mirror is worried about “a concerted attempt to demonise new arrivals,” something diversity in sports can supposedly combat. It quotes one soccer club chief operation officer, who thinks the Irish may be being manipulated by “the people who run various YouTube accounts,” and who have “the same rhetoric, the same disinformation.”

“Ireland has a moral and legal responsibility to provide shelter to those who come to our country fleeing war and prosecution,” said Ireland’s Department of Children, Equality, Disability Integration, and Youth. “The Department strongly condemns any attempt to promote division and hostility towards those who come here seeking safety.” Justice Minister Simon Harris denied that they were protests at all, calling them “intimidation.”

What the Justice Minister thinks could be very important, because the government is pushing new “hate speech legislation.” It’s intended to make it illegal to “communicate” or “behave” in such a way “that is likely to incite violence or hatred against a person or group of persons on account of their protected characteristics or any of those characteristics.” The definition of “likely” can only be subjective.

The government could also authorize police to search homes, looking for prohibited material. “We want perpetrators of this vile behavior to know they will be punished for spreading hate, prejudice, and division,” said then-Justice Minister Helen McEntee. “Hate offences law must be enacted as policy,” demanded Adam Long of the National LGBT Federation. He likewise dismissed concerns about free speech:

We will also hear claims that ‘free speech’ is supposedly being threatened, as if Ireland, in legislating against extreme criminal hate speech rather than the merely offensive . . . . Far from being anti-democratic, such provisions are in fact the hallmark of a civilised society.

This law won’t be the end, either. “Legislation is only one measure needed to tackle the harm caused by hate crime and extreme hate speech,” said the Coalition Against Hate Crime on its website. “Only certain narrowly defined behavior can be addressed with a criminal justice approach. That’s why government must commit to a comprehensive national action plan” [emphasis in original], whatever that may mean.

Media coverage of the protests against immigration has been overwhelmingly negative:

Yet, what is the point of having a nation if not to separate one’s own people from others? There are differences between groups and peoples, even closely-related ones. Irish history is proof enough. How is importing thousands of non-white people when resources are short going to make things better?

National Party? National shame” is the title of an article from BelfastMedia with a straightforward message: nationalism is bad.

Is Ireland even a nation anymore? Ireland never had a colonial empire, and the Irish were even sometimes enslaved themselves, yet today’s Irish suffer from the same white guilt and xenophilia that plague formerly colonial and slaveowning nations. Ireland’s modern identity is derived from a national uprising against a multinational, cosmopolitan empire, but newly-independent Ireland very quickly traded its sovereignty for the lure of the global economy and the supposed need for mass immigration and cheap labor. Members of various Irish political parties, including Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin (the latter name of which means “We Ourselves” or “Ourselves Alone”), signed a statement opposing the “protests” (the scare quotes are their own) and worrying about the community’s “reputation.” Reputation? Among whom?

In this context, what is the point of bragging about the IRA’s exploits or mocking the British monarchy? The Irish people’s main opponents today are not in London or Belfast, but Dublin and Brussels. It’s far easier to brag about one’s supposed willingness to fight the British than to admit that the Irish are being displaced by immigrants imported by their own government. If the Irish are not to be a people “separate and distinct physically, culturally, and economically” but simply individualistic consumers in a multicultural and multiracial society, the sacrifices of Irish patriots were in vain.

Let us hope that today’s Irish nationalists will be able to secure their people’s future. If they can’t, the least the island’s so-called leaders could do is stop pretending they represent the Irish people’s interests and scrap their nationalist trappings. Let them admit that their idea of Irishness goes no deeper than a corporate logo and a rainbow flag.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous[300] • Disclaimer says:

    • Agree: boynkin
  2. By the same token WW1 and especially WW2 were pointless for Britain. They defeated the Germans, then gave away their country to alien black and brown people. What was the point? Also the United Nations has been nothing but a battering ram of destruction for white countries.

  3. @Anonymous

    Looks like the Jew Globo-homo replacement strategy is alive and well in the emerald isle too. So sad.

  4. Brits colonized the body of Ireland, and the Irish revolted. That kind of colonization is visible to the eye.

    Jews colonized the mind and soul of Ireland, and that goes undetected. One is profoundly altered but regards the change as self-made. It becomes part of the bloodstream than something that might make one bleed. People fear a tiger but don’t even detect certain gases or chemicals that pass into their system.

    Both the Irish and Anglos have now been mentally colonized by Jews, and they think they are making their own decisions. After all, neither Britain or Ireland is occupied by Jewish soldiers with guns and tanks. Rather, Jews control the media and academia and the ideas and icons.

    There is also the black factor. Many Brits and Irish alike feel that they had a dull cold rigid culture until they were liberated by black sunlight and rhythm. Their lands of ice and fog were made sunny with blacks lips and hips. So, both are into jungle fever, BLM, and Afro-Colonization of White Wombs.

    • Agree: Father Coughlin
  5. Alrenous says: • Website

    The fight for American independence was pointless. Other countries just waited a bit and said, “Oi bruv, Imma movin’ out.” “Awright guvnor.”

    WWII was also pointless, by Official metrics. The “Thousand-Year” Reich wouldn’t have lasted any longer than the USSR did, and probably would have killed fewer powerful Jews. A historical blip here or there.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
  6. You can say this about London too; it is no longer even a British City anymore. It resembles a United Nations parking lot, with a Muslim Mayor to boot. What did the British fight two world wars for? Over there in Quebec where they have enjoyed many of their recent rights due to the actions of the once FLQ in the 60s and 70s they are now going down the drain from black immigration and their women having no kids…the West is finished. Look at Toronto too…once a WASP haven..or even the Capitol Ottawa…any City bus looks like a third world African mess. The elevators on all of the transitways wreak of urine. 99% of the gun crime are by immigrant black males, according to an old relative who is still stuck up there. Their comment sites, if they have any are policed like a Stalinist prison camp. The City of Ottawa has about 900 thousand people; 150 thousand of them do not have a family doctor, and that includes the elderly who built that city. But all immigrants get put on a priority list…if you can believe that one. The myth that Canada has a great health care system is lie , amongst many other things about the place. French Canada is in a death spiral.

    • Agree: anonymouseperson
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  7. Anonymous[249] • Disclaimer says:

    The so-called ‘Scottish National Party’ which runs Scotland’s ‘devolved’ Potemkin parliament is just as rabidly immigrationist and anti-white.

    Suffice to say that the SNP are in the mould of Justin Trudeau style naked and unashamed massive uncontrolled third world replacement immigration.

    • Agree: anonymouseperson, Gordo
    • Replies: @Cauld
  8. Wokechoke says:

    Same as the Ookies.

    • Replies: @Shamu
  9. Wokechoke says:
    @Priss Factor

    Ireland was the Sidecar of Empire. The English drove the Motorcycle while the Irish gleefully machinegunned the spear chucking natives.

  10. Shamu says:

    Irish leaders today are acting just like English leaders and Yank leaders because they too have assimilated to values and standards, the mores and manners, of WASP culture. To have som info of
    independence’ and then to allow yourself to continue to be culturally assimilated to the Empire is to lose whatever victories you gained and proceed on toward your own suicide.

    The entire ‘West’ is in the same ship. We have been battered and bribed to accept Anglo-Zionist ways and we are committing suicide.

    • Agree: Dutch Boy
  11. Shamu says:

    Anglo-Zionism controls the Ukraine. The final plan it has for the Ukraine is to be owned almost totally by Jews and filled with a bunch of black Africans and brown Mohammedans who party if the gays.

    That is where WASP culture leads.

  12. Ireland today is rapidly becoming yet another multicultural mess like all other former white Western nations, orchestrated by the Usual Suspects. Not only are there numerous Africans in every town and city in Ireland, but also now even in remote rural locations so there is no escaping them. Most Irish clearly don’t want these migrants and they are generally not welcomed, and few are ‘integrated’ (or integratable). So they quickly form their own ghettos and large areas are lost to these colonisers, the term I prefer as these migrants come to destroy and colonise Western nations, not just replace the people.

    Fortunately the anti immigration protests have had some success and the Govt recently announced that new single adult migrants would not be offered state accommodation (for now) which has supposedly ‘run out’. I suspect the Resistance to the colonists has made the PTB nervous as the protests outside asylum centres are quite widespread and gaining popularity, and even individual Councillors and politicians are targeted, as ordinary people are waking up and voicing their concerns more openly (Constitutional Freedom of Speech and Protest are still respected here). The new Hate Speech legislation intended to curb this is supported by Civil Liberties groups funded by independent sources (Soros?), which shows they are really Establishment Goys. The violence in the asylum centres e.g., doesn’t dent their appetite for these thugs, but the Irish people are showing they are not going down without a fight!

    • Replies: @anonymouseperson
    , @AndrewR
  13. Bernie says:

    Ireland only has 5 million people. It would not take long to replace them.

    They fought like warriors to remove the English only to be gleefully replaced by Africans and Muslims who rob, rape and murder their children without retaliation.

    • Agree: beavertales, boynkin
    • Replies: @beavertales
  14. Bernie says:

    “My Father Gave Me Ireland” should have a sequel called “And I Turned It Into Haiti.”

    • LOL: HammerJack
    • Replies: @Reverend Goody
  15. Petermx says:

    While these hypocrites broke up Germany and Austria-Hungary, displacing many millions of people and forcing them to live in new countries the allies created (Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and others) against the wishes of many millions, justifying it with moralistic language like “self determination”, they were not prepared to grant 4 million Irish that, not to mention India – the British moralistic do-gooders.

    By forcibly creating Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and other countries against the wishes of so many, they caused WW II and the breakup of both those countries, first in 1939-41 and finally in the 1990’s after they forced those countries together again at the end of WW II.

    Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia’s short histories ended in the 1990’s. There were almost as many Germans in newly created Czechoslovakia (3.5 million) as Irish in newly created Ireland and more than a few in Yugoslavia too. Many others, like Slovaks, were also unwillingly forced to live in newly created countries. The self-righteous allies did this to weaken Germany and Austria and knowingly created the conditions for WW II when they wanted to create newly hostile countries on Germany and Austria’s borders.

    Unfortunately, they only had to deal with 4 million Irish.

    • Agree: Malla
  16. The once proud Irish are a beaten down people like the rest of the western world, the only whites in the world who are standing up against the iron heel of ZOG are the Russians, Belarus, Serbia and Hungary. May the Russians re-invigorate the rest of the white race with the revolutionary zeal they once had.

    • LOL: AndrewR
    • Replies: @Shamu
    , @AndrewR
  17. @anonymouseperson

    Well look at who is running the place – a gay half dot. Yes, I am afraid the vision of the Irish War of Independence has been cast to the dung heap. Sinn Fein today, although immensely popular, is more about rainbow flags and diversity than it is about anything Irish. It is just another leftist party. Even though I am an American, it supported the whole Irish Republican movement in the days of the Hunger Strike. Now I am finding myself looking at the Protestant Unionists as people who are just as disenfranchised as the native Irish were (and are today). The difference between Protestant Loyalists and the so-called “refugees” is that the Loyalist have been in Ireland for 400 years. No one alive today has any control over what happened 400 years ago, but they can take action against what is happening presently.

  18. Facing challenging Natural Facts without everybody flinching and then conspiring fearfully to fool everybody about these Facts’ obvious, but stupidly “unwelcome,” near- and long-term Biological implications, used to be seen as an essential survival characteristic of any healthy and organically functional Human configuration within Earth’s Whole Living Arrangement. Here in the terminal throes of the Planet-wasting “civilization” disease process, though, any effective capacity for that has long-since been lost, among the muddled masses held captive by the crazy conceits of the disease-riding death-cult delusion whose doomed devotees are right now bidding to “solve” their own ultimately-unsolvable existential “problem,” with Life Herownself’s Free Wild Nature, by subjecting us all to the “final solution” of total extinction and “global” sterilization….and replacement by un-living simulacra imitating and mocking the Living/Loving Forms Native to Earth’s Whole Living Arrangement.

    The invasive, wannabe-parasitical tormenting entities whose own terminal sickness manifests here as that “process,” declared war-to-the-death against The Living, against Life Herownself and Love Hisownself, the moment these damned fools showed-up here. They then quickly set about capturing some Humans, press-ganging them into the “war effort,” turning them from the components of Earth’s immune system that our Kind is by-nature, into the corrupted agents of the the auto-immune syndrome afflicting us here, that is an essential element of the over-all wasting disease process.

    Face it! That is exactly what is going-on here now, at what some have called THE END of Days. All of the crazy-making conceptual peculiarities accompanying the process, as it is simply running its natural course, all of the degenerate distractions and confusing confabulations overwhelming the Native sensibilities of the captives/conscripts, are nothing but make-believe serving to keep these poor souls lost-in-the fun-house even as that lethal contraption is itself systematically razed all around them, meant to be “the-final-resting-place” of their own mangled corpses, before the entire mess is vaporized in one big burst of hell-fire intended to disappear the evidence of yet another death-cultist attempt to carry-out the idiotic curse they tried to lay on Life Herownself when they sealed their own terrible fate by what is the unredeemable folly of “blaspheming against The Holy Spirit.”

    Anybody still convinced there’s nothing happening here but the same old “clash-of-cultures,” the same old “fight for land and glory,” the same old struggle to occupy top spot on the dung-heap, is about to undergo a rude-awakening that will dispel once-and-for-all any lingering fever-dreams of endless comfort and convenience, all-“American” and otherwise, once believed to be the entire purpose and product of the materialist mirage that once captured the collective imaginations of dwellers-in-The Desert, and has only tightened its grip on those misery-plagued peoples’ latter-day descendants, our domesticated Human Relations, ever since.

    Us surviving Free Wild Peoples of All Kinds face such unpleasant Natural Facts as described here because failing to do that is a betrayal of the Trust given to us in The Beginning. We do it because the cheap imitation plastic substitute for Earth’s Living Arrangement the death dealers have tried vainly to foist-off on us is itself the deadest of dead-ends. So instead, We are just keepin’ on keepin’ on, Singing the HeartSong and Dancing the Mating Dance of the Ones who brung us….Life Herownself and Love Hisownself.

    Anybody out there thinking there is anything better, or even anything “else” to be doing, go ahead and knock your”self” out. We’ll catch you later.

    • Replies: @SoUtH
  19. @Bernie

    Worse than Haiti… least that island is united in one culture with a dialect of a European language.

    • Replies: @Montefrío
  20. @Political Science 101

    The myth that Canada has a great health care system is lie , amongst many other things about the place. French Canada is in a death spiral.

    Canada had a great health care system until it was “reformed” post Free Trade Agreement using US “advisors”. Ottawa is no different than any other Canadian city flooded by 3rd world immigration, and may actually be better off because of the Federal presence.
    French Canada’s death spiral started with the Federal “gift” of mass Haitian immigration to Quebec. It’s death spiral is far behind the rest of the country which had at least a 15 year head start on mass 3rd world immigration.

