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Verified Hate: Capitol Riot Edition
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On January 6, 2021, there was a riot at the Capitol. It was minor compared to those tolerated by government officials and reporters over the previous year. The real outrage was Ashli Babbitt’s death, but one year later, regime media don’t care about her.

The same person wrote an article excusing the social media attack on a white woman who called the police on a black man. “You might come back from being canceled, as many do,” he wrote, “but you can never come back from being killed.” Neither can Ashli Babbitt, but she is the butt of jokes.

Another comparison.


From the White House:

Deadly to whom?

The vice president:

We’ve seen what our nation looks like now after Black Lives Matter was unleashed with the encouragement of people like her.

Your tax dollars at work:

In light of conditions blacks make for themselves, this is actually true:

Are ”white people” responsible? Maybe they rioted because they thought the police would treat them like BLM rioters.

These four were acquitted of wrongdoing for destroying a statue of British merchant Edward Colston.

Perhaps there might be another explanation for this:

If we are born with “white supremacy,” why do non-whites always want to be around us?

A court found Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, aka Nazir Ahmed, guilty of sexual assault. Someone doesn’t want to remember the Asian grooming gangs that raped white girls in Rotherham.

Ibram Kendi, who may be the most important “intellectual” in the United States today, had a lot to say about January 6. Notice that there is no longer much of a distinction between “whiteness” and white people.

The system sees you as the threat. Keep that in mind when it tells you about “Our Democracy.”

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Another article from American Renaissance that makes no mention of the evidence of governmental provocation, but turns the event into another racial conflict.

    Distract, Divide & Conquer?

  2. Anonymous[206] • Disclaimer says:

    The system sees you as the threat. Keep that in mind when it tells you about “Our Democracy.”

    Two things:
    1) When the system says “our democracy”, it means that the speaker, the system, owns the democracy. In this it is perfectly correct.

    2) The system does not see the general public as a threat. It sees them as a target.
    You have to remember that the Left, in general, can’t get past the 1930s. For example, “Critical Race Theory”, supposedly brand new, is just Marxist “Critical Class Theory” with a very few tweaks. Transgender theory is just Marxist hostility to marriage as the original form of labor specialization. Even “Modern Monetary Theory” is just Marx’s idea that money is the cause of labor specialization, hence the cause of worker alienation, hence the cause of all social ills. MMT is possible because nobody in the establishment particularly wants money to exist.
    OK, so you know the above. Think about this: Stalin’s show trials were started in the 1930s. The people charged were innocent of the charges. The USSR regime used extensive propaganda to put public opinion on the side of the prosecution, and the people charged were coerced, in many cases, to plead guilty and apologize at length and in public. In other words, the false accusation coupled with a propaganda offensive is right out of the 1930s — just like everything else the Left does. Could they possibly be trying it in the US?

    Historical note — how things turned out in the USSR. Even Russian Communist leadership thought that things had gone too far, and they tried to change things after Stalin died — remember that Nikki the K was a reformer. albeit an unsuccessful reformer. Unfortunately, surviving institutions in the USSR had become capable of self defense — nobody was listening to the central government anymore, everybody was protecting their own job and their own organization by false reporting and gaming the system, a lot like the contemporary West, and the reforms failed. Judging by the size of the CIS economy, and its dependence on selling raw material, Russian reform still hasn’t quite produced a society that can support industrialization, although at least the society supports its population.

    If you want a fairly light touch picture of the USSR system that leadership thought needed reforming, see the movie “Death of Stalin”, which isn’t that far from the deadly farce the USSR had become.

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