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Verified Hate: The Meltdown Continues
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Progressives are not over the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.

These are from suspended or deleted accounts, so I can’t embed them here:

The Twitter accounts posted below are still live. I pause to note American Renaissance and Jared Taylor are still not allowed on Twitter, though neither account ever broke any Twitter rules.

Rep. Cori Bush:

Why is black capitalized but not brown?

Joy Reid and Al Sharpton, our moral superiors:

If America really was founded on the kind of racial principles Joy Reid describes, we would have far fewer problems. Unfortunately, the Founders took America’s racial character for granted rather than spelling it out explicitly.

Democrat candidate for attorney general of Texas, Lee Merritt:

Remember the clip below when journalists call us “conspiracy theorists”:

More from MSNBC:

The ACLU strays further from its supposed mission each day:


Samantha Bee, a progressive “comedian”:

Hannah Jones of the 1619 Project:

New York attorney general Letitia James:

Long Island Democrat Jon Cooper:

Don’t expect justice in the Empire State.

Podcast host and “activist” Malynda Hale:

Actor Mark Ruffalo, best known for playing “The Hulk” in the never-ending series of Marvel films:

“Jojo” refers to the late child rapist Joseph Rosenbaum. You may remember him as the short man screaming “shoot me nigga!” He got his wish. He had mental problems, reportedly did not get his medication, and may have literally been seeking suicide. “Joseph Rosenbaum died as he had lived, trying to touch an unwilling minor,” in Tucker Carlson’s words.

The NBA, for some reason, has weighed in:

NBA coach Steve Kerr:

If you are a white person who watches the NBA, think about what you are funding.

We’re nearing the point where “white” seems to mean “automatically guilty.”

Television host Amber Ruffin claims to say some “very big obvious truths that no one wants to say on TV but I will.” She then recites conventional liberal talking points:

Here are some actual obvious truths that we don’t get to hear. Blacks disproportionately commit crime, including against their own people. They enjoy official privileges in jobs and education by government decree. Even the “right-wing” presidential candidate in the last election wanted to give them more set-asides.

The obvious truth staring white America in the face is that we’ve torn down our society in a failed attempt to create a phony equality. We can’t babysit these people any longer. We owe them nothing. They owe us. We deserve apologies, reparations, and freedom from our corrupt ruling class.

Author Michael Harriot, no stranger to these pages, argues that the assumption that “Black people are scary” is embedded in American law. It may simply be that Americans know the real Color of Crime in this country, though we must often pretend otherwise. Mr. Harriot recognizes that Mr. Rittenhouse didn’t shoot any black people, but still wrote an article critiquing what “reasonable” means in American law. His point is that whites automatically think blacks are dangerous, and that this emboldens them to shoot blacks.

My takeaway is that whites and blacks can’t agree even on what “reasonable behavior” means. In that case, let’s just admit Jefferson was right and that the “two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government.” Our differences are simply too great.

MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan:

Does anyone really believe it would have even been prosecuted?

Don’t forget President Joe Biden smearing Kyle Rittenhouse last year, among many others.

Another liberal scold-cum-comedian, Chelsea Handler:


Are there any “successful multiracial democracies?” Why must America be transformed into one?

Some protest/riot footage:

At least those in Chicago is being clear about what they want.

The usual rioting in Portland:

Antifa often attack journalists, though that doesn’t seem to improve the latter’s opinion of us.

More looting:

Did I miss anything? Be sure to post about it in comments.

Friends, please understand these people probably watched the same footage you did. They still think Kyle Rittenhouse was guilty. Be safe out there.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. GeneralRipper [AKA "SnidelyWhiplash"] says:

    Who’s the obese four-eyed silverback with the Afro in the “Jewish Deplorable” Tweet?


    What a collection of freaks.

    Where do they find these critters?

    • Replies: @tgordon
  2. Would Gorilloid Americans be happy if they were given their own country? Is it possible to solve the American Problem nonviolently? Are we going to have a Civil War, or is there going to be a progressively intensifying crackdown on wrong-thinkers? The way things are looking right now, I don’t see that White Americans have the stomach to enact the bloodbath that would be necessary to prevent the neo-Bolshevik dynamic from taking over fully.

  3. pyrrhus says:

    My only question to the ACLU and other legal organizations posting this stupid stuff would be “did you go to Law School”, and “how did you pass the Bar exam”?

  4. Franz says:

    Separate nations for white & black? Why sure.

    Together we get along as well as feral cats in a sack.