    • Replies: @anonymouseperson
  21. lloyd says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    I read somewhere of a tourist who visited a restaurant in Dublin. The tourist was all enthused about the 1916 Easter uprising in Dublin. He asked the girl employee about it. To his astonishment, she knew nothing about it and was totally disinterested. That reminds me of a Readers Digest story. A tourist asked a McDonald employee girl the spelling of “this place” which has an Indian name. She spelt. MCDONALD. It is true the young have been hypnotised by black cultures. It’s all the spur of the moment.

    • Replies: @TrueIrish
  22. Priss Factor: “Jews colonized the mind and soul of Ireland, and that goes undetected. One is profoundly altered but regards the change as self-made. … Both the Irish and Anglos have now been mentally colonized by Jews, and they think they are making their own decisions.”

    If true, how can one ever be sure his ideas and decisions are his own? Given your assumptions, it’s impossible.

    • Replies: @Shamu
  23. @AntiVaxersUnited

    The usual suspects? That would be Jews of course.

    • Replies: @AntiVaxersUnited
  24. TG says:

    But: the rich are making money off of all that lovely cheap labor, and the kind of bulk economic growth and asset price inflation that does not benefit the average person! Don’t you know that anything the rich do that makes them more money is by definition moral and just?

    “It may appear to be the interest of the rulers, and the rich of a state, to force population, and thereby lower the price of labour, and consequently the expense of fleets and armies, and the cost of manufactures for foreign sale; but every attempt of the kind should be carefully watched and strenuously resisted by the friends of the poor, particularly when it comes under the deceitful guise of benevolence…”
    T.R. Malthus, “An Essay on the Principle of Population”, 1798

  25. @Curmudgeon

    It is very important to understand, though, that French-Canadians, especially in Quebec, OVERWHELMINGLY supported the Liberal party. This was the key party responsible for opening Canada’s doors to the third world. Also nobody championed this more then French-Canadian politicians, like Pierre Trudeau and his son, among others.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @JR Foley
  26. Shamu says:
    @Joe Paluka

    It has been adoption of ‘revolutionary zeal’ that has led to all the catastrophes. Either we work to revive Christendom, or else Europe will be totally overrun, irreversibly.

    It is either Christ and Christendom or Chaos with Jews getting most of the spoils.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Joe Paluka
  27. Shamu says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Press lives in dream world in which Anglo-Saxon elites were not allied with Jewish financiers back into the 1600s, which means that all WASP empire has been Anglo-Zionism. In that sense then, there is nothing different about what WASP elites do today from the past, except that it isa different stage ion the destruction.

    Because the Anglo world won both world wars, the entirety of Western Europe has been Anglicized increasingly since 1945. We now all March to the WASP tunes, which are Anglo-Zionist tunes as they have been for 300 years.

    Jews directly have not colonized the minds of Irishmen. WASP ways have colonized the minds of the Irish, and that means Anglo-Zionism.

    There are 2 parts t to the entity. You cannot solve the Jew part without also solving the Anglo-Saxon part.

    • Agree: Hulkamania
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @TheBronx
  28. Shamu: “Press lives in dream world in which Anglo-Saxon elites were not allied with Jewish financiers back into the 1600s, which means that all WASP empire has been Anglo-Zionism. ”

    Some would suggest that the “colonization” began long before that, when whites were infected with a Jewish mind-virus called Christianity. But no matter what starting date we pick, if “colonization” is possible, why do the Jews let anyone escape? How is it that Priss sees this and few others do? And why don’t they just beam out “Give us all your money, goyim, then kill yourselves?” LOL I guess there are limits to their powers.

    I question the very possibility of somebody “colonizing” someone else’s mind. I have a Darwinian view of this, and would say that every organism acts only on its perceived self-interest. The decisions it makes may in fact be mistaken or even self-destructive, but still, illusory or not, it perceives its decisions as beneficial to itself.

    • Replies: @Shamu
  29. Wokechoke says:

    I know a few of these types. Have you seen the combat record of Irish raised regiments in India or Africa?

  30. TeeJay says:

    @Dr Robert Morgan,
    perhaps colonise is not quite the right word? it is possible to have someone build and live in a house of cards in ones head, as was my experience re the holohoax.
    an “App” implanted in my head over 60 and some years, that complete with buttons to push would have me wielding the cudgels on behalf of jewry at the drop of an antisemites hat!
    I even shed a tear watching “Shoah”.
    a few years ago, upon being challenged on my righteous anger during a discussion with a Jwise friend of a friend, I later realised that though I believed fiercely in the 20m gorrilian etc etc
    I had never known or questioned… why?
    after researching honestly for the first time ever, an hour or so of looking for “evidence”
    ( there is none) end of story
    the squatters and their machinery were completely thrown out!
    an atrophied part of my mind was reclaimed and once more my own to use, after my own personal Reconquista!
    and on reflection perhaps colonise IS the right word…!

  31. Hibernian says:

    Irishmen joined the British Army because they needed the job.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @Kratoklastes
  32. TeeJay: “it is possible to have someone build and live in a house of cards in ones head, as was my experience re the holohoax.”

    Sure, it’s possible to have mistaken opinions, and even for the cultural default to be a mistaken opinion. Human beings are prone to conformity, but there are very good, Darwinian reasons for this. All over the world, even today, to be cast out of the group can put one at a severe disadvantage in all kinds of ways, or even be a death sentence. If this is granted, then it stands to reason people will instinctively resist any call to nonconformity. They are by nature conformist because their ancestors tended to have to be to stay in the group, in order to stay alive and reproduce. But this is different than Priss’ contention, since it happens in all areas of life, not just those related to Jews or the so-called Holocaust. It’s part of human nature, and happens in all cultures, even those without Jews.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  33. Wokechoke says:

    Then join the French Foreign legion or the Imperial German Army or join the US Army instead.

    Of course this Job seeking doesn’t explain the large number of Senior NCOs with Irish names. Even the boss at GCHQ is a Paddy.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  34. I think the people who should be in charge of immigration throughout the entire Western world are those girls who were trafficked in Rotherham (and other English cities). I invite our elites to explain why we should regard their moral authority as greater than that of those girls.

  35. @anonymouseperson

    Time for Israel to open its borders and embrace diversity and inclusion

  36. sb says: • Website

    I’ve met a number of young Irish in Australia and Asia.
    All of them were enthusiastic about diversity and multiculturalism
    None of them engaged in religious practise.
    All rather sad to this person of Irish ancestry

  37. All of history means nothing if people lose their sense of identity, direction, and will.

    Egyptian civilization lasted for so long, but when it vanished, it really vanished. It was gone, just like that, and was recovered only as archaeology.

    The only white parts of the world with some hope are those who hoist the national flag than the homo flag. For countries where globo-homo(and BLM) is the main thing, the situation is nearly hopeless. A people so unserious(or most serious about retarded themes) cannot last long.

    It goes to show that most Anglos and Celts were not thinking people. Most were sheeple all along, and individualism only had value among certain men of superior talents.
    There was a time when most anglo and celtic hoi polloi had some sense of compass and place via race-ism, religion, and community.
    But ‘racism’ was made the worst thing among whites. And religion faded and was replaced by the altar of TV. And it’s hard to maintain a community when whites reject whiteness and welcome ‘diversity’ under the influence of Jewish Master Racists. Jews went from power to power because they weakened the race-ism of whites while strengthening their own ethnocentrism.

    I don’t see any hope for the Anglo world. Ireland rejected British rule but, given its inferiority complex, always aspired to be part of global culture and be admired by the world community. The Irish wanted to matter in the world.
    So, in a way, Irish Independence wasn’t only about nationalism but rejection of the supposedly tyrannical empire of the Brits in favor of a world empire of ‘liberation’, of which Ireland would be a part.

    Funny. The Irish came to loathe the British, but they got a taste of empire via the British and could no longer be satisfied with humble nationalism. After all, it was empire that made the Irish. Without British Imperialism, Ireland would have been just a small island nation. Via the British Empire, tiny Ireland became a world player with the Irish as the co-conquerors and co-colonizers alongside the British. In the US, the Irish got a taste of bigger empire; indeed, they came to a kind of greatness because of their rising power in the US. After all, American colonials rejected British Empire to embark on creating an even bigger empire, finally realized in the 20th century. Reject the limited empire of the Brits and create a bigger and better empire.
    So, when the Irish rejected British Imperialism, they might have been subconsciously looking to join a bigger empire. And they found it in globo-homo-negro-shlomo globalism.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
    • Replies: @Razor
    , @Malla
  38. Anon[377] • Disclaimer says:

    Christ is the Jewish Rabbi who inspired the refugee mess with, “ I was a stranger and you welcomed me,” and such Jewish authored “morality” taught by Christian churches for hundreds of years.

    It’s funny when people blame Jews, then dare not name the most famous Jew a Jew.

    • Replies: @Ulf Thorsen
    , @Gene Urtel
  39. Yes, it was pointless because Ireland isn’t independent.

  40. The Irish are supporting the Ukrainians who are putting down their Russians who have been fighting for independence for eight years. So much for solidarity with other oppressed people. Dublin is covered with Ukrainian flags. The Connolly bookshop has a rainbow flag and displays the book “Transgender Marxism” in its shop window.

    • Thanks: Thim
  41. Durruti says:

    Freedom is not free. It must be paid for.

    Old Victories were glorious.
    They cannot forever last.
    Memory brings many tears.
    As we recall, the past.

    The tragedy of the November 22, 1963, LIBERTY, 9/11, the Planneddemic, – oh Hell!

    Worse: Our Government consists of cowardly gauleiters at all levels. The Constitution is a forgotten document, The Declaration of Independence, just words long disrespected. We The Feeble keep waiting for someone to rescue us. Some even hope the Russians can become our Savior.

    We have no pride, NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH! We may not name our controllers. We may write in an Alternate Media – which makes it easier for them to keep track of the sad ones (those who see some of the Horror, but are completely incapable of doing anything to aleviate the pain).

    We Americans have yet to avenge the murder of the Kennedys, (themselves of proud Irish roots), and avenge the disrespect of the Zionist Money Changers. S0me 340 million of us, and not a peep, not a man in the lot.

    We must rise again and Restore our Republics – with their separation of powers, their Liberty, and their joyful chaos that comes with the package.

    Yes, the Irish had their moment in History. Pearse and Connolly, and 2000 Revolutionaries, achieved their Easter morning April 24, 1916. Their countrymen continued a guerrilla military effort, until they won the Independence for most of their country. For the sectarians on this website, Pearse was a Conservative – politically to the Right, and Connolly was a Socialist Union leader- politically to the Left. They worked together for the benefit of Irish Freedom.

    Times change, achievements erode, the people change, mountains erode, deeds of the past are forgotten. The 30 pieces of silver buys many, and the corruption with brainwashing, and FEAR implanted into the Masses (us), accomplishes the erosion of earlier political achievements.

    Recent mass immigration is not the cause of these unhappy events, but one of the consequences of hundreds of years of imperialism, and our present enslavement. There is only one race. Division helps only the Money Changers. Liberty is not Racial, but Political.

    I offer a portion of a poem, an IRISH poem.

    The Rose Tree

    “But where can we draw water,”
    Said Pearse to Connolly.
    “When all the wells are parched away;
    O plain as plain can be
    There’s nothing but our own red blood
    Can make a right Rose Tree.”

    W. B. Yeats

  42. “Ireland has a moral and legal responsibility to provide shelter to those who come to our country fleeing war and prosecution,” said Ireland’s Department of Children, Equality, Disability Integration, and Youth.

    This quote is accurate, I presume? They actually said “fleeing prosecution” not persecution?

    I actually hope so, because it sort of gives away the game.

  43. @Shamu

    That is where WASP culture leads.

    Right, so you keep saying. Yet “WASP Culture” somehow managed to survive and prosper for centuries without any of this self-destructive horror, which has only been in our faces these past several decades.

    Survive, prosper, and not incidentally create the greatest civilizations since Ancient Rome, and perhaps since forever.

    • Agree: Pop Warner, JM, Renard
  44. @Shamu


    There is nothing about globohomo that is wasp…’s entirely a faggy jew protocol.

    Political correctness is the collective will of organized jewry.

    Communism is jewish internationalism, and it’s taken over the west. It has nothing to do with “wasps.”

    The destruction of Christendom, The Great Replacement, all of it is JEWISH.

    White leaders sold us out, yes, but none of it was initiated by wasps. All of the degeneracy and decay was/is generated by vicious, hateful, predatory jews.

    dirty jews own/run the media, dirty jews run education, dirty jews control the governments and the courts and the police.

    Wasps were displaced by jews long ago.

    The idea that wasps are to blame for the downfall of white civilization is absurd.

    jewish influence is the necessary condition for the destruction of the west.

    wasp leaders are scum, to be sure, but when wasp leaders were in power, at least they held the same values as the people they ruled over. Our jewish rulers do not share our value system, and in fact they observe an inverted value system where evil is good and good is evil.

    So, stop with the bullshit about “wasps.”

    It’s not the wasps.
    It’s not the Chi-coms.
    It’s not the benighted negroes.
    It’s not white women.
    It’s not the Masons.

    It’s the fucking JEWS.

    • Agree: Lurker
    • Replies: @SoUtH
    , @SoUtH
  45. Dumbo says:

    It’s amazing the speed and the willingness with which Ireland accepted GloboHomo.
    One of the first countries to vote for “gay marriage”.
    Then, a supposed Catholic country, voted en masse for abortion too.
    Now they are leading the charge for transgender stuff.
    They received tons of Blacks, Indians, Pakis and other non-white races, transforming their cities.
    Their own Prime Minister is an Indian faggot!
    I met once an Irish man married to a Black woman. She said, “we Irish hate the English!” lol.

    It’s a sick joke. White people are dumb, and the Irish are among the dumbest of all (only the Ukrainians and Poles seem dumber). They’re like putty in a Rabbi’s hands. Goys are golem.

    • Replies: @Emslander
    , @Republic
  46. One might be forgiven for thinking these developments in Eire might be the result of the malign influence of the English.

  47. Jambo jambo says: • Website

    The subsequent campaign to unite Ireland was mostly a leftist movement, but even the socialist Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) couldn’t help voicing ethnonationalist sentiments.

    Yea, well 20th century ethnonationalism was more generally supported by the left in principle than the right, when the claimants tended more to be Black and Asian, or small European nations under great empires (Irish<British, Czech and Slovak<Austria-Hungary).

    Left vs right is only about dividing Whites against ourself (sic, following ben tillman).

    • Agree: Lurker
  48. Emslander says:

    In answer to the question at the top of your article is:

    Yes! A thousand times yes!

    The Irish are an insane and dangerous breed of semi-barbarians who delight in goading the great civilizations of the world. Now they’ve ruined the lovely Anglo-Germanic USA.

    • Troll: Hibernian
    • Replies: @777
  49. Emslander says:


    Their supposed devotion to Roman Catholicism has always been a convenient front for barbaric violence against the English.

