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Verified Hate: the African’s Revenge
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America’s most successful immigrant and African-American, Elon Musk, recently bought Twitter. His plan is to bring back free speech.

This would be ideal for all American social media platforms. Unless the Constitution becomes completely irrelevant, the First Amendment ensures that we can speak without fear of the government. We have something our brothers on the Continent and in once-Great Britain don’t.

The mere prospect that we might have real free speech has caused the worst hysteria since Election Night 2016.

In the last episode of “Left, Right, and White,” I said I am close to a free-speech absolutist, certainly political speech. Even the most crazed leftists should be able to speak their minds. If we have free speech, we win.

In the spirit of Robert Conquest’s famous “Three Laws,” described by John Derbyshire back when he was at National Review, I propose Hood’s First Law: Any unmoderated online space will become “far right.” Many people secretly agree with us but are afraid to speak. People are generally as “right-wing” as they are allowed to be.

Leftists appear to agree with me. They openly oppose free speech because they seem to believe that once the boot is off our necks, we will win.

Shaun King, an important Black Lives Matter activist with a . . . questionable racial identity, initially seemed to have locked his account. In any case, he returned with a potty mouth. His view:

All lawful speech should be protected. In 2017, Supreme Court said “hate speech,” if such a thing even exists, is constitutionally protected. I see hateful comments against my race every day. I don’t collapse into neurotic fits.

Violent threats are not lawful. Criticism is, even if the target finds it offensive. If Shaun King would admit he is white, he’d understand we put up with this every day.

Former secretary of labor Robert Reich makes a remarkable reversal.

At least Mr. Reich understands the friend/enemy distinction. He may be a hypocrite, but he fights for his side. That’s better than many Republicans.

Others are hitting Elon Musk for his South African heritage. Tim Wise, not surprisingly, was especially animated.

Whites can’t say they weren’t warned.

More about the South African takeover of Twitter:

Letting people talk will doom freedom.

The worst disinformation is racial egalitarianism. White privilege is the most destructive conspiracy theory.

Elon Musk promised to suppress the bots. It’s “just free speech” that’s the problem.

“Human rights groups” seemingly want to take away our rights, rather than fight for them.

The “Trust and Safety Council” was reportedly behind shadowbans of popular conservative and populist accounts.

I would favor some censorship for leftists to clean up their language.

Honestly, I’m just disappointed by the quality of the art.

This guy retweeted his own tweet.

Let’s check what’s on television.

Do straight white men not have the right to speak?

Just imagine the scenario below:

It’s a good thing that would never happen in America.

Another death threat:

New euphemisms for censorship just dropped:

“Equitable speech” and “algorithmic justice” are two terms we’ll be hearing more often.

The prospect of Donald Trump returning is a mortal threat:

Twitter employees reportedly fear the upcoming changes.

Vijaya Gadde is the lawyer. She’s an Indian immigrant. She claims her father had to get permission from the Ku Klux Klan to collect insurance premiums door to door in Beaumont, Texas in the 1980s. She was also part of the team investigating “discourse” on the platform in 2018.

Employees’ sadness and fear isn’t surprising. About 99 percent of Twitter employees who donated to a candidate in 2020 donated to Democrats.

Mr. Musk himself was once a progressive hero because Tesla’s electric cars could cut carbon emissions. This has changed.

There was a time when American Renaissance could sell books on Amazon. Now we can’t. One reason is because Amazon is staffed with people like this.

And now progressives want to break up Big Tech.

I think this went over Brian Stetler’s head.

Jeff Bezos could almost have bought Twitter with the money he had to pay his ex-wife. (She gave a bunch of it to Black Lives Matter.)



On a separate matter, consider the ADL’s latest initiative. It has a history of exaggerating threats. Now, it says there has “never been a greater need” for a Center for Antisemitism Research.

Never? I can think of many other times and places when Jews were in real danger. Our country isn’t one of them.

Many “Meme War” veterans from the 2015–2016 campaign are returning to Twitter. Tucker Carlson is also back, after being banned for calling a “transgender health secretary” a man.

Ann Coulter notes others have yet to return.

