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Verified Hate: Is Math Racist?
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According to USA Today, many “students of color” struggle with math. (Somehow, I don’t think they mean Asians.)

Thus, the solution is to change the way the subject is taught.

Does this mean Hidden Figures is a lie? I thought we couldn’t get to the moon without the mathematical supremacy of people of color.

Many people are laughing at this in the comments. However, it’s all logical. Unless you are willing to accept racial reality, you are left with “disparate impact.” If the premise is that different groups must perform equally absent racism, this is a reasonable response. If you say the premise is wrong, well, welcome to the “far right.”

Remember, The Great Replacement is a dangerous conspiracy theory.

David Brooks was trending on Twitter for a typically foolish column. David Reaboi points out the critical flaw in Mr. Brooks’s lament for conservatism.

Of course, Mr. Brooks’s column contains a grain of truth. If you concede the racial argument, you will ultimately end up conceding all American history before 1965. “Respectable” conservatives like David Brooks legitimize this process of dispossession.

Speaking of abandoning American history, Charlottesville has given the Robert E. Lee statue to a black museum that will supposedly create “art that will represent racial justice.”

I suspect it will be an unintentional insult to “racial justice,” much like the current state of cities like Baltimore, Selma, Jackson and countless others.

I think this is a direct insult to Jared Taylor.

I mean, there is Europe – but I suspect that if we went back to Europe, we’d have blacks begging at the gates soon afterward.

Meanwhile, from the Jussie Smollett trial:

This is a metaphor for America today. What most people think is offensive is not what’s happening — crime, corruption, waste, dispassion. What’s offensive is the wrong people drawing attention to it.

A new legal precedent is born:

The logical conclusion of this way of thinking is separation, which is fine by me.

“I’d like to speak to your manager.”

Washington DC public schools are majority non-white. Figures from the public schools system show white students were outperforming black and Hispanic students in 2019. Overall, students in the Washington DC public school system lag behind other students in the country. Will changing the race of the teachers help? It would probably mean more to change the race of the students.

Some vibrant scenes of American life:

A long thread from a “White Backlash” teacher.

Let’s stop there. “Deadly” to whom exactly? A black officer shot an unarmed white woman, Ashli Babbitt. NBC News then gave a platform for black Capitol Police officer Lt. Michael Byrd to claim he saved “countless” lives.

Consider the amount of privilege and official protection required just to have a student union dedicated to your race.

The end result of a historical dispute about the actions of the murderer and traitor John Brown.

The latest crisis:

I feel like they should stop appropriating our culture anyway.


It’s like you wouldn’t even know we’re in the grip of a crime wave right now.

The New York Times also posted a “guest essay” on the important topic of “Is My Little Library Contributing to the Gentrification of My Black Neighborhood?” There’s a lot to unpack here, notably the assumption that it is legitimate for a community to preserve its racial identity and that The Gray Lady should give a platform to this argument. However, this is probably the best quote:

Again, we aren’t resented because of anything we or our ancestors did. It’s because of who we are.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. All the stories have been told, of kings in days of old, but there’s no England now.

  2. Anonymous[225] • Disclaimer says:

    Mathematics is indeed the most sexist and racist topic ever existed. To achieve our true genderless, raceless utopia in which everyone would be governed by the great jewish bankster overlords, we should abolish mathematics entirely and focus on more equal topics such as gender study, feminist biology(yes, this actually exists), critical race theory, deadly coronavirus pandemic, holocaust and so on.

    This is the bright future waiting for us planned by our globalist overlords. Watch and appreciate.

    • Agree: BuelahMan
    • LOL: Realist
    • Replies: @MarkU
  3. Franz says:

    These “Dear White People” (DWP?) lectures reek of 1992.

    I mean, okay they can learn new tricks. But they don’t know when to QUIT.

  4. Anon[225] • Disclaimer says:

    We Whites in South Africa recognised this a long time ago. Whites are hated by blacks for being white, for outperforming blacks in every sphere. Whether in university, business or sport standards must be dropped to accommodate the underperformers (generally of a certain colour). We remain the only country in the world where stringent (if not draconian) laws are in place to protect the 94% black population against the 6% White population. The mean-spiritedness and spite of the african peoples knows no bounds.