    • Troll: Hibernian
    • Replies: @Shamu
    , @Dumbo
  50. Gregory was published by AmRen so comments about Jews were verboten. So he does not mention The Misplaced Minister – Ireland and Israel’s Alan Shatter ( ] Then there are Ronit Lentin from Occupied Palestine & Mervyn Taylor, another Jew in politics.

    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
    , @Irish Savant
  51. @Anon

    Agree, and a whole lot more about that religion that has fostered some of the very rot that has weakened the fighting spirit of white European mankind. Our Christian ancestors from even just a century ago let alone many centuries ago, wee strong but what is interesting is that it wasn’t really their Christian beliefs that made them that way. It was their nature, developed over millenia, that made them that way. Much of what they thought, believed and did wasn’t really even Christian. What needs to be revived among whites isn’t Christianity but rather that strong fighting spirit. Without that, Christian belief will gain us nothing.

    Video Link

  52. Was the Fight for Irish Independence Pointless?

    Every historical White-vs.-White fight seems pointless in the face of the (((Great Replacement))), Ukraine being the (((bloodiest current example))).

    • Agree: Lurker, John Pepple
    • Replies: @Shamu
  53. Shamu says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Christianity is such a Jewish mind virus that Jews have Dione everything possible to destroy for 2000 years.

    How stupid are you ? Or perhaps are you one of the many Jews who such cases, because that always has been a key part of harming Christianity. The anti-Christ segment of the ‘alt-right’ is filled with Jews and atheists and perverts who screech such nonsense endlessly.

    What Jews like that is connected to Christianity is heresies, precisely because heresies ruin Christianity, turn it inside and upside down, ready for near death.

    The only thing that has ever kept Jews halfway in line and unable to ruin entire cultures is historic Christianity, which, obviously, is not Modern. It is pre-Reformation.

    And yes, minds may be colonized. That is what cultural assimilation is. There is good colonization and bad colonization of minds. Colonization of minds that ends human sacrifice cultures (such as Spanish Catholic colonizing the minds of various Mess-American natives) is very good. Mind colonization by anti-Christ ideas that revert Mexican culture step by step into Modernist paganism is evil at work.

    The above began when the Mexican authorities allowed the English huge rights for trademark, which meant they founded Masonic Lodges in Mexico and began the Anglicizing process.

    Anglo-Zionism is a type of anti-Christendom, the most successful in world history.

  54. Shamu says:

    Indeed, history is full Irish bands conquering the English and stealing their lands and all kinds of fun and games. It is amazing that any English survived so all encompassing has been Irish persecution of all things and people English.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  55. The West prints money like nobody else, and this draws opportunists from all over the globe.

    The expansion of the money supply over the last 50 years has created an unbridled monster. Only a painful collapse of the banking system will put an end to mass migration policies.

    We need pain, and lots of it. Stagflation and unemployment, an end to “the age of abundance”. Enough pain that all the liberal do-gooders are bereft of other people’s money. Enough pain that migrants have to stand in a soup line or face death from starvation.

    Our house is infested, and we must burn it to the ground to remove the toxin. There is no other way.

    • Agree: JR Foley
  56. Cauld says:

    Agree on the SNP. The thing is Scotland is projected to have a 2% decline in population by 2045. That’s national statistics and not Deagle…

    Those who have come from sunnier climates have more sense than to put up with the endless misery of the awful Scottish weather. The immigrants know better, so the population remains about 96% white.

    Welcome to Scotland everyone, you won’t stay.

  57. @Bernie

    I work with an Indian chap who tells me that India is a beautiful place with a fine highway system and a booming industrial sector.

    I get the impression that he left because there are too many Indians competing for every good job.

    Globalization means that, in order to disincentivize migration from the developing world, we are forced to become like the slums of Calcutta. It’s a passive defense, because overt military defense of our homelands has been made a moral sin by the high priests of globalism, who cannot be criticized.

    Until then, the Indians are building their colonies abroad. Ireland can be ‘New India’, with every native Irishman replaced. 5 million Indians is a drop in the bucket out of a population of a billion.

    • Replies: @Bernie
    , @CCG
  58. @Indignant of Maidstone

    Gregory was published by AmRen so comments about Jews were verboten.

    True, AmRen’s “Rules for Comments” includes its ban on criticizing Jews:

    “Thoughtful comments about Jews may meet our other standards. However, such comments invariably give rise to vituperative and obsessive comments. Therefore, if you would like to write about Jews, please do so on other platforms.”
    — (

    When AmRen folks like Hood & Taylor post here at TUR, criticism of Jews is tolerated.

    PS: I was banned from AmRen many years ago, & 100’s of my comments disappeared (though the ADL likely still has them). More recently I successfully appealed the decision (to ban me), agreeing to comply with AmRen’s rules. However, it turns out I’m still banned. Technical glitch? I dunno. I haven’t tried to find out. Whatever it is, I’m not letting my personal frustration with AmRen prevent me from recommending it highly.

  59. Dumbo says:

    Well, actually I sympathize with the Irish, but they get on my nerves sometimes. Their sudden conversion to GloboHomo is astounding.

    • Thanks: Hibernian
  60. Rich says:

    So what? Men like going to war, or think they do, when they’re young. Do you also blame the falcon for the hunt? Lots of Indians fought for the Brits, too. Scotsmen, Welshman, Arabs and Africans. That’s the way of the world. And now that I think about it, a lot of Irishmen fought the Brits, too.

  61. Sinn Fein are scum. My relatives tell me those frumpy cultmarx beachballs MacDonald / O’Neill have tge policy:


    So lots of ppl died in the Troubled so we can be over-run by primitive turd world darkies.

    I’d rather be Britain’s beach!!!

    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
  62. @Shamu

    The words “revolutionary zeal” don’t in themselves imply something negative, in the context I was using it in, I meant something positive, in the people overthrowing a rotten system that doesn’t serve them any more. One could have Christians filled with a revolutionary zeal to overthrow a creaky, immoral and corrupt system. So be it.

  63. dearieme says:

    The Irish people were told that Ireland subsidised Great Britain. Once they were independent they discovered that the subsidy had flowed in the other direction. Bad luck, bhoys!

    • Agree: Gordo
    • Replies: @Bernie
    , @JM
    , @Che Guava
  64. Dumbo says:

    Was the Fight for Irish Independence Pointless?

    *Everything is pointless* if we end up just being replaced by Africans, Indians, Arabs and their mixed-race progeny.

    It’s really simple, but tons of otherwise smart people have trouble understanding it.

    They think countries are geographical shapes on a map, instead of the people who live there.

    • Agree: Lurker, Bernie
  65. Just remember what the late, great H.A Covington explained over and over, “Anything to prevent the birth of White babies” couldn’t be more appropriate here

  66. 777 says:

    Anglos sold America down the river as soon as the first Jew set foot on American soil. Irish became insane and dangerous once they became Anglicized. The Anglo-Jew alliance was the corruption.

  67. Natalia says:

    Transgender Marxism is fantastic. The Nazis here who comment against gays are just fucking evil. Filthy shit. Globe Homo forever…and Marxist to boot….god bless Karl Marx and communism…..down with Intel websites like this fascist shit…..

    • LOL: Commentator Mike
  68. Bernie says:

    From videos it seems that blacks and Muslims are doing the most damage in Ireland on the ground (rapes, robberies, murders, attacks). I’m sure Indians will come in and do damage in other ways (nepotism, white collar crime, voting for anti-white legislation and politicians).

    Shame as I am Irish on my mother’s side. I was only in Ireland once and it was Northern Ireland in 2002. Saw exactly one non-white (a half caste girl) my whole time there.

  69. Bernie says:

    Same for all the supposedly oppressed colonies. They claimed they propped up the European empires yet fell apart once they became independent.

    • Replies: @Malla
  70. Anon[392] • Disclaimer says:

    Friends who returned to Ireland to retire, the wife”s father left them a house there. They thought it would be an idyllic place to kick their last years. After just over 13 months they left. The house went up for sale and an East Indian family bought the place.

    Where the three bedroom house accommodated Dad, Mom and three children, there are now 11 people living in the place. Before leaving Ireland, the couple visited the home for the last time as it had been in the family since the early 1900’s. Inside looked like a herd of elephants ran through the place, shabby and shoddy. The house reeked of curry, garlic, onions and stale sweat ! The one bathroom smelled of stale pee, the toilet was caked with encrusted faeces and the bathtub soap scum. What was once a cosy story book house now looks and smells like a Calcutta hovel. It was all so depressing !

    The new owners seemed quite happy in their new abode !

    Ireland is now full of immigrants from every shit hole on planet earth. In some areas white is nowhere in sight. While the war for Independence was for the most part targeted, the violence there today is random and even more prevalent.

    The author touched on this. What is the point of fighting for an “Emerald” and then throwing it in front of swine. It seems the Fighting Irish are no longer fighting. Far easier to immigrate but to where ? Most run from the grave and collide with the Jumbie.

    Ireland is well on the way to joining Euroland as the new Darklandia ! If you ask me, soon the Congo may be the best place to live, there wont be any Blacks left there, having all themselves immigrated to Europe. LOL

    • Thanks: Automatic Slim
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  71. SoUtH says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Robert: Jews … or Zionists?

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  72. Dumbo says:

    Bitch please, lay down the vodka, your comment is unintelligible and sounds retarded.

  73. The Irish always seemed rather pleased with themselves for fighting against the English, so guessing the answer to the question is no. Also its not like the English have done very well against the dark invasion and the banker takeover.

  74. @Natalia

    Transgender Marxism is fantastic. The Nazis here who comment against gays are just fucking evil. Filthy shit. Globe Homo forever…and Marxist to boot….god bless Karl Marx and communism…..down with Intel websites like this fascist shit…..

    You may be an embarrassment even to Antifa.

  75. Was the fight against Germany in WWII pointless?? I believe the answer to that question is the same answer to his.

  76. @anonymouseperson

    Actually, no. The Jews are only part of the problem (albeit a big part). Every politician and Councillor who facilitates these migrants, every journalist who hides the criminality and violence of these African and Muslim ‘refugees’, every hotelier who accepts taxpayers money to host them is also part of the problem, and most of them are not Jews. Leftist Whites, the NGOs and LGBT crowd who support this invasion and well meaning but ignorant white folk who are afraid to speak out are another problem. But the tide is turning and the ‘Far Right’ Freedom Parties are galvanising the masses who are normally cowed by the PTB and turning out en masse to demonstrate outside asylum centres around the country, so there is resistance building in Ireland not seen in other countries:

  77. bro3886 says:

    It wasn’t pointless at the time but obviously mass immigration will make it moot, because it will make the Irish nation disappear. Pointless is retrospect, like performing a successful operation and then taking the patient outside and shooting him.

  78. (Irish) Van Morrison really pissed off the Jews:
    “They Own The Media”
    — (


    They Own the Media
    Van Morrison
    They tell us that
    Ignorance is bliss
    I guess by those that control
    The media, it is

    They own the media, they control
    The stories we are told
    If you ever try to go against them
    You will be ignored

    ‘Cause they control
    They control
    They control the narrative
    They perpetuate the myth
    Keep on telling you lies
    Tell you ignorance is bliss

    Believe it all and you’ll never get
    Never get wise to the truth
    ‘Cause they control
    Everything you do
    Everything you do
    Everything you do
    Everything you do

    They control the narrative
    They perpetuate the myth
    Keep on telling you lies
    Tell you ignorance is bliss

    Believe it all and you’ll
    Never get the truth
    Never get wise
    Wise to their lies
    To their lies
    They control the media
    They control the media
    They control the media
    They control the media

    • Thanks: Father Coughlin
    • Replies: @Trinity
  79. Another potato famine should reduce the surplus population and make Ireland safe for the Ukies.

  80. Trinity says:

    Thank God, the average Irishman living on the the Emerald Isle told the English to go fuck themselves in betraying the White race and Germany. Ireland might be cucked now but at least they weren’t willing to fight alongside traitor trash Americans, French, Russkies, and Limeys in a fratricidal war that killed tens of millions of Whites for Jews.

    Cue: Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

    Bushmill Black Bush and black coffee, bartener

    • Replies: @bobby pellit
  81. boynkin says:

    Since Ireland’s leaders suck WEF d*ck, the short answer is yes.

  82. The Irish people’s main opponents today are not in London or Belfast, but Dublin and Brussels.

    And in NGOs and universities.

  83. Cking says:

    Ireland like the United States is an ongoing PsyOp; Covid, the Immigration Invasion, Bolsheviks infiltrating the political system and the officialdom of nonelected government, disguised as the ‘good people’, pro-abortion, anti-Catholic, progressives, anti-racists, and anti-fascists, etc. all working for the Financier Supremos of the City of London.

    It’s breathtaking, how fast Ireland has changed. Remember, if not for the fascist Blue Shirts, Fine Gael, there would be no Irish Republic. Along comes Leo Varadkar, whose political rise mirrors Barrack Obama’s. Leo became leader of Fine Gael, first leader of Fine Gael’s LGBT wing, party president, and on to Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland.

    In our present history, not too long ago Ireland voted not to join the EU and immediately the London centered, Globalist owned MSM turned on the national, republican, principled, citizenry and ordered the voters to go back to the polls. The people of Ireland ‘got it right’, the 2nd time, voting to join the EU and they paid through the nose, bailing out the pirate/private banks based or headquartered in Dublin. Ireland is supposedly prospering now, I don’t know.

    Then comes Brexit; Northern Ireland did not want to leave the EU, although the Unionists are complaining they were never informed and are gently agitating for some kind of political solution that no one can describe or define. The Unionists want to keep their status as British subjects, although feel the benefits of a ‘soft’ border with the Republic of Ireland. The reality is that the Irish island has been united, albeit a subdued union, financially and economically, through the machinations of Ireland joining the European Union and at the same time, remains an appendage state within the British, United Kingdom’s governance. The LGBT flag signifies both the globalists color revolution and jurisdiction governing The Republic of Ireland; she was always and is in submission to British Liberalism, Globalization, whatever you want to call it, for the benefit of the few and the sure destruction of the Republic of Ireland, for the people, ‘our own’.

    The Stalinist, forced relocation or Immigrant Invasion is asymmetric offensive warfare administered by the Republic’s government and administration controlled by London. Nationalists and their concerns, issues, and rights, are demonized as racist by the MSM and there doesn’t appear to be anything anyone can do about it except through violent uprising which I’m sure is in the works. However, Violent uprising is British Intelligence art and specialty and the Irish know it.

  84. @anonymouseperson

    I have been watching from afar the national suicides of Ireland and England/Scotland. From the looks of the self-loathing and brainwashing and self-hatred of the natives, I’m not sure they deserve to survive.

    I feel the same about most of my fellow Americans. And the ones who aren’t brainwashed and self-loathing can’t get organized. So “what’s the point” of us, too?