Ann Coulter naming Jared Taylor was brave. Twitter banned Mr. Taylor even though he violated none of Twitter’s guidelines. Legal action failed. We are now trying to get our accounts back. We could use your support. We would also encourage those on Twitter to be polite. Let’s show our opponents we are ready to debate — if they are.

For example, we should be able to correct posters who think America should let in anyone who wants to come.

If Twitter is the public square, we shouldn’t need oligarchs to buy the site to protect our rights. Republicans should have done something to protect their voters when they had power. Instead, ordinary Americans who want to speak their minds had to wait for Elon Musk. He’s done something very brave. Let’s hope he’s ready for what comes next.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Elon Musk: “If people want less free speech, they will ask government to pass laws to that effect.”

    And don’t think they won’t! Of course, after it’s done, then the conspiracy theorists can say that that was part of the plan all along. Musk’s takeover was allowed by (((them))) so that the laws could be changed to make “hate speech” and “anti-semitism” illegal. Very clever, Mr. Musk! LOL.

    • Replies: @bwuce wee
  2. bwuce wee says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    good point. it is waaay toooo early to determine musk’s motivation or end game. i don’t think his tesla cars will ever stand the test of time. they seem incredibly stupid to me. but time will tell. i prefer building things that last- like classic cars- they are still going strong. but nowadays, it’s a fad world where things are only built to last until the next fad. sad. and incredibly stupid, as i said.

  3. Franz says:

    Leftists in the USA called themselves “First Amendment Absolutists” until they took over the media.

    They are afraid of leaks now that the ship is theirs.

    Most of Musk’s critics are defectives and having Robert Reich come out against you is a compliment. During the Clinton years Reich worked at the Labor Department and cooked the books to make it seem like there was less unemployment than there actually was. Federal level lying is actually a felony for which R. Reich was never punished.

    Funniest of all is that when Must “takes over Twitter” (if he even does) it will just revert to what it was before Trump. The hysteria from these people is dishonest. Their anger is that once they ban people, they are supposed to stay banned.

    If Musk alters the crumbling direction of social media in this decade it will be a pleasant surprise.

  4. Notsofast says:

    ….most successful immigrant and african-american….there are those who would argue obama would more succinctly fit that bill.

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  5. Jesus Christ what’s wrong with you people.

    It’s just some freaking social network site. What’s the deal? Everybody is so excited. Free speech on Twitter!

    Who cares, goddammit.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  6. @Here Be Dragon

    “Who cares”

    Social network web sites are the public square in the modern age.

    They should be public utilities with no political censorship allowed.

    The oligarchs have turned the physical public squares into third world squalor–they have been trying to do the same with virtual public squares.

  7. “Republicans should have done something.”

    They have done nothing for the last 70 years because the jews own them.

    • Agree: Franz
    • Replies: @That Would Be Telling
  8. Petermx says:

    It’s interesting to note that similarly thinking people people that opposed and made censorship a cause for war about 80 years ago, including the defense of books that promoted sexual perversion, now support censorship, including the censorship of people that oppose sexual perversion today. So, for many of these people that took up the cause of “free speech” 80 years ago it was never actually about “free speech” but supporting the idea of “free speech” was a good idea for them at the time, when there was very little opposition in the media from their opponents in the countries where they were war mongering and sexual perversion was not yet a major feature of western societies.

    I think there are many other similarities between today’s censors and those that claimed to oppose censorship and supported war 80 years ago. Many of today’s censors in the west support the war against Russia today, whereas 80 years ago they would have been among those lauding the Russian people. So again, their support of the Russian people 80 years ago was not based on any actual love of the Russian people, who were equally as big censors as those they promoted war against. Many supported “Russia”, or the Soviet Union 80 years ago because their ethnic kinsmen were a very powerful force in the Soviet government 80 years ago and supporting “Russians” was a good smokescreen for who they really supported. Today’s leader of Russia, who they now promote war against, has reduced the influence of their ethnic kinsmen as compared to what it was when Russia was a basket case in the 1990’s.

  9. Persistent and inescapable undercurrent in the entire ‘Free Speech’ brouhaha involving Twitter:

    Organized Jewry views unmoderated Free (political) Speech as a far right, neo-Nazi conspiracy to commit genocide (i.e., dispute sacred Jewish allegations and challenge the reigning Jewish Narrative.) Oh my!