    The borders of White Zone America and Black Zone America are firmly established.

    (Even if it takes a couple generations.)

  5. Three crazed White men earn the Darwin award for running into a loaded rifle during a heated riot. Cost: ~six bullets. Should that not make the whole woke world happy? Oh, you say it also cut short the joyful mayhem, looting, and arson, and shorter segments on Television news, barely enough to fill the Two Minutes Hate segment. That explains it.

    All I want to know is Where can I invest in the Kyle Defamation Reparations Investment Fund? I bet it will make pay dirt!!!

    • Replies: @Resartus
  6. Gordo says:
    @Antediluvian Doomer

    Would Gorilloid Americans be happy if they were given their own country?

    Would parasites be happy to be separated from the host?

    • LOL: BuelahMan
  7. I see Kyle.

    Do you see Kyle?

  8. Wokechoke says:

    Darrell Brook a BLM true believer just drove into a crowd of Christmas parade children. A black with a criminal record. If only Kyle were there to protect from the savage.

  9. Wokechoke says:
    @Antediluvian Doomer

    I’d guess the South West becomes a Mexico over the Colorado and the black run cities implode. Whites might have a chance if they cut off the exits to such places.

  10. Andreas says:

    Joy Reid’s hotel room looks cheap. Is that a Motel 6? I’d expect more plush surroundings for someone of her stature. It must be a reflection of what the Zio-corporate plantation owners actually think of her.

  11. These Antifa scum are being funded by the beanies, and coached by them.

    • Replies: @controlled opposition
  12. First there was ‘QAnon’…

    …then ‘BlueAnon’…

    …then ‘FluAnon’…

    …we are at ‘KyleAnon’.

  13. White radical race traitors in blue cities, on college campuses do these tweets. They’re going to be first to go as these incidents become more common in blue states. Disappointed we’ll be that the media won’t report blue city radical race traitors being killed by enabled blacks. The whites are the problem. If the town where this carnage took place yesterday lets Mr. blackity black get away with these murders, it’s their problem. That their police held his identity so close to the vest tells the tale, he’s going to get off cheap, and likely, even the parents with dead kids will keep quiet. If the parents raise hell and demand stout sentencing, good on them, but I remain sceptical. Get out well c!ear of the orcs, or else. It’s really that simple. If your police and courts aren’t equally severe on the violent regardless of the race of the perpetrators, you need to get out.

  14. Any harm to Kyle should be avenged sevenfold.

    • Agree: Polistra
  15. Jon Cooper is a multimillionaire homosexual married to his homosexual husband. They live in one of the most expensive community 0n Long Island…Lyod Neck…..Monty Python’s Eric Idle likes to retreat Jon Cooper which gave Cooper Social Media Influence…

    Larger Point:Why is the Democratic Party so powerful today?

    Answer:The Passage of the 1965 Nonwhite Legal Increase Act=Democratic Party Voting Bloc Race Power………Some one should inform Cucker Tucker I’M NOT A RACIST!!! Carlson about this very obvious demographic fact….

    • Replies: @Reactive Reaction
  16. @Franz

    Why do you want to increase Chinese LEGAL IMMIGRATION at some future date?

    • Replies: @Franz

  17. Video Link

    Great clip by Jared Taylor.

  18. Franz says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Why Chinese LEGAL IMMIGRATION? I never mentioned it.

    NO IMMIGRATION suits me. And a serious separation between different races that are already here — which would take at least a century to work out. Unless it goes nuclear.

  19. tgordon says:

    His name is Elie Mystal, a man of deep learnin and understanding of how white folks think and feel. A new millennium soothsayer tailor made for MSNBC. Professor Lust Fo Murder. Jjm Goad excoriated him hilariously on Haddball’s (censored t.v.) last night.

  20. @War for Blair Mountain

    Regarding “Cucker Tucker”

    The Z Blog was taken down overnight. Tucker is still on national TV.

    Figure it out.

  21. Resartus says:

    Three crazed White men earn the Darwin award for running into a loaded rifle during a heated riot. Cost: ~six bullets.

    All because a 17 yo knew how to use a Fire Extinguisher…..

  22. Shocking that Chelsea Handler would be the one to halfway make sense. It’s sad and embarrassing that the cop who shot Tamir Rice only lost his job and avoided years in prison.

    The rest of these posts are deranged lunatics detached from reality.

  23. What these anti-Whites (along with most of the so-called “news” media) are engaging in is called stochastic terrorism (Note the examples used in the link — anti-Whites always project.)