  5. Andreas says:

    The US is committing suicide by social justice.

    It will all be determined by the performance of these “students of color” once they are tasked with solving mathematical problems out in the real world. As it’s all ideologically driven, expectations should be set low.

    When even math becomes political, a society is in deep trouble. It will be disastrous for the US if the mathematical abilities of orientals and whites are stunted by these pedagogical shifts. If that becomes the case, then the mathematical aptitude of the nation as a whole will simply regress to the “colored” mean. The US will fall even further behind in its ability to compete with other nations.

    • Agree: Realist, Automatic Slim
    • Replies: @Rich
  6. The US is committing suicide by social justice.

    Not suicide, homicide, by the same underminers who struck 109 times before.

  7. mijj says:

    all this superficial theatre at home signalling “look at us, we’re not racist” .. all the while the US White Colonial Empire tyrranizes the world that does not bow down to their Ubermensch rule.

  8. ruralguy says:

    This nation’s direction seems a bit like the Titanic, with engine boilers frantically revved up to full speed, through an iceberg field. Who isn’t thinking about jumping ship? I visited Europe two years ago, to scout out a second home. Paris is completely flooded by Africans. To ride their subway, you have to cover your nose and mouth — the stench is overwhelming. The fabled Riviera, especially Marseille, is now a third-world shanty town, with garbage lying everywhere. Switzerland and Germany was flooded with Middle Easterns, Afghans, and others speaking every language except German. Our overly effeminized European cousins are in far worse shape than our own Titanic. Australia had tough Visa restrictions, years ago, but they seemed to be a refugee processing center now, when I visited about four years ago. In Sydney, I heard far more Arabic, than English.

    The civilized world will just get worse, as Africa’s population is exploding. Expect massive 10-100 million person waves of refugees in the not too distant future. There really is only one solution.

  9. It’s pronounced MAFFS, Good Sirs.

  10. Fox says:

    How many of these people who are so much into indulging in their primitive notions of how the world works will accept Accounting in their personal finances when based on calculations that have been devised and executed with the new math that avoids the white, racist insistence on accuracy?

  11. I don’t want public schools to teach math (which they don’t do anyway) or anything else. [insert my screen name]

  12. Pretty much anything that blacks can’t do or don’t like is racist now.

    A credible radio talker recently was saying that only 25% of 4th and 8th graders (the only two grades surveyed) in Chicago public schools are proficient in reading and math. Now you know there are still some white kids in CPS. So let’s extrapolate that only 20% or less of the black kids can read or do math to a minimal level. What future do those kids have except at best being a burden to the social system, and at worst criminality and producing illegitimate spawn like themselves?

    And this will be the future of all the big cities with substantial black populations

    • Thanks: Automatic Slim
  13. Every time people say stuff like this, don’t say “Math is not racist”. Rather, say “You see, everything great and awesome is race-ist. That means race-ism is awesome!”.

    Our enemies are doing the job for us. They are associating everything great and awesome with ‘race-ism’. Science is race-ist. Classical Music is race-ist. Modern medicine is race-ist.

    • Replies: @HdC
  14. HdC says:
    @Priss Factor

    In the current political context, math is very hard indeed. In skilled hands it tells the truth!
    How is the “intelligentsia” supposed to deal with that when they have great difficulty with numbers up to twenty without their socks off?

  15. MarkU says:

    Yes, that is the real plot – the great reset, the cashless society, universal ID cards that will be required for access to everything (except voting of course because that would be ‘racist’)

  16. Rich says:

    An undereducated or miseducated people can’t prosper or protect themselves. The ‘elites’ will continue to send their children to private schools that properly educate them. The rest will be dumbed down so they can be easily controlled. Interesting move. Ruling classes everywhere once kept their serfs or slaves illiterate and superstitious. They’re trying it again.

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