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Verified Hate: Expiration Date Edition
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I will save the celebrations of the removal of Robert E. Lee’s statue in Richmond for another article. This is just the standard contempt for whites that circulates on Twitter.

An actress:

A few years ago, I read an obscure book called Men, Art, War. In one story, after a revolution against a horrible system, people called actors and actresses from the old regime “mouthpieces.” It was a slur. People knew that journalists and entertainers had defended the old system. They were morally responsible for what it did.

It was just a story.

At least this is an admission that it’s all indoctrination. Considering the sad state of higher education, it’s probably better to save your money. You’ll get a better education reading the Western Canon than from getting a degree from an Affirmative Action U.

In the future, there will have to be an alternative to college degrees for identifying desirable workers. We’re very close to the point where a liberal arts degree is a liability. Who needs workers trained to invent racial and sexual grievances?

Do you think that complaints about “white supremacy” will stop once we’re reduced to a minority? Guess again, white man.

White supremacy persists even when whites are gone.

I thought this was a joke, but it’s not.

The Globalist American Empire really was painting images of George Floyd in Kabul.

A pro-black account posts the following, featuring James Baldwin:

Yes, we are a global minority. That is why we must ensure our survival.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently signed a law that Republicans say will protect election integrity. Poll watchers will have more power to point out violations. There will be no more drive-through voting. It also, in the words of the New York Times, makes it harder to “assist voters who need help, such as with translations.” If people who can’t speak English are voting, the restrictions don’t go far enough.

The CEO of the NAACP tweeted:

White supremacy can mean anything these days.

A transgender socialist, “Contrapoints,” is in trouble for knowing about the work of Helmut Schoeck, who wrote about envy. If you’re not watching far-left YouTubers, it’s not important, but it shows that on the left, knowing about certain people or citing them favorably is a moral failing.

Another interesting exchange from leftist YouTube. Apparently, slaughtering whites is a topic for debate.

Some delicately nuanced opinions of Critical Race Theory:

Critical Race Theory should be taught in school. Whites should learn that those in power oppress them and that they must fight back. Those promoting CRT don’t understand that they are part of the ruling system, not rebels against some mythical pro-white Establishment. They’re on Twitter; we’re banned.

A progressive says the quiet part out loud:

A reminder: Even if you are a self-hating white who talks about “decolonialism,” you won’t get any credit.

It’s worth reading. White leftists can grovel all they want; it won’t do them any good.

Finally, a refreshingly direct insult.

Clearly, it’s whites’ fault that South Africa is such a mess.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. The open hostile intent of post-1965 Immigration Policy:

    Nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS+their nonwhite US born geneline voting the Native White American Working Class…into a violently persecuted white racial minority within the borders of America…..


    Noam Ch0msky:”‘I agree with Jennifer Rubin very rational policy…..”

    • Replies: @animalogic
  2. To combat all of the hate, inter city exchange programs are being offered to all Democrat party leaders, involving visiting the disadvantaged, in Chicago, in Detroit, in New York’s depressed areas–looking forward to long visits by those who have expressed concern, like Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer Esq., Dick Durbin, Barack Obama and his charming and caring wife Michelle and other leftist notables. See you there…

  3. The ADL



  4. Franz says:

    Getting half the people on Twitter and four-fifths of Facebookers to buy Critical Race Theory tells me there might be something to mind control after all. The new, Smiley Face CIA is suspicious anyway — maybe we finally know who they were really working for.

  5. Someone somewhere on this site (edit: John Derbyshire) posted this clip of Jimmy Fallon announcing to ecstatic cheers from his (mostly white) audience the new census report indicating that white people are declining not just in percentage terms but in absolute numbers as well–and at a rapid clip.

    Can anyone explain what’s going on in their minds? Have they been so brainwashed that they think their own kind are so evil that they should be exterminated? Because that is genuine sickness.

    • Replies: @Magic Dirt
  6. @HammerJack

    They are trolling you and winding you up. From their point of view, i.e. not being white supremacists, it doesn’t matter if there are fewer white people because diversity is an intrinsic value but they know that from your point of view it is painful to hear these facts. So they are poking their finger in an open wound and twisting it around. It’s a kind of revenge designed to demoralize you. There is no logic or reasoning to it beyond revenge.

  7. El Dato says:

    What noise and meaningless chest-thumping and signalling that one is on the blue/good side.

    I don’t know about whites in North America (maybe, maybe not, but probably not) but what is the chance that there is some kind of future where 100 years from now or so, there will be some significant “black” presence outside of Sub-Saharan Africa? I mean, really now.

    The inevitable rarification of available resources coupled to much more powerful toys will result in population-reduction performances of a grandeur not heard about heretofore. No ifs or buts. Crimethink you say? If AOC had to choose between Hispanics and Blacks, which button would she press? Exactly.

    Also, from rent-a-clothers on Twitter:

    The Nazis burned books that they viewed as a threat to their power.

    I don’t think Bertold Brecht or whoever was considered a threat to Nazi Power. No, it was a nose-rubbing exercise. And thus:

    ‘Flame purification’? I fear the burning of books in Canada is the first step towards something sinister and evil

    First, a confession. I get really emotional and upset when I encounter ritual book-burning. So when I read that in Canada, more than 4,700 books have been removed from the library shelves of schools and burned, I cannot help but feel depressed.

    The book burning ceremony organised by an Ontario francophone school board was promoted as a “gesture of reconciliation” to Indigenous peoples. This barbaric act against enlightened cultural norms was labelled as a “flame purification ceremony.”

    In line with the current fashion for recycling, Lyne Cossette, a spokeswoman for the school board, indicated that “symbolically, some books were used as fertiliser.”

    She stated that the ritual, titled ‘Redonnons à la terre’ – ‘give back to the earth’ – sought “to make a gesture of openness and reconciliation by replacing books in our libraries that had outdated content and carried negative stereotypes about First Nations, Métis and Inuit people.”

    • Replies: @animalogic
  8. Rich says:

    Those of us who lived near, or went to school with large enough groups of blacks, have always understood them. It’s those from the lily White suburbs who mythologize them, who think they’re just Whites with darker skin. Now that the liberals have managed to push them out into the suburbs, I expect that to change. Hopefully it’s not too late.

    • Replies: @donut
  9. donut says:

    ” Now that the liberals have managed to push them out into the suburbs, I expect that to change.”
    Sorry but I don’t believe that will have much of an effect , the fear of being labeled as racist will prove to be stronger than the instinct even for survival .

    • Replies: @Rich
  10. Rich says:

    The fear of being called “racist” ends the day you get robbed, mugged or someone in your family is raped or murdered. No one likes taking abuse, and as bad as White liberals are, even they love their children. When neighborhoods in Queens went dark, the most liberal New Yorker you ever met, moved to a Pale neighborhood and made sure to check the demographics. Nowhere left to run now. I hope I’m right, because if you are, we’re finished. I can’t accept that. I know too many hard core Whites who will never surrender. Ever.

  11. @War for Blair Mountain

    A perfect academic example of psychosis, evinced by pathological hated.
    The “Rubin” part needs no explanation.

  12. @El Dato

    “If AOC had to choose between Hispanics and Blacks, which button would she press? Exactly.”
    It occurs to me that given the far greater capacity for “Hispanic” population increase, as opposed to black increase, that any CRT based on Black experience has a somewhat limited time line. Perhaps I’m wrong but I just can’t imagine Hispanics indulging in all this ridiculous self flagellation as Whites are want to do.

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