    And their campaign was “successful,” not in achieving the specific goal of inciting the murder of Kyle Rittenhouse, but in inspiring an unstable individual to carry out a more generalized anti-White terrorist attack — the Waukesha Massacre. Darrell Edward Brooks (alias “Mathboi Fly”/ “Jay Fly 21”) he terrorist who (allegedly) perpetrated that premeditated, horrific assault which killed 6 (so far) and injured 60 (many critically), is a small-time pimp, failed rapper, and career criminal. He was clearly radicalized by posts like these and the more toned-down version of their virulently anti-White narrative which appeared in hegemonic “news” media narratives from CNN, MSNBC, and the like. Brooks was a fanatical supporter of the media-promoted anti-White terrorist group “BLM,” who idolized Colin Kaepernick and harbored a genocidal hatred toward indigenous Europeans and their diaspora.

    Brooks was was released from jail on a mere $1000 bail days before he carried out his heinous crime. Why was he in jail? He ran over his ex-girlfriend in a parking lot with the same SUV he used to commit the Waukesha Massacre. Yet another triumph of “bail reform.”

    • Replies: @James Forrestal
  24. @James Forrestal

    Note also that the now-discredited semitic canard that the terrorist was simply “fleeing the scene of another incident” and that the Waukesha Massacre was “just an unfortunate traffic accident” was heavily promoted by major “news” media outlets in the immediate aftermath of this heinous crime:

    And none of the major narrative promotion agencies noted that Daniel Thompson, the Black police chief of (90% White) Waukesha, who initially helped to promote this false narrative, is himself a committed supporter of the notorious anti-White terrorist group “BLM” — the same terrorist group that carried out the Waukesha Massacre.

    But remember, if you publicly point out the obvious — that the Waukesha Massacre was a planned act of anti-White terrorism that was carried out by an individual who was clearly radicalized and inspired by hegemonic “news” media narratives — narrative enforcers like Mr. Silverman will get after you, so watch out for that:

    • Thanks: Polistra
    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  25. Anonymous[371] • Disclaimer says:

    I doubt any specific accusation really matters. The whole game is to create chaos. People shooting at one another for reasons that have ceased to have any real meaning is the goal. Then the powers that be can step in and justify tyranny in the name of peace and order.

    Any real political solution requires some body of people to know what they want, organize to get it and push everyone else to the side. It took people willing to act to produce the Constitution. A minority actively supported the rebellion or the crown. Most people dithered during the Revolutionary War.

    The oligarchs appear to know what they want and are organized to get it. Where is that knowledge and organization among the opposition? The crown always has the initial advantage going into these things. Don’t let them keep it.

    Out of chaos, order. Don’t let the ugly people do it.

    • Agree: L in Atl hell
  26. Unfortunately, the Founders took America’s racial character for granted rather than spelling it out explicitly.

    Not even George Washington knew WTF The Nose was about.

    May the children of the Stock of Abraham, who dwell in this land, continue to merit and enjoy the good will of the other Inhabitants; while every one shall sit in safety under his own vine and figtree, and there shall be none to make him afraid.

    –G.W. letter to Hebrew Congregation of Jewport, Rhode Island

  27. @James Forrestal

    Watch out, Bros. Silverberg and his schnozz are two against one!

    • LOL: schnellandine
  28. @Jefferson Temple

    Shocking that Chelsea Handler would be the one to halfway make sense. It’s sad and embarrassing that the cop who shot Tamir Rice only lost his job and avoided years in prison.

    Rice’s toy gun was fluorescent orange when it was new in it’s package. It was painted black when Rice pointed it at the cop. How did that happen?

    • Thanks: Hangnail Hans
    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  29. @international jew hates America

    I finally figured it all out: It’s actually the beaners that fund antifa, not the beanies.

  30. Death to all anti-Whites.

  31. @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    Well, I’m guessing that someone painted it black. How that absolves the cop (who had already been fired from a different police department for being psychologically unfit) of killing him i will leave for you to explain.

    • Replies: @Hangnail Hans
  32. @Jefferson Temple

    Perhaps because it’s fundamentally unwise to point guns at cops? Is that a stretch for you?

    Maybe pointing them at other people isn’t a great idea either? Maybe you should put the gun down when a cop tells you to?

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  33. @Hangnail Hans

    Also unwise to drive right up on top of someone, get out of the car screaming at him, and expect any kind of rational act to follow. The cops were morons. They handled the situation in the most idiotic way possible and one of them got away with murder.

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