    For the love of God: Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

  10. BuelahMan says:

    The bar mitvah attendees are rampant on Twitter.

    Twitter can go pound sand.

  11. Bro43rd says:

    Musk buying twitter is the equivalent of what the UKR/RUS war was to the covid psyop. Be wary of what’s going on behind the curtain.

  12. @Robert Dolan

    [Republicans] have done nothing for the last 70 years because the jews own them.

    I think there’s a lot more to it. From the very beginning they’ve been a politically progressive party, and that strain remains very strong in it.

    They also suffered such a defeat in every way during the Great Depression they’ve adopted an attitude of losing, it’s a really big thing when we see them actually fighting and hurting their enemies, like the SALT deduction cap that was passed during the first couple of Trump years, or the recent action against (((Disney))) in Florida. Which given how that state’s Republicans are in thrall to Jews or at least Israel suggests for example Jews have factions (“Two Jews, Three Opinions”) or something significant in this area.

    Both of these are counterexamples of what’s been described as the Republican instinct to always go for the capillary. Can’t see a trend starting yet, but this and a few other actions cast a few rays of hope.

  13. Let’s hope he’s ready for what comes next.

    (((Revolver))) either doesn’t really believe it when they say this, which I think is more correct than not:

    Twitter’s relatively marginal market cap belies the existential threat it would pose to every dominant institution in the United States (including the national security apparatus) if it implemented a policy of real unfettered free speech.

    If Elon Musk bought Twitter and did nothing more than return it to the speech norms it had ten years ago, that act alone would constitute a “national security threat.” The threat posed to America’s joke institutions and the clowns who run them would be, in fact, existential.

    Or they’re just not willing to point out this “war” as they put it has the real potential for Musk ending up in exile, prison, or dead at the hands of the Deep State and the West’s ruling trash. And I think Musk is smart enough to realize it, and think it’s necessary for his long term ambition to colonize Mars to succeed.

    Although maybe it’ll satisfy itself with the final item in the Revolver list, simply deplatforming Twitter, I’ve certainly been predicting we to the right of Mao will simply lose our access to the current public Internet and will have to resort to samizdata to borrow from the name of a good European blog. Maybe this will just move that timetable up; the US ruling trash certainly has become a lot bolder as of late, I believe due to Trump and their increasing rejection by the “country class” as the late Angelo Codevilla referred to us.

  14. Brianna Wu is a mentally ill man who imagines he’s a woman.

  15. Anonymous[480] • Disclaimer says:

    One wonders what the point of free speech is when everyone knows they hate one another and have only one desire which is to kill the people they hate? Perhaps there should be no speech at all?

    Free speech is never free. People do not just wish to speak against their enemies but to destroy them. Speech is always about the organization of power to strike some enemy of the speaker. This should not be forgotten.

    I am with free speech absolutism. For those of us who cannot take humanity seriously it should be an hilarious party. However, increase the police budgets to curb those who will work themselves into an uncontrollable fury.

  16. KenH says:

    Funny how Shaun Kang/Talcum X is so concerned about Jews. Kind of proves that he’s one of the many proxies for Jewish elites on major social media platforms.

    There’s lots of anti-white race hatred and blood libeling of whites on Twatter yet none of those accounts have been suspended.

    This whole hate campaign against Musk is to intimidate him in to keeping the same censorship and discriminatory policies against whites who don’t hate themselves and other right of center whites. And if intimidation doesn’t work then Biden’s Ministry of Truth will step in.

    One Musk takes control and assuming he makes good on his word I expect a flurry of lawsuits claiming that his free speech policies are causing psychological harm. Previously judges have tossed the vast majority of lawsuits using the “Twitter is a private company” excuse but I expect them to now do a complete 180 now that batshit insane left wingers are now longer in charge.

  17. Mr. Grey says:

    Shaun King should be ashamed that he is taking a job away from a black man.

  18. lavoisier says: • Website

    most successful immigrant and african-american….there are those who would argue obama would more succinctly fit that bill.

    Becoming president by convincing brain dead voters that you can bring hope and change should not be defined as being successful.

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