    • Agree: 36 ulster
  85. Trinity says:
    @Pat Kittle

    Tyson Fury talked about the hook nosed POS as well.

    People are fond of calling the Irish, ” the niggers of the White race.”” Hardly, that honor goes to French & English nigger lovers, Jewy Italians, and ignorant Slavs, Pollacks, etc. I’ll take an Irishman over a Frenchie, Slav, Italian, or back stabbing Limey any day.

  86. anonymous[129] • Disclaimer says:

    Back to violence then?

  87. It appears to me that the governments of all of the so-called Western world hate their citizens, except for Viktor Orban. I’m a straight white Christian male without white guilt – I know that the government in Washington DC has disdainful contempt for people like meme.

  88. @Reverend Goody

    Haiti shares the island of Hispaniola with the Spanish-speaking Dominican Republic.

  89. AndrewR says:

    Yep, the politicians allowing this should be the ones who are targeted.

  90. jaye ryan says:

    “What the Irish fight for Independence pointless?”



    Were World War I and World War II bad for White European, White American Western Civilization -did these wars not make the entire world safe for American style Democracy and freedom.

    Yes – these wars were bad for us and for our civilization – and no these wars did not make the entire world “safe” for American democracy and freedom.

    OK, those were pretty easy questions to answer – just look at 2023 Baltimore, LA homeless, addict, plague camps, hard core porn, Chicago Public Schools, Londonstan and Swedish rape rates.

    Why do certain White European type people like the Irish always insist on fighting, killing other closely related White European peoples – Irish vs British/English, Slavs vs Germans, Germans vs Slavs, Croatians vs Serbs, Ukrainians vs Russians, Southerners vs Yankees?

    It just seems something stupid our people do but also egged on, invested by that certain J tribe war mongers, international finance etc.

    JR The Political Cesspool Radio Show.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  91. jaye ryan says:

    Sein Fein – “Ourselves alone…. along with hundred of thousands of Pakistani, Afghan, North African child sexual groomers, Albanian opioid drug traffickers, with the Irish media soon to be monopolized by White hating ethnic Js and homosexuals, BLM.

    Any questions?

    J Ryan

    TPC Radio Show hosted by James Edwards.

  92. Ireland’s rapid degeneration is proof that nationalism is but a form of resentment that can’t sustain a country spiritually. National autonomy from foreign occupiers counts for very little when the people embrace hedonism and dissolution. Poland and Ukraine are but further proof of this: they will ally themselves with perverts, plutocrats, and whores out of whiny hatred for the mean ole Muscovites.
    Localism, not nationalism, is the antidote to globalism. Far better to live under a multinational federative state that preserves the traditional family and modest local autonomy, than to live in a (temporarily) homogenous ethnostate enslaved to capital and the feminine id.

  93. Gene Urtel says: • Website

    First of all, past and present U.S. federal administrations have brought on “the refuge mess.” What is more, they have not based their policy on the words of Jesus in the Bible, have they?

    In addition, Christ is God. Thus he spoke the truth. He does not deceive. Indeed, he spoke out against any anti-biblical teaching and fleshly “authored morality” of corrupt Jewish rabbis during his time on earth.

    Rather, according to the context of your quote of Matthew 25:35 & 38, the Son of God is encouraging those who believe in his pledge of forgiveness of sins, to do works of love toward others, giving them some examples of how. Thus these words are spiritual exhortations. They are not intended to be political laws regulating an immigration policy.

    Just the same, since you deny Jesus’ divinity, you have not considered this: If Jesus would be God, and God would be in control of all human events, why has he allowed, in fact, why has he deliberately sent this “refuge mess”?

    It is one of his many ways in which he would punish our people because they have rejected him and his eternal, life-bringing, pardon promise. Moreover, he only will ratchet up these punishments. If we stubbornly would refuse to return to him, finally he will devastate our land by war. This fact is clearly taught in the Bible. “All nations that forget God will be turned into hell” (Psalm 9:17).

    • LOL: Kratoklastes
  94. ricpic says:

    It’s true that Ireland is being invaded but the country is still far whiter percentage-wise than either the United States or England. Why isn’t there an Ireland for The Irish party? There’s a Sweden for the Swedes party, the Swedish Democrats, who are doing quite well politically and have already slowed the pace of the Muslim invasion in that country. I don’t see why an unapologetic stop the invasion party would not do well in Ireland. And yet no such party, to my knowledge, exists.

  95. Thim says:

    They are Catholics. They rebelled because their priests told them to. And their priests told them to because the pope told the priests to tell them to. There might have been some Bishops and Archbishops in the loop. But they rebelled because their church told them to.

    Compare that rebellion to the Cristeros in Mexico. They had the war almost won, against the Masonic terrorist government, when the Pope, for whatever reason, told the Cristeros to surrender. So they did. Just like that.

    Now the Catholic Church is telling the Irish that the whole world has a right to settle in Ireland. So that is what they support. Even though they are a tribal people, they support it. Because the priests tell them to.

  96. AndrewR says:
    @Joe Paluka

    The viper’s den is Israel, and Russia isn’t touching it with a ten foot pole. Iran, for all the faults of the regime, is the center of the anti-Zionist world but apparently they’re not white enough for low IQ wignats like you.

  97. @Trinity

    35,000 Irishmen died fighting for Britain in World War 1. Eamon de Valera managed to keep Ireland out of World War 2. Countless Irish people are alive today thanks to de Valera’s decision to keep the Irish Free State neutral during the conflict with Germany and he’s still one of the most HATED political figures in Irish history. Go figure?

    • Replies: @Shamu
  98. Crass says:

    In Sailing to Byzantium, by (my favourite Poet) William Butler Yeats, it opens with the line “That is no country for old men.” Well, The Neo-Irish Soviet State, has certainly proved that point, by flooding Ireland with Untermensch.

    Anyway, I visited The GPO Museum in Dublin about 7 years ago, which ostensibly commemorates the 1916 Easter Rising, by Irish Republicans against the British Empires rule in Ireland.
    Patrick Pearse and James Connolly were executed after their surrender, plus many other brave Irish Republicans, by the British Empire forces occupying Ireland.

    I had something of an epiphany the day i visited the The GPO Museum, and i asked myself the question, how many of the brave souls who gave their life for Irish Independence, would have gotten out of bed on that faithful day in April 1916, if a Soothsayer or Prophet had shown them what their Country would become in 100 years, flooded with subhuman Untermensch! They probably would have put the barrels of their Rifles in their mouths!

    The European Union, in league with the Globalist Cabal, have turned Ireland into a burgeoning Communist state, with their Neo-bolshevik controlled Politicians in Dáil Éireann (Every single one of them), and with the National Broadcaster ‘Soviet Pravda’ RTE, deploying Anxiety Propaganda and Behavioural Psychology on the Imbecilic Masses, which in turn has turned the majority of the population into malleable Sheep, filled with dread.

    My Grandfather (who died in 1985, well into his 90s), was an Irish Republican Brotherhood member. I sometimes get the feeling that he is looking down on me, and cursing me for not taking up Arms (sooner), against the Neo-Bolshevik takeover of my Country, but it is hard to find any real Men left in the Country, to fight against this tyranny, that has flooded Ireland with a torrent of subhuman scum, who make it very clear that they hate us, and want to replace us.

    • Replies: @houston 1992
  99. 36 ulster says:
    @Сила в правде

    I haven’t given up on nationalism–yet. So I’ll choose “think nationally, act locally” for my working theme.

  100. RVIDXR says:

    The Irish are gonna have to deal with their leftist demographics if they want to keep their country. Even if the chosenites were removed from the equation those destructive people would still push for policies to cleanse the country of their traditional nationalistic enemies who stand in the way of realizing their leftist utopia. Sane people don’t support replacing their native population with savages and mutilating children, no amount of emotional or economic arguments would make someone who wasn’t a hardwired degenerate agree to such policies.

  101. Ireland will have to be temporarily taken over by some American boob with Irish blood — there are plenty of them, and the best are the Southerners with colonial American Irish blood — and the foreigners and non-Irish will be removed from Ireland.

    It’s the only way to be sure.

    This is why the high command of White Core America — me and some over 50 Iowa lady who likes poached eggs — is not in favor of completely and totally rolling up the overseas American Empire. Aircraft carriers, submarines and a few imperial garrisons here or there are good military Keynesianism.

    The USA can use forcible deportations and citizenship revocations to remove from the USA a hundred or so million foreigners and their spawn — and some Neo-Conservative-type scum — in order to restore demographic balance and cultural cohesion and peace in the valley.

    Evil White Globalizer Scum are using mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration to inundate European Christian nations with Blacks, Asians and other non-Europeans.

    The hostile JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire is using mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration and other anti-White schemes to attack and destroy the European Christian ancestral core of the United States.






  102. Shamu: “Christianity is such a Jewish mind virus that Jews have Dione everything possible to destroy for 2000 years.”

    Jesus was a Jew. All of the Apostles were Jews. Is there anything more pitiful in this world than a fool who worships Jews while pretending to hate them?

    Shamu: “What Jews like that is connected to Christianity is heresies, precisely because heresies ruin Christianity, …”

    Your Bible is quite clear the it is only Jesus who is the judge of who is and who isn’t a “real” Christian. Nothing in there about an internet clown calling himself “Shamu” being the assistant judge.

    Shamu: “The only thing that has ever kept Jews halfway in line and unable to ruin entire cultures is historic Christianity, which, obviously, is not Modern. It is pre-Reformation. ”

    According to this logic, it failed to protect the white race and ceased to exist after the Reformation. Why persist in a failed strategy, or try to resurrect it?

    Shamu: “… minds may be colonized. That is what cultural assimilation is. There is good colonization and bad colonization of minds. Colonization of minds that ends human sacrifice cultures (such as Spanish Catholic colonizing the minds of various Mess-American natives) is very good. Mind colonization by anti-Christ ideas that revert Mexican culture step by step into Modernist paganism is evil at work.”

    People can be forced by conquest to change their culture, as were the “Mess-Americans”, that’s certainly true. But nobody conquered the West. “Step by step” it’s voluntarily changing.

    • Replies: @Shamu
  103. I have Southern colonial American Irish blood — Son of the American Revolution Jeremiah Owen Sullivan, Sr. — and I volunteer to lead the battle in Ireland to remove the troublesome foreigners.

    The first battle will be to militarily secure all the beer breweries, and then we’ll see what happens.

    IMMIGRATION is the gut/heart political issue that will topple and decapitate the evil and demonic JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire.

    Ireland will be reclaimed by the Irish, but the essential enemy — the evil and demonic JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire — is the dreaded enemy that all European Christian nations must first defeat.



  104. Shamu says:
    @Pat Kittle

    Well now that is obvious. The issue is: do you then demand that all whites bow to one or two empires, or you do demand that empires that at least began as white stop oppressing any whites?

    The white created Yank WASP Empire, Anglo-Zionism Part 2, is responsible for the slaughter in the Ukraine. The Brit WASP Empire, Anglo-Zionism Part 1, spent centuries brutally subduing millions of whites who lived in the British Isles under a system that benefitted a bare few immensely and which 3 centuries ago became beholden to international Jewish financiers – hence, Anglo-Zionism.

    I say that it ought to be obvious that WASP culture is the great evil of the age, because you cannot separate Jewish internationalism from WASP Empire. That being the case, I say that all whites who live anywhere that WASP culture holds sway (and that now incudes all of Western Europe) must rebel against all things WASP.

    Then all identities must be concrete in historical cultural terms, otherwise you still operate on the premises off being propositional. And ‘white’ is not a historical designation with meaning. Being white never kept WASPs from delighting in destroying white cultures in Ireland and Scotland, nor will it ever do so.

  105. Shamu says:
    @bobby pellit

    He’s hated because the Anglos even then controlled media in the West, and they hated him. Propaganda works.

  106. @Eddie the swarthy rat cellar

    any win against the Anglos, even by hardcore racists like the Irish, is a win against white supremacy. I hope your relatives are smart enough to excise weird, fringe, disgusting Trump-supporters like you from family gatherings.

  107. Shamu says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Whether you are just another Jew who spouts such nonsense to help maintain all this evil that has been growing steadily since the Reformation, or you are another white atheist/agnostic or perhaps romantic pagan, the position you take is to continue on the basic path that got us here: the path of reeling against Christ and Christendom.

    Yes, the West has been conquered, which you would grasp if you not a mere materialist. The West has been conquered, across centuries, by rebellion against Christ and Christendom. All victories for secularism, for socialism (which includes factions that are Marxist or Fascist), for internationalism (which means empires such as Anglo-Zionism as well as internationalist finance that governs that empire and always has been largely Jewish). Because the west has been conquered, from its own rebellions, it is now committing suicide. The only way to stop that suidice and reverse it is to stop the rebellion ands start rebuilding what the rebellion destroyed: Christendom.

    Everything else is at best a huge waste of time and money.

    Jesus was the Messais, who is both God and man. His flesh is Hebrew, and Jews wanted him dead for what he taught. Just like Jews have ever been controlled only by Christendom.

    Your positions are in line with what Jews require, directly in line.

  108. TheJester says:

    Was the Fight for Irish Independence Pointless?

    Yes, the Irish fight for independence was pointless. Ireland joined the EU … and, like the other countries in the EU (except Hungary which resists) lost its sovereignty and independence. It was a fatal mistake.

    Ireland exchanged being subservient to the English for being subservient to the Germans who dominate the EU. Ironically, Britain left the EU to avoid the same outcome; that is, subservience to and economic absorption by the Germans.

    We toured Ireland a few years ago. I’m Irish so it was like coming home: 23&Me had traced my genetic legacy to County Cork, County Kerry, County Mayo, and County Galway … all in the shade of the Great Famine. We saw the physical legacy of the English occupation, especially in abandoned Episcopal churches … even on the Aran Islands. This was fitting as a declaration of Irish independence.

    We saw three flags flying together everywhere we went in the Irish Republic: the Irish flag, the EU flag, and the United States flag flying together in trifurcate as perhaps both a hope and a plea for Ireland’s future.

    S0, let’s be honest: better to fly the flags of the Irish Republic, Germany, and the United States together as an ironic but accurate testimony regarding where Ireland has buried and abandoned its sovereignty.

    Given its benefactors, is it any surprise that Ireland is now a “woke” country that has replaced its Catholic religion for the GloboHomo globalist agenda?

    • Disagree: Twin Ruler
    • Replies: @Twin Ruler
  109. LOL

    Kirk bitching about the GOP, or pot calling kettle black.

  110. @anonymouseperson

    Yes, Quebec did vote Liberal, other than the Diefenbaker landslide in 1957, as did Ontario and other provinces prior to Trudeau. The door to the 3rd world was opened a crack by Diefenbaker, who made it easier for some commonwealth countries. Trudeau opened it wider, but it was Mulroney who took the door off its hinges, starting with literally selling citizenship to “Hong Kong investors”, then changing the flawed Trudeau 3rd world based tap-on, tap-off, tied to unemployment immigration policy, to immigration targets of approximately 50% more than Trudeau’s biggest influx. Yes, there were Quebec politicians involved there too, but beginning post WWII, immigration has always been driven by the corporate sector seeking low wages, regardless of its source. As things improved in Europe, they turned to Asia, then Africa.

  111. @Сила в правде

    Ireland does not have national autonomy. It’s a colony of international capital. The end of the USSR made autonomy impossible for small countries like Ireland. They were given the choice of either integrating with the western financial world, with all that implies (mass immigration, americanized culture, globohomo ideology, etc.), or being economically wrecked. There are only a handful of autonomous states in the world, and none of them are in western Europe.

    The real antidote for globalism is aligning with China. “Localism” is not an antidote for anything at all, and is even weaker than nationalism.

  112. The high command of WHITE CORE AMERICA has big plans for Ireland and England. Globally synchronized ruling class decapitation in many European Christian nations will be the first order of business once the JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire is politically decapitated.

    It seems that delicious beer is thick on the ground in Ireland and England. That statement of fact stands on its own. The US military will need plenty of beer during the fighting in Ireland and England.

    WHITE CORE AMERICA will use the US military to topple and politically decapitate the evil and demonic ruling classes of Ireland and England.

    England and Ireland could provide some good soldiers to be used to finish off the the evil ruling classes in England and Ireland at the command of the man who takes over the American Empire.

    The American Empire is going to be taken over by the man who figures out how to win the allegiance of the Great Lakes Germans and the Southern Anglo-Celts. Baby Boomer Donald Trump stumbled upon that strategy but he didn’t go far enough. The plan is called the GERMAN STRATEGY.

    The GERMAN STRATEGY is to win the votes of German Americans in the Great Lakes states in combination with the votes of Anglo-Celts in the Southern states. In 2016, Trumpy put the cherry on top of the GERMAN STRATEGY by winning Florida with the votes of Anglo-Celts in the Northern portion of Florida in combination with the votes of the snowbirds from the Great Lakes states and the Northeast.

    Combine the Great Lakes Germans and the Southern Anglo-Celts and the electronics guys who run the command and control for the American Empire, and that is just about all you’ll need to take the American Empire over.

    A Great Lakes German or a Texan German could be found to run Germany for awhile until such time as the Germans get a nuke or two or three and the US military leaves Germany.





    Tweet from 2014:

    • Disagree: Twin Ruler
    • Replies: @Twin Ruler
  113. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Sure, it’s possible to have mistaken opinions, and even for the cultural default to be a mistaken opinion. Human beings are prone to conformity, but there are very good, Darwinian reasons for this.

    This is something that people would do well to understand. Fitness beats Truth.

    This is true for metabolically-costly ‘perception’ systems – vision, hearing and smell – and this immediately raises the question about its relevance to cognition.

    Conformity results in an inaccurate grasp of how the world works – but non-conformity can result in the non-conformist being the target of ostracism[1].

    Obviously not all non-comformists are trying to get an accurate grasp of how the world works: some are just contrarian nutters (“personified in this case by a ‘orrible cunt – me“).

    However, if the zeitgeist says

    This [obviously wrong] idea cannot be questioned. Everyone must believe in [obviously wrong] idea.”

        then some non-believing motherfuckers are going to be set on fire in the public square (or fired from their jobs).

    When Fitness beats Truth, it’s mostly because of cumulative advantages.

    Conformity is all Schmiles Und Sunschein until the conformist feels the twinge in the chest that indicates the onset of a terminal case of Suddenly.

    [1] The word “ostracism” always makes me smirk: partly because it looks a bit German – so is OstRacism “racism against people from the East”, or is it “racism perpetrated by people from the East”?

    And secondly: it’s smirk-worthy to know that examination of discarded mass-produced ostraka from the expulsion of Themistocles, shows that “ballot stuffing” and “electoral fraud” are modern ideas that were prefigured by the Ancient Athenians, and followed immediately on the heels of the idea of “democracy”.

    Even more smirk-making is that the expulsion of Themistocles occurred a year before the first written work mentioned “people power”.

    inb4those ostraka were mass-produced for convenience, not as part of an electoral conspiracy“. That’s nonsense; there’s no record of there being any market for pre-filled ostraka, and such a thing would make no sense given that ostracisms were rare; and that there was a ‘quorum’ of 6,000 votes required (so the market for ostraka would not have been large enough to justify a ‘business’).

    And of course the Athenians gave us hints about how to do things correctly:
     ▪️ the kleroterion, which alloted (some) offices randomly – i.e., via Sortition, which is the most efficient mechanism for allotting political office (including judgeships); and
     ▪️ the death penalty (and/or loss of citizenship; exile; expropriation) for officeholders who were found to have acted against the interests of the people. (Mostly corrupt self-enrichment).

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  114. @TheJester

    Personally, I think the EU was created by the United States in order to punish the Germans, and Europeans generally, for all the US Soldiers who perished in The Second World War. How can one possibly conflate Germany with the EU?

    Still, I suppose, you also believe the drivel about Germans being the largest Ethnic Group in America. I certainly do not!

    • Replies: @TheJester
  115. @Charles Pewitt

    For all we know, Trump might be Hilary Clinton’s puppet. Moreover, I almost suspect that QAnon is really Chelsea Clinton. She merely wants to lead the Republicans astray, and entrap them into doing things they should not do.

  116. @Indignant of Maidstone

    And strangely enough all three were/are enthusiasts for Irish immigration ‘reform’. But Israel must remain a Jewish state.

  117. @Hulkamania

    Localism that makes its peace with the reality of regional great powers (China, Russia) and of existing within multiethnic polities (India, Indonesia, Iran, China, Russia, perhaps a future right-wing version of the European Union) is the solution. I didn’t mean the world being carved up into city-states.
    Don’t forget that nationalism is a product of the Enlightenment. Its entire purpose is to marshal populations in service of a distant state, and both religion and regional identity have typically been its most troublesome obstacles.
    For two hundred years, globalists have fomented various national movements in furtherance of their carnivorous designs. They support nationalism in Ukraine (and are grooming insignificant secessionist quislings within the Russian Federation) as a policy of divide-and-conquer.
    I do agree that the USSR was the great dam that held back the globalist vampire squid for decades.

  118. @Thim

    “But they rebelled because their church told them to.”

    That is NOT true. The opposite, if anything.

    • Agree: 36 ulster, Kratoklastes
    • Thanks: Hibernian
  119. @Hibernian

    Irishmen joined the British Army because they needed the job.

    And they did it in large numbers. Catholic Irish were a quarter of the enlisted men in the British Army by 1780, despite British law forbidding Catholics from enlisting – that law wasn’t rescinded until 1793 (for Ireland) and 1828 (in the rest of the British Isles).

    However it seems that the Brits had the good sense not to send Irish Catholics to their “police action” in Ireland. I have a dim view of the average soldier, and it’s not clear to me that Irish Catholics would have refused to do their job if they were sent – but the Brit political class needed disposable meat in loads of places around the world, so the question need not have arisen.

    I’ve known guys who were stationed in Belfast in the 1970s – and they had blokes from all over the Commonwealth in their brick, including from Northern Ireland… but not a Catholic among the Irish (and precious few among the rest).

    The Irish liberation movement had a deep and vicious hatred of the British occupiers; they also didn’t like Irishmen who cucked (who were mostly Protestant)… so a fellow Catholic who joined Oliver’s Army would have face some well-deserved ‘Sonderbehandlung‘ if captured.

  120. SafeNow says:

    How is the famous, traditional Irish “gift of gab” doing, considering the change in the educational system, and now, the influx of a different culture? I don’t expect we will see any new Yeats, Joyce or Beckett, but if I walked into pubs in cities or towns, what would I find in the way of storytelling? Here in California I have watched the cultural change that is called “smiles not accepted.” In Ireland, is it now “verbal skill not accepted?” If so, what a loss.

  121. @Anon

    Yes there are Muslims and blacks there, but in Dublin far less than in London, Paris, Brussels or other West European capitals and cities. In fact far, far less in terms of percentage of the population. There’s also a fair number of East Europeans too. But honestly it’s not too bad when compared to elsewhere, although the trend is obvious. I gather Belfast is even better but I haven’t visited yet.

  122. Ireland is sunk just like the rest of the west.

  123. Mike Tre says:

    “It is de facto white nationalist. ”

    No, it’s Irish nationalist.

  124. @Cauld

    Once the globalists have finished with Ireland then Scotland will probably be next in the firing line. If Scotland leave the United Kingdom then it will be game on. The Scottish National Party want an independent Scotland to join the EU. The EU will pour in massive funding with the caveat that the Scots have to sign-up for all of the globalist agenda (open borders etc.) Also, the SNP are completely down with the globalist agenda. In addition, the Scots are deluding themselves if they think that their bad weather is going to save them. Bad weather didn’t keep the Somalis out of Minnesota or the Muslims out of Sweden. The weather’s not very nice in Ireland either!

    • Replies: @JM
  125. Shamu: “… the west has been conquered, from its own rebellions, it is now committing suicide.”

    Perhaps, but you still haven’t explained how there’s any difference between “conquered from its own rebellions” and voluntary change.

    Shamu: “The only way to stop that suidice and reverse it is to stop the rebellion ands start rebuilding what the rebellion destroyed: Christendom.”

    Even you admit that Christianity failed to stop “the rebellion” (i.e., voluntary change) once. There’s no reason to think it wouldn’t fail again. Repeating a failed strategy is only a recipe for continued failure. Instead, why not try something that might actually work?

  126. @Natalia

    Bless your heart, sweetie. Do you kiss your Daddy with that mouth?
    Maybe you should slither back to your safe space at University and let the informed people continue their interesting conversation.
    And keep this in mind – when they’re done with us, they’ll be coming for you.

    Have a nice day.

  127. Razor says:
    @Priss Factor

    Bingo! You’ve got it in one. Most of us Irish have harboured a deep sense of inferiority. It’s what’s been called the post colonial slave mentality. Now we want to show that Johnny is as good as his master, ultra progressive and “modern” We have abandoned the Christianity which sustained our forefathers over the centuries of oppression and quasi slavery, and we now mock such superstitious ideas. We have freed ourselves from the unfortunately corrupt Catholic church as an institution, but now reject the message of the Christ as a consequence. God will not be mocked, and the ferryman will be paid. We cannot avoid the consequences of our behaviour, and our behaviour today is decadent and depraved.

    • Thanks: YetAnotherAnon
  128. bo says:

    RE: Was the Fight for Irish Independence Pointless?
    …IF the Irish don’t change direction back to the Church, then emphatically yes. The old IRA may have to be reconstituted to root-out the deep-state/NWO [email protected] we got stuck-with here in US, but the real Irish had better do it quick, before it’s too late.

    • LOL: JM
  129. @jaye ryan

    Why do certain White European type people like the Irish always insist on fighting, killing other closely related White European peoples – Irish vs British/English, Slavs vs Germans, Germans vs Slavs, Croatians vs Serbs, Ukrainians vs Russians, Southerners vs Yankees?

    It just seems something stupid our people do but also egged on, invested by that certain J tribe war mongers, international finance etc.

    In a good many cases, it’s because one set of grifters turns up and tries to steal everyone’s shit, and pretends they’re doing it for the good of the indigenes.

    And it’s not just European whites who do it – Polynesians, Asians, Africans (both MENA and SSA) and even Australian aborigines, have always had periods of extreme violence against genetically-close enemy populations, usually based on one group trying to steal shit from another group.

    “Irish vs British/English” is a very good case in point – and your framing (as if it’s some fault of the Irish) gets the whole issue arse-backwards.

     ▪️ It wasn’t the Irish who invaded England in 1169. Other way ’round.
     ▪️ It wasn’t the Irish who set up England as a ‘client state’ and eventually asserted that the Irish ‘King’ was now also the English ‘King’ in 1542. Other way ’round.
     ▪️ It wasn’t the Irish who passed the Penal Laws which expropriated English Catholics (and other dissenters) as punishment for trying to get a hostile, foreign invader culture to fuck off back to where they came from… and giving it to Irish ‘nobles’ . Other way ’round.
     ▪️ It wasn’t the Irish who forcibly exported food from England to Ireland during a massive collapse in a nutritional staple n the mid-1840s. Other way ’round.
     ▪️ It wasn’t the Irish who spent 800 years trying to subjugate England. Other way ’round.

    I wonder how you characterise the Palestinians’ fight against a different set of hostile foreign invaders.

    Wars for resource acquisition have mostly gone extinct, because these days it’s quite easy for the invadees to narrow the technological asymmetry.

    But wars of acquisition were a feature of all human societies – going right back to some of the earliest written records, e.g., the Amarna Letters/Tablets, which date to ~3300 years ago; the Palermo Stone refers to events a millennium older than those in the Amarna Tables, telling of King Sneferu (4th Dynasty – 4500 years ago)

    hacking up the land of the Nubians bringing 7000 captured prisoners, 200000 cattle

    And it also tells of King Den (1st Dynasty – almost 5000 years ago) “smiting the Bedouin“.

    There are thousands of ‘proto-cuneiform’ tables that have been found, that we don’t currently know how to translate. They date to 5500 years ago, and you can bet that they contain stuff about
     ▪️ trying to kill foreigners and take their shit; and/or
     ▪️ trying to stop foreigners from invading and taking our shit.

    FWIW: the very existence of a ‘King’-type title means that a parasitoid class has been installed… they live at everyone’s expense for a series of increasingly ridiculous reasons, usually involving an assertion of the ‘right to rule’ usually granted by a fictional entity that nobody can see.

    That’s the ultimate in “stealing stuff from people the same as you”: fraud is a form of theft, and so is extortion (“Tax time, bitch. Give me your crop or my posse will burn your shit up and kill your kids“).

    • Agree: JR Foley
    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  130. SoUtH says:
    @Constant Walker

    You have a real talent, Constant, here at [18], for creating colorful language and phraseology that takes my existing despair and twists it into feeling like a knife in my own gut — this truth we are all facing is so harsh.

    As of this morning, I had wanted to discuss your [122] reply to my [27] post in the Soloman article of two days ago. But the content of Loner Feral Cat’s posted video there and my summary of it at [148] when added to two other recent events just leaves one with no words.

    These other two recent events that i have in mind here are, first, the gain of function experiments at BU (where they achieved 80% lethality and extreme contagion); and secondly, the running of the second billgates tabletop exercise on 10/23/22 which is a repeat of Event 201 run in early Fall 2019. When you put the three together, well, the math is done for you.

    I find it difficult, indeed impossible, to adopt the perspective of DrRock at [70]. But, I guess, there is where i must try to be. Here is what he said at [70]. I replied at [81] and he had good comments also at [92]:

    Ha ha ha!
    Oh Man!
    Hear hear!
    That’s was the best read that I have had in a while!
    The world is on a crash course for the mother of all shit-storms, and while we can’t do anything to stop it, we can at least warm our hands by the flames, share a drink, and have a hearty laugh.

    And here is part of what I posted at [27]

    I see no options. Everything is bleak and utterly without hope. It’s onward to the abattoir for humanity, save those few that the billionaires choose to protect.

    My summary of Loner’s vid is at [148].

    “October 23, 2022, Gates, Johns Hopkins and the World Health Organization cohosted “a global challenge exercise” dubbed “Catastrophic Contagion,” involving a novel pathogen called “severe epidemic enterovirus respiratory syndrome 2025” (SEERS-25), which primarily affects children and teens. Both of these simulations, SPARS and Event 201, foreshadowed what eventually occurred in real life during COVID, so, when Gates hosts yet another pandemic exercise, it’s worth paying attention to the details.”

    Let me know if you want the links to the BU research.

    As I skimmed through the posts herein, I was surprised to see just how numerous were the awakened ones. If only we could harness them as Resistance Warriors, maybe we could have a chance. After all, it was the spirit and resistance of the people in the 1960’s that got us out of Nam.

  131. Ironically enough, the English are actually of German ancestry. None think of that.

  132. JM says:
    @bobby pellit

    Hahaha! These weather theories don’t take account of how hard it is to come by money in the Third World. That’s the primary focus of these sponsored invaders/scabs.

    • Agree: Liza
  133. TheJester says:
    @Twin Ruler

    You missed my point. Yes, the EU is controlled by German and Germany is a vassal of the United States. Germany controls the EU at the US’s behest. We know the extent by looking at the way the EU has obediently coalesced behind the US hybrid war against Russia. The United States militarily occupied Western Europe at the end of WWII … and nothing has apparently changed in the intervening years.

    Therefore, for the Irish to fly the US and EU flags are a testament that Ireland is also nothing but a US vassal state … via the EU if you will. Both the United States and the EU (via Germany and the “common values” imposed on the EU by Chancellor Frau Merkel and now EU President von der Leyen) represent the GloboHomo agenda.

    Notice the power exerted by Germany over the rest of the EU. Merkel violated the EU Schengen Agreement over border controls and immigration when she invited 1.5 million immigrants to Germany to, as she later admitted, cover a deficit in industrial workers. The other states in the EU got the message. However, no EU country dared voice opposition to Empress Merkel.

    Now, no EU country (except Hungary and Croatia … but perhaps for only a period of time) dare voice opposition to the United States’ hybrid war on Russia even if it means the deindustrialization and ruin of the European Union.

    Ergo, Ireland is expected to have become an obedient “woke” state that follows the directions of the global hegemon even when that entails its ruin. Ireland is not an independent state and does not exercise national sovereignty.

    Hence, Ireland’s independence and sovereignty are illusions. Ireland traded domination by the English for domination by the state that inherited the British Empire. What changed? Nothing changed.

    As for Ireland and the rest of the EU: “RIP (Rest in Peace) … a platitude afforded the dying and the dead.

    • Replies: @Twin Ruler
  134. JM says:

    True, but with this addition: the British State had the deficit. It was the private firms that had the surplus, paying market prices for what they bought.

  135. @SoUtH

    Robert: Jews … or Zionists?

    zionism is jewish nationalism.

    Organized jewry/ jewish supremacy, is the root problem in relationship to the destruction of the west.

    No, it isn’t all jews, but… can fit all of the pro-white jews into the back of a Honda Civic.

    • Thanks: SoUtH
  136. repugnant says:

    Just like all the Western nations, policy is determined by blackmail and/or bribes.

  137. pyrrhus says:

    It’s going to really hit the fan when both food and energy dwindle, and these parasitic newcomers will be demanding more than your family….

    • Replies: @Richard B
  138. JM says:

    Where are you from? What’s your religion? Given your hatred of WASPS, this is of interest.

  139. It’s hard not to despair, but sometimes I can’t believe this is happening. 100 years ago Euro peoples ran the West, and most of the world. How the fuck can our destruction be actually occurring? How could we let this (((minority))) devastate us like this? My fellow Euro descendants, I feel so much disgust with you. And our parents and grandparents for allowing this cancer to fester. We built the modern world, just to let naked niggers run in the street. Think about that swine Sacha Cohen running naked in that elevator, and you fawning white sheeple just tolerated it. Why didn’t a self respecting white father give him a beatdown? And I’m positive that my post will make any talmudist supremacist smugly chuckle with self-approval.

    • Replies: @JM
  140. Montrealer found guilty of hate against Jews

    This is an actual headline out of Canada this week. Apparently, this is now a crime in Canada, who is racing Ireland and the UK to see who hits rock bottom first. Chilling.

    Source: Montrealer found guilty of hate against Jews

  141. Scotland says:

    The Micks are now finding out what various parts of the UK have had to put up with for years. The immigrant orcs are no better than the shitshow Irish gipsy’s who pollute every town, city, and village which they roll into. Building giant prisons is the only way forward to keep these rampaging savages in check. It’s all over Europe now. The UK and Ireland are spent. Sadly.

  142. TrueIrish says:

    Several years ago, an editorial letter appeared in the Irish Echo newspaper, the oldest Irish-American newspaper. The author was one Laura Weinstein, the self-proclaimed “Irish Maven”, it was entitled “Ireland is Too White”. The title and the author caught my attention. I thought it odd that a Jewish woman lecturing the Irish about being too “white” was ironic and suspicious. So, I wrote a response questioning her motives in light of no similar article being written about “diversity” in Israel. The editor rejected my response claiming that it was sn “ad hominem” attack, which was ridiculous. In any event, I knew at that time was what coming, it was alas just another brick in the wall. I had previously read how Cerebus (what a strange name?) was buying up all the distressed properties in Ireland that had been for loser during the housing crisis. With Dan Quayle being in charge what could go wrong? I’ve been to Ireland over 10 times since the ‘80’s visiting relatives and the country of my forefathers and mothers. Slowly, I’ve watched EU money and influence harm the country. It is not a big country, not a colonizer, but rather a colony, an original one, that suffered greatly. It withstood discrimination, genocide, and emigration. It is too small to endure mass immigration, and should have a right to remain a race. Are there any Collins’ left? Is Irish nationalism dead? Their leadership is pathetically British.

  143. TheBronx says:

    How many ‘Irish’ Americans are really Irish genetically ? Many are mixed Germans e.g. Pat Buchanan or with Italian or a new kind of WASP : Irish, German and English. I am American with an hiberno-norman name like Edmund Burke (actually, English).

    It is politically correct to be Irish hence even Jews sometimes hide behind ‘Irish’ names. Americans and Australians tend to be very retarded when it comes to identifying as ‘Irish’ e.g. Ned Kelly.

    Now my Y-dna is celtic but my mtdna is like Queen Victoria’s but autosomal DNA is the most important .

    I can model my autosomal DNA thusly :

    Hertfordshire England 50%

    Brittany France 25% (closely related to Cornish)

    Groningen Netherland s 12.5%

    Norrland Sweden 12.5%

    Don’t judge a book by its cover (my name) I am really a Pendragon (Draco Sentien) vampire that drinks the blood of fallen Irishmen to top off my testosterone in the heat of battle etc…

  144. Ferrari says:

    The English are generally cowards as men. They will not revolt against immigration. English culture is more just passive aggressive talk and excessive rationalization via complicated verbiage.

    The Irish still have fight in them but obviously they are up against tough odds given the current political winds.

    It is easy to see the English are lesser men. Why? Well its because their women are more attractive actually. And if the women are more feminine then it generally follows the men are also.

    Their greatest recent hero? Churchhill. A total fat drunk who destroyed his country for no reason so he could feel like a man playing war games in WW2 (among other reasons).

    The Irish had Michael Collins, who was 10x the man Churchill ever could have imagined himself to be.

    • Replies: @HenryB
    , @TheBronx
  145. @TheJester

    That is really interesting.

  146. Every time I think about Ireland I don’t know wheither to laugh or cry. Sinn Fein, the mighty Irish revolutionaries who fought the British army, just rolled over and played dead for the Globalist. Sinn Fein, who demanded Ireland for the Irish, just shrugged their shoulders and gave Ireland to the Africans. I shake my head in wonder.

    • Agree: YetAnotherAnon, Republic
  147. JR Foley says:

    What’s wrong with young Trudeau—he is acting in his own interest. Example—Canada desperately needs 500,000 immigrants –. Suppose he can bring in 250,000 Zylenskyy babes and then a duo from North St Louis and South Chicago —–the only thing in next election ” VOTE for Justin Trudeau !”

  148. @Crass

    My recollection of Ireland from the 70’s, 80’s was that it longed to be a consumer society, yet lacked the disposable income to be one.
    Mass media display of wealth , status, easy sex dissolved the old social religious compact and its mores.
    Once the income started pouring in after 1995 , approx, then OLDE IRELAND was doomed. The corruption of the bishops in not removing pedophile priests injured the faith in a materialistic age.

    Catholic Ireland collapsed as quickly as Catholic Spain even under a nominally fast list government of Franco.

  149. HenryB says:

    But the Irish murdered Collins and replaced him with a half-Spanish Jew from New York. Incidently Churchill was as much ‘English’ as de Valera was Irish.

  150. Richard B says:

    It’s going to really hit the fan when both food and energy dwindle, and these parasitic newcomers will be demanding more than your family….

    They won’t be simply demanding more than your family. They’ll be demanding your family. So they can eat them alive.

    Naturally Supremacy Inc. will be more than happy to televize it. In fact, they’ll probably make it into a TV show, Cannibal Hour. Anyone who doesn’t watch it will be branded a Hater. Even if next week’s show will feature family members, with you slated for the following week. Would it surprise anyone?

  151. Richard B says:

    Here’s one response to the video of the naked African:

    This is designed to outrage you and divide the society – don’t bite the bate

    So the answer is to unite society by not reacting. In other words, passive acceptance.
    In short, Lets All Unite in Blind Obedience to the Authority of a Hostile Elite.
    How Jonestown can you get?

    No Thanks!

  152. Alrenous says: • Website

    Conformism wins in the short term, but a society that converges on falsehood is destroyed in the long term. The conformist might live but their grandchildren are raped to death by the invaders. It does little but prolong their suffering. Or sometimes they merely take the clotshot and die of a heart attack.

    Luckily the conformists are dumb and practically beg you to spoof their loyalty signals.

  153. Stan says:

    The Irish are Negroes of Europe. It is no loss if African Negroes replace European Negroes in Ireland.

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  154. @Kratoklastes

    The ruling elite of England are (mostly) not English. The English didn’t suddenly of their own volition discover mass immigration and drag queens.

    I really wish people would learn their history, not soundbites.

    When “the English” took over Ireland ?

    “It wasn’t the Irish who invaded England in 1169. Other way ’round.”

    In case you missed the history, England was an occupied nation in 1169, occupied by Norman (i.e. Viking*) colonists who eventually “integrated” but still 900 years later have more wealth and land than the natives. The first “English” in Ireland were the retainers of a Norman lord, and they came at the invitation of an Irish chief, to help him in his wars against another Irish chief. It’s elites all the way down.

    The High King deposed Mac Murchada from the throne of Leinster. Mac Murchada fled to Wales and from there to England and France seeking the support of Henry II of England in the recruitment of soldiers to reclaim his kingship. Henry authorised Diarmait to seek help from the soldiers and mercenaries in his kingdom. Those who agreed to help included Richard de Clare and half-brothers Robert Fitz-Stephen and Maurice FitzGerald. Robert was accompanied by his half-nephew Robert de Barry. Strongbow was offered Diarmait’s daughter Aoife in marriage and promised the kingship of Leinster on Diarmait’s death. Robert and Maurice were promised lands in Wexford and elsewhere for their services. In Mac Murchada’s absence, Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair had become the new King of Ireland.

    On returning to Wales, Robert Fitz-Stephen helped him organise a mercenary army of English and Welsh soldiers. Landing at Bannow Bay, they laid siege to Wexford which fell in May 1169. After a period of inactivity, they went on to raid the Kingdom of Ossory. They then launched raids in the territories of the Uí Tuathail, the Uí Broin, and Uí Conchobhair Failghe… In Irish history books written after 1800, Diarmait Mac Murchada was often seen as a traitor, but his intention was not to aid an English invasion of Ireland, but rather to use Henry’s assistance to become the High King of Ireland himself… the adventurers who answered Diarmait’s call for help were reacting to the opportunity for land and wealth.

    Just so was Celtic Britain lost to the Saxons, when Vortigern invited Saxon warriors to help him against the Picts and Scots (who came over from Ireland to Scotland).

    * the Vikings also founded Dublin, and in the 11th-12th centuries there was a brisk trade in shipping Saxon slaves from Bristol to Dublin.

    “They used to buy men from all over England and carry them to Ireland in the hope of gain; nay they even set forth for sale women whom they had themselves gotten with child. You might well groan to see the long rows of young men and maidens whose beauty and youth might move the pity of a savage, bound together with cords, and brought to market to be sold.”

  155. Republic says:

    White people are dumb, and the Irish are among the dumbest of all (only the Ukrainians and Poles seem dumber). They’re like putty in a Rabbi’s hands. Goys are golem.

    Very true

  156. Hibernian says:

    Then join the French Foreign legion or the Imperial German Army or join the US Army instead.

    The first is just crazy in ways time too consuming to go into in detail. The second is for German speakers. Many Hibernians, including myself and including many recent immigrants especially during the Civil War, have served in the US Army. Obviously for residents of Ireland the British Army was, for many years, the nearest one. It didn’t require a ticket on a ship to New York to join up.

    Of course this Job seeking doesn’t explain the large number of Senior NCOs with Irish names. Even the boss at GCHQ is a Paddy.

    I don’t think the ethnic heritage of a present very senior British NCO or officer is at all relevant to a discussion of Irish participation in British colonialism

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  157. Hibernian says:

    This was many centuries ago and the Irish never made significant inroads in Britain, mush less England. Do not confuse us with the other Celtic people in the neighborhood.

  158. Hibernian says:

    They are Catholics. They rebelled because their priests told them to. And their priests told them to because the pope told the priests to tell them to. There might have been some Bishops and Archbishops in the loop. But they rebelled because their church told them to.

    The Church only belatedly supported Irish nationalism.

    • Replies: @bobby pellit
  159. CCG says:

    I get the impression that he left because there are too many Indians competing for every good job.

    Calling BS on this statement. It takes a large amount of money (from an Indian perspective) to move legally from India to the European Union, he could have started a small business back home instead with that capital. He’s in Ireland to escape his Dharmic Dungheap, but the “Demographics is Destiny” outcome means that increasing numbers of his co-ethnics in the same area will soon transform those areas into the Dharmic Dungheaps they left behind. Note that the Dharmic immigrants in Ireland were at the forefront of changing the abortion laws.

    • Agree: Malla
  160. @Shamu

    You do realize the Jews in Europe and the USA are mortally afraid of the imported and domestic moslims rising up and attacking them. Same as the Israelis are worried about changing demographics.

  161. JM says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    Think about that swine Sacha Cohen running naked in that elevator, and you fawning white sheeple just tolerated it. Why didn’t a self respecting white father give him a beatdown?

    Then maybe throw him down the (lift)well…

    But there’s some hope – at least the audience eventually got into the swing of it.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  162. I can’t think of a more inhospitable place than Ireland for the dark skinned than Ireland; in that overcast, cool, wet climate they will always suffer vitamin D deficiency and be grumpy, sullen, if not violent, and will be afflicted with viral infection. And could a Muhammadan fit in on the Emerald Isle where the favourite dish is boiled loin of pork, the second trotters, and the third rashers and cabbage? And where beer and whiskey overflow? No doubt the Hindus will flourish with the abundance of dairy products, but this won’t help the africanoids who are lactose intolerant. My guess is these people will leave as soon as the benefits end.
    The Irish have always been anti-British Empire and anti-colonialist. This is why the Irish Americans so admired the Yankees and sought to emulate them. Then in the aftermath of the collapse of Empires after WW II, the Irish tried to align themselves as “the first colony to shake off Imperialism’ whilst also identifying with the American Civil Rights movement singing ‘We Shall Overcome Someday’ in the streets of Derry and Belfast. Negroes of Europe indeed.
    But South and North the bulk of the people are anti zionist and are highly supportive of the nationalist aspirations of the Palestinian people. They fly the Palestinian flag and practice boycott, divestment, and sanction.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @martin_2
  163. Wokechoke says:

    I like how they were….

    “What’s he saying? uhhhh…yeah, too right …Throw the Jew down the well!”

    he has a mix of terror and delight as he gets them singing along.

    • Replies: @JM
  164. Wokechoke says:

    Southern Ireland is a series of port cities. Lots of contact with Spain.

  165. @Сила в правде

    Ireland isn’t a nation… It’s a Celtic tribe. Homeland of a very distinct indigenous people.

    • Replies: @TheBronx
  166. Che Guava says:


    This is off-topic but of interest to you. I recently asked my mother why she cried after the J.F.K. assassination, I said ‘He had nothing to do with us, and wasn’t a good person.’

    She replied (accurate paraphrase) ‘It had nothing to do with his politics or image, just that the assassination was so horrible.’

  167. martin_2 says:

    The Irish have always been anti-British Empire and anti-colonialist.

    Which is why they followed the British to places like Australia, Canada and New Zealand in large numbers.

    • Replies: @TheAntidoteToToxins
  168. Malla says:

    Europe became more prosperous after giving Independence to darkie colonies.

  169. Malla says:
    @Priss Factor

    Egyptian civilization lasted for so long, but when it vanished, it really vanished.

    Egyptian Civilization was essentially a bronze age civilization. Once the bronze age came to an end, Egypt was over.
    Just like the Industrial-technological Age gave the genetic & cultural traits of White people and East Asians, enormous advantage over others.

  170. @Hibernian

    The hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Ireland have always hated Irish Republicanism (IRB, IRA, etc.) as they associate republicanism with the French Revolution which was a disaster for the Church. Also, the Irish Church hierarchy were big supporters of the British Empire and Irish emigration to the British colonies (Canada, Australia and New Zealand) and they viewed the British Empire as “being good for the Church” as it was an opportunity to advance the Catholic religion throughout the world.

  171. TheBronx says:

    Wrong, the Germans are a military nation, while the English are warlike. The Irish are not even playing in the same league as an inferior Gaelic race. While the Scots are superior to the Irish there is a reason why Ireland/Scotland never reached the heights of England and Germany.

    Otto Von Bismarck had this comment on the Irish question: Put all the Dutch people in Ireland, he said, and Ireland would be the garden of Europe. Put all the Irish people in the Netherlands, he continued, and it would sink.

    Otto had a much better grip on reality than retarded Americans and Australians in regards to the Irish.

    I cluster genetically autosomally with the Dutch or English/Scots, btw, but I have a hiberno-norman name.

    • Troll: Hibernian
    • Replies: @Davy Crockit
    , @fufu
  172. TheBronx says:
    @Davy Crockit

    Yes, I guess :

    “The common classes [of Ireland] are strongly marked with the national peculiarity of features, and by this they are readily recognized in other countries.” — “A Pictorial Geography of the World” (1856).

    Despite my hiberno-norman I easily pass as a native in the Benelux and Great Britain so I guess I am somewhat of a plastic paddy.

  173. JM says:

    You nailed his reaction and he instigated it all. And that has a definite allegorical quality to it.

  174. TheBronx says:

    You better believe I am part of the WASP elite from New York (31337 /<-rad h4x0r Alan Turing style):

    In 1835, the Irish Roman Catholic leader Daniel O'Connell attacked Benjamin Disraeli during a by election, referring to Disraeli as the “'worst possible type of Jew” and stated that:

    "He has just the qualities of that impertinent thief on the cross, and I verily believe, if Mr. Disraeli's family herald were to be examined and his genealogy traced, that same personage would be discovered to be the heir at law of the exalted individual to whom I allude."

    Disraeli, in a letter to the Times, replied:

    "Yes, I am a Jew, and when the ancestors of the right honourable gentleman were brutal savages in an unknown island, mine were priests in the temple of Solomon."

    White nationalists are idiots as the Irish are like some kind chimpanzee while the WASPs and Ashkenazi Jews are the most evolutionary advanced races or ethnic groups. Krauts and frogs etc.. while competent are a different kind of beast incapable of real Democracy and just want to be told what to do.

    • Troll: Hibernian
    • Replies: @Ferrari
  175. @martin_2

    The British shipped them to Australia as convicts. The bulk of the ones shipped to Canada came on coffin ships during The Famine with their fares paid by the landlords and government. Many Irish prisoners were also sent to the Carolinas and Caribbean before the American Revolution. Don’t know about New Zealand.

    • Replies: @JM
  176. Ferrari says:

    Those great WASPS are totally losing their country right now. And they already lost America. Your most recent WASPs to run America? The “great” Bush family lol. Nearly every knowledgable man on this website would take the Irish catholic JFK over the Bush’s (or any other recent WASP president) in a heartbeat.

    Nixon the quaker was also several notches above the typical WASP president.

    And those Krauts would’ve easily destroyed Britain in WW2 if not for the Americans, and in WW1 for that matter. Your great Churchill was a total drunk fat slob. Back then if you were that fat that really meant you had serious issues.

    Would Europe really be worse off if Germany was running the show post ww2? What do you think WASP? Can it get much worse? Europe is dying.

    • Replies: @TheBronx
  177. TheBronx says:

    You are clueless as the British don’t identify with continental Europe and see the Scots, Welsh and even the chimpanzee-like Irish as less foreign than continental Europe.ans Biden is a WASP larping as Catholic and Obama was half Scottish etc…

    JFK ? Yeah, most Americans are inferior ethnic beasts who hate WASPs but fail to realize that is why America is balkanizing and a small Jewish and WASP elite will rule over Amerimutts Bazil style.

    WASPs are losing their country ? Nope, just some cities are very multi-ethnic. Think about Australia, for instance, most white Australians are more British ethnically than America so if Europe and America go down WASPs still win as Australia is pretty big geographically.

    That Americans saved Britain from the Nazis is a delusion as the Krauts got their asses handed to them by ‘untermenschen’ Russians.

    Krauts wouldn’t have defeated England during WWIII since operation sea lion was a complete tactical joke, Von Braun’s V2 rockets were pointless without nuclear warheads, Alan Turing cracked the Enigma machine , and the RAF made an epic comeback against the Luftwaffe.

    That is how we WASPs do we feel bad for everyone else being inferior to us so we let you think you are winning for a while then we pull a major upset and completely defeat you and win :

    “Remember that you are an Englishman, and have consequently won first prize in the lottery of life.” –Cecil Rhodes

    Continental Europe is dying ? Why don’t you tell someone who cares ? Abroad : Dodgy food, dodgy plumbing and worst of all dodgy foreigners.

    • Replies: @Ferrari
    , @bobby pellit
    , @Anon
  178. Alrenous: “Conformism wins in the short term, but a society that converges on falsehood is destroyed in the long term.”

    Perhaps, but it may take a very long time. For example, belief in an afterlife or god(s) of some sort is a feature of most human societies and has been for thousands of years, though there is no evidence for it and is most likely false. Nevertheless, because this belief is so widely distributed, it seems reasonable to conclude it has survival value. This is a little surprising because the amount of time and money that is wasted on religion could seemingly be better allocated to other, more productive endeavors.

    • Replies: @Ash_G
  179. @Stan

    True. And their lagging behind in IQ points from the mean WASP is the very same as for US Blacks. They are pale for sure but they are not whites. They nearly all identify Whites as an enemy racial group.

    • Replies: @TheBronx
  180. Ferrari says:

    The numerous typos in your post already signal to me that you are hardly worth talking to. Other than that your post is mostly you just coping about the WASPs continuous series of defeats in England and America.

    Are you really banking on “at least we’ll have australia”? lol. Australia is a total non player. Its just your latest defeat. After you lose that, what is next? I can hear it already: “At least we have New Zealand”.

    The brits were utterly defeated in both ww1 and ww2 before America entered. They were losers in the 20th century. Germany beat you twice before America entered each world war.

    Sure the brits cracked the enigma machine. Great. The world best mathematicians of the 2oth century were largely German or French, not British.

    Biden is a terrible president and has been known as stupid throughout his political career. Just like the second Bush.

    • Replies: @TheBronx
  181. TheBronx says:

    Typos ? Yeah, you pick on that because you have no real substance to your posts. The Unz website does not give enough time to clean up or edit typos so it looks like I am going to have to run all my posts through an editor application first.

    Pretty much all the presidents of the USA have been WASPs and JFK was shot dead for being an Irish Catholic chimp. The executive branch is more powerful than ever because Americans are uneducated morons who can’t name the three branches of government and maybe 2 Americans know history, So, the future of America is a small rich elite of Jews and WASPs ruling over Amerimutts Brazilian or Argentinian style.

    Lose Australia to who ? The Chinese ? What are you even talking about ? You don’t know what you ate talking about so you don’t clarify.

    Australia and New Zealand being non-players is part of their appeal dummy.

    America did not save Britain in WWI and WWII as the Russians in WWII did the hard work against the Germans then Americans came in and lazily cleaned up the back guard in pincer motion.

    You are totally clueless the RAF and British naval forces aided by Turing cracking the Enigma machine meant the Germans U-boats were worthless against the British Navy that all made Hitler’s Operation Sea Lion a complete joke. Also, the Germans wasted precious resources on V2 rockets which were pointless since they had no nuclear warheads.

    Greatest mathematicians as French or German ? That is a cope as you wouldn’t even be typing your reply to me without British inventions : Tim-Berners-Lee, Ada Byron Lovelace, Charles Babbage , Alan Turing, William Shockley etc.. Britain has produced the most geniuses — France comes in second place and Germany third : cope.

    White Nationalists are retarded as every European knows. Also, The English and Ashkenazi Jews are superior to Amerimutts in almost every way conceivable.

    • Replies: @fufu
    , @Ferrari
    , @bobby pellit
  182. TheBronx says:
    @Francis Miville

    Psychology is a pseudo-science that is chronotopic and real science and philosophy are the polar opposites of chronotopic stuff such as history etc…since, psychometry is a branch of psychology it necessarily follows that IQ is pseudo-scientific too.


    This pretty much sums up the pseudo-science of psychology :

    “Turning economic contradictions into psychological problems is one of the standard tricks of bourgeois ideology.”–Lucien Sève

    Parker argues that psychology has become,
    “an increasingly powerful component of ideology, ruling ideas that endorse exploitation and sabotage struggles against oppression. This psychology circulates way beyond colleges and clinics, and different versions of psychology as ideology are now to be found nearly everywhere in capitalist society.”

    Parker, I. (2007) Revolution in Psychology: Alienation to Emancipation. London: Pluto Press.

    “In fact not long after psychology entered the lexicon, the noted philosopher Immanuel Kant dismissed the possibility of psychology as a natural science. The best it could hope for, he argued, given that psychology lacked any axiomatic basis (a system of undisputed a priori propositions from which to proceed), as well as the considerable problems associated with introspection, was to proceed empirically and produce a collection of facts which could be ordered and classified. As such it would at best comprise an historical doctrine of nature (Brysbaert & Rastle, 2013). This criticism finds echoes in Kenneth Gergen’s (1973) argument, toward the end of the 20th century, that psychology is not a science and should be considered a branch of historical knowledge, capable only of statements whose truths are contingent on time and place (see Chapter 2). Kant queried the value of introspection –the attempt to system- atically make observations of one’s own mind –because not only does one alter, by observing, what is being observed, but what is doing the observing and what is being observed are one and the same. Karl Popper’s view of science was that it needs “points of view and theoretical problems” (2002, p.88). Psychology, when it began, had neither. Arguably this is still the case.
    Auguste Comte, the founder of sociology as well as the doctrine of positivism, made similar arguments. To him psychology’s subject matter, the soul, was beyond the reach of the senses and immeasurable. It could never attain the status of a science….”

    Roberts, R. (2015) Psychology and Capitalism: The Manipulation of Mind. Alresford: Zero Books.

    Your shipment of fail has been delivered. It is interesting you mention blacks since that is the main reason retarded white nationalists fixate on the pseudo-sciennce of IQ.

  183. Equivalent situation in Scotland, with the Scottish Nationalists, astoundingly woke

  184. fufu says:

    #188 TheBronx

    “You are totally clueless the RAF and British naval forces aided by Turing cracking the Enigma machine (…) “

    Poles broke Enigma code first in 1933 and gave technology to British and French military intelligences in 1939.
    Without this help, nobody knows how much time it would take Brits to break Enigma.

    “(…)meant the Germans U-boats were worthless against the British Navy that all made Hitler’s Operation Sea Lion a complete joke. “

    U-boats were quite effecitve against british ships till mid-1943.
    Germans didn’t need to invade Britain, they could block it and starve to death.
    They were almost successful but they did many stupid mistakes (i.e. they didn’t use powerful Italian fleet).

    Britain survived because it is an island.

    Brits were saved by sea and weather in 1940 just like Stalin was saved by fall’s mud and winter’s frost in 1941.

    Between 1939 adn 1942 “smart” Brits were severly beaten everywere: in Norway, France, Greece, North Africa, Singapore (where 85 000 british soldiers surrended to 36 000 Japaneses ones (sic!) )
    so it is easy to see that without help from USA and allied countries (i.e. foreign airmen who took part in Battle of Britain) “smart” England was sentenced to fall.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  185. Ferrari says:

    Everyone knows the British empire collapsed

    Everyone knows the WASPs don’t run America anymore these days

    Everyone knows the WASPs are discriminated against to get into the universities they founded in America.

    Everyone knows the UK has an Indian prime minister.

    Everyone knows the WASPs are old news. So do us a favor and piss off!

  186. Wokechoke says:

    In many cases we are talking father or a mother. We are not talking about grandparents or greatgrandparents.

  187. Wokechoke says:

    The problem with this analysis…The British could have altered the economy to be a full wartime economy but did not. They did nationalize certain sectors but it remained a politically pluralistic capitalist society. Further deprivation of supplies would have just made it more dictatorial. More Spartan rather than the Athenian/Carthaginian hybrid that it was at the time.

    Also, North America is just the the colonial or imperial offshoot of Empire 1.0 while control of Africa India and China was Empire 2.0. Why do you think the men of the 1600s spent so much time setting up these colonies? They were thinking ahead.

  188. I see no future in Great Britain!

  189. @TheBronx

    Why do you think we have so many derogatory terms using the word Dutch?
    Because the Dutch are the rudest people in Europe… The Irish are the nicest. What made the English great is that they are at least 60% Celtic… Depending on the region… East to West. When you cross the chanel to Holland… The first thing that hits you in the face (shocking Rudeness) is that you are no longer in Britannia… We’re related to these
    Krauts? I certainly wouldn’t want a
    Dutch uncle.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  190. @TheBronx

    Actually the Kennedy’s were big time anglophiles. Joe Kennedy was ‘nouveau riche’ and he wanted his family to be accepted by the ‘old money’ WASP people in Boston. Joe was the US Ambassador to Great Britain (Court of St. James) from 1938 -1940. JFK studied at the London School of Economics. Joe’s daughter (Kathleen) married the son of the Duke of Devonshire. I guess the Kennedy’s WASP infatuation didn’t get them very far 🙂

  191. JM says:

    The convict component from Ireland to Australia was numerically small (most were London petty thieves, like all the convicts). Most later Irish who came to Australia did so as free immigrants and were relatively well off because of the cost of the fare to the other side of the Earth. Some were indentured, but that was common for all nationalities in those days and given the times, hardly oppressive.

    A popular rebellion in Sydney in the late 1830s where large crowds refused to let a convict ship disembark at Sydney (then called Port Jackson). It disembarked 600 miles north at (what is now) Brisbane. That was the end of convict transportation to the Eastern Colonies (then NSW and Van Diemen’s Land), but continued into the late 1850s in the Western Australian settlements..

    The Irish, like the Jews (there are other parallels as well), use their Oppression as their main trademark of ethnic identity. In this there if much fudging and sleight of hand, with the former hopelessly lacking in the kind of imagination and mendacity that got the latter to the top. What seems a disproportion of individual Irish have to be content with their role as handmaidens to them, which, however, they perform with great enthusiasm.

  192. @TheBronx

    One in eight Englishmen were killed in World War 1 and 800,00 British troops were killed in World War 2. They all died for nothing. The ‘greatest generation’ must be spinning in their graves with what’s happening in modern day Britain eg. industrial scale pimping of white English girls (by Pakis) in Rotherham (which is just the tip of the iceberg). Oh, but they’re just ‘chavs’ so it doesn’t really matter. The Brits as a nation suffer from collective PTSD.

  193. fufu says:

    #178 TheBronx

    “Otto Von Bismarck (…) “

    I know this guy. He made Prussia great … eee… where is Prussia today? Destroyed or something?

    Quoting after politician who’s policy was a disaster in mid-term is a kind of stupidity.

  194. Gael says:

    Seems like it was. The half Indian homosexual that is their PM is a puppet for the Globalists and is doing what they all do – flood the country he is governing with brown and blacks to wipe out a white ethnic group. The Irish were better off under British rule considering that they managed to exist as a people despite the troubles from the UK, losing only Northern Ireland while remaining close to a majority even there, and a absolute majority in the rest of Ireland…vs what is going on now where all parts of the island are being swarmed with a non stop flood that will lead to Irish being a minority in all parts of their island before 2100.

  195. @Davy Crockit

    Yes Irish are probably the friendliest and most sociable people in the world. They talk to complete strangers as if he’s their neighbour or friend and you’ll never have a problem striking up a conversation with an Irish person. On a bus or wherever in public they’ll all be talking to one another, singing, joking. On the other hand Russians and East Europeans are very reserved and you really need to know them well before they open up and act the same; they are generally stand offish with complete strangers.

    Glaswegians are very friendly too, people in Edinburgh not so much. In England the northerners are a lot friendlier than the southerners.

    I find the locals in Rotterdam friendlier than those in Amsterdam.

  196. @anonymouseperson

    The British Left had at least an argument that Britain had a moral obligation to accept refugees from their colonies.

    Ireland had no colonies. In fact it had no Left or Right until relatively recently. A spectacular national suicide.

    • Replies: @bobby pellit
  197. martin_2 says:

    “In England the northerners are a lot friendlier than the southerners.”

    This is often said, but it has not been my experience at all.

  198. @Cauld

    Looks like we’re all going to have to migrate North again just like we did … what? 10,000 years ago? And take the fairest blonde-haired blue eyed once with us again?? Carve civilization out of the ice and damp again.

  199. Anon[107] • Disclaimer says:

    re: “so if Europe and America go down WASPs still win as Australia is pretty big geographically.”

    I’m sorry to report from Australia – most of which is a barren desert wasteland – that what is happening in Ireland, UK, EU and USA is also happening here. Australia is being flooded with third world migrants, by obnoxious dim-witted Indian men in particular, and area by area is devolving to third world status. The cities are lost. Now rural towns are being invaded. Indians seem set to be half the population by mid-century and will come to rule politics, business and judiciary.

    It seems to me it’s game over for white people unless we act fast to relocate to a worthwhile region and defend it with nuclear weapons.

    • Replies: @Pzarch
  200. TrueIrish says:

    The girl probably wasn’t Irish, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen an actual Irish person working at an Irish hotel. In my experiences, the Irish know much more about their history than Americans do of their own.

    • Replies: @lloyd
  201. This is quite well done. Profound.

  202. @Commentator Mike

    Irish are probably the friendliest and most sociable people in the world. They talk to complete strangers as if he’s their neighbour or friend and you’ll never have a problem striking up a conversation with an Irish person. On a bus or wherever in public they’ll all be talking to one another, singing, joking. On the other hand Russians and East Europeans are very reserved and you really need to know them well before they open up and act the same; they are generally stand offish with complete strangers.

    As much as I hate to admit it as a possessor of Irish blood, I officially declare the Russian manner of being unfriendly to strangers the “winner, winner chicken dinner” in the great Game of Life. They have a country. The Irish do not. Nor do the Dutch. Game over for them. With that nuclear arsenal, and no need to do DEI, BLM, feminism, LGBTQ, or any of that (((crap))), nor pay endlessly for systemic racism, Russia should be around for a while.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  203. Pzarch says:

    The enemy is within. It’s the people running the Western Governments that have opened the floodgates and use tax payer money to house the hordes of them, they also work to get laws in place to arrest those who speak up about the migration-invasion that the elites have set into motion and refuse to stop.

    The 3rd world hordes are a symptom of the problem which is that Western Governments are ZOG controlled and ((they)) are the ones behind this. India never conquered Australia and dumped their people there, it is ZOG welcoming them into Australia on planes and using your tax money to pamper them so that they don’t leave.

  204. Ash_G says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    I’ve concluded the same of war. As the “Fallout” series of games states: “War: war never changes.” I’ve thought a great deal about religion and war, and my conclusion in each case is that, overall, it confers a survival benefit.

    Or, more accurately, they have conferred a survival benefits in the environments in which they’ve thrived up to this point.

    Your point about how expenditure of time and energy could have been better allocated towards more productive endeavors hits at the heart of the matter: but could they have? Seemily, as you say, and most assume. But evolution, which is essentially a natural counting of failures vs. successes, says otherwise.

  205. lloyd says: • Website

    Thanks. There is also the possibility she didn’t want to talk about it and professed ignorance. on controversial history. She might even have been Protestant.

  206. @Father Coughlin

    Leftists would argue that the Irish road on the coattails of the British Empire. This is why you’ll find the descendants of Irish emigrants in all of the major English speaking countries (UK, US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand). The Irish benefited INDIRECTLY from colonialism therefore they “owe something to the developing world”.

  207. fufu says:

    Irishmen have won independence fighting long time and finally winning against much bigger enemy.
    Maybe this independence is not perfect but at least they tried and they achieved it.

    Americans, British, Germans and other Western Europe people cannot achieve independence although they are in much better position than Irishmen were under British occupation.
    Westerners for long time just sit and moan how bad their situation is.

    Additionally, instead of learning, Westerners criticize nations which show that it is possible to win against stronger enemy.

    Westerners are really pathetic.

  208. Ash_G: “I’ve concluded the same of war.”

    In the Darwinian view, life itself is war, or as Hobbes stated, “a war of all against all” (bellum omnium contra omnes). This is different from a false belief that confers a survival advantage. It’s the process itself by which evolution sorts winners from losers. War is the very substance of life. We come into existence and immediately must struggle against a numberless host of things that are trying to cripple or kill us: viruses, bacteria, disease, animals, other people. We are victorious for a while, but eventually, something succeeds.

    Ash_G: “Your point about how expenditure of time and energy could have been better allocated towards more productive endeavors hits at the heart of the matter: but could they have?”

    I wrote “seemingly” just for that reason. It seems like they could, but in a deterministic world, which I believe is our world, everything that happens happens because of a chain of causality that makes it unavoidable. I suspect that the detour into the false beliefs of religion occurs because of the emotional nature of human beings. As an historical matter, they have shown a primitive need to believe in god(s) and an afterlife, and this belief, even though absurd and unsupported by any evidence, likely conferred a survival advantage because, among other reasons, groups which held such a belief were able to better organize themselves and fight harder. Whether that will continue to be the case, and for how long, only future events will disclose.

    • Replies: @Ash_G
  209. @Father Coughlin

    Being friendly and sociable doesn’t mean allowing others to take advantage of you, invade you, impose non-traditional values on you, etc. In fact the Irish were even friendlier in the past when things like promotion of LGBT, abortion, invasion of the immigrants were unthinkable and would not have been tolerated.

  210. Ireland has always been a matriarchal society (maybe going back to Neolithic times) where the average woman was superior to the average man, and where the only way a man could rise above a woman was to become a Catholic priest. So when the women were ’empowered’ in the West and the Gynocracy began to grow, Irish women already had a firm foundation from which to dictate and dominate.
    It is a known fact the African male is the most popular dating material among all the women of the planet. What with a significant proportion of the immigrants to Ireland seeming to be young Nigerian males, one has to suspect they are imported as boytoys for the modern Irish women.

    Neither the Jews or the secularists are responsible for the collapse of the RC Church; these mortal wounds are all self-inflicted.

    • Replies: @bobby pellit
  211. @TheAntidoteToToxins

    Firstly, there are almost 18,000 Nigerians in the Republic of Ireland! H.T.F. did 18,000 Nigerians get to Ireland when there are no direct flights between Nigeria and Ireland? Secondly, I don’t think that you’re too impressed with Irish manhood 🙂

  212. Ash_G says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Dr. Robert Morgan: “As an historical matter, they have shown a primitive need to believe in god(s) and an afterlife, and this belief, even though absurd and unsupported by any evidence, likely conferred a survival advantage because, among other reasons, groups which held such a belief were able to better organize themselves and fight harder.”

    I’m fond of the Islamic phrase “Insha’Allah” because it captures this relationship. Trusting in Allah isn’t in any way guaranteed to give you the result you want. The results will be what Allah wills, which is indistinguishable from determinism or even randomness. It’s an out for the belief system, which includes all manner of rules and regulations and norms. It’s a good way of looking at the world, contained in a larger belief system that has the benefit of promoting zealotry in its adherents. Straight-forward rational promises of success are a lot harder to deliver on.

  213. @Thim

    No. The Catholic Church, both at vernacular level as well at Roman level, rather caressed the ambition to use the Irish forced out of their Island by famine of British oppression in Britain and in America as catholic missionaries to convert back the anglo-saxon countries, and most ordinary Irish preferably agreed with that form of cultural revenge : they perceived themselves as oppressed by heretics, modernists and freethinkers, not by anglo-saxons, especially since their most cruel enemies at home and responsible for most of their miseries were not British Anglicans at all, but Calvinists of their own close Celtic origin. Quite the contrary they thanked the Anglo-Saxons for having given them a language they could talk to the whole world using which, instead of being prisoners of an Island way too small to guarantee any kind of good future (unless you welcome international banks like the Swiss or the Bahamas).

    The Irish revolution against Britain was actually nothing more than an American-made coloured revolution at the moment there were far more Irish on the US territory than everywhere else in the world combined, as well a clear signal sent to Britain that the time for them had come to lose their whole empire to the US and to Israel : the independence of Ireland happened in successive stages that were rigorously paralleled by those of the building of the Zionist state under the supervision of the same shady ideologues. The very day of Independence was that of the Balfour Declaration.

    There was no real popular demand for an anti-British revolution, despite the heroism of a remarkable but not very representative cultural elite. Most people dreamt of the American dream, not of independence, the proof of it being that very few Irish, despite the immense encouragements given by the state to do so, actually converted back, like the Zionists did by adopting Hebrew, to the use of their language now made official : a greater number enthused about Esperanto. This means that without even moving they were part of the American melting pot and en route towards the New World Order in the very same way as the Arab identities that succumbed to the sirens of the Arab spring. Putting all one’s marbles into Catholicism as the purest expression of Irish identity proved to be the final coup de grace after Vatican II. The result was that what remained of Irish identity consented to go on resenting anglo oppression only by being ever more liberal and culturally marxist in the intention to make the Orangists wince.

    The same thing happened in Quebec : people were so humiliated by Anglos who used to tell them “speak white” and so suspected by them not to be true whites but rather a strange mixture of bad vikings and homosexual amerindians that they have all jumped in the globalist anti-white bandwagon more enthusiastically than anybody else on the continent.

  214. Von Rho says:

    Americans and waffer-eaters have a not well solved question with their father. Then, English are villains and Scottish, Welsh and Irish heroes. They envy the people that is the pattern of male elegance.
    NORMAN, B. ‘Why does Hollywood always cast English actors as villains?’.
    Mail Online. Daily Mail, 20 mai 2010. Disponível em: . Accesso
    on May 9th 2016.

  215. Kat Grey says:

    The last time I was in Ireland it was depressingly full of Nigerians. You couldn’t go to any town or rural area without seeing them swaggering about, swinging their arms like an occupying simian army. Now I hear it’s got much worse with parts of West Dublin transformed into black ghettos. Prior to the mid-1990s you could go weeks without seeing a single black face in the streets of Dublin. However, there was a leftwing woman who had immigrated to Ireland from Israel by the name of Ronit Lentin who got fed up with seeing only white faces in her adopted country. Once the Celtic Tiger kicked in, she helped set in motion the machinery which would ensure that the white Irish would be replaced by Africans and mulattos